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20110184891UTILIZING CASH FLOW CONTRACTS AND PHYSICAL COLLATERAL FOR ENERGY-RELATED CLEARING AND CREDIT ENHANCEMENT PLATFORMS - In accordance with the present invention, a financial instrument for the energy market is created. The financial instrument comprises a derivative instrument related to accounts receivable or accounts payable or both. In a preferred embodiment, the derivative instrument normally consists of two sets of linked swaps. In the first set, the seller exchanges two things with a third party: (i) the right for payment of accounts receivable within a month from the buyer is exchanged for the right to payment of such accounts receivable within a week from the third party; and (ii) the obligation to deliver energy to the buyer is exchanged for the obligation to deliver to the third party. The buyer exchanges the mirror image of those with a third party, to wit: (i) the obligation to pay within a month to the seller is exchanged for the obligation to pay within a week to the third party, but the buyer receives financing to offset the cash flow ramifications; and (ii) the obligation to take delivery from the seller is exchanged with the obligation to take delivery from the third party. In accordance with another aspect of the present invention, the process takes place on a ‘clearing platform’ for such energy transactions.07-28-2011
20100088253System And Method For Tracking Future Endowment Gifts - A method for an organization to monitor the projected amount and date of receipt of an endowment bequest comprising a benefactor, through an associated agent, entering into a financial instrument bequeathing a set percentage of the instrument's proceeds, a third party entering into a database the value of the financial instrument, the percentage of the bequest assigned to the not-for-profit and the age of the benefactor; the third party calculating the value of the endowment gift based upon the current value of the financial instrument and the percentage bequeathed to the not-for-profit organization at the actuarially computed date of death of the benefactor; the third party advising the not-for-profit organization on a regularly scheduled basis of the current value of the pooled endowment gift and the projected date of receipt of the gift; the third party alerting the not-for-profit organization of a change in the status of the benefactor's financial instrument.04-08-2010
20100088251Business Process Diagram (BPD) component analysis - Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with business process diagram (BPD) component analysis are described. One example method includes accessing a BPD having a BPD component for which a mapping to a business process execution language (BPEL) component is to be automatically produced by a computer. The example method may also include detecting a join gateway in the BPD. The example method may also include manipulating the mapping to identify that resolution of the join gateway is to be determined by gateway resolution upon determining that the join gateway is not going to receive a loop back edge.04-08-2010
20110191268HEAT TRANSFER COMPOSITIONS - The invention provides a heat transfer composition comprising R-1234ze(E), R-32 and 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane (R-134a).08-04-2011
20100153311PLANAR ADVERTISING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method and system for advertising in a car park (06-17-2010
20090192952Healthcare Advocacy Program - The present invention is a Healthcare Advocacy Program (HAP) that handles financial and administrative issues in healthcare for patients, providers, medical producers, employees and employers. The program advocates for treatment across a total continuum of healthcare, ensuring that proper treatment is provided, that payment for treatment is made, and that proper reimbursements by the payor occur. The program can be used by medical producers to ensure that their products can be obtained; by providers when appealing an MCO denial; by collection companies and by companies that purchase debt; and by employers wishing to have a positive effect on their bottom line.07-30-2009
20110196815METHODS FOR MANUFACTURING, INVENTORYING, AND SUPPLYING MEDICAL COMPONENTS - The present invention relates to methods for the manufacturing, inventorying, and supplying of medical components. In one exemplary embodiment, the method includes fabricating individual subcomponents of a modular medical device system as finished goods. The finished subcomponents may then be sterilized, stocked, and inventoried and, upon request from a consumer, the individual subcomponents may be supplied to the consumer. For example, the consumer may be a hospital, a surgeon, or a sales representative. Once the individual subcomponents are received by the consumer, the individual subcomponents may then be assembled by the consumer to form a final, implantable medical device.08-11-2011
20110196814Ballast water treatment systems including related appratus and methods - Ballast water treatment apparatus and methods for preventing foreign aquatic invasive species form entering marine ecological zones by translocation in ship's ballast water. The apparatus includes a housing, a filter member, and UV water treatment chambers. Methods include use of a ship's fire hydrant system or ballast water discharge port for moving ballast water from the ship's ballast tanks into the apparatus for filtration and treatment. In-port service vessels and barges as well as dock-side service vehicles are equipped with the various treatment and filtration apparatus to provided in-port or dock-side ballast water treatment services. Related methods are also provided.08-11-2011
20130031031SINGLE SOURCE ASSEMBLY FOR HOME CARE OF PHYSICALLY IMPAIRED - A method of facilitating the establishment of a home care facility for the physically impaired by establishing a single source for a body lift assembly, portable shower and portable commode all suitable for installation in a bedroom and wherein the lift assembly is capable of transporting the impaired person between the bed, shower and commode.01-31-2013
20130031030Urine Sample Collection Apparatus and Method for Chain of Custody Services - An apparatus and method enabling completion of chain of custody services and hands fee collection of urine samples. The technician installs a barrier in a toilet above its water level. Then verifies the donor's identity and directs him to empty his pockets of all contents and remove all accessories from his hands, checks his axillary regions for foreign objects and directs him to wash his hands. The technician installs a collection unit on the toilet seat and directs him to urinate onto the collection unit while under observation at all times. The technician retrieves a urine sample in a sample cup, seals it, and disposes of the used collection unit. The technician directs the donor to sign a record log verifying that he observed the sample collection process and that a new collection unit was used. The technician completes required documentation for the sample and processes it for analysis.01-31-2013
20110202482FLORAL EASEL - The presently disclosed and claimed inventive concept(s) relates to an erectable and/or collapsible floral easel for holding a floral object, and more particularly but not by way of limitation, to an erectable or collapsible floral easel for holding a floral object. In one aspect, the presently disclosed and claimed inventive concept(s) relates to a floral easel for holding and/or supporting a floral object. In yet another aspect, the presently disclosed and claimed inventive concept(s) relates to methods of shipping a floral easel, methods of using a floral easel, methods of storing a floral easel, and methods of placing a floral object on a floral easel.08-18-2011
20110202481CONSUMER PRODUCT RECOGNITION SYSTEM - A method for building consumer loyalty and aiding specific identification of consumer products is disclosed. A first consumer product having a first product label thereon and marketed under a brand includes a removable first identifier to be used during subsequent shopping for readily and uniquely re-identifying the particular product for which it is intended. The first identifier includes shrunk versions of selected indicia from the product label in a not-to-scale manner, selected indicia being shrunk to different degrees such that critical identifying indicia on the first identifier is easily readable and comparable to the first product label. The product container can include a second identifier for a second consumer product distinct from the first consumer product. If the first product label is revised to a second product label, the second product label can include an image of the first identifier for comparison by the consumer.08-18-2011
20110202480Objective Model Of Apparent Age, Methods And Use - Methods of developing equations for objectively assigning or predicting an apparent age are disclosed. Advantageously, the equations of objective apparent age may be based on a relatively small number of critical parameters combined in a way that accounts for all or most of the apparent skin aging in a defined population or sub-population. Despite the relatively small data collection requirements, the present invention includes an objective model of apparent age that is useful for evaluation of products, useful for predicting treatment outcomes and useful for predicting the effects of deteriorative factors. The formalization of an Objective Apparent Age Score allows one to identify the biophysical and biochemical parameters that mostly influence an individual's apparent age, and can be used to select specific anti-aging treatments with increased chances of visible success. The Objective Apparent Age Score may also be used to support marketing claims.08-18-2011
20110202479RECOGNITION SEQUENCES FOR I-CREI-DERIVED MEGANUCLEASES AND USES THEREOF - Methods of cleaving double-stranded DNA that can be recognized and cleaved by a rationally-designed, I-CreI-derived meganuclease are provided. Also provided are recombinant nucleic acids, cells, and organisms containing such recombinant nucleic acids, as well as cells and organisms produced using such meganucleases. Also provided are methods of conducting a custom-designed, I-CreI-derived meganuclease business.08-18-2011
20110202478Group-Based Art Project System and Methods - A method for conducting a group-based activity includes providing a master visual art work suitable for reproduction. A copy of the master visual art work is made and divided into a plurality of divided pieces. Each of the divided pieces is paired with a corresponding blank piece having substantially the same shape as the corresponding divided piece. Each of the pairs is distributed to at least one participant of the group-based activity, and the participants are instructed to reproduce the divided piece on the blank piece using supplies distributed with each of the pairs. The reproduced pieces are collected and assembled to form a reproduction of the master visual art work.08-18-2011
20110202477Method for Outsourcing Healthcare Billing and Collections - A method is disclosed for outsourcing healthcare patient billing, thereby significantly reducing the billing and collections burden for healthcare providers, and simplifying the payment process for patients. Patients subscribe to a healthcare funding club, and establish one or more funding sources, such as an unsecured loan, a credit card, a pre-funded escrow account, a tax preferred funding account, and/or direct checking account withdrawal. Healthcare providers are paid at least a patient-responsible portion by the club, and the club obtains reimbursement from the funding source(s). The insurance portion of an insurance-covered service can be obtained by the healthcare provider, the healthcare club, or the patient. Branding can be included that is uniform across healthcare providers, and/or specific to each healthcare provider. A healthcare club card can be provided to the patient and used to pay for healthcare services, and consolidated, periodic healthcare expense statements can be provided to patients.08-18-2011
20130085969DUAL TIER MARKETING SYSTEM FOR CONSUMER PRODUCTS - A two tier system of marketing cleaning products. The tiers are differentiated by artwork showing a first tier to have cleaning products usable for certain cleaning tasks and a second tier to have corresponding cleaning products. The cleaning products of the second tier may be marketed to the consumer as being better than the cleaning products of the first tier.04-04-2013
20130080357Aircraft Seating Systems - A method and apparatus comprising a plurality of seating systems and a frame for use in a passenger aircraft. A first seating system in the plurality of seating systems may have different dimensions from a second seating system in the plurality of seating systems. A frame may be configured to be connected to the plurality of seating systems.03-28-2013
20100145889RECOMBINANT CONSTRUCTS AND TRANSGENIC FLUORESCENT ORNAMENTAL FISH THEREFROM - The present invention relates to the method and use of reef coral fluorescent proteins in making transgenic red, green and yellow fluorescent zebrafish. Preferably, such fluorescent zebrafish are fertile and used to establish a population of transgenic zebrafish and to provide to the ornamental fish industry for the purpose of marketing. Thus, new varieties of ornamental fish of different fluorescence colors from a novel source are developed.06-10-2010
20130036075METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR TREATING PATIENTS IN ANY HEALTHCARE SETTING WITH PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS BASED ON A DISEASE STATE AND A FEE STRUCTURE ADJUSTED FOR A FIXED PERIOD OF TIME - A method and system to treat a patient with a specific disease state, based on ICD coding, with prescription medications approved by the FDA for that disease state without regard to dosage, quantity or schedule, and calculating a cost to treat the primary or secondary ICD coding based on a fee structure adjusted for a fixed period of time, and which factors in drugs being excluded and be reflected in the cost offered to the patient or health plan.02-07-2013
20090132439Method of storing and distributing regulated goods - A segregated area for the storage of regulated goods is subleased or otherwise acquired from the operator of a warehouse that is used to store unregulated goods. The segregated area can be manned with support personnel, and appropriately isolated or otherwise separated from the remainder of the host warehouse in accordance with applicable regulations. Upon receipt of an order for such regulated goods, custody and control of the regulated goods is transferred directly to the host warehouse operator at the warehouse facility and the regulated goods are transported, ideally along with unregulated goods, to a third party purchaser.05-21-2009
20120265713SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ADVERTISING PRODUCTS - A system for advertising a product includes a transparent display, a stage, and a control unit. The transparent display includes a plurality of pixels and has transmissivity of light that varies depending on a voltage applied to each of the pixels. The stage is arranged at the rear of the transparent display, on which a product is mounted. The control unit controls the transparent display to have the product seen through the transparent display and information about the product displayed on the transparent display.10-18-2012
20120265712Methods for Chronic Pain Management and Treatment using HCG - A gonadotropin is administered within a surprisingly effective narrow range for the purpose of treating chronic pain or other central sensitization sequelae. In one aspect, a recipient is provided with at least one of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), a pharmaceutically active HCG analogue, and a pharmaceutically active metabolite of the HCG or analogue at a dosage selected to provide, or be equivalent to, a human subcutaneous dosage of between 120 IU/day and 170 IU/day of HCG, and more preferably between 140 IU/day and 160 IU/day of HCG. A kit is also described, which includes a supply of the HCG-related drug, and a label that identifies chronic pain or central sensitization as an indication of the drug.10-18-2012
20130041855Time saving method of boarding passengers onto vehicles - A time saving method of arranging passenger waiting area seating and transport vehicle boarding and instruction to greatly reduce passenger loading time, frustration and irritation and to save fuel and engine time.02-14-2013
20100042558Universal transaction code (UTC) used to standardize the method of capturing, storing, and retrieving transaction data - A new standardized Universal Transaction Code (02-18-2010
20100042557TECHNIQUES FOR LOCATING AND OPERATING GASIFICATION PLANT HAVING PREDOMINATELY SCRAP TIRE RUBBER AS FEEDSTOCK - A parcel of land on which to site the plant is identified. The parcel of land is located such that about 3,500,000 to about 7,500,000 scrap tires per year are available for substantially regular and substantially continuous delivery to the plant, at a tipping fee of at least about $40.00 per ton. The plant is located on the parcel of land. One or more of synthesis gas, electricity, and steam produced by the plant are sold.02-18-2010
20100042556Bidding system and method - A bid processing system receives a project description and a baseline estimate for the project. The project is opened for bidding to multiple potential bidders. Each of the potential bidders have access to the project description and the baseline estimate for the project. The bid processing system receives multiple bids for the project and calculates a bid value associated with each of the multiple bids. The system then determines a best bid value from the plurality of received bids and awards the project to the bidder associated with the best bid value.02-18-2010
20100161521Fund raising business method employing brand creation and food packaging advertising - A fund raising business method engaged in on behalf of a donatable entity consisting of the creation of a brand name associated with the entity for food products; preparing the packaging and printing advertising to be included with the packaging of the food product; preparing a marketable product using the created brand name to include the packaging, the advertising, and the food product; distributing and selling the marketable product to the public; and donating a portion of the proceeds to the entity.06-24-2010
20100161520COMPRESSED TEXTILES TECHNOLOGY AND METHOD OF USING SAME - The present invention comprises a home textile product having an outer textile shell with a polyester fiber blend disposed therewithin. The fiber blend is characterized by substantially complete rebound following compression, and comprises a blend of a first 0.7-0.9 microdenier polyester staple and a 12-17 denier second polyester fill, preferably in a blend of about 70% microdenier staple to about 30% polyester fiber fill.06-24-2010
20100161519METHOD OF PROVIDING A REPLACEMENT COMPONENT - A method of providing a retrofit component for a host comprises the steps of removing a mechanical component from a host and replacing the removed mechanical component with a new mechanical component that is operable to provide power to a consumer electronic device. The component being replaced includes handles, trim pieces, face plates, or the like. The source of power to the new mechanical component comes from an external source which can also provide data. Instructions can be provided to the consumer so as to instruct the consumer on how to install the new mechanical component to the host.06-24-2010
20090157569Method and system for improving manufacturing processes in the production of products - A method for displaying performance priorities of an organization is provided. The method includes displaying on a physical medium at least one metric. The method also includes displaying on the physical medium a plurality of metric status indicators. Each metric status indicator has a color-coded table indicative of the status of a particular metric. The method also includes displaying on the physical medium a plurality of organizationally determined success factors. Each metric status indicator and each metric is associated with one of the organizationally determined success factors.06-18-2009
20090157568Flatware marketing method - A method for advertising an eating utensil by using or describing a flavorless taste characteristic of the utensil. Related advertising embodiments are provided.06-18-2009
20100106667Mystery Product Packaging - This invention relates to a line of products, such as toys. The invention also relates to methods of offering for sale such products and methods of displaying such products. The line includes a plurality of distinguishable toys having a similar configuration. Different toys from the line are packaged in different types of packaging. A first type of package is configured to facilitate identification of a first toy held by the first type of package, and a second type of package is configured to obscure identification of a second toy held by the second type of package.04-29-2010
20100106666EASILY REMOVABLE ADVERTISING MEDIUM FOR AUTOMOBILES - An advertising medium, which comprises a cover and fits over the exterior of a rear-view mirror of a motor vehicle. The advertising medium is easily pulled on and secured to the rear-view mirror housing of the vehicle. An advertising logo can be placed on the outward facing side of the advertising medium for view by those approaching the vehicle.04-29-2010
20100106665INFECTIOUS DISEASE HEALTHCARE DELIVERY SYSTEMS AND METHODS - The invention relates to infectious disease healthcare systems and methods. One embodiment of systems and processes according to various embodiments of the invention focuses on a method for providing a healthcare delivery franchise system. The method includes creating a not-for-profit franchisor entity. In addition, the method includes assessing a plurality of locations for a corresponding plurality of healthcare delivery clinics, wherein the demand for healthcare services from each healthcare delivery clinic and the revenue from each healthcare delivery clinic are estimated. Furthermore, the method includes based at least in part on the demand and revenue estimates, constructing at least a portion of the plurality of healthcare delivery clinics in corresponding locations, wherein the portion of the plurality of healthcare delivery clinics is associated with the not-for-profit franchisor entity.04-29-2010
20100088252METHODS OF PROVIDING LONG-TERM NUTRITION - A method for providing long-term tube fed nutrition to at least a majority of patients requiring same comprising the steps of providing a line of tube-fed nutrition products that are designed to provide long-term nutritional requirements of at least certain patient populations, the patient population selected from the group consisting of: elderly, maintenance, cancer, digestive pathologies, pediatric, and cystic fibrosis.04-08-2010
20130046712FRACTIONAL MEDIA SALES - Methods of selling or offering for sale at least one unaltered duplicate part of print media, such as from a magazine or newspaper, separate to that which is otherwise dispensed or offered for sale as a combined multi-part unit.02-21-2013
20090125458AUCTION SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SELECTING INSERTS FOR DIRECT MAILINGS - A method of allocating excess space associated with a primary component includes determining the excess space associated with the primary component, identifying at least one information insert compatible with the excess space, providing an output advertising the excess space, and receiving a request in response to the output. The request may be based at least in part on the at least one information insert. The method also includes associating the at least one information insert with the primary component.05-14-2009
20100063945Systems and Methods Involving Processing of Payments Using Handheld Devices - Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for allowing merchants to perform remote credit card transactions by facilitating non-CNP transactions via a package delivery service. A non-CNP transaction includes a credit card transaction where the card is physically presented to the merchant and a receipt may be signed. Various embodiments may also include transactions in which an imprint of the card is taken.03-11-2010
20090307158METHOD OF DISTRIBUTING ADVERTISING MATERIAL THROUGH RETAIL BUSINESS - Disclosed are various methods of advertising one business (advertiser) using another business, which is a retail service or retail sales business, and is not an advertising service business or agent. Some embodiments involve distributing an advertising material of the advertiser to customers of the retail business. The advertising material includes a useful item and advertisement of the advertiser integrated in the useful item. The useful item induces the customers to keep the advertisement for a relatively long period. Some embodiments involve affixing advertisement of the advertiser onto an automobile of a customer of the retail business and providing a value to the customer to induce acceptance of affixing the advertisement.12-10-2009
20090307157FIELD CONDITION INDICATOR - In a system for reporting field conditions, a method includes determining whether jurisdictional wetland conditions at a specific field location exist. When conditions are met for at least one of hydrology, soils and vegetation, a section of an indicator is filled in. The indicator is overlaid on a map to identify the specific field location.12-10-2009
20100274741Metals Mass Production and Small Run Reduced Weight Products and Methods of Producing the Same with Automatic and Numerically Controlled (NC) Hydraulic Punching and Flame Cutting Machinery including a 5 Axis NC Machine with Two Bi-Directional Angling Pivot Joints and Two Telescoping Axis Arms and One Main Carriage for Products involved in Building Construction, Bridges, Automobiles, Airplanes, and Mill Stocks including I-Beams, Channel, Angle, Flat Stocks, and Square Tubing - This invention pertains to all steel, aluminum, and alloys, in all available in stock forms and built up assembles from 10′ to 400′ or more in length, that can be weight reduced pattern processed without reducing structural integrity by numerically controlled (NC) multiple hole circular flame cutting punch, or NC plasma hole cutting machine, or NC horizontal and vertical pattern hole punching machine with hot liquid metal or water cooling. The hot scrap metal furnace return conveyer saves energy. The pattern holes formed will allow for precision cutting and cross piece intersection fastener placements. The I-beam building construction system features accurate pattern no holes cutting necessary bolt and bracket fastening methods. The NC machine accepts circular flame torch cutting and pivoting six or eight sided turret head providing five sided machining access for medium and large work pieces from 10′ to 400′.10-28-2010
20130060722Method of generating revenue for a governmental entity - A method of generating revenue for a governmental entity is achieved by identifying a stationary structure supporting a traffic information sign on a first side; making provisions for inclusion of commercial advertisement on an unused second side portion of the stationary structure; executing a licensing agreement between an interested party and the governmental entity for use of the unused second side portion of the stationary structure for commercial advertisement, wherein the executed licensing agreement includes an agreed upon royalty payable to the governmental entity; applying a commercial advertisement on the unused second side portion of the stationary structure; and collecting the agreed upon royalty from the interested party to generate revenue for the governmental entity.03-07-2013
20090271336Environmentally-friendly fitness center systems - This invention provides an environmentally-friendly system for operating a green fitness facility. It also provides for the use of a human-powered renewably energy source in a fitness facility. It further provides for the monetization of surplus power generated, carbon-credits earned through its operation method, and the promotion of an ecologically-minded fitness center.10-29-2009
20090271335Totipotent, Nearly Totipotent or Pluripotent Mammalian Cells Homozygous or Hemizygous for One or More Histocompatibility Antigent Genes - The present invention relates to totipotent, nearly totipotent and pluripotent stem cells that are hemizygous or homozygous for MHC antigens and methods of making and using them. These cells are useful for reduced immunogenicity during transplantation and cell therapy. The cells of the present invention may be assembled into a bank with reduced complexity in the MHC genes.10-29-2009
20090307156METHOD OF STAGING PRODUCT - A method for staging product includes the steps of acquiring a site placement right for a product staging structure (FIG. 12-10-2009
20090076986Advertising System - An advertising system comprises an advertisement (03-19-2009
20120226638SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PAIRING SECURITY DEVICES WITH RETAIL PRODUCTS - The invention relates to a security container formed to receive a cassette which visually indicates to a user what type or style of good is contained therein. The cassette may be of a general solid block type in one color or having one visual characteristic, or the cassette may have multiple inserts or slides which may be moved within the cassette to change the outwardly facing color or visible characteristic. The invention furthermore relates to a merchandising system and method for paring the appropriate security device with the correct high-theft piece of merchandise and for return of a previously used security device to the correct department of a retail establishment. In some configurations, a scan device can be used to scan a product and then display a color label associated with a security device to be used with that product.09-06-2012
20120226637CONTINGENT LABOR MANAGEMENT - A process for managing contingent labor costs includes, following occurrence of a predetermined event indicative of a point at which a staffing firm has earned a threshold revenue from a contingent worker recruited by the staffing firm, causing the contingent worker to become an employee of a maintenance firm; providing a labor consumer with services generated by said employee; and receiving revenue from said labor consumer for said services09-06-2012
20120226636Tug-barge offshore cargo transport - Disclosed is a tug-barge offshore cargo transport device and method, comprised of two separate elements which are removably attached: a barge and a tug boat. The barge includes a bow shaped to cut through and deflect waves, a rectangular cargo deck protected by a bulwark, compartments below the cargo deck, means for maneuvering the barge, and means at the stern of the barge for removably attaching the barge to a tug boat. The tug boat includes means at the bow to removably attach to the barge, and means to control the means for maneuvering the barge from the tug boat.09-06-2012
20090030855Donation Receptacle And Method - A method of promoting customer donations at a place of business includes providing a donation receptacle including a collection inlet, a proceeds bin, and at least one perforated section. The collection inlet is configured to receive monetary donations. The proceeds bin is configured to store the monetary donations received via the collection inlet. A donation path is at least partially defined between the collection inlet and the proceeds bin such that the monetary donations received via the collection inlet move along the donation path to the proceeds bin. The at least one perforated section is positioned along the donation path and is configured to separate the monetary donations from undesired refuse also received via the collection inlet. The donation receptacle is assembled to a cavity formed in a wall structure at the place of business.01-29-2009
20110022545Re-inventing carmaking - Better cars and better carmaking—they can solve problems like oil depletion, global warming, and the dying carmaking industry. But how do we get them? Modularity. Cars can be modular in design, production and use. Making cars using modularity will change the car industry. Now a very vertical industry where a few huge companies sell just complete cars, carmaking can change to a horizontal industry where thousands of companies sell car modules. Carmaking can become like the computer industry—innovative, vibrant, profitable. And modularity allows “mass customization”—tailoring a product to each buyer, but selling it at a mass production price. Like hand-tailored suits at off-the-rack prices. This invention brings that concept to cars. Cars are made out of black-box modules, and buyers choose from among different versions of each module. That makes buyer choice expand while price remains low.01-27-2011
20120117004REGIONAL WILD BIRD FOOD MIXTURES - Bird feed mixtures intrinsically attractive to desirable birds in a particular region (e.g., northeast, southeast, midwest, southwest, and west) and which attract more desirable birds than other bird feed mixtures. The bird feed mixtures comprise black oil sunflower seeds, sunflower chips, NYJER® seed (niger oilseed), and peanuts in combination with cherries and pumpkin seeds; cherries, pumpkin seeds, and safflower; blueberries and pumpkin seeds; blueberries, pumpkin seeds, and safflower; canola seed and cherries; canola seed, cherries, and safflower; almonds and millet, or almonds, red millet, and safflower.05-10-2012
20120117003Geoengineering Method Of Business Using Carbon Counterbalance Credits - A business method for providing an emissions trading approach value to products and services that provide active cooling of the Earth that provides a sustainable means for global cooling strategies to achieve commercial value, in order to drive development and real-world application of these approaches, comprising the steps of manufacturing a light-scattering nanoparticle (05-10-2012
20120117002MARKET-TARGETED PATENT APPLICATION OF ENHANCED COMMERCIAL EFFECTIVENESS AND VALUE AND METHODS FOR PREPARING THE PATENT APPLICATION USING INVENTION MARKET ANALYSIS - A market-targeted patent application of enhanced commercial effectiveness and value, as well as methods for preparing the market-targeted patent application using invention market analysis, is disclosed. In preparing a patent application, invention market analysis of a proposed invention is used, in addition to the invention disclosure of the proposed invention, so as to target the patent application towards the invention's primary and most promising markets. Invention market analysis can affect patent strategy, invention description, patent claims, and/or other key aspects of a patent application, also potentially reshaping the invention's scope in the process. In some embodiments, the proposed invention is clarified by prior art analysis, and/or defined by standard claims. In key embodiments, market-targeted claims are drafted in light of invention market analysis, thereby serving as the foundation for a market-targeted patent application. If the invention is modified in light of invention market analysis, additional disclosure is obtained as needed.05-10-2012
20120117001SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REMOVING CUSTOMER PERSONAL INFORMATION FROM AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A system and method for processing electronic devices to determine removal of customer personal information (CPI). An electronic device is connected to a test device. A number of electronic devices including the electronic device are received for determining that the CPI is removed from a number of sources. The number of electronic devices include a number of makes and models of electronic devices. A determination of whether CPI is included on the electronic device is made. An identification of the electronic device is recorded in response to determining that CPI is included on the electronic device. The CPI is cleared form the electronic device in response to determining that the CPI is included on the electronic device. The identification of the electronic devices and metadata is reported in response to determining the CPI was included on the electronic device.05-10-2012
20090234781METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR UTILIZING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ASSETS AND RIGHTS - A method of utilizing an intellectual property grouping owned by a patent entity to generate income. The method includes acquiring rights in a first intellectual property asset from a seller on behalf of a patent investment entity, providing compensation to the seller in exchange for the first intellectual property asset, granting less than all of the rights in the first intellectual property asset to the seller of the intellectual property asset in exchange for a stream of payments, wherein granting less than all of the rights in the first intellectual property asset creates residual rights in the first intellectual property asset, and utilizing the residual rights in the first intellectual property asset to generate income for the patent investment entity.09-17-2009
20080294576Direct response media distribution method - In direct response media distribution any suitable cause or NPO purchases one or more blocks of direct response time from a media outlet to present a message. The NPO coordinates with one or more advertisers to purchase (sublet) time within the direct response media time and the purchased time offsets the cost of the direct response media time and possibly some of the production cost for the message. NPOs and advertisers may select partners consistent with their positions or goals.11-27-2008
20120089540Cart systems and methods for delivering pharmaceutical items to a retail seller - A cart system for distributing pharmaceutical items includes a cart and a plurality of totes. The cart has a wheeled base, framework, a door, and a locking mechanism. The framework extends upwardly from the base and forms an interior storage region having a front, a rear, and opposing sides. An access opening at the front is provided, with the door movable to a closed position that partially blocks the access opening. The locking mechanism selectively locks the door in the closed position. In a shipping state, the totes are loaded within the storage region and the door locked. The totes are visible from an exterior of the cart, but cannot be removed without evidence of tampering. The framework can divide the storage region into two or more columns, and includes platforms within the columns and arranged to define compartments sized to receive respective ones of the totes.04-12-2012
20110264606METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SUPPLYING PORTABLE GAS CYLINDERS - A method of supplying a portable medical gas system is provided. The disclosed method includes preparing a portable medical gas system, the portable medical gas system including a cylinder adapted to be filled with medical gas and a gas dispensing valve. The portable medical gas system is place in a specialized container having a configuration adapted to hold the portable medical gas system only when the cylinder of portable medical gas system is unused state or empty state. The portable medical gas system is delivered to the customer, and returned as an empty cylinder via commercial carrier. Upon receipt of the empty or spent portable medical gas system, another portable medical gas system filled with medical gas is sent to the customer. In one embodiment, the portable medical gas system includes a single-use flow control valve which ensures the cylinder is empty after its initial use.10-27-2011
20110282810ICE DIET SYSTEM AND METHODS OF IMPLEMENTING SAME - Embodiments of the present invention relate to system and method of dieting, wherein safe increases to an individual's basal metabolic rate accelerates the burning of fat, and may be used as a primary method of weight loss and/or as a complementary technique to the success of other weight loss strategies. In one embodiment of the present invention, a method of weight loss comprises measuring a temperature and quantity of a consumable product; determining a gross caloric value of the consumable product; calculating an energy to be expended during consumption of the consumable product by an individual; calculating a net caloric value of the consumable product, wherein the net caloric value is equal to a gross caloric value of the consumable product less the caloric energy expended by an individual in consuming the consumable product; and tracking the net caloric value over a predetermined time interval.11-17-2011
20090150307Combinations - A document may include a plurality of published references such as, for example, a published patent(s), a published patent application(s) and/or other published reference(s). The document includes a combination of (1) a first subject matter in view of (e.g., combined with and/or modified by) a second subject matter and/or (2) the first subject matter, the improvement comprising the second subject matter. The patent document discloses that any teaching or part thereof (e.g., at least a teaching or part thereof) from the published references may be applied as the first subject matter, and that any other teaching or part thereof (e.g., at least a different teaching or part thereof) from the published references may be applied as the second subject matter. FIGS. 06-11-2009
20110276521System and method for monetizing content - A system and method for generating revenue from copyrighted information and other content. The content is selected, and the ownership and other permissions needed to generate revenue from this content is then cleared. A liquidity event for the content, such as a public auction, is provided. A distributed computer system is provided for carrying out the revenue generating methodology.11-10-2011
20110289024Multifunctional Packaging Container and Methods of Use Thereof - Multifunctional packaging containers and methods of use are disclosed. An exemplary container typically comprises a body section having a generally flat rectangular shape when in a flattened configuration. The container transforms into a generally elongated cylindrical shape when in the closed configuration. The exemplary container also comprises a first and second side wall. A handle assembly may also be included. Additionally, the container typically includes one or more securing mechanisms adapted to lock the contents therein. Methods of using the container include using it as a disposable pet waste scooper or general storage compartment.11-24-2011
20110289022Methods for Plant Fiber Characterization and Identification - Methods are provided for the isolation of biological macromolecules including peptides, proteins, and nucleic acids from mature plant fibers such as cotton fibers and from textiles. The biological macromolecules can be used to characterize the plant fiber (source, origin, genomic composition of producing plant etc.).11-24-2011
20110289023Retail Item Display Device - A retail item display includes an RFID processor, a display driving mechanism, at least one power source, and an electronic display. The RFID processor can include an antenna and an RFID processor. The display driving mechanism can include a microcontroller and a display driver or similar device. The electronic display comprises a display medium sandwiched between two electrodes. The RFID device is in communication with the display driving mechanism to display updated product information on the electronic display according to instructions from an external RFID activator. In one embodiment, the retail item display includes an electronic display that can be activated or deactivated. In another embodiment, the retail item display includes at least one customizable portion and at least one non-customizable portion. Methods to reduce the number of electrical connections between the display driving mechanism and the electronic display are also disclosed.11-24-2011
20110289021METHOD FOR UTILIZING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AS COLLATERAL TO FACILITATE LOANS TO SMALL BUSINESSES TO CREATE JOBS AND STIMULATE THE ECONOMY - The present invention is a method of facilitating the use of intellectual property as a financial tool in commercial, non-profit or eleemosynary transactions in the context of venture capital and commercial banking for-profit transactions comprising: 11-24-2011
20110289020Using a selected media for soliciting donation - A method for enhancing solicitation of donation through the use of a selected media having a combined property of a personal relationship to a donor or honoree, informational, and accommodating a number of donors or honoree. The media can be placed on a template having a drawing or replica of the media divided into multiple sections, with each section having an independent information available for sponsorship.11-24-2011
20110295770Solve-A-Crisis - To reduce a chunk of the 2.3 trillion a year healthcare cost in the U.S. Solve-A-Crisis is a floating vessel/ship/very large floating platform equipped with a fully functional hospital (which is run by a contracted JCI accredited hospital) standing in international waters, which is also a preferred surgical hospital by the U.S. insurance companies. Surgeries/Procedures performed at Solve-A-Crisis will be at the rates of non U.S. international JCI accredited hospitals but will be paid for by the U.S. insurance companies. Surgeries outside the United States typically cost at around 20-50% of those performed in the U.S. Out of the 50-80% money saved in getting surgery on board the ship, the patient will receive a bonus check of a percentage ranging from 10-50% of the cost difference. That way the total healthcare bill comes down to about 50-70%. Saving the U.S. trillions every year.12-01-2011
20110295771Method of Distributing A Viscosity Reducing Solvent To A Set of Wells - Described are methods of distributing a viscosity reducing solvent to a set of wells terminating in an underground oil reservoir where the variation in the net solvent injection rate is minimized. The net solvent injection rate is the difference between the total solvent injection rate and the total solvent production rate from the set of wells, for example on an instantaneous or daily rate basis. Minimizing this variation can reduce costs associated with surface solvent storage, subsurface solvent storage, and solvent supply, since solvent supply often is least expensive when supplied at near a fixed rate. One option is to operate well pairs and to inject solvent into one well of the pair while producing oil and solvent from the other well of the pair. These methods are particularly useful in solvent-dominated, cyclic or non-cyclic, viscous oil recovery processes.12-01-2011
20110295772Systems and Methods for Developing and Optimizing Underutilized Real Property - The present application is directed to methods for converting underutilized real property at existing land and improvements into energy producing property. An exemplary method comprises bifurcating energy production and management rights associated with the underutilized real property from the existing land and improvements.12-01-2011
20110218942METHOD OF DISSEMINATING ADVERTISING INFORMATION VIA SHOPPING CART SECURING STRUCTURES - Cart securing structures are provided for securing shopping carts. In one embodiment, the structures include a body having a pair of spaced stops with an intermediate trough. In use, the wheels of the cart are rolled along an upwardly extending face of one of the stops, over the stop and into the trough between the stops. In one embodiment, advertising is located on the surfaces of one or more of the stops. In one embodiment, an electronic display is located on one of the faces of the structure and a control system is provided for presenting advertising and other information using the display.09-08-2011
20110218943Hand/surface-sanitizing kiosk with ad space - A vertical elongated kiosk with a floor-engaging portion is equipped with a handle and optional wheels adjacent a rear surface to facilitate is mobility. A deck region has a dispenser which may include a spout from which hand/surface sanitizer is dispensed in response to a motion sensor. Electrical power is provided alternatively by a storage battery which may be recharged by a solar panel or an ac outlet plug. A wireless receiver/transmitter communicates with a remote base computer to control and monitor the operation of the kiosk. Informational displays, both video and placard, can be accommodated and a business card dispenser provided.09-08-2011
20100030709MARKETING METHOD FOR ARTIFICIAL TURF AT AIRPORTS - A method for marketing an artificial surface for application at an airport installed adjacent to a runway/taxiway includes: (i) causing advertising to be displayed on the artificial surface; (ii) obtaining revenue for causing the display of the advertising; and (iii) selling/installing the artificial surface at a discounted price in exchange for receiving at least a portion of the advertising revenue.02-04-2010
20110218941METHOD FOR ASSESSING THE DAMAGE OF KERATIN FIBERS - Method for assessing damages of keratin fibers using color measurements and area measurements. Said methods are useful for assessing the degree of damages of keratin fibers and also to compare the damages of fibers of different origin, different portions of fibers and/or fibers treated with different cosmetic, chemical and/or mechanical treatments. Said methods are also useful for supporting advertising claims about the efficacy of a treatment.09-08-2011
20110191269Mobile Display - A mobile, multi-room display environment. The display environment has a first room, the first room having a first set of sensory cues, and a second room, the second room having a second set of sensory cues substantially different from the first set of sensory cues. The first and second rooms are designed for temporary use and can be easily disassembled for transport from one location to another.08-04-2011
20090150306Method of providing services using controlled access to vehicles of customers - A method of granting a service provider access to a vehicle of a customer to facilitate provision of services therefor is disclosed. The method includes the acts of scheduling a service appointment with the service provider for servicing at least one of the vehicle and articles placed within the interior or trunk of the vehicle, and, if the service appointment is scheduled for the articles, then locking the interior or trunk of the vehicle with the articles placed therein. The method further includes the acts of attaching a security storage box to the vehicle or in proximity to the vehicle, and locking a means for accessing the interior or trunk of the vehicle in the security storage box, granting access to the service provider to the means for accessing locked in the security storage box, and permitting access to the interior or trunk of the vehicle using the means for accessing to afford service to the vehicle or the articles.06-11-2009
20120109856Enforcing foreign patents in state court - A method of enforcing a foreign patent to stop foreign infringement is provided. The method includes a holder of a foreign patent suing an entity in a state court for infringing a foreign patent through its activities in the country which issued the foreign patent. Certain embodiments minimize negative effects on comity by suing the infringing entity in that entity's state of incorporation. In some embodiments, the foreign patent holder sues for infringement of multiple foreign patents against a single entity in the same state court case. In some embodiments, the foreign patent holder may sue the infringing entity in the Delaware Court of Chancery.05-03-2012
20120109855METHOD FOR PROMOTING THE RESPONSIBLE EXPLOITATION OF SPACE AND BOARD OF TRADE - An improved Board of Trade is disclosed. The Board is of the type which promulgates a code of conduct for its members. The improvement comprises including, in the code: standards of conduct regarding activity in space; and; on the part of any member having control of a rocket for entering space, an obligation to refrain from assisting any person in activity in violation of the standards of conduct regarding activity in space. Also disclosed is a method for promoting the responsible exploitation of space. The method comprises the steps of: promulgating a code of conduct regarding space activity; including in the code an obligation to sanction persons who violate the code; including in the code an obligation to refrain from assisting any person in activity violating the code; and including in the code an obligation to refrain from assisting any person in space-related activities who refuses to be code bound.05-03-2012
20120109854CHECK FRAUD PROTECTION SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Check fraud protection method in which a customer is automatically enrolled in a check fraud protection service without separately subscribing to the service. In the event of fraudulent activity, the customer requests reimbursement from the financial institution and retains the exclusive right of recovery from a financial institution. The check fraud service provider serves as an advisor to the customer who retains exclusive right of recovery at all times. If customer is not fully compensated by the financial institution, the difference is paid to the customer by the check fraud protection service provider or insurer thereof, and new checks for a new checking account are provided to the customer free of charge.05-03-2012
20100125538METHOD FOR CREATING COORDINATED NON-MATCHING PRODUCTS - This invention is a unique method to manufacture, package, market, distribute and sell coordinated non-matching items which have traditionally been matched. This invention includes the creation and use of a system for coordinating the non-matching items. It further includes the packaging of the coordinated non-matching products in both traditional and non-traditional quantities.05-20-2010
20100125537SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING INSURANCE - A system and method for providing medical insurance for post-operative events is disclosed which includes underwriting an insurance policy for a medical procedure; offering said insurance policy to a patient undergoing said medical procedure; receiving an application for said insurance policy from said patient; approving said application for said insurance policy from said patient; performing said medical procedure on said patient; receiving a policy claim for an event; evaluating said policy claim to determine if said event is a covered event; denying said policy claim if said event is not a covered event or if said policy has expired; and if said event is a covered event, recommending a treatment; treating said patient by a provider; and determining whether to pay said provider for said treatment.05-20-2010
20090313186METHOD OF STAGING PRODUCT - A method of promoting a product includes steps of placing a storage structure adjacent a retailer of the product, staging the product in the storage structure and advertising the product on the storage structure.12-17-2009
20110258147Heat Transfer Compositions - The invention provides a heat transfer composition comprising: (ii) R-1243zf; (iii) a second component selected from R-32 (difluoromethane), R-744 (CO)2, R-41 (fluoromethane), R-1270 (propene), R-290 (propane), R-161 (fluoroethane) and mixtures thereof; and (iv) a third component selected from R-134a (1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane), R-125 (pentafluoroethane), R-1234yf (2,3,3,3-tetrafluoroprop-1-ene) and mixtures thereof.10-20-2011
20110173140METHOD OF OPERATING A VENTURE BUSINESS - A method of operating a venture capital investment business, comprising establishing a business entity; the business entity establishing an investment fund; establishing a fund managing entity of the investment fund, the fund managing entity attending to administrative matters relating to the investment fund and making investment decisions for the fund; the investment fund having investors that provide capital contributions to the fund, the fund managing entity also providing capital contributions to the fund, the fund utilizing the contributions to invest in portfolio entities; the investors receiving a general participation interest in the fund, and the fund managing entity receiving a carried interest in the fund; providing the investors that have provided at least a threshold capital contribution to the fund with stock rights in the business entity to enable such investors to become shareholders in the business entity; the business entity securing a portion of IPO shares that become available in the portfolio entities; and the business entity enabling shareholders thereof to purchase IPO shares that become available in the portfolio entities.07-14-2011
20090287616NON NETWORK CASHLESS HEALTH INSURANCE METHOD - This method enables the patients to get the best medical treatment that they desire, entitle and deserve according to their will without worrying about cash payments and make them hassle free of reimbursement problems. The insured gives power of attorney to the non-net work hospital or doctor to submit claim, undertake necessary procedure including legal one if required, settle the dispute related to the claim if one such arises, appoint the agent or representative to carry out claim related procedures and assigns the benefits related to the particular claim so that the insurance company or third party administrator company has to pay the claimed amount directly to the said non-network hospital or doctor.11-19-2009
20090287615Forward-Looking Expense Allocation (FLEA) - A method for managing a real-estate investment comprising the steps of employing a method for identifying a suitable investment property; identifying at least one operating expense associated with the ownership of said property and projecting the total cost of said operating expense over a period of time; securing capital, in an amount which is at least partially based on said total cost of said operating expense that was projected over said period of time; acquiring at least a fraction of said property; using at least a portion of said capital to pay at least a part of said operating expense over said period of time, as said operating expense becomes due; and, transferring said fraction of said property for value.11-19-2009
20090292655LEASE GUARANTY BUSINESS MODEL - Methods are provided for lease guaranty services. A landlord enters into an arrangement with a lease guaranty service provider including an agreed upon lease guaranty policy to cover a rental property associated with the landlord. Under the lease guaranty policy, the landlord is a beneficiary and is bound to some contractual duties. A tenant, interested in renting the rental property, enters into a lease guaranty participation agreement with the lease guaranty service provider, which provides that the lease guaranty service provider pays the landlord a claim amount, resulted from the tenant's failure to comply with a lease signed between the tenant and the landlord for the rental property, and the tenant is legally liable to the lease guaranty service provider.11-26-2009
20100293114REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT METHOD FOR PURCHASING A PLURALITY OF DISTRESSED PROPERTIES FROM A SINGLE INSTITUTION AT FORMULA-DERIVED PRICES - A real estate investing method is disclosed in which aggregated investment capital is used to purchase a plurality of properties from a single lending institution at short-sale prices calculated using a pre-negotiated formula. The lending institution agrees to identify and qualify properties, and accept the short-sale prices, in return for selling a plurality of distressed properties under a single agreement. Owners avoid foreclosure and consequent damage to their credit. Investors aren't burdened by property selection and/or maintenance. In preferred embodiments, owner-occupied homes are purchased, leased back to their occupants, and eventually resold to the occupants if their finances recover. Repurchase credit incentives can be offered to occupants, providing limited participation in property appreciation and motivating occupants to maintain the properties and strive to repurchase them. During leases, landlord services are provided under contract by local service providers and/or regional warranty providers. A central support group can provide centralized tenant support.11-18-2010
20110208674Analyzing No-Show Persons to Fine Tune Event Ticket Overbooking - The practice of overbooking, where a service provider promises to service more customers than she will be able to in expectation that some customers will cancel their request, has been widely implemented in industries such as hotels and airlines. Overbooking has not widely been used for event tickets. This is likely due to the availability of the secondary market, which allows people with tickets who know beforehand that they cannot attend the event to sell their ticket to someone else. Additionally, the danger of having more people arrive with tickets than there are seats in a venue is large because fans are often emotional. The present invention overcomes these limitations by using previous attendance records to accurately predict future attendance. This allows an event organizer to overbook with confidence that it will be very unlikely too many people will show up with tickets compared to the number of seats available.08-25-2011
20100223207Computer Systems and Methods for Generating Home Service Sales - According to one exemplary embodiment, a method of generating home service sales includes identifying a home having a condition in need of service, and sending at least a first notice to the owner of the home, the notice including the address of the home and identifying the condition in need of service. The method may optionally include sending one or more subsequent notices to the homeowner, each notice optionally including the homeowner's address, an illustration of the condition in need of service, and/or the address of a website where the homeowner can obtain information about the condition in need of service. The condition may be a roof condition, an HVAC condition, or any other condition of the home in need of service. A method of generating home service sales may also employ a website and include collecting a user name and password from a remote user, the password corresponding to a condition of the user's home in need of service, and displaying a video to the remote user via the website, the video providing information to the remote user regarding the condition in need of service.09-02-2010
20100131432Methods and compositions of molecular profiling for disease diagnostics - The present invention relates to compositions, kits, and methods for molecular profiling and cancer diagnostics, including but not limited to gene expression product markers, alternative exon usage markers, and DNA polymorphisms associated with cancer. In particular, the present invention provides molecular profiles associated with thyroid cancer, methods of determining molecular profiles, and methods of analyzing results to provide a diagnosis.05-27-2010
20130218811METHOD OF PROVIDING HEATING TO A USER - A method of providing heat to a user, comprising an energy retailer offering a supply energy over a contract period at a given amount of energy per use period.08-22-2013
20080228672Sales process and form - A novel business method for selling automobiles includes a unique multiply form that includes three different data fields. The form is used in a paperwork tracking technique that comprises multiple sheets having a common data field in a pre-selected area. Each sheet includes other data fields that are unique to that particular form. Each sheet is stripped from the multi-ply form and forwarded to an appropriate department in an automobile dealership.09-18-2008
20100280976SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR RECOMMENDING INVESTMENT POSITIONS TO INVESTORS - A method includes aggregating investment data and real-time trade data of investors. The method further includes ranking the investors according to investment performance derived from the investment data, and generating ratings for positions held by the investors using the ranking and the real-time trade data.11-04-2010
20080228674Floral easel - The present invention relates to an erectable and/or collapsible floral easel for holding a floral object, and more particularly but not by way of limitation, to an erectable or collapsible floral easel for holding a floral object. In one aspect, the present invention relates to a floral easel for holding and/or supporting a floral object. In yet another aspect, the present invention relates to methods of shipping a floral easel, methods of using a floral easel, methods of storing a floral easel, and methods of placing a floral object on a floral easel.09-18-2008
20080270327Commissioning System - A process for commissioning customer orders for placing products ready in a desired number of pieces comprises assigning each customer order to at least one order storage container (10-30-2008
20120296854MODULAR SHOE SYSTEM - A modular shoe is provided by a two part shoe design. A first part is an internal support structure that includes a midsole portion and a heel counter. A second part is a removable cover that is configured to accept a specific size internal support structure to provide internal support to the soft material and outsole which comprise the cover. Various cover designs are configured to accept a single size internal support structure thereby providing for interchangeable cover and a plurality of shoe designs all sharing a single internal support structure. The removable cover takes substantially less packing space than a supported shoe, thereby requiring reduced storage for a traveler packing several shoe designs all sharing a single internal support.11-22-2012
20110270785DECKING BEAM RACK APPARATUS AND METHOD - A method for management of conventional decking beams incorporates unique racks with special features facilitating the organization, storage, protection, and shipping of decking beams when the decking beams are not in use supporting shipments of cargo. Additional features facilitate stacking of racks when loaded with beams; and for stacking of empty racks themselves in minimal space for their storage or transportation when not in use. Identification of beams and of racks for wireless location-tracking is included.11-03-2011
20110270784AUTOMATICALLY MONITOR, DETECT, ISSUE CITATION, AND COLLECT FINES FOR DRIVING VIOLATIONS USING MOBILE DEVICE - A method to allow government law enforcement agencies and their representatives to automatically monitor, detect, and issue citation to collect fines for driving violations such as using mobile device for phone calls, sending text messages, or reading received text messages while driving. Information regarding these driving violations are captured and transmitted to back-office servers located at strategic locations for automatic enforcement including issuance of citations and collection of fines through mobile device billing system or sending citation through mail. Broader and efficient enforcement of the Safety Regulations will reduce the number of violations, improve the safety on the roads, and provide a mechanism to automatically collect fines.11-03-2011
20110208673ANTIBODIES TO LYMPHOTOXIN-ALPHA - The invention provides various antibodies that bind to lymphotoxin-α, methods for making such antibodies, compositions and articles incorporating such antibodies, and their uses in treating, for example, an autoimmune disorder. The antibodies include murine, chimeric, and humanized antibodies.08-25-2011
20090182688Connector assembly for connecting an earpiece of a hearing aid to glasses temple - Connector assembly for connecting an earpiece (07-16-2009
20100145888SPONSORSHIP METHOD - A method of rewarding sponsored individuals after they obtain public exposure for their sponsor's trademark or other indicia. The indicia are placed on the individual's person, such as his or her clothing, vehicle or equipment, and publicity is gained. Evidence of the public exposure is communicated to the sponsor, or the proper management agent, for verification and disbursement of the fee. The communicating step can be carried out by the individual, the agent or anyone else to whom this task is assigned. This incentive to gain exposure inspires the individuals, and the fact that payment does not come until after the exposure has occurred reduces the financial risk to the sponsor of a sponsored individual who does not gain significant exposure.06-10-2010
20090144208AUTOMATED BUSINESS SYSTEM AND METHOD OF VENDING AND RETURNING A CONSUMER PRODUCT - System and method of dispensing disc-based media and other consumer products. A user can interact with an automated business system to select disc-based media for rental and/or purchase. The automated business system can retrieve the selection from the interior of the automated business system and dispense the selection through a port to the user. The automated business system can retrieve the selection from the port in a return process.06-04-2009
20110231345Textile Marking & Textile Ownership Registration - The present invention relates to the field of textile marking and textile ownership registration. More specifically, the present invention relates to a method of marking a textile model insignia onto a textile article and a method of textile ownership registration with the help of a textile ownership ID or a textile ID. An object of the present invention is to indicate the price range of a textile article by displaying a textile model insignia. Another object of the present invention is to enable textile ownership registration with the display of a textile ownership ID or a textile ID.09-22-2011
20090327167METHOD FOR THE VALUATION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS - A method for valuating an intellectual property right or an intellectual property right application includes providing the intellectual property right or the application therefor claiming a subject matter, identifying at least one essential attribute of the subject matter, undertaking a market analysis on the demand for the at least one essential attribute and deriving a value from the results of the market analysis, whereby the situation of having the intellectual property right or application is compared with the situation of not having it. The essential attribute is the one that generates an added value for consumers buying the related product when compared to products from the state of the art. Decompositional market analysis methods such as Conjoint Analysis and the like are preferred. As a result of the market analysis, a utility value distribution is determined and the maximum of a price-profit function of the essential attribute(s) is calculated.12-31-2009
20090327166Method And Apparatus For Efficient Delta Pricing - A method of generating a price is disclosed. The method includes generating a delta price and generating a final price using the delta price.12-31-2009
20110145173TECHNIQUES FOR MANAGING INFORMATION RELATING TO RECYCLABLE CONTAINERS - Methods and apparatus are provided for managing information relating to recycling activities. In one embodiment, a method is provided in which a consumer returns beverage containers to a redemption kiosk offering a significantly improved consumer experience. Rather than having to wait for an attendant to count the containers and provide value in exchange, an account is maintained for the consumer to which the containers' value is ascribed. The redemption kiosk projects a neat and sanitary appearance, and is designed to be situated in a parking lot outside a retail location so as not to occupy valuable floor space. Information on consumer recycling activities is captured and analyzed to support marketing activities.06-16-2011
20090048989METHOD OF CAPITAL CREATION FOR TAX-EXEMPT ORGANIZATIONS - A capital creation process for a qualified (i.e., tax-exempt) organization to raise funds for capital improvements, subsequently eliminating the obligation to ever repay the debt. The tax-exempt bonds are offered to selected investors in a pool that meets certain parameters that may include age, wealth and affiliation with the tax-exempt organization issuing the bonds. The investor establishes an individual charitable remainder trust with the purchased tax-exempt bonds as the asset. The qualified organization is named as the irrevocable residual beneficiary of the trust. The investor receives an annuity equal to the bond interest income from the charitable remainder trust for life. Upon the death of the investor, the bonds are returned to the organization, which can then extinguish the liability on its financial statements. The investor in the tax-exempt bonds is able to deduct from his individual income tax return, an amount under applicable tax laws for the contribution of the tax-exempt bonds to the charitable remainder trust. The investor establishes an irrevocable life insurance trust with a gift of the tax saving resulting from the income tax deduction, and names his heirs or others as beneficiaries. The trustee purchases a life insurance policy, in at least an amount equal to the purchase price of the tax exempt bonds, with the tax savings resulting from the tax deduction and places the asset in the life insurance trust to replace the amount of wealth contributed originally to the charitable remainder trust.02-19-2009
20090248592METHOD OF SELLING PROCEDURE SPECIFIC ALLOGRAFTS AND ASSOCIATED INSTRUMENTATION - A method for selling a product and all phases of service and support to a customer for optimal use of the product includes customizing a product for a surgical allograft procedure to be performed and providing the customized product and services as an integrated turnkey package to a medical provider. The products include bone and soft tissue allografts for all types of orthopedic reconstructive procedures and a loan of the associated instrumentation. The service portion of the package includes training support on use of the instruments, training of operating room personnel, technical and customer support both before the performance of the procedure and on-site support. After completion of the surgical procedure, the service provider arranges for the return of the loaned instrumentation.10-01-2009
20110231344Continuous Gift Card - A method of providing a gift card having a value to a user, comprising determining the products or services to be included, determining terms, determining a value for the products or services, determining whether to allow the user to use all of the offer, specifying a selection of the products or services available, aggregating the maximum total value of the offer; preparing the card, the card have a listing of the products and services, the selection of the products or services available, and the maximum total value of the offer, and sending the card to the user. The user selects choices from the selection of the products or services in the offer up to the maximum total value of the offer.09-22-2011
20120078819METHOD OF STANDARDIZATION OF INJECTALBE MEDICINES AND THEIR DILUENTS - “METHOD OF STANDARDIZATION OF INJECTABLE MEDICINES AND THEIR DILUENTS” is particularly intended to eliminate the possibility of confusion arising from the determination of said injectable medicines and their diluents in the general context of health care, such as hospitals, clinics and similar health-related facilities. The method is essentially intended to allow an injectable medicine to be administered following the correct definition of the appropriate diluent required by each product, said method comprising the standardization of a label (03-29-2012
20080262981Method, System and Computer Program for Operational-Risk Modeling - The invention relates to a method for modelling the operational risk of an entity, the method comprising the steps of: 10-23-2008
20080262980SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ASSEMBLY OF MODULAR TOY VEHICLE - A retail store design and method that allows a consumer, particularly a younger child, to actively participate in the customization, assembly, and personalization of a modular toy vehicle while in the retail store environment. The store design can provide an overall experience to the consumer that is interactive and personal. With this store design and method the consumer does not have to settle on limited off-the-shelf variations in toy vehicle design. The consumer can customize their own toy vehicle based on their own individual taste and also participated in the assembly process and personalize the vehicle including assigning a vehicle identification number (VIN) and creating a personalized license plate10-23-2008
20090204552PREPARATION OF AN EDIBLE PRODUCT FROM DOUGH - The present invention is directed to mold control and extended shelf life methods and compositions for preparing edible dough-based products, such as, for example, breads, by treating the surface of the dough used to prepare the edible product with at least one preservative and at least one pH adjusting agent prior to or during baking. The present invention is also directed to methods and compositions for preparing edible dough-based products, such as, for example, breads, by treating the surface of the dough used to prepare the edible product with a at least one pH adjusting agent prior to or during baking. The present invention is further directed to improved pan oil compositions for preparing edible dough based products which comprise at least one preservative in an amount effective to inhibit mold growth on the surface of the bread prepared from the dough and at least one pH adjusting agent in an amount effective to improve the activity of the at least one preservative and/or inhibit microbial growth on the surface of the bread prepared from the dough.08-13-2009
20120197821Method for Laying Out a Business Park, and a Business Park - The present invention provides a method for laying out a business park, wherein a number of mains services for plots of this business park are connected to a distribution station which obtains from the public utilities mains services such as water, power, heat, cooling medium, telecommunication and other services for the users of the plots and makes these available to each user via the distribution station. The present invention also comprises a business park which comprises a number of plots and which is also provided with one or more distribution stations for obtaining and further transport of mains services such as water, power, heat, cooling medium, telecommunication and the like, and a number of conduits preferably laid in a shared encasing duct for the purpose of distributing the mains services from the distribution station to the users of the plots.08-02-2012
20090192951Portable illumination device - A device comprising a housing in the shape of a fashion accessory, the housing having a hollow interior, a top portion, and a bottom portion, wherein the hollow interior extends from the bottom portion to the top portion of the housing. A light source module is removeably attached to the top portion of the housing and extends substantially downward within the hollow interior toward the bottom portion. A handle is attached to the top portion of the housing, wherein the handle secures the device to a member within an article having substantially the same shape as the housing, wherein the device illuminates the article interior.07-30-2009
20090254495SERVICE LEAP - The Service Leap comprises of a system and method that provides a systematic process and tools for branding of existing and potential services with a view to increase their appeal to customers and their market value. The invention provides for creating branded services through a bottom up approach starting from every ‘touch point’ at which the service interacts with consumers and accomplishes the same through several process steps viz. customer journey map, brand star, brand house and communication house. It is specially developed to deal with the unique nature of service businesses unlike existing positioning models that are suited only for products.10-08-2009
20090132440COMPENSATION MODEL FOR NETWORK SERVICES - A compensation model is disclosed for compensating a network service provider.05-21-2009
20100036778MONITORING OF THE UTILISATION TIME OF A PALLET - The present invention relates to a method for visually monitoring the utilization time of a handling pallet. By limiting the utilization time, the present invention guarantees the quality and the maintenance of said pallet, and implements an insurance covering any risk in case of accident or damage.02-11-2010
20100179926FACILITATING COMMERCIALIZATION OF INNOVATIVE IDEAS - A method includes receiving at a publicly advertised casting call ideas without any confidentiality obligations and without any use restriction; identifying a product embodying each idea; considering patentability and commercial feasibility of the product; selecting some of the ideas based on these considerations; acquiring all intellectual property rights in the selected ideas in exchange for predetermined consideration; bringing to market respective commercial products embodying the respective selected ideas; video recording performance of the steps; and producing a broadcast program including the video recording. A method of commercializing an idea includes contracting to deliver an idea for a product; requesting that ideas be submitted; providing a website configured to allow users to submit ideas; storing submitted ideas; communicating one of the submitted ideas; and receiving compensation.07-15-2010
20120123972Systems and Methods for Managing and Utilizing Excess Corn Residue - Systems and methods for managing excess above-ground corn residue are disclosed. Systems and methods for combusting corn residue to produce heat for generating steam are also disclosed. Additionally, methods and systems for harvesting and pre-processing corn residue prior to combustion of the corn residue are disclosed.05-17-2012
20100153312SOLAR HEATING SYSTEM, STORAGE TANK FOR USE THEREIN, METHOD OF MANUFACTURING SOLAR COLLECTION PANEL FOR USE THEREIN, AND METHOD OF INSTALLING THE SAME - The present disclosure is directed to solar heating systems, storage tanks with heat exchanger that may be used in a solar heating system, methods of constructing solar collection panels, methods of installing solar collection panels, methods of manufacturing and selling solar heat exchange systems, and methods of distributing solar heat exchange system manufacturing facilities. The solar collection panels and heat exchangers may comprise envelope-type configurations wherein one or more dimples are formed in an exterior surface of the solar collection panels or the heat exchangers. The solar collection panels and heat exchangers may have a variety of different shapes and sizes, and may be colored, such as by painting the solar collection panels or heat exchangers. Manufacturing facilities for manufacturing solar collection panels, heat exchangers and other components of solar heat exchange systems may be distributed to third parties assigned to designated areas by providing the third parties with the information and equipment needed to establish micro-factories.06-17-2010
20100217727Dopamine Transporter Inhibitors for Use in Treatment of Movement Disorders and Other CNS Indications - The invention provides a class of dopamine transporter inhibitors of formula (I) (DAT inhibitors), packaged pharmaceuticals comprising such inhibitors, and their uses in treating, or manufacturing medicaments for treating disease conditions including Parkinson's disease, when assessed by one or more of Hoehn and Yahr Staging of Parkinson's Disease, Unified Parkinson Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS), and Schwab and England Activities of Daily Living Scale. Related business methods such as marketing the inhibitors to healthcare providers are also provided.08-26-2010
20100185563ENERGY EFFICIENT HOMEOWNERSHIP MORTGAGE PROGRAM - A program for encouraging homebuyers and current homeowners to purchase more efficient HVAC equipment at the time they purchase a home or refinance a home loan is described. Realtors, bankers, lenders, mortgage brokers, and like individuals involved in the purchase or refinancing of a home present an opportunity to purchase energy efficient HVAC equipment to a client at a time when the purchase price of the equipment can be included in the mortgage or refinance loan. The realtors, bankers, lenders, mortgage brokers, and other individuals presenting the opportunity to the client act as marketers or salespeople for the program and the new equipment. These new salespeople work with a facilitator who coordinates the efforts of everyone involved in the transaction. The program provides the client with lower total homeownership costs through utility and maintenance savings. This program could potentially create hundreds of thousands of new salespeople (i.e. realtors, mortgage brokers, lenders, and other people involved in the purchase of a home or refinance of a home loan) that could illustrate to potential clients the positive cash flow they could receive, with no upfront costs, merely by installing new energy efficient HVAC equipment in their home.07-22-2010
20110238600ORGANIC WASTE DECOMPOSITION EXCHANGE SYSTEM - A method of managing organic waste decomposition includes providing an organic waste decomposition machine adapted to transform organic waste into decomposed material at a first site, collecting the decomposed material output by the organic waste decomposition machine, and transporting the decomposed material to a second site. The collecting and transporting the decomposed material are performed in exchange for providing the organic waste decomposition machine.09-29-2011
20100228690CUSHION ASSEMBLY - A portable cushion assembly including a cushion, and a pouch pivotally coupled to the cushion, wherein the pouch is pivoted away from the cushion to permit sitting on the cushion without sitting on the pouch. Preferably, the cushion has an outer surface on which advertising material can be displayed. At least one strap may be affixed to the cushion or to the pouch for carrying the cushion assembly.09-09-2010
20100228689Eyeglasses, eyecups, and methods of use and doing business - Described herein are various embodiments of eyewear provided for advantageous use in sports, work, and casual activity. According to one embodiment, methods of retailing eyecup assemblies include a replenishment program for transmitting replacement eyecup assemblies to a purchaser at a regular interval. According to another embodiment, a method of retailing eyecup assemblies includes providing a retailer with eyecup assemblies differing from one another and providing the retailer with an eyeglasses frame. According to an embodiment, a method of retailing eyecup assemblies includes providing a retailer with eyecup assemblies differing from one another and without providing an eyeglasses frame. According to another embodiment, a kit having eyecup assemblies includes eyecup assemblies differing from one another and an eyeglasses frame. According to an embodiment, a kit having eyecup assemblies includes eyecup assemblies differing from one another without providing an eyeglasses frame.09-09-2010
20100217729SHAVER DISINFECTION SYSTEM FOR EACH CUSTOMER TYPE - The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to develop an insurance system against shaving wounds which makes it obligation for a barber shop to issue a shaver disinfection contents report for proving the sterilizing temperature and sterilizing time of the shaper, the temperature that the shaver reaches, and so on performed by the barber shop in order to ensure execution of shaver disinfection on individual customer basis by the barber shop, and institutionalizes a charging shaver disinfection system which compensates financial burden of the barber shop, thereby relieving both of clients and barbers from shaving injuries. A main application of the present invention is to sterilize the shaver to prevent the customers from being infected with AIDS, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and other virus caused by the saving wound.08-26-2010
20100217728Multiproduct Advertising Development and Exposure - Innoventions Inc. a corporation in the state of Florida has developed a new method of multimedia advertising and marketing to mass markets. In today's economic climate, businesses need to find a model that increases their exposure to consumers without a respective cost increase. This is a unique method of multiproduct advertising development and exposure. The concept is designed to decrease the high cost of advertising to corporations or sellers without decreasing the effectiveness of the advertisement.08-26-2010
20090076985Method for Obtaining Biodiesel, Alternative Fuels and Renewable Fuels Tax Credits and Treatment - The present invention relates to a method of obtaining U.S. Federal and State tax credits, renewable fuel treatment under the EPA's Renewable Fuel Standard Program, and other incentives by production and sale of esters manufactured by the esterification of carboxylic acids using slurry phase, heterogeneous catalyzed, reactive distillation.03-19-2009
20100223208FLUID STORAGE AND PURIFICATION METHOD AND SYSTEM - A method of storing and dispensing a fluid includes providing a vessel configured for selective dispensing of the fluid therefrom. The vessel contains an ionic liquid therein. The fluid is contacted with the ionic liquid for take-up of the fluid by the ionic liquid. There is substantially no chemical change in the ionic liquid and the fluid. The fluid is released from the ionic liquid and dispensed from the vessel.09-02-2010
20110238597Value builder method - Value Builder Method is a means for preserving principal within retirement, healthcare, education, savings, or other financial accounts to maximize the investment by paying for fees, taxes, and other miscellaneous expenses with separate funds from an outside source or account(s). Many accounts that provide, financial, education, retirement, investment and/or health savings are limited in how much an individual or group can contribute within a year. The amount that can be contributed within a year is a limited resource. Associated fees, taxes, and costs for an account(s) divert investment funds from the primary purpose of the account(s). Value Builder Method saves money within primary account now as well as earning compounded interest in the future.09-29-2011
20100250469Computer-Based Modeling of Spending Behaviors of Entities - Time series consumer spending data, point-in-time balance information and consumer panel information provide input to a model for consumer spend behavior on plastic instruments or other financial accounts, from which approximations of spending ability and share of wallet may be reliably identified and utilized to promote additional consumer spending.09-30-2010
20100211530SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISTRIBUTING EARNINGS - There is a demand for a profit distribution technique that provides an effective incentive for sale. When a bonus point is given for a successful sales result, a group update process is performed to cancel the location of the member in the first generation of the group and to form two groups, in each of which a member who has been in the second generation is set as a new first-generation member. One of the groups formed includes the member with ID number “1” as the first-generation member and the other includes the member with the ID number “2” as the first-generation member. In the group in which the member with ID number “1” is in the first generation, the members with ID numbers “3” and “4” that were the third-generation members before the update become the second-generation members.08-19-2010
20100063944SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INTEGRATED HEALTH PROMOTION, INJURY PREVENTION AND MANAGEMENT - One embodiment includes a system and method to integrate a participant's medical, physical, behavioral and psychological risk factors, historical morbidity and injury profile and the resultant health-care costs allowing for specifically targeted strategies to be developed for highly effective individual and corporate/organizational health promotion.03-11-2010
20090327165SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR RE-SUPPLYING ENERGY TO A BATTERY-POWERED ELECTRIC VEHICLE - A system for quickly and efficiently re-supplying electrical energy to an electric vehicle having a rechargeable battery of a certain type of battery within a geographic area is provided. The system comprises one or more service stations within the geographic area. The service station has a storage facility for another rechargeable battery of the same type and an automated handling device for removing the battery from the vehicle and inserting the other battery into the vehicle. In one embodiment of the invention, the system may further include a system for recharging the rechargeable battery from, for example, solar energy.12-31-2009
20100191677EGG TRANSPORT CONTAINER AND MULTI-USE INSERT FOR AN EGG TRANSPORT CONTAINER - An egg transport container for transporting and storing a number of eggs has an outer container encompassing the eggs and at least one insert, disposed in the container and removable from the container, for securing at least one egg within the container. As a result of the removability of the insert from the container, the insert, together with the eggs, can be placed directly into a pan for boiling the eggs. A merchandising system provides for those consumers who bring the container to the merchant's for transporting eggs to be purchased, to have their egg purchased discounted due to the savings in packaging and waste management.07-29-2010
20110112991METHOD OF IDENTIFYING CO2 REDUCTION AND OBTAINING CARBON CREDITS - A method comprises the step of certifying a savings in carbon emission based upon a cleaning of a gas turbine engine.05-12-2011
20110112989Hybrid Financial Product - Disclosed is a hybrid financial security. The security is structured as a collateralized debt obligation which contains senior notes and income notes. Proceeds from the sale of the notes are utilized to purchase the underlying collateral, which is below investment grade debt obligations. The hybrid financial security has improved liquidity, lower volatility, and a shorter maturity term than a traditional collateralized debt obligation.05-12-2011
20100191676ADVERTISING APPARATUS USING A SCREEN - Disclosed is an advertising apparatus using a screen, comprising at least one product expressing unit connected to a frame of the screen so as to exhibit the screen as an ad product; and a light emitting unit that makes the product expressing unit recognizable. According to the present invention, although an image to be output through a screen is changed, an advertisement once made can be constantly used without requiring a dedicated reworking. Therefore, expenses for the reworking or replacement can be saved.07-29-2010
20090210359MERCHANDISING - The invention relates an apparatus (08-20-2009
20090319447SELF-CONTAINED RECYCLING COLLECTION SYSTEM - A self-contained recycling collection system includes a product reception assembly configured to receive a recyclable product from a user. A remuneration assembly is configured to provide remuneration to the user upon receiving the recyclable product. A machine-emptiable storage assembly is configured to receive the recyclable product.12-24-2009
20090319446Resonance Based Sales System and Method - The invention provides a resonance based sales system and method. The system comprises a skin care and/or cosmetic product including natural ingredients and a package configured for association with the product. The system further includes an engaging message associated with one or more of the product and the package, the engaging message configured to elicit an emotional response of inspiration from a customer, wherein the emotional response is representative of the engaging message resonating with one or more aspects of a female archetype. The invention further provides a method for generating an engaging message which includes identifying an individual and a situation wherein the individual had displayed a personal perception of inadequacy. Subsequently, a message for the individual is developed, wherein the message is configured to elicit an emotional response of inspiration from the individual, such that the emotional response is representative of the message resonating with one or more aspects of a female archetype. Furthermore, the method comprises reconfiguring the message into a lyrical configuration, thereby generating the engaging message.12-24-2009
20090319445Ching-Min Huang System - The proposed new political system, C.-M. Huang System, is according to the concept of separation of powers.12-24-2009
20090112777Method of providing variable subscription-based access to an emergency shelter - At least two types of consideration-based private civil security subscriptions are accepted (04-30-2009
20100223206METHOD OF PROVIDING AND SELECTING PARTICLES TO INCREASE SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO IN MAGNETIC RECORDING MEDIA - A method of providing particles configured for use in magnetic recording media includes providing a set of particles having a size distribution, and removing a fraction of the set of particles from the size distribution. The fraction is less than approximately 50% by volume and includes the most massive particles in the size distribution.09-02-2010
20110238601Method for Ice Distribution - The method is for distributing ice to the foodservice industry utilizing the existing foodservice infrastructure. This invention enables new markets and new revenue sources for the ice selling vendor based on utilizing the foodservice distribution infrastructure. This method allows the ice manufacturer to do business on a national or global scale.09-29-2011
20120143787SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CREATING AND USING ENERGY CREDITS DERIVED FROM THE TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY WHILE MAINTAINING GREEN CERTIFICATION - A system and method for creating and using energy credits derived from the construction or transportation sectors while maintaining green certification. The system and method uses buildings or vehicles. The energy consumption of a building or vehicle is first reduced by identifying and placing predetermined components in the building or vehicle. That energy reduction is then designated as an energy credit derived from and associated with the construction sector or transportation sector. The credit is then marketed and sold. The remaining or residual energy consumption associated with use of the building or vehicle is then offset through the purchase of outside energy credits. The buildings or vehicles are then certified as green.06-07-2012
20100306135METHOD OF IMPROVING MEDICAL DIAGNOSES REPORTING AS DIAGNOSIS-RELATED GROUPS - The present invention relates generally to healthcare, and more specifically to a process for more completely and more accurately reporting a patient diagnosis under the Diagnosis-Related Group (“DRG”) system promulgated by the United States Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”). In particular, the invention relates to a method for reviewing hospital discharge charts; identifying diagnosis codes which may be inaccurate or inadequately documented; gathering a set of clinical guidelines related to the medical conditions represented by such inaccurately or inadequately documented diagnosis codes; and presenting the identified codes with the gathered clinical guidelines to a treating healthcare provider for the provider's review and possible alteration.12-02-2010
20100306137ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY METHOD FOR DESIGNING AND UTILIZING MIXED USE DEVELOPMENTS - A mixed-use development that includes one or more buildings in an approximate L-shape along a parcel of land wherein one elongate axis of the one or more buildings in an approximate L-shape is positioned substantially parallel to a first edge of the parcel of land. The first edge of the parcel of land may be positioned near a road or sidewalk. A separate building that has an axis that is substantially parallel to one of the axis of the one or more buildings in an approximate L-shape may be positioned near the one or more buildings in an approximate L-shape to form an approximate U-shape of buildings with a green space in the interior of the U-shape of buildings. The green space may be elevated above ground level. A method of designing a mixed-use development is also provided.12-02-2010
20110112988PORTABLE RADIO COMMUNICATION APPARATUS AND METHOD OF USE - A portable communication apparatus and method includes a portable AM transmitter assembly and antenna operably connected for broadcasting an AM signal to standard automobile radio receiver, such as on a travel information station frequency of 1610 KHz. The system is particularly constructed for mobility, durability, simplicity and ease of use, making it well adapted for use in emergency situations as well as for the broadcast of general community or travelers information at fixed or temporary locations during nonemergency times. For example, the entire present assembly 05-12-2011
20100312723PAINT HARDENING COMPOSITIONS AND ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS METHODS FOR RECYCLING PAINT AND PAINT CONTAINERS - The present invention relates to environmentally conscious methods for the distribution and collection of recyclable paint containers, methods for environmentally conscious painting using recyclable paint and paint containers, and compositions for hardening paint for purposes of recycling paint and paint containers. A consumer can employ a paint hardener to harden unused paint, dispose the hardened paint at curbside, and return the empty paint container to a collection area at a business establishment. The paint hardened can be contained in an encapsulating layer which dissolves and releases the paint hardener into the paint. The business establishment can recycle the empty paint container into a new paint container.12-09-2010
20100318474REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION METHOD - Real estate transaction methods are disclosed to allow holders of tenancy in common (TIC) property interests to convert such interests to real estate investment trusts (REIT) holdings. Such methods comprise a conversion of TIC property interests to REIT status through an UPREIT process, a DOWNREIT process and a process to accommodate a 1031 Exchange whereby at some point in the future a TIC interest is converted to REIT holdings through either an UPREIT or DOWNREIT transfer.12-16-2010
20100306134System and method to establish and track fitness and diet for well-being - A system to establish and track fitness and diet for well-being is disclosed. In a particular embodiment, a workbook includes at least one plan to improve well-being, instructions for following the at least one plan, forms to implement the at least one plan, and motivational aids.12-02-2010
20130138581Feedback method for promoting consumption - A feedback method for promoting consumption includes providing a feedback rule, providing an ABC vein principle, providing a manufacturer alliance principle, providing a co-branded card system, and providing a network construction. Thus, the feedback method builds a system of a merchandise discount and a sale feedback bonus to increase the personal connection vein and the affiliated manufacturers and to connect the supply of the production terminal and the demand of the consumer terminal so as to decrease the cost of products and to increase the demand for products such that the consumers can purchase cheaper products, and the manufacturers can obtain more orders.05-30-2013
20130138582Process of facilitating interaction between people at various locations or events assembled with or without a specific purpose - The disclosed invention addresses a very unique problem and provides a format of interaction to assist people to effectively interact in any situation through an embodiment of a mark, which is situated in any type of location or event where people assemble, with strangers. The mark may be a symbol, a script or a logo or a combination of any or all of these. The mark may be displayed on electronic display means possibly with remote accessibility. The mark may be accessed through a web site to locate the position of the mark at any location in any country in any location where people tend to group normally. The actual design of the mark will be as authorised and can change upon authorisation by inventor. However, the mark may be used for display only by users which are authorised.05-30-2013
20130138584METHOD FOR INCREASING SLOTS AT AN AIRPORT - A method is provided for increasing the number of takeoff and landing slots and increasing gate capacity at airports with slot controls, including airports that are constrained from operation by curfews that limit the hours when aircraft can operate. The present method is intended to be used in connection with an aircraft that is equipped with onboard wheel drive means capable of translating torque through aircraft wheels and controllable to move the aircraft independently on the ground quietly and efficiently to a runway for takeoff without reliance on the aircraft's engines or the use of external tow vehicles.05-30-2013
20100325068Method of exchanging money to people for their ingenuity, in order to stimulate the economy and creative learning - An arrangement of money is organized and managed to award the projects (12-23-2010
20100325069Advertising medium for Ads to Nature to eliminate plastic bags - Disclosed is a method for replacing non-degradable plastic bags with better bags, such as bio-degradable plastic bags, paper bags, or, preferably, compostable bags. The method facilitates the use of better bags by using them as an advertising medium. Thus the method of coordinating third party advertising comprises (a) contacting a first party to manufacture at least one bag; (b) contacting a second party to receive the bag for consumer use; (c) contacting a third party to solicit advertising; (d) providing said advertising to first party by coordinating effective manufacturing machining; and (e) monitoring distribution of bags from first party to second party and then to consumers. The invention also provides a bag having third party advertising wherein advertising is distributed by a second party direct to consumers, and wherein the bag is manufactured by a first party using a machine plate with advertising from the third party, and wherein the bag is provided at substantially no cost to the second party.12-23-2010
20090138414LIMITED LIABILITY BANKING STRUCTURE INVOLVING MEMBER BANKING AND METHOD OF USE - A limited liability banking structure and method of use, wherein individual depositors or customer/owners, collectively referred to as “members,” may share in the profits and losses of the bank in order to stimulate deposits or capital raising, and still enjoy the benefits of limited individual liability and partnership taxation. Various classes of members offer a variety of associated, but unique, benefits including the pass through of certain profits or tax losses. The banking entity profits are not taxed at the entity level, but only as such profits are passed through to its various classes of members.05-28-2009
20100332418Financial methods using an equity option based charitably integrated business operation - Supporting charitable giving by a business in furtherance of a business objective comprises granting, by the business to the charity, an option to purchase an equity interest in the business at a bargain price. If an exercise condition or an event of the option occurs, the business tenders to the charity the equity interest and receives the bargain price. The business receives an income tax deduction for tendering the equity interest upon the charity's exercise of the option.12-30-2010
20100332417METHODS FOR THE DETECTION AND QUANTITATION OF THE P95 COMPONENT OF HER2/NEU (ERBB2) - The present disclosure relates generally to methods for the detection and quantitation of the p95 component of HER2/neu (ERbB2). Such methods may comprise assaying the biological sample for expression of HER2 ICD; assaying the biological sample for expression of a HER2 ECD; quantitating an expressed amount of the HER2 ICD and an expressed amount of the HER2 ECD in the biological sample; and determining the amount of p95 expressed in the biological sample based on a difference between the expressed amount of the HER2 ICD and the expressed amount of the HER2 ECD. The methods of the present disclosure may be used to predict whether a subject will be responsive to a receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor and/or may be used to select subjects for inclusion/exclusion in a clinical trial.12-30-2010
20100332416Medical expenses funding and payment program - A method for funding and paying for medical expenses that are not otherwise covered by an insurance plan, particularly elective medical procedures. The funding and payment program includes a managing organization that assists a consumer with identifying what medical services are available, which medical providers provide those services, the costs of the desired services and the potential funding sources to pay for those services. The managing organization works through the consumer's employer and directs the consumer to participating financial institutions who can loan funds to pay for the medical services and directs the consumer to participating medical providers who have the desired qualifications. The financial institution issues a pre-approved debit card or other payment mechanism to the consumer so the medical provider can be paid as soon as the services are provided. Under the program, the consumer has control over which services to obtain and which provider provides those services.12-30-2010
20100332420ADVERTISING DISCS AND LIDS TO RECEIVE ADVERTISING DISCS - The invention relates to lids for containers, such as disposable beverage containers, which are adapted to receive and hold without adhesive advertising or promotional material. Lids according to the invention include a receptacle with a floor and an inner side wall; wherein the receptacle is capable of receiving the advertising or promotional disc, and the inner side wall of the receptacle is capable of holding the disc in the receptacle. The invention also encompasses an advertising or promotional disc and disposable container lid combination, and a method of providing advertising or promotional media to a consumer.12-30-2010
20100223209INCENTIVE PROGRAM - A method of establishing a referral network for the enrollment of individuals in a geriatric healthcare insurance plan comprising identifying an age-eligible population; developing and implementing recruiting strategies to establish a relationship with the age-eligible population; and generating potential members from the age-eligible population for enrollment in a geriatric healthcare insurance plan as senior class members; and engaging senior class members to become ambassadors that represent the geriatric healthcare insurance plan to other potential members. Ambassadors may be remunerated under an incentive program which pays a predetermined bonus for every potential member that enrolls in the geriatric healthcare insurance plan due to the direct or indirect participation of the ambassador prior to the potential member's actual enrollment.09-02-2010
20110029462METHOD FOR MONITORING DRUG DOSING - A method and system to assist consumers in monitoring their consumption of acetaminophen or other drugs which may be contained in multiple products from multiple manufacturers. The method consists of scaling each dose on a common scale; printing distinctively on each container the amount one dose of the contained product in scale; instructing the consumer to multiply the number of doses of each product taken by the scaled number for that product; adding all such results together, and then insuring that consumption of the particular drug does not exceed a published number. By using a simple well published scale, having multiple manufacturers agree to using the same scale, and publishing the maximum allowable dose, consumers can easily monitor there consumption of said drug.02-03-2011
20110035339Body Type Based Line of Clothing and Method of Selling Same - Embodiments of the technology disclosed herein comprise a line of clothing (e.g., a collection of shirts, undergarments, combination thereof, etc.). Within the line of clothing are various styles of clothing (e.g., various types of shirts, undergarments, etc). Each style of clothing further comprises at least two selections of body type for different shaped bodies within a size designation. Such body types may be an apple, pear, hourglass, or banana body type for which garments of a particular style are manufactured and sold to more accurately and predictably fit a wearer.02-10-2011
20110035342SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MULTI-FACTOR MODELING, ANALYSIS AND MARGINING OF CREDIT DEFAULT SWAPS FOR RISK OFFSET - A method for determining a margin requirement associated with a plurality of financial instruments within a portfolio is disclosed. The method includes receiving a plurality of data associated with the plurality of financial instruments within the portfolio, determining a shock value for each of a plurality of risk factors within a multi-factor risk model, such that the shock factor is determined based on the received plurality of data, calculating a maximum risk margin for each of the plurality of risk factors, and calculating a total multi-factor risk margin based on maximum risk margin for each of the plurality of risk factors.02-10-2011
20110035340DECORATING SYSTEM AND METHOD OF MARKETING AND ENHANCING A SURFACE AREA USING A DECORATING SYSTEM - The present disclosure relates generally to a decorating system and a method of enhancing a surface using the decorating system, and more particularly, to a decorating system where decorative templates are used to help select foam elements from a plurality of nonplanar, scaled or unscaled foam elements, which are sold in a display or over the Internet, to be implemented on a wall surface or other room design elements. The decorating system includes a plurality of nonplanar foam elements having a flat side on which is affixed double-sided adhesive. The adhesive is covered with peel-off paper and the other side of the foam element is an outward shape used to create three-dimensional relief of design elements such as flowers, animals, letters, and the like.02-10-2011
20110047103ANTI-ANGIOGENESIS THERAPY FOR THE TREATMENT OF PREVIOUSLY TREATED BREAST CANCER - This invention concerns in general treatment of diseases and pathological conditions with anti-VEGF antibodies. More specifically, the invention concerns the treatment of human patients susceptible to or diagnosed with cancer using an anti-VEGF antibody, in combination with one or more additional anti-tumor therapeutic agents in previously treated metastatic breast cancer.02-24-2011
20110178961METHODS OF REDUCING GREENHOUSE GASES IN LANDFILLS AND COAL MINES - A method of reducing greenhouse gases while simultaneously generating carbon credits includes mitigating greenhouse gases at unregulated landfill sites or mitigating greenhouse gases at regulated landfill sites in excess of the required mitigation activities, obtaining carbon credits in an amount created by the mitigation efforts and selling or using the carbon credits in an open market to, for example, offset the costs of the mitigation efforts or to fund or support other greenhouse gas emission activities.07-21-2011
20090048988CUSTOMER INCENTIVE SYSTEM BASED ON AN EXTERNAL LOTTERY DRAWING - A method of providing customer incentives to a business wherein a buyer of real and/or personal property negotiates the price of the property with the seller, and upon reaching a satisfactory price, the seller shall provide the buyer with a series of numbers prior to transferring title in the property.02-19-2009
20090313183METHOD OF REDUCING PRODUCT DISTRIBUTION COSTS - A method for reducing product distribution costs includes the steps of acquiring a site placement right for a product staging structure from a retailer of the product, placing a product staging structure at the site, storing product in the product staging structure and reducing product distribution costs by delivering more product to the retailer during each delivery trip.12-17-2009
20090313184METHOD OF COMMUNITY SERVICE AND DISASTER RELIEF - A method of community service includes the steps of establishing a network of structures holding emergency relief supplies in anticipation of a possible disaster, equipping the structures with electronic display devices and displaying an emergency message on the electronic display devices in event of an actual disaster.12-17-2009
20090313185Method of marketing a product - A marketing method includes the steps of acquiring site placement rights from retailers of a product at different locations, providing staging structures for the product at those different locations and promoting sales of the product by transmitting promotional information about the product over a radio frequency at the different locations.12-17-2009
20120173461System to promote the sale of music media - A system to facilitate the sale of music media correlates a music concert with the purchase of music media to provide a customer with a preferential ticket purchase for the concert.07-05-2012
20110153527REUSABLE ENVELOPE WITH A PAIR OF ADHESIVE STRIPS - The invention comprises a blank for an envelope including a front panel, a rear panel and a closure panel, the closure panel being connectable in use to the front panel, the blank having two gluing areas by which the closure panel may be connected to the front panel in use. A removable strip is provided between the gluing areas, the removable strip being of sufficient dimensions to receive indicia associated with a first mailing thereon, at least some of which indicia are removed when the envelope is opened by removing the removable strip after the first mailing. The envelope may also have a second removable area. The removable strip may be wide enough to reveal a response indicia imprinted on the first panel.06-23-2011
20110099129GIFT CARD ASSEMBLY WITH STICKER AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - A gift card assembly includes a support backer; a gift card formed separately from and supported by the support backer; a sticker formed separately from and supported by the support backer; and a panel formed separately from the support backer, the gift card, and the sticker. The gift card defines an activation feature configured to facilitate loading the gift card with monetary value. The sticker is releasably coupled with the panel. The panel is coupled with the support backer such that the sticker is coupled with the support backer only via the panel, and the panel fits entirely within a footprint of the support backer. Other method and product embodiments are disclosed.04-28-2011
20110099128Method of Production and Use of Ethane Gas - The within invention provides a method of producing and utilizing ethane gas, mostly a waste product from natural gas wells, especially Marcellus Shale wells in the northeastern United States. The method provides for separating the ethane gas from the natural gas wells, preparing it and mixing it with methane gas to burn landfill waste on site at a landfill's incinerator. Other components of the natural gas well, such as propane, butane and hexanes are further separated and sold to commercial and residential end users.04-28-2011
20110082817METHOD FOR POSTHUMOUS DELIVERY OF GREETING CARDS - The present process is a method whereby a greeting card sender may arrange and schedule the delivery of pre-prepared greeting cards to greeting card recipients after the death of the greeting card sender. A greeting card sender selects and completes greeting cards with personal messages and the like as well as instructions for sending the greeting cards. The sender gives the cards and the instructions to a card trustee. Arrangements are also made for notifying the card trustee when the sender passes away. When the trustee is notified that the sender has passed away, the trustee executes the instructions given in mailing instructions or legacy data sheets and sends the greeting cards to the recipients at designated times in accordance with the instructions.04-07-2011
20110071961INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY TRADING EXCHANGE AND A METHOD FOR TRADING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS - An intellectual property trading exchange is disclosed for facilitating the trading of intellectual property rights. The exchange includes at least one intellectual property license contract relating to intellectual property rights and a forum configured to allow a plurality of participants to trade the license contract. The plurality of participants includes at least one seller, which may be the owner, having the license contract and desiring to trade the license contract. The plurality of participants also includes at least one buyer desiring to obtain the license contract. The buyer may be an investor, speculator, market maker, or arbitrageur, who purchases the license contract to achieve appreciation. The buyer also may be a licensee, who purchases the license contract to practice the intellectual property rights.03-24-2011
20110078095PLASTIC LETTER TRAY ASSEMBLY KIT - The invention relates to a kit for assembly of a plastic letter tray with an open front side and an open topside. The kit comprises a left side panel, a right side panel, a back panel, and a floor panel, which panels are provided with receiving apertures and/or insert lips, preferably snap fingers, for interconnecting the panels to assemble the letter tray. The panels are formed as one body in an injection mould, and are only disconnected from each other by the end user when assembling the letter tray. Thus there is nor risk of the panels getting lost or mixed up with panels of other letter trays during transport.03-31-2011
20110078096CUT CARD ADVERTISING - The present disclosure sets forth a method of advertising using a cut card. In one embodiment of the present application, a method for providing an advertising message on a cut card during a card game is described. A cut card, including an advertising message region, is provided during a card game. The cut card is then used during at least one shuffle of the card game. During the shuffle, a camera is focused on the shuffle from an angle such that the advertising message is viewed in the advertising message region. Other embodiments of the present application disclose a cut card for use during a card game. The cut card comprises an advertising message region, wherein the advertising message region provides an area for viewing at least one advertising message, and wherein each side of the cut card provides one advertising region.03-31-2011
20110078094Method for removing and returning items to the original location - A method of removing and returning a file folder or folders to the original location or locations is provided.03-31-2011
20120136810SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR LOCALLY OUTSOURCING WORK - Systems and methods are disclosed that provides local outsourcing by guaranteeing that a consultant will be available at a premise of a customer within a first predetermined period on request; guaranteeing that the customer can visit the consultant's premise within a second predetermined period on request; and guaranteeing that one or more required resources and the consultant will be available at the customer's premise within a third predetermined period on request.05-31-2012
20110060701OUTDOOR FLUORESCENT LIGHTING FIXTURES AND RELATED SYSTEMS AND METHODS - A system for mounting an outdoor fluorescent lamp lighting fixture to a pole includes a compression sleeve configured to receive and tighten around the pole, a pivot base fixed to the compression sleeve, a mount configured for securing to the fluorescent lamp lighting fixture and for pivotally coupling to the pivot base, where the mount includes multiple adjustment points configured to allow the mount to be fixed at varying angles relative to the pivot base.03-10-2011
20110258144Just 200 - The Just 200 is a market capitalization weighted stock market index. It is used to track the movements of the broad US stock market. Stocks represent ownership. With ownership comes economic results and voting power. However, some companies restrict, or even remove, the voting power of some stockholders. The Just 200 is meant to be the index of choice for individuals buying stocks through an index fund because it has been designed to be the fairest to individual investors because it excludes ALL SECURITIES of companies who don't give all owners equal voting rights. The logic behind it is that every share should be entitled an equal ownership vote. Any company who doesn't adhere to that standard is curtailing the rights of individuals and should have their securities boycotted. No major stock market index uses this rule.10-20-2011
20110213735Selecting An Installation Rack For A Device In A Data Center - Selecting an installation rack for a device in a data center including obtaining physical size and power of the device; judging, according to the physical size and power of the device, whether rack space, rack total power, and rack unit power density of a rack in the data center satisfy predetermined requirement after the device is added into the rack; and selecting a rack that satisfies the predetermined requirement as an installation rack.09-01-2011
20110213734World retaliation protection project or service or system (WRPP or RWPP or RPS or retaliation protection) - A process or method for providing complete and/or lifetime economic, emotional, and physical protection or support to people who suffer or become victims of retaliation (persecution) because they have reported corruption, abuse, incompetence, fraud, mismanagement or any other unlawful or pervasive activities in governments and businesses across the globe (world). This process or method will use all aspects of laws & regulations, telecommunications & technologies, the internet & computer programs, finance & accounting, satellites & databases, and human assets & social engineering.09-01-2011
20110258146Heat Transfer Compositions - The invention provides a heat transfer composition comprising a minimum of about 80% by weight of R-1243zf and a maximum of 20% by weight of R-32, based on the total weight of the composition.10-20-2011
20120123974METHOD OF ASSIGNING A RELATIVE SEMINALITY SCORE TO INDIVIDUAL PATENTS WITHIN A PATENT LANDSCAPE - A method for assigning a relative score to patents within a patent landscape is described, with the objective of being able to compare any two or more patents. A patent is considered seminal if the novelty of the invention is not a product of variations of prior art and spawns a new direction in intellectual property as described by new patents that come later. The method described in this document is one that combines a number of direct and indirect network factors and tempers the method by considering proximity to other patents within the landscape, incestuous citations, and other metric quantities inherent in the patent documents and from publicly available information. The method described is a relativistic model that is generic in that it does not depend on specific success of any individual patent to produce revenue or to fend off exposure to other specified intellectual property.05-17-2012
20100280975SYSTEMS FOR CLINICAL TRIALS - The invention provides methods and systems for assessing the efficacy of a pharmaceutical which is putatively disease modifying of a cognitive disorder, for use in the treatment or prophylaxis of that cognitive disorder, the method comprising the steps of: (1) stratifying a subject group into at least 2 sub-groups according to a baseline indicator of likely disease progression, (2) treating members of each subject group with the pharmaceutical for a treatment time frame, (3) deriving psychometric and optionally physiological outcome measures for each treated patient group, (4) comparing the outcomes at (3) with a comparator arm of said sub-groups which is optionally a placebo or minimal efficacy comparator arm, (5) using the comparison in (4) to derive an efficacy measure for the pharmaceutical. The methods and systems of the invention address problems such as low rate of decline over the treatment time-frame of patients who have mild-disease severity at baseline and biased withdrawal, particularly in the placebo/comparator treatment arm.11-04-2010
20110251979SYSTEM AND METHOD OF AGGREGATING DOG HAIR - A system for aggregating dog hair for making yarn includes: dog hair collection facilities including one or more dog hair undercoat collectors; an aggregation facility that accepts the collected contents of the plurality of dog hair undercoat collectors; and a logistics system that manages the collection and transportation of the contents of the plurality of dog hair undercoat collectors from the plurality of dog hair collection facilities. A method for aggregating dog hair for making yarn includes: collecting dog hair undercoat from a plurality of dogs at dog hair collection facilities; aggregating the collected dog hair undercoat; and providing the aggregated dog hair undercoat to one or more mills.10-13-2011
20090006280COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS FOR PRODUCING FERMENTATION PRODUCTS AND RESIDUALS - The present invention provides compositions and methods designed to increase value output of a fermentation reaction. In particular, the present invention provides a business method of increasing value output of a fermentation plant. The present invention also provides a modified fermentation residual of higher commercial value. Also provided in the present invention are complete animal feeds, nutritional supplements comprising the subject ferment residuals. Further provided by the present invention is a method of performing fermentation, a modified fermentative microorganism and a genetic vehicle for modifying such microorganism.01-01-2009
20120203714Systems for Growing Phototrophic Organisms Using Green Energy - A system for producing phototrophic biomass is provided. The system includes a green power generator and a carbon sequestering system. The green power generator is provided for generating power, wherein operation of the green power generator is controlled by an environmentally friendly business organization. The carbon sequestering system is electrically coupled to the green power generator for receiving at least a fraction of the power generated by the green power generator for powering a phototrophic biomass production process that is operational within the carbon sequestering system. Operation of the carbon sequestering system is controlled by the same environmentally friendly business organization. A method of producing phototrophic biomass is also provided. The method includes generating power with a green power generator, wherein operation of the green power generator is controlled by an environmentally friendly business organization.08-09-2012
20120203715Bodywash Additive Business Methods - The invention encompasses business methods that include supplying an additive for addition to a bodywash, or a bodywash containing such an additive, and receiving payment for the additive or bodywash, as well as encompassing business methods that include designing, testing, and marketing an additive for addition to a bodywash.08-09-2012
20110153526Static Ad Frame - A static ad frame used vertically and horizontally around the viewing area of a flat panel television or digital display to advertise, promote, market, and/or convey a message to individuals viewing content on the associated flat panel television or digital display via images and/or words printed on the frame's exposed front surface. It is preferably made from lightweight and rigid signboard material, and is attached to the front of the flat panel television or digital display via fastening means. No loss of functionality in the associated flat panel television or digital display occurs, or degradation of performance, as a result of signboard use. Content on the signboard is seen both actively and passively by viewers of the associated flat panel television or digital display. Optionally, a permanent message, an erasable surface that facilitates impromptu/dynamic messaging, lightweight cutouts creating 3-dimensional effects, and accommodation for infrared relay devices, may also be provided.06-23-2011
20090248591GLOBAL INVESTMENT GRADE FOR NATURAL AND SYNTHETIC GEMS USED IN FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS AND COMMERCIAL TRADING AND METHOD OF CREATING STANDARDIZED BASKETS OF GEMS TO BE USED IN FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS - A process to create a fungible global standard for diamonds and gemstones. The process involves grouping diamonds in an investment standard according to their gemological, proportional, optical and light behavior characteristics. Diamonds that conform to the investment grade standard are interchangeable within a specific size range according to an equivalent monetary bundling process. Diamonds subjected to the standard conform to a holistic set of gemological, proportional, optical and light characteristic requirements that enables diamonds to be classified into a extraordinarily homogeneous, visually indistinguishable and highly fungible group which can be used to create baskets of diamonds to form an index/benchmark for diamond pricing, financial instruments, and a standard that can be used for certifying diamonds as investment grade to insure quality.10-01-2009
20090240635Method for discovering new uses of pharmaceutical products through assessment of beneficial side effects in clinical trials - A method for discovering new indications of any pharmaceutical product through systematically assessing the beneficial side effects of it directly from patients and their care takers in clinical trials, without first specifying what those effects might be. One embodiment of the method ensures that all collected beneficial side effects can be coded with a standard dictionary for adverse events, and that all important aspects of them are captured and summarized. The beneficial side effect data collected and analyzed will lead to more and faster discoveries of new indications and better understanding of pharmaceutical products. It is especially promising for diseases that are least understood or least researched. The standard animal-to-human drug research and development model does not work when a drug works in only humans, not animals. Such drugs can, however, be discovered through the method described here.09-24-2009
20100306136Pizza Business Model - A new, additional or enhanced business model for the business of selling pizzas, which provides customers of the business the ability to communicate via a message on one or more modified pizzas. The business model includes the definition of a message by the customer, and the creation of this message on one or more pizzas.12-02-2010
20080222055System and Method for Creating Musical Works - In general, in one aspect, a method for creating a work, includes providing a first version of a work, and holding one or more contests for the development of one or more additions to the work. During the contests, contestants submit potential additions to the work, the submissions are evaluated, and one or more winning submissions selected. The winning submission is included in a new version of the work. The work may be distributed, and the proceeds of the distribution may be shared with the winner(s) of the one or more contests.09-11-2008
20080222054METHOD FOR DEFINING A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN AN ACCOUNT AND A GROUP - Defining a relationship between an account and a group. Accounts corresponding to different products are linked together to create a group so that group processing can be performed at the group level while independent processing of the accounts is performed at the account level. The relationship between a dependent account and the group is specified by a dependent strategy. A dependent strategy specified group level processing options for the account. The relationships between the accounts and the group are flexible to accommodate changes in the status of the group cardholders.09-11-2008
20080256002Method and system for posting ideas to a reconfigurable website - A method for automatically reconfiguring a webpage is provided. The web page may include a plurality of sections, and each section may include at least one aspect related to a particular topic, such as customer support and an option for casting a vote for a topic posted. A vote may be received vote for at least one of the plurality of sections. A Total Qualitative Management Criterion (TQMC) may be determined for each section of the website. An increasing function of time may be applied to newer votes to enable relative weightings of older votes to diminish over time without requiring computing a decaying time function to determine weightings for each vote. The webpage may be reconfigured based on ranking the sections according to the TQMC for each section.10-16-2008
20100332419PRODUCT INTEGRATED FIBER BASED PACKAGE - A product-integrated fiber-based package includes fiber from the type of juice or vegetable contained therein. The packaging material includes at least one natural component derived from the same type of plant as the plant-based consumable product contained in the packaging material. The composition of the packaging is utilized in marketing the product.12-30-2010
20110010314CULTIVATION SYSTEM AND A SUBSOIL TOOL - A method and system of tillage and tillage management that includes the steps of establishing a plurality of soil profiles over an area of soil to be cultivated, creating soil map database by combining these soil profiles to establish a treatment and cultivation regime, cultivating the ground in accordance regime and recording the cultivation in the soil map database. A subsoil tool for carrying out the method and system, with a shank (01-13-2011
20110010313Systems and methods for packaging of information handling systems - Systems and methods for packaging information handling systems such as notebook computers. Information handling systems may be configured in a bulk shipping configuration to allow multiple information handling system units to be shipped in a bulk configuration, and then converted to a single pack shipping configuration to allow an individual information handling system to be shipped separately and alone, or vice-versa.01-13-2011
20110055119Assessing and Managing Operational Risk in Organizational Operations - Methods and systems for automated assessment of the operational risk for an organization based on sampling the operations of the organization. These approaches can be used for automated comparison of the operational risk of two or more organizational operations.03-03-2011
20110055118SERVICES PORTAL - An apparatus for monitoring performance of an industrial process includes a service portal for collecting, transmitting and analyzing parameter data from process field devices that includes a network connection that connects to a process control system of the industrial process, a remote collector that collects parameter data from process field devices, a processor that identifies, sorts, and stores the collected parameter data and a communications module for transmitting the stored parameter data to a remote monitoring station for analysis.03-03-2011
20110022547Staged Hydrocarbon Conversion Process - Systems and methods for staging an investment in hydrocarbon processing are provided. In a first stage, a hydrocarbon feed can be apportioned equally or unequally into first and second portions. The first portion can be mixed with one or more oxidants and gasified to provide a first effluent, at least a portion of which can be combusted to provide steam. The second portion can be mixed with one or more solvents to provide one or more fungible hydrocarbon products, at least a portion of which can be sold to generate capital. In a second stage, the hydrocarbon feed can be mixed with one or more solvents and one or more non-catalytic solids and the resultant mixture thermally cracked to provide one or more hydrocarbon products and coked non-catalytic solids. The coked, non-catalytic solids can be regenerated and recycled.01-27-2011
20110022546COUPON METHOD AND RELATED ARTICLES FOR PROMOTING LENDING AND REFERRAL LOYALTY - This specification discloses a method and article of manufacture transformed during the method to help keep Lenders maintain the financial relationship with the Buyer after the Buyer has left the Lender's contact. The method disclosed is based upon a Lender issuing a coupon to Buyer to take to a Seller, the coupon indicating to the Seller that the Buyer has at least inquired about a loan and may even be pre-approved for a loan to buy goods from the Seller. After the Buyer inspects the Seller's goods, and hopefully purchases the goods with funds from the Lender, the coupon is then validated and redeemed to the Buyer. The Buyer receives a redemption item corresponding to the level of the transaction with the highest redemption value corresponding to purchasing the goods from the Seller with funds by the Lender.01-27-2011
20110258145METHOD OF MANUFACTURING ARTICLES - A manufacility (10-20-2011
20100293113METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR TRACKING AND COMPENSATION OF DISTRIBUTORS VIA UNIQUE CODES - A method and system for tracking and providing compensation to distributors of a product by using a unique identification code to identify the product at the point of sale, the original customer, and/or the original distributor. A product and/or advertising materials for the product, bearing a unique product code, are provided to distributors. The customer provides the unique product code at the point of purchase of one or more products. The distributor, who promoted the sale of the products, is identified based on the unique product code. Compensation is provided to the distributor based on the number of products sold. The customer may be offered a discount based on the unique product code at the point of purchase.11-18-2010
20110125674METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PREVENTING THE DROPPING OF CHANGE AT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT DRIVE-THROUGH WINDOWS - A device and method for preventing the dropping of money while change is being handed through a drive-through window from a cashier to a customer in an automobile. The cashier places the change is a specially designed envelope. The envelope has a pocket for holding the change and at least one third party ad is printed on the envelope. The cashier passes the envelope through the drive-through window. The customer grabs the envelope from the cashier and then removes the change from the envelope inside the automobile's interior. In a preferred embodiment, the envelope has shape characteristics and a printed image that relate to the business identity of the third party who paid for the ad. Also in a preferred embodiment, the fee paid by the third party ad purchaser surpasses the cost of the envelope to the fast food restaurant.05-26-2011
20110125677Decorated Products - Decorated products, such as toothbrushes, of substantially the same type and having substantially the same features (preferably functional features) except for a decorative element. The decorative element on each product is selected from a plurality of different decorative elements such that the products may be visually or aesthetically differentiated from one another by the differences in the decorative element associated therewith, while otherwise having the same functional characteristics. An exemplary embodiment is sleeved adult toothbrushes, the sleeves each having one of a variety of designs, the set of available designs including designs of different categories to appeal to different consumer bases (e.g., different ages, genders, styles, etc.) or to signal a time period for use of the product (e.g., a variety of designs for each of the four seasons to signal changing the toothbrush each season). Preferably, the products are decorated with a design selected from more than one category of designs, at least two of which categories include more than one design. The designs may be changed for the product line on a regular or semi-regular basis to refresh the appearance of the products.05-26-2011
20110125676Method of Performing a Product Transaction Where an Owner Permits a User to Use a Product Without Regard for the Creditworthiness of the User - A method of performing a product transaction where an owner permits a user to use a product without regard for the creditworthiness of the user. The method includes the step of providing the product to the user by requiring the user to perform at least one preselected task without any regard at any time for the creditworthiness of the user. Also included is the step of preventing the user from using the product if the user does not perform the at least one preselected task. The preventing step is also performed by using a product-control mechanism that allows the owner to remotely control the product if the user does not perform the at least one preselected task. A product-control mechanism is also used to allow the owner to block operation of the product by the requestor.05-26-2011
20110125675Method and System for Securitizing Revenue From Transactions That Do Not Involve Credit - An economic system does not involve credit or a determination of the creditworthiness of customers/retail business(es) who conduct transactions. The system includes plural no-credit transactions that produce revenue; and a mechanism for securitization of that revenue. A method of conducting an economy includes the steps of making plural no-credit transactions that produce revenue; and securitizing that revenue.05-26-2011
20100262567Puzzle-Based Fundraising Method Implemented with Trading Cards - A fundraising method is presented including the sale of trays and trading cards, the latter exchanged between participants in a competitive fashion to complete a collection of cards so as to unlock a code or puzzle. Trays and trading cards include clues suggesting the proper placement of the cards onto the trays. The fundraising method includes selling a plurality of trays and trading cards from a fundraiser to a plurality of participants, exchanging the trading cards between participants, assembling the trading cards onto trays by participants, assisting participants to complete at least one tray with correctly assembled trading cards, and awarding a winner.10-14-2010
20100185565METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CROSS-CARRIER PARCEL TRACKING - A system and method is provided that enables a carrier of a mailpiece, such as a national postal service, to track a mailpiece as it passes from the control of a first carrier to the control of another, second carrier. The tracking of the mailpiece continues until the mailpiece is delivered, by the second carrier, to its ultimate recipient. In this manner the first carrier, who had control of the mailpiece when first posted, can monitor the handling of the mailpiece and can calculate delivery times when the mailpiece was in the control of the second carrier. The method and system of the present invention will find particular application to a national postal service seeking to track delivery performance of internationally addressed express mail that is first domestically posted and then ultimately delivered in a foreign country by the postal service of the foreign country.07-22-2010
20100185564METHOD AND QUESTIONNAIRE FOR MEASURING CONSUMER EMOTIONS ASSOCIATED WITH PRODUCTS - A method of measuring consumer emotions associated with a product comprises producing a list of emotional terms and validating emotional terms from the list that consumers use with the product. The method also includes developing a questionnaire, using the validated emotional terms, that asks the consumers to describe their feelings associated with the product and analyzing data from the completed questionnaire. The questionnaire includes a plurality of validated emotional terms associated with the product and a scale next to each of the validated emotional terms for the consumer to indicate the applicability of the emotional terms associated with the product.07-22-2010
20090210358Collaborative website presence - Website presence includes receiving aggregated website presence information describing website presence information for one or more objects of a website, and displaying the aggregated website presence information based at least in part on a website object profile for an object of the website. Cross-website presence includes receiving aggregated website presence information from a first one or more websites, and publishing the received aggregated website presence information to one or more subscribing websites. The website presence information describes one or more of the state of a website object regarding its participation in a communication session, the ability of the website object to participate in a communication session, and the willingness of the website object to participate in a communication session. Each of the one or more objects represents an entity associated with the website.08-20-2009
20120310862OPERATION AND MANAGEMENT OF PROFESSIONAL SPORTS TEAM - A method of compensating players of a professional sports team subject to a total team compensation restriction. The method includes discounting the amount that at least one player's compensation counts toward total team compensation subject to the restriction, based at least in part upon the length of the player's tenure with the team.12-06-2012
20110137828Method for Assessment of Force Properties Generated by the Fiber Tip - A method for assessment of force properties generated by the fiber tip of one or more fibers, comprising the steps of: (a) providing a fiber sample of one or more fibers, the fiber sample having a free portion and an end; (b) suspending the fiber sample over a tactile sensor at least 0.1 mm away in the vertical direction from the tactile sensor; wherein the fiber sample or the tactile sensor is connected to a means for vertically moving either the fiber sample or the tactile sensor toward each other; (c) surrounding the free portion of the fiber sample with a cover which surrounds the free portion over some length of the free portion and stably positioned; wherein the cover guides the direction of the free portion in a more or less vertical orientation through the steps hereof; (d) vertically moving the fiber sample or the tactile sensor such that the end of the fiber sample contacts the tactile sensor; (e) providing the tactile sensor with means for measuring the distribution of force vectors generated by the contact of the end of the fiber sample; and (f) assessing the force properties based on the distribution of force vectors.06-09-2011
20110178960SMART QUEUING METHOD AND SYSTEM - The present disclosure presents a novel approach to customer queuing, customer relationship tracking, and/or directed advertising. Customers may be notified by text message or by cell phone call when they reach the head of the line, and they may respond to the automated notification. The venue collects key contact information from its patrons that can be used to connect with them at a later time. The present disclosure eliminates reliance on expensive pager systems, allows customers to roam more freely, and gives hosts and hostesses more freedom in acquiring and disposing of customers. The system is also configurable to the venue's attributes some examples of which include smoking/non-smoking, inside/outside, number of tables, and wait time algorithms for customer wait time prediction.07-21-2011
20110099127Custody caculation system - A method creating a custody order and custody calculation comprising: inputting general background information relating to the parent and child for whom custody is to be shared; calculating a custody percentage between the respective parents based upon a plurality of criteria; generating a Court Order relating to custody; and generating a custody calendar for the parents.04-28-2011
20110184892Apparatus and Method for Baggage Check and Promotional Advertisement - A luggage tag for identifying luggage and providing promotional material includes a substrate comprising an elongated portion for forming a loop with which to attach the tag to a piece of luggage; a first scratch surface portion on the substrate which is removable to reveal a first printed indicator; and a second scratch surface portion on the substrate which is removable to reveal a second printed indicator, wherein, if the first and second printed indicators match, the tag is a prize winner. The substrate has a detachable portion, the second scratch surface being disposed on the detachable portion of the substrate. The elongate portion for forming the loop and the first scratch surface are disposed on a main portion of the substrate which remains as the luggage tag after the detachable portion is detached.07-28-2011
20090299922Inorganic compounds - The present invention relates to compounds having a hexagonal layered structure that is substantially free from cubic-spinel like phases, a process for preparing the same and the use thereof.12-03-2009
20090299921Method of distributing product utilizing preloaded mini-pallets - A method of utilizing a mini-pallet to create, organize, and move product stacks is provided where orders are preloaded on mini-pallets, placed in a trailer and then offloaded by account location with a hand truck.12-03-2009
20110264607Display For Food Bags - A method for selling individual storage bags used for the storage of fresh foods comprising the steps of providing individual storage bags on a display in store and adjacent a fresh food product to be purchased, permitting the shopper to place the fresh food product in the individual storage bag before checkout, and charging the shopper for the bag on a per bag basis separately from the food purchased.10-27-2011
20100030710REAL TIME, IN-PERSON SOCIAL NETWORKING - Systems and methods of the invention for providing real-time, in-person social networking provide a plurality of instructions to individuals in a group as well as a setting and time for the group to carryout the instructions. A networking kit may be provided to each individual in the group. The instructions may further comprise having each individual in the group write his or her name and a personal characteristic on labels from the kit, having each individual place a first label and a second label on a visible and accessible portion of his or her clothes, and having each individual greet another individual in the group and write clauses or sentences of about another individual greeted during the function. This networking style may continue for a predetermined time until the group convenes to discuss their observations and insights.02-04-2010
20100023463METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GENERATING AND MARKETING SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION - The invention includes a process for providing incentives to sources to participate in interviews. Transcripts of interviews conducted according to a protocol are created that are saleable via, for example, the Internet. The protocol includes inserting tags into the recording to identify characteristics of the content of the recording. Further, the invention provides a method for redacting the recording using the inserted tags to generate a saleable version of the recording. The tags are used to exclude certain inappropriate content and to generate meta-data regarding the recording for marketing the recording. In some embodiments, interview participants may be compensated based upon sales of the recordings. Some embodiments of the invention include a recording device, a controller, and a user device. The recording device may be used to record an interview session between an interviewer and an interviewee. The recording device may communicate with the controller to convey the raw transcript of the interview session. The controller may include redacting software for modifying the interview transcript, and a voice recognition module for assisting in the redaction process. The voice recognition module may also assist in the creation of meta-tags describing the modified recording of the interview. The controller may further comprise a server for hosting Web pages. A user device in communication with the controller via the Internet may allow a user to peruse Web pages displaying the meta-tags and links that allow purchase of copies of associated interesting portions of the redacted interview transcripts as hosted by the controller.01-28-2010
20100023462METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING AN AQUEOUS PAINT COMPOSITION FROM A PLURALITY OF PREMIXED COMPOSITIONS - The present invention is directed to the provision of premixed aqueous compositions which are used to provide a paint composition of varying finish characteristics at the point of sale. Thus, the merchant distributing the paint composition made from the subject premixed compositions need only maintain inventory of four compositions. The particular compositions which are the subject of the invention exhibit stable characteristics during storage in their respective reservoirs. The compositions include a pigment composition, a dispersant thickening agent, a high resin content binder, and a low resin content binder. The compositions are combined in differing amounts to produce paint compositions being suitable for either interior or exterior use and having differing sheens, quality levels, and color bases.01-28-2010
20110055117METHOD FOR OPTIMIZING BUSINESS SUCCESS USING A PERFORMANCE CULTURE MATURITY MODEL - A method improves the success of a business or other organization by objectively evaluating its culture and implementing strategies for improvement thereof. Evaluation can be by an organization member or an outside consultant. The evaluation is according to four progressively desirable achievement levels applicable to each of six categories of culture as defined by a “Performance-directed Culture Maturity Model” (PDC-MM). Embodiments include monitoring the progress of the implemented improvement strategies by periodic re-evaluation the culture according to the PDC-MM model. The six categories are: “alignment with mission,” “transparency and accountability,” “action on insights,” “conflict resolution,” “common trust in data,” and “availability and currency of information.” The four achievement levels are “chaos reigns,” “departmental optimization,” “performance directed culture emerging,” and “performance-directed culture realized.” Improvement strategies can include enhancing organizational transparency, clearly communicating a comprehensive organizational mission, distributing authority and accountability among organizational divisions, and encouraging broad-based support for change.03-03-2011
20110307420Promotional pocket cover and method of constructing and displaying - A wearer selectable removably attachable promotional pocket cover comprises a single body unit generally arrow in shape including two modules: a cover module and an insert module continuously and seamlessly joined together. An attachment means enables the promotional pocket cover to be temporarily attached to and from a pre-existing garment pocket at will. Awareness, support, and spirit, are raised for a specific cause by utilizing the promotional pocket cover with a specific promotional adornment affixed upon the cover module. In addition, money is raised for a single and specific cause, whether it is a school sport's team booster organization, or a charitable organization, by selling the promotional pocket covers having a promotional adornment affixed thereon that is readily identifiable with that specific cause. A promotional pocket cover, pattern and method of construction, and method of installation and use are described and claimed.12-15-2011
20110307421CUP INSULATOR AND CUSTOMIZABLE INSERT - A sleeve containing an insert forming a cup holder is described. The inserts are placed in the sleeve. The sleeve is customizable by varying the color, writing and bar coding. The individual business may also display their logo on the sleeve or insert. These cup holders are personal to the user and can be repeatedly used. This enables the individual business to save money. The sleeve and insert as cup holder can be made up of recyclable material. The user may use a device implanted on or in a sleeve to pay and/or order the product using the sleeve.12-15-2011
20110307419POEM TO A LOVED ONE BUSINESS SYSTEMS AND METHODS - A system and method of monetizing a Poem To a Loved One including the steps of: providing at least one manufactured item that may be impressioned thereon having at least one indicia; impressionably printing the Poem To a Loved One on the manufactured item; distributing for sale the manufactured item having the Poem To a Loved One impressioned thereon; and selling the manufactured item(s) to create at least one monetization. The system may be monetized as a gift-kit including manufactured item(s) having indicia consisting of the Poem To a Loved One impressioned thereon, and a greeting card. The gift-kit is suitable for festive occasions such as Mother's Day, Christmas, Birthday or other such occasion(s).12-15-2011
20100145886Evaluation and Selection Process for Consumer Products - A product evaluation and selection process for consumer products is described. The process includes demonstrating the effectiveness of consumer product on consumer skin by comparing actual images of skin treated with product to images of skin that were artificially transformed. The process also includes the assignment of a symbol associated with a difference in product performance where the symbol may be used to aid consumers in selecting product.06-10-2010
20120041900METHODS FOR FACILITATING THE TRANSPORT OF LIVESTOCK ON SHIPPING VESSELS - Methods for facilitating the shipment of specialized shipping containers for livestock on shipping vessels over extended periods, including methods of loading livestock onto specialized shipping containers and methods for arranging such shipments of livestock.02-16-2012
20090171863Symmetrical re-balancing system - This is a new investment strategy which involves a new way to make a possibly decent return at a low risk. The new part of this process involves purchasing a long (or ultra long) fund of some index from a fund family. Also it involves simultaneously purchasing a short (or ultra short) fund based on the same underlying index from the same fund family. This strategy seeks to exploit the difference in percentage gained by the winner compared with a lesser percentage loss of the loser. This strategy also involves the already existing arts of technical and fundamental analysis in order to rebalance at a time when enough of a gain can be realized and when it becomes clear that the funds will change direction forcing the investor to buy low and sell high.07-02-2009
20090171864Methods and Systems for Displaying Mattresses by Color - A method for displaying a plurality of mattresses according to a color scheme is provided. The method includes categorizing a plurality of mattresses into at least three different types based on features of the mattresses other than size (e.g., based on comfort or style), designating a different color for each type of mattress, and displaying each of the mattresses with the designated color, or an article having the designated color, for the particular mattress type. For example, the article may include a pillow and/or foot protector having the designated color displayed prominently for a customer's reference. The method may further include grouping at least a portion of the mattresses together within the showroom based on the type of mattress, and displaying one of each type of mattress in a common region (e.g., a comparison center) for side-by-side comparisons of the different types of mattresses by customers.07-02-2009
20120173462METHOD OF IMPROVING AIRLINE LUGGAGE INSPECTION - Method of making airline luggage inspection secure while accommodating the needs of the traveler comprises making a special lock available to airline travelers, the special lock having a combination lock portion and a master key lock, the master key lock portion receiving a master key that can open the master key lock portion of any special lock of this type. The special lock is designed to be applied to an individual piece of airline luggage and has indicia conveying to luggage purchasers that the special lock is “approved” by a luggage screening authority and conveying to the luggage screening authority that the special lock can be opened using the master key. The method includes providing the luggage screening authority directly or indirectly with exclusive access to the master key. The manufacturers and/or providers of the master key and special lock retain copies of the master key.07-05-2012
20110173139SLAGGING COAL COMBUSTOR FOR CEMENTITIOUS SLAG PRODUCTION, METAL OXIDE REDUCTION, SHALE GAS AND OIL RECOVERY, ENVIROMENTAL REMEDIATION, EMISSION CONTROL AND CO2 SEQUESTRATION - Systems, methods and processes teach by specific examples how the cost of sequestering carbon dioxide (CO07-14-2011
20120047095METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR SELLING DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES IN COMBINATION WITH A SINGLE-USE DIGITAL CAMERA - The present disclosure comprises a system for offering digital photography services in combination with a single-use digital camera that includes a provider and a distribution system. One or more cameras are offered and provided by the provider in combination with digital processing services for processing digital pictures and/or a product, e.g., a printout of the photographs, a photobook, a recording medium such as DVD, CD with print data of the photographs, etc.02-23-2012
20120047094CALENDAR AND CALENDAR PRODUCTION METHODS - A method of producing a calendar of a calendar year includes providing a photo contest having an entry period of time, accepting photographs entered into the photo contest by contestants during the entry period of time to establish a pool of photographs to be judged, and judging the photographs of the pool of photographs to produce photo contest winners comprising a calendar year photograph cover winner, and calendar month photograph cover winners. The method further includes providing a calendar including a calendar cover and a register of calendar days of calendar weeks of calendar months of a calendar year, the calendar cover incorporating the calendar year photograph cover winner, and the register incorporating the calendar month photograph cover winners each relating to one of the calendar months.02-23-2012
20120005129Food Container Sale Method - A method for selling individual containers used for the storage of fresh foods comprising the steps of providing individual containers in store and adjacent a fresh food product to be purchased, and charging the shopper for the container on a per container basis separately from the food purchased. The bags or containers used in the method of the invention will include at least one feature or characteristic that adds value for the consumer over and above the bags currently provided for free by grocery stores in the produce section.01-05-2012
20120005130Counter Top Beverage Chiller with Advertising Indicia and Related Advertising Methods - A device and advertising method utilizes a sound and light display device, which often holds a bottle of a beverage to be dispended, and customer based remote which is distributed to customers in any number of ways. In one embodiment the sound playing device can be incorporated into a chiller. In one embodiment the sound playing device is incorporate into a stand for the beverage bottle. Other display devices are also possible. Examples include, but are not limited to, a small audio sound playing device, a beverage sign or sculpture which also evokes the brand. More than one type of remote can be created, allowing different types of customers to have different control levels or access to different areas of an establishment.01-05-2012
20120005128METHODS FOR REDUCING THE RISK OF AN ADVERSE DRONEDARONE / CALCIUM CHANNEL BLOCKERS INTERACTION IN A PATIENT SUFFERING FROM ATRIAL FIBRILATION - The disclosure relates to a method for managing the risk of dronedarone/calcium channel blockers interaction by using dronedarone or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof in patients with paroxysmal or persistent atrial fibrillation (AF) or atrial flutter (AFL), with a recent episode of AF/AFL and associated cardiovascular risk factors, who are in sinus rhythm or who will be cardioverted to reduce the risk of cardiovascular hospitalization, said patients also expecting to receive a calcium channel blockers treatment, by performing the following steps: 01-05-2012
20120173463METHOD FOR INFORMING A PURCHASER OF A TOPICAL SKIN CARE PREPARATION OF AN OXIDATIVE STRESS PROTECTIVE CAPACITY - A method for informing a purchaser of a topical skin care preparation of an oxidative stress protective capacity, relative to human skin, of a first antioxidative substance included in the topical skin care preparation, includes providing the topical skin care preparation, the topical skin care preparation including the first antioxidative substance. Information is provided including a total score indicative of an oxidative stress protective capacity, relative to human skin, of the first antioxidative substance. The total score is based on a combination of a first score representative of a performance of the first antioxidative substance in a first antioxidative efficacy test and a second score representative of a performance of the first antioxidative substance in a second antioxidative efficacy test.07-05-2012
20110093412SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROMOTING CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS - An organization TGS is formed to be dedicated, for example, to raise funds for a particular charitable, religious or health cause or to a predefined group of causes, members of TGS dedicating themselves to contributing to TGS on an ongoing basis, for example, annually. Upon making an initial contribution, a member of TGS receives a token, a unique and attractive piece of jewelry, for example a brooch, pendant, or lapel pin. The jewelry piece is constructed to be enhanced, for example, by the addition of a jewelry stone every time a periodic contribution is made.04-21-2011
20110093411Method and apparatus to reduce risk of identity theft - A method to reduce the risk of identity theft prevents the gathering and correlation of personal information on an individual's private real property. The method selectively obscures identification indicia on personal property when the personal property is located on private real property.04-21-2011
20110093410METHOD FOR PREPARING A CHICKEN THIGH PRODUCT - Aspects of a method for preparing a chicken thigh product are provided. In this regard, a chicken thigh product may be prepared by seasoning and smoking a skinless bone-in oyster-cut chicken thigh, where the skinless bone-in oyster-cut chicken thigh comprises a thigh bone, thigh meat, and oyster meat. Preparing the chicken thigh product may comprise separating an uncooked chicken leg from an uncooked chicken carcass such that the oyster meat is separated from the pelvis of the uncooked chicken carcass and remains attached to the uncooked chicken leg. The skinless bone-in oyster-cut chicken thigh may be smoked until a texture of the skinless bone-in oyster-cut chicken thigh is substantially similar to the texture of cooked pork ribs.04-21-2011
20120066158THEFT PROTECTION DURING THE SECURITY CHECK OF CARRY-ON LUGGAGE - A method relates to theft protection during a security check of carry-on luggage and/or other personal objects in passenger terminals of airports or the like. Objects are placed by the passenger in a provided container before the personal inspection of the passenger and are transported in the container for x-raying by a screening device, on the output side of which the container is provided after the personal inspection of the passenger for removal of the objects of the passenger that have been recognized as unsuspicious. In order to create theft protection during the security check of carry-on luggage if the personal objects of the passenger are still unattended in the containers after passing through the screening device, the container can be locked with a lock before the screening.03-15-2012
20120066155System and Method For Providing Hearing Services - A contract fee is obtained from the one or more licensed medical professionals who may lease all or part of a hearing center. The lease fee is applied exclusively to expenses associated with a hearing center and the hearing center utilizes an Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist. The patient is screened by the one or more licensed medical professionals according to one or more first screening methods. When the first screening indicates a potential hearing problem with the patient, the patient is referred to the hearing center. The patient undergoes an audiometric exam by the Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist for hearing loss at the hearing center. When the testing by the Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist indicates a need for a hearing instrument, a hearing instrument is ordered from the hearing instrument supplier. The hearing aid is fitted to the patient by the Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist onsite at the hearing center. The profit to participating medical professionals is determined by the number of referrals that practitioner generates and sends to the Hearing Center that also result in sales of hearing instruments.03-15-2012
20120066157IMAGE REPRESENTATION VIEWER AND METHOD OF VIEWING - Methods of previewing a representation of a costume are provided. The method includes removably affixing two or more cling elements to a smooth surface in a non-overlapping manner, the two or more cling elements being disposed concurrently on and directly contacting the smooth surface, and the two or more cling elements comprising a portion of the representation of the costume to allow one of the following: a first person to view a semblance of a costumed image comprising a reflection of the first person with the affixed two or more cling elements each positioned over the reflection of the first person, and a second person to view through the smooth surface a portion of the first person with the affixed two or more cling elements each positioned adjacent the portion of the first person viewed through the smooth surface. The method also includes displaying the smooth surface.03-15-2012
20120066156Systems and methods for dispensing reusable shopping bags - A system for dispensing and collecting reusable bags at a store includes a purchase system, including a supply of bags, and a return system, disposed in a store, for receiving returned bags for reuse. The purchase system includes a store checkout stand, a store scanner, and at least one of a cash register, a store customer service counter, and/or a kiosk located near the entrance/exit of the store. The return system includes the store customer service counter, cash register, and/or kiosk. The kiosk includes a display screen, a scanner/RFID reader, a credit card reader, a bag dispenser, a return chute, and a voucher/refund dispenser. Various methods of use of such a system for dispensing and collecting reusable bags are disclosed.03-15-2012
20120016815SOLAR ENERGY COLLECTING SYSTEMS AND METHODS - In accordance with various exemplary embodiments, solar energy shade structures and methods of design and revenue generation are disclosed. These systems comprise structures capable of supporting solar panel at heights greater than 18 feet above their mounting surface. These systems may be installed in confined spaces. These systems also comprise structures that are customizable, allowing an installation to be configured with a desired lighting and environmental effect. The methods discussed herein describe processes for achieving desired design effects based on natural elements. Moreover, the methods discussed herein describe processes for reducing the costs of generating solar energy and/or reducing the costs of providing a solar structure.01-19-2012
20120072378Method for Brand Development and Creating, Evaluating and Selecting a Brand Name - A method of generating and evaluating a brand name including the steps of gathering client data, transforming the client data into a positioning brief having brand specific data, transforming the position brief data to generate a NAMESCAPE having brand name specific data, evaluating the NAMESCAPE data, transforming the positioning brief data and evaluated NAMESCAPE data into a brand name.03-22-2012
20120072377Credit and debit card return service CRS - A consumer card return service would be created where a company entitled, Card Return Service, CRS, with the tangible service of retrieving left behind credit cards at restaurants, bars and night clubs and quickly getting these left behind cards back into the hands of the consumer.03-22-2012
20090177596Method for risk free stock investment using very long term synthesized stock options or very long term option hedges - An improved method for risk free, or low risk, stock investing using long or very long term options, or synthesized long or very long term options, or synthesized expirationless options These embodiments of the invention disclose a method for risk free, or low risk, stock investment that uses long or very long term options, or synthesized long or very long term options, or expirationless synthesized options. These options or synthesized options produce a very low annualized cost of taking a position in stocks. When these options or synthesized options are used in combination with safe interest bearing investments, risk free stock investment is achieved. These risk free stock investments can be further enhanced by the use of index ETFs (exchange traded funds). It is even possible to produce risk free stock investments that have a higher investment return than a direct investment in the stock.07-09-2009
20120123973METHOD OF ASSIGNING A RELATIVE SEMINALITY SCORE TO INDIVIDUAL PATENTS WITHIN A PATENT LANDSCAPE - A method for assigning a relative score to patents within a patent landscape is described, with the objective of being able to compare any two or more patents. A patent is considered seminal if the novelty of the invention is not a product of variations of prior art and spawns a new direction in intellectual property as described by new patents that come later. The method described in this document is one that combines a number of direct and indirect network factors and tempers the method by considering proximity to other patents within the landscape, incestuous citations, and other metric quantities inherent in the patent documents and from publicly available information. The method described is a relativistic model that is generic in that it does not depend on specific success of any individual patent to produce revenue or to fend off exposure to other specified intellectual property.05-17-2012
20100145887System and Method for the Achievement of the Energetic and Technological Self -Sufficiency of Sea and Inland Ports with the Full Exploitation of Port's Internal Resources (Zero Waste- Zero Energy System) - System and method for the achievement of the energetic and technological self-sufficiency of sea and inland ports with regard energy (zero-energy) and water supply with the full and pollution free exploitation of the port's internal resources (zero waste). The system comprises of an innovative linking of existing technologies and of a method which allows sea and inland ports to be independent from external suppliers of electricity and water while at the same time it provides ports with an autonomous and pollution free system for disposing of generated wastes. This includes municipal solid and similar waste (MSW), technological waters, bilge waters; and optionally MSW generated by the local community. The system is formed by an Energy Distribution Center (EDC) and an optimal linkage of mass and energetic flows and known technologies comprising as a minimum a: 1) technology for substantial/energetic conversion of MSW with a positive energetic balance (AAD); (2) technology for substantial/energetic conversion of bilge water (BW) and contaminated plastics (RDF) to synthetic fuel or energy (G/P); (3) technology for treatment of municipal or industrial sewage (WWTP) and; (4) technology for conversion of sea and/or inland water to pot and industrial water (RO/UF). The system manages and distributes port's internal resources in a synergistic way to achieve their optimal utilization and the “zero waste- zero energy” (ZW-ZE) effect.06-10-2010
20110082818METHODS OF ESTABLISHING CREDIT - A method for enhancing credit of a cardholder of a pre-paid card may include issuing a pre-paid card to a cardholder. The cardholder may be charged a fee to establish a credit instrument associated with an account and the pre-paid card. The cardholder may be billed a portion of the credit instrument that includes the fee on a periodic basis, where the billing may be independent of billing for purchases of goods and services with the pre-paid card. A determination as to whether the cardholder timely paid the bill. If the cardholder timely paid the bill, then the payment may be recorded as being timely paid. Otherwise, a recording may be made that the bill was not timely paid. A reporting as to the timeliness of the payment may be made to affect a credit rating of the cardholder.04-07-2011
20110066576Supply Chain Management System - In a method of managing a supply chain from a supplier to a customer by a service company that purchases a product, a plurality of costs corresponding to supply chain parameters and associated with providing a product to a customer is determined. Each of the plurality of costs is stored in a computer database and is associated with a corresponding supply chain parameter. A subset of the plurality of costs is retrieved from the computer database in response to a supply event relative to the product. A total cost for each of a plurality of supply chain permutations is calculated. Each of the plurality of supply chain permutations includes a different combination of supply chain parameters in the supply chain. The supply chain permutation having a lowest total cost is selected. The customer is supplied with the product by employing the selected supply chain permutations.03-17-2011
20110066575Square deal marriage contracts-R-Us franchise - Square Deal Marriage Contracts R Us is a contracted matrimonial process where-by two people agree to marry for a limited amount of time; a term. The contract will be used to solidify the union, but will last only as long as the marriage term itself, which can range between three years, five years, or a customized term containing its' own set of years. Couples can also resign (that is, sign again) at term's end while retaining all previously acquired assets and liabilities (a requirement of them before the marriage), or they can allow the marriage term to end without renewal, then remarry someone else if they choose. This emerging product has it all.03-17-2011
20110106730Means for Regulating the Cosmetic Appearance and/or Health of Human Keratinous Tissue - Regulating human keratinous tissue (e.g., skin, hair, and/or nails). More particularly, the invention relates to regulating the cosmetic appearance and/or health of human keratinous tissue by orally administering a dietary supplement comprising a probiotic to a human. In another aspect, the invention also relates to a method of marketing, an article of commerce, and a personal care kit.05-05-2011
20100094781METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR VALUING INTANGIBLE ASSETS - The present invention provides a method and system for valuing patent assets based on statistical survival analysis. An estimated value probability distribution curve is calculated for an identified group of patent assets using statistical analysis of PTO maintenance fee records. Expected valuations for individual patent assets are calculated based on a the value distribution curve and a comparative ranking or rating of individual patent assets relative to other patents in the group of identified patents. Patents having the highest percentile rankings would be correlated to the high end of the value distribution curve. Conversely, patents having the lowest percentile rankings would be correlated to the low end of the value distribution curve. Advantageously, such approach brings an added level of discipline to the overall valuation process in that the sum of individual patent valuations for a given patent population cannot exceed the total aggregate estimated value of all such patents. In this manner, fair and informative valuations can be provided based on the relative quality of the patent asset in question without need for comparative market data of other patents or patent portfolios, and without need for a demonstrated (or hypothetical) income streams for the patent in question. Estimated valuations are based simply on the allocation of a corresponding portion of the overall patent value “pie” as represented by each patents' relative ranking or position along a value distribution curve04-15-2010
20120084234Restaurant Method - A method for selling restaurant food. One method, for selling food comprises the steps of: providing a buffet restaurant; selling containers to customers of the buffet restaurant; and permitting purchasers of said containers to place therein food from the buffet for take-away purposes. Another method is for use with a buffet restaurant of the all-you-can-eat type, wherein a patron is, in exchange for payment of a fixed price, allowed to eat as much as he or she wishes from the buffet in a single sitting. This method comprises the step of: allowing said patron, for an additional price, the opportunity to retrieve a predetermined quantity of food from the buffet for take-away purposes. The additional price can be embodied in the sale of a container to the patron, the volume of the container defining the predetermined quantity.04-05-2012
20120317057Method for Providing an Inventory of Garments and Similar Items with Modular Inscriptions - A product and process for providing customized garments. The garment comprises a main body having inner and outer surfaces. At least one pocket having a first inner surface and a first outer surface defines a slot between the outer surface of the main body and the first inner surface of the pocket. The pocket is affixed to the outer surface of the main body, with the pocket having an opening there into. An insert is selectively slidably receivable within and removable from the slot. The insert has a flap portion at one end thereof and protruding outside of and at least partially over the pocket and containing inscriptions thereon. The insert is secured within the pocket such that it is easily removable there from. An inventory process of manufacture and product of the process utilizing this product allows for rapid customization with existing inventory.12-13-2012
20100205118OUTDOOR ADVERTISING METHOD - A method is provided for supplying low-cost storage space to a customer. The method includes the steps of providing the customer with a storage structure, retaining advertising rights on the storage structure and marketing advertising space on the storage structure. The customer is allowed to use the storage space in the storage structure at a nominal cost or cost free.08-12-2010
20110184890HEAT TRANSFER COMPOSITIONS - A heat transfer composition comprising trans-1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene (R-1234ze(E)), difluoromethane (R-32) and 1,1-difluoroethane (R-152a).07-28-2011
20100174669Method of operating a micro-environment within a commercial complex to promote sales of goods and/or services offered for sale by participating retail merchants - The invention relates to a method of operating a microenvironment located within a common area of a shopping mall adapted to promote the particular goods and/or services offered for sale by one or more participating retail merchants leasing space adjacent to or near the microenvironment. One or more activities can be conducted in the microenvironment including allowing the participating merchant's potential customers to use, try and/or sample the particular products and/or services offered for sale by the merchants, as a means of promoting those goods and/or services, and attracting customers generally to the shopping mall.07-08-2010
20120254073SYSTEM FOR FLOATING MASSAGE SERVICES - The present invention pertains to a floating massage system made up of a scheduling system which schedules massages by predetermined increments of time, a floating structure with at least one support apparatus, a receptionist point, and a transport shuttle. The transport shuttle acts to transport a customer from the receptionist point to the floating structure for receipt of a massage scheduled by way of the scheduling system.10-04-2012
20100049673Forest Factory Valuation Model - Apparatuses, computer media, and methods for determining a value of a forest factory. A stump land value component and a biomass component of a forest factory are determined. A value of the forest factory is obtained by combining the components. The stump land value component may be normalized by a crop rotation time period. A carbon value component of a forest factory may be determined and the value of the forest factory adjusted. A land parcel may be partitioned into land partitions, in which forest parameters are associated with each land partition. A stump land value component, a biomass fuel value component, and a carbon credit value component may be determined from the land partitions. The carbon credit value component may be determined a percentage of coniferous trees, deciduous trees, and corresponding constant values of oxygen generation.02-25-2010
20100049672Methods for Reducing Sample Size of Clinical Trials - Methods for reducing sample size of clinical trials are disclosed herein. In an embodiment, a method for calculating a sample size for a clinical trial includes choosing values for power, level of significance and size of treatment effect sought for a particular event; selecting a subgroup of people for the clinical trial from a selection of subgroups, the subgroup having a higher value for an event rate than the remaining subgroups; and calculating the sample size for the clinical trial using the values for power, level of significance, size of treatment effect sought and the subgroup event rate, wherein the people of the subgroup have a lower gelsolin concentration than a predetermined baseline value of gelsolin.02-25-2010
20120173460MONEY TREE NETWORK - Money tree network system works from people to people, each person who joins the system by paying a fee we call him/her a root, and his/her job is to bring two other persons to his/her tree, then the system will continue in the same way each person should bring two other persons to begin making money, in that way each one will have his own tree and each root (person) in his/her tree will give him/her a $1 monthly profit.07-05-2012
20120215726PRICE SETTING CIRCUITRY FOR VENDING MACHINES - Systems and methods for setting the prices of merchandise in vending machines are provided. According to some implementations, an electrical circuitry may be provided for vending merchandise. The electrical circuitry may comprise an actuator driver configured to control a dispensing mechanism associated with a vending unit for dispensing merchandise from the vending unit to a buyer. The electrical circuitry may also include an electronic price setting circuit configured to individually set the price for the merchandise of the vending unit. The electronic price setting device may include at least one manually adjustable component associated with each vending unit. A currency acceptor of the electrical circuitry is configured to accept currency from the buyer. An electronic control unit may be arranged in electrical communication with the actuator driver, electronic price setting circuit, and currency acceptor.08-23-2012
20100057642Treasure hunt' business stimulator - A method of creating an advertising campaign of the ‘Treasure Hunt’ variety which has the appearance of a sweepstakes is disclosed. The method is unique in that unlike a sweepstakes, no element of chance is involved and all participants are winners. In operation, individually identifiable entry certificates, coupons or other tokens are distributed to a target audience universe through any of several means such as direct mail, inclusion in printed periodicals or via on-line distribution. Recipients are advised that their entry form is definitely a winner at one of a number of participating business locations which are geographically proximate or otherwise accessible to the recipient. Each participating business is supplied with a list of the identification data of the distributed entry certificates which are winners at their location, and various levels of prizes may be awarded.03-04-2010
20100299286Method and Apparatus for Analyzing Financial Data - A system analyzes multiple financial accounts having a common account holder and identifies a particular attribute, such as interest rate, associated with each of the multiple financial accounts. The system then makes a determination regarding whether an adjustment of funds among the multiple financial accounts would benefit the account holder. If the adjustment of funds would benefit the account holder, then recommending the adjustment of funds to the account holder and offering to perform the recommended adjustment of funds. The system executes the adjustment of funds if the account holder accepts the offer to perform the recommended adjustment of funds.11-25-2010
20100299285Method for Providing Pavement Degradation Equipment - A method for providing pavement degradation equipment comprises the following steps: a first party providing pavement degradation equipment to a second party, the pavement degradation equipment comprising at least one tool comprising a first end adapted for connection to a motor vehicle and a second end comprising a superhard material for engagement with the pavement; using a rental agreement comprising terms of payment based on use of the equipment; the first party providing a mechanism for measuring the use of the equipment; and the first party charging the second party for use of the equipment according to the terms of the rental agreement.11-25-2010
20100049671Method for Assessment of Friction Properties of Fibers or Substrates Upon Mechanical Treatment - Method for assessment of friction properties of fibers or substrate. The method is useful for assessing the degree of damage of hair fibers, for demonstrating the efficacy of a composition for minimizing the friction properties of fibers or substrate and/or for supporting advertising claims.02-25-2010
20100049670Method and Media for Communicating Relevance of a Diaper Product to Targeted Consumers - Methods for communicating the relevance and benefits of a diaper product comprising a wearable structure and a replaceable component, to members of a market segment. Particular examples comprise the steps of: providing a tangible medium containing visual content comprising one or more photographic images of an adult, a child and a diaper product in at least partial view, and, either, the adult appearing to be engaged in the act of changing the replaceable component while the child is wearing the wearable structure, or, the diaper appearing to include a wearable structure and a removable or replaceable component; and causing the visual content to be made available for viewing by members of the public.02-25-2010
20120259800Method for Investor Acquisition of Income Producing Property - A method for an investor's lender financed acquisition from a property owner of tangible income producing property, the method including steps of purchasing for a first purchase price the tangible income producing property from an initial property owner, the tangible income producing property producing a first income stream; purchasing for a second purchase price from a plurality of life insurance policy owners a plurality of life insurance policies, the plurality of life insurance policies producing a second income stream comprising death benefits; and borrowing under a loan from the lender funds for purposes selected from the group consisting of payment of a portion of the first purchase price, payment of a portion of the second purchase price, and payment of a portion of the cumulative first and second purchase prices, the loan having terms of payment which may be served by said income streams.10-11-2012
20120179632Core Storage and Management System - A system and method for receiving, handling and storing used rolls following unwinding of sheet material therefrom includes:07-12-2012
20120123971Print and/or electronic advertising on medical waiting room paging systems either on a UHF pager, iPod MP3 or similar device - The technical disclosure of my invention consists of print or electronic advertising on paging devices which are placed in medical provider offices. The patent is not on the paging device, only on the invention of advertising on these devices.05-17-2012
20120221492MODEL HOME AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF - A model home can include common features with one or more homes being offered for sale. Typically, the common features are energy-efficient features. The model home can include one or more partially exposed features configured to reveal to prospective buyers the common features of the model home and the homes being offered for sale. The partially exposed features can include, for example, exposing the interior construction of portions of the model home, such as the interior construction of one or more walls. The partially exposed features of the model home can assist the prospective buyers understand the benefits that the common features provide, thereby encouraging the prospective buyers' interest in the homes being offered for sale.08-30-2012
20110112990Efficient Production of Peptides - The present invention relates to processes for the production of peptides, and the peptides produced accordingly. Peptides produced according to the invention may be produced more efficiently than peptides produced according to prior art processes. The production process of the invention may lead to advantages in yield, purity, and/or price. Methods of marketing peptides are also disclosed.05-12-2011
20100332421TARGETED DIVIDEND REINVESTMENT PLANS AND METHODS OF ESTABLISHING SAME - A method of establishing a targeted dividend reinvestment plan associated with environmental management projects, and financial securities generated therein. In one embodiment, the method comprises steps of providing a dividend reinvestment plan, identifying at least one environmental management project, generating financial securities (e.g. “green” shares or other financial instruments) associated with the environmental management project(s), receiving a direction from investors participating in the dividend reinvestment plan to invest funds through a purchase by the investor of financial securities associated with the environmental management projects, issuing the financial securities to investors, and allocating the funds to the environmental management project(s).12-30-2010
20080301068Process for logistics management - A system and method are provided for servicing back orders and replenishing stock in order to provide high service level while preventing overstocking of material. Goods are produced at a first location and a certain number of the goods is required at a second location at a certain time. A number of goods may be required in general, but a smaller number of goods may be urgently needed. The entire delivery may be split between different modes of transport according to a low priority category and a high priority category. The system and method may include a tool to effectively manage when to split replenishment material transfers from the first location to at least one second location into first and second modes of transport. The system and method also may allow transfer orders to cover back order needs at a second location regardless of inventory available at a first location.12-04-2008
20080301067REALITY GAME SHOW - A program is provided in which individuals submit business proposals in efforts to receive funding or other support to be used to implement the proposals. The program may be provided distributed for television, internet, cellular telephones or other media.12-04-2008
20110004571USE OF COLOR TO IDENTIFY OR UNIFY AS WELL AS TO DIFFERENTIATE PRODUCTS IN A PRODUCT LINE - A method of identifying and unifying a product line containing a plurality of product variants all sharing a primary characteristic for which the product line is known. The method involves associating all variants with a single color family that becomes an indicator of the product line. The variants are all associated with a color from the single color family, but each variant is associated with a unique and different color within the single color family. A product line thus is provided in a single color family, but with different variants associated with different colors within that single product-line-identifying color family.01-06-2011
20110004570Non-debt, increasing-share, co-ownership to full ownership - A method of debt-free property purchase through a partnership or any other form of co-ownership between a lead buyer (or buyers) and an investor (or investors) where the co-ownership is a separate legal entity whose sole purpose is to own, hold and manage a given property. The lead buyer may acquire additional percentage of the co-ownership over time towards full ownership, at a cost based on the latest assessed value. The co-ownership is best setup as a separate legal entity as it facilitates management of the property and gradual transfer of ownership. The co-ownership rents the property and the lead buyer has the first right to rent it. The co-ownership recognizes profit, loss, expense and responsibility for the property and distributes revenue. Lead buyers may choose to use their revenue to grow ownership share while investors may invest it, along with sale proceeds, in new co-ownerships.01-06-2011
20100100508PERSONALIZED CREDIT CARD AND METHOD OF PROMOTING CREDIT CARDS - A personalized credit card is provided that includes information traditionally found on the face of a credit card (i.e. card holder's name, credit card number, issuing bank name, credit card network logo, etc.) as well as design artwork that is personalized to the card holder and an identifier identifying the personal relationship of the personalized artwork to the card holder. A method of promoting credit cards is provided in which a cardholder is offered the ability to apply for a personalized card at the time the card holder purchases a motorcycle from the motorcycle dealer, and in which the motorcycle dealer is offered an incentive by an issuing bank for offering the card holder the ability to apply for the card.04-22-2010
20120265715FACILITATED METHOD TO IMPROVE PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIPS - A behavioral contracting method wherein two parties openly discuss their obligations to and expectations of the other party to form ratified explicit document containing all the obligations the parties have to each other.10-18-2012
20120265714System and Method for Cord Ownership Recognition - A system and method for customizing a cord according that is indicative of the owner of the cord. The system and method may further be adapted to organize a cord in a bundle.10-18-2012
20110035341METHOD OF SECURITIZING A PORTFOLIO OF AT LEAST 30% DISTRESSED COMMERCIAL LOANS - A platform and a securitization methodology that provides lenders with an opportunity to maximize the returns on their distressed commercial credit facilities and overcomes the obstacles that have historically precluded the securitization of distressed commercial loans. The present invention is based upon an underlying portfolio of at least 30% distressed commercial loans for securitization that emulates the predictability and regularity of the cash flow and recovery characteristics of a portfolio of generally performing commercial loans, thus eliminating crucial historical barriers to securitization of such distressed commercial loans, such as the absence of predictable and regular cash flows and predictable recoveries. The methodology of the present invention takes a specific mix of distinct classifications of distressed commercial loans with specified characteristics in confluence with structural specifications, such as specific reserves and safeguards, to create a synthetic asset class that emulates the characteristics of a portfolio of performing loans.02-10-2011
20110047104SYSTEM AND METHOD OF ALLOCATING AN INCOMING ORDER TO STANDING ORDERS - A method of allocating a quantity of an incoming order to a plurality of standing orders, wherein the plurality of standing orders are contra to the incoming order and have an identical price is disclosed. The method includes allocating a first portion of the quantity of the incoming order to a first subset of the plurality of standing orders, wherein each order comprising the first subset is designated with a priority; allocating a second portion of the quantity of the incoming order to a second subset of the plurality of standing orders, wherein each order comprising the second subset was submitted by a preferred trader; allocating a third portion of the quantity of the incoming order to a third subset of the plurality of standing orders in accordance with when each order comprising the third subset was received; and allocating a fourth portion of the quantity of the incoming order to a fourth subset of the plurality of standing order proportionally.02-24-2011
20120323823TRANSACTION PRODUCT WITH PADDLE - A transaction product includes a paddle, a string, a ball, and an account identifier. The paddle defines an enlarged portion and an elongated handle extending from the enlarged portion. The paddle is formed as a single piece of material. The string defines a first end and a second end opposite the first end. The first end of the string is coupled to the paddle. The ball is coupled to the second end of the string and is configured to bounce on the paddle. The account identifier is statically connected to the paddle and links the paddle to at least one of an account and a record and is machine readable by a point-of-sale terminal.12-20-2012
20110238602METHOD FOR ENHANCED MARKETING OF VIBRATION MEDICINE PRODUCTS AND COACHING THEREFROM - It is provided a method for making and marketing vibration medicine products, which includes getting a vibration medicine product, packing the vibration medicine product into packed doses, attaching them to servings of a first product to get units of a second product, providing means for delivering guidance regarding an holistic significance of using the second product, and marketing the second product as being an improvement of the first product, being associated with the vibration medicine product, and using the second product being associated to the holistic significance. The method may include a step of changing the physical shape of the vibration medicine product to a different physical shape before packing into the plurality of packed doses, a liquid to powder, for example. Exemplary means for the delivering of guidance are by a written guiding label for affixing to a unit of the second product, or by a label having an integrated barcode for initiating a visit in a website presenting the guidance. The method may also include the steps of clients purchasing the second product, and following the guidance. Thus, the clients are being coached for self empowerment and spiritual evolvement.09-29-2011
20120089541BIOMARKERS AND METHODS OF TREATMENT - The present invention concerns cancer biomarkers. In particular, the invention concerns c-met as biomarkers for patient selection and patient prognosis in cancer, as well as methods of therapeutic treatment, articles of manufacture and methods for making them, diagnostic kits, methods of detection and methods of advertising related thereto.04-12-2012
20120089539BUSINESS METHOD FOR DISCOUNT SYSTEM CREATION AND MARKETING - A business method for creating a discount system and marketing includes: establishing an Executor by the Organizer; requesting Customer products or services, and receiving discount from the Executor or Organizer on purchased products and services; uniting Customers or Suppliers into a community; requesting discounts from the Supplier in exchange for turning Customers into clients; Granting discounts by the Supplier on sold products and services; Turning members of the community, headed by the Executor or the Organizer, into clients of the given Supplier of products and services; granting discounts by the Executor or the Organizer to each member of the community on products and services sold by the Supplier; delivering products and services by the Supplier directly to each Customer for prices lowered for the amount of the directed discount; purchasing products and services by each Customer from the Supplier directly for prices lowered for the amount of the directed discount.04-12-2012
20110276522Standardization and reconstitution of phytochemicals for medical dispensation - A method to produce compositions with a standardized phytochemical content comprises growing marijuana in a controlled environment, harvesting live green leaves from the marijuana, processing the green leaves to produce a phytochemically standardized slurry, heating the slurry to produce a thin film, and cutting a film into pieces each sized to contain a selected dosage of the phytochemical.11-10-2011
20110276520PROMOTIONAL AND TRANSACTIONAL HOTEL KEYCARD - Disclosed is a method of providing an advantage to a hotel by supplying discounts and promotional opportunities to a hotel guest by the use of the hotel keycard. The keycard can access offsite attractions and be used to facilitate transactions among cooperating entities. Purchases made using the keycard offsite can be charged to a hotel guest's room. By using the hotel keycard a hotel guest can take advantage of prearranged discounts by simply presenting the keycard.11-10-2011
20120095942METHOD OF DELEGATING SOLICITATION RESPONSIBILITIES OF COMMONLY-ACQUAINTED PROSPECTS WITHIN A MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING BUSINESS STRUCTURE - A method is disclosed for soliciting commonly acquainted prospects into a hierarchal multi-level marketing (MLM) structure by collecting contact information of personal contacts from MLM members already incorporated, and soliciting those personal contacts using a third-party solicitor to build a commission downline for current members who are reluctant, unwilling or inefficient at soliciting their own personal contacts.04-19-2012
20110302109METHOD AND APPARATUS USEFUL IN REVENUE GENERATION FOR EDUCATIONAL ENTITIES - A method of generating revenue for an educational entity having an athletic department includes providing a display supporting structure erected at an accessible location, and arranging for athletes that have associations with the athletic department of the educational entity to each be presented with an option of having a display element customized to present viewable information on the athlete in exchange for a respective financial contribution. In response to receipt of each financial contribution, the display element is customized to display the athlete information thereon, and then supported on the display supporting structure for viewing by passersby. Revenue can be generated in perpetuity, as new athletes entering and later graduating from the educational institution provide an ongoing source of contributors.12-08-2011
20120101964METHOD FOR CATERING AN AIRCRAFT - A method for catering an aircraft includes the steps of assembling products for multiple aircraft in a distribution center, segregating such products by specific aircraft, loading onto a delivery vehicle products for catering to a specific aircraft, and catering such products to such specific aircraft, the delivery vehicle containing only products for catering to one specific aircraft and not products for catering to multiple aircraft.04-26-2012
20100198754METHOD OF PROVIDING MODULAR BATTERY PACKS FOR A HYBRID VEHICLE - A method of offering or providing batteries for a hybrid or electric vehicle allows the customer to choose a vehicle electrical battery power rating that will match their expected driving range needs. Specifically, the method includes offering different modular battery packs for an electric or hybrid electric vehicle. Each of the different modular battery packs has a different number of interconnected batteries, a different energy level, and is configured to be operable for providing propulsion power to the vehicle. At least one of the different modular battery packs is installed on the hybrid or electric vehicle. The method may include recharging and/or recycling used battery back modules.08-05-2010
20100198753METHOD OF STAGING RELIEF SUPPLIES - A method of public service includes the steps of providing at least one site for a structure from which emergency relief supplies are staged fo benefitting a populace in an event of disaster and promoting a business by providing that site.08-05-2010
20100131431Shipment Order, Freight Order and Tour Builder - The embodiments of the invention relates to a transportation management system. Specifically the embodiments of the invention relate to a system and process for generating shipment orders, freight orders and tours automatically from planned transportation activity data. The process reduces planned transportation activity to a set of frames having minimal data to reduce processing time. The frames are then evaluated for soft and hard constraints to identify a set of shipment orders, freight orders and tours. The shipment orders, freight orders and tours are then augmented from the frame state to include the necessary data.05-27-2010
20130018822PLUSH ANIMAL MEMORIALIZATION KIT - A plush animal memorialization kit includes a plush animal having wings, a certificate, a collar, and a tag. The certificate may be personalized according to information pertaining to a deceased pet. A method of marketing a plush animal includes providing a plurality of plush animal memorialization kits, each containing a plush animal resembling one of various pet types, assigning a unique identifier to each plush animal, and marketing the plush animals to pet owners as a way to memorialize or honor pets belonging to the pet owners.01-17-2013
20110145174Hair Color Based Method of Choosing Hair Accessories - A method of choosing hair accessories based on a hair color of a user. The method includes browsing a display device containing a first set of hair accessories and a second set of hair accessories. Each hair accessory of the first and second sets is of a different accessory type and has a first or second color, respectively. The method also includes inputting the hair color of the user to a hair accessory selection device populated with information relating to the first and second colors and to a range of hair colors. The method further includes receiving from the hair accessory selection device one or more recommended hair accessories from the first and second sets that best match the hair color of the user. The method also includes selecting one or more accessories from the display device based upon the one or more recommended hair accessories.06-16-2011
20110145172Prior art - At least a primary prior art, a secondary prior art and a combination of at least a teaching of the primary prior art or any part thereof in view of at least a teaching of the secondary prior art or any part thereof are relied upon, for example, to anticipate under 35 U.S.C. §102 and/or make obvious under 35 U.S.C. §103 a plurality of patent claims. Each of the primary prior art and the secondary prior art is, for example, any prior art (e.g., any prior art reference) charged to PHOSITA under 35 U.S.C. §103. All prior art references, for example, charged to PHOSITA under 35 U.S.C. §103 have been incorporated by reference in their entireties herein.06-16-2011
20110161256PRODUCTS AND PROCESSES FOR ANALYZING OCTANE CONTENT - Products and processes are provided herewith for analyzing octane content in a fuel sample that include the step or steps of receiving an octane measurement of a fuel sample from a octane analyzer, rounding the octane measurement to a nearest recognized octane rating, comparing the rounded octane measurement with a listed octane rating for the fuel sample, and communicating results of the comparison to a user of the octane analyzer. The octane analyzer may be incorporated into a fuel pump or a vehicle. The results of the comparison may also be used to adjust the vehicle operating parameters to account for the actual octane rating of the fuel dispensed into the vehicle.06-30-2011
20110161255Method of Reducing Employer Health Related Costs While Promoting Employee Wellness and Health Benefit Plan Strategy for Same - In an effort to reduce employer health insurance related costs, at least one benefit under a health benefit plan is conditional on the employee voluntarily participating in a wellness program. The wellness program could include wellness categories such as a tobacco free category, normal blood pressure category, regular exercise category, a non-overweight category, a healthy cholesterol level category, a healthy blood glucose level category, and possibly even a category for participation in a health risk assessment. The invention may be implemented by an employer adopting a health plan with a higher deductible over a previous year, and providing credits against that deductible for employees who satisfy requirements regarding each of a variety of wellness categories. This should enable the employer to realize an immediate savings in the year that the invention is implemented, and future savings in years thereafter from healthier employees having lesser numbers of claims and smaller dollar claims.06-30-2011
20110161254Multi-Use Park for the Living and the Dead - A multi-use park for the living and the dead, which typically includes a bounded green space; asymmetric columbaria in the form of art objects, such as mosaics or sculptures; and a building for wedding ceremonies or celebrations, baptisms, graduation celebrations, retirement parties, picnics, and other events along the continuum of life. In other words the multi-use park, in one location, melds ongoing activities of the living, with remembering the dead. A method of use typically includes the step of a receiving payment to deploy the ashes of a deceased entity within the bounded green space of the multi-use park, wherein the ashes are deployed in an asymmetric columbarium having the appearance of an art object such as a sculpture or mosaic; and receiving payment to conduct a milestone life-continuum event, such as a graduation celebration, within the bounded green space of the multi-use park.06-30-2011
20110161253SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MANAGING SOCIAL INTERNETWORK SERVICES - A network service system provides services to a plurality of entities through a network. The system comprises at least one identity subsystem for managing identity information associated with the entities, at least one geographical information subsystem for managing information associated with geographical location of the entities, and at least one trust validation subsystem for authenticating the communication among the entities based on predefined preference. Further, the system comprises a network manager for communicating with one or more of the at least one identity subsystem, the at least one geographical location subsystem, the at least one trust validation subsystem and the plurality of entities to provide the services. The services may enable federation of the networks.06-30-2011
20110161252STATIC MEDIA DISK METHOD AND APPARATUS - A system and method for producing a static media disk is provided. The method includes designing a media graphic utilizing a computer graphics program. Next the media graphic is placed into a template within the computer graphics program. A media layer sheet is prepared for the installation of the media graphic onto the media layer sheet. The media layer is formed when the media graphic is installed on to the media layer sheet. The media layer has a first media surface and an opposing adhesive surface. The adhesive surface is for securing the media layer to the first surface of a core medium or media disc. The core medium has a material property and a shape property. The shape property substantially matches the media layer itself. The core medium has a first surface, second surface and thickness. The static media disc is then formed when the media layer is installed onto the core medium.06-30-2011
20130024402APPARATUS AND METHOD OF SECURING ARTICLES AND ACCESSORIES IN VEHICLES PASSING THROUGH AUCTION - An apparatus and method for maximizing the auction value of vehicles by confirming and inventorying the vehicle contents, namely, accessories and components, and securing said contents within the vehicle in a locked and secured tamper-resistant bag as the vehicle passes through auction. A lockable, cut and tear resistant bag is adapted for secured attachment inside a vehicle. A certified inventory checklist is further provided to allow security personnel to inventory vehicle accessories and components placed into the locking bag. The bag is locked in the vehicle, such as to the door handle, under the seat, to the seat belt harness, or other vehicle structure using a locking cable. When the vehicle exits the auction, security personnel unlock the bag thereby allowing the bag and accessories and components contained therein to leave with the vehicle.01-24-2013
20130173501Decorative Clip and Multiple Interchangeable Ornamental Pendant Accessory System - A clip with two elongated members each having a forward end defining a gripping portion; a rear end defining a pinching portion and a centrally disposed pivot portion about which each memnber pivots. A resilient member in the form of a spring acts to bias the gripping portions into abutment with each other and to hold the elongated members together. The invention is to provide a simple arrangement for attaching and wearing a jewelry accessory item to one's clothing and gear and to allow the wearer the ability to easily add, remove, trade, exchange, collect, or replace ornamental pendants and the like to the decorative clip.07-04-2013
20080256004LOANS FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES - A system and method for providing loans to third parties based on the third parties' request to obtain funding for professional services includes loan financing that replaces a vast and existing market of underwritten unsecured debt. The system provides an amount of secured debt issued on repeatable underwriting standards and converts the debt to collateralized debt obligations which may be arranged in packages as transferable financial instruments that may be purchased by investors. The loans to the third parties may be provided with associated default risks depending in part on whether a security interest is taken by the lender. Further, the payments made to the professional service provider may be discounted based at least in part on when the payment is made by the lender to the professional service provider.10-16-2008
20080256003Gift equity mortgage (GEM) - This program allows for lien holders, owners, financial institutions their agents/agency's or any seller of Real Estate in which the property was acquired by the prior mortgagor/borrower defaulting on the mortgage/financial terms of there agreement in which real property was use as security for the terms agreed upon. These properties will now be referred to as Real Estate Owned (REO).10-16-2008
20080228673BUSINESS PRACTICES ALIGNMENT METHODS - A method to align and effectively apply business practices or culture within the business units in one or more business entities is provided. In the first phase, a practices charter defining future state business practices is developed. A practices charter is developed from an initial set of differing alternatives statements regarding future business practices, in view of a right-versus-right spectrum. A practices charter is an output of the reconciliation of differing alternatives statements in right-versus-right spectrums. In a second phase, a practices charter is applied to hypothetical issues to develop realistic outcome narratives describing hypothetical situations and dilemmas. In a third phase, discrepancies between outcome narratives and a current state of business practice are identified, and a prioritized action program is developed to address identified discrepancies. Finally, progress is evaluated by utilizing outcome narratives to identify achievements and to target areas needing further improvement and additional actions.09-18-2008
20080228671Facilitating Development of Documentation for Products Related to an Enterprise - Facilitating development of documentation for products related to an enterprise. In an embodiment, a computer implemented approach is enabled using which data is maintained indicating the respective roles that can be played by various users consistent with a desired development cycle for the development of documentation for products related to an enterprise. The computer-implemented approach then facilitates the users to perform their respective roles to ensure continued execution of the development cycle by appropriate communication to users having subsequent roles.09-18-2008
20080228670Interacting with a user via a personal information manager user interface - Systems and techniques for interacting with a user via a personal information manager user interface. In another aspect, a system can include a recruiting server that provides services related to a recruiting process and manages data associated with the recruiting process, a personal information manager server that provides services related to management of a user's personal information, and a personal information manager user interface on one or more I/O devices. The personal information manager user interface can integrates, into a single display screen, personal information from the personal information manager server and the data associated with the recruiting process.09-18-2008
20110246399PREDICTING RESPONSE TO A HER INHIBITOR - The present application describes the use of low HER3 as a selection criterion for treating patients with a HER inhibitor, such as pertuzumab.10-06-2011
20110246398Leveraging to Minimize the Expected Multiplicative Inverse Assets - The question of how much should be placed at risk on a given investment, relative to the total assets available for investment, is basically that of determining the optimal leverage. An existing well known method for calculating optimal leverage does not appear to be derived from sound principles. The approach taken by the method described in this specification is to optimize the expected future value of a function of the assets, conditioned on the assets having some estimated distribution. Asymptotically over time, the distribution of log-assets becomes Gaussian. Using this analysis, a couple of the more obvious strategies are ruled out, while the strategy of minimizing the reciprocal expected assets yields an elegant result that can also be interpreted in some sense as minimizing the risk of bankruptcy. It seems this strategy is particularly relevant for insurance companies, financial security ratings, and financial leveraging.10-06-2011
20110246397METHOD FOR IMPROVING THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF FORMULATED PRODUCTS - Disclosed are methods for developing a product having a relatively benign environmental impact. The methods evaluate the environmental hazard of various chemical components in formulated products and identify improvements in environmental safety based on those evaluations. Environmental criteria are in part developed based on three factors including; persistence, bioaccumulation and toxicity. One method includes obtaining a preliminary formula for a product, wherein the preliminary formula includes a plurality of chemical components, identifying at least one different chemical component that is capable of being substituted for the chemical component in the preliminary formulation and determining an environmental performance score for the chemical component and the different chemical component and determining an environmental performance score of the preliminary formula and a second formula, wherein the second formula utilizes the different chemical component. The formula having the highest environmental performance score is selected as the product. A second method includes tracking the use of chemical components in an existing product portfolio offered or sold by a business unit or a company, in which existing products having the lowest environmental performance scores would be targeted for replacement by reformulated products having higher environmental scores in order to improve the environmental performance of the business unit or company.10-06-2011
20130173502Preparation of An Edible Product From Dough - The present invention is directed to mold control and extended shelf life methods and compositions for preparing edible dough-based products, such as, for example, breads, by treating the surface of the dough used to prepare the edible product with at least one preservative and at least one pH adjusting agent prior to or during baking. The present invention is also directed to methods and compositions for preparing edible dough-based products, such as, for example, breads, by treating the surface of the dough used to prepare the edible product with a at least one pH adjusting agent prior to or during baking.07-04-2013
20130097100METHOD OF EVALUATING AND SELECTING EMPLOYMENT APPLICANTS - A method for evaluating applicants for employment includes conducting a hiring event at a desired location, in which a plurality of applicants seeking employment can be present. The hiring event can include a speed interview phase, in which each applicant undergoes a series of successive interviews of limited duration, with each interview conducted by a different interviewer. The hiring event can also include a video phase, in which each applicant is given a plurality of questions and instructed to select one of the plurality of questions and answer the selected question in front of a video camera recording the applicant. The performance of each applicant in one phase of the hiring event is evaluated and used to determine whether each applicant may participate in another phase of the event.04-18-2013
20110313952SYSTEM FOR MONITORING REAL ORGANIZATIONS - The invention is a system for monitoring real organizations, the system having a digital community of participating member organizations which like a shadow, follow the operations of real organizations, where a shadow organization promotes transparency of a counterpart real organization's operations by illuminating, scrutinizing and informing a global public forum on the actions of the counterpart real organization; and players, where a player is a voting citizen member of the digital community, and can optionally actively participate as an employee of a clear shadow organization. The clear shadow organization can be founded by the real organization, such as the counterpart real company, or another real entity. To heighten interest the system can include a gaming component, where players and organizations are recognized, even rewarded, for their success at achieving transparency. The digital community embraces all people, from all over the world, with one precondition: civility must be observed and practiced.12-22-2011
20110213733System and method for grading and rating green and sustainable jobs - A system and method for lowering carbon emissions in the workplace by assigning green job scores for job seekers and entities based on job classifications, job requirements, job responsibilities, job time evaluation, efficiency units, renewable units etc., in the performance of their tasks to sustain and renew energy in the work place. Employers seeking to fill job vacancies are assigned a green job score by the system for each job based on job category and seek and hire applicants with resume attributes that match the green score requirements. The system and method uses renewable units, keyword method, and a green job grading module, to scan, search, and evaluate a job applicant's resume to generate a green job score based on the applicants job history. In this embodiment, the job seeker can use the job seeker's dashboard to view green ratings for jobs listed by employers and aggregated percentages by job classification, companies, departments, city, state, country, and zip code.09-01-2011
20080201275REAL ESTATE OCCUPANCY BOND - A method is provided for facilitating an alterable commitment to occupy real property. The first step includes providing a first party to occupy a real property asset to satisfy pre-determined alterable occupancy commitments. The second step includes providing a second party having at least one real property asset for satisfying the occupancy requirements of the first party. The third step includes forming an occupancy bond that includes a financial commitment between the first party and second party for a specified period of time.08-21-2008
20110225106PERSONAL CONTAINER REFILL MARKETING SYSTEM - The present invention is a marketing and distribution method for introducing and maintaining refillable containers for personal care products such as cosmetics, creams, lotions, and sprays. The refillable container is refilled at local refill stations at stores, kiosks, vending machines, and the like, to eliminate the need for new packaging with each purchase. The method is designed to reduce waste and costs associated with product packaging by using refillable containers to dispense personal care products.09-15-2011
20110231343Method utilizing private bifurcated counter-balancing risk pools to reduce a public sanitation authority's financial and legal liability caused by defective, privately-owned sewer lateral service lines - A public/private sector cooperative method, and interrelated steps, utilizing a private third-party indemnification pool structure, coupled with a bifurcated, counterbalancing environmental risk pool, to create a community-wide, public inspection program, and a privately-funded maintenance, repair, rehabilitation methodology for inflow/infiltration defective, privately-owned sewer lateral lines, revealed through sewer emergencies or discovered during public inspections. The methodology and steps designed to reduce the financial, legal, public safety, health and environmental risks defective privately-owned sewer lateral service lines create and impose upon public sewer authorities, who have no, or limited, financial or legal jurisdiction over private sewer lines. The pools share counter-balancing risks under defined circumstances and are interchangeable with a variety of funding mechanisms, including but not limited to insurance, reinsurance, reserves, bifurcated premiums, bifurcated fees, corporate guarantees, grants, gifts, contractual liability policies, loss reserves, retrospective profit sharing, experience rated dividends, risk retention, or other similar funding and insuring vehicles.09-22-2011
20100287123METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR OPTIMIZING CARBON DIOXIDE SEQUESTRATION OPERATIONS - Methods and systems are provided for controlling operational parameters of a CO11-11-2010
20100287122Method Of Selling Cement To Users/Manufacturers For A Reduced Cost Through A Cement Buyers Association - A method of selling cement to users/manufacturers for a reduced cost through a cement buyers association that may include the use of a floating cement terminal. A party who desires to purchase a large quantity of cement for a reduced cost signs-up as a member of the cement buyers association and signs a purchase order for a set quantity of cement over some time period, such as a year. A joint agreement is also created between the party and a cement supplier. The supplier of the quantity of cement agrees to supply the cement for the time period and the party agrees to pay the supplier for the quantity of cement over the time period. The party at their option may receive the cement through a floating cement terminal. However, the party may also receive the cement through a safe world port of their choice.11-11-2010
20110238599KESSMADE PET CARRIER SYSTEMS - A pet carrier comprising a cage-like enclosure having a top and a bottom, a front end and a rear end, a first side and a second side, a handle, four wheels, and a door. The upper half of the first side and of the second side of the cage-like enclosure comprises window-like ventilation openings which are covered by mesh and the door is receiveable within the rear end and comprises a locking mechanism. The handle is attached to the top of the cage-like enclosure. Two of the four wheels are attached to the bottom near the front end and two of the four wheels are attached to the bottom near the rear end of the cage-like enclosure. The cage-like enclosure simulates a vehicle-form such as for example a school bus or a fire truck.09-29-2011
20110238598Waste Recycling Systems, Processes, and Methods - The present invention refers to a system, process, and method of collecting, handling and processing paperboard based fast food service items for the production of pulp suitable for reuse into paper or paperboard and the contemporaneous recovery of the waterproofing film for the production of energy.09-29-2011
20130138583Lighters having manufacturer coupons - Cigarette lighters and packaged lighters are provided for. The lighters and packaged lighters are provided with a manufacturer coupon. Methods for providing manufacturer coupons for dissemination to a target consumer group also are provided for. Preferred embodiments of the novel methods comprise packaging a cigarette lighter for retail distribution. The lighter is packaged with a removable coupon sheet. The coupon sheet provides a substrate on which said manufacturer coupon is imprinted and is removable by a consumer. The manufacturer coupon is redeemable by a consumer and includes machine readable code associated therewith to facilitate automated processing of the coupon.05-30-2013
20100318475Method for meeting U.S. government security controls under export control regimes - A business method which enables full conformance and probable approval within the U.S. International Export Controls, such as the Export Administration Regulation (EAR); the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR); and the international Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) even though the item may normally be precluded from export. The method includes filing an application for a license to exploit the technology; and including in the application commitments by the participants to comply with and follow certain security related procedures, including a service lease, security compliance training; pre-approval of technical disclosures; and operations and task compartmentalization among the parties.12-16-2010
20120284210METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROCESSING GLACIAL WATER - Methods and systems for recovering, processing, containing, and transporting water obtained from an ice source, i.e., a glacier, ice sheet, ice cap, etc., are described herein. The ice obtained from the ice source holds unique properties and is processed as a beverage for consumption having unique properties. Further, the resulting product is produced and transported with minimal human alteration and reduced energy input as compared to conventional methods for packaging water.11-08-2012
20080201276MUSIC AND ART NETWORK - A music and arts facility includes a campus incorporating a studio section, a video cast stage, an internet communication center and a café. The facility may also include an art gallery and a library. In addition, a method of advancing music and arts include offering membership to a network of musicians and artists and providing members of the network with access to a recording studio, a video cast stage and an internet communication center.08-21-2008
20110282809Combinations - A document may include a plurality of published references such as, for example, a published patent(s), a published patent application(s) and/or other published reference(s). The document includes a combination of (1) a first subject matter in view of (e.g., combined with and/or modified by) a second subject matter and/or (2) the first subject matter, the improvement comprising the second subject matter. The patent document discloses that any teaching or part thereof (e.g., at least a teaching or part thereof) from the published references may be applied as the first subject matter, and that any other teaching or part thereof (e.g., at least a different teaching or part thereof) from the published references may be applied as the second subject matter. FIGS. 11-17-2011
20120005127METHODS FOR IMPROVEMENT OF BETA CELL FUNCTION - Disclosed are methods for improvement of beta cell function in a subject using an anti-IL-1β antibody or fragment thereof.01-05-2012
20120016814PRODUCTION OF MINIMALLY PROCESSED FOODS - A system, method, and apparatus for a non-industrialized, sustainable, minimally processed organic dairy industry that provides the highest quality milk and milk derivative products that is end-to-end from ground-to-cow-to-dairy-to-distribution-to-consumer, and centered on low temperature batch or vat pasteurization in which the product is minimally processed, for which product certificates, which include a numerical score and/or a corresponding color code that rank organic, minimally processed products as the high quality. The product certificates can also be applied to non-milk products, such as, but not limited to, meats, fowl, fish, vegetables, nuts, fruits, eggs, etc.01-19-2012
20120030147MONOLITHIC FLOOR FOR HOT SLAG BUCKET - The disclosure provides a monolithic floor for use with a hot slag bucket. The monolithic floor improves the lifespan of the bucket when used with hot slag by reducing warpage caused by heating and cooling and thus significantly reduces the cost of owning and operating the hot slag bucket.02-02-2012
20120030146Backplane Connector With Reduced Circuit Board Overhang - A right-angle electrical connector is configured to be mounted onto an upper mounting surface of a substrate that defines a bottom surface opposed from the upper mounting surface so as to define a thickness. The connector includes a connector housing and a plurality of electrical contacts retained by the connector housing. The connector housing overhangs an edge of the substrate and extends down with respect to the upper surface to a depth from the upper mounting surface that is less than the thickness of the substrate.02-02-2012
20120030145Method Of Selling Absorbent Articles Bearing Graphics Visually Coordinated To Clothing - In one aspect, the invention relates generally to a method of selling absorbent articles having graphics disposed upon them. The graphics are visually coordinated to clothing. The clothing may be an article of clothing and/or a line of clothing.02-02-2012
20120030144METHODS FOR DOING BUSINESS USING BIOMARKERS - The present disclosure relates generally to methods for doing business by using one or more biomarkers (e.g., a subject's genetic polymorphisms) to improve the research, development, testing, commercialization and/or marketing of a drug by identifying those subjects for whom the particular drug is likely to be more effective.02-02-2012
20130212046DECORATIVE DETECTABLE WARNING PANEL HAVING IMPROVED GRIP - The present invention relates to detectable warning panels, and in particular to detectable warning panels that display text and/or other graphic information such as commercial messages, trademarks, logos, directions, slogans, pictures, names, product illustrations, emblems, promotional information related to a product or service, Quick Response Codes, matrix code, two-dimensional bar code, optical machine-readable labels, and combinations thereof.08-15-2013

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