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707 - Data processing: database and file management or data structures

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707003000 Query processing (i.e., searching) 3631
707010000 Distributed or remote access 728
707002000 Access augmentation or optimizing 449
707009000 Privileged access 214
707008000 Concurrency (e.g., lock management in shared database) 122
707007000 Sorting 98
20090112790Method And Device For Verifying Integrity Of Data Acquisition Pathways - Disclosed is a method of verifying the integrity of data acquired from a device emulating a hard disk to a host computer over a data transfer pathway. A storage medium containing known data is connected to the data transfer pathway, the storage medium capable of emulating a hard disk. The known data is transferred from the storage medium to the host computer over the data transfer pathway for storage on the host computer. A characteristic of the data stored on the host computer is compared with a corresponding characteristic of said known data to determine whether data corruption has occurred during data transfer over said data transfer pathway. The characteristic could be a hash code value, such as a Message-Digest 5 (MD5) or Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) value.04-30-2009
20090192979SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROBABILISTIC DATA CLASSIFICATION - A system for performing data classification operations. In one embodiment, the system comprises a filesystem configured to store a plurality of computer files and a scanning agent configured to traverse the filesystem and compile data regarding the attributes and content of the plurality of computer files. The system also comprises an index configured to store the data regarding attributes and content of the plurality of computer files and a file classifier configured to analyze the data regarding the attributes and content of the plurality of computer files and to classify the plurality of computer files into one or more categories based on the data regarding the attributes and content of the plurality of computer files. Results of the file classification operations can be used to set appropriate security permissions on files which include sensitive information or to control the way that a file is backed up or the schedule according to which it is archived.07-30-2009
20090192977Method and Apparatus for Reducing Storage Requirements of Electronic Records - An embodiment of the present invention includes a system for storage of electronic records. The system includes a storage unit to store records and a processing system to store and retrieve records from the storage unit. The processing system receives non-exception based records and stores the records in the storage unit. This is accomplished by storing unique information from each received non-exception based record within the storage unit separately from information common to a plurality of non-exception based records. The stored unique information is linked with the stored common information. The present invention embodiments further include a method and a program product apparatus for storing electronic records as described above.07-30-2009
20090187530ENABLING USERS TO EDIT VERY LARGE XML DATA - Enabling users to edit data encoded in extended markup language (XML). In one embodiment, an XML data to be edited is received and preprocessed to generate a tabular data corresponding to the XML data. The generated tabular data is stored in the form of a staging table in a database. On receiving a request indicating that a portion of the XML data is to be replaced by a new portion, a query corresponding to the request is generated. The query is directed to the staging table in the database and is designed to cause the portion to be replaced by the new portion in the tabular data. The query is then performed on the database to replace the portion with the new portion in the tabular data. Once the edits are completed, new XML data containing the edits is constructed from the modified tabular data.07-23-2009
20100042580Method of for a Host to Access an Object Stored in a Multimedia Device Supported by MTP - An object table is provided between a file system interface of a host and a multimedia device so that the host is capable of accessing objects stored in the multimedia device regardless of incompatibility between file formats respectively used in the file system and the multimedia device. At least one index of the stored object is stored in the object table. A file accessing architecture is constructed in the object table, where the file accessing architecture has at least one API recognizable for the file system interface. Therefore, the host is capable of accessing the objects stored in the multimedia device though the file system interface and the constructed file accessing architecture.02-18-2010
20100042579GENERATING AND/OR RECEIVING, AT LEAST IN PART, AT LEAST ONE DATA ACCESS REQUEST - In an embodiment, an apparatus is provided that may include circuitry to generate, at least in part, and/or receive, at least in part, at least one request to access at least one portion of data. The at least one request may indicate, at least in part, at least one subset of the at least one portion of the data that is of relatively higher importance than one or more other subsets of the at least one portion of the data that are of relatively lower importance. The at least one request may be to request, at least in part, that the at least one subset be accessed prior to the one or more other subsets are accessed. The at least one request may be comprised, at least in part, in at least one packet in accordance with a protocol that permits variable packet size.02-18-2010
20090157596SYSTEM FOR CONVERTING MESSAGE DATA INTO RELATIONAL TABLE FORMAT - The present invention is directed to a system and computer readable medium for converting messaging data into a relational table format in a database system, wherein the messaging data is within a messaging system. Through aspects of the system and computer readable medium of the present invention, the table function invokes at least one user defined function within the database system. Preferably, the table function is also a user-defined function. The table function can be used within a single SQL statement to access and convert the message data, and to populate directly a relational table. The user is no longer required to perform conversion steps because the conversion is automatically performed by the table function. Moreover, a table view can be created and utilized by a user to select a message and then have the selected message string returned in relational table format.06-18-2009
20090157595Metadata retrieval for multi-function devices - Systems and methods are provided for retrieving metadata relating to a multi-function device. In some embodiments, metadata is retrieved using a plurality of identifiers (e.g., hardware identifiers each identifying at least one function performed by the device) received from the device. The plurality of identifiers are arranged into a sequence, and at least one of the identifiers in the sequence is associated with metadata specifying a characteristic of the device. Using the metadata that is retrieved, a client computer may present an graphical user interface displaying information relating to the device.06-18-2009
20090157594Combined Feature Creation to Increase Data Mining Signal in Hybrid Datasets - Embodiments of the invention may be used to produce a data mining signal by generating hybrid dataset representing data related to tools used during a semiconductor fabrication process. By selectively combining similar processes, the data mining signal strength of each tool used to perform the steps of the fabrication process may be increased. A combined process variable may be used to represent the group of tools and processes, collectively. A set of rules may be composed to determine which processes used in the semiconductor fabrication process should be combined in the hybrid dataset.06-18-2009
20090157593SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISAMBIGUATING NON-UNIQUE IDENTIFIERS USING INFORMATION OBTAINED FROM DISPARATE COMMUNICATION CHANNELS - The disclosure describes systems and methods for disambiguating a non-unique identifiers of real world entities (RWEs) detected by a computing network by dynamically identifying relationships between RWEs known to the network. The relationships are determined based on social, spatial, temporal and logical information known about the RWEs based on the RWEs previous interactions with the network. These relationships are then used to generate a probability for each RWE that the non-unique identifier identifies that RWE. Based on the probabilities an RWE is selected and the proper network identifier may be used in place of the non-unique identifier.06-18-2009
20090125476Interface for Selection of Items - An apparatus (and method) is configured to perform an operation on a plurality of items of data. A memory stores data identifying said items. The apparatus generates a list of selected items identifying an item in response to a first selection signal; performs a selection operation to add an item to said list of selected items by: responsive to (a) a first move cursor signal: identifying a first item of said plurality of items stored in said memory; and adding said first identified item to said list of selected items if said item is not already on said list and (b) a second move cursor signal: identifying a second item of said plurality of items stored in said memory; removing said first identified item from said list of selected items. The apparatus adds said second identified item to said list of selected items if said second item is not on said list.05-14-2009
20080288438Device and Method for Multimedia Data Retrieval - The invention concerns a device for multimedia data retrieval, said multimedia data being associated with an active component, said device being characterized in that, depending on an external event, some of the active components trigger an action that make the user aware of the multimedia data associated with said active components.11-20-2008
20090307183System and Method for Transmission of Communications by Unique Definition Identifiers - A system and method are provided for transmitting communications according to unique definition identifiers associated with the underlying elements (e.g., words) of the communications. The unique defintion identifiers are unique identifiers associated with a specific defintion, such as a unique numerical code of a certain length. Rather than storing, analyzing and transmitting the particular words that make up a communication, the communication is transmitted by a set of unique definition identifiers in accordance with the present system and method.12-10-2009
20090094186Information Retrieval System, Registration Apparatus for Indexes for Information Retrieval, Information Retrieval Method and Program - An information retrieval system comprising: an information acquisition unit that acquires information as a subject of retrieval; a time information specifying unit that specifies time information owned by said information as the subject of retrieval; and an index updating unit that updates said index using the time information specified by said time information specifying unit; wherein said information retrieval system provides an information retrieving function of reproducing retrieved results at any time point by providing index for information retrieval with the time information and by using data of said index relevant to a reference point of retrieval identified at the time of retrieval.04-09-2009
20090094185USER-DEFINABLE RUN-TIME GROUPING OF DATA RECORDS - In some embodiments, a method includes receiving input that includes a criteria for filtering a set of records to define a subset of records within the set of records. The criteria is defined by an end design user. The method includes updating a business class group with the criteria, wherein the business class group is associated with an action for access the subset of records through the business class group. The method includes outputting a business application to be executed by at least one end user to access the subset of records through the business class group.04-09-2009
20090254511Privacy Management Policy Hub - A system architecture is disclosed that includes a privacy management system.10-08-2009
20090240654File Access Via Conduit Application - A computer-implemented data access method includes executing a file manager application in a container application, wherein the file manager application does not have direct access to a computer file system, executing a native application that does have direct access to the computer file system, and communicating between the file manager application and the native application, and between the native application and the computer file system to simulate direct file system access by the file manager application.09-24-2009
20090234798INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, METHOD, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM FOR MANAGING CONTENTS - An information processing device includes an instruction accepting unit accepting an instruction, an acquiring unit acquiring content in one of a first mode for automatically beginning content acquisition and a second mode for beginning the content acquisition in response to an instruction to begin the content acquisition accepted through the instruction accepting unit, a storage storing the content, a keyword creating unit creating keywords for the content, a display unit displaying the keywords, and a controller configured to, when the content is acquired in the first mode, control the keyword creating unit and the display unit to create and display the keywords, respectively, in response to an instruction to access the content stored on the storage accepted through the instruction accepting unit. When the content is acquired in the second mode, the controller controls the keyword creating unit and the display unit to automatically create and display the keywords, respectively.09-17-2009
20080294594AUDIT TRAIL MANAGEMENT METHOD, SYSTEM AND PROCESSING PROGRAM - When an access is made to a database from an application in accordance with a request of a user in an application server, thread information and request identification are acquired. The two kinds of information are then delivered to a database connector and are outputted to the database with information outputted by an output function of the database. A request identification information management function holds the request identification information and an audit trail information management function holds the thread information. These kinds of information are collected by an audit trail DB cooperative function and are delivered to the database connector.11-27-2008
20080294593INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR THE SAME - The present invention maintains the response speed to users operations when operation-target contents are changed and improves the operability in data retrieval operations. An information processing apparatus for reading out content information from a storage unit accumulating the content information and for displaying the content information holds association information that associates each of extraction conditions used for reading out the content information from the storage unit with a corresponding one of memory areas. The apparatus reads out content information from the storage unit according to the extraction conditions and stores the content information in the corresponding memory areas. The apparatus specifies a memory area corresponding to an extraction condition specified by a user based on the association information, reads out the content information from the specified memory area, and displays an image based on the read out content information on a display.11-27-2008
20080294592 FRAMEWORK FOR MANAGING ATTRIBUTES OF OBJECTS - A computer implemented method, computer program product, and system for managing objects. Responsive to receiving a find-rule method, and a path-rule table, wherein the path-rule table contains a set of paths, wherein each path references an object, wherein a file system locates the object using the path, and wherein the object has at least one attribute not known to the file system, a path-rule table identifier is created. The path-rule table is associated with the path-rule table identifier to form an associated path-rule table. The find-rule method is associated with the path-rule table identifier to form an associated find-rule method. The path-rule table identifier, the associated path-rule table, and the associated find-rule method are stored. The path-rule table identifier is returned.11-27-2008
20080294591Interactive Computer-Aided Diagnosis - Despite intense research activities in the field of computer-aided diagnosis methods of computer vision, automated classification or comparable algorithmic solutions are not regularly used and even less regularly trusted by physicians. According to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, a confidence interval of the performed diagnosis is visualized and a standardized feedback mechanism is provided which allows for an interactive improvement of the method.11-27-2008
20090150334SCOPE AND DISTRIBUTION OF KNOWLEDGE IN AN AUTONOMIC COMPUTING SYSTEM - An autonomic computing system may include an autonomic manager and a knowledge source accessible by the autonomic manager and any other entities associated with the autonomic computing system. The knowledge source may include a service interface adapted for the autonomic manager to access the knowledge source. The knowledge source may also include a multiplicity of knowledge elements.06-11-2009
20080222080Inferred index of circular tables in a database - A database system uses indexes to improve performance. The system can use one or more of the following: differentiated subfields for index clustering; set function calculations to reduce the amount of I/O; and/or using an inferred index in a circular table.09-11-2008
20090177617Systems, methods and apparatus for providing unread message alerts - The present invention includes systems, apparatus and methods for providing message alerts to a user prior to that user communicating with a second party. The user may desire to communicate with a second party by sending a text-based message or by speaking to them through a communications device, such as a cellular phone. Prior to sending the message or speaking with the second party, the device can provide the user with message alerts, the option to review alert content, and/or to view the alert content itself. The message alerts and alert content can be notifications and/or previews of opened/unopened e-mail messages, voicemail messages, text messages, etc. Alert content can be located based on, for example, contact information of the person with whom the user desires to communicate, subject line data of a text-based message, main body data of a text based message, etc.07-09-2009
20090030871System and method for identifying element usage in a deep element structure - A system for identifying usage of a target data element including both direct and indirect usage, within a data element structure where the target data element may have more than one parent data element. The system includes a usage processing engine configure to identify direct and indirect usage data elements for the target data element within the data element structure and a user interface configured to display the direct and indirect usage data elements for the target element in a hierarchical structure.01-29-2009
20090112789Policy based file management - Managing files includes receiving a plurality of policies for a new file, where different policies may be applied according to predetermined conditions, receiving a request to create a new file, selecting an appropriate policy for the new file according to the predetermined conditions, determining if sufficient resources are available according to the appropriate policy, and obtaining file objects to create the file in response to their being sufficient resources according to the appropriate policy. Policies may be received via a user management interface. The predetermined conditions may include an identity of a client creating a file. The appropriate policy may include information regarding mirrors for the file. The appropriate policy may indicate a minimum geographic distance between the mirrors.04-30-2009
20080270341Virtual surgical assistant - An improved surgical assistance system provides a chronological listing of instructions, including surgeon-specific preferences, for use by a surgical scrub during a surgical procedure.10-30-2008
20080208792Methods and Apparatus for Management of Configuration Item Lifecycle State Transitions - Techniques for managing a plurality of configuration items in an information repository are provided. Lifecycle state transitions of the plurality of configuration items are regulated in accordance with one or more lifecycle state transition diagrams and, when a life cycle state transition involves a protected life cycle state, one or more request for change identifiers.08-28-2008
20090030870ERROR PROPAGATION IN OBJECT-RELATIONAL MAPPING PLATFORM - Systems and methods that present error messages in context of entities to application that issue rich queries, via an error propagation component. Accordingly, errors can be built up along the way (e.g., context/nesting), wherein troubleshooting processes can drill back down to the original cause. Hence, the error messages can be presented in the context of entities, as opposed to the underlying store.01-29-2009
20090125477FOREIGN LANGUAGE ABBREVIATION TRANSLATION IN AN INSTANT MESSAGING SYSTEM - A system for automatically providing foreign language abbreviation translation in an instant messaging system that identifies a foreign language abbreviation translation database based on a user indicated source culture. The foreign abbreviation translation database stores abbreviation translations for foreign language abbreviations frequently used by people from the user indicated source culture. The system locates a candidate term in an instant message and compares the candidate term to the foreign language abbreviations in the foreign language abbreviation translation database. In the event that the candidate term matches one of the foreign language abbreviations in the identified foreign language abbreviation translation database, the corresponding translation is retrieved and displayed. The comparison of the candidate term with the foreign language abbreviations may include automatically obtaining a transliteration of the candidate term. The disclosed system advantageously enables translation of foreign language abbreviations to be performed in real-time.05-14-2009
20090248613Method for Accessing Files in a Management System - A method for accessing files in a management system, including a control device, a managed device, and a system management device, includes simulating a physical storage device of the control device to the managed device, to form a virtual storage device in the managed device, outputting a request command to the system management device via an operating system and not via a file system when the managed device accesses a file of the virtual storage device, and performing access operation of the file in the physical storage device via an operating system of the control device and not via a file system of the control device according to the request command.10-01-2009
20090150332VIRTUAL FILE MANAGING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR BUILDING SYSTEM CONFIGURATION AND ACCESSING FILE THEREOF - A virtual file managing system including a file request managing unit, an information repository, a file namespace managing unit, and a file access managing unit is provided. The file request managing unit receives a file access request issued by a client, and returns a processing result of the file access request. The information repository stores a data structure of the virtual file managing system. The file namespace managing unit looks up address and path content of the file from the information repository according to the file access request. The file access managing unit performs an operation of accessing a file according to the address and path content of the file.06-11-2009
20090150328IMAGE METADATA HARVESTER - New metadata may be created based on data associated with a digital image file. A digital image file may include a digital image as well as metadata, which may be descriptive of the digital image. An application executing on a processing device may define a policy specifying the new metadata to be created, methods for creating the new metadata, and data sources of information used to derive the new metadata, as well as other information. Harvesters may harvest data according to the defined policy. A harvest manager may load and invoke harvesters, as requested by the application. The harvest manager may further determine whether the loaded harvesters are to use input provided by other unloaded harvesters and may automatically load the other unloaded harvesters, accordingly. The newly created metadata may be stored in the digital image file, a data set associated with the digital image file, and/or another location.06-11-2009
20090150331Method and system for creating reports - A system and method for reporting medical information permits a user to produce reports by storing report templates in a database, selecting at least two of the report templates and storing the selected report templates in the database as a new report template. The user can also change parameters associate with the previously stored report templates when creating the new report template.06-11-2009
20090150329SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ENHANCING PROVIDER EFFICIENCY AND COMMUNICATION - A system, method, and computer program product are provided for mapping information to message templates and transmitting messages to and from providers reporting results, guiding providers through workflows, communicating tasks that require action to third-parties, and managing and performing tasks in high-volume.06-11-2009
20090144222Chart generator for searching research data - Generating a chart for research data includes receiving meta-data describing search results for desired research data residing in one or more databases hosted on one or more platforms, applying one or more rules to the meta-data to determine a report type, and extracting the research data from the one or more databases. The generating also includes creating a report according to the report type for the research data.06-04-2009
20090144220SYSTEM FOR STORING DISTRIBUTED HASHTABLES - A system for storing a distributed hash table. The system includes a storage unit, a tablet controller, a router, and a transaction bank. The storage unit has a plurality of tablets forming a hash table and each of the tablets includes multiple records. The tablet controller maintains a relationship between each tablet and the storage unit. The router hashes a record's key to determine the tablet associated with each record. Further, the router distributes messages from clients to the storage units based on the tablet-storage unit relationship thereby serving as a layer of indirection. The transaction bank propagates updates made in one record to all other replicas of the record.06-04-2009
20090049005Method and system for collecting and analyzing environmental data - A method and system for customizing a data logging and analysis program. The method includes connecting environmental sensors to a computer or other data collecting device and accessing a workflow customization interface that allows a user to select a customized workflow or optionally to customize a data collection program by selecting at least one action. The method also includes accessing a user interface to run a customized program.02-19-2009
20080235177System and method for analyzing corporate regulatory-related data - A system, computer program product and method for categorizing, storing, accessing, returning, displaying and analyzing corporate regulatory-related data is disclosed. Embodiments may include accessing corporate regulatory-related data from one or more storage mediums having plurality of corporate regulatory-related data, HTML tags and/or source documents. Also embodiments may include returning corporate regulatory-related data that may be responsive to a search query. Moreover, embodiments may access a captured portion of a source document containing the corporate regulatory-related data in response to the user selecting a corporate regulatory-related data.09-25-2008
20090157591Methods for requesting specific content and delivering specific content based upon interests of multiple participants - Systems and methods for connecting two or more individuals through an internet web portal based on their mutual interests, allowing one participant to request specific content from another participant in the form of video, audio, text or image formats. This request content method allows for specific content to be exchanged without normal limitations of being in the same place at the same time. The content is specific to the requirements of the content request. The content For example, a participant can request content from another participant in a subject area in which the second participant is more skilled than the first. This allows for exchange of valuable information, such as is common to private lessons in music or other forms of art. The content exchange can be free or entail a payment for said content, at the discretion of the participant who will provide the content.06-18-2009
20090094187EVALUATING APPROPRIATENESS OF CONTENT - Evaluating content, comprising: setting threshold levels for desired categories of attributes which are to be used to evaluate the content, wherein the content has a set of attributes; comparing the set of attributes of the content to the threshold levels for desired categories; and allowing access to the content when the set of attributes of the content is within the threshold levels.04-09-2009
20090055348DYNAMIC CLUSTER DATABASE ARCHITECTURE - A method for implementing a set of database management components in a distributed database management system, the distributed database management system being implemented on a computer cluster. The method includes managing resources associated with an associated computer, the associated computer being one of a plurality of computers in the computer cluster. The method also includes managing locks on data stored on a plurality of associated data nodes coupled to the associated computer, wherein the associated data nodes are data nodes of a plurality of data nodes in the computer cluster. The method also includes specifying logical connections for the plurality of associated data nodes.02-26-2009
20090099999EFFICIENT DELIVERY OF CROSS-LINKED REPORTS WITH OR WITHOUT LIVE ACCESS TO A SOURCE DATA REPOSITORY - Reports of data elements from a data repository, such as may be used in a browser based business information system, can be displayed whether or not the data repository is currently accessible. Report documents, comprising a master report as well as linked reports, may be exported to a local storage. Upon invoking a master report that has been previously exported to the local storage, requests for the data elements in parameter form that are ordinarily directed to the data repository are intercepted and the local storage is checked for copies of the previously exported reports. Any existing copies of the desired reports are presented as a first option. A browser applet may be used to intercept the data requests and convert them to the corresponding subdirectory paths on the local storage. The linked reports may also be exported to the local storage as a group in a batch operation.04-16-2009
20090089242APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR INFORMATION PROCESSING, PROGRAM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - An information processing apparatus includes the following elements. A feature amount extraction unit extracts feature amounts from a content block. An extraction unit extracts predetermined scenes from the content block using the feature amounts extracted by the feature amount extraction unit. An acquisition unit acquires information for retrieving the content block. A retrieval unit retrieves a scene that meets the information acquired by the acquisition unit from among the scenes extracted by the extraction unit. A presentation unit presents the content block including the scene retrieved by the retrieval unit as a result of retrieval.04-02-2009
20090281983Methods, Systems, and Computer Program Products for Viewing File Information - A data processing method for a memory system of a computer includes: determining one or more volume locations of a file; determining one or more locations of extents of the file associated with each of the one or more volume locations; retrieving data attributes for each of the extents of the file at each of the one or more volume locations; formatting the data attributes; and generating an output including the formatted data attributes.11-12-2009
20090287635SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR THE ELECTRONIC DESIGN OF COLLABORATIVE AND VALIDATED ARCHITECTURES - One aspect of the invention is a method for the electronic design of collaborative and validated architectures. The method for the electronic design of an architecture includes storing architecture elements created by users in a centralized database. The creation of an architecture model is initiated in response to a request of a user of a client system. The centralized database is accessed to retrieve the architecture elements and a selection of an architecture element for inclusion in the architecture model is received from the user. The architecture model including the selected architecture element is included in the centralized database.11-19-2009
20080243759Method for image data recording with a medical modality designed for image data recording and associated medical modality - A method for image data recording with a medical modality is provided. Protocols for image data recording using the at least two different image recording techniques are provisioned in a common database. The protocols are organized on the basis of body regions and/or clinical pictures. A body region and/or a clinical picture are selected and at least one protocol is displayed as a function of the selection. At least one display protocol for image data recording from the database is selected by a user and/or automatically, and image data is recorded as a function of the at least one selected protocol.10-02-2008
20080208794METHOD, SYSTEM, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR INTEGRATING DATA BETWEEN DISPARATE AND HOST SYSTEMS - A method, system, and computer program product are provided for integrating one or more disparate systems with a host system. For example, a computer program product including at least one computer-readable storage medium having computer-readable program code portions stored therein includes a first executable portion for receiving data associated with at least one order for at least one product or service at a disparate system. The computer program product also includes a second executable portion for defining a first format for one or more files associated with at least a portion of the data at the disparate system. In addition, the computer program product includes a third executable portion for providing the one or more data files defined in the first format to a host system to be configured into a second format that is different than the first format and compatible with the host system. The computer program product further comprises a fourth executable portion for accessing a plurality of different predefined translation routines and translating the one or more files defined in the first format into the second format.08-28-2008
20080208795Method for Homogenizing Measurement Units Used Displaying Communication Messages - The present invention relates to a method for homogenizing measurement units used for displaying communication messages containing numerical data notably messages exchanged by an aircraft with the air traffic control authority. The choice of the working units of the flight management computer are recovered in the configuration database. The measurement unit of the numerical data item of the displayed message is determined. When the measurement unit of the numerical data item of the message does not form part of the system of measurement units, the numerical data item is connected into a unit forming part of the system of units. The display of the communication message on the onboard screen is formatted.08-28-2008
20080208791RETRIEVING IMAGES BASED ON AN EXAMPLE IMAGE - A method is disclosed for retrieving images relevant to an example image from among a plurality of stored images, each of the stored images being associated with metadata of different types, including retrieving set(s) of images from the stored image(s) for each different type of metadata that are based on similarities of the metadata of each different type with the example image; displaying the retrieved set(s) of image(s) organized according to each different type of metadata; and the user selecting one or more particular set(s) of retrieved image(s).08-28-2008
20080208793Image file searching method and electronic device - An image file searching method includes the following steps. First, an image searching command, which includes image color searching information or image shape searching information, is received. Then, the image searching command is compared with a plurality of image files. The image color searching information or the image shape searching information is compared with image color information or image shape information of each of the image files and a comparing result is generated. Finally, at least one target image file is found from the image files according to the comparing result. In addition, an electronic device applying the image file searching method is also disclosed.08-28-2008
20080208790Document Processing Device, and Document Processing Method - A technique is provided for adding an annotation to a document described in a markup language. Upon acquisition of a document described in a markup language, a document processing apparatus 08-28-2008
20090281982DEFINING A SINGLE ANNOTATION MODEL - The present invention defines a single Java annotation model. A method in accordance with an embodiment includes: receiving a Java annotation declaration in a Java annotation model; receiving a Java annotation definition in the Java annotation model; receiving domain specific context rules in the Java annotation model; and providing access to combined meta-data information derived from the Java annotation declaration, the Java annotation definition, and the domain specific context rules through the Java annotation model.11-12-2009
20090281984Packet Compression for Network Packet Traffic Analysis - Methods of capturing and compressing trace data for use in network packet traffic analysis are described. In an embodiment, when a packet is received, two records of the packet are created and stored. One record is stored in a file associated with the source address of the packet and the other record is stored in a file associated with the destination address of the packet. Various packet compression techniques are described and one example compares a newly received packet to the previous packet which has been stored in the same file and sets bits in the record which denote whether fields in the newly received packet are the same as the corresponding fields in the previous packet.11-12-2009
20090287636 User removable memory and associated methods - Apparatus for user removable memory, the memory for providing functional expansion to an associated electronic device, the apparatus comprising an interface configured for converting signalling between file access signalling for an associated electronic device and appropriate signalling for the use by the memory in providing the functional expansion.11-19-2009
20090287634MAINTAINING AND UTILIZING COPY HISTORIES - In some embodiments a method comprises detecting a request to copy and determining information related to the copied data from the document. The method can also comprise augmenting a copy history to include the data and the information related to the data, and storing this copy history. The method can also include detecting a request to access the copy history associated with the document, presenting the copy history including the data and the information related to the copied data, and copying the data from the copy history for further use. The method can also comprise blocking copying of data if the document's copy rules are violated.11-19-2009
20080275839SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING CONTEXT BASED SERVICES - In one aspect of the disclosure, a method of delivering content to a portable electronic device is provided that comprises receiving a request for content; determining a subscription level for a subscriber of the portable electronic device; determining, based on the subscription level, whether to deliver supplementary content with the content; and, if delivery of the supplementary content is to be effected then determining a method of delivery of the content; determining a method of delivery of the supplementary content; determining the supplementary content; and delivering the content and the supplementary content.11-06-2008
20080243758DATA PROCESSING DEVICE FOR PROCESSING MEASURED VALUES - A data processing device is provided for processing measurement values provided from a medical measurement device. The device generally comprises an input unit, a data input interface configured for communication with the medical measurement device, a memory unit for storage of data sets, a calculation unit, and an audible data output interface configured for communication with a data output unit. The input unit is configured for making a first selection of the data sets stored in the memory unit. Second selections based on or within the first selection may also be made. The audible data output interface is provided for generating an audible output of the selected data sets. The audible data output interface may also be configured to generate distinct audible signals before the audible output of each different selection of data sets.10-02-2008
20090049004APPARATUS, METHOD AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR TYING INFORMATION TO FEATURES ASSOCIATED WITH CAPTURED MEDIA OBJECTS - An apparatus, method and computer program product are provided for tying items of information to features in an area associated with a captured media object. An information provider may associate physical coordinates and temporal information with an item of information. When a media object is captured, metadata indicating the location and direction from which, and the time at which, the media object was captured, and/or, in the instance where the media object is an image, a focal and zoom setting of the device that captured the image, may be generated and stored with the media object. When the media object is viewed, this information, as well as other metadata associated with the capturing and/or reproducing of the media object, as well as the media object itself, may be used to estimate the area corresponding to the media object and to determine item(s) of information corresponding with features in the estimated area.02-19-2009
20080228694PREDICATE SELECTION IN BIT-LEVEL COMPOSITIONAL TRANSFORMATIONS - A method for performing verification includes selecting a first set containing a seed register and adding to a second set a result of a subtraction of a fanout of the first set from a fanin of the first set. A third set is rendered equal to a result of a subtraction of a fanin of the second set from a fanout of the second set, and whether a combination of the first set and the third set is equivalent to the first set is determined. In response to determining that the combination of the first set and the second set is not equivalent to the first set, a min-cut of the first set and the second set containing a minimal set of predicates between a first component and the logic to which the component fans out, wherein the logic is bordered by the second set is returned.09-18-2008
20080228691Concurrent extensible cuckoo hashing - Concurrent cuckoo hashing is performed on a hash table that includes a number of locations; each may hold a value. A plurality of processes may concurrently execute on the table; each process includes a sequence of operations, which are divided into a number of phases. Each phase corresponds to one operation in the sequence. An overflow buffer is provided for each location in the table. Each overflow buffer may hold a value displaced from its corresponding location in the table. A plurality of sequences of operations is concurrently executed. Each phase in a sequence executes by acquiring one or two locks on two locations in the table; a lock acts on a location and its overflow buffer. An operation of a phase is then executed. If, on conclusion of the phase execution, any overflow buffer holds a value, the execution is repeated until all overflow buffers are empty.09-18-2008
20080281775Method and System for Identifying Automounted File System Resources - A method, an apparatus, a system, and a computer program product are presented for determining whether a file system resource is a file system resource that is contained within a file system that can be automounted by a data processing system. A target file system resource is identified, after which a first file system data structure that represents a file system that contains the target file system resource is identified using a file system resource data structure that represents the target file system resource. If it is determined that the first file system data structure identifies a file system resource data structure that represents an automount point, the target file system resource is marked as an automount file system resource. File system resource data structures that represent hierarchically more inclusive file system resources are traversed if necessary to search for an automount point.11-13-2008
20080281774Method and System for Checking Availability of Automounted File Systems - A method, an apparatus, a system, and a computer program product are presented for determining whether a file system, which contains a file system resource that is to be the target of a file system operation, is currently mounted by a data processing system. A first kernel-level process obtains unique identifying information for a file system that contains the target file system resource, and a second kernel-level process manages a data structure having an entry for each file system that the kernel of the data processing system recognizes as being currently mounted. The data structure is searched by the first kernel-level process for an entry having information that matches the unique identifying information such that the first kernel-level process determines that the file system is mounted in response to finding an entry having information that matches the unique identifying information.11-13-2008
20080281773DATA STORAGE METHOD AND DATA STORAGE STRUCTURE - A data storage method and a data storage structure are provided. In one aspect, a method of storing data includes setting a first data node in a first storage area; setting a second data node in a second storage area; wherein said second data node is an element of a plurality of elements forming a first flat table of at least one flat table in the second storage area; and said step of setting a first data node includes storing in the first data node a two-tuple linker which comprises a first identifier indicating said first flat table and a second identifier indicating the row of said element in the first flat table. In another aspect a corresponding data storage structure is further provided. According to the present invention, it is able to achieve easily data chaining via a two-tuple linker in a special-purpose processor that does not support a pointer of memory address, thereby reducing requirements on space needed for data storage and enhancing efficiency of chaining each data segment.11-13-2008
20090265301Database Object Update Order Determination - In one embodiment, a computer system receives an indication that a portion of data at a first node in a first database table is to be modified according to a received update command. The computer system assigns the first database table a base height value indicating that the first database table is the base node in a search for related nodes, accesses one or more other database tables in the database, and identifies at least one other accessed database table that has a node with data related to the modified data of the first node. The computer system assigns the other accessed database table a height value different than that assigned to the base node, orders the first database table and any other identified database tables by assigned height value, and updates the data at each node based on the established height value ordering and the type of update command received.10-22-2009
20090265302TECHNIQUES TO SUPPORT DISPARATE FILE SYSTEMS - Techniques for supporting disparate file systems are provided. A native file system is managed so as to be capable of supporting a protocol associated with access attempts to files of the file system, wherein the protocol is associated with a non-native and disparate file system. The files are managed, maintained, and served from the native file system to a plurality of similar and disparate operating systems and to similar and disparate file systems.10-22-2009
20080288440SEARCHING AND INDEXING CONTENT IN UPNP DEVICES - A method including providing a mediator at an access point in a network, the mediator being configured to communication with UPnP devices coupled to the network, detecting a search request from a search engine in the network, using the mediator to search and retrieve content from each UPnP device coupled to the network, the retrieved content being related to the search request, converting the retrieved content into a protocol suitable for the search engine, and passing the retrieved content from the mediator to the search engine.11-20-2008
20100005052COMPLEMENTING LOCATION AS METADATA - Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for complementing data with spatial data. According to one embodiment, a method of complementing data with spatial data can comprise capturing the data with a device. The spatial data for the device can also be captured. For example, the spatial data can comprise a three coordinate location, a direction in which the device/sensor is oriented, e.g., direction/heading, inclination, etc., when capturing the data, a time at which the data is captured, and/or other information. Capturing the spatial data can comprise determining the spatial data with the device or determining the spatial data with an element of a network communicatively coupled with the device. The spatial data can be associated with the data by assigning the spatial data to metadata of the captured data.01-07-2010
20090327209Content having Native and Export Portions - Content is described having native and export portions. In an implementation, one or more computer-readable media includes instructions that are executable on a computing device to store content in a content container as a native portion and an export portion. The native portion is native to an application that originated the content and the export portion is to provide a published view of the content when the native portion is not supported.12-31-2009
20090327211Virtualization management using a centralized server - Some embodiments of virtualization management using a centralized server have been presented. In one embodiment, a centralized server obtains metadata of an operating system and information on provisioning computing resources from a software vendor. The centralized server is deployed within an internal network of a customer of the software vendor, where the internal network further includes a set of at least one physical machine. The centralized server may further generate a graphical user interface to allow users of the centralized server to manage a set of virtual machines running on the set of at least one physical machine. The set of virtual machines may include at least one virtual host and at least one virtual guest.12-31-2009
20090327210ADVANCED BOOK PAGE CLASSIFICATION ENGINE AND INDEX PAGE EXTRACTION - Embodiments of the present invention relate to classifying pages of an electronic document, such as a scanned book page. An algorithm, such as a constrained conditional random fields algorithm, is applied to the contents of the electronic document to determine the type of page the electronic document is. Page types may include table of contents (TOC), index, table of figures (TOF), bibliography, epilogue, prologue, foreword, glossary, or other types of pages typically found in a book, magazine, or other publication. Once determined, the contents of the page are extracted using the same algorithm, and labeled.12-31-2009
20080201291Personnel accounting system - The present invention provides a distinct advance in the state of the art. The personnel accounting system for efficiently accounting of individuals after or or during an event, such as a natural disaster or during an emergency, preferably is a computer-aided system that operates to provide an improved communication system whereby individuals can be identified, tracked, monitored in real time using a central processing and communication system and collectively stores and manages information pertinent to individuals affected by the event.08-21-2008
20080215528Multi-Model Access To Data - Techniques are provided for accessing data stored in a database. According to one technique, an application makes one or more calls to an operating system to access a file. The operating system includes routines that implement an operating system file system. The one or more calls are made to the routines that implement the operating system file system. In response to the one or more calls, one or more database commands are issued to a database server that manages the database. The database server executes the database commands to retrieve the data from the database. The file is generated from the data, and provided to the application.09-04-2008
20080222086LIVE PROFILE - Systems and methods for reconstructing the state of a market are provided. Orders are arranged as a non-indexed collection of orders and may be stored in the cache memory of a processor. The physical locations of orders stored in the memory may correspond to the order in which they were received at a match engine. A computer device simulates the processing of orders between any time periods to reconstruct the activity state of an entity across a trading platform and one or more order books.09-11-2008
20080249976Coded Domain Audio Analysis - The present invention provides methods, computer-readable media, and apparatuses for determining a measure a similarity of the audio content of a plurality of files. Quantized samples are converted to energy values from files having audio content with compressed formats. Energy characteristics are determined from the energy values and are matched to obtain a greatest content match for a plurality of delay instances. A selected delay value corresponds to a determined offset between the files for relating the audio content of the files. A degree of similarity is determined to relate the audio content of the files. A frequency spectrum is partitioned into a plurality of frequency bands, and a total energy value is determined for each frequency band. The total energy values are correlated for the files.10-09-2008
20080222075AUTONOMIC RETENTION CLASSES - The embodiments of the invention provide methods, computer program products, etc. for autonomic retention classes when retaining data within storage devices. More specifically, a method of determining whether to retain data within at least one storage device begins by storing data items in at least one storage device. Furthermore, the method maintains access statistics for each of the data items, an age of each of the data items, and an administrator-defined importance value of each of the data items. Following this, a retention value is calculated for each of the data items based on the access statistics for each of the data items, the age of each of the data items, and the administrator-defined importance value of each of the data items.09-11-2008
20090313207IDEA TRACKING AND MANAGEMENT - Disclosure is related to idea tracking and management. The disclosure invokes a method and system for displaying and tracking ideas from a database. The invention accesses a data repository via a data connection, displays the data from the data repository, and allows the displayed data to be characterized as scheduling data, statistical data, action items, current status, and listing of individuals.12-17-2009
20090150333IN-CONTEXT COLLABORATION TOOL FOR RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS - A method for managing resources in a resource management system in accordance with certain embodiments may include providing a retrieval statement for retrieving management information relating to a set of selected resources. The management information may be retrieved according to the retrieval statement. Context information relating to one or more resources of the set may be retrieved according to the corresponding management information. One or more requests for additional information relating to the resource may be generated according to the context information. The requests for additional information may then be submitted to an information source.06-11-2009
20080270342HARDWARE PROCESSING OF REGULAR EXPRESSIONS - A system and method for hardware processing of regular expressions is disclosed. A register bank is loaded with state information associated with one or more states of a state machine. State information such as transitions and spin counts are updated as characters of an input data stream are processed. A crossbar is used to interconnect the states stored in the register bank.10-30-2008
20080270340DATA EXPORT/IMPORT FROM MULTIPLE DATA SOURCE TO A DESTINATION DATA REPOSITORY USING CORRESPONDING DATA EXPORTERS AND AN IMPORTER - Embodiments of the present invention provide methods and systems for exporting data from a number of data sources using a number of corresponding data exporters, and importing the exported data into a destination data repository using a data importer. In various embodiments, the data exporters may be automatically generated using a data exporter generator adapted to generate the data exporters in view of data schemas of the data sources.10-30-2008
20090030872Display of Attachment Based Information within a Messaging System - Among other disclosures, a method may include collecting historical data and communication data relating to an attachment provided in a communication. The method may include generating an attachment profile based on the collected historical and communication data. The method may include monitoring user behavior. The method may include determining if the user has made a request to view the attachment profile. The method may include presenting the attachment profile in response to the request.01-29-2009
20090030869VISUALIZATION TECHNIQUES FOR IMPRECISE STATEMENT COMPLETION - When a user enters text into an application, the application can utilize an auto-complete feature to provide the user with estimations as to a complete term a user is attempting to enter into the application. Visualization can be provided along with an estimation to disclose the likelihood the estimation is what the user intends to enter. Furthermore, a rationale can be provided to the user for the reason an estimation was provided to the user.01-29-2009
20080243755SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING ACCESS TO DIGITAL CONTENT - A storage system is provided that includes a memory controller for controlling a throughput rate for utilizing digital content by an accessing system, wherein the throughput rate is associated with information related to the digital content stored as a file. Also, a system for utilizing digital content is provided. The system includes an accessing system for utilizing the digital content, wherein the digital content is released to the accessing system at a controlled throughput rate and the throughput rate is associated with information related to the digital content stored as a file.10-02-2008
20090083212SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR EXECUTNG MULTIPLE CONCURRENT INDEX-DRIVEN TABLE ACCESS OPERATIONS - An index scan processor and method to perform concurrent scans of stored indexed data. An indexed data scanner performs a first scan of stored data by sequentially scanning through an index data structure and maintains, over a duration of the first scan, a first scan current scan location within the index data structure that indicates a currently accessed record within the stored data structure for the first scan. A scan manager accepts a request for a second scan of the stored data, determines, during the performing the first scan, a starting index scan location within the index data structure for the second scan that is sufficiently near the first scan current index scan location to cause records indicated by the starting location index to be stored within a buffer due to the performing the first scan, and starts the second scan at the starting location and proceeding to the second end key.03-26-2009
20090030868Method And System For Optimal File System Performance - An automated system for determining an optimal file system on which to store data files is provided. The system includes a data storage device having multiple virtual partitions operable to receive, store, and retrieve a data file. The system additionally includes a plurality of file systems associated with the virtual partitions. One or more of the different file systems have different data storage performance characteristics. A sub-system tracks file characteristics and user requirements for the data file and uses the file characteristics and the user requirements to automatically determine an optimal file system for the data file. The systems and methods provided may be implemented with an information handling system.01-29-2009
20090164408Method, System and Computer Program for Managing Delivery of Online Content - A method for delivering online content is provided including the steps of (a) providing access to online content including a plurality of data objects; (b) obtaining information regarding the relevance of and/or likelihood of interest in the data objects by searching for online social engagement with the data objects by one or more users, so as to define social engagement data; and (c) ranking and/or filtering the data objects for relevance of and/or likelihood of interest based on the social engagement data. A system and computer program for online content delivery is also provided.06-25-2009
20090182704DETERMINING DATA FEED USAGE - A data feed server configured for tracking usage of a data feed includes a data feed server configured to respond to polls from client computers and transmit a data feed in response to a poll from a client computer. The data feed server is further configured to received usage data from a client computer that indicates usage of the data feed at the client computer. A client computer for accessing a data feed includes a client computer configured to communicate with at least one data feed server that publishes a data feed. The client computer selectively polls the data feed server for the data feed. The client computer is further configured to record usage data indicating usage of the data feed at the client computer and, in a subsequent polling of the data feed sever, report the usage data for the data feed to the data feed server. A method of determining usage of a data feed includes collecting information with a data server that indicates whether a data feed provided by the data server was accessed by a user at a client computer to which the data server had transmitted the data feed.07-16-2009
20090182703EXPOSING RELATIONAL DATABASE INTERFACES ON XML DATA - Mapping XML elements to complex relational database structures. One method includes acts for storing mark-up language representations of data in a complex relational database structure. The method includes receiving an XSD document. The XSD document defines at least one type that should be mapped to a complex relational database type. The XSD document is mapped to a relational database structure. An XML document is received. The XML document is interpreted according to the XSD document. One or more elements of the XML document are mapped to complex relational database elements based on mapping of the XSD document to the relational database structure.07-16-2009
20090187531USER EXPERIENCE FOR VIEWING BUSINESS DATA VIA PERSONAL INFORMATION APPLICATION - Architecture that provides a user experience (UX) for accessing business information (e.g., sales, accounts, opportunities) via an office application. In a specific implementation, a personal information manager (PIM) application includes a familiar UX that introduces a business context (e.g., sales) to tasks in the PIM application. Forms included as part of the PIM application (whether a contact form, appointment form, or a new form) comprise a new page (e.g., sales-related) that allows the user to view and navigate to business data related information that pertains to a task. For example, when accessing a business contact, the user can also navigate to and/or view opportunities associated with the contact.07-23-2009
20090144225INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE, INFORMATION PROCESSING TERMINAL, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - An information processing device is connected to multiple information processing terminals wherein multiple types of expressions exhibited by a user during playback of content are detected, evaluation of each played-back content is obtained, of the detected plurality of types of expressions a predetermined expression serving as a high evaluation index indicated by the user during playback of high evaluation content is identified, and the expression information serving as a identified high evaluation index and the information expressing evaluation as to each content are transmitted. The information device includes a receiving unit to receive expression information serving as the high evaluation index from multiple information processing terminals; a user identifying unit to identify a user indicating an expression of similar high evaluation index for the same content; a recommended content identifying unit to identify recommended content having-a high evaluation to other similar users; and a transmitting unit.06-04-2009
20090138426COMMUNICATION TERMINAL DEVICE, ACCESS CONTROLLING METHOD, AND SMART CARD - Telephone directory information retained by a user identity module (UIM) is accessed in an efficient manner. A representative telephone directory DS is defined in a UIM. When registration information of a registered record X is read out, a search request is issued from a cellular phone to search Record Number 05-28-2009
20090006310STREAM DATA PROCESSING METHOD AND STREAM DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM - In order to make real time and the avoidance of risk compatible according to the contents of processing by an application, an index ID applying module applies an index computed utilizing streams before and after stream data to the stream data, computes the index again according to a stream that varies every moment, applies an index computed based upon the index of the stream data to the result of the processing of the stream data according to a predetermined procedure and outputs it. An application that receives the result of the processing and the index of the result of the processing switches processing depending upon the index.01-01-2009
20090006309CLUSTER PROCESSING OF AN AGGREGATED DATASET - Systems and methods are presented that may involve receiving a aggregated dataset, wherein the aggregated dataset includes data from a panel data source, a fact data source, and a dimension data source that have been associated with a standard population database. The process may also involve storing the aggregated data in a partition within a partitioned database, wherein the partition is associated with a data characteristic. The process may also involve associating a master processing node with a plurality of slave nodes, wherein each of the plurality of slave nodes is associated with a partition of the partitioned database. The process may also involve submitting an analytic query to the master processing node. The process may also involve assigning analytic processing to at least one of the plurality of slave nodes by the master processing node, wherein the assignment is based at least in part on the association of the partition with the data characteristic. The process may also involve reading the aggregated data from the partitioned database by the assigned slave node. The process may also involve analyzing the aggregated data by the assigned slave node, wherein the analysis produces a result at each slave node. The process may also involve combining the results from each of the plurality of slave nodes by the master processing node into a master result and reporting the master result to a user interface.01-01-2009
20090177619INFORMATION PROVIDING APPARATUS AND INPUT INFORMATION RECEIVING METHOD - An information providing apparatus receives a user ID read by an IC card reader, and stores therein the user ID. The user inputs booking information by using an input screen that receives booking information, and then, the information providing apparatus further receives the user ID read by the IC card reader. The information providing apparatus then determines whether the received user ID matches the user ID stored therein. The information providing apparatus confirms reception of the booking information that is input by using the input screen if the user IDs are determined to match each other.07-09-2009
20090177620Common Software Activity Status Representation - Described herein are technologies directed towards providing a common mechanism for tracking the activity status of one or more software actions of a computer system. Furthermore, the described technologies facilitate managing the presentation of the tracked activity status of individual actions and/or of a collection of such actions.07-09-2009
20090187532MODIFIER MANAGEMENT WITHIN PROCESS MODELS - A system for managing values associated with properties of elements within a process model can include a storage element for storing the process model and a processing element. The processing element can be configured to identify within the process model an element, to identify an object containing the element, to assign a value for a property of the element, and to retrieve the value for the property of element. The value for property of the element can be stored in location selected from one among an element modifier applied to the element, an object modifier applied to the object, a default set of values for the object, and a default set of values for the element, where the location for storing the value of the property of the element is selected such that the location has a higher relative priority than a location for storing a previous value for the property of the element.07-23-2009
20090144227INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREOF - In an information processing apparatus including a first content group, to which an external device including a second content group is connected, a content list is created from a content group in which the first and second content groups have been integrated. Attribute information of the content is acquired in accordance with the type of the content included in the second content group, a control method for the content list is determined based on the acquired attribute information, and the content list is processes in accordance with the determined control method.06-04-2009
20090144224METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR EFFICIENTLY STORING DATA FILES - A method for efficiently storing data files, includes: receiving a data file for storage at one of a plurality of storage devices, wherein the data file is associated with a specified user; determining whether an identical file already exists at one of the plurality of storage devices; deleting the received data file if it is determined that an identical file already exists at one of the plurality of storage devices; and directing subsequent requests to access the data file from the specified user to the storage device containing the identical file.06-04-2009
20090024561SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SYNCHRONIZING SERVICE METADATA - A system and method for synchronizing service metadata into a format for canonical representation of service metadata and publishing the synchronized service metadata into a metadata repository. The method comprises: receiving service metadata from a service producer; normalizing the service metadata into the format for canonical representation of service metadata; and publishing normalized service metadata into a metadata repository that supports the format for canonical representation of service metadata. The system comprises: at least one connector for each service producer, wherein the connector permits a synchronization system to communicate bi-directionally with the service producer; one normalizer for each service producer, wherein the normalizer transforms the service metadata into a format for the canonical representation of service metadata; and at least one provider for each service producer, wherein the provider publishes the canonical representation of service metadata into a metadata repository.01-22-2009
20090024562APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SELECTIVE LOADING IN MOBILE COMMUNICATION TERMINAL - An apparatus and a method for enhancing memory utilization by compressing unused programs and their system files are provided. The method for generating a profile for a selective loading of a terminal includes receiving a selection of at least one application program that is to be activated, identifying that there is at least one application program to be activated among present deactivated application programs and to be deactivated among present activated application programs, compressing other application programs and system files related to the other application programs than at least one application program to be activated and generating a profile comprising a list of at least one application program to be activated.01-22-2009
20090024559Context based media content presentation - The invention allows location and other context based presentation of media content while capturing new content with a mobile device. First media content is captured with the mobile device located at a current location. A current context of the mobile device is determined. Second media content is retrieved based on the determined current context of the mobile device. Then, the captured first media content is presented concurrently with the retrieved second media content.01-22-2009
20090024560METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR HAVING ACCESS TO WEB PAGE - Provided are a method and apparatus for accessing a web page. The method includes searching a first web page for links and extracting path information of each link found; generating a link hierarchy composed of nodes, each having the extracted path information; displaying the generated link hierarchy; and receiving a signal, which selects a node in the displayed link hierarchy, accessing a second web page corresponding to path information of the selected node in response to the signal, and displaying the second web page.01-22-2009
20090222403INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND JOB PROCESSING METHOD - When an image processing apparatus acquires job log information and error log information from an image forming apparatus, the information processing apparatus identifies a job processing time from a job start time and a job end time of each job which are recorded in the acquired job log information. Subsequently, the information processing apparatus identifies a job suspension time from an occurrence time and a recovery time of an error of each log which is recorded in the error log information. Then, the information processing apparatus calculates a job execution time based on the identified job processing time and the job suspension time.09-03-2009
20090049003SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING WRITE-ONCE-READ-MANY (WORM) STORAGE - Techniques for providing write-once-read-many (WORM) storage are described herein. According to one embodiment, a range of values is received to set an attribute of a file, where the received range of values is outside of an ordinary range of the attribute in accordance with a file system associated with the file. In addition, a management action is received to be associated with the received range of values of the attribute, where the management action is unrelated to an ordinary action associated with the attribute of the file in accordance with the file system. In response, the received management action is associated with the received range of values of the attribute. Other methods and apparatuses are also described.02-19-2009
20090248612Methods, Systems, And Computer Program Products For Providing Prior Values Of A Tuple Element In A Publish/Subscribe System - Methods and systems are described for providing prior values of a tuple element in a publish/subscribe system. In one aspect, access to a history of prior values associated with the tuple element in the publish/subscribe system is maintained, wherein the history of prior values includes a plurality of values associated with the tuple element during respective previous times. A subscription request for receiving a notification with a current value associated with the tuple element sent from a publish/subscribe subscriber is processed. Responsive to processing the subscription request, a sequence of notification messages is sent to the subscriber, each including one or more of the plurality of values associated with the tuple element during respective previous times. The sequence may be ordered based on the respective previous times.10-01-2009
20090063393Sharing objects between computer systems - An object management system (03-05-2009
20090063392ADAPTIVE ANALYSIS TECHNIQUES FOR ENHANCING TRAIN STATIONS PLACEMENTS - A computer method for enhancing train stations locations. The method includes the steps of providing a demand database comprising a compendium of individual demand history; providing a train stations database comprising a compendium of at least one of train stations locations solutions, train stations information, and train stations diagnostics; and, employing a adaptive analysis technique for interrogating the demand and train stations databases for generating an output data stream, the output data stream correlating demand problem with train stations placement solution.03-05-2009
20090055346Scalable Ticket Generation in a Database System - Particular embodiments of the present invention are related to a database system with reliable ticket generation functionality. In particular implementations, a method includes selecting, responsive to a request, a ticket bucket, wherein the ticket bucket comprises a current ticket number and a maximum ticket number; obtaining a ticket number based on the current ticket number of the selected ticket bucket and the current generation identifier; conditionally resetting the current and maximum ticket numbers of the selected ticket bucket, if the ticket number exceeds a maximum ticket number of the selected bucket; and returning the ticket number in response to the request if the ticket number exceeds a maximum ticket number of the selected bucket.02-26-2009
20090055347Wireless Emergency Management Application - A system and method for providing a wireless emergency management application that facilitates the identification of persons who have various skills and/or training, thereby allowing the best available person to respond to an emergency or non-emergency situation. Still further, the instant system and method can track the location of specialized equipment, thereby allowing the equipment to be more readily employed when needed. The instant system and method can also wirelessly distribute EAP-related information, such as, without limitation, a role definition and a checklist to be followed in performing the tasks associated with that role, for each responder in a particular emergency response. As the responder responds to the emergency, his or her responses can be transmitted back to a centralized server for dissemination to and coordination with other users.02-26-2009
20080262996Methods and apparatus for indexing and archiving encoded audio/video data - Archival storage and retrieval of audio/video information is described. Audio and/or video information is digitized, compressed and stored in an intermediate archive format (IAF), which preserves the content at a high-enough quality for subsequent retrieval and conversion into various formats required at the time of use or distribution. A single capture operation is performed with ancillary metadata being added to facilitate subsequent searching, indexing and format conversion. Captured data content is catalogued and indexed at or subsequent to the creation of an IAF file that includes the archived information. The IAF includes a family of audio-video digital encoding formats based on public standards. The encoding format used in any particular application is determined at encoding time from information provided by the archive system user. At encoding, the particular encoding scheme is selected to optimize a tradeoff between storage constraints and end use quality requirements.10-23-2008
20080262995Multimodal rating system - A method of communicating information about a product evaluation between a system having a data store and a wireless client device is discussed. The method includes receiving a signal representative of an audible indication from the client device via a wireless communication link identifying the product about which evaluation information is to be communicated. The method further includes comparing an indication of the signal to data in the data store in response to match the indication with a portion of the data and communicating evaluation information between the wireless client device and the system.10-23-2008
20080262993Document Management Device and Document Management Method - A technique is provided for maintaining the security of the proper nouns included in a document.10-23-2008
20090204566Processing of Deterministic User-Defined Functions Using Multiple Corresponding Hash Tables - A deterministic UDF processing mechanism processes user-defined functions (UDFs) using multiple hash tables. Data access patterns for a UDF are collected, and an appropriate hash table set is then determined for the UDF from the data access patterns. If a UDF accesses some similar columns and some disjoint columns, the similar columns are grouped together, and one or more hash tables are allocated to the similar columns. Disjoint columns are allocated their own hash tables. In addition, the allocation of hash tables may be adjusted based on historical access patterns collected over time. By dynamically allocating and adjusting sets of hash tables to a deterministic UDF, the performance of the UDF is greatly increased.08-13-2009
20090012929SEEK MINIMIZED RECOVERABLE STREAMING FILE SYSTEM - A method for storing data, comprising the steps of (A) receiving a stream of data, (B) storing the stream of data in a series of data clusters each comprising (i) a predecessor link, (ii) a data portion, and (iii) a successor link, where the predecessor links and successor links are configured to minimize seek time between the clusters during contiguous stream operations.01-08-2009
20090006308Systems, Methods, Devices, and Computer Program Products for Downloading Content for Offline Browsing - Systems, methods, devices and computer program products are provided for: receiving an indication that an electronic device is to be communicatively disconnected from a network; downloading information from the network in response to the received indication, but before the electronic device is disconnected from the network; and storing the downloaded information in the electronic device so that the information is available for offline browsing. For example, a user may instruct an electronic device to disconnect from a network. The user may also specify an amount of time before the device must disconnect from the network. The device may then begin pre-caching network content until the specified amount of time expires. When the specified amount of time expires, the device may disconnect from the network, but the user can continue to browse network content offline by browsing the pre-cached network content stored in a local memory.01-01-2009
20090144226INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE AND METHOD, AND PROGRAM - An information processing device includes an item evaluation acquiring section configured to acquire evaluation values given to individual items by individual users, a user statistics calculating section configured to calculate user statistics indicating an evaluation tendency of a noted user, by using at least one of the number of items evaluated by the noted user, evaluation values given by the noted user to individual items, the numbers of evaluations given by individual users to items evaluated by the noted user, and evaluation values given by individual users to items evaluated by the noted user, and a presentation control section configured to control presentation of information related to an item to the noted user, on the basis of the user statistics.06-04-2009
20090138427METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR STORING DATA ON APPLICATION-LEVEL ACTIVITY AND OTHER USER INFORMATION TO ENABLE REAL-TIME MULTI-DIMENSIONAL REPORTING ABOUT USER OF A MOBILE DATA NETWORK - A method and apparatus for storing data on application-level activity and other user information to enable real-time multi-dimensional reporting about a user of a mobile data network. A data manager receives information about application-level activity from a mobile data network and stores the information to provide dynamic real-time reporting on network usage. The data manager comprises a database, data processing module, and analytics module. The database stores the application-level data for a predetermined period of time. The data processing module monitors the data to determine if it corresponds to a set of defined reports. If the data is relevant, the processing module updates the defined reports. The analytics module accesses the database to retrieve information satisfying operator queries about network usage. If the operator chooses to convert the query into a defined report, the analytics module creates a newly defined report and populates it accordingly.05-28-2009
20090204565DATA MANAGEMENT FOR DATA AGGREGATION - The invention provides a method, system, and program product for managing data for data aggregation, including data mining and reporting.08-13-2009
20090106187INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS HAVING PROCESS UNITS OPERABLE IN PARALLEL - An information processing apparatus according to an exemplary aspect of the invention includes a plurality of process units operable in parallel and a cache unit. The information processing apparatus executes a series of processes including access to a database through pipelining of the plurality of process units. The plurality of process units corresponds to a plurality of block process on a one-by-one basis. The series of processes are divided into the plurality of block processes such that reference of a content of data stored in the database by one of the plurality of process units is not followed by update of the data by any of others of the plurality of process units. Each of the plurality of process units executes one of the plurality of block processes at a predetermined timing. The plurality of block processes include a first block process including update of first data in the database. The plurality of process units includes a first process unit corresponding to the first block process. Updated contents of the first data are obtained in executions of the first block process by the first process unit. The cache unit is provided to be associated with the first process unit and holds the updated contents in a format by which an order of additions of the updated contents is recognizable.04-23-2009
20090106185Measurement data management with combined file database and relational database - A device for managing a plurality of measurement data, each measurement data representing a value of a physical parameter, the device comprising a file database adapted for storing the plurality of measurement data in the form of data files each of which being assigned to a specific measurement, a relational database adapted for storing at least a part of the plurality of measurement data in the form of relational data being structured in accordance with individual measurement parameters assigned to different measurements, and a processing unit adapted for extracting the relational data from the data files.04-23-2009
20090204567CUSTOMIZATION SYNTAX FOR MULTI-LAYER XML CUSTOMIZATION - Embodiments of the present invention provide techniques for customizing aspects of a metadata-driven software application. In particular, embodiments of the present invention provide (1) a self-contained metadata engine for generating customized metadata documents from base metadata documents and customizations; (2) a customization syntax for defining customizations; (3) a customization creation/update component for creating and updating customizations; (4) a customization restriction mechanism for restricting the creation of new customizations by specific users or groups of users; and (5) memory and caching optimizations for optimizing the storage and lookup of customized metadata documents.08-13-2009
20090204568DECODING DEVICE AND SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - When an external recording medium connected to an interface is removed therefrom and a new external recording medium is connected to the interface, a processor selects either first file analysis information read from a memory or second file analysis information generated based on analysis of data recorded on the new external recording medium as file analysis information to be used for decoding a file stored in the new external recording medium, and the processor makes such selection based on comparison between first recording medium management information and second recording medium management information.08-13-2009
20090240652AUTOMATED COLLECTION OF HUMAN-REVIEWED DATA - The embodiments of the present invention provide methods and systems for automated collection of human-reviewed data. Requesters send data to be reviewed by humans (or data requests) to a data processing system, which is in communication with one or more systems for collecting human-reviewed data (HRD). The methods and systems discussed enables the data processing system to work with one or more of the systems for collecting HRD). In one embodiment, between the data processing system and the systems for collecting HRD are wrappers, which stores parameters specific to the data requests and libraries for transforming the data requests to human intelligent tasks (HITs) specific to each HRD system. The data processing system also includes a number of components that facilitate transforming data requests into HITs, sending the HITs to the HRD collection systems, receiving HRD, and analyzing HRD to improve the quality of collected HRD.09-24-2009
20090177618Record tagging, storage and filtering system and method - A record tagging, storage and filtering system and method that permits paper records to be tagged, stored and filtered according to user criteria. The system includes a scanning module, a central server, one or more user workstations and an optical character recognition server. After scanning, the records may then be serialized and categorized by project, and then supplemented automatically by the system with a hypertext data file. The system provides for the manual input of additional hypertext data and merger of the hypertext data file with other records in the project. The end user may then search and/or filter records according to information contained in the hypertext data file. Because the pages may be sorted according to user criteria, the user may shuffle through pages from various different documents, thus allowing them to quickly retrieve the records they need and perform such actions as trend-spotting.07-09-2009
20090240653METHOD FOR EXTRACTING ATTRIBUTE DATA FROM A MEDIA FILE - Embodiments of the present invention recite a method for extracting attribute data from a media file. In one embodiment, an attribute of a geographic feature, which is described in at least one media file, is automatically identified. A configuration file is then accessed which defines how the attribute is to be displayed by an office application. The attribute is then displayed in a manner consistent with the configuration file.09-24-2009
20090259616STRUCTURE-POSITION MAPPING OF XML WITH VARIABLE-LENGTH DATA - A programming technique is disclosed for linking (or “mapping”) a query on the tree structure of an extensible markup language (XML) based computer-coded file to the “start” and “end” positions of the corresponding XML-coded data contained within the file, when the coded data has variable length in order to enhance the efficiency of querying an XML document (or other type of file).10-15-2009
20080306899METHODS, APPARATUS, AND COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIA FOR ANALYZING CONVERSATIONAL-TYPE DATA - Methods, apparatus, and computer-readable media for analyzing conversational-type data by association of two or more types of extracted information in view of time are disclosed according to some aspects. In one embodiment, analysis of conversational-type data comprises identification of topical segments within the conversational-type data and linking of the topical segments with at least one other type of pertinent, extracted information. The linking can be based on a sequential order of utterances that compose, at least in part, the conversational-type data.12-11-2008
20080306900DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT METHOD AND APPARATUS - An electronic file accessible from terminals through a network is stored in folders having a hierarchical structure as a document and managed. When a document or folder in a folder is moved or deleted, the history of moving or deleting the document or folder is held. When one of the terminals opens a folder, the history of operation of a document or lower level folder once stored in the opened folder is displayed on the terminal that has opened the folder, based on the history of moving or deleting. A document processing method and apparatus in a document processing system allows a user to know the movement destination folder or deletion state of a document or folder by only opening a folder once storing the document or folder before moving or deleting, even if the document or folder was moved or deleted in the opened folder.12-11-2008
20080306901FILE PROCESSING DEVICE AND METHOD - A file processing device and a method are provided. The method includes: providing a storage unit for storing a connection date when an exterior storage device is connected to a file processing device; retrieving a last connection date of the exterior storage device; selecting the exterior storage device for files or file folders whose date information is later than the last connection date; and copying and saving the selected files or file folder to the file processing device.12-11-2008
20080215525MEDICAL IMAGE RETRIEVAL SYSTEM - A medical image retrieval system includes an image database which stores medical images. An interpretation unit acquires a currently diagnosed image for use in performing interpretation of one of the medical images and provides the currently diagnosed image to a computer terminal. An image requesting unit issues an image request associated with the currently diagnosed image. An image retrieval unit retrieves a reference image from the image database in accordance with the image request and provides the reference image to the computer terminal in order to propose the reference image as references for diagnosis. An evaluation input unit prompts to input an evaluation indicating whether the reference image has been helpful for diagnosis based on the currently diagnosed image.09-04-2008
20080215522Retrieval Method For Contents To Be Selection Candidates For User - Each of information on user characteristic and information on game content characteristic is arranged as position information using two or more parameters on the same coordinate system. The contents are divided into a plurality of content groups. Upon reception of an information search request from a user, a distance between the position corresponding to the user characteristic and the position of the center of gravity of each content group is obtained unless the target content condition is decided. When the target content condition is decided, a distance between the segment connecting the user position with the content position selected as the target and the position of center of gravity of each content group is obtained. Not only the content contained in the group approximating the user characteristic or the target content but also the content contained in a comparatively approximating group is presented to the user as a selection candidate according to the obtained distance.09-04-2008
20090077008System and method for extracting user selected data from a database - A system and method are provided for receiving extracted data from a transaction database. Extracted data is transformed into a predefined structure and used to populate a database. A set of measures are then provided for interrogating the database and these may be displayed to the user with dimensions which maybe applied to filter the data. Data presented to a user is relevant to his or her area of activity. The data is periodically refreshed and signals are presented in the data relating to issues requiring further investigation.03-19-2009
20090222402SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PRESENTATION OF LOCAL AND REMOTE MESSAGE SEARCH RESULTS - There is disclosed a system and method for presenting message search results at a wireless handheld device. In an embodiment, the method comprises conducting a search of local messages stored in the wireless handheld device using at least one search term to obtain a local search result; retrieving a search of remote messages stored in a message server using the at least one search term to obtain a remote search result; comparing the local and remote search results to identify any duplicate messages; and if the size of the local message is greater than or equal to the size of the remote message, then selecting the local message for presentation; else selecting the remote message for presentation.09-03-2009
20090077006Computer-implemented database systems and related methods - In one implementation, a computer-implemented system is provided in a network comprised of several node computers and a plurality of program components, having access to a highly available, persistent database system to effect reading, writing and/or mutating accesses to one or more databases, the one or more databases having a minimum access time. A data space system may also be provided which is organized as one or more data space system segments. The data space system has a minimum access time which is lower than the minimum access time of the database system. Further, a computer software program module is provided which is programmed and suited to provide the following functionality: sending a retrieving demand for a demanded information record to a data space system, and if the demanded information record can be retrieved from the data space system, then pasting the demanded information record out of the data space system, providing the demanded information record to the application software program, and setting a status identifier in a status record to ‘successful’. In case the status identifier in the status record is not set to ‘successful’, retrieving the demanded information record from the database system, providing the demanded information record to the application software program, and copying the demanded information record to the data space system.03-19-2009
20090077005Techniques for asynchronous command interface for scalable and active data warehousing - Techniques for asynchronous command processing within a parallel processing environment are provided. A command is raised or received within a parallel processing data warehousing environment. A job or a component of the job is dynamically monitored, controlled, or modified in response to the real-time processing of the command. The job is actively processing within the parallel processing data warehousing environment when the command is received and processed against the job or the component of the job.03-19-2009
20090077004Data Recovery in a Hierarchical Data Storage System - Systems and methods for retrieving data from a storage system having a plurality of storage pools are provided. The system comprises a logic unit for processing configurable data retrieval instructions to determine a first storage pool from which target backup data is to be retrieved, in response to a data restore request; and a logic unit for retrieving the target backup data from the first storage pool to satisfy the restore request. The configurable data retrieval instructions are managed by a source external to the storage system with administrative authority to change the configurable data retrieval instructions to optimize data restoration from the storage system.03-19-2009
20090077003Remotely debugging metadata of filesystem without accessing user data of filesystem - Metadata is extracted from a filesystem of a first system. The filesystem includes user data and the metadata. The metadata relates to the user data and is corrupt. Just the just the metadata extracted from the filesystem is transmitted from the first system to a second system. The second system receives the transmitted metadata, and loads this metadata to create a dummy namespace reflecting the metadata. The second system debugs the metadata, and prepares a patch based on this debugging. Execution of the patch allows the metadata to be repaired so that the metadata is no longer corrupt. The patch is transmitted from the second system to the first system for execution at the first system to allow the metadata to be repaired at the first system so that the metadata is no longer corrupt at the first system.03-19-2009
20080262994POPULATING REQUESTS TO MULTIPLE DESTINATIONS USING A MASS REQUEST - A method, system and computer program product for communicating requests to multiple destinations in a business transaction are disclosed. A mass request is communicated to a processing center, the mass request including an identification portion and a content portion. The identification portion is used to obtain a parent attribute common to requests to all destinations. The content portion is parsed to generate multiple content strings corresponding to the multiple destinations. The parent attribute and each content string is combined to generate an individual request to a respective destination.10-23-2008
20090248614SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONSTRUCTING TARGETED RANKING FROM MULTIPLE INFORMATION SOURCES - Embodiments of the invention provide a system and method for determining preferences from information mashups and, in particular, a system and method for constructing a ranked list from multiple sources. In an exemplary embodiment, the system and method tunably combines multiple ranked lists by computing a score for each item within the list, wherein the score is a function of the associated rank of the item within the list. In one exemplary embodiment, the function is equal to 1/(n̂(1/p)), where p is a tuning parameter that enables selection between responsiveness in the combined ranking to one candidate ranked highly in one source versus responsiveness in the combined ranking to a candidate with lower but broader support among the various sources ranking the candidates.10-01-2009
20090319469AUTOMATIC SELECTION AND RETRIEVAL OF METRICS FOR DISPLAY ON USER INTERFACES - A system and method for automatic selection and retrieval of metrics for display on user interfaces. A selection of a model of an entity or process stored on a computer readable medium is received. Definitions of metrics regarding the entity or process extracted are extracted from the model. Source information for data reflecting the values of the metrics is extracted from a database containing data source information. Data relating to each metric is retrieved for display on a user interface.12-24-2009
20090144223POLYARCHICAL DATA INDEXING AND AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED HIERARCHICAL DATA INDEXING PATHS - Data indexing using polyarchical indexing codes and automatically generated expansion paths. For a piece of data, an indexing code is received relating to a particular categorization or other indexing parameter. Based upon the indexing code, one or more expansion sets of codes are retrieved and applied to the piece of data. The expansion sets of codes may include indexing codes that relate to hierarchical levels of indexing. The expansion sets of codes may also include different expansion paths through the hierarchical levels of indexing. The polyarchical codes may include multiple cross-categorization of the data across the same or different levels of categories. They may also include multiple expansion paths in different directions across hierarchical levels of categories or indexing.06-04-2009
20090319471FIELD MAPPING FOR DATA STREAM OUTPUT - A method for configuring data stream output. The method includes presenting a user interface for selecting one or more data fields from a first data source and receiving a selected data field of the first data source. An output tag corresponding to a mapping of the selected data field for an output stream is received. A second data source may be configured with the selected field and the output tag for use in data stream output.12-24-2009
20090319470Triggers for Time-Shifted Content Playback - In accordance with one or more aspects, a trigger corresponding to media content is retrieved from a storage device. The trigger includes a time-shift parameter identifying how much playback of the media content can be time-shifted while keeping the trigger valid. A determination is made, based at least in part on a current time and the time-shift parameter, whether the trigger is valid during playback of the media content.12-24-2009
20090319468INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD - An information processing apparatus includes a circumscribed area generation unit configured to generate a circumscribed area circumscribing data, and a display control unit configured to display a page in which the circumscribed area generated by the circumscribed area generation unit is laid out at the position of a designated area.12-24-2009
20090164409Selective Extraction Of Information From A Mirrored Image File - An embodiment of the invention provides a method to extract selected information from an image file selectively without requiring the user to restore, on the destination storage server, the image file which has the data for a file system. The selected information can be, for example, contents of a file, contents of a directory, other information from the image file. The selected information can be selectively extracted by reading the blocks of the file from the WAFL data structures that has been stored in the image file. An index file is generated and this index file tracks the location of VBNs (virtual block numbers) in an image file so that the user can easily obtain the selected information from disk blocks that are identified by these VBNs.06-25-2009
20090150330IMAGE RECORD TREND IDENTIFICATION FOR USER PROFILES - Systems and methods for generating user profiles based at least upon an analysis of image content from digital image records are provided. The image content analysis is performed to identify trends that are used to identify user subject interests. The user subject interests may be incorporated into a user profile that is stored in a processor-accessible memory system.06-11-2009
20090112791HISTORY INFORMATION MANAGEMENT DEVICE OF IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - A history information management device 04-30-2009
20090106188IMAGE PROCESSOR, STORED DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT METHOD, AND STORED DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - An image processor includes a document name list acquisition unit, a document name list storage device, a document acquisition unit, and a document name assignment unit. The document name list acquisition unit acquires information of a document name list including a document name of each of a plurality of documents to be stored in the image processor. The document name list storage device stores the information of the document name list. The document acquisition unit acquires information of the plurality of documents. The document name assignment unit acquires the document name corresponding to each of the plurality of documents from the information of the document name list stored in the document name list storage device and assigns the document name to each of the plurality of documents.04-23-2009
20080249977Similar files management apparatus and method and program therefor - A similar files management apparatus displays files similar to a specified file with the respective degrees of similarity. The similar files management apparatus includes a unit specific information generation means for acquiring information specific to each unit contained in a file by means of a predetermined computation formula from the contents of the unit, a file similarity degree computation means for computing the similarity degree between files by comparing the pieces of information specific to the respective units on a unit by unit basis and a display means for displaying the similarity degree of each file other than a specified file relative to the specified file and file identification information of the each file. The information specific to each unit may be a hash value, a sum check value or a CRC value. The units may be pages, chapters, sections or paragraphs.10-09-2008
20090070287Systems and Methods for Accessing Interface Properties of Data Objects - Systems and methods for accessing functional interface properties for data objects through a value map. The value map may or may not be visible at the client interface.03-12-2009
20090070286Social Network Site Including Interactive Digital Objects - A social network site with enhanced user interaction functionality. In one implementation, a method includes providing a personal page corresponding to a first user, wherein the personal page includes a digital pet module region comprising a representation of an animate object, an indicator of a current state of the animate object, an action selector control, and an action history comprising a user identifier of a previous user and an action selected by the previous user using the action selector control; receiving an indication of a selected action from a current user; modifying the state of a digital pet object based on the selected action; and causing a browser client to render the digital pet module region, the modified state, and an updated action history including an identification of the current user and the action selected by the user.03-12-2009
20090070285DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, COMMUNICATION TERMINAL, AND METHOD FOR MANAGING DATA - Metadata corresponding to content data respectively stored in plural communication terminals can be retrieved easily.03-12-2009
20090037363Methods And Systems For Managing A Data Mining Model - Methods, systems, and a computer readable medium storing a computer executable program for managing a data mining model are disclosed. A first notification associated with a data mining model is received at a business process system. A second notification associated with the data mining model is transmitted from the business process system responsive to the first notification. A determination is made regarding whether a first response operable to define an association between the data mining model and business data has been received at the business process system responsive to the second notification. A command is issued from the business process system to update model metadata associated with the data mining model based on the determination.02-05-2009
20090037364Participation profiles of virtual world players - A method and system provides arrangements creating a relationship between a real-world entity and a virtual world environment. A participant or player can participate in various virtual world activities including transactions to acquire virtual products, virtual services, and/or virtual items of value. Feedback may be provided and records kept regarding the virtual world activities and transactions. The participant or player may also have an opportunity of engaging in related real-world activities and transactions. In some implementations, multiple players at different locations can be involved in the virtual world and real-world activities and transactions. Some embodiments include arrangements for real-world informational data to be made available in the virtual world environment to a participant or player, based on virtual world activities related to a topic of interest to a real-world entity. Other embodiments provide for making a profile record for use by a real-world entity, wherein the profile record may include particular types of participation activity by a participant or player in the virtual world environment.02-05-2009
20100017361Hierarchical Categorization of Media Assets and User Interface for Media Player - An improved hierarchical user interface for a handheld media player is disclosed, which classifies media assets that an on-line merchandiser intends to sell to the user as hidden files. The files are invisible to a user without a user's intended and persistent interaction with a user input device of the player. The media assets that an on-line merchandiser intends to sell to the user are stored in the unused storage capacity of the player and are organized in a single structure as those media assets owned by the user. A method includes a means that a user actuates a user input device until the hidden files are displayed. Furthermore, a method is disclosed to utilize a file storage system of a portable media player more effectively and efficiently. The unused storage capacity is then used by the on-line merchandiser to store media assets, which have not been purchased by the user at the moment when they are received by the media player. The capacity occupied by the media assets from the merchandiser is adjusted dynamically based upon the required capacity by the user at a specific time. The media assets stored are managed based on their assigned priorities.01-21-2010
20100036798SYSTEM AND METHOD OF ACCESSING DRM FILES AND NON-DRM FILES IN A MOBILE DEVICE - A method of accessing digital rights management (DRM) files and non-DRM files in a mobile device includes providing an intermediate interface between one or more application modules of the mobile device and a file system of the mobile device, and providing a DRM module between the intermediate interface and the file system. The method further includes determining if the file is controlled by DRM through the intermediate interface when a selected application module sends a file request to the file system to access the file, processing the file request using the DRM module to verify if the file is controlled by DRM, and returning a processed result to the selected application module.02-11-2010
20090248610EXTENDING MEDIA ANNOTATIONS USING COLLECTIVE KNOWLEDGE - The present invention is directed towards systems and methods for extending media annotations using collective knowledge. The method according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises receiving a plurality of content items and associated annotations. The method further normalizes the plurality of associated annotations and calculates pair frequencies for the plurality of associated annotations. The method then retrieves a plurality of alternative annotations and provides the plurality of alternative annotations.10-01-2009
20090157592METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DISTRIBUTED BULK MATCHING AND LOADING - A method for matching bulk data, involving receiving a plurality of input records, performing block distribution on the plurality of input records to obtain a plurality of block records, wherein performing block distribution comprises distributing the plurality of input records to a first plurality of containers, performing concurrent matching operations on the plurality of block records to obtain a plurality of single best records, and loading the plurality of single best records into a master index database.06-18-2009
20090049006METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROCESSING KNOWLEDGE - The invention provides a knowledge sharing method for supporting mobile workers before, during and after visiting a location, organisation or individual as part of their day to day activities. It achieves this through a knowledge management system which has a database for storing knowledge specific to a plurality of entities such as customers, maintenance locations, client organisation or individuals, for example. The database provides stored knowledge to a user in response to said user providing an identity of one of said plurality of entities. The retrieved knowledge being provided to the user in audio form on a voice enabled interface between the user and the system. The retrieved knowledge is provided to said user from the knowledge stored in the database specific to that entity. This knowledge may be based on information provided by other users of the knowledge management system.02-19-2009
20090037362METHOD OF AND SOFTWARE FOR PERFORMING A TASK - A method of establishing a computerised system and software for performing a task, including creating a list of actions (“action list”) to be done by a practitioner in performing a task for storage on a computer; creating a database of information relevant to the actions on the action list for storage on the computer; providing means for associating the actions in the action list with the relevant information in the database; providing file opening means for opening a file for the task to be performed; providing means for creating a file action list in the file to be opened for the task to be performed corresponding to the action list; and providing data input means for inputting data relevant to the actions to be done on the file action list.02-05-2009
20090216707File resource usage information in metadata of a file - Resource utilization information for accessing a file is stored in metadata associated with the file. In response to a command to access the file, the resource utilization information is compared to pre-established warning criteria to determine if the resource utilization for accessing the file meets the criteria for generating a warning. Based on the results of the comparison, a warning message may be output, prior to accessing the file, if results of the comparison indicate that one or more warning criteria are met. The warning message may provide a provide a prompt for a user to determine if he/she still wishes to access the file and if so, the file is accessed; otherwise the operation for accessing the file is terminated prior to the file being accessed.08-27-2009
20080256021Information Leak Analysis System - An information leakage analysis system is provided. The access route model input device 10-16-2008
20080243752Method and Apparatus for Process Logging - Method and apparatus for process logging are described. In one embodiment, the method comprises accessing a log having one or more log entries that contain a first data indicative of a set of one or more processing operations, a second data indicative of an input to the one or more processing operations, and a third data indicative of an output of the one or more processing operations; and verifying one or more processing operations were performed based on information in one or more of the log entries of the log.10-02-2008
20080235175Secure Document Management System - A computer implemented method of securely accessing an electronic document storage system includes maintaining a secure data management system. A secure data management system receives a secure user login. The secure user login is transferred to an electronic document storage system via a secure transfer system.09-25-2008
20080243756METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PRESENTING NON-LINEAR CONTENT BASED ON LINEAR CONTENT METADATA - A system and method may include receiving a non-linear content identifier request. The system and method may further include identifying linear content metadata associated with the non-linear content identifier request, the linear content metadata representing at least one metadata keyword. The system and method also may include identifying a relationship between the at least one metadata keyword and at least one non-linear content keyword.10-02-2008
20080243754SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF MEDIA MANAGEMENT, SUCH AS MANAGEMENT OF MEDIA TO AND FROM A MEDIA STORAGE LIBRARY - A system and method for determining media to be exported out of a media library is described. In some examples, the system determines a media component to be exported, determines the media component is in the media library for a specific process, and exports the media component after the process is completed.10-02-2008
20080243753Method and Apparatus for Archiving Media Using a Log - Method and apparatus for archiving media using a log are described. In one embodiment, the method comprises accepting an original media; updating a first log to include an indication that specifies a date of when the original media was received; converting the original media into a bitmap, the bitmap being in a format different than that of the media; updating a second log with an entry that specifies a relationship between the original media and the bitmap indicating that they are related, wherein the entry includes an identifier corresponding to the entry and an identifier corresponding to the media.10-02-2008
20080319939VALUE-INSTANCE-CONNECTIVITY COMPUTER-IMPLEMENTED DATABASE - A computer-implemented database and method providing an efficient, ordered reduced space representation of multi-dimensional data. The data values for each attribute are stored in a manner that provides an advantage in, for example, space usage and/or speed of access, such as in condensed form and/or sort order. Instances of each data value for an attribute are identified by instance elements, each of which is associated with one data value. Connectivity information is provided for each instance element that uniquely associates each instance element with a specific instance of a data value for another attribute.12-25-2008
20080319938SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR IDENTIFYING PROSPECTS FOR MORTGAGE REFINANCING - A system and method for map-based mortgage information determination includes displaying a geographic location on a map display. The method and system further includes populating the map display with visual property indicators, where each of the property indicators indicate a property having property information associated therewith and receiving an input selection command including at least one property. The system and method further includes accessing a mortgage data database based on the at least one property, retrieving mortgage data for the least one property and displaying the property information and mortgage data for the at least one property12-25-2008
20080306902SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TRACKING PRINT JOB STATUS - A system and method to track and display the status of an electronic document submitted through a web-portal to a multifunctional peripheral device. The multifunctional peripheral device receives an electronic document file upon which it is to perform a service and logs the receipt in a central status database. During the processing of the electronic document file, the multifunctional peripheral device continually updates the status information corresponding to that file in the central status database. Through a web-portal, a user selects from a list of recently submitted document files one file for which status information is desired. The multifunctional peripheral device then accesses the central status database, retrieves the file, and displays, via the web-portal, detailed document and status information corresponding to the selected document file.12-11-2008
20090119245MANAGING DATA USING R-SMART CRITERIA - Implementations related to managing data on r-smart networks are disclosed.05-07-2009
20080222083SYSTEM FOR GENERATING PERMALINK OF MASH-UP MAP - A system and method for generating a unique link (i.e., map permalink) of mash-up map data including various information are provided. The system receives a request for generation of the map permalink of specific mash-up map data, and generates a map URL including map information in response to the request for generation of the map permalink. Also, the system generates at least one of an advertisement layer identifier, an additional service data identifier, and a user-generated data identifier, combines the generated identifier with the map URL, and stores the combined identifier together with related data.09-11-2008
20080288439COMBINED PERSONAL AND COMMUNITY LISTS - Presented are techniques for creating a relationship between a community list of information and a personal list of information in order to transfer data between each list. In one technique, a community interface is displayed including a community list of information available to users within a community. Additionally, a personal interface is displayed including a personal list of information, wherein the personal list of information is available only to a user that creates the personal list of information. Furthermore, copies of an item of interest can be transferred from the community list into the personal list between the personal and community interfaces.11-20-2008
20080222085Communication Profiles for Integrated Database Messaging System - Systems, methods and media for providing communication profiles for an integrated database messaging system are disclosed. Embodiments of the method may include receiving from a user of the database messaging system a request for one or more profiles and determining one or more profiles associated based on the attributes of each profile request by accessing a profile database. The one or more profiles may include an indication of a user of the database messaging system and an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Embodiments may also include providing the one or more determined profiles to the requesting user. Further embodiments may include receiving an indication of one or more changes to the profile database and modifying the profile database. The user may include a database administrator (DBA) or user of a database. Each profile may contain personal, organizational, contact, group or other types of information.09-11-2008
20080222084DISPLAYING TEXT OF VIDEO IN BROWSERS ON A FRAME BY FRAME BASIS - A method, system, and computer program product for presenting text from multimedia data to a user is provided. In one embodiment, multimedia data containing associated text data is received by a data processing system. The associated text data is extracted from the multimedia data. The associated text data is then outputted without outputting moving images from the multimedia data.09-11-2008
20080222082INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, AND INFORMATION PROCESSING PROGRAM - An information processing device, an information processing method, and an information processing program capable of reducing the workload of a developer and human errors and easily customizing a display menu are disclosed. The method includes the steps of reading the display menu data stored in an HDD based on an instruction received by a CPU of an information processing device via an operations device, extracting each of plural menu elements, writing the extracted menu elements in a CSV file in CSV format to create a CSV file from the display menu data, and creating a location data file and an element definition file from the created CSV file.09-11-2008
20080222079Enterprise data as office content - Techniques for enterprise data as office content are described. An apparatus may comprise a client device having an application program, an insertion component and an update component. The insertion component may be arranged to insert source data elements from a data source into a document for the application program. The update component may be arranged to update the inserted data elements as the source data elements are modified. Other embodiments are described and claimed.09-11-2008
20080222078Architecture for Performing File System Checking on an Active File System - A system and method for performing File System checKing (FSCK) allows a file system to be accessed while the file system is being checked for consistency in the background. In the event that a file is accessed prior to having been checked for consistency by the background FSCK process, the background FSCK process is interrupted, and an in-context FSCK is performed on the accessed file. In addition, an in-context FSCK method and system is described which uses a snapshot block bitmap, FSCK block bitmap and FS block bitmap to check block consistency in the context of handling a block access to handle consistency and corruption issues as part of the file access.09-11-2008
20080222077SYSTEM FOR DOCUMENT DIGITIZATION - A system for digitizing a set of documents, the documents belonging to a domain. The system includes an input module for providing documents in electronic form, a digitization module for digitizing the documents provided by the input module, an image repository and digitization database system, the image repository and digitization database system including an image repository, at least one digitization database and at least one knowledge base, a knowledge crawler/builder module for receiving data from the digitization database and building the knowledge base, and a delivery module for providing digitized data. A process for digitizing a set of documents is also provided.09-11-2008
20080222076Enabling Instant Productivity Functionality on Information Handling Systems - A method for enabling instant on access of productivity content on an information handling system. The method includes providing the information handling system with a first operating system partition and a second operating system partition wherein the first operating system partition is a main operating system partition and the second operating system partition is an instant on operating system partition, storing a synchronization management module within the first operating system partition, storing a productivity module within the second operating system partition, synchronizing productivity content stored on the first operating system partition with the productivity module via the synchronization management module, and accessing the synchronized productivity content via the productivity module of the second operating system partition.09-11-2008
20080256020Variant entries in network data repositories - A logical network directory database compliant with the X.500 standard for a directory data system is disclosed. The network directory database provides a source of subscriber and service data accessible by various control and management processes that require subscriber information. The network directory database may be extensible across various communications service providers and IT domain. Further, the disclosed network directory database may be applied to new and existing services, such as, IP Multimedia Subsystem, Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) and other IP services.10-16-2008
20080256019METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR FAST ACCESS TO METAINFORMATION ABOUT POSSIBLE FILES OR OTHER IDENTIFIABLE OBJECTS - A method and computer system for determining an existence of a file and, possibly, information related to the file are provided. The method and system include providing a file name, generating a file designator from the file name, and generating a hash value from the file name. The hash value is used to index a cache containing other file designators that meet a certain criterion, and if no entry is found in the cache, an operating system call is performed. If an entry is found in the cache, the entry of the cache is compared with the generated file designator. If the entry and the generated file designator are not the same, an operating system call is performed. If the entry and the generated file designator are the same, this indicates that the criterion is satisfied.10-16-2008
20090299954Method and system for data file processing - A library of jobs is created, with the jobs performing predetermined functions. The jobs include a termination indication, which is success or failure. Input file formats of known file types are determined and a job stream to process the input files is constructed of the jobs linked according to the termination success or failure of the preceding job.12-03-2009
20090299953MERCHANDISER WITH AUTOMATED REPORT GENERATION SYSTEM - A method of operating a report generation system for a merchandiser including a case defining a product display area, and a refrigeration system operable to condition the product display area. The method comprises sensing at least one condition of the merchandiser using a sensing device, generating a signal indicative of the merchandiser condition, retrieving the signal indicative of the merchandiser condition using a controller, and automatically generating a data report including the signal indicative of the merchandiser condition using a report generation device12-03-2009
20090299952SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR AUTOMATIC QUALITY ASSURANCE OF WORKFLOW REPORTS - Systems and methods for automatic quality assurance of reports generated by workflow software may include: instructing a first reporting utility to generate a first report according to a set of parameters, the first report based on data stored in a database; instructing a second reporting utility to generate a second report according to the set of parameters, the second report based on data stored in the database; comparing the first report to the second report; and identifying at least one difference between the first and second report. The method may also include producing appropriate output identifying the differences. The method may also include determining some differences are solely formatting differences between the reports, and ignoring or outputting those differences in a different manner.12-03-2009
20100023476LOCATION/EVENT BASED DICTIONARIES TO FACILITATE COMMUNICATION IN A VIRTUAL WORLD LOCATION - Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to jargon usage in a location in a virtual world and provide a method, system and computer program product for location and event based dictionaries to facilitate communication in location in a virtual world. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for communication facilitation in a location within the virtual world can include identifying jargon in a message exchanged in a location in a virtual world, looking up a glossary entry for the jargon in a dictionary of jargon for the location in the virtual world, and rendering the glossary entry in connection with the jargon in the message.01-28-2010
20100017360SYSTEM AND METHOD TO CONTROL EMAIL WHITELISTS - A system and method to control email whitelists by collecting one or more website email addresses parsed from a web page, detecting whether one or more of the user's email addresses are included in a webform of the web page, confirming whether the collected one or more website email addresses are to be added to one or more email whitelists, and updating the configuration of the one or more whitelists in response to a confirmation to add the one or more site email addresses to the one or more email whitelists.01-21-2010
20090144221DYNAMIC TIME-DIMENSION-DEPENDENT PHYSICAL MANAGEMENT ON DIVERSE MEDIA OF VERY LARGE EVENT-RECORDING DATA-STORE - A database architecture system includes a database including a plurality of tables for storing data records having a time of creation and a time of arrival. A plurality of current tables include current data records and have their time of creation meeting a first specified creation time period, and their time of arrival meets a specified arrival time period. The current data records which meet a specified extraction time period after the first specified creation time period are extracted to files. Data records in current tables, having their time of creation overlapping the specified extraction time period are not updated during extraction, but are accessible for querying. The current data records having a time of creation not overlapping the specified extraction time period are accessible for querying and updating during extraction. The data records in the files are deleted when their time of creation meets a specified deletion time period.06-04-2009
20080228692SERVICE DESK INTERFACE - Notification of a system incident is received at a first help desk system. In response, an incident record is generated and maintained for the system incident. The incident record includes incident data and a record identification (ID). The incident data and record ID are transmitted from the first help desk system to a second help desk system where a corresponding record is maintained. One of the help desks is assigned an exclusive status to process the system incident. Regardless of which help system is assigned the exclusive status to process the system incident, the incident record is closed at the first help desk system, which automatically triggers closing of the corresponding record in the second help desk system.09-18-2008
20090043726SPATIAL JOIN IN A PARALLEL DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - There is provided a method, a system and a machine readable medium to execute a spatial query against a plurality of input tables of a distributed database. The method comprises: mapping spatial objects of a first input table to a first spatial grid, the first spatial grid including a plurality of first spatial cells; redistributing the spatial objects of the first input table to a first intermediate table of one or more access module processors based on the first spatial cell of the first spatial grid to which each of the spatial objects is mapped; determining whether one or more first spatial cells of the first spatial grid are skewed; subdividing each of the skewed one or more first spatial cells to a second spatial grid, the second spatial grid including a plurality of second spatial cells; mapping spatial objects of the first intermediate file to the second spatial grid, the second spatial grid including a plurality of second spatial cells; redistributing the spatial objects of the first intermediate file to one or more access module processors based on the second spatial cell of the second spatial grid to which each of the spatial objects is mapped; mapping spatial objects of a second input table to the first spatial grid and the second spatial grid; redistributing the spatial objects of the second input table to a second intermediate file of one or more access module processors based on the first spatial cell of the first spatial grid and the second spatial cell of the second spatial grid to which each of the spatial objects is mapped; and joining the spatial objects of the first intermediate file to spatial objects of the second intermediate file for each first spatial cell of the first spatial grid or the second spatial cell of the second spatial grid.02-12-2009
20090024558Methods and systems for storing and retrieving rejected data - Methods, computer-readable media, and systems are provided to facilitate the storage, retrieval, and display of rejected data objects. Even when a data object is accepted on a user system, the data object may be rejected before reaching a backend repository if the user system and backend repository are asynchronously connected. In one implementation, a rejected data object is collected, converted into a storage format, and stored on a storage medium. Information relating the rejected data object in the storage format to a first data model is also stored. At some future time, a request is received and utilized to locate the rejected data object. Then, the rejected data object is translated from a storage format into the first object format by using the relational information. A value from the translated rejected data object can then be displayed contemporaneously with a second data value from an accepted data object. This may allow a user to see transactions and data that might otherwise be lost. Further, this may allow a system analyst to correct system problems when abnormal trends in the rejected data are observed.01-22-2009
20090171884SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR WEB-BASED CASE MANAGEMENT - A web-based case management system includes a centrally-located database for electronically storing case information including data, documents, and images. Further, the system includes an interface webpage that is viewable at a remote location. On the interface webpage, a plurality of links is provided, and each link is associated with specific case information. Also, the system provides a plurality of content webpages accessed by a user via respective links. When accessed, a content webpage displays the case information stored in the database and associated with the selected link. In addition to providing access to case information, the system also processes case information and generates reports. Specifically, the reports include selected case information and have a consistent format and appearance.07-02-2009
20090055345UDDI Based Classification System - The subject matter disclosed herein provides methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for providing a classification service. The method may receive a request to access a UDDI registry. The classification service may access metadata representing a classification system for the data stored in the UDDI registry. The classification service may provide the data stored in the UDDI registry in a format based on the access metadata. Related apparatus, systems, methods, and articles are also described.02-26-2009
20090043727System and Method for Stepped Loading of Web Page Content - A system and method for integrating customized content with the main content of a Web page where the customized content is generated after the main content has been loaded within a browser application of a client computer is disclosed. The system and method of the present invention maintains information relating to the main content of a Web page in a memory cache which is then used to locate offer content that is relevant to the main Web page content. The offer content may then be transmitted to the client computer where it is integrated with pre-loaded main content within a Web page.02-12-2009
20090132465SYSTEM FOR ANIMAL HEALTH DIAGNOSIS - A diagnosis of the health of an animal is obtained through a combination of computerized data and human interpretation. Data relates to the physical characteristics of the animal, and includes data obtained from a physical inspection of the animal. A blood or other fluid sample is used to obtain a computer generated laboratory analysis. This is reported through an internet network to the clinical pathologist. The clinical pathologist has the data relating to the physical characteristics, and thereby makes a diagnosis of the animal health. A drop-down menu on a computer screen provides supplemental reports to support the diagnosis. This can be enhanced by further input from the pathologist through keyboard entry into the computer to obtain an integrated computer report having the laboratory analysis, supplemental report, and selectively an enhanced report. The integrated report is electronically communicated to a client.05-21-2009
20090132464Methods for processing generic chemical structure representations - The invention relates to machine assisted analysis of information encoded by generic chemical structure representations, and to methods for processing these structures.05-21-2009
20090132463SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FACILITATING TRANSITION BETWEEN IBM.RTM. WEBSPHERE.RTM. MQ WORKFLOW AND IBM.RTM. WEBSPHERE.RTM. PROCESS SERVER - A computer program for allowing a client computer program written to communicate with WMQWF to communicate with computing elements running WMQWF or WPS includes a receiving code segment receiving said requests from a WMQWF client library, a target device selection code segment for determining a target device from said request and a list of said computing elements, a first transformation code segment for transforming said request from a format understood by said client computer program to a format understood by said target device, a dispatch code segment for sending said request to said target device, a monitor code segment for waiting for a response from said target device, a second transformation code segment for transforming said response from a format understood by said target device to a format understood said client computer program, and a response code segment for providing said response to said client code segment.05-21-2009
20090132462DISTRIBUTED METADATA EXTRACTION - Particular embodiments generally relate to distributed metadata extraction. In one embodiment, metadata may be extracted for content. A plurality of engines may be provided that include different capabilities for extracting metadata. These engines may be distributed in one or more devices. Distributed metadata extraction may be performed using the engines in the one or more devices. To perform the distributed extraction, coordination may be needed. Different engines may extract different types of metadata. Thus, a list of capabilities for the engines may be provided to a coordinator. The coordinator may then determine a graph that describes and organizes different capabilities for different engines. When content is received, the coordinator may determine if metadata should be extracted for the content. Then, the coordinator uses the graph to determine an interconnection flow to extract the metadata.05-21-2009
20100049691DATA STORAGE APPARATUS - An apparatus for storing data, the apparatus connectable to another apparatus via a plurality of paths over a network, includes: a plurality of ports each of which is connectable to one end of each of the paths; a memory for storing information of the plurality of paths to the another apparatus; and a processor for executing a process including: monitoring throughput of each of the plurality of paths by receiving a message from the another apparatus indicative of an amount of data successfully received at an interval, determining at least one of the ports for transmitting data on the basis of the monitored throughput, and transmitting data from the determined port to the another apparatus.02-25-2010
20100049690RESEARCH COLLECTION AND RETENTION SYSTEM - A system and method for managing research produced by outside research vendors includes a storage unit, data repository stored on the storage unit, and a processing unit in communication with the storage unit and data repository. The processing unit may be configured to collect first research reports from first and second research vendors, where the first and second research reports have first and second formats, respectively. The processing unit may further be configured to reformat the first research reports from the first format into a third format, reformat the second research reports from the second format into the third format, store the reformatted first and second research reports in the data repository, and provide access to the first and second research reports in the third format to members of the organization.02-25-2010
20080215524SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ASSOCIATING GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION INFORMATION FROM MULTIPLE SOURCES - A system and method for providing a virtual map database, referred to herein as the “Virtual Database System” (VDB). The VDB allows integration of map data, often from various sources, in a consistent manner for supply to an end user, while simultaneously ensuring that the entity best able to support a particular data source retains control over the data. In accordance with an embodiment, the VDB environment enables third-party data providers to associate their third-party-files with a base map or file-of-reference, thereby allowing for the creation of dynamic relationships between digital map features and other third-party data providers. The integration may be performed in a dynamic or real-time fashion, receiving up-to-date information from the various sources, creating links, and composing virtual maps, as needed or on-demand. Since the information is linked between the map providers and the various third parties, whenever an item of information or a link between items is updated in either the file-of-reference or in one of the third-party files, that updated information can be propagated back to all of the third-parties for further use in their software applications.09-04-2008
20090106186Dynamically Generating an XQuery - Dynamically generating an XQuery for an XML database storing a plurality of non-XML documents, each non-XML document having a corresponding shadow XML document in the XML database. The method may include providing a plurality of static units of XQuery code, the static units being predefined in accordance with the non-XML documents. The method may further include combining the one or more static units with dynamic input from a user to generate the XQuery.04-23-2009
20100030725DATA TRIPLE USER ACCESS - A computerized data processing method for providing access to data triples (02-04-2010
20100010958CONTENT ITEM SELECTION - A content item, e.g., an icon or advertisement content, is selected for placement in a display environment (e.g., on a map or adjacent to a map) in response to a request for the display environment based on a probability that the content item is relevant to a user that is requesting the display environment. The selection is facilitated by content targeting data (e.g., feature selection and query submission) that can be received from user devices while the map space is presented.01-14-2010
20080301084Systems and methods for dynamically creating metadata in electronic evidence management - Systems and methods for creating metadata are provided in which electronic evidence is captured, the electronic evidence comprising a binary large object, extrinsic metadata, and intrinsic metadata. The extrinsic metadata and the intrinsic metadata are extracted from the captured electronic evidence. The extrinsic metadata, intrinsic metadata, or user-defined metadata, or any combination thereof are dynamically associated with the binary large object. At least one operation is performed on the binary large object, wherein the operation is determined by the associated extrinsic metadata, associated intrinsic metadata, or associated user-defined metadata.12-04-2008
20090077007METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SUGGESTING MEALS BASED ON TASTES AND PREFERENCES OF INDIVIDUAL USERS - A system and method for generating meal suggestion messages using an expert system and then pushing those suggestions to users. Meal suggestions are tailored to users based on their tastes and preferences. Users specify preferences related to a diet plan, food preferences, meal time preferences, and meal preparation preferences. An expert system considers each user's preferences and nutritional data to generate meal suggestion messages consistent with the user's preferences and dietary goals. Meal suggestions are pushed to the user according to the user's preferred time for eating each meal. The user can accept or reject the suggested meal or one or more foods within a suggested meal. For rejected meal suggestions, a meal substitution message is generated and sent. The expert system uses accepted and rejected meal suggestions to determine if certain foods or entire meals should no longer be recommended to individual users or to system users as a whole.03-19-2009
20090006307System and Method for Collecting Installed Software Application Data - A method and system for collecting installed application data from a computer system. The method includes scanning a file system of the computer system to produce file system data, and scanning an installed application database of the computer system to produce installed application data. The method further includes collecting system information associated with the computer system. The method still further includes combining the file system data, the application data, and the system information to produce an output file.01-01-2009
20080256018SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR EXTRAPOLATING DATA FROM A SAMPLE SET - Embodiments of the present invention are directed to identifying a source of bias in a sample set and using statistical techniques to overcome the bias, thereby producing extrapolated data that accurately represents a population including the sample set. The method according to one embodiment comprises identifying a plurality of attributes corresponding to an entity, generating a plurality of clusters from the plurality of attributes, the plurality of clusters including varying numbers of the plurality of attributes, and performing measurements on each of the plurality of clusters to generate measurement data values for each of the plurality of clusters. A cluster with a greatest measurement data value is selected.10-16-2008
20080249978APPARATUS, AND SYSTEM FOR CERTIFICATE OF MAILING - An apparatus and system are disclosed for analyzing computer events recorded in a plurality of computer datasets. The apparatus includes a read module configured to access chronicle records in two datasets, an extraction module configured to extract a timestamp from each chronicle record, a generation module configured to generate a chronicle time indicator for each chronicle record based on the extracted timestamp, and a placement module configured to place the generated chronicle time indicator into the associated chronicle record. Typically, chronicle records in a first chronicle record have records with desired timestamp characteristics while chronicle records in a second dataset have chronicle records with incompatible timestamp characteristics. The apparatus and method generate the chronicle time indicator to be compatible with desired timestamp characteristics of the first dataset and place the generated chronicle time indicator in each incompatible chronicle record.10-09-2008
20080243760METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DEVICES EFFICIENTLY SHARING INFORMATION REGARDING THE CONTENT OF A DIGITAL TELEVISION BIT-STREAM - A method and system for efficiently allowing a controller device to receive information from a tuner device regarding the content of a digital television bit-stream. The present invention first receives a digital television bit-stream at a tuner device. The digital television bit-stream comprises video, audio, and data information, as well as tables that describe the content of the bit-stream. Next, to obtain a table, a controller device sets a value specifying a desired table in an attribute field of a command. Next, the controller sets at least one flag in a flag field of the command. The setting of the flag indicates the table which is being requested. Additionally, because a single attribute field may hold different types of information, the flags indicate which type of information is in the attribute field for this issuance of the command. The controller, then issues the command to the tuner, which determines what table is being requested, based upon the flags set. The tuner then returns that table to the controller.10-02-2008
20080243757DIRECT MEMORY ACCESS CONTROLLER WITH DYNAMIC DATA TRANSFER WIDTH ADJUSTMENT, METHOD THEREOF, AND COMPUTER ACCESSIBLE STORAGE MEDIA - A method of dynamic data transfer width adjustment is provided. The method includes firstly detects a data size of a transfer data. A data transfer width mode is detected according to a data address of transferring data. The data transfer width mode includes at least one of a word mode, a half-word mode, and a byte mode. According to the data address, the data transfer width mode, and the data size, the data is transferred.10-02-2008
20080243751Method and Apparatus for Recording Associations with Logs - Method and apparatus for recording associations with logs are described. In one embodiment, the method comprises obtaining a first media identifier corresponding to a first media; accessing a log that contains one or more entries that associate two or more media identifiers with each other; and determining that the first media is related to a second media based on the log indicating that a second media identifier is associated with, but different from, the first media identifier.10-02-2008
20080235178PRESENCE SERVICE SYSTEM - A presence service system includes at least two presence servers, at least two presence databases storing therein presence information of users, each of the presence databases being associated with any one of the presence servers, and an assignment presence server which, when a request relating to presence service is transmitted to the presence service system from a user terminal, carries out an assignment process in which the request is transmitted to one of the presence servers covering a user designated in the request.09-25-2008
20080235176DATA COMPARATOR - A system that identifies commonalities and/or differences in data is disclosed. Specifically, the innovation employs hashing algorithms to identify similarities and/or differences in data from one entity by comparing a hash of the data to a hash of data of another entity. The hashing functionality maintains privacy and/or confidentiality of the information thereby reducing the possibility of accidental or unwanted disclosure.09-25-2008
20080228693Recycle Bin Function - A method for implementing a recycle bin function for a first electronic device comprising data storage for storing electronic files. The method comprises receiving an indication to delete a file stored on the first electronic device, determining a further electronic device also storing the file, storing on the first electronic device a reference to the further electronic device and the file, and releasing the data storage capacity occupied by the file on the first electronic device so that the capacity is available for other uses.09-18-2008
20080222081System and Method for Identification of Displays - A data structure (09-11-2008
20080215527APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR DEFINING A METADATA SCHEMA TO FACILITATE PASSING DATA BETWEEN AN EXTENSIBLE MARKUP LANGUAGE DOCUMENT AND A HIERARCHICAL DATABASE - The apparatus and system are provided for defining a metadata schema to facilitate passing data between an XML document and a hierarchical database. The invention includes a database accessor, a document accessor, and an association module. The database accessor accesses a database schema indicative of database field names and a hierarchical structure for a hierarchical database. The document accessor accesses a document schema that defines the hierarchical structure, content data syntax, and semantics of valid, well-formed, XML documents that can be passed into and out of the hierarchical database. The document schema also includes at least one XML element name that maps to a corresponding database field name in the database schema. The association module associates the database schema and the document schema to provide a metadata schema that enables data to be passed between an XML document and the hierarchical database.09-04-2008
20080215526Information processing apparatus, informaition processing method, and information processing program - In an information processing apparatus, an acquisition unit acquires a keyword, and a calculation unit calculates the importance level of each keyword by adding a value determined depending on an increase in the number of occurrences to the importance level and subtracting a value determined depending on an increase in the difference between a current time and a last acquisition time to the importance level. An extraction unit extracts text information of a subtitle in a program. A subtitle morphological analysis unit morphologically analyzes the text information of the subtitle. A comparison unit compares each acquired keyword with each keyword detected via the morphological analysis. A recording unit records the program if the comparison indicates that any acquired keyword is identical to any keyword detected via the morphological analysis. A registration unit registers the recorded program and information indicating the importance level in a table in association with the keyword.09-04-2008
20080215523METHOD FOR ASSOCIATION CHECKING OF STRUCTURED DATA SETS FROM WHICH PATIENT IDENTIFICATION DATA CAN BE DETERMINED IN A PATIENT ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM WITH ELECTRONIC PATIENT RECORDS - In a method for association checking of structured data sets from which patient identification data can be determined in a patient administration system with electronic patient records that respectively include a structured base data set containing patient identification data upon an access to a patient record and/or at least one structured data set thereof, a comparison of patient identification data determined from at least the just-accessed structured data set and/or one structured data set already opened with the patient identification data of the base data set ensues. A warning is output to a user if correspondence does not exist.09-04-2008
20080201292Method and apparatus for preserving control information embedded in digital data - Control information embedded in digital data is preserved by inputting digital data into a data processor, wherein the digital data includes real-time samples of recorded data and control information, the control information being organized in a format within the digital data, separating at least some of the control information from the recorded data, and storing the separated control information in a memory so that it is preserved.08-21-2008
20080201290COMPUTER-IMPLEMENTED METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR ENHANCED BATCH MODE PROCESSING OF A RELATIONAL DATABASE - Computer-implemented methods, systems, and computer program products for enhanced batch mode processing of a relational database are provided. A computer-implemented method includes creating a sequential file for a relational table in a relational database, receiving an input file and a database query for the relational table, and, if needed, sorting the input file and the sequential file on a primary key or a non-key. The computer-implemented method also includes generating a temporary file for processing the input file and the sequential file and executing an operation for the database query on the sorted input file and the sorted sequential file within the temporary file. The computer-implemented method also includes storing output of the operation in the temporary file and updating the relational table with the output of the temporary file.08-21-2008
20090248611Trace Collection for a Virtual Machine - One embodiment is a computer-implemented method of trace collection for a virtual machine that includes: executing a sequence of instructions from an initial state of the virtual machine; accessing an event log of data relating to nondeterministic events, which data includes an execution point; making at least a portion of the data available to the virtual machine when the sequence reaches the execution point; collecting trace information in response to expansion parameters; and storing the trace information in a trace file.10-01-2009
20100005053METHOD FOR ENABLING DISCRETE BACK/FORWARD ACTIONS WITHIN A DYNAMIC WEB APPLICATION - A method, system and computer program product for managing a browsing history for a web browser. The web browser is configured to display web page content. A web page is addressable by a Uniform Resource Locator. New page content from a server is received at the web browser. A subset of a current web page is replaced with the new page content. The subset thus replaced does not include a complete web page. A data entry is stored in a chronologically ordered history list. The data entry comprises a hierarchical, object-oriented model representation of the new page content. The model representation may be a subset of a Document Object Model. At least one history navigation button is provided for traversing the history list. Page content stored at the history list is redisplayed. Backward and forward navigation within applications embodying Web 2.0 technologies, including AJAX, is thus facilitated.01-07-2010
20090192978System for Document De-Duplication and Modification Detection - Provided is a system and method for the de-duplication and modification detection of documents collected during document production. The disclosed technology provides a simple, legally defensible, rapid and cost-efficient system for collecting responsive electronic document sets, identifying and eliminating unnecessary documents by comparing a collected document to previously collected documents and copying only information that has not been duplicated. The disclosed technology provides a method for copying the unduplicated information without transmitting or storing the duplicated portions. In addition, the claimed subject matter provides a system for detecting whether or not a document being submitted to a project archive is a modification of a previously submitted document. A document being submitted that represents a modification of a previously submitted document is prevented from being added to the project document archive.07-30-2009
20100057669DYNAMIC ORDER WORKFLOW TEMPLATE INSTANTIATOR TRACKING SYSTEM - An application integration system includes multiple aspect task tracking. Such tracking may include an external identifier aspect of tracking tasks by highly configurable external identifiers. Another aspect, an error aspect, includes tracking errors that occur as the target systems attempt to execute tasks, and categorizing those errors into groups. The multiple aspect tracking provides detailed insight into the status of each task, helping to solve the technical problem of implementing orderly execution of complex product requests while maintaining a transparent view of execution status at each stage of task execution. The multiple aspect task tracking features also eliminate the burden of manually searching through complex log files to determine task status. Furthermore, the distinction of errors into groups facilitates customized handling of different types of errors. Accordingly, the system may implement different error resolution paradigms responsive to the error group assigned to an error.03-04-2010

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