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705 - Data processing: financial, business practice, management, or cost/price determination


705007000 - Operations research

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20090063258Engineered Labor Standards ("ELS") Management - An Engineered Labor Standards (“ELS”) scheduling system prepares preliminary estimates of task durations based on a subset of the conditions affecting task duration, then later prepares adjusted estimates when more information about the conditions becomes available. The actual time a resource spends performing the task is measured, and the estimates and measurements are stored in a database.03-05-2009
20090157492Trainee Incentive and Reward Method - The invention is a method and system that provides for efficiently incentivising and rewarding employees for their successful use of a training system or other employer defined metrics by utilizing Smartcard® cards and You Did It Right® cards. Successful demonstration of training and performance metrics is rewarded through such rewards as gift cards or discount coupons redeemable for goods and/or services at retail/service centers.06-18-2009
20090083131Unified Access of Key Figure Values - In a computing system, key figures are made available for selection in an electronic data repository. The key figures are selectable by any of a plurality of distributed systems. A request for a key figure value calculation is received from one of the distributed systems, and request is made for an identifier of one of the key figures. Data is accessed for the key figure from at least one electronic data source, and the data is used to compute a value for the key figure. The value for the key figure is stored in an electronic storage location.03-26-2009
20100004981Dynamic anti-money laundering system and methodology for providing situational-specific risk assessment determinations - A dynamic anti-money laundering system and methodology for providing situational-specific risk assessment determinations. Risk dimensions for a financial institution or branch of a financial institution are identified and assigned numerical designations. The type of financial transaction to be conducted at the branch of a financial institution is then identified and it is further determined whether the financial transaction has a risk-related dimension and, if so, whether the numerical designation of at least a selected one of the identified risk dimensions exceeds a predetermined level. If the numerical designations of at least a selected one of the identified risk dimensions exceeds a predetermined level, a special risk assessment procedure is performed and recommended guidelines for handling the financial transaction based on the special risk assessment procedure ate provided to an authorized user.01-07-2010
20090192884Method and system for incentive-based knowledge-integrated collaborative change management - A change management system and method is disclosed. The change management system maintains an integrated database. The integrated database includes a change management database that stores a collaborative project and information related to changes to the collaborative project, a knowledge database that stores information sources to help a user resolve a change request, and an incentive accounts database that stores incentive accounts associated with users of the change management system. The change management system also includes a search engine to search the integrated database for information related to a change request, and an interactive social network interface for accessing experts over an interactive social network. This change management system provides an integrated knowledge management system, support and management of peer interactions over a social network, and an incentive component to encourage productive collaborations.07-30-2009
20100049596COMPUTER-IMPLEMENTED METHOD FOR THE AUTOMATED CALIBRATION OF AT LEAST ONE COMPETENCE TOPOLOGY OF A POSITION/JOB WHICH IS OCCUPIED AND/OR TO BE OCCUPIED WITH THE COMPETENCE TOPOLOGY OF ONE OR MORE CANDIDATES, AND ARRANGEMENT FOR CARRYING OUT THE METHOD - The invention relates to a computer-implemented method for automated calibration of at least one competence topology of a position/vacancy which is filled and/or to be filled with the competence topology of one or more candidates, characterised by the following steps: a) carrying out a requirement analysis with regard to the competence fields which are required and/or desirable for the position which is filled and/or to be filled, b) converting the data of the requirement analysis determined in step a) into digital data, c) generating at least one competence topology for the position which is filled or to be filled to fix the competence level, d) preparing a position-specific, individual inquiry sheet or inquiry sheet set, e) filling out the inquiry sheet or inquiry sheet set by the candidates, wherein inquiry of the data is effected by means of electronic data transfer, f) data evaluation and generation of a candidate-specific competence topology, and g) assessing the candidate-specific competence topology and calibration of the same with the competence topology of the position/vacancy which is filled or to be filled, wherein steps b), c), d), f) and g) are executed automatically in computer-assisted manner. Furthermore, the invention relates to an arrangement for carrying out the method.02-25-2010
20100076822Engine, system and method for generation of brand affinity content - An advertising engine, system and method of using is described. The engine includes at least one vault including a plurality of media assets, a recommendation engine that matches at least one media asset from the vault with at least one requested creative, a delivery engine that integrates the requested creative with the matched media assets from the vault, and a management engine that regulates and/or tracks ones of the at least one media asset.03-25-2010
20100100426AGENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - An automated process for processing application data related to agent on-boarding in a money transfer system includes proforma subprocessing to pre-qualify the application data, analysis subprocessing to analyze the application data, set-up subprocessing to set up agents on the money transfer system and training subprocessing to train the agents on services provided by the money transfer system. Each of the subprocesses accepts an administrator input in response to the application data. In response to the administrator input, each of the subprocesses has an outcome that is one of forwarding the data, denying the data, notifying an originator of the application data and requesting additional data.04-22-2010
20090187474METHOD AND SYSTEM OF TRACKING, COORDINATING, AND QUANTIFYING CHARITABLE ACTIONS AND COMMUNITY SERVICE - A central and remotely accessible system of tracking, quantifying, and standardizing community service activity among a plurality of participants and service organizations is disposed on at least one central computer. The system includes a points tracking module adapted to receive logs of community service activity from participants and convert the logs into numerical values corresponding to the community service activity. A database is in communication with the points tracking module and adapted to accumulate the numerical values and sort the numerical values at least by respective participants. A first interface, remotely accessible by the participants and in communication with the points tracking module, is adapted to enable participants to enter the logs of community service activity. The first interface may also include a reflection tool enabling the participants to record subjective experiences associated with the logged community service activity, wherein the numerical values are adjustable based on the recorded experiences.07-23-2009
20100042481METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR EVALUATING QUALITY INSPECTION - A method for evaluating quality inspection and system are provided. The method includes: determining an evaluation task and candidate service representatives of an evaluation process, and automatically fetching a service representative from the candidate service representatives; automatically acquiring service record data of the fetched service representative; and determining and storing a result of the evaluation process according to the obtained service record data. The system includes a task distributor (Auto Task Distribute), an automatic fetching device (AutoFetch), and an evaluation executor. Thus, a comprehensive, accurate, objective, fair, and just evaluation result is ensured.02-18-2010
20090157491Monetization of Online Content - Methods, computer program products and systems are described for computer implemented online-content management. Multiple online content items authored by multiple authors for online publication are received at one or more first computers. For each online content item, a reputation score is determined for the author corresponding to the online content item. The reputation score is based at least in part on one or more reviews of the online content item provided by one or more reviewers other than the author. An online content item from the multiple online content items is published for display on one or more second computers, which includes displaying an advertisement in conjunction with displaying the online content item. A share of revenue for the author of the online content item for displaying the advertisement is determined based at least in part on the reputation score of the author.06-18-2009
20090157490Credibility of an Author of Online Content - Methods, computer program products and systems are described for obtaining at a first computer an online content item authored by an author for public online display. A credibility factor is determined for the author in association with the online content item. The credibility factor is based on information about the author to be true. In response to a query for online content, wherein the online content item is included in a set of search results, the ranking of the online content item in the set is determined in a second computer based at least in part on the credibility factor of the author. The first computer and the second computer can be the same or different computers.06-18-2009
20090157489System and method for performance evaluation - A system for determining a compensation rate is disclosed that includes a database for storing insurance policy data attributed with the seller of insurance and a processor. The processor is configured to retrieve, from the database, insurance policy data for a first period of time, wherein the first period of time is substantially less than one year in length. The processor is also configured to, based on the retrieved insurance policy data, derive a partial year compensation rate for the seller of insurance to apply to a second period of time. The second period of time is substantially less than one year in length and the first period of time ends prior to beginning of the second period of time. The processor also derives a partial year compensation rate to apply to revenue attributed to the seller of insurance during the second period.06-18-2009
20090157488Work order management system and method - A work order management system has a work order management application and a web service interface. The system further has a handheld device and logic configured to communicate utility data between the work order management application and the handheld device through the web service interface, wherein the data is indicative of a work order.06-18-2009
20100106566Systems, Program Products and Methods of Human Resources Planning and Development - Systems, program products, and methods of human resources planning and development are provided. An example of a system includes a server in communication with a plurality of client computers over a communication network and program product stored in the memory of the server adapted to predict a future number of employees desired within the organization for a preselected period of time to define a human resource manning plan, to assign a plurality of employment development activities to each of a plurality of participating employees in the organization to define an employment development plan for each participating employee, to form a recruitment plan for the organization, and to provide continuous feedback loops so that revisions in the human resource manning plan, the recruitment plan, or at least one of the employment development plans are accounted for in each other of such plans.04-29-2010
20080306812METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DETERMINING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF A DEALER'S ABILITY TO CLOSE A SALE - A method of measuring the sales performance of a dealer may include determining a propensity to buy score associated with each lead received by a dealer and determining an expected close rate associated with the dealer that may be based on the determined propensity to buy scores. The method may also include determining, by a computing device, an effectiveness rate associated with the dealer that may be based on at least the expected close rate and an actual close rate.12-11-2008
20090307064PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A computerised method of managing the performance of an employee or a group of employees of an organisation, the method comprising the steps of: a) creating a job description containing job description data for an employee or group of employees, b) creating an objectives file containing objectives data relating to objectives to be achieved by the employee or group of employees in the performance of their job description, c) processing of the job description data and the objectives data to obtain defined performance expectation data for employee or group of employees, d) receiving performance data obtained from the organisation relating to the performance of employee or group of employees, e) comparing the performance data with the defined performance expectations data and f) creating and/or modifying a development plan for the employee or group of employees.12-10-2009
20090271252Method for developing and implementing an employee incentive plan - The employee incentive plan provides a method and system for tracking, calculating and implementing a self-adjusting employee incentive plan. The present invention provides a method and system for establishing an incentive plan, aligning the incentive plan to the employer's management and human resources goals, determining key attributes and related ranges, defining success factors, assessing incentive program reward constraints, and recommending a suitable employee incentive plan based upon all of the generated factors and inputs.10-29-2009
20090299827Verifying Operator Competence - Systems and methods are disclosed herein for verifying the competence of an operator in a manufacturing facility. In one implementation, for example, an operator competence verifying system comprises one or more input/output (“I/O”) devices configured to receive information from a user and provide information to the user. The system also comprises a processing device, which is configured to enable the user to set up a competence profile of an operator in the manufacturing facility. The processing device is further configured to enable the user to define jobs related to handling sensitive material at multiple material handling stages in the manufacturing facility. Also, the processing device is configured to assign training to the operator as needed to meet industry guidelines. The processing device is also configured to enable the user to define competence levels required at each multiple material handling stage.12-03-2009
20090265225Transfer methods, systems and devices for managing a compliance instruction lifecycle - An instructional management system using an instructional game to provide support to a compliance learner as they encounter variance during operational execution, require redirection and or intervention and necessitate a metric for transfer, during and within an instructional compliance lifecycle, relative to rules of law, policy, standards of treatment and/or self-assigned parameters.10-22-2009
20100121687PROFITABILITY PROJECTION SYSTEM - This invention relates generally to software, and more specifically, to a profitability projection system. In one embodiment, the invention includes an application server, the application server including a profitability component. In a further embodiment, the profitability component includes a margin rate component configured to perform the steps of determining a margin rate of at least one person using a bill rate for the at least one person and a cost rate for the at least one person, the cost rate for the at least one person being a function of a quantity of hours and/or the bill rate. In yet a further embodiment, the profitability component includes a profitability projection component configured to perform the steps of projecting profitability of the at least one person using project parameters received via user input, the received project parameters usable to determine the margin rate of the at least one person using the margin rate component. In one particular embodiment, the received project parameters comprise the bill rate, the at least one person, and the quantity of hours.05-13-2010
20090234719METHOD TO DETERMINE INDIVIDUAL WORK EFFECTIVENESS - A method to determine individual work effectiveness for a given event so that the user can determine whether the individual can continue to work. Event is defined as a situation where the individual's work effectiveness comes into question.09-17-2009
20090012850METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING A TRUE PERFORMANCE INDICATOR - A method, system, and executable software product evaluate the performance of an individual. The method and system include receiving employment information for the individual. The employment information includes information from at least one employer of the individual. The method and system also include storing the employment information and providing to an employer access to the employment information for predicting a performance of the individual. The employer is different from at least a portion of the employer(s) of the individual.01-08-2009
20080294507Method and apparatus for generating a clinical quality assurance scorecard - The present invention provides a quality assurance system and method that generates a quality assurance (QA) scorecard for clinicians that participate in a radiological-based medical imaging study using digital imaging technologies. According to one embodiment, client computers, servers, imaging devices, databases, and/or other components may be coupled to provided a unified data collection system. According to one embodiment, systems and methods are provided that analyze various parameters that are derived from the unified data collection system to calculate a QA score for the clinician. The QA score provides a combined subjective and objective feedback system that includes performance evaluations from other users, including radiologists, technologists and patients. According to one embodiment, the feedback may be provided in real-time.11-27-2008
20080294505METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR TASK ASSESSMENT MANAGEMENT - Methods and systems for managing an assessment of tasks using a computer implemented task assessment management system are provided. The method includes generating a program objective by a customer that defines an end-product to be supplied to the customer by a contractor and generating a plurality of tasks that support supplying the end-product to the customer, the plurality of tasks including at least one metric that defines the performance of the task to support supplying the supplying the end-product to the customer. The method also includes evaluating the contractor performance in completing each of the plurality of tasks using the respective at least one metric, the self-assessment stored in a memory of the task assessment management system and evaluating the contractor performance in completing each of the plurality of tasks by the customer using the respective at least one metric and the self-assessment.11-27-2008
20080294504Method of Evaluating a Project Manager of a Project of a Provider - A method evaluates a project manager of a project of a provider, the project being for a customer. The method includes utilizing a project manager scorecard comprising a plurality of predetermined project phases which are common to a plurality of different projects, and including with each of the predetermined project phases a plurality of predetermined project milestones which are common to the different projects. A potential value is pre-assigned to each of the predetermined project milestones for the different projects. The project manager is evaluated with respect to the predetermined project milestones and an assigned value, which is less than or equal to the potential value, is responsively assigned for each of the predetermined project milestones. A sum is determined of the assigned value for each of the predetermined project milestones. The performance of the project manager on the project of the provider is evaluated based upon the sum.11-27-2008
20090216626BEHAVIOR RECOMMENDING FOR GROUPS - Techniques are described for identifying and analyzing behavior patterns by members of a group, and determining if such behavior patterns improve or detract from the group's success. Behavior patterns which improve a group's success may then be applied by other similar groups.08-27-2009
20090024456Casino operations management system - A system, computer program and computer-based method for managing casino operations. The system provides for employee management and information storage and retrieval for a significant number of casino operations. The system includes an attendance controller that receives, stores and displays attendance information for casino personnel. Casino personnel are issued cards that uniquely identify them and monitor them in the fulfillment of their roles. Players may also receive these types of cards, which can be used to record their casino activity and reward them for playing. The system provides for dealer rotation so that dealer rotation information may be received, stored and displayed. Organic light emitting diode devices, resident at casino tables, may be used to request and manage the table, including food and beverage requests for the table.01-22-2009
20090313093OPTIMIZING GREENNESS - A greenness metric is obtained for a plurality of services. The greenness metric of each of the plurality of services are compared. One or more services are determined from the plurality of services based at least in part upon the greenness metric for each of the plurality of services.12-17-2009
20090327052INTERACTIVE ORGANIZATIONAL INSTRUCTION SYSTEM - A system for instructing a group of participants to function individually within an organization having a functional purpose. The system teaches four lifetime leadership lessons which include (1) adopting a set of universal attributes of a trusted colleague, (2) finding common ground as a community of trusted colleagues, (3) having conversations the participants need to have, the way they need to have them, and (4) making a correct, unifying “diagnosis” before starting “treatment” (also known as “seeing the whole elephant”). Beyond being taught these lessons, the participants are enabled to apply the lessons to solve any problem, in any part of the organization. Further, organizational change can be accelerated by these participants when they teach one or more of the four lessons to others in the organization.12-31-2009
20100036715METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ESTIMATING PRODUCTIVITY OF A TEAM - The present invention provides a method, system and computer program product for estimating the productivity of a team for a project. The project includes various activities that are performed using an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool. The method includes identifying the level of language of the ETL tool from a first predefined table, which represents the relationship between the level of language and the generation of language of the ETL tool. The method further includes assigning a rule number to the activities performed by the ETL tool for the project. Thereafter, the productivity of the team is calculated based on the level of language, the rule number of the activities, and the time taken by the team to complete the project.02-11-2010
20100114672Employee Talent Review Management Module - Systems for reviewing talent of a number of employees of an organization are described herein. In one of several embodiments, a talent review module comprises a mechanism for gathering information from one or more sources within an organization. In particular, the information is related to talent characteristics of one or more employees of the organization. The talent review module in this embodiment also include a mechanism for graphically displaying one or more of the talent characteristics of the one or more employees.05-06-2010
20100010879PRODUCTIVITY OPERATIONS SYSTEM AND METHODOLOGY FOR IMPROVING MANUFACTURING PRODUCTIVITY - A method for improving productivity operations may include receiving elements of a first and second array which produces a productivity matrix. Further included may be receiving matrix events having an input, an output, and an activity step, receiving the input and activity step, and outputting the output. The input, activity step, and output may enable standardization of productivity improvement. A method may also include supplying elements of the first and second array to produce a productivity matrix and generating matrix events which include an input, output, and activity step. A system for improving productivity operations may include a computer configured to receive elements of the first and second arrays which produces a productivity matrix. The computer may receive matrix events having an input, output, and activity step, receive the input and activity step, and output an output all of which together may enable standardization of productivity improvement.01-14-2010
20080313023System For Facilitating Objective Evaluation Of The Performance Of Sell-Side Professionals - A system for facilitating evaluation, by a buy-side professional, of performance of a sell-side professional, includes a computer system and a source of performance data in which the computer system is in communication. Software executing on the computer system receives from the sell-side professional a plurality of sell-side data and determines a performance evaluation of each of the sell-side data based at least in part upon contents of each of the sell-side data and at least in part upon the performance data. Software executing on the computer system also receives from the buy-side professional a set of weighted preferences indicative of importance to the buy-side professional of performance of different types of sell-side data, and calculates a performance rating of the sell-side professional based at least in part upon the performance evaluation of each of the sell-side data and at least in part upon the weighted preferences.12-18-2008
20100088161METHOD AND TOOL FOR CORPORATE KNOW-HOW AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ASSETS REPRESENTATION AND MANAGEMENT - A graphic tool and a method are provided, to represent corporate data in terms of know-how and intellectual property management risk and in terms of corporate functional breakdown by asset. The tool and method may be used to evaluate risk associated with events related to know-how and intellectual property management and capable of affecting or interrupt production. The tool and method also allow analysis of company production structure, for the purpose of functional or corporate reorganization.04-08-2010
20100088164METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR ANALYZING LOCATE AND MARKING OPERATIONS WITH RESPECT TO FACILITIES MAPS - Methods, apparatus and systems including a computer comprising at least one hardware processor, at least one tangible storage medium (memory), and at least one input/output (I/O) interface for evaluating a quality of a locate and/or marking operation. First information relating to the locate and/or marking operation is compared to second information obtained from at least one facilities map. One or more indications of a quality assessment of the locate and/or marking operation is automatically generated based on such a comparison, and the one or more indications of the quality assessment are electronically stored on the at least one tangible storage medium, and/or electronically transmitted via the at least one I/O interface, so as to provide an electronic record of the quality assessment.04-08-2010
20100088163Systems and Methods for Utilizing Telematics Data To Improve Fleet Management Operations - According to various embodiments, a fleet management system is provided for capturing, storing, and analyzing telematics data to improve fleet management operations. The fleet management system may be used, for example, by a shipping entity (e.g., a common carrier) to capture telematics data from a plurality of vehicle sensors located on various delivery vehicles and to analyze the captured telematics data. In particular, various embodiments of the fleet management system are configured to analyze engine idle data in relation to other telematics data in order to identify inefficiencies, safety hazards, and theft hazards in a driver's delivery process. The fleet management system may also be configured to assess various aspects of vehicle performance, such as vehicle travel delays and vehicle speeds. These analytical capabilities allow the fleet management system to assist fleet managing entities, or other entities, in analyzing driver performance, reducing fuel and maintenance costs, and improving route planning.04-08-2010
20100121688AGENT FEEDBACK TOOL - An agent feedback tool includes an agent feedback database and an agent feedback module. The agent feedback module may include a vendor identification program, an agent feedback settings program, an agent feedback program, an agent reporting program, an agent summary program, and an agent profile program. The agent feedback module communicates with the agent feedback database to store mapping records and details relating to agents, vendors, vendor-specific locations, and feedback for the agents. The agent feedback program is operative to autopopulate one or more fields shown in an agent feedback graphical user interface by referring to mapping records stored in the agent feedback database.05-13-2010
20100121685Method and System for Implementing a Ranking Mechanism - Described is an improved method, system, and computer program product for implementing an automated approach for ranking employees which avoids the complexity and excessive resources often needed to implement employee rankings. Also disclosed is an improved method and system for generating performance scores for employees.05-13-2010
20100121686Method and System for Implementing a Scoring Mechanism - Described is an improved method, system, and computer program product for implementing an improved method and system for generating performance scores for employees. Also disclosed is an approach for ranking employees which avoids the complexity and excessive resources often needed to implement employee rankings.05-13-2010
20100293039On-Demand Performance Reports - A method is provided for rendering performance reports on a client device in a retail establishment. A request is received to render a summary performance report on the client device. Shift information for the user is retrieved. At least one summarized performance metric is obtained from one of a plurality of business data statistics providers using the shift information. Scoring rules are applied to the at least one obtained summarized performance metric. The at least one summarized performance metric and corresponding score associated with the at least one summarized performance metric are compiled into the summary performance report. The summary performance report is sent to the client device for rendering.11-18-2010
20090299828Scoreboard for Managing Bank Teller Performance Variability - Methods and systems for a performance measurement are disclosed to reduce teller performance variation. The process may generate individual and organizational report views of both actual performance and process capability of banking tellers. The performance may be based on one or more actual teller or teller-related performance metrics. The performance may then be compared to, for example, “Best-in-Class” performance, ranked amongst others, and/or analyzed for trends and process capability. Finally, underperforming tellers may be coached for improvement in those areas where rankings were low.12-03-2009
20100088162Scoring Supplier Performance - A method comprising, defining a supplier scoring tree by, receiving a function of a supplier performance, defining a first node to include the function of the supplier performance, receiving a first value associated with a metric of the supplier performance, defining a second node to receive the first value associated with a metric of the supplier performance, and connecting the first node to the second node with a link, outputting the defined supplier scoring tree to a display, and displaying the defined supplier scoring tree to a user for analysis of supplier performance by the user.04-08-2010
20090210295System and Method for Enabling Carbon Credit Rewards for Select Activities - A set of activities are identified that are part of a defined objective to reduce carbon emission. A baseline for the set of activities is determined. An actor's performance of any one of the set of activities is monitored in order to determine information about how the user performed the set of activities. A quantification (e.g. estimation) is made of the carbon conservation by the actor by comparing the information against parameters determined or identified from the baseline.08-20-2009
20090089153BROAD-BASED INCREMENTAL TRAINING SESSIONS FOR COMPANY REPRESENTATIVES IN CONTACT HANDLING SYSTEMS - Several of the embodiments disclosed herein relate to accessing and tracking real-time data concerning company representative performance, proficiency, training, scheduling, current work flow, and estimated work flow. Moreover, many of the improvements in contact handling systems disclosed herein automatically provide training, work, and incentives to company representatives to improve performance, proficiency, efficiency, effectiveness, automate scheduling, and automated work flow. More specifically, a method for providing training to company representatives is disclosed. Also disclosed is a system for managing work and training of company representatives. As a result of the teachings disclosed herein, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and revenue may be improved in the contact handling industry.04-02-2009
20090089154System, method and computer product for implementing a 360 degree critical evaluator - A web-based full-cycle 360 degree (manager, peer and employee feedback) employee performance evaluation and management system and method based on organization-defined standards of behavior, job specific criteria, self review, peer feedback, and dotted line supervisor input. Standardizes evaluations for shared efforts and matrix type management situations. Evaluations include all aspects of the evaluated requirements in the employee assessment such as: job knowledge, accomplishment of objectives, quality of work, productivity, initiative and creativity, interpersonal relationships, supervisory skills, dependability and professional contribution. Manages delivery and tracking of employee performance and identifies educational and professional development needs. Provides a comprehensive record of skills and abilities that could benefit the organization and might otherwise not be noticed or recognized. Assembles data to assist with planning personnel moves and placements that will best utilize each employee's demonstrated capabilities. Customizable template-based evaluation layouts facilitate review entry forms and final printed format that matches an organization's standards of presentation. Manages performance consistency with trend analysis and out-of-bound exception reporting. Evaluates organizational performance on measured standards of excellence and environment. Delivers automated email reminders to staff and managers about pending evaluations. Provides for summary record of compliance for accreditation and certification agencies.04-02-2009
20100100427PERFORMANCE DRIVEN COMPENSATION FOR ENTERPRISE-LEVEL HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT - In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a human resource management platform that includes applications targeted to solve a variety of human resource, compensation, and performance management problems. Applications of the human resource management platform include business applications such as performance driven compensation that may provide a single solution for driving employee performance and organizational success by automation of goal setting, performance measurement, and employee rewards by directly linking performance results to rewards.04-22-2010
20090281879METHODS FOR ANALYZING JOB FUNCTIONS AND JOB CANDIDATES AND FOR DETERMINING THEIR CO-SUITABILITY - A method and system for conducting an elemental analysis of a job's functions and requirements, conducting a medical diagnosis of a worker to determine the physical capabilities and limitations of the worker, and comparing the elemental analysis and the medical diagnosis to determine whether the worker can function in a particular job be it the current job, another existing job or a modification of either.11-12-2009
20090276294Career Framework - A method and apparatus for assessing eligibility for a job including providing a job description to a user of a general purpose computer, providing a plurality of skills to a user of the general purpose computer, wherein the plurality of skills is particular to the job description, providing a plurality of skill levels for each of the plurality of skills to a user of a general purpose computer, the user performing an evaluation the user's abilities against each of the plurality of skills by assigning one of the plurality of skill levels to each of the plurality of skills, and the general purpose computer determining a user suitability for a particular job.11-05-2009
20090281878DIGITAL PRINT PROCUREMENT USING REVERSE AUCTION - A method of communicating with different print entities receives a print job and evaluates the print job as either a digital print job and/or an offset print job. The method can perform a live or off-line reverse auction for the digital print job and/or the offset print job by offering the digital print job and the offset print job to printing entities and receiving bids for the digital print job and the offset print job from the printing entities. The bids for the digital print job are based upon the number of images within the digital print job, and the bids for the offset print job are based upon the number of sheets within the offset print job. The bids are evaluated to rank the bids (or to rank the printing entities) into a ranking, which is output.11-12-2009
20090281880Method and Apparatus for Measuring Seller's Performance - A method and apparatus for measuring a seller's performance in the sale of accessory goods comprising determining the attachment rate of the goods, determining the average selling price of the goods, and determining the items per transaction and using these values to generate a cube-like three dimensional figure representing the seller's performance.11-12-2009
20090287550SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING DRIVE THRU PERFORMANCE - In one embodiment, the method comprises operating one or more monitoring devices for recording and interpreting vehicle presence data and communicating vehicle presence data to a remote database. The method further comprises generating performance reports, the performance reports being based on the vehicle presence data.11-19-2009
20080275766METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ASSESSING THE STATUS OF WORK WAITING FOR SERVICE - The present invention provides a system and method for assessing the status of work waiting for service in a work queue or a work pool. Work items are placed in the work queue or work pool and have a service time goal. The work items in the work queue or work pool are scanned and a required queue position for each work item is calculated according to the amount of time remaining prior to the expiration of the service time goal and weighted advance time for servicing of work items in the work queue or pool. An array of counters has elements which correspond to required queue positions. Upon the calculation of the required queue position for a work item, the counter corresponding to the required queue position is incremented. When all of the work items are scanned, the array of counters is analyzed to predict a future state of the work queue or work pool.11-06-2008
20100293040Technical task performance techniques - One form of the present invention includes a computer network, an input device, and a computer server. The computer server is coupled to the network and input device, and is programmed to present a publicly accessible description over the network. This description includes a reward offer contingent on acceptable development of a technical task. The computer server is responsive to input from the input device to alter the description when it is determined that the task has been acceptably performed. In a further form, the task involves production of a chemical compound sample and chemical analysis equipment is included to evaluate the sample.11-18-2010
20090063259INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR BIOLOGICAL AND LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH - An online life science research environment and virtual community with a focus on design and analysis of biological experiments includes a life sciences laboratory system employing at least one networked computer system that defines a virtual research environment. Users access the system through a portal associated with the networked computer system(s). The virtual research environment has a data coupling mechanism by which the user designates a set of user-specified data for bioinformatics processing. A processor(s) associated with the networked computer system(s) performs bioinformatics services upon the user-specified data. In one embodiment, the data coupling mechanism enables transfer of the user-specified data to a memory space that is mediated or accessed by the processor performing the bioinformatics processing. Users may thus exploit bioinformatics processing resources that are not deployed on users' local computer environments, and to store and organize information relating to life sciences research in a secure, online workspace.03-05-2009
20080281681COMPENSATING PARTICIPANTS OF A MULTI-LEVEL SALES FORCE - The present invention provides a unique compensation plan for a multi-level sales force. This plan is a balanced matrix that combines the ability for participants to get paid not only on their personal down line but also on the entire matrix. This plan removes the limits found in other compensation plans by integrating a multi-level, unlimited depth matrix with individual bonus overrides on the entire matrix structure.11-13-2008
20100280883Creative Process Modeling And Tracking System - One embodiment is a system that allows multiple entities to track a process for developing a product. The system receives a process defined in terms of the entities, which are involved in the process, and the relationships, which exist among the entities. The system permits a process instance to be created from the defined process upon deeming that the process is valid, and permits the first process instance to be tracked with respect to requirements and solutions that are specified by entities in the process instance.11-04-2010
20080313024WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT METHOD - A workflow management system for managing a workflow including plural tasks is disclosed that includes a task data storing part for storing task data and a task control part for obtaining task data from the task data storing part, calculating a predetermined index from the task data, and outputting an evaluation of the workflow based on the result of the calculation.12-18-2008
20080243597FUTURE VALUE ANALYTICS - A method for assessing the performance of a company includes: receiving financial data about the company; determining a future value of the company; decomposing the future value into a plurality of future value components, where the plurality of future value components includes an economy component that defines an implied amount of growth of the company attributable to the growth of the economy in general; and displaying at least one of the future value components.10-02-2008
20080275765CONFIGURABLE GIS DATA SYSTEM - A configurable GIS data system that spatially and temporally monitors personnel or material.11-06-2008
20100153188Internet Repository for Employer Provided References for Current and Former Employees - The present invention is a system and methodology embodied in an Internet Website and associated hardware and software to overcome the problem of a prospective employee providing dubious or fraudulent references. A prospective employer need no longer rely on references of relatives, friends, colleagues and/or acquaintances that have been strategically approached by the prospective employee to provide a ‘good’ and most often ‘exaggerated’ reference. The present invention allows for an employee's prior employer to provide an employee reference to a future employer. Such referrals may be stored, indexed, searched and retrieved by prospective employers thereby enhancing the reliability and credibility of a prospective employee reference. While an employee may dispute a claim in a free form narrative or by uploading responsive documentation, the employee may not provide a referral.06-17-2010
20100274640MANAGEMENT OF CLEANING PROCESSES VIA MONITORING OF CHEMICAL PRODUCT USAGE - A cleaning process management system monitors information concerning chemical products dispensed by automated chemical product dispensers. The cleaning process management system analyzes data received from the dispensers and generates reports regarding dispensation of chemical products. The cleaning process management system may also generate reports concerning recommended cleaning process improvements based on the analysis of the dispenser data.10-28-2010
20100004983Performance Management System and Method - A performance management system is disclosed. The performance manage system includes a host system in communication with a client system. The host system includes a database server and an application server. The database server is configured to receive workplace performance information from one or more sources. The application server is configured to receive a query from the client system to provide workplace performance information, transmit a request to the database server to provide workplace performance information, receive workplace performance information transmitted from the database server, generate an HTML document that includes workplace performance information, and transmit the HTML document to the client system.01-07-2010
20090138341Web Enabled Method for Managing Life Cycle of Human Capital Related Dynamic Requirement of Organization - A web enabled method for managing a life cycle of human capital-related dynamic requirements of an organization by capturing existing goals and/or ethos and/or values of the organization across various business processes and thereby defining required competencies within and across various job families; setting role based performance measures and career growth plans based on defined competencies and captured goals; assessing the human capital on the basis of defined measures and plans to identify skill-gap of the human capital; conducting specific training program to bridge the skill-gap of the human capital and thereby obtaining balance score cards to profile the human capital competency; integrating the assessed competency profile of the human capital in various organizational sourcing channels to enable the organization to search for internal and external sources; and maintaining the balance score cards of the assessed profile for fulfilling human capital service metrics.05-28-2009
20090138340METHOD, APPARATUS AND COMPUTER PROGRAM CODE FOR EVALUATING PERFORMANCE BASED ON PROJECTED RETURN AND ESTIMATED COST - A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided for assessing the overall performance of a pharmacy, or similar institution or entity, based on its current implementation of various performance measures. The method, apparatus and computer program product may further provide recommendations for performance measures on which to focus based on the current level of implementation, projected performance impact and feasibility of those performance measures. A method and apparatus are similarly provided for enabling a pharmacy, or similar institution or entity, to compare the pharmacy to other pharmacies based on user-defined parameters.05-28-2009
20090287551Multi-level real estate method and system - A method of compensating a plurality of participants, includes hierarchically representing, in a database communicatively associated with a computer, a multi-level real estate team, the team being based upon sponsoring of members in the team; collecting a membership fee from each member of the team, the membership fee being independent of a real estate transaction; placing the collected fees into a revenue pool; determining by the computer, via interrogation against the database, a respective team bonus for respective team members based at least in part on the hierarchy between the team members; and distributing, based at least in part on the computer determination, the respective team bonuses from the revenue pool to respective team members.11-19-2009
20090177534SYSTEM FOR PERFORMING PERSONNEL EVALUATIONS AND COMPUTER PROGRAM THEREOFOR - A computer system and computer program product are provided that enable a supervisor to input performance evaluations for members of the supervisor's group. The supervisor is presented with an electronic evaluation form that includes evaluation items that are answered by the supervisor selecting one of a plurality of options. The evaluation form evaluates parameter, sub-parameters, skill types and skill levels as established during maintenance. Each evaluation item is categorized by at least a parameter, sub-parameter, skill type, or skill level. Answers to the evaluation items inputted by the supervisor for each of the members of the group are used to produce a graphical evaluation result based on the answers inputted by the supervisor. Consolidation of several evaluations, from the same supervisor or from several, can also be done.07-09-2009
20090327053METHOD, SYSTEM, SIGNAL AND PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR MEASURING EDUCATIONAL EFFICIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS - An application for a method for measuring educational efficiency and effectiveness of a teacher and a group of students includes measuring amounts of effort expended and expense incurred during teaching activities and accumulating the amounts of effort and/or expense into an accumulated effort and/or accumulated expense. The knowledge level is measured before and after the educational activities. The educational efficiency is calculated as the product of the difference in examination scores and the educational goal as given either by the credit-hours ascribed to the course or the course hours in the learning environment divided by the accumulated effort. The educational effectiveness is calculated as a product of the difference in examination scores and the educational goal divided by the accumulated cost.12-31-2009
20090024455Methods, Systems, and Computer-Readable Media for Providing an Indication of Hightime - Methods, systems, and computer-readable media provide for providing an indication of hightime. According to embodiments, a method for providing an indication of hightime is provided. According to the method, whether at least one of a plurality of technicians exceeds an allotted time with which to complete a job is determined. In response to determining that at least one of the plurality of technicians exceeds the allotted time, an indication that at least one of the plurality of technicians exceeds the allotted time is provided.01-22-2009
20090210297TICKET APPROVAL SYSTEM FOR AND METHOD OF PERFORMING QUALITY CONTROL IN FIELD SERVICE APPLICATIONS - Methods and apparatus for assessing a locate and marking operation. Ticket information is received as provided to a first locate technician prior to performing the operation. A locate manifest is received including a digital marked-up image of a geographic area surrounding a dig area in which the operation was performed, on which image at least one digital representation of at least one locate mark is electronically overlaid. The locate manifest, at least some of the ticket information, and a plurality of icons representing different possible quality assessments of the locate and marking operation are displayed. The plurality of icons includes an approved icon representing a satisfactory locate and marking operation, a QC icon representing an unsatisfactory locate and marking operation, and a coach icon representing that the first locate technician requires coaching. One of the displayed icons is selected so as to provide a quality assessment of the locate and marking operation.08-20-2009
20090210296System and method for providing a normalized correlated real-time employee appraisal - A method and system for providing a performance evaluation of an at least one employee by a supervisor in an organization. The method and system provide for collecting a plurality of numerical performance goals data for the at least one employee and storing the plurality of numerical performance goals data in a database; collecting numerical business measures data related to the organization and storing the numerical business measures data in the database. Further, the method and system provide for normalizing the numerical performance goals data and the numerical business measures data to a common scale to generate normalized performance goals data and normalized business measures data. The method and system correlate the normalized performance goals data and the normalized business measures data; and determine a plurality of scores for the performance of the at least one employee, wherein each of the plurality of scores are based on the correlated normalized performance goals data and the correlated normalized business measures data. The method and system display the plurality of scores on a display screen, wherein the screen provides a chart that is a visual indication of the plurality of scores representing an overall score for the performance of the at least one employee.08-20-2009
20090055250METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MEASURING TRADE MANAGEMENT PERFORMANCE - A process for managing financial transactions involves defining the process as a series of steps that involve the transfer of information needed by each party to settle the transaction. A system for measuring the performance of participants in the management process tracks the information transferred between the parties and records the date and time that the information is transferred. Periodically, information including the date and time information is processed and used to determine measures of performance over the period. These measures of performance can include the amount of time between the completion of any of the steps in the management process, for example, from the time when transaction was initiated (e.g. a trade is executed) to the time the information to be transmitted to or received by any of the participants to the management process or the management system in any of the steps of the management process. The performance information can be compiled into predefined reports which allow a party to compare and rank the performance of counterparties with which the party had completed transactions.02-26-2009
20090083132METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR STATISTICAL TRACKING OF DIGITAL ASSET INFRINGEMENTS AND INFRINGERS ON PEER-TO-PEER NETWORKS - Tracking digital asset infringement activities and infringers on peer-to-peer networks. One method for assessing notice effectiveness of unauthorized distributors of content on a peer-to-peer network comprises processing peer data from a plurality of peers on the network, wherein the peer data aids in identification of individual unauthorized distributors. The embodiment includes creating a trial with a trial base population of the unauthorized distributors and a trial capture window, determining metrics for measuring the notice effectiveness, selecting a randomization methodology for the trial, performing the trial with the trial base population over the trial capture window according to the randomization methodology and issuing notices to some of the unauthorized distributors. The method also includes characterizing the unauthorized distributors into characterized data of at least one of characterization of unauthorized distribution activity and characterization of notice actions, and segmenting the characterized data into groupings according to one or more variables.03-26-2009
20080262904Method and system for automatically monitoring contact center performance - A method and system for automatically monitoring a performance area for a contact center is provided. The method is implemented by a computer readable medium having a plurality of code segments. The method includes the step of identifying a performance area including one or more of the following: human activity-based performance, caller dissatisfaction performance, problem call performance, customer service representative performance, business process performance, self service performance and peer comparison performance. An input transmission of a threshold for the identified performance area is received. Analytics generated for each of a plurality of interactions are received. For each of the plurality of interactions, analytics are selected that correspond to the identified performance area. An indicator value is assigned to the selected analytics for the identified performance area. The indicator value is compared to the threshold and performance data is generated therefrom.10-23-2008
20090164311Human resource management system - A human resources management system that aids an organization select job applicants from a pool of job applicants. The system predicts performance of applicants based on job application information using a predictor developed by comparing information from prior applicants to information about the performance of those applicants. Performance may include on-the-job performance for applicants that have previously been hired or may include performance of selected applicants at interviews. The system may include a component to identify text in a resume or other job application material that acts as a feature for information useful in predicting performance. The system may also include a component that develops and updates a predictor based on actual performance of prior applicants.06-25-2009
20090210294Air Compressor and Work Management Data Collection System - An air compressor 08-20-2009
20090099907PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT - A computer method and apparatus address the problem of objectively measuring the performance of a system composed of many different components. The present invention method/apparatus defines quantitative requirements representing the desired behavior of the components. Next, the method/apparatus determines acceptability levels by comparing the defined quantitative results to the actual measurements from the subject system to produce acceptability scores of the components. The present invention aggregates the acceptability scores to form a performance hierarchy of the components, where the hierarchy indicates the functional relationship between the overall system performance and the performance of the individual components.04-16-2009
20090234720Method and System for Tracking and Coaching Service Professionals - A method and system for tracking and managing a service professional's business includes a server coupled to the Internet for receiving business parameter data from a service professional on a remote computer. Business parameter data includes a variety of data of relevance to the service professional's particular type of business. Current and historical business parameter data are subjected to a multivariate regression analysis to determine a business model equation's coefficients which may be linear or polynomial. Current week business parameter data can be applied to the business model to determine whether the business is operating within the business model or is achieving performance goals. The business model equation can be used to suggest measures to improve business performance. Coefficients of other service professional business models may be mined to provide peer comparisons. Analysis results can be used to generate coaching suggestions which the server can deliver to the service professional.09-17-2009
20100274637PREDICTION OF THRESHOLD EXCEPTIONS BASED ON REAL TIME OPERATING INFORMATION - A contact center includes a real time threshold prediction module that determines that a selected performance measure will, during a future time interval, likely cross a selected threshold and, in response, performs at least one of the following operations: (i) determines, for the likely crossing of the selected threshold, a consequence in a selected service level agreement and determines a set of corrective actions to reduce a likelihood that the selected performance measure will cross the selected threshold.10-28-2010
20090254422METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING ENTERPRISE CONTENT - A method and system for providing a consistent flow documents and data content across different organizational units of a company or agency where the documents and data come from different enterprise systems and data stores but are related to linked processes that share models for organizing the content in the business context and in a format that enables a user to relate the content to the process step or steps they are performing. The system includes a network service that enables a configuration utility to automatically discover the objects and metadata and provides for a mapping of selected fields of the metadata to regions displayed in the user interface view with provision for filtering the data by mapping selected fields to a user input form. Thereby, a business analyst can create solutions without writing and maintaining complex program logic for each combination of presentation environment, enterprise system and data store.10-08-2009
20090248499Monitoring Cleaning of Surfaces - A method for monitoring cleaning of a surface includes applying an amount of transparent indicator material to an area of a surface and measuring the amount of transparent indicator material remaining on the surface. The transparent indicator material may be fixed on the surface by drying and, when a fluorescent material, may be measured through exposure to ultraviolet radiation.10-01-2009
20100161390SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING STEP OUT COMMISSIONS AND COMPENSATION FOR RESEARCH BROKERS - In a trading environment that comprises buy side traders and securities brokers, a computer process capable of preventing securities brokers from receiving information irrelevant to a commission payment for a securities transaction. The process comprises means for providing an overview of commission payments for a predetermined time period, means for providing details of step-out payments for the predetermined period, means for adjusting step-in amounts and frequencies, means for providing notification that a commission payment has been stepped out and is capable of being credited, means for automatically suggesting and performing step-ins and step-outs, and means for assessing the step-outs and step-ins against a predetermined budget.06-24-2010
20090259527Multi-Stage Supply Chain Management System With Dynamic Order Placement - A global supply chain management system in an environment of multiple suppliers forming supply chains for one or more buyers connected over the Internet. The system includes a global processor with logic that maps “local” supply information for each buyer and each supplier, represented in one or more property tables having master information correlated to local information for each buyer and each supplier. The system manages processes from an input of lots to an output through supplier stages where clients each use fragmented different local information. A correlation means uses base lot indicators, one for each of the lots in common for all of said stages and executes supply chain management functions for tracking lots through the supplier stages and for dynamic creation of sets of purchase orders among groups of suppliers for processing the same lot through the supply chain.10-15-2009
20100169169SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USING TRANSACTION STATISTICS TO FACILITATE CHECKOUT VARIANCE INVESTIGATION - An approach that allows for facilitating checkout related fraud investigation is presented. In one embodiment, there is described a generating tool configured to generate a set of benchmark parameters based on results of a cumulative learning process; a normalizing tool configured to normalize said set of benchmark parameters; an establishing tool configured to establish a confidence time interval required for identifying normal variations; a recording tool configured to record a particular checker's transactions during said confidence time interval, and an identifying tool configured to identify transactions, recorded during said confidence time interval, that fail meeting said set of benchmark parameters.07-01-2010
20090276297METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR REVIEWING AND MANAGING EMPLOYEES - A system and method are provided for reviewing employees of a company that includes displaying a grid with potential along one axis and performance along a second axis, and placing each of a select group of employees in one of the boxes defined by the grid. The employees may be moved from one box to another box and the employees may be displayed with an indication of previous box placement. The movements may be tentative then confirmed. The number of employees permitted in a box may be dependent on organizational business needs. A side-by-side comparison of two or more employees may be provided based on organizational needs, e.g. the needs of a position. Rules may be defined for placing employees in boxes based on different evaluation criteria used by different local human resource centers. The preparation and follow-up of employee review meetings may be provided for.11-05-2009
20090276296Business profit resource optimization system and method - A business profit and resource optimization system that calculates an employee evaluation, comprising an input component that is utilized to input assessment data related to characteristics for a currently assessed employee, utilizing the assessment data from a plurality of evaluators, an idea component that analyzes ideas of the currently assessed employee in terms of idea success year over year and a display component that interacts with the input component and allows viewing of an employees evaluation.11-05-2009
20100161389SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR BUILDING KNOWLEDGEBASE FOR SOFTWARE SYSTEM - A system and associated method for building a knowledgebase for a software system. The knowledgebase has multiple problem-solution records for problems that may occur in the software system. A user of the knowledgebase requests a solution to a problem by submitting a problem description and payment information. The payment information is separately verified and the knowledgebase is searched for a problem-solution record that has the same problem description provided by the user. A solution of the matched problem-solution record is presented to the user and the user provides a feedback rating how effective the solution is in solving the problem. The feedback may be another solution for the problem or evidences supporting the feedback. If the feedback is evaluated to be valuable, the knowledgebase may be updated with the feedback. An author of an existing valuable solution and/or the user who provided another solution is rewarded.06-24-2010
20100185500METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING RISK RELATED TO EITHER OR BOTH OF LABOR LAW AND HUMAN RESOURCES - This is a system and method to assist employers in managing risks inherent in either or both of human resource and labor law relations. Human resource and labor related queries and documentation are routinely disseminated to employees through employee devices by a risk management device. A response is required from the employee device for the disseminated queries and documentation, which is captured and stored by the risk management device. Stored responses may generate alerts to designated personnel to take appropriate actions as indicated by the alerts.07-22-2010
20080215420METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR REWARDING ELECTRONIC AUTHORS - A method and system are disclosed for incorporating affirmation functions into the electronic interfaces that present media creations submitted by electronic authors. The media creations are ranked in overall prominence within the electronic interface based on affirmations of those who receive the media creation. These affirmations can be in the form of votes of approval, monetary contributions of support, or purchases of copies of the media creations. Where the affirmations are monetary these are then shared with the electronic authors as a reward. In the case of streaming media creations, the authors are given notice of their scheduled broadcast appearances to enable them to self promote to their own established audience bases, and the interface includes the capability of accessing the information associated with previous tracks played. The affirmations can also be weighted according to the number of receivers of the media creations.09-04-2008
20100262471Systems and Methods for Software Development - This invention relates to a system and methods for developing designs. In one embodiment, a method includes electronically distributing a specification for a design to a distributed community of designers, receiving designs from each of a subset of the community of designers in response to the distributed design specification, screening received designs that do not meet the specification, facilitating evaluation of a subset of the received designs by a number of evaluators; and selecting a preferred design in response to the facilitated evaluation of the designs.10-14-2010
20100217652System and Method for Strategic Workforce Management and Content Engineering - The invention provides a system that automates workforce management tasks through the integrated use of structured content accessible from a database, a set of business logic rules engines as well as input from users via user interfaces. The invention also provides a methodology for creating engineered content which is accessible to a strategic workforce management system which manages human resources tasks.08-26-2010
20100223109BEHAVIOR MAPPED INFLUENCE ANALYSIS TOOL WITH COACHING - An analysis tool guides the selection of an external agent who will interact with a selected organizational actor. The analysis tool helps to minimize mismatches in personality and behavior between the external agents and actors in the business. The analysis tool also coaches deal external agents on how to successfully interact with the selected organizational actor. As a result, there are fewer misunderstandings about project scope and requirements, there is better communication between individuals, and valuable deals are more frequently closed.09-02-2010
20100223108SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANAGING LEGAL SERVICE PROVIDERS - This invention generally relates to a computer system and method for objectively analyzing the quality and cost of work performed by legal service providers. Price and quality of legal service providers can be compared to various benchmarks for by industry, region, complexity, corporate targets and the like. A user of the system can analyze the cost and quality of a corporation's legal counsel and offer suggestions and solutions that resolve issues identified by the system.09-02-2010
20090043646System and Method for the Automated Capture and Clustering of User Activities - An electronic chronicling system and method that allows user actions performed by individuals, groups, or organizations to be automatically captured and grouped into chronicles based on activities, sub-activities and super-activities. The captured activities can then be filtered, viewed and navigated by a visualization and navigation mechanism to determine the relationships between activities and the time and resources spent on the various activities at fine levels of granularity and over various periods of time. The system allows users to gain greater insight into the relationship and resources spent on various activities in order to improve activity and process management efficiencies.02-12-2009
20100138284METHOD FOR MANAGING CUSTOMER-ORIENTED SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT METRICS AND PROFILE QUALITY AND SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT SYSTEM THEREOF - Provided are a method for managing a customer-oriented service level agreement metrics and profile quality, and a service level agreement system thereof. The system includes an interworking device, a customer-oriented SLA metrics managing device, an SLA quality managing device, and a providing device. The interworking device collects quality information, which includes information on SLA agreement metrics of a customer, profile quality, fault quality, and network performance quality, and subscriber information for each customer, and the customer-oriented SLA metrics managing device generates the customer-oriented profile quality monitoring information corresponding to a customer based on the received SLA metrics and metrics value for each customer to manage quality.06-03-2010
20090276295 SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MODELING WORKFORCE TALENT SUPPLY TO ENABLE DYNAMIC CREATION OF JOB SPECIFICATIONS IN RESPONSE THERETO - Systems and methods for modeling workforce talent supply to enable dynamic creation of job specifications in response thereto. A sampling database is built of candidates using normalized form of elements derived from candidate resumes to provide an element level description of each candidate. The national or regional workforce supply of talent is estimated at an element level by statistically extrapolating the information in the sampling database in accordance with BLS data. A job specification is analyzed to determine a corresponding set of normalized elements. The corresponding set of normalized elements is compared to the estimated workforce supply to determine the degree of match at an element-by-element level. The degree of match is presented at an element-by-element level so the user can identify how elements in the job specification affect the degree of match with the estimated workforce supply and so that the user may alter the job specification if desired.11-05-2009
20090327051Online employee assessment and management performance system and method - The present invention is a novel online enterprise management system. The system facilitates communication and teamwork within an organization using real-time techniques. The system allows employees to easily assess themselves and their organization, and provide ideas for improving business. The results are compiled into one or more databases and available for personal, managerial or team review. Thus, managers can more readily understand their employees' strengths and needs, and thereby, provide an optimal work environment. Also, employees can share perspectives, and make unique contributions to the business or across organizations. In addition, the system may be used by managers to input their ideas to upper-level management, executives, and so forth. Also, the present invention provides data indicating the difference, or “gap,” between employees' desired state and actual state. Therefore, managers are able to motivate their employees by reducing this gap, improving productivity and overall performance.12-31-2009
20100191583Accreditation Tracker - Methods, computer-readable media, and apparatuses support the accreditation of an employee based on training provided to the employee. Different employment areas are supported, including services and manufacturing. The employee's experience level and performance rating are compared with a predetermined experience duration and an acceptable performance rating, respectively, in order to determine a number of training modules and an allowed time frame to complete the number of training modules. The number of training modules is selected from a collection of training modules based on a performance indicator that is associated with the employee. When the employee has completed the number of training modules in the allowed time frame, the employee is accredited. If an employee's performance is less than a satisfactory performance rating, the employee may forfeit accreditation. Consequently, the employee must repeat the accreditation process in order to regain accreditation.07-29-2010
20090177535SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING AND EXECUTING SUBSTITUTE FULFILLMENT - A system for substitute fulfillment having a management module that acquires and analyzes information regarding potential substitutes, wherein the module includes an application mode for acquiring substitute information, a preferences mode for providing preferences relevant to the substitute process and a grading mode for analyzing the substitute information, wherein substitute fulfillment is completed based on results obtained from said management module is provided. Also provided is a method of fulfilling substitute positions by entering substitute information into an application mode of a management module, verifying the entered information, and approving substitutes that fulfill substitute requirements.07-09-2009
20090319345Method for evaluating performance of internal network in an enterprise - An evaluating method for internal network performance by simulation of a flow network model with an acceptable threshold for the required flow of the internal network is applied to a computer system. The network model comprises plural nodes and document flow paths, wherein each said node corresponds to one employee of the internal network with a capacity, which is tested to get a testing result, and each said document flow path has a flow, which maps into a probability distribution data by a probability mapping function. According to the probability mapping function and operation relationship between the capacity and the flow together with the acceptable threshold and the probability distribution data, a system reliability value is calculated out and shown in a display screen.12-24-2009
20090319347SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR A HOLISTIC WELL-BEING ASSESSMENT - Systems and methods are described for an assessment tool built on a holistic well-being improvement model. The model consists of a series of assessments including, but not limited to a well-being improvement assessment, work productivity assessment, and a clinical health risk assessment. A member would complete these assessments through an internet site, on paper, on the phone, and/or on any other medium generally known in the art. After a member participates in the assessment, the assessment is analyzed based on a series of predefined algorithms. A member is then provided with system tools and access to third party behavior change tools and resources. Concurrently the data is compiled for the benefit of an employer and/or a provider in the form of an aggregate report in order to understand the status of the current population's well being and also providing the ability to predict future outcomes. The system further tracks the progress of a member on their well-being goals and behaviors.12-24-2009
20090319346Intelligently interactive profiling system and method - One aspect of the invention is a method for identifying at least one property of data. An example of the method includes receiving data, and making assessments regarding the data. The method also includes applying at least one behavioral operator, and outputting results. The method further comprises receiving feedback concerning system performance. Additionally, the method includes adjusting at least one parameter based on the feedback received concerning system performance, wherein the at least one parameter is a parameter of a machine learning method.12-24-2009
20090112704MANAGEMENT TOOL FOR EFFICIENT ALLOCATION OF SKILLS AND RESOURCES - A method for identifying a user having computer skills substantially in accordance with a predetermined skill set. The method may include identifying one or more users, identifying one or more computer skills of the user, and monitoring computer usage of the user to dynamically determine a proficiency level of the user with respect to the computer skill. Embodiments of the method may further include storing the proficiency level in a user profile for the user, and correlating the user profile with a predetermined skill set to identify one or more users having computer skills that best match the predetermined skill set.04-30-2009
20090018900PARKING FACILITY CUSTOMER SERVICE AND ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM - A parking access control system and a method of its operation in association with a parking facility. A customer operates a call box to initiate a communications session with an attendant control device operated by an attendant. In particular, the customer requests the attendant to control an exit gate so as to enable the customer to exit the parking facility with a vehicle. In response, the attendant may input into the attendant control device one of several available predetermined override conditions, which will be logged as an override transaction entry in a database in memory. After the override condition is entered, then the exit gate will operate so as to enable the customer to exit the parking facility. The override transaction entry further may also include an identification of the attendant.01-15-2009
20080270225Apparatus and Methods for Determining Availability and Performance of Entities Providing Services in a Distributed System Using Filtered Service Consumer Feedback - The invention concerns apparatus and methods that determine availability and performance of entities providing services in a distributed system using filtered service-consumer feedback. In particular, apparatus and methods of the invention filter service-consumer feedback in order to reduce the effect of circumstances unique to individual service consumers or to groups of service consumers that do not accurately reflect the actual availability or performance of service-providing entities. In this way an accurate appraisal is gained regarding the performance and availability of a service-providing entity. Reactive methods of the invention can be combined with proactive methods such as, for example, active status probing, to further improve the accuracy of data concerning the status and availability of service-providing entities.10-30-2008
20100274639Organization Evaluation Apparatus and Organization Evaluation System - Provided is an organization evaluation device, including: a reception unit for receiving data indicating a physical quantity detected by a sensor of a terminal worn by each of a plurality of persons; a personal index calculation module for calculating, from at least one of the data indicating the physical quantity and a business index of each of the plurality of persons, a personal index of each of the plurality of persons; a weight coefficient calculation module for calculating a weight coefficient indicating a degree of involvement of each of the plurality of persons in the first organization from the data indicating the physical quantity; and an organization index calculation module for calculating, by obtaining a weighted average of a plurality of the personal indices using the weight coefficient, an organization index of the first organization.10-28-2010
20100306036Method, System and Apparatus for Evaluation of Employee Competencies Using a Compression/Acceleration Methodology - A mechanism to evaluate the value of employee competencies across a business entity is provided. Managers provide raw interpretations of employee competencies in a variety of selected competency areas. The raw evaluations of employee competencies are weighted and stored according to an organizational utility of each competency to the business entity, arriving at an adjusted competency value for each competency. Depth of an employee's competency in a particular area is evaluated by selecting the highest adjusted competency value for an employee and then compressing that highest adjusted competency value in order to level initial assessments of an employee's strongest skill. This compressed value is augmented by one or more accelerators based upon the assessments of the employee's other competencies. The result is an overall domain competency rating for the employee that can then be used for comparison against other employees in the business entity.12-02-2010
20100312615Multi-Vendor Registration and Rewards System - Systems and method to provide and encourage cross-industry collaboration between and amongst independent business partners designed to serve the needs of the indirect channel. Through the system, participating Members search for potential partners based on validated credentials across vendor ecosystems and professional certifications. Results can be further refined using additional filters including the use of keywords and location based attributes. Members review prospective partners' profiles and ratings, which may be obtained from fellow partners, to screen and select partners with whom they can share potential business through registered Customer Opportunities, i.e. Collaborations. Upon closing new business, the system provides tools to track each Collaboration's progress all the way through to the claims process where collaborating partners share in the aggregated Rewards earned from Sponsoring vendor organizations.12-09-2010
20090070202Competitive rewards benchmarking system and method - The invention concerns a system and method for implementing and/or administering a competitive rewards database. Member data is received from at least one member computer via a data feed. The (raw) member data is automatically mapped and incorporated into the competitive rewards database. A data capture tool, preferably coupled to a data network, is operable to adjust the mapping of member data. A rewards workbench, preferably coupled to a data network, is generally operable to query the competitive rewards database.03-12-2009
20090070201ONLINE INFORMATION MARKETPLACE PERFORMING DATA ANALYSIS - A computer-implemented method for gathering information is described. The computer-implemented method includes generating an information request responsive to input from an information buyer. The computer implemented method also includes providing the information request to a user. Moreover, the computer-implemented method includes receiving information from the user responsive to the information request. The computer-implemented method further includes assessing quality of the information received from the user.03-12-2009
20100332294METHOD AND SYSTEMS FOR MONITORING MACHINE AND OPERATOR PRODUCTIVITY AND PROFITABILITY - A method includes collecting cost data indicative of production systems using machinery on or in conjunction with natural resource management using an onboard computer of the machine, collecting environmental data using the onboard computer, the environmental data indicative of environmental conditions associated with use of the machine and/or management and production of a natural resource, collecting machine and/or natural resource data using the onboard computer, the machine data indicative of operation of the machine and production of the natural resource, and performing an analysis of at least one of cost data or revenue data using the environmental data and the machine data, the analysis performed using the onboard computer or a computer remotely connected.12-30-2010
20100332293COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A system is provided for central monitoring of operational and safety compliance at remote work sites.12-30-2010
20110035260METHODS, APPARATUS, AND SYSTEMS FOR QUALITY ASSESSMENT OF LOCATE AND/OR MARKING OPERATIONS BASED ON PROCESS GUIDES - Facilitating a quality assessment of a locate and/or marking operation to detect and/or mark a presence or an absence of at least one underground facility within a dig area, wherein at least a portion of the dig area is planned to be excavated or disturbed during excavation activities. Electronic process guide information is acquired from a process guide associated with the locate and/or marking operation, wherein the process guide comprises at least one task to be performed by a locate technician in connection with the locate and/or marking operation. Performance information relating to at least one aspect of the locate and/or marking operation as performed by a locate technician is received, and prior to completion of the locate and/or marking operation, at least one indication of at least one aspect of a quality assessment of the locate and/or marking operation is generated based at least in part on the process guide information acquired from the process guide and the received performance information.02-10-2011
20110071887Multi-level real estate method and system - A method of compensating a plurality of participants, includes hierarchically representing, in a database communicatively associated with a computer, a multi-level real estate team, the team being based upon sponsoring of members in the team; collecting, from a real estate entity, a fee based at least in part on a real estate transaction; placing the collected fees into a revenue pool; determining by the computer, via interrogation against the database, a respective productivity bonus for respective team members based at least in part on the hierarchy between the team members; and distributing, based at least in part on the computer determination, the respective productivity bonuses from the revenue pool to respective team members.03-24-2011
20100235228Service provider evaluation and feedback collection and rating system - The service provider feedback collection and rating system of the present invention includes a system to quantify the quality of the service in the care industry. The system provides patients and their families the information they need to make an informed decision regarding the care for their loved one by identifying standards for the particular service industry, compares adherence to those standards between care providers. The system provides for a care provider to create its own professional profile listing all of its standards, policies, procedures, employee turnover, performance, and other criteria it feels may be important to prospective clients, and customers of the care provider to evaluate the accuracy of the care provider's profile, as well as provide comments and reviews of their experiences with that care provider. This information, when considered as a whole, is then used to create a care providing rating. Prospective customers can then easily compare the ratings from various care providers.09-16-2010
20100131341GATHERING AND DISSEMINATING QUALITY PERFORMANCE AND AUDIT ACTIVITY DATA IN AN EXTENDED ENTERPRISE ENVIRONMENT - A method for facilitating supplier auditing functions in a communications network environment is disclosed. The method includes receiving a request from a user system of an enterprise system to initiate an activity. The activity includes assessing a supplier record for determining a need to schedule a supplier audit, and scheduling the audit for performing an initial or ongoing qualification of an existing or prospective trading partner of the enterprise system. Assessing the supplier record includes reviewing past audit activity, date of last audit, and results of past audits. The enterprise system retrieves data from at least one database, which corresponds to the request. The enterprise system includes a quality information network application for executing activity options that include the activity requested by the user system.05-27-2010
20090216627METHOD, SYSTEM AND SOFTWARE FOR TALENT MANAGEMENT - A method of analysing talent within an organisation including the step of displaying a graph showing the frequency of values of a factor for a plurality of individuals within the organisation.08-27-2009
20100070348METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR EVALUATION OF BUSINESS PERFORMANCES OF BUSINESS ENTERPRISES - The present invention discloses a method and an apparatus for evaluation of business performances of business enterprises. This invention envisages a resource based costing methodology and new form of a company rating designated as resource based profit points or Resource Tool Profit Points [RTPP]. The resources specified here are financial resources and non-financial resources. The financial resources include money (capital), manpower, machines (assets), materials, management, and information; and the non-financial resources include customer focusing, quality of products and services, employee satisfaction and the ability to formulate appropriate business strategies. The RTPP rating computed for a company measures the company's cost strength, value strength and management strength, in a scientific and quantifiable manner. A periodic assessment of companies through the RTP method proposed by the present invention helps in arresting the malignant growth of a company and in highlighting the areas where corrective actions need to be taken.03-18-2010
20100057542WORK PROGRESS DISPLAY DEVICE AND WORK PROGRESS DISPLAY METHOD - A work progress display device and method capable of maintaining work efficiency of a worker by encouraging the worker to work. The work progress display device comprises a storage unit for storing a capability value indicating work capability of a worker, a calculation unit for calculating, in accordance with the capability value, a standard value serving as a work standard of the worker, and a display unit for displaying actual work progress of the worker as an actual performance value, and the display unit displays the standard value so as to be able to be compared with the actual performance value. By looking at this device, a worker can compare actual work progress with his or her work standard determined by his or her capability and check a difference.03-04-2010
20100063871LINKING SERVICE LEVEL EXPECTATIONS TO PERFORMING ENTITIES - The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for linking service level expectations to performing entities. Embodiments of the invention facilitate an express, measured relationship between each entity and the performance of a corresponding business capability. Thus, when an entity or layer changes, the impact to the performance can be asserted, and later validated through the specific measures. Schematized links for entities and/or business layers can be used to connect to a service level expectation schema to appropriately define how entities and/or business layers contribute to the performance of a business capability.03-11-2010
20100306037METHOD FOR PROVIDING SHOPPING MALL AND SERVER SYSTEM THEREFORE - A method for providing a virtual shopping mall is provided. The method includes receiving a request for a multi-party goods sale contest, proceeding with the multi-party goods sale contest when the contest is established in response to the request, analyzing a contest result in consideration of a sale record after a predetermined time lapses or other triggering even occurs, determining a goods sale rank of the plurality of sellers based on the analyzed sale result, and giving different benefits to buyers purchasing goods of the plurality of sellers according to the determined sale rank.12-02-2010
20100114670METHOD AND TOOL FOR SYSTEMATIZING INTRODUCTION OF PROCESS MODIFICATION - The present invention relates to a method and tool for systematizing introduction of a change to a process. The method and tool provide a virtual representation of the process, which includes at least one method having a plurality of steps. Then, the method and tool identify an input required, an output produced and corresponding control logic of at least one intervening resource involved in at least one of the steps. Finally, the method and tool evaluate, based on the input require, output produced and the control logic of the at least one intervening resource, impact of the change to the at least one intervening resource.05-06-2010
20100114673MEASURING THE RESPONSIVENESS OF INDIVIDUALS IN A SPECIFIED COLLABORATIVE ENVIRONMENT - In a collaborative environment wherein persons use a specified system to communicate with one another, and a first person receives a request for information from one or more other persons, embodiments of the invention are used to provide a comprehensive measurement of collaboration that indicates the effectiveness of the first person in collaborating with one or more other persons in the environment. In an embodiment directed to a method, the embodiment includes, for each response made by the first person to one of the received requests, determining the value of at least one metric that represents the value of the response. The method further includes deriving one or more additional measurement values, wherein each additional measurement value represents the value of the participation of the first person in each of one or more additional measurable collaborative activities. The method further comprises selectively combining each of the metric values with each of the additional measurement values, and also with a prespecified policy, in order to produce the comprehensive measurement of collaboration.05-06-2010
20100114671CREATING A TRAINING TOOL - Techniques for creating a training technique for an individual are provided. The techniques include obtaining video of one or more events and information from a transaction log that corresponds to the one or more events, wherein the one or more events relate to one or more actions of an individual, classifying the one or more events into one or more event categories, comparing the one or more classified events with an enterprise best practices model to determine a degree of compliance, examining the one or more classified events to correct one or more misclassifications, if any, and revise the one or more event categories with the one or more corrected misclassifications, if any, and using the degree of compliance to create a training technique for the individual.05-06-2010
20100070347Using Conflict of Interest [COI] Method and System in Creating Investment Portfolio - In the past, the practice of creating investment portfolio has been focused on the diversification of investment without specifically identifying investment risks. This invention is related to a method of diversification which considers the level of potential for conflict of interest (COI) risk as part of a diversification process. The COI has its origin in the interaction among market participants, market structure, business arrangement and practice. The advantage of the present invention is that the COI becomes a primary factor in creating the portfolio. This method provides a direct analysis of the COI risk that associates with entire investment process and the manager, and it is further integrated into the portfolio creation process. The COI Method opens new paths to perform risk analysis and could be integrated into decision process in other fields of investment.03-18-2010
20100004982QUANTIFYING TRUST IN COMPUTING NETWORKS - Method for calculating a trust value of an agent in a computing network. In one implementation, the method may include receiving information pertaining to a first agent's previous actions, quantifying a discrepancy between an expected behavior and an actual behavior of the first agent during the first agent's previous actions, and determining the trust value of the first agent based on the quantified discrepancy.01-07-2010
20090094101QUICK TO COACH: A Performance Management Tool - The current invention is a human capital performance management tool which creates measurable performance expectations for correcting ineffective behavior. The tool provides managers a “what to say and how to say it” coaching conversation and documentation to address behaviors specific to individual employee performances.04-09-2009
20090292595Online E-Commerce and networking system with user requested sponsor advertisements - A new generation online e-commerce and networking system is disclosed. According to the embodiments of the present invention, the online e-commerce and networking system is based on: 1) a new model of meeting individuals' work and life needs and integrating entities' processes to create large online networks; 2) a new advertising model of associating online advertisements with goods services, activities, and incentives that meet users' needs to allow users to solicit or request sponsorships so that direct interaction between users and advertisers is enabled; and 3) a new community model to enable entities to build deeper and better relationships with users through entities' direct involvement in online community building and real and virtual event hosting for users to participate.11-26-2009
20090240573Computerized Method and System for Providing a Continuing Education Credit Card - An improved computerized method for provides credit card services by a card issuer. The improvement operates in connection with continuing education offered to a constituent of an organization. In this context, the constituent has an account with the card issuer and the improvement includes storing, in association with the account, data associated with a provider's course approved by the organization for enrollment by the constituent. It also includes processing incoming merchant charges to be posted to the account to flag any charge identified as pertaining to the approved course by the associated data and to store such charge as flagged. Finally it includes deferring billing of any flagged charge, pending settlement of such flagged charge under an arrangement with the organization.09-24-2009
20090240574Systems and Methods for Ranking Investors and Rating Investment Positions - Systems and methods for ranking an investor are described. An investor is one buying an investment position. The ranking comprises generating a skill score for each investor of a plurality of investors, where the skill score represents an Information Ratio (IR) of the investor. The ranking comprises generating a persistence score for each investor of the plurality of investors such that the persistence score represents skill of the investor relative to a benchmark. The ranking comprises generating a confidence score for each investor of the plurality of investors. The confidence score represents an investment win percentage relative to an investment loss percentage. The ranking comprises generating a rank score for each investor by combining the skill score, the persistence score and the confidence score. The rank score categorizes the investor relative to other investors based upon historical investment data and real-time brokerage account data.09-24-2009
20090210298TICKET APPROVAL SYSTEM FOR AND METHOD OF PERFORMING QUALITY CONTROL IN FIELD SERVICE APPLICATIONS - Methods and apparatus for facilitating oversight and quality control of a plurality of locate and marking operations performed by a plurality of locate technicians forming an approver group reviewed by an approver. An approver logs-in to access an approver inbox comprising a plurality of displayed locate technician windows, each locate technician window associated with one locate technician of the approver group. The approver selects a first locate technician window representing a first locate technician, and in response information relating to a first operation performed by the first technician is displayed. The approver provides an approver quality assessment input representing a first quality assessment of the first operation, and an electronic record of the first quality assessment is generated and stored.08-20-2009
20110054985ASSESSING A COMMUNICATION STYLE OF A PERSON TO GENERATE A RECOMMENDATION CONCERNING COMMUNICATION BY THE PERSON IN A PARTICULAR COMMUNICATION ENVIRONMENT - In one embodiment, a method includes accessing a set of responses to an instrument for assessing a communication style of a person; based on the set of responses to the instrument, determining a communication profile of the person that indicates how the person mentally processes information, how the person mentally organizes information, how comfortable the person is at expressing himself or herself, and whether the person presents information in a more linear manner or a more nonlinear manner; based on the communication profile of the person, generating a recommendation concerning communication by the person in a particular communication environment; and communicating the recommendation for consideration.03-03-2011
20100262470METHODS, APPARATUS, AND SYSTEMS FOR ANALYZING USE OF A MARKING DEVICE BY A TECHNICIAN TO PERFORM AN UNDERGROUND FACILITY MARKING OPERATION - Methods, apparatus, and systems for monitoring a technician's performance of a marking operation to indicate the presence or absence of an underground facility, wherein the technician uses a marking device. Operating information representative of motion of the marking device during performance of the marking operation by the technician is analyzed to determine a pattern of motion. In one example, the pattern of motion is compared to at least one previously-identified pattern of motion associated with at least one technician. In various aspects, the operating information may representative of an acceleration, a velocity, a distance traveled by, and/or an angle of inclination of the marking device. In another aspect, the previously-identified pattern of motion may be a technician signature representing a pattern of motion unique to a technician.10-14-2010
20100217653METHOD FOR SOURCING REPLACEMENT PARTS - A method of sourcing a piece of equipment or a replacement part includes preparing a part request record, providing a part source database, an access portal, searching part source records in the database according to one or more search parameters associated with the part, part requestor or part source, creating a prospective part source list, and prioritizing the part source list by one or more indexing fields, to identify sources predicted to have the part at the best combination of quality, price, and other similar factors.08-26-2010
20090299830DATA ANALYSIS AND FLOW CONTROL SYSTEM - A computer implemented method and system for analysing and identifying the flow of internal and external communications in a large enterprise by collecting and analysing data relating to the information flow. The system comprises: a capture component adapted to capture communication activity data comprising communication data relating to the type of communication and organisational data relating to parties participating in the communication, the capture component further adapted to transform the communication data into a common format in dependence on the type of communication activity; an analysis component adapted to analyse the transformed data to identify patterns of communications and variances from previous patterns of communications; and, a presentation component adapted to present the data or results of data analysis.12-03-2009
20090299829SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR JOB PLACEMENT - A computer-implemented method of recording employment history of a job seeker includes receiving at least one employment experience selection from a job seeker. A plurality of skills related to the at least one employment experience selection are presented to the job seeker over a network. The job seeker is asked to provide a time period corresponding to an amount of time that the job seeker has used a selected skill. The job seeker is also asked to select one of a plurality of predefined competency ratings for the selected skill. A time period and competency rating for the selected skill is received. A freeform text entry field is provided for the job seeker to provide information about how the job seeker has performed a selected task. A description of how the job seeker has performed the selected task is received over the network from the freeform text entry field. The at least one employment experience selection, the selected skill and related skill data received from the job seeker, and the selected task and related task data received from the job seeker are stored in a database on the server.12-03-2009
20090292594SYSTEM FOR EVALUATING AN EMPLOYEE - A system for computerized employee evaluations. The system can include at least one processor in communication with a database; at least one client device for communicating with the processor. The database can have a plurality of computer instructions. The computer instructions can include computer instructions for creating at least one fillable employee evaluation template with at least 8 non-industry specific categories.11-26-2009
20090254423Sales Management System and Method - A method and system facilitates management of sales activities of sales associates. Sales information from a remote computer is received by a server computer. The server computer processes the sales information, and the system identifies weaknesses of the sales associates based on the sales information. Once a weakness is identified, the system further identifies advice content based on the identified weaknesses of the sales associates. In one component, the system utilizes an activity curve, which tracks aggregate sales information through the sales cycle. The advice content may be determined based on a shape of the activity curve.10-08-2009
20100030627 SYSTEM AND METHOD OF MANAGING PROJECT TEMPLATES - There is a system and method of managing project templates, according to one embodiment of the invention, including a management system module configured to manage template information over a computerized system. The system includes a quality control module configured to review template information from the management system module for protocol compliance; and a categorization module configured to categorize template information from the management system module. The system also includes a registration module configured to register a user for a creator account with the management system module; wherein the creator account is configured to transmit template information to the management system module; and a compensation module configured to compensate the creator account for other users purchasing the user's template information. The system also includes a network module configured to couple the system to a computerized network.02-04-2010
20100030626DISTRIBUTED SOFTWARE FAULT IDENTIFICATION AND REPAIR - This invention relates to methods and a system for supporting software. In one embodiment, a method for providing an updated version of a software program includes conducting a first competition for identifying faults in a software program and conducting a second competition for fixing the identified faults.02-04-2010
20100023384SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REWARDING EMPLOYEES OF AN ORGANISATION - A system and method of rewarding employees of an organisation are provided. The method includes awarding points to an employee for participation in a plurality of program areas. The total points awarded to the employee for a predetermined period is then calculated and the employee is rewarded with at least one reward depending on the total points awarded to the employee.01-28-2010
20100023385Individual productivity and utilization tracking tool - A method of tracking productivity and utilization information regarding an individual of an organization. The method including entering via an input device information regarding the individual into a database that: 1) identifies each direct task worked on by the individual during a session of work, 2) direct time applied to each of the identified direct tasks during the session of work, and 3) a number of units processed or completed for each of the identified direct tasks corresponding to each of the applied direct times. The method further including displaying on a display information regarding productivity and utilization for the individual based on the direct tasks, the direct times and the number of units that are present in the database.01-28-2010
20090319344ASSESSMENT OF SALES FORCE PERSONNEL FOR IMPROVEMENT OF SALES PERFORMANCE - Personality, behavior and competency assessment data is obtained for a sales person (or group of sales persons), particularly via a computer-implemented interface. The resulting overall individual (or aggregated) assessment data is then compared with high sales performer benchmark data to identify performance improvement opportunities that, in turn, are used to identify at least one specific action for the sales person (or group of sales persons). Such techniques may be use with sales management personnel as well. Reports based on the assessment results and comparisons thereof with high sales performer benchmark data may be created and provided to the individuals being assessed or persons associated with the individual sales persons. The personality, behavior and competency assessment data may also be used to identify predictive characteristics of high sales performers that may be subsequently used to predict other characteristics of individuals or groups.12-24-2009
20090216628CONFIGURABLE, QUESTIONNAIRE-BASED PROJECT ASSESSMENT - Project assessment is initiated with receipt of project specification data that is descriptive, among other things, of at least one skill set or domain applied to the project. Based on the project specification data, one or more questionnaires, each corresponding to one of the identified skill sets, are automatically selected. Each of the selected questionnaires comprises questions concerning best practices applicable to the corresponding one skill set. The identified questionnaires are provided to a user and, in turn, assessment data is received in response to the one or more questionnaires. Based on the assessment data, an overall project score and other scores can be determined and presented. The at least one skill set may identify specific technologies being applied to the project. Because the questions presented in the at least one questionnaire require standardized answers, results from among a plurality of reviewers may be compared more readily.08-27-2009
20090144134Method and system for active process improvement in the production of products - A method of problem analysis within an organization having one or more production levels is provided. The method includes defining a plurality of organizational principles that apply to the organization. The method also includes defining a plurality of practices to enable the plurality of organizational principles. Each of the practices is associated with at least one metric for performance measurement. The method also includes displaying each metric at a display at one of the production levels. The method also includes enabling a meeting between two or more organization personnel concerning at least one metric. The meeting is to identify a problem associated with the at least one metric.06-04-2009
20080306811Method system and device to evaluate employees and employers - A video recorded professional interview and assessment of potential employees for the benefit of employers so the latter can examine potential employees at times and speed convenient to the employers selecting only those most suitable for live interviews.12-11-2008
20100057543System and methods for monitoring caregiver performance - Systems and methods for monitoring the performance of a caregiver are disclosed. The systems may be configured to monitor the movement of each subject in a network of subjects. One such system includes a plurality of strips adhered in spaced-apart relation on a mattress pad, upon which a subject is positioned. One or more transmitter is provided coupled to the plurality of strips. A processor is connected to the one or more transmitter. The processor is provided with operating software to record and report caregiver activity or both caregiver activity and subject activity.03-04-2010
20090171771METHOD, SYSTEM AND SOFTWARE FOR TALENT MANAGEMENT - A method of managing talent including the steps of a user dragging an icon representing an individual within a continuum of one or more dimensions to record the value of one or more attributes of the individual; and refining the position of the icon within the continuum with reference to an objective standard; wherein each dimension corresponds to an attribute.07-02-2009
20090171770INTEGRATED PURCHASING SYSTEM - A system for use in conjunction with an electronic purchasing guide may include definition of a purchasing objective, generation of an evaluation of the purchasing objective based on purchasing activity, identification of an employee performance indicator associated with the purchasing objective, and determination of an employee evaluation based on the employee performance indicator and the evaluation of the purchasing objective.07-02-2009
20100076821AUTOMATED PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEM WITH A COMPENSATION SIMULATOR - A performance appraisal system is provided for reviewing employees' performance of a company. The performance appraisal system may be integrated with a compensation simulator such that compensation for each employee may be associated with his/her respective performance. On a computer graphical user interface, employees in an organizational unit of the company may be shown in a grid pane displaying a variety of performance tiers. The employees may be distributed among the performance tiers based on performance appraisals. In response to an employee change performance tier, for example, an employee may be dragged from one performance tier and dropped in a different performance tier, the system automatically makes corresponding changes to respective performance appraisals. The integrated compensation simulator simulates adjustments to compensations for affected employees based on changes to performance appraisals. Alternatively, the system may list employees in a table and the table may contain a number of sections corresponding to a number of performance tiers. In response to an employee change from one section to an adjacent section, for example, caused by an adjustment of a section, the employee may be changed from one performance tier to another performance tier.03-25-2010
20100198663METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR OVERLAYING ELECTRONIC MARKING INFORMATION ON FACILITIES MAP INFORMATION AND/OR OTHER IMAGE INFORMATION DISPLAYED ON A MARKING DEVICE - A marking device for a marking operation to mark a presence or an absence of one or more underground facilities is configured to access and display facilities map information, and/or other image information, as a visual aid to facilitate the marking operation. In various aspects, methods and apparatus relate to: selection of an appropriate “base” facilities map, or information from a database of facilities map data, relating to a given work site/dig area; selection of an appropriate pan and/or zoom (resolution) for displaying facilities map information; appropriately updating displayed facilities map information while a marking device is used during a marking operation (e.g. changing pan, zoom and/or orientation); overlaying on the displayed facilities map information marking information and/or landmark information relating to the marking operation; and storing locally on the marking device, and/or transmitting from the marking device, facilities map information and/or overlaid marking/landmark information (e.g., for further processing, analysis and/or subsequent display).08-05-2010
20110066476Business management assessment and consulting assistance system and associated method - The present invention is an automated system and method for managing the delivery of management knowledge and other resources. The invention includes the design of assessment instrument(s) based on affiliate/service provider objectives. Assessments include the evaluation and scoring on seven management practices. These practices and the Management Maturity Model (M3) are used to help users understand their business' or organization's maturity level. The system provides owners information from affiliates and other knowledge resource providers based on assessment results and other profile information. At different levels of access or subscription, the system assigns an advisor or consultant to a user. Advisors are provided access to assessment results and system-developed reports. The system provides the user questions to help describe the type of support needed. The advisor has access to the user's description of need and can provide a proposal for the user.03-17-2011
20110066475Systems and Methods for Providing Information Relating to Professional Growth - Systems and methods for providing information relating to professional growth are provided. A client provides client data regarding professional growth. The current level of professional growth of the client is determined, and the next level of professional growth is identified. The client is provided with information regarding the next level, based on the identification of the next level.03-17-2011
20100094688DRIVER TRAINING SYSTEMS - A computer system that is configured to: (A) define a geofence surrounding a geographic area; (B) gather information associated with the geofenced area; and (C) assign one or more parameters to the geofenced area based on the information gathered, wherein at least one of the assigned parameters is used to monitor the performance of a delivery vehicle driver while the delivery vehicle driver is operating a delivery vehicle within the geofenced area. In particular embodiments, the parameters include a backup limit defining a number of times a delivery vehicle operating within the geofenced area is permitted to back up while operating the delivery vehicle within the geofenced area (e.g., during a particular delivery cycle). In other embodiments, the parameters include a maximum speed limit for the geofenced area. The system may be adapted to automatically generate an alert in response to the delivery vehicle operating outside of the defined parameters.04-15-2010
20100094687SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REPORTING PRODUCTIVITY - Embodiments of the present disclosure provide systems and methods for assessing the productivity of workers employing vehicles at worksites. Devices are provided for characterizing vehicle usage into a variety of vehicle status categories. The time spent by the vehicle in the various status categories may be compared against relevant standards in order to provide useful measures of the vehicle's productivity. This productivity information may be further provided to a interface device on a continuous or periodic basis so as to allow the operator, construction managers and clients to easily access the information. These measures of productivity may be further combined with geographical information systems (GIS) in order to provide reports of productivity having a geographical context which yield further insights. From this information, appropriate incentives and sanctions may be provided to vehicle operators in order to reward or change behaviors, helping to maintain and enhance productivity.04-15-2010
20100250343SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INCREASING EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY - An exemplary embodiment of the computerized system and method for increasing employee productivity provides a database for storing data, a data inputting device for inputting expected output parameters into the database and a data acquiring device for acquiring actual output data during performance of any workplace duties, preferably in real-time. The data acquiring device may be linked by an interface that transfers the acquired data to the database, where a processor may evaluate the inputted data versus the acquired data. The processor is connected to a data displaying device that may display the inputted, acquired and evaluated data, preferably in real-time.09-30-2010
20100250342Approaches for Enforcing Best Practices and Policies Through Computerized Processes - Approaches for employing computerized processes to conform the behavior of users to a set of best practices and policies is provided. In an approach, a tool for use in performing a desired task may be identified. A plurality of characteristic values is stored, on a machine-readable medium, for each of a plurality of tools. Each of the plurality of characteristic values identifies a number that reflects how much the tool associated with the characteristic value supports a particular characteristic. A score for each of the plurality of tools is computed. The score for each tool is the sum of the characteristic values that are associated with each tool. Thereafter, display data that describes how to render a pictorial representation, which uses the scores in depicting a relative measure of how appropriate each of the plurality of tools is for the desired task, may be transmitted to a client.09-30-2010
20100174588SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR BANKING MARKET ANALYSIS - System and method of estimating a wallet share for one or more advisors for investment banking deals involving equity-related products that occurred during an evaluation time period. Method may comprising determining a fee estimate for the one or more advisors for the deals involving equity-related products during the evaluation time period, wherein the fee estimate for the one or more advisors for each deal is determined based on one or more look-up tables specific to the type of equity-related product and the geographic region for the deal, and wherein the one or more look-up tables indicate a fee estimate for the one or more advisors based on the deal size, the number of advisors, and the role of the one or more advisors. Method may also comprise determining a wallet share for the one or more advisors over the evaluation time period based on an aggregation of the fee estimates for the one or more advisors during the evaluation time period.07-08-2010
20100174587PET SERVICE EXCHANGE MARKET - Embodiments of the present invention are directed to methods and systems of creating and operating a pet service exchange marketplace. The marketplace facilitates the matching of members desiring pet care services with other members willing to provide these services. Point values may be established for various services and these points may be debited or credited to members of the pet care service marketplace in exchange for the performance of pet care services. According to some embodiments, the methods and systems operate to maintain an equilibrium between negative point balances and positive point balances of the members of the system.07-08-2010
20100299185Diagnostic Tools and Methods Thereof - A diagnostic tool for use in adjusting a welding project. The diagnostic tool having an input device adapted to transfer base data into a first computer readable database. The input device further adapted to transfer performance data relating to each welding apparatus into a second computer readable database. The diagnostic tool further having a computer program adapted to transform the base transform the base data and the performance data into optimization data. The diagnostic tool further having an output device adapted to display the optimization data.11-25-2010
20100049595Change Management - A method and system of generating an analytical tool for use in assessing a state of an entity is described. The method comprises retrieving source data relating to a state of a community of which the entity forms a part, the source data resulting from a data collecting and analysis mechanism and the source data relating to at least one variable and the, or each, variable comprising a plurality of drivers; performing cluster analysis on the source data to produce an array of reference data; and organising the array of reference data into a form to be used in analysing data collected from the community. An analytical tool for use in assessing the state of an entity is also described and comprises an array of cells, each cell containing a subset of reference data which provides a measure of each driver related to the state of a community of which the entity forms a part, and the positioning of the cells relative to one another being governed by the inter-relationship of the reference data contained in the cells.02-25-2010
20100274638Distributed Apparatus and System for Processing Client Referrals and Referral Fees - An apparatus configured with software to create a geographical distributed referral system, assign a monetary value to referrals and to efficiently process direct cash payments to the referral source without requiring that of the referral source have knowledge about a particular provider of goods and services which will fulfill the referral.10-28-2010
20100010883METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR FACILITATING A QUALITY ASSESSMENT OF A FIELD SERVICE OPERATION BASED ON MULTIPLE QUALITY ASSESSMENT CRITERIA - Methods of generating and storage-mediums storing at least one data structure for facilitating a quality assessment of a locate operation performed by a field-service technician to identify a presence or an absence of at least one underground facility. The data structure comprises a plurality of quality assessment criteria relating to the locate operation, at least two scoring categories for at least some of the plurality of quality assessment criteria, each scoring category associated with a unique quality assessment indicator, and at least one expected data value or range of expected data values for each scoring category.01-14-2010
20100010882METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR QUALITY ASSESSMENT OF A FIELD SERVICE OPERATION BASED ON DYNAMIC ASSESSMENT PARAMETERS - Methods, apparatus and systems for computer-aided determination of quality assessment for locate and marking operations. In one example, information related to a locate and marking operation is electronically analyzed such that a quality assessment is made using assessment parameters that are dynamically selected based at least in part on first information describing at least some aspects of the locate and marking operation as performed by a field-service technician and second information relating to a description of the locate operation to be performed.01-14-2010
20100010881Using a Conflict of Interest Method and System with Regression Analysis for Analyzing Portfolio Manager Performance - To analyze the factors that contribute to the performance of the portfolio manager has always been a challenging task. Traditionally, the background of the manager, statistical data associated with the manager, and many tangible and intangible considerations play a role in the evaluation of the manager. A portfolio manager can not operate without the supporting teams; the manager is also influenced by the operational environment and a changing market structure. For this invention, the conflict of interest method is utilized to characterize the operational environment and the market structure that have been missing from traditional evaluation method of the manager. The objective of this invention is to introduce a balanced method for evaluating the portfolio manager by analyzing the investment process and its components that the manager has to work with it. By building the COIS into regression analysis, the contributing factors of performance are extended from factors associate with the manager to include factors related to the market participants, investment process, business practice, operational environment and market structure. The COI Method opens new paths to perform analysis and decision making in many fields of investment.01-14-2010
20100010880PERFORMANCE OBSERVATION, TRACKING AND IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A growth cycle includes frequent observations and ongoing communication in a professional growth cycle. The professional growth cycle includes a walk-though, feedback, and professional reflection and implementation/application. A computer network system for conducting observations of individual professionals and administering observation results includes an observation software module to generate from a predetermined list of learners a listing of at least one learner for a scheduled observation event by a predetermined observer. Predetermined options are selectable by the observer related to the observation event. A scheduling module is in data communication with a calendar module. The scheduling module is configured to enter data and extract data associated with scheduled observation events from the calendar module. An observation criteria module is configured to generate observation criteria for guiding the observer in conducting the observation event.01-14-2010
20090018899User collaboration system and server - There is provided a facile sound communication tool that can quickly communicate with a necessary partner when needed. The real-time contexts of users are detected from sensors that are worn by the users, and diverse sensors that are located around the respective users to obtain data. The data is transmitted to a server. A context analyzer of a processor in the server determines the busyness of the respective users on the basis of the data, and a collaboration controller controls a communication between the respective users on the basis of the busyness.01-15-2009
20110047008SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FEE DETERMINATION IN A COMMUNITY-BASED DISPUTE RESOLUTION - There is provided a system and method for fee determination in a network-based dispute resolution environment. A request to resolve a dispute within a network-based community is received from a first disputant. A fee to resolve the dispute is collected from the first disputant. At least a portion of the fee is returned to the first disputant when an outcome of the dispute is in favor of the first disputant. A panel of one or more members of a network-based community determines the outcome of the dispute. The one or more members may be compensated based on overall performance.02-24-2011
20110047007SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COMMUNITY-BASED DISPUTE RESOLUTION - There is provided a method and system to enable resolving a dispute using a networked dispute resolution environment. Jurors may be selected from members of a network-based community. A panel of jurors including one or more members is formed and provided evidence associated with the dispute for review. The evidence may include a description of the dispute and comments from at least one party to the dispute. A decision on the dispute based on input received from the panel is then determined. The input may comprise one or more votes received from the panel.02-24-2011
20100250344Agent Referral System and Method With Integrated Buyer, Lender, and Agent Communication System - A computerized system and method are presented for allowing a real estate agent to directly enroll a buyer in another real estate market by using a computerized system to refer the buyer to a receiving agent. After affirmation by the buyer, the system immediately provides the buyer with listing information obtained through the MLS of the receiving agent. The referring agent continues to participate in the buyer's real estate research through the system, while also being eligible to receive a referral fee paid by the receiving agent. The computerized system maintains a list of certified agents able to receive a referral. Only those agents that have contractually agreed to pay a referral fee for clients obtained from other agents through the system and who meet certain performance minimums in the system will be certified.09-30-2010
20080294506Method and a tool for measuring the formation and effects of workplace friendships - A method and a tool to measure workplace friendship formation and its effects on individual and organizational job outcomes. The tool comprises one or more items that measure the formation of workplace friendships (11-27-2008
20100198662WEB SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR OUTCOME BASED ASSESSMENTS - A system and method provides outcome based assessments utilizing a web server system and database. The system collects evidence forming the basis of an assessment, ties a graded assessment to the underlying evidence and correlates the assessment with profile information of an institution, one or more groups within the institution, the assessor and the assessee and to a set of outcomes to generate aggregate and disaggregate reports so that performance at various levels within an institution relative to a set of outcomes can be determined.08-05-2010
20100198661SUPPLIER PORTFOLIO INDEXING - Supply chain management using a supplier portfolio index (SPI) is disclosed. A single risk and performance metric for a supplier can be used across portfolios at both the business unit and enterprise level. The SPI can be produced by stratifying suppliers to obtain a plurality of risk element scores, which in turn are used to obtain a composite supplier risk index. A supplier performance scorecard metric can also be determined by combining a plurality of individual performance metrics. The composite supplier risk index, the supplier performance scorecard metric, and an indication of supplier manager certification can be aggregated to produce SPI. Percentage weights can be applied to the composite supplier risk index, the supplier performance scorecard metric, and the indication of supplier manager certification status so that the SPI is indicated on a 100-point scale.08-05-2010
20100198660SUBCONTRACTOR COMPLIANCE MEASUREMENT - A subcontractor compliance measurement system and methods are disclosed. Tiering criteria are applied to each subcontractor from among a plurality of subcontractors. The tiering criteria are indicative of situational risk. The tiering criteria are used to calculate a risk score for the subcontractor. The subcontractor is then assigned to a tier using a numerical value of the risk score, wherein the tier is indicative of a compliance risk monitoring posture for the subcontractor. Contractors in a high-risk tier are then monitored with tools such as a heat map and a validation tool so that risk can be mitigated. Contract compliance metrics for subcontractors can be displayed, and scoring for the primary contractor can be derived from heat map data for the subcontractors.08-05-2010
20100198659Methods for matching and managing mentors and mentees and systems thereof - A method, computer readable medium, and system that matches and manages mentors includes determining whether one or more evaluation scores in a plurality of evaluation reports for one or more entities are below a lower threshold and whether one or more of the evaluation scores in the one or more evaluation reports for the one or more entities are above an upper threshold. The one or more of the entities with the one or more evaluation scores determined to be above the upper threshold are matched as a mentor for the one or more of the entities with the corresponding one or more evaluation scores determined to be below the lower threshold based on at least one demographic criteria. One or more review scores are obtained for the one or more of the entities matched as the mentor based on one or more criteria after a first period of time. Recognition is provided to the one or more entities matched as the mentor with one or more of the review scores above a corresponding recognition threshold.08-05-2010
20100131340SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING RETAIL STORE PERFORMANCE - A system for monitoring the performance of at least one task associated with operation of a retail store. The system includes at least one monitoring device positioned and adapted to provide images of at least one location within the retail store, with each image showing at least one factor related to performance of the at least one task. A controller is adapted to obtain and store images from the at least one monitoring device. An interface is adapted to enable a user to selectively view stored images and to manually analyze the at least one factor shown in the viewed images to evaluate the performance of the at least one task.05-27-2010
20080221977Method for Statistical Process Control for Data Entry Systems - A method for integrated or Web based statistical process control of a data capture/data entry system we call AIMED@Q SPC™ (“Automatic Integration and Management of Enterprise Data Quality—Statistical Process Control”). Test images of machine print, handprint, or cursive writing, created through Digital Test Deck® technology or other methods, are injected into current workflows and keyed by Data Entry operators. Keyer results are quickly and cost-effectively compared to a perfectly known truth file corresponding to the test images. Reporting and analysis may be performed on single events or over time, at single or multiple locations.09-11-2008
20090138342Method and system for providing an employee award using artificial intelligence - A system for providing an incentive for an employee, including: an interface element for at least one specially programmed general-purpose computer; a memory unit for the at least one specially programmed general-purpose computer; and a processor for the at least one specially programmed general-purpose computer for: generating, using an artificial intelligence program (AIP) in the memory unit, an incentive for at least one employee of a first business entity to perform at least one desired operation; and transmitting, using the interface element, the incentive for display on a display device. In one embodiment, the desired operation includes presenting an upsell offer.05-28-2009
20100318410System And Method For Analyzing Agent Interactions - A system and method for analyzing agent interactions is provided. An interaction between an agent and a business is provided to analysts. Performance scores for the interaction are received from each of the analysts and compared. A deviation between the performance score is determined. The deviation is compared to a threshold. Further interactions are provided to at least one of the analysts when the deviation falls below the threshold. A further performance score for the interaction is received from the analyst and provided to the agent associated with the interaction.12-16-2010
20100318409Component Based Productivity Measurement - Methods, computer-readable media, and apparatuses evaluate the productivity of a work effort and determine the potential productivity improvement for completing the work effort. The work effort is baselined, and the potential productivity improvement may be assessed by presenting evaluation questions organized by categories. The potential productivity improvement is then applied to an estimating model to obtain an estimated effort for completing the work effort. The actual effort measure is then obtained from a time capture system and compared to the estimated effort in order to generate an indicator that is indicative of the comparison. The baselining of the work effort may be repeated at a subsequent time by obtaining an updated estimated effort from the estimating model and an updated actual effort measure form the time capture system and then comparing them to determine whether the productivity objective has been achieved at the subsequent time.12-16-2010
20100318408METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR GENERATING QUANTITATIVE INDICATORS - A method of generating a quantitative indicator of sales for a market segment for a predetermined time period is disclosed. The market segment represents a plurality of members with one or more products. The method includes receiving sales data from the plurality of members of the market segment, calculating the quantitative indicator for each member of the market segment, calculating the quantitative indicator for the market segment by creating a composite of the quantitative indicator for each member representing the market segment, and either calculating the quantitative indicator for the member with missing data using a estimated value of units of the product sold by the member or modifying the baseline benchmark by removing the data of the member with missing data.12-16-2010
20080313025Designed Process Testing Method - A method for identifying deficiencies in a new or improved designed process comprising the steps of collecting implementation data pertaining to agents, resources, environment and strategy associated with the designed process, identifying a historical event to serve as a context for evaluating the designed process, compiling historical event data for the historical event, including information pertaining to agents, resources, environment, strategy and outcomes associated with the historical event, defining a model space for a simulation based on the implementation data and the historical event data, defining a performance requirement for the simulation, and conducting the simulation within the model space. The model space definition comprises a plurality of roles each having a predefined character set. During the simulation, human role players perform acts and carry out steps or functions in accordance with the predefined character sets. Participants in or monitors of the simulation identify results in respect to achieving the performance requirement, as well as deficiencies that are at least in part responsible for the results. When there are multiple parties responsible for developing, managing and carrying out the newly designed process, the present invention produces consensus and shared understanding among those multiple parties and facilitates developing corrective actions for the identified deficiencies.12-18-2008

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