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707 - Data processing: database and file management or data structures

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707201000 Coherency (e.g., same view to multiple users) 669
707205000 File allocation 227
20080275918DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT APPARATUS AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - A document management apparatus includes a document storage section, a document transmission section, a determination section and a document update section. The document transmission section, when the document transmission section accepts a transmission request to transmit an electronic document, transmits the electronic document. The document transmission section stores history information including identification information of the user, the electronic document, and transmission timing. The determination section, when the determination section accepts a update request, from a first client, to update the certain electronic document, determines, based on the history information, as to whether or not the certain electronic document has already been updated after a transmission timing at which the first client made the transmission request.11-06-2008
20090193057SERVICE-ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE (SOA) MANAGEMENT OF DATA REPOSITORY - A data repository includes information for multiple data systems, which can each control data in this and a number of other domains. A business process can be launched by one of the data systems to update the target data and any related data in the repository or any other related repository. Any request to update data is intercepted and the business process can launch workflows and apply policies as needed to process the request. Workflows can be associated with the fields being updated or process being executed, such that any update to the target data is also accurately reflected in any other related system. Further, launching a workflow allows processes to be run before the data is updated, such that the data can be modified, added to, rejected, or otherwise processed before being added to the appropriate repositories.07-30-2009
20090193058SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING COPYBACK DATA INTEGRITY IN A NON-VOLATILE MEMORY SYSTEM - An invention is provided for affording CopyBack data integrity in a non-volatile memory system. When the potential for moving data with a CopyBack command occurs, a counter corresponding to the data is examined. When the counter is below a predetermined limit, the counter is incremented and data from the block of data is moved using a CopyBack command. However, when the counter reaches the predetermined limit, the counter is reset and data from the block of data is moved to system memory and examined for errors. Once any errors are corrected, the data is transferred back to the non-volatile memory.07-30-2009
20080270482MANAGING OBJECT LIFETIME FOR NATIVE/MANAGED PEERS - A system that manages lifetime of an object is provided. The system analyzes references on multiple objects to determine reachability of a native peer and dynamically transitions between native and managed object lifetime management systems based on the analysis. When a native peer is not reachable by a native application reference, the system weakens references to a managed peer avoiding memory leaks and clones the native references to the managed side to avoid premature collection. The system performs an optimized cleanup during object system shutdown wherein the references between managed and native peers are released and SafeHandles are suppressed from finalization. The system employs a pending remove list that stores a reference to a weak reference of a managed peer to eliminate race conditions that occur during finalization.10-30-2008
20080201381METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INCREASING DATA RELIABILITY USING SOURCE CHARACTERISTICS - A method for increasing reliability of data may include tagging data from a data source with an indication of reliability based on characteristics of the data source. The method may also include performing a predetermined action in response to the indication of reliability.08-21-2008
20100042657Method and system for saving database storage space - Saving database storage space includes extracting a standard property unit from a database of commodity information and including the SPU in a SPU library, generating a sequence document of the standard property unit and sending the sequence document to a front-end device, determining whether a newly released commodity matches the standard property unit of the sequence document of the standard property unit and in the event that the newly released commodity matches the standard property unit of the sequence document, binding the new released commodity and the matched standard property unit.02-18-2010
20100042656CLAIM GENERATION FOR TESTING CLAIMS-BASED APPLICATIONS - The development-time testing of claims based applications. After a claims-based application is deployed, as the application runs, the application will encounter a number of claims, and will perform appropriate processing that depends on the application's trust in the veracity of the those claims. However, at development time, access to claims providers is either limited or non-existent. The principles described herein permit access to an environment at development-time in which the claims-based application will encounter any number and variety of claims. Accordingly, the application may be evaluated to verify proper operation in response to particular claims at development time, and any deviations in expected performance may be addressed prior to deployment.02-18-2010
20100042655METHOD FOR SELECTIVE COMPRESSION FOR PLANNED DEGRADATION AND OBSOLENCE OF FILES - A system and method manages a file storage system by defining an arbitration policy, the arbitration policy defining a pre-defined usage level threshold and defining implementation priorities for a plurality of storage management mitigation actions, each storage management mitigation action defining a distinct action to be taken to reduce the usage level of the file storage system and a parameter for selecting which file or files stored in the file storage system qualify for the storage management mitigation action. If a usage level of the file storage system is greater than the pre-defined usage level threshold, a storage management mitigation action is selected from the plurality of storage management mitigation actions. Which files that qualify for the selected storage management mitigation action is determined and the selected storage management mitigation action is applied to the files determined to qualify for the selected storage management mitigation action to reduce the usage level of the file storage system.02-18-2010
20090157760Management system, management method and control program - A management system in which at least one management apparatus and at least one apparatus to be managed are connected via a management server, wherein the management server comprising: 06-18-2009
20090157759APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT - A computer readable storage medium including executable instructions to manage documents subject to legal holds by performing two or more of the following operations is disclosed. The operations include executable instructions to manage a document release, execute a drill down analysis, execute an assigned search, assign a code alert, re-use documents associated with a custodian and manage a document assignment and review process.06-18-2009
20090157758Distribution of mainframe data in the PC environment - A method of distributing mainframe software and data using PC-based data media is disclosed, comprising a mainframe program for converting a mainframe sequential dataset or all or part of a mainframe library of texts or load modules to a sequential dataset of fixed length records and for reverting these converted records to its original form in the same or another mainframe data center, and procedures for downloading the converted mainframe data to a PC and uploading the PC file to a mainframe. The converted mainframe data downloaded to a PC can be delivered to another mainframe data center using floppy diskettes, recordable CD-ROM, Internet Website, TCP/IP FTP, or email attachment, as an alternative to magnetic tapes. The PC hard disk is used as a backup storage of the mainframe libraries, and a mainframe text library downloaded to a PC can be edited on a local or remote stand-alone PC.06-18-2009
20090157757FAILURE TOLERANT TRANSACTION PROCESSING SYSTEM - The present invention proposes a system for resending a process to a backup server farm from a client without waiting for the failure-detection, if no reply is received for a certain time. The transaction processing mechanism of the present invention has a transaction start processing mechanism in which an exclusive control using a valid processing authority token and data consistency are combined, and a commit processing mechanism in which determination on whether a commit is available or not based on a distributed agreement and replication of updated data. With the mechanisms, a system for shortening a service halt time when a failure occurs to a time as such it appears to a client that the service does not stop is provided.06-18-2009
20090144336Incremental packaging - A project directory structure of an application or service is mapped to a package directory structure. A package is built for the application or service by copying files from the project directory structure to the package directory structure in accordance with the mapping. An event trigger is detected, wherein the event trigger is one of a new file, a modified file, or a deleted file in the project directory structure. An updated package is built for the application or service by performing an appropriate one of copying the new file to the package directory structure, replacing an existing file in the package directory structure with the modified file, or deleting a file in the package directory structure that corresponds to the deleted file in the project directory structure.06-04-2009
20090125565DATA LIBRARY OPTIMIZATION - The invention provides a method, system, and program product for optimizing a data library. A first aspect of the invention provides a method of optimizing a data library, comprising: moving a plurality of data files from a plurality of data library volumes to a staging area; sorting the data files into a plurality of directories based on at least one criterion of the data files; transferring data files from a first directory to a transfer medium; deleting the first directory; transferring data files from a second directory to a transfer medium; and deleting the second directory.05-14-2009
20090125564METHOD OF CONTROLLING USER ACCESS TO MULTIPLE SYSTEMS - A method of managing controlled user access to multiple subsystems in an enterprise system having a central directory containing a global user list of end-users and one or more netgroup lists defining a list of authorized end-users for accessing certain subsystem enables automatic update of one or more netgroup lists whenever an end-user's security access information in the global user list is updated by the system administrator.05-14-2009
20090119343Dynamic reduction of dimensions of a document vector in a document search and retrieval system - The method and system of the invention involves processing each new document (05-07-2009
20090043824DOCUMENT CREATION, LINKING, AND MAINTENANCE SYSTEM - A document creation and citation system designed to maintain a database of reference documents. The content of a selected document may be automatically scanned and indexed by the system. The selected documents may also be manually indexed by a user prior to the upload. The indexed documents may be uploaded and stored within a database for later use. The system allows a user to generate new documents by selecting content within the reference documents stored within the database and inserting the selected content into a new document. The system allows the user to customize and augment the content of the new document. The system also generates citations to the selected content retrieved from the reference documents. The citations may be inserted into the new document in the appropriate location and format, as directed by the user. The new document may be uploaded into the database and included with the other reference documents. The system also maintains the database of reference documents so that when changes are made to a reference document, the author of a document referencing the changed document will be alerted to make appropriate changes to his document. The system also allows visual comparison of documents so that the user may see differences in the text of the documents.02-12-2009
20090043823SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING A FILE SYSTEM - According to various embodiments of the invention, a system and method for controlling a file system. In some embodiments, a control plane interposes between a data plane user and a data plane, intercepts file system operations, and performs control plane operations upon the file system operations. In one such embodiment, the system and method is implemented between a data plane user that is a local file system user and a data plane that is a local file system. In another such embodiment, the system and method is implemented between a data plane user that is a client and a data plane that is a file server. Furthermore, for an embodiment where the control plane that interposes between a client and a file server, the control plane can be implemented as a file system proxy. Control plane operations include, but are not limited to, observation, verification, and transformation of a file system operation.02-12-2009
20090043822SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INTELLIGENT STORAGE MIGRATION - The present invention relates to a methodology and computer program product for data storage migration that comprises monitoring a plurality of entities that comprise a storage area network for a predetermined set of information gathering cycles, constructing a resource graph that is representative of the entities that are comprised within the storage area network, and analyzing the resource graph. Further comprised are the determining of a data storage source and a data storage target for the migration of data stored at the data storage source, determining a time period and an execution point for the migration of the stored data, determining a data migration schedule, migrating the stored data according to the determined data migration schedule, and monitoring the data migration operation until the completion of the data migration operation.02-12-2009
20090313307MANIPULATION OF NETWORK MANAGEMENT INFORMATION - A device associated with a network receives a request to modify a sub-attribute of an attribute associated with a software object that represents one of a representation of a managed resource or a collection of attributes associated with the managed resource. The device also modifies the sub-attribute of the software object based on the request, and sends a notification about the sub-attribute that has been modified.12-17-2009
20090307273Using Metadata Analysis for Monitoring, Alerting, and Remediation - In certain embodiments, a method for monitoring, alerting and remediation of systems is provided. The method provides for receiving data from one or more data sources and logging the data. A first metadata fingerprint is created for a particular data source. The first metadata fingerprint is indicative of a first quantity of data output for the particular data source. A second metadata fingerprint is created for the same data source. The second metadata fingerprint is indicative of a second quantity of data output for the data source. The second metadata fingerprint is created from data received at a different point in time from the first metadata fingerprint. The first metadata fingerprint is compared with the second metadata fingerprint associated with the particular data source. An alert is generated when the comparison indicates that the first metadata fingerprint does not correspond within a specified tolerance to the second metadata fingerprint.12-10-2009
20090307272IMS Change Mapper - A method, system and device for monitoring internal database log events in a computer database environment are described. As database updates are detected they are analyzed and used to determine which of several kinds of database maintenance are required. The database administrator is therefore presented with information to allow for more accurate maintenance scheduling and able to prevent unnecessary database maintenance outages.12-10-2009
20090307271AUTONOMIC CORRECTION OF INCORRECT IDENTITIES IN REPOSITORIES - Autonomic correction of incorrect identities in repositories. A communication is prepared and sent to one or more recipients. In response thereto, a notification is provided to the sender that one or more of the recipient's identities is incorrect. Based on this notification, corrective action is automatically initiated in order to locate the repository, and in particular, an entry in the repository corresponding to the incorrect identity and to take action to correct that identity.12-10-2009
20090271445Storage system and method of changing monitoring condition thereof - The management burden of a replication administrator is alleviated and the monitoring burden is reduced in a storage system. In a large-scale storage system configured across a plurality of sites, a management computer managing the storage system collects configuration information of a volume group such as the copy pair status information from a host computer of the respective sites including a primary site and a remote site, and analyzes the collected information. When a failure or a disaster occurs and the primary site and the remote site are switched and the management computer detects a change in the configuration of the volume group, and appropriate switches the monitoring configuration upon determining the configuration of the detected change.10-29-2009
20090271444DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method of evaluating effectiveness of usage of a file system by a plurality of files, comprising calculating a ratio A:S, wherein A is the sum of results of a function carried out in respect of each of the files, the result of the function in respect of a file being dependent on at least two properties of the file including the size of the file; and wherein S is the total size of the files.10-29-2009
20090271443METHOD FOR DETECTING DATA ATTRIBUTE DEPENDENCIES - A method for detecting data attribute dependencies including obtaining at least one data attribute pair of a dataset to analyze for dependency, obtaining at least one query feedback record related to the data attribute pair, obtaining at least one observation of the data attribute pair from the query feedback record that includes a selectivity and at least one of a first marginal selectivity or a second marginal selectivity, completing the observation, if it does not include the first marginal selectivity and the second marginal selectivity, by estimating the missing marginal selectivity, adjusting the observation if needed to make it logically consistent among a plurality of observations of the data attribute pair, computing a statistic H10-29-2009
20090271442Selectively Modifying Files of a Container File - A stub directory is written out to a storage device for multiple files in a container file, the stub directory including identifiers of the multiple files but excluding data of the multiple files. In response to a request to access one file of the multiple files, the data of the one file is written out to the storage device. A requested modification is allowed to be performed on the one file written out to the storage device to generate a modified version of the file. After modification of the one file is completed, a previous version of the file in the container file is replaced with the modified version of the file.10-29-2009
20090070386CONTENT STORAGE MANAGEMENT APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MANAGING STORED CONTENT - A content storage management apparatus includes: a content input section to which content data including content and attribute information of the content are input; a content information storage section that stores the input content data and meta-information in an external storage device connected to the apparatus via a network, the meta-information being obtained for the content by analyzing the attribute information; a content classification information storage section that extracts classification information from the meta-information for the content and stores the classification information in a content information file on the external storage device; a content extraction section that extracts the content matching a specific type of the classification information from the content information file to be displayed as a list; and a listing information output section that outputs listing information for displaying the content matching the specific type of the classification information based on the extracted content.03-12-2009
20080263103Digital asset management system (DAMS) - A digital asset management system (DAMS) provides an integrated user experience for the rapid and facile manipulation of a users digital assets in an online environment. Spanning the spectrum of digital assets, the DAMS system set forth herein enables users to tag, filter, collect, and show such digital assets in a manner which requires preferably minimal user interaction in order to achieve digital asset management and exhibition. Sharing among friends and family becomes much easier and incoming digital assets may be automatically segregated according to user choices or history to enable easier management of such assets. Recognition of relationships, characteristics, features, and the like between different assets may occur automatically and develop an ongoing fashion to enable association of such similar assets into “collections” or the like.10-23-2008
20090030951PROGRAMMING APPARATUS AND AUTOMATIC DATA STRUCTURE IDENTIFICATION METHOD - When data access is made to an address type parameter having structured data, of a sequence command that constructs a sequence program, according to a conventional method, a user has to refer to a data structure described in a manual to calculate an offset address; therefore, there is a drawback that an incorrect data area is accessed due to miscalculation. An automatic data structure identification method solves the drawback. The automatic data structure identification method follows a procedure wherein data structure information is stored as a database, and when an access is made to a variable input to an address type parameter having structured data, the data structure information is read from the database, the data structure is displayed as a table, and an arbitrary variable is selected from the displayed table, so that the variable may be easily set to an arbitrary parameter of a sequence command.01-29-2009
20090030950Method for exchange of upkeep-relevant information with a computer-supported, upkeep system - A method for exchanging upkeep-relevant information regarding a field device with a computer-supported upkeep system, which manages upkeep-relevant information regarding the field device in a database. A mobile, manually portable device is utilized, which has an interface for a wireless Internet access. According to the method, a wireless Internet access is established by the mobile, manually portable device. Subsequently, upkeep-relevant invention regarding the field device is exchanged between the computer-supported, upkeep system, which is connected to the Internet, and the mobile, manually portable device, via the Internet.01-29-2009
20090030949INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM, SERIALITY VERIFICATION DEVICE, AND COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIUM - An information processing device includes a digital-information generating unit, an identifier assigning unit, an attribute setting unit and an electronic signing unit. The digital-information generating unit serially generates pieces of first digital information. The identifier assigning unit assigns different identifiers to the respective pieces of first digital information generated by the digital-information generating unit. The attribute setting unit sets an attribute of each first digital information so as to include the identifier assigned to each first digital information. The electronic signing unit electronically signs each first digital information to which the attribute setting unit sets the attribute including the corresponding identifier.01-29-2009
20090265390EVENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, EVENT MANAGEMENT METHOD AND EVENT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM - An event management system for executing the management regarding the event that includes an event plan making means for constructing the event plan or an event plan component by a structured document and making an feasible event plan by means of combination thereof and an event execution means for executing transmission of a message and reception of a response between entry terminals used by event entries to control progress of the event.10-22-2009
20090234891System And Method For Providing A Synchronized Data Rerepresentation - A system and method for providing a synchronized data rerepresentation is provided. Data maintained by an originating application is accessed and the data is presented thorough an originating user interface. The data is marshaled into a form useable by a surrogate application with rerepresentation of the data through a surrogate user interface. Selections of the data are reflected across the originating user interface and the surrogate user interface. Actions on the data are synchronized between the originating application and the surrogate application.09-17-2009
20090013006SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ADAPTIVE SCHEDULING OF REFERENCES TO DOCUMENTS - A method for determining documents to display on a web page may be utilized for adaptive scheduling of references to documents. A popularity or selection weight of a document may be monitored. The popularity or selection weight may be used to determine when to display that document and may be updated based on further monitoring.01-08-2009
20090013005FILE OR DIRECTORY NAME GENERATION METHOD AND DEVICE THEREOF - A name generation method for generating a name to be assigned to a file or directory including the step of combining date information identifiable to a user with ID code including the time information for specifying the time of processing, said time information being set on the upper node side bit.01-08-2009
20090006486SYSTEM FOR EMULATING A VIRTUAL BOUNDARY OF A FILE SYSTEM FOR DATA MANAGEMENT AT A FILESET GRANULARITY - A file system boundary emulation system emulates a virtual boundary of a filesystem within an existing file system for data management at a fileset granularity, within the framework of a wide area filesystem federation. The system dynamically assigns a fileset ID to the file that belongs to that fileset. The system comprises a fileset defined by the virtual boundary of the file. The virtual boundary is less than and contained within the file system. The fileset identifies the file via the file ID and the fileset ID. The system maps the file ID to the fileset ID. The filesets are dynamically created and removed based on administrative instructions. Filesets are used for fine grained data management and namespace control in a filesystem federation.01-01-2009
20090006484Apparatus, method and computer program product for using images in contact lists maintained in electronic devices - An electronic device having a memory, a display, control apparatus and a data processor. When the data processor executes a program stored in the memory of the electronic device, the electronic device receives an image containing a person, the image further containing a face component, the face component containing the face of the person; displays the image on the display; locates the face component within the image; emphasizes the face component; receives image annotation information concerning the face component; and saves the image annotation information to the memory of the electronic device. The image annotation information may take the form of contact information for use in a contact database. A method uses the face component to locate other images in the database that also contain the person, and adds the annotation information to those images.01-01-2009
20080294700FILE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, FILE MANAGEMENT METHOD, FILE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM - A file management system and the like for alleviating the load on the hardware due to file synchronization are provided. A file management system includes a time measurement unit for recording an update history of the file; an update interval calculation unit for calculating an update interval and a blank period of the file based on the update history, and determining a synchronization time of the file based on the update interval and the blank period; and a file management unit for executing synchronization of the file stored in the plurality of storage media at the synchronization time.11-27-2008
20080294699ONLINE ADVERTISING METHOD AND SYSTEM WHICH REFLECTS UPDATE OF DATABASE IN REAL TIME - An online advertising method and system which automatically reflects update of a database due to new content data, generated in an online service, in advertising data associated with the online service. The method of the present invention comprises the steps of: identifying new content data associated with an online service; updating a database with at least some of the new content data; and automatically reflecting changes in the database in advertising data associated with the online service.11-27-2008
20080294698FORESIGHT DATA TRANSFER TYPE HIERACHICAL STORAGE SYSTEM - A storage system includes a file server connected with a plurality of computers, and a second storage device connected with a first storage device, in which the second storage device has a second volume; the first storage device has a virtual volume virtualized with a first volume and the second volume as a self-device possessed volume; and the file server mounts the first volume as a first directory, mounts the virtual volume as a second directory, and copies predetermined files in the second directory into the first directory.11-27-2008
20080294697AUTOMATED DATA ARCHIVE TOOL - A method and programmable storage device for controlling an archival process in a supply chain management software tool that includes using a control table to identify files or directories to be archived, and archiving information based on the data stored in each row of the control table. The method provides for the querying of archive control table rows by incrementally reading a row in the archive control table for an active column designation, storing the information from the row in a list if the active column designation is in a predetermined active state, and incrementing to a next row in the archive control table, or skipping the row if the active column designation is in a predetermined non-active state, and incrementing to a next row in the archive control table.11-27-2008
20080294696SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ON-THE-FLY ELIMINATION OF REDUNDANT DATA - A system and method for “on-the-fly” de-duplication of data before storing the data in a storage system is provided. A data de-duplication module illustratively cooperates with protocol servers and a file system of a storage operating system executing on the storage system to implement the novel de-duplication technique. The de-duplication module illustratively generates a block store, an index file and a hash table on storage space provided by the storage system. The hash table is utilized for tracking fingerprints and locations of blocks within the block store. The index file is utilized for storing directory information identifying the contents of data containers stored on the storage system, while the block store is utilized to store raw data blocks that comprise the data containers.11-27-2008
20080281872DIGITAL-CINEMA PROCESSING APPARATUS, INGESTING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A digital-cinema processing apparatus for ingesting a digital cinema package (DCP) in a storage device includes a DCP obtaining unit configured obtain at least one divided DCP to be ingested among divided DCPs including a common asset map corresponding to a digital cinema, the divided DCPs having allocated thereto one or more picture track files, sound track files, and/or subtitle track files for the digital cinema; an asset-map-information extracting unit configured to extract asset map information from the asset map included in the divided DCP to be ingested, the asset map information being information unique to the asset map; a directory determining unit configured to determine an ingestion destination directory for the divided DCP in the storage device on the basis of the asset map information; and an ingesting unit configured to ingest the divided DCP in the ingestion destination directory of the storage device.11-13-2008
20080320052Method and a computer program for inode allocation and De-Allocation - The present disclosure relates to a method and computer program for allocating inodes in a computing file system. The method, in one embodiment, includes determining whether all inodes in a first inode table have been initialized. Responsive to determining that all inodes in the first inode table have been initialized, a further inode table is created allocating additional inodes.12-25-2008
20090089337Efficient file hash identifier computation - Described is maintaining cached hash values for files in association with state data for each file that represents the state of that file's contents at the time of hashing. For example, in a journaling file system, the state data may comprise the update sequence number of the file in the journal and a journal identifier for that journal instance. A request for a hash value for a file is processed by determining whether a cached hash value is maintained for that file. If so, and the associated maintained state data matches current state data for the file, the file contents are unchanged since the last hash computation, whereby the cached hash value is returned in response to the request. Otherwise, a new hash value is computed for the file and returned, and cached for future use. Multiple types of hashes may be cached for a given file.04-02-2009
20090300069Method and system for the logical deletion of relational database records - A method and system for relational database design that allows records to be flagged as deleted but still retained in the database. Deleted records are not included in table viewing or editing activities. Reversing a deletion flag undeletes the record. Records that reference deleted records in delete-cascade relationships are flagged as deleted. Such dependent records are undeleted if the independent records are undeleted, unless the dependent records were independently flagged as deleted. If an active record is dependent on a record in a delete restrict relationship then the independent record cannot be deleted. If a foreign key references a deleted record in a delete-set-null or delete-set-default relationship then the field evaluates to null or the default value, but if the independent record is undeleted then the field returns to referencing the independent record. Unique indexes are enforced without regard to deleted records.12-03-2009
20090125562METHODS AND SYSTEMS INVOLVING CHECKING MEMORY INTEGRITY - A method for monitoring memory integrity comprising, receiving a data read access request, updating a data read history register responsive to receiving a data read access request, the update comprising storing a first register value, wherein the first register value is defined by a previous register value and a first symmetric key encryption function, updating a data write history register in further response to receiving the data read access request, the update comprising storing a second register value, wherein the second register value is defined by a previous register value and a second symmetric key encryption function, receiving a data write access request, updating the data read history register responsive to receiving a data write access request, the update comprising storing the first register value, and updating the data write history register in further response to receiving the data write access request, the update comprising storing the second register value.05-14-2009
20100011026METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DYNAMICALLY COLLECTING DATA FOR CHECKPOINT TUNING AND REDUCE RECOVERY TIME - A system and method for checkpoint tuning in a computer environment comprising a processor coupled to a statistical database and at least one database or table manager and data log files. The data log files store data relating to the operations of the database or table manager. The processor executes a module that captures data comprising the number of operations, the time taken by the checkpoint process, folded journal entries, long running transactions, and the ratio of WRITE:READ operations. The processor then stores the captured data and processes the collected data, generating statistics therefrom. The statistical data is stored in the statistical database. The system selects checkpoint intervals based on the data statistics; and implements the checkpoint intervals.01-14-2010
20090077135FRAMEWORK FOR HANDLING BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS - Techniques are provided for freeing up resources before operations that change the resources have successfully completed. Resources are freed up by committing database transactions that perform portions of operations before the operations themselves have successfully completed. If the operations fail to complete successfully, then “compensation information” is used to remove the effects of the committed changes that were performed as part of the operation. Techniques are also provided for allowing database transactions to update values without retaining exclusive locks on those values. Operational constraints set forth conditions that must be satisfied before an update is allowed to proceed. If an attempt is made to update a particular value that has changes that may be undone, then the database server determines a plurality of “possible result values” for the particular value. If the possible result values satisfy the operational constraint conditions, then the update is allowed to proceed.03-19-2009
20090063570METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR COUNTING FILES AND DIRECTORIES IN A NEW-TECHNOLOGY-FILE-SYSTEM (NTFS) VOLUME THAT ARE RELEVANT TO A COMPUTERIZED PROCESS - A method and system for counting files and directories in a New-Technology-File-System (NTFS) volume that are relevant to a computerized process is described. One illustrative embodiment counts bits corresponding to used MFT entries in a Master File Table (MFT) bitmap associated with the NTFS volume to obtain a first count; counts one or more files or directories in the NTFS volume that are not relevant to the computerized process to obtain a second count; subtracts the second count from the first count to obtain a count of files and directories in the NTFS volume that are relevant to the computerized process; and displays a progress indicator that indicates, with the passage of time, what proportion of the files and directories included in the count of files and directories in the NTFS volume that are relevant to the computerized process has been processed by the computerized process.03-05-2009
20090144332SIDEBAND ACCESS BASED METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETERMINING SOFTWARE INTEGRITY - A management controller supplies a processor with a command via a sideband interface on the processor. Responsive to the command, the processor reads storage locations accessible by the processor and supplies the contents of the storage locations to the management controller via the sideband interface. The management controller then evaluates the integrity of software associated with the storage locations by comparing a digital signature associated with the software to a known digital signature.06-04-2009
20090150451Method and system for selective merging of patient data - A method and system for merging patient data in the form of medical information, e.g., patient and/or healthcare provider information, is provided, which may be utilized to identify medical information stored in a first location that is unique to, a duplicate of, and/or a potential duplicate of medical information stored in a second location. In one exemplary embodiment, the present invention is utilized in conjunction with or incorporated into medical management software. In one exemplary embodiment, the medical management software is disease management software, such as diabetes management software. In medical management software, it is important to ensure that specific, individual records containing medical information are properly associated with an individual patient and/or healthcare provider.06-11-2009
20090150449OPEN FILE MIGRATION OPERATIONS IN A DISTRIBUTED FILE SYSTEM - In at least some disclosed embodiments, a method includes a) creating a first stub file on a target file server, b) creating a t-stub file at the location of the source directory, c) disabling performance of operations on the source data while allowing completion of operations in progress, d) copying the source data into a hidden directory on the target file server, thus creating target data, e) overwriting the first stub file by renaming the target data, f) enabling performance of operations on the target data, g) performing queued operations on the target data, and h) deleting the source data from the source file server.06-11-2009
20090150448METHOD FOR IDENTIFYING AT LEAST TWO SIMILAR WEBPAGES - Webpages to which different web addresses are assigned and which are stored in the form of web data on different computer systems that are connected to one another via a communications protocol, preferably the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. First, at least the layout, content and/or the graphical elements of a reference webpage are determined in the form of reference data and then a plurality of different webpages are called up by a search and analysis routine and the sets of web data associated with the called-up webpages is compared with the reference data. The webpages that are similar to the reference webpage are identified as a function of the degree of agreement between the web data and the reference data.06-11-2009
20080243938SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF MEDIA MANAGEMENT, SUCH AS MANAGEMENT OF MEDIA TO AND FROM A MEDIA STORAGE LIBRARY, INCLUDING REMOVABLE MEDIA - A system and method for determining media to be exported out of a media library is described. In some examples, the system determines a media component to be exported, determines the media component is in the media library for a specific process, and exports the media component after the process is completed.10-02-2008
20090094291SUPPORT FOR COMPENSATION AWARE DATA TYPES IN RELATIONAL DATABASE SYSTEMS - Techniques are provided for extending a business transaction framework to support user-provided compensation logic for business transactions. The extensibility framework may be used to implement user-defined semantics for (a) validating concurrent updates to shared data and (b) performing compensating actions when an associated transaction is aborted. In one embodiment, the extensibility and the compensation are provided at the data-type level. User-provided logic also maintains summaries that include values that are externalized so that they may be referenced in user-provided operational constraints.04-09-2009
20090094290DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SERVER, MOBILE TERMINAL AND DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - When a user of a mobile phone browses a document in a document management server via a network, the user can input information (sticker information) on the browsed document and send it to the document management server. The document management server relates the received information to the pertinent document file when storing the information. Thus, when a document is browsed from a mobile device, information on the document can be easily left and the information left can be browsed later.04-09-2009
20090094289METHOD, APPARATUS AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR MULTIPLE BUFFERING FOR SEARCH APPLICATION - A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided for facilitating a fast and efficient search. The apparatus may include a processor configured to receive and buffer a dataset based on the current location of a user, in a first buffer; receive and buffer another dataset based on the current location of the user and the direction of movement of the user, in a second buffer; search the dataset, based on the current location of the user, to identify an object from an image; and update buffers based on a change in location of the user, wherein updating buffers includes associating the second buffer with a current location and receive and buffer a dataset, based on the current location of the user and the direction of movement of the user, in the first buffer.04-09-2009
20090276465Information Recording/Reproducing Device, Information Recording/Reproducing Method, Information Recording/Reproducing Program, and Computer-Readable Recording Medium Containing the Information Recording/Reproducing Program - A single entity of contents information is recorded across plural recording media, and seamless reproduction is enabled by ensuring a reproduction sequence. A contents control unit 11-05-2009
20090300070INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD - An information processing apparatus connectable with a client apparatus via a network includes a normal operation mode and a first sleep mode for restricting power supply to the information processing apparatus. The information processing apparatus includes a first storing unit configured to store a plurality of files, wherein the power supply to the first storing unit is restricted in the first sleep mode, a second storing unit configured to store file information about the plurality of files stored in the first storing unit, a receiving unit configured to receive a data acquisition request from the client apparatus, a first reading unit configured to read a file from the first storing unit in response to the receiving unit receiving the data acquisition request from the client apparatus when the information processing apparatus is in the normal operation mode, a second reading unit configured to read the file information from the second storing unit in response to the receiving unit receiving the data acquisition request from the client apparatus when the information processing apparatus is in the first sleep mode, and a transmission unit configured to transmit one of the data read by the first reading unit and the data read by the second reading unit to the client apparatus.12-03-2009
20090037482METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ACHIEVING CONSISTENCY OF FILES IN CONTINUOUS DATA PROTECTION - In one implementation, the system comprises host computes, a management terminal and a storage system having a journaling capability mentioned above. The storage system can make and insert markers including status information of related files in the journal. The storage system provides information regarding the markers such that the user can search a maker indicating time point that has required consistency. Then the user or application software can obtain data in the time point with whole consistency of related data. In another implementation, the storage system can make and insert markers that indicate database's commit point regarding file managed by the database. The storage system provides information regarding the makers, therefore user or application software can obtain data in the time point with whole consistency of related data by specifying a marker as time point to be recovered.02-05-2009
20090259695METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR MAINTAINING CONSISTENCY DURING ANALYSIS OF LARGE DATA SETS - Methods and apparatus for updating a database using a multi-dimensional data model in which data corresponding to the database are organized in multi-dimensional data blocks. Each data block has summary information associated therewith corresponding to a current state of evolution of the associated data block. Dependency information is maintained in the data model which identifies data dependencies within and among the data blocks. A list of change entries identifies changes made to the data blocks and times at which the changes were made. A request to apply a change entry to a data block is received. The change entry is applied to the data block, including generating a dependency list of data blocks whose data depends directly or indirectly from the updated data block. The data blocks in the dependency list are processed in accordance with a dependency update algorithm to update the data blocks in the dependency list.10-15-2009
20090282085APPARATUSES AND METHODS FOR STORAGE AND MANAGEMENT OF ONE OR MORE DATA FILES CONTAINING A DEVICE THEME - Apparatuses and methods for storage and management of one or more data files containing a device theme are provided. In one embodiment, an electronic device comprising a processor that controls a display is configured to generate one or more themes on the display. The electronic device is configured to maintain a locale setting identifying, for example, a language setting. The electronic device is provided with a theme data file that includes conditional definitions that correspond to automatic adjustments to how the theme is generated based on the locale setting.11-12-2009
20090089335METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR NAS/CAS UNIFIED STORAGE SYSTEM - An integrated NAS/CAS system is disclosed. The system includes a view management program that is able to provide a NAS view and a CAS view of files to NAS and CAS clients. The system applied NAS or CAS features to stored files according to the view status of the file. Migration of files from NAS to CAS for archiving may be done without transmitting the file, thereby reducing bandwidth requirements and increasing security. CAS features, such as retention policy and metadata can be added to the file when its view is changed from NAS to CAS.04-02-2009
20090089336FAILURE DATA COLLECTION SYSTEM APPARATUS AND METHOD - An apparatus for collecting dump data collection receives an on demand data (ODD) dump request, pauses one or more scan loops, transfers dump data to an ODD dump buffer space, unpauses the scan loops, and offloads dump data from the ODD dump buffer space to the storage device. The apparatus may also prioritize dump data for transfer to the ODD dump buffer space, load balance dump data for transfer to the ODD dump buffer space, and schedule offloading of the dump data from the ODD dump buffer space to non-volatile storage.04-02-2009
20090089334LAZY UPDATES TO INDEXES IN A DATABASE - System(s) and method(s) facilitate improved performance for insert/update query requests in a database. A lazy updating based on delaying updates of newly inserted records combined with a master-staging partitioning scheme avoid deterioration of performance arising from updating indexes related to new records inserted in a database. Table partitioning as well as partitioning of indexes associated with the table allow new records to reside in manageable sections of memory for pre-configured periods of times prior to being updated. To avoid deterioration of performance associated with increasing size of table/index partitions, the size is maintained below specific thresholds that can be determined based on query workload and other historical data. Deployment of partitions among file systems and design of update delay times can further increase performance of lazy updating.04-02-2009
20090292737Methods and Systems for Patching Multiple Disk Images Derived from a Common Base Disk Image - A method for updating a plurality of disk images, each of the plurality of disk images derived from a common base disk image and a delta image comprising a plurality of delta files, includes applying a delta file to a base disk image to generate a second disk image comprising a portion of the base disk image modified by the delta file and an unmodified portion of the base disk image. Each delta file represents at least one difference between one of the plurality of user disk images and the base disk image. The method includes applying a patch to a copy of the base disk image, and determining that the patch is applied to a portion of the base disk image corresponding to the unmodified portion of the base disk image. The delta file is applied to the patched copy of the base disk image.11-26-2009
20090292736ON DEMAND NETWORK ACTIVITY REPORTING THROUGH A DYNAMIC FILE SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method, apparatus and a system of on demand network activity reporting through a dynamic file system and method are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method includes forming a root level selection guide based on a set of criteria associated with an activity through a network that is captured and stored on a storage device associated with a network appliance, refreshing listings of a sub-directory of the root level selection guide dynamically based on the activity through the network stored on the storage device when an option is selected in the root level selection guide, and creating a packet capture file based on a current state of the activity through the network when one of the listings of the sub-directory of the root level selection guide is selected. The method may include automatically referencing a database having the activity through the network when creating the packet capture file.11-26-2009
20080208917Apparatus and a method to make data sets conform to data management policies - An apparatus and a method to make data sets conform to data management policies are presented. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a conformance checker and a conformance engine. The conformance checker may be operable to compare a state of a data set against a data management policy associated with the data set to determine if the data set currently conforms to the data management policy. The conformance engine may then make the data set conform to the data management policy if the conformance checker determines that the data set currently violates the data management policy.08-28-2008
20090276468METHOD FOR MEDIA FINGERPRINTING - A method of checking whether a content aggregator's content matches a content owner's content involves generating a fingerprint of the content and looking for a matching fingerprint from the content owner through a service provided by the content owner. In one aspect, the fingerprints are generated from an intermediate digest of the content instead of the original form.11-05-2009
20090276466SYSTEM AND METHOD OF DATA PROCESSING FOR A COMMUNICATIONS OPERATION - A data processing system comprises an interface configured to communicate with a data source, a memory, and a reference data module. The data processing system comprises a processor which is configured to communicate with the memory, the interface, and the reference module. The processor is further configured to request a first list from the data source. The first list comprises a record. The record being modified based on a comparison of a data characteristic to a first reference data. The processor is further configured to receive the first list from the data source for a communication operation and to compare the data characteristic of the first list to a second reference data. The processor is further configured to generate a second list based on comparing the data characteristic of the first list to the second reference data.11-05-2009
20090276467SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR NEAR AND EXACT DE-DUPLICATION OF DOCUMENTS - A system, method and computer program product for identifying near and exact-duplicate documents in a document collection, including for each document in the collection, reading textual content from the document; filtering the textual content based on user settings; determining N most frequent words from the filtered textual content of the document; performing a quorum search of the N most frequent words in the document with a threshold M; and sorting results from the quorum search based on relevancy. Based on the values of N and M near and exact-duplicate documents are identified in the document collection.11-05-2009
20090282086METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR LOW-REDUNDANCY E-MAIL HANDLING - A method of low-redundancy e-mail handling, wherein: e-mail data is selected, attachments of e-mails comprised in the e-mail data are detached, stored and replaced with references accordingly, and wherein further e-mail threads comprised in the e-mail data are identified and split in separate e-mails, duplicates of e-mails are deleted while maintaining their e-mail references, differences between a first e-mail and an immediately preceding second e-mail of the same thread are identified, generating difference data, the first e-mail is replaced by the difference data, and a reference to the second e-mail is inserted therein, the e-mails and references to their predecessors and successors in the same thread are stored in a data storage, and a graph-based interface is generated for the stored e-mails and references, and an e-mail server computer device, e-mail client computer device, data processing program, computer program product, and computer data signal therefor.11-12-2009
20090282083 CONFIGURATION OF MULTIPLE DATABASE AUDITS - Various technologies and techniques are disclosed for improving configuration of database audits. Multiple audits can be created for a database. Any one of the audits can be turned off without impacting an operation of any remaining audits. Database audits can be ported from one database server instance to another. Database audit metadata is stored in a database separately from a database server instance to which the database is attached. The database can be detached from the database server instance and attached to a second database server instance, with the database audit metadata moving along with the database automatically. Any audits associated with the database audit metadata are automatically activated for the second database server instance. Database audits can be configured using a hierarchical model.11-12-2009
20090157756File System For Storing Files In Multiple Different Data Storage Media - A host system includes a file system and a processor for executing the file system. The file system stores a first portion of a file in a first data storage medium and a second portion of the file in a second data storage medium based on an intrinsic value of at least a part of the file. In other embodiments, the file system stores a first file in a first data storage medium based on an intrinsic value of the first file and a second file in a second data storage medium based on an intrinsic value of the second file. The file system dynamically moves the second file from the second data storage medium to the first data storage medium in response to a change in the intrinsic value of the second file. The first and the second data storage media are different types of data storage media.06-18-2009
20090210452Method of substituting process in storage system - There is provided a computer system comprising: a storage system for storing data; and a management server coupled to the storage system. The storage system comprises a first interface, a first processor and a first memory. The management server comprises a second interface, a second processor and a second memory. In the case of which a first storage system stops receiving a process request, the management server selects a second storage system which receives a process request directed to the first storage system in place of the first storage system to be stopped. The second storage system instructs the first storage system to change an identifier of the first storage system, and receives a process request directed to the first storage system by assigning the identifier of the first storage system before the change to the second storage system.08-20-2009
20080275920EFFICIENT HANDLING OF MOSTLY READ DATA IN A COMPUTER SERVER - An apparatus and method is described for improving access to mostly read data on network servers. The preferred embodiments more efficiently utilize replicated data servers to minimize server response time for improved performance of data access to network servers by workload managing client requests across the primary server and all replicated servers when it is possible to do so. In preferred embodiments, a load balancer supplies the most current data for mostly read data transactions while maximizing server usage by workload managing client requests across the primary server and all replicated servers. Client requests are managed by a load balancer in the workload manager. Client requests are sent by the load balancer to replicated servers when a routing table (stale data marker list) indicates that the data is in a safe period. Clients are directed exclusively to the primary server only during data update times.11-06-2008
20080275919INDEX MAINTENANCE FOR OPERATIONS INVOLVING INDEXED XML DATA - A method and system are provided for maintaining an XML index in response to piece-wise modifications on indexed XML documents. The database server that manages the XML index determines which nodes are involved in the piece-wise modifications, and updates the XML index based on only those nodes. Index entries for nodes not involved in the piece-wise modifications remain unchanged.11-06-2008
20080275916RULE-BASED DRY RUN METHODOLOGY IN AN INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A method of processing data in an information gathering system includes receiving a set of candidate data records and attempting to obtain a set of processing rules associated with the set of candidate data records. If the set of processing rules is successfully obtained, the method includes obtaining a set of quality criteria associated with the obtained set of processing rules, applying the set of processing rules and the set of quality criteria to the set of candidate data records to produce a set of quality indicators, and conditionally applying the set of candidate data records to a database associated with the information gathering system based on the set of quality indicators.11-06-2008
20090037487PRIORITIZING DOCUMENTS - Systems, methods, and structures are described to support the enhanced text analysis of documents. Various embodiments include a text analysis system in which documents are prioritized by combinations of keywords in the texts of paragraphs of a document. The system and methods disclosed are useful for exploring documents using a plurality of keywords.02-05-2009
20090037484Programming system for occasionally-connected mobile business applications - A system, method, and computer program product are provided for synchronizing a local database with a remote database. Additionally, a system, method, and computer program product are provided for performing a service operation on a database, the database located on a database system.02-05-2009
20090037486DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT APPARATUS, DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT METHOD, DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A document management apparatus that communicates with a server and manages confidentiality of electronic data generated by a confidentiality preservation program enables security management on data that is obtained with print screen function.02-05-2009
20090119341METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REMOVING ENCRYPTED FILES UNASSOCIATED WITH A USER KEY FROM AN ARCHIVE - The present invention provides a computer implemented method, data processing system, and computer program product to selectively extracts compressed-encrypted files from an archive. The data processing system receives a command to preprocess the archive from an authenticated user, wherein the authenticated user is associated with at least one fingerprint. The data processing system determines that the at least one fingerprint fails to match all fingerprints in metadata of a first compressed-encrypted file in the archive. The data processing system, responsive to a determination that the fingerprint fails to match all fingerprints, deletes the compressed-encrypted file. The data processing system determines that the fingerprint matches a second fingerprint in metadata of a second compressed-encrypted file in the archive. The data processing system, responsive to a determination that the fingerprint matches the second fingerprint, avoids deleting the second compressed-encrypted file.05-07-2009
20080243942ELIMINATION OF REDUNDANT OBJECTS IN STORAGE SYSTEMS - Provided are a method, system, and article of manufacture, wherein a data structure corresponding to a set of client nodes selected from a plurality of client nodes is generated. Objects from the selected set of client nodes are stored in the data structure. A determination is made that an object corresponding to a client node of the selected set of client nodes has to be stored. An additional determination is made as to whether the object has already been stored in the data structure by any client node of the selected set of client nodes. The object is stored in the data structure, in response to determining that the object has not already been stored in the data structure by any client node of the selected set of client nodes.10-02-2008
20080243941SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GENERATING A CACHE-AWARE BLOOM FILTER - A cache-aware Bloom filter system segments a bit vector of a cache-aware Bloom filter into fixed-size blocks. The system hashes an item to be inserted into the cache-aware Bloom filter to identify one of the fixed-size blocks as a selected block for receiving the item and hashes the item k times to generate k hashed values for encoding the item for insertion in the in the selected block. The system sets bits within the selected block with addresses corresponding to the k hashed values such that accessing the item in the cache-aware Bloom filter requires accessing only the selected block to check the k hashed values. The size of the fixed-size block corresponds to a cache-line size of an associated computer architecture on which the cache-aware Bloom filter is installed.10-02-2008
20080243940Data Management System, and Information Processing Device and Computer Readable Medium Therefor - A data management system includes an external device and information processing device communicably connected with the external device. The information processing device includes a data sending unit sending a data file to the external device, a specifying information storing unit storing data specifying information, a request unit sending a request for data information regarding a data file stored in the external device to the external device, a response receiving unit receiving the data information as a response to the request, a judging unit judging whether the data file specified by the data information includes the data file specified by the data specifying information, and a deletion request unit sending a deletion request for deleting the data file specified by the data specifying information to the external device when the judgment is affirmative.10-02-2008
20080243937METHOD AND FORMALISM FOR SENDING INSTRUCTIONS TO DISTRIBUTED DATA BASES CARRIED OUT BY MEANS OF A COMPUTER PROGRAM - A method to send instructions to distributed Data Bases has a stage where directives are formatted in a document respecting an appropriate formalism, a stage in which the document is sent, one in which the document is interpreted and translated into basic instructions and, finally, one stage where those instructions are executed under the supervision of a Supervisor, so that the Data Producer does not remain bound to supervise the results of basic transactions. Moreover, an example of formalism to be used to format the document containing the directives is also described.10-02-2008
20080250075DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND ITS CONTROL METHOD - This invention provides a document management system regarding deleted information for suppressing restoration of information that one does not wish to be referred to again. This invention comprises an electronic document DB device in which a DB is stored and a DB device used for electronic document backup that stores a BDB. When the electronic document to be deleted of the DB stored in the electronic document DB device is indicated, the DMA deletes the electronic document from the DB. Furthermore, when the electronic document is indicated, the DMA deletes the electronic document corresponding to the electronic document in the BDB stored in the DB device used for backup from the DB device used for electronic document backup.10-09-2008
20080250072RESTORING A SOURCE FILE REFERENCED BY MULTIPLE FILE NAMES TO A RESTORE FILE - Provided are a method, system, and program for restoring a source file referenced by multiple file names to a restore file. An operation is processed to restore a source file having a first file name to a restore file, wherein the source file is in a state of being accessed by a process. A determination is made as to whether a second file name references the source file. A first temporary file name and a second temporary file name are created that both reference the restore file in response to determining that the second file name references the source file. The first temporary file name is renamed to the first file name and the second temporary file name is renamed to the second file name. After the renaming of the first and second temporary file names, the first and second file names reference the restore file.10-09-2008
20080250076SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF MEDIA MANAGEMENT, SUCH AS MANAGEMENT OF MEDIA TO AND FROM A MEDIA STORAGE LIBRARY - A system and method for determining media to be exported out of a media library is described. In some examples, the system determines a media component to be exported, determines the media component is in the media library for a specific process, and exports the media component after the process is completed.10-09-2008
20080228830METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING INFORMATION - A method for managing information associated with an oilfield operation of an oilfield, the oilfield having a subterranean formation with geological structures and reservoirs therein. The method includes specifying a first site of interest, where a first data source includes data stored at the first site of interest, designating a first abstract role for the first data source, where the first abstract role corresponds to one of a plurality of information lifecycle roles, designating a first abstract stream for the first data source, where the first abstract stream corresponds to one of a plurality of categories of information, and generating a first output associated with the first data source, where the first output includes the first site of interest, the first abstract role, and the first abstract stream. The method further includes presenting the first output, where the oilfield operation is adjusted based on the first output.09-18-2008
20080228831METHOD, SYSTEM AND PROGRAM FOR PRIORITIZING MAINTENANCE OF DATABASE TABLES - There is disclosed a data processing system implemented method, a data processing system, and an article of manufacture for directing a data processing system to maintain a database table associated with an initial maintenance scheduling interval. The data processing system implemented method includes selecting a randomizing factor, and selecting a new maintenance scheduling interval for the database table based on the initial maintenance scheduling interval and the selected randomizing factor.09-18-2008
20080228829PARTITIONING FACT TABLES IN AN ANALYTICS SYSTEM - An analytics system can obtain analytics data. The analytics system can automatically partition data based on months or another time period, into fact tables. A scrolling window system can combine multiple eligible fact tables into a single view. A reporting engine can then use the single view.09-18-2008
20090265392Data verifying device, data verifying method, and data verifying program - A data verifying device collects various types of detailed data for each work processing unit (e.g., for each processing unit such as order acceptance and shipping), normalizes the collected various types of detailed data, and registers the detailed data into a defined work detailed database or a work procedure record detailed database, through an ESB. On receiving an execution instruction of a verification process from an administrator or the like the data verifying device verifies the consistency of a plurality of pieces of detailed data registered in the defined work detailed database based on a verification dictionary master included therein.10-22-2009
20090265391APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MANAGING NETWORK STORAGE - A method for managing a plurality of network storages on a computer device includes: receiving login commands in response to the users' operations; simultaneously transmitting a first access request to get read/write authority with respect to the first network storage, and a second access request to get read/write authority with respect to the second network storage in response to the login commands; receiving and combining first information from the first network storage and second information from the second network storage after the first and the second access requests being authorized by the network storages; displaying the combined information on a single graphical user interface.10-22-2009
20080281874INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, INFORMATION PROCESSING PROGRAM AND INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE - Provided are an information processing method, an information processing program, and an information processing device for copying or moving a file. The method includes a step for comparing file information and judging whether the file information coincide. The comparison element of the file information contains a file content. That is, the method includes: a step for comparing the file names of the copy source and copy destination or the movement source and the movement destination and judging whether a file of the same name exists in the copy destination or the movement destination; a step for comparing the file contents if a file of the same name exists in the copy destination or the movement destination so as to judge whether the file contents are identical; and a step for outputting the comparison results of the file contents.11-13-2008
20080281871Method for Handling Electronic Documents - The present invention relates to a method, a system, a computer readable medium and a computer program product that, by using extracting, generating and transforming, processes data directly for e-business (automated electronic business) services. Virtual printer functions extract difference data from difference sending information systems into unique XML (Extensible Mark-up Language) format. Editor functions are use to map information and produce a mapped file. Translator functions are use to translate information and produce a translated file. Engine functions generates the extracted data with the mapped and translated files into generated data. Routing and logging functions transform the generated data with security, routing and logging measure to the receiving designated system.11-13-2008
20080288555Enforcing constraints from a parent table to a child table - An apparatus, system, and storage medium that, in an embodiment, receive a constraint command that specifies a parent table, a primary key in the parent table, a child table, and a foreign key in the child table, and enforce that all values for the primary key in the parent table are present in the foreign key in the child table. In an embodiment, the enforcing may include receiving an insert command that specifies a target key, a target value for the target key, and a target table; determining whether the target table matches the parent table and whether, within a transaction that includes the insert command, the child table includes at least one row with a foreign key value that equals the target value of the primary key; inserting the target value in the target table if the determining is true; and returning an error otherwise.11-20-2008
20080288547APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR A DATA SERVER-MANAGED WEB SERVICES RUNTIME - An apparatus, system, and method for creating and managing a data server-managed web services runtime. A generic web service runtime module and associated runtime controller are deployed on an application server. The runtime controller monitors a web services management metadata store for changes in the web service metadata defining the available data access based web services. If a change is detected, the generic web services runtime automatically updates the web service artifacts and web service endpoint interface associated with the affected web service such that the change in the web service metadata is reflected in the data access-based web service. A user manages the web services management metadata store and defines and manages data access-based web services from the database containing the web services management metadata store without interacting with the application server.11-20-2008
20080288553MEDIUM AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING EXTERNAL ROUTINES IN A DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A medium and system for managing an external routine in a computer implemented database management system includes creating a first table for storing external routines in a data store coupled to the database management system. An external routine is stored in the first table so that the database management system is allowed to automatically manage any modification related to the external routine and to control access to the external routine such that administrative support is minimized.11-20-2008
20080288551Method and System for Updating User Profiles - The invention relates to a data-processing system comprising a data processor (11-20-2008
20080288549Translating case-sensitive technical identifiers - From a case-sensitive technical identifier referencing a resource and having upper case letters, a bit string is generated. The bit string identifies whether each letter in the case-sensitive technical identifier is upper case or lower case. In addition, the upper case letters in the case-sensitive technical identifier are converted to lower case and are concatenated with the bit string to generate a case-insensitive technical identifier. Related systems, apparatus, methods, and/or articles are also described.11-20-2008
20080313237Method for High Speed Framing and a Device Having Framing Capabilities - A device having framing capabilities, the device includes at least one memory unit adapted to store data and metadata required for framing the stored data; the device is characterized by including a framer that is connected to a framed data unit and to a data fetch unit; wherein the device is adapted to select between a first operation sequence and a second operation sequence; wherein the first operation sequence comprises a data chunk and metadata fetch operation followed by a data chunk frame operation and wherein the second operation sequence comprises a multiple data chunk fetch operation followed by multiple data chunk frame operations; wherein the data fetch unit and the framer are adapted to execute the selected operation sequence. A method for framing data, the method includes storing data and metadata required for framing the stored data at one or more memory devices. The method is characterized by executing an operation sequence out of a first operation sequence and a second operation sequence; wherein the first operation sequence comprises a data chunk and metadata fetch operation followed by a data chunk frame operation and wherein the second operation sequence comprises a multiple data chunk fetch operation followed by multiple data chunk frame operations.12-18-2008
20080313236Process for cataloging data objects backed up from a content addressed storage system - A process for organizing data objects backed up from a content-addressed storage systems is disclosed. Content-addressed storage systems back up data objects in a flat directory, labeling them with non-intuitive user-unfriendly content addresses. Such directories can be large and difficult to browse, making selective recovery of desired data objects inefficient and laborious. When the content-addressed storage system is further archived to a secondary storage device, such as tape, navigation of archived data objects is especially tedious and difficult. An embodiment of the present invention enables easy navigation of a data object directory created by building a pseudo-file structure as content addressed data objects are archived to a secondary backup device. The file structure of the data object director is based upon timestamp metadata extracted from each data object, resulting in a navigable directory tree that is more intuitive and user-friendly.12-18-2008
20080270483Storage Management System - A storage management system is disclosed for managing storage of electronic files in a plurality of storage devices connected during use to the storage management system. The system comprises a storage server connectable to a plurality of storage devices and communicable with at least one client device through a network. Each storage device has storage device attributes indicative of characteristics of the storage device, and the storage server is arranged to export a virtual file structure indicative of the connected storage devices to the at least one client. During storage of a file the storage management system is arranged to compare desired storage requirements for the file with the storage device attributes of storage devices connected during use to the storage server, and to select a storage device for the file based on the comparison. When at least one smart storage device is connected to the storage server, the storage management system is arranged to cascade the desired storage requirements to the or each smart storage device.10-30-2008
20080288554DYNAMIC CLUSTER DATABASE ARCHITECTURE - A method for implementing distributed database management system operations on a computer cluster. The method includes defining ownership relationships between a plurality of computers in the computer cluster and a plurality of data nodes in the computer cluster, wherein a distributed database management system operation can be directly carried out by a first computer only on those data nodes owned by the first computer. The method further includes monitoring database usage characteristics. The method further includes carrying out a re-architecture step in response to the database usage characteristics by redefining ownership relationships to improve the efficiency of the distributed database management system operations.11-20-2008
20080235290INFORMATION UPDATE SYSTEM, INFORMATION UPDATE METHOD, AND COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIUM - A system includes a first server apparatus storing information and a plurality of second server apparatuses being connected to the first server apparatus. Each of the plurality of second server apparatuses transmits an update request signal for request to update the information stored in the first server apparatus to the first server apparatus. The first server apparatus selects, when receiving the update request signal, an update scheme corresponding to the update request signal out of a plurality of update schemes. The first server apparatus updates information corresponding to the update request signal with the selected update scheme.09-25-2008
20080235289Method and device for managing unstructured data - Methods and systems for managing unstructured data. Embodiments involve providing a portion of data within a client in the networked computing system. A profile is created that is associated with the portion of data, the profile having at least a first tag and a user identifier. The portion of data and the profile are transmitted from the client to a server in the networked computing system. The portion of data, for example, a file, and the first tag are automatically stored into a data structure, such as a file and an associated database, on the server in response to receipt of the portion of data and the profile by the server. The data structure is subsequently identified in response to a query by the user seeking data associated with the first tag.09-25-2008
20080235288DATA QUALITY ENRICHMENT INTEGRATION AND EVALUATION SYSTEM - Data quality enrichment integration and evaluation system that enables the import of data into a database and the turnkey integration with data enrichment entities. The data imported into the database may be validated using validation rules. Data with particular data quality problems may be sent to a particular bucket for to avoid processing or to obtain processing by a particular data quality enrichment entity. A bucket of data may be sent to be enriched by one or more data enrichment entities. The enrichment results may be compared between entities to enable the selection of a data enrichment entity. The enrichment results may also be drilled down into to provide geographic and other plots that show the quality of original data and quality of data enrichment provided by each data enrichment entity. Evaluation of the enrichment results side by side allows for the selection of a data enrichment entity.09-25-2008
20080208918Efficient data handling representations - Embodiments are provided to use metadata to provide readable and/or writeable regions of a multi-dimensional space. In an embodiment, metadata can be used to define readable and/or writeable regions of a multi-dimensional data store. The various embodiments also use relational and/or multi-dimensional representations to resolve and validate readable and/or writeable regions of a multi-dimensional space. Metadata can also be used to designate a number of writeable and/or readable regions of a relational and/or multi-dimensional representation.08-28-2008
20080288552Portable database storage appliance - A data storage system includes an active data store (ADS) and a passive data store (PDS) that, when implemented as a network-attached database appliance, facilitates the separation of operating system software components and data.11-20-2008
20080270481Item Management with Data Sharing and Synchronization - Systems and method for accessing and providing item management functionality with synchronization relationships that share data using a feed that may itself contain synchronization and item information are disclosed. Such systems and methods may enable an endpoint to use item management functionality provided by an item management module to generate or update a feed.10-30-2008
20080270480METHOD AND SYSTEM OF DELETING FILES FROM A REMOTE SERVER - A method and system of deleting files from a remote server. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are home network system comprising a computer system comprising a keyboard and a display device, and a server coupled to the computer system (the server configured to execute an operating system program). When the operating system is commanded to delete a file from a first location (the command in response to a request from the computer system to delete a file on the server), the operating system is configured to move the file from the first location on the server to a recycle location.10-30-2008
20090119340FEDERATED INFORMATION MANAGEMENT - A method for management of federated information in associated knowledge systems. The method includes maintaining a data structure, the data structure including associative metadata that correlates a plurality of substantive knowledge entities from a plurality of disparate knowledge bases; monitoring the substantive knowledge entities for an access-limiting event; determining the access-limiting event on at least one of the substantive knowledge entities; and responsive to determining the access-limiting event, adding to the associative metadata a persistent audit enhancement indicative of the access-limiting event, the persistent audit enhancement including a timestamp. The access-limiting event may include deletion of a substantive knowledge entity, enacting more restrictive access permissions for a substantive knowledge entity, and copying of a substantive knowledge entity to a more restrictive access area.05-07-2009
20090125563REPLICATING AND SHARING DATA BETWEEN HETEROGENEOUS DATA SYSTEMS - In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, a heterogeneous data sharing mechanism comprising a capture process and an apply process may be provided in a database system. The capture process mines or receives, at the source entity, a plurality of records that belong to a plurality of transactions. Here, first records from a first transaction in the plurality of transactions are interleaved with one or more records from one or more different transactions in the plurality of transactions. The capture process orders the plurality of records into a stream of ordered records such that all records that belong to a transaction are stored contiguously in a single block of records in the stream. Subsequently, the capture process sends the stream of ordered records from the source entity to the sink entity. Alternatively, the apply process retrieves the stream of ordered records from the capture process.05-14-2009
20090177706Data Updating System, Navigation Device, Server, and Method of Data Updating - To provide a data updating system and the like for easily performing updating the difference for the database which contains a large amount of data, each piece of the data being highly correlated, such as a map database that contains road network data.07-09-2009
20090187601AUTOMATION PROCESS SYSTEM AND METHOD TO UPGRADE FROM NON-UNICODE TRANSFORMATION SUPPORT TO UNICODE DATA TRANSFORMATION SUPPORT - A system and method for automatically transforming non-Unicode supporting files into Unicode supporting files via one or more reusable maps. The system comprises a reusable source type tree organized from a schema, wherein the schema is created from a file; and one or more reusable maps, structured to automatically map one or more rules onto the reusable source type tree to transform the reusable source type tree into a reusable target type tree. The method comprises determining a type of data to be supported; defining one or more rules to support the type of data; and applying the one or more rules automatically to a reusable source type tree to transform the reusable source type tree into a reusable target type tree.07-23-2009
20090187604Docbase management system and method for extending docbase management system and functions - The present invention discloses a docbase management system and a method for extending docbase management system functions. The method includes: determining an extended function module which matches extended data, wherein, the extended function module is compatible with a system extension interface in a docbase management system; invoking, through the system extension interface of the docbase management system, the determined extended function module to process the extended data. The method provided by the present invention enables the docbase management system functions to be extended without recompiling the docbase management system.07-23-2009
20090138524METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ENHANCING SOFTWARE DOCUMENTATION AND HELP SYSTEMS - A method and system for enhancing software documentation and help systems. In one embodiment, a virtual library for a selected combination of tools is created. The virtual library is then linked to the tools in the selected combination of tools. In another embodiment, a combination of tools for designing a complex software system is selected from one or more software releases. The one or more software releases comprises a plurality of available tools. The selected combination of tools comprises less than all of the plurality of available tools. Each of the plurality of available tools is associated with one or more documents. Access to only those one or more documents associated with tools in the selected combination of tools is provided.05-28-2009
20090138523CONTENT ENGINE ASYNCHRONOUS UPGRADE FRAMEWORK - Embodiments of the invention provide a tool for performing asynchronous upgrades of data stored in computer databases. In one embodiment, an upgrade tool may be configured to split existing data records into data blocks. Each data block may be queued in an asynchronous queue. When processing capacity is available, the data block may undergo an upgrade operation, and another data block may be added to the queue. Once all data blocks are upgraded, the upgraded data records may be used by applications accessing the database. In one embodiment, different types of upgrade operations may be performed on the data records.05-28-2009
20090138522APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MANAGING STORAGE COPY SERVICES SYSTEMS - An apparatus for controlling a storage system having a data replication function, comprises: a storage array component being operable to send notification to a replication engine that a write of data to a primary storage location by a host is subject to data replication; the replication engine being operable to receive the notification and in response to instruct the storage array to copy the data to a secondary storage location; wherein the data is copied to the secondary storage location unmediated by the replication engine.05-28-2009
20090177703ASYNCHRONOUS MULTI-LEVEL UNDO SUPPORT IN JAVASCRIPT GRID - Architecture for multi-level undo on a client in grid-based applications. The architecture is a control driven cascading changes system where change tracking works seamlessly in asynchronous (and synchronous) scenarios. A client application is associated with a grid object and, instantiates and configures the grid object. The application can initiate a change to data in the grid and/or the user can edit the data in the grid directly. A result of the change is a notification to the application, the notification including an order key. The application consumes the notification and can then append new changes based on synchronous or asynchronous computations by calling an update function using the order key. The application uses the key to attach further updates which are properly collected together for undo/redo.07-09-2009
20090327352RECONCILIATION AND REMEDIATION WITH COMMUNICATION ARCHIVES - Techniques for reconciliation and remediation of messages sent by a server for storage in an archive are described. Some techniques may comprise receiving a message to be reconciled corresponding to a message sent by a server to be stored in an archive. The received message may be categorized for reconciliation, and a delivery confirmation query may be issued to the archive according to categorization of the message for reconciliation. Based on the response to the delivery confirmation query, it can be determined with certainty whether the message sent to the archive for storage is indeed stored at the archive. Other embodiments are described and claimed.12-31-2009
20090187602Efficient Update Methods For Large Volume Data Updates In Data Warehouses - A system and method for ensuring large and frequent updates to a data warehouse. The process leverages a set of temporary staging tables to track the updates. A set of intermediate steps are performed to accomplish bulk deletions of the outdated changed records, and perform modifications to the map tables for models such as snowflake. Finally, bulk load operations load the updates and insert them into the final dimension tables. The process ensures performance comparable to insertion-only schemes with at most only slight performance degradation. Furthermore, a modified process is applied on the newfact data warehouse dimension model. The process can be readily adapted to handle star schema and other hierarchical data warehouse models.07-23-2009
20090187603FILE MANAGEMENT METHOD, FILE MANAGEMENT DEVICE, AND PROGRAM - A file management method includes creating a rotation group by grouping a file group in which the generations of the files are managed by changes in the file names, and storing information of the rotation group in a rotation group management unit; acquiring file identification information of the files belonging to the rotation group from the file group according to the information of the rotation group, and storing the file identification information in a file identification information management unit; and acquiring file identification information of the rotation group from the file identification information management unit, further acquiring file identification information of the files belonging to the rotation group from the file group according to the information of the rotation group, and comparing the acquired pieces of file identification information.07-23-2009
20090187600Method of improving replica server performance and a replica server system - An adaptable replica server system comprising a primary replica being associated with a primary storage for storing information and a primary processing means, and a secondary replica being associated with a secondary storage and a secondary processing means for creating confirmation data upon receiving input data from the primary replica, wherein the replica server system is designed to be configurable so as to work as an asynchronous server replica system and/or as a synchronous server replica system depending on an instruction.07-23-2009
20090187599Generating identity values in a multi-host database management system - Various approaches for generating key values in a database that is shared in a multi-host data processing arrangement. According to an example method, a shared sequence control structure contains a next key value. Mutually exclusive update access to the sequence control structure is provided for a plurality of instances of a database management system (DBMS) executing on the multi-host data processing arrangement. For a request for a new key value for a database record, a temporary copy of the next key value from the sequence control structure is stored, the sequence control structure is updated with a new next key value, and temporary copy of the next key value is stored as the new key value of the database record.07-23-2009
20090063573INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, ELECTRONIC MANUAL MANAGING METHOD, AND ELECTRONIC MANUAL MANAGING PROGRAM - In an information processing device which is capable of adding a new program, a managing unit is configured to manage bibliographic information of each of electronic manuals associated with respective programs installed in the information processing device. A registering unit is configured to register, in response to addition of a new program, bibliographic information of an electronic manual associated with the new program, into the managing unit. A display data generating unit is configured to generate display data indicating a list of the electronic manuals, based on the bibliographic information managed by the managing unit. A displaying unit is configured display the list of the electronic manuals on a display device based on the display data.03-05-2009
20090144335Self learning to support navigation to correct an inconsistent property - Methods and systems for maintaining objects using computer self-learning to determine which user interface (UI) screen to navigate to for correcting an inconsistent property of an object are presented. In an embodiment, a data class module is used by the computer system for accessing an object's properties. When the data class is called to store/update an object's properties, the data class determines which UI screen is active, and which of the properties of the data class is being stored/updated. The data class uses the UI screen and property to maintain a screen relationship table between an object's properties and which UI screen writes the object's properties. In an embodiment, the data class module contains a method for performing a consistency check by applying consistency rules to an object.06-04-2009
20090144334SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTACT MANAGEMENT - An automated system and method for periodically searching information relating to a person's contact list and updating an informational database. A target name is extracted from a contact list of a user, and a search is performed (e.g. on the Internet) for data related to the target name. The data is analyzed in accordance with categories of information in the contact list. A determination is made whether a corresponding item in the contact list requires modification. The data is stored on a database, indexed with the target name. The method is performed periodically and automatically. Analysis of the data may include determining whether the data is relevant to a category of information on a predefined alert list. An alert message may be displayed to the user regarding an item of data, if that data is determined to be relevant to a category of information on the alert list.06-04-2009
20090037485Method and apparatus for auditing utility poles - An apparatus and method for managing utility pole information is provided in the illustrative embodiments. A method for managing the utility pole information may include creating several audit forms and searching those forms for an audit of a selected pole. The method may further include pre-populating the audit form with data from a repository of engineering work orders. The method may further include recording general pole information, a pole inspection information, a pole test information, a first attachment information, and inspector's notes about the selected pole on the audit form resulting in an updated audit form. The method may then transfer the updated audit form to a repository of utility poles audit information.02-05-2009
20090024668Method and system for document management and exchange - The present invention embodiments pertain to managing and exchanging documents. A descriptor is added to an original document, wherein the descriptor includes at least one document identifier representing a logical subject of the document. Modifications to a document being sent or received are identified based on comparing the descriptor of the sent or received document and the descriptor of the original document. The modifications are introduced into the original document to become a single master document of consolidated information relating to the same logical subject.01-22-2009
20090024667Information processing device, file data merging method, file naming method, and file data output method - [Problems] Although merging of file common condition data with record data in a file and naming of the file are routine work in handling many similar files, the routine work conventionally requires substantial trouble, thereby bringing a feeling of troublesomeness to the end user. The problem to enable the user to perform such file operations with greatly reduced steps and natural lucidness, and especially to enable the user to adequately name a file to identify individual files in such a way that greatly reduced work and high friendliness with the user are combined.01-22-2009
20090240737PROCESS AND APPLIANCE FOR DATA PROCESSING AND COMPUTER PROGRAMME PRODUCT - The present invention concerns an appliance, a process and a computer programme product for the processing of unstructured or semi-structured digital data in a file system. In order to create an appliance, a process and a computer programme product which allow simple, reliable, highperformance and purpose oriented management of every manner of digital, stored, unstructured data, it is proposed that, it is functionally extended by providing a framework for further external logic to be inserted in order to modify the filesystem's behaviour and/or a structure is imposed onto unstructured or semi-structured data in real time by enhancing existing namespace semantics and/or metadata and data are processed independently by physically and logically separating namespace and block handlers.09-24-2009
20090049105EXTENSIBLE DEPENDENCY MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK AND METHOD - The present invention provides an extensible dependency management framework and method. Specifically, the present invention provides dependency management handler(s) and dispatcher(s) (e.g., revalidation and/or refactoring). The handlers are created and registered by users of the framework. When a change to a resource is detected, a notification is received by a dispatcher from an external caller. Upon receipt, the dispatcher will query an index to identify dependents, and then call a dependency management handler associated with the changed resource to obtain and implement updates for the dependents. In so doing, a list of the dependents will be provided to the dependency management handler.02-19-2009
20090063574System for Tracing Copyright of Contents and Control Method Thereof - A system for tracking copyright information of content and a method for controlling the same are provided. When a user creates multimedia content through an index file which allows the user to search for desired content through a keyword based on humans, things, time, and/or space, or edits content created by another to create edited content, the index file inherits copyright information of the content, thereby making it possible to perform keyword search of the content. In addition, copyright information of content is inherited as the content is transacted and edited, thereby making it possible to track and protect the copyright of content and also to perform proper distribution of the revenue for the sale of the content.03-05-2009
20090063571DATA MANAGEMENT APPARATUS, COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM, AND CONTROL METHOD - A data management apparatus for managing file data including image data or print data by a hierarchical structure, includes an operating unit designating a save source directory and a save destination directory; and a control unit copying or moving the designated save source directory as well as the file data included in the save source directory to the save destination directory, wherein if the save destination directory is on a higher hierarchy level than an upper directory directly including the save source directory, then the control unit copies or moves the save source directory with maintaining the higher directory.03-05-2009
20090055439Flexible Dimension Approach In A Data Warehouse - Disclosed herein is a computer implemented method for dynamically adding dimensions specific to a tenant in a data warehouse without changing the structure of the fact table. Metadata is provided in a metadata table of a warehouse staging layer to map natural key values of the dimensions, obtained from predefined placeholder columns of a source transaction table, to predefined master tables. In the warehouse staging layer, a distinct combination of the natural key values obtained from the source transaction table is assigned a surrogate key. The surrogate key is updated in the bridge table of the warehousing layer. A fact table is then populated with the assigned surrogate key of the bridge table. Views are dynamically created for the dimension tables of the dimensions to connect the fact table to the dimension tables via the bridge table.02-26-2009
20090055440Information Update Method and Information Update System - Information update technique that is most suitable in the case where information held by every apparatus does not need to be updated at the same time.02-26-2009
20090240738MOBILE DEVICE, PATTERN FILE UPDATE METHOD, AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - A mobile device comprises an e-mail receiver for receiving an e-mail indicating that a pattern file for virus disinfection can be updated; an e-mail determination unit for determining model information described in the e-mail received by the e-mail receiver; and a file updater for acquiring a pattern file corresponding to the model information, when the e-mail determination unit determines that the model information related to the mobile device is described.09-24-2009
20080263104UPDATING A DATA WAREHOUSE SCHEMA BASED ON CHANGES IN AN OBSERVATION MODEL - A method, information processing system, and computer readable medium for modifying at least one data warehouse schema based on detected changes in an associated observation model are disclosed. The method includes determining if at least one new observation model has been created. The method also includes determining if at least one existing observation model is associated with the new observation model. In response to the existing observation model being associated with the new observation model, at least one changed attribute is identified by comparing the new observation model and the existing observation model. A set of files associated with the existing observation model is updated to reflect the changed attribute between the new observation model and the existing observation model.10-23-2008
20080263102FILE MANAGEMENT APPARATUS, FILE MANAGEMENT METHOD AND PROGRAM - A file management apparatus for managing registered files selects multiple files from the registered files, and integrates date stored in the selected files and stores the integrated date in a single file. Then, the file management apparatus calculates a hash value of the file, obtains a time stamp generated based on the hash value, and adds the time stamp to the file.10-23-2008
20080263101Data Processing Device and Data Processing Method10-23-2008
20090172039Snapshot management apparatus and method, and storage system - A high-performance and highly-reliable snapshot management apparatus and method, and a storage system are provided that can prevent the adverse influence of overhead when they retain a multiplicity of snapshots. An operational volume is set in a storage area provided by a first storage apparatus and a plurality difference volumes are set in a storage area provided by a second storage apparatus. In response to data writing to the operational volume, difference data is saved in the difference volumes and management tables for it are created, with each snapshot being managed according to the management tables. Each management table is divided according to one or more snapshots in accordance with the snapshot creation time. The second and any following management tables store specified inheritance information to inherit the content of the preceding management tables.07-02-2009
20090150450METHOD OF ATTACHING DOCUMENTS TO ONE OR MORE OBJECTS - A method of attaching documents to more than one object includes receiving a selection of at least one object from a user of a computer system, the computer system including a file system, attaching one of a newly created open document or a previously stored open document to the at least one object so as to create an attachment to the object, wherein attaching includes associating the newly created open document or the previously stored open document with the at least one object, and one of; transmitting the at least one object with the attachment to at least one recipient and storing the at least one object with the attachment in the file system. The at least one object includes a currently active object of the computer system, a previously saved object of the computer system, or a previously transmitted electronic mail transmission of the computer system.06-11-2009
20090198739FILE MANAGEMENT METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR IMAGE CAPTURING DEVICE - A file management system for managing a number of files stored in an image capturing device includes a classifying unit, a calculating unit, a selecting unit, and a processing unit. The classifying unit is configured for classifying the files in a storage unit of the image capturing device into different clusters according to the file suffixes. The measuring unit is configured for measuring how much memory is currently occupied by the files in the storage unit, size of each cluster and percentage of total available memory occupied by each of the clusters to display the percentages on a display panel. The selecting unit is configured for selecting a desired cluster in response to user input at the input unit. The processing unit is configured for accessing the measurements of the selected cluster(s) and generating a view revealing the measurements on a display panel.08-06-2009
20080281873DOCUMENT VIEWING TERMINAL OPERATING DEVICE AND STORAGE MEDIUM STORING PROGRAM FOR OPERATING DOCUMENT VIEWING TERMINAL - A PC stores a command for specifying a document to be imported to a document viewing terminal and a command for specifying a document to be deleted in a state where the PC is not connected to the document viewing terminal, and stored commands are executed at a time when the PC is connected to the document viewing terminal. Also, in the document viewing terminal, a document to be displayed is newly added or deleted in accordance with instructions from the PC when connected to the PC (document viewing terminal operating device). Further, when a document is viewed, a view date and a status of unread/read are updated. Since received document information storing such information is transmitted to the PC when the PC and the document viewing terminal are connected, a history database in the PC and the received document information in the document viewing terminal can be synchronized. Accordingly, a document viewing terminal operating device and a storage medium storing a program for operating a document viewing terminal that facilitates specifying of a document that is viewed on the document viewing terminal can be provided.11-13-2008
20090198737System and Method for Archive Verification - Embodiments provide systems and methods for archive verification of media in a library. A method of archive verification may comprise loading a specified media into a drive at intervals, sending one or more commands to the drive, wherein the drive attempts to read the specified media or data on the specified media in accordance with the one or more commands, collecting data associated with the specified media from the drive and determining the readability of the specified media or data on the specified media.08-06-2009
20090198736Time-Based Multiple Data Partitioning - A method, computer program product and computer system for dynamic data partitioning in a database system, which partitions data in a database system using at least one time-base data-partitioning scheme, maintains multiple time and data partitioning schemes, and utilizes database operations that work with partitions from time-based multiple data-partitioning schemes.08-06-2009
20080270484Using Network Traffic Logs for Search Enhancement - A method and apparatus for using network traffic logs for search enhancement is disclosed. According to one embodiment, network usage is tracked by generating log files. These log files among other things indicate the frequency web pages are referenced and modified. These log files or information from these log files can then be used to improve document ranking, improve web crawling, determine tiers in a multi-tiered index, determine where to insert a document in a multi-tiered index, determine link weights, and update a search engine index.10-30-2008
20090248751Destroyable Instant Message (IM) - Systems and methods for processing instant messages by destroying them are disclosed. Setting a time for destroying a destroyable instant message is provided. Destruction of a message can be accompanied by visual effects. A destroyable instant message can be made not printable and not retrievable savable. Methods and systems for instant messaging using destroyable messages are also disclosed. Clients for instant messaging with destroyable instant messages are provided. A client for instant messaging with destroyable instant messages can be created with pre-installed applications, web page based applications and by using a plug-in to an existing instant messaging application.10-01-2009
20090222490Computerized Document Examination for Changes - A system and method are provided to examine a changeable monitored document and to provide alerts relating to changes of interest. The logical entities of a monitored document are compared, when changed, to the logical entities of an updatable reference of the monitored document which comprises material from the monitored document at a given time. The system distinguishes between logical entities which have moved within a document and logical entities which have been changed in a document. A user or users are alerted to any change in the monitored document according to the user's preferences. The system also allows the user to specify one or more search terms, thereby allowing a user to receive alerts only when a specified search term or terms appear in a newly changed portion of the monitored document. After examination, an extracted copy of the monitored document is retained as the editable reference.09-03-2009
20090222491Systems and Methods for Layered Resource Management - Systems and methods for encapsulating computing resources in one or more layers are provided. In some embodiments, a set of computing resources are encapsulated in a layer. The layer is mobile from a first storage to a second storage. A request for a specific computing resource is received by an application of a computing device. A determination is made whether the layer includes the requested computing resource. The request is processed if the layer includes the requested computing resource. The processed request is provided to the operating system of the computing device.09-03-2009
20080243936TRACKING FILE SYSTEM NAMESPACE CHANGES DURING TRANSACTIONS - Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to tracking file system namespace changes during transactions. In aspects, a filter monitors operations that may affect a tracked portion of a transactional file system's namespace. When an operation that affects the tracked portion is received, a data structure is modified to track the changes. Nodes within the data structure are marked to indicate whether they can be seen inside or outside of the transaction. If the transaction commits or rolls back, nodes within the data structure are deleted and made visible as appropriate.10-02-2008
20090259691Methods, Apparatuses and Computer Program Products for Updating a Content Item - Methods, apparatuses and computer program products are provided for updating a content item. In this regard, a current context associated with a content item can be determined based on criteria such as, a user's tendencies, user preferences, battery level, time of day, etc. The current context of the content item can be active or inactive. If a content item is in an active current context and an associated triggering event occurs, the content item can be updated. If the content item is in an inactive current context, the content item need not be updated. Content items may be updated in various manners, including generating a preview of the content item. A preview of a content item may be generated by retrieving the content item via an interface, where the interface is determined from data associated with the content item. Upon retrieval of a content item via the interface, a preview of the content item can be generated, such as by generating an image file having associated metadata. The metadata maybe used for linking the preview to additional, related content items.10-15-2009
20090240739Optimizing Lock Acquisition on Transaction Logs - A system, method, and computer program product for improving physical lock acquisition for database transaction logs are described herein. In an embodiment, the method operates by receiving a request for a transaction log page and determining whether a requested log page is newly-allocated or already exists. A determination is made regarding whether the last log page is being modified. A physical lock is taken on the requested log page when it has been determined that the requested log page is not newly-allocated and that the last log page is not being modified. Operations on the last log page are synchronized without a physical lock when it is determined that the requested log page is newly-allocated or that the last log page is being modified.09-24-2009
20090248752Image forming apparatus - In an image forming apparatus, even when power supply to the apparatus is stopped, it is possible to let the user recognize that an electronic file to be used has been erased, and that a necessary electronic file will be erased when the apparatus is to be used after next power on, so that wasteful power supply to the apparatus can be reduced. When the power is shut off, an auto-erased file list or a to-be-erased file list is displayed on electronic paper 108, in accordance with display setting contents set by the user before power off.10-01-2009
20090259694SYSTEM, METHOD, AND PROGRAM FOR EDITING PRODUCTION SCHEDULE - A system, method, and computer program for editing a production schedule. The system includes: a storage unit storing master data; a receiving unit receiving the master data; a duplicating unit generating editing data; an editing operation unit generating preliminarily-edited data based on an editing command; an identification unit identifying an item edited in the preliminarily-edited data with respect to the master data; a determination unit determining whether the inputted editing command is valid or invalid, wherein tag information is appended to an item being the same as the edited item; and an updating unit generating the preliminarily-edited data in which the editing command determined to be valid is reflected and to which the tag information is appended and updating the master data by using the generated preliminarily-edited data. A method and computer program are also provided.10-15-2009
20090259692MANAGING DATABASE AGENTS - Aspects of the present invention provide a solution for managing database agents. Specifically, an embodiment of the present invention produces a predetermined number of replica databases for running the agents. Agent scheduling documents are produced and parsed to determine on which database the agent should be run and on which database the agent should run if the first choice of databases is not functioning. The agent scheduling documents also specify whether running of a specific agent has certain prerequisites, such as a time constraint and/or whether its running is dependent upon successful completion of another agent.10-15-2009
20080307009AUTONOMIC INDEX CREATION, MODIFICATION AND DELETION - An index advice record engine generates and stores index advice records. An index advice policy mechanism allows a user to define an index advice policy that specifies criteria for autonomic index creation, modification and deletion. An autonomic index mechanism reads the index advice records, compares this information with the criteria in the user-defined index advice policies, and determines whether an index should be created, modified or deleted based on the information in the index advice records and the index advice policies. By automating the process of creating, modifying and deleting indexes according to user-defined policies, the preferred embodiments alleviate human users from most of the work of manually creating, modifying and deleting indexes.12-11-2008
20080307007Method for Managing Shared Data and Related Device - Method for managing data stored in a database (12-11-2008
20080307005System for reducing electrical wiring in complex apparatus, such as vehicles and aircraft - A system for controlling multiple processors, each of which controls a group of hardware devices. Each processor is equipped with storage space for a database. A single, shared, database circulates among the processors, and only a single processor receives the database at any given time. All processors are idle with respect to the database, except when the database arrives. Upon arrival, the receiving processor (1) loads the fresh copy of the circulating database into memory, (2) updates the database with current values from its inputs, (3) using the database as input, performs computation, (4) produces output which is used to both (a) control its hardware and (b) add data to the database, (5) transfers the modified database to the next processor, and (6) becomes inactive with respect to the database. This sequence is repeated by all processors. While not actively working with the database, the processors are free to perform other tasks.12-11-2008
20080307008Method to Enforce Domain Strong Typing - A centralized method for defining and enforcing strong-typing among domains in RDBMS or ORDBMS is provided to allow flexible, easy, and quick domain creation, as well as facilitating easy implementation and change control on domains. When an application requests data from the database, one or more domains are first identified in the SQL query. A determination is then made as to whether operators for each domain pair in the SQL query are authorized. A determination is also made as to whether functions in the SQL authorized. If the operators and functions in the SQL are authorized, the initial SQL request is rewritten to include a casting formula for each domain pair operation. The rewritten SQL request is then executed.12-11-2008
20080307006FILE MUTATION METHOD AND SYSTEM USING FILE SECTION INFORMATION AND MUTATION RULES - Provided are a file mutation method and a system using file section information and mutation rules. The file mutation system includes: a file section information extraction module obtaining file section information with respect to a sample file of a known file format; a file section information production module producing file section information with respect to a sample file of an unknown format; a mutation rule production module receiving a user input that a mutation rule is applied and producing a mutation rule, the mutation rule defining a mutation function that is to be applied to each data type; and a file mutation module receiving the sample file and producing a plurality of test case files that are created by mutating the sample file through the file section information processed in the file section information extraction module and the file section information production module and the mutation rule from the mutation rule production module.12-11-2008
20090083336SEARCH BASED DATA MANAGEMENT - The invention includes a system including a one or more storage devices including the data items a metadata tagging component for associating metadata to each data item, a policy component defining one or more data management polices as a function of the metadata, a search engine for generating a list of data items satisfying the data management policy, and a data management application for applying the data management policy to each data item in the list of data items generated by the search engine.03-26-2009
20090063572METHOD AND DEVICE FOR ANALYZING CAUSE OF CONSTRAINT VIOLATION BASED ON CONSTRAINT PATTERN - A method and device for performing a constraint failure analysis on an instance model. The present invention provides a convenient tool to bridge between a model-constraint designer and a model user, reduce load for model/constraint usability, simplify the learning curve, and assist to make a model correction for the model user.03-05-2009
20090292735DECLUTTERING A COMPUTING SYSTEM - Technologies are described herein for decluttering a computing system by removing a visual display or performance impact caused by pre-installed software components. Through the decluttering process, icons and other visual indications of pre-installed software are removed, thereby eliminating visual clutter. The decluttering process also prevents the automatic execution of pre-installed software, thereby eliminating the performance impact caused by these programs. Because the decluttering process does not uninstall the pre-installed software, the process can be reversed, thereby returning the pre-installed software to its original state.11-26-2009
20080215634Methods And Systems For Extracting Related Information From Flat Files - Methods and systems for extracting related information from multiple two-dimensional files are provided. The method includes comparing data contained in at least one field of each record of a first file to data in a related field of each record of a second file. A record is created in a temporary file for each occurrence of a match. The records of the temporary file contain the data from the matching records of the two files. Particular data is selected from the records of the temporary file according to user-specified conditions. The selected data is provided as output. The temporary file is thereafter deleted. In another embodiment of the invention, particular data is selected from the original files prior to inclusion in the temporary file. Associated systems are also provided.09-04-2008
20090077137METHOD OF UPDATING A VIDEO SUMMARY BY USER RELEVANCE FEEDBACK - Method of updating an initial summary (03-19-2009
20090077134DATA RECOVERY METHOD IN DIFFERENTIAL REMOTE BACKUP FOR A NAS SYSTEM - To ensure the consistency of data included in blocks which have already been received and has already been remote-copied, on a file basis, in a destination NAS system, when remote copy has failed due to a failure which has occurred in a source NAS system, there is provided a method in which: a source NAS system transmits a correspondence between an updated block and a file, to a destination NAS system when remote copy is started; the destination NAS system records a remote copy state for each block; a management server refers to the information recorded by the destination NAS system and selects files from which all the update blocks have been received, when remote copy has failed due to a failure which has occurred in the source NAS system; and the destination NAS system stores data included in the update blocks of the files selected by the management server.03-19-2009
20090077136FILE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, FILE MANAGEMENT METHOD, AND FILE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM - To identify a storage medium storing an electronic file, as a location of the electronic file, and to detect a location move of a file stemming from a replacement of a storage medium, a file management system 03-19-2009
20090077133SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR EFFICIENT RULE UPDATES IN POLICY BASED DATA MANAGEMENT - A method, system, and computer program product is provided for efficient policy rule update in a data management system. A policy rule is stored along with the attributes of a data object when the application of the policy rule results in action taken on the data object. A stored policy rule, called an effective policy rule, is subsequently used to restrict the number of data objects examined when a policy rule is added, deleted, modified, or otherwise updated.03-19-2009
20090077132Information Processing Device and Method, and Program - The present invention relates to an information processing device, an information processing method, and a program that make it possible to prevent recommendation in a CF method from concentrating on a part of contents, and recommend a content to a user with little history information. In step S03-19-2009
20100023558METHOD FOR MANAGING OBJECTS ACCESSIBLE TO USERS AND COMPUTER DEVICE INVOLVED FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF THE METHOD - This method for managing objects accessible to users comprises the following steps: 01-28-2010
20090282084SYSTEM, METHOD, AND COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIUM FOR PROVIDING A REGIONALIZED FILE SYSTEM - A system, method, and computer readable medium that facilitate operation of a file system capable of dividing an existing homogeneous file system into a series of regions, with each region accommodating storage devices having compatible characteristics are provided. The file system is divided into logical regions, with each region containing a particular class of storage devices possessing a particular set of common storage traits. The regionalization of the file system provides for all cylinders of storage devices sharing a common storage characteristic to be contained within a single region, and dedicated file system logic can be written to service that region. A master index configuration implemented in accordance with disclosed embodiments includes a region descriptor construct that enables cylinder index descriptors associated with cylinders of storage devices sharing a common storage characteristic to be grouped into regions.11-12-2009
20100057784Dynamic Metadata - A computing device having a dynamic metadata model includes an interface module, an algorithm module and a registration module. The interface module includes an interface that defines one or more API functions for obtaining metadata using an algorithm. At least one of the API functions is used with a plurality of algorithms. Each of the plurality of algorithms is associated with a business system. The algorithm module includes one or more algorithms that implement the API functions defined in the interface. The one or more algorithms provide metadata without accessing a metadata database. Each of the one or more algorithms is associated with a business system. The metadata is associated with API functions of the business system. The registration module registers the one or more algorithms on the computing device.03-04-2010
20090006485DATA PROCESSING APPARATUS AND DATA PROCESSING METHOD - A data processing apparatus and a data processing method include reading order information included in a data file according to one of a pair of byte orders, comparing the read order information with preset reference information, and decoding the data file if the order information is equal to the reference information.01-01-2009
20090319577PROVIDING LOCALIZED INDIVIDUALLY CUSTOMIZED UPDATES FROM A SOCIAL NETWORK SITE TO A DESKTOP APPLICATION - A method of providing updates from a social network to a desktop application is provided. An update is created in an application and if the application has permission, it creates an entry in a recent activity queue. The queue is then subject to analysis to reduce the number of entries in the queue. Subscribers that have permission to receive updates from the publisher and the publishing application then receive updates from the publisher.12-24-2009
20090198738System and Method for an Adaptive List Prefetch - A method, system, and computer program product are provided for retrieving records into a main memory. A first number of gaps and a first total gap size are received for a list of records from a database subsystem. A determination is made of a first average gap size using the first number of gaps and the first total gap size. A determination is made as to whether the first average gap size is greater than a prestaging threshold value. Responsive to the first average gap size being equal to or less than the prestaging threshold value, a prestaging flag is set for the list of records. Then, the list of records is retrieved into the main memory using prestaging.08-06-2009
20080313238Read-Copy Update System And Method - A method, system and computer program product for managing requests for deferred updates to shared data elements while minimizing grace period detection overhead associated with determining whether pre-existing references to the data elements have been removed. Plural update requests that are eligible for grace period detection are buffered without performing grace period detection processing. One or more conditions that could warrant commencement of grace period detection processing are monitored while the update requests are buffered. If warranted by such a condition, grace period detection is performed relative to the update requests so that they can be processed. In this way, grace period detection overhead can be amortized over plural update requests while being sensitive to conditions warranting prompt grace period detection.12-18-2008
20090177704RETENTION POLICY TAGS FOR DATA ITEM EXPIRATION - Architecture for retention policy tagging of data items such as messages for expiring data items without data reorganization. Retention policy tags can be applied to items, conversations, folders, and/or distribution lists, for example. Retention policy tags provide a way to manage (e.g., expire) data items such as email, for example, and reduce the corporate burden for compliance in documents of all types. Tags can be applied to data items individually and in-place, and do not impose changes to the natural workflow of the user. The use of expiry policy tags provides a solution by removing the pain point around physically moving messages to an unfamiliar folder hierarchy.07-09-2009
20090177707STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE AUTOMATION IN DATABASE ADMINISTRATION - A plurality of modules and/or engines to manage the operation and health of a plurality of data center assets through the use of standard operating procedures (SOPs). Modules of the present invention are configured to assist IT Administrators to create, and thereafter store in an accessible memory resource, a plurality of SOPs. These SOPs define procedures to address various data center asset informational states. An asset's state information is monitored, collected and analyzed to determine, based either on a predetermined rule set or on manual input from an authorized IT Administrator, whether one or more SOPs will be applied to a particular data center asset. These SOPs can be combined and/or executed on the asset either automatically or manually.07-09-2009
20090138521METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SHARING INFORMATION BETWEEN DISPARATE DATA SOURCES IN A NETWORK - A system and method for sharing information in a network are provided. The system comprises a database module operative to maintain an information database identifying one or more items-of-interest. One or more data source communication modules are operatively connected to the database module. The one or more data source communication modules are configured to transmit one or more items-of-interest to the information database, or listen for one or more items-of-interest in the information database. A situation display module is operatively connected to the database module. The situation display module is configured to transmit one or more items-of-interest to the information database, or listen for one or more items-of-interest in the information database.05-28-2009
20090319576EXTENSIBLE TASK EXECUTION TECHNIQUES FOR NETWORK MANAGEMENT - An extensible task execution technique includes receiving a stimulus, matching the stimulus to a given workflow instance, determining parameters applicable to the received stimulus and the given workflow instance, and executing one or more tasks on one or more target devices specified by the given workflow instance and the parameters.12-24-2009
20090019089Automatic Reconciliation of Discrepancies in Asset Attribute Values - Discrepancies in two sets of asset data for an organization are identified and automatically reconciled. One set of asset data may be compiled using automatic physical discovery software while the other set is from a financial system of the organization. Automatic reconciliation is performed according to user-configurable rules and corresponding user-configurable actions.01-15-2009
20080288550System and method for bridging file systems between two different processors in mobile phone - A mobile phone can include an application processor and a baseband processor. The application processor has a first file system and the baseband processor has a second file system. The baseband processor is connected to a host interface unit of the application processor via a memory bus. The baseband processor can set registers and FIFO queues of the host interface unit and thereby control the application processor to achieve the goal of exchanging information. The invention provides a bridging file system for bridging the file systems in the two processors. Thus, the first file system of the application processor can access files in the second file system of the baseband processor.11-20-2008
20090112935INTEGRATING ACTIVITY LOG INFORMATION WITH USER-SPECIFIED CONTENT - A user content generation system is described herein that enables content authors to generate content that includes stored information from an activity log or other stored information repository. The content includes one or more references to the activity log information. When the system receives a request to display the content, the system retrieves the content including the references. The system retrieves target information of each reference from the activity log. The system renders the content including the retrieved target information in a form for display to a client application. The system sends the rendered content in response to the request. If the content author later modifies the information in the activity log, then the next time the system receives a request to display the content, the system will provide the content with the updated information.04-30-2009
20090106321Maintaining and Utilizing SQL Execution Plan Histories - Approaches, techniques, and mechanisms are disclosed for maintaining a history of query plans executed for a database command, along with information related to each query plan. A database server receives a request to execute a particular command. The database server determines a plan for executing the particular command. The database server adds first information to a plan history associated with the particular command. The plan history comprises information related to a plurality of plans that have been generated for the particular command. The first information may include, for example, properties of the plan (including an outline of the plan) as well as statistics collected during execution of the plan. The database server may implement techniques for periodically refreshing information in a plan history. The database server may also implement techniques for purging old or less important plans.04-23-2009
20090106320Automatic Recognition and Capture of SQL Execution Plans - Approaches, techniques, and mechanisms are disclosed for capturing and utilizing information related to query plans exhibiting interesting characteristics. A database server receives a request to execute a command. The database server executes the command according to a query plan. In response to determining that the command matches one or more pre-defined criteria, the database server captures information related to the execution of the first command. The criteria may include, for example, whether or not the command is repeatable, the existence of bind variables, access of a particular object, high resource utilization, receipt from a particular user, client, or application, etc. The information recorded may include, for example, performance statistics collected during execution of the first plan, data indicating the execution context during execution of the first plan, and properties of the first plan. The recorded information may subsequently be utilized by the database server in executing other database other database commands.04-23-2009
20090106319DATA MANAGEMENT APPARATUS AND DATA MANAGEMENT METHOD - A technique that improves convenience in accessing data stored in a predetermined memory area is provided.04-23-2009
20090070387METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR AUTOMATED STORAGE OF EVENT-SUBSTANTIATING DATA - A method for detecting an event and/or behavior of interest based on monitoring data and selectively storing portions of the monitoring data associated with the event and/or behavior of interest. Preferably, the method includes defining a hierarchy of event and/or behavior types so that the storing of a first behavior/event type is preferred over a second behavior/event type, especially when storing capacity is scarce. A data management apparatus including a logic device and a long-term storage memory apparatus, the logic device for detecting an event and/or behavior of interest based on monitoring data and selectively storing portions of the monitoring data associated with the event and/or behavior of interest on the long-term memory storage apparatus.03-12-2009
20090070383IDEMPOTENT STORAGE REPLICATION MANAGEMENT - A method for managing operations in a data storage system comprising at least a first storage controller operating according to a plurality of operation states set by a managing entity is provided. The method comprises the first storage controller performing a first operation associated with a first operation state, in response to the managing entity updating state information stored in a data structure readable by the first storage controller.03-12-2009
20090070382System and Method for Performing a File System Operation on a Specified Storage Tier - Various embodiments of a system and method for performing a file system operation on a specified storage tier are disclosed. Input specifying a file system operation and a pathname may be received. The pathname may include a plurality of components, including one or more directory components and a storage tier component. The pathname may be analyzed to determine a directory specified by the one or more directory components and a storage tier specified by the storage tier component. The file system operation may be performed, where the file system operation operates on the first directory and the first storage tier. In a further embodiment, the components of the pathname may also include a filename component. Thus, the pathname may be further analyzed to determine a filename specified by the filename component. The file system operation may operate on the first filename, the first directory, and the first storage tier.03-12-2009
20090037483System, Method and Apparatus for Dynamically Expanding the Functionality of Legacy Systems - A system, method and apparatus for expanding the functionality of a Legacy System which receives a Structured Data File from a Legacy System User Interface, performs a Thumb Print Configuration Process, creates a Thumb Print Data File that is further processed by a Recognition Software Component and Novel Attribute Assignment Software Component to add Novel Data Elements, and which creates an Updated Data File which expands the functionality of a Legacy System and creates an creates an Updated User Interface.02-05-2009
20090037481CHANGE-BASED DISCOVERY SCHEDULING - A method, system and computer-readable medium for an enhanced service management program are disclosed. The program scans configuration items at the beginning and end of a request for change. Periodic scans are performed in between requests for change. In one embodiment, the service management program scans one or more configuration items associated with a request for change at the time of assessment of the request for change. The service management program scans the same configuration items associated with said request for change at the time of verification of the request for change. The service management program periodically scans one or more configuration items between requests for change based on a discovery profile for each of said one or more configuration items. The service management program records configuration information of the configuration items discovered from each of the scans into a configuration management database.02-05-2009
20090037480OPTIMIZATION OF TRACE OUTPUT TIMING BASED ON DISK OPERATING CONDITIONS AND TRANSACTION CHARACTERISTIC - A method, system and computer product for managing data write timing. The method includes selecting a policy composed of optimizing limits, inserting the selected policy into a score algorithm, running the score algorithm in response to a request to write data to determine a score, and writing the data to a file when the score is within the optimizing limits.02-05-2009
20090037479APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR ANALYZING A FILE SYSTEM - An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for analyzing a file system. A record module records file parameters comprising a file size, a file age, a time of last access, a file type, a recovery time objective, and an initial access time service level objective for each file in the file system. A file score module calculates a file score for each file using the file parameters. A system score module calculates the file system score as the sum of the normalized file scores. A process module processes the file system if the file system score exceeds a specified threshold.02-05-2009
20090100109AUTOMATIC DETERMINATION OF ITEM REPLICATION AND ASSOCIATED REPLICATION PROCESSES - Architecture for replicating and sharing of data (e.g., different types) by analyzing the type and source of the data, analyzing the recipient entities (e.g., users, other devices or systems) that will receive the data, setting access to the data, and configuring rules and defaults for replication and security/access controls. For example, a user can share data with recipient entities such as another user or group of users or another system. The data can be uploaded to a server for access and sharing by the intended recipients or made accessible directly from the recipient computing system. Thus, the intended recipient can access the data directly without being required to register, for example. The architecture automatically and transparently makes the data accessible to the intended recipients based on a number of criteria.04-16-2009
20090100110System, Device, and Method for Validating Data Structures in a Storage System - Validating a data structure includes (a) maintaining a tracking structure in a memory, the tracking structure including a corresponding status field for each table entry, the status fields having an unmarked state and a marked state; (b) processing the table entries sequentially and tracking the used and free table entries using the tracking structure, such tracking including marking the status fields corresponding to used table entries and marking the status fields corresponding to the next free table entries referenced in the pointer fields of free table entries; and (c) determining validity of the data structure based on the tracking structure.04-16-2009
20090070384METHOD AND APPARATUS TO UPDATE METADATA OF CONTENTS - A method and apparatus to update metadata of one or more contents includes selecting content having metadata to be updated from a plurality of contents, determining whether or not to update second metadata that is metadata of the selected content with reference to first metadata that is metadata of at least one unselected content of the plurality of contents, and selectively updating the second metadata based on the determination.03-12-2009
20090070385Storage apparatus, data restoration method and computer system - An LU management table 03-12-2009
20090100108Replica Placement and Repair Strategies in Multinode Storage Systems - A multimode storage system uses a global-placement and local-repair strategy for replica placement and repair of data objects. The data objects are initially placed randomly throughout the storage system, while the subsequent replacement replicas of any lost data objects are placed non-globally, for example within the same cluster as the repair source. This approach aggregates the bandwidth of all leaf switches/routers for repair and thus improves data repair bandwidth and repair speed. The approach also reserves more root switch bandwidth for tasks such as data rebalance, a process migrating data to the new nodes that have replaced failed ones.04-16-2009
20090313306Method of Effectively Managing Database System for Mobile Number Portability - A method of effectively managing a database system for mobile number portability (MNP) including constructing a database associated with the MNP of a neutral organization including a first database connected to number portability management systems of a plurality of wired or wireless telecommunications service providers and a second database connected to subscriber managements systems of the wireless telecommunications service providers; transmitting data required for number portability call processing to the first database after the number portability processing for the wired telecommunications service providers has been completed by the second database; and allocating associated information to the wired or wireless telecommunications service providers requiring the number portability call processing by the first database based on the data. Accordingly, a conventional database management system can be modified, and a specific packet structure can be employed to detect errors that occur during transmission and reception of customer information for the number portability processing. Therefore, it is possible to construct effective subscriber management systems for mobile number portability.12-17-2009
20100023557SYSTEM AND METHOD TO EXTEND A FILE MANAGER USER INTERFACE - Systems and methods are presented for extending a file manager user interface to create, edit and organize meta information for files. According to a method embodiment, a file manager is provided to manage files stored in a computer-readable medium. The file manager is adapted to provide a directory view of the files. A wiki engine is integrated with the file manager to provide a wiki view of the files from within the file manager.01-28-2010
20090172040FILE SYSTEM THAT MANAGES FILES ACCORDING TO CONTENT - A method of managing a plurality of files according to their respective instances of a property of the files, a data processing device that uses the method, and a computer readable storage medium bearing code for implementing the method. The files of at least one of the instances are managed according to a management protocol respective to that/those instance(s). Preferably, all the other files are managed according to a common default management protocol. Different protocols trade off performance vs. ruggedness, trade off average performance vs. latency, or include different defragmentation policies.07-02-2009
20100036890DATABASE MANAGEMENT METHOD, DATABASE MANAGEMENT APPARATUS, AND DATABASE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM - In order to reduce a period of time required for a database operation and maintenance job, provided is a database management method in a database management apparatus that manages a database stored in a storage apparatus including: executing load processing of storing data which is read from the storage apparatus in a memory; executing job processing by reading and writing the data which is stored in the memory; executing unload processing of writing the data which is stored in the memory in the storage apparatus; and executing maintenance processing for the database using the data which is stored in the memory at timing for executing at least one of the load processing and the unload processing.02-11-2010
20100036891APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR COLLECTING LOGGING INFORMATION, AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM IN WHICH A LOGGING INFORMATION COLLECTING PROGRAM IS STORED - An apparatus for collecting logging information in relation to a log function inserted into a program, the apparatus includes: a control table retaining control information in relation to specification information to specify the log function; an obtaining section obtaining the specification information embedded in the log function when the log function is executed; a judging section judging, on the basis of the control information in the control table and the specification information obtained by the obtaining section, whether or not the logging information associated with the specification information is to be collected; and a storage controller storing, if the result of the judging by the judging section is positive, the logging information into a memory, the specification information including position information of the log function in the program.02-11-2010
20090327353 METHOD FOR MEASURING WEB SITE PERFORMANCE - An approach for systematically and objectively assessing the health of a web site, or other complex system, using two layers of information. A scoring method is used to provide an objective qualitative judgment, together with detailed areas of analysis if desired. A set of metrics is identified, and a health score for each metric is calculated based upon assessment parameters or angles, based upon the actual data and upon the expectations. The overall health score of the system is then calculated as a composite metric based upon the individual metric health scores. A total score, together with a visual representation of the individual metric scores, is presented to the end user. The two layers of information utilized in the general framework include the domain (which determines the set of metrics and assessment parameters, e.g., web site analysis) and the model (or processing desired, e.g., a scoring model or alert model).12-31-2009
20100036889CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT OF VIRTUAL MACHINES - Virtual machines are managed in centralized manner. Files that are shared by multiple virtual machines are stored in a central storage unit and a management program is executed on one or more of these files on a per file basis. The management program is executed on a file if an 10 operation is issued for that file. A namespace map is used to provide a mapping of filenames used by the different virtual machines to filenames used by the central storage unit.02-11-2010
20100036887EFFICIENT TRANSFER OF DEDUPLICATED DATA - One aspect of the present invention includes enabling the efficient transfer of deduplicated data between storage pools in a storage management system without unnecessary reassembly and deduplication of data objects. In one embodiment, the storage management system tracks deduplication information for the data chunks of data objects within an index at the storage management system level, in addition to tracking storage information for each data object within another index at the storage management system level. The data chunk deduplication information is then accessible by any storage pool. Accordingly, transfers of the data objects and data chunks of the data object are easily facilitated, even between non-deduplicating and deduplicating storage pools.02-11-2010
20100036886DEFERRED MAINTENANCE OF SPARSE JOIN INDEXES - A system and method include defining a snapshot join index using a sparse condition in a join index definition. A new sparse condition of the snapshot join index is compared with an old sparse condition. Rows in a base table are identified as a function of the comparing, and the join index table is updated using the identified rows.02-11-2010
20100036885Maintaining Data Integrity in Data Servers Across Data Centers - A method, computer program product and system for maintaining data integrity of multiple copies of a piece of data in data servers of multiple data centers, includes maintaining a cluster of catalog servers, where one of the catalog servers is selected as the master catalog server, storing the piece of data in a primary data server chosen from the data servers, duplicating the piece of data to one or more backup data servers chosen from the data servers, recording a data state information to the master catalog server, duplicating the data state information to the cluster of catalog servers, and updating the data servers and the cluster of catalog servers when the primary data server fails.02-11-2010
20090216810FILE STRUCTURE ANALYZING APPARATUS, FILE STRUCTURE ANALYZING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - The present invention provides a file structure analyzing apparatus for analyzing a file including a group of structured data formed into a tree structure by having a plurality of distinct element packets referenced externally, each of the distinct element packets including a unique identifier for identifying the distinct element packet in question and an external referrer for indicating an external reference destination at which to reference externally another distinct element packet using the unique identifier of the latter packet, the file structure analyzing apparatus including: a distinct element packet input section; an external referrer holding section; a unique identifier holding section; and a reference relationship analysis section.08-27-2009
20090216809METHOD FOR UPDATING DATABASES - Techniques for batch-updating batch-updating one or more SQL statements in a database are provided. The techniques include identifying a set of one or more data types, wherein the set comprises one or more columns that are each updated, respectively, by a SQL statement, identifying a set of one or more tables, wherein each of the one or more tables are updated, respectively, by a SQL statement, identifying a set of one or more columns used in a WHERE clause of each of one or more SQL statements, and batch-updating the one or more SQL statements, wherein batch-updating comprises creating a UNION ALL view comprising the set of one or more data types, the set of one or more tables and the set of one or more columns used in a WHERE clause, and wherein each SQL statement is mapped to each set of the UNION ALL view.08-27-2009
20090024669System, Method, and Article of Manufacture for Maintaining and Accessing a Whois Database - Methods and systems are provided for maintaining and accessing a whois database. In one embodiment, modifications to a registrar database that includes information about domain names are tracked, and based on the tracked modifications, one or more records that include modified information about the domain names are identified. Unique identifiers for the identified one or more records are determined and are used to reflect the modifications in the whois database. The modifications are tracked on a real-time basis and are reflected in the whois database on an hourly or a real-time basis.01-22-2009
20080243939MANAGING COPIES OF DATA - A method in a computer system for retrieving data from one of multiple copies of the data is provided, referred to as the data management system. The data management system receives a request identifying at least one data object to be accessed. Then, the data management system queries a metabase to locate data copies that contain the identified at least one data object, wherein the data copies are created from similar source data, and wherein for each data copy the metabase contains an indication of the availability of the copy relative to other copies. Next, the data management system determines one of the located data copies to use to access the identified at least one data object, wherein the determination is made based on the indicated availability contained in the metabase for each of the located data copies. Then, the data management system accesses the identified at least one data object using the determined one of the located data copies.10-02-2008
20100057783On-line Documentation System - The proposed new documentation system, On-line Documentation System, is according to the requirements of the document management.03-04-2010
20100036888METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING TAGS - A method and system manage one or more tags for an item. The tags reside in a datastore. The method and system include associating the tag with at least one expiration condition and determining whether the at least one expiration condition has been met. If the expiration condition(s) have been met, then corrective action is taken for the tag while retaining the at least one item.02-11-2010
20090240740IMAGE LOG MANAGEMENT DEVICE, IMAGE LOG MANAGEMENT METHOD, IMAGE LOG MANAGEMENT PROGRAM - An image log management device that includes a correspondence relationship information storing component, an image log data storage component, an input component and a deletion component is provided. The correspondence relationship information storing component stores correspondence relationship information between an identifier of an input document subject to image forming processing, an identifier of an output document resulting from the image forming processing of the input document, and an identifier of image log data of the output document. The image log data storage component stores the image log data of the output document. The input component inputs document disposal information including an identifier of a disposal document that has been disposed of The deletion component, based on the document disposal information and based on the correspondence relationship information, selects the image log data requiring deletion and executes deletion processing thereon.09-24-2009
20090144333SYSTEM FOR MAINTAINING A DATABASE - A system for maintaining a database. The system includes a storage unit for storing many tablets each tablet including multiple records. The tablet controller is configured to maintain the relationship between the tablet and the storage unit. The tablet controller tracks failures to access the storage unit and designates a new storage unit for each tablet based on a storage unit failure. A router is in communication with the tablet controller and configured to distribute messages from clients to the storage units thereby serving as a layer of indirection.06-04-2009
20080320050ASYNCHRONOUS UPDATING OF WEB PAGE DATA VIEWS - Embodiments are provided to create and manage data view modules for updating data on a web page, without having to reload the entire web page to view the updated data. In one embodiment, a static data view module for viewing web data is modified utilizing an asynchronous update function which provides asynchronous update behavior for the data view module. The asynchronous update function enables the data view module to automatically update data displayed in a data view independently of data displayed in other static data views which may be present in a web page and which may only be updated by reloading the entire web page. In another embodiment, application programming interfaces (APIs) may be provided in the modified data view module which, when exposed, facilitate the building of customized data views by providing asynchronous update behavior for customized data view modules in a web page.12-25-2008
20080320051File-sharing system and method of using file-sharing system to generate single logical directory structure - The file sharing system of the present invention is able to provide a client with a single logical directory and reproduces the single logical directory in a remote site when the local site has stopped in use of a remote copy that is made between the local site and remote site. The first site provides the client with a logical directory that is constituted across respective nodes in the first site. The remote copy is executed between the first and second sites, and the data of both sites are synchronized. For the generation of the logical directory and the management of the remote copy, a common management table is used, and the management table is held by all of the nodes. In cases where the first site stops due to a fault, the second site utilizes information related to the remote copy in the management table to construct the logical directory and reproduces the logical directory in the second site.12-25-2008
20080228828Management of collections within a data storage system - Methods of managing collections within a data storage system are disclosed. Computer readable medium having stored thereon computer-executable instructions for performing methods of managing collections within a data storage system are also disclosed. Further, computing systems containing at least one application module, wherein the at least one application module comprises application code for performing methods of managing collections within a data storage system are disclosed.09-18-2008
20080228827Safe processing of on-demand delete requests - Methods and apparatus for safe processing of on-demand delete requests are disclosed. An item is stored in a storage entity that is associated with a trusted secure device. A delete request to delete the item is received at the trusted secure device. However, the trusted secure device does not yet delete the item from the storage entity. The trusted secure device creates an audit log of the delete request. The audit log specifies the item to be deleted and includes information about the delete request. The audit log is made available to an approval source. The approval source must grant approval in the form of an approval response in order for the item to be deleted. If the trusted secure device receives an approval response from the approval source, the item is deleted.09-18-2008
20080256136Techniques and tools for managing attributes of media content - Methods, graphical user interfaces, computer apparatus and computer readable medium for managing attributes (or properties) for media content are disclosed. In accordance with one embodiment, a user of a computing device can utilize the methods, graphical user interfaces, computer apparatus, and computer readable medium to copy attributes from one digital media asset to one or more other digital media assets. The digital media assets can be audio, video or graphical.10-16-2008
20090292739Methods and Systems for Service Tracking and Timeline Updating - A system for tracking and managing value-added services and service timelines provided to a client by an agency. The system includes a secure web-based interface and a database, the database being connected to the web-based interface and including client account data. The system also includes an agency set-up portion of the web-based interface allowing an authorized administrator to associate the client account data with an agency account, a service timeline portion of the web-based interface allowing an authorized user to view and edit an interactive client account service timeline generated from the client account data. The interactive client account service timeline includes a plurality of editable data fields, including editable data fields for a value-added service category, a description of a value-added service, a tracking metric, a list of one or more participants, a target date for completion of the service, and an actual completion date for the service.11-26-2009
20090292738Conducting An Individualized, Virtually Moderated, Virtual Real Time Methodical Debate - Disclosed herein is a computer implemented method and system for conducting an individualized, virtually moderated, and virtual real time debate. Debating topics and debating rules are defined for the debate. A group of panelists is selected for the debate based on the debating topics. An electronic debating platform is provided to the panelists for receiving one or more key points, responses, and counter-responses contributed by each of the panelists in non real time. The key points, the responses, and the counter-responses are governed by the debating rules. The prerecorded key points, responses, counter-responses, and one or more information components relevant to each of the key points are stringed together in sequence. The debate is presented to a viewer on a multimedia presentation layer. The presentation of the debate is customized by enabling the viewer to selectively navigate through the presentation using the sequenced key points, responses, counter-responses, and information components.11-26-2009
20090259693SERVICE FOR RECEIVING OBSOLETE WEB PAGE COPIES - The state of network-accessible information is preserved by recognizing a reference to a uniform resource locator contained within an electronic file where the uniform resource locator provides an address for content to be preserved. A copy of at least a portion of the information associated with the recognized uniform resource locator is obtained defining relevant content for preservation. A determination is also made as to whether the relevant content of the recognized uniform resource locator has changed since obtaining the copy of the relevant content. If a change is detected, an indication of the change is conveyed, e.g., to a corresponding user.10-15-2009
20100030815IMAGE FILE MANAGEMENT METHOD AND IMAGE FILE MANAGEMENT APPARATUS - A method for managing an image file in which a plurality of images each having ancillary information is sequentially included, and in which a main image among the plurality of images is indicated based on the ancillary information of the image stored at a head of the image file, includes inputting an instruction to delete an image included in the image file, and based on the input of the instruction, deleting images other than at least the main image from among the plurality of images included in the image file based on the ancillary information of the image stored at the head of the image file.02-04-2010
20100030814SYSTEM, METHOD, OR APPARATUS RELATING TO A DATA STRUCTURE WITH A LARGE NUMBER OF ENTRIES - Embodiments of methods, apparatuses, devices, and systems associated with a data structure having a large number of entries are disclosed.02-04-2010
20100030813AUTOMATIC UPDATING OF CONTENT INCLUDED IN RESEARCH DOCUMENTS - Systems and methods for updating a document are provided. A document content updater is configured to determine a web-based source for a section of content that is contained in an electronic document. The document content updater is further configured to determine for the section of content an update that is included in a copy of the web-based source contained in web-content downloaded by a web crawler. The document content updater is further configured to provide the determined update to be included in the electronic document.02-04-2010
20100017441METHODS, APPARATUS AND COMPUTER PROGRAMS FOR MANAGING PERSISTENCE - Described are methods, apparatus and computer programs for managing persistence within a data processing system such as a messaging system, database system or file system. The method for managing persistence includes a deferred evaluation (01-21-2010
20090150447DATA WAREHOUSE TEST AUTOMATION FRAMEWORK - Various technologies and techniques are disclosed for providing a data warehouse test automation framework system. A data generation module is provided that is operable to generate data scenarios that ensure specific logic is being validated against a data warehouse. A data validation module is provided that has data validation blocks that provide a framework for validating data completeness and data integrity of a data warehouse. The data validation blocks are represented by query templates that provide specifications for how queries that perform the validating of the data completeness and the data integrity should be structured. Dimensions in the data warehouse are modeled using an object oriented programming syntax.06-11-2009
20090177705System and method for using generic utilities to perform database utilities on mainframe operated DB2 databases - A system and method for performing database utilities on a DB2 database may include using a single procedure (proc) for each database utility function. At least one parameter may be provided, where the at least one parameter identifies a DB2 database name. A generic control card may be accessed, where the generic control card may be identified by a value of the parameter(s). A utility control card may be generated using the at least one parameter. A database utility may be executed on a DB2 database by using the generated utility control card.07-09-2009
20090172038System and Method for UDDI Data Migration Using Standard UDDI v3 API - A system and method are described for Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI) data migration exporting existing UDDI V3 data from a UDDI V3 compliant repository (a source repository) and importing this data into another UDDI V3 compliant repository (a destination repository). The data from the source repository is migrated into the destination repository and remains in the custody of the destination repository. The method preserves the user name and entity key associated with the data during the process. If that is not possible, the method generates new user names and/or entity keys and creates a mapping between the original and the generated user names and/or keys in order to dispatch the requests properly during runtime. Source repository is required to support the mandatory UDDI v3 APIs and may need to support the optional Security API Set. Destination repository is required to support the mandatory UDDI v3 API and the optional Security API Set. Other optional APIs (as replication and subscription for example) are not required to be supported by any of the repositories.07-02-2009
20080270479System and Method for Minimization of Calculation Retrieval in a Multidimensional Database - A method and a system for updating values in a multidimensional database. The method includes the steps of receiving a value for updating a cell in the multidimensional database; and determining a component cell of the cell. The component cell affects the cell through a formula. The cell receiving the input and the component cell are then marked. The method further determines a target cell, affected by the cell or the component cell through an additional formula. The target cell is also marked. The method may further include the steps of identifying an additional formula for the component cell or the target cell; determining an unmarked component cell through the additional formula; and marking the unmarked component cell. The method may further place values of the marked cells in a multidimensional space without triggering allocations, calculates a new state.10-30-2008
20090132604STORING INFORMATION WITH A DESCRIPTION LOGIC FILE SYSTEM - Methods, systems, and products for storing information in a data processing system. The method includes providing a knowledge base for a file system manager that is adapted to organize a plurality of real files on a mass memory of the data processing system. The knowledge base defines a collection of knowledge that includes a set of concepts, a set of relations among the concepts, and a set of relations of inclusion that describe each real file as an instance of at least one concept. The method includes detecting a command for the file system manager for accessing a set of selected instances. The method also includes identifying a set of selected real files, which are described by the selected instances (according to the knowledge), and accessing the selected real files on the mass memory.05-21-2009
20090132601Identifying Opportunities for Effective Expansion of the Content of a Collaboration Application - Within a document collaboration system, such as a wiki application, a logging component operates in association with a server. The logging component automatically creates and maintains a log of interactions between the server and users of the document collaboration system. The content of the log has a predictable format. In one embodiment, an analysis component identifies, from the log, entries associated with a failed search for a document in the collaboration system database. The terms not represented in the database are identified from the failed search entry. In this manner, statistics related to frequently unsuccessful search terms are generated and utilized as a basis for identifying opportunities for effective expansion of the content of the collaboration application.05-21-2009
20090132602Virtual data maintenance - A computer-implemented apparatus, method, and article of manufacture manage a plurality of database systems and perform data maintenance tasks in a data warehouse system. A domain includes a plurality of database systems. A virtual regulator manages the domain, detects a request to invoke a data maintenance task on a first system in the domain, routes the data maintenance task, for execution, to a second system in the domain, and applies results from the data maintenance task (executed by the second system) to the first system.05-21-2009
20090132603DATA PROCESSING APPARATUS - A data processing apparatus that allows even an application and a terminal, which do not know the unique ID used for an encryption, to delete contents stored in a memory card. In this apparatus, during a content writing process, a management information creating part (05-21-2009
20100049748PERFORMANCE OF CONTROL PROCESSES AND MANAGEMENT OF RISK INFORMATION - Control processes are managed within an organization, the organization including a plurality of divisions, by receiving process data provided from a first local user associated with a first division of the organization, the first local user providing the data via a first user interface, and the data defining one or more processes associated with the first division. The process data is stored in a database to be associated with the first division. The stored process data is provided to a second local user, associated with a second division of the organization, for selection of a process associated with the first division. The selection of the second user is received and stored in the database as further being associated with the second division.02-25-2010
20100049747APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR STORING LOG IN A THREAD ORIENTED LOGGING SYSTEM - An apparatus and a method for storing a log in a thread oriented logging system are provided. In the method, a name designating a storage location of a log message is set in each of at least one thread. The log message for each of the at least one thread is recorded in the storage location designated by the set name.02-25-2010
20100049746Method of classifying spreadsheet files managed within a spreadsheet risk reconnaissance network - A method of classifying spreadsheet files managed within a spreadsheet risk reconnaissance network, comprising the steps of assigning a spreadsheet manager to a group of spreadsheet directories in an user organization. The spreadsheet manager logs-on to the network, and determines whether or not there are spreadsheet files to classify. If there are no spreadsheet files to classify, then the spreadsheet manager ends the process. If there are spreadsheet files to classify, then the spreadsheet manager assigns values for criticality, confidentiality and impact to the spreadsheet files. The spreadsheet manager assigns a spreadsheet inspector to each classified spreadsheet file, and the network generates email to notify the spreadsheet inspector of a spreadsheet inspection request.02-25-2010
20100049745Method of implementing an organization's policy on spreadsheet documents monitored using a spreadsheet risk reconnaissance network - A method of implementing an organization's policy on spreadsheet files monitored using a spreadsheet risk reconnaissance network. The method involves creating and pre-configuring a number of policy components in a relational database server on the network. A spreadsheet inspector logs-on to the network, and selects an inspection from the list of inspections to be performed. In response to the selection, the network automatically builds an inspection worksheet for each policy component which is to be manually inspected by the inspector. the inspection worksheet includes all policy compliance components which require human judgment to assess the degree to which an item passes compliance, as well as general notes to allow for inspection items which are not related to the specific compliance items. Upon receiving the network generated inspection worksheet, the inspector opens the spreadsheet to be inspected, via a provided hyperlink, and applies human judgment in assessing whether or not the spreadsheet successfully passes each set of criteria established in the spreadsheet policy. For each policy component being assessed, the inspector evaluates the spreadsheet document and provides a passing grade if the spreadsheet file meets the criteria established in the policy component, and a failing grade if the spreadsheet file does not meet the established criteria in the policy component. An overall assessment score of passing or failing is provided to each spreadsheet file under assessment, based on automated and/or manual assessments.02-25-2010
20080215636Systems and Methods Facilitating Communication with Remote Computers - A variety of systems and embodiments are disclosed. One embodiment provides a method including: maintaining a database including a plurality of records stored therein; obtaining first information derived from image or video data, the first information being derived remotely relative to performance of said method, the first information comprising a reduced-bit representation of the image or video data itself; determining whether the first information has been previously received with reference to at least the plurality of records stored in the database; and disregarding a request or action associated with the first information if the first information has been previously received. Of course, other combinations are provided and claimed as well.09-04-2008
20100011030STATISTICS COLLECTION USING PATH-IDENTIFIERS FOR RELATIONAL DATABASES - Disclosed are a system, method, and computer readable medium for collecting statistics associated with data in a database. The method comprises determining an amount of memory needed to collect statistics for data associated with a defined data type in a relational database. The defined data type is based upon a mark-up language using a tree structure with one or more root-to-node paths therein. The amount of memory as determined is allocated for collecting the statistics for the data of the defined data type. A statistics collection is performed for the data of the defined data type in a single pass through the database and within the amount of memory which has been allocated.01-14-2010
20100011029Malware detection - According to a first aspect of the present invention there is provided a method of detecting malware in a mobile telecommunications device 01-14-2010
20100011028LOOKUP TABLE ARRANGEMENT AND RELATED MANAGEMENT METHOD FOR ACCOMMODATING CONCURRENT PROCESSORS - A system and methods of managing entries in a cuckoo hash table that is subject to manipulation by a plurality of concurrent processors are provided. The cuckoo hash table is used to maintain a plurality of keys, along with their data items, in a plurality of entries. In accordance with an operating method, a first command for the cuckoo hash table is processed, and the first command is associated with a first processor of the plurality of concurrent processors. In addition, invalid conditions associated with concurrent processing of a second command for the cuckoo hash table are prevented or minimized. The second command is associated with a second processor of the plurality of concurrent processors. As one example, the operating method manages the situation where concurrent push commands create a race condition. As another example, the operating method manages the situation where a lookup or delete command from one processor competes with a push command from another processor.01-14-2010
20100011027POLICY RULE CONFLICT DETECTION AND MANAGEMENT - A system, method, and information processing system manage policy rules. A first unique identifier (01-14-2010
20100011025TRANSFER LEARNING METHODS AND APPARATUSES FOR ESTABLISHING ADDITIVE MODELS FOR RELATED-TASK RANKING - Exemplary methods and apparatuses are provided which may be used to establish a ranking function or the like, which may be used by a search engine or other like tool to search a related-task search domain.01-14-2010
20080301196AUTONOMIC INDEX CREATION, MODIFICATION AND DELETION - An index advice record engine generates and stores index advice records. An index advice policy mechanism allows a user to define an index advice policy that specifies criteria for autonomic index creation, modification and deletion. An autonomic index mechanism reads the index advice records, compares this information with the criteria in the user-defined index advice policies, and determines whether an index should be created, modified or deleted based on the information in the index advice records and the index advice policies. By automating the process of creating, modifying and deleting indexes according to user-defined policies, the preferred embodiments alleviate human users from most of the work of manually creating, modifying and deleting indexes.12-04-2008
20080301193Method of compound document comparison - A method and system for comparing compound documents. An original compound document and a modified compound document are analyzed to determine and mark the location of embedded objects. A comparison is performed between an original primary document and the modified primary document, ignoring the embedded objects, the output of which is a comparison output document. The embedded objects are compared by copying the contents of the embedded objects to compatible documents, comparing the embedded object from the original compound document and the embedded object from the modified compound document, the output of which is inserted into the comparison output document using the location markers of the embedded objects.12-04-2008
20080301195METHOD, APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR REVERTING FAT CLUSTER NUMBER TO FILE ID AND OFFSET OF NON-FAT FLASH FILE SYSTEM - A device includes a processor connected to a memory. The device further includes a module having a process. The module is integrated in a memory file manager (MFM). The process operates to allow an external computer access to MFM volumes in the memory. A method includes reverting a file allocating table (FAT) cluster number to a file ID and file offset of a non-FAT flash memory file system.12-04-2008
20080301194MOBILE TERMINAL - According to an aspect of the invention, there is provided a mobile terminal including: a content file storage configured to store a plurality of contents and file types corresponding to the contents respectively; a plurality of processing module configured to execute processing according to coding methods respectively; a resource table configured to store first information identifying the multimedia resource and second information about what kind of file type can be executed by the multimedia resources and priority; and a control unit configured to detect the file type of a content file to be executed, and determine the processing module corresponding to the first information by comparing the second information stored in the resource table and the detected file type.12-04-2008
20080288546METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR HANDLING REALLOCATED BLOCKS IN A FILE SYSTEM - A system for managing a file system. In response to a user selecting an image of the file system to perform a rollback operation, each data block in the file system that is owned by the image is searched for. Then, it is determined whether a data block owned by the image is marked in a first map and a second map. In response to determining that the data block owned by the image is marked in the first map and the second map, the data block is marked in a third map. In response to determining that the data block owned by the image is marked in the third map, a new data block is allocated in the file system. Subsequently, data from the data block owned by the image is copied to the new data block in the file system prior to performing the rollback operation to avoid a collision that causes data corruption.11-20-2008
20090119342Computer enabled method and apparatus to inhibit content and other copying - Provided here is a copy protection method and apparatus to confuse currently available personal computer software (and other content) copying packages by use of unexpected (“illegal”) special characters in the volume (or directory) name for the software or other content or data subject to being copied. This method can be used alone or with a broad range of other known copy protection technologies such as RipGuard (available from Macrovision Corp.). Also provided here is a method and apparatus to defeat the confusion method, thereby allowing copying of such copy protected software.05-07-2009
20080256137Method and system for data processing with data replication for the same - A replication data base is created on the basis of a predetermined condition. A data processing system adds transactions that are lacking and/or cancels transactions that are not required, to and from a replication data base created on the basis of a certain arbitrary time, in accordance with a predetermined condition defined by the data base user.10-16-2008
20080250074Recoverable last resource commit - A method and apparatus for reducing logging overhead in systems where at least some of the participants conform to the two-phase commit protocol is provided. Transaction logging is eliminated at the transaction manager. The fault recovery mechanism is altered to obtain transaction status from participating resource managers logs, instead of relying on transaction manager logs.10-09-2008
20080250073SQL CHANGE TRACKING LAYER - Systems and methods that track changes in a database via a change tracking layer that enables separation of change tracking and change enumeration. Such an arrangement enables multiple change enumeration and sync technologies over a single change tracking layer, while reducing amount of tracking information that are maintained.10-09-2008
20080243935METHOD, APPARATUS, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR MANAGING DATA IN A BROWSER-BASED APPLICATION - A method, system, and computer program product are provided for managing data in a browser-based application. The application is opened in the browser, and a subset of the application is arbitrarily specified as data. Different versions of the subset of the application specified as data are caused to persist so that they may be recovered later. Persistence and recovery of the subset of the application specified as data are performed in a manner transparent to the application.10-02-2008
20080222211Method and Apparatus to Capture and Transmit Dense Diagnostic Data of a File System - A processor selects file system metadata. A processor identifies each unit of data in a file system. The processor determines if the unit of data contains file system metadata. The processor writes a unit of data of metadata to a diagnostic file system, provided it was determined that the unit of data contains file system metadata. The processor then determines if the unit of data contains user data. If the unit of data contains user data, the processor writes a sparse object to the diagnostic file.09-11-2008
20080222210EFFICIENTLY HANDLING INFORMATION ON CHANGES TO A UDDI REGISTRY INCLUDING THOSE RESULTING IN VIRTUAL DELETES - One aspect of the present invention can include a method, a computer program product, an apparatus, and a system for handling Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) updates to entities. The aspect can receive at least one update to be applied to a UDDI entity within a UDDI registry. Each received update can be applied to the related UDDI entity. At least one subscriber of the updated entity can be determined. A status indicator for each detected subscriber can be changed to indicate that a subscription to the entity has been deleted, wherein the change to the status indicator negates a need to scan the subscriptions associated with the entity for each received update to the entity.09-11-2008
20080222209DATABASE MANAGEMENT METHOD AND DATABASE MANAGEMENT APPARATUS - According to an aspect of an embodiment, a method for managing a database for records of transactions, each of the transaction specifying an order of processing, and being associated with a value related to generation of the transaction, said database comprising a plurality of page data containing a plurality of records, each of the records comprising data and information indicative of the value of one of said transactions, the method comprising the steps of: reading out one of said page data containing a target record of request of a transaction associated with the target record from said database; evaluating each value associated with the transactions in the page data; and invaliding the record associated with a value greater than a predetermined value.09-11-2008
20080222208Methods for managing files according to application - The present invention discloses methods for managing files according to application. A method for accessing files in a digital storage device, the method including the steps of: providing an application having an application identity; and adjusting a storage mode of a file according to the application identity upon the application accessing the file. Preferably, the step of providing includes providing a PID that is an indicator of the application identity. Preferably, the step of adjusting includes adjusting the storage mode according to a storage command associated with an application scenario of the application. Preferably, the step of adjusting is performed using an SAT. Preferably, the step of adjusting is performed using an AST.09-11-2008
20080222207Data Cleaning Program - A data cleaning program capable of deleting data recorded in a data recording medium so as not to be restored. Further, there is provided a data cleaning program capable of making it impossible to read unnecessary data remaining in a data recording medium. A part of an operating system required for a cleaning operation and/or a data cleaning program are saved into a main memory, so that the part of the operating system and/or the program, both saved, write predetermined data over a recording area of a file specified to be cleaned. All addresses of recording areas of a FAT in which release code are recorded are extracted, so that clusters in the data area corresponding to the extracted addresses are written over with desired dummy data.09-11-2008
20080215635Document management apparatus, document management program, and recording medium - A document management apparatus for managing stored documents together with document properties that are attribute information attached to the documents includes a document property continuous setting unit that continuously changes the document properties of each document of a plurality of documents when changing the document properties of the plurality of the documents. The document management apparatus may also include a candidate value attachment unit, a candidate value cancellation unit, and a document list display unit. The candidate value attachment unit automatically displays a candidate value for a document of the plurality of the documents, the properties of which are input based on a previously input value. The candidate value cancellation unit cancels a function of the candidate value attachment unit in accordance with a setting. The document list display unit is configured to display a list of selected documents subjected to property editing.09-04-2008
20080275917Itso Fvc2 Application Monitor - The invention provides an ITSO-based smartcard system including a programmable smartcard device for use in the ITSO scheme carrying a file system and operating software enabling the on-device file system to interface with at least one off-device ITSO application. At the interface, the off-device ITSO application is permitted to access and/or modify data in the on-device file system. The programmable smartcard device comprises monitoring means operable to monitor the sequence of operations carried out by the off-line application in accessing and/or modifying data in the on-device files and to restrict or prevent further access or modifications to such data if that sequence of operations does not meet predetermined criteria. Preferably, the monitoring means includes a state engine capable of being set to one of a plurality of states, at least one of which is an error state, in which further modification to the data in some or all of the on-device files is prevented until the sequence of operations is restarted. The system may also be such that inter-engagement of the smartcard device with the interface device causes the interface device to generate a session key used in the encryption/decryption of data and/or commands during a sequence of operations carried out to access and/or modify data carried by the programmable smartcard device. Preferably, completion of a sequence of operations to modify data on the programmable smartcard device causes the interface device to open a new session and to generate a second session key and to use that second session key to verify that the required data has been modified in accordance with the intended sequence of operations. The invention is thus capable of providing an ITSO based system with better protection against fraud.11-06-2008
20080201385METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR COLLECTING USER UPDATE REQUESTS REGARDING GEOGRAPHIC DATA TO SUPPORT AUTOMATED ANALYSIS, PROCESSING AND GEOGRAPHIC DATA UPDATES - A system and method provide functionality for collecting user update reports of geographic inconsistencies between geographic data and the real world to enable automated processing of updates to the geographic data. A user's input is collected and describes an anomaly, which is a geographic inconsistency between geographic data and the real world. The user's input is stored as language neutral structured data that enables automated processing of updates to the geographic data. Automatic processes that process the structured data include an email agent, an incident agent, a geographic augmentation agent, a case generation agent, a clustering agent, an automatic validation agent, and a monitoring service. Automatic and manual processes combined together handle processing of anomalies, as well as other related processing, and ultimately handle processing of updates to the geographic data to resolve the anomalies reported by the users.08-21-2008
20080201384SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INDEXING USER DATA ON STORAGE SYSTEMS - A system and method for indexing user data on storage systems is provided. A client of the storage system executes a novel client side agent that is configured to detect changes to data stored by the client on the storage system. In response to detecting that data has been modified, the agent examines modified data containers and parses the modified data to identify new and/or modified index terms or the creation/deletion of data containers. Once the data has been parsed by the agent to identify new/modified index terms, the parsed data is transmitted from the agent to a management module executing on a management server. The management module receives the parsed data and updates a search database using the received parsed data.08-21-2008
20080201383SYSTEM FOR MANAGING DATA COLLECTION PROCESSES - A system for managing data collection processes is disclosed. An apparatus that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure can include, a data collection system having a controller element that assigns a priority level for processes, assigns to each of the processes a query interval for requesting use of processing resources, prompts each of the processes according to their respective query interval to request use of at least a portion of available processing resources, releases at least a portion of the available processing resources to a requesting one of the processes when the utilization of available processing resources exceeds a utilization threshold, and modifies the query interval of the processes after occurrence of a triggering event. Additional embodiments are disclosed.08-21-2008
20080201382Method and System for Computer Folder Management - Disclosed are a method and system for managing groups of folders on a computer. The method comprises the step of presenting a graphical user interface (GUI) view to a user, said view identifying a multitude of folders, wherein some of said folders are empty, and in said view, the empty folders are designated in a defined manner. The user chooses a group of said folders by interacting with the GUI, and the user selects one of a group of given actions. In response to the user selecting that one action, the computer applies the selected action to all of said group of folders as a single operation. The preferred embodiment of the invention provides08-21-2008
20080288548Desensitizing data in cloning - Systems, methods, media, and other embodiments associated with desensitizing data in cloning are described. One example method embodiment includes identifying a column to be desensitized and preparing a set of executable instructions to desensitize the column. The example method may also include organizing the set of executable instructions based on table-oriented relationships between instructions and then further organizing the set of executable instructions based on determinations concerning execution efficiency. The example method may be performed contemporaneously with the cloning of a database to produce a desensitized clone.11-20-2008

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