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20100030788AUTOMATIC TEMPORARY ADDRESS BOOK - In one embodiment, an apparatus may receive meeting information from a meeting database. The apparatus may determine contact information from the meeting information. The apparatus may store the contact information in a temporary contact entry of an address book. A temporary contact entry may be a contact entry stored in the address book for a determined period of time.02-04-2010
20090222450SYSTEM AND A METHOD FOR TRANSFERRING EMAIL FILE ATTACHMENTS OVER A TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORK USING A PEER-TO-PEER CONNECTION - The present invention is a new and efficient system and method for transferring large email attachment files by establishing an ad-hoc peer-to-peer (P2P) connection between sender and recipients. By separating the email from the attachment, the invention dramatically decreases the volume of data transferred by mail servers, allowing them to handle only the body of the message. The attachment files are transferred using direct communication means, which are more suitable for this kind of data transference. All the embodiments of the present invention may be implemented as software components, which can be integrated into any existing email application, or as a stand-alone application including the email and the P2P functionalities. Also included in the scope of the present invention are means for identifying additional sources in the network from which the transferred file may be downloaded, whenever the attached file is a generic file.09-03-2009
20090210430Creating pivot tables from tabular data - System and method of simultaneously creating and managing a plurality of OLAP cubes in real time, each from a different tabular data source, comprising, for each cube, defining the table columns as either dimensions or measures of the cube using at least one of predefined semantics and data formats, generating the cube using said defined dimensions and measures, updating the cube when the respective data source is modified and deleting the cube according to predefined criteria.08-20-2009
20090204617CONTENT ACQUISITION SYSTEM AND METHOD OF IMPLEMENTATION - A system is provided which solves content acquisition issues by providing an automated method to acquire content in mass and maintain an association between available meta-data and the actual content, e.g., video file. The system includes a first component configured to log network traffic. The system also includes a second component configured to correlate downloaded content of the logged network traffic with an XML stream of URLs and respective content descriptions.08-13-2009
20090063499REMOVING WEB APPLICATION FLICKER USING AJAX AND PAGE TEMPLATES - A web page is rendered under the control of a client. A content server divides a webpage in multiple empty partitions. Each of the partitions has an associated pointer to data that can populate the partition. When data changes, the content server transmits pointers for all data for all of the partitions, including new pointers to new changed data. If an old pointer to old data is the same as a new pointer to the new data, the client ignores the new pointer. If the new pointer and the old pointer are different, then the client uses the new pointer to obtain the new data for that particular partition.03-05-2009
20090019061PROVIDING INFORMATION TO A USER - Providing information to a user includes: associating a code with content that is available to multiple users; storing data that associates information with the code; receiving the code from a user input received over a communications channel from a communications device; determining an identifier associated with the communications device from which the code was received; and providing the information associated with the code for access on at least a portion of a web site provided based on an association between the user and the determined identifier.01-15-2009
20090077100UNIFIED GEOGRAHIC DATABASE AND METHODS OF CREATING, MAINTAINING AND USING THE SAME - A Universal Geographic Database (“UGD”) is provided that includes a real-time, automated registry/clearinghouse for the publication and retrieval of real-world locations and location-related information for businesses and other entities. By this registry, entities may publish their location and location-related information in a single place, and information services and their users can refer to this single place, via telecommunications devices, to obtain static, real-time location and location-based information about the registered locations. Each UGD record is keyed by a proprietary location address (PLA) based on the World Geographic Referencing System (WGRS). PLAs may be used as key reference and addressing terms, e.g., imbedded in digital documents, websites, GPS devices, or other information services to provide links to maps, directions, and information in the registry related to such locations. PLAs may also provide a concise, user-friendly notation for location naming and designating real-world locations and on all types of location-sensitive electronic devices.03-19-2009
20090037426COMPUTER-IMPLEMENTED SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AGGREGATING AND SELECTIVELY DISTRIBUTING CRITICAL PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ONE OR MORE USER-DESIGNATED RECIPIENTS - The invention relates to systems and method for aggregating and selectively distributing information useful after or during a critical life event. The invention includes receiving critical personal information from a user, wherein the critical personal information is useful to handle the affairs of the user when the user is deceased or otherwise unavailable. The user then designates one or more recipients to receive part or all of the critical personal information. For each designated recipient, an encrypted file may be created that includes a specifically designated set of part or all of the critical personal information. The encrypted files may then be sent to their respective recipients. Each recipient may then acquire a client-side viewer module that enables viewing of the critical personal information on encrypted file on a computer-implemented device.02-05-2009
20090193033METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR COMMUNICATION EFFICIENT PRIVATE INFORMATION RETRIEVAL AND OBLIVIOUS TRANSFER - A method, article of manufacture and apparatus for performing private retrieval of information from a database is disclosed. In one embodiment, the method comprising obtaining an index corresponding to information to be retrieved from the database and generating a query that does not reveal the index to the database. The query is an arithmetic function of the index and a secret value, wherein the arithmetic function includes a multiplication group specified by a modulus of a random value whose order is divisible by a prime power, such that the prime power is an order of the random value. The secret value is an arithmetic function of the index that comprises a factorization into prime numbers of the modulus. The method further comprises communicating the query to the database for execution of the arithmetic function against the entirety of the database.07-30-2009
20090193031TIERED PROCESSING FOR XDM AND OTHER XML DATABASES - Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for processing of XDM operation to access XML documents in a database or other repository. According to one embodiment, a system for processing requests for information in a data repository can comprise a first tier adapted to receive an eXtensible Markup Language (XML) Configuration Access Protocol (XCAP) request from a client, pre-process the request, and forward the XCAP request based on the pre-processing. A second tier can be communicatively coupled with the first tier. The second tier can be adapted to receive the XCAP request from the first tier, translate the XCAP request to a database request, and forward the database request. A third tier can be communicatively coupled with the second tier. The third tier can be adapted to receive the database request from the second tier and service the database request.07-30-2009
20090193030 ELECTRONIC DEVICE, A DATABASE, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR PRESENTING THE CONTENT OF A FILE TO A USER - The invention relates to an electronic device comprising a control unit, a memory comprising a first and a second application, an user interface arranged to enable a file to be selected and to present a content of a file, and a transceiving unit, wherein the control unit is arranged to control the first application to feed a selected file of a first format to the transceiving unit for transmission to a predetermined database, and to control the second application to present the content of the selected file in a second format using data received over the transceiving unit from the pre-determined database sent.07-30-2009
20100057750File Transfer Using Standard Blocks and Standard-Block Identifiers - Instead of transferring a large original file, such as a virtual-machine image file, from a source system to a target system, the original file is encoded to define a recipe file that is transferred. The recipe is then decoded to yield a duplicate of the original file on the target system. Encoding involves identifying standard blocks in the original file and including standard-block identifiers for the standard blocks in the recipe in lieu of the original blocks. Decoding involves an exchange with a standard-block identifier server system, which provides standard blocks in response to received standard-block identifiers.03-04-2010
20080235238E-Mail Tool Management Shell Command Set - A method to execute verb-noun cmdlets to retrieve mailbox information or receive connector information from an e-mail server includes opening an e-mail management tool and receiving and parsing at least one cmdlet having a verb-noun syntax. A get-mailbox cmdlet retrieves mailbox information from an e-mail server and a get-receiveconnector cmdlet retrieves receive connector information from the e-mail server. Both cmdlets may have parameters that allow the retrieval of all, one or many mailboxes or receive connectors associated with the e-mail server. One implementation of the e-mail management tool is in a WINDOWS™ computing environment where the management host executes in a POWERSHELL™ scripting environment.09-25-2008
20090248694SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ADDRESSING COMMUNICATIONS - The disclosure describes systems and methods for utilizing data collected and stored on multiple devices in order to improve the performance of the network via a markup language for addressing and delivering communications. The markup language invokes W4COMN operations through a free-form, natural language syntax which enables completely personalized user-defined designations for real-world entities (RWEs) or information objections (IOs) utilizing names or functional tags. Desired network operations including addressing network resources, entities or users are activated when the markup language is augmented via processing with W4 contextual data into an actual W4COMN circuit, process or event.10-01-2009
20100049719Techniques for the association, customization and automation of content from multiple sources on a single display - Techniques for the association, customization and automation of content from multiple sources on a single display device are described. A method includes storing an association rule as defined by a user, where the association rule defines a main content source and an associated content source. When the user accesses the main content source, automatically receiving content from the main content source and content from the associated content source as defined by the association rule. Then, causing the display of the associated content overlayed on the main content via a user interface on a display device. Other embodiments are described and claimed.02-25-2010
20090171969Federated Uptake Throttling - In a first enterprise joined in a distributed, federated network of second enterprises, a system is provided for managing data flow between enterprises, the system including a data management server in the first enterprise having access to sets of rules for managing data flow to and from the first enterprise, a first data interface in the first enterprise dedicated to data transfer to a paired second dedicated data interface at a neighboring second enterprise in the federation, wherein the first data interface manages data sent to the second interface and/or data incoming from the second interface according to the sets of rules for managing data flow.07-02-2009
20090150400Processing of network content and services for mobile or fixed devices - A system for supplying network content to a device. The system includes a first interface for communicating with a network content source for retrieving the network content. The system also includes a second interface for communicating with the device for delivering processed network content to the device. The system includes an agent framework operatively connected to the first interface and the second interface and which operates a plurality of autonomous agents including a content retrieval agent, a content personalization agent, and a content delivery agent. The content retrieval agent is for retrieving the network content from the network content source via the first interface. The content personalization agent is for processing the network content thereby producing the processed network content. The content delivery agent is for delivering the processed network content to the device via the second interface.06-11-2009
20100042630SYSTEMS FOR DISTRIBUTING CONTENT DATA OVER A COMPUTER NETWORK AND METHOD OF ARRANGING NODES FOR DISTRIBUTION OF DATA OVER A COMPUTER NETWORK - The invention is a system for distributing content data over a computer network and a method of arranging receiver nodes in a computer network such that the capacity of the server is effectively multiplied many times over, and may even be increased exponentially. The invention takes advantage of the excess capacity many receiver nodes possess, and uses them as repeaters. The distribution system includes nodes having databases which indicate their ancestors and descendants so that reconfiguration of the distribution network may be accomplished without burdening the system's primary sever. The invention includes a process for configuring a computer information distribution network having a primary server node and user nodes docked in a cascaded relationship, and reconfiguring the network in the event that a user node departs from it. The process includes the steps of providing a new user node (or connection requesting user node) with a connection address list of nodes within the network, having the new user node (or connection requesting user node) go to the node at the top of the connection address list, determine whether that node is still part of the distribution network, and connect thereto if it is, and if it is not, to go to the next node on the connection address list. When a user node departs from the distribution network, a propagation signal is transmitted to the nodes below it in the network, causing them to move up in the network in a predetermined order.02-18-2010
20100042629FILE SERVER WHICH CONDUCTS A MEMORY TEST UPON BOOT UP - Provided is a file server providing a file service to a host computer, including an interface coupled to the host computer; a processor; a memory; and an interface coupled to a disk drive. The file server is configured to calculate a capacity of storage areas in the memory, which is required to provide the file service; execute a first memory check in which the storage areas having the calculated capacity are tested; execute, after the first memory check is completed, a second memory check in which remaining storage areas in the memory are tested; and start, in a period after the first memory check is completed and before the second memory check is completed, providing the file service.02-18-2010
20090157698METHOD FOR SEARCHING ACROSS INSTANT MESSAGE SYSTEMS AND INTERCONNECTING SERVER - A method for searching across instant message systems and an interconnecting server are disclosed in the present invention. The method includes: searching in a SIMPLE IM system by a WV-IMPS user, and searching in a WV-IMPS system by a SIMPLE IM user. The interconnecting server includes a message input/output module and a message processing and converting module. The technical solution of the present invention seamlessly connects the search services of the WV-IMPS instant message system and the SIMPLE instant message system, and thus solves the problem on interconnecting search functions between different types of instant message systems.06-18-2009
20090157696IMAGE SHARING SYSTEM, IMAGE MANAGING SERVER, AND CONTROL METHOD AND PROGRAM THEREOF - An image processing apparatus determines categories for classifying image data based on shooting information of the image data, generates an update information file for each category, and uploads the update information file along with the image data to an image managing server. A client terminal registers, in advance, the address of a desired update information file, and periodically checks the update information file in the image managing server. If the update information file indicates that new image data has been added to the image managing server, the image data is downloaded in accordance with the file path described in the update information file.06-18-2009
20090157695Central Server for Medical Devices - Methods and systems of patient treatment are disclosed. The methods and systems include use of medical device informatics to modify and validate therapies and drugs used in those therapies. In certain embodiments, a medical device, such as a medical infusion pump, interfaces with a server to administer the patient treatments. In one aspect, a server is disclosed which includes a memory configured to store identification information regarding a plurality of medical devices at different customer sites, and a programmable circuit operatively connected to the memory. The programmable circuit is configured to execute program instructions to receive data from medical devices at one or more of the different customer sites, store data in the memory associated with the one or more different customer sites, and associate a portion of the data with the medical device that transmitted that portion of data.06-18-2009
20090157693DYNAMIC SOCIAL NETWORK SYSTEM - The system service provider automatically spawns a custom website for any group created using the system. The group may be created from a user interface and a groups lozenge provided by the interface. Messages may be sent between group members using a multi-user chat provided by the custom website. In addition, video and images and other digital media and content may be shared with group members. The website associated with the group stores any messages sent to the group, any multi-user chat between group members, any shared videos or images, and any shared files. As a result, group members may access this information at any time; however, others people beyond the group are unable to access this information.06-18-2009
20090157692Filename segmentation based client server file management system - In the client server based file management system the filename contains segments delimited by a specified character that describe the content of the file with respect to different dimensions. Upon uploading the file from the client application to the server the file can be associated with entries of a file schema. Users may filter the system for files that satisfy specified criteria for specified dimensions.06-18-2009
20090157691Method for Unified Collection of Content Analytic Data - A method for storing a user evaluation of distributed content comprising an Evaluation Program (EP) that creates a user session when a user accesses distributed content. The user evaluation is saved with other information such as the time and date of the evaluation, the user's personal information, and the navigation path the user used to access the distributed content page. The EP records the user's navigation of the distributed content in the user session. The EP gives the user the opportunity to rate distributed content. The EP saves the user's evaluation with the user session data and external stimuli data. The EP closes the user session when the user leaves the distributed content. The EP reopens the user session when the user returns to the distributed content.06-18-2009
20090157689SYSTEM AND METHOD OF RECONCILING HUMAN RESOURCE DATABASE - A system and method to reconcile Human Resource databases, including payroll, accounting, tax and travel databases, are provided. The system and method may include a database aggregation component that automatically gathers and stores a plurality of databases in a corporation business information system wherein these databases may be logically related to each other and a database reconciliation component that is capable of querying a database for retrieving data entries based on user instructions or on requests automatically generated according to preset conditions. The reconciliation method may further compare data from logically related databases. If discrepancies exist in a comparison result, the method may provide a drill-down step where data at next level of detail may be retrieved according to automatically generated queries. This reconciliation process of comparison and drill-down for more detail may continue until a preset condition is satisfied or there is no further detail to retrieve. The system may produce a report relating to the reconciliation results.06-18-2009
20090157688USAGE HISTORY BASED CONTENT EXCHANGE BETWEEN A BASE SYSTEM AND A MOBILE SYSTEM - A method and system for transferring information from a base system (06-18-2009
20090125526SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING AUTOMATED NON-VOLATILE OFFLINE ACCESS TO RELATIONAL DATA - A system and method for providing automated non-volatile offline access to on-line relational data. The system provides offline access to local relational data and automatically synchronizes the local relational data with a central on-line relational data store. Specifically the system comprises one or more local databases stored on one or more client computers; the central on-line database containing a plurality of data; a network connection between the one or more local subset databases and the central on-line database and a computer program interface application resident in the memory of the one or more client computers having computer readable coded embodied therein for execution by a central processing unit (CPU) operable to access the central on-line database and in the event of a loss of network connectivity, allowing one or more client computers to continue to locally access previously accessed data from the central on-line database and upon the re-establishing of the network connection, synchronizing the one or more local subset databases to the central on-line database.05-14-2009
20090125525FILE ACCESS SYSTEM - A disclosed file access system is capable of receiving each of code data from a server apparatus and updating a local file without increasing the processing time upon receiving the code data as the number of received code data is increased. The file access system includes a header data receiving unit receiving header data; a header data writing unit writing the header data into the local file; a code data receiving unit receiving designated code data from among the code data; a storage area allocating unit allocating a storage area with respect to the local file so that the code data received by the code data receiving unit can be written from the same starting position of the local file as that of the original file; and a code data writing unit writing the code data from the position of the local file.05-14-2009
20090125527Information processing apparatus, music distribution system, music distribution method and computer program - There is provided an information processing apparatus including a music storage portion to store music data, a music playback portion to play back music data, a metadata acquisition portion to acquire metadata describing information about the music data being played back in the music playback portion, a metadata transmission portion to transmit the metadata acquired in the metadata acquisition portion to the distribution server, a music reception portion to receive music data selected in the distribution server based on the information contained in the metadata and distributed from the distribution server, a music acquisition portion to acquire the music data from the music storage portion based on the information contained in the metadata, and a control portion to control the music playback portion to play back the music data distributed from the distribution server and the music data acquired from the music storage portion by the music acquisition portion.05-14-2009
20080270412TRACKING USER CLICKS USING AJAX BASED BEACONS - The present invention is directed towards systems and methods for tracking user clicks via an asynchronous tracking mechanism. The method according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises receiving a first content item and selecting a hyperlink by a user that the first content item provides. An asynchronous request is submitted indicating selection of the hyperlink and a request is submitted for a second content item. The second content item is loaded in response to an asynchronous acknowledgement indicating completion of the transmission of the request.10-30-2008
20090119306TRANSITIONING OF DATABASE SRVICE RESPONSIBILITY RESPONSIVE TO SERVER FAILURE IN A PARTIALLY CLUSTERED COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT - A facility is provided for transitioning a database service from a failing, primary server to another server of a computing environment including a plurality of servers, at least some of which have a common database service capability, but not commonly replicated supporting databases. The facility includes, responsive to detection of failure at the primary server, selecting another server of the plurality of servers to function as database service backup for the primary server, updating at least one configuration file of the computing environment to indicate that the another server is to function as database service backup for the primary, failing server, and dynamically creating at least one database structure at the another server. The dynamically created at least one database structure supports the database service backup function at the another server and corresponds to a database structure of a database supporting the database service at the primary server.05-07-2009
20090043784Apparatus and Program Product for Retrieving File Processing Software - A system, method, and program product for accessing or retrieving on a computer network the required software to process a file is disclosed. According to the invention, it is determined, when accessing a file, whether or not software required to process this file is already installed on the user's computing device, depending upon the type of the file. If the required software is not installed on the user's device, the address of a server from which this software can be downloaded or accessed through the network is extracted and decoded from the filename of the accessed file. A browser or file transfer program is launched on the user's computing device and a request for the required software package is sent from the user's computing device to the server corresponding to the decoded address from which it is downloaded or accessed. The software is then unpacked, if necessary, and installed so as to process the accessed file.02-12-2009
20090043780METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DIRECTING A CLIENT LOCATION TO ALTERNATE WEB PAGES BASED ON AN ACCOUNT BALANCE - The invention provides a method of providing information over a network, comprising storing an account balance corresponding to a representation of a web page, preparing a representation of a web page, providing the representation to a search engine, receiving a request for the web page from the client location, and redirecting the client location to the web page after receiving the request, the client location being directed to different web page depending on at least the account balance.02-12-2009
20090043779METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING INFORMATION OVER A NETWORK BASED ON A PREDICTIVE ACCOUNT BALANCE - The invention provides a method of providing information over a network, comprising predicting a future balance of an account corresponding to a representation of a web page based on at least a rate of requests for the web page; preparing a representation of a web page, providing the representation to a search engine, receiving the request for the web page from the client location, and redirecting the client location to the web page after receiving the request, an action being performed upon receiving the request for the web page depending on at least the prediction.02-12-2009
20090043778GENERATING ETL PACKAGES FROM TEMPLATE - Packages for server data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) are generated and managed through package templates. The templates include configurable and static parameters and are created from user input. Package instances having template property values are created from the templates and then transformed into a package used to implement ETL functionality. In some embodiments, a package template may include one or more components for retrieving data from a source, transformation of the retrieved data before it is stored, and storage of the data at a destination. Packages can be modified based by importing the package, changing an instance associated with the modified package, and generating a package from the modified instance.02-12-2009
20090043777Methods and apparatus for enabling use of web content on various types of devices - A method and system for displaying web content on a mobile communicator including the following functionality: receiving an http request from a mobile communicator being used by a user, retrieving at least one device identifying field from the http request, the at least one device identifying field identifying the mobile communicator being used by the user, searching in a device identification database for device properties information associated with the at least one field, if the searching is successful, adapting a web page corresponding to the http request in accordance with the device properties information, if the searching is not successful, conducting at least one search of at least one external database to obtain device properties information regarding the mobile communicator identified by the device identifying field from the http request, employing information received from the search to update the device identification database with properties of the mobile communicator identified in the at least one device identifying field and adapting the web page corresponding to the http request in accordance with the device properties information obtained by the search; and transmitting the web page corresponding to the http request to the user mobile communicator following the adapting.02-12-2009
20090043776System and method for direct file transfer in a computer network - A computing host includes a host processor and a communication processor both coupled in communication with a network and a storage device. The host processor receives a file request for transferring a file between the network the storage device, determines that the file request is to be performed by using a direct file transfer, generates a command based on the file request, and provides the command to the communication processor. The communication processor transfers the file between the network and the storage device based on the command without passing the file through the host processor. Additionally, the communication processor can transmit the file to the network.02-12-2009
20090327301Distributed Configuration Management Using Constitutional Documents - Described is a technology in a distributed configuration network management environment, in which constitutional (governing, authoritative) documents are used to perform management tasks. The constitutional documents are structured so as to be consistent, self-contained and independently validated, yet may be combined with other constitutional documents to perform a management task. A constitutional document includes a schematic language statement, data transformation statements, and rule statements. In usage, the structured document is distributed to an agent on a client machine, which processes the structured document by transforming data and applying rules, such as to enforce network policy on client machines.12-31-2009
20090319534APPLICATION-AWARE AND REMOTE SINGLE INSTANCE DATA MANAGEMENT - A method and system for reducing storage requirements and speeding up storage operations by reducing the storage of redundant data includes receiving a request that identifies one or more files or data objects to which to apply a storage operation. For each file or data object, the storage system determines if the file or data object contains data that matches another file or data object to which the storage operation was previously applied, based on awareness of the application that created the data object. If the data objects do not match, then the storage system performs the storage operation in a usual manner. However, if the data objects do match, then the storage system may avoid performing the storage operation with respect to the particular file or data object.12-24-2009
20090307235DATA COPY SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MULTI-PLATFORM DISASTER RECOVERY - Method and apparatus for providing disaster recovery with respect to a production mainframe having an operating system encoded in Extended Binary Coded Decimal Instruction Code (EBCDIC). The method includes copying said operating system from a direct access storage device (DASD) of said production mainframe to a file, compressing said file, transferring said file to a remote computer by binary File Transfer Protocol, and storing said file proximate said remote computer.12-10-2009
20090307234Sports Matchmaker Systems - The Sports Matchmaker System provides an improved method for arranging sporting events and non-sporting events between unacquainted people. It provides a system for matching persons publicly offering to participate in particular sporting or social events with other persons desiring to participate in similar sporting or social events. The system also provides various means for communicating between the offering party and the accepting party to complete the event. The system also provides methods for arranging event venues for sporting and social events.12-10-2009
20090307233Efficient Handling of PMU Data for Wide Area Power System Monitoring and Visualization - A real-time, wide-area power system monitoring and visualization system is provided, including comprising an application database adapted to contain a synchronized data object queue and configuration data; a web service; an event-triggered data archive service; an event database; and a smart client visualization application adapted to commence web service with the application database and the event database. A method of real-time, wide-area power system monitoring and visualization is also provided including receiving synchronized, real-time data objects in a first-in, first-out synchronized data object queue contained in an application database: requesting retrieval of the latest system-oriented data from the application database by a smart client visualization application; packaging the most recent system-oriented data into a lightweight data-interchange format; transmitting the most recent system-oriented data package to the client visualization system via a web service; and operating the smart client visualization application.12-10-2009
20090307232Two dimensional barcodes and mobile terminals - Processing a two dimensional (2D) barcode using a mobile telecommunications terminal having an image scanner includes obtaining a scanned image of the 2D barcode from the image scanner, decoding the image to obtain data, including a web address, and associating an identifier with the decoded web address, such that the identifier is identifiable by a remote proxy server to obtain information relating to the use of the barcode. A browser of the mobile terminal transmits a web page request including the decoded web address and the identifier. The web page request may be identified as originating from a 2D barcode at a server in a mobile telecommunications network. The request is received from a mobile terminal, an inserted identifier is identified in the request, and a record is saved, the record including an identifier of the mobile terminal or a user of the mobile terminal and the web page address.12-10-2009
20090307231Information collecting device, information collecting system, information collecting method, and computer program - An information collecting device includes: a network interface unit which receives information on consumables from a plurality of devices connected through a network; a database access unit which accesses a database storing the information on consumables of each of the devices; and a control unit which controls the network interface unit and the database access unit. The information on consumables contains a device ID assigned to each of the devices and the consumption number of consumables as the number of consumables consumed by each of the devices. From the database, the database access unit acquires a value of a device ID field used to store the device ID, a value of a previous quantity field used to store the consumption number of consumables received at previous time, and a value of a total number field used to store the total number of consumables consumed by each of the devices.12-10-2009
20090307230COMPUTER SYSTEM, DATABASE ACCESS METHOD, APPLICATION SERVER, AND PROGRAM - In a computer system, an SQL as a content of data processing request by a database independent protocol (protocol connected to a DBMS) that is issued by an application 12-10-2009
20090307229Method and system for rapidly processing and transporting large XML files - A method for rapid processing and transport of large XML files is provided. The method enables splitting an XML file into a plurality of records by a client module. The method further enables parsing each record to obtain a wrapper object. Next, the wrapper object is transported by the client module to a server module. Then, mapping information is populated at the client module based on path information of the wrapper object at the server module. Further, the mapping information is provided from the client module to the server module and records are accessed at the server module using the mapping information.12-10-2009
20090307228METHOD OF SHARING USAGE INFORMATION, AND APPARATUS AND SYSTEM THEREOF - Provided are a method, apparatus, and system for sharing usage information of daily life. Usage information sharing system includes: a first home network including at least one electronic device generating metadata with respect to human behavior; a first collecting device collecting metadata with respect to usage information from first home network; a second collecting device transmitting metadata of first home network that is received from the first collecting device to a second home network; and a second home network comprising at least one electronic device receiving the metadata from the second collecting device and performing an operation corresponding to the metadata. Accordingly, behavioral actions of a person in daily life can be dynamically recognized via a home network and home electronic devices and converted into metadata, and transmitted to another home network in real-time via a network. Thus, the experiences and feelings of a user can be dynamically shared.12-10-2009
20090307227METHODS AND APPARATUSES FOR COMBINING AND DISTRIBUTING USER ENHANCED VIDEO/AUDIO CONTENT - Methods and apparatuses are provided, which may be implemented to combine and distribute user enhanced video and/or audio content.12-10-2009
20090307225METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR FACILITATING ACCESS TO A SCHEMA - A method of facilitating access to a schema, the method comprising the steps of receiving a request from a first computing device for at least one fragment of the schema; identifying a second computing device that has access to the fragment of the schema; and providing the first computing device with a datum that enables the first computing device to retrieve the fragment of the schema from the second computing device to thereby facilitate access to the schema.12-10-2009
20090106267Dynamic management of multiple persistent data stores - Dynamic management of multiple persistent data stores is disclosed. One or more data objects are associated with a client context, e.g., an instance of a client application program. The one or more data objects are retrieved from one or more of a plurality of persistent data stores and provided to the client context in a manner such that the one or more data objects appear to the client context to come from a single source, even if in fact the objects have been retrieved from two or more different persistent stores.04-23-2009
20090106265Image tile server - An image tile server importantly includes an image tile cache, to support a tiled map display in a user device. Instead of the conventional user device client (e.g., an Ajax client) making image requests directly to a mapping server (MS), a display device initiates an image request of a tile server (TS), and the tile server returns the requested image. However, importantly, the tile server (TS) also retains a cached copy of the returned image for faster retrieval at a later time relating to another image request by the same or different user device.04-23-2009
20090094257Media sequencing method to provide location-relevant entertainment - A media player application residing on a location-aware handheld device, in-vehicle navigation system, or in-airplane entertainment system responds to location signals and plays a plurality of location-relevant media assets that are automatically selected and sequenced to create the impression of a cohesive entertainment program. From the user's direction and speed, the application creates a forecast of assumed motion, plans the media program accordingly, and changes the program if the motion changes. The application filters and prioritizes assets of various lengths and with various degrees of geographic specificity, ranging from very specific such as announcements about Points of Interest (POIs) to very broad such as songs about states. POIs are announced with a notation that identifies the distance to the POI and an indication whether it is on the left or right. The audio describing relative location (prefix) is grafted to the audio describing the location (suffix) in a way that creates the impression that the narrator says it as one sentence. The assets reside on a central server and cached locally and are transmitted when needed to the vehicle as required by the user's location.04-09-2009
20090094255COMPUTER SYSTEM - In a computer system, to enable a second computer to take over control of copying of data within the computer system, from a first computer that normally controls copying of data.04-09-2009
20090094250Ensuring data integrity on a dispersed storage grid - An improved system is disclosed for ensuring the integrity of data stored on a dispersed data storage network. Checksums are used to ensure integrity of both data segments and data slices. Checksums appended to data slices are checked by receiving slice servers to ensure that no errors occurred during transmission. Slice servers also periodically recalculate checksums for stored data slices to ensure that data slices have not been corrupted during storage. Checksums appended to data segments are checked when data segments are read from the storage network.04-09-2009
20090094249CREATING SEARCH ENABLED WEB PAGES - The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for creating search enabled Web pages. A search engine crawler requests a Web page. A Web server receives the request and constructs a Web page that includes client-side script configured to obtain a portion of content at a Web browser. The Web server inserts textual (e.g., HTML) hinting data for the client-side script into the Web page. When analyzed at the search engine, the textual hinting data provides similar analysis results to analysis results obtained from analyzing the portion of content that is to be obtained at through execution of the client-side script. Thus, the Web server can provide the search engine with information to sufficiently index the Web page even when the search engine lacks the capability to execute the client-side script.04-09-2009
20090094248SYSTEM AND METHOD OF PRIORITIZING THE DOWNLOADING OF MEDIA ITEMS IN A MEDIA ITEM RECOMMENDATION NETWORK - A system and method of prioritizing the downloading of media items to different user devices in a media item recommendation system is disclosed. A media server prioritizes the downloading of a recommended media item according to when each user device needs to receive the recommended media item to satisfy a timing constraint. For example, the timing constraint may be the time before the media item is to be played in a playlist according to a media item recommendation scoring system. User devices having a more immediate timing need for receiving a media item download can be prioritized over user devices having a less immediate need for receiving a media item download. In this manner, the media server is more likely to provide timely media item downloads to all the different user devices.04-09-2009
20090094247IMAGE STORAGE SYSTEM, DEVICE AND METHOD - An image sharing system, an image sharing device and a method for operating a plurality of image sharing devices are provided. Each image sharing device has a memory with image content files stored therein and a communication system to provide an image sharing system. The method comprises the steps of: identifying image sharing devices to be included in the image sharing system; establishing a communication link between the identified image sharing devices, said communication link providing the ability to transfer image content files; identifying sharable image content files in each of the image sharing devices; and determining manifest data useable in copying the sharable image content files from one of the image sharing devices to at least one other of the image sharing devices so that each of the shareable image content file is stored in at least two of the image sharing devices in the image sharing system.04-09-2009
20090300024Provisioning network resources by environment and network address - A method and apparatus for facilitating provisioning of network appliances based on different environments. A mapping server is provided to communicate with networked devices from different environments. The mapping server receives a request for a network address of a corresponding configuration server from one of the networked devices, determines a network identifier of this networked devices based on the request, and searches a mapping table for the network address of the corresponding configuration server using the network identifier of the networked device. The mapping server then provides the network address of the corresponding configuration server to the networked device.12-03-2009
20090271413TRIAL LISTENING CONTENT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM AND TERMINAL APPARATUS - The present invention provides a content distribution system capable of improving user convenience and effectively distributing content for trial listening. A terminal apparatus includes: a content database that stores plural kinds of content data for trial listening received from a content distribution server; a usage history information recording unit that records usage history information of a user; a user preference estimating unit that estimates user preference on the basis of the usage history information of the user recorded in the usage history information recording unit, and generates preference information; a content extracting unit that calculates similarity between the preference information and each of the content data for trial listening stored in the content database, and extracts content data for trial listening having high similarity from the content database; and a content data playing unit that plays the extracted content data for trial listening.10-29-2009
20090271412Peer-to-Peer Redundant File Server System and Methods - Peer-to-peer redundant file server system and methods include clients that determine a target storage provider to contact for a particular storage transaction based on a pathname provided by the filesystem and a predetermined scheme such as a hash function applied to a portion of the pathname. Servers use the same scheme to determine where to store relevant file information so that the clients can locate the file information. The target storage provider may store the file itself and/or may store metadata that identifies one or more other storage providers where the file is stored. A file may be replicated in multiple storage providers, and the metadata may include a list of storage providers from which the clients can select (e.g., randomly) in order to access the file.10-29-2009
20090271411BINDING UNIT MANIFEST FILE - An information processing device including: a storage unit for storing a data file including readable content, and a control file including control information corresponding to the data file; and a data processing unit configured to use a filename conversion table, which stores filename conversion information, to convert the filename of a file stored in the storage unit into a virtual file system (VFS) name, to construct a VFS that includes storage data of a disc and storage data of the storage unit, and to perform a data reading process; wherein the data processing unit: compares the control information stored in the control file and data stored in the storage unit, and reads and/or updates the filename conversion table to reconcile the control information stored in the control file and the stored data in the storage unit.10-29-2009
20090271410System and a Method for Handling Co-Operation Files - The invention relates to a method for handling co-operation files, where the content of the co-operation files is of the type that describes the co-operation basis in relation to a co-operation between customers and suppliers, and where a unique ID is attached to a co-operation file, where the customer stores co-operation files on a central file handling database and where the co-operation files of the supplier are stored on a supplier computer, the method comprising: 10-29-2009
20090030910Information storage and management system and method for automating online requests and transactions - A relational database system and method for electronically storing and managing data, documents, and files relating to individuals, properties, vehicles, pets, assets, corporate bodies, and the like, to facilitate easy viewing, retrieval, organization and onward transmission of such information. The system enables a user to enter information into the intuitive relational database system on a once-only basis. The system integrates seamlessly on a user selectable two-way basis with third party suppliers, agencies, and computer programs. The system and method allow for centralized storage and then automated communication of a user's information for the purposes of receiving notifications of the lowest service provider quotes as well as sending notifications of emergency response, moving information, address updates, disaster recovery, and the like, from a single relational database system. Acceptance of such quotes may be automatic, and relevant documentation may thereafter be uploaded to the user's account for later search and review.01-29-2009
20090030908CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT TYPE COMPUTER SYSTEM - A computer system for an easy system/information management. A client (01-29-2009
20090030911Mobile multimedia proxy database - Systems, methodologies, media, and other embodiments associated with a mobile multimedia database are described. One exemplary system embodiment includes a mobile database and logic for communicating media data from the mobile database to an enterprise database. The exemplary system may also include logic for creating a media service request and for communicating the media service request from the system to the enterprise database. A media service request may describe an action on a piece of media data. The exemplary system may also include logic for receiving a media service reply from the enterprise database. A media service reply may describe an action performed by the enterprise database in response to the media service request.01-29-2009
20090024636METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SECURING USER IDENTITIES AND CREATING VIRTUAL USERS TO ENHANCE PRIVACY ON A COMMUNICATION NETWORK - A method of enabling a real entity to access a service on a communication network using a virtual entity, the method including the steps of establishing a user account including at least first data corresponding to the identity of the real entity and second data corresponding to the virtual entity and not identifying the real entity, storing the first and second data in a first database, linking between the first and second data in the first database, storing the second data at a second database, associating the second database with a communication network site, connecting the communication network site to the communication network, receiving the second data from an unidentified user on the communication network site, identifying the unidentified user as the virtual entity based on receiving the second data, and allowing the virtual entity to access the service.01-22-2009
20080306968Method and system for extracting, analyzing, storing, comparing and reporting on data stored in web and/or other network repositories and apparatus to detect, prevent and obfuscate information removal from information servers - A system, method and apparatus providing for the search, identification, retrieval and analysis of data contained in World Wide Web (WWW) and network pages and storage repositories. Mechanisms are provided to facilitate selection of such data as is required by a user, to report in a manner required by the user and to present the results in a plurality of ways. Also disclosed is a system, method to protect information retrieval from Information Servers such as those found on the world wide web (WWW). A method is described to analyze accesses to the information server for patterns indicating the type of system accessing the server. A method is described to format information such that it cannot be easily machine analyzed by such apparatus as lexical analysis and textual search methods. A method is described to include information into information server contents such that it would mislead and otherwise confuse non-human systems used to retrieve the data. Other methods describe access signature analysis and how this can be used to detect and optionally prevent or modify information requests.12-11-2008
20090119300TECHNIQUE FOR EDITING CENTRALIZED DIGITALLY ENCODED INFORMATION - A technique is disclosed herein for editing centralized digitally encoded content using a stateless client on a client machine. A repository on a central server is accessed by a user. The repository has a plurality of compilation units stored therein. One or more compilation units selected by the user are provided to the user via a stateless client on a client machine. The client is in communication with the repository over a network. Information associated with the one or more selected compilation units is programmatically sent to the repository at spaced time intervals.05-07-2009
20080294649CONTENTS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE IN CONTENTS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, AND LINK INFORMATION GENERATING METHOD OF IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE - A disclosed contents management system includes a management server for managing contents and an information processing device for performing a process on the contents, which are connected to a network. The management server includes a supplying unit for supplying the contents to the information processing device in response to a request from the information processing device. The information processing device includes an acquiring unit for acquiring reproduction starting point information of the contents, a generating unit for generating, based on the reproduction starting point information acquired by the acquiring unit, link information for accessing the contents, and a storing unit for temporarily storing, in a region of a memory, the link information generated by the generating unit in association with information indicating content of the contents, when a pasting unit pastes the link information onto document data being edited. The contents are accessed based on the link information pasted onto the document data.11-27-2008
20080294648Distributed Database System Providing Data and Space Management Methodology - A distributed database system providing data and space management methodology. In one embodiment, for example, a method for transferring a data structure in cache at a first database server to a second database server in a distributed database system comprises steps of: determining a first database server having a data structure in cache in response to a request for the data structure from a second database server, the request including a request for a lock on the data structure; providing the request for the data structure to the first database server; in response, sending the data structure from the first database server to the second database server; and receiving and using the data structure at the second database server without waiting for the lock request to be explicitly granted.11-27-2008
20080294647METHODS AND APPARATUS TO MONITOR CONTENT DISTRIBUTED BY THE INTERNET - Methods and apparatus to monitor content distributed by the Internet are disclosed. An example method includes requesting a really simply syndication (RSS) feed file associated with a received topic identification, receiving the RSS feed file identifying a first media content, extracting a first resource identifier for the first media content from the RSS feed file, retrieving the first media content using the first resource identifier, at least one of extracting a first content identification code from the first media content and generating a first signature for the first media content, and storing at least one of the first content identification code and the first signature in a memory.11-27-2008
20080294646DATA DISTRIBUTING AND ACCESSING METHOD AND SYSTEM - A data distributing and accessing method for sharing a file via a network system includes steps of: dividing the file into a plurality of blocks; distributing the blocks in a plurality of data hosts interconnected via the network system; one of the data hosts receiving a file-reading request from a user host and issuing collecting requests to other data hosts to collect the blocks from the data hosts; and transferring the collected blocks from the data hosts to the user host to be combined into the file.11-27-2008
20080294645System, method and computer program product for EDI-to-EDI translations - Systems, methods and computer program products for mapping an inbound EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) transaction to one or more outputs are described herein. An embodiment operates by receiving an inbound EDI transaction, and translating the inbound EDI transaction to any combination of EDI outbound transactions and non-EDI outbound transactions. Such translation is performed according to a map file, which is generated as follows. The inbound and any outbound EDI transactions are defined, and templates of the inbound and outbound EDI transactions are also defined. Then, mappings between the template of the inbound EDI transaction and the templates of the outbound EDI transactions are defined. A mapping between the inbound EDI transaction and application data may also be defined, where the application data may include a text file, a XML file, and/or a table of a database. Rules relating to or governing the mapping of the inbound EDI transaction to outputs may also be created. These definitions, mappings and rules are stored in the map file.11-27-2008
20080294644METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SEMANTIC PUBLISH-SUBSCRIBE SERVICES - A semantic publish-subscribe system, including: a plurality of subscribers; a plurality of publishers; and a server that receives and stores subscriptions that are described in web ontology language (OWL) graph patterns from the plurality of subscribers and that receives events that are described in semantic graphs formed by OWL assertions from the plurality of publishers, wherein when the server receives an event from a publisher, the server expands the OWL assertions of the event using a reasoner to produce an expanded event, the server matches the expanded event to a subscription, and then, the server notifies a subscriber whose interest matches the event.11-27-2008
20080294642REMOTE SERVICE SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FUNCTIONALLY CONSTRAINED DATA PROCESSING DEVICES - The subject application is directed to a system and method for a system and method for providing remote service to functionally constrained data processing devices. A server first receives feature identification data representing available services requested from each of a plurality of data processing devices. Instructions corresponding to each of the available services is then stored in association with the server. The feature identification data is then tested so as to determine whether the feature is available locally or requires access to an associated data repository, such as the Internet. The instructions associated with each received feature identification data are then processed so as to complete a corresponding service. The associated repository is then accessed when the result of the testing indicates that the feature is not available locally. Thereafter, result data associated with each requested service is then communicated to the data processing device associated with the service request.11-27-2008
20080288506METHOD FOR PRESERVING VIRTUAL FILESYSTEM INFORMATION ACROSS HIGH AVAILABILITY TAKEOVER - A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer usable program code for preserving a virtual file system. Data for a virtual file system is received. The data include file handle information, vnode information, and gnode information. The data is saved to a storage device. The saved data can be used to reconstruct the virtual file system upon changeover between a primary data processing system and a backup data processing system.11-20-2008
20090313264DEVICE-SIDE DATA DE-DUPING - A client-side device is capable of wirelessly receiving user data for the device. The device is capable of removing duplicative user data items among data wirelessly received and data already existing on the device. The duplicative data may be “de-duped” even though duplicative data items may arise as a result of synchronization operations using different synchronization engines used to synchronize different sets of data types.12-17-2009
20090327300MANIFEST-BASED ENHANCED PRESENCE PUBLISHING - Architecture that facilitates the formalization of contracts across multiple points of presence of a given user so that the multiple presence points can harmoniously publish presence. Enhanced presence publishing rules are formalized as a contract by all the endpoints of a given infoworker. An infoworker can signed on from different releases of software endpoints and to have a consistent presence experience. The infoworker can modify the publishing rules contract in a discoverable fashion by the other infoworker software endpoints. A container contract is provided having default container memberships (presence levels) and static publications. The rules associated with setting and verifying consistency of the default presence store container memberships (presence levels) is formalized. Additionally, the rules associated with making static publications at first time software endpoint registration and verifying consistency of the static publications at subsequent endpoint bootstrapping are formalized.12-31-2009
20080301143Automatic Update System and Method for Using a Meta Mib - The present invention generally relates to a system and method for automatically updating a MIB by using a meta MIB, and more particularly to a system and method for automatically updating a MIB by using a meta MIB comprising agent 12-04-2008
20090313261PROTECTING A WEB APPLICATION AGAINST ATTACKS THROUGH SHARED FILES - A method of downloading a file from a Web application to a client computer equipped with a Web browser including: the Web browser sending an original request to download the file to a first front server, the original request being addressed to a URL comprising a hostname portion that is independent of the file, the first front server sending a redirection response to the original request, the response specifying a URL comprising a hostname portion that is dependent on the file, the Web browser sending a follow-up request to download the file to a second front server, the follow-up request being addressed to the URL specified in the redirection response, and the second front server downloading the requested file in response to the follow-up request.12-17-2009
20090070342SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATED BENCHMARKING FOR THE RECOGNITION OF BEST MEDICAL PRACTICES AND PRODUCTS AND FOR ESTABLISHING STANDARDS FOR MEDICAL PROCEDURES - A system for the collection, management, and dissemination of information relating at least to a medical procedure is disclosed. The system includes a user interface adapted to provide raw data information at least about one of a patient, the medical procedure, and a result of the medical procedure. A medical device communicates with the user interface, receives the raw data information from the user interface, and generates operational information during use. A central database communicates at least with the medical device and receives data from the medical device. The central database is used to create related entries based on the raw data information and the operational information and optionally transmits the related entry to the medical device or the medical device user. The related entry includes information that provides guidance based on previously tabulated, related medical procedures. A system for the iterative analysis of medical standards is also disclosed along with methods for the evaluation of medical procedures and standards.03-12-2009
20100005101SECURITY METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR STORAGE SUBSYSTEM - According to the present invention, techniques for performing security functions in computer storage subsystems in order to prevent illegal access by the host computers according to logical unit (LU) identity are provided. In representative embodiments management tables can be used to disclose the Logical Unit in the storage subsystem to the host computers in accordance with the users operational needs. In a specific embodiment, accessibility to a storage subsystem resource can be decided when an Inquiry Command is received, providing systems and apparatus wherein there is no further need to repeatedly determine accessibility for subsequent accesses to the Logical Unit. Many such embodiments can maintain relatively high performance, while providing robust security for each LU.01-07-2010
20090119304METADATA STRUCTURES AND RELATED LOCKING TECHNIQUES TO IMPROVE PERFORMANCE AND SCALABILITY IN A CLUSTER FILE SYSTEM - A cluster file system is disclosed. A plurality of disk servers, operating as a single distributed disk server layer, are connected to the one or more physical disks. Each disk server stores metadata for each of the files. A plurality of lock servers, having one or more locks for each file and associated file system metadata operates as a single centralized distributed lock server to coordinate access to the files stored by the disk server layer. A plurality of asynchronous file servers, operating as a single distributed file server layer in response to a request for a file from a user program: (i) retrieves the requested file from the disk server layer and at least one lock, associated with the retrieved file, from the lock server, and (ii) retrieves metadata for at least one file that is related to the requested files, and at least one lock, for each file that has had its metadata retrieved.05-07-2009
20080281829Web-Based System and Method for Collection and Management of Real Estate Open House Data - A system and method for management of real estate open house data includes a database and a website configured to provide access to information from the database. The website is configured to communicate with a user identification device, in the form of a user's cell phone or other mobile device, upon a user's entry into the open house, to transfer user identification data to the database.11-13-2008
20090030909METHODS, PRODUCTS AND SYSTEMS FOR MANAGING INFORMATION - Methods, products and systems for managing information comprise a computer-based information warehouse comprising information files provided to a user on-demand. Each information file is assigned a unique identification (ID) code. Entry of ID code into code input device results in automatic execution of corresponding information file from the information warehouse to a computer in communication with both input device and information warehouse. A function menu enables user-selection of one or more options relating to said information file. Methods, media and systems for monitoring activity relating to each file of the information warehouse.01-29-2009
20100005104METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MEDIA NAVIGATION - A method and system for media navigation. A descriptor hierarchy may be accessed. The descriptor hierarchy may include at least one category list. One or more media descriptors may be accessed for a plurality of media items. The plurality of media items may be accessible from a plurality of sources. The one or more media descriptors may be mapped to the at least one category list. The navigation may be processed through a user interface to enable selection of the plurality of media items from the plurality of sources.01-07-2010
20090157699METHOD AND PROGRAM OF COLLECTING PERFORMANCE DATA FOR STORAGE NETWORK - In a storage network including at least a computer system, at least an external storage and at least a network system for communication of input/output data between the computer system and the external storage, a method of collecting the performance data on the network system and the software operated on the network system, in which the range or degree of data collection is automatically adjusted as required based on the performance data collected.06-18-2009
20090313260Methods and systems for assisting information processing by using storage system - In a networked information system, a portion of the information processing is offloaded from servers to a storage system to reduce network traffic and conserve server resources. The information system includes a storage system storing files or objects and having a function which automatically extracts portions of text from the files and transmits the extracted text to the servers. The text extraction is responsive to file requests from the servers. The extracted text and files are stored on the storage system, decreasing the need to send entire files across the network. Thus, by transmitting smaller extracted text data instead of entire files over the network, network performance can be increased through the reduction of traffic. Additionally, the processing strain on physical resources of the servers can be reduced by extracting the text at the storage system rather than at the servers.12-17-2009
20100030787NETWORK CODING WITH LAST MODIFIED DATES FOR P2P WEB CACHING - A method may include obtaining a source file at a node in peer-to-peer network and dividing the source file into a plurality of pieces. The pieces of the source file may be encoded using network coding principles. A last-modified-date (LMD) value may be appended to each of the encoded pieces, the LMD value being the same for each of the encoded pieces of the source file. The encoded pieces with the LMD values may be sent to one or more other nodes in the peer-to-peer network.02-04-2010
20100030785Distributed capture and aggregation of dynamic application usage information - A web-based hosted solution through which application developers create, manage and monitor application usage analytics in an online manner. Preferably, an application under test is one of: application software, a script-enabled web application, or a rich Internet application (RIA). During the development process, a usage monitoring API is integrated into the application and the application is deployed. As users interact with the application, a log file is generated, typically in one of two ways. If the application is able to write to a local file system (in the user's machine), usage information is gathered in a log file local to the deployed application and then dispatched to an upload server for processing in a batch manner. If the application is not able to write to the user machine's local file system, the usage information is sent to a remote logging server, preferably on a just-in-time basis, and then the log file is generated on the logging server. In either case, preferably the usage information that is tracked comprises “features,” “faults” and “failures” of the application, independent of platform, location, and number of deployed application instances.02-04-2010
20090222459System for allowing multiple relationship/membership identifiers to be consolidated to a single identifying device - The invention involves a method, system, apparatus, and computer code to consolidate one or more pieces of information onto an electronic device for later conveyance via wireless transmission, display in human readable form, and/or display in computer readable form. The invention improves convenience for people who today carry multiple credit cards, membership cards, tickets, coupons, and other items which can all be represented electronically on a single device. Information from multiple sources can be stored on—or accessible to—a single device and later conveyed individually or in groups in a fashion that both humans and other electronic systems can read such information. One instance of the invention, for example, would improve human convenience by allowing people to carry membership, identification, boarding passes, admission tickets, coupon, and other information electronically within their mobile phones rather than having to carry identification cards.09-03-2009
20090177662ABSTRACTION FOR REPRESENTING AN OBJECT IRRESPECTIVE OF CHARACTERISTICS OF THE OBJECT - Methods and systems for providing easy access to information and sharing are provided. Embodiments of the present invention enable a host to grant access to published content to one or more users in a manner in which the user(s) can scan small portions of information to decide which information is desired. The embodiments described herein enable, for example, a user to see a library of content that is larger than the storage capacity of the computing unit used by the user. The sharing of information is also secured through the use of auto-lock keys and the creation of abstract identities for the host and each user.07-09-2009
20090222457XML BASED TRANSACTION DETAIL RECORDS - The present invention is directed to a method for managing transactions in a telecommunications network. The method includes creating an XML transaction detail file. At least one transaction detail record is stored in the XML transaction detail file in response to a telecommunications transaction. The at least one transaction detail record includes transaction data corresponding to the telecommunications transaction.09-03-2009
20090319538ON-LINE WEB TRAFFIC SAMPLING - A method for tracking and reporting traffic activity on a web site first comprises storing a web page on a first server coupled to a network. When the web page is requested from a visitor computer, the visitor computer is selected (or not selected) for inclusion within a sample group, where the sample group is only a subset of the total traffic to the web site. A selection indicator is stored on the visitor computer associated with this selection. Data mining code within the web site is operated or not operated depending upon the value of the selection indicator. The data mining code is operated, and the activity of the visitor computer on the web site consequently tracked only if the visitor computer is selected as a member within the sample group, otherwise the data mining code is not operated and no traffic activity is generated.12-24-2009
20090150409SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATICALLY CREATING A MEDIA ARCHIVE FROM CONTENT ON A RECORDING MEDIUM - A media player for creating a media archive may include a media reader to read media content from a recording medium inserted into the media reader. The media player may also include an archival component to store the media content in a storage medium. In one embodiment, the media player includes a playback component to play back the media content from the storage medium concurrently with the storage of the media content by the archival component.06-11-2009
20090089296Server directed client originated search aggregator - The disclosed embodiments relate to a system for automated aggregation, and possible augmentation, of search results generated or otherwise provided in response to search queries/requests to multiple network resources, such as search engines, the search requests being originated by client devices, at the direction of a server, to the various network resources. In one embodiment, a user, using a client device, enters a search request which is provided to the server. The search request, which may comprise one or more search terms, may be entered via a web based or client based interface/application provided via the client device. As will be described, the client device may be any device capable of accessing the server and network resources via a network, such as the Internet. Exemplary client devices include a computer, cell phone, personal digital assistant, network appliance, etc. The server identifies which network resources, out of a set of available network resources, are likely to provide relevant results to the user's query. The server may further modify the search request to increase the likelihood that the search request will return relevant results. The identified list of resources is then provided back to the client device, along with the modified search request if applicable, which then originates and transmits the search request to each of the identified resources or subset thereof. The search results may then be received and presented to The user by the client device. Alternatively, the search results may be passed to the server which processes the search results and then provides the processed search results back to the client device for presentation to the user.04-02-2009
20090083277NODAL DATA NORMALIZATION - Embodiments of the invention may be used to normalize data stored in an in-memory database on a parallel computer system. The data normalization may be used to achieve memory savings, thereby reducing the number of compute nodes required to store an in-memory database. Thus, as a result, faster response times may be achieved when querying the data. In one embodiment, normalization may be performed in a manner to avoid datasets that cross physical or logical boundaries of the compute nodes of a parallel system.03-26-2009
20090144288WWW addressing - A method of WWW page retrieval from a web site, comprising entering information associated with the site; and directly displaying said page, using a browser, without any additional user intervention. Preferably, the information is in a non-Latin language. Alternatively or additionally, the information does not meet domain name specifications, for example, being in a free-form format.06-04-2009
20100057744METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CASCADING A MIDDLEWARE TO A DATA ORCHESTRATION ENGINE - Methods, systems, and computer-readable medium storing instructions thereon for implementing methods are directed to facilitating data exchange, such as accessing and operating on data objects, between field applications, such as mobile clients, and dedicated servers by leveraging the features of middleware. An embodiment includes a first server providing a first set of services and data to a mobile client. A first communicating middleware is connected between the first server and the mobile client according to a first communication functionality. A second server provides a second set of services and data according to a second communication functionality that is different from the first communication functionality. A second middleware communicates with the second server according to the second communication functionality, and communicates with the first middleware according to the first communication functionality. The second middleware is connected to the second server and the first middleware.03-04-2010
20090150404Method of reading filles from remote server by email - In a method of reading files from a remote server by an email, the method is applied in a network system having a remote server, a computer and the Internet. The remote server includes a database for storing files and is connected with the computer through the Internet. Users can create an email including a request instruction at the computer and send the email to the remote server for a request of reading files from the remote server. After the remote server reads the email, a file list is replied to the computer according to the request instruction. The user can create another email including a select instruction and a file location and send such email to the remote server. After the remote server receives such email, a corresponding file in the database is returned to the computer according to the select instruction and the file location.06-11-2009
20090150401SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR HANDLING DATA ACCESS - A method for handling speculative access requests for a storage device in a computer system is provided. The method includes the steps of providing a speculative access threshold corresponding to a selected percentage of the total number of accesses to be speculatively issued, and intermixing demand accesses and speculative accesses in accordance with the speculative access threshold. In another embodiment, a method for reducing data access latency experienced by a user in a computer network is provided. The method includes the steps of providing a web page comprising a link to a data file stored on a database connected to the computer network, selecting a speculative access threshold corresponding to a selected percentage of data accesses which are to be speculatively provided to the user, and speculatively providing the data file in accordance with the speculative access threshold.06-11-2009
20090150410Method and System for Wireless Database Management - An efficient method and system for wireless database management that allows database administrators to monitor and manage a plurality of databases from a remote location is disclosed. Included in this description are steps for reducing the amount of data transmitted and received by narrow bandwidth wireless communications, storing the results of requests made by the same user repeatedly for quicker access time, and enabling a single user to access multiple databases within the wireless database management system simultaneously.06-11-2009
20090150406METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR META-TAGGING MEDIA CONTENT AND DISTRIBUTION - A unique application within Video that allows for user generated Meta-tagging to be delivered in real time to individual clips is provided. This meta-tag creates its own tail based upon the user generated words population, which is searchable via a “spider network” that runs invisible behind the web pages of the site. These same “tagged” words are broadcast over various delivery networks including but not limited to live feeds from SMS, MMS, News Feeds within Community Web Sites, Video Sharing Web Sites, Widget applications any other forms of electronic communication that will be dropped in real time to identified users and friends of users.06-11-2009
20090150405Systems and Methods for Expressing Data Using a Media Markup Language - Disclosed herein are methods and systems for integrating data from disparate data stores associated with disparate sources. One or more network interfaces are coupled to a plurality of disparate data stores, wherein the data stores supply advertising inventory data, and wherein different data stores store data related to different types of advertising media in different formats. An engine is provided that transforms the inventory data from the data stores into a common format. The transformed data is stored in an integrated data store. An interface provides access to the transformed advertising inventory data to a computer-based media transaction system.06-11-2009
20090150398DIRECTORY SERVER REPLICATION - Information regarding requests made to a directory server by clients is collected. The requests including read, compare, search, write, and update requests. It is determined the number of the read, compare and search requests is greater than a threshold and/or whether the number of the write and update requests is greater than the threshold. In response to determining that either or both numbers are greater than the threshold, the following is performed. The process by which the directory server should be replicated is determined based on the information collected. The type of replication as to which the directory server should be replicated is also determined based on the information collected. A new directory server is then replicated from the directory server using the determined process. The new directory server has the determined type of replication.06-11-2009
20090150399Method of Improving Remote Desktop Performance - A method of improving remote desktop performance tags each resource file in local storage on a remote computer with a globally unique identifier (GUID). When the local computer renders a first resource file tagged with a first GUID, the local computer sends the first GUID to a local computer. The local computer determines if it has the first resource file stored in local storage. If the local computer has the first resource file stored in said local storage, the local computer renders the stored first resource. If the local computer does not have the first resource file stored in local storage, the local computer requests the first resource from the remote computer.06-11-2009
20090100064METHODS, COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS, AND SYSTEMS FOR AUTOMATING DISTRIBUTION OF DIGITAL MEDIA - A digital media content file containing electronically captured content is received over a network. The received digital media content file is associated with at least one destination identifier specifying a destination for the electronically captured content and at least one output medium identifier specifying an output medium for the electronically captured content. An output medium is produced that includes the electronically captured content using the at least one output medium identifier. The produced output medium is sent to the destination specified by the at least one destination identifier.04-16-2009
20090012964Shadow Community Producing System Matched to a Variable Area of an Internet Base and Method of the Same - The present invention provides a shadow community producing system matched to a variable area of an internet base and a method of the same, which allows users connecting with unspecified web sites of an internet base to arbitrarily and automatically construct a community area in the web sites in real time, and allows a number of third parties connecting to the web sites to confirm creation information regarding the community and access to the community area, thereby enhancing convenience and consistency in information sharing. The present invention has advantages in that it allows users to create shadow communities matched with URLs on all areas accessible through the user's terminals regardless of web site producing companies, thereby sharing objective information with many and unspecified users; allows users to freely create and manage shadow communities for web sites not having communities, categories, and products.01-08-2009
20080313194Descriptive-profile mercantile method - A descriptive-profile mercantile method, for use at a juncture in a data-communications topology having associated therewith a maintained databank of partial profiles, is disclosed. The method includes the steps of: from a user, receiving a transaction having therein a first partial profile; using the first partial profile, searching a databank having a plurality of second partial profiles, wherein is included in said databank at least one null profile so that said searching will always yield at least one proximate second partial profile to the first partial profile; and between the user and the databank, contracting: (I) for the databank to own or represent a right to a first mutually agreed portion of the first partial profile, and substantially thereafter said databank incorporating the agreed portion of the first profile into at least one second partial profile; or (II) for the user to own or represent a right to a second mutually agreed portion of at least one said proximate second partial profile, and substantially thereafter the databank transmitting to the user the second mutually agreed portion of the second profile. The present invention operates best on a brokerage representation model; and thereby provides a means for making viable the economic commerce in information attributes.12-18-2008
20100030790Data Distribution System - There is provided a data distribution system having a distribution device for holding a data file which is a distribution object and a plurality of user terminals, wherein each of the user terminals obtains each of a plurality of file pieces from any of the other user terminals or the distribution device, the plurality of file pieces being obtained by dividing the data file, and the plurality of file pieces obtained are assembled to thereby obtain the data file, at least one predetermined file piece among the plurality of file pieces is a restricted piece for which obtaining from the other user terminals is restricted, and the distribution device restricts distribution of the restricted piece to each of the user terminals, based on a predetermined condition.02-04-2010
20100030789INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - An active device attaches a sequential number representing a notification number to update record information for recording an event that data is stored, then notifies a preliminary device of the update record information, and, accumulates the update record information. The active device again makes the notification. The preliminary device monitors the update record information of which the active device notifies and detects, based on regularity of the sequential numbers attached to the respective pieces of update record information, missing reception of the update record information. When detecting the missing reception of the update record information, the preliminary device makes a request for retransmitting the update record information and notifies of information about matching data stored in a first storage unit of the active device with data stored in a second storage unit of the preliminary device.02-04-2010
20080270421Information distribution system, information processing device and memory medium - An information distribution system is provided with a plurality of information processing devices that are capable of communication with each other via a network, and that store shared information so that the information can be shared by the plurality of information processing devices. The shared information is shared information that has a public release time that is before the current time.10-30-2008
20090094254IMAGE TRANSMISSION DEVICE, IMAGE TRANSMISSION SYSTEM, AND IMAGE TRANSMISSION METHOD - An image transmission system includes an image transmission device and a server that provides recipient information including recipient specification information and a transmission method and destination for image data. The server records, in association with a recipient identifier, recipient-designated recipient information and display mode designation information indicating a display mode for the recipient information. Each time the recipient information and display mode designation information is updated, the server overwrites the recorded information with the updated recipient information and display mode designation information. The image transmission device receives a selection of a recipient identifier for image data transmission, and if the selected recipient identifier is associated with the recipient information and display mode designation information in the server, acquires such information from the server, and when transmitting image data based on the recipient information, displays the recipient information according to a display mode indicated in the acquired display mode designation information.04-09-2009
20090094253CONTENT DELIVERY SYSTEM, DELIVERY SERVER, USER TERMINAL, AND METHOD - A system including a delivery server and a user terminal is disclosed. The deliver server includes a processor configured to transmit metadata including schedule information about release dates for content items, receive a request for one of the content items, the request being based on the schedule information included in the metadata, and transmit the requested content item in response to the request. The user terminal includes a processor configured to receive the metadata including the schedule information about release dates for the content items, send the request for one of the content items based on the schedule information included in the metadata, and receive the requested content item.04-09-2009
20090254570VIDEO SERVER AND FILE MANAGEMENT METHOD - A video server and a file management method which can erase an unnecessary program data file promptly are provided. Video server S divides processing of management of files performed by one frame into 11 sections, assigns five sections to playing process, assigns five sections to recording process and assigns one section to erasing process and performs processing of the file management. Server S supervises the file processing under executing. When a number of sections which perform the playing process or a number of sections which perform recording process is smaller than 5 and there is a demand of the erasing process for more than 2 files, server S assigns the section which is not used to the erasing process and unnecessary files are erased.10-08-2009
20090083289System For Accessing A Service Associated With A Resource - A method and system for accessing services for any file or object that a user can retrieve through a browser. A service is associated with a web-accessible object based on a configurable matching condition, referred to as a service lock. Services are accessible for essentially any Web page or object that can be viewed in a browser. A service key is generated based on an attribute of a resource accessed via a uniform resource identifier. Service access information is located for accessing a service associated with the resource based on the service key matching a service lock for accessing the service. A service access message is generated, identifying the resource, based on the service access information and is sent for accessing the service.03-26-2009
20090287711INFORMATION SEARCH SYSTEM AND ITS METHOD - An object is to efficiently retrieve data stored and managed in a plurality of devices in a distributed manner. A PC 11-19-2009
20090210428System and method for writing data dependent upon multiple reads in a distributed database database - An improved system and method for writing data dependent upon multiple reads in a distributed database is provided. A client may read several data records and may then send a request to a database server to perform a transaction to write a data record dependent upon multiple data records read. A database server may receive the request specifying a transaction to write a data record dependent upon multiple data records read and may perform the transaction by latching a master data record to be written and validating the data records the write depends upon. The multiple data records upon which the write depends may be validated by verifying the multiple data records are current versions of the data records stored in the distributed database. Data intensive applications may use this transaction type in large scale distributed database systems to provide stronger consistency without significantly degrading performance and scalability.08-20-2009
20090012966NETWORK CONFIGURATION RESTORATION METHOD AND SYSTEM - The present invention provides a network configuration restoration method and system which can perform restoration by copying past configuration files in a short time. An updating judging unit 01-08-2009
20090012965Network Content Objection Handling System and Method - A system and method for distribution of one or more content items to one or more users over a network, such as the Internet. One or more users that access a content item may provide an indication of objection to the content item. The content item may be flagged for manual review when a first threshold percentage of indications of objection is met. The content item is automatically removed from distribution when a second threshold percentage of indications of objection is met and a threshold number of instances of access is met.01-08-2009
20090287715FILE SHARING METHOD AND FILE SHARING SYSTEM FOR GETTING AN ACCESSIBLE ADDRESS THROUGH AN ADDRESS MAPPING SERVER - A file sharing method includes: transferring content information related to a to-be-shared file to an address mapping server; and the address mapping server providing an accessible address mapped to the to-be-shared file according to the content information. One advantage of using the above file sharing method is that the user who wants to share files does not need to apply network space and upload the files beforehand.11-19-2009
20090063510Transmission System and Method, Transmission Apparatus and Method, Reception Apparatus and Method, and Recording Medium - A transmission system includes a transmission apparatus transmitting metadata relating to content via a network and a reception apparatus receiving the metadata. The transmission apparatus includes storing metadata including fragment updating management information in units of fragments; generating a delivery unit including a document which includes the metadata contained in fragments excluding the fragment updating management information; compressing the metadata in the delivery unit; adding document updating management information to the compressed metadata; and delivering the delivery unit. The reception apparatus includes receiving the compressed metadata; decompressing the compressed metadata; storing the decompressed metadata; and copy the document updating management information contained in the delivery unit and assign the document updating management information to the fragments as fragment updating management information.03-05-2009
20090083286INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD AND STORAGE MEDIUM IN WHICH PROGRAM THEREOF IS RECORDED - An information processing apparatus uses unique IDs to manage items, such as electronic files and folders, to be operated and includes: an information share window ID managing section managing, in a share window ID management DB, information of the window Ids corresponding to windows of Web browsers that are to share information; an item storing processing section storing item information in an item information DB when a first operation for the item is instructed from a first Web browser; a stored item processing section executing a second operation based on the item information stored in the item information DB and the information of the window Ids stored in the share window ID management DB when the second operation is instructed from a second Web browser; This apparatus enables collaborative operations between two windows of Web browsers.03-26-2009
20090248698Managing Consistent Interfaces for Internal Service Request Business Objects Across Heterogeneous Systems - A business object model, which reflects data that is used during a given business transaction, is utilized to generate interfaces. This business object model facilitates commercial transactions by providing consistent interfaces that are suitable for use across industries, across businesses, and across different departments within a business during a business transaction. In some operations, software creates, updates, or otherwise processes information related to an internal service request and/or an internal service request template business object.10-01-2009
20090254564Initial Content Customization Apparatus and Method - A hardware platform (10-08-2009
20090198702SYNCHRONIZATION INFRASTRUCTURE FOR NETWORKED DEVICES, APPLICATIONS AND SERVICES IN A LOOSELY COUPLED MULTI-MASTER SYNCHRONIZATION ENVIRONMENT - The subject disclosure relates to an efficient multi-master synchronization infrastructure is provided enabling loosely coupled networked client and server devices, applications and services to efficiently convey and receive synchronization knowledge across interconnecting network(s). A set of synchronization methods and standardized interfaces are also provided that enable rich offline application experiences and collaboration among devices, applications and services predicated on the efficient synchronization infrastructure.08-06-2009
20090182751METHOD OF ACCESSING DIGITAL IMAGES OF MAILPIECES FRANKED BY A STANDARD FRANKING MACHINE - A method of accessing digital images of mailpieces from a workstation of a sender of said mailpieces, which method comprises the following steps: 07-16-2009
20090171976Map Data Delivering Device, Communication Terminal, and Map Delivering Method - There is disclosed a map data delivering system for providing consistent road network information from supplement map information and map update information. The map data delivering system includes a navigation terminal and a map distribution server. The map distribution server includes a management data storage unit which stores an update element representing differential update data representing a difference of the map data, and update element management data containing an update element ID for identifying the update element, an update date before the updating of the map data, and a dependent update element ID for storing dependency on the updating of the map data; an update management data selector unit which selects the update element management data having the dependent update element ID among the update element management data having the located area overlapped with the map area of the map distribution request from the navigation terminal and the corresponding update element management data; and a network I/F unit which performs communication with the navigation terminal.07-02-2009
20090006418CONTENT CREATION, DISTRIBUTION, INTERACTION, AND MONITORING SYSTEM - A system for managing an end-user's request for information and entertainment. This information can be retrieved using a kiosk with a computer, using software over the Internet with a hardwired computer-like device, or using software with a wireless handheld device. Applications include any areas including commercial, industrial, and government where groups of people congregate such as trade shows, retail stores, restaurants, offices, manufacturing plants, and governmental buildings. The system provides both audio and text information and entertainment from a plurality of sources. These sources include information and entertainment from the local environment or ‘on-site’ information, and from a remote environment. These locations can also retrieve information from the end-user. This information can be product feedback, customer service opinions, product information requests, or the like.01-01-2009
20090006422DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM HAVING DOCUMENT TRANSMISSION DEVICE, DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SERVER, AND DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT CLIENT - In a control method for a document management system in which a document transmission device capable of transmitting image data, a document management server of associating image data with a folder as a document and storing and managing the associated image data and folder, and a document management client of browsing the image data of the stored document are connected through a network the server receives and stores registration control information for controlling a document registration process, from the client, transmits the stored registration control information to the device, based on a registration control information acquisition request transmitted from the device, and receives, from the device, the transmitted and designated registration control information and the image data, and stores the received image data as the document on the basis of the received registration control information. Thus, it is possible to easily manage the registration control information.01-01-2009
20090254565SUBSEQUENT TAILORING OF A SIGN-UP PAGE BASED ON A SEARCH ENGINE QUERY - The invention provides a method of processing data including, receiving a URL at a server computer system, utilizing the URL at the server computer system to extract a plurality of server search results from a data store, and transmitting the server search results from the server computer system to the user computer system.10-08-2009
20090240698COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT PLATFORM - The diverse objects comprising a computing environment may be represented together as a deployable object hierarchy, which may facilitate the deployment, as well as the consistency, of a computing environment rendered by a plurality of devices. The processes within the computing environment often operate on the objects of the object hierarchy in a variety of ways, including simple operations (creation, reading, updating, and deleting) and more sophisticated operations (synchronizing, paginating, and caching), as well as with the object hierarchy in general. A platform may be devised to facilitate the various operations of the processes on the object hierarchy. The platform may be embodied, such as in an application runtime, and deployed to a variety of platforms to facilitate an equivalent execution of the processes on any type of device and consistent interactions with the object hierarchy.09-24-2009
20090204618Storage system - A storage system capable of identifying all volumes to be audited is provided.08-13-2009
20090089298File Storage Service System, File Management Device, File Management Method, ID Denotative NAS Server and File Reading Method - The present invention relates to a migration of a file from a path denotative NAS server to an ID denotative NAS server. In a file management device according to one embodiment, a migration-use path denotative NAS access section obtains a file deposit location from the path denotative NAS server, selects a migration target file based on the deposit location, and sends a read request with the deposit location of the migration target file to the path denotative NAS server, so as to obtain the migration target file. A migration-use denotative NAS access section 04-02-2009
20090089295Methods and Systems for Managing Network Attached Storage (NAS) within a Management Subsystem - An information handling system (IHS) comprising a chassis, a motherboard disposed within the chassis, a management controller (MC) coupled to the motherboard and a network attached storage (NAS) coupled to the MC wherein the MC provides access to the NAS. An IHS may further include and input/output (I/O) module (IOM) disposed within the chassis, at least one blade and a keyboard video mouse (KVM) module, wherein the NAS is directly accessible to the IOM, blade(s) and KVM module.04-02-2009
20090276441Methods, Systems, and Products for Searching Interactive Menu Prompting Systems - Methods, systems, and products are disclosed for searching a searchable listing of an interactive menu prompting system. A search request is received, and the search request includes a search term. A query is sent to determine whether the search term occurs within in the searchable listing. A search result is received and communicated to a client.11-05-2009
20090276436Method, apparatus, and computer program product for providing service invitations - An apparatus for providing service invitations may include a processor. The processor may be configured to receive user contacts associated with a user. The user contacts may be received from a server, a mobile terminal, or the like. The user contacts may also be received in response to an invitation associated with the user. The processor may also be configured to compare user contacts with a service member database to determine a member status associated with each user contact. The processor may be further configured to provide for invitations via the user contacts based on the associated member statuses. Associated methods and computer program products may also be provided.11-05-2009
20090282053METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIA FOR ASSOCIATING DYNAMIC SOUND CONTENT WITH A WEB PAGE IN A BROWSER - Methods, systems, and computer-readable media are provided for associating dynamic sound content with a web page in a browser. A request for text data is received from the browser. The requested text data is retrieved from a source, such as a database, and converted into a sound file. The retrieved text data may be converted to a sound file by translating the text data into audio data, formatting the audio data based on a predetermined audio format, and writing the formatted audio data to a file. A web page is created including a sound tag pointing to a file path associated with the sound file. The created web page is then sent in a response to the browser. Once the web page is received by the browser, the browser initiates playback of the sound file from the file path.11-12-2009
20090282047SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SOCIAL INFERENCE BASED ON DISTRIBUTED SOCIAL SENSOR SYSTEM - A method (and system) for data acquisition includes extracting information from user communications and allowing a user to control the information to be extracted. The method of data acquisition may include downloading a user's sent materials from a communication data repository, analyzing the downloaded materials and extracting data portions that are authored by the user, generating statistical values from the extracted data, transmitting the generated statistical values to one or multiple repositories, receiving generated statistical values one or multiple server machines, and aggregating statistical values of multiple users.11-12-2009
20090287713SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MEASURING ONLINE PUBLIC RELATION AND SOCIAL MEDIA METRICS USING LINK SCANNING TECHNOLOGY - A method for measuring Public Relations (PR) outputs and social media efforts on a webpage is described. The method can comprise generating a list of website addresses, deploying link scanning on the web page, the link scanning configured to include the list of website addresses, and reporting the results of the link scanning to a reporting server.11-19-2009
20090089294DISTRIBUTED LIVE MULTIMEDIA CAPTURE, FEEDBACK MECHANISM, AND NETWORK - Methods and systems for processing multimedia content captured from a plurality of locations via one or more capturing devices include obtaining multimedia content from one or more capturing devices. The capturing devices identify a type of content being captured and/or location of capture. An interest type for multimedia content is obtained from a consuming user. The multimedia content from the capturing devices are searched based on the interest type of the consuming user. A subset of the multimedia content conforming to the interest type is presented in substantial real-time at the receiving devices of the consuming users. Feedback regarding the presented multimedia content is obtained from consuming users and communicated to the capturing devices in substantial real-time so as to influence future capture of multimedia content.04-02-2009
20090089297File Transmission System - For improving operability by reducing time for backup of video/audio files through a network, and also for achieving to shorten processing time, as well as, to lower a capacity of a recording medium, by inhibiting unnecessary backup, a file transmission system comprises a file list obtaining means for obtaining a list of files, which are stored in a server, a file transmission controller means for controlling file transmission, a file transmission requesting means for requesting a file transmission to the server, a file receiver means for receiving the file transmitted form the server, and a client file storage means for storing the files therein, wherein control is made on the file transmission requesting means, so that it request a transmission of file(s), excepting the file(s), which is/are stored in the client file storage mean, to the server, upon basis of the list.04-02-2009
20080208871Information processing apparatus and information processing method - The present invention allows content to be transferred with source equipment retaining the content.08-28-2008
20080208873Method for communicating confidential, educational information - A method for receiving, processing, and responding to requests relating to educational degree, enrollment, transcript, and loan information via secured and non-secured channels. In a disclosed embodiment, a requestor submits an order to verify degree or enrollment information consisting of a student's first name, last name, and/or social security number. A computer at a Clearinghouse matches the order with data compiled from participating educational institutions and generates a response. Enrollment information can include both current attendance and historical information. Optionally, degree information can be maintained in a separate database. Requestors can also order up-to-date student transcripts via the Clearinghouse.08-28-2008
20080208869DISTRIBUTED ONLINE CONTENT - Embodiments of the present invention provide a way to combing websites that can be edited over the Internet using distributed revision control. This also makes it possible to use writable web sites while not being connected to the Internet. In some embodiments, the present invention is applied to wikis. When a wiki reconnects, differences are automatically sent over and changes from other wikis are merged automatically. Wikis may also be synchronized on a periodic or event driven basis. Embodiments of the present invention may also be used for load balancing between wikis, or to share information with users who can only occasionally connect to the Internet.08-28-2008
20080208868SYSTEM AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING ACCESS TO THE INTERNET - Certain embodiments provide for systems and methods of monitoring data sent from a requested device to a requesting device and removing certain portions of the data such as malicious or otherwise objectionable content. Objectionable content may include, for example, potentially executable web content. In certain embodiments, the systems and methods remove uniform resource locator (URL) links from the intercepted data which point to web pages having malicious or otherwise objectionable content.08-28-2008
20080208870Managing files on multiple computing devices - The present technique provides a combined file space for files from multiple partner computing devices. An individual cache policy associated with each partner computing device determines the manner in which the files in the combined file space are filtered for the respective partner computing device. Files data that do not have content stored locally have metadata associated with the files stored locally in the combined file space.08-28-2008
20090112876METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING DYNAMIC BRANDING IN A COMPUTER PROGRAM OR SUITE - A method and system for providing dynamic branding for a computer program or suite having windows, screens, display elements in a graphical interface. The system comprises a branding service module and a branding files database. The database includes a schema for storing and accessing the branding files. The branding files comprise graphical elements and/or textual elements, which can be modified and updated.04-30-2009
20090300029METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING MULTI-VIEW OF FILES DEPENDING ON AUTHORIZATION - This invention provides a file system capable of finely changing the view of a file based on an access authorization. A file providing method for providing file data corresponding to an access authorization for an access source, satisfies: setting an access authorization for each of data in a predetermined region of a file; concatenating the data satisfying the access authorization for the access source according to a predetermined combination; and providing the access source with the concatenated data.12-03-2009
20090276440Embodiments of practical distributed computing - A practical distributed computing system with almost perfect scalability is realized by distributed has table like search and lookup algorithm implemented in a hardware P2P (peer-to-peer) overlay with multiple P2P software overlays. Each software overlay is implemented as an active database. Each hardware overlay node is any IP device, fixed or mobile; while the system can be implemented with or without a server infrastructure. This system is adapted to multiple applications: multi-player gaming, file sharing within a closed user group, media session handover, event trigger, and behavior-based marketing.11-05-2009
20090276437SUGGESTING LONG-TAIL TAGS - Technologies are described herein for suggesting long-tail tags. A first group of tags and a second group of tags are identified from a plurality of tags. The first group of tags includes frequently-assigned tags having a higher frequency of being assigned to an asset. The second group of tags includes long-tail tags having a lower frequency of being assigned to the asset than the frequently-assigned tags. The frequently-assigned tags and a sample of the long-tail tags are suggested to a user upon receiving a request from the user to tag the asset.11-05-2009
20090282052TRACKING IMPLICIT TRAJECTORY OF CONTENT SHARING - A facility for tracking the sharing of distinguished content is described. When a user seeks to access the distinguished content from a client computer system using a URL associated with the distinguished content, the facility determines whether a user identifier is represented in the URL. If a user identifier is represented in the URL that is different from a user identifier that is persistently stored by the client computer system, the facility determines that the distinguished content has been shared with a user identified by the user identifier that is persistently stored by the client computer system by a user identified by the identifier represented in the URL.11-12-2009
20090282051METHOD OF IDENTIFYING AND SELECTING EVENTS - An embodiment for method for identifying and selecting events and routing them into the marketing mix, creating event marketing and marketing portfolios. In the method, events may be extracted from a database of events. The extracted events may then be passed through one or more manual or automatic data filters to identify one or more events that correspond to a predetermined goal of an enterprise (e.g., increase sales, increased product recognition, etc). Information concerning the corresponding events may then be provided in the form of a report.11-12-2009
20090282050SYNCHRONIZING MEDIA FILES AVAILABLE FROM MULTIPLE SOURCES - Apparatus and methods for synchronizing media files available from multiple sources provide a mechanism to enhance user interaction with multimedia devices. Additional apparatus, systems, and methods are disclosed.11-12-2009
20090282049MULTI-PARTNER CUSTOMS BROKING - Systems and methods for customs broking are discussed. The computer implemented method comprises receiving a first data group from a first user, determining a second data group based on the first data group, the second data group configured to identify data elements, receiving at least some of the data elements from the first user, receiving a third data group from a second user, and based on the reception of data elements received from the first user, receiving data elements from the second user. The first data group comprises information for defining a transaction of one or more goods. The data elements are used for a customs classification of the one or more goods. The third data group comprising information for further defining the transaction of the one or more goods.11-12-2009
20090282048APPLICATION-CONFIGURABLE DISTRIBUTED HASH TABLE FRAMEWORK - A distributed hash table infrastructure is described that supports pluggable modules for various services. Transport providers, security providers, and other service providers may be swapped, providing flexibility in supporting various devices and networking configurations.11-12-2009
20090282046TECHNIQUES FOR ACCESSING REMOTE FILES - Techniques for accessing remote files are presented. A local user, via a local client, requests access to a file. A local file system determines that the file is associated with a junction. The junction is resolved and an associated remote file system is contacted by the local file system to acquire results for the request. The local file system then delivers the results to the local user via the local client.11-12-2009
20090287716NETWORK-BASED DATABASE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - The present invention is a communication system. Further, the present invention relates to a database communication system that allows for communication between disparate databases.11-19-2009
20090287712Configurable Persistent Storage on a Computer System Using a Database - A method for persistent data storage on a computer system with a kernel by retrieving configuration information regarding a system operation request and then deciding based on the configuration information whether to execute it with special persistent storage or to not do so. The configuration information may be stored on a central node or may be encoded onto any of the nodes. The special persistent storage may be a database. The method may further be implemented by a computer program product. It also may be implemented on a computer system.11-19-2009
20090300028DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MANAGING DIGITAL SIGNAGE SYSTEMS - A method is provided for managing information during a pre-determined period of time at a plurality of remote display surfaces, based on criteria established at a central terminal, wherein the method comprises: i) providing a pre-determined period of time; ii) providing at least two digital signage objects; iii) determining at least one properties' sub set which comprises a plurality of attributes for each of the digital signage objects provided; iv) determining the value of attributes included in the at least one properties' sub set for the duration of the pre-determined period of time; v) establishing at least one identity group comprising digital signage objects each of which is identical in its properties during the respective pre-determined period of time, to the other digital signage objects belonging to a respective identity group; and vi) applying the at least one identity group for managing information at the plurality of remote channels.12-03-2009
20090006423CONTENT FILTERING OF REMOTE FILE-SYSTEM ACCESS PROTOCOLS - Methods and systems for content filtering of remote file-system access protocols are provided. According to one embodiment, holding buffers in which data collected from a remote file-system access protocol is stored, a holding buffer context table, a file map table and a usage table corresponding to each holding buffer are created within one or more computer-readable media. References to each of the holding buffers are tracked within the holding buffer context table. References to a common file are mapped to a common holding buffer of the holding buffers with the file map table. Modified and unmodified portions of the holding buffers are tracked using the usage table corresponding to each holding buffer. Responsive to a predetermined event in relation to a holding buffer or the holding buffers, the existence of malicious, dangerous or unauthorized content contained within the holding buffer is determined by performing content filtering on the holding buffer.01-01-2009
20090271414USE OF BROWSER COOKIES TO STORE STRUCTURED DATA - A system and process are disclosed for encoding selected data structures in browser cookies. The data structures may contain a variety of different types of data elements, including N-bit integers and other non-character elements. A version tracking scheme provides forward and backward compatibility between client and server software. The process is implemented without the need for any browser extensions, and without the need for users to download any special code to their computers.10-29-2009
20080275885INDEX SERVER SUPPORT TO FILE SHARING APPLICATIONS - An index server support for file sharing applications is disclosed. A way of retrieving an index server includes sending a request for investigating a hierarchical structure of index servers in a network to a known index server, intercepting the investigation request by the first index server that becomes aware of the investigation request, notifying an originator of the investigation request of the intercepting index server identity, dropping the intercepted request is dropped by the intercepting index server. The originator of the investigation request then registers the intercepting index server as addressee for future file querying requests.11-06-2008
20080275886RICH MEDIA FILE FORMAT AND DELIVERY METHODS - A rich media file is a self-contained file, including both the information to be viewed by a user and the viewer that displays the information to the user. The information can be formatted however the client likes: for example, the information can be split across several pages, and can include text and still and animated images. There can also be web links to pages on a network, and e-mail forms to simplify sending an e-mail message to the client. The rich media file can include viewing limitations, so that only the proper password can unlock the file, or that the rich media file will automatically expire after a specified condition occurs. The rich media file also assists the user in obtaining the latest version of the rich media file, by offering to retrieve a newer version for the user.11-06-2008
20080275881Real time collaborative on-line multimedia albums - Methods and systems for creating, editing and monitoring real-time collaborative on-line multimedia albums at a host site. The invention facilitates the construction of the multimedia albums which comprise digital content, such as photos and video clips, provided by multiple digital content contributors, taken from each contributor's unique perspective. The invention uniquely creates these multimedia albums to be optimized for dynamic updating, real-time interaction, and rapid dissemination to a viewing audience, for public and/or private viewing, either one photo/video clip at a time or as a slide-show.11-06-2008
20090313262SECURING DATA FROM A SHARED DEVICE - A method for securing the use of data on a first device where the data is sent from a second device, the method including registering at least a first application on the first device, starting the at least first application on the first device, transmitting data from the second device to the first device, determining whether the at least first application is registered, determining whether the at least first application is active, granting, based on the determination whether the at least first application is registered and whether the at least first application is active, the at least first application access to the data transmitted from the second device.12-17-2009
20090037427REDISTRIBUTING A DISTRIBUTED DATABASE - Illustrative embodiments provide a method for redistributing data in a distributed database. The method provides a set of servers, each of which having a respective portion of the distributed database resident thereon, and for routing requests to the set of servers by means of a proxy server. Responsive to a redistribution request to redistribute the distributed database among the set of servers from a first distribution to a second distribution, setting a flag in the proxy server indicating that redistribution is in progress. Further storing configuration data for the first distribution and the second distribution in the proxy server, and redistributing the data in the distributed database in accordance with the configuration data.02-05-2009
20080250029METHODS FOR DISTRIBUTIONS OF DIGITAL FILES - The invention relates to a process for distributing files, having the steps of receiving at least one digital file, transmitting the digital file to a location, and selecting at least one content provider. The process also has the steps of updating a content of the content provider to provide a reference to the digital file at the location, generating an updated digital file by adding information which identifies the content provider to the digital file when the reference to the digital file is selected at the content provider, and transmitting at least a portion of the at least one updated digital file to a client network.10-09-2008
20080250027Hypertext displaying apparatus and hypertext displaying program - A hypertext displaying apparatus is provided. When a link destination indicated in stored data is designated, a processing section instructs a transmission/reception section to download hypertext data at the link destination, and instructs a history storage section to register an identifier of the currently-displayed stored data. If a user gives a “previous content” instruction, the processing section reads from a stored information storage section the stored data corresponding to the identifier registered in the history information storage section, so that the stored data is displayed on a screen.10-09-2008
20080250025Demand aggregation in a geo-spatial network - A method, apparatus, and system of demand aggregation in a geo-spatial network are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method includes creating an item group associated with a registered user of a geo-spatial network, inviting a set of neighboring users geo-spatially proximate to the registered user to join the item group, placing at least one of the set of neighboring users as a member of the item group and/or communicating items of the item group to a set of providers of the items of the item group. The method may includes placing a good and/or a service in the item group, and/or generating a frequency data, a pricing data, a unit data, and/or a time data. The method may further include geo-fencing the item group in an area that encompasses a neighborhood community in a threshold geographical radius from the registered user who creates the item group.10-09-2008
20080250023SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR BOOKMARKING CONTENT WITH USER FEEDBACK - A system and method for maintaining and accessing a database containing a number of content segments indexed by broadcast time is provided. If a user is interested in a particular content segment broadcasted from a station, he activates a portable bookmarking device which creates an entry comprising a broadcast time and a user preference indicator. In one form, the user may activate one or more buttons to indicate a positive or negative preference, while in another form a number of buttons may represent a number of categories of interest, such as varying genres. Upon coupling with a gateway, the user is presented with content selected from the database based upon the created time entries. In a further form, the system intelligently identifies the broadcast station likely associated with a bookmark and additionally may perform a correction process to ensure bookmark time accuracy. Various options exist allowing the user to interact with and obtain the selected content, including bulk download and custom streaming.10-09-2008
20080250024Mobile station with expanded storage space and method of retrieving files by the mobile station - Disclosed is a mobile station having an expanded storage space, and a method of retrieving a file stored in a remote storage server. The method may include determining whether the file is locally stored or remotely stored, deleting files in a local storage to provide space if the file is determined to reside in a remote storage server, downloading the file from a remote storage server over the Internet by prefetching a portion of the file from the remote storage server, and opening the prefetched portion of the file while concurrently downloading a remaining portion of the file from the remote storage server.10-09-2008
20090100071IMAGE TRANSMISSION APPARATUS, REGISTRATION METHOD, AND REGISTRATION PROGRAM - An image transmission apparatus is high in convenience, operability and reliability when newly registering a transmission destination to an address book. The apparatus obtains a list of destination names corresponding to recipients who have registered a recipient setting designating a transmission method; receives from a user a selection of whether to follow the recipient setting; receives from the user (a) if a selection to not follow the recipient setting has been received, a destination name and a transmission method to correspond thereto, and (b) if a selection to follow the recipient setting has been received, a selection of a destination name from the list; in the case of (a), registers the destination name and the transmission method in association as a candidate for the destination; and in the case of (b), registers the selected destination name with an indication that the recipient setting is to be followed, as a candidate.04-16-2009
20090063501SYSTEMS, METHODS AND COMPUTER PRODUCTS FOR GENERATING POLICY BASED FAIL OVER CONFIGURATION FOR DARABASE CLUSTERS - Generating a plurality of database cluster failover policy availability configuration modeling solutions by a database cluster management system in an environment of networked computer systems includes receiving a first signal from a user system specifying one of a plurality of database cluster failover policy type behavior patterns. The database cluster management system determines whether generating any of the failover policy type behavior patterns requires additional supplemental data. If no supplemental data are required, then the database cluster management system generates general database cluster policy solutions. If supplemental data are required, then the system utilizes an algorithm to generate unique, specific policy solutions by creating failover node sequences for each of the plurality of failover policy type behavior patterns requiring such additional supplemental data. The entire solutions can be displayed and then transmitted to multiple database cluster managers over a network to correct availability failure in networked database cluster configurations.03-05-2009
20090171982Privacy and Security Method and System for a World-Wide-Web Site - Personal information of users is used to customize the browsing experiences of the users on a World-Wide-Web site. To ensure privacy of the users' personal information, each user is assigned a unique Universal Anonymous Identifier (UAI). The UAI is generated by a trusted third party and provided to the Web site operator. The Web site operator then indexes the users' personal information by UAI. Only the user has the ability to correlate his/her true identity with his/her personal information.07-02-2009
20080228781Method and Apparatus for Managing Data Center Using Web Services - Access of data center resources is provided by the present invention using stateless and stateful Web services. For stateless Web services, the present invention provides an invoker API that allows a client to invoke a specific resource and perform an operation on the resource. For stateful Web services, the present invention provides a Web Service Definition file that defines attributes and operations for data center resources. The client may access an instance of a Web service resource once an endpoint reference is obtained from the server. Since the resource instance is persistent, the client may invoke data center operations and manipulate the resource attributes accordingly.09-18-2008
20080228778DISTRIBUTED DATABASE SYSTEM AND RETRIEVAL SERVER AND RETRIEVAL METHOD FOR THE SAME - A plurality of database hosts hold subscriber information in a distributed manner. A retrieval server processes inquires (host retrieval requests) on which of the database hosts has desired subscriber information stored therein. The retrieval server includes a plurality of processors, and the plurality of processors performs processing in parallel. Therefore, inquiries can be processed at a high speed. Further, a conversion information database and a host information database are provided as in-memory databases, which allow inquiry processes to be processed at a high speed. A call control server can efficiently acquire subscriber information from the database host based on the result of an inquiry made to the retrieval server.09-18-2008
20080228777Capture And Transfer Of Rich Media Content - Disclosed herein is a method and system for transferring rich media content from a mobile device to one or more publishing websites via a network. A client application is provided on a user's mobile device. The client application downloads media control widgets on the mobile device from a host website. The media control widgets comprise markup elements predefined in a markup language format and dynamic user interface components. The client application processes the markup elements and provides dynamic user interface components based on the markup elements. On initiating capture of rich media content by the user through the dynamic user interface components, the client application activates input devices of the mobile device and captures the rich media content. The client application transfers the captured rich media content to a publishing server via the network. The publishing server processes, stores, and publishes the rich media content on the publishing websites.09-18-2008
20080228776Devices and methods for searching a network of distributed content servers - A client user device for communicating with a web of distributed content servers includes a web browser and a web-usage monitor. The web browser is configured to receive web pages of content. The web usage monitor is configured to interface with the web browser and determine web-usage information for content received by the web browser. The web-usage monitor is configured to provide the web-usage information to a search provider.09-18-2008
20080228775Youth communities in a geo-spatial environment - A method, apparatus and system of youth communities in a geo-spatial environment are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method includes generating a set of user profiles above a general mapping environment, determining that one of the set of user profiles in a guardian profile through a verification technique, creating a dependent profile in a youth mapping environment when a guardian user associated with the guardian profile elects to allow a dependent user to create the dependent profile in the youth mapping environment, restricting access of the dependent user in the youth mapping environment based on a set of permissions granted by the guardian user and simultaneously visualizing the dependent profile based on a location data associated with the dependent profile along with adjacent dependent profiles having adjacent location data to the location data.09-18-2008
20080270413Client-Specific Transformation of Distributed Data - A data store is distributed between a server and a client. The distributed data store includes global data. A transformation is applied to the global data to generate client-specific data based on the global data. The client-specific data is stored on the client which uses the client-specific data to perform tasks relating to the client-specific data.10-30-2008
20090265362VERIFICATION OF NET ASSET VALUES - Disclosed herein is a system for verifying financial data, such as a Net Asset Value (“NAV”), received from a third party. A new NAV for a fund may be supplied to the system, along with other data, for storage in a database of financial data. Upon receiving the new NAV, the system may analyze the NAV by comparing it to historical NAVs for that fund. If the NAV is within a certain variance, as compared to historical values, then the NAV may be stored as a current NAV for the fund. However, if the NAV differs from one or more historical values by more than a predetermined tolerance, the system may present to a provider of the NAV data one or more possible explanations for the variation, from among which the provider must select an explanation before the NAV is added to the database of financial data.10-22-2009
20090265361MASTER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, MASTER MANAGEMENT METHOD, AND MASTER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM - A master management system includes a duty master creating part that counts the number of users in each group of same-attribute users who desire to use each of the applications, that identifies the applications each of which the number of users desiring to use is equal to or larger than a predetermined number, that creates and stores a master in a master management database of a storage device; and an individual setting part that identifies virtualization-possible applications of the applications each of which the number of users desiring to use is equal to or smaller than the predetermined number, and that sets data on users desiring to use the virtualization-possible applications in the distribution destination list of a distributing server.10-22-2009
20090265360Dynamically Quantifying and Improving the Reliability of Distributed Data Storage Systems - Data is stored in a distributed data storage system comprising a plurality of disks. When a disk fails, system reliability is restored by executing a set of reconstructions according to a schedule. System reliability is characterized by a dynamic Normalcy Deviation Score. The schedule for executing the set of reconstructions is determined by a minimum intersection policy. A set of reconstructions is received and divided into a set of queues rank-ordered by redundancy level ranging from a lowest redundancy level to a highest redundancy level. For reconstructions in each queue, an intersection matrix is calculated. Diskscores for each disk are calculated. The schedule for the set of reconstructions is based at least in part on the intersection matrices, the Normal Deviation Scores, and the diskscores.10-22-2009
20090265359Method and system enabling identification of information content having enhanced desirability to a user - There is provided a method of enabling identification of information content having enhanced desirability to a user comprising collecting content into an information database, updating the collected content according to one or more updating schedules, s filtering the updated content by reference to at least one theme, associating each of the filtered content items with a respective visual representation, and labeling the respective visual representations with one or more visual cues corresponding to one or more discrimination criteria. A system for enabling same comprises an information database configured to store collected content and accessible via a content server, an aggregator configured to update the collected content, an interactive content selection application configured to provide a user interface enabling filtering of the updated collected content, and a visualization module configured to associate the filtered content items with a visual representation and label each with one or more visual cues.10-22-2009
20080281827USING STRUCTURED DATABASE FOR WEBPAGE INFORMATION EXTRACTION - A structured database is used for webpage information extraction, and in particular, to obtain training data from the webpage for training a statistical model. The structured database has a plurality of entries, wherein each entry comprises a plurality of fields. One of the fields comprises a URL (uniform resource locater), while another field comprises information at least similar to other information to be located in a webpage associated with the URL. For at least some of the entries in the structured database, a web page associated with the URL is retrieved. The webpage is analyzed and if information is found in the webpage similar to the information in the structured database, the webpage is identified as being suitable to be considered as a training sample.11-13-2008
20090265358Methods, Systems, And Computer Program Products For Accessing Metadata Associated With A Network-Accessible Resource - Methods and systems are described for accessing metadata associated with a network-accessible resource. a resource message including access information for accessing a network-accessible resource is received. The resource message may be received in response to a request to access the resource or may be received asynchronously. Metadata subscription information for establishing a subscription for metadata associated with the resource is received with the resource message. A subscription to the metadata is established based on the metadata subscription information. The metadata associated with the resource is received pursuant to the subscription. The metadata that is received is presented before, during, or after a representation of the network-accessible resource is presented.10-22-2009
20080281830DISTRIBUTED STORAGE SYSTEM WITH GLOBAL REPLICATION - A data storage system apparatus and associated method with a virtualization engine connectable to a remote device over a network for passing access commands between the remote device and a storage space. A plurality of intelligent storage elements (ISEs) are configured for replicating data from a first ISE to a second ISE independently of access commands being simultaneously passed between the virtualization engine and the first ISE.11-13-2008
20090265357SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GENERATING MAINTENANCE RELEASE INFORMATION - A method for creating a maintenance release (MR) record containing operational status information for a mobile platform. The method may involve electronically accessing a database to acquire operational items relating to operational worthiness of the mobile platform, displaying the selected operational items to the user; and performing a synchronization check of the database system. The synchronization check verifies that the selected operational items represent the most recently stored information in the database system.10-22-2009
20090265356AUTOMATIC META-DATA SHARING OF EXISTING MEDIA TO CREATE STREAMABLE COLLECTIONS - A method, system, and/or apparatus of automatic meta-data sharing of existing media to create streamable collections are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of a server device includes analyzing a media data of a client device to determine at least one meta-data identifier associated with the media data and automatically populating a new mark-up language file using a existing media-collection data associated with certain items of the media data, and creating a streamable media content of the existing media-collection data on the server device based on a reference of the at least one meta-data identifier associated with each of the existing media collection data with a content database of a central server. The method may include communicating the streamable media content from the central server to the user on any client device without requiring consideration of the user to access the media content.10-22-2009
20090265355SYSTEMS, METHODS AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR AUTOMATIC NETWORK-BASED PERSISTENT XML STORAGE AND MANAGEMENT - Systems, methods and computer program products for automatic network-based persistent XML storage and management. Exemplary embodiments include a method including loading an XDM widget having internal XML, sending an XCAP GET request via an XCAP URI parameter, retrieving an existing XML document at a location associated with the XCAP URI parameter, invoking an initializer callback function via the XDM widget to populate the internal XML with default values associated with an etag, wherein the etag is null, sending an XCAP PUT request via the XCAP URI to store the existing XML document, executing etag header scenarios, providing XML management functions to automatically publish changes to the server, and trigger a timer function to poll for updates from the server and display the resulting updates to the user's screen via a render callback function.10-22-2009
20080288501Integrating Database Functionality with Workload Schedulers - A relational database trigger that accesses a distributed database table is initially created. This relational database trigger is defined prior to executing a first set of instructions, which are designed to be executed by a local first computer. The first set of instructions is executed until the relational database trigger is encountered, which causes a distributed database table to be accessed. Using information from the distributed database table, a dummy file is transmitted to a remote second computer. In response to the remote second computer receiving the dummy file, a scheduler searches the specific file location on the remote second computer for the dummy file. If the scheduler detects the dummy file at the specific file location, the remote second computer initiates execution of the second set of instructions.11-20-2008
20080288502STORING DEPENDENCY AND STATUS INFORMATION WITH INCIDENTS - A method and system are disclosed for reporting incidents occurring during operation of a distributed computing environment including a multitude of hardware and software resources. The method comprises the steps of whenever a defined incident occurs, generating a respective one incident report; and keeping with each incident report, selected information relating to the incident. Preferably, this information that is kept with the incident report identifies (i) selected resources associated with the defined incident, and status of said selected resources at the time of the defined incident, (ii) dependencies among said selected resources at the time of the defined incident, and (iii) service level agreements and operating level agreements impacted by the defined incident.11-20-2008
20080288504METHODS, MEDIA, AND SYSTEMS FOR RECORDING AND REPORTING CONTENT USAGE - A content management system distributes items of media content to groups of users. The media is fingerprinted and tracked for reporting purposes. The system uses an algorithm to compensate for multiple content owners. The system can also be configured to provide content while still providing anonymity for actual use.11-20-2008
20080288503DEFINING A SET OF DATA ACROSS MUTIPLE DATABASES USING VARIABLES AND FUNCTIONS - A method for defining grouping of data, across multiple data sources using variables and functions, may include defining grouping of data corresponding to one or more entities across multiple data sources, using a generic language that relates to multiple entities. The method may include providing access to the data based on Data-Dependent Routing (DDR), using variables and functions defined by the generic language. According to example embodiments, the system may include a user interface to receive one or more statements belonging to the generic language and present data accessed via the one or more statements. The system may also include a processor to execute statements and to provide access to the data. The system may further include a server to host the multiple data sources.11-20-2008
20080288505USE OF THREE-DIMENSIONAL DATA CENTER TO SUPPORT SERVICING OUTSOURCED OPERATIONS - A solution for supporting servicing an outsource operation(s) using a three-dimensional (3D) data center is provided. In particular, a solution is provided in which a 3D data center is created from aggregating information technology (IT) resource data received from a plurality of outsourced operation locations that may be geographically or task distributed amongst multiple IT service providers.11-20-2008
20080288507PRINTING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A printing apparatus manages identifiers of accounting destinations of print jobs. With a Web browser, a client can set update settings (update rules) of an identifier list saved in an identifier saving unit (of a device. An identifier update unit obtains an identifier list from another device, and updates the identifier list by adding or synchronizing identifiers included in the obtained identifier list in accordance with the update settings.11-20-2008
20080313195METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING DIGITAL CONTENT INCLUDING STREAMING MEDIA - The present invention describes a system and method of managing digital content received from content providers and for facilitating access to the digital content to many subscribers. The method includes receiving from the content providers incoming feed files where each feed file contains information describing the content. The method determines if the feed files are approved by applying a template to the feed files and also receives request files from the subscribers where each request file contains search criteria. The method provides one or more answer files in response to the request files where each answer file identifies feed files that meet the search criteria of a corresponding request file. The answer files are used to access or permit access to digital content on the web. In addition, a graphical user interface is described to manage, edit, promote and delete the feed files provided to the system.12-18-2008
20080313193Method of providing information to the public - An information access kiosk includes a computer assembly, including a wireless internet connection and an energy storage assembly, capable of powering the computer. Also, a protective assembly is adapted to permit the kiosk to withstand the attack of earthly elements when placed outside and a computer program, resident on the computer, is adapted to facilitate use of the computer to permit at least one anticipated use by a user.12-18-2008
20080313192Method of Managing a Distributed Storage System - A method of managing a distributed storage system (12-18-2008
20080313191METHOD FOR THE SUPPORT OF FILE VERSIONING IN FILE REPAIR - A system and method are provided for changing the file repair functionality associated with MBMS systems in order to allow for the unambiguous identification of a file version in the file repair request. A file repair request is extended by information that can globally, and independently of the file download session, identify the version of a file. According to one embodiment of the present invention, a last modification date of a file can be utilized in conjunction with the file's URL to identify the file and its version. According to another embodiment of the present invention, a hash value of the file can be utilized in conjunction with the file's URL to identify the file and its version.12-18-2008
20080313190Method and system for searchable web services - A method and system for a searchable Web service is disclosed, which involve gathering service information, using the gathered information for constructing a service definition file in a pre-defined format and enabling one or more search engines to discover information in the service definition file.12-18-2008
20080313189Parallel processing of assigned table partitions - Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for parallel processing of assigned table partitions. In general, a group of data may be received and at least a portion of the data may be caused to be assigned to an application server to process the data based at least in part on the application server and the at least a portion of the data being assigned to a same segment. A segment may represent one or more partitions of data of a database, such as a multidimensional database or a flat database. The data that is processed may be payment items that are processed as part of payment order processing by a payment engine.12-18-2008
20080215593Replication of object graphs - The updating of only some memory locations in a multiple computer environment in which at least one applications program (09-04-2008
20080228774COLLABORATION SYSTEM - A user terminal may be employed to generate a first message and, substantially simultaneously or thereafter, append a first plurality of metadata values to the first message, which metadata values are based on standardized metadata attributes. Subsequent messages may likewise have a second plurality of metadata values appended thereto, which messages are thereafter associated with the first message when the corresponding plurality of metadata values compare favorably. The comparison processing of metadata used to determine when messages should be associated with one another is preferably carried out using a back-end controller. Additionally, one or more content files may also be associated with such messages, which content files assist users of the system in developing context concerning various messages. In this manner, team-wide context may be more readily established, thereby fostering better understanding between team members and, consequently, more efficient collaboration.09-18-2008
20090319536METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR TRANSMITTING A DATA FILE OVER A DATA NETWORK - In one form the invention provides a method of modifying a data file for transmission over a data network. The method comprises the steps of receiving the original data file and creating a header file, the header file including the length in bytes of the original data file. At least one repetition byte sequence is identified within the original data file, the repetition byte sequence comprising a byte value that is repeated consecutively within the repetition byte sequence. A modified data file is created by replacing the repetition byte sequence with a repetition marker, the repeated byte value, and a repeat frequency value representing the number of times the repeated byte value occurs within the repetition byte sequence. The repetition marker is added to the header file. The invention further provides a method of transmitting a data file to a remote device over a data network.12-24-2009
20090319535System and method for interacting with clinical trial operational data - The current method and system allow sharing and integrating clinical trial operational data for easy accessibility of operational data, reusable predefined field identifiers and operational data for context and tables, and centralized use of operational data for conducting clinical trials based on semantics as well as syntax for consistency. The current system and method manage a plurality of clinical trial-related applications by creating a plurality of tables stored within the shared database of the shared database system for updating and sharing among clinical trials. The tables are logically organized by a plurality of operational data, and each table contains predefined data field identifiers associated with the plurality of operational data. The current system and method configure the plurality of clinical trial-related applications associated with the plurality of operational data as a producer or a consumer of the operational data to maintain consistency among the plurality of clinical trial-related applications without requiring a format to reuse the operational data for different clinical trials. The current system and method provide a centralized clinical trial operational data hub with transactional acknowledgment recording and sequence verification. The current system and method also provide a centralized clinical trial operational data hub with approval workflow, audit trail information, and reporting.12-24-2009
20080250028Secure Data Accessing System and Method - A system and method for accessing data located behind a security mechanism is provided. In the preferred embodiment, the system may use the common HTTP protocol and JDBC drivers. In more detail, a client may execute a Java applet that generates database proxy objects that are communicated to an application server using the HTTP protocol. The application server may use a servlet to process the objects and generate database requests using JDBC drivers so that the data is retrieved from the database for the client Java applet without the security problems.10-09-2008
20080270417Method and System of Targeting Content - A network device is placed on the edge of a service provider's network to intercept incoming and outgoing packets from a computer within the service provider's network. On interception of such a packets, the network device uses personal information about the user of the computer stored in a database in the service provider's network, to determine if such packet should be altered, and if deeming it appropriate alters such packet before sending the packet to its destination. This allows users of the service provider's network to provide personal preferences to the service provider, which will be used by the network device to alter packets according to such preferences.10-30-2008
20080235245COMMITMENT OF TRANSACTIONS IN A DISTRIBUTED SYSTEM - A computer program product and system for committing transactions in a distributed system are provided. The method, computer program product, and system provide for receiving a request from a client to commit a transaction at a coordinator node in the distributed system, tracking a tail log sequence number for every other node in the distributed system, determining a max log sequence number associated with the transaction for each participant node in the distributed system, and committing the transaction at the coordinator node when the tail log sequence number for each participant node is greater than or equal to the max log sequence number associated with the transaction at the respective participant node.09-25-2008
20080235244Distributed content storing system, node device, node process program, and content data providing method - A node device included in a distributed content storing system which includes a plurality of node devices mutually communicable through a network, the node device including: 09-25-2008
20080235243SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR EXPANDING TARGET INVENTORY ACCORDING TO BROWSER-LOGIN MAPPING - A target advertising system includes a user profile database configured to store browser-login mapping information associated with mapping of browser cookie information and login cookie information, an advertisement server configured to identify an access by a web browser and to transfer browser cookie information of the web browser to a user behavior server, and the user behavior server configured to receive the browser cookie information from the advertisement server, to identify, from the user profile database, user profile information of the browser-login mapping information corresponding to the browser cookie information, and to transfer the identified user profile information to the advertisement server.09-25-2008
20080235242Advanced Contact Management in Communications Networks - A system provided herein permits a communications network subscriber to establish a local contact database on at least one communications device. The local contact database can communicate with a global contact database to receive contact information updates for a group of subscribers stored within the local contact database. The contact information can include basic contact information, such as name, address, email address, and telephone number. The contact information can also include advanced contact information, such as registration and activity information for each communications device associated with the group of subscribers, location information, hotspot information, points of interest information, and social networking information. Methods are provided herein that permit subscribers to introduce each other and obtain contact information securely. Methods are also provided herein that permit subscribers to request further contact information after a communication session is terminated.09-25-2008
20080235240Method and apparatus for application-driven storage provisioning on a unified network storage system - A configuration for a network-accessible storage device is prepared by automatically computing a configuration parameter based on a setup parameter that pertains to an application-level function of the network accessible device. Software and systems that implement or use aspects of the invention are also described and claimed.09-25-2008
20080235239PRE-FETCHING WEB PROXY - Certain embodiments of the present invention provide methods and systems for providing access to network content. Certain embodiments provide a proxy system for providing access to network content. The system includes a content retriever for retrieving a first content on a network. The content retriever is configured to pre-fetch additional content linked or connected to the first content. The system also includes a content analyzer for analyzing the first content and the pre-fetched additional content according to a content policy and allowing access to the first content and the pre-fetched additional content in accordance with the content policy. The system further includes a content renderer for rendering allowed content for provision to a user upon user request. The renderer can also modify links to content based on a status of the linked content.09-25-2008
20080235235Page Title Display Method - In the source of the page “A Company—the Page for Selling CDS”, the number of characters of the bookmark title information is limited to 21 characters. Thus, even if the size of the bookmark display area AR09-25-2008
20080243862FIRMWARE REPOSITORY FOR MFP DEVICES - A firmware repository includes an Extensible Markup Language (XML) description file. A system and method for managing the repository is described.10-02-2008
20080201337METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR COLLECTING INFORMATION FROM COMPUTER SYSTEMS BASED ON A TRUSTED RELATIONSHIP - A method and system for retrieving data from devices in a way that seeks to preserve privacy and ensure the integrity of the retrieved data is provided. A retrieval system is implemented on a network of devices that communicate with each other via a secure communications link. Each device is directly connected to one or more “friend” devices that it trusts. The retrieval system operates by forwarding a request for data from one friend device to another friend device. Each friend device may optionally add data to the request until all the requested data is added. The request with the retrieved data is returned to the device that initiated the request.08-21-2008
20090157694METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING FILE METADATA TRANSPARENT ABOUT ADDRESS CHANGES OF DATA SERVERS AND MOVEMENTS OF THEIR DISKS - Provided are a method and a system for managing a file metadata, which are independent of a address change of a data server and movements of a disk by using a location of disk where data exists actually as a location information of a file data. The method for managing the file metadata includes determining whether the request of the metadata is valid, verifying information of a disk storing a file data corresponding to the metadata and a data server address in which the file data exists, and transmitting the verified address of the data server to the client. According to the method and the system for managing the file metadata, data services can be continuously provided without modifications of a file metadata even if the data server address is changed.06-18-2009
20090157690SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PRESERVING FILEHANDLES ACROSS FILE SYSTEM MIGRATIONS ON A BEST EFFORT BASIS - The present invention provides for a method and a computer system for preserving filehandles after a file system migration on a distributed file system. One embodiment of the invention includes maintaining a cache of each filehandle provided to a client from a source file server. When files are migrated from the source file server to the destination file server, the cache entries are transferred from the source file server to the destination file server. The cache entries are then updated to link the source file server filehandle of each cached data object to the file attributes of the data object now existing on the destination file server. When a client subsequently attempts to access a file by using a previously valid filehandle, the cache will translate the source file server filehandle into the file attributes of the object on the destination file server, allowing the file to be located without receiving a filehandle expiration error.06-18-2009
20080270418Method for registering a domain name and signing up with a search website using a computer network service provider on behalf of a user, and a modem - A method for registering a domain name and signing up with a search website using a computer network service provider on behalf of a user includes: (a) enabling a computer network service provider to establish a database, which stores therein identity identification information agreed upon with the user; (b) enabling the computer network service provider to receive a message from the user, the message including identity identification information and domain name application data; (c) enabling the computer network service provider to authenticate the identity identification information contained in the message; (d) applying for registration of the domain name after successful authentication; and (e) signing up with at least one search website after successful registration of the domain name.10-30-2008
20080270419Portable terminal device and storage medium storing program - Provided that use environment conditions (types of access points) fit for using a telephone directory (user use information) are stored and managed in a condition table in association with the telephone directory, a CPU (Central Processing Unit) activates a wireless LAN module at the time of opening the telephone directory, and determines whether a portable terminal device lies within a wireless LAN or a hot spot based on whether wireless communication with an access point present nearby has been established. When the portable terminal device lies within the wireless LAN or the hot spot, the CPU accesses and outputs the telephone directory associated therewith.10-30-2008
20080270420Method and System for Verification of Source Data in Pharmaceutical Studies and Other Applications - A method and system are described for verifying database entries against corresponding source data collected at a plurality of geographically remote field locations. The invention provides an electronic means of verifying field data in a manner that is quicker, less labor-intensive and less error-prone as compared with existing methods. The invention is particularly useful in the conduct of adaptive clinical trials of pharmaceutical products.10-30-2008
20080270416Determining influencers - Embodiments include a system, a device, an apparatus, a method, and a computer program product. An embodiment provides an influencer discovery method includes receiving at least one of content site data, computing device data, search engine site data, or beneficiary site data. The method also includes determining a correlation between the communication between the content site and the computing device responsive to a human user input; and the communication between the computing device responsive to a human user input and the beneficiary site.10-30-2008
20080270415Providing an incentive for including an item in content - Providing an incentive for including an item in content. The content is accessed and received from a first party. The content is searched for at least one item identified by a second party. The second party is notified in response to identifying the item in content. A mechanism is provided whereby the second party provides an incentive to the first party for including the item in the content.10-30-2008
20080270410COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS, APPARATUSES AND METHODS FOR ACCESSING DATA - A system for accessing metadata from a device is provided. The system includes a first device storing data that includes metadata and content data, a second device that can communicate with the first device, and a connection supporting communications between the first and second devices. The second device is configured to issue a command to the first device specifying a position in the data and an amount of data to be transferred. In response to the command, the second device can receive a portion of the data including the metadata but less than all the content data from the first device. The second device can then parse the portion of the data to access the metadata. The second device may also display the metadata in a user-readable format. A method, apparatus, and computer program product are also provided.10-30-2008
20080270414Method and system for automating purpose usage selection on web sites - This invention automates the selection of purpose usages when a user agent interacts with a web site that has been enabled for automated purpose usage information exchange. A user first configures the purpose usage automation in his or her user agent. At this stage, which typically occurs off-line, the user decides on a level of automation when specifying the one or more purpose usages. If desired, this preference may depend on how “trusted” the site is to the user. Later, when the user navigates to an organization's web site, the user agent communicates the purpose usage settings to the organization according to the level of purpose usage automation that has been configured. In particular, when a user's agent visits a web site, the user agent detects that “automated purpose usage” is enabled for the web site. The web site then provides the user agent with a list of one or more purpose usage options required or desired by the organization. The user agent then determines the response for each purpose usage option. This determination may be completely automatic, or partially automated, depending on the user's configuration. The web site then receives the purpose usage selections. At this point, the user agent can provide PII and the user is assured that such information is managed or used by the organization only according to the user's desires.10-30-2008
20080270411DISTRIBUTED BEHAVIOR CONTROLLED EXECUTION OF MODELED APPLICATIONS - The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for distributed behavior controlled execution of modeled applications. Embodiments of the invention facilitate the interoperation of a central data store along with various peer-to-peer functionalities. Thus, distributed applications can be executed in an environment that utilizes advantages of both a central data store and peer-to-peer messaging. A read-only portion of a centralized data store can be used to provide some behavior control over various processing systems during execution of a distributed software application. Thus, embodiments of the invention can be used to form a policy-driven collective of nodes forming a distributed, decentralized run-time for model-based applications. Utilizing a cooperating collective of nodes that comply with centralized polices and execute applications over a peer-to-peer fabric permits a distributed application runtime to accommodate distribution and decentralization on a large scale.10-30-2008
20090119305ENTERPRISE ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system and method for managing enterprise assets located at geographically distributed sites. The method includes storing in a database information relating to each asset, wherein the stored information includes cost of each asset and cost of service for each asset. The method further includes tracking and storing information relating to servicing of the assets, including the cost of servicing. Information relating to the assets is then displayed to a user of the system.05-07-2009
20090100062Playlist Resolver - A real-time locater for digital media objects, related to one or more musical compositions and accessible over a network, is described. A service-provider maintains a master index of the digital media objects and a playlist-resolver server. The master index is organized by considering each media object to be an example of a primary attribute associated with the media object by a multitude of users. The reference is constructed as a data structure of primary attributes and means of locating the media objects as instances of primary attributes. The playlist-resolver works with the master index to translate a list of references to creative works into a series of successful accesses to the corresponding media object files.04-16-2009
20090063504Bi-directional replication between web services and relational databases - A method for bi-directional data replication between a Web Service application and a relational database are provided. Techniques of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Extract Transform Load (ETL) technology are employed to create a relational database schema, load the schema, synchronize the structure and the content of the schema, and replicate changes in the content of the schema to the web services application. Optional advanced techniques to support reporting, legacy data migration, and integration with other applications are also provided.03-05-2009
20090049050FILE-BASED HORIZONTAL STORAGE SYSTEM - A file-based storage system includes a upload server configured to receive data files, a data buffer configured to store the data files received by the upload server, a plurality of first file silos each configured to store at least a portion of the data files received by the upload server, a parity builder configured to compute parity data corresponding to the portions of the data files stored in the plurality of first file silos; and a second file silo configured to store parity data.02-19-2009
20100005103DISTRIBUTED APPLICATION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE - A system and method is provided for remote administration and management of a computer network, by installation of distributed software agents in remote network components, such as software agents implemented using encapsulated reusable interfaces such as COM or CORBA interfaces. Remote network management is effected by communication with the distributed agents using a structured language-independent parsable text document, such as a markup language; e.g. XML.01-07-2010
20090083281SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REAL TIME LOCAL MUSIC PLAYBACK AND REMOTE SERVER LYRIC TIMING SYNCHRONIZATION UTILIZING SOCIAL NETWORKS AND WIKI TECHNOLOGY - A method enabling a local user having a playback device with a specialized player plug-in device to synchronize a display of song lyrics to a timer clock of hosting playback software and to search a remote computer system. The system includes a database with songs and hosting playback software with an interface to enable the user to locally receive and play back lyrics and timing metadata synchronized to a local music digital file. The method includes the user sending a query to the database via a proprietary software interface, searching in the database for lyrics and associated synchronization information, sending lyrics and associated synchronization information back and synchronizing and displaying the lyrics by the hosting playback software and the specialized player plug-in device, thereby enabling all users to enjoy access to synchronized lyrics.03-26-2009
20090083278SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISCOVERING AND PRESENTING SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN INTERNET USERS AND CONTENT - Systems, methods, and computer readable media are disclosed for discovering relationships between one or more content items and one or more users. The method of the present invention comprises retrieving one or more bookmarks and one or more tags associated with one or URLs generated by one or more users. One or more sets of related tags are generated according to a frequency with which the one or more retrieved tags co-occur within a given corpus of content items. The one or more URLs associated with the one or more identified sets of related tags are identified. The one or more users that generated bookmarks for the one or more sets of related URLs are identified. A recommendation is generated for one or more tags, URLs, and users in response to receiving a bookmark for a given URL through use of the related tags, URLs, and users.03-26-2009
20090077090METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SPECIFYING AN ORDER FOR CHANGING AN OPERATIONAL STATE OF SOFTWARE APPLICATION COMPONENTS - A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer usable program product for managing a distributed software application. The process identifies metadata describing a set of dependencies of a set of software components in the distributed software application from data associated with the set of software components. The process then identifies a sequence for changing an operational state of the set of software components of the distributed software application from the metadata to form an identified sequence. Thereafter, the process changes the operational state of the set of software components using the identified sequence.03-19-2009
20090070338Centralized production management for measuring mail industry processing performance - In the disclosed example, an Intelligence Management System (IMS) collects data pertaining to operations of resources of various document processing environments operated by different entities into a database. The IMS processes data from the database according to criteria, to generate at least one anonymous performance metric representing operational performance of resources within a number of the document processing environments. The anonymous metric may be presented to a user, such as personnel of one of the operating entities. If the user has sufficient access privileges, the IMS may also generate a similar client specific metric from data for one or more environments with which the user is associated, for example, to allow benchmark comparison of the operational performance of the associated environment(s) against the anonymous performance metric.03-12-2009
20090182750SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FLASH FOLDER ACCESS TO SERVICE METADATA IN A METADATA REPOSITORY - Embodiments are systems and methods for automatic submission of service metadata files into a metadata repository by utilizing a protocol for web-based distributed authoring and versioning to expose a folder as a virtual view of a categorization in a hierarchy of categorizations in a metadata repository. After a service metadata file is submitted to the folder, the system automatically introspects the service metadata file to identify service information, and then the system automatically creates a service asset in the metadata repository.07-16-2009
20090182749INTERACTIVE REMOTE WIRELESS SYSTEM AND METHOD TO ASSIST IN REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS, AND THE LIKE - A system and apparatus to provide remote interactive access to multiple databases and, specifically, related to a system and apparatus to provide remote interactive access to real estate information related databases using a portable, voice interactive computing device with GPS capabilities and “smart” computer features. The system combines access to search engines configured to retrieve real estate listings, publicly available statistics about a specific geographic area, and retrieval of stored forms specific to completing an offer for real estate. The device can have several components in various combinations including a touch sensitive screen, a keyboard, a processor, GPS circuitry, a microphone, an audio device, wireless circuitry, cellular circuitry, a data jack, a wireless remote, and a camera. Software utilizing those components maximizes efficiency for a real estate agent in the field.07-16-2009
20090164472Method and System to Optimize Efficiency when Managing Lists of Untrusted Network Sites - A computer readable storage medium including a set of instructions executable by a processor, the set of instructions operable to determine if a network location included in a request to connect to the network location, is included in a first list of untrusted network locations stored on the client computer and send a request to determine if the network location is included in a second list of untrusted network locations stored remotely from the client computer when it is determined that the network location is not included in the first list.06-25-2009
20090083290VIRTUAL CUSTOMER DATABASE - The present invention includes a virtual customer database system for delivering personalized services to a consumer operating a communication device. The virtual customer database system includes an administrator and a distributed database. The distributed database may be selectively loaded by the administrator with customer related information extracted from participating businesses. The distributed database includes secure databases associated with each participating business and a public participant database. The administrator may process push and pull service requests by selectively querying the distributed database. Sensitive customer specific information may remain with each corresponding participating business while responses to the requests may include personalized customer specific information provided via a common interface standard.03-26-2009
20090094256METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR REGISTERING A DEVICE - This invention relates to systems and methods for registering a device and retrieving identification information of the device. The system (04-09-2009
20090138480FILING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DATA FILES STORED IN A DISTRIBUTED COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK - A computer-implemented method for accessing a file stored in memory, includes: receiving a request to access the file, the request comprising a virtual file path name associated with the requested file; correlating the virtual file path name with a logical file identification (LFID); and identifying a physical location of the file in the memory using the LFID.05-28-2009
20090138487Application-Layer Monitoring of Communication Between One or More Database Clients and One or More Database Servers - One embodiment includes a system for application-layer monitoring of communication between one or more database clients and one or more database servers. The system includes one or more decoders residing at a decoding layer above a network layer. The decoders reside at a first network location between one or more database clients residing at one or more second network locations and one or more database servers residing at one or more third network locations. The decoders receive database messages communicated from the database clients and intended for the database servers and database messages communicated from the database servers and intended for the database clients, decode the database messages, and extract query-language statements from the database messages. The system also includes a monitoring application residing at an application layer above the decoding layer. The monitoring application resides at the first network location. The monitoring application receives query-language statements extracted at the decoders and records observations on the database messages based on the query-language statements extracted at the decoders.05-28-2009
20090138483Method and System for Authoring and Distributing Downloadable Interactive Learning Activities - A method of authoring a downloadable interactive learning activity includes generating, by a first subsystem of an interactive learning activity authoring system, an interactive learning activity computer file. The interactive learning activity computer file is based on learning activity specifications received via a series of computer-based learning activity authoring forms. The method also includes storing, by a second subsystem of the interactive learning activity authoring system, the learning activity file and associated metadata in a database that is accessible via an online server.05-28-2009
20090138481METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MOVING REQUESTED FILES FROM ONE STORAGE LOCATION TO ANOTHER - A method for moving files from one storage location to another, includes: receiving a request from a user to access a file; copying the file from a first storage element to a second storage element in response to the request, wherein the second storage element provides access to files at a higher rate than that provided by the first storage element; automatically determining whether a demand for the file exists; and automatically maintaining a copy of the file stored in the second storage element if the demand exists; otherwise automatically deleting the copy of the file stored in the second storage element.05-28-2009
20090083283Newsmaker Verification and Commenting Method and System - An on-line article comprising instances of newsmakers is provided by an Internet connected news server or news aggregator server and the names of the newsmakers are automatically identified by a newsmaker verification and commenting module. The article is displayed to a reader on an Internet connected client computer. The instances of the newsmakers in the article are emphasized such that they stand out in the article. The reader initiates a verification process by indicating that he is a newsmaker. The newsmaker verification and commenting module is in communication with a verification database and the identity of the reader is verified as the newsmaker through a series of questions and answers. After verification, comments provided by the reader are stored by the newsmaker verification and commenting module. The comments and article are published such that the comments are displayed conspicuously with the article on any client computer accessing the article.03-26-2009
20090164471Managing Distributed Data - A method, system and computer program product for managing distributed data is presented. A first datum, which is represented in an upper tier of a data tree, is received from a client computer by a first upper tier partition server. The first upper tier partition server is part of a plurality of upper tier partitions servers. A partition server manager in the first upper tier partition server identifies at least one other upper tier partition server that contains an other datum from the upper tier of the data tree. The at least one other upper tier partition server is registered with the client, such that the client is able to manage other upper tier data stored in the plurality of other upper tier partition servers.06-25-2009
20090164477METHOD OF ELECTRONIC SALES LEAD VERIFICATION - A method and system are disclosed that enable a party to verify that a specific web-form was the source of the information by comparing the information captured by a verification-agent with the information the agent receives directly or indirectly from the party hosting tie web-form. In one embodiment, the method for verifying data may comprise providing a computer server having a processor and a computer readable memory. The server may receive a first tracked data set and then store that data set for later reference. The server may then receive a verification request and compare tie data from that request against the stored tracked data. After a comparison as been made, the server may then transmit a verification response that indicates the results of the comparison.06-25-2009
20090164474METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR CONSOLIDATING MEDICAL INFORMATION - Methods and systems for enabling data communication from an image archiving system and a data storage/index/retrieving system.06-25-2009
20090164475Social networking on a website with topic-based data sharing - A method and system for constructing a social network using advanced content-based indexing, data and index sharing, and a peer-to-peer network in conjunction with a web site interface. The system uses novel indexing techniques to identify and share common interests among users of the network, and integrated peer-to-peer software facilitates data sharing based on these interests.06-25-2009
20090164473VEHICLE INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM WITH VIRTUAL PERSONALIZATION SETTINGS - The personalized content system of the system combines a summary music identification value creation and identification algorithm that represents a mathematical summary music identification of a song, an audio file, or other relational music criteria and data (e.g. title, artist, genre, style, beats per minute, etc.) or any combination thereof. The derived value represents the musical taste or style attributes of a song or style. The analysis and generation of the summary music identification value is intended to take place while outside the vehicle where attention can be paid and vehicle distraction and safety is not an issue. A user can generate a single summary music identification value or can generate multiple summary music identification values for different criteria. In other cases, summary music identification values can be defined for genre, but with a much more personal touch possible than with fixed playlist radio stations. In another embodiment, a user can obtain and use someone else's summary music identification value (e.g. a celebrity, artist, friend, etc.) and use it with the system.06-25-2009
20090144287SERVICE NODE, NETWORK, AND METHOD FOR PRE-FETCHING FOR REMOTE PROGRAM INSTALLATION - A system for a package pre-fetching for a remote program installation. The system includes a cache and a service program unit. The service program unit receives a request for a package required for an installation of an operating system and at least one peripheral application thereof from a computing node. The service program unit determines a package request sequence by which the computer node issues one or more package requests according to a type of the computing node, so as to pre-read a subsequent package from an external storage device into the cache before the computing node issues a request for the subsequent package.06-04-2009
20090138488EXERCISE MACHINE INFORMATION SYSTEM - Example systems and methods involve receiving data communicated from multiple exercise machines and storing machine-related data for the multiple exercise machines, the machine-related data comprising at least maintenance data, use data and warranty data for a respective one or more of the exercise machines. The machine-related data is updated based on the data received from the multiple exercise machines and one or more operations are automatically performed with reference to the stored machine-related data to produce operation-generated information about one or more of the multiple exercise machines.05-28-2009
20090138486Secure Content Descriptions - The invention describes a control node for a content distribution network and a method of automatically verifying content distributed over a network at a node in the network. In the method, a content description is received which comprises a content identifier, a publisher identifier, publisher authorisation information and content checking information. The integrity and validity of this information are checked and if both the checks are passed, the content description is stored.05-28-2009
20090138477Updating Data on a Remote Device - Systems and methods, including computer software products, for updating data on a remote device involve defining multiple channels on a remote device, where each channel is associated with a predetermined type of content. Content updates for the channels are automatically delivered to the remote device, and an update frequency is identified for each channel. A most frequent update frequency among the multiple channels defined on the remote device is determined, and updates to the channels are requested according to the most frequent update frequency.05-28-2009
20090138484Method for Enhancing Content using Persistent Content Identification - Methods for enhancing content objects within web pages use persistent content identification to identify content signals and associate behaviors with the content signals, such as controlling rendering of the content signals along with other information, such as advertising. One method executes within a user device and automatically inserts code within the web page to fetch remote information used in connection with rendering the content signal in a web page. Another method operates on a server and enhances a content object so that it will have certain behaviors when downloaded and presented with a web page.05-28-2009
20090138482Law enforcement data management techniques - A system of the present invention includes a server operable to communicate with the data access device carried in the law enforcement vehicle to request and display information about a person subject to investigation. This server is responsive to the data access device to retrieve a number of records corresponding to the person, provide a data arrangement that links a group of the records together and an identifier for such arrangement, and selectively accesses at least one member of the group of the records in response to an input from the data access device.05-28-2009
20090138479SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SENDING DATA STORING REQUESTS IN SEQUENCE - A computer-based method for sending data storing requests in sequence is disclosed. The method includes the steps of: receiving a data storing request sent from a thread in a client computer; inserting the data storing request into the end of a request queue in the client computer; sending the first request in the request queue to an application server electronically connected with the client computer, deleting the first request in the request queue, and moving a location of each remaining request, in the request queue, forward accordingly; storing data corresponding to the first request in a database by the application server. A related system is also disclosed.05-28-2009
20090138478Method and Apparatus to Facilitate Participation in a Networked Activity - Participation in a particular networked activity (from amongst a plurality of candidate networked activities) by a plurality of members of an affinity group is facilitated by gathering (05-28-2009
20090138485APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR COMMUNICATING WITH MULTIPLE DATA STORES - An apparatus and system are disclosed for communicating with multiple data stores. The present invention includes a control module that communicates with a plurality of data stores. The control module is in communication with a connection module. The connection module communicates with a first association module that is in communication with a first data store. The control module communicates with the first data store through the connection module and the first association module. In addition, the first association module communicates with a second association module. The second association module communicates with a second data store. The control module also communicates with the second data store through the connection module, the first association module, and the second association module.05-28-2009
20090049059Method and System for Controlled Distribution of Profiles and Related Content Via Centralized Network-Based Resources - An information management and distribution system is disclosed. The information management and distribution system includes a client-side application and a server application that interact to facilitate the controlled exchange of contact information over a network. The client-side application can provide creation and design, rolodex, exchange, and update features. The information management and distribution system can also include a corporate administrator application. Still another aspect of the invention is that contact information can be distributed to registered users in a common format.02-19-2009
20090049058INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING PROGRAM - The present invention provides an information processing apparatus including: a communication connection section that is communicably connected to an external apparatus; a first storage section that stores a predetermined program to be executed by the external apparatus, and for which read/write operation from the external apparatus is inhibited; a second storage section to which read/write operation from the external apparatus is inhibited; and a write section that reads out the predetermined program stored in the first storage section when the information processing apparatus is communicably connected to the external apparatus by the communication connection section and writes the read out program in the second storage section.02-19-2009
20090049055METHOD, APPARATUS, AND SYSTEM TO PROVIDE CONTENT USING CONTENT PREFERENCE INFORMATION - A method, an apparatus, and a system to provide content using content preference information of users, and a computer readable medium to store a computer readable program to execute the content providing method. The method comprises searching the content preference information to identify one of the users that is likely to prefer the content; and transmitting the content to the selected user.02-19-2009
20090049054Method and apparatus for sequencing transactions globally in distributed database cluster - A system and method for receiving and tracking a plurality of transactions and distributing the transactions to at least two replication queues over a network. The system and method comprise a global queue for storing a number of the received transactions in a first predetermined order. The system and method also comprise a sequencer coupled to the global queue for creating a copy of each of the transactions for each of said at least two replication queues and for distributing in a second predetermined order each said copy to each of said at least two replication queues respectively, said copy containing one or more of the received transactions.02-19-2009
20090049051Systems And Methods For Providing Media Access Patterns In A Geographic Area - Systems and methods of presenting media access patterns to a user are disclosed herein. A geographic indicator is received from a user. The geographic indicator can be representative of a geographic area. A media item identifier corresponding to a media item having the greatest number of media access requests is identified. The media access requests are received from a plurality of consumers associated with the geographic area. The media item is identified from a logging database that stores media access requests. The media item identifier can be communicated to the user.02-19-2009
20090006419System and Method for Personalized Health Information Delivery - Embodiments of the present invention provide a system and method for providing mobile handheld (e.g., mobile phones, handheld computers) device users the ability to access personalized health information from a variety of locations. A computerized mobile handheld device, customized software programming, and broadband transmission of information using the Internet and wireless networks is provided. System users are provided access to highly relevant healthcare topics for their personal review with minimal searching effort. The user iteratively responds to a series of prompts by clicking, using voice recognition, or telemetric data input technology to register his or her response. The user's responses are linked to a series of health information topics, which appear on the user interface. This series of healthcare topics provide the user information on the respective health issue. The series of healthcare topics are rearranged in order of most relevant to least relevant based on the user's data inputs.01-01-2009
20090006416Methods and systems for providing Web applications - Methods and systems consistent with certain disclosed embodiments provide applications. In one embodiment, a system is disclosed that provides applications. The system may include a computer system that receives a request related to an application and a database system. The database system may include a database and an application server module and a framework of software modules logically arranged to provide controlled access to data in the database. The application server module may use the data to generate content to generate a Web page related to the application. Further, the software modules may be logically arranged in layers such that access to data or software in a software module of one layer is performed by executing software in another software module of another layer.01-01-2009
20090006415PUBLISHING WORK ACTIVITY TO SOCIAL NETWORKS - Communications, such as emails or other information, in a work setting can be retained in a shared database that operates similar to an Internet social network. As work activities are performed, the content of the work activities can be associated with one or more shared databases based on the individual performing the activities, a common topic or theme associated with the activity and/or a manual entry. As various individuals review information contained in the shared database, notifications relating to who reviewed the content and a time of review can be sent to a contributor of the content to provide for accountability issues.01-01-2009
20090006413Owner-Brokered Knowledge Sharing Machine - The invention discloses a system and method for promoting information or knowledge sharing among users registered to a computer network by allowing an information or knowledge owner to locate or directly access private information, to publish information for direct access by knowledge requesters, or to broker information or knowledge with an information or knowledge requester. This invention also discloses a system and method which allow an organization to develop and manage a reward system based on the frequency of an information or knowledge owner's contribution to information or knowledge sharing and the frequency of an information or knowledge requestor's use of shared knowledge.01-01-2009
20090019054Network data storage system - The inventions concerns a network data storage system comprising a storage unit, at least one network client and an intermediate network switch.01-15-2009
20090187579System, Method and Product for Processing Utility Data - A system, method and computer program product for providing data from a plurality of physically separate databases storing utility data to a plurality of software applications is provided. In one embodiment, the computer system comprises a first set of adaptors for accessing a plurality of measurement databases that store measurement data supplied via a plurality of nodes and derived from measurements of a plurality of parameters of a power grid, a second set of adaptors configured to access one or more databases that store property data comprising data of the plurality of network nodes, a third set of adaptors configured to access one or more connectivity databases that store connectivity data comprising the connectivity of the plurality of nodes, a node map stored in a memory that includes data sufficient for associating each of the plurality of nodes with at least one of the plurality of separate databases, and a data interface responsive to requests from the plurality of software applications and configured to identify one or more of the adaptors to which to provide data requests based on the node map.07-23-2009
20090187574SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR NETWORK INTERACTION BETWEEN COMPUTING DEVICES - The present specification provides, amongst other things, a method and system for network interaction between computing devices. In one embodiment a wireless client machine is provided that includes a mini web-browser that is configured to access a secure web-page from a web-server. The secure web-page includes an interactive form. The wireless client machine is also configured to access a schema that corresponds to the secure web-page. The wireless client machine is configured to render the secure web-page using the contents of the schema.07-23-2009
20090187572Systems and methods for providing access to instructional content - Methods and apparatus are provided for locating trustworthy how-to content (e.g., on the Internet), and providing access to such content (e.g., via a web site). Some embodiments provide a method for making trustworthy how-to content accessible, which method includes locating an item of how-to content made available for access by a provider; creating at least one how-to entry corresponding to the item of how-to content which enables a user to access the how-to content and which includes some indication of the source (and thus also, to a user familiar with the source, an indication of the quality) of the how-to content; and providing the user with access to the how-to entry via at least one network (e.g., the Internet).07-23-2009
20090327312ORGANIZING RESOURCES INTO COLLECTIONS TO FACILITATE MORE EFFICIENT AND RELIABLE RESOURCE ACCESS - The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for organizing resources into collections to facilitate more efficient and reliable resource access. Namespace managers communicate with one another to form a federation namespace infrastructure. The infrastructure can efficiently route, migrate, and process namespace requests, such as, for example, namespace registration requests from providers requesting to manage portions of namespaces and lookup requests from consumers requesting access to managed resources. Resources can be registered in and made accessible from multiple different namespaces. Resources can be identified using nested queries that filter results at multiple levels of a hierarchical namespace.12-31-2009
20090327308SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING A CONSUMPTION NETWORK - Systems and methods for providing a consumption network are provided. A method according to the invention may include receiving purchase information on a mobile device and recording the purchasing information. The information may be transmitted to a central database. At the central database, the information may be recorded and transmitted from the central database to a pre-determined group of users. Alternatively, the information may be transmitted to a group of users directly from the mobile phone associated with the purchasing.12-31-2009
20090327299REPLICATING MODIFICATIONS MADE TO CONTENTS OF A SHARED FOLDER - Replicating modifications made to contents of a shared folder. As a part of replicating modifications made to contents of a shared folder, modifications made to a shared folder located on a first computer system and replicated in a second folder that is located on a second computer system are accessed from a second computer system. One or more folders are identified that are associated with the second folder and that are accessible from one or more other computer systems. The one or more folders are caused to have replicated in them modifications that were made to the shared folder.12-31-2009
20090063512Method and System for Controlled Distribution of Profile Information with Communication Support - An information management and distribution system is disclosed. The information management and distribution system includes a client-side application and a server application that interact to facilitate the controlled exchange of contact information over a network. The client-side application can provide creation and design, rolodex, exchange, and update features. The information management and distribution system can also include a corporate administrator application. Still another aspect of the invention is that contact information can be distributed to registered users in a common format.03-05-2009
20090063497METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR PROVIDING A JAVA BASED MODEL-VIEW-CONTROLLER RELATIONSHIP - An embodiment relates to a method of providing data. The method includes monitoring a user interface to detect a change in the user interface. The change indicates a desired modification to data presented in the user interface. The method also includes generating a request to modify data in response to detecting the change in the user interface and transmitting the request to a repository storing the data to be modified.03-05-2009
20090063494METHOD AND SYSTEM TO SYNCHRONIZE ACCOUNT NAMES ACROSS A PLURALITY OF SECURITY SYSTEMS - A system for synchronizing account names from a plurality of source security systems. In response to coupling a conversion system between the plurality of source security systems and a target security system, identity data from a human resource system and account data from the plurality of local source security systems is loaded into the conversion system. A name resolution rule set is retrieved and a unique account name identification is generated for a set of account names associated with an identity using the name resolution rule set. The set of account names associated with the identity is converted to the unique account name identification to produce a synchronized set of account names associated with the identity. Then, the synchronized set of account names associated with the identity is stored in the target security system.03-05-2009
20090055400Interactive presentation and distribution of web content having a search feature - A data module for display in web content on a webpage, and a method of presenting the web content. The module includes data content for display on a webpage having publisher content, a search field coupled to the data content, an advertisement coupled to the data content, and a link in the data content for allowing a viewer of the webpage to manipulate and interact with the data content. The method includes generating a data module by coupling an advertisement and a search field to data content, providing at least one link in the data module for allowing a viewer of the webpage to manipulate the data content, displaying the data module on a webpage, and refreshing the webpage, in response to receiving a selection of the link from the viewer, to display the manipulated data content, advertisement, and search field in the data module on the webpage.02-26-2009
20090144286COMBINING UNIX COMMANDS WITH EXTENSIBLE MARKUP LANGUAGE ("XML") - Unix utilities to read delimiter-separated strings on standard input and prepare one or more request to a web service. Web service results are printed to standard output. Other utilities read one or more structured documents from standard input, locate specified portions of the structured documents, and print the located portions on standard output. Another type of utility reads delimiter-separated strings on standard input, obtains a template document describing a valid structured document, and produces such a valid document containing the delimiter-separated strings. Methods of using these utilities together in data-processing pipelines are also described.06-04-2009
20090144284METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR GLOBAL USAGE BASED FILE LOCATION MANIPULATION - A method for optimizing the location of files stored in one or more geographically distributed storage nodes, includes: storing a second data file in a second storage node, wherein the second data file is an identical copy of a first data file stored in a first storage node; determining if there is sufficient demand for the second data file stored in the second storage node; and if it is determined that there is insufficient demand for the second data file from the second storage node, deleting the second data file from the second storage node.06-04-2009
20090144285LOAD BASED FILE ALLOCATION AMONG A PLURALITY OF STORAGE DEVICES - A method for balancing loads among a plurality of data storage devices, includes: receiving a request from a user device to download a data file; identifying a first set of storage devices containing the requested data file, wherein the first set comprises one or more storage devices; identifying a first storage device from the set that is currently least busy among the storage devices in the first set, and directing the first storage device to serve the request; determining if the first storage device is too busy; and if the first storage device is too busy copying the requested data file to a second storage device which did not previously store the data file, thereby adding the second storage device to the first set of storage devices containing the requested data file.06-04-2009
20090006420COPYING AND UPDATING FILES - Copied and source files are tracked so that authors of these documents can selectively update these files. Stale copied files can be eliminated. A control is provided to mediate copying of files among servers that have differing security policies. Metadata of a file being copied is downloaded from a server to the control and the control uploads the metadata of the file to one or more servers. A relationship between copied files and source files are memorialized whether or not copied files reside in different namespaces from the namespace of the source files.01-01-2009
20090012968Medical Image Management System - Disclosed a medical image management system including: a plurality of image storing members; a setting member to set configuration information on the produced medical image; an image management information storing member to store image management information; a multi-storing processing member to perform multi-storing of the medical image into the set image storing member at the set multi-storing timing on a basis of the multi-storing destination information and the multi-storing timing information, both set on the medical image; and an image management information supplying member to read the image management information of the medical image from the image management information storing member in response to a requirement of the radiogram interpretation terminal and supplying the read image management information.01-08-2009
20090012962SMART STORE AND FORWARD DBMS STATEMENT COLLATING SYSTEM - One or more embodiments of the invention enable a smart store and forward DBMS statement collating system. The system may be utilized with any database implementation by coupling computer readable program code to the interface layer of the database, generally the lowest layer of software that accesses the database. The system can be utilized with complex transactional code that insulates a user from programming complex collating logic. Hence a user that employs an embodiment of the system is unaware that database operations within a transaction are collated into silos with like table and field usage and flushed to the database as part of a database block operation. The order in which operations occur allows for high priority table inserts to occur before low priority table inserts to maintain referential integrity, while low priority table deletes occur before high priority table deletes for the same reason.01-08-2009
20090012967Content providing system based on media playback apparatus - A content providing system based on a media playback apparatus capable of reading a content reception information stored in a storage media to provide a multimedia content to a user is disclosed. In accordance with the system, an advertisement or a promotion of a product is possible by distributing a storage media that holds a link to a content providing apparatus to consumers.01-08-2009
20090012963METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING HETEROGENEOUS RESOURCES FOR CLIENT SYSTEMS - One embodiment of the present invention provides a system that provides heterogeneous resources for client systems. During operation, the system maintains a stateful resource database that tracks heterogeneous resources in a given environment. The system receives requests from client systems, and in response to the requests searches for a heterogeneous resource in the stateful resource database that matches the request. If the system finds an available heterogeneous resource that matches the request, it proceeds to submit the request to the resource. Maintaining and using the stateful resource database facilitates efficiently sharing scarce heterogeneous resources across a number of client systems.01-08-2009
20090024638REMOTELY UPDATING A STATUS OF A DATA RECORD TO CANCEL A WORKSTATION DEPLOYMENT - A system and program product for updating a data record of a database to cancel a deployment of a computer workstation. A deployment status is changed from a starting status to a deployed status via intermediate statuses and then the deployment is canceled. From a decision tree stored in the database, a list of identifiers that identifies an ordered list of software routines is generated. An email message is created that includes a selectable object and a hidden field. The list of identifiers is inserted into the hidden field. The email message is sent to a user. The user's selection of the selectable object is received. The list of identifiers is obtained from the hidden field and the software routines are retrieved from the database. The software routines are executed in their order to update the status from deployed to the starting status via updates to the intermediate statuses.01-22-2009
20090024637SYSTEM AND SERVICE FOR AUTOMATICALLY AND DYNAMICALLY COMPOSING DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT APPLICATIONS - A document management system applies relevant document analysis, metadata extraction, and business process association algorithms and methodology to automatically and dynamically classify documents for routing, processing, and executing customized business logic. The document management system accepts documents from one or more channels, classifies the document and extracts metadata, executes customized application profiles and triggers business logic associated with the process. The document management system comprises a rules engine to detect and classify unstructured forms as well as structured forms, where the locations of attributes and visual layout are not fixed. The document management system provides automatic linkage between disparate systems that manages documents for the complete execution of a business process.01-22-2009
20090024634ADAPTIVE FILE DELIVERY WITH LINK PROFILING SYSTEM AND METHOD - An adaptive file delivery system and method transmits a data file, such as an audio-video file, over a network or collection of networks in segments, each segment transmitted during a different time period. Each time period has a transmission portion to transmit its associated file segment and a wait portion in which no further interaction with the network occurs regarding the transmitted segment. In some implementations, the duration of the transmission portion of each time period is sufficient to reach a steady-state throughput condition, which allows the traffic load status of the network or networks to be determined from rate measurements of file segment transmissions. The duration of the wait portion of each time period is at least long enough to limit the average rate of file segment transmission to adapt to network traffic load variations while causing the entire file to be delivered in a predetermined delivery deadline.01-22-2009
20090024633Systems and methods for remote deletion of contact information - An exemplary system for providing remote deletion of contact information includes a first device associated with a first user. The first device is configured to generate and send a delete request message to a second device. In some embodiments, the delete request message includes a request to delete contact information for the first user from the second device. The second device can be configured to receive the delete request message and delete the first user's contact information. A method for providing remote deletion of contact information includes a delete request message being generated at a first device, associated with a first user. The delete request message can include a request to delete contact information for the first user. The first device can send the delete request message to a second device. The delete request message can instruct the second device to delete the first user's contact information.01-22-2009
20090024632Method of and System for Controlling Private Data in Web-Based Applications - A method of and system for providing content and services includes web-based application that is hosted on a server. The application includes web-provided services and private data. The private data is contained in a data source. The application includes a place holder for the private data. The place holder is tagged with the data type, format, and data elements required for the application. A personal syndication manager that is associated with an application user. The personal syndication manager is communication with the server. The personal syndication manager is also in communication with registered data sources. The personal subscription manager is configured to convert the private data to a content syndication format required by the application. The personal subscription manager is also configured to terminate a subscription upon the occurrence of an event, such as the expiration a subscription period.01-22-2009
20090024631DIGITAL CONTENT HUB - There are provided methods and systems to retrieve search result information and digital content. The system receives input information identifying a plurality of data sources from which to retrieve digital content. Next the system retrieves search result information, over the network, from the plurality of data sources based on the input information. Next the system retrieves the digital content, over the network, from at least one of the data sources based on the search result information. Finally, the system communicates digital content to a client machine.01-22-2009
20090210431Load Sharing Cluster File Systems - Load sharing clusters in which each node is responsible for one or more non-overlapping subset(s) of the cluster namespace and will process only those requests that access file or directory objects in the partitioned namespace that the node controls while redirecting requests designated for other nodes. A non-overlapping subset may be migrated from a source node to a destination node, for example, for load sharing or hotspot mitigation. Migration typically includes maintaining a file virtualization link from the destination node to the source node to permit forwarding of requests by the destination node to the source node during migration of metadata and then migration of data from the source node. After migration is complete, the file virtualization link is broken and the destination node services requests for the non-overlapping subset from the migrated metadata and data.08-20-2009
20090210429System and method for asynchronous update of indexes in a distributed database - An improved system and method for asynchronous update of indexes in a distributed database is provided. A database server may receive the request to update the data and may update the data in a primary data table of the distributed database. An asynchronous index update of the indexes may be initiated at the time a record is updated in a data table and then control may be returned to a client to perform another data update. An activity cache may be provided for caching the records updated by a client so that when the client requests a subsequent read, the updated records may be available in the activity cache to support the various guarantees for reading the data. Advantageously, the asynchronous index update scheme may provide increased performance and more scalability while efficiently maintaining indexes over database tables in a large scale, replicated, distributed database.08-20-2009
20090198705SERVER, DATA TRANSFER METHOD, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - A receiving unit receives a processing request from a client, requesting acquisition of data including a plurality of elements from a database. An acquiring unit acquires first data and data structure information from the database in response to the first processing request. A generating unit replaces a first element with a first identifier and generates a second data including the first identifier and the second elements. A transmitting unit transmits the second data to the client.08-06-2009
20090198704Method for automated network file and directory virtualization - A system and method for managing the locations of files in a network such that application programs in client computers that need access to those files do not need reconfiguration when those locations are changed. Further, the system and method allows the resolution of the ‘virtual’ location known to the client computer or application to a current physical location to be performed using a single referral. In addition, the system and method provides for the automatic updating of the ‘namespace’ that tracks the relationship of ‘virtual’ location to current physical location.08-06-2009
20090198699REMOTE SPACE EFFICIENT REPOSITORY - A method for storing data includes establishing a space efficient storage system including a virtual repository, a staging repository and a remote repository. The virtual repository includes a first pointer to the staging repository, and the staging repository includes a second pointer to the remote repository. The method further includes receiving data at the virtual repository, storing the received data in the staging repository based on the first pointer, and determining a data access frequency based on the storage in the staging repository. In addition, the method includes comparing the determined data access frequency to a threshold frequency and transferring the stored data to the remote repository based on the second pointer and comparison and storing the stored data at the staging repository based on the comparison.08-06-2009
20090198703INTELLIGENT DATA STORAGE SYSTEM - An intelligent data storage system, comprising: one or more intelligent storage devices each comprising one or more processors, a memory, and a storage medium configured to store source data; and one or more application hosts each comprising one or more processors and a memory, communicatively coupled to said one or more intelligent storage devices and configured to generate an execution plan, comprising at least one data filtering parameter, to divide said execution plan into one or more fragments comprising said at least one data filtering parameter, and to provide said one or more fragment to said one or more intelligent storage devices, wherein said intelligent storage device is configured to execute said execution plan fragment on the source data to generate result data selected from the source data based on said at least one data filtering parameter.08-06-2009
20090049057METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PROVIDING LOCATION BASED CONTENT DELIVERY - A device for providing location based content delivery includes a server located at a first location, a hand-held electronic device configured for communication via a wireless network with the server to receive data relating to the plurality of requests for services and to transmit data regarding the provision of services for updating the data stored in the memory and a processing device communicatively coupled to the hand-held device A method for providing location based content delivery at a job site other than the location of a service provider comprises providing a technician with a hand-held electronic device, clocking the technician in and out remotely utilizing the hand-held electronic device, transferring and viewing work orders to the hand-held electronic device, capturing customer information on the hand-held electronic device at a job site and transferring it to a server accessible at the location of the service provider.02-19-2009
20090049053Method and system for pushing data to subscribers in an on-demand service - In accordance with embodiments, there are provided mechanisms and methods for pushing data, which maybe associated with documents that are being tracked, in an on-demand service. These mechanisms and methods for pushing data in an on-demand service can enable subscriptions to elements associated with the documents being shared. As a result of the subscription the user may be notified that a document associated with the subscription has been changed (e.g., altered). In an embodiment, the subscription may be forced on a user.02-19-2009
20090049052Flexible method and system for providing digital content - A system and method for disseminating digital content, including receiving at a server a request from a user computer for a browser displayable interface definition, and sending from the server to the user computer the interface definition including resource tags, the resource tags being interpretable for linking to sources of the digital content.02-19-2009
20090055401Loosely Coupled Mass Storage Computer Cluster - A method and apparatus redundantly store data, in particular video data objects, in a distributed computer system having at least three processor systems, each processor system being connected in point to point two way channel interconnection with each other processor system. The data is stored in a redundant fashion both at the computer system level as well as the processor system level. Accordingly, the failure of a single processor does not adversely affect the integrity of the data. The computer system can also overlay a switching system connected in a ring fashion for providing a fault tolerance to the failure of a single connected processor system at the switch level. Accordingly, there results a fault tolerant data distribution system.02-26-2009
20090300021INDUSTRIAL CONTROL METADATA ENGINE - In an industrial control setting, different components can have information that can be valuable to various entities, such as other components, technicians, and the like. A decision can be made as to what information should be available to entities and a determination can be made if the information should be published in a directory or be discoverable. Security can be taken into account in determining if information should be published and decision making can employ adaptive learning, such that a publish and/or discovery decision criterion can be modified based on the learning.12-03-2009
20090063502WEB-BASED CONTENT ABSTRACTION BASED ON PLATFORM AGNOSTIC CONTAINERS ABLE TO BE EXPORTED TO PLATFORM SPECIFIC, USER CUSTOMIZABLE PORTAL PAGES - The present invention discloses a solution for adding user specified content to a customized portal. In the solution, URL addressable content can be selected from a user specified Web source. A platform agnostic container can be established for the content. A user selected portal platform can be determined for the established container. The container can be adjusted for the user selected platform. The adjusted container can be added to a set of user selectable objects for the platform. The user selectable objects can be customizable by a user to create a customized portal for the portal platform accessible via a URL associated with the platform. When the adjusted container is selected for a customized portal, the selected URL addressable content appears within the customized portal. The URL addressable content of the adjusted container can remain synchronized with the Web source, which ensures information currency.03-05-2009
20090070341Device and process for remote management of a network of audiovisual information reproduction systems - Management device for a network of audiovisual information reproduction systems or jukeboxes, including a database with a plurality of sets of arrays, each array containing grouped information either about the composition of a jukebox, or the use of the jukebox, or the payment of fees. The database is managed by a computer server connected with the audiovisual information reproduction systems to receive messages sent by each audiovisual information reproduction device and containing information necessary to update determined sets of arrays in the database, and update data or the program for each audiovisual information reproduction device with information stored in at least one set of arrays in the database and transmitted in this message.03-12-2009
20090043782System of Making Report with Authenticated Image - A system for making a report with an authenticated image is provided in which the imaging time of an image captured by a portable telephone with a camera is certified with an objective time, and image information can be authenticated.02-12-2009
20090043781Method and System for Providing Content According to Personal Preference - In one embodiment of the present invention, a main server receives a content request identifying a content category from a client and identifies the client sending the request from the content request. Then, the content category from the content request is identified. The main server determines if the content category is included in a preference tag of the identified client. The preference tag comprises a plurality of hierarchical category identifiers selected from a hierarchical configuration of category identifiers. If the content category is included in the preference tag associated with the identified client, then personalized content according to the preference tag of the identified client is provided. Thus, a method and system for providing content according to personal preference are provided.02-12-2009
20090063498AVOIDING REDUNDANT COMPUTATION IN SERVICE-ORIENTED ARCHITECTURES - A request for a software service utilizes a service intermediary. The service intermediary 1) checks the request to confirm that it conforms to XML well-formedness, and 2) validates the schema of the request. If the request passes both tests, then flags are appended to the request, which is sent to a service provider. The flag indicates to the service provider that the request has already been checked and validated, such that the service provider only needs to provide the requested service, without redundantly checking and validating the request.03-05-2009
20090063511System and method for providing broadcast listener participation - A method of allowing listeners to participate in broadcast programming is provided, the method generally comprising one or more of providing a library of media elements accessible by a plurality of listeners; receiving from each of at least two of the listeners a playlist of media elements, wherein at least one of the media elements in each playlist is from the library of media elements; editing the playlists using broadcast scheduling software; providing the edited playlists to the plurality of listeners for playback, and for feedback regarding the playlists; and receiving feedback from at least one of the listeners regarding the playlists. A system and apparatus are similarly provided.03-05-2009
20090063509Method and Apparatus for Monitoring Network Servers - A server monitoring system includes one or more monitoring engines running on a computer, a system database running on a computer, and a user interface running on a computer to remotely monitor one or more servers across any suitable network and provide alerts and status via either user interface computer or a suitable remote notification system.03-05-2009
20090063507METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR RETRIEVING CONTENT - Method and apparatus for retrieving content according to various aspects of the present invention operate in conjunction with systems for transferring data in a p2p network connecting multiple clients. Exemplary methods and apparatus may generate a catalog of multiple file segments stored in a memory accessible by computer and publish the catalog for access by the clients.03-05-2009
20090063503METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR REMOTE CACHE ACCESS - A method of processing a request associated with an electronic document in a document management system at a local replicated system, the method comprising the steps of first receiving the request. The method further comprises determining whether the request is a read only request that may be processed at a local replicated system; routing the request to either a master document management server or a local replicated system; and monitoring the local replicated systems to determine whether subsequent transactions may be processed at the local replicated systems.03-05-2009
20090063500EXTRACTING DATA CONTENT ITEMS USING TEMPLATE MATCHING - Systems and methods for extracting data content items from a web page are provided. A template is created by labeling data content items of interest associated with a web page and generating a template Document Object Model (DOM) tree based on the labeled web page. DOM trees are also generated for additional web pages that contain data content items for which extraction may be desired. These DOM trees are compared to the template DOM tree to determine alignment there between. The aligned data content items may then be extracted from the additional web pages and indexed, as desired. Labeling the data content items of interest prior to generating a template DOM tree allows for the desired data content items to be specified and more accurately extracted from related and/or similarly structured web pages.03-05-2009
20090063496AUTOMATED MOST POPULAR MEDIA ASSET CREATION - A method for automatically generating most popular videos or aggregate media assets based on a set of criteria is provided. In one example, the method includes receiving a set of criteria (e.g., one or more criterion) for selecting media assets, selecting at least two media assets from a plurality of media assets based on a set of data (e.g., one or more attributes) associated with each of the plurality of media assets and the set of criteria, and generating a playlist of the selected media assets. The method may further include generating an aggregate media asset based on the playlist for sequentially playing media assets according to the playlist. The selection criteria may be based upon a media asset attribute (e.g., duration, subject matter, source, language, etc.). Further, selection of the media assets may be based on media asset access patterns, e.g., views, plays, edits, etc.03-05-2009
20090055407SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR RETRIEVING DATA IN A COMPUTER NETWORK - A data retrieval system comprising a first computing device communicatively coupled to a second computing device; the first computing device having a processor that supports operation of at least one software application that is used for retrieving data; the second computing device communicatively coupled to one or more storage media; the software application having a retrieval module for retrieving data from the one or more storage media; a storage and backup map that maps to the second computing device; and a data index stored on the second computing device that indicates to the retrieval module a particular location of the data that is to be retrieved by the retrieval module.02-26-2009
20090055404SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ONLINE PROFILE MANAGEMENT - An online profile management system and method is disclosed that provides users with management and control over the presentation and distribution of their online profiles. The system can enable a user to create a professional profile for purposes such as job seeking, career management and/or professional networking, for example. The online profile can cut out time and expense for both an applicant and employer by combining an applicant's resume, interview audio and video, and a digital career portfolio into a compelling package hosted on a single, easy-to-use Web page. The Internet-based profile can also enable professionals to build and manage an online career portfolio that comes alive with informational keyword pop-ups, video, pictures, and social networking. The system can enable secure sharing of the online profile and interaction with others for purposes of networking, discussing best practices, career progression and business development, for example.02-26-2009
20090055399Systems and methods for reading objects in a file system - Embodiments of the disclosure relate generally to file systems. Specifically, certain embodiments include systems and methods for reading objects in a file system. In some embodiments, a first processing thread traverses a portion of a file system and represents file system objects in a data structure. A portion of the data and/or metadata associated with the represented objects may be prefetched to a memory. In some embodiments, a second processing thread consumes the objects represented in the queue. For example, in a file system backup embodiment, the second processing thread may transfer data and/or metadata associated with the objects to an archive target.02-26-2009
20090055408SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MULTI-USER ACCESS TO A WIRELESS STORAGE DEVICE - Various systems and methods for allowing multi-user access to a wireless storage device are disclosed. For example, some embodiments of the present invention provide methods for sharing content objects that include providing a wireless storage device that is operable to communicably couple to a master device and a sharing device. The wireless storage device includes a memory on which one or more content objects are stored. The methods further include receiving a request to share that identifies the sharing device; and authorizing the request to share. Through authorizing the request to share, the sharing device is authorized to receive the content object.02-26-2009
20090055403Method and System for Controlling and Auditing Content/Service Systems - An improved interactive network system is provided that allows the Network Operator to control the transfer of information to and from the network end users, the system preferably using triggers or markers embedded within the programming broadcast to users via the network. As a consequence of this system, the Network Operator is able to efficiently garner revenues from third parties transacting business over the network and to control the look and feel of programming offered to network users. Additionally the system can be used as a means of limiting network access, filtering programming, providing on-screen graphics or audible signals for particular programming types or providers, bookmarking programming, profiling network users, targeting advertising, and simplifying network transactions.02-26-2009
20090055402METHOD AND APPARATUS TO AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE AND/OR TRANSMIT CONTENTS - A method and apparatus to automatically receive and/or transmit contents in which desired contents are automatically downloaded and streamed by using a rich site summary (RSS) function. The method includes receiving sample contents corresponding to previously set search conditions by connecting to a content server that has been previously linked with the content player when a web network is connected; notifying that the contents are updated when the sample contents are completely received; and receiving original contents corresponding to the sample contents in accordance with the selection of a user when the contents are completely updated.02-26-2009
20090100063SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR OBTAINING LOCATION INFORMATION USING A NETWORKED PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An improved system and method is disclosed for providing a user with detailed information about a particular location where the user is present. In one embodiment, a user may take a video of the location where the user is present. The user's video may be transmitted to a network server, which performs a video recognition algorithm to match the video to a location about which information is contained in a location information database. The user may then be connected to a network dataset, such as a webpage or webpages, associated with the location. In other embodiments, locality information comprising location identifiers may be obtained or transmitted from the location to a user's portable electronic device. The locality information may be transmitted to a network server, which matches the locality information against a location information database to identify the location. Once the user's location is matched to location information within the database, detailed information about the location may be transmitted directly to the user's portable electronic device.04-16-2009
20090083274Network Content Modification - Methods, systems, and computer-readable media provide for the modification of network source content. According to various embodiments described herein, source content that includes primary source content and secondary source content is received via a network. Secondary source content is identified for modification. Insertion content is identified for use in modifying the secondary source content. The secondary source content is then modified prior to providing the modified source content to a user device for presentation to a user. Content management criteria that may include provider agreements, user preferences, and a user profile may be used in the content modification procedure.03-26-2009
20090083276INSERTING DATA INTO AN IN-MEMORY DISTRIBUTED NODAL DATABASE - A method and apparatus loads data to an in-memory database across multiple nodes in a parallel computing system. A database loader uses SQL flags, historical information gained from monitoring prior query execution times and patterns, and node and network configuration to determine how to effectively cluster data attributes across multiple nodes. The database loader may also allow a system administrator to force placement of database structures in particular nodes.03-26-2009
20090083285Cross-Satellite memory organization for medical image data - A method, a system and a computer readable medium are disclosed for storing medical image data in a clinic which includes a plurality of satellites as stations. In this arrangement, the image data captured by a modality are all stored in an STS memory and in a long-term storage device. The image data selected as being relevant are stored in a cache which allows rapid access to the data. Hence, a layered memory system with different access times is proposed, wherein the respective satellites and the respective entities are able to interchange data with one another and can also load and store image data from other satellites.03-26-2009
20090083287SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR AN EXTENSIBLE BUSINESS APPLICATION FRAMEWORK - Method and systems for editing data from a query result include requesting a query result using a unique collection identifier for a collection of individual files and a unique identifier for a configuration file that specifies a data structure for the query result. A query result is generated that contains a plurality of fields as specified by the configuration file, by combining each of the individual files associated with a unique identifier for a collection of individual files. The query result data is displayed with a plurality of labels as specified in the configuration file. Edits can be performed by querying a collection of individual files using the configuration file, editing a portion of the query result, and transmitting only the edited information for storage back into a data repository.03-26-2009
20090083280SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GUIDING SIGHTSEERS - A method for guiding sightseers includes the steps of: providing at least one application server (03-26-2009
20080263058System and Method for Tenant Screening - A system and method for collecting and dispersing information for the purpose of tenant screening includes, according to one exemplary embodiment, a database configured to both receive information regarding tenants and also provide information to landlords about potential tenants. Landlords registered with a consumer information bureau for the purpose of tenant screening as both a participant and client, have access to the database. Registered landlords provide tenant information regarding current and previous tenants, and are also able to view the tenant information associated with potential tenants. The tenant information provides the landlord with detailed information supplied by previous landlords of the potential tenant.10-23-2008
20080263057METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR TRANSFERRING DATA - Methods and apparatus for data transfer according to various aspects of the present invention operate in conjunction with acquiring file segments associated with a sequence, and may include requesting a preceding file segment in the sequence from a faster and/or more reliable source, such as a file server, and requesting a subsequent file segment in the sequence from slower or less reliable source, such as a p2p network. The received data may be stored in a ready buffer, a file server buffer, and/or a network buffer according to whether a full set of sequential data has been received and/or the source from which the data is to be requested. File segments may be transferred to the ready buffer when all of the file segments in a sequence and all of the preceding file segments.10-23-2008
20080263056ELECTRONIC CONTENT ASSET PUBLICATION SYSTEM - The Electronic Content Asset Publication System operates as an overlay application on the native multi-media communication network to receive individual subscriber requests for a selected electronic content asset and deliver that asset to the requesting subscriber. This system acquires, stores, publishes, distributes, accesses and processes electronic content on demand and delivers this content in the format of the subscriber's communication device over a selected multi-media communications infrastructure. This system provides access to specific subscriber-initiated electronic content assets that are of interest to the subscriber. The electronic content assets comprise individual multi-media streams, multi-media files or streams of multi-media files, initiated and published by individual subscribers rather than the mass media distributed by conventional content sources.10-23-2008
20080263053System and method for creating online social-networks and historical archives based on shared life experiences - The invention is an online social-networking site that enables users to form relationships based on shared life experiences while creating a valuable and easily accessible database of historical material. Unlike existing sites, which allow users to create digital albums that are then shared with friends and relatives, the subject site is a searchable communal archive that categorizes memories by event, time period, location, affiliation and other criteria. Rather than preserving individual memories in separate user accounts, the interface of the subject invention funnels those memories into networks and communities based on shared experience, weaving individual stories into a large repository of historically rich material.10-23-2008
20080263052Multi-format centralized distribution of localized resources for multiple products - A multi-format centralized framework for the distribution of resources. The framework allows product teams to update resources independent of a product build process and, to store and distribute the resources from a central repository (a shared resource server system) in multiple formats. The central repository includes a storage structure that can support all markets and all products. Resources can now be updated on the product frontend or delivered directly to the client when requested. Team resources can be stored in a single file format (e.g., RESX) and distributed in multiple formats (e.g., XML, RESX, JS, etc.). Both server-side and client-side rendering are supported. In further support of the deployment of updated localized strings without requiring a build, the architecture supports the sub-versioning of strings. In support of scalability, different levels of caching of the strings through edge cache and custom designed cache mechanism are provided.10-23-2008
20080263051SYSTEM FOR MANAGEMENT OF A PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT ORGANIZATION USING BEST SUITED HETEROGENEOUS SYSTEMS - According to one example embodiment, the inventive subject matter herein provides a system that integrates a plurality of heterogeneous systems in support of a Professional Employment Organization (PEO). According to one example embodiment, the system of the inventive subject matter connects a plurality of heterogeneous systems using a shared data store in the form of a data web. The systems may share data through the data web to provide a variety of functions to support the PEO, wherein the functions are supported by the heterogeneous systems. An interface system is provided to provide access to the functions of the heterogeneous systems, wherein the interface provides a homogenous view of the heterogeneous systems and functions.10-23-2008
20080263050DECISION SUPPORT RESPONSE SYSTEMS AND METHODS - A computer-implemented method for managing data for a clinical decision support system includes providing a computer management system including a server and a database, and downloading the decision support system onto the computer management system. The decision support system includes a plurality of rules and receives data. The method also includes accessing the decision support system and issuing an alert associated with a predetermined data pattern to at least one client system according to the rules, receiving a request for additional information from the at least one client system in response to the issued alert, determining additional data that has been requested, and retrieving the additional information associated with the issued alert.10-23-2008
20080263049AUTONOMIC MANAGEMENT OF UNIFORM RESOURCE IDENTIFIERS IN UNIFORM RESOURCE IDENTIFIER BOOKMARK LISTS - Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to URI management for bookmarks and provide a novel and non-obvious method, system and computer program product for autonomic management of URIs in a URI bookmark list. In one embodiment of the invention, a method for autonomically managing bookmarks in a bookmark list can be provided. The method can include parsing a list of bookmarks to test validity for network addresses within the bookmarks, and, for each of the bookmarks containing an invalid network address, inferring a correct network address. For example, inferring a correct network address can include comparing a chunk of an image of expected content for the bookmark with pre-stored chunks of content and retrieving a network address for a closely matching one of the pre-stored chunks of content10-23-2008
20090094251Virtualized data storage vaults on a dispersed data storage network - A system, method, and apparatus for implementing a plurality of dispersed data storage networks using a set of slice servers are disclosed. A plurality of information records are maintained, with each information record corresponding to a dispersed data storage network. The information record maintains what slice servers are used to implement the dispersed data storage network, as well as other information needed to administer a DDSN, such as the information dispersal algorithm used, how data is stored, and whether data is compressed or encrypted.04-09-2009
20090100072CONTENTS FILE PROCESSING DEVICE FOR MOUNTING IN VEHICLE - A contents file processing device for mounting in a vehicle, having name acquisition means for acquiring a name relating to a roadside device, downloading means for downloading a specified contents file from a predetermined server through the roadside device, and storage means for storing the contents file, downloaded by the downloading means, so that the file is associated with the name acquired by the name acquisition means.04-16-2009
20090100066Identity Management - A method which may allow a user to create more than one online identity in a Web browser, and associate each online identity with one type of intended online activity. The user may be able to switch to a different online identity without logging out from his/her computer or Web browser. The invention may help users to evade websites' tracking and targeting functions and protect users' privacy. Since each online identity may be associated with only a part of a user's browsing history, it is difficult for websites to collect all information about the user.04-16-2009
20090210427Secure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Platform for Multiple Protected Systems - A data processing system, comprising a plurality of customer premises equipment (CPE) servers located at a plurality of different active sites, each of the CPE servers comprising a local storage unit, wherein each of the CPE servers is configured to collect one or more copies of one or more servers, applications or data of the active site at which that CPE server is located and to store the copies in the local storage unit of that CPE server; a data storage and compute unit that is coupled to the CPE servers through a network, wherein the data storage unit is configured to receive transmissions of the copies, to verify the copies, and to store the copies in online accessible secure storage that is segregated by business entity; logic stored in a computer-readable storage medium and coupled to the data storage unit and to the CPE servers through the network, wherein the logic is operable to receive a request from a particular active site to restore one or more data elements contained in the secure storage of the data storage unit associated with the particular active site, to inflate the one or more data elements, and to provide the particular active site with online access to the one or more data elements that are inflated.08-20-2009
20090055406Content Distribution System - In a content distribution system 02-26-2009
20090164476SYSTEM AND METHOD OF PENALTY DATA COMPILATION, ANALYSIS AND REPORT GENERATION - The present invention relates generally to a system and method for reviewing and evaluating performance. In particular, the present invention relates to a system and method for reviewing and evaluating performances of an official or group of officials at an event or events. Even more specifically, according to embodiments of the present invention, the system and method can involve reviewing and evaluating a referee's performance during a football game or games.06-25-2009
20090216773Device, System, and Method of Creating Virtual Social Networks Based On Web-Extracted Features - Device, system, and method of creating virtual social networks based on web-extracted features. For example, a method for creating virtual social networks based on web-extracted data includes: accessing through a global communication network a first content item and a second content item, wherein each one of the first and second content items is selected from the group consisting of: an image, a video, text, and metadata; extracting data corresponding to a first feature from the first content item; extracting data corresponding to a second feature from the second content item; and based on a common attribute of the first and second features, clustering into a cluster a first identifier of a first user associated with the first content item and a second identifier of a second user associated with the second content item.08-27-2009
20090106268CONTENT DISTRIBUTION PRIORITIZATION USING DEMAND INDICES - A method of providing electronic content that includes matching electronic content to a plurality of destinations based on one or more criteria, assigning demand indices to each of the plurality of destinations based upon a determined value of the destination to the electronic content, determining an order of the plurality of destinations based on the demand indices, and transmitting the electronic content to at least one of the destinations in a manner giving priority based upon the determined order.04-23-2009
20090106251Web based communication of information with reconfigurable format - 22Attorney Docket No. DY-Internet/SCHA system of using an interactive device such as an e-mail pager to obtain information from a publicly available source, such as the Internet. The e-mail pager may send information in its native format to a service that acts as an intermediary. That service takes the information and uses it to assemble a request to the actual information source, such as a Web page being accessed. If a web page is being accessed, the request is in HTML, and may include personal logon information. The response from the web page is also in HTML, and this information is received by the service, and salient information is taken from the HTML file. The information is reformatted, e.g. according to a template, into the e-mail pager”s native format, and sent to the pager. Another embodiment describes opening multiple pages, and assembling their content into a single web page.04-23-2009
20090106264STATUS PROCESSOR AND STATUS DISPLAY METHOD - A status processor, configured to connect to a network, includes a media connecting unit configured to connect at least one storage media. The status processor further includes a server unit configured to transmit data. The status processor still further includes a directory name setting unit configured to create a status-reflecting directory name on the server unit. The status-reflecting directory name corresponds to a status of at least one of the status processor and the storage media. The server unit is configured to transmit data that indicates an existence of the directory having the status-reflecting directory name to the network.04-23-2009
20090106255File Aggregation in a Switched File System - In a switched file system, a file switching device is logically positioned between clients and file servers and communicates with the clients and the file servers using standard network file protocols. The file switching device appears as a server to the client devices and as a client to the file servers. The file switching device aggregates storage from multiple file servers into a global filesystem and presents a global namespace to the client devices. The file switching device typically supports a “native” mode for integrating legacy files into the global namespace and an “extended” mode for actively managing files across one or more file servers. Typically, native-mode files may be accessed directly or indirectly via the file switching device, while extended-mode files may be accessed only through the file switching device. The file switching device may manage file storage using various types of rules, e.g., for managing multiple storage tiers or for applying different types of encoding schemes to files. Rules may be applied to pre-existing files.04-23-2009
20090106253PORTAL EVENT VERIFICATION - Disclosed is a system and method for checking and identifying plurality of portal events of a portal page within a portal. The portal is checked for the plurality of portal events which are non-interconnected within the portal. Further, identifying a non-interconnected set of the plurality of portal events within the portal and outputting the non-interconnected set of the plurality of portal events.04-23-2009
20090106252HTTP-Based Publish-Subscribe Service - Resources are retrieved asynchronous through the use of resource requests to a feed server. When the feed server returns an initial requested resource, a URI for a next resource is sent to the requesting subscriber. The URI for the next resource was pre-generated by the feed server before the next resource was created, thus allowing the subscriber to have a pending asynchronous resource request at the feed server. This resource request persists on the feed server until the new resource becomes available.04-23-2009
20090222458DATABASE PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - A database processing apparatus generates a first processing instruction for acquiring an element included in the processing-target structured document, a second processing instruction for performing a natural join by using result data including the acquired element, a third processing instruction for performing a cross join by using the result data, and a fourth processing instruction for updating a correspondence relation between a result of the execution of the natural join and a result of the execution of the cross join by using these result of executions, and joins these processing instructions to generate the process plan. At this time, the database processing apparatus converts the first processing instruction into a fifth processing instruction for transmitting an acquisition request for the element to the database servers, and receiving the result data including the acquired element from the plural database servers.09-03-2009
20090248693MANAGING DATA TRANSFER BETWEEN ENDPOINTS IN A DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT - A file fetcher manager provides commonly-utilized management and resource allocation for multiple file fetchers that each implement a different type of mechanism or protocol for transferring data files between peer endpoints in meshes associated with a cloud-computing service. Each file fetcher is configured with both client-side and server-side components to retrieve and serve out data files. The file fetcher manager encapsulates the file fetchers to provide an abstract interface to callers while hiding the underlying details of the file fetchers. The file fetcher manager is arranged for managing simultaneous operations of the multiple file fetchers to route requests from the callers to the appropriate file fetchers, and for scheduling work items for the file fetchers so that data transfers efficiently utilize available resources while keeping the entire transfer process coherent and organized.10-01-2009
20090210432DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, METHOD, AND SOFTWARE - A data management system and method for updating and aligning a plurality of management components, wherein the data management system is accessible to various users from a remote location, is disclosed. The data management system includes a user system having a web browser, a database including a plurality of management components for storing information related to a client group, and a server system in communication with the user system and the database, wherein the server system includes a change management component adapted to manage information stored on the database and dynamically update each of the management components when information stored on the database is modified.08-20-2009
20090210426SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT OF DISTRIBUTED SPATIAL DATA - A system and method of providing efficient management of distributed, diversified, large sized spatial data as a scalable solution.08-20-2009
20090210425Method for sending dynamic content and dynamic content delivery server - A method for sending dynamic content and a dynamic content transmission server are disclosed. The method for sending dynamic content includes: storing an original dynamic content subscribed to by a user; creating and storing a corresponding relationship between the user and the subscribed original dynamic content; and obtaining the corresponding original dynamic content according to the corresponding relationship, and performing personalized processing on the original dynamic content, and sending the processed dynamic content to the user. This method can implement sending of personalized subscribed dynamic content.08-20-2009
20090248702System and method for managing, controlling and/or rendering media in a network - A system and a method manage, control and/or render media in a network. The system utilizes a media management application that manages, controls and/or renders digital media files in the network. A user browses, searches, manages and/or consumes content from multiple storage devices and servers in the network. The user may view a visual representation of active media connections between the available servers and/or the available rendering devices connected to the network.10-01-2009
20090248703SAVING DEVICE FOR IMAGE SHARING, IMAGE SHARING SYSTEM, AND IMAGE SHARING METHOD - The saving device for image sharing saves images offered by a sharer of the images for image sharing and accessibly shares in an album form among at least one share. The device includes a sharee layout storing means configured to store first layout information of a sharee's album, a shared area determining means configured to determine a shared area to be shared in the sharee's album from a sharer's album, and a layout changing means configured to automatically change a layout of the shared area based on the first layout information of the at least one sharee. An image sharing system includes the device, and an image sharing method uses the device.10-01-2009
20090204620SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR COLLABORATIVE NOTE-TAKING - Techniques are provided for determining collaborative notes and automatically recognizing speech, handwriting and other type of information. Domain and optional actor/speaker information associated with the support information is determined. An initial automatic speech recognition model is determined based on the domain and/or actor information. The domain and/or actor/speaker language model is used to recognize text in the speech information associated with the support information. Presentation support information such as slides, speaker notes and the like are determined. The semantic overlap between the support information and the salient non-function words in the recognized text and collaborative user feedback information are used to determine relevancy scores for the recognized text. Grammaticality, well formedness, self referential integrity and other features are used to determine correctness scores. Suggested collaborative notes are displayed in the user interface based on the salient non-function words. User actions in the user interface determine feedback signals. Recognition models such as automatic speech recognition, handwriting recognition are determined based on the feedback signals and the correctness and relevance scores.08-13-2009
20090204619Device capable of automatically downloading files and method thereof - The present invention relates to a device capable of automatically downloading files comprises, a printed circuit board; a micro controller; a memory provided with a program; an internet interface for connecting to an internet; and a connecting interface coupled with a hub; when a card reader is coupled with the hub, the micro controller is controlled by the program with respect to a schedule written in a memory card in the card reader so as to connect to the internet via the internet interface and in sequence process relevant operations of downloading files. A method of automatically downloading files is also disclosed by the present invention.08-13-2009
20090254563METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DYNAMICALLY CREATING AND UPDATING USER PROFILES FOR INSTANT MESSAGE CONTACTS - A method, system and computer program product for enabling retrieval and display from an information resource of additional information corresponding to an instant message (IM) contact using search topics detected/retrieved from: a profile of the IM contact; a stored list of topics of interest to the IM contact; and content manually selected from the contact's IM message during an ongoing IM session. The IM contact's profile information is entered by a local user or is received from the IM contact's IM client following an exchange of self-entered profile information between a local user and the IM contact during the IM session. A searching facility, when turned on, dynamically performs the search for additional information from the content retrieved from the profile. Returned information is then visually presented to the local user to enhance the local user's knowledge of the particular topic.10-08-2009
20090222454METHOD AND DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM FOR RESTRUCTURING WEB CONTENT - There is provided a method and data processing system for restructuring web content which consists of a plurality of web pages. The method comprises the steps of generating a log file which comprises a history of web pages. The history of web pages comprises all web pages that have been selected by a user from the plurality of web pages. An access frequency is determined for each of the selected web pages by use of the history of web pages. A subset of web pages is determined which comprises the web pages that have been accessed by the user with the largest access frequency. This subset is limited to a maximum number of web pages. The plurality of web pages is generally arranged in a tree structure. The tree structure is rooted at the starting webpage. The web pages that are comprised in the subset of web pages is either linked to a portlet which is directly linked to the starting webpage or the subset of web pages is determined at the point in time when the user accesses the user specific special webpage which is also directly linked to the starting webpage. The method in accordance with the invention is particularly advantageous as it allows a user to directly access a webpage within a few clicks away from the starting webpage. Thus he does not have to click through many web pages in order to arrive at his favorite web pages.09-03-2009
20090222453PREFETCHING REMOTE FILES ON LOCAL DISK SPACE - A technique for enhancing the transfer of files from a source network host to a destination network host includes accessing a file stored on the source host from the destination host, caching a local copy of the file on the destination host, and prefetching all remaining files in a file system group of which the file is a member by caching local copies thereof on the destination host.09-03-2009
20090222451REGIONALIZING PRINT MEDIA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - Systems and methods are provided for use in managing the regionalization of print media. In one system, a master data file having a plurality of different print features may be examined to identify at least one of the print features as a candidate print feature for possible modification in at least one region. For each candidate print feature, the system may receive user input to selectively establish a secondary data file for a print media campaign targeting at least the region in which the print candidate feature may be modified based, at least in part, on an existing regionalized print feature or on a requested regionalized print feature.09-03-2009
20090216774VIRTUALIZATION OF METADATA FOR FILE OPTIMIZATION - Mechanisms are provided for optimizing files while allowing application servers access to metadata associated with preoptimized versions of the files. During file optimization involving compression and/or compaction, file metadata changes. In order to allow file optimization in a manner transparent to application servers, the metadata associated with preoptimized versions of the files is maintained in a metadata database as well as in an optimized version of the files themselves.08-27-2009
20090216776METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR MANAGING DATA - Methods and systems for managing an index database. In one exemplary method, an index database is stored on a machine readable volume with an operating system and the files which have been indexed, and then the volume is, after the storing, made available for distribution to licensees or customers. In this manner, the volume will include a previously created index database, allowing a user to begin use of the index database without having to perform an indexing operation.08-27-2009
20090216771MAP UPDATE SYSTEM, METHODS, AND PROGRAMS - Systems, methods, and programs store navigation map data divided into a plurality of partitions, each partition having a corresponding partition file. The systems, methods, and programs identify a partition file corresponding to a partition that is to be updated. The partition file has an update-targeted road class The systems, methods, and programs select an update file, the update file being selected from a server file corresponding to the partition file to be updated. The server file is managed by version and road class. The selected update file is selected based on the update-targeted road class.08-27-2009
20090254569Systems and Methods for Real Time Data Management in a Collaborative Environment - Systems and methods for real time data management in a collaborative environment. In one embodiment, the systems and methods dynamically link stakeholders, through a collaborative environment, to current and updated data. The systems and methods also cross-reference data objects between stakeholders for calling data objects by a common name, and determine a preferred method for each operation related to processing data for a data object.10-08-2009
20090254568METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR EDITING, FILTERING, RANKING, AND APPROVING CONTENT - The system provides a method and apparatus for editing, filtering, ranking and approving content. In one embodiment, the system provides a browsing environment for children that routes all internet requests through a central server. A request to a blocked website is automatically forwarded to one of a plurality of editors who can then access the site and determine on a page or site basis as to whether the request is suitable for the browsing environment. The system includes a workflow management system that determines which of the plurality of editors will be assigned a link to review. Approved content is categorized by the age and gender of the users of the content. The approved content is also categorized as a resource or reference to assist in accomplishing homework assignments. Parents can receive updates and can manage the content remotely.10-08-2009
20090248699SYSTEM TO DELEGATE VIRTUAL STORAGE ACCESS METHOD RELATED FILE OPERATIONS TO A STORAGE SERVER USING AN IN-BAND RPC MECHANISM - A method is disclosed that places data-intensive subprocesses in close physical and logical proximity to the facility responsible for storing the data, so that high efficiencies at reduced cost are achieved. In one specific example, new computer programs, termed adjuncts, are added and placed in a logical partition on a storage facility so that they can be invoked using appropriate commands issued on the I/O channel. Further, programs or changes are added to existing programs on the host machine, wherein such programs or changes discover the function extensions and invoke them to perform data processing.10-01-2009
20090222455COMMUNICATION PROCESS AND DEVICE - The device for communications between at least one multimedia content medium accessible by a network and a host system able to process the content, includes, in a case: 09-03-2009
20090248695ONLINE AND OFFLINE APPLICATIONS - Systems and methods for implementing online and offline applications are described. Such systems and methods may in some cases provide the same programming interface, regardless of whether the application is online or offline. Such systems and methods may also or instead in some cases provide additional or other possible capabilities, including installation without elevated privileges, simplified data synchronization, sharing of applications and application data, access to data from other applications, and richer client functionality than may be provided by an application such as a web browser.10-01-2009
20090240699INTEGRATION FOR INTELLIGENCE DATA SYSTEMS - A method and computer program product allow for accessing one or more intelligence data stores distributed across a network. The one or more of the intelligence data stores are searched. The method and computer program product further allow at least a portion of the content of the one or more intelligence data stores to be managed.09-24-2009
20090259666UNOBTRUSIVE METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR COLLECTING INFORMATION TRANSMITTED OVER A NETWORK - The present invention relates generally to unobtrusive methods and systems for collecting information transmitted over a network utilizing a data collection system residing between an originator system and a responding system. In one embodiment the Originator System can be a web browser and the Responding System can be a web server. In another embodiment the Originator System can be a local computer and the Responding System can be another computer on the network. Both these and other configurations are considered to be within the domain of this invention. The Data Collection System acts in a hybrid peer-to-peer/client-server manner in responding to the Originating System as a Responding System while acting as an Originating System to the Responding System. This configuration enables real-time acquisition and storage of network traffic information in a completely unobtrusive manner without requiring any server- or client-side code.10-15-2009
20090259664Infrastructure and Architecture for Development and Execution of Predictive Models - A system that enables development and execution of predictive models comprises a centralized data management system, a data extraction tool a model validation tool and a model execution tool. In embodiments, a data management system includes a data management server that can be accessed via a web browser that stores data in the form of a flat file. An extraction tool extracts data. A model validation tool validates a model by scoring an analytical environment data set and a production environment data set. A model execution tool allows a user to select when and how often a model is scored.10-15-2009
20090193029SELF-ORGANIZED DISTRIBUTED DIRECTORY - Various amounts of information can be beneficial to different controllers configured upon an industrial control system. Information can be retained in a distributed directory such that controllers quickly learn information concerning other controllers. The distributed directory can be automatically constructed and populated with information from different controllers. When a module enters an industrial control system, information can automatically advertise to other units through use of the distributed directory.07-30-2009
20080320004INFLUENCE BASED REWARDS FOR WORD-OF-MOUTH ADVERTISING ECOSYSTEMS - Systems and/or methods are presented that facilitate determining the contextual influence of a user in referrals of products or services, and determining an amount of compensation for successful referrals based on the contextual influence of the user. A central service component can track activity and receive data associated with referrals, including data related to the number and type of referrals, and the number of successful referrals. An evaluation component can analyze referral data associated with the user and can determine a conversion ratio as the number of successful referrals compared to the total number of referrals. The evaluation component can utilize the conversion ratio to facilitate determining an amount of compensation that can be awarded and distributed to the user based on the influence of the user within the context of the product or service referred by the user.12-25-2008
20090187576TAG SYNDICATES - Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to social bookmarking and provide a method, system and computer program product for tag syndicates in a social bookmarking system. In an embodiment of the invention, a tag syndicate method can be provided. The method can include establishing different tag syndicates, each tag syndicate providing a specified set of users of a social bookmarking system. The method further can include selecting at least one tag syndicate for use in conducting a content operation, and performing a content operation utilizing the social bookmarking system based upon the selected tag syndicate or syndicates. In this regard, the content operation can be a visible operation such as a type ahead operation, or a logical operation such as sorting content search results.07-23-2009
20090254562Automatic Metadata Extraction and Metadata Controlled Production Process - Metadata generated at the outset of an audio visual program, such as a television undergoes transmission to a field device associated with a capture device operated by production personnel, such as a news reporter and/or a videographer to capture one of audio and/or video information. The production personnel will typically edit the metadata for incorporation into the file structure of audio and/or visual information captured by the capture device. A server 10-08-2009
20090144283SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GENERATING FILE USAGE INFORMATION - Embodiments relate to systems and methods for tracking local and remote file usage, and aggregating the resulting file usage statistics for presentation to a user. The operating system of a local computer can track and generate local file usage statistics, such as most recently used files and editing time. A Web application or service, such as an email or word processing application or service, can record the file usage data for a user's remote stored or served files. A file usage aggregator module, which can be located or resident in the operating system of the local computer or hosted at a Web site, can receive and combine the local and remote file usage statistics. The file usage aggregator module can generate a display of the aggregated file usage statistics, so that local and remote files are listed in a most-recently used order, on a combined basis.06-04-2009
20090254566Findings navigator - A method is disclosed for providing access to medical information, the medical information being distributed across a plurality of data files. In at least one embodiment, the method includes receiving data files being relevant to the medical information; selecting a current layout from a plurality of layouts for making the data files accessible; providing previous layout information, referring to a previous layout in which the data file has been acquired, and wherein the previous layout information is usable for automatically adapting the current layout to the previous layout; detecting markers associated with the received data files, the markers referring to a location of interest within one of the received data files, wherein the markers optionally comprise additional information concerning the Location of Interest; adapting the markers of the previous layout to the current layout, such as to mark the same location of interest; and providing access to the medical information in the selected current layout, wherein the medical information comprises the data files and the locations of interest within the data files according to the detected markers, such as to make browsable the data files and the markers within the data files.10-08-2009
20090254572Digital information infrastructure and method - Distributed computer system processes data having select content (SC) represented by one or more predetermined words, characters, etc. The system has a plurality of SC data stores in a server cloud for respective security designated (Sec-D) data and scarcity designated (S-D) data, each with respective access controls thereat. The SC data stores are is operatively coupled on a network. An identification module for identifying SC data stores for the Sec-D data and S-D data in the server cloud. A processor activates an SC data stores in the server cloud thereby permitting access to the SC data stores and respective Sec-D data and S-D data based upon an application of one or more of said access controls thereat. The processor has a reconstruction module operating as a data process employing the respective access controls to combine one or more of the Sec-D data and S-D data.10-08-2009
20090254571SYSTEM AND METHOD OF SYNCHRONIZING DATA SETS ACROSS DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS - An information management system comprising a first deployment that includes at least one data structure and a plurality of data sets stored on the data structure wherein each data set includes data items, at least a first subset of the data sets assigned an active status and at least a second subset of the data sets assigned a hibernating status, wherein active data sets and items within active data sets are accessible via both selection by a system user and via reference within other data sets and, wherein hibernating data sets and items within hibernating data sets are only accessible via reference from within other data sets.10-08-2009
20090254567DATA FILE FORWARDING STORAGE AND SEARCH - Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for data forwarding storage and search. A method includes, in a network of interconnected computer systems, receiving a request from a source system in the network to store a data file, directing the data file to a computer memory of a first computer system in a network, saving a file name of the data file in an index file associated with a central server in the network, scrambling a copy of the data file, saving the copied scrambled data in a database of scrambled data files associated with the central server, and continuously forwarding the data file from the first computer memory to other computer memories in the network without storing on any physical storage device in the first network.10-08-2009
20080275884Method and system for on-demand communities - In an embodiment, communities are generated on demand. In this specification a community is a group of webpages in which users share ideas with one another by posting ideas and sending messages for one another to read. An on-demand community is a community that may be created via tools specialized for creating communities, with just a few keys strokes and/or mouse clicks and by adding information (e.g., about the members and/or the topic or set of topics that the community is focused upon), such that a community maybe established within a short amount of time, such as a few minutes or a few hours. Optionally, the communities may be initially populated with ideas related to a particular topic or set of topics. Optionally, each member may be provided with tools for establishing one or more profile page and/or one or more friend pages.11-06-2008
20090248701REDIRECTING FILE ACCESS THROUGH A HTTP WEB SERVER - The present invention provides for a system configured to redirect file access through a web server through the use of a symbolic link file. This symbolic link file is modified to include connection and authentication information of a file stored on a remote file system but is accessible through a web server. When the modified symbolic link file is accessed on a computer which is remote to the remote file system, the computer recognizes that the symbolic link requires an internet connection to the linked file. The computer establishes an internet connection to the web server using the connection and authentication connection information in the modified symbolic link file. The file is then accessed and downloaded from the web server. The computer accordingly is able to seamlessly access and open the modified symbolic link file as if it was an unmodified symbolic link file.10-01-2009
20090248697CACHE OPTIMIZATION - A system and method for management and processing of resource requests at cache server computing devices is provided. Cache server computing devices segment content into an initialization fragment for storage in memory and one or more remaining fragments for storage in a media having higher latency than the memory. Upon receipt of a request for the content, a cache server computing device transmits the initialization fragment from the memory, retrieves the one or more remaining fragments, and transmits the one or more remaining fragments without retaining the one or more remaining fragments in the memory for subsequent processing.10-01-2009
20090259667METHOD, DEVICE AND SYSTEM FOR DISTRIBUTING FILE DATA - A method for distributing file data includes: obtaining a first request message of a first client for downloading a first file, and determining an autonomous system (AS) where the first client is located; searching the AS for edge servers that support peer to peer (ES-Ps), and returning the address of at least one ES-P storing the first file to the first client; and sending the first file stored in the ES-P to the first client according to the client information returned by the ES-P. Related devices and systems are also provided. The present invention may speed up the file data distribution, reduce the restriction of the file data distribution due to fixed bandwidth of the ES, and enable P2P data streams to be converged into an AS, thus reducing the impact on backbone networks.10-15-2009
20090259668METHOD OF OBTAINING ELECTRONICALLY-STORED FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS - A method for a bank to obtain an electronically-stored financial document is disclosed. The financial document includes a specific document parameter, such as a record date. The bank maintains the financial document in an off-site storage system when the record date is later than a pre-selected date and in an on-site storage system when the record date is earlier than or equal to the pre-selected date. The off-site storage system is remotely-located from the on-site storage system. The bank receives a request for the financial document from a client and compares the record date to the pre-selected date to determine if the record date is later than, earlier than, or equal to the pre-selected date. In processing the request, the bank utilizes a computer terminal connected to the off-site and on-site storage systems to access one of the storage systems in response to the comparison of the record date to the pre-selected date. After accessing the appropriate storage system, the bank inputs data into the computer terminal to identify the requested financial document and then retrieves the requested financial document. The bank then reproduces the requested financial document and distributes the requested financial document to the requesting client, or some other end user of the bank.10-15-2009
20090259665DIRECTED PLACEMENT OF DATA IN A REDUNDANT DATA STORAGE SYSTEM - A data processing apparatus, comprising a metadata store storing information about files that are stored in a distributed data storage system, and comprising a class database; one or more processing units; logic configured for receiving and storing in the class database a definition of a class of data storage servers comprising one or more subclasses each comprising one or more server selection criteria; associating the class with one or more directories of the data storage system; in response to a data client storing a data file in a directory, binding the class to the data file, determining and storing a set of identifiers of one or more data storage servers in the system that match the server selection criteria, and providing the set of identifiers to the data client.10-15-2009
20080243867Reliable and scalable multi-tenant asynchronous processing - In a multi-tenant environment, synchronous processing requests from clients associated with tenants are handled by middle tier servers, which forward requests for asynchronous processing to queues associated with organizational databases for each tenant directed by a locator service. A group of independent asynchronous processing servers are used to perform the asynchronous processing interacting with the databases in a distributed manner. The allocation of the requests among the asynchronous servers is managed by an exponential back off for organizations with no waiting requests algorithm combined with a quota system based on historic load for organizations that have requests. The independence of the synchronous and asynchronous processing servers, as well as the distributed interaction between the asynchronous processing servers and the databases enables scalability of the system based on request types and implementation of reliable recovery mechanisms.10-02-2008
20080243873CONTENT BANK FOR OBJECTS - A content bank for objects hosts all information regarding an object and serves as a proxy for that object. The content bank comprises at least one instance of a digital identity corresponding the object. Object identity modules or services are available through the digital identity instance. Via the content bank system, the digital identity instance receives object-related information from a source and targeted to a specific service. Conversely, the digital identity instance also serves to determine when object-related information should be provided to a third party by a given service, or when object-related information needs to be manipulated by one or more services. A multi-mode interface is available for third parties to communicate with the digital identity instance. In this manner, third parties are not only able to access data regarding an object, but are actually able to communicate with an object via the digital identity instance.10-02-2008
20080243870SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF MEDIA MANAGEMENT, SUCH AS MANAGEMENT OF MEDIA TO AND FROM A MEDIA STORAGE LIBRARY - A system and method for determining media to be exported out of a media library is described. In some examples, the system determines a media component to be exported, determines the media component is in the media library for a specific process, and exports the media component after the process is completed.10-02-2008
20080243868Method and apparatus for a digital leg history - A personalized way to digitally record a person's physical activities over time serves nostalgia, security, business advertising and object tracing purposes. A viewable, updateable digital history of a person's physical presence over a time is composed of a collection of (i) digital network entries from other members who hold their portable wireless short range device near the person's device and transmit a URL, contact information or a text message and (ii) digital member entries such a photograph of a store sign viewable on a computer. The digital network entries and digital member entries are automatically transmitted to a database located on a telecommunications network at a time of entry. Advertisers who are members can transmit to members at the entrances to the premises of the store. Upon sign-up online, the communication device is registered as is the data they want to be stored in the device for possible later transmission.10-02-2008
20080243864Methods and systems for a network element database migration service - In various exemplary embodiments, the present invention provides methods and systems of extracting a database from one NE and importing a recreated database into another NE. The database includes NE circuit provisioning data and the like. The present invention is utilized when rolling traffic from one or more NEs to another NE. For example, a decommissioning of one or more older NEs to a new NE can utilize the present invention to migrate the circuit database from the one or more older NEs to the new NE. Advantageously, the present invention verifies that all NE data is extracted and that no data is omitted or duplicated and that the migrated data does not conflict with the new NE's database conventions.10-02-2008
20080243861DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPH CONTENT INFORMATION SERVICE - A server provides an information record comprising selected information related to an image depicted in a digital photograph. The server may comprise a database and a recognition application. The database may store, in association with each of a plurality of subject matters: i) recognition data for recognizing the subject matter within an image; and ii) information related to the subject matter. The recognition application may receive a request from a remote client system. The request comprises a digital image embodying at least a portion of a digital photograph. The recognition application applies recognition data to the digital image to determine a selected subject matter. The selected subject matter is the subject matter depicted in the digital image. The recognition application further obtains selected information from the database. The selected information may be the information related to the selected subject matter. A response is then returned to the remote client system. The response comprises the information record comprising the selected information.10-02-2008
20080306970CANONICAL MODEL TO NORMALIZE DISPARATE PERSISTENT DATA SOURCES - A semantic database transaction monitor is provided that monitors database transactions by taking advantage of database replication technology. The invention receives one or more event streams of transaction data from one or more database replication software agents, originally from transaction logs, and then classifies each transaction, utilizing an inference engine populated with one or more source ontologies and a canonical ontology so that transaction metadata are normalized. The invention then can be utilized to create a data store across multiple databases for reporting and analysis. The invention can also be used to feed normalized database transactions to real-time graphics software for real-time reporting or alerting. Because the process obtains data from event streams, it does not significantly drain the resources of the databases and can provide virtually real-time monitoring. Moreover, it does not require recoding for updates to the databases, but only changes to the ontologies read at runtime.12-11-2008
20080306966Deriving Product Information - A method and a system determine that product information acquired from an electronic catalog includes a product identifier and chemical structure information that is associated with the product identifier. A substance identifier and a quality identifier for a chemical product are derived from product information for a chemical product, and a product identifier for the chemical product is derived from the substance identifier and the quality identifier.12-11-2008
20080306969 METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR IMPROVING APPLICATIONS BASED ON LOCATION INFORMATION OF OBJECTS - Disclosed is a system for improving applications based on location information of objects. The system includes a receiver module configured to receive the location information of the objects from at least one location database in a communication network. The objects are associated with corresponding location-aware devices. Each location-aware device of the location-aware devices includes the location information of at least one object of the objects. Further, a processing module included in the system is configured to generate at least one of behavioral and trending information of the objects and vehicular traffic information based on the location information of the objects. Furthermore, a transmitter module included in the system is configured to transmit at least one of the behavioral and trending information of the objects and the vehicular traffic information to at least one information database through the communication network. A method and a computer program product are also disclosed.12-11-2008
20080306962System and method of recording and accessing multimedia data - The disclosure is directed to a system and method for recording and accessing multimedia data. In a particular embodiment, a method includes determining a first number of requests to record specific multimedia content at a first server supporting a multimedia content distribution service. The first server may be configured to transmit multimedia data to multiple customer premises equipment (CPE). The method may also include recording the specific multimedia content at a second server when the first number of requests is greater than or equal to a threshold. The second server may be configured to transmit the multimedia data to the first server.12-11-2008
20080306965FILE TRANSMITTING SERVER - Upon receipt of information transmitted from a portable terminal including unique information, it is judged whether or not received unique information exists in management information. If the unique information exists, client identification information associated with the unique information is acquired from the management information, and configuration information, which shows a configuration of an electronic file which a client has, is acquired from the client corresponding to the client identification information. The configuration information is submitted to the portable terminal. When file information expressing an electronic file shown by configuration information and an address designating an external device to which the electronic file is to be transmitted are received, the file information and address being transmitted from the portable terminal in response to the submission, the electronic file expressed by the file information is acquired, and the electronic file is transmitted to the address.12-11-2008
20080306964METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ACCESSING A SLIDE FROM A REMOTE WORKSTATION - The invention relates to a method for accessing a slide from a plurality of digitized microscope slides from a remote workstation, wherein the plurality of digitized microscope slides are accessible via a plurality of data station units (DSU), the method comprising: 12-11-2008
20080306961Updating Floor-Specific Information - A method for updating floor information for display by an elevator in a remote property includes receiving, from a property server, data indicative of a floor for which the elevator lacks floor information, receiving, from a remotely executing process, new floor information for the floor; storing the new floor information in a floor information database; receiving, from the property server, a request identifying the remote property and requesting updated floor information for the remote property; and retrieving updated floor information from the floor-information database.12-11-2008
20080306960Starting Up an Application in a Mobile Client - A method for starting up an application in a mobile data processing device, for the operation of which an information database is required in the device. The inventive method includes the following steps: 12-11-2008
20090276439System and method for simplified data transfer - Systems and methods of performing a simplified data transfer are provided. For example, a method of simplified data transfer may involve downloading an index of files accessed or modified on a home computer onto a handheld device from an online data storage server, displaying on the handheld device a user selectable list of files based on the index of files, issuing a request for a file selected by a user from the list of files from the handheld device to the data storage server, and receiving the file selected by the user onto the handheld device from the data storage server.11-05-2009
20090083282Work Flow Metadata System and Method - A system for collecting metadata in association with recorded content includes equipment configured to record and process content in the workflow. Metadata collection devices include devices incorporated in the equipment and/or devices configured to externally access the system. The metadata collection devices are configured to collect metadata and associate the metadata with the content at any point and any time in the workflow. The collected metadata can then be used to automate, facilitate and improve content processing in any part of the workflow.03-26-2009
20090083279METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR CONTENT CACHING IN A VIDEO NETWORK - Methods and apparatus for selectively caching (and de-caching) video content in network so as to reduce content transformation requirements and also cache storage requirements. In one embodiment, a content caching controller associated with a content server differentiates content requests based on content attributes such as the requested codec format (e.g., MPEG or Windows Media), resolution, bitrate, and/or encryption type or security environment. If the content requested by a user is not available with the requested attribute(s), the content server transfers to content to the user by first transforming it. The content server also speculatively caches the transformed content locally, so that a future request for the same content with the same attributes can be filled by transferring without the intermediate transformation step. The controller allows the network operator to optimize use of available storage and transcoding resources.03-26-2009
20080215596SELECTING STORAGE CLUSTERS TO USE TO ACCESS STORAGE - Provided are a method, system and program for selecting storage clusters to use to access storage. Input/Output (I/O) requests are transferred to a first storage cluster over a network to access storage. The storage may be additionally accessed via a second storage cluster over the network and both the first and second storage clusters are capable of accessing the storage. An unavailability of a first storage cluster is detected when the second storage cluster is available. A request is transmitted to hosts over the network to use the second storage cluster to access the storage. Hosts receiving the transmitted request send I/O requests to the storage via the second storage cluster if the second storage cluster is available.09-04-2008
20080215592INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION REGISTRATION METHOD - An information processing apparatus and method determining whether a site corresponding to identification information of a request exists on a network, and registering identification information in a storage device based on a result of the determination.09-04-2008
20100017412Method and Apparatus for Sharing Concurrent Ad Hoc Web Content Between Users Visiting the Same Web Pages - A method and apparatus are provided for sharing concurrent ad hoc Web content between users visiting the same Web domain, sub-domain, section or page. In one example, the method includes associating a user with a current uniform resource locator and Web domain, sub-domain, section or page being browsed by parsing the current uniform resource locator of the current Web page, creating a Web content sharing group by identifying one or more other users with whom the user would like to share, saving current uniform resource locators of pages being browsed calculating a status of the Web content sharing group by determining if any users in the Web content sharing group are currently browsing on a same Web domain, sub-domain, section or page as the user, and communicating the status of the Web content sharing group with a front-end device.01-21-2010
20090077102SYSTEM USING AN INTERNET APPLICATION FOR MONITORING AN IMAGE-FORMING DEVICE - A method and system for monitoring, controlling and diagnosing operation of a machine such as a business office machine including a facsimile machine, a copier, and a printer. When the speed of communication between the remote device and machine is not urgent, a connectionless mode of communication may be used. The form of connectionless communication is an electronic mail message transmitted over the Internet. However, when a condition needs urgent action, a direct connection is used for communication such as communication via a telephone or ISDN line. The information obtained from the machine is stored in one or more data bases within a company and information of the machine is shared between a service department, engineering and design department, manufacturing department, and marketing department. As communication over the Internet via electronic mail is not secure, the connectionless-mode messages transmitted using Internet electronic mail are encrypted.03-19-2009
20090077099Method and Infrastructure for Storing Application Data in a Grid Application and Storage System - A grid application and storage system to enhance data access. The grid application and storage system comprises a plurality of grid application storage nodes with at least one storage system, said grid application storage nodes being remote to each other and connected via inter-connections; at least one application process distributed across said grid application storage nodes; and at least one grid node control process also distributed across said grid application storage nodes, said grid node control process managing grid application storage node operations. A plurality of client systems are connected to said grid application and storage system via a network for deploying said application process and accessing application data stored on said grid application storage nodes.03-19-2009
20090077097File Aggregation in a Switched File System - In a switched file system, a file switching device is logically positioned between clients and file servers and communicates with the clients and the file servers using standard network file protocols. The file switching device appears as a server to the client devices and as a client to the file servers. The file switching device aggregates storage from multiple file servers into a global filesystem and presents a global namespace to the client devices. The file switching device typically supports a “native” mode for integrating legacy files into the global namespace and an “extended” mode for actively managing files across one or more file servers. Typically, native-mode files may be accessed directly or indirectly via the file switching device, while extended-mode files may be accessed only through the file switching device. The file switching device may manage file storage using various types of rules, e.g., for managing multiple storage tiers or for applying different types of encoding schemes to files. Rules may be applied to pre-existing files.03-19-2009
20090077096SYSTEM AND METHOD OF MANAGING FILE AND MOBILE TERMINAL DEVICE - A secure file holding system that can, for confidential data from a PC to a mobile phone, prevent flow-out of data due to wrong operation of the mobile phone by an authorized user and malicious take-out of data by authorized and unauthorized users. The file holding system has a function of reserving part of an execution memory as volatile memory or part of a non-volatile memory as a non-volatile file and coupling the part to the non-volatile memory accessible as a folder in which a user saves data at OS startup, a function of redirecting access to the folder to the volatile memory or the file during OS startup, a function of capturing an input/output request to the non-volatile memory and constraining access to the folder by a processes other than a file management process, and a function of deleting the volatile memory or the file at OS termination.03-19-2009
20090077094Method and system for ontology modeling based on the exchange of annotations - The present invention is based on the use of annotation. An annotation is an information that can be applied to a content to provide extra information.03-19-2009
20090077093Feature Discretization and Cardinality Reduction Using Collaborative Filtering Techniques - A system and method to perform discretization and cardinality reduction of item attributes using collaborative filtering techniques are described. Data input by a user is received over a network, the input data further including a plurality of items and associated item metadata related to events performed by the user. The input data is further processed to obtain a predetermined number of groupings, each grouping having a calculated value based on a distance parameter between corresponding attributes of each item stored within the item metadata. Finally, a similarity parameter is computed between each pair of items within the plurality of items based on associated groupings and recommendations of the items are presented to the user based on the corresponding calculated similarity parameter.03-19-2009
20090077095Metadata Management Apparatus - A metadata storing/receiving means 03-19-2009
20090077092Method and System for Implementing an Invention Exchange - A method of implementing an invention exchange includes soliciting an invention disclosure of an invention, publishing the invention disclosure, selling a plurality of shares of rights to the invention to raise revenue, establishing a first threshold, determining if at least one of the revenue, number of shares sold, and total size of shares sold exceeds the first threshold, and based at least in part on the determining, causing at least one of a prior art search report to be drafted on the invention and a patent application to be drafted on the invention.03-19-2009
20090077091SYSTEM FOR DEVELOPMENT AND HOSTING OF NETWORK APPLICATIONS - A method of supporting an integrated development environment at a client device is provided. A request to access a network development platform is received at a server from a client device. The request includes an application identifier of an application to develop and an object identifier of an object associated with the application. Confirmation that an instance of a programmatic interface to a persistent storage associated with the application is executing at the server is performed using the application identifier. A service instance associated with the object is identified using the object identifier. The service instance is configured to modify a user interface of the client device to present the object. The identified service instance is sent to the client device.03-19-2009
20090077089COMPUTER OBJECT TAGGING - Methods for classifying computer objects. The methods may comprise receiving a tag for a first computer object. The tag may comprise at least two nested categories describing the first computer object. The methods may also comprise updating a hierarchy of categories for computer objects to include the at least two nested categories describing the computer object. In addition, the methods may comprise displaying a graphical representation of the hierarchy of categories, and displaying an indication of computer objects having tags comprising a first category when an indication of the first category is received.03-19-2009
20090043783INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD AND INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM - Disclosed herein is an information processing apparatus as a terminal apparatus with respect to a server which provides content data, including: a management data acquisition section; a display control section; a selection operation acceptance section; a requesting section; and a content data acquisition section.02-12-2009
20090063506METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GENERATING RECOMMENDATION CONTENT LIST - A method and apparatus for generating a recommendation content list by the cooperation of user groups. Sets of content that are classified according to a predetermined criterion are distributed to user terminals within a user terminal group. Assessment information on the content included in the sets of content is collected from the corresponding user terminals, and the recommendation content list is then generated based on the collected assessment information.03-05-2009
20090100070System and methods for acquiring and handling location-centric information and images - A computer-based system for collecting, merging, providing, and analyzing location-centric data is provided. The system includes an electronic storage device for electronically storing location-centric data, wherein at least a portion of the location-centric data defines one or more data models. The system also includes a processor communicatively linked to said electronic storage, said processor having an analyzing module configured to analyze user-selected location-centric data based upon the one or more data models, and at least one of a customizing module configured to generate a user-specific data model by modifying at least one of the one or more data models based upon user-supplied specifications, and a new model generating module configured to generate a user-specific data model based upon user-supplied data and specifications. The system further includes a network interface to a data communications network through which a remote computing device can access said processor.04-16-2009
20090287714Method and Apparatus for Community-Based Comparison Shopping Based on Social Bookmarking - A method and apparatus for sharing product information amongst users of a computer network using productmarks. A productmark for a product is created by a user of the network and includes a product identifier, an annotation containing user comments, a username that identifies the creator of the productmark, and a categorization tag that identifies the user's level of interest in purchasing the product. Productmarks are stored in a database that may be queried using a product identifier, a username, a categorization tag or any combination of these to retrieve productmarks. A user network device provides access to the database and includes modules for creating and uploading productmarks to the database a module for querying and downloading productmarks from the database. A peer-to-peer communication session may be formed relating to a particular product and/or geographical location.11-19-2009
20090327311SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR IMPLEMENTING A TENANT SPACE IN A PROVIDER-TENANT ENVIRONMENT - The present invention discloses methods and systems for hosting tenants in a computer-based environment in which a provider stores a shared data structure. Each of the tenants may store shared-metadata referencing the shared data structure, while a first tenant may store a tenant-specific data structure specific to the first tenant for access by the first tenant. Based on the shared-metadata and in response to a data request from the first tenant, the system may the query the provider or the first tenant for requested data and provide the requested data based on the querying.12-31-2009
20090327310METHODS FOR PROVIDING ACCESS TO FILES ON AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING A PHONE NUMBER FOR AUTHENTICATION AND RELATED ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS - A method of operating a first electronic device to access files on a second electronic device includes registering with a proxy server to obtain a communication session identification, sending a request to the second electronic device to access files thereon, the request comprising the communication session identification and a phone number associated with the first electronic device, and receiving a notification from the proxy server that a connection has been established with the second electronic device responsive to the second electronic device accepting the request.12-31-2009
20090327302Synchronization and Collaboration Within Peer-to-Peer and Client/Server Environments - Tools and techniques are described for synchronization and collaboration within peer-to-peer and client/server environments. These tools may provide methods that include establishing peer-to-peer relationships between two or more client systems. These relationships enable the client systems to create respective local instances of workspaces, shared between the client systems to allow them to collaborate with one another. The client systems may participate in peer-to-peer synchronization flows with one another, with the synchronization flows representing updates made local to the shared workspaces of the client systems. The methods may also establish establishing a client/server relationship between one of the client systems and a server system. Through this client/server relationship, the client and server systems may participate in client/server synchronization flows, with these flows representing updates made to the local shared workspace at the client system.12-31-2009
20090055398RETRIEVING MOBILE USER CONTEXT INFORMATION USING TOKENIZED VIRTUAL DICTIONARIES - A network device, system, and method are directed towards providing user context information to improve relevancy of a search result, or other content, provided to a user. A context service may provide a common retrieval interface (CRI) that reflects the capabilities available to a content service application (CSA). The CSA may provide limited information about the user to the context service and may specify user context information being sought. The context service provides at least some of the known user information to various context analysis services to request the user context information, and receives back user context information along with a confidence level indicating a percentage of confidence the context analysis service may have for the results. The context service then selects user context information based on weighted confidence levels, and provides the results to the CSA, to improve the relevancy of information provided to the user.02-26-2009
20090327309METHOD FOR PROTECTING FILES OF DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME - A method for protecting files of a digital photo frame includes an applying module of the digital photo frame detecting whether there are files in a storage system, which is accessed by the digital photo frame. If not, the applying module copies the files of the storage module to the storage system. If yes, the applying module judges whether the files of the storage module are the same as the files of the storage system. If not, the applying module copies the files of the storage module to the storage system.12-31-2009
20090327304SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR TOKENIZING AND INTERPRETING UNIFORM RESOURCE LOCATORS - Aspects include methods, computer readable storing instructions for such methods, and systems for processing text strings such as URLs that comprise patterns of parameters and values for such parameters, delimited in a site-specific manner. Such aspects provide for accepting a number of text strings that are expected to have a common delimiting strategy, then deeply tokenizing those text strings to arrive at a set of tokens from which are selected anchor tokens used to form patterns having the anchor tokens separated by wildcard portions for recursive processing. The patterns formed can be mapped to a tree of nodes. Information concerning relationships between nodes and between tokens within a given node, as well as other heuristics concerning which tokens are parameters and which are values can be used as observed events for producing probabilities that certain tokens are parameters or values, using a dynamic programming algorithm, such as a Viterbi algorithm.12-31-2009
20090327306ARRANGEMENT FOR ANONYMOUS API DOWNLOADED RESOURCES FOR ADVANCED CONTENT - Provided are arrangements for downloading resources and managing downloaded resources. A file is requested from a HTTP server, the file associated with an original URI. The file is downloaded and assigned a handle. The file is then stored in a storage location such as a file cache or in a persistent storage location. Upon command of an advanced content playlist or sequence, the file is called by calling the handle of the file. The storing of the file may include storing the file in a location where the file is subject to an automatic removal operation. The file may be an image file or any other type of file, especially multimedia files. The automatic removal operation may occur upon a quitting or restarting of the application. If another request is made for another file, the prior downloaded file may be replaced.12-31-2009
20090327305CONTENT MANAGEMENT AND ACCESS SYSTEMS AND METHODS - An exemplary method includes receiving data representative of a content instance over a network from an access device associated with a user, storing the data representative of the content instance, providing the user with an interface configured to allow the user to define at least one access rule corresponding to the content instance, the at least one access rule based on at least one user profile and at least one access device profile, receiving a communication from another access device over the network, and performing a predefined action related to the content instance in response to the communication and in accordance with the at least one access rule.12-31-2009
20090327303INTELLIGENT ALLOCATION OF FILE SERVER RESOURCES - A solution provides an efficient process for a user to complete operations within a file server system. A user's future requests, such as reading or writing files, are predicted based on previous operations. An effective amount of a file server's resources are allocated to accommodate the predicted future requests, thereby reducing the amount of required system time for performing operations corresponding to a file server memory.12-31-2009
20090222456APPARATUS FOR STORING AND PROCESSING CONTENTS AND METHOD OF TRANSMITTING OBJECT META INFORMATION ON CONTENTS USING MEDIA TRANSFER PROTOCOL FROM THE APPARATUS - An apparatus for storing and processing contents and a method of transmitting object meta information on contents by using a media transfer protocol (MTP) in the apparatus includes selections for transmission a limited number of pieces of the object meta information according to a display status of a content reproduction apparatus receiving the transmission. Accordingly, since only a limited number of pieces of object meta information are selected according to a display status of the content reproduction apparatus, and only the selected pieces of object meta information are transmitted to the content reproduction apparatus, it is possible to minimize the MTP operation for transmitting the object meta information and to minimize transmission of data. As a result, an inconvenience to a user due to a latency time of an operation is reduced by reducing a delay time in a connection between devices.09-03-2009
20090187577 System and Method Providing Audio-on-Demand to a User's Personal Online Device as Part of an Online Audio Community - A system for a site in a communications network that holds a profile of favorite information sources for each of a plurality of registered users. The system includes a server to check the relevancy of items of audio content from radio and TV stations and items of audio-rendered RSS content from Web sites and pod-casts relative to the profiles. The server also transmits a list of the relevant content to each of the plurality of users accordingly. The system also includes a database for current and archival storage of the content and an RSS server to act as an RSS feed reader to format XML code into an easily readable format. Thus, each of the plurality of users is provided with a service enabling him to request items from the list and to listen to the requested relevant audio content at his convenience using a personal handheld device.07-23-2009
20090187578INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - An information processing device is provided that performs content transfer with a content storage device on which is stored content that has content identification information, the information processing device including: a storage portion that stores content that has content identification information and records at least one of a first attribute and a second attribute that correspond to the content identification information for each of the content; a content extractor that extracts, from among the content stored in the storage portion, the content for transfer to the content storage device; and a transmission portion that transmits the content extracted by the content extractor to the content storage device in an order that is based on the first attribute and the second attribute, while giving priority to the first attribute.07-23-2009
20090222452Stateful Database Command Structure - The intermediate stateful database includes a controller (an archiver) and a plurality of tables. The archiver receives commands from a centralized command console, receives a command update request from a remote device, generates a plurality of commands in response to the command update request, transmits the plurality of commands to the remote device, and receives a plurality of results corresponding to the plurality of commands from the remote device. The archiver receives the command information corresponding to the plurality of commands and result information corresponding to the plurality of results and distributes items of the command information to a plurality of tables in the intermediate stateful database. Command identification information and associated command/error table associations are loaded into the command identification (CID) table. Command sequencing, command results and associated command identification information is loaded into the command (CMD) table.09-03-2009
20090319537Method And System of Using Structured Social Networks and Communities to Create And Maintain Relationships Between Configuration Items in a Configuration Management Database - A method is described for using social networks of communities within a large enterprise to establish relationships between configuration items in a configuration management database, and to maintain the information about these relationships as changes are made in the information technology environment of the enterprise. Communities made up of groups of individuals are associated with groups of one or more configuration items, permissions are established for the actions of create, modify, delete, update, comment, tag and mark configuration item relationships, and means are provided for members of a Community to search for or browse configuration item relationships and operate on CI and CI relationships in a continually iterative model.12-24-2009
20090319531Method and Apparatus for Detecting Devices Having Implementation Characteristics Different from Documented Characteristics - Techniques are disclosed for automatically testing for incorrect or incomplete implementation of documented behavior of a device. By way of example, an automated method for checking that one or more devices comply with one or more documented behaviors comprises a computer system performing the following steps. A set of compliance rules is defined for a behavior of at least one of the one or more devices. A set of monitored data is retrieved from the at least one device. The set of monitored data is compared with the set of compliance rules. A result of the comparison is reported.12-24-2009
20090144290NETWORK STORAGE SYSTEM WITH A CLUSTERED CONFIGURATION SHARING A NAMESPACE, AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - Provided is a storage system as follows. A server holds a management table that serves to manage a mount point of a file system. The management table stores a file system identifier that uniquely identifies the file system within the storage system, mount point information that indicates the mount point of the file system, and a management server identifier that indicates an identifier of the server that manages the file system. The contents stored in the management table of each server are the same. Upon reception of a request to obtain a file handle, each server returns the file handle requested to be obtained. The file handle indicates, uniquely within the storage system, the storage area on the disk subsystem in which the file relating to the request is stored.06-04-2009
20090319533Assigning Human-Understandable Labels to Web Pages - Methods and systems that label a web page collect a set of inbound labels for the web page, estimate a language model for the web page, compute the likelihood of generating each inbound label given the language model and assign a score to each inbound label based on this likelihood, and assign a label to the web page based on the score assigned to each of the set of inbound labels. Inbound labels are preferably collected from the set of web documents linking to the web page. Labels assigned are useful in providing labeled links to web pages from top hosts in search result pages.12-24-2009
20090319530MECHANISM FOR UNEQUIVOCALLY REFERENCING CONTENT IN WEB 2.0 APPLICATIONS - A method is provided for referencing content by generating a bound uniform resource locator. Content is selected, a fragment identifier is calculated for the content, and the content is normalized. A content digest of the normalized content is calculated. A content binding document is assembled in which the content binding document comprises: an original URL to the content, the fragment identifier, the name of a method for normalizing the content, the name of a method for calculating the content digest, and the content digest. A content binding document digest is calculated. A bound universal resource locator is generated that contains the content binding document digest and the name of the method that was used to calculate the content binding document digest. The content binding document is stored using its digest as a file name or database key, and the content binding document can be retrieved using the bound universal resource locator.12-24-2009
20090307226SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ENABLING CHARACTERS TO BE MANIFESTED WITHIN A PLURALITY OF DIFFERENT VIRTUAL SPACES - A system and method for providing virtual spaces, where a character associated with a user can be manifested within instances of a plurality of the different virtual spaces. Since a single character can be manifested within instances of different virtual spaces, the character can be transferred by the corresponding user between instances of different virtual spaces and controlled by the user to interact with the different virtual spaces. When the user transfers the character between instances of different virtual spaces (and/or different types of virtual spaces), various aspects of the character may persist between the different virtual spaces (and/or the different types of virtual spaces). This may provide an enhanced continuity to the character between the different virtual spaces.12-10-2009
20090112879Simultanously accessing file objects through web services and file services - Accessing data file objects includes providing a file system interface on a client, where the file system interface allows an application running on the client to make file system calls to access the data file objects. A Web Services interface may also be provided on the client, where the Web Services interface allows an application to access file objects using the Web Services at the same time that file objects are being accessed through the file system interface. The Web Services interface may be a SOAP interface and/or a REST interface. Accessing data file objects may also include providing a direct file object interface on the client, where the direct file object interface allows an application to directly access file objects at the same time that file objects are being accessed using the Web Services interface and using the file system interface.04-30-2009
20090112878METHODS, SYSTEMS AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR AUTOMATICALLY IDENTIFYING AND BACKING UP USER DEVICE CONTENT - Methods, systems and computer program products facilitate intelligent, automatic selection of content on consumer electronic devices to be backed up. User-defined rules selectively and automatically back up content and/or metadata about the content to a network, to another external device, or to an internal chip or memory. Via a user-friendly interface, users can initially set up rules for content backup, and thereafter, content backup can occur automatically. Stored back up content can be replicated on a device, for example, when the content has become corrupted on the device, when the content is lost, and/or when the CPE device crashes.04-30-2009
20090112875SHARED VIEW OF CUSTOMERS ACROSS BUSINESS SUPPORT SYSTEMS (BSS) AND A SERVICE DELIVERY PLATFORM (SDP) - An identity management tool provides identity management across multiple domains, providing a single access point not only for information for runtime, network, and service layer information, but also for systems such as business support systems (BSS), operational support systems (OSS), and third party systems. The identity management tool creates a unified user profile that maps customer identities across the various domains, and presents the information in a virtual directory wherein the information appears to come from a single source, creating a central data hub for the various systems. This aggregation provides for the same experience and service across various access networks and using various channels. Such an architecture allows billing and service information to be shared with subscription and customer information, even though the data is substantially unrelated data from disparate data sources, without the need to combine schemas or aggregate the data into a single data store.04-30-2009
20090112886SYSTEM AND PROGRAM FOR IMPLEMENTING SCROLLABLE CURSORS IN A DISTRIBUTED DATABASE SYSTEM - Provided are a system and program for accessing data in a distributed database environment. A client program receives multiple requests for data from a database object satisfying specified search predicates from an application program. Each request includes a request for at least one row from the table. The client program transfers a database command and a rowset parameter indicating a maximum number of rows to return to a server program over a network if the requested row is not maintained by the client program. A data block is generated with the server program including rows from the database object satisfying the search predicates in response to the database command. The rows included in the data block do not exceed the rowset parameter. The server program transfers the data block to the client program. In turn, the client program returns at least one requested row from the received data block in response to one request for the at least one row of data from the application program.04-30-2009
20090150402SECURITY CUSTOMIZATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method and system for generating security customization data that is stored in a database allowing the security feature to be transferred from the database to a local printer to be printed as a verifiable marking usable for security image identification without local intervention or knowledge. Database access is controlled using the one or more access codes in conjunction with a controller and database that are remote from the printer or has remote control so that only those with access to that portion of the database can make changes.06-11-2009
20090150408Method for Storing Data in a Printing Machine Comprising a Communication Network - Data of at least one component of a printing machine, that comprises several components and at least one communications network, is stored. Data from one of these components, and which characterizes that component, is stored in a memory unit which belongs to that component, and which memory unit is linked to the communications network. The printing machine may have at least two different control levels that are hierarchically organized. The data from the at least one component may be provided on a lower-order control level. It is transmitted from its memory unit to at least one of the printing machine components on a higher-order control network. The data so transmitted is linked, during its transmission, to the next higher-order control level, with local information regarding the arrangement of the components transmitting data in their respective control levels. Alternatively, based on at least one database having a structure that virtually represents the arrangement of the components belonging to the printing machine, data characterizing the corresponding memory unit of at least one component, and arriving from that component, is requested and stored via the communications network.06-11-2009
20090019063Finding and Consuming Web Subscriptions in a Web Browser - A content syndication platform, such as a web content syndication platform, manages, organizes and makes available for consumption content that is acquired from the Internet. In at least some embodiments, the platform can acquire and organize web content, and make such content available for consumption by many different types of applications. These applications may or may not necessarily understand the particular syndication format. An application program interface (API) exposes an object model which allows applications and users to easily accomplish many different tasks such as creating, reading, updating, deleting feeds and the like. Further, in at least some embodiments, a user can subscribe to a particular web feed, be provided with a user interface that contains distinct indicia to identify new feeds, and can efficiently consume or read RSS feeds using both an RSS reader and a web browser.01-15-2009
20090019062System and method for providing universal profiles for networked clusters - Exemplary systems and methods for providing universal profiles for networked clusters are provided. In exemplary embodiments, membership in a first cluster is established for a member. A profile for the member is then generated that comprises profile segments associated with the first cluster. Membership in a second or subsequent cluster may also be established for the member. After which, a profile extension is provided that indicates additional profile segments associated with the second or subsequent cluster. Based on the profile extension, the profile is appended.01-15-2009
20090019060CREATING ONLINE SOCIAL LEARNING COMMUNITIES - Distributing knowledge through a learning community includes creating a plurality of learning communities; for each of the plurality of learning communities, allowing creating a knowledge base by the content producers, allowing submitting content to the learning community by the content consumers or the content producers; sharing contents with the content consumers and content producers in many ways. The learning communities are listed in a directory. A category in the directory is able to be drilled into for multiple levels. Each of the multiple levels of the categories in the directory is associated with one or more of the plurality of learning communities.01-15-2009
20090019059MULTIPLE STORAGE CLASS DISTRIBUTED NAMETAGS FOR LOCATING ITEMS IN A DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING SYSTEM - Methods, signals, devices, and systems are provided for locating and retrieving files, objects, and other items in a network. Nametags are distributed through the network with the items. Each nametag may hold logical names identifying the item, names of the volatile copies of the item, and/or names of nonvolatile copies of the item. Thus, nametags may include names form multiple name spaces, and cached items can be identified expressly.01-15-2009
20090112885Method for user identification - A method for user identification, the method comprising relaying an identifier of an application server user to a database associated with the application server, wherein the relaying is performed via a transaction request from the application server to the database.04-30-2009
20090112884INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD - According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus includes a storage device, a first system configured to execute an information process, a second system configured to operate independently from the first system, and to execute a file server process, an activation control module configured to activate the first system in a first mode in which the storage device is used for the information process, and to activate the second system in a second mode in which the storage device is used for the file server process, and a switch circuit configured to connect the storage device to the first system in the first mode, and to connect the storage device to the second system in the second mode.04-30-2009
20090112883APPLICATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND INTERMEDIATION SERVER DEVICE - An intermediate server device is installed among a financial institution server device, a local government server device and an applicant terminal device. The intermediate server device transmits application processing information received from the applicant terminal device to the financial institution server device after adding data for verification and application ID. Partially masked application processing information is sent to the local government server device for verification. Then the intermediate server device manages verification history for certification request information with application IDs requested from the financial institution server device based on the application IDs.04-30-2009
20090112881File sharing system in cooperation with a search engine - Provided is a computer system including: a client computer; a storage system coupled to the client computer via a network; a folder deciding module; and a file storage module, in which each of a plurality of files is stored in one of a plurality of folders; the client computer receives an instruction to store a file; the folder deciding module judges how strongly the plurality of folders are each related to the designated file based on a matching degree between each of the plurality of files stored in the plurality of folders and the designated file; and the file storage module stores the designated file in one of the plurality of folders that has been judged to be most strongly related to the designated file. According to this invention, a created file is stored in a suitable folder so that the file can easily be found by the user.04-30-2009
20090112882METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND DEVICES FOR MANAGING MEDICAL IMAGES AND RECORDS - The disclosure herein provides methods, systems, and devices for managing, transferring, modifying, converting and/or tracking medical files and/or medical system messages. In certain embodiments, the foregoing may generally be based on requesting medical files at a first medical facility, identifying the requested medical files at a second medical facility, initiating a secure network connection between the first and second medical facility, modifying a header portion of the medical files based on patient identification information created by the first medical facility, and other processing steps.04-30-2009
20090112880Managing file objects in a data storage system - Managing file objects in a data storage system includes providing a plurality of metadata servers, each metadata server having information for only a subset of file objects in the storage system, each subset for each of the metadata servers being less than a total number of file objects for the system and includes providing at least one metadata location server, where an entity accessing a specific file object of the system determines which of the metadata servers contains data for the specific file object by first accessing the at least one metadata location server. Information for the subset of file objects may include a table having file identifiers and metadata location information. The metadata location information may point to data storage for a metadata object for a file.04-30-2009
20090112877System and Method for Communicating Data in a Storage Network - Systems and methods for communicating data in a storage network are disclosed. A method may include communicating, from a host to a storage array, a request for data having different portions stored in different storage nodes of the storage array. In response to the request, a first storage node of the storage array may communicate to the host a first portion of the requested data stored on the first storage node. The first storage node may communicate a message to the host indicating that a second portion of the requested data is stored on a second storage node of the storage array. The host may communicate a message to the second storage node indicating that the host is ready to receive the second portion of the requested data. The second storage node may communicate to the host a second portion of the requested data stored on the second storage node.04-30-2009
20090112874Text Enhancement Mechanism - Media enhancing services for pages containing text is described. Text is analyzed to determine related additional media available on the network, and the page description is augmented with metadata to identify the additional media in an enhanced page description. When the enhanced page is rendered, the metadata facilitates incorporation of additional media in the displayed page.04-30-2009
20090112873PROCESSING MODEL-BASED COMMANDS FOR DISTRIBUTED APPLICATIONS - The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for processing model based commands for distributed applications. Embodiments facilitate execution of model-based commands, including software lifecycle commands, using model-based workflow instances. Data related to command execution is stored in a shared repository such that command processors can understand their status in relationship to workflow instances. Further, since the repository is shared, command execution can be distributed and balanced across a plurality of different executive services. Embodiments also include model-based error handling and error recovery mechanisms.04-30-2009
20080281831System and Method for Archiving Records - A method of archiving recordations includes providing a storage device in communication with a network. A plurality of recordations are received from a first user, and relate to a specific person. The plurality of recordations include medical records, and are transmitted from the first user via the network from a first remote computer. The recordations are stored on the storage device. A second user is given access to at least a portion of the stored recordations through a second remote computer via the network. A method may also include receiving hard copies of medical records from a customer. The hard copies may be digitized, which may include scanning the hard copies or copying information from the medical records onto a computer in communication with the storage device. The hard copies may be returned to the customer, along with the digitized medical records in a computer readable form.11-13-2008
20090106261INFORMATION PROCESSING TERMINAL DEVICE, INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - An information processing terminal device includes: a communication unit; a primary content information acquiring unit for acquiring primary content information; a primary content information holding managing unit for holding and managing primary content information, in correlation with a unique primary content identifier; a subsidiary content information holding managing unit for obtaining subsidiary content information configured having at least playback control information and having a subsidiary content identifier corresponding to itself and an editing history identifier; an editing processing unit for executing editing processing with secondary usage of at least one of primary content information and subsidiary content information; a subsidiary content information creating unit for creating subsidiary content information; an editing history identifier managing unit for generating the editing history identifier; and a subsidiary content identifier managing unit for generating a subsidiary content identifier to be correlated with subsidiary content information and providing this to subsidiary content information.04-23-2009
20080228779DATABASE SERVER CAPABLE OF RELOCATING DATA DISTRIBUTED AMONG PLURAL PROCESSORS AND RELOCATION METHOD - A new conversion database associated with information to be finally stored in a host information database is stored in a RAM along with a previous conversion database. Each processing unit refers to the new conversion database to identify data to be held in the host information database of the processing unit itself and refers to the previous conversion database to identify the processing unit which currently holds the data thus identified. The processing unit further relocates the data to be held in the processing unit itself from the processing unit thus identified.09-18-2008
20090106269Distributed storage system with high bandwidth utilization - A distributed storage system comprising a plurality of storage-and-computing elements, each storing a plurality of small content fragments associated with a plurality of contents, wherein a content retrieval load is shared between the storage-and-computing elements such that approximately the total uplink bandwidth of the distributed storage system can be utilized, on a continuous basis, by virtually any combination of multiple storage-and-computing elements simultaneously retrieving many contents or retrieving the same content with different time shifts.04-23-2009
20090106266Method and System for Adjusting Software Settings - An arrangement permitting a user for example in a internet point or using a different profile in the same machine can connect to a web server to download and install local client software such as a java application or a browser plug-in the first time he accesses to this service from that browser in order to customize his environment. Once authenticated, he can choose the personalization to be performed in whatever application installed and eligible to be user customizable. For example he can replicate in the system his browser settings (favorites, cookies, forms etc) or word templates as a clone of environment setting of his personal machine. The customization can depend on pre-defined profiles to allow the user customization of a subset of settings, for example only browser settings. Models of different operating environments are defined and called upon to enable interactions with different client devices.04-23-2009
20090106262SCRUBBING AND EDITING OF DIAGNOSTIC DATA - Techniques that enable a user or customer at a system site to review and, if desired, modify data identified at the system site for transmission to a diagnosis site prior to the transmission. The identified diagnostic data may be modified such that data that the user does not want to be sent to the diagnosis site (e.g., sensitive data) is excluded from the data communicated to the diagnosis site. The data may be modified by removing or excluding the sensitive data from the data that is communicated to the diagnosis site or replacing the sensitive data with non-sensitive data. The modified data may then be communicated from the system site to the diagnosis site in the form of a package.04-23-2009
20090106259Identifier Authenticating System - There is provided an identifier authenticating system in which information requesting users can share all predetermined information held in a plurality of information providing servers. In the identifier authenticating system, when an identifier holding user 04-23-2009
20090106260Method and System for Transferring Files - The present invention proposes an apparatus and a method to efficiently transfer large files by splitting the file into smaller portions which may be transferred through a plurality of recipient nodes to a terminal node. The portion of file to be transferred by each recipient node is decided based on a load sharing algorithm. The terminal node may gather the current specifications of the recipient nodes and compute the portion of file each needs to transfer. The source node will get parallel requests from plurality of recipient nodes to transfer different offsets of the same file. The file splits across various nodes may be later merged locally.04-23-2009
20090106258SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISTRIBUTING A MEDIA CONTENT FILE OVER A NETWORK - A customer computer accesses, through a network, a media content file, as follows. A session is opened between a customer computer and either an application server or a media content server. A request to view a media content file is received from the computer. A temporary metafile having a temporary metafile name is created. The metafile contains a network address where the media content file can be obtained, an encrypted name of the media content file and an unencrypted file path leading to the media content file. The temporary metafile name is sent to the customer computer. The customer computer requests the temporary metafile to learn the encrypted media content file name, unencrypted media content file path and the network address. The customer computer subsequently sends the encrypted media content file name and the unencrypted media content file path to the network address to obtain the media content file. The metafile is cancelled or deleted before or at the end of the session with the customer computer, for security reasons.04-23-2009
20090106257MULTIPLE-LINK SHORTCUTS BASED ON CONTEXTUAL ANALYSIS OF WEB PAGE OBJECTS - A multiple-link shortcut pane associated with an object on a web page provides multiple Internet links dynamically selected based in part on an object type of the object. The shortcut pane is invoked by launching a shortcut launcher icon on the web page, which causes an object key to be transmitted to a shortcut server. The shortcut server retrieves identifying information for the object from a database based on the object key, and an object type-specific template based on the object type. The object type is determined from the identifying information. The shortcut server then prepares and transfers information for building the multiple-link shortcut pane to the browser application that displays the web page. The shortcut pane may be further configured to capture and provide additional information about viewers who have accessed the pane, and actions they have taken.04-23-2009
20090106256VIRTUAL COMPUTING ENVIRONMENTS - Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer program products, for discovering entities in a first portion of a data center network, examining information associated with the discovered entities to determine relationships that exist between pairs of entities in the first portion of the data center network, and generating a specification of the relationships that exist between pairs of entities in the first portion of the data center network based on results of the examining.04-23-2009
20090070345Method and apparatus for data storage using striping specification identification - An apparatus for data storage includes a cluster of NFS servers. Each server has network ports for incoming file system requests and cluster traffic between servers. The apparatus includes a plurality of storage arrays in communication with the servers. The servers utilize a striped file system for storing data. A method for data storage. A method for establishing storage for a file. A method for removing a file from storage. A method for reading data in a file. A method for writing data in a file.03-12-2009
20090070344System and method for virtual storage for media service on a portable device - A system and a method provide virtual storage for media service on a portable device. The system and the method for virtual storage for media service on the portable device have a content delivery element. The portable device has a storage manager that monitors available storage on the portable device. As the available storage on the portable device decreases to a predetermined threshold, the media service may transmit only the metadata of the media file. The media file may be transmitted from the media service if the user indicates that the media file is to be consumed on the portable device. The media service may allow retrieval of deleted and/or archived media files.03-12-2009
20090070343METHOD FOR MANAGING A DATABASE SYSTEM - To provide a database which has plural log storage areas, and eliminates the sort in the restoration process by means of the application of logs, thereby carrying out the restoration quickly. A management server allocates DB servers to a corresponding one of plural data storage areas so as to access the corresponding one. The DB servers store data to the allocated data storage areas. When the data is referenced or updated, a log representing a data change history is stored in preset log areas for each data server. When the management server transmits a notification to change the data storage areas, area remapping logs are stored in log areas.03-12-2009
20090070340METHOD FOR DISSEMINATING INFORMATION CONCERNING MEMORIAL SERVICES - The instant invention provides a method for disseminating information concerning memorial or other commemorative services over a system of computers accessible via the Internet.03-12-2009
20090070339MANAGING DIGITAL FILES IN AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A file management method of a mobile terminal, the method including entering a mode configured to receive a file identifier, detecting the file identifier via an input device, associating the file identifier with the a file location in the mobile terminal, and detecting a selection of at least one file from a displayed file list, wherein the selected at least one file is accessible from the file location when an input value matches the file identifier. A mobile terminal for adding files includes a memory unit for storing a plurality of files and a file identifier set to correspond to a specific input signal, a display unit for displaying a list of files and file identifiers, the list comprising all or a specific category of the plurality of files and file identifiers, an input unit for selecting at least one file from the displayed file list and generating a specific input signal corresponding to the file identifier of the selected at least one file, a transceiving unit for communicating with a terminal, by sending and receiving files, and a controller for adding the selected at least one file to a file location associated with the specific input signal.03-12-2009
20090070337Apparatus and method for a distributed storage global database - A geographically distributed storage system for managing the distribution of data elements wherein requests for given data elements incur a geographic inertia. The geographically distributed storage system comprises geographically distributed sites, each comprises a site storage unit for locally storing a portion of a globally coherent distributed database that includes the data elements and a local access point for receiving requests relating to ones of the data elements. The and geographically distributed storage system comprises a data management module for forwarding at least one requested data element to the local access point at a first of the geographically distributed sites from which the request is received and storing the at least one requested data element at the first site, thereby to provide local accessibility to the data element for future requests from the first site while maintaining the globally coherency of the distributed database.03-12-2009
20090070336METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING TRANSMITTED REQUESTS - A method and system are described that may receive a message including a copy of a request and a request identifier associated with the request from a requestor and may determine whether the request identifier is stored in a received item database. The request may be processed based on executing a web services request, a response may be generated indicating receipt of the copy of the request, the response and the request identifier may be stored in the received item database, and the response and a copy of the request identifier may be sent to the requester, when the determining indicates that the request identifier is not stored in the received item database; else, a previous response associated with the request identifier may be retrieved from the received item database, and the retrieved previous response and a copy of the request identifier may be sent to the requester.03-12-2009
20090070335SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR WEB PROCESSING MONITORING - The subject application is directed to a system and method for web process monitoring. The commencement of an active web services process is first detected, and in response to such detection, a supervisory system is commenced. The active web services process is then monitored. Stored parameter data representing at least one acceptable property associated with the active web services process is then compared to the monitored web services process. The supervisory system is then activated based upon the results of the comparison. Thereafter, the activated supervisory system controls operation of the active web services process.03-12-2009
20090037432INFORMATION COMMUNICATION SYSTEM AND DATA SHARING METHOD - According to one embodiment, a data sharing method for an information communication system in which a plurality of nodes that belong to a self group are connected to a network, the method includes sending, via the network, a node confirmation request to remaining nodes to confirm availabilities of the remaining nodes that belong to the self group, receiving node confirmation response messages including information indicating the availabilities from the remaining nodes, setting parameters N and M in accordance with contents of the node confirmation response messages, dividing shared data into N divided data, and M-fold distributing and storing the divided data of the shared data in N nodes, selectively collecting N divided data from not less than (N−M+1) nodes, and restoring the shared data by combining the collected N divided data.02-05-2009
20090037434SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR EFFICIENTLY PROVIDING CONTENT OVER A THIN CLIENT NETWORK - A system, method and computer readable instructions for controlling streaming audio in real time in a thin client terminal server environment that can be used, for example, to provide support for a digital dictation system. A server runs client software, and at least one terminal runs a driver which communicates with the client software to create a virtual channel over which at least one digital dictation file is transmitted in packetized format between the terminal and the server, such that the client software controls operations performed at the terminal pertaining to the digital dictation file.02-05-2009
20090037437APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR RETURNING A DATA ITEM TO A REQUESTOR - The invention relates to an apparatus and a system for returning a data item to a requester. (The requester may for example be a systems application.) A request is received to access a data item having data contents of uncertain state (i.e. because the data item is pending completion of a transaction.) The apparatus or system obtains the data item contents and an indication of the state (e.g. delete_on_commit) of the data item contents. This information is then returned to the requester.02-05-2009
20090037436DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM - A data processing system includes at least a first storage system, a second storage system and a third storage system. The third storage system maintains a replication of data stored in the first storage system. When updating data in the first storage system, the first storage system updates the replication of data stored in the third storage system and creates a journal. The journal is formed from a copy of data used for update and update information such as a write command for update, etc. The second storage system also maintains a replication of data stored in the first storage system. The second storage system obtains the journal, and updates data stored therein corresponding to data stored in the first storage system in the order of data update performed in the first storage system. When updating data stored in the third storage system corresponding to data stored in the first storage system, the third storage system creates a journal using data update numbers created in the first storage system. When the first storage system fails, the second storage system obtains the journal from the third storage system, and updates data stored therein corresponding to data stored in the first storage system in the order of data update performed in the first storage system.02-05-2009
20090037435Adaptive Direct Transaction For Network Client Group - Internet-based software and associated database provide group analysis overlay to monitor client-server web traffic and provide direct marketing to client group. Client car, patient, office or school sensor and interface provides overlay attribute for database comparison to classify usage pattern, location, timing, or family for targeted messaging for enhanced service from server source. Database group registry tracks client classification and provides adaptive context mapping according to set attribute relative to targeted on-line transaction.02-05-2009
20090037429Automatic Benefit Analysis Of Dynamic Cluster Management Solutions - Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, are provided for determining whether there is a benefit to implementing a dynamic cluster system rather than a static cluster system. In one aspect, there is provided a computer-implemented method. The method may include accessing, at a static cluster system, information representative of the static cluster system and accessing information representative of a dynamic cluster system. Based on the accessed information, a value may be determined, such that the value represents a benefit (e.g., an indication of usefulness or worth as well as a lack of usefulness or worth) of implementing the dynamic cluster system rather than the static cluster system. The determined value may be provided to a user interface, so that a user may decide whether to implement the dynamic cluster system rather than a static cluster system. Related apparatus, systems, methods, and articles are also described.02-05-2009
20090037433SERVER DEVICE - The server device includes an index file generating unit, and a transferring unit. The index file generating unit generates an index file with respect to a prescribed directory in a hypertext format. The prescribed directory is a part of the hierarchy structure. The index file includes a list of identification information that identifies a file or a first subdirectory in the prescribed directory, and location information navigating to the file or the first subdirectory. The transferring unit transfers the index file to the client device in response to the command received at the receiving unit instructing to transfer the index file, whereas the transferring unit transfers the file stored in the storing unit in response to the command received at the receiving unit instructing to transfer the file other than the index file.02-05-2009
20090037430Unwired enterprise platform - Systems, methods and computer program products for inherently integrating mobility with an enterprise are described herein. Enterprise data is accessed from one or more data sources data sources, wherein such data sources may comprise structured and unstructured data sources. The data is transferred from the enterprise to a plurality of mobile devices over a plurality of diverse networks. In an embodiment, such transfer takes into consideration characteristics of the diverse networks. The enterprise receives data generated by mobile devices while performing enterprise-related operations at the wireless edge. The enterprise responds to environmental changes using the received data.02-05-2009
20090037428Staging A File Within A Distributed Computing System - Methods, apparatus, and products for staging a file within a distributed computing system are disclosed that include defining a topology of the network; mapping each computer to a network location in the topology of the network; selecting, in dependence upon the topology of the network and the network locations of the computers in the network, one or more servers on which to stage the file for use by clients in the network; and staging the file on the one or more selected servers. The distributed computing system includes a plurality of computers coupled for data communications through a data communications network, the distributed computing system also includes files of computer data and computer program instructions for use by the computers, the computers include clients that use the files and servers capable of functioning as staging locations for files for use by the computers in the network.02-05-2009
20090037424EFFICIENT NETWORK DATA TRANSFER - An approach for providing efficient network data transfer service is provided. In one embodiment, a first database server receives, from a second database server, a first request to access a first storage subsystem. Here, the second database server cannot access first data in the first storage subsystem without another database server transmitting the first data to the second database server. In response, the first database server provides the second database server a first set of access primitives. Using the first set of access primitives, the second database server may access data stored in the first storage subsystem that may be otherwise not accessible. As a result, the first database server receives, from the second database server, a first data access request to access first data stored in the first storage subsystem.02-05-2009
20090037425SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DYNAMICALLY CONFIGURING A MULTIPLATFORM COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT - A system and associated method for dynamically configuring a multiplatform computing environment are disclosed. At least one service may form a workflow to be executed as an ordered group. A database contains configuration data, workflow control data, and workflow status data. A service configuration utility provides user interface to dynamically receive configuration data, to update the database, and to display contents of the database. A workflow entry process creates a workflow. A service monitor controls runtime behaviors of the system according to contents of the database. A service listener routes a workflow to associated services according to the configuration data in the database. A service executes a desired function, and then reports a result to the system monitor. The system monitor updates contents of the database to reflect the reported result.02-05-2009
20090037421Traffic Predictor for Network-Accessible Information Modules - Methods, apparatuses and systems directed to predicting the performance of an information package or module presented on a network addressable resource, such as a web page. The present invention, in some particular implementations, relies on regression models that utilize statistical measures of user interest in terms, concepts and other subject matter as revealed in on-line search activity of a pool of users. In a particular implementation, a model receives as inputs a plurality of attribute values corresponding to an information package or module (including one or more statistical measures of interest) and outputs an estimated click-thru rate.02-05-2009
20090240703INTERESTING INFORMATION CREATION METHOD FOR REGISTERED CONTENTS, CONTENTS STOCK SERVER, CONTENTS INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SERVER AND INTERESTING INFORMATION CREATING SYSTEM FOR REGISTERED CONTENTS - One of the objects of the present invention is to provide a service system that can decide the equivalent value according to the record of using the contents by increasing not only a simple charge for using the contents but also the contents utility value and utilization rate, and collect the information for deciding the charge for using the added value valid for both the service provider and the service user to be higher for the service provider and cheaper for the service user.09-24-2009
20090006424SYSTEM, METHOD AND PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR DETERMINING IF A USER HAS RECEIVED A REDIRECTED WEB PAGE - System, method and program product determine redirection of a Uniform Resource Locator (“URL”) sent by a web browser to an application. A first URL is sent to the application, and in response, a first web page is received from the application. A second URL is created by appending one or more characters to the first URL. The second URL is unrecognizable by the application. A request for the second URL is sent to the application, and in response, a second web page is received. The content of the second web page is compared to the content of the first web page. If the content of the second web page matches the content of the first web page, a record is made indicating that the first web page is a redirected web page.01-01-2009
20090006421METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR RAPID DATA ACQUISITION OVER THE INTERNET - The present invention includes apparatuses, methods, computer readable media and systems comprising means for rapid data acquisition from a server are discussed herein. This rapid data acquisition can be achieved using a combination of bulk data requests and small data requests. A hybrid approach that uses simultaneous bulk and small data requests can provide random access to data files while achieving the high download speeds of a large data transfer.01-01-2009
20090006417Method and system of automatically selecting and playing online multimedia file - A method of automatically selecting and playing online multimedia files is applied to an online server and a multimedia player, which supports a plurality of multimedia playing formats and has a format auto-selecting module. The method includes the steps of: transmitting a multimedia data having a plurality of online playing formats to the multimedia player through a network by the online server; sorting the online playing formats and the multimedia playing formats according to a quality table to obtain a sorted table by the format auto-selecting module; and selecting and playing a multimedia file corresponding to one of the online playing formats in the sorted table from the online server by the multimedia player. A system of automatically selecting and playing online multimedia files is also disclosed.01-01-2009
20090187573REPRESENTING MODELS IN SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT LIFECYCLE (SDLC) TOOLS USING A NETWORK OF INTERNET RESOURCES - In the present solution, as set of SDLC resources can be established, where each is separately addressable through a unique URL and is able to be managed through a simple set of operations. For example, a set of RESTful operations (GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE) can be used for the operations. Database management technologies can be leveraged for storing and indexing resources, but the underlying database schema for the solution can operate on a resource level, which results in the resources being stored as-is. Thus, storage (even when database based) of resources for the solution can be considered an Internet server exposing a space of URL addressable objects. Because the solution leverages Internet technologies and standards, it is scalable, standards based, extensible, and traceable.07-23-2009
20090150407SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DOWNLOADING A FILE TO A WIRELESS DEVICE - An application server for downloading a file to a wireless device through a wireless network. The application server is configured for obtaining a file to be downloaded to the wireless device from a database, configured for converting the file obtained to a predetermined format file as required by the wireless device, and configured for sending the converted file to the wireless device through the wireless network.06-11-2009
20090063505Selective chaining of LDAP directory servers - A method and apparatus for selective chaining Light Weight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) servers in response to an LDAP request. In one embodiment, the method comprises receiving, at a directory server, a request pertaining to an LDAP entry, the request indicating a read or write operation for the LDAP entry. The method further determining a destination server based on a forwarding policy that is independent of a suffix of the LDAP entry and the read or write operation. The directory server then forwards the request to the destination server.03-05-2009
20080294643METHOD OF GENERATING INFORMATION RELATED TO A WEB PAGE - A method of generating information relating to a web page. The method comprises applying a transformation (S11-27-2008
20090083288Community Based Internet Language Training Providing Flexible Content Delivery - A system an method for interactive English language training are provided. Web-based content units are processed and language metadata is generated comprising and stored with the content unit in a content package. A platform server facilitates access to the content unit by a user using a content player. The content provided to the user is tailored to assessment data generated by the content player enabling a custom learning experience using real-world web-based content that is appropriate to the users language training requirements.03-26-2009
20090248696METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETECTING RESTRICTED CONTENT ASSOCIATED WITH RETRIEVED CONTENT - In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for receiving contextual information relating to a client request for content, determining that content delivered in response to the client request is restricted content through a scanning facility, and communicating the contextual information to a central repository for use in detection rules generation. Further, the content may be delivered to the central repository along with the contextual information.10-01-2009
20090313258SYSTEMS, METHODS, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR CREATING SERVICE ORDER CONTROL SYSTEM REPORTS - Methods, computer program products, and systems are provided for creating a service order control system (SOCS) report. SOCS data is received from a SOCS database, and input in regard to configuring an output format for a SOCS status report is received. The input includes information detailing at least one data field that will be comprised within the SOCS status report. The SOCS data that is respectively associated with each data field comprised within the SOCS status report is retrieved. As a result, a SOCS status report is generated.12-17-2009
20100023527PROVIDER-CONSUMER WEB PORTAL - A system, comprising a processor, a database, a memory, and a communications interface, all operationally coupled to the processor, wherein the memory stores instructions that, when executed by the processor, cause the processor to receive data associated with a unique data value representative of an identification of a first service provider, and multimedia data, associated with the unique data value, confirm that the service provider identified by the unique data value is a registered service provider, and store the data in the database for later access by a consumer.01-28-2010
20090198701DYNAMIC WEBCAST CONTENT VIEWER METHOD AND SYSTEM - A data accessing method and system. The method includes receiving by a computing system from a first user, a first user profile comprising user preference data associated with the first user. The computing system receives and stores Webcast data associated with a Webcast that has been broadcasted for an entity. The Webcast data comprises audio/video data. The computing system receives from the first user, a first request for access to the first Webcast data. The computing system associates the user preference data with a first set of specified portions of the audio/video data. The computing system retrieves a first portion of audio/video data of the first set of specified portions of the audio/video data. The computing system presents the first portion of audio/video data to the first user.08-06-2009
20090240701File repair method for a content distribution system - The present invention concerns a file repair method for recovering a file, in a system for distributing content to more than one receiver, comprising, at a first receiver, the steps of receiving a set of files in a push multicast from a transmitter, receiving an identifier of a second receiver that owns a missing file that is not comprised in the received set of file; and recovering the missing file from the second receiver in a pull mode using a peer-to-peer mechanism. Another object of the invention is a method for file recovery in a server and in a peer device.09-24-2009
20100036850PROVIDING EXECUTING PROGRAMS WITH RELIABLE ACCESS TO NON-LOCAL BLOCK DATA STORAGE - Techniques are described for managing access of executing programs to non-local block data storage. In some situations, a block data storage service uses multiple server storage systems to reliably store block data that may be accessed over one or more networks by programs executing on other physical computing systems. Users may create block data storage volumes that are each stored by at least two of the server block data storage systems, and may initiate use of such volumes by one or more executing programs, such as in a reliable manner by enabling an automatic switch to a second volume copy if a first volume copy becomes unavailable. A group of multiple server block data storage systems that store block data volumes may in some situations be co-located at a data center, and programs that use volumes stored there may execute on other physical computing systems at that data center.02-11-2010
20100036851MANAGING ACCESS OF MULTIPLE EXECUTING PROGRAMS TO NON-LOCAL BLOCK DATA STORAGE - Techniques are described for managing access of executing programs to non-local block data storage. In some situations, a block data storage service uses multiple server storage systems to reliably store network-accessible block data storage volumes that may be used by programs executing on other physical computing systems. A group of multiple server block data storage systems that store block data volumes may in some situations be co-located at a data center, and programs that use volumes stored there may execute on other physical computing systems at that data center. If a program using a volume becomes unavailable, another program (e.g., another copy of the same program) may in some situations obtain access to and continue to use the same volume, such as in an automatic manner in some such situations.02-11-2010
20090313255SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR REACHING RESOURCE NEIGHBORHOODS - A method includes determining a source URI and extracting meta data from a resource downloaded from a network; storing the source URI and extracted meta data; and utilizing the stored URI and extracted meta data to formulate a search for another resource located on the network. A computer and computer program code are also provided.12-17-2009
20090313257MANAGING MULTI-NODE MULTI-VERSION SYSTEMS - A method, system, and computer usable program product for managing multi-node multi-version systems are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A process associates a version identifier with a first version of data available at a first node in the multi-node multi-version system. The version identifier corresponds to the first version of the data. The data includes an update. The process sends the data and the associated version identifier to a second node without learning a second version of data available at the second node. In one embodiment, the first version of data may be a subset of the second version of data. In another embodiment the second version of data may be a subset of the first version of data. The process repeats the sending for each update at the first node.12-17-2009
20090313259CONTAINER HANDLERS FOR SHARING AND UNSHARING - A container reference such as a library may reference other items and may be shared or unshared among computing devices, computing applications, or users. A sharing handler may be registered for the container reference and may be used in conjunction with the sharing and unsharing of the container reference and the items that are referenced by the container reference. The sharing handler may perform post-processing on the container reference to update the paths for the item references. The paths may be changed from local to remote for items that are shared or from remote to local for items that are unshared.12-17-2009
20090313256REUSE OF SHARED METADATA ACROSS APPLICATIONS VIA URL PROTOCOL - Techniques for facilitating the sharing of metadata. In one set of embodiments, a metadata document is referenced by a plurality of software applications as a URL, the URL comprising a protocol component identifying a specialized protocol name and a path component identifying a name and namespace of the metadata document. The specialized protocol name indicates that the metadata document is a shared document stored in a shared metadata repository. When an application in the plurality of software applications needs to access the metadata document, the URL is passed to a URL resolver configured to identify the shared metadata repository based on configuration information associated with the application. The metadata document is then retrieved from the shared metadata repository. Since many existing application framework components and standards are adapted to reference metadata documents as URLs, embodiments of the present invention facilitate metadata reuse with minimal or no code changes to the applications or their underlying framework.12-17-2009
20090313265ECOSYSTEM METHOD OF AGGREGATION AND SEARCH AND RELATED TECHNIQUES - Techniques are described for effecting data aggregation in a network. Event notifications are received from a plurality of content sites on the network. Each event notification indicates occurrence of an event associated with a corresponding one of the content sites. Each event corresponds to a change to content associated with the corresponding content site. In response to each event notification, event metadata are generated. The event metadata include a time stamp for the event and change data corresponding to the change to the content. The event metadata are indexed in a plurality of databases with reference to a plurality of index metrics including the time stamp. The indexing of the event metadata for each event occurs within days, hours, or even minutes of receipt of the corresponding event notification thereby enabling retrieving of the changes to the content from the plurality of databases using any of the index metrics in near real time.12-17-2009
20090313263Multi-Media Server - A multi-media server capable of connecting to a digital television is provided with a file importing unit for importing a multi-media file from an external device, a storage unit for storing therein the imported multi-media file, a file reproducing unit for reproducing the multi-media file stored in the storage unit, a database for managing the multi-media file stored in the storage unit for each folder, and a folder setting unit for acquiring creation-date data of the imported multi-media file, displaying a list of fixed folder names associated at least with a month of the creation date, and setting one fixed folder name selected from the list as a destination folder name of the imported multi-media file.12-17-2009
20100011005PROCESS OF IMPORT/EXPORT OF DATA OF A DATABASE - The present invention relates to a system to implement a method of importing exporting data originating from a database by way of an XML file. The export method includes the steps of: selecting data from the database; requesting an export of the selected data; verifying that the selected data are not reserved in the database; constructing an export set comprising the selected data that are not reserved; reserving the selected data not reserved in the database; generating a data exchange file comprising the data of the export set, the data exchange file being constructed according to a data exchange file model, the file model describing types of data, links between the types of data, existing in the database; and transferring the exchange file generated to the second computer.01-14-2010
20090037423CONDUCTING TRANSACTIONS OF ELECTRONIC FILES - In one embodiment, a method comprises receiving a request to purchase an electronic file, retaining the electronic file until receiving a request to download the purchased electronic file, and transmitting the electronic file upon the receiving of the request to download the purchased electronic file.02-05-2009
20090037431System and method for maintaining metadata correctness - A method is disclosed. The method includes a relationship server receiving a discovery service request from a client computer, the relationship server comparing metadata provided in the discovery service request against a database and a crawler retrieving updated metadata from a commerce server for if the metadata provided in the discovery service request does not match the metadata stored in the database column.02-05-2009
20090037422COMBINING CAPTURE AND APPLY IN A DISTRIBUTED INFORMATION SHARING SYSTEM - In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, an information sharing mechanism comprising a memory structure may be provided in a database system. In an embodiment, mined information transferred by a capture process to an associated apply process can be written into the memory structure without taking any latch. Similarly, the mined information can be read by the apply process from the memory structure without taking any latch. The capture and apply processes may work cooperatively to establish a safe point in log mining under various circumstances such as in an initial startup state, in a steady state, in a process restart scenario in the middle of information sharing. In some embodiments, the information sharing mechanism supports both checkpoint-free and checkpoint modes of log mining by the capture process. In addition, both the capture process and the apply process may employ an eager apply approach to increase processing capacity.02-05-2009
20090037420DEVICE WITH STORAGE MEDIUM AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE DEVICE - A device comprises a first storage medium, input/output architecture, a second storage medium, and a processor. The processor is arranged, in response to a request to access a file stored on the first storage medium, to recall the file from the first storage medium at substantially the data rate of the file, to transmit a first portion of the file, and to store a second portion of the file in the second storage medium.02-05-2009
20100036853MANAGEMENT OF REDIRECTION - A method and system for managing redirection for use with a system. The system includes a first webpage and a second webpage. The first webpage is operable to redirect a browser to the second webpage and subsequently, the second webpage is operable to redirect the browser to the first webpage by using a first pre-determined identifier associated with the first webpage. A second identifier associated with a component of the first webpage is assigned. In response to the second webpage redirecting the browser to the first webpage by using the first pre-determined identifier, the first pre-determined identifier is compared against the second identifier to determine whether the second identifier is different from the first pre-determined identifier. In response to a determination that the second identifier is different from the first pre-determined identifier, the browser is redirected to the component of the first webpage by using the second identifier.02-11-2010
20100036849CONTENT PERSONALIZATION FOR WEB DISTRIBUTED CONTENT - Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to content formatting for Web distributed content and provide a method, system and computer program product for content personalization for Web distributed content. In an embodiment of the invention, a content customization method can be provided. The method can include selecting content in a retrieved page, retrieving an applied customization from a source separate from a source of the retrieved page, applying the applied customization to the selected content to modify a visual appearance of the selected content, and providing the selected content once modified for display in a content browser.02-11-2010
20100036848EFFICIENT SIZE OPTIMIZATION OF VISUAL INFORMATION OR AUDITORY INFORMATION - A file, including visual information or auditory information may be uploaded to a processing device. Respective portions of content of the file may be identified for compressing and saving at respective bit rates. A number of component files may be created, compressed and saved, at the respective bit rates, based on the identified respective portions of content of the file. A network page, including a reference to the uploaded file, may be created. The reference to the uploaded file, in the network page, may be replaced with references to the compressed, saved component files and the network page may be saved. A processing device of a user may request the network page and the compressed, saved component files. A reasonable facsimile of the file may be reproduced based on an aggregate of the compressed, saved component files.02-11-2010
20100036854Sharing Television Clips - Methods, software and apparatus are described which enable users to share and exchange clips from broadcast media using their mobile devices. Whilst watching broadcast media, a user can cause their mobile device to capture a clip, for example by pressing a button. The capture of the clip enables the user to show and share the clip with friends as part of a system of exchange.02-11-2010
20100036852METHOD FOR DATA MANAGEMENT - Methods according to the present invention may be used to convey information to enhance customer service for a wide variety of industries. Among other things, methods of the present invention allow a service provider to supply customers with information on services provided for the customer using one or more methods of distribution and in a manner that is fast, efficient, and easy for the customer to access. The information provided to customers can be distributed in a variety of formats and stored permanently for retrieval by the customer at any time. The present invention also allows service providers to gather metrics on communications to customers, as well as to facilitate targeted marketing efforts to help build customer loyalty.02-11-2010
20090216775Platform for real-time tracking and analysis - An apparatus in one example has: at least one of an identification tag and a video feed associated with at least one asset; at least one real time location server that operatively interfaces with the at least one of the identification tag and the video feed; and real-time data analysis and tracking system that ingests asset location data for at least one asset from at least one real time location server. The real time data analysis and tracking system may have a real-time alerting rules engine. Assets being tracked may be organized into at least categories and groups, the categories may be used to manipulate visibility of sets of assets in a portal, and the groups may be used by the real-time alerting rules engine.08-27-2009
20090216772CONVERSATIONAL QUESTION GENERATION SYSTEM ADAPTED FOR AN INSURANCE CLAIM PROCESSING SYSTEM - A conversational question generation system dynamically generates conversational questions for insurance claim processing. The conversational question generation system includes various modules and graphical user interfaces that provide a streamlined mechanism for creating new conversational questions for insurance claim processing. The conversational question generation system may include various levels of usability that distinguish between a question programmer of the conversational question generation system and an insurance claim agent that uses the created conversational questions. In generating conversational questions, the conversational question generation system may include graphical user interfaces directed to the question details, the answer details, the question text, or other aspects of the conversational questions.08-27-2009
20100057746VIRTUAL REPRESENTATION - A computer implemented method provides a way of storing custom access control rules with information to which they apply. The rules can be associated with individual pieces of information, to provide a finer grained level of access without the need for prior knowledge of all potential entities that may access the information. The stored data and access control rules may be associated with a virtual representation of an entity, which may be one of many virtual representations of different entities managed within a globally accessible and federated information store. The access control rules can be based on querying information associated with the virtual representation of a requesting party, or information accessible by navigating relationships associated with that virtual representation, thereby providing great flexibility.03-04-2010
20100057745VIRTUAL DATABASE SYSTEM - A method and apparatus for distributing a database implementation across multiple servers. In one embodiment, the method includes receiving information identifying an implementation of a database having a database schema, identifying the number of database servers to host the database implementation, and analyzing usage characteristics of the database schema. The method further includes distributing the database implementation over the identified number of database servers based on the analysis of the usage characteristics, and providing access to the database implementation for one or more applications, the applications being unaware of the database servers hosting the database implementation.03-04-2010
20100057752DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT APPARATUS, DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A document management apparatus capable of processing a request from a user logged in from an information processing apparatus via a network, includes a user management unit configured to manage attribute information for specifying document information to be used by a user logging in from the information processing apparatus, a document management unit configured to associate document information having different document attributes obtained from the information processing apparatus with one another to manage the document information as integrated document information, a determination unit configured to determine whether the document information requested by the log-in user is an integrated document, a specifying unit configured to specify, when the determination unit determines that the document information requested by the log-in user is an integrated document, document information to be referred to by the user from the integrated document information based on the attribute information by the log-in user, a processing unit configured to process a request from the user for the document information specified by the specifying unit.03-04-2010
20100057748Method and Apparatus for Parameterized Promotion and Delivery of Data - The invention includes a method and apparatus for promoting a data item within a data distribution network. In one embodiment, a method includes monitoring at least one parameter for the data item where the data item is associated with an application or service, propagating the data item from a first data server toward a second data server based on the monitoring of the at least one parameter for the data item, and propagating, toward at least one device, a message indicative of the propagation of the data item from the first data server toward the second data server. The message is for adapting the at least one device to identify the second data server as a source of the data item capable of serving future requests for the data item.03-04-2010
20100057749METHOD FOR PLAYING E-MAIL - A method for playing an E-mail is provided. The E-mail is read in from a mail transmitting and receiving apparatus, and the E-mail includes a number of mail information fields. Further, an assigned filed data is checked, and at least one of the mail information fields is recorded in the assigned filed data. Moreover, according to the mail information field recorded in the assigned filed data, a mail message is extracted from a corresponding mail information field of the E-mail. In addition, the mail message is stored in a text temporary file. Further, the text temporary file is transformed into an audio data file for playing.03-04-2010
20080256082Data access in distributed server systems - A logical network directory database compliant with the X.500 standard for a directory data system is disclosed. The network directory database provides a source of subscriber and service data accessible by various control and management processes that require subscriber information. The network directory database may be extensible across various communications service providers and IT domain. Further, the disclosed network directory database may be applied to new and existing services, such as, IP Multimedia Subsystem, Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) and other IP services.10-16-2008
20090100067PRESENTING EVIDENTIARY INFORMATION - The invention concerns the presentation of evidentiary information on computer generated interfaces within secure user groups. For example presenting evidence a courtroom to the judge, witness and legal representatives of the plaintiff and defendant simultaneously on computer display screens. All presenting of evidence is done using a website interface where each user logs in and their log in provides them with functionalities that reflect their role in the legal proceedings. The invention makes presenting evidence easier by allowing evidence to be ordered, facilitating private data, being able to hold on to evidence or to cause evidence to be presented to a particular user or team of users. Aspects of the invention include a set of interfaces, computer systems, methods and application software.04-16-2009
20090100069SYSTEMS, METHODS AND PROGRAMMING FOR ROUTING AND INDEXING GLOBALLY ADDRESSABLE OBJECTS AND ASSOCIATED BUSINESS MODELS - Methods, apparatus, and programming recorded in machine readable memory are provided for the index, search and retrieval of objects on a global network. This inventive system embeds a distributed index in a routing layer to enable fast search. The method provides dynamic insertion, lookup, retrieval, and deletion of participating nodes, objects and associated metadata in a completely decentralized fashion. Nodes can dynamically join and leave the network. This infrastructure can be applied to content networks for publishing, searching, downloading, and streaming.04-16-2009
20090024635DATA RETRIEVAL APPARATUS - Data retrieval apparatus comprises a base unit e.g. a geographic globe having a surface bearing a set of index information, and a pen-like operator separate from and co-operable wirelessly with the globe. The operator has a sensor for sensing the index information when it is brought close to the globe surface, a memory device for storing data information associated with the index information for retrieval based on a reference to the index information sensed by the sensor, a controller for retrieving said data information from the memory device by reference to the index information sensed by the sensor, and a speaker for announcing said data information retrieved by the controller.01-22-2009
20100005102METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MANAGING DOCUMENT/MESSAGE CONTENT FOR DISTRIBUTION TO SUBSCRIBERS - A method for managing the document/message content for distribution to subscribers is disclosed. The method may include receiving documents/messages from sources, downloading the documents/messages to intended subscribers' remote devices, uploading any documents/messages from subscribers remote devices' that have been identified for uploading, and downloading the uploaded documents/messages to intended subscribers' remote devices.01-07-2010
20100005100DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system, computer-implemented method, and a computer program product for defining a plurality of rental properties within a reporting datastore. A report template is defined and data is extracted from the reporting datastore. At least a portion of the report template is populated with at least a portion of the data extracted from the reporting datastore.01-07-2010
20090319532METHOD OF AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING REMOTE STORAGE - A method of managing remote storage sets retention grace period, an archive retention period, and a backup retention period all equal to the same time period. In response to receiving a request to migrate a file to remote storage by any one of HSM, archive, or backup, the method creates a stub of the file, stores the stub in local storage, moves the file to remote storage, and backs up the file at the remote storage. In response to receiving a request to access an HSM file, the method determines if the requested file is in HSM remote storage; if so, the method returns the requested file from remote storage; if not; the method determines if the requested file is in archive remote storage or backup storage and, if so, returns the requested file from said remote storage. In response to receiving a request to access an archived file, the method determines if the requested file is in archive remote storage; if so, the method returns the requested file; if not, the method determines if the requested file is in HSM remote storage or backup remote storage and, if so, returns the requested. In response to receiving a request to access a backup file, the method determines if the requested file is in backup remote storage; if so, the method returns the requested file; if not, the method determining if the requested file is in archive remote storage or HSM remote storage and, if so, returns the requested file.12-24-2009
20090276438SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR A DATA DICTIONARY - In accordance with one or more embodiments, a system for facilitating transfer of data and information over a network includes a database component for storing data and information related to a machine and at least one part thereof, a communication component adapted to communicate with a user via a user device over the network, and a processing component adapted to receive a request for data and information from the user over the network via the user device and process the request by retrieving data and information from the database component related to the machine or the at least one part thereof specified by the user passed with the request. The communication component is adapted to transfer the data and information related to the machine or the at least one part thereof from the database component to the user device for viewing by the user on the user device.11-05-2009
20090240696METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING CONTENTS TO AN OFF-LINE MOBILE STORAGE DEVICE - A method for providing contents to an off-line mobile storage device (09-24-2009
20090240705FILE SWITCH AND SWITCHED FILE SYSTEM - An apparatus and method are provided in a computer network to decouple the client from the server, by placing a transparent network node, also termed a file switch or file switch computer, between the client and the server. Usage of such a file switch allows reduced latency in file transfers, as well as scalable mirroring, striping, spillover, and other features.09-24-2009
20090240704Method, System, and Program Product for Migrating Data from One Data Base Management System to Another Data Base Management System - A method, system, and program product to migrate data from a data table in a data source to a data table in a target. This is done initiating processes, typically two parallel batch processes, with one of the processes unloading the data from the data source and uploading the data into the data target, and the other of the processes loading the source data into a database at the data target. Preferably the processes are parallel batch process. The processes are initiated from the data target.09-24-2009
20090240702COMMUNITY BASED MANAGED HEALTH KIOSK AND RESEARCH DATABASE SYSTEM - The present invention is directed to community based health managed health kiosk and research database systems, and more particularly to facilitating large-scale health screening of individuals and aggregation of the resulting data for medical research purposes. The disclosed research database can be combined with community based managed health kiosk systems to allow medical researchers to access searchable, sortable, and non-personally identifiable health information obtained from on-going health screening of kiosk users distributed throughout the world.09-24-2009
20090240700DISTRIBUTED FILE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - To provide a distributed file management apparatus or method which can reduce communication traffic on a network and wasteful use of storage resources of servers as much as possible.09-24-2009
20090240697Object-Based Network Scanning - In accordance with one or more aspects, a user selects one or more capabilities of a repository service and one or more capabilities of a scanner. A scan object including both acquisition parameters based on the selected one or more capabilities of the scanner and post-scan instructions based on the selected one or more capabilities of the repository service is generated and stored for subsequent access by the scanner. At the scanner, multiple scan objects available to a user of the scanner are identified. One or more electronic documents are created by scanning one or more documents using the acquisition parameters in the selected scan object. Both the post-scan instructions in the selected scan object and the one or more electronic documents are sent to a service identified in the scan object, where the post-scan instructions are processed.09-24-2009
20090198700METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF DEEP METADATA ASSOCIATED WITH MEDIA CONTENT - Methods and systems verify and control the quality of metadata associated with a media data file. The metadata may be used, for example, by media content recommendation systems. In one embodiment, a first attribute is selected from metadata associated with a media data file and an attribute dependency corresponding to the first attribute is determined. The metadata may be searched to determine whether it includes a second attribute that satisfies the dependency. If the dependency is not satisfied, the metadata is flagged for reevaluation. The metadata may also be flagged for reevaluation, for example, if the metadata includes inconsistent attributes, if the total number of assigned attributes within the metadata does not exceed a predetermined value, or if an expected attribute dimension is missing or does not include an expected number of defined attributes. In certain embodiments, user selections are controlled to provide consistent attribute combinations.08-06-2009
20090187575METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR USE IN PROVIDING INFORMATION TO ACCESSING CONTENT - The present embodiments provide methods, apparatuses, and systems for use in identifying one or more sources of content by receiving a request to supply a listing of registered content providers; identifying a first registered content identifier (ID); evaluating a first metadata directly associated with the first registered content ID, and identifying multiple registered content providers; identifying, for each identified content providers, a cost to access the first content, and a link to access the corresponding content provider; generating a listing of content providers comprising a list of each of the identified content providers and their corresponding costs and links; and communicating over the distributed network the listing of content providers.07-23-2009
20090182748Interactive remote wireless system and method to assist in real estate transactions, and the like - A system and apparatus to provide remote interactive access to multiple databases and, specifically, related to a system and apparatus to provide remote interactive access to real estate information related databases using a portable, voice interactive computing device with GPS capabilities and “smart” computer features. The system combines access to search engines configured to retrieve real estate listings, publicly available statistics about a specific geographic area, and retrieval of stored forms specific to completing an offer for real estate. The device can have several components in various combinations including a touch sensitive screen, a keyboard, a processor, GPS circuitry, a microphone, an audio device, wireless circuitry, cellular circuitry, a data jack, a wireless remote, and a camera. Software utilizing those components maximizes efficiency for a real estate agent in the field.07-16-2009
20090177663SOFTWARE, DEVICES AND METHODS FACILITATING EXECUTION OF SERVER-SIDE APPLICATIONS AT MOBILE DEVICES - Software, devices and methods allowing varied mobile devices to interact with server side software applications are disclosed. Data from an application executing at a computing device is presented at a remote wireless device by providing the device an application definition file, containing definitions for a user interface format for the application at the wireless device; the format of network messages for exchange of data generated by the application; and a format for storing data related to the application at the wireless device. Using these definitions, the wireless device may receive data from the application in accordance with the definition and present an interface for the application. Preferably, the application definition file is an XML file. Similarly, application specific network messages provided to the device are also formed using XML. Data from the application may be presented at the mobile device by virtual machine software that uses the application definition file.07-09-2009
20090150403Methods and Apparatus for Dynamic Generation and Notification of Virtual Presentities for Presence-Based Awareness - Techniques for managing entities identified by presence information in a communications network are provided. A condition expressing one or more predicates over one or more presence attributes in the communications network is received. A dynamic entity is generated, wherein the dynamic entity allows at least one user to subscribe thereto. The dynamic entity comprises at least one entity identified by presence information when it is determined that the at least one entity satisfies the condition. The generated dynamic entity is managed by either or both of: (i) adding to the dynamic entity at least another entity identified by presence information that satisfies the condition; and (ii) removing from the dynamic entity an entity identified by presence information that no longer satisfies the condition.06-11-2009
20090144292METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR EFFICIENTLY REDUCING GRAPHICAL DISPLAY DATA FOR TRANSMISSION OVER A LOW BANDWIDTH TRANSPORT PROTOCOL MECHANISM - The present invention improves the performance of distributed systems by reducing the amount of graphical data transmitted between an application server and a thin client. The encoding technique used for graphical data is adapted in response to the repetitiveness of the graphical data during a particular client-server session. Indexes are maintained that are indicative of this repetitiveness and which identify a particular location in the client's cache memory storing the graphical data. Where the index is not found, but a fuzzy key indicates a strong likelihood that the graphical object is located at the client, the client's persistent storage memory is searched for a file name corresponding to the fuzzy key and which stores the graphical object therein.06-04-2009
20090144291METHOD AND DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM WITH DATA REPLICATION - There is provided a technique capable of executing a predetermined processing while continuing a database processing. Firstly, the database to be operated is switched from the main database to a duplicate database. The predetermined processing is executed to the main database which becomes the non-operation mode by the switching. Next, a database access request is distributed to the duplicate database which becomes the operation mode by the switching, thereby performing the database processing. Update information indicating the content of the update processing performed to the duplicate database is output. The output update information is reflected on the main data base for which the predetermined processing has been executed. After this, the database to be operated is switched from the duplicate database to the main database.06-04-2009
20080320007EDGE DEPLOYED DATABASE PROXY DRIVER - An edge-deployed database proxy. A database access system which has been configured with the database proxy can include a universal database connectivity driver having a first exposed interface through which access to a database server can be provided; a database proxy driver registered with the universal database connectivity driver; and, a database driven application programmatically linked to the database proxy driver. Significantly, the database proxy driver can have a second exposed interface which conforms with the first exposed interface of the universal database connectivity driver. The database proxy driver further can have a configuration for invoking at least one auxiliary task in addition to providing access to the database server through the first exposed interface of the universal database connectivity driver.12-25-2008
20080320002Method of Providing Information - The invention relates to a method (12-25-2008
20080320003SCALING NETWORK SERVICES USING DNS - Lookup requests received by a domain name service (DNS) are processed based on the actual location of data associated with a requested content page rather than a domain mapping of IP addresses. A DNS server which receives a request initiates a query for the location of user data associated with the request based on an object handle contained in a domain name of the request. The location data is used to construct an IP address which is provided in response to the IP lookup request received by the DNS server. The DNS system may be used to provide IP addresses for a scaled web-based networking service, alternate versions of a service and a service implementing rolling upgrades.12-25-2008
20080320005Relocating item in distributed storage system - Techniques are provided for moving an item from one item server to another item server in a distributed storage system, using a location service, APIs, and item states. There are three parties that transact with each other: a source item server, a destination item server, and a location service. Each item stored at the source has a move status, e.g., “stationary”, “source attempting transfer”, “destination accepting transfer”, or “destination attempting transfer”. Similarly, each item stored at the destination also has a move status, e.g., “stationary”, “source attempting transfer”, “destination accepting transfer”, or “destination attempting transfer”. The location service desirably has an entry for every item stored by the storage system. An item's entry may comprise the item's current location (e.g., an identifier of an item server) together with a state, such as “stable” or “attempting transfer”.12-25-2008
20080320006ENTERPRISE CONSOLE - A console for an enterprise suite is disclosed. The enterprise suite addresses the increasingly complex problem of keeping critical systems updated, compatible, and free of security holes. It uses Fixlet® technology to identify vulnerable computers on the network and then allows authorized personnel to correct problems across any subset of the network with a few simple mouse-clicks. The enterprise suite helps keep the networked computers updated and properly patched, all from a central console which, along with supporting architectural enhancements, is the subject matter of this document. The invention allows rolling out a security patch in minutes instead of months, thus allowing an administrator to stay ahead of potential hacker attacks. The invention also makes it possible to track the progress of each computer as updates are applied, thus making it simple to gauge the level of compliance across the entire enterprise.12-25-2008
20090119303DEVICE FOR MANAGING MEDIA SERVER RESOURCES FOR INTERFACING BETWEEN APPLICATION SERVERS AND MEDIA SERVERS IN A COMMUNICATION NETWORK - The invention concerns a device (D) dedicated to managing media server resources (MSj) in a communication network (CR), adapted to provide sets of media functions for providing the media parts of the requested services to client communication terminals (T) requesting services, comprising at least one media part, managed by application servers (ASi). Said device (D) comprises storage means (BD) storing data representative of media functions matching the media server identifiers (MSj) and managing means (MG) adapted, upon receiving a message from an application server (ASi) dedicated to a service requested by a client terminal (T) and requiring the provision of a set of media functions for providing a media part of the requested service, to determine the identifier of a media server (MSj) having the resources for offering the requested set, in the storage means (BD), then allocate resources of said media server (MSj) so that the message may be transmitted thereto.05-07-2009
20090119301SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MODELING A SESSION-BASED SYSTEM WITH A TRANSACTION-BASED ANALYTIC MODEL - According to an embodiment of the present invention, a method for deriving an analytic model for a session-based system is provided. The method comprises receiving, by a model generator, client-access behavior information for the session-based system, wherein the session-based system comprises a plurality of interdependent transaction types. The method further comprises deriving, by the model generator, from the received client-access behavior information, a stateless transaction-based analytic model of the session-based system, wherein the derived transaction-based analytic model models resource requirements of the session-based system for servicing a workload. According to certain embodiments, the derived transaction-based analytic model is used for performing capacity analysis of the session-based system.05-07-2009
20090119302Asynchronous client to server updates - Methods and apparatus are provided which enable client-server communication during the execution of a web application to be batched, so as to manage the processing load on server-side components of the web application and the transmission load on the network(s) coupling the client and server. In some embodiments, client-side components of the web application are operable to capture processing events in a change log on the client, and transmit at least a subset of the entries in the change log to the server upon the occurrence of a predetermined event, such as a passage of time since a previous transmission.05-07-2009
20090106254METHOD AND PRODUCT FOR CALCULATING A NET OPERATING INCOME AUDIT AND FOR ENABLING SUBSTANTIALLY IDENTIFICAL AUDIT PRACTICES AMONG A PLURALITY OF AUDIT FIRMS - Deployment of a computer program including a global NOI audit model together with standards, procedures, documentation, and reporting requirements in interactive, digital form to a plurality of audit firms operating independently of each other and having a reporting relationship with an investment entity. The program is adapted for receiving audit data from a respective audit firm in connection with an associated real estate property and for generating an associated respective Current NOI audit report. The specific fields and screen arrangements, together with interactive instructions and definitions of the program require that each audit firm identify a consistent set of input parameters and apply them in a consistent way, as driven by the global audit model, thereby assuring computation and transmission of structurally consistent Current NOI audit reports to the investment entity, wherein the Current NOI calculations have been developed by substantially identical audit practices, procedures and assumptions. Using the same program, the investment entity then calculates and stores an Underwriting NOI set of values corresponding to each Current NOI report for the purpose of investment evaluation. The program generates a consolidated report of both Current and Underwriting NOI values for all of the plurality of audit firms so that the investment entity can effect a uniform analysis of all investment properties under consideration.04-23-2009
20090089293SELFISH DATA BROWSING - The claimed subject matter provides a system and/or a method that facilitates accumulating a portion of data associated to an interest. An interface component can receive a portion of data actively and explicitly selected by an input device during a browsing session, wherein the selection is indicative of an interest experienced during the browsing session. An aggregator component can copy the portion of data upon active and explicit selection in which the portion of data is accumulated as a collection representative of the interest. A filter component can manipulate the browsing session to emphasize a portion of data based on having relevancy to the collection representative of the interest.04-02-2009
20090083275Method, Apparatus and Computer Program Product for Performing a Visual Search Using Grid-Based Feature Organization - A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided for visually searching feature sets that are organized in a grid-like manner. As such, a feature set associated with a location-based grid area may be received. The location-based grid area may also be associated with the location of a device. After receiving query image features, a visual search may be performed by comparing the query image features with the feature set. The search results are then returned. By conducting the visual search within a feature set that is selected based upon the location of the device, the efficiency of the search can be enhanced and the search may potentially be performed by the device, such as a mobile device, itself.03-26-2009
20090063495VOLUME MAPPING BY BLADE SLOT - A system and method includes providing a chassis comprising multiple slots, with each slot having a unique slot number assigned thereto. Multiple servers, each having at least one globally unique identifier associated therewith, are provided to plug into one or more of the slots. At least one storage device is provided having one or more storage volumes. To map volumes to specific servers, a volume may be assigned to a slot by identifying a slot number associated with the slot. This slot may then be mapped to a globally unique identifier associated with a server plugged into the slot. In selected embodiments, the globally unique identifier includes a WWNN, a WWPN, or other unique identifier.03-05-2009
20080275882SEARCH POGOSTICKING BENCHMARKS - Disclosed are apparatus and methods for quantifying how much searchers select other search results, instead of a particular search result. In example embodiments, the number of times that other search results are selected before a particular search result is selected (referred to as pre-pogosticking) is tracked, and the number of times that other search results are selected after a particular search result is selected (referred to as post-pogosticking) is also tracked. This pogosticking information may be used to improve search result ranking as produced by a search algorithm or to provide metrics to potential or current buyers of particular search terms.11-06-2008
20080263054KNOWLEDGE ARCHIVAL AND RECOLLECTION SYSTEMS AND METHODS - A computer implemented method of recording user activity in a knowledge archival and recollection system, comprising: initiating a network browser plug-in on detecting that a network browser has been opened; providing at least one file to a user from the network; transmitting and storing at least one file to a file archive using a file transfer protocol; gathering user activity data for each said at least one file accessed; associating user activity data to each related file; transmitting and storing user activity data to a database server using a database connection protocol; and indexing each file.10-23-2008
20080215590SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ASSESSING THE IMPORTANCE OF A WEB LINK - A system and method for determining the most relevant web links to a destination web page is disclosed. The method generates a link value for a linking web page by analyzing the position of the link to the destination web page, the number of links to the destination web page, the number of links to competitors of the destintion web page, and a universal significance score of the linking web page. A plurality of web links to the destination web page may be assessed to generate a link value score for each web link. A list of relevance rankings of the link value scores ranked from highest to lowest relevance may be compiled. Determining the web links with the highest link value to a destination web page enables that company to determine the most beneficial web links, and thereby establish better business relationships with the web page owners that provide the most beneficial links to the company's web page.09-04-2008
20080215591EMAIL INTERFACE FOR WEBLOG ENTRIES - Posting to a blog is accomplished by sending an email to a specified address uniquely associated with the blog. When the email message is received, information on the associated blog is accessed from a database and publication data is extracted from the email message. Using information from the database, a connection is made to the blog hosting site which hosts the associated blog and the publication data is posted to the associated blog.09-04-2008
20080256081SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PASSIVE INFORMATION CAPTURE, CACHE AND MATCHING TO FACILITATE UNINTERRUPTED TRANSACTIONS - A system and method for monitoring network communications between a consumer making a request for information on a network, and a provider that is providing the requested information. The system detects when the provider has not responded to an information request and provides stored information from a database that either matches, or nearly matches, the information being requested by the consumer. A network agent is used to continuously monitor and to supply the monitoring system with captured information requests and captured information sent by the provider in response to information requests from the consumer. The monitoring system uses metadata or other suitable parameters to categorize the information request and to associate it with the specific information that was captured, before storing both the information and the metadata and/or parameters in the database. Thus, the database is continuously populated as routine, successful communications occur over the database.10-16-2008
20080256084Method and system for using a website to perform a remote action on a set top box with a secure authorization - A communication system 10-16-2008
20080256087APPARATUSES AND METHODS FOR MANAGING CONTENT STORED IN DEVICES - Apparatuses, methods, and computer program products for managing content are provided. The apparatus includes a processor that can communicate with a number of devices, identify content files stored by the devices, and provide a visible indicia of each device in which each content file is stored. The processor may also detect devices configured to store various types of content files and may receive user input selecting a particular content file for downloading, such as from a content provider's website. A list of the downloaded content files, along with information regarding each file, the devices capable of storing each file, and the devices actually used to store each file, may be displayed to the user. In this way, the user may be able to see a list of the various content files that have been downloaded as well as a visible indicia of where each file is stored.10-16-2008
20080256086INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM, INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, SERVER APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - An information processing system configured to include at least an open server apparatus and a terminal apparatus communicable with each other through a network is disclosed. The system includes: an opening mode setting means for setting an opening mode; a transmitted content information creating means for creating content information including at least body information and predetermined additional information; a content information storing means for storing content information; a content information upload control means for transmitting content information; and an opening mode determining means for determining an opening mode of the content information stored in the content information storing means.10-16-2008
20080256085METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REPRODUCING NETWORK CONTENT - A method and apparatus for reproducing network content are provided. An apparatus for reproducing network content includes a first content list queue storing a content list received from content providing servers; a content list queue management module changing a content list stored in the first content list queue according to a user's command to change the content list; a second content list queue storing the content list changed by the content list queue management module; a content pre-fetch module pre-fetching at least one element of content from the content providing servers based on the second content list queue and storing the content in a local storage unit; and a content reproduction module seamlessly reproducing the at least one element of content stored in the local storage unit.10-16-2008
20080256080Sharing Media Content Among Families of Broadcast Stations - Sharing media content among families of broadcast stations includes receiving information relating to media content from families of broadcast stations, storing the information such that the information is accessible to at least two of the families of broadcast stations via a computer network, receiving a query for specific media content from a broadcast station, searching the stored information in accordance with the query to identify the specific media content; and enabling the broadcast station to access to the specific media content if the specific media content is identified among the stored information.10-16-2008
20080256077Network Connection Presence/Absence Judgment Method, Data Structure For Judging Whether Network Connection is Present or Absent, and Recording Medium Containing the Data Structure - It is possible to easily judge whether a computer device is connected to a network. The judging method includes: a step for detecting position information on predetermined data contained in an external device connected to the network and described on a hypertext which has been read from a storage medium; a step of displaying a connection presence/absence judgment screen containing a message indicating that the predetermined data is displayed at a predetermined position when the computer device is connected to the network according to the hypertext; and a step of displaying the predetermined data at the predetermined position in the connection presence/absence screen if the predetermined data has been acquired from the external device and displaying predetermined alternative data at the predetermined position in the connection presence/absence judgment screen if the predetermined data has not been acquired from the external device.10-16-2008
20080256078SECURE DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING ENGINE AND DATABASE SYSTEM - In this invention we present a secure distributed computing engine with a built-in distributed database system. The computing engine proposed here is capable of scaling with the network and can handle requests of generic execution types (such as calling a certain function with a set of parameters) or with regards to database manipulation as the engine includes a database management system. A client computer communicates with this computing engine over the network to send requests and receive responses. Each request a client sends is dynamically distributed among various participating computer nodes that make up the distributed computing engine. The communication channels and databases within the engine are secured at various levels using both symmetric and asymmetric encryption schemes.10-16-2008
20080256089SUPPORTING MULTIPLE SECURITY MECHANISMS IN A DATABASE DRIVER - A computer program product and database driver for connecting a client to a database server are provided. The computer program product and database driver provide for providing a generic interface, the generic interface being operable to interoperate with one or more non-GSSAPI (Generic Security Services Application Programming Interface) compliant security mechanisms, providing a set of specialized interfaces, the set of specialized interface being operable to interoperate with one or more GSSAPI compliant security mechanisms, and establishing a connection between a client and a database server using the generic interface or the set of specialized interfaces depending on a security mechanism used by the client. The one or more non-GSSAPI compliant security mechanisms and the one or more GSSAPI compliant security mechanisms may be predefined or user-defined.10-16-2008
20080256079LOAD-BASED TECHNIQUE TO BALANCE DATA SOURCES TO DATA CONSUMERS - A system and method is described to determine routing configurations to route data from data producers to data consumers. Each routing configuration corresponds to a time period during which data is routed from the data producers to the data consumers. Data is routed from the data producers to the data consumers according to previously determined data routing configurations during time periods prior to a current time period. Based at least in part on indications of the data load on the data consumers corresponding to actual data routing during the time periods prior to the current time period, a new data routing configuration is determined. During the current time period, data is routed from the data producers to the data consumers according to the determined new data routing configuration.10-16-2008
20080243859Information Self-Storage System - An information self-storage system and a method of storing digital information in and retrieving that information from a self-storage system are described. The system comprises a network of storage devices, a group of distributed servers for managing use of the storage devices, and a plurality of distributed input terminals for receiving from users portable data media. The input terminals read digital information from portable media and download the read digital information to the servers for storage on the storage devices. With authorization of a person, after one of the input terminals reads and inputs the data from the data storage media, the input terminal may remove the information from the data storage media. The media is then available as empty or refreshed to the person. This allows a person using this system and the input terminal to have the data storage media returned fully or partially empty.10-02-2008
20090300026APPARATUS, METHOD, AND SYSTEM FOR INFORMATION PROVISION, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - An apparatus, a method, a program, and a system for providing information to information terminal within a certain area such as a vehicle are provided to identify an area with area identification information (e.g., vehicle identification graphic) disposed in the certain area and to provide area attribute information concerning at least the area to one or a plurality of information terminals (user terminals) issuing information requests including the area identification information from inside the area to achieve stabilization of information provision and acceleration of information provision within the area.12-03-2009
20090300027Database access server and database access system - A database access server that performs processing for making access to a database is provided. The database access server includes: a database access processing unit that performs processing for making access corresponding to a client access request, which indicates a request for making indirect access from a client to the database, to the database upon receiving the client access request, the database access processing unit performing the access processing by issuing a first database access request to the database and then issuing a second database access request to the database after the reception of a response to the first database access request; and a database access time measuring unit that measures access elapsed time from a point in time of the reception of the client access request, which is defined as access start time, to a predetermined processing point in time that is somewhere between the access start time and the issuance of the second database access request, wherein, if it is detected that the length of the access elapsed time measured by the database access time measuring unit is greater than, or is at least equal to, that of reference time, the database access processing unit cancels the execution of the second database access request.12-03-2009
20090300025System and method for storing and retrieving digital content with physical file systems - A system and method for retrieving and storing digital documents with physical file storage systems are provided. The disclosed system and methods allow a user to retrieve digital documents from a conventional file storage system and to seamlessly categorize and store the digital documents within the conventional file storage system. The system and method provide for receiving an identifier associated with the physical file folder; and accessing the digital documents of the physical file folder using the received identifier. The system and method further provide for storing digital content in a file folder over a network including uploading and storing the digital content; entering an identification code associated with at least one file folder; and assigning digital content to the at least one selected file folder.12-03-2009
20090300023OFFLOADING STORAGE OPERATIONS TO STORAGE HARDWARE USING A THIRD PARTY SERVER - In a computer system with a disk array that has physical storage devices arranged as logical storage units and is capable of carrying out hardware storage operations on a per logical storage unit basis, a third party server is provided to offload storage operations from a file system to storage hardware. The third party server transfers configuration information associated with composite storage operations to the physical storage devices through an out-of-band path to enable composite storage operations to be executed without involving the file system.12-03-2009
20090300022RECORDING DISTRIBUTED TRANSACTIONS USING PROBABALISTIC DATA STRUCTURES - A coordinator manages a two-phase commit distributed transaction. The coordinator uses a probabilistic data structure to record whether the two-phase commit distributed transaction was successfully completed. A participant of the two-phase commit distributed transaction is directed to commit to the transaction or to roll back the transaction based on contents of the probabilistic data structure.12-03-2009
20090292710MANAGEMENT OF MOBILE-DEVICE DATA - Information is maintained on a mobile client device. A delete command is received at the mobile client device over a wireless mobile network from a mobile-device data management server configured to provide mobile-device service to multiple mobile client devices over the wireless mobile network. The information is deleted from the mobile client device automatically and without user interaction in accordance with the delete command.11-26-2009
20090292709INTELLIGENT CLIENT ARCHITECTURE COMPUTER SYSTEM AND METHOD - A collision detection and data synchronization mechanism operates to expand the speed and capability of distributed applications. The execution environment employs collision detection and data synchronization to distribute data objects to appropriate network nodes to support local processing. The collision detection and data synchronization mechanism defines the set of processes and algorithms used to track distributed data objects and to manage changes to the distributed objects throughout a network of intelligent computing devices. Data and code are distributed to local computing devices necessitating tracking and synchronizing updates. The system and method ensures that data updates received during the course of a local transaction do not unwillingly affect the results of other transactions by notifying the local computing devices of changes to the data that are subject of the transaction. These conflicts are then resolved in the applications, and notification of the resolution is sent to the remaining intelligent computing devices.11-26-2009
20090292708DATA DELIVERY APPARATUS, DATA DELIVERY METHOD, AND DATA DELIVERY PROGRAM - A data delivery apparatus comprising: an information acquiring unit for making a connection with an external equipment provided with a delivery destination folder for receiving data for delivery and for acquiring information on data receiving constrains imposed on said delivery destination folder (S11-26-2009
20100057743WEB-BASED SERVICES FOR QUERYING AND MATCHING LIKES AND DISLIKES OF INDIVIDUALS - A method for centrally providing a profile of a user's degree of preference for one or more items across categories in a plurality of domains of interest in a taxonomy of preferences is described. In one embodiment, the method includes identifying a user's degree of preference for an item from a plurality of indicators. The user's degree of preference for the item is associated with a category in a domain of interest and is stored in a profile of the user. In another embodiment, the profile identifies preferences of the user in a taxonomy of preferences across categories in a plurality of domains of interest.03-04-2010
20100030791SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR POWER AWARE DATA STORAGE - A power aware data storage system comprises storage configured to store physical data files, the storage comprising several types of storage that are associated with different access times and power consumption; a storage authority coupled with the storage, the storage authority configured to control uploading of files to the storage, and downloading of files from the storage; web services configured to interface the storage authority with end users via the internet and to allow the end users to select the type of storage for each physical file or group of physical files; and a power consumption application configured to compute power consumption information for each physical data file stored in the storage and to report the power consumption information via the web services.02-04-2010
20100023530METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING RICH MEDIA SERVICE - A method is provided for providing a received rich media service by a terminal. The method includes receiving and decoding service content, searching for reference information using representation information of the reference information in the received service content, and composing the received service content in a form that can be provided to a user, using the searched reference information. The composed service content is then output to the user through a user interface.01-28-2010
20100023532REMOTE FILE SYSTEM, TERMINAL DEVICE, AND SERVER DEVICE - A remote file system includes a terminal device and a server device, communicably connected via a network. Data handed over from an application executed in the terminal device is written in a storage device connected to the server device. The terminal device includes a managing unit that manages, when storing the data handed over from the application in a cache region provided in the terminal device, the data in a manner that an update flag indicating completion of writing the data in the storage device is turned off and the update flag is associated with the data. The server device includes a writing-completion notifying unit that notifies the managing unit of completion of writing the data in the storage device, upon reception of the data written in the cache region. The managing unit turns on the update flag when completion of writing the data is notified.01-28-2010
20100023531METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR REAL TIME RECORDS FROM AGGREGATED MOBILE DATA - A method and system for providing real-time display of data collected and submitted via mobile devices. An example method includes collecting data in a data record by the mobile device. The collected data record is submitted to a remote server. At least some of the data in the collected data record is displayed in real-time relative to the submission of the collected data record via an interface.01-28-2010
20100023529METADATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR AN INFORMATION DISPERSED STORAGE SYSTEM - An apparatus includes a processing module and a network interface. The processing module is operably coupled to obtain; a data storage transaction request regarding a file; determine identity of a user based on the data storage transaction request; access file level metadata based on the identity of the user to determine a plurality of file slices associated with the file; access file slice metadata to identify at least one of a plurality of storage nodes that stores or is to store, a data slice and coded subsets of at least one of the plurality of file slices; and generate a data storage transaction message to facilitate a data storage transaction regarding the at least one of the plurality of file slices. The network interface is operably coupled to convert the data storage transaction message into a network data storage message and transmit it.01-28-2010
20100023528EMERGENCY MEDICAL INFORMATION SERVICE AND HEALTH RECORDS SYSTEM - A method for accessing a person's medical information in an emergency, the medical information stored in a database of a medical records system includes calling an emergency telephone number; entering an access code to access the medical records system; receiving a prerecorded message reciting the medical information; in response to a prompt by the medical records system, choosing to receive the person's medical information via a text message to a cellular telephone; and receiving on a cellular telephone the text message containing the person's medical information. The steps of calling the emergency telephone number and entering the access code cause the medical records system to automatically notify at least one emergency contact of the person. A telephone number for the at least one emergency contact is stored in the database of the medical records system.01-28-2010
20100023526Method, a computer system, a computer readable medium and a document management system for repairing references of files - The invention relates to a method, a computer system, a computer readable medium and a document management system for repairing references of files. The computer system comprises a first location and a second location and one or more files stored in the first location. A command is received to transfer at least one file from the first location to the second location the at least one file referring to at least one other file. The at least one file and the at least one other file being referred to are transferred into the second location, and information on original locations of the transferred files is stored into the second location. After the transfer, one or more references appearing in the at least one file are automatically repaired by utilizing the information on the original locations of the transferred files.01-28-2010
20100023525MEDIA CONTAINER FILE MANAGEMENT - The invention teaches a media container file comprising media data organized into media source blocks. Forward error correction (FEC) redundancy data is pre-calculated for the different source blocks and organized into the container file as different FEC reservoirs. The container file also comprises meta data providing an association between the media source blocks and the respective FEC reservoirs. The container file can be employed by a media server in a media session for compiling media data packets to be transmitted to requesting clients without the need of extensive data processing and FEC calculation.01-28-2010
20090063508COMPUTER, SYSTEM, STORAGE AND ACCESS CONTROL METHOD, AND ACCESS CONTROL METHOD - A storage including an access processor configured to access data according to an access request specifying a file or a directory as an object of processing according to a content of a file handle cache held in a source of the request, further includes an access capability assigning unit configured to assign, when a file or a directory is made, an access capability serving as an identifier for uniquely identifying the file or the directory, and store the assigned access capability paired with a file handle for the file or the directory as metadata for the file or the directory and an access capability decision unit configured to decide, for the access request received by the access processor, whether the file handle specified as the object of processing of the access request is valid or invalid, based on a combination of the file handle and the access capability, wherein the access processor returns the access capability along with the file handle paired with the access capability according to a file handle acquisition request.03-05-2009
20080301151COMPUTER SYSTEM AND DATABASE MANAGEMENT METHOD USING THE SAME - A pre-fetch server, which is connected to a DB server running a DBMS and to a storage apparatus storing DB data, stores information required for judging whether or not a pre-fetch is effective. Judgment on whether or not the pre-fetch will be effective is performed when a pre-fetch I/O is issued. If the pre-fetch server judges that the pre-fetch will be effective, it issues the pre-fetch I/O to the storage apparatus.12-04-2008
20100017415DATA ACCESS CONTROL METHOD AND DATA ACCESS CONTROL APPARATUS - A data access control apparatus and method acquires a user identification (ID) of a user who uses a client device based on a login request received from the client device, and a tenant ID for the user ID from a tenant ID management storage unit that associates user IDs with tenant IDs and records the association. An application software is activated depending on a processing request received from the client device and an access unit which receives an access request for a database from the application software and transmits the access request for a data area for the tenant ID among a plurality of data areas in the database to a database management unit based on the tenant ID recorded in the identification storage unit.01-21-2010
20100017416SERIALIZABLE OBJECTS AND A DATABASE THEREOF - A technique to communicate data between a management layer and an interface layer of a network device having traffic modules and compute modules includes using a converter to convert a serializable object between file formats. The management layer is executed on at least one of the compute modules and the interface layer is executed on the one of the compute modules. Data is communicated between the interface layer and the management layer via invoking the converter to convert the data from a first format used in the interface layer to a serializable object in the management layer.01-21-2010
20100017414SEARCH ACTIVITY ERASER - A system and method of data processing receives a query at a server computer system. The system and method utilizes the query to extract a search result from a data source. The system and method receives at least one search activity record and a user preference from a client computer system over a network at a server computer system. The server computer system stores at least one search activity record on the server computer system and deletes the at least one search activity record on the server computer system based on the user preference.01-21-2010
20100017413SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR TRANSFERRING VALUE - Systems and methods are provided for transferring value from a first user to a second user by using substantially random codes that are associated with the values to be transferred. A trusted authority enables users to create user accounts used to store value. A first user may request a payment code, which is associated with a specified value, and may be communicated to a second user, who may submit the payment code to the trusted authority. If the payment code is valid, the trusted authority debits the specified value from the first user's account and credits the specified value to the second user's account. Alternatively, the second user may request an invoice code, which is associated with a specified value, and may be communicated to the first user, who may submit the invoice code to the trusted authority. If the invoice code is valid, the trusted authority debits the specified value from the first user's account and credits the specified value to the second user's account.01-21-2010
20080301150Centralized content repositories for distributed learning management systems - A learning system, including a centralized reusable learning object (RLO) repository that provides content to users, and communicates user performance data, via SCORM, to and from any one or more distributed, remote SCORM conformant learning management systems. The learning management system may include one or more pointer SCO's, which may point to a content delivery engine in the RLO repository.12-04-2008
20080301149Portable media player recommendation system - A method and apparatus for proving a portable device recommendation system. The method may include storing, on a portable device, preferences of a user of the portable device with respect to media content, and facilitating sharing of desirable media content between this user and a user of another portable device based on the user preferences.12-04-2008
20090193028FOUR DIMENSIONAL (4D) INFORMATION DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM AND METHODS - The present invention provides for a four dimensional (4D) information distribution system and method which allows on-demand and real-time transmission of time-sensitive and useful self-help data or instructional materials to user. The transmission of the 4D information can be initiated at the user's request or it can be automatically carried out based on a set of established rules, such as a schedule of events. The 4D information distribution system includes a processing device for generating the 4D information, a distribution device for transmission of the 4D information, a receiving device for accepting the 4D information, and a display device for outputting the received 4D information.07-30-2009
20090125524Correlation-Based Visualization of Service-Oriented Architecture Protocol (SOAP) Messages - Correlation-based visualization of markup language messages is implemented. According to an embodiment of the present invention, a message manager receives a markup language message exchanged over a network. Correlation logic applies a template to the markup language message. Correlation logic utilizes at least one rule to visually identify correlated message in the markup language message in a tree structure. The message manager outputs the tree structure.05-14-2009
20090106263SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR FOLDER REDIRECTION - A method for redirecting, to a second machine, without user intervention, a request for access to a folder on a first machine, the request made by a resource executing within a remote access session on the first machine, includes receiving, by a component on a first machine, folder mapping information associated with a folder provided by a shell namespace on a second machine. The component intercepts a request by a resource executing on the first machine for access to file system data on the first machine. The component redirects the request to the second machine responsive to the received folder mapping information.04-23-2009
20090006414Interception of Databases - The present invention relates to problems how to generate information related to access and use of a directory object in a database. The problems are solved by methods and arrangements in a communication system to generate information related to use of the monitored directory object in a database. The system provides the information to an Intercept Configuration Unit ICU. The information is collected from the IAP, which is associated to the monitored directory object in the HSS. The method comprises the following step: —receiving to the Interception Access Point IAP a request to monitor the directory object in the database, —detection of use of the monitored directory object in the IAP, —delivering information related to said use, from the IAP to the Intercept Configuration Unit ICU.01-01-2009
20090248700CONTENT PROVISION SYSTEM AND CONTENT PROVISION METHOD - This content provision system includes a creation unit for associating the first content data and the second content data, assigning a common content ID to the first content data and the second content data, and creating management information of all content data configured from the first content data and the second content data based on the attribute information of content data, an analysis unit for analyzing hobby information of a user based on reference information for deciding hobby information of a user, a search unit for searching content data that coincides with the analyzed hobby information of a user based on the management information of all content data, and a provision unit for providing to a user content information that coincides with hobby information of a user based on the searched content data.10-01-2009
20080301148METHODS AND APPARATUS RELATING TO SERVER/CLIENT SQL ENVIRONMENTS - Systems and methodologies that enhance a Tabular Data Stream (TDS) protocol by enabling clients to send tabular formed data as a single parameter to servers. A Table Valued Parameter (TVP) transporting component enables the client servers to transmit entire database tables as a single parameter; when invoking a server side procedure, for example. As such, values can be passed for functions associated with a stored procedure, and a parameter styled Application Program Interface (API) can be implemented.12-04-2008
20080301147SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANAGING ZONE INTEGRITY IN A STORAGE AREA NETWORK - A system and method for managing zone integrity in a storage area network (SAN) is provided. A SAN fabric may be partitioned into one or more zone sets, where each zone set may include a plurality of zones. A topology of any of the zones may be modified, without compromising zone integrity, by converting the zone into a topologically dynamic zone. The zone may be converted by redefining members of the zone in terms of their respective member definitions, which may be specific attributes used to identify the members in the fabric. As such, zone integrity may be preserved when a topology of any member of the converted zone is modified.12-04-2008
20090193032ADVERTISEMENT ANNOTATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - An advertisement annotation system includes a media player (07-30-2009
20100030786SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COLLECTING DATA AND EVIDENCE - A system and method for collecting evidentiary information from the one or more evidence systems associated with the evidence systems network, storing the evidentiary information collected from the one or more evidence systems associated with the evidence systems network, processing the evidentiary information collected from the one or more evidence systems associated with the evidence systems network in a chronological order, outputting result of the processed evidentiary information collected from the one or more evidence systems associated with the evidence systems network.02-04-2010
20090077098DISTRIBUTION OF INFORMATION IN TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEMS - A solution for information distribution in a communication system. A service view comprises one or more pages, a page being a separate output item comprising a combina-tion of content data and page definition data such that the page definition data controls the format of the content data at outputting of the page. A server collects the content data of the one or more pages of a service views and packages the content data into a service package A page definition data is stored in the user terminal, and combined with the content data in the service package. All the pages of the service view may thereafter be viewed at the user terminal.03-19-2009
20090171983SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR VIRTUAL FOLDER SHARING INCLUDING UTILIZATION OF STATIC AND DYNAMIC LISTS - A system and method for virtual folder sharing, including utilization of static and dynamic lists. Static and dynamic lists may be created as types of virtual folders. Virtual folders expose regular files and folders to users in different views based on their metadata instead of the actual physical underlying file system structure on the disk. A static list consists of a folder of items that are in a specific order, while a dynamic list gathers a set of items based on a scope and a set of criteria. When a list is shared, the actual list is left in place on the sharer's machine or server, while permission is granted to the sharee to remotely access the list and the referenced items. If the list is changed by adding or removing items, these items are also automatically re-permissioned to allow or disallow the sharee to have access to the items.07-02-2009
20090171981COMPUTER NETWORK STORAGE ENVIRONMENT WITH FILE TRACKING - A method and system for operating a network server to discourage inappropriate use are disclosed. The method provides for altering files on the server in such a way so as essentially not affect acceptable, desired file types in any noticeable way, and to substantially corrupt undesirable file types. The method may be applied to every file copied to or from a memory of the server. In the alternative, the method may be applied only to selected files or types of files on the server. In particular, the files corrupted by altering according to the invention are executable software files and compressed files, that are generally not fault-tolerant. Fault tolerant files, such as uncompressed text and graphics files in common Internet-compatible formats, are not noticeably affected. The network server will therefore no longer be useful for storing or transferring undesirable files, and such use will be discouraged. According to a related embodiment of the invention, a system comprises a server having an application that performs one of the embodiments of the method according to the invention.07-02-2009
20090171979SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR A WEB-BASED ADDRESS BOOK - An online system and a method for a web-based address book that allows collaborative updating and synchronization of the listed persons' contact information. The method includes creating profile templates for each person within a group and storing these profile templates in a central database. Next, populating the profile templates with publicly available basic information and then publishing the public profile information in the web-based address book. Users login into the address book website, update their own profile information and upload their personal address book. The system then cross-correlates and matches contact information retrieved from users' personal address books to the contact information listed in other persons' profiles.07-02-2009
20090171974NETWORK OPERATING SYSTEM - Generally described, the present invention is directed to a network operating system that provides more effective ways of leveraging the connectivity of computer networks. In one embodiment, an XML virtual machine is implemented that accepts high-level application code written in an XML programming language as input. Functionality is provided to interpret or translate the application code written in an XML programming language into code that is suitable for execution across computer platforms. Moreover, the XML virtual machine supports the Model View Controller (MVC) design paradigm that facilitates true data abstraction from applications to a common data model. Multi-instance applications, with each instance potentially supporting multiple views, may be created and executed.07-02-2009
20090171972SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PLATFORM-INDEPENDENT DATA FILE TRANSFERS - Systems and methods for storing data files to a file system coupled to a database, and reading data files from the file system. In one aspect, a method for transferring a data file between a client system and a server system is provided. The client executes a first computer operating system and the server executes a second computer operating system, includes a file system, and is coupled to a database. The method includes receiving, by the database, a request to store the data file, wherein the request is transmitted to the database by a software application associated with the client. The method also includes receiving the data file from the client, storing the data file in a directory in the server file system, storing a path for the directory in the database, and outputting one of a success code and a failure code to the client.07-02-2009
20090171980METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR REAL ESTATE IMAGE CAPTURE - The present invention includes methods and apparatus for processing requests for image data. In particular, some embodiments include receiving a request for image data descriptive of a subject parcel and dispatching an image data capture device rig to capture image data along a calculated route as well as the subject property.07-02-2009
20090171978SERVER DEVICE AND INFORMATION TERMINAL FOR SHARING INFORMATION - A technique for synchronization of the information on multiple information terminal devices is disclosed. The information to be stored is stored in encrypted format in a server unit, and thus the server unit administrator cannot access this information. In the information terminal device where information is to be synchronized, encrypted changed information, where difference information or any set of difference information generated due to changes in the information, is encrypted, and is sent to the server unit. Then the server unit stores this encrypted changed information by correlating a revision number with it. A terminal device receives the revision number correlated with the encrypted changed information, and stores it by correlating it with the difference information or any set of difference information. The information is synchronized by maintaining consistency between information terminal devices, whose information is to be synchronized, by executing “Commit” and “Update” while exchanging the revision number correlated with the encrypted changed information, between the server unit and each information terminal device.07-02-2009
20090171977SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SESSION REESTABLISHMENT BETWEEN CLIENT TERMINAL AND SERVER - Disclosed is a system and a method for session reestablishment between a client terminal and a server for a messenger service. In a session reestablishment system including a client terminal capable of accessing a communication network, a session information database and a server for providing a messenger service to the client terminal, the client terminal sends a synckey exchanged and stored during previous access to the server when sending a request for session reestablishment (reaccess) to the server after lapse of a predetermined time period from termination of the previous access due to log-off or timeout. The server searches the session information database to detect last session information corresponding to the client terminal based on the synckey, compares the last session information with current session information to detect any updated data, and sends only the updated data to the client terminal.07-02-2009
20090171975METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR TRACKING CARBON CREDITS AND OTHER CARBON VALUATION UNITS - The various embodiments disclosed herein relate to systems and methods for tracking and/or managing carbon reduction activities and the resulting carbon valuation units. Certain embodiments relate to methods or systems having at least a central processor, a database, and carbon credit calculation software configured to calculate a total number of carbon credits based on a carbon reduction activity. Other embodiments can also include identification software configured to assign a unique identification to each carbon credit or portion thereof. Various other components and embodiments are also disclosed.07-02-2009
20090171973USER-GENERATED MULTIMEDIA CONTENT FROM MOBILE AND NON-MOBILE DEVICES - A multimedia content system operates to manage mobile blogs created by users of communication devices. The mobile blogs may include content objects, which may be formed of audio components, text components, image, and/or video components. The various components may be formed from features of the communication devices. A user operating a mobile and/or non-mobile communication device may contact the system and provide one or more content objects for a mobile blog. The user may specify or create a community for accessing the mobile blog, and the multimedia content system publishes the blog for the community. Members of the community may view, edit, or augment the content objects of the mobile blog. Augmenting commands may be done through text messaging, email, or voice prompts. Users may access the mobile blogs through various communication devices. The content objects of the mobile blogs may be shared between users and indexed for easy retrieval.07-02-2009
20090171971Server-centric versioning virtual file system - Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with a server-centric virtual file system (VFS) that securely provides version control for file system objects associated with the VFS are described. One example system includes a VFS logic to provide virtual access to file system objects associated with a server. The VFS logic may receive a file handle from an NFS server in response to a VFS mount request made by a client computing system. The example system may also include a version logic that encodes a workspace identifier and a file system object identifier into the provided file handle. The version logic then provides file-handle based version control for the set of file system objects.07-02-2009
20090171967SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING DESCRIPTION DIVERSITY - The present invention is directed towards systems and methods for ranking a plurality of social bookmarks. The method of the present invention comprises receiving a bookmark request, the request comprising an identification of a resource and a plurality of resource tags. Incrementing a bookmark count associated with the resource, updating a list of tags associated with the resource and generating and storing a ranking score of the resource.07-02-2009
20090171970System and Method for Delivering Utility Usage Information and Other Content to a Digital Photo Frame - A system and method for distributing content to a plurality of digital photo frames disposed in a plurality of customer premises is provided. In one embodiment, the method includes receiving a plurality of content and storing the content in memory. The method may include converting at least some of the content from a first format to a second format suitable for display by a digital photo frame and transmitting at least some of the content via the Internet to each of the plurality of digital photo frames for display. The content may include photos, emails, text messages, faxes, utility data, and/or other content. The method may also include storing information of a user in association with each of the plurality of digital photo frames, storing content configuration information in memory for each user, and selecting the content for transmission based on the content configuration information of the user associated with each digital photo frame.07-02-2009
20090171968WIDGET-ASSISTED CONTENT PERSONALIZATION BASED ON USER BEHAVIORS TRACKED ACROSS MULTIPLE WEB SITES - A content provider system interacts with a network of web sites to provide behavior-based content to users. Operators of the web sites add widgets to selected web pages of their sites. The widgets, when executed on the computing devices of users who view the selected web pages, report user-generated events to the content provider system. The content provider system analyses the reported events to detect behavioral associations between particular web sites, web pages, products, and/or other types of items. The widgets may also retrieve and display behavior-based content that is based on these item-to-item behavioral associations. For example, when a user views a particular web page, a widget on that page may request and display descriptions of, and links to, other sites or pages that are (a) behaviorally related to the page being viewed or an item represented thereon, and/or (b) behaviorally related to the past browsing activities of the particular user.07-02-2009
20100057751METHOD FOR EVALUATING A PRODUCTION RULE FOR A MEMORY MANAGEMENT ANALYSIS - A method for evaluating a production rule for usage as a test input process for a memory management analysis is carried out via a server process. The server process accesses at least a database of a manufacturing execution system. At least one user table is retrieved out of the database. A first number of records are retrieved for the user table. A single execution of the production rule is triggered by the server process. A second number of records are retrieved for the user table. The first number of records are compared to the second number of records and either, classifying the production rule as a suitable rule for the memory management analysis if the first and the second number of records are equal, or, classifying the production rule as an unsuitable rule for the memory management analysis if the first and the second number records are unequal.03-04-2010
20090327307Personal routine system and method thereof for automatic tracking, automatic recording, and searching of a personal routine - A personal routine system that automatically traces and links a users' time, locations and activities. The person routine system includes a position recording unit for recording the user's location information, a routine tracking system having a first mapping module for matching data and files the data with the user's time and location information, and a service platform. The routine tracking system also provides a browse function and a search function for the matched records and transfers them to the service platform. The service platform stores the records transmitted from a second network interface into a second storage unit and uses a user interface to display the records stored in the second storage unit and further provides the browse and search functions.12-31-2009
20090094252Remote File Virtualization in a Switched File System - A plurality of network file manager switches interoperate to provide remote file virtualization. Copies of file data and/or metadata are maintained at a central site and at one or more remote sites. The network file manager switch at the remote site may satisfy certain client requests locally without having to contact the network file manager switch at the central site. A global namespace is maintained and is communicated to all network file manager switches.04-09-2009
20080263055Taxonomy-Based Platform for Comprehensive Health Care Management - A Web-Native, HIPAA compliant technology provides for real-time management of incident workflow and the delivery of actionable knowledge throughout the healthcare provider organization. More particularly, the technology provides a web-based data capture, analysis and workflow management solution that simplifies the data capture, validation, and submission of health care safety event and occurrence information.10-23-2008
20090132552 Serverless Distributed File System - A serverless distributed file system manages the storage of files and directories using one or more directory groups. The directories may be managed using Byzantine-fault-tolerant groups, whereas files are managed without using Byzantine-fault-tolerant groups. Additionally, the file system may employ a hierarchical namespace to store files. Furthermore, the directory group may employ a plurality of locks to control access to objects (e.g., files and directories) in each directory.05-21-2009
20090144289Service Oriented File System - A computer-aided system and method is disclosed for designing a service-oriented file system, whose intended function is implemented by a virtual file system extended with a service port mechanism. Each service port in the service-oriented file system is associated with a collection of software applications acting as services that operate on the data provided to the service port. The service port mechanism allows for starting, controlling, and terminating software services within the file system by means of file manipulations. Service requests are initiated by moving data into the service port of a service-oriented file system through the creation of a regular file in a directory under the service port. The service port engine then autonomously starts, controls, and terminates an application that processes the data and also stores the processing results into the file for retrieval. An embodiment of the invention may comprise a distributed file system for autonomous remote servicing of service requests by disparate network hosts. Thus, by directly overriding the basic file operations in a (distributed) file system and by changing the file system semantics to include process creation and control, an organized and transparent environment is created for reliable and secure ubiquitous distributed processing.06-04-2009
20100057747UNIVERSAL PIXEL MANAGEMENT - A single universal reporting pixel is embedded in a web page. The web page may contain one or more advertisements. One or more third-party reporting pixels are associated with the universal reporting pixel. Upon serving the web page, the universal reporting pixel causes each of the active and qualifying third-party reporting pixels associated with the universal reporting pixel to send a report to the third party associated with the third-party reporting pixel. The third-party reporting pixels associated with the universal reporting pixel may be changed at any time. A user interface may be provided to associate and disassociate third-party reporting pixels to a universal reporting pixel.03-04-2010
20080270409Data, Structure, Structured Data Management System, Structured Data Management Method and Structured Data Management Program - It is possible to easily process updates of structured data without excessive burden on servers, clients and the network to connect them.10-30-2008
20080306963Calendaring techniques and interfaces - The calendaring techniques and interfaces described herein provide access to calendar data stored in a server hosted calendar store to applications. The calendar data includes calendar events and tasks. In one aspect, an application program interface (API) retrieves an occurrence from a series of reoccurring calendar data upon request from an application. In another aspect, the API sends calendar data provided by the application to a server program that manages a calendar store for storage and queries the server program to retrieve calendar data requested by the application from the calendar store. In yet another aspect, the API sends notifications that the calendar store has changed to interested applications.12-11-2008
20090132548DOCUMENT TRANSFER ASSISTING SYSTEM, MONITOR APPARATUS, DOCUMENT TRANSFER ASSISTING APPARATUS, METHOD AND COMPUTER READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM - A user inputs a document to be registered in a document management server to a document transfer assisting apparatus. The document transfer assisting apparatus automatically acquires attribute information of a document designated by the user, based on an instruction input by the user. The document transfer assisting apparatus further makes an addition or a change to the acquired attribute information according to the user's instruction. The document transfer assisting apparatus then outputs a copy of the designated document and attribute information thereof to a predetermined folder and a predetermined file, which can be referred to by the monitor apparatus. The monitor apparatus monitors the folder and file, and registers the copied file in the folder based on information output to the file.05-21-2009
20090132551Web Address Converter for Dynamic Web Pages - A Web address converter helps dynamic Web sites get the attention of spiders of Internet search engines. With the Web address converter, requests from Web browsers using static addresses access corresponding dynamic Web pages and requests from search engines generate an instance of a Web page having links with static addresses pointing to corresponding dynamic Web pages. The Web address converter performs both Dynamic-to-Static (D-to-S) address conversion and Static-to-Dynamic (S-to-D) address conversion. D-to-S address conversion is done when generating a spider-friendly main page for a spider of a search engine to crawl. S-to-D address conversion is used when a browser uses a static address to access a corresponding dynamic Web page. The static address that the browser uses was originally created when the spider-friendly main page was generated.05-21-2009
20090132550IMPLEMENTING SERVICE REQUESTS FROM A COMMON DATABASE IN A MULTIPLE DHCP SERVER ENVIRONMENT - A method and apparatus are provided for implementing service requests from a common database in a multiple dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) server environment. A DHCP authorization cache is provided to implement synchronized access for the multiple DHCP servers to the common database. The DHCP authorization cache includes a plurality of elements, each element for storing a plurality of entries including a client identifier, an ISCSI DHCP router pointer, an ISCSI DHCP router pointer alternate, and a timestamp and the DHCP authorization cache includes an entry pointer initially set to zero.05-21-2009
20090132549Host for data broadcast and a method of processing data for data broadcast - A host for data broadcasting includes a host controller configured to receive a request for searching a remote storage device connected to the host using a network from an application, control to call a method and detect the remote storage device in accordance with the received request, generate an event for returning a result of the detection according to the called method to the application, and return the generated event to the application.05-21-2009
20090132547Steganographic Encoding for Video and Audio - The presently claimed invention relates generally to digital watermarking and steganographic data hiding for audio and video. One claim recites a user computing device including: a. an input device configured to obtain an index from an audio signal, the index being steganographically hidden in the audio signal through alterations to data representing the audio signal; and b. processing circuitry to: utilize the index to access a database comprising a plurality of records that link an index to a pointer which identifies a remote computer; retrieve from the database a pointer with at least reference to the index; and use the pointer to establish communication with the remote computer identified thereby to obtain information associated with the audio signal. Of course, additional claims and combinations are provided as well.05-21-2009
20090132546CONTENT SERVER, CONTENT PROVIDING SYSTEM, CONTENT PROVIDING METHOD AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - There is provided a content server which stores a content and provides the stored content to a terminal including: a content information storage portion which stores information relating to the content to be provided to the terminal; a terminal history storage portion which stores the history of each of the terminal; a terminal control information generating portion which generates control information to the terminal to which the content is to be provided based on information stored in the content information storage portion and the terminal history storage portion; and a terminal control portion which controls the content to be provided to the terminal based on the information generated by the terminal control information generating portion.05-21-2009
20090132545Contents management system - A contents management system provides a user who already downloaded valid contents with a mechanism capable of downloading the same contents in a duplication manner. A system for delivering contents checks whether contents which are about to be purchased by the user are the same as contents which are in a validity term and which are already downloaded by the user. If so, the system prepares a new contents ID, DL information and meta information for duplicated buying, and makes duplicated buying of the same contents possible.05-21-2009
20090132544DEVICE, METHOD, AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM FOR NOTIFYING CONTENT SCENE APPEARANCE - An acquiring unit acquires from each of a plurality of database servers processing capacity information for a query received from a client. A generating unit generates a first code indicating a first processing and a second code indicating a second processing for the query. A first transmitting unit transmits the first code to the database servers. An executing unit executes the second processing by using first result data of XML data acquired by executing the first processing from the database servers. A second transmitting unit transmits second result data of XML data acquired by executing the second processing to the client.05-21-2009
20090132543POLICY-BASED FILE MANAGEMENT FOR A STORAGE DELIVERY NETWORK - A method for managing storage and access to data files stored in a storage delivery network comprising a plurality of geographically distributed storage nodes, the method including: receiving a file request from a user, wherein the user is associated with a service level agreement (SLA) containing one or more policies governing handling of file requests from the user; determining if the SLA dictates redirecting the file request to a predetermined storage node; if the SLA dictates redirecting the file request to a predetermined storage node, redirecting the file request to the predetermined storage node; otherwise, identifying all storage nodes from the plurality of geographically distributed storage nodes that are near enough to the user based on one or more predetermined criteria; identifying a nearest storage node from among the near enough storage nodes; and redirecting the user request to the nearest storage node.05-21-2009
20090132542Peer-to-Peer Sharing in Media Management Software - A method is provided for a first media management software on a first device to share media with a second media management software on a second device. The method includes receiving user input designating a user of the second media management software for sharing of media, receiving user input designating a media file to be shared with the user of the second media management software, logging onto a server software on a server computer over a network, and learning from the server software if the second media management software is currently logged in with the server software over the network. When the second media management software is currently logged in with the server software, the method further includes learning from the server software an address of the second device and transmitting the media file to the second media management software over the network using the address.05-21-2009
20090132541MANAGING DATABASE RESOURCES USED FOR OPTIMIZING QUERY EXECUTION ON A PARALLEL COMPUTER SYSTEM - Embodiments of the invention may be used to increase query processing parallelism of an in-memory database stored on a parallel computing system. A group of compute nodes each store a portion of data as part of the in-memory database. Further, a pool of compute nodes may be reserved to create copies of data from the compute nodes of the in-memory database as part of query processing. When a query is received for execution, the query may be evaluated to determine whether portions of in-memory should be duplicated to allow multiple elements of the query (e.g., multiple query predicates) to be evaluated in parallel.05-21-2009
20090132540Method and Arrangement for Providing Context Information - A method and apparatus for obtaining context information from a context server maintaining a context for an object of interest in a telecommunication network. The context server receives raw context data from sensors associated with the object of interest. A request is received from a requesting party for refined context information with reference to the object of interest. Individual context data is collected for at least one individual entity of the requesting party. A customized rule is created on the basis of the received individual context data. The rule defines conditions in an adapted request for refined context information regarding the object of interest, which is sent, including the customized rule, to the context server of the object of interest. Context data refined according to the customized rule is then received from the context server.05-21-2009
20090132539TRACKING MARKED DOCUMENTS - When data is stored on a computer, or subsequently, originator preferences relating to the data are stored in a data-base, for example in a network. When another user subsequently makes a request for processing of the received data, or a modified copy of the data, it is determined whether the requested processing is consistent with any stored originator preferences, and the requested processing is permitted only if it is consistent with the stored originator preferences. The preferences may relate to saving, copying or retransmitting the data. The originator may be notified of any processing operations that are carried out.05-21-2009
20080313188Distributed Kernel Density Estimation - The described systems and methods can be used to estimate the global distributed kernel density without prior information of data using a gossip based method. In the gossip based method, a node in a distributed network periodically selects and exchanges kernels with a random node in the network. After exchanging, both the initiating and the target node use the received kernels to update their local estimates. In addition, a data reduction method can be used to optimize the size of the kernel set at each node.12-18-2008
20090083284DELIVERY SERVER FOR DELIVERING DOCUMENTS TO BE BROWSED TO MOBILE TERMINAL, MOBILE TERMINAL, AND DELIVERY SYSTEM FOR DELIVERING DOCUMENTS TO BE BROWSED TO MOBILE TERMINAL - In a delivery server for delivering documents to be browsed to a mobile terminal, a vital part extracting unit extracts vital parts of a document, a priority order determining unit determines an order of priority of each of the extracted vital parts, a browse control information creating unit creates, based on the information on position in the document the order of priority of each of the extracted vital parts, browse control information for browsing the vital parts, and an output unit sends the document and the browse control information to the mobile terminal. The mobile terminal preferentially displays the vital parts of the received document file based on the browse control information. Thereby, a user of the mobile terminal having a small display area can efficiently browse a document.03-26-2009
20100049721Local Agent for Remote File Access System - Systems and methods for remote file access are disclosed: According to an embodiment, a local agent polls a server for a task request at a polling interval scheduled by a schedule timer in accordance with a set of local agent and remote client preferences. The local agent is responsible for executing a task from the task request and causing a file to be uploaded to the server. The local agent uses a task processor for polling a server, a schedule timer for controlling polling, and one or more protocol stacks, such as TCP/IP and SOAP, for communicating with the server. The local agent can also interface with a MAPI database for message delivery.02-25-2010
20100049720SYNCHING DATA - Among other things, methods, systems and computer program products are disclosed for synching data with one or more servers. One or more data resources are received. A version number and a unique identifier are assigned to each data resource not already assigned to an existing unique identifier. When one or more modifications to the one or more uniquely identified data resources are detected, the assigned version number is updated for the modified data resource.02-25-2010
20100049718Transactional Processing for Clustered File Systems - Systems and methods for transactional processing within a clustered file system wherein user defined transactions operate on data segments of the file system data. The users are provided within an interface for using a transactional mechanism, namely services for opening, writing and rolling-back transactions. A distributed shared memory technology is utilized to facilitate efficient and coherent cache management within the clustered file system based on the granularity of data segments (rather than files).02-25-2010
20100049717METHOD AND SYSTEMS FOR SYCHRONIZATION OF PROCESS CONTROL SERVERS - A method for synchronization of data stored in redundant servers of a process control system is described. The redundant servers include an active server and at least one standby server, in communication with a plurality of applications. The method includes generating a memory snapshot of information stored in a plurality of active server memory locations at a predetermined time. The information stored in the plurality of active server memory locations includes application operating data for the plurality of applications and the memory snapshot includes a data structure that includes a copy of the information stored in the plurality of active server memory locations. The method also includes transmitting the memory snapshot from the active server to the at least one standby server, and storing the memory snapshot at the at least one standby server.02-25-2010
20080215595Data distribution system, terminal apparatus, connection candidate introduction apparatus, information processing method and recording medium with program recorded thereon - To provide a data distribution system, terminal apparatus, a connection candidate introduction apparatus, a recording medium on which a program is recorded, and an information processing method, which can prevent an occurrence of a circular connection between the terminal apparatus.09-04-2008
20080215594Contents distribution system, terminal apparatus, contents distribution method, and recording medium on which is recorded a program used therein - To provide a contents distribution system, a terminal apparatus and a contents distribution method, as well as a recording medium on which is recorded a program used therein, which can avoid an increase in accesses to a connection management server.09-04-2008
20090100068Digital content Management system - Disclosed herein is a method and device for managing, organizing, sharing, discovering, and preserving digital media content. A user may view the digital content, metadata, and information indicating the state of the digital content using the display means provided for the digital content management device. A plurality of communication interfaces is provided on the digital content management device to interface with a plurality of local and remote devices. The digital content management device may be used to access and track the digital content on the plurality of local and remote devices. Further, a network interface is provided on the digital content management device to access a plurality of public and private networks and their associated digital content storage devices. In order to enable a user to edit, organize, share, discover, preserve, and manage the digital content, a user interface is provided for the digital content management device.04-16-2009
20100036855Communication Device - A communication device may be configured to be connected with an information display device in a communicable manner. The communication device may store address information of summarized content information, wherein the summarized content information includes, for each of a plurality of contents, at least address information of the content and a title of the content. The communication device may acquire the summarized content information from the address information, display the titles of the plurality of contents included in the summarized content information, allow a user to select at least one title from the titles of the plurality of contents, and send information concerning a content corresponding to the selected title.02-11-2010
20100023524Block based access to a dispersed data storage network - A block-based interface to a dispersed data storage network is disclosed. The disclosed interface accepts read and write commands from a file system resident on a user's computer and generates network commands that are forwarded to slice servers that form the storage component of the dispersed data storage network. The slice servers then fulfill the read and write commands.01-28-2010
20100017417Secure Downloading of a File from a Network System and Method - A download processor for secure downloading of a digital product file when ordered by a user. The order includes a file identifier related to the file and an order identifier related to the order. The download processor performs security checks related to the file, the order, and the user. The file identifier and order identifier are verified based upon information related to the file and the order, and information related to the user is also verified. Based upon the verifications, the download processor selectively permits or denies download of the file to a user machine.01-21-2010
20100011008CUSTOMIZED MULTI-MEDIA SERVICES - Content files such as photographs, video, graphics and/or music are indexed to identify subjects captured in them. Indexed content files are scanned to identify content files that match certain criteria. Content files that satisfy the selection criteria are directed to appropriate output devices for display such that related files are presented in a fashion by which a theme or message is conveyed.01-14-2010
20100011007SECURE HIGH PERFORMANCE MULTI-LEVEL SECURITY DATABASE SYSTEMS AND METHODS - In accordance with one or more embodiments of the present disclosure, systems and methods described herein provide for transferring data over one or more networks. A storage area network is adapted to communicate with the one or more networks. A first component is adapted to route data to and from the storage area network. A second component is adapted to route data to and from the storage area network. A gateway component is adapted to control the routing of data between the first and second components and the storage area network. The storage area network is adapted to separate metadata from the data and store the metadata in a secure server positioned behind the gateway component.01-14-2010
20100011006COMMUNICATION DEVICE - A communication device includes a storing unit, a first determining unit, a rejection unit, and a communication unit. The storing unit stores a database structured to have collection of records. Each record is configured from a plurality of fields including a contact name field for entry of a name of a contact and a data field set including a plurality of fields for entry of data in association with the name of a contact. The first determining unit is configured to determine whether a field included in the data field set is enabled or disabled. The rejection unit is configured to reject to store data in a field of the database that is determined to be disabled by the first determining unit. The communication unit is communicable with the contact based on data in the database.01-14-2010
20100011004Service Identification Optimization - A network element comprising a storage configured to maintain downloaded service profiles; a data base configured to maintain a list of identifiers of downloaded service profiles; and a correspondence processor configured to check the availability of a downloaded service profile by referring to the list of identifiers.01-14-2010
20100011003Distributed Data Storage and Access Systems - A distributed system for content storage and access includes a storage platform having at least a first storage component, and an access platform having one or multiple access components. Each access component is associated with at least one access service. The access service may be an administrative service for receiving a service request initiated by a first user, the service request being associated with a first item of content, and for identifying a characteristic of the service request, a content management service for determining, based at least in part on the characteristic of the service request, a specification of a data transfer operation to be executed in association with the first storage component, and a directory service for maintaining information associated with the first item of content.01-14-2010
20100011002Model-Based Resource Allocation - A computer-implemented method includes receiving a description of a pattern of access to a first group of items of content; and partitioning a storage space based at least in part on the description of the pattern of access. The description of the pattern of access is a function of at least a first attribute that characterizes one or more operational objectives of a second group of items of content to be stored in a storage system. The partitioning the storage space includes defining each one of a plurality of categories in relation to a range of values of the first attribute; and associating each one of the plurality of categories with a respective one of a plurality of resource allocation arrangements.01-14-2010
20090019057Terminal and data distribution system - Disclosed herewith is a terminal for receiving data distributed from a host computer. The terminal includes a database for storing data distributed from the host computer and a schedule manager for managing the schedule of the terminal. Upon receiving an update request for the data stored in the database, the terminal extracts a time band in which the usage frequency of the terminal is kept low as an updatable time through the schedule manager and sends an update request to the host computer in response to the received request. The terminal calculates a processing time required to update object data, as well as a value denoting the usefulness of the object data according to the update information received from the host computer and including the object data, then decides a processing order for the object data according to the processing time and the usefulness value calculated respectively for the object data, thereby updating the data stored in the database according to the decided processing order. Useful data is updated preferentially in the time band in which the usage frequency of the terminal is low.01-15-2009
20090019056Method, Sensor Network, and Sensor Node for Accessing Sensed Data - There is provided a sensor node, a network, and a method for accessing data from a sensor service. Sensor nodes comprise information related to sensor service(s) they provide and to services provided by other sensor nodes of the network, including description of external sensor services, the address of the sensor nodes providing the external sensor services, and identification of the service owner. When a sensor node receives a request for a sensor service from a requester, it determines that it does not support the sensor service, and further identifies another sensor node that supports the sensor service. Then, in a first variant, the sensor node returns to the requester the other sensor node's identification so that the requester can request the sensor service. In another variant, the sensor node requests from the other sensor node data related to the requested sensor service, and transmits it to the requester.01-15-2009
20090019053METHOD FOR SEARCHING FOR AND MARKETING FASHION GARMENTS ONLINE - A method of generating clothing recommendations for a potential purchaser uses user-specific information to generate a list of suggested garments for the user and displays a graphical representation of the garments. The user-specific information may include recommendations from one or more friends, fashion experts, or other purchasers, optionally including information based on purchasing history or shopping history of other purchasers. The graphical representation may include a three-dimensional representation. Recommendations may be prioritized based on ranking.01-15-2009
20090019052PROVIDING FILE SYSTEM AVAILABILITY DURING LOCAL PATH FAILURE OF A NON-SERVER NODE - File system availability during local path failure of a non-server node is provided by generating a server database of one or more server nodes having access to a storage device of the file system. The storage device is accessed by a non-server node over a local path to implement one or more input/output (I/O) operations. Upon failure of an I/O operation over the local path, the server database is queried to identify one or more server nodes having access to the storage device. One or more subsequent I/O operations for the storage device are implemented using the one or more identified server nodes. After a restoration of the local path is detected, I/O operations for the storage device are then implemented over the local path.01-15-2009
20090019058METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR RELAYING COMMUNICATION BETWEEN UNIVERSAL PLUG AND PLAY DEVICE AND REMOTE USER INTERFACE CLIENT - Provided is are method of relaying communication between a remote user interface (RUI) client and a universal plug and play (UPnP) device in a home network. The method includes: searching for a UPnP action mapped to an RUI element corresponding to an RUI control message received from an RUI client,; generating a simple object access protocol (SOAP) message for calling a found UPnP action; and transmitting the SOAP message to the UPnP device.01-15-2009
20090019055Method and system for replacing content displayed by an electronic device - According to one embodiment, a method for use by an electronic device for automatically replacing a first content being displayed by the electronic device with a second content includes receiving user preference data input by a user. The method further includes detecting an occurrence of a trigger event and selecting the second content from a predetermined location in response to the trigger event. The method further includes receiving the second content from the predetermined location and configuring the electronic device to display the second content.01-15-2009
20080306967INFORMATION PROVIDING SYSTEM, INFORMATION RECEIVING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROVIDING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROVIDING METHOD AND PROGRAM - The information receiving apparatus includes the related information receiving portion to receive content-related information, the mode selecting portion to select a link condition between the content and the related information, the related information request transmitting portion to transmit content designation information when the link condition is switched to the link mode or the content is switched in the link mode, and the display control portion to display the content, related information and link condition. The information providing apparatus includes the related information storage portion to store the related information associating with the content, the related information request receiving portion to receive the content designation information, the related information extracting portion to extract the related information corresponding to the content, and the related information transmitting portion to transmit the related information. This provides the information providing system enabling browsing of the related information with or without a link to the content.12-11-2008
20080301152SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR POINT-OF-USE INSTRUCTION - In accordance with one or more embodiments of the present disclosure, systems and methods for transferring data over a network include communicating with a user via a portable communication device over the network, receiving a request for at least one instruction sequence related to a particular repair task of a machine from the user via the portable communication device over the network, processing the request from the user by accessing and retrieving the at least one instruction sequence from a database component, and transferring the at least one instruction sequence from the database component to the portable communication device.12-04-2008
20080301146SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR EFFICIENT DYNAMIC AND CONNECTIVITY AWARE WEB PAGE RENDERING - A method and apparatus for dynamic and connectivity aware web page rendering on a device having at least one connection to an Internet protocol network, the method having the steps of: requesting a web page; receiving the web page requested along with links to at least one element within the web page; finding connectivity requirements for an element selected from the at least one element; checking whether attributes of any one of the at least one connection are better than the connectivity requirements for the element; and if yes, downloading the element using the any one of the at least one connection whose attributes are better than the connectivity requirements for the element.12-04-2008
20080301145METHOD OF AND SYSTEM FOR MAXIMIZING THE RETURN RATE OF DYNAMIC INQUIRIES INTO A POPULATION - A method of and system for submitting inquiries to members of an organization determine if there is a pending inquiry to be submitted to the member. If there is a pending inquiry to be submitted to the member, the system displays the pending inquiry to the member. The system permits the member to logon to said server if the member responds to said inquiry. The system may allow the member to defer responding to the inquiry and permit the member to logon to the server without responding to the inquiry. If deferral of response to the inquiry is not allowed, the system will deny the member access to the server if the member fails to respond to said inquiry.12-04-2008
20080301144AUTOMATIC TRAVEL CONTENT CAPTURE TOOL FOR ADDRESS BOOK ENTRIES - Disclosed are a method of and system for capturing and updating travel directions in a user's local address book application. The method comprises the steps of determining a current location profile of the user, calculating a user trajectory using that profile and an intended destination, and adding the current location profile and the intended destination into a historical database. The user's local address book is checked for an entry for the address of said intended destination; and if that entry is not in the address book, the entry is created in the address book. That entry is then checked to determine if a direction/map field of the entry contains directions/map information. If the entry does not contain this information, then this information is mined from a network source and added to the address book. This direction/map information is then displayed.12-04-2008
20080281828Variable Data Replacement Technique For An Electronic Communication System - A method and system for composing electronic communications retrieves and provides, in real-time or near-real time, personalized content data from electronically accessible content sources using replaceable tokens. A replaceable token points to a defined location of an electronically accessible content source. The token is identified, and the desired content data is extracted from the defined location. The token is replaced with the extracted content data, and the personalized or customized content data is inserted into one or more electronic communications.11-13-2008
20080275883Consolidated subscriber database for IMS network - An IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) network includes a plurality of network elements that are interconnected for directly or indirectly communicating with one another. One of the network elements houses (or embodies) a consolidated subscriber database. The consolidate subscriber database is the only data storage entity in the IMS network for non-transitory storage of consolidated user data (that is, data relating to multiple user), for purposes of carrying out the core communication functions of the network. The user data is data relating to subscribers (e.g., end users) and subscriber services in the IMS network, such as user profile data and data relating to supplementary user services, e.g., call forwarding, call waiting, and the like. The consolidated database replaces the multiple database typically present in an IMS network, thereby lowering operational expenditures and simplifying data management operations.11-06-2008
20090049056Multi-tenant hosted application system - Technologies are described herein for implementing a hosted multi-tenant application system. The server computers utilized to provide the hosted application are organized into logical groupings of server computers called scale groups. One or more tenants are assigned to each scale group. When a new tenant is provisioned, the tenant is assigned to a scale group and a database server in the assigned scale group creates a database for the tenant. An association between the tenant and the scale group is also created in a shared configuration database. When a request is received from a tenant to access the hosted application, the shared configuration database is consulted to locate the scale group hosting the tenant. Once the appropriate scale group has been located, the request is redirected to the appropriate scale group for processing.02-19-2009
20080256090DYNAMIC DIRECTORY SERVICE - In a network of computer nodes, a directory service provides both the physical location of directory information around the network and the directory information itself in a single data structure. This single data structure is distributed throughout the network, and continuously redistributed, so as to create a directory service that is both more flexible, and more robust, than prior art directory services.10-16-2008
20080256088DISTRIBUTING PERSONALIZED CONTENT - The invention provides a method and system for distributing personalized content to potentially large numbers of recipients. A pool is selected, from among all content available for distribution, of those content elements that will be made available for simultaneous distribution, and personalized content is selected for distribution from that pool. The content of the pool can change with new selections over time. For each individual recipient, content elements in the pool are examined to determine if they are predicted to be of sufficient interest to that recipient for distribution, and if so, those content elements are distributed. If not, successive content elements in the pool are examined, relaxing the standard for sufficient interest, until at least one content element is found and distributed to the individual recipient.10-16-2008
20080256083Alias hiding in network data repositories - A logical network directory database compliant with the X.500 standard for a directory data system is disclosed. The network directory database provides a source of subscriber and service data accessible by various control and management processes that require subscriber information. The network directory database may be extensible across various communications service providers and IT domain. Further, the disclosed network directory database may be applied to new and existing services, such as, IP Multimedia Subsystem, Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) and other IP services.10-16-2008
20080250026RECOMMENDATIONS BASED ON CROSS-SITE BROWSING ACTIVITIES OF USERS - A system provides recommendations of web sites, web pages, and/or products to a user based on web pages viewed during a current browsing session. In one embodiment, a browser plug-in or other client program monitors and reports information regarding browsing activities of users across multiple web sites. The resulting cross-site browse histories of the users are analyzed on an aggregated basis to detect behavior-based associations between particular sites, pages and/or products. The detected associations are in turn used to provide personalized recommendations to users. The associations and recommendations may also be based on an automated analysis of the content of the web pages represented in the users' browse histories.10-09-2008
20090077101SYSTEM FOR HANDLING ASYNCHRONOUS DATABASE TRANSACTIONS IN A WEB BASED ENVIRONMENT - A system and computer readable medium for handling asynchronous database transactions in a web based environment is disclosed. The system and computer readable medium comprise providing a first ID from a device via a dedicated persistent connection and generating a second ID in an application server upon receipt of the first ID. The system and computer readable medium also include utilizing the first ID and second ID to obtain the appropriate data from a database system and to send the appropriate data to the device. A system and computer readable medium in accordance with the present invention uses a database resource adapter, which runs inside an application server, to generate a socket ID internally for every input transaction running with the dedicated persistent socket connection and also saves the customer-specified client ID for database queue creation and legacy application. This operation is transparent to the customers' client application.03-19-2009
20080243872COMPUTER NETWORK SECURITY DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A software based system for compiling security data from an information network includes at least two network components, each providing data. A data 10-02-2008
20080243871Method And A System For Publishing Data - The present invention relates to a system and a method for single click publication of personal contents of user with the user's consent and sharing it with the rest of the world via internet. The published content can be accessed by other internet users at their desktop, viewed or shared or saved for later use. The complete process of publishing personal content on the internet is done on a single click and all others users receive notifications about new or changed content automatically on their desktop thereby enabling them to access the content.10-02-2008
20080243869INTER-HOME SHARING APPARATUS AND METHOD USING HOME NETWORK DEVICE - An inter-home content sharing apparatus and method are provided. The inter-home content sharing apparatus includes a home network protocol stack which communicates with the home network devices according to a home network protocol; a remote storage controller which receives a request for sharing content from the home network devices through the home network protocol, connects to a remote storage to upload the content, and controls the remote storage to extract metadata of the content; and a message controller which controls transception of notification messages including sharing information on the uploaded content.10-02-2008
20080243866System and method for improving cluster performance - A system for providing improved cluster operation performance comprises a storage system and a cluster system communicatively coupled to the storage system. The cluster system comprises an active node and a plurality of passive nodes. The active node comprises a storage system interface engine and at least one initiator engine and each of the plurality of passive nodes comprises a storage system interface engine and at least one initiator engine. The storage system interface engine of the active node is configured to coordinate communication between the cluster system and the storage system, and simultaneously communicate an operation request from each of the plurality of passive nodes of the cluster system to the storage system.10-02-2008
20080243865Maintaining global state of distributed transaction managed by an external transaction manager for clustered database systems - In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, a transaction tracking mechanism is provided by a database server cluster to keep track of a global state of a distributed transaction. The global state of the distributed transaction comprises one or more statuses that are associated with one or more transaction branches that are part of the distributed transaction. The global state may be associated with a global lock. Through using the global state in association with the global lock, problems such as partial commits, data inconsistency, access contentions and deadlocks may be avoided when the database server cluster processes the distributed transaction.10-02-2008
20080243863SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR HEALTHCARE ADVISORY SYSTEM - A system includes a Healthcare Advisory System (HAS) module and a server. The HAS module may send user location information to the server. Based on user information and environment information stored on the server, an alert may be generated and sent to a user via the HAS module.10-02-2008
20080243860Sequential Media Reclamation and Replication - Sequential media reclamation is usually performed after portions of a sequential access volume's data are no longer needed and the unused portion of the volume exceeds a threshold. Improved sequential media reclamation is provided by using a sequential access disk volume (for example, a volume of a virtual tape library (VTL)) embodied as a sparse file. Reclamation of objects stored in the volume is accomplished by nulling out regions of the sparse file that contain the objects that are no longer needed. A replication method is also provided in which information about the objects stored in the sparse file (such as offset and length) is used during replication to enable the correct portions of a target volume (embodied as a sparse file) to be nulled out to match a source volume (also embodied as a sparse file).10-02-2008
20080243858Design and Methods for a Distributed Database, Distributed Processing Network Management System - The design and methods for a distributed database, distributed processing implementation network management system are disclosed for packet-based networks, with emphasis on Next Generation Networks (NGN) involving numerous network devices. The invention presented in this document runs under the paradigm of a regionalized or zonal network management architecture, where the entire managed network is divided into zones. Every zone, comprising of a group (or groups) of network devices, has a designated autonomous network management substation which can periodically collect data from the network devices in its respective zone, report alerts of detected network device failures, and temporary store the current and most recent data until a defined time. A central database also exists as storage for the old and historical data. The network administrator retrieves current data and historical data from the network substations and the central database, respectively, through a central network management station which is the overseer of all the zones, automatically keeping track of every network device and zone association mapping.10-02-2008
20080243857Method for Editing a Multimedia Page Using Pre-Stored Data - This invention relates to multimedia page editing on a terminal. A server (SER) supplies pages to the terminal (TER) in the form of object arrangement commands for objects in a multimedia page to be generated. The method according to the invention comprises a preliminary step wherein the server transmits on object-related data packet as well as a temporary store (CACHE) for the data (DATA), which is identified by a link (node i) in a terminal memory; and a main step wherein the server transmits a descriptive file containing said link for editing the object in a scene being generated in the terminal on the basis of the stored data.10-02-2008
20080235241Print web portal - A web portal is provided for accessing information from a plurality of heterogeneous systems connected through a network, in connection with printing and other operations for forming images. The web portal includes means for registering dynamically a sequence of actions as a scenario, and applying the registered scenario of actions in one or more of the network distributed systems.09-25-2008
20080235237Computerized Scenario Development And Execution System - A computer based scenario development and execution system permitting a plurality of players (co-located or geographically dispersed) to execute any number of different scenarios that have been defined to the system and are available for execution. During normal use the Scenario Engine (SE) will be running, a user will log-on to said system, complete an authentication procedure, select a scenario for execution, and receive a response indicating that there is a scenario available requiring an additional user, or a new copy of the requested scenario will be loaded and made available for execution. A scenario is made available for execution by retrieving the Scenario Description Language (SDL) for the scenario from the system's library of scenarios, and processing the SDL to provide an executable version of the scenario.09-25-2008
20080235236Secure Document Management System - A method for providing access to electronic documents including presenting to a user a first graphical user interface containing a listing of at least one secure user account and at least one secure electronic document storage system corresponding to the user. A selection is received from the user, wherein the selection represents a request for access to either one of the at least one secure user accounts or the at least one secure electronic document storage systems. When the selection is for access to the secure electronic document storage, an area of storage containing electronically stored documents corresponding to the user is accessed. The user is presented with a second graphical user interface for selection of electronically stored documents. The selected electronically stored document is transmitted to the user.09-25-2008
20080228780INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING PROGRAM - An information processing apparatus comprises a plurality of control units, a shared memory, a processing number table and a start-up time table. When a transaction is received, each of the control units determines whether the current time in the shared memory coincides with the most recent start-up time in the processing number. If the current time does not coincide with the most recent start-up time, each of the control units updates the most recent start-up time with current time and if or not, adds 1 to the number of transactions being processed in the processing number table so as to update the number of transactions being processed. After the number of transactions is updated, each of the control units sums up the number of transactions being processed in the processing number table. Each of the control units determines whether the number of transactions is not more than the threshold value in the shared memory. If the number of transactions is not more than the threshold value, each of the control units starts the distributed transaction to be processed.09-18-2008
20080228773APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DATA INPUT DEVICE - A client apparatus to receive scan data. The client apparatus comprises configuration files including a plurality of settings to control operations of the client apparatus, logic to receive scan data and to request web pages from a web server using the scan data and the settings in the configuration files. The configuration files separate the functionality of the client apparatus from the content of the web pages so that neither the configuration files nor the web pages depend on the particular platform or hardware setup of the client apparatus.09-18-2008
20080228772SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF PREFRESHENING CACHED OBJECTS BASED ON USER'S CURRENT WEB PAGE - The present solution provides a variety of techniques for accelerating and optimizing network traffic, such as HTTP based network traffic. The solution described herein provides techniques in the areas of proxy caching, protocol acceleration, domain name resolution acceleration as well as compression improvements. In some cases, the present solution provides various prefetching and/or prefreshening techniques to improve intermediary or proxy caching, such as HTTP proxy caching. In other cases, the present solution provides techniques for accelerating a protocol by improving the efficiency of obtaining and servicing data from an originating server to server to clients. In another cases, the present solution accelerates domain name resolution more quickly. As every HTTP access starts with a URL that includes a hostname that must be resolved via domain name resolution into an IP address, the present solution helps accelerate HTTP access. In some cases, the present solution improves compression techniques by prefetching non-cacheable and cacheable content to use for compressing network traffic, such as HTTP. The acceleration and optimization techniques described herein may be deployed on the client as a client agent or as part of a browser, as well as on any type and form of intermediary device, such as an appliance, proxying device or any type of interception caching and/or proxying device.09-18-2008
20080222164METHOD AND APPARATUS TO PROVIDE GUARANTEED DEPLOYMENT OF APPLICATIONS TO NODES IN AN ENTERPRISE - A method, system and computer program product for updating distributed applications in a multiple application-server environment, in which at least one server receives updates later than another server and update delivery is tracked by an update tracker in the form of a message history, is disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, an application will be distributed across multiple servers and will receive updates from a central repository across a network or other communication fabric. Responsive to starting an application server in the data processing system, a messaging system is contacted over a secure connection to determine whether an application update distribution occurred while the application server was unavailable to update applications, and, responsive to a determination that the application update distribution occurred, an application is received.09-11-2008
20080222163Automatic Data Consolidation - The present invention discloses a method, request detector, inference engine, and system for consolidating data from distributed databases into a central database. The method comprises the steps of receiving access information comprising request information to the distributed databases, analyzing the received access information, and aggregating into the central database the data content of the distributed databases in dependence on the analyzed access information.09-11-2008
20080222161Distributed Directory Deployment - Each LDIF entry of a directory tree is read, split to a domain of LDIF fragments (corresponding to backend servers) and written to each LDIF fragment. The split may be accomplished through a hash function, establishing, for that iteration of LDIF entry, a write file. The LDIF entry is appended to the write file. A subsequent LDIF entry is read. A corresponding LDIF fragment is determined, which need not be different from the LDIF fragment to which the first LDIF entry was written. The current LDIF entry is written to the currently selected write file. The process continues until all LDIF entries are exhausted from the directory tree. LDIF fragments are each copied to distinct backend servers, where, each LDIF fragment may be loaded into a distributed directory data structure.09-11-2008
20080222160Method and system for providing a program for execution without requiring installation - In a method and system for performing a task for a software application that facilitates implementation of the software application with minimized installation requirements, in response to a request by the software application for a local system file of an operating system used for execution of the software application, a processor may redirect the request to access a file stored in a capsule environment together with the software application, where the redirecting includes: updating a table, which a local kernel of the operating system accesses for calling a system call handler, to include a pointer to a filter handler instead of the system call handler, the filter handler, when implemented, passing modified values to the system call handler; and/or causing an application library to redirect a request thereto to a filter library for communicating with the local kernel.09-11-2008
20080222159DATABASE SYSTEM WITH ACTIVE STANDBY AND NODES - A system includes an active node and a standby node and zero or more replica nodes. Each of the nodes includes a database system, such as an in-memory database system. Client updates applied to the active node are written through to the standby node, and the standby node writes the updates through to a primary database and updates the replica nodes. Commit ticket numbers tag entries in transaction logs and are used to facilitate recovery if either of the active node or the standby node fails. Updates applied to the primary database are autorefreshed to the active node and written through by the active node to the standby node which propagates the updates to the replica nodes. Bookmarks are used to track updated records of the primary database and are used to facilitate recovery if either of the active node or the standby node fails.09-11-2008
20080222158METHOD OF RECONFIGURING NAS UNDER GNS - Provided is a file management method for a computer system having: one first server; a plurality of second servers; and a plurality of storage subsystems, the file management method including: providing, by the second server, as at least one file, data stored in the storage subsystem; executing, by the second server, at least one first program; obtaining, by the first server, from the second server, a utilization state of the first program executed by the second server; judging, by the first server, from the obtained first program utilization state, whether or not migration of the file group is necessary; and instructing, by the first server, the second servers to migrate the file group in a case where it is judged that the file group needs to migrate. Accordingly, programs stored in NAS constituting GNS can be used efficiently.09-11-2008
20080222157Information providing method and information providing system - An information-requesting terminal includes a transmission control unit that controls a transmission of an information acquisition request including an address of a requested Web page before collection and generation information or management information with which the generation information can be identified to a Web archive server. The Web archive server includes an information providing unit that extracts a Web page corresponding to the address of the Web page and the generation information or the management information received from the transmission control unit from a Web archive, and provides extracted Web page to the information-requesting terminal.09-11-2008
20080222156Personalizing Handheld Electronic Book Readers - Tools and techniques are described herein for personalizing handheld electronic book readers. The tools provide methods that include receiving an indication of a customer transaction involving an electronic book reader device. The methods may also receive an identifier associated with the customer, obtain personalization information associated with the identifier, and load the personalization information into the electronic book reader device. The tools also provide methods that include receiving a command that is input to the electronic book reader device, where the device has been personalized for the particular customer; and responding to the command using the personalization information. A server includes a processor and a computer-readable storage medium that includes a device personalization component for personalizing the electronic book reader device. The electronic book reader device includes a processor and computer-readable storage medium that includes a device personalization unit for personalizing the electronic book reader device.09-11-2008
20080222155METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PARTIAL PUBLICATION AND INVENTORY MAINTENANCE OF MEDIA OBJECTS IN A REGION - Methods, apparatuses, and articles for regional and enterprise servers in a media object partial publication and inventory maintenance system are described herein. In various embodiments, a regional server may repeatedly request and receive, from an enterprise server, media objects of a collection of media objects based on actual and/or perceived demand, achieving a partial publication of the collection of media objects. Also, the regional server may monitor a physical inventory associated with a media object and, when the inventory falls below a threshold, facilitate the creation of additional physical inventory using the media object. Additionally, the regional server may notify the enterprise server of the creational of inventory to facilitate the enterprise server in acquiring digital rights associated with the media object.09-11-2008
20080222154Decentralized Adaptive Management of Distributed Resource Replicas in a Peer-to-Peer Network Based on QoS - Methods and systems are provided relating to a decentralized algorithm for managing replicas of a resource in a peer-to-peer network to satisfy quality of service requirements. Individual nodes within the network storing a resource replica continually monitor the node performance against quality of service (QoS) parameters and when necessary, take appropriate action to either add or delete the resource, all the while informing the other nodes within the network that maintain a replica of the resource of the particular action for dynamic fluctuation of the count of resource replicas therein.09-11-2008
20090157697SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CREATING VARIABLE LENGTH CLIPS FROM A MEDIA STREAM - Systems and methods are described for providing variable-length media clips based upon a received media stream. An exemplary system for providing media clips to users includes a database comprising a list of rules associated with a plurality of programs, as well as a first server and a second server. The first server receives information about a particular program being viewed by a media player and obtains rules from the database for the identified program that are transmitted to the media player. The second server receives a media clip of the particular program being viewed from the media player, wherein the media clip is created at the media player in accordance with the rules corresponding to the program, and subsequently makes the media clip available to the users.06-18-2009
20080215589System, Method, and Computer-Readable Medium for Collection and Distribution of User-Supplied Comments Associated with Network and Local Content - A system, method and computer-readable medium for collection and distribution of user-supplied comments associated with network and local content is provided. User-supplied comments may be associated with network content and may be stored in a network repository in association with an identifier of the network content for which the comments were supplied. Other network users that view the content may be provided with the user-supplied comments associated with the content. User-supplied comments associated with local content may be stored in a local repository. Comments associated with local content may be displayed to a user in response to selection of the local content.09-04-2008
20080208872ACCESSING MULTIMEDIA - An approach to accessing audio or multimedia content uses associated text sources to segment the content and/or to locate entities in the content. A user interface then provides a user with a way to navigate the content in a non-linear manner based on the segmentation or linking of text entities with locations in the content. The user interface can also provide a way to edit segment-specific content and to publish individual segments of the content. The output of the system, for instance the individual segments of annotated content, can be used to syndicate and/or to improve discoverability of the content.08-28-2008
20080201336DISTRIBUTED DATA STORAGE SYSTEM, DATA DISTRIBUTION METHOD, AND APPARATUS AND PROGRAM TO BE USED FOR THE SAME - There is provided a distributed data storage system for splitting content-data into a plurality of split data and storing a plurality of copy data corresponding to at least one of the plurality of split data in a plurality of memory devices. The system comprises a copying management information storing unit and a access location determining unit. The copying management information storing unit stores copying management information indicating a storage location of the copy data corresponding to the split data. The access location determining unit determines at least one of the plurality of memory devices storing the copy data corresponding to the split data as an access location for accessing split data.08-21-2008
20080201335Method and Apparatus for Storing Data in a Peer to Peer Network - A fixed prefix peer to peer network has a number of physical nodes. The nodes are logically divided into a number of storage slots. Blocks of data are erasure coded into original and redundant data fragments and the resultant fragments of data are stored in slots on separate physical nodes such that no physical node has more than one original and/or redundant fragment. The storage locations of all of the fragments are organized into a logical virtual node (e.g., a supernode). Thus, the supernode and the original block of data can be recovered even if some of the physical nodes are lost.08-21-2008
20080201334Computer System for Distributing a Validation Instruction Message - A computer-implemented system for providing validation instructions to European attorneys. The computer system is designed to send a validation instruction message to a number of European attorneys, asking them to validate a granted European patent. The computer system is designed to communicate with an interface, a specification database and a number of European agents. The system is set up so that when the computer system receives a European patent identifier and a country selection via the interface, the computer system: (a) obtains, from the specification database, a European patent specification corresponding to the European patent identifier; and (b) provides the European patent specification and a validation instruction message to a particular European agent corresponding to the country selection. The system is further adapted to calculate and bill the total validation cost up-front.08-21-2008
20080201333State transition controlled attributes - Some embodiments of managing data using state transition controlled attributes have been presented. In one embodiment, a workflow management policy and a set of states are defined at a server coupled to one or more client machines, each of the states corresponding to a distinct value of a set of values of an attribute of data. The method may further include implementing a state machine on the server to manage state transitions initiated by the one or more client machines operating on the data according to the workflow management policy.08-21-2008
20080201332SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PRELOADING CONTENT ON THE BASIS OF USER CONTEXT - The present invention relates to systems and methods for preloading one or more content items. The method according to one embodiment comprises receiving a content item at a client device in response to a first request from a user, determining a context for the user and preloading one or more components into a cache on the basis of the determined context for the user. Components from the cache are loaded in response to a second request from the user.08-21-2008
20080201331Systems and Methods for Cache Optimization - A server computer identifies a cached document and its associated cache update history in response to a request or in anticipation of a request from a client computer. The server computer analyzes the document's cache update history to determine if the cached document is de facto fresh. If the cached document is de facto fresh, the server computer then transmits the cached document to the client computer. Independently, the server computer also fetches an instance of the document from another source like a web host and updates the document's cache update history using the fetched instance of the document.08-21-2008
20090100065METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR QUICKLY RECORDING LINEAR CONTENT FROM AN INTERACTIVE INTERFACE - A method and system includes a first device having an ordering interface and forming a recording command comprising a linear channel, a start time, time duration and date. The first device communicates a customer identifier and the recording command to a content processing system corresponding to the linear content. The content processing system forms a control word from the recording command and communicates the control word to a user device. The user device receives the content corresponding to the recording command in response to the control word.04-16-2009
20080301153System and method for managing construction projects - A system for managing construction projects includes a database, a component interface, a state interface, and a database interface. The component interface is operative to receive component identifiers identifying components of a construction project. The state interface is operative to receive state indicators, each state indicator indicating a particular state (e.g., ordered, in transit, installed, inspected, etc.) associated with one of the components. The database interface is operative to store the component identifiers and the associated state indicators in the database. A method of managing construction projects is also described. The method includes the steps of receiving a plurality of component identifiers from a user, associating an initial predefined state with each received identifier, storing the component identifiers and the associated initial states in a database, updating the states associated with the component identifiers in the data base, and retrieving the updated states from the database to determine the status of the construction project. Novel data structures, application program interfaces, and graphical user interfaces are also disclosed.12-04-2008
20080288508Accessing a non-relational store with a container-managed persistence bean via a web service function - An apparatus, system, and storage medium that in an embodiment receive a key parameter from a container-managed persistent bean, determine that the container-managed persistent bean is associated with a non-relational data store, creating a web service input message with the key parameter, and invoke a web service function with the web service input message to interface with a non-relational data store. The determination that the container-managed persistent bean is associated with a non-relational data store may be based on deployment description extension settings specified by a bean assembler. In this way, a container-managed persistent bean may be used to access a non-relational data store.11-20-2008
20090055405Increasing Website Revenue Generation Through Distribution of Interactive Web Content - A system and method of presenting web content on a webpage to increase website revenue generation. The method includes generating a data module by coupling an advertisement to specific data content, providing at least one link in the data module to allow a viewer of the webpage to manipulate the data content, displaying the data module on a webpage at one or more websites, identifying selections of the link made by the viewer, and refreshing the webpage, in response to each selection of the link, to generate a page view corresponding to each selection. Refreshing the webpage can further include displaying the manipulated data content and additional advertisements in the data module on the webpage.02-26-2009