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Coherency (e.g., same view to multiple users)

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707 - Data processing: database and file management or data structures


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707204000 Archiving or backup 272
707202000 Recoverability 132
707203000 Version management 125
20090216812METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR UPDATING ANNOUNCEMENT AND PLAYING APPARATUS FOR PLAYING ANNOUNCEMENT - A method for updating includes: using a playing apparatus, downloading a multimedia file to be played from a file server to a local storage location, and playing multimedia based on the old local multimedia file; setting a storage area for new multimedia files on the file server, where a new multimedia file is adapted to update an old multimedia file on the file server; by the playing apparatus, scanning the storage area for new multimedia files on the file server, and after finding the new file for updating the old local multimedia file, downloading the found new file to a new local storage location; and after receiving a request for playing the old multimedia file to be updated, playing multimedia based on the new multimedia file stored in the new local storage location. Embodiments of the present invention may update multimedia files without interrupting the playing of multimedia.08-27-2009
20090210453Service for verifying consistency of replicated data - Any external application using data access functionality can use the attribute consistency service to update and synchronize attribute value for an entity. The application can access the relations of an entity, which are stored in an entity reference database. In case of inconsistent attribute values, a master attribute value is determined which is then written to the defined attributes of the applications.08-20-2009
20090193059Data consistency control method and software for a distributed replicated database system - A distributed replicated database system having a plurality of federated database systems and methods of updating and reading database records from the distributed replicated database system are disclosed. Each federated database system contains a complete copy of a database. Moreover, each federated database system comprises at least one server divided into at least one logical partition. A logical partition contains records of the database and all logical partitions in a federated database system cumulatively stores all records in the database. A data structure is maintained which indicates whether the records in a given logical partition are up-to-date. When an update or insert request is received, the data structure is modified to indicate that all logical partitions storing a copy of the record to be updated, or partitions into which the new record is to be inserted, are not up-to-date. When the record has been updated or inserted, the data structure is modified to indicate that the logical partition storing the record is up-to-date. When a read request is received, the record is read from an up-to-date logical partition storing the record.07-30-2009
20090037491STORAGE SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR UPDATING A HASH TREE - A system and method is provided for updating a hash tree in a protected environment. An integrity protection controller is provided for observing one or more system parameters of a storage system and one or more hash tree parameters of the hash trees, and for updating a hash tree in dependence on the storage system parameter and the hash tree parameter.02-05-2009
20090094292Quality Assurance Tool Kit and Method - A quality assurance system is provided to collect and store data of quality characteristics of a painted surface. These characteristics may be the date and time of the data collection, ambient temperature, lowest substrate temperature, dew point, humidity, abrasive blasting, preservation, anti-fouling, conductivity, dry film thickness, wet film thickness, preservation minor deficiencies, and sound damping deficiencies. The system is provided with a computer having a user interface capability and read and write capabilities for the data. The system is also provided with a variety of clearance levels for the users of the system that pertain to the read and write capabilities. A method of quality assurance is also provided. The method involves providing a computer system with a user interface and collecting data of quality characteristics of a painted surface.04-09-2009
20100042659DEPLOYMENT OVERVIEW MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, APPARATUS, AND METHOD - A deployment overview management system, method, and associated apparatus facilitates deployment of a computer system. Feedback is provided to the deployment overview management system by prior-deployed, and other, computer systems. The feedback forms metadata that is associated with active objects, processes, and systems. The metadata is utilized to facilitate deployment of a new system and management of an existing system.02-18-2010
20100042658METHOD FOR CAD KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT - A knowledge model of CAD knowledge may be created using a modeling language such as SysML to improve maintainability and re-usability of knowledge, thereby reducing workload. The SysML knowledge model may be stored in a knowledge repository coupled to a knowledge server. The SysML knowledge model may be accessed through the knowledge server. The SysML knowledge model may be associated with elements of a CAD model, and one or more elements of the CAD model may be linked to one or more corresponding elements in the knowledge model. Thus, when a value of one or more elements is changed in the knowledge model, the results of the change are updated substantially immediately in both the CAD model and the knowledge model and other applications using the knowledge model.02-18-2010
20090157763Content validation system and method - A method and system for validating documentation. The method includes presenting a status mechanism operable to initiate a change in status of a portion of documentation, receiving a request to change the status of the portion of documentation, changing the status of the portion of documentation based on the request, and notifying an owner of the request to change the status of a portion of documentation. The method further includes presenting the portion of documentation to the owner and updating the status based on receiving a request to change the status of the portion of documentation. The system and method facilitate keeping documentation up to date.06-18-2009
20090157762Dynamic Data Reorganization to Accommodate Growth Across Replicated Databases - Methods and apparatuses are provided for dynamically reorganizing the data within a replicated database system. One method, for example, includes performing a split operation across a plurality of replicated databases with regard to an existing partition therein, wherein the existing partition comprises a plurality of data records and the two new partitions each include at least a portion of the plurality of data records, and allowing at least one type of access to the plurality of data records during the split operation.06-18-2009
20090157761MAINTAINING DATA COHERENCY IN MULTI-CLOCK SYSTEMS - A system comprises storage that includes first and second data. The system also comprises circuit logic coupled to the storage. The circuit logic receives a plurality of clock signals. As a result of receiving a signal, the circuit logic uses the plurality of clock signals to obtain the first and second data and to provide the first and second data to target logic coupled to the circuit logic. The system resets the circuit logic between providing the first data and providing the second data.06-18-2009
20090125567SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION AND MANAGEMENT - This system and method provides a capability to enter, store, and maintain data associated with one or more organizations, organization-specific commit tees, and organization-specific volunteers. This system and method also includes processes for a volunteer to join committees, resign from committees, nominate committee chairs, manage committees, get reports, and communicate with other volunteers. Some volunteers will be designated as organization-specific administrators with privileges to administer all of their organization's data and processes. Lastly, this system and method supports a super-user with privileges to administer all organizations and their administrators.05-14-2009
20090125566Synchronized viewing of file manipulations - Embodiments include computing device readable mediums, computing devices, and methods for synchronized viewing of file manipulations. One method embodiment includes creating a synchronized session between computing devices. The method further includes distributing copies of a file from one computing device to another and allowing each computing device to locally manipulate the file. According to the method, manipulating the file on a first computing device initiates a data stream including executable instructions for manipulating the file on a second computing device. The method also includes forwarding the data stream to the second computing device and manipulating the file according to the data stream received. The method further includes restricting manipulation functionality on the second computing device to the file based on the forwarded data stream, where the restriction of the manipulation functionality does not interrupt functionality of each computing device outside the file.05-14-2009
20090119346AUTOMATIC ERROR CORRECTION FOR REPLICATION AND INSTANTANEOUS INSTANTIATION - An approach is provided to automatically resolve conflict between instantiation and ongoing data replication operations. In an embodiment, incremental change records that describe one or more database operations are received at a sink entity. Here, all of the one or more database operations have occurred in a second database after a particular time. A first database operation in the one or more database operations to a particular row in the first database is applied. When a conflict with a second database operation that operates on the particular row is detected, one or more compensating actions, which may, but are not limited to, be a different database operation and/or an operation that creates a conflict log entry, may be performed. Here, the second database operation has occurred in the second database prior to the particular time. When the second database operation is to be performed, an appropriate operation may be performed.05-07-2009
20090119344METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SPLITTING A REPLICATED VOLUME - At least two replicated instances of a source volume are split while allowing clients to access data moved during the split. Clients are redirected to the first replicated instance of the source volume. The first replicated instance is split by first moving files in a split path from the first replicated instance to the target volume. Then, after the files in the split path have been successfully moved to the target volume, a junction is inserted at the split directory to redirect clients to the target volume. After the first replicated instance is split, a second junction replaces the split path on the replicated instance of the first replicated instance.05-07-2009
20090307274DELAYED MERGE - Various technologies and techniques are disclosed for performing delayed merge operations. A copy of a master version of a document is retrieved from a server. User changes to the copy of the document are received through a client application. When changes have occurred to the master version of the document since user changes were made to the copy of the document, a merge operation needs performed. When the client application is ready to perform a merge operation upon saving changes to the server, then the merge operation is performed to the master version of the document on the server. When the client application is not ready to perform the merge operation, then information regarding changes made to the copy of the document by the client application is saved to the server for later merging by a separate delayed merge operation performed by one or more peers.12-10-2009
20090300072ADAPATIVE AND DYNAMIC DATA SYNCHRONIZATION SYSTEM FOR MANAGING DATA AND INVENTORY - A system and method for adaptive and dynamic synchronization includes a data synchronization controller which enables synchronization of a plurality of different data types between a main computer and one or more remotely disposed computer elements. The controller includes an orchestrator which responds to requests for data synchronization for components in accordance with predetermined policies maintained by a policy management system. A synchronization interface is controlled by the orchestrator in accordance with the policies to select a synchronization engine to service requests for synchronization of different data types from the orchestrator. Synchronization may be handled for on demand and/or for on schedule requests for synchronization in the policy-based system and method.12-03-2009
20090271447METHOD FOR SYNCHRONIZING CONTENTS FILE AND DEVICE FOR EMPLOYING THE SAME - A method and device for synchronizing a contents file are discussed. An embodiment is directed to a method for synchronizing data using a target device, the target device including a target contents file, the method comprising: receiving file information of a reference contents file from a reference device; comparing the file information of the reference contents file and file information of the target contents file to determine whether a contents file synchronization is needed; and synchronizing the target contents file using the reference contents file based on the comparison result.10-29-2009
20090271446METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MODIFICATION OF AN UNLOCKED RECORD OF A DATABASE BY INTERACTING PROCESSES - In a method for modifying an unlocked record of a database by interacting processes, a first process accesses the record and locks it, then checks if the record is marked for post-processing. In case the record is not marked for post-processing the first process proceeds to the following actions: performs the operations on the record, unlocks the record and terminates. In case the record is marked for post-processing the first process performs the following steps: sets the flag to a predefined first state which denotes that post-processing is due, performs the operations to the record and saves them, unlocks the record, calls a second process and terminates. In the case that the record is marked for post-processing, the second process performs the following steps: performs further operations to the record and saves them, sets the flag to a predefined second state which denotes that post-processing is done and terminates.10-29-2009
20090234893Data Transfer Method and Server Computer System - A server computer system generates, for data stored in a transmission source server, index information including a data identification number, a data type, information for the data such as copyright information and an address of a server whereat the data are stored, and transmits only the index information to a hand-held information terminal carried by the owner of the transmission source server, thereby, a data transfer is requested for transferring, to a transmission destination server, data indicating the index information from the hand-held information terminal to the transmission destination server in accordance with the index information held by the hand-held information terminal and an address of the transmission destination server.09-17-2009
20090234892METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ASSURING INTEGRITY OF DEDUPLICATED DATA - The present invention provides for a system and method for assuring integrity of deduplicated data objects stored within a storage system. A data object is copied to secondary storage media, and a digital signature such as a checksum is generated of the data object. Then, deduplication is performed upon the data object and the data object is split into chunks. The chunks are combined when the data object is subsequently accessed, and a signature is generated for the reassembled data object. The reassembled data object is provided if the newly generated signature is identical to the originally generated signature, and otherwise a backup copy of the data object is provided from secondary storage media.09-17-2009
20090013007System and Method for Collection and Analysis of Server Log Files - A method of handling log files in a network with multiple servers, including, installing an agent application on each server in the network, collecting log files on each server by the agent application, defining a uniform format for providing the log files to a central server, transforming the log files to the defined uniform format, transmitting the transformed log files to a central server, storing the log files in an archive by the central server, analyzing the log files received by the central server, producing reports responsive to the analysis of the log files.01-08-2009
20090006492Displayname and Resource Identifier Synchronization - Methods and apparatus, including computer systems and program products synchronizing a displayname and a resource identifier. In one technique, a machine-implemented method includes receiving input corresponding to a displayname of a data resource; preparing a resource identifier of the data resource within a repository based on the input and naming conventions associated with the repository; and preparing the displayname of the data resource based on the input. The resource identifier may be prepared such that the resource identifier resembles the displayname. Naming conventions may include a naming convention that requires a content-type extension to be retained by a resource identifier. The displayname may be presented to a user interface such that only the displayname is displayed and a corresponding resource identifier is excluded from being displayed.01-01-2009
20090006491SYSTEM AND PROGRAM FOR RESULT SET MANAGEMENT - Disclosed is a technique for result set management. One or more result sets are stored. Each result set was generated by executing a query. When at least one of a number of result sets that may be stored and a number of bucket tables that may hold result sets is modified, it is determined whether any of the one or more result sets are to be removed. When it is determined that one or more of the result sets are to be removed, those result sets are removed.01-01-2009
20090006490ATTRIBUTE SEGMENTS AND DATA TABLE BIAS REDUCTION - The present invention provides a method for updating data sources. The method may include identifying a plurality of data sources, identifying a plurality of overlapping attribute segments to use for comparing the data sources, calculating a factor as a function of each of the plurality of overlapping attribute segments, and using the factors to update a first group of values in the second data source to reduce bias. Further, at least a first data source is more accurate than a second data source.01-01-2009
20090006488USING TIME-STAMPED EVENT ENTRIES TO FACILITATE SYNCHRONIZING DATA STREAMS - An embodiment of a system to synchronize data streams is described. During operation, the system receives a first data stream having a first data type and performs a sequence of operations on at least a portion of the first data stream. Next, the system stores metadata associated with the first data stream one or more times during the sequence of operations. Metadata can include a time stamp, data-stream information associated with the portion of the first data stream, and event information associated with the occurrence of one or more events during the sequence of operations. Moreover, the system provides a notification based on the stored metadata, the notification to facilitate synchronizing the first data stream with a second data stream having a second data type.01-01-2009
20090006487Processing Write Requests with Server Having Global Knowledge - Described are embodiments directed to processing write requests using designated servers with global knowledge of information within a distributed system. The designated servers are used to enforce a data rule that limits the data that may be written to the distributed system. In order to ensure that data written to the distributed system is consistent with the data rule, when another server within the distributed system receives a request to write information that is subject to the data rule, it must consult with one of the designated servers before it can accept the write request. If the designated server determines that the data is consistent with the data rule, the write request is approved. Otherwise, the write request is denied.01-01-2009
20090254590METHOD OF BI-DIRECTIONAL SYNCHRONIZATION OF USER DATA - A method for bi-directional synchronization of user data files between a client and at least one server. The method comprises determining if a match exists between a local session file and a reflection session file, wherein the local session file is maintained by the client and the reflection session is maintained by the at least one server; when the local session file and the reflection session file match, performing: synchronizing contents of a user data file maintained by the client with contents of a user data file maintained by the at least one server, when the user data file in the client includes more records than the user data file in the at least one server; and synchronizing contents of a user data file maintained by the at least one server with contents of a user data file maintained by the client, when the user data file in the client includes less records than the user data file in the at least one server. In accordance with an embodiment of the invention the user data file includes a session file, an index file and a data file.10-08-2009
20090119347Data replication method - To ensure data consistency for a new data replica created for a computing system, the transmission and receipt of messages altering the data are monitored and replication of the data is permitted when all changes to the data that have been transmitted to the data have been received.05-07-2009
20090177710METHOD FOR RESOLVING COLLISIONS IN A DATABASE REPLICATION SYSTEM BY RELAXING A CONSTRAINT THAT CONTRIBUTES TO COLLISIONS, OR REMOVING THE CAUSE OF THE CONSTRAINT THAT CONTRIBUTES TO THE COLLISIONS - A method is provided for resolving collisions in a database replication system. The system includes a source database and a target database, wherein changes made at the source database are replicated to the target database. Each database has one or more tables, and at least one of the tables has multiple constraints. A collision is detected during data replication as a result of one of the tables having multiple constraints. One constraint that contributes to the collision is identified. The constraint that contributes to the collision is relaxed, or the cause of the constraint that contributes to the collision is removed. This process is repeated for all additional constraints that contribute to the collision. In this manner, the collision is resolved.07-09-2009
20090150453SYSTEMS, METHODS AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR MAINTAINING A STATE OF A DOCUMENT IN A DOCUMENT-CENTRIC MODEL TO MAINTAIN A TASK ACROSS SYSTEMS WITH THE DOCUMENT - Systems, methods, and computer program for maintaining a state of a document in a document-centric model to maintain a task across systems with the document. Exemplary embodiments include a method for maintaining a state of a document in a document-centric model to maintain a task across systems with the document, the method including opening the document on a first device, loading and rendering the document on the first device, activating a first plugin on the first device, checking the document for a marker record in a first marker registry database associated with the first device, performing scrolling operations to position a view of the user at a specified location as defined in the marker entry and performing a synchronization between the first device and a second device, the synchronization including transferring the marker entry to a second marker registry database associated with the second device.06-11-2009
20090150452ACTIVITY-RELATED DOCUMENT MANAGMENET - An activity sharing management system (06-11-2009
20080313239SURVEY DATABASE METHOD - A method for appending each record of a first database with a record from a second database. The records of the first database relate to information pertaining to a specific geographical location, such as an individual residing at a defined residence, or an average or other metric pertaining to all members residing at a defined residence. The second database comprises records containing statistical information pertaining to an overall population within a defined geographical area. The method further provides, for each record of the first database, identifying a record from the second database having a defined geographical area containing the specific geographical location of the record of the first database, and appending the information or fields of the second database record to the first database record.12-18-2008
20080243943Method and apparatus for efficient execution of interprocedural transactional memory code while maintaining safety - In some embodiments, a method and apparatus for efficient execution of interprocedural transactional memory code while maintaining safety are presented. In this regard, a transaction agent is introduced to start a transactional memory transaction from a first procedure of a program, and to end the transaction from a second procedure of the program. Other embodiments are also disclosed and claimed.10-02-2008
20090083338SYNCHRONIZATION OF ELECTRONIC POSTINGS - Systems and methods of providing synchronization of electronic postings are disclosed herein. A first pre-existing file item is identified in a first file system of a first computing device. A first posting can be received at the first file system. The first posting can a user-entered posting. The first posting can be associated with the first pre-existing file item in the first file system. A synchronization request can be sent to a second file system of a second computing device. The synchronization request causes the second file system to automatically create a second posting and to associate the second posting with a second pre-existing file item in the second file system. The second posting in the second file system is a synchronized copy of the first posting.03-26-2009
20090240741METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR CREATION AND USE OF RAW-DATA DATASTORE - A raw-data datastore during data analysis and feature recognition abstracts away and/or reduces dependency upon typically required components of datastore training. The datastore functions to store the original data values of a data set selection, which can represent a known feature. In some embodiments, the original data set is retained as the raw data value set referenced by the raw-data datastore. The use of this raw-data datastore eliminates the need for continued manual retraining of the original data values and patterns, which can be associated with a particular known feature, each time the pluralities of evaluation algorithms and/or the target data area are altered, changed, modified, or reconfigured.09-24-2009
20080208920Efficient detection of deleted objects against a stateless content directory service - The exemplary embodiments of this invention provides a method and apparatus that features synchronizing of data objects in a client device with a server in a system since a last synchronization between the client device and the server by obtaining a list of added or modified data objects since the last synchronization, updating a cached object list on the client device with the list of added or modified data objects, obtaining a sorted list of existing data objects from the server, and detecting deleted data objects based on the comparison between the updated cached object list and the sorted object list. In particular, the synchronizing may include a control point periodically synchronizing the data objects with a content directory service (CDS) in a Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) device architecture (UDA).08-28-2008
20090282087AUTOMATICALLY CHANGING TAGS - Time-style tags are provided. These user specified social tags automatically change as a function of time or triggering event. The invention tags include: 11-12-2009
20090282088SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SPACE MANAGEMENT IN FILE SYSTEMS - Apparatus and methods for space management in file systems provide a mechanism to enhance user interaction with multimedia devices. Additional apparatus, systems, and methods are disclosed.11-12-2009
20080243944Synchronous peer-to-peer multipoint database synchronization - A method of synchronizing databases between multiple users in a peer-to-peer network is disclosed. The method comprises extracting changes from a source database of one of the users. Next, the changes are compressed and sent to the other users in the peer-to-peer network in parallel. Finally, the changes are decompressed and replicated on the database of each of the other users. In this respect, the databases of the other users will contain all changes from the source database.10-02-2008
20080250077METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MEDIA DUPLICATION - There is disclosed in embodiments herein a digital media content duplication system and method that allows digital media data to be duplicated to one or more destinations and verified. In one embodiment, the system may comprise multiple servers and multiple database structures; providing storage, management. processing, coordination, and tracking of the digital media content and the duplication process.10-09-2008
20080228832Interfaces for high availability systems and log shipping - Architecture for replicating a database through log shipping. A replication service replicates data using one or more new internal application program interfaces (APIs), a replay configuration API which abstracts configuration information for each destination (or target) instance. APIs for log file management as part of the replication process are provided for opening communications for log shipping, tracking success of log shipping and closing out log shipping communications. Log shipping APIs are also provided for log truncation control. A ship control object is provided as a base class which includes an API for other components of the replication service to operate on log files when the log files are placed into a log directory. The ship control API is utilized by the replication service and for interaction with storage system log files.09-18-2008
20090265393SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SYNCHRONIZING DATABASES - A method for synchronizing information shared by a subsystem on-board a mobile platform and a subsystem remote from the mobile platform. The method may involve designating one of the subsystems as a first system having a first database, and designating one of the subsystems as a second system having a second database. The first subsystem may be used to transmit a synchronization request to the second subsystem, with the synchronization request including a synchronization point to be used as a reference for future synchronization operations between the subsystems. The second subsystem may be used to receive the synchronization request and to check the second database for any records that have been created or modified since a previously performed synchronization operation. Information may then be transmitted back to the first subsystem that includes information concerning the new or modified records.10-22-2009
20080281875AUTOMATIC TRIGGERING OF BACKING STORE RE-INITIALIZATION - A method, device, and system are provided for determining when to re-initialize a backing store in a data storage system. More specifically, when all snapshots associated with a specified backing store are either being deleted or are marked for deletion the backing store is re-initialized rather than deleting each snapshot independently. The re-initialization of the backing store provides for a quicker way to delete all snapshots than can be achieved by deleting each snapshot independently.11-13-2008
20080313240Method for Creating Data Transfer Packets With Embedded Management Information - In a method of communicating management information from a completing entity to a requesting entity in a digital communication system, the availability of management information to be sent from the completing entity to the requesting entity is detected when generating a data packet that does not have a primary purpose of transmitting management information. The management information is included in a management information data field and the management information data field is appended to the data packet. The data packet and the management information are transmitted from the completing entity to the requesting entity.12-18-2008
20080208921Mobile software terminal identifier - An electronic device, including at least one software component and at least one hardware component, generates a hash value by performing a hashing algorithm on an identifier of the at least one software component and an identifier of the at least one hardware component. The electronic device uses this generated hash value to determine whether software used by the electronic device for accessing a wireless network remains unmodified.08-28-2008
20080235292System and Method to Maintain Coherence of Cache Contents in a Multi-Tier System Aimed at Interfacing Large Databases - A method and a system for maintaining coherence of cache contents in a multi-tiered architecture of servers are described. This includes a front tier of satellite servers, each operating a local cache, and a middle tier of central servers each operating a central cache. Central servers interface with databases through database servers to retrieve the data elements used to construct objects and store them in central caches. Once constructed, objects are attributed a time-to-live (TTL) and stored in central caches then, forwarded to the satellite servers where they are stored in local caches before being delivered to the software applications that have requested them. They are invalidated when outdated and reconstructed from a central server from where they are forwarded to all central caches and to the local caches where they are needed.09-25-2008
20080235291Readable physical storage replica and standby database system - A standby database system or another replica data system replicates changes, made to data blocks at a source database system or another primary data copy, to replicas of the data blocks at the standby database system or other replica. While replicating the changes to the data blocks thereof, the standby database system (or other replica) receives queries (or reads) issued thereto and computes the queries based on data read from the data blocks thereof.09-25-2008
20080270485Method For Processing Data Synchronization And Client Terminal, Server, And Data Synchronization System Thereof - A method for processing data synchronization includes a client terminal performing corresponding updating process for the updating data item transmitted from a server; storing the global unique identity (GUID) corresponding to the updating data item sent from the server; if this synchronization process is interrupted, after next synchronization process is re-initiated, the client terminal reporting the stored GUID to server memory; according to the stored result, the server transmitting GUID and the corresponding updating data items which are not included in the stored result in itself updating database to the client terminal, then returning to procedure. Correspondingly, the present disclosure also provides a client terminal, server and data synchronization system. The present disclosure enables to complete data synchronization normally even if the case that the data synchronization process is interrupted.10-30-2008
20080270486SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SYNCHRONIZING DATA RECORDS BETWEEN MULTIPLE DATABASES - A system and method for synchronizing data records between multiple databases is provided. Each database includes data records that are modified to include at least one pair of synchronization parameters. In a two-database system including a first database and a second database, each data record is modified to include synchronization parameters for both the first and second databases. When an update is made to a data record at one of the databases, an update message is transmitted to the other database including both synchronization parameters from the database where the update is made, along with the updated data record. An efficient master-slave configuration between the databases then enables either database to resolve conflicts without further communications. The system and method scale to systems having more than two databases by modifying the data records in at least one of the databases to include a pair of synchronization parameters for each of the other databases to which it is being synchronized, and by providing a multi-level master-slave configuration. The system and method permits the ability to add and delete records and to securely communicate between all synchronized databases.10-30-2008
20090119345RESOLVING CONFLICTS WHEN IMPORTING AN APPLICATION CUSTOMIZATION - A conflict resolution system allows an end user to export customizations to an application program so that the customizations can be imported by another end user. The conflict resolution system may export a customization by outputting metadata describing the customization. When the customization is a custom property, the metadata may include the name of the entity with which the property is associated, the name of the property, the type of the property, a globally unique identifier for the property, the location on the user interface for the input field for the custom property, and so on. End users may want to share not only their customizations but also the underlying data associated with a customization. When a conflict occurs during import of a customization alone without the data, then the conflict resolution system resolves the conflict in favor of the imported property. When a conflict occurs during import of a customization with data, the conflict resolution system resolves the conflict in favor of the existing property.05-07-2009
20090144339METHOD AND DEVICE FOR CUSTOMIZING A MAIL HISTORY - A method and a device for customizing a mail history are provided. A method in accordance with an embodiment includes: generating a mail tree composed of all received mails belonging to a same topic; receiving a user input indicating a mail to be replied to and a mail to be referred to which are selected by the user, the mail to be replied to and the mail to be referred to being located on different branches of the mail tree; acquiring a first plurality of mails on a first path from a root mail of the mail tree to a child mail of the mail to be replied to, and a second plurality of mails on a second path from the root mail to a child mail of the mail to be referred to; and merging the first plurality of mails and the second plurality of mails to generate a merging result as the mail history. With the method and the device, when replying to a current mail, a user can conveniently refer to a mail on a different branch of a same mail tree or on a different mail tree, thereby improving the efficiency of a mail system.06-04-2009
20090177711METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR UPDATING AND SYNCHRONIZING INFORMATION BETWEEN A CLIENT AND A SERVER - The present invention provides a method and apparatus for integrating applets running on a client with the application logic for applications running on a server. The mechanism of the present invention provides two significant advantages over the prior art: the synchronization of state, and the recognition of user actions in the browser including the invocation of the appropriate application logic in the server. Instead of using the FORM element available in HTML, individual active applets are available and may be created that obtain user input (e.g. a checkbox, textbox, button, etc.). A hidden applet called the Applet Group Controller is created which handles communication between the applets on the browser and the application logic on the server. The Applet Group Controller maintains an association with each applet that maintains the keys and values of any parameters and variables for the applet. In a preferred embodiment, upon the invocation of an event, the association instructs an Action Coordinator to invoke an action. The Action Coordinator obtains and transmits a list of all of the keys and their values to the server. The server invokes the appropriate application logic and transmits the keys and their values (as updated during the execution of the application logic) back to the Action Coordinator. The Action Coordinator then pushes the updated values out to the applets (through their Associations) at which time the browser's display is updated with the new values.07-09-2009
20090144337COMMITMENT CONTROL FOR LESS THAN AN ENTIRE RECORD IN AN IN-MEMORY DATABASE IN A PARALLEL COMPUTER SYSTEM - In a networked computer system that includes multiple interconnected nodes, a commitment control mechanism allows designating certain portions of a record in an in-memory database as mandatory and other portions of the record as secondary, and performs mandatory commitment control once all the mandatory portions are available even if one or more secondary portions are not yet available. The secondary portions may be under separate commitment control that is asynchronous to the commitment control for the mandatory portions, or may be under no commitment control at all. The result is a commitment control mechanism that performs commitment control for portions of a record that are marked mandatory even when one or more of the portions marked secondary are not available.06-04-2009
20090138526METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SYNCHRONIZING OF DATABASES - A method for synchronizing a first database including first data records with a second database including second data records. The method includes starting a synchronization session with an electronic device on which the second database resides, requesting the first data records from the first database, temporarily disconnecting the synchronization session while awaiting receipt of the first data records, receiving the first data records, and restarting and completing the synchronization session.05-28-2009
20090187605Vehicle Control Apparatus - A vehicle control apparatus having plural microcontrollers interconnected by serial communication realizes data referencing between the microcontrollers without increasing the load on the CPUs and enables the development of control application software easily. The vehicle control apparatus includes plural processing units each having a computing means, a data storage means, and a communication means. Each of the plural processing units has a data update monitoring means which monitors access to the data storage means, acquires, upon detecting update of data in the data storage means, the updated data and a corresponding address, transfers the data and address to the communication means, and starts transmission to another one or more of the plural processing units.07-23-2009
20090063575SYSTEMS, METHODS AND COMPUTER PRODUCTS FOR DYNAMIC IMAGE CREATION FOR COPY SERVICE DATA REPLICATION MODELING - Modeling a set of images representing a group of data replication states and displaying, to a customer, the group of data replication states and generating the model that graphically displays a copy solution; including creating an image data modeling definition, where the image data modeling definition includes a definition of the set of images representing the group of data replication states. The method also includes creating a group of dynamic images, using the definition of the set of images representing the group of data replication states included in the image data modeling definition, where creating the group of dynamic images includes: specifying how to draw site and role specific parts of the group of dynamic images and specifying how to draw arrows that connect each role of the group of dynamic images.03-05-2009
20090055441Method, System and Computer Program Product for Maintaining Synchronization of Files - A method for synchronizing data files, the method comprising: within a messaging utility, associating a Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) definition with a data file, the association made by a passive reference between the WSDL definition to the data file; creating a reference table identifying WSDL files and referenced data files; determining if the WSDL file has changed, if the WSDL file has changed then: determining if a reference to a data file exists in the changed WSDL file; adding an entry in the reference table associating the WSDL file and the data file; launching a component of a builder application to build the data file; and determining if any additional references to data files exist in the changed WSDL file; determining if the data file has changed, if the data file has changed then: determining if the changed data file is referenced by a WSDL file by examining the reference table; if the changed data file exists in the reference table, then launching a component of the builder application to build the WSDL file referencing the changed data file.02-26-2009
20090144338ASYNCHRONOUSLY REPLICATED DATABASE SYSTEM USING DYNAMIC MASTERSHIP - A system for a distributed database implementing a dynamic mastership strategy. The system includes a multiple data centers, each having a storage unit to store a set of records. Each data center stores its own replica of the set of records and each record includes a field that indicates which data center is assigned to be the master for that record. Since each of the data centers can he geographically distributed, one record may be more efficiently edited with the master being one geographic region while another record, possibly belonging to a different user, may be more efficiently edited with the master being located in another geographic region.06-04-2009
20090024671CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND EXTERNAL DATA STORAGE SYSTEM DATA SYNCHRONIZATION - Described is a technology by which a content management system (such as part of Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server) synchronizes data with an external (e.g., third-party) data storage system. For example, live video and/or on demand video webcasts may be stored on the external data storage system, but may be controlled by events created and edited at the content management system, even though the content management system does not directly support video content. In one example, an administrator creates or modifies an event at the content management system, and if the event is coordinated with the external data storage system, the content management system is synchronized with the external data storage system. One-way communication and/or two-way communication may take place for synchronization, including providing parameters to the content management system from the data store, or by sending notifications and queues to synchronize data with the content management system.01-22-2009
20090024670FRAGMENT RECONSTITUTION IN A CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A method and apparatus for improving the performance of a CMS system configured for bursting is disclosed. The CMS may be configured to automatically scan the CMS for unused document fragments and “clean up” the repository by reinserting the unused document fragments back into a corresponding source document. Thus, embodiments of the invention do not rely on beforehand knowledge and policy setting as current approaches. Rather, an autonomous method is used to manage document fragments by detecting and reinserting unused fragments back into their original documents.01-22-2009
20090210455CONTINUOUSLY AVAILABLE PROGRAM REPLICAS - A method for replicating a program and data storage according to one embodiment comprises sending program replication data from a first program to a second program, the second program having an application program that is a replica of an application program of the first program; sending data storage requests from the first program to a first storage system; and replicating data stored in the first storage system in a second storage system. Additional methods, systems, and computer program products are disclosed.08-20-2009
20090049106 Method To Improve Collaboration Within An Organization - A system and method in accordance with the present invention provides a composite chart of interpersonal relationships of members within an organization. A user can utilize the composite chart to identify persons of interest or the effective organization based on any context or multiple contexts both internally and externally to the organization.02-19-2009
20090049107Method and System of Database Management for Replica Database - When a database area multi-written or replicated in an external storage unit is separated, a database management system writes consistent data into the external storage unit. A method and system capable of controlling a timing of separating the replicated database area is provided. Furthermore, new data directory information necessary to access the replicated database is dynamically added based on the data directory information of the replication source database. A method and system capable of selecting whether to access the database which is the source of the replication or access the replicated database are provided. Thus, when the database area multi-written or replicated in an external storage unit is separated and physical replicated databases are created, it is possible to maintain consistency of the replicated databases while continuing transaction processing.02-19-2009
20090063576System and method for information management - The system comprises a first data store which comprises a first physical storage medium, in which occurrences of information are recorded, and a second data store which comprises a second physical storage medium, in which occurrences of information are recorded.03-05-2009
20090055442Management System for Contracts for Difference - A management system for contract for difference trading is disclosed. The system includes a user interface module and a processing module. The user interface module includes computer program code for receiving user inputs on a purchase or sale of a contract for difference and computer program code for communicating data to the processing module in dependence on said user inputs. The processing module comprises a machine executing computer program code that is arranged to receive the data communicated from the user interface, wherein if the data concerns a purchase, the computer program code is arranged to debit a financial account for the value of the contract for difference to be purchased, if the data concerns a sale, the computer program code is arranged to credit a financial account for the value of the contract for difference to be sold.02-26-2009
20080263105Method for analyzing data and data analysis apparatus - When logs are analyzed, an analysis with consistency is carried out on the presumption that shifting occurs among time stamps of logs output from a plurality of apparatuses engaged in time correction amount. In a log analysis apparatus which receives logs from a plurality of computers for generating a plurality of logs for analysis, for the plurality of logs output from the plurality of computers, a time stamp recorded in each log is corrected based on a time correction log according to a consistency rule among the logs.10-23-2008
20090198745VIRTUALIZATION SWITCH, COMPUTER SYSTEM, AND DATA COPY METHOD - A virtualization switch connected to a host computer and a plurality of physical storage devices includes a plurality of communication line connection terminals and storage virtualizing unit allowing the host computer to recognize a storage area generated by combining some or all of storage areas of the plurality of physical storage devices as a virtual storage device, a plurality of copy process unit copying data in the storage area, and control unit controlling a copy process operation by assigning copy sessions based on instructions from the host computer to the plurality of copy process unit. When the number of copy process units is larger than number of copy sessions, the control unit performs control to distribute part of a copy process in the one or copy process units that are currently performing the copy process to the one or more copy process units that are not performing the copy process.08-06-2009
20090198744ELECTRONIC FILE MANAGING APPARATUS AND ELECTRONIC FILE MANAGING METHOD - An electronic file managing apparatus and an electronic file managing method, which are intended to manage electronic files in units of conceptual folders and to facilitate the visual recognition of management status, are provided. The electronic file managing apparatus for managing files or folders includes a file change detecting unit for detecting that a file or folder is copied to a location manageable by the electronic file managing apparatus, and that the copied file or folder is changed, and a virtual folder managing unit for managing the copied or changed file or folder and a copy or change source file or folder as virtual folders by making an association between the copied file or folder and the copy or change source file or folder.08-06-2009
20090198742Method and System for Obtaining Files from a Set of Sources - A method and a system are described that involve obtaining information about a plurality of inbox objects, wherein each inbox object is linked to another inbox object via a set of operations, each operation having a priority. The set of operations are executed on a subset of the plurality of inbox objects to generate a modified subset of the plurality of inbox objects. The modified subset is scanned to extract a list of files. The extracted files are used by a maintenance procedure to replace files in a system with older information and thus to update the system.08-06-2009
20090198741VIDEO GAME TITLE PROFILE AWARDS - Techniques for recognizing the accomplishments of a game player are disclosed herein. In particular, a user identification profile is provided so that digital items awarded to the user for meeting specified performance criteria in a video game or some other event may be associated with such user identification profile. The digital item may be something that is usable within the current video game title, in a later version or the next generation of a particular video game title, or even in a different video game by the same developer. One technique involves receiving an identification representative of the digital item awarded to the user, associating the digital item with the user identification profile corresponding to the user, and storing an indication that the digital item is associated with the user identification profile. In this way, the indication may be utilized to display the digital item in the user identification profile.08-06-2009
20090198740DATA SHARING - A system is provided for sharing data over a network. The system includes a plurality of portable electronic devices among which data may be shared, and a data share server through which data to be shared between the plurality of portable electronic devices is routed via the network. The data share server includes a data share unit for receiving data to be shared from a source portable electronic device among the plurality of portable electronic devices via the network, and for forwarding the data to be shared to a destination portable electronic device via the network. In addition, the data share server includes a data storage unit for copying the data to be shared and maintaining the copy for subsequent sharing among the plurality of portable electronic devices.08-06-2009
20090198743DATA REPAIR METHOD AND SYSTEM - A data repair method and system. The method includes enabling by a computing system for a user, access to the computing system. The computing system comprises a database. The computing system retrieves from the database, first data associated with the user. The computing system generates a first data object from the first data. The computing system analyzes the first data object. The computing system determines that the first data object comprises an invalid data value. The computing system determines a first data value comprising a valid data value. The computing system retrieves the first data value from the database. The computing system replaces the invalid data value with said first data value. The computing system generates from the first data object, a first updated data object comprising the first data value. The computing system stores the first updated data object.08-06-2009
20090106322TWO-SET METHOD FOR AVOIDING DATA LOSS WHEN MULTIPLE USERS SIMULTANEOUSLY EDIT THE SAME DATA - A method is provided for modifying data in a database, wherein multiple users are each authorized to modify the data at the same time. The method comprises the steps of accessing a specified data set contained in the database, wherein the data set comprises multiple data elements, and forming first and second data sets that are initially both identical to the specified data set. At least some of the data elements of the first data set are selectively modified, while the second data set is kept or retained in an unchanged condition. The first and second data sets are then compared with one another in order to identify each of the modified data elements of the first data set, wherein each modified data elements corresponds to a data element of the specified data set in the database. Each modified data element is written to the specified data set contained in the database, wherein each modified data element replaces its corresponding data element. However, other data elements of the specified data set are not replaced by contents of the first data set.04-23-2009
20090204643System and Method for Conflict Resolution - A method for conflict resolution includes converting a first plurality of transactions into a first plurality of derivative objects in a first derivative model wherein each of the first plurality of derivative objects comprises a corresponding first type indicator and converting a second plurality of transactions into a second plurality of derivative objects in a second derivative model wherein each of the second plurality of derivative objects comprises a corresponding second type indicator. The first plurality of derivative objects is compared with the second plurality of derivative objects, and it is determined whether one or more conflicts exist between one or more of the first plurality of derivative objects and one or more of the second plurality of derivative objects.08-13-2009
20090210454FILE SYSTEM WATCHER IN THE PRESENCE OF DIFFERENT FILE SYSTEMS - The claimed subject matter is directed to a file system watcher in the presence of different file systems to allow synchronization of replicated files distributed among different file systems without compromising the features of each file system. To synchronize the distributed replications, a platform independent synchronization manager creates a file system watcher for each file system associated with a replication of the file. The file system watcher monitors each object for events affecting the object or the object's constituent files, such as creation, deletion, change and rename. Notifications are sent to the synchronization manager, which consolidates the modifications and updates a locally stored replication, if necessary. The synchronization manager then sends a notification of an update to all other synchronization managers for all replications of the distributed file or folder. Synchronization is complete when the nonconforming synchronization managers acquire a replication of the locally stored replication and update their respective objects to conform therewith.08-20-2009
20090150455File server, file server log management system and file server log management method - The present invention provides a log management system which is devised so that improper behavior by managers with regard to the log information can easily be discovered. Virtual OS are respectively installed for respective users in a file server that can also be constructed as an NAS device. These virtual OS function as virtual NAS. The virtual OS and manager OS can exchange information relating to log information via an information exchange part constructed as a kernel. The log information produced in the virtual OS is transmitted to a first log management device via a first communications network, and is also transmitted to a second log management device via a second communications network. The respective networks are separated. As a result of the same log information being managed by multiplex management using separate management devices, it can be detected whether or not there has been any improper behavior with respect to the log information.06-11-2009
20090254589CLIENT SIDE CACHING OF SYNCHRONIZED DATA - A method for synchronizing a database with data stored at a client includes providing a data feed to receive data by the client from the database and provide received data, caching the received data in a client side cache to provide client side cached data, detecting a database change to data within the database corresponding to the client side cached data according to a polling operation to provide a change event, pushing the change event to the client side cached data to update the client side cached data in accordance with the database change and the polling operation, requesting further data from the database, determining whether the further data includes data of the client side cached data to determine remaining data exclusive of the client side cached data and pushing the remaining data to the client side cached data.10-08-2009
20090259698DATA SYNCHRONIZING SYSTEM, ACQUIRING TERMINAL, AND PROVIDING TERMINAL - A data synchronizing system includes providing terminals and an acquiring terminal. The acquiring terminal includes a first connecting device, an acquiring device that acquires files, a first file storing device that stores the files, a data modify command device that issues a command to modify a data item in the file, a first data modifying device that modifies the data item based on the command, and a modification history storing device that stores modification histories of modifications of the data items such that acquisition source terminals are identifiable. The providing terminals each includes a second connecting device, a second file storing device that stores files, a corresponding file history acquiring device that acquires at least a modification history for the file for which the acquisition source terminal is the providing terminal, and a second data modifying device that modifies the data item based on the acquired modification history.10-15-2009
20090259697DATABASE SYNCHRONIZATION SYSTEM AND DATABASE SYNCHRONIZATION METHOD - A mobile communication network server judges the degree of importance of an information element targeted for synchronization, and transmits a synchronization start notification to a mobile terminal corresponding to the judgment result, and database synchronization is performed between the mobile communication network server and mobile terminal after the synchronization start notification. Alternately, the mobile communication network server determines timing of update of the information element, and transmits a synchronization start notification to the mobile terminal corresponding to the determination, and database synchronization is performed between the mobile communication network server and mobile terminal after the synchronization start notification. Then, the mobile terminal receiving the synchronization start notification performs various kinds of representation corresponding to information about the information element included in the synchronization start notification.10-15-2009
20080307010Method and System for Sending Changes in Information to a Central System - A method and system is disclosed for sending changes in information to a central system. The method includes providing a first database having a plurality of information tables for storing information and providing a second database for tracking changes to the information in the information tables of the first database. The second database may include a link table containing links corresponding to the information tables in the first database. The changes in the information tables may be periodically extracted from the first database by using the second database. The changes may be extracted via a link of the link table which corresponds to the information table where an information change occurred. The extracted changes may be sent to a central server.12-11-2008
20090006489HIERARCHICAL SYNCHRONIZATION OF REPLICAS - A hierarchical system is disclosed for synchronizing partially-replicated collections that provides guaranteed paths of information to all replicas in a collection. Each partial replica is assigned a parent replica to act as a proxy on its behalf, and with which the replica synchronizes regularly. Each parent replica is responsible for one or more child replicas. Parent replicas have filters which are either the same as, or more inclusive than, their child replicas, and parent replicas thus store and synchronize all objects that are of interest to their one or more child replicas.01-01-2009
20090077139Method and Apparatus for Updating Data of Portable Media Player - A method of updating data of a portable media player (PMP) is provided. The portable media player (PMP) is recognized by a host device as a mobile storage device. A history file is generated in the PMP. Information on changes to the updated data is recorded when data of the PMP is updated to the history file.03-19-2009
20090327356METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR IMPROVED TRANSITION BETWEEN ALTERNATING INDIVIDUAL AND COMMON CHANNEL PROGRAMMING VIA SYNCHRONIZED PLAYISTS - Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, apparatus and system for a synchronized playlist calculation, which is used to calculate playlists and filler media for seamless transitions during the alternation of individual and common channel programming. In various embodiments of the present invention, an optimum switching (synchronization) point is determined for the individual channels. Subsequently, channels not having a termination/end point consistent with the determined switching point are padded with respective filler content (media) to coordinate the termination points of the channels to be synchronized. The amount of filler content needed for each channel is determined respectively for a channel. Similarly, a switching (synchronization) point is determined for the common channel to provide accurate transitions.12-31-2009
20090254588Multi-Dimensional Data Merge - The invention is directed to a system and method for merging at least two datasets each having at least two keys and each having a plurality of data elements. The system determines a quantity of shared data elements in each dataset for each key as well as a quantity of unique data elements in each dataset for each key. The system then generates a graphical output representing the quantity of shared and unique data elements in each dataset for each key. The system receives a selection input selecting one of a plurality of merge strategies. Each merge strategy is based on the quantity shared or unique data elements in each dataset for each key. The system then generates a merged dataset containing data elements from the at least two datasets based on the at least two keys and the selected merge strategy.10-08-2009
20090112938INDICATING STALENESS OF ELEMENTS IN A DOCUMENT IN A CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A content management system (CMS) indicates stale (i.e. outdated) elements in a document according to a stale content policy that specifies one or more thresholds that determine whether or not an element is stale, and if a stale element should trigger an auto suggest mechanism. When an author checks a document out of the repository, the elements in the document are displayed to the user to indicate the element's staleness according to the stale content policy. The auto suggest mechanism populates a related elements list via a query to the repository according to an auto suggest policy that specifies which elements can be included by the auto suggest mechanism in the related elements list. The related elements list is presented to a user, who may select one of the related elements. The link in the document to the stale element is replaced by a link to the selected related element.04-30-2009
20090019090METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PRODUCING RECORDINGS ON STORAGE DEVICES - The invention provides an improved method and system for capturing live events or performances onto portable storage devices as high quality recordings. The portable storage devices may be removably connected to the system or in wireless communication with the system. The signal from the event may include audio and/or visual data, and may be captured as a media file in a memory archive and simultaneously as distribution media files on the portable storage devices. A checksum, cyclic redundancy check, or the like may be implemented to verify that each distribution media is the same as the media file.01-15-2009
20090019091TRAINING, INFERENCE AND USER INTERFACE FOR GUIDING THE CACHING OF MEDIA CONTENT ON LOCAL STORES - The present invention is related to a system and method of caching data employing probabilistic predictive techniques. The system and method has particular application to multimedia systems for providing local storage of a subset of available viewing selections by assigning a value to a selection and retaining selections in the cache depending on the value and size of the selection. The value assigned to an item can represent the time-dependent likelihood that a user will review an item at some time in the future. An initial value of an item can be based on the user's viewing habits, the user's viewing habit over particular time segment (e.g., early morning, late morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, primetime, late night) and/or viewing habits of a group of user's during a particular time segment. A value assigned to a selection dynamically changes according to a set of cache retention policies, where the value can be time-dependent functions that decay based on the class of the item, as determined by inference about the class or via a label associated with the item. A selections value may be reduced as the selection ages because a user is less likely to view the selection over time. Additionally, a value of a selection may change based on changes on a user's viewing habits, changes in time segments or a user's modification of the cache retention policies.01-15-2009
20090112937SPREADSHEET COLLABORATION BETWEEN RICH AND BROWSER CLIENTS - Techniques for collaborating on a spreadsheet file by client computers in real time are disclosed herein. In particular, a revision manager module is preferably provided with a host machine which receives updates from the client computers, processes such updates, and then applies them to the spreadsheet file. Additionally, a technique is described for handling updates sent to the revision manager by clients simultaneously or near simultaneously. In this case, the revision manager determines whether the updates to the spreadsheet file are transformable or able to be merged. If so, the updates are combined into the spreadsheet file and applied thereto. If the updates are not transformable, the revision manager confirms that all clients have received all previous updates before applying the non-transformable update to the spreadsheet file.04-30-2009
20090112939LINKING FRAMEWORK FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT - A data synchronization task is received at a console, wherein the data synchronization task is associated with information technology management. A configuration document is configured using the data synchronization task, wherein the configuration document defines data synchronization through declarations. A linking framework is configured based on the configuration document. Data is synchronized from a first and second source to a target as defined by the configuration document.04-30-2009
20090112936METHOD OF AUTOMATICALLY SYNCHRONIZING DATA - There is provided a system operable to execute automatic synchronization therein. The system comprises a first data memory (04-30-2009
20090106323Method and apparatus for sequencing transactions globally in a distributed database cluster - A system and method for receiving and tracking a plurality of transactions and distributing the transactions to at least two replication queues over a network. The system and method comprise a global queue for storing a number of the received transactions in a first predetermined order. The system and method also comprise a sequencer coupled to the global queue for creating a copy of each of the transactions for each of said at least two replication queues and for distributing in a second predetermined order each said copy to each of said at least two replication queues respectively, said copy containing one or more of the received transactions.04-23-2009
20090070389IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS WITH LOG COLLECTION MECHANISM - An image forming apparatus includes a sorting unit that sorts out a log to be recorded based on filter information, a sending unit that sends a sorted log to a recording destination based on destination information, and an updating unit that updates the filter information and the destination information. The sorting unit and the sending unit perform processing in synchronization with updating by the updating unit.03-12-2009
20090037493METHOD AND DEVICE FOR UPDATING AN OBJECT WITH COPYRIGHT ATTRIBUTE - The present invention discloses a method for updating an object with copyright attribute, thereby solving the problem of the prior art that a terminal equipment (TE) can still consume the original Media Object (MO) after a MO is updated. The method comprises: obtaining a MO which is changed from a server, and obtaining a corresponding new Copyright Object (RO) from a Copyright Issuance (RI) server, by a TE; and installing the changed MO and deleting the original MO and the original RO corresponding to the original MO by the TE. At the same time, the invention further discloses a TE.02-05-2009
20090037490MAP-UPDATING-DATA CREATING METHOD, AND MAP UPDATING METHOD AND APPARATUS - A map-updating-data creating apparatus performs, for each old map file, creating a map-updating file for rewriting the map file to a new map file, determining the serial number of each of the updated map files, creating a serial number management file in which marks are respectively written at positions corresponding to the serial numbers, and generating, as map-updating data, the map-updating file and the serial number management file. A navigation apparatus performs map-updating processing and determines, by referring to the serial number management file, whether a map file has already been updated. The navigation apparatus uses the map-updating file to execute navigation control if the map file has already been updated, and updates the map file and subsequently executes the navigation control if the map file has not been updated.02-05-2009
20090037489Method And System For Response Time Optimization - Method and system for providing results for task list queries to Workflow Management Systems (WfMSs) and Human Task Management Systems (HTMSs). In one aspect, a method for providing the result of a task list query to a human task database includes caching data from the database in a plurality of materialized views. A new request for a list of tasks from the database is received, and a new query is created when the new request applies to the data in a particular materialized view. When the particular materialized view includes data that requires updating from more recent data in the database, the materialized view is so updated. The new query is executed against the data in the materialized view instead of executing the new query against the data in the database.02-05-2009
20090187606OPTIMIZED MODIFICATION OF A CLUSTERED COMPUTER SYSTEM - A method, program product, and data processing system are provided for modifying a cluster in a data processing system, the cluster comprising a plurality of nodes. A monitoring unit monitors resource usage over at least one cycle of a periodic timeframe to obtain monitored resource usage data. A forecasting component forecasts resource usage over a future cycle of the periodic timeframe using the monitored resource usage data to obtain forecast resource usage data. An analysis component analyzes the forecast resource usage data using at least a first rule to determine whether a modification of the cluster is necessary and at least a second rule to determine a time window for the modification of the cluster. A modification component modifies the cluster by adding or removing a node to the plurality of nodes in the time window.07-23-2009
20090024672SYSTEM FOR SYNCHRONIZATION OF CONFIGURATION VALUES BETWEEN A DATA BASE AND ITS INPUT UTILITY - A system, method, and computer program product are provided for synchronizing configuration values between a database and a remote input utility by configuring the database for remote input and loading the configuration values to a control file at the server, and copying the configuration values to a control file at remote system including the input utility, executing the input utility at a remote system using configuration values from the control file at the remote system to prepare data for input to the database, and responsive to the configuration values at the control file of the server, updating the configuration values in the control file at the remote system before migrating the new data from the input utility to the database.01-22-2009
20090063577APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR PERFORMING SEMI-AUTOMATIC DATASET MAINTENANCE - An apparatus and system are disclosed for performing semi-automatic dataset maintenance. The apparatus includes an input module that receives a dataset qualifier. The dataset qualifier describes a collection of datasets. The input module also receives a desired maintenance action to be applied to the datasets. A retrieval module retrieves a set of dataset identifiers that satisfy the dataset qualifier from a mainframe operating system. A command module constructs a set of mainframe operating system commands to fulfill the desired maintenance action. The set of commands includes at least one command for each dataset.03-05-2009
20100023559OPTIMIZING GRACE PERIOD DETECTION FOR PREEMPTIBLE READ-COPY UPDATE ON UNIPROCESSOR SYSTEMS - A technique for optimizing grace period detection following a data element update operation that affects preemptible data readers. A determination is made whether the data processing system is a uniprocessor system or a multiprocessor system. Grace period detection processing is performed using a first grace period detection technique if the data processing system is a multiprocessor system. Grace period detection processing is performed using a second grace period detection technique if the data processing system is a uniprocessor system. The grace period detection processing according to either technique determines the end of a grace period in which readers that are subject to preemption have passed through a quiescent state and cannot be maintaining references to the pre-update view of the shared data.01-28-2010
20100030818SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR APPLYING ONCE A TRANSACTION DELIVERED IN A MESSAGE PUBLISHED ASYNCHRONOUSLY IN A DISTRIBUTED DATABASE - An improved system and method for applying once a transaction delivered in a message published asynchronously in a distributed database is provided. In various embodiments, apply once messaging may be achieved for asynchronous publication by having a persistent log stored on a messaging server. A messaging server may receive an update message for a transaction to be published asynchronously in a distributed database, may generate a sequence number for the transaction in a message, and may log the update message with the sequence number in a log file persistently stored on the messaging server. The messaging server may then send an acknowledgement that the update message is published and may asynchronously publish the update message with the sequence number to subscribers. The publication may only succeed if there may not be any message tagged with a sequence number that has been previously published by the messaging server.02-04-2010
20100017443METHOD, TERMINAL, AND SYSTEM FOR SOFT-DELETING, RESTORING, AND SYNCHRONIZING DATA - A method, terminal, and system for soft-deleting, restoring, and synchronizing data are provided. The method for synchronizing data includes: synchronizing, by a server and a terminal, server data not marked as soft-deleted during data synchronization. The method for soft-deleting data includes: receiving, by a server, a soft deletion request from a terminal; and obtaining server data to be soft-deleted according to the soft deletion request and marking the server data as soft-deleted. With the embodiments of the present invention, the server marks the soft-deleted server data as soft-deleted. Thus, the server does not synchronize the soft-deleted server data back to the terminal during normal synchronization or slow synchronization. This avoids confused data management and ensures the normal running of the terminal.01-21-2010
20100036892DETERMINATION OF AN UPDATED DATA SOURCE FROM DISPARATE DATA SOURCES - A method and system for determining an updated data source from first and second disparate data sources. A first and second data list is received from the first and second data sources, respectively. The data elements in the first data list matching data elements in the second data list are written to a first aggregation data list. The data elements in the first data list not matching data elements in the second data list are written to an additions data list. The data elements in the second data list not matching data elements in the first data list are written to a first deletions data list. All data elements in the first aggregation data list and the additions data list are written into a second aggregation data list. All data elements matching the data elements in the first deletions data list are written into a second deletions data list.02-11-2010
20100036893ARCHITECTURE FOR ACCESSING A DATA STREAM BY MEANS OF A USER TERMINAL - XML communication protocol between a user terminal, such as a radio alarm clock, and a services platform via the Internet network for accessing an audio file available from a data streaming server.02-11-2010
20090216811DYNAMIC COMPOSITION OF AN EXECUTION ENVIRONMENT FROM MULTIPLE IMMUTABLE FILE SYSTEM IMAGES - A virtual file system is formed configured to enable the dynamic composition of immutable file system images. A file system containing a software distribution is divided into a plurality of mutually exclusive sub-trees. Each sub-tree includes a portion of the software distribution. An immutable file system image is formed for each sub-tree. During the booting of an operating system, a virtualization engine intercedes in the boot process to mount the immutable file system images to independent directories of the root file system. Upon request the virtualization engine, during run-time, combines virtual entries corresponding to immutable file system images so as to resemble the original software distribution.08-27-2009
20090319578SYNCHRONIZATION AND DATA REVIEW SYSTEM - A method and system control data collection and display parameters in two or more data modules in a dynamic system. The method and system provide the ability to collect and display data in a dynamic system having two or more data modules communicatively coupled thereto. As the dynamic system operates, data is generated. At least one controller manages data collection and display behavior of the two or more data modules. Ultimately, the controller controls data collection and display parameters for each of the two or more data modules in a manner that enables synchronization. The controller can be imbedded within the control module system. The method and system provides the user with the ability to better control, manipulate, review, and synchronize the collection of data in a dynamic system, whether physical or virtual, real time, or a simulation.12-24-2009
20090187607SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROFILE SYNCHRONIZATION - A system and method for profile synchronization is provided. The profile synchronization system includes a web server, a synchronization server, and one or more mobile terminals. The web server includes subscriber accounts each containing a subscriber profile and a profile matching table, identifies, when a subscriber profile is changed at the web server, a subscriber profile in the synchronization server corresponding to the changed subscriber profile using the profile matching table, and transmits the changed subscriber profile to the synchronization server. The synchronization server includes a database to store subscriber profiles of the one or more mobile terminals in synchronization with the synchronization server, updates, when a changed subscriber profile is received from the web server, the corresponding subscriber profile, and transmits the changed subscriber profile to the one or more mobile terminals in synchronization. Each of the one or more mobile terminals updates the corresponding subscriber profile for synchronization when a changed subscriber profile is received.07-23-2009
20090177709Method and system for managing a distributed transaction process - Systems and methods for managing a distributed transaction process include an active transaction manager that manages transactions with an active database, a latent transaction manager that manages transactions with a merge database, a transaction log that reflects the set of transactions in the active database that are not affiliated with the transactions in the merge database, and a merge manager that uses the transaction log to determine whether to transfer control of the merge database to the active transaction manager. Systems and methods may further instruct the active transaction manager to halt transactions with the active database while the merge database is updated to reflect a set of transactions affiliated with the set of transactions in the transaction log, and instruct the active transaction manager to subsequently manage transactions to the active database and the merge database.07-09-2009
20090177708Preservation Management of Digital Content - Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, implementing and using techniques for configuring a life-cycle for preservation of digital content. Metadata associated with a digital object that is to be stored in a repository is examined. One or more preservation rules for the digital object are identified, based on the metadata for the digital object. The preservation rules describe a set of future actions to be taken on the digital object to ensure preservation of the digital object throughout the digital object's life-cycle. The identified preservation rules are applied to the digital object. The digital object is stored in the repository.07-09-2009
20080320054Database and Software Conversion System and Method - An apparatus and method for converting databases and software source code from one or more languages or formats to one or more differing target languages or formats by a process of identifying within the original software various functions, storing in a common database format the varying functions resolved into their most basic elements, and based on the stored elements and their interrelationships, writing new target software using one or more templates which incorporate the business logic of the original software by integrating the stored elements and interrelationships. The templates incorporate a unique algorithmic template language which is understood by the constructor and which is easily modified by the user. The language includes, variables, functions and advanced controls such as conditional processing and looping.12-25-2008
20080320053DATA MANAGEMENT METHOD FOR ACCESSING DATA STORAGE AREA BASED ON CHARACTERISTIC OF STORED DATA - There is provided a data management method for managing data stored in a parallel database system in which a plurality of data servers manage data. The parallel database system manages: correspondence information between a characteristic of the data and each of the plurality of data servers that manages the data; and a data area corresponding to the characteristic of the data. The data management method comprising the steps of: extracting the characteristic of the data from data to be stored in the data area; storing the data in the data area based on the extracted characteristic of the data; specifying a corresponding data area based on the characteristic of the data stored in the data area by referring to the correspondence information; and accessing, by each of the plurality of data servers, the specified data area.12-25-2008
20080288556MAINTAINING MEMORY CHECKPOINTS ACROSS A CLUSTER OF COMPUTING NODES - A method and system for increasing reliability and availability of a multi-processor network. A system includes a network with at least two nodes, with each node comprising a multi-processor unit (mpu) and memory. The mpu includes one or more processors and a wiretap unit. The wiretap unit and the memory included in the node are coupled to the processors in the node. The wiretap unit is configured to monitor memory accesses of the processors and convey data indicative of such accesses to a second node. The second node maintains a replica of memory in the first node, and is configured to undo modifications to the memory if needed. In the event of a hardware or software fault, the nodes are configured to restart the application on another node.11-20-2008
20090300071File Synchronization Between Multiple Nodes - Methods and products for storing data for synchronizing one or more files between two or more nodes. One embodiment of the method includes commencing to create a metadata object associated with a file to be synchronized: determining a file location on the or each node; adding the file location of the or each node to the metadata object such that the metadata object includes details relating to the file and the location thereof in one or more of the two or more nodes; and making the metadata object available to predetermined users via a central server.12-03-2009
20090292740DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A database management system and method are provided. In one example, the database management system may include a source database, a target database, and a replication system operable to identify a difference in structure between the source database and the target database and change the structure of the target database to correspond to the structure of the source database. In such an example, the structure of the target database may be alternatively changed manually. In another example, the source database may include structure and data, and the replication system may be operable to replicate at least one of the structure and the data to the target database without storing the at least one of the structure and the data in an intervening database as the at least one of the structure and the data is transmitted from the source database to the target database.11-26-2009
20090292741Detailed data storage apparatus and method - A detailed data storage apparatus creates, when a detailed data database that stores therein detailed data relatint to each stage of a process executed through multiple stages receives detailed data relating to a predetermined stage, forecast detailed data indicating contents predicted for a stage next to a predetermined stage and subsequent stages from the detailed data, and stores the forecast detailed data in the detailed data database. The apparatus includes an order holding unit that orders and holds the multiple stages; a determining unit that determines whether there is a stage immediately previous to the predetermined stage; and an offset detailed-data creating unit that creates offset detailed data including a content for offsetting the forecast detailed data created at the immediately previous stage when the determining unit determines that there is the immediately previous stage, so as to store the offset detailed data in the detailed data database.11-26-2009
20090259696Node Synchronization for Multi-Processor Computer Systems - A method and apparatus for controlling access by a set of accessing nodes to memory of a home node (in a multimode computer system) determines that each node in the set of nodes has accessed the memory, and forwards a completion message to each node in the set of nodes after it is determined that each node has accessed the memory. The completion message has data indicating that each node in the set of nodes has accessed the memory of the home node.10-15-2009
20100030819Method, system and apparatus to seamlessly manage and access files across multiple devices - A method, system and apparatus to seamlessly manage and access files across multiple devices in a network, comprising steps of maintaining a local database in each of the devices, synchronizing the local databases of the devices using transaction logs and sync controller, managing and accessing file(s) among the devices using the database.02-04-2010
20100030817STATEMENT CATEGORIZATION AND NORMALIZATION - Systems, methods and computer program products for statement categorization and normalization are described herein. An embodiment includes a statement categorizer and a statement normalizer. The statement categorizer categorizes statements to reduce or even eliminate inconsistencies that may arise between primary and replicate databases as a result of executing certain statements. Categorized statements are normalized by the statement normalizer to generate normalized statements, which are provided to a replication server. Normalized statements assist replication server to regenerate a statement to be executed on a replicate database.02-04-2010
20100030816Bursting in a Content Management System - When a document is checked into a content management system repository, parts of the document may be stored as separate chunks in the repository based on bursting rules associated with that document. These chunks may be associated with chunk-specific bursting rules several levels deep. A granular bursting mechanism processes each chunk in the repository using the applicable bursting rule. One suitable implementation to determine the applicable bursting rule is to recursively decide whether to use the rules for the parent document, or the chunk-specific bursting rules. Another suitable implementation to determine the applicable bursting rule is for each chunk, to check the parent document's child processing policy. If the parent document's child processing policy allows specific rules to be overwritten, the chunk-specific bursting rules for the chunk are used. If the parent document's child processing policy does not allow rules to be overwritten, the parent document's bursting rules are used.02-04-2010
20100017442Information Management Server, Information Processing System, Communication Method and Program - An embodiment of the invention includes an information management server with a registration unit that registers a status change condition of a database and a notification action so that they are associated with each other. Also, the information management server includes a communication unit that receives an acquisition request for a status change notification via database connection established with respect to a client and a change detection unit that detects a status change satisfying the condition of the acquisition request and invokes the notification action associated therewith. According to aspect of the invention, a notification unit causes the communication unit to send a notification including a result of the notification action via the database connection as a response to the acquisition request, and returns control of the connection to the client.01-21-2010
20080208919Techniques to cross-synchronize data - Techniques to cross-synchronize data are described. An apparatus may comprise a cross-synchronization component to synchronize multiple data items for different application programs between multiple client devices synchronized using multiple synchronization circuits. The cross-synchronization component may determine whether changes to the multiple data items made at a first client device are propagated to a second client device using consistency information maintained by a consistency group item for a consistency group including the data items. Other embodiments are described and claimed.08-28-2008
20090037488METHOD FOR DATABASE CONSOLIDATION AND DATABASE SEPARATION - Methods for consolidating databases while maintaining data integrity are disclosed. A source database and target database are compared, and consolidated, and the consolidated databases are used. In other examples, a database is split to support divested entities.02-05-2009
20090150454System and method for database integrity checking - A method is disclosed for checking the integrity of a database through a test of database integrity information provided in the database and integrity information provided external to the database. The integrity information may be provided in a configuration file.06-11-2009
20090138525USER PROFILE REPLICATION - User profile replication may be provided. First, at least one modification to at least one user profile property may be received at a first service provider. A user profile change log may be updated in response to receiving the at least one modification to the at least one user profile property. Then the at least one modification to the at least one user profile property may be identified at the first service provider. Identifying the at least one modification to the at least one user profile property at the first service provider may comprise retrieving the at least one modification to the at least one user profile property from the user profile change log. Next, the identified at least one modification to the at least one user profile property may be replicated at a second service provider. The first service provider and the second service provider may be geographically separate.05-28-2009
20080201386Mediation and Settlement for Mobile Media - In embodiments, the present invention provides a method and system for mobile media event mediation, normalizing mobile media event information from a plurality of sources, wherein at least some of the information is represented differently in each of the plurality of sources, producing a mobile media data record from the normalized information, analyzing the mobile media data record to determine a settlement arrangement, providing at least some of the participants represented in the mobile media record with relevant information from the settlement agreement.08-21-2008
20090172042Method, System, and Computer Program Product for Implementing a Model Exchange Framework - Disclosed are a method, a system, and a computer program products for implementing model exchange in a system design. In various embodiments, the method or system receives a model exchange request from a client where model exchange request comprises a first synchronization record which comprises a delta of both a program aspect and a data aspect between a system design on the client and a system design on the server, implements the first model exchange request by processing the first model exchange, generates a second synchronization record in response to the first model exchange, transmitting the second synchronization record to the first client by using a fusion technology, and displaying a result of implementing the first model exchange request or storing the result in a tangible computer readable medium.07-02-2009
20090172041Asynchronous Replication - Contents of a copy of a server file may be saved to a down load file, a base file, and a working file. An indication may be received from an application that the application has edited the working file and a copy of the edited working file may be saved to an upload file. A server computer may be queried to determine if the server file on the server computer has been changed. If the server file on the server computer has not been changed, the server file on the server computer may be updated with contents of the upload file. If the server file on the server computer has been changed, a three-way merge of the upload file, the base file, and the changed server file on the server computer may be performed. Then the server file on the server computer may be updated with the three-way merge results.07-02-2009
20090070388System and Method for Resolving Conflicts Between an Offline Web-Based Application and an Online Web-Based Application - A system and a method for executing a web-based application on a client computer system without a network connection to an application server that hosts the web-based application is presented. In these embodiments, the web-based application can provide functionality substantially similar to the functionality of the web-based application when the client computer system has a network connection to the application server. A system and method for synchronizing and resolving conflicts between an online and an offline web-based application is also presented.03-12-2009
20090132606Mobile device and data synchronization method thereof - A data synchronization method for a mobile device is provided for effectively synchronizing metadata between a database and a file system of the mobile device. A metadata synchronization method of the present invention includes resetting, when an external storage is connected, an effective value of metadata and a global variable; comparing, when the external storage is disconnected, each file information item managed in a file system with each metadata item managed in a database; replacing, when a file information item includes a metadata item, the effective value of the metadata item with a value of the global variable; and deleting metadata items with an effective value not identical to the value of the global variable. The data synchronization method of the present invention facilitates synchronization of the metadata and file information of the data stored in the external storage device.05-21-2009
20090132605Handling of data in a data sharing system - A method of handling data in a data sharing system is provided. The data sharing system includes a set of data objects. Each data object includes an object type identifier and a set of attributes. The method includes coupling at least one set of object type identifier and attribute in accordance with a set of dependency rules.05-21-2009
20090327354NOTIFICATION AND SYNCHRONIZATION OF UPDATED DATA - Techniques for notification and synchronization are described. Some techniques may comprise receiving a synchronization request and establishing an updating session connection. The updating session may be based on a delay interval parameter specifying a length of a delay interval and a collection parameter specifying one or more collections to be synchronized. When data for the collections to be synchronized is unchanged, the updating session may be maintained, and the synchronization request may be kept pending. Upon receiving a notification from a data store during the delay interval that updated data is available for one or more of the collections to be synchronized, a synchronization session connection is established with the data store to retrieve the updated data. A notification and synchronization message comprising the updated data may be sent as a response to the pending synchronization request. Other embodiments are described and claimed.12-31-2009
20100049749System of synchronizing data between storage devices and method thereof - A system of synchronizing data in different storage devices and the method thereof are provided to remove the inconvenience in synchronizing data between storage devices. By detecting the process execution status, data synchronization is triggered to transmit data. The invention can achieve the goal of increasing the efficiency of data synchronization between storage devices.02-25-2010
20090083337PERFORMING SYNCHRONIZATION AMONG RELATIONAL DATABASE TABLES WITH MINIMAL CONTENTION - A method, system and computer program product for performing synchronization between source and target tables. An external data source inserts a new row in a first table as it modifies or creates a row in the source table where each new row in the first table includes a primary key value associated with the modified/created row in the source table. An application copies the distinct values for the primary keys listed in the first table and inserts them in a second table. The application performs uncommitted read operations on the source table for each row corresponding to the primary key values stored in the second table. The application inserts the data read into the corresponding rows of the target table. In this manner, a platform agnostic application may be able to synchronize the relational source and target tables in an efficient manner while minimizing the contention at the source table.03-26-2009
20090077138DATA-DRIVEN SYNCHRONIZATION - Synchronization is bound to data and optionally a set of synchronization behaviors as opposed to a particular application and/or endpoint. As a result, synchronization amongst endpoints need not require creation of customized synchronization solutions or rely on vendor and/or application specific mechanisms. In one instance, standard data and/or synch schemas can be subscribed to and utilized to dynamically configure synchronization across endpoints.03-19-2009
20080301198Duplicating database contents - The invention provides data processing, data control and information methods and systems for efficiently duplicating contents of a database in the data control system. An example of a data processing system includes: a cache unit acquiring, from a data control system which categorizes a plurality of data elements into a plurality of clusters and stores the plurality of clusters; a group-of-clusters update information acquisition unit for acquiring from the data control system group-of-clusters update information with respect to a group of clusters consisting of two or more clusters; a group-of-clusters update information computation unit for computing group-of-clusters update information with respect to the group of clusters based on two or more pieces of cluster update information; and an update judging unit for judging that a cached data element belonging to the group of clusters is the most updated one.12-04-2008
20080301197GENERATING COHERENT GLOBAL IDENTIFIERS FOR EFFICIENT DATA IDENTIFICATION - A method and system thereof for identifying records are described. Records on a node are distinguished from other records on the node by assigning each record a unique local identifier. When a record is moved from one node to another node, a unique global identifier is assigned to the record. A translation technique is employed to map the local identifier to the global identifier (and vice versa).12-04-2008
20080222213Image processing device - An image processing device which is provided with a communication unit configured to communicate with an information processing device, and a web server unit configured to generate a webpage which can be browsed by a web browser executed in the information processing device and transmit the generated webpage to the information processing device. The web server unit includes an information acquiring unit configured to acquire language information of the web browser, a designating unit configured to insert designation of a character code set corresponding to the language information acquired by the information acquired by the language information acquiring unit in the webpage, and an incorporating unit configured to incorporate language information acquired from the image processing device into a text of the webpage.09-11-2008
20080222212PEER-TO-PEER DATA SYNCHRONIZATION ARCHITECTURE - To enable the peer-to-peer synchronization among multiple devices, each device in the peer network keeps track of the changes it makes to any shared data and also keeps track of its own knowledge of the changes made by other devices. When two or more peer devices communicate, they share with each other their information about any changes made to the shared data by them or by other devices. This allows the devices to synchronize with each other to the extent that each of the devices knows what changes have been made by it or by other devices in the peer network.09-11-2008
20080201387Backing up of heterogeneous terminal user information in (internet protocol) IP terminal - An apparatus to back up heterogeneous terminal user information in an IP terminal includes a terminal connection interface, a temporary synchronization storage unit, a synchronization controller, and a data converter. The terminal connection interface connects to a heterogeneous terminal. In the apparatus and its method, the temporary synchronization storage unit temporarily stores phone number information of the heterogeneous terminal. Upon connecting to the heterogeneous terminal, the synchronization controller sets synchronization with the heterogeneous terminal and stores phone number information of the heterogeneous terminal. The data converter performs data conversion between the stored phone number information of the heterogeneous terminal and stored phone number information of the IP terminal.08-21-2008
20090037492Framework for Synchronizing Applications - A computer system includes one or more memory, and one or more programs and data structures stored in the memory, the one or more programs and data structures including: an application data structure processors, configured to store data and program files for a web-based application, an account data structure configured to store one or more instances of the application data structure for an account, wherein an instance of the application data structure corresponds to an instance of a web based application, and a synchronization module configured to synchronize data between web-based applications within an account based on synchronization rules.02-05-2009
20090327355SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COORDINATING A POINT-IN-TIME COPY AMONG MULTIPLE DATA PROVIDERS - A system and method for coordinating a point-in-time copy (PITC) of a file or set of data distributed (e.g., striped) across multiple data providers (e.g., filers, file servers, storage arrays). A service coordinator receives a PITC request for a parent file, initializes the PITC's metadata and instructs the data providers to generate PITC subcomponents for the portions (e.g., sub-mirrors) of the file that they store. A scoreboard is created to track the status of the PITC, and includes an entry for each PITC subcomponent. Quality of service characteristics for the PITC may be copied from the parent and/or received with the request. If those characteristics cannot be attained, the PITC may be aborted. As PITC subcomponents are completed, they are returned to the service coordinator for assembly of the PITC.12-31-2009

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