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705 - Data processing: financial, business practice, management, or cost/price determination


705051000 - Usage protection of distributed data files

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20090192943Renewing an Expired License - This document describes tools capable of renewing an expired license to entertainment content. The tools, in some embodiments, may repeatedly renew a license using very little resources, such as by forgoing retention of the license, encryption keys, or the entertainment content between renewals. The tools, for example, may provide a license to a particular content receiver (e.g., a laptop computer), and, when that license expires, renew the license with as little as a single retained secret. By so doing the tools enable, among other things, fewer computing resources to be used in renewing a license while maintaining the security of that license's entertainment content.07-30-2009
20090192942PRE-PERFORMING OPERATIONS FOR ACCESSING PROTECTED CONTENT - The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for pre-performing operations for accessing protected content. Cryptographic user key pairs can be pre-generated and distributed in response to a variety of different events prior to provisioning client machine for accessing protected content. Usage licenses can be pre-generated and allocated prior to requests for usage licenses. Usage licenses can be pre-obtained for client machines prior to client machines access protected content. Pre-performed operations can be performed in response to detected events, such as, for example, reduced resource consumption in a Digital Rights Management system.07-30-2009
20130041829TRACKING DETAILS OF ACTIVATION OF LICENSABLE COMPONENT OF CONSUMER ELECTRONIC DEVICE - Instead of buying blanket licenses for all licensable components of its CE devices, a manufacturer enables users to activate licensable components on a device basis and then obtains the necessary licenses individually. Seldom used activation modes and seldom activated licensable components can be pruned from future devices, while widely activated licensable components can be automatically enabled by purchasing a blanket license for those components. Characteristics of license requests and the people making them can be used to focus marketing.02-14-2013
20100042544Process for creating a multimedia interactive book - A method for an educator to teach a subject with of: a system which allows a plurality of computer users a of accessing a secured, interactive, multimedia, animated knowledge base created by expert(s), the system identifies and differentiates: administrators, educators, students, advertisers and browsers, allowing each predetermined access, where access is a defined characteristics of the system, characteristics of the system includes: predetermined access, predetermined access timeframes, predetermined roles of the system, the knowledgebase is comprised of: information being proven and well-accepted by experts knowledgeable in the subject,02-18-2010
20090157553Purchase of electronic content after a trial or rental period of using content without access to an internet connection - A customer can rent and later buy digital content that is encoded onto rewritable media where the customer had selected at least one piece of content to be encoded on the media. The user has the ability to use the previously selected content and later purchase the content without the need to interact with the content seller indicating the desire to purchase the content. Purchased content is transferred to customer's local storage device. The rewritable media can also contain other digital content from which the user can temporary access after which he can rent or purchase the content.06-18-2009
20090125445System and method for capturing and certifying digital content pedigree - A method of automatically tracking the introduction of external digital content into digital content under development is provided. First digital content of a digital content developer is provided. Into the first digital content is inserted from a system external to systems of the digital content developer external digital content of a party other than the digital content developer. Introduction of the external digital content into the first digital content is automatically detected and data relating to a source of the external digital content or to licensing information relating to the external digital content is stored.05-14-2009
20130046694METHOD AND SYSTEM USING A LICENSE KEY TO CONDITIONALLY ALLOW EDITION OF A DOCUMENT - A method and a system for editing a document are introduced. A document template is read from a memory. A content of the document template is shown on a display. A user selection of the document template is detected on a user. Verification is made, from the memory, of whether or not a license key is stored for the document template. In case the license key is stored in the memory, the user selection of the document template is allowed. If, however, the license key is not stored in the memory, an invitation for a license key purchase is shown on the display. A request to purchase the license key is received on the user interface. A purchase request for the license key is sent via a secure interface toward a license server. The license key is received and stored in the memory.02-21-2013
20130073466Use of Media Storage Structure with Multiple Pieces of Content in a Content-Distribution System - A method for distributing content. The method distributes a single media storage structure to a device (e.g., a computer, portable player, etc.). The media storage structure includes first and second pieces of encrypted content. Based on whether the device is allowed to access the first piece of content, the second piece of content, or both, the method provides the device with a set of keys for decrypting the pieces of the content that the device is able to access. The provided set of keys might include one or more keys for decrypting only one of the two encrypted pieces of content. Alternatively, it might include one or more keys for decrypting both encrypted pieces of content. For instance, the selected set of keys might include a first key for decrypting the first encrypted piece and a second key for decrypting the second encrypted piece.03-21-2013
20090094162COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, COMMUNICATION DEVICE, AND METHOD FOR CAPABILITY CONTROL - A communication system includes a server for capability control, with a capability control file currently used by a corresponding device being provided in the server. The server includes a capability determination unit adapted to determine whether the summarization of the capabilities currently used by all the devices under the control of the server exceeds the capabilities limited by the capability control file; and a prohibition command sending unit adapted to send to the device a capability prohibition command corresponding to the capabilities. The device includes a capability prohibition unit adapted to prohibit the subsequent usage of the capabilities after receiving the prohibition command. A control method and a communication device are also provided.04-09-2009
20090271319Embedded Licenses for Content - In accordance with one or more aspects, a license for content is retrieved, the license having been previously embedded in the content. A requested action is allowed to be performed with the content only if a standalone license, or both a leaf license and a root license, indicate that the action with the content is permissible. Leaf licenses and/or standalone licenses can be embedded by a source of the content and/or by a target device that receives the content. Additionally, licenses can include one or more rules indicating where a target device that receives the content is to store the licenses.10-29-2009
20090006257THREAD-BASED SOFTWARE LICENSE MANAGEMENT - An apparatus, program product and method of managing a software license on a computer on a thread-by-thread bases, e.g., within a scheduler and dispatcher. A software license resource is associated with an execution thread of a task or process. The execution thread is selectively dispatched for execution based upon a license provision defined by the software license resource.01-01-2009
20080294562Storage Medium Processing Method, Storage Medium Processing Device, and Program - The content data is offered not only to specific storage media but also to the storage media of several different types. Various kinds of storage media (SDq, MSq, HDDq, etc.) enabled to acquire data from a license center unit 11-27-2008
20090106156Network-based DRM enforcement - A method of network-based digital rights enforcement, and related enforcement device, the method including one or more of the following: embedding information into digital content requested by an end user; providing a signature for the digital content to a service provider; providing a key to the service provider, the key being necessary for reading the information embedded into the digital content; providing an algorithm to the service provider for extracting the information embedded into the digital content; providing an identification to the service provider of a content provider that provides the digital content; extracting the signature from the digital content requested by the end user; analyzing the signature to determine whether a signature match exists; and determining whether the end user is a legitimate authorized user of the requested digital content or capable of distributing content.04-23-2009
20090150293SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DELIVERING LICENSES TO A PLAYBACK DEVICE - Dynamic assignment of rights to content, such as in a closed distribution system. Noting state information generated by an item of current content, and modifying state or rights of new content in response. Preloading or dynamically sending new content to the owner of the current content, with rights being enabled only at a later time, in the playback device, with predetermined conditions. In response to current state information, dynamically sending a license for new content from a server. Conditional or dynamic licenses to new content, including a set of rights associated with a class of possible sets of state information. Assignment of limited rights to a content, with support in a secure player to enforce them; for purposes of rental, bonus content, trials and other business models.06-11-2009
20120066134COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, COMMUNICATION APPARATUS, AND COMMUNICATION METHOD - A communication system includes: a first communication apparatus connected to a license management server which manages a license key for content via a network; a second communication apparatus which performs a first non-contact communication with the first communication apparatus; and a third communication apparatus which performs a second non-contact communication with the first communication apparatus, wherein the first communication apparatus performs receiving of content, whose copyright is managed, from the second communication apparatus by the first non-contact communication and transferring the content to the third communication apparatus by the second non-contact communication, and obtaining a license key for the content from the license management server via the network and transferring the license key to the third communication apparatus by the second non-contact communication.03-15-2012
20090037337Software Licensing and Enforcement System - In an embodiment, a computer implemented method is described. The method is performed at one or more servers, hosting a marketplace application. A software application is received from a vendor for distribution. License terms are generated in response to a selection by the vendor from options provided by the marketplace application. The license terms are associated with the software application. The software application is made available for distribution through the marketplace application, in accordance with the license terms.02-05-2009
20110289003Electronic License Management - In one aspect, this application describes a method for determining a license status of a software application. The method includes receiving a license status request to obtain an indication of whether a software application is licensed for use on a client computing device. The method also includes identifying identity information that corresponds to user identity information, device identity information, or both. The method also includes sending a communication generated from the license status request and the identity information to a licensing service, the communication being used by the licensing service to generate the indication based at least in part on the identity information and licensing information associated with the software application. The method also includes receiving a license status response from the licensing service that includes the indication. The method also includes sending the license status response to the software application for processing by the software application.11-24-2011
20110295751System and method for subsidized internet access through preferred partners - Provided are systems and methods for execution by a processor of a proxy server to provide a subsidized access to a network supported by a plurality of preferred partners. One method comprises receiving a first request from a client to access a first server on the network, forwarding the first request to a second server on the network such that the second server sends first content data over the network for rendering on a display of the client, recording the first request in a traffic log, and submitting the traffic log for reimbursement to at least one of the plurality of preferred partners affiliated with the second server to subsidize a cost of providing access to the network. By obtaining reimbursement for prioritizing and redirecting access to preferred sites, client connection costs can be fully or partially subsidized in light of additional revenue streams from increased user traffic.12-01-2011
20090070267User programmed media delivery service - A method and system for programming a media delivery system (FIG. 03-12-2009
20090254482TIME-BASED LICENSES - A method and a system are provided for issuing a number of different types of time-based licenses associated with software products. The system may include an activation server, which may maintain licensing information in a licensing database, and a licensing platform, which may request issuance and renewal of time-based licenses. Each of the time-based licenses may be associated with respective product keys and may have a number of configurable parameters, which may make the time-based licenses suitable for a number of different licensing business models. The licensing business models may include, but not be limited to, a non-renewable evaluation license, a renewable trial license, a one-time promotion license, and a subscription license. In some embodiments, a configurable parameter may indicate an amount of time for a grace period after a time-based license would have normally expired.10-08-2009
20110191246Systems and Methods Enabling Marketing and Distribution of Media Content by Content Creators and Content Providers - Systems and methods enabling marketing and distribution of motion pictures and other media content by content creators and other content providers are described herein. A platform is provided by which a plurality of content providers can market and distribute media content to users. Information about activity of the users on the platform is obtained in relation to the item of media content or in relation to media content related to the item of media content. A request is received for an activity report comprising information related to a user demographic or a media content characteristic. Responsive to the activity report request, the activity report is provided to the content provider.08-04-2011
20090157552DIGITAL CONTENT PACKAGING, LICENSING AND CONSUMPTION - A DRM technique involves packaging an advertisement using a data structure that encapsulates a number of advertising segments along with signed information, such as a table of hashes, associated with some of the advertising segments. In one scenario, the data structure and the signed information are separately protected using public key and/or digital signature cryptographic schemes. The advertisement is delivered to a user of a consumer electronic device (CED) separately from delivery of a digital license, which governs user consumption of the advertisement. The digital license includes keys used in connection with the cryptographic scheme, and references a condition to be satisfied with respect to consumption of the advertisement. As advertising segments are verified and consumed by the user/CED, information is recorded and used to determine whether the license condition was satisfied. Satisfaction of the license condition may result in access to program content or additional licenses.06-18-2009
20080208756APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING SECURITY DOMAIN - An apparatus and method for providing a security domain are provided. The apparatus includes a security domain which is not connected to an external system and which manages a digital rights management (DRM) license requiring security; a non-security domain which can be connected to the external system and which manages encrypted DRM content; and a virtual controller which controls the security domain and the non-security domain. The method includes requesting checking of a license for encrypted content; checking whether the license for encrypted content exists, in response to the requesting checking of the license; and if it is determined that the license exists, requesting transmission of encrypted content, decrypting the encrypted content, and playing the decrypted content.08-28-2008
20100088236SECURE SOFTWARE SERVICE SYSTEMS AND METHODS - In one embodiment the present invention includes a method of performing a secure transaction in a software system, such as a software service system, for example. Embodiments of the invention include encoding symmetric keys for securing transactions between a service consumer and service provider. Asymmetric keys are also used for providing additional security during transactions. In one embodiment, license tokens and capability tokens are encoded and passed between a service consumer and service provider for allowing a consumer secure access to authorized services.04-08-2010
20090006261PORTABLE DEVICE FOR CARRYING LICENSES - A licensing device is used for storing one or more licenses for licensable content such as music, video, e-books, software applications, online memberships, and the like. The licensing device communicates with a user's computing devices enabling licensable content to be downloaded and/or activated on a particular computing device. The communication can take many forms such as wireless, wired, or optical. Downloading and/or activation of the content upon confirmation of a valid license may be automatic or partially based on user input.01-01-2009
20090281950SYSTEM, MOBILE INFORMATION TERMINAL, EXTERNAL DEVICE, METHOD AND PROGRAM FOR EXECUTING CONTENT - A system that executes content like music and moving pictures, and protects rights like copyright, working on a configuration of a mobile information terminal and an external device is provided. A mobile information terminal acquires a right (ticket) to execute content. An external device of higher performance, compared with a mobile information terminal, executes content after receiving the ticket from a mobile information terminal. Though content and ticket can move freely in a system, once the content is executed, an identifier for identifying the mobile information terminal that demanded the execution of content is liked with the ticket. It is this mobile information terminal that can use the same ticket again.11-12-2009
20090089212INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS AND CONTENT LIST DISPLAY METHOD - According to one embodiment, an information processing apparatus comprises a communication module configured to communicate through a network with a content server which provides contents and a license server which manages license information of the contents provided by the content server, an inquiry module configured to inquire of the license server permission to acquire a content provided by the content server via the communication module, and a display module configured to display a list of the contents provided by the content server in accordance with a result of inquiry made by the inquiry module.04-02-2009
20100280953CONTENT DOWNLOAD SYSTEM, CONTENT DOWNLOAD METHOD, CONTENT SUPPLYING APPARATUS, CONTENT SUPPLYING METHOD, CONTENT RECEIVING APPARATUS, CONTENT RECEIVING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - The present invention relates to a content download system and content download method, content supplying device and content supplying method, content receiving device, content receiving method, and program, whereby a system corresponding to various types of operating modes of content download services can be realized.11-04-2010
20080228649Method and apparatus for obtaining a protected application protected against unauthorized use by implementing a predetermined licensing model - There is provided a method for obtaining a protected application protected against unauthorized use by implementing a predetermined licensing model, said method comprising the steps of: adding a software product to said application, said software product providing the possibility of defining one of several different manners of realizing a functionality to be used for implementing the predetermined licensing model, and defining one of the several manners of realizing the functionality and an apparatus for obtaining a protected application protected against unauthorized use by implementing a predetermined licensing model, which apparatus adds a software product to said application, said software product providing the possibility of defining one of several different manners of realizing a functionality to be used for implementing the predetermined licensing model, and defines one of the several manners of realizing the functionality. Further, there is provided a software product, which is to be added to an application in order to obtain a protected application protected against unauthorized use by implementing a predetermined licensing model, said software product providing the possibility of defining one of several different manners of realizing a functionality to be used for implementing the predetermined licensing model and a method of distributing a software application, said method comprising the steps of: protecting the software application to be distributed by adding a software product to said software application, said software product providing the possibility of defining one of several different manners of realizing a functionality to be used for implementing a predetermined licensing model, and defining one of the several manners of realizing the functionality, sending the protected software application to the user.09-18-2008
20120047074METHODS OF PROTECTING SOFTWARE PROGRAMS FROM UNAUTHORIZED USE - A method for controlling or protecting the use of a software licensed product is provided. The method comprises, for example, encrypting protected data associated with the software licensed product with a key derived from code of a licensing module, distributing the encrypted protected data associated with the software licensed product to user devices, tracking usage of a software licensed product, and for all but one instance of the usage of the software licensed product terminating the usage of the software license product by allowing execution of the software licensed product upon successful decryption of the encrypted protected data.02-23-2012
20080235142SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR OBTAINING RIGHTS IN PLAYLIST ENTRIES - A method of obtaining digital rights management licensing information for content comprising obtaining identification information about a user and obtaining information about a device on which the content is to be played. A secure session is created with a service provider, and the service provider provides a URL to the content, along with digital rights management (“DRM”) licensing information if necessary. The DRM licensing information is stored in a manner that facilitates access by a browser. The browser then accesses the content via the URL, and presents a user interface through which the content can be controlled.09-25-2008
20090119218LICENSE MANAGEMENT APPARATUS, LICENSE MANAGEMENT METHOD, AND LICENSE AUTHENTICATION PROGRAM - An object of the present invention is to solve the following problems: a problem concerning the node lock license system in which when a license is given to only one hardware device, reissuance of the license is required every time a changeover of the hardware device to be used occurs; a problem concerning the node lock license system in which when a license is given to a plurality of hardware devices, the license fee is increased; a problem concerning the floating license system in which that when a client is in an environment where it cannot connect to the license server, the client cannot use intended software; and a problem concerning the floating license system in which that when a client malfunctions in a possessing state of the license, a procedure for license acquisition needs to be taken once again.05-07-2009
20090119217DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT METHOD AND APPARATUS OF MOBILE TERMINAL - A DRM method and apparatus of a mobile terminal is provided for protecting unauthorized use of a time-based DRM content and improving license validation reliability by providing a reliable reference time regardless of changes of local time and time zone. The digital rights management method of the present invention includes detecting a playback command for playing a right protected content, determining whether a previously stored reference parameter exists, which is generated using a reference time received from a server and a local time of the mobile terminal, and testing, when a previously stored reference parameter exists, validity of a license of the right protected content with reference to the reference parameter and the local time when the playback command is detected.05-07-2009
20090119216System for rental or sale of multimedia files - A system for the rental or sale of multimedia files, comprising a vending machine for multimedia files associated with means for the transfer of the multimedia files to a storage medium owned by a user.05-07-2009
20090164379Conditional authorization for security-activated device - Various methods and systems include exemplary implementations for a security-activated operational component involved in creating or producing or duplicating or processing or testing one or more objects. Possible embodiments include but are not limited to obtaining access to an object data file configured to implement various functional operations regarding one or more objects; verifying validity of an authorization code associated with the object data file; and controlling operation of the operational component based on operational monitoring data processed by a verification module in accordance with a permission agreement and/or a licensing restriction.06-25-2009
20090138403Right objects acquisition method and apparatus - A license acquisition method and apparatus for a DRM-enabled mobile terminal is provided for acquiring licenses for multiple right-protected content items in a batch processing manner. The rights objects acquisition method for a mobile terminal supporting digital rights management according to the present invention includes attempting download of at least one acquisition-requested rights object, classifying the at least one acquisition-requested rights object into download-succeeded rights objects and download-failed rights objects, and outputting information on the downloaded-succeeded rights objects and download-failed rights objects.05-28-2009
20090138404APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR RENDERING DIGITAL CONTENT - An apparatus for rendering a digital content having license information defining specifics of permission of a rendering operation includes a license processor that acquires, from the license information of the digital content, a constraint defining conditions for rendering between the digital content and other digital content; an operation execution command generator that generates an operation execution command for rendering the digital content according to the constraint acquired by the license processor; and a content renderer that renders the digital content based on the operation execution command generated by the operation execution command generator.05-28-2009
20090006260SERVER SIDE REVERSIBLE HASH FOR TELEPHONE-BASED LICENSING MECHANISM - A system and method are disclosed relating to authenticating software licenses associated with a software product. During an installation process, a purchaser of a software product may contact a vendor representative via a telephone connection and verbally relay a data packet, which may be an installation ID. The vendor server creates a reversible hash from the data packet, a known seed value and additional information relating to the software product or license. The server encrypts the hash to generate a confirmation ID, and sends the confirmation ID to the software product purchaser.01-01-2009
20090006259METHOD OF VERIFYING THAT AN UP-TO-DATE SOFTWARE LICENSE KEY IS NOT OVERWRITTEN BY AN OUTDATED SOFTWARE LICENSE KEY - The present invention provides a method of verifying that an up-to-date software license key is not overwritten by an out of date software license key. One embodiment of the method includes transmitting a first software license key and a first timestamp towards a network element that has software installed thereon. The first software license key includes information used to enable a portion of the functionality of the software. The network element is configured to install the first software license key when the first timestamp indicates a time later than a second timestamp associated with a second software license key installed on the network element.01-01-2009
20090259591Information Rights Management - Information rights management (IRM) systems are used to protect the use of information within a data item. An IRM system is provided which will allow access to a data item following at least two interactions with one or more licensing entities. In some examples, the license entities may each issue a license containing part of the information required to access the data item. Each license part may correspond to part of a use policy. For example, a first licensing entity may issue a license to access a document based on one requirement and a second licensing entity may issue a license based on a different requirement. In other examples, a licensing entity may require a second licensing entity to perform a validation before it issues a use license.10-15-2009
20090006258Registration Process - The description generally provides for systems and methods for a registration process. Archives of seals can be sealed to protect the integrity of the seals and facilitate validation in the event a sealing party's sealed registration document is revoked. A document can be sealed multiple times to nest seals within other seals. Specific evidentiary metadata can be included by the sealing party. A main document including or associated with other documents can be sealed as a collection of documents. The seal of the main document can include external references to the files included in the main document to verify the external files were not changed or altered.01-01-2009
20090037336LICENSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND LICENSE MANAGEMENT METHOD - A device managing server is configured to generate, in the case of a device causing an error, device-unavailable information including the operation status of the device thereof, and a license information issuance server is configured to obtain the compensation worth of a license based on the device-unavailable information in the case of determining that the device cannot be used regarding which the user cannot be faulted.02-05-2009
20090204544ACTIVATION BY TRUST DELEGATION - A mechanism for delegating trust to activate a target program from the vendor (or its intermediary) to a customer (or its intermediary) using an issuance license. The customer may then activate using their own authentication implementation. Also, a method for formulating an issuance license that permits such delegation. Furthermore, a method for an entity outside of a customer to gather trace information from the activation process after the fact that allows a customer to identify the activating entity without the outside entity first identifying the activating entity.08-13-2009
20090063350METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND APPARATUS FOR CONTENT LICENSING - A method of obtaining one or more licenses to use content is provided. The method may include scanning an original device to locate digital content residing thereon and requesting a license to use the digital content on the original device, a destination device, or a combination thereof from a licensing server. Systems and apparatus for obtaining one or more licenses to use content are further provided.03-05-2009
20090055321System, Method and Machine-Readable Medium for Periodic Software Licensing - A system and method for periodically licensing a software having a server configured to receive a first request code for a term extension of a software license, the request code being initiated by a user of an application unit, the term extension allows the software to operate within a predetermined period of time, provide advertising information to the application unit, and provide the term extension for the software license.02-26-2009
20080270311Method and Apparatus for Composing a Digital Rights Management License Format - A process composes a content license for a set of content. The content license has a static portion and a dynamic portion. Further, the process inserts a master key into the static portion. In addition, the process inserts a plurality of content rule sets of values into the dynamic portion and composes a unique content encryption key for each segment of content associated with one of the content rule sets of values as each of the content rule sets of values is sequentially received during recording of the content. The unique content encryption key is based on the master key and at least a subset of the content rule set of values for a corresponding segment of the content. The unique content encryption key is utilized for encryption of each segment of the content to generate a plurality of encrypted content segments for storage on the storage medium.10-30-2008
20080215492AUTOMATED ENTITLEMENT MANAGEMENT METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CAPTURING MAINTENANCE RENEWALS REVENUES - The presently preferred embodiment of the invention provides a method and apparatus that enables software publishers and other sellers of subscription services. e.g. subscriptions, such as maintenance or license programs, to track when the subscription period for each customer expires, to inform interested contacts at the customer proactively that a renewal for their subscription is coming due, and to provide a way for those contacts at the customer to purchase a renewal of their subscription program.09-04-2008
20100241568METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR TRANSFERRING SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE FEATURE LICENSES BETWEEN DEVICES - A method and system for transferring licenses between electronic devices supporting licensable features. Specifically, in a method a request is generated for transferring a license between first and second electronic devices. The request includes first information unique to the first electronic device, second information unique to the second electronic device. The request is sent to a license distributor to generates a master key. The master key includes a removal key including the first information and an add key including the second information. The removal key is used to remove the license from the first electronic device when the first information matches official versions of the first information. The add key is revealed from the master key when the license is successfully removed. The add key is used to add the license to the second electronic device when the second information matches official versions of the second information.09-23-2010
20120143766Secure Large Volume Feature License Provisioning System - Disclosed is a manufacturing process and feature licensing system for provisioning personalized (device-unique) licenses to devices. The secure system uses a secure key wrapping mechanism to deliver the LSK to LPS. Another feature is that various network communication links are secured using standard security protocol. Application messages, license templates, licenses are digitally signed. The system is flexible, configured to allow multiple manufacturers and to allow various feature configurations via the use of License Template; scalable, as it is possible to use multiple LPS hosts to serve multiple programming stations; and available in that the delegation of license signing capability from CLS to LPS eliminates the dependency on unreliable Internet connections. Redundant LPS hosts provide high level of availability required for high volume license provisioning. The system is traceable: license and device association are replicated back to the CLS to provide full license request and generation traceability.06-07-2012
20090112771End user license agreements associated with messages - A message that includes an end user license agreement is received at a client from a service in a distributed computing system. The client determines whether to accept the end user license agreement. The message is processed if the end user license agreement is accepted.04-30-2009
20080249946SYSTEMS AND METHODS TO DISTRIBUTE CONTENT OVER A NETWORK - The present embodiments provide methods, apparatuses, and systems to distribute content over a network. Some embodiments provide methods to distribute content within a local media network. These methods receive a request for a first content to be transferred to a sink device, request from the source an access criteria for a first content that is protected according to a first digital rights management (DRM), forward the access criteria to the sink device, receive an evaluation of the access criteria from the sink device regarding at least whether the sink device can interpret the first DRM, determine according to the evaluation received from the sink device whether the sink device can utilize the first content that is protected according to the first DRM, and initiate a transfer of the first content from the source device to the sink device when the sink device can utilize the first content.10-09-2008
20100299264OPEN MARKET CONTENT DISTRIBUTION - A method of content distribution for one or more user devices, comprising: associating the one or more user devices with a user domain; acquiring content with one or more user accounts linked to the user domain; accessing the acquired content with the one or more user devices according to predetermined privileges, wherein access for an individual user device of the one or more user devices is valid while the individual user device is associated with the user domain and has an active status with the user domain.11-25-2010
20110010298Interoperable keychest - There is provided a system and method for an interoperable keychest. There is provided a method for use by a central key repository (CKR) or keychest to provide content access authorizations to distributors, comprising receiving a key information file including a first encrypted second key for decrypting with a first key and a content identification, decrypting the first encrypted second key using a first key to retrieve the second key, receiving, from a distributor, a key request including the content identification, encrypting the second key using a third key to generate a second encrypted second key, and transmitting the second encrypted second key to the distributor in response to the receiving of the key request. In this manner, key management for protected distributors using different DRM schemas or systems may be simplified and made interoperable.01-13-2011
20110040688METHOD, SYSTEM AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR THE DECENTRALIZED DISTRIBUTION OF DIGITAL CONTENT - A method for the decentralized distribution of digital content via a network includes providing content with a tag configured to allow at least one of an operator of a download portal and a content provider to track distribution of the content so as to collect data about a number of downloads of the content and about distributors of the content. A distributor downloads the content via the download portal and selects a content consumer for further distribution of the content. The content consumer receives the content and, at least in the case of a first-time utilization of the content by the content consumer, transmits information from the tag about utilization of the content to a server specified by the tag. At least one of the operator of the download portal and the content provider receives the information from the tag about the utilization of the content from the server.02-17-2011
20100280954EXTENSIBLE MEDIA RIGHTS - A DRM System. A DRM system comprising a service provider, a CE device coupled to the service provider, and an XMR license disposed upon the CE device.11-04-2010
20120066135Method and Apparatus for Enforcing Software Licenses - A method and apparatus for enforcing software licenses for resource libraries such as an application program interface (API), a toolkit, a framework, a runtime library, a dynamic link library (DLL), an applet (e.g., a Java or ActiveX applet), or any other reusable resource. The resource library can be used by authorized end user software programs. A “per-program” licensing scheme for a resource library can allow a resource library to be licensed only for use with particular software programs.03-15-2012
20100088235SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MEDIA CONTENT DISTRIBUTION - The present disclosure provides a system and method for media content distribution. In one exemplary embodiment, a method is provided and includes receiving a request from a user for a replacement copy of a specific media content. The request includes an indication from the user that they have an original copy of the specific media content. Media validation information is received from the user to validate the original copy of the specific media content. The replacement copy of the specific media content is provided to the user based on the media validation information. In one embodiment, providing the replacement copy of the specific media content to the user based on the media validation information comprises conditioning a payment action for the replacement copy based on the media validation information.04-08-2010
20080243699License optimization and automated management - A license management system may include a license analyzer that is capable of evaluating different licensing strategies for software products or services on a single device or a group of devices. Rules for licensing options are coupled with actual usage data and forecasts to determine various licensing options. The options may be implemented by an automated system for renewing licenses or changing licenses and installing updated licenses.10-02-2008
20080222043SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TRANS-VENDOR LICENSE REGISTRATION AND RECOVERY - Computer implemented method, system and computer usable program code for recovering application software in a data processing system. A computer implemented method for recovering application software in a data processing system includes receiving user data and application data from a plurality of users over a computer network, wherein the application data relates to application software of the plurality of users and includes application license data for applications that include a license. The received user data and application data are stored. A request is received over the computer network from a user of the plurality of users to recover application software of the user, and the requested application software is provided to the user over the computer network, wherein the provided application software is enabled and configured based on the user data and application data related to the provided application software.09-11-2008
20080222045System and method of providing media content - A method of providing media content access is disclosed that includes providing a list of available media content to a display device and receiving a selection related to the list of available media content. The method further includes sending data related to the selection to a content source and to an access rule source and receiving media content from the content source based on the selection and an access rule related to the media content from the access rule source. The method also includes applying the access rule to the selected media content, where the access rule defines a restriction to limit access to the media content.09-11-2008
20080222044Protected content renewal - Described herein is technology for, among other things, maintaining access to DRM protected content. The technology may be implemented via a playback device or a computer system connected to a MTD. It involves monitoring requests for media content and then verifying access and renewing the license if necessary. The license renewal request may be made to a MTD or an internet connected system.09-11-2008
20110010299System for dynamically encrypting content for secure internet commerce and providing embedded fulfillment software - A data distribution system is provided which supplies customers with an executable for requested secured data files to provide the customer with fulfillment software, obviating the need for the customer to download fulfillment software prior to requesting secure data. The data distribution system is characterized by server technology which can dynamically encrypt secured data files just prior to a customer request to download the data file. A framework for building a universal data distribution infrastructure is provided which employs Requesters.01-13-2011
20110060689Process for implementing a method for the on-line sale of software products and the activation of use licenses through a data network - Online sale of software product use licenses through a data network by offering software products (SOFT) through vendor sites, purchasing a license on-line on one of said vendor sites, and activating said license on-line by a different licensing site. A specific component (COMP) is provided with the software product (SOFT) and identifying data (IDV) of the vendor site are transmitted during the download of the software product (SOFT). When the component (COMP) is executed in an equipment, the component (COMP) locally accesses said data (IDV) and identifying data (IDL) of the licensing site and activates the license by setting up an on-line communication with the licensing site.03-10-2011
20110119191LICENSE OPTIMIZATION IN A VIRTUALIZED ENVIRONMENT - License optimization using a virtualized environment that includes receiving, by a processing device, a system requirement, analyzing, by the processing device, a use of a software component installed in a system in view of a license associated with the software component, and generating, by the processing device, an indication for placement of a virtualization of the software component to satisfy the system requirement responsive to the analysis. The optimization optimizing cost comprising at least a charge for the license.05-19-2011
20100082489System and method for processing media gifts - Various techniques are provided for the gifting between multiple electronic devices of media content provided by an online digital media provider. An offer and acceptance of a selected gift file is accomplished between a gifter device and a receiving giftee device using a near-field communication (NFC) connection. If a connection to the online provider is available, the gifter device may transmit a gift request by which the gifter's account is charged for the gift file. Thereafter, a gift file created using DRM keys associated with the giftee's account may be downloaded to the giftee device. If a network connection is unavailable, the giftee device may transfer a locked gift file and a corresponding gift license to the giftee device using a peer-to-peer connection. The giftee device may authenticate the license and unlock the gift file once a connection to the online provider is available.04-01-2010
20100082488PROVIDING A RADIO STATION AT A USER DEVICE USING PREVIOUSLY OBTAINED DRM LOCKED CONTENT - A system and method are disclosed for providing a radio station for playback at a user device using previously obtained Digital Rights Management (DRM) locked content for the radio station. In one embodiment, a radio station application and DRM locked content to be used by the radio station application are downloaded to a user device, which is preferably a mobile user device. The DRM locked content includes a number of DRM locked songs that may be used for the radio station. Thereafter, the radio station application obtains a playlist for the radio station, where the playlist for the radio station includes at least a subset of the DRM locked content provided to the user device for the radio station. Playback of the playlist for the radio station is then provided at the user device, and playback is reported to a remote service for royalty tracking.04-01-2010
20090171847MULTI-MERCHANT PURCHASING ENVIRONMENT FOR DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCTS - A multi-merchant purchasing system is configured to identify downloadable products selected by a user for purchase. The identified downloadable products are offered by multiple merchants. The multi-merchant purchasing system enables the user to purchase all of the downloadable products in a single transaction. Specifically, the multi-merchant purchasing system determines payment information associated with the user and, with minimum user-interaction, sends the payment information to applications associated with the merchants for processing. The multi-merchant purchasing system may also be configured to receive purchase information from the merchant applications and maintains the purchase information for the user in a locker. The multi-merchant purchasing system may further be configured to automatically download and install the purchased product onto the user's computing device through a software assistant. To ensure privacy and security, the multi-merchant purchasing system may include a credit card quarantine module to secure credit card data by encoding and multiple levels of encryptions. 07-02-2009
20120011069LICENSE MANAGEMENT METHOD AND CONTENT PROCESSING SYSTEM - A content distribution system includes a content distribution server and a portable game terminal. The content distribution server 4-0-retains a first license for comprehensively permitting the use of multiple digital contents and issues to the portable game terminal a second license for individually permitting the use of a digital content selected by a user from among the multiple digital contents. The portable game terminal retains the second license and permits the use of the selected digital content if it is within the license period of the second license at the time.01-12-2012
20080235140Digital Rights Management Dongle - A dongle for digital rights management protection, in accordance with one embodiment of the present technology, includes a digital right management engine and an encryption/decryption engine. The digital rights management engine is adapted to port digital rights management rules of a source of content to digital rights management rules enforced by the digital rights management engine. The encryption/decryption engine is adapted to re-encrypting the source of content into a managed copy of the content, wherein the managed copy of the content is locked to the dongle.09-25-2008
20120130900System and Method for Trading Unused Digital Rights - A device is provided for use with a digital content provider and a content purchaser. The content provider can provide digital content and a first digital key, wherein the digital content has quantified digital rights associated therewith. The device includes a receiving portion, a security portion, a content database, an interface portion and a transmitting portion. The receiving portion can receive the digital content and the first digital key. The security portion can access the digital content with the first digital key. The content database can store the digital content. The interface portion can offer to the content purchaser the digital content and can enable the content purchaser to purchase the digital content in accordance with purchased quantified digital rights. The security portion can further encrypt the digital content with a second digital key such that the content purchaser may use the purchased digital content.05-24-2012
20120215699SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR OBTAINING AND SHARING MEDIA CONTENT - A device initialization method includes generating a license request for a personal media device. A timeout indicator may be obtained for a subscription associated with the personal media device. The license request and the timeout indicator may be combined to form a device license for the personal media device. The device license may be digitally-signed to form a signed device license.08-23-2012
20120136794SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISTRIBUTING DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT DIGITAL CONTENT IN A CONTROLLED NETWORK ENSURING DIGITAL RIGHTS - A system and method for managing digital rights. The method includes receiving a Universal Resource Identifier (URI). The URI is used to identify a location for a user selected digital media item. The digital media item is to be played in a local area network (LAN). The selected digital media item is retrieved from a content server over a network connection. If the selected digital media item is encrypted, a license to decrypt the selected media item is obtained. Access to the license is based on a plurality of access rules. The plurality of access rules are based on the terms of the license. The plurality of access rules may also include personal owner rules. If a request for the license adheres to the access rules, the license is received via a secure out of band transfer and the selected digital media item is decrypted for playback via one or more media rendering devices.05-31-2012
20100049657METHOD OF PROVIDING A VIRTUAL PRODUCT TO THIRD PARTIES - In a method of providing a virtual product to third parties, the virtual product being present in an original version in a digital form having a predetermined quality, a reduced version of the virtual product, along with information relating to a distributor of the virtual product, is initially provided. The reduced version's quality is inferior to the quality of the original version, and the information relating to the distributor are associated with this reduced version. On the basis of the information associated with the reduced version, further information may be created. This further information indicates that the reduced version has been passed on to the third party by the content provider. The further information is created if the third party has acquired rights to the virtual product after having obtained the reduced version of same.02-25-2010
20080208754METHOD FOR DETECTING DUPLICATED INSTANCES OF A SOFTWARE LICENSE - A method for issuing and updating a software program license for a computer, with a unique identifier data object embedded in the computer and referenced by the license. The unique identifier may also be used with a conventional computer fingerprint. The software program does not run on a computer without a license that references the unique identifier. The license is issued via a server over a network (such as the Internet) and must be regularly updated by the server. When updating, the present unique identifier is sent to the server, to verify that the unique identifier is the latest unique identifier issued for that license. If an unauthorized copy is made for operation on an unlicensed computer, such as by cloning the licensed computer, this is detected when the second computer is updated, because the unique identifier sent with the update request is no longer current.08-28-2008
20080306873METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR OBTAINING CONTENT LICENSE RIGHTS VIA A DOCUMENT LINK RESOLVER - A link resolver menu generated by a link resolver server includes a link to a “rights advisor website” containing a program that determines available rights for a resource. When activated, the program uses the resource information in the link to obtain a standard resource identifier and then uses user and context information to access and extract all agreements stored therein that are applicable to the organization to which the user belongs. The resource identifier is then used to determine agreements that are applicable to that resource. An applicable right is selected from each agreement, if available. The rights are then ordered in a tree from the most permissive to the most restrictive. The tree is then traversed from its lowest level upward and the resulting rights are presented to the user.12-11-2008
20080301054Station For Sale of Digital Media - A system for selling digital media, comprising: a content server for providing a master source of digital content to the system; a retail server for maintaining a local cache of popular content, and for packaging content; a license server for maintaining licenses for each piece of digital content wherein the license server issues new licenses to the retail server at the time of sale and issues subsequent licenses to a consumer for extending content usage; a plug-in for accessing digital content in a single click; and a media tablet for providing a consumer interface for exploring the digital content of the system, the media tablet comprising an interface for connection by a portable device for content transfer; means for accepting payment; and means for interacting with the retail server.12-04-2008
20110004555CONTENT TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT SERVER DEVICE, CONTENT-PROVIDING SERVER DEVICE, AND TERMINAL DEVICE AND CONTROL PROGRAM - A content transaction management server device includes: a memory storing decryption keys used in decryption of encrypted content data; a communication unit for information; a payment-request reception unit receiving, through the communication unit, a first storage address indicating a storage area where the decryption keys of encrypted content data in the memory are stored and user identifiers identifying users who are purchasers of the encrypted content data; a payment-procedure processing unit implementing payment-procedure processes related to purchase transactions of encrypted content data by a user identified by user identifiers in the payment request; and a decryption-key transmission unit that, after payment-procedure processing based on the payment-procedure processing unit is completed, reads out, from the memory, decryption keys stored in the storage area indicated by the first storage address included in the payment request and transmits, through the communication unit, the decryption keys to the transmission source of the payment request.01-06-2011
20110047080SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DRM CONTENT MANAGEMENT - A system for managing a Digital Rights Management (DRM) content includes a content providing server for providing an environment, through which a DRM content and a digital right of the DRM content can be registered, a service providing server for issuing a license serving as a usage authority for each of DRM content files provided from the content providing server, generating a license revocation execution value in a specific field of the issued license, encrypting the generated license revocation execution value for transmission to a user terminal, and the user terminal for inspecting the license of the DRM content file transmitted from the service providing server, and extracting and storing the license and the license revocation execution value to use a corresponding DRM content file according to the license, and upon receiving a revocation request, transmitting a revocation result of the corresponding license to the service providing server.02-24-2011
20110289002STATE-BASED COMPLIANCE VERIFICATION IN A CONNECTED SYSTEM - Some embodiments of a system and a method to verify compliance in a connected system have been presented. For instance, a system management server provided by a software vendor is installed in a customer's network to manage a set of computer systems belonging to the customer. The system management server can provide cryptographically timestamped hashes of states of the system management server to the software vendor periodically to allow the software vendor to verify compliance information from the customer.11-24-2011
20120101949METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DYNAMIC RENEWABILITY OF CONTENT - A method and apparatus for dynamically and transparently renewing licenses associated with downloaded content. Licensing associated with content can allow the provider to retain control over the content after it has been downloaded on to the user's computer. A license file or similar licensing parameter is the key to retaining control over access to the content after it has been downloaded. The license file may also control copying of the content on to computers other than the original computer used. The dynamic renewal method will transparently renew the license files on a user's computer to allow the associated content to be used without disruption as long as the user's account is in good standing.04-26-2012
20120101948BATCH LOADING AND SELF-REGISTRATION OF DIGITAL MEDIA FILES - Methods and apparatus for batch loading and self-registration of digital media files is provided. The system provides numerous methods of interfacing with a content outlet. The methods further include comparing attributes of content to be downloaded with attributes of content in a media database. The methods also includes providing restrictions based on a result of the comparing. The methods further include monetizing the methods between both retailers and right-holders using the system. Additionally, the method may include providing retail analysis, resolving disputes, and distributing royalty payments to rights-holders of content.04-26-2012
20100169222Method for Secure Storage and Delivery of Media Content - The memory device contains control structures that allow media content to be stored securely and distributed in a manner envisioned by the content owner, or service providers involved in the distribution. A wide variety of different avenues become available for distributing media content using such memory devices, such as where the devices contain one or more of the following: abridged preview media content, encrypted unabridged media content, prepaid content, rights and/or rules governing access to such content. The memory device has a type of control structures that enable a service provider (who can also be the content owner) to create a secure environment for media content distribution where end users and terminals register with the service provider, and gain access to the content in a manner controlled by the service provider. The various components to be loaded (e.g. abridged preview media content, encrypted unabridged media content, prepaid content, rights and/or rules governing access to such content) may be generated and loaded in a secure and efficient manner.07-01-2010
20100131412INTEROPERABLE SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PEER-TO-PEER SERVICE ORCHESTRATION - Systems and methods are described for performing policy-managed, peer-to-peer service orchestration in a manner that supports the formation of self-organizing service networks that enable rich media experiences. In one embodiment, services are distributed across peer-to-peer communicating nodes, and each node provides message routing and orchestration using a message pump and workflow collator. Distributed policy management of service interfaces helps to provide trust and security, supporting commercial exchange of value. Peer-to-peer messaging and workflow collation allow services to be dynamically created from a heterogeneous set of primitive services. The shared resources are services of many different types, using different service interface bindings beyond those typically supported in a web service deployments built on UDDI, SOAP, and WSDL. In a preferred embodiment, a media services framework is provided that enables nodes to find one another, interact, exchange value, and cooperate across tiers of networks from WANs to PANs.05-27-2010
20080235141License manager and schema - A license management system may have an adapter or interface that enables any type of licensed software or service to be managed through a common administrative view. The adapters may use a common schema that includes various parameters about a license as well as information that may enable a license management system to interact with a license vendor or license provider. The licenses may include locally operating software, software operating over a local area network, and various services that may be provided over a network including the Internet. The license management system may support many types of licenses and may be able to consolidate license management of many different devices and types of devices. The license management system may display the various licenses, as well as provide some other functions including alerting, usage monitoring, and managing licenses.09-25-2008
20080228650SECURE COMMUNICATION AND REAL-TIME WATERMARKING USING MUTATING IDENTIFIERS - A method of watermarking using mutating identifiers includes generating a plurality of watermarked versions of a content item, obtaining a plurality of keys for the plurality of watermarked versions of a content item, assigning each one of the plurality of obtained keys to a single one of the plurality of watermarked versions of a content item, and associating a unique license with each one of the plurality of watermarked versions.09-18-2008
20130144791USER INTERFACE FOR SEARCH AND IMMEDIATE LICENSE FOR MEDIA FILE - One example embodiment includes a method of licensing a media file. The method includes providing at least two media files and allowing a licensee to choose one of the at least two media files. The method also includes producing a licensing agreement and granting the licensee access to the media file.06-06-2013
20080215491Content Distribution on Storage Media For Sale, Rental and Resale - In one embodiment, content is delivered to a customer over a communication network and written to a storage medium. The customer may be authorized to make additional copies of the content. The delivered content and copies are tracked in support of rental, sale or resale applications.09-04-2008
20090055320SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING AND ACTIVATING SOFTWARE LICENSES - Methods and features for providing and activating a software license in a system, such as a magnetic resonance system, are disclosed. For example, a software license is stored in the system. The system with the stored software license is sold or rented to a client. The software license is operable to be activated by or at the client.02-26-2009
20080208755Method and an apparatus to provide interoperability between different protection schemes - Some embodiments of a method and an apparatus to provide interoperability between different digital content protection schemes have been presented. In one embodiment, a first copy of digital content encrypted using a first protection scheme is received from a user. In response to a request from the user, it is verified that the user is a rightful owner of the first copy without decrypting the first copy. A second copy of the digital content encrypted using a second protection scheme is sent to the user if the user is a rightful owner of the first copy.08-28-2008
20120023023Methods, Systems, And Products For Providing Electronic Media - Methods, systems, and products are disclosed for providing electronic media to a customer. One method prompts a customer to license a right to electronic media. If the customer agrees to license the right, then the license is electronically stored on behalf of the customer. The licensed electronic media is communicated to the customer via a communications network.01-26-2012
20130198085APPLICATION LICENSING FOR DEVICES - A method, system, and computer-readable storage media for licensing an application for a device are provided herein. The method includes providing a license for an application from a licensing service to a number of computing devices associated with a user, wherein the license includes credentials. The method also includes associating the credentials with each computing device and periodically determining a state of a subscription corresponding to the license on each computing device. Each computing device is configured to call the licensing service at configurable time periods in order to determine the state of the subscription.08-01-2013

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