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705 - Data processing: financial, business practice, management, or cost/price determination

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705064000 Secure transaction (e.g., EFT/POS) 622
705051000 Usage protection of distributed data files 261
705060000 Postage metering system 9
705063000 Utility metering system 8
20080270305Validation of queue tickets in wireless communications terminals by near-field communicatons with ticket machines - Methods, wireless communication terminals, and queue management system are disclosed that operate electronically accessible queues, such as customer service queues. A wireless communications terminal is used to obtain a queue ticket from a ticket machine. The queue ticket indicates that a ticket client has been entered a queue associated with the ticket machine. The queue ticket is stored in the wireless terminal. The queue ticket in the wireless terminal is validated via a near-field communications protocol wireless interface between the wireless terminal and the ticket machine. Service for the ticket client is authorized in response to validation of the queue ticket and movement of the ticket client to a threshold level within the queue.10-30-2008
20080215489Method And Apparatus For Authentication Of Invoices - The security of invoices as between purchaser and supplier may be improved by printing a data matrix symbol or other glyph on the invoice. The data matrix contains two layers or portions of data. The first layer or portion contains invoice data and the second layer or portion contains secure data relating to the purchaser and supplier. This may include a trusted supplier status, a trusted supplier code and a unique voice identifier, or a reference thereto. On receipt of the invoice by the purchaser the data matrix is scanned and the trusted supplier status and supplier codes retrieved. These may be compared against a store of codes and status to verify the invoice as authentic. The secure data or a reference to the secure data may be re-encoded into a data matrix which may be affixed to a remittance advice sent by the purchaser to the supplier.09-04-2008
20100088233ELECTRONIC DATA VAULT PROVIDING BIOMETRICALLY PROTECTED ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES - An eVault system securely stores personal data and documents for citizens and allows controlled access by citizens and optionally by service providers. The eVault may be adapted to allow processes involving the documents to be carried out in a secure and paperless fashion. Documents are certified, and biometric matching is used for security. On effecting a match with a biometric identifier presented by a user, the user is allowed access to his personal eVault and to access a personal cryptographic key stored therein. One or more of these personal keys may be securely applied within the eVault to generate an electronic signature, amongst other functions.04-08-2010
20110196794Baggage Check-In Using Short Term Message Service - A check-in method for airlines allows passengers to use Short Message Service (SMS) to check-in themselves and baggage. A passenger requests to check-in via SMS from practically anywhere and not limited to the airport. After receipt of the request, a confirmation message is sent back to the passenger's registered mobile phone number by SMS. The system will ask the passenger for, and receive from the passenger, the number of bags they intend to check-in for the flight. The passengers can in some embodiments drop the baggage off without any required further action. The system issues an SMS-based cryptographically secure code, such as a bar-code boarding pass to the passenger once the baggage (if any) is successfully transferred and registered to existing baggage management systems through the process above. This code, when scanned, recognized and authenticated provides identification and security clearance for the passenger to board the aircraft.08-11-2011
20110196793GENERIC FEATURE LICENSING FRAMEWORK - A system enables customers to provision devices with feature licenses that enable specified features in the devices. The system includes a feature definition module configured to store product feature information associated with different products available from a plurality of different manufacturers. The system also includes a feature license management module configured to generate, update and revoke feature licenses. The feature licenses that are generated all have a common format. The system further includes a feature credit management module configured to monitor and account for feature credits available to customer organization units. A user management module is also provided in the system, which is configured to authenticate users of the system. A user interface is accessible over a communications network through which authenticated users can request and receive feature licenses.08-11-2011
20080281756TRUSTED THIRD PARTY CLEARING HOUSE FOR LEAD TRACKING - A method for tracking sales leads, including a lead clearing house logging receipt in a log of one or more encrypted leads received from a participant of the lead clearing house, the one or more leads including personal lead information having been encrypted with a one-way hash algorithm; comparing the received one or more encrypted leads with stored encrypted leads to find any matches; updating the log related to the one or more encrypted leads with unencrypted log information associated with the matching one or more encrypted leads; and communicating a status to the participant based on the log relating to the one or more leads.11-13-2008
20120246077SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ELECTRONICALLY SIGNING FOR A DELIVERED PACKAGE - There is disclosed a method. The method includes identifying, using a mobile device, an encrypted electronic token associated with at least one physical package designated for delivery to a destination. The electronic token having been encrypted by a first key associated with a particular party. The method also includes electronically signing, using the mobile device, for the at least one physical package. This includes initiating a decryption of the encrypted electronic token with a second key associated with the particular party.09-27-2012
20100114780WORKFLOW ASSURANCE AND AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM - A method for authenticating a workflow that has one or more designated steps that require authentication of associated resources, the method comprising: using a reader instrument to read at least one security feature uniquely associated resources involved in the workflow; authenticating the security feature, thereby to authenticate its associated resource, and recording authentication information for each designated workflow step.05-06-2010
20130080330CONDUCTING AUCTIONS IN PRIVATE ONLINE ADVERTISING SYSTEMS - An auction module and one or more private bidding modules operate within a client system to select information items for presentation to users. Upon receiving content with space or opportunities for presenting information items to users, the auction module initiates an auction between the private bidding modules. Each private bidding module may use a user profile, information item attributes, and content attributes to select one or more previously stored information items for possible presentation to the user. The private bidding modules submit bids to the auction module for the selected information items. The auction module determines a winning bid and may provide the corresponding information item for presentation within the content. Users' privacy is protected because the auction module and private bidding modules operate autonomously in the client system in conducting auctions, selecting information items for possible presentation, and submitting bids, so that outside entities never access private user information.03-28-2013
20090157551Cryptographic Prescription System - A method, computer program product, and data processing system for secure automated dispensing of prescription medications are disclosed. A preferred embodiment of the present invention utilizes broadcast encryption to encrypt a prescription for storage on a machine-readable medium that is pre-written with a key management block (KMB). The KMB encodes a session key needed to read from or write to the medium. Each prescription-writing device and medication dispensing device is assigned a unique set of device keys, which are used to recover the session key from the medium. Only authorized devices are able to recover the session key from a medium's KMB. Thus, only authorized devices may read or validly write prescriptions from/to the machine-readable medium. Hence, only authorized providers can write fillable prescriptions and only authorized dispensers can dispense medications to fill those prescriptions.06-18-2009
20100161492ANALYZING RETURN ON INVESTMENT OF ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS USING CROSS-CORRELATION OF MULTIPLE DATA SOURCES - In various embodiments, strategies, tools and techniques are provided for processing and analyzing data in an advertising measurement system accessible through a software-as-a-service model or a client-downloaded computer program. The system may be configured to receive and process household media exposure data, product purchase data, advertising data, program data, and demographic data, wherein the data may be obtained from various sources, including from a program delivery source (e.g., a television set-top box) located in a household of a consumer. The data may be matched and cross-correlated for calculating return on advertising investment measurements and other metrics. The data may be used to optimize media placement generally or to address advertising content to specific households. Methods for storing and accessing data in the advertising measurement system by distributing the data across multiple shards are also provided. In addition, methods for protecting privacy of communicated data are disclosed.06-24-2010
20100161491VEHICLE FED ACCIDENT REPORT - A computer implemented method for rapidly and securely filing, via wireless means, a consolidated accident report. An additional aspect of the method encompasses a computer software product for performing the method described herein. In one embodiment of the invention, the opposing parties jointly fill out at least a part of a digital accident report form; i.e., each party fills out a different portion of the form. Each party has the opportunity to positively acknowledge or reject the information entered by their opposing party. The digital accident report form may be completed and filed with the rejection registered, although it is preferred that a mutually agreeable resolution be achieved. Once completed, each opposing party files the consolidated accident report with an appropriate interested third party, e.g., an insurance company, a law enforcement agency, or a hospital.06-24-2010
20100161490METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROTECTING THE PRIVACY OF RESPONDER INFORMATION - A device, such as a vehicle, and a method within the device are provided for protecting the privacy of device specific information. The method includes the steps of detecting a beacon transmitted by an association requestor, determining whether the association requestor is an authorized requester by determining whether a present parameter falls within a range of authorized parameters associated with the association requester, and transmitting the device specific information to the authorized requester only if the present parameter falls within the range of authorized requester parameters.06-24-2010
20100106646SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ASSET IDENTIFICATION, EVALUATION, AND CONTROL - A system and method for data identification, evaluation and control includes pass code and vaulting of consumer information. A non-disclosure process for encrypted records barcode review for underwriters and annual auditors offers unique year end validation for shareholders, regulators, and governmental oversight. The method and system also provides technology useful in fraud detection and asset protection by identifying underwriting patterns through database audit. An embodiment for financial information containing the credit worthiness of a payer on a debt instrument, current valuation of an asset to which the debt instrument is collateralized, and a revalidation of title for the asset as necessary for secondary market financing, trading and asset valuation is disclosed.04-29-2010
20100106645System and Method for Customer Authentication of an Item - A system, apparatus and method is provided for authentication of an item or a label by storing unique random serial numbers or codes in a remote secure storage that can be used to authenticate the item or the label, generating a pointer to each stored unique random serial number/code and storing the generated pointer(s) in a client data storage. During or prior to a production run of the item(s) or label(s): the generated point(s) are sent from the client data storage to one or more media devices, the generated pointer(s) are obtained from the media device using a post-content manager, the unique random serial number(s)/code(s) are obtained from the server via the post-content manager using the generated pointer(s), the obtained unique random serial number(s)/code(s) are sent to the media device, and the received unique random serial number(s)/code(s) are imprinted on the item(s) or the label(s) using the media device.04-29-2010
20100332397METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR THE SUPPLY OF DATA, TRANSACTIONS AND ELECTRONIC VOTING - A method and system for supply of data, including generating a first digital certificate referred (empowerment certificate) signed with a first signing entity's electronic signature. The empowerment certificate includes attributes of the described entity, information identifying the first signing entity, indication of data relating to the described entity, indication of a source of the data, and identification of a relying entity to which the data can be supplied. The relying entity forwards the empowerment certificate to a source supplying the data indicated in the empowerment certificate. The data may be supplied to the relying entity by a second digital certificate (custom certificate), signed with a second signing entity's electronic signature. Custom certificates may appear in custom certificate revocation lists. A system and method for transfer of ownership of electronic property from a first entity to a second entity, and a method and system for electronic voting are also provided.12-30-2010
20120215698Biologic-biometrics snapshot profile PIN access system - The present biologic biometrics combination snapshot profile PIN access system is a global healthcare intervention invention for eliminating or reducing the decades of fear and risk for a doctor, or native or foreigner living in any local area, generally traveling, or a tourist within or outside of any city, state, or country have of being sick or injured and unable to speak or unconscious for a medical doctor under pressure for not having an opportunity provided for previewing the person or patient medical record or medical history in advance of administering medicine or performing operating procedure, that also can be used for reducing medical mal-practice, lowering medical mal-practice insurance costs, and decreasing medical mal-practice lawsuits, and also for other forms of life. The method includes obtaining the biologic biometrics combination snapshot profile representing the person or patient with access using PIN assignment 365 days per year, 24 hours per day anywhere on earth that also can be used in space.08-23-2012
20090125444GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE AND METHODS OF ENSURING LEGITIMATE PAY-PER-CLICK ADVERTISING - A graphical user interface for setting parameters related to ad delivery, including a first window for logging into a web interface; a second window for setting at least one of a basic or advanced configuration policies; a third window for displaying at least one of a case study, a budget report, a traffic report, a data mining report, and an ad denial report.05-14-2009
20090094158Method and Apparatus for Processing and Transmitting Demographic Data Based on Secondary Marketing Identifier in a Multi-Computer Environment - A method and system for transmitting targeted marketing opportunities to a user includes providing a primary identifier associated with a transaction account, and a secondary identifier associated with a marketing account. Received transaction information related to the transaction account is associated with the secondary identifier and stored. A user is associated with the secondary identifier. The stored transaction information is processed to generate targeted marketing opportunities for presentation to the user associated with the secondary identifier.04-09-2009
20090299904ELECTRONIC COMMERCE SYSTEM AND METHOD ENABLING AUTOMATIC DATA TRANSFER AND AUTHENTICATION METHOD THEREOF - In an electronic commerce system and method, a storage device is utilized to enable automatic and effective web data transfer, so as to solve the problem of low efficiency in recommending and advertising products through using conventional compact disks or browsing web pages, and the web data transferred to a user may be updated through an authentication and comparison mechanism to overcome the problem of unable to update the data on the compact disk sent to the user for sales promotion. And, a web authentication method based on the authentication and comparison mechanism is established to simplify the conventionally complicated login and authentication procedures and effectively solve the problem of data-jacking occurred in web digital data.12-03-2009
20090030841CONTENT DELIVERING METHOD, CONTENT DELIVERING SYSTEM, AND CONTENT DELIVERING PROGRAM - A content delivering system comprising: a center server for receiving order information relative to the rental of the content data from a user terminal through a network, a delivery server for creating a secret key valid only during a rental period based on the order information and delivering the secret key to a delivery destination terminal, and a content store server for storing a plurality of content data, specifying the content data to be delivered according to an instruction from the delivery server, encrypting the content data to be delivered with the secret key, and sending the same data to the delivery destination terminal.01-29-2009
20080294559Transmission of Anonymous Information Through a Communication Network - A system that enables anonymous data collection from Respondents, such as over the Internet using public key technologies, where the anonymity and authenticity of Respondents is provided by a trusted mediation service. The invention provides a simple and secure solution that allows authentication of research Respondents while maintaining their anonymity. The Collector cannot link Respondent's real identification and their responses, and a Mediator provides a communication service but has no access to the content of information exchanged between the Respondents and the Collector. According to one aspect of the invention, a Collector requests a list of anonymous Ids from the Mediator. The Mediator then generates a list of anonymous tokens which can then be used by the Respondents when they communicate with the Collector through the Mediator.11-27-2008
20090024530AUTOMATIC GIFT MESSAGING SYSTEM - Electronic and automatic gifting techniques are provided for messages, such as short message service (SMS) or multimedia messaging service (MMS) messages, wherein a gifter designates a recipient for one or more gift(s) offered in a set of gifts. Based on a selection of gift(s), message(s) are automatically generated for the gift(s) having unique identifier(s) that correspond to products or services of an enabling entity that enables the products or services. The message(s) including the unique identifier(s) are then automatically transmitted to the recipient. The unique identifier(s) can be encrypted/hashed with a secret provided by the recipient for an additional layer of security. Any of gifter information, giftee information, context of the service, or external information, such as global positioning service (GPS) location, can be used to make recommendations for gifts in the set of gifts.01-22-2009
20100036772SECURE ELECTRONIC COUPON DELIVERY TO MOBILE DEVICE - A system, method, device and interface for providing and redeeming an electronic coupon that provides for authenticating access of a user to an electronic coupon server, receiving selection from the user of at least one of an event, transportation, secured location, good, authorization, and service, generating a reservation number corresponding to the selection, encrypting the reservation number based on a first string of characters that is uniquely associated with a mobile device that will be utilized for redeeming the electronic coupon, transmitting the encrypted reservation number to the mobile device, retrieving a second string of characters from the mobile device, wherein the second string of characters corresponds to the first string of characters, decrypting the encrypted reservation number on the mobile device using the retrieved second string of characters, generating the electronic coupon from the decrypted reservation number, and presenting the electronic coupon to an authentication device for redemption.02-11-2010
20110218920METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVENANCE TRACKING IN SOFTWARE ECOSYSTEMS - A system and method for tracking provenance for software use and development includes a developer toolkit program stored in memory media and accessible by a software market place wherein the software marketplace provides a library of software bundles that can be used for software development and modification of the software bundles. The developer toolkit includes a user interface configured to enable software creation of original works and derivative works. The development toolkit further includes a provenance tracker configured to track provenance of the derivative works and original works wherein the provenance tracker makes the derivative work and the provenance of the derivative work available in the software market place. The provenance tracker includes a software bundle identification module configured to identify and verify ownership of the original works and derivative works by associating an owner of the derivative works and original works with features included in portions of the derivative works and original works.09-08-2011
20110125648METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MAINTAINING HIGH DATA INTEGRITY AND FOR PROVIDING A SECURE AUDIT FOR FRAUD PREVENTION AND DETECTION - Any of various comparisons of computer folders from different points in time is performed. Such comparisons provide the ability to discover missing documents or documents with modification dates that have changed when there would otherwise have been no need to change them and thus allows discovery of missing documents to discover fraud or to search for evidence after a fraud is suspected. In another embodiment, deltas in accounting system vendor invoice accounts are compared at different points in time, potentially exposing the practice of moving fraudulent vendor transactions into a large group of legitimate transactions for a legitimate vendor. Per period transaction totals for specific periods for legitimate vendors are compared over histokal time for suspicious activity. A comparison of reports from the two different periods, using exact data and software from those separate periods (instead of reporting from “current'” data), may raise a red flag otherwise missed.05-26-2011
20100268649Method and Apparatus for Electronic Ticket Processing - This document discloses an advantageous approach to using a digital rights management (DRM) system that is already available to an electronic device, for security and rights management in electronic ticketing transactions. Exploiting the digital rights management system, which may be a pre-existing “standardized” DRM solution, decreases the processing and memory resources needed in an electronic device for implementation of an electronic ticketing application, while advantageously gaining the proven security of established DRM systems.10-21-2010
20100114781PERSONAL RECORD SYSTEM WITH CENTRALIZED DATA STORAGE AND DISTRIBUTED RECORD GENERATION AND ACCESS - A personal record system and method having distributed record generation and access and personally centralized record storage for generating, storing and accessing personal records and a personal record card for use therein. The record system includes a plurality of interaction sites interconnected through a record network wherein each interaction site includes a record card read/write device, a record storage subsystem for storing at least records, and a record transaction process connected with the record card read/write device and record storage system for reading records from a record card and writing records to a record card and with the record network for transmitting records to and receiving records from at least other interaction sites.05-06-2010
20080313082METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROXIMITY PAYMENT PROVISIONING BETWEEN A WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICE AND A TRUSTED PARTY - A method for proximity payment provisioning by a wireless communication device is disclosed. A photo image of a user of the wireless communication device is loaded. The loaded photo image is transmitted to a trusted party via a communication network. A superimposed photo image is received from the trusted party, wherein the photo image is superimposed with a watermark. The received superimposed photo image is stored in a memory.12-18-2008
20080208750Method and System of Using Rfid in the Workflow of Blood Center - A method and a system for using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) in the workflow of a blood center and a medical institution from a network Customer Relationship Management (CRM) information system. The CRM comprises an RFID technique system, a computer database system, and a computer information network. The information transferred between an integrated circuit and a reader-writer occurs through the radio waves in the workflow of, for example, a blood center or other medical institution. The related information ranges from identity information to biological product information. In each procedure of the blood collecting and supply workflow, the information is read/written by the computer into electronic tag and through the computer information network into the service management information system. The work flow of blood centers (stations), such as blood test reports before and after blood transfusions and the desired information of people and objects involved in blood transfusions, can thereby be recorded completely, integrally, precisely, and comprehensively by the RFID system.08-28-2008
20110137800PRIVACY PRESERVING ARTIFICIAL IMMUNE SYSTEM - Identifying anomalous products in a supply chain includes maintaining a set of anomalous patterns of events products in the supply chain. At least one of the anomalous patterns of events is transmitted to nodes of the supply chain. Messages are received from nodes at a third party and indicate whether an event of the product in the supply chain at the node matches an event in the anomalous pattern of events that has been transmitted to the node. Messages indicating that an event at the node matches an event in the anomalous pattern of events are securely encrypted, based on a key that is unknown to the third party, prior to transmission to the third party. A determination is made whether the product is an anomalous product, based on the messages from nodes indicating that a sequence of events occurring at one or more nodes matches a sequence of events in the anomalous pattern of events.06-09-2011
20100088232VERIFICATION MONITOR FOR CRITICAL TEST RESULT DELIVERY SYSTEMS - A system and method for verification monitoring of a critical test result management (CTRM) system is provided. In one embodiment, the method includes receiving test result metadata pertaining to test result messages provided to a CTRM system by a diagnostic test facility, verifying compliance of the diagnostic test facility with prescribed usage of the CTRM system using the test result metadata, and sending a message to an interested party regarding whether or not compliance of the diagnostic test facility has been verified.04-08-2010
20090204542PRIVATELY SHARING RELYING PARTY REPUTATION WITH INFORMATION CARD SELECTORS - A computer system accesses reputation information about a relying party. The reputation information can be stored locally or remotely (for example, at an identity provider or reputation service). A reputation information engine can be used to provide the reputation information to the user. The user can then use the reputation information in performing a transaction with the relying party.08-13-2009
20090281949METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SECURING A PAYMENT TRANSACTION - A mobile payment device 11-12-2009
20090313169PRODUCTS AND PROCESSES FOR UTILIZING ORDER DATA AND RELATED DATA - In an embodiment, an apparatus comprises a processor, and a memory that stores a program. The program, when executed by the processor, directs the processor to perform a method including the following steps: receiving an encrypted query, in which the query indicates at least one security, and at least one price; determining whether the encrypted query corresponds to any order in an encrypted data set that represents orders; outputting a response to the query, in which the response indicates whether the encrypted query corresponds to any order in an encrypted data set that represents orders; receiving order data that represents the orders; and encrypting the order data to yield the encrypted data set that represents orders.12-17-2009
20110202464System and Method for Controlling Actions Taken on Voting Devices - The present invention is directed to a system and method that allows a central election office to maintain control over actions taken on voting devices located at various polling locations. In an exemplary embodiment, a poll worker or other user contacts the central election office with a request to perform an action on a voting device. An election management system located at the central election office executes a hashing algorithm to generate a first hash code associated with the action. The central election office communicates the first hash code to the polling location, and the poll worker or other user inputs the first hash code into the voting device. The voting device executes the same hashing algorithm to generate a second hash code associated with the action, and compares the second hash code to the first hash code to verify the validity of the first hash code. If the validity of the first hash code is verified, the voting device permits the poll worker or other user to perform the action on the voting device.08-18-2011
20080288409ELECTRONIC BIDDING/BID OPENING PROGRAM, ELECTRONIC BIDDING/BID OPENING SYSTEM, AND ELECTRONIC BIDDING/BID OPENING METHOD - An electronic bidding/bid opening program and the like that can verify validity of bidding information, and prove whether the bidding information has been falsified or not. Bidding information, partial identification information that shows each section of the bidding information in a manner identifiable from other sections, a plurality of pieces of information obtained by coding a plurality of suitable places in the bidding information, and information obtained by adding a signature of a person in charge of accepting to information obtained by coding the partial identification information and an amount are obtained. Then, predetermined validity with respect to successful bid processing is verified based on a predetermined combination of any of the plurality of pieces of information.11-20-2008
20080288406System and method for telematic marketing - A method and system is provided for delivering promotional offers, information, or entertainment content relevant to a person comprising tracking the travel patterns, using the person's travel patterns to identify goods, services information or content of potential interest to the person, determining the location of the person and delivering relevant offers, information or content to that person based on the collected information. Various embodiments of the present invention use information from diverse sources to deliver highly relevant, timely promotional offers, information, or entertainment content to users via on-board processing and storage systems.11-20-2008
20080288407METHOD, SYSTEM AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR DETECTING AND PREVENTING FRAUDULENT HEALTH CARE CLAIMS - A method and system for detecting and preventing fraudulent health care claims. A bar code having a service date and provider ID is generated. The provider ID identifies a health care service provider that is requested to provide a service to a client on the service date. A digital image file that includes the bar code, transaction data, and a signature is received. The signature, transaction data, provider ID and service date are extracted from the digital image file. Verification software determines whether the extracted signature matches the client's reference signature stored in a database. Verification software determines whether extracted data that includes service date, provider ID, and client ID is included in any transaction record in the database. A report is generated that identifies a fraudulent claim if the extracted signature does not match any reference signature or if the extracted data is not included in any transaction record.11-20-2008
20100005028METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INTERCONNECTING A PLURALITY OF VIRTUAL WORLD ENVIRONMENTS - The present invention relates to a method and apparatus to interconnect a plurality of three-dimensional, computer-generated virtual worlds. More specifically, the present invention relates to moving avatars, or electronic representations of users, and their related attributes and assets between multiple independent virtual worlds. Existing virtual worlds are proprietary electronic islands. Users cannot move avatars between existing virtual worlds. The invention uses bi-lateral pipes, also known as virtual worm holes, to interconnect existing virtual worlds. The virtual worm holes facilitate data transfer and communication between existing independent virtual worlds, allowing users to move avatars from one virtual world to another while retaining their avatars' attributes and assets.01-07-2010
20090313170Agent for Medical Image Transmission - A downloadable agent facilitates medical image transmission in accordance with a clinical trial protocol. The agent includes program code for obtaining or receiving a medical image from a computer storage device or a DICOM-compliant diagnostic instrument, program code for accepting textual information about the patient or medical image and associating the textual information with the medical image to prevent dissociation of the textual information and the medical image, program code for executing a data compliance protocol, program code for encrypting the image and textual information and for compressing at least the image, and program code for transmitting the encrypted image and textual information across a wide area network to a remote translator for decompressing, de-encrypting and viewing of the image and textual information. The data compliance process prohibits inclusion of patient identity information in the associated textual information and medical image.12-17-2009
20080281757TRUSTED PRIVACY INFORMATION MANAGEMENT - A method for tracking and controlling privacy information within a lead sales system includes logging receipt in a log of one or more encrypted leads by a trusted privacy information manager (TPIM) that are received from a participant thereof, the one or more leads including private lead information from a lead provider having been pre-processed and encrypted with a one-way hash algorithm; comparing the received one or more encrypted leads with stored encrypted leads to find matches; updating the log related to the one or more encrypted leads with information associated with the matching one or more encrypted leads, the log information including at least one of an e-mail address and a phone number of the lead provider; and communicating to the lead provider at least one way to access a user interface of the TPIM that enables the lead provider to control his or her private lead information.11-13-2008
20080270306System and method of theft detection of encoded encrypted software keyed genuine goods - A system and method of probabilistic determination of the genuiness of goods/articles is provided. A vendor and/or manufacturer creates encrypted software keys. Further, the vendor sells a genuine goods/article. The merchant/customer validates the key by means of secure vendor database of encrypted keys. This validation provides the merchant/customer, along with the vendor/manufacturer with a probabilistic determination of the genuiness of the manufactured/sold good.10-30-2008
20110208655System And Method For Creating And Marketing Authentic Virtual Memorabilia - A system and method for creating and marketing authentic virtual memorabilia is disclosed. The System and method include at least one computer server, at least one database connected to said at least one computer server, a communication connection for connecting said at least one computer server to a network, software hosted on said at least one computer server, said software configured to create a marketplace for limited edition authentic virtual memorabilia, said software further configured to provide an auction environment for said authentic virtual memorabilia, said software further configured to allow display of said limited edition authentic virtual memorabilia in a showcase.08-25-2011
20090164377SECURED AND SELECTIVE RUNTIME AUDITING SERVICES USING A TRUSTED COMPUTING DEVICE - In an embodiment, an apparatus includes a control logic to selectively audit transactions between the apparatus and a separate entity based on a type for the transactions. The apparatus also includes an encryption logic to encrypt an audit log that includes at least one attribute of one of the selectively audited transactions.06-25-2009
20090083184Methods and Apparatus for Detecting Fraud with Time Based Computer Tags - Systems and methods for creating and analyzing computer tag information for the prevention or detection of potential fraud. Computers and other devices accessing the Web carry device tags with date and time information describing when they were issued by a security tag server. A server time stamp may be inserted into time based computer tags such as a cookies indicating when they were created. Such time stamp information can be encrypted and analyzed during future attempts to access a secure network such as a customer attempting to log into an online banking account. When the time stamp information from the tag is compared to other selected information about the user, device and/or account, including but not limited to last account log-in date/time or account creation date, the invention may be used to detect suspicious activity.03-26-2009
20090006255Method of Authentication of the Items Put Into Circulation - An efficient and universal anti-counterfeit protection of commercial products allows consumers, wholesalers and interested regulatory authorities to rapidly and reliably check the authenticity of products put into circulation. The authentication system administrator manufactures and provides the manufacturer of an authentic product with the requested quantity of authentication marks. Each authentication mark includes a set of symbols. One part of this set is open for reading and is the identification combination. The authentication marks are attached to the products such that reading the identification combination is impossible without causing permanent damage to the protective media. Then administrator has a description of the items bearing such authentication marks, and checks the identification combination contained in the request against the identification combination whose serial number in the authentication database coincides with the serial number of the item.01-01-2009
20090144199DETECTION OF COUNTERFEITED PRODUCTS BASED ON SENSOR MEASUREMENTS - Implementations may include a computer system for detecting counterfeited products. The system may include a communication unit and a processing unit. The communication unit may be configured to receive a representation of sensor data being measured at different times by a sensor unit associated with a product. The processing unit may be configured to compute a deviation of the sensor data from data of a transport profile for the product and to compute from the deviation a counterfeit value representing an estimate value for the probability that the product is counterfeited.06-04-2009
20090327136METHOD FOR A UNIQUE CERTIFICATION PROCESS FOR THE DELIVERY OF GOODS - A method for a secure delivery of physical goods, involving associating a good unique identifier (GUID) to a package comprising the physical goods requested by a client, obtaining proof of identity parameters from a client associated with the transaction involving the physical goods before the delivery of the physical goods, where the proof of identity parameters are provided to the client by a trusted authority, computing a function using the proof of identity parameters, the GUID, and a certification key, wherein the certification key is computed by the trusted authority, delivering the physical goods to the client, when the result of the function is positive, certifying the delivery when delivery data obtained during the delivery of the physical goods match the proof of identity parameters, the GUID, and the certification key known to the trusted authority.12-31-2009
20100293095Method for Secure Identification of a Device - A method for securely identifying whether an end user owns a particular device from a manufacturer and is a valid participant in a promotion with a partner of the manufacturer. The method allows an end user to verify ownership of a particular device via a computer network and securely obtain promotion related information which enables the end user to participate in a given sales promotion with a retail partner of the manufacturer of the device.11-18-2010
20110145150COMPUTERIZED VOTING SYSTEM - Officials send Eligible Voters encoded Voter Registration(s) and WHOLE Ballot(s) of this invention. Each WHOLE Ballot and Voter Registration has a MASTER part and at least one RECEIPT part that are correlated via a shared, unique group of symbols—a Random Symbolic Identifier (RSID)e. Each RSID is randomly generated and extremely difficult to guess, making it impossible to counterfeit any significant number of Ballots or Registrations. Anonymity is provided to Voters by optional private WHOLE Ballot exchanges among Registered Voters within their Voting Region. Completed MASTER Ballots are delivered by the Due Date to Officials by mail or electronically (using a security verification code) via Internet, Telephone, Fax, Email or interactive Television. Referring to RECEIPT Ballot(s), any Voter may use a telephone or electronic device(s) connected to the Internet to verify accurate processing of their MASTER Ballot.06-16-2011
20090083185Reassigning toll violation information - A method, system, and computer readable medium for reassigning toll violation information comprises receiving, by a toll rental entity, toll usage information from a toll authority, wherein the toll usage information includes toll violation information, receiving, by the third party entity, the toll usage information from the toll rental entity, matching, by the third party entity, transport user information to the toll usage information, receiving, by the toll rental entity, the matched information, from the third party entity, receiving, by a toll authority, the matched information, from the toll rental entity, and reassigning, by the toll authority, a responsibility for the toll violation from the third party entity to a transport user.03-26-2009
20090083186Apparatus and Methods for Enabling Targeted Insertion of Advertisements Using Metadata as In-Content Descriptors - A mechanism for transmitting metadata that contain identifying characteristics of advertisements to be inserted, details of an advertisement-spot, and targeted viewing group details as in-content descriptors to a mobile handset is disclosed. Tight synchronization and control of the display of advertisements within an advertisement-spot during wireless content transmission is thus provided.03-26-2009
20090204541PREVENTING UNAUTHORIZED MODIFICATION OR SKIPPING OF VIEWING OF ADVERTISEMENTS WITHIN CONTENT - A method, apparatus, and system are directed towards employing a chain of permission keys obtained during playing of advertisements within content to enable continued playing of the content. A sequence of encoded permission keys are generated with each encoded permission key, except a last permission key, incorporating a scrambling key useable to decode a next encoded permission key within the sequence of encoded permission keys that enables playing of a next portion of the content. If playing of any advertisement within the content is avoided, then access to an associated scrambling key useable to decode a next permission key is prevented, which in turn inhibits playing of a next portion of the content. In another embodiment, a heartbeat analysis may also be performed to monitor if skipping of an advertisement is being attempted, and if so, playing of the content is prevented.08-13-2009
20090210345Method for editing a ticket of limited duration, system therefore and resulting ticket - The invention concerns a method for editing a ticket providing access to a product or a service with specific duration and or expiry date, characterised in that it comprises a step of recording (EIA) on the ticket an authenticating information encrypted at least partly in accordance with a specific encryption law.08-20-2009
20090150290PROTECTING LOTTERY RECEIPTS - A method and system for generation of ticket security codes is provided. The method includes generating, by a host computing system, a lottery transaction authentication code for each transaction, generating an additional security code for the transaction, and including the generated additional security code on a lottery receipt for the transaction. The additional security code includes information that cannot be reproduced in the host computing system without access to the lottery ticket receipt and allows verification of critical data for the transaction.06-11-2009
20110231317SECURITY SENSITIVE DATA FLOW ANALYSIS - A system and method for security-aware data flow analysis are described. In various embodiments, a system analyses relationships between users, roles, tasks, and data objects, and permissions set thereon and grants access to users to specific data objects or data fields. In various embodiments, a method for creating an authorization matrix for data used in business processes is described. The method includes analyzing organizational policies associated with functional requirements and granting access to data to users if organizational policies are complied with.09-22-2011
20090222382PLATFORM FOR MANAGEMENT OF INTERNET BASED PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS AND PUBLIC COMMENT - An Internet-based integrated technology platform that simultaneously supports the management of Public Information Sites—Web sites used to both (1) inform the public; and (2) capture and manage public comment (including submission of images—while at the same time providing support for electronic communication for project teams that manage public involvement projects. The support includes sharing of graphic, text and collaborative tasks. The system and method allow revisions to comments and dynamic feedback in agency decision making based on comments with greater responsiveness. The system is also suited for implementing charettes with a large number of participants.09-03-2009
20120197804Merchandise-Integral Transaction Receipt and Auditable Product Ownership Trail - Techniques are disclosed for writing data directly onto a product to record each ownership transfer. As a result, the product itself now carries a traceable, auditable, non-forgeable, non-repudiable proof of ownership (and, optionally, ownership history) that can be used in a variety of ways. This recorded ownership transfer information provides an electronic receipt, which may be used by the present owner to prove his or her ownership. (Optionally, other types of transfers may be recorded in addition to, or instead of, ownership transfers.) A transfer agent or registrar may create a unique transaction identifier to represent the transfer, and preferably creates a cryptographic signature over fields representing the transfer. This information may be recorded in a repository that is external from the product.08-02-2012
20080319908Packet Schema for Pay-as-You-Go Service Provisioning - Methods and a program of instruction provide a packet schema framework for communication between elements of a pay-as-you-go business model including a provisioning server, an adapted electronic device, and a service provider. The packet schema defines provisioning instructions and content types to support service provisioning, including electronic device configuration and state, time-metering, and other types of functional and administrative tasks as well as to provide a foundation for any future messages needed for product evolution. The schema also defines security at multiple levels to guard against malicious users who may try to hook into the system to fraudulently use and/or configure the electronic devices for their own use and gain.12-25-2008
20080313083Systems and Methods To Manage Presentations of Advertisements - Systems and methods to manage the presentation of advertisements. One embodiment includes: a data communication server to assign a reference of a connection server to an advertisement and to provide the reference of the connection server with the advertisement for presentation to customers; a connection server to receive from the customers requests made via the reference of the connection server for connections to an advertiser of the advertisement and to provide the connections for real time communications between the customers and the advertiser in response to the requests made via the reference; and a controller coupled with the data communication server and the connection server to compute a performance indicator of the advertisement based on tracking the provided connections via the reference assigned to the advertisement and to determine whether to pause delivery of the advertisement for presentation based on the computed performance indicator.12-18-2008
20090076963System for a Multi-Media Tool Bar with Advertisements - A system comprised of a Tool Bar equipped with the ability to: a) encrypt emails that are sent to computer users who must download and maintain a copy of the Tool Bar to receive the encryption keys needed to decrypt emails; b) display Advertisements in an area of the Tool Bar designed to support text, graphics and video advertisements; c) display various multi-media sessions that allow the user to watch Internet videos, listen to Internet music, read RSS content and engage in other Internet media applications; d) carry out a process by which the computer user can install the Tool Bar in a number of computer applications. e) carry out a process by which the video, radio and RSS functions of the Tool Bar can be continuously viewed as the user moves between software applications.03-19-2009
20090076961BLOCK TRADING SYSTEM AND METHOD PROVIDING PRICE IMPROVEMENT TO AGGRESSIVE ORDERS - In a trading system for trading securities or the like, Contra Targeting is performed by enabling users to expose the liquidity within their order management system without divulging order management system information to a central trading server. Also, virtual orders can be placed and executed which give users price-time priority on an order without reserving the shares until the moment of execution.03-19-2009
20090076960METHOD, SYSTEMAND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FORDETECTING AND PREVENTING FRAUDULENT HEALTH CARE CLAIMS - A method and system for detecting and preventing fraudulent health care claims. A bar code having a service date and provider ID is generated. The provider ID identifies a health care service provider that is requested to provide a service to a client on the service date. A digital image file that includes the bar code, transaction data, and a signature is received. The signature, transaction data, provider ID and service date are extracted from the digital image file. Verification software determines whether the extracted signature matches the client's reference signature stored in a database. Verification software determines whether extracted data that includes service date, provider ID, and client ID is included in any transaction record in the database. A report is generated that identifies a fraudulent claim if the extracted signature does not match any reference signature or if the extracted data is not included in any transaction record. 03-19-2009
20100250437SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MULTIPARTY BILLING OF NETWORK SERVICES - A scalable, distributed system and method for communicating originating network information for multiparty billing of network services, with authentication of originating network attributes, having particular application when value added services are provided to subscribers of other networks, for which price is determined at the terminating end. An originating network attribute, e.g. an originating network identification, is associated with a private-public key pair of the originating network operator, a service request is generated comprising an network attribute pair containing a clear text attribute and an encrypted attribute, encrypted with the private-key of the originating network operator. Authorized parties having a billing relationship with the originating network operator have access to public keys for decryption and verification the originating network identification prior to forwarding of the service request for completion and billing. An attribute pair may be provided as an extension of known service request protocols, and the network attribute may optionally include originating network identification, subscriber information, and other information associated with the service request.09-30-2010
20100121765ELECTRONIC ONLINE VOTING SYSTEM - A digital voting method for a computer system having a voting booth system, a validator system, and a bulletin board system, where the validator system has access to certificates of authorized voters, includes generating using the voting booth system, a vote; blinding/signing the vote using a signature of the voter; sending the blinded/signed vote to the validator; verifying the voter's signature; checking that the voter is authorized, and checking whether the voter has received a validator signature, wherein if not the validator signs the blinded vote; sending the validator signature back to the voting booth system; unblinding the signature; verifying the validator signature, and if correct encrypting the vote along with the validator signature using a tallier's public key; encrypting the vote using a public key to provide a dual-encrypted vote displayable to the voter; transferring the dual-encrypted vote to the bulletin board; and if the voter is authorized publishing the dual-encrypted vote.05-13-2010
20120143764INFORMATION PROVIDING SYSTEM AND DESIGN INFORMATION PROVIDING SERVER - A design information providing system, which does not allow continuation of manufacturing of products unless a patent license contract is concluded, includes a terminal apparatus (06-07-2012
20100191651SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SECURING AND DISPLAYING ITEMS FOR MERCHANDISING - A system and method for automatically advertising items put on display, as well as protecting those items against theft. The system and method include an event sensor associated with the item and connected to a monitoring and alarm transmitter for initiating an advertising experience on an associated and local graphic display whenever the item is manipulated or approached by a patron. Should the item be removed or taken from its display stand, a wireless alarm is automatically transmitted to a receiver of an authorized person. The system and method also perform a logging function when a patron approaches the item or removes it without taking it away. The system and method also include the ability to provide power to electronic items that are on display.07-29-2010
20090164376Systems and Methods for Controlled Substance Prescription Monitoring Via Real Time Claims Network - Embodiments of the invention can provide systems and methods for controlled substance prescription monitoring via a real time claims network. In one embodiment, a method for facilitating real-time processing of claims associated with one or more controlled substances can be provided. The method can include receiving a plurality of claims from a claims transaction switch, wherein each of the claims relates to both at least one predefined provider and at least one monitored controlled substance. In addition, the method can include validating some or all of the plurality of claims. Furthermore, the method can include formatting and transmitting data from validated claims to a prescription monitoring program system.06-25-2009
20090319429SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CASH POSITIONING AND REPORTING - Systems and methods for cash positioning and cash reporting are preferably provided. A system for cash reporting and cash positioning according to the invention may include a controller module and a web service module. The controller module may be adapted to receive a selection to update a data store. The web service module may be adapted to receive a call from the controller module. The call from the controller module may be sent in response to the selection to update the data store. The web service module may be configured to retrieve bank account information data in response to the call from the controller module.12-24-2009
20090319430MOBILE PHONE INCLUDING DYNAMIC VERIFICATION VALUE - A method for forming a dynamic verification value. The method includes altering a first data string to form a second data string, and forming a first dynamic verification value using at least a portion of the second data string. The first dynamic verification value is used to authenticate a phone in a first transaction. The second data string is used to form a third data string. A second dynamic verification value is formed using at least a portion of the third data string. The second dynamic verification value is used to authenticate the phone in a second transaction.12-24-2009
20080288408Mobile consumer-to-consumer personal point of sale system and related business method - A business method for mobile commerce includes a first buyer purchasing an item from a Internet-based vendor using a first mobile computing device. A shopping history is developed. A second buyer, using a second mobile computing device, interrogates the shopping history of the first buyer to discover certain parameters regarding an article of interest to the second buyer owned by the first buyer. The item is then purchased by the second buyer using shopping history information provided by the first mobile computing device. The method also includes electronically transferring funds to the vendor with at least some of the funds being electronically transferred to the first mobile consumer as a referral fee.11-20-2008
20100299263Method and System for Deterring Product Counterfeiting, Diversion and Piracy - A client system receives a request for a set of unique security codes and also receives product data associated with a product on which the security codes are to be printed. The client sends at least some of the product data to a host system and receives a batch identifier from the host. The host stores received product data with the batch identifier. The client generates the set of security codes and then provides the codes to be printed on the product. After the products enter the stream of commerce, the host can receive an authentication request including a security code, and in response the host will verify that the security code is valid and return to the requestor the authentication result and at least part of the product data associated with the batch identifier.11-25-2010
20090083183DISTRIBUTED SECURE ANONYMOUS CONFERENCING - A communications manager of an enterprise receives an add-conference request to host a conference by the enterprise from an organizer client, wherein the conference to enable an anonymous user that does not have enterprise credentials to join the conference. The communications manager sends an add-conference response to the organizer client indicating that the conference is organized.03-26-2009
20130138569Protecting Identities of Users to Whom Advertising is Targeted - A system environment supporting one or more advertisers and one or more ad publishers provides a means of sharing user-targeted advertisement. One or more hashing modules in the system environment provide the advertisers and ad publishers a means of sharing this information without revealing a user's personally identifiable information (PII). If a lossy hash is chosen, then an advertiser can communicate targeted advertisements to an ad publisher without revealing any PII to the ad publisher that the ad publisher did not already know.05-30-2013
20090076962DIGITAL CERTIFICATION METHOD AND APPARATUS - A method for recording a document with authenticity certification information. The method includes receiving an indication from a user regarding their intention to accept and/or receive a proposed set of documentary content elements and presenting a visual display of the documentary content elements. The method further includes presenting and detecting an actuatable acknowledgment mechanism and receiving and transmitting account information to an account provider. The method also includes generating a digital certificate and key pairs from one or more items associated the account information.03-19-2009
20100325050CONTROL METHOD FOR A PRINT PROCESSING DEVICE, CONTROL METHOD FOR A RECEIPT PRINTING DEVICE, A PRINT PROCESSING DEVICE, A RECEIPT ISSUING SYSTEM, AND A PROGRAM - A method and system are provided for a receipt printing device that produces receipts. Encrypted data is necessary to produce the receipt to prevent forgery of the receipt. The encrypted data based on information, which can be transaction information, received from a POS terminal. The encrypted data will be printed on the receipt only when determined to be necessary.12-23-2010
20100332396Use of Fingerprint with an On-Line or Networked Auction - A method for selectively allowing participation in an auction, implemented at one or more servers, includes steps for receiving a request to participate in the auction, receiving machine fingerprint data related to the request to participate in the auction, saving the machine fingerprint data in a memory, comparing the machine fingerprint data with previously stored machine fingerprint data, and determining, using the machine fingerprint data, whether to allow the participation in the auction.12-30-2010
20110112969VEHICLE ACCESS CONTROL SERVICES AND PLATFORM - Vehicle access control is disclosed. In various embodiments, a vehicle reservation from a wireless communication device is received, the vehicle reservation is authenticated, and access to the vehicle is provided after authenticating the vehicle reservation. In various embodiments, a system for vehicle access control includes a vehicle access control component that is configured to provide access to a vehicle and a communication interface for communication with a wireless communication device, a communication interface for communication with a wireless communication device. Access to the vehicle is provided when a vehicle reservation is received from the wireless communication device.05-12-2011
20100030691DURING AN E-COMMERCE TRANSACTION SENDING A POSTAL PACKAGE TO A RECIPIENT BASED UPON A RECIPIENTS EMAIL ADDRESS - An e-commerce transaction can be identified that includes at least one item to be shipped to a postal address of a recipient. A user interface involved in the e-commerce transaction can prompt for an email address. An email address can be received as an address for the recipient. A postal address can be programmatically determining by querying a data store using the email address as a recipient identifier. A shipment of the at least one item can be initiated to the determined postal address.02-04-2010
20100169217REGISTRATION OF A MOBILE COMPUTING DEVICE FOR A SERVICE ON A WIRELESS NETWORK - A system and method are disclosed for registering a mobile computing device of a service on a wireless network. The method comprises receiving user information for a user of the mobile computing device and creating an account based on the user information. The method comprises receiving a first key and serial number from the mobile computing device at a network node and generating a second key based on an encryption of a stored serial number of the mobile computing device. Based on an evaluation of the first and second keys and received and stored serial numbers, the mobile computing device is registered on the wireless network for the service.07-01-2010
20100036771System, method an computer program product for processing automated clearing house (ACH) historical data - A system, method, and computer program product for processing automated clearing house (ACH) historical data is provided. The system includes a storage device, a processor, a reconciler component, a risk management component, a pattern matching component, a distribution component, and a display device. The storage device stores ACH historical data from depository financial institutions (DFI) and an ACH operator. The reconciler component identifies related ACH transactions. The risk management component calculates and displays return exposure. The pattern matching component detects rules violations and sends alerts to the DFIs. The distribution component generates and displays a time distribution of ACH returns.02-11-2010
20090048977USER PROFILE GENERATION ARCHITECTURE FOR TARGETED CONTENT DISTRIBUTION USING EXTERNAL PROCESSES - A targeting-message profile may be obtained by a wireless access terminal (W-AT) by receiving a rule for establishing a user profile, synthesizing at least one profile attribute based on user behavior, and determining a need for further information based on the at least one profile attribute. Then, the W-AT may request the further information from an apparatus external to the W-AT, such as a server containing census information, receive the further information from the apparatus, and generate the profile based on the profile attributes and the further information.02-19-2009
20090048976Protecting Stored Data From Traffic Analysis - A method including: reading a portion of stored data from a storage medium, decrypting the portion of stored data, then if changes are requested, making the changes to the portion of stored data to produce changed data, encrypting the changed data, and writing the encrypted changed data to the storage medium. An apparatus that performs the method is also included.02-19-2009
20090216678SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FACILITATING SECURE COMMUNICATION OF MESSAGES ASSOCIATED WITH A PROJECT - Embodiments of a system and method for facilitating the secure communication of messages associated with a project between computing devices, including for example, a first mobile device and at least a second mobile device are disclosed. One or more intermediate computing devices coupled to the first and second mobile devices are configured to receive and verify registration requests received from the mobile devices, and to assign addresses associated with mobile device users to a distribution list associated with the project. When a message that has been sent from a first user and addressed to at least a second user is received at the one or more intermediate computing devices, a determination is made as to whether the message is associated with the project, and if so, in one example embodiment, the message is transmitted to the second user only if both the address associated with the first user and the address associated with the second user have been assigned to the distribution list.08-27-2009
20100070416DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT LICENSE IDENTIFICATION - A digital rights management license provides access to a content key that can be used to decrypt an encrypted digital content item. The digital rights management license also includes a policy that defines circumstances in which the content key is allowed to decrypt the encrypted digital content item. Further, the digital rights management license includes a license identifier. The license identifier is a digital fingerprint of at least a portion of the policy of the license.03-18-2010
20080319909System and method for managing the lifecycle of encryption keys - Automatically managing the lifecycle of encryption keys. The systems and methods include a workflow engine and workflows that implement actions that generate, maintain, replace, and destroy encryption keys. Workflows may trigger other workflows to automate each step in an encryption key's lifecycle. The systems and methods include reporting on and auditing of the entire hierarchy of keys managed by the system.12-25-2008
20110178930Multiple Level Access with SILOS - A silo system process includes providing a partner with a digitally-signed CKM authorization key by an issuer, thereby allowing the partner to create a silo of an agreed size on a storage medium. The owner of the storage medium provides a personal card for provisioning. The partner creates a silo on the personal card. The partner instantiates a silo and provisions the silo with partner-specific CKM keys. The partner notifies the issuer by that the silo has been created, thereby allowing the issuer to track creation of silos on each card for card management and billing purposes. The partner manages the silo by using the partner-specific keys.07-21-2011
20110082794Client-centric e-health system and method with applications to long-term health and community care consumers, insurers, and regulators - A patient-centric system and method for accessing personal health records of a patient, stored in relational databases and containing comprehensive records of multiple patients with each patient's records incorporating many different data categories and functions including manual or automated data exchange, consolidation, storage, routing and transmission, consistent with consent directives assigned to authorized users and computer systems of authorized users by the patient or designated representative thereof. The consent directives define privileges of access in each of said data categories and functions within the patients records. The patients records are stored in relational databases hosted by Web servers on a computer network through which the authorized users interact under the control of programming logic consistent with the consent directives assigned by the patient or designated representative thereof.04-07-2011
20110125646Methods and systems for managing personal health records by individuals - A Data processing methods and systems adapted to manage personal health records by individuals. Wherein the patient undergoes encounters with a plurality of health care providers who generate personal health data of the patient. A storage device configured to perform tasks of a personal health record server (“PHRS”) comprising procedures to encrypt and store personal record data, to authenticate the access right of the requester, to create response to requester with associated personal health related information, to transfer personal health related information from/to information generating or storage devices; and to communicate with user via network. Personal health record server can be installed in a portable USB device and can start serving immediately after being inserted into a computer's USB port, personal health record stored can be accessed either by the said computer locally or by other computers requesting via internet through authenticated requests.05-26-2011
20100121766DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM AND DATA PROCESSING METHOD - Advertisement video data in which coupon ID data attached to each of coupons is embedded as a watermark is distributed and reproduced; part of the video data provided by a display device (05-13-2010
20110137801METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ORDERING GOODS, SERVICES AND CONTENT OVER AN INTERNETWORK USING A VIRTUAL PAYMENT ACCOUNT - A virtual payment system for paying for goods, services and content ordered over an internetwork is disclosed. The virtual payment system includes a commerce gateway. Buyers and sellers becomes registered participants by applying for virtual payment buyer and seller accounts. Once an account is established with the commerce gateway, a digital certificate is stored on the registered participant's computer. A buyer can then order a product, i.e., goods, services or content from a seller and charge it to the virtual payment account. When the product is shipped, the seller notifies the commerce gateway, which applies the charges to the buyer's virtual payment account. The buyer can settle the charges using a prepaid account, a credit account, or by using reward points earned through use of the virtual payment account. A buyer may create sub-accounts.06-09-2011
20110082795PRODUCT PROTECTION IDENTIFIER FOR CHECKING THE AUTHENTICITY OF PRODUCTS - The invention relates to a product protection system, whereby a product piece is provided with a product-specific identification sequence (K) which is converted into a coded check sequence (C), by means of an encoding method (F04-07-2011
20110125647TRANSMISSION INFORMATION LINKUP SYSTEM - A transmission information linkup system with which users can transmit the information in linkage for purchasing the commercial product etc. The transmission information linkup system includes a server and a first terminal. The first terminal includes a unit to receive an input form from the server, a unit to input information to the input form, corresponding to a user's operation, a unit to transfer at least apart of the input form to a second terminal, a unit to receive input information to the input form from the second terminal, and a unit to transmit the input information received from the second terminal and the input information corresponding to the user's operation as input information to the input form to the server. And the server includes a unit to transmit the input form to the first terminal and a unit to receive the input information from the first terminal.05-26-2011
20110178931Secure and Mobile Biometric Authentication for Electronic Health Record Management - A portable device receives an encrypted message from an electronic health record database server including a request to perform a biometric authentication to approve a transaction. The device prompts a user to speak a pass phrase. The device creates a set of variables including the pass phrase and at least one more variable characterizing the spoken voice. The authentication module transmits an encrypted message to the health record database server including a session identification information and the set of variables. In response, the device receives an encrypted message from the health record database server determining whether the biometric authentication is successful and the transaction is approved, wherein determination is made by the health record database server and is based on verifying the session identification information, the pass phrase, and the user identity.07-21-2011
20100030690SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PATIENT-CONTROLLED, ENCRYPTED, CONSOLIDATED MEDICAL RECORDS - Certain embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for managing medical information. Certain embodiments provide a system for managing medical information. The system includes a data center for centrally storing patient medical data as unstructured encrypted data. The system also includes a patient interface providing storage and retrieval of patient medical data at the data center. The patient interface communicates with the data center to transmit encrypted patient medical data to the data center. The encrypted patient medical data is encrypted at the patient interface using a patient encryption key assigned to a patient. The patient interface is further configured to receive encrypted patient medical data from the data center and decrypt the patient medical data using the patient encryption key assigned to the patient.02-04-2010
20100030692METHOD FOR INSERTING ADS IN CONTENT THROUGH A PROXY - The present invention relates generally to methods and systems for inserting advertisements and other commercial content in content and more specifically to methods and systems for inserting advertisements and other commercial content in content using a proxy and proxies thereto.02-04-2010
20110218919METHOD AND APPARATUS TO SUPPORT EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE - A method and apparatus for providing reports of medical procedures includes a biometric data recorder to record and transmit biometric data of a patient, the biometric data being transmitted with a medical report of the medical procedure. The medical report and biometric data are transmitted as an encrypted transmission to an information center for storage. The medical reports of steps in the medical procedure for a patient are linked using the biometric data even if performed by different medical service providers. Medical reports of plural patients undergoing the procedure are stored, linked according to patient using the patient biometric data. Reports generated from the linked data anonymously report a given patient's status following the procedure. Statistical reports are generated on plural patients undergoing the procedure, and competing procedures are compared using the statistical reports.09-08-2011
20100017330PROTECTING A MANUFACTURED ITEM FROM COUNTERFEITING - A method and system are described for protecting a manufactured item from counterfeiting. The manufactured item, which is marked with an identifier, such as a serial number, is associated with a code generator that has secret functions and data for generating verification codes. The manufactured item is then supplied along with the corresponding code generator. Thereafter, the identifier from the manufactured item and the verification code generated by the code generator are used to verify authenticity of the manufactured item.01-21-2010
20090150289ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDS INFORMATION SYSTEM - There is provided an apparatus for organizing a clinical observation in the form of clinical information entered by a user into memory. The apparatus includes a mechanism to receive the clinical information, which is associated with the clinical observation and has a plurality of clinical attributes. There is a mechanism for parsing the clinical information, and which identifies a clinical information data structure representative of the clinical information and which has one or more granule information data structures. Each of the granule information data structures has a collection of generic attributes. There is a mechanism to assign the clinical attributes to respective ones of the generic attributes of the one or more granule information data structures. The clinical information data structure associates the clinical attributes with respective ones of the generic attributes of each of the granule information data structures.06-11-2009
20120005098PRIVACY-SENSITIVE SAMPLE ANALYSIS - Processes are described for provision of privacy-sensitive sample analysis results to a sample provider. The sample provider generates a cryptographic commitment encoding a secret value, r, and a sample identifier, s, associated with a sample container. The sample provider provides the commitment to an analysis provider in association with the sample container containing a sample for analysis. The analysis provider analyzes the sample to obtain a set of analysis results corresponding to the sample identifier, s, and generates a cryptographic pre-credential, σ′, corresponding to the sample identifier, s. The pre-credential, σ′, encodes the set of analysis results and the commitment. Completion of the pre-credential, σ′, requires knowledge of the secret value, r, in the commitment. In response to cryptographic proof of knowledge by the sample provider of at least the secret value, r, in the commitment encoded in the pre-credential, σ′, corresponding to the sample identifier, s, the analysis provider supplies the pre-credential, σ′, to the sample provider. The sample provider then completes the pre-credential, σ′ using the secret value, r, to obtain a cryptographic credential, σ, encoding the set of analysis results.01-05-2012
20120209776VEHICLE DEVICE, AD HOC NETWORK AND METHOD FOR A ROAD TOLL SYSTEM - A vehicle device for a road toll system including: a satellite navigation receiver for continuously generating location data for a processing and transmitting/receiving unit of the vehicle device; and a trusted-element processor configured to log a time segment of the generated location data and to cryptographically signing said time segment. The trusted-element processor is further configured to start said logging upon detection of a predefined time or a predefined location of the vehicle device and to carry out said logging for a predefined time segment.08-16-2012
20120011068SYSTEM AND METHOD OF ELECTRONIC AND PHYSICAL MAIL CATEGORIZATION AND TARGETED DELIVERY - Embodiments include systems and methods of a service that allows hard copy and electronic media customers to proactively specify, across a broad range of categories, the hard copy mail and/or electronic media mail that they would or would not like to receive. Embodiments include methods and systems configured to allow customers of delivery services to customize the flow of physical items such as hard copy or other letters or parcels, for delivery or electronic media mail from mailers based on highly specific customer-designated criteria. The delivery service acts as a trusted third party to serve as the intermediary between the recipient of the items and mailers to provide privacy and manage a repository for a customer-selected criteria database. In addition, one embodiment provides verification and/or identification that mail being sent meets the customer's designated criteria.01-12-2012
20110167003MAINTAINING PRIVACY DURING PERSONALIZED CONTENT DELIVERY - Embodiments of the present invention relate to systems, methods, and computer-storage media for maintaining privacy while delivering advertisements based on encrypted user profile identifiers. In embodiments, a Public key Encryption with Keyword Search (PEKS) is used to generate a public key and a private key. In embodiments, a public key and a private key are used to encrypt user profile identifiers and generate trapdoors associated with defined profile identifiers, respectively. A portion of the encrypted user profile identifiers are compared to a portion of the trapdoors. If a match is present between at least one encrypted user profile identifier and an associated trapdoor, a delivery engine is provided with an identification of content to be delivered to the user. The provided description is then used to determine an advertisement to present to a user. The advertisement is then presented to the user.07-07-2011
20110093394MULTIPLE CUSTOMER AND MULTIPLE LOCATION PC SERVICE PROVIDER SYSTEM - The present invention contemplates a system whereby a service provider can service a large number of customers (millions) and connect them to their rented PC from millions of locations around the world. Many customers (10 to 100 thousand) can be connected simultaneously. The service provider is responsible for maintaining the latest PC Hardware and Software configurations available on the market instead of the customer. The rented PC operates in essentially the same manner as if one purchased and maintained their PC at home or office. Access to the individuals rented PC can be obtained from any existing PC, office network computer, a Web TV computer or other customer interface computer which has been authorized by the service provider. The current invention will greatly improve existing Client/Server systems being used to service large global offices. However, the greatest improvement is to make the PC much more convenient and easier for the individual to use in the future and shift the PC hardware and software update burden to the service provider.04-21-2011
20110093393Method and System for Obtaining Feedback for a Product - The embodiments disclosed herein include new, more efficient ways to request, create, send, and receive product reviews from the Internet. One aspect of the invention is an email message for a customer. The email message includes a request to review a product obtained by the customer in a transaction; a rating input area and/or a text input area; an authentication token that includes a transaction identifier corresponding to the transaction; and an HTTP form submission command to send a response to the request from the customer to a remote computer. The response includes a rating entered in the rating input area and/or text entered in the text input area, and the authentication token.04-21-2011
20080301052AUTHORIZING CUSTOMER PREMISE EQUIPMENT ON A SUB-NETWORK - Systems and methods for authorizing a customer premise equipment (CPE) device to join a network through a network termination unit (NTU). The CPE device can send an encrypted connection request, and an authorization server can decrypt the connection request and provide a network membership key (NMK) associated with the CPE device to the NTU. The authorization server can encrypt the NMK associated with the CPE device using a device access key (DAK) associated with the NTU.12-04-2008
20110106708Techniques for temporary access to enterprise networks - Techniques for temporary access to enterprise networks are provided. Devices of customers are detected and authenticated for temporary enterprise network access to a facility of an enterprise when the customers are in a configurable geographic distance to that facility. Temporary access credentials for accessing select resources of the facility or enterprise network are pushed to the processing device upon successful authentication. When one or more terminating actions are detected, the temporary access credentials are revoked and access to the enterprise network ceases.05-05-2011
20100094759Mobile Commerce Enablement Systems and Methods - Mobile commerce systems and methods are provided. In one embodiment, a mobile commerce platform includes a visual design tool. The mobile commerce platform may be electronically stored on a computing device, such that it is configured to manipulate computer readable data electronically stored on the computing device. The visual design tool may include an interactive graphical canvas and a block diagram. The interactive graphical canvas may be configured to enable the modification of the block diagram. The block diagram may include a first object block, a second object block and at least one connecting symbol. The first object block may define a first campaign instance, the second object block may define a second campaign instance, and the at least one connecting symbol may define a campaign sequence. Further, the mobile commerce platform may be configured to execute a mobile campaign according to the first campaign instance, the second campaign instance, and the campaign sequence.04-15-2010
20100094758SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING REAL TIME ANONYMIZED MARKETING INFORMATION - Embodiments disclosed herein are directed to systems and methods for enabling the matching of third party data with access providers' subscriber data in a privacy compliant manner, and then connecting an internet user to that third party data for use by marketers, content providers, or other interested parties in a manner that protects consumer privacy at all times. In one embodiment, an access provider such as an ISP sends its subscriber data to a double blind processor that generates an encrypted key for each subscriber. The key is then used to find matching consumer data, for example, consumer segments that represent previously collected or modeled consumer attitudinal, habit, or financial data. The key may be forwarded to a real time marketing bureau, which may use the matched data in subsequent real-time or substantially real-time operations to provide consumer or business data to advertisers, content providers, and other interested parties.04-15-2010
20090063348Distributed Content Architecture - A distributed content architecture is provided the de-coupled site management and presentation from asset inventory management and publishing. An active content cell is provided which manages the inventory and publishing aspects of the information. A content management server is provided that resides at any site and that effects content commerce. The active content cell resides at a content publisher's site and is under content publisher's control. Thus, the invention enables a virtual content market in which content is controlled by the content publisher while commercial transactions are separately controlled by a content management server. Active content cells are site independent such that multiple active content cells can co-exist in one location or be geographically dispersed. Further, active content cells have a unique IP address and register the location just as any other site although their behavior is different. The invention further provides a transaction protocol as effected between the active content cells and contents managers.03-05-2009
20120123945NFC TRANSACTION METHOD AND SYSTEM - A method for performing a transaction between a portable device and a transaction device includes: providing at least one transaction server having at least one application program configured to receive, process and emit application data, establishing at least one data link between the portable device and the transaction server, establishing a near field communication channel between the portable device and the transaction device, and, via the portable device, transferring to the application program of the server application data sent by the transaction device, and receiving application data sent by the application program of the server and transferring them to the transaction device.05-17-2012
20090132419OBFUSCATING SENSITIVE DATA WHILE PRESERVING DATA USABILITY - A method and system for obfuscating sensitive data while preserving data usability. The in-scope data files of an application are identified. The in-scope data files include sensitive data that must be masked to preserve its confidentiality. Data definitions are collected. Primary sensitive data fields are identified. Data names for the primary sensitive data fields are normalized. The primary sensitive data fields are classified according to sensitivity. Appropriate masking methods are selected from a pre-defined set to be applied to each data element based on rules exercised on the data. The data being masked is profiled to detect invalid data. Masking software is developed and input considerations are applied. The selected masking method is executed and operational and functional validation is performed.05-21-2009
20090132420COMPUTER PROGRAM FOR A CURRENCY TRACKING SYSTEM - A set of instructions for causing a computer system to monitor transactions involving security documents. Each security document has disposed thereon or therein coded data including a number of coded data portions, each coded data portion being indicative of at least an identity of the security document. The set of instructions causes the computer system to receive indicating data from a sensing device, the sensing device being responsive to sensing of coded data to generate indicating data at least partially indicative of the identity of the security document and the transaction. The computer system updates, transaction data stored in a data store, using the identity, the transaction data being indicative of the identity of the security document and the transaction.05-21-2009
20120123946METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR A CRYPTOGRAPHICALLY ASSISTED COMMERCIAL NETWORK SYSTEM DESIGNED TO FACILITATE BUYER-DRIVEN CONDITIONAL PURCHASE OFFERS - The present invention is a method and apparatus for effectuating bilateral buyer-driven commerce. The present invention allows prospective buyers of goods and services to communicate a binding purchase offer globally to potential sellers, for sellers conveniently to search for relevant buyer purchase offers, and for sellers potentially to bind a buyer to a contract based on the buyer's purchase offer. In a preferred embodiment, the apparatus of the present invention includes a controller which receives binding purchase offers from prospective buyers. The controller makes purchase offers available globally to potential sellers. Potential sellers then have the option to accept a purchase offer and thus bind the corresponding buyer to a contract. The method and apparatus of the present invention have applications on the Internet as well as conventional communications systems such as voice telephony.05-17-2012
20120136792METHOD FOR MANAGING COMMODITY CIRCULATION BASED ON INTERNET - A method for managing commodity circulation based on Internet is provided, which includes the following steps: 1. a computer system acquiring a first group of data and a second group of data that are respectively 13-digit decimal numbers to be processed; 2. judging whether the first group of data and the second group of data conform to specified principles; 3. performing an encryption operation on the two groups of data conforming to the specified principles through a commercial cryptographic algorithm to generate a third group of data; 4. making the first group of data, the second group of data, and the third group of data correspond to one commodity; 5. dividing the first group of data, the second group of data, and the third group of data into three rows, and printing them on the corresponding commodity; 6. assigning a corresponding 6-digit tracking code to the commodity; 7. displaying the tracking code through a web page; 8. displaying the first group of data, the second group of data, and other information through the web page, entering the third group of data in an entry window, performing an inverse operation of encryption and a checking computation, and the system displaying an authentication code of “0” or “1” to prompt correct or wrong information.05-31-2012
20120221473Method and System for Using a Mobile Device for Secure Access to Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment - A systems and method are to allow a wireless telephone or any terminal to reserve and activate an electric vehicle charger using a web site or server computer system. An access control system is provided that includes a server and an access device. The access device includes an electrical vehicle charger. A reservation request is accepted from a first terminal using the server. A reservation certificate is provided to a mobile second terminal in response to the request using the server. The reservation certificate is accepted from the mobile second terminal using the access device and a communications technique like Bluetooth. The reservation certificate is determined to be authentic using the access device. The electric vehicle charger is activated in response to accepting an authentic reservation certificate using the access device.08-30-2012
20100049656Half-Graphical User Interface Order Processing System and Method - A half-graphical user interface (Half-GUI) order processing (HGOP) system with single sign on and its method of use is described. A set of web services may be utilized for order processing in an electronic commerce system which allows a merchant to host a product catalog and shopping cart, but post the transaction to an e-commerce system in one simple transaction. In response to a shopping cart request and utilizing single sign on technology, the HGOP system exposes a single checkout form, prepopulated with customer account information to a merchant web site. If no edits are required, the transaction posts and an order confirmation/thank you page is displayed. If edits are required or a new customer account is required, the customer's account is updated or created.02-25-2010
20120226616VIRTUAL GOODS INCENTIVE SYSTEM - Virtual goods, such as Facebook credits or Farmville animals, are offered as an incentive to acquire new customers or reacquire former customers. Using a simple click-through process, a customer may receive a given number of virtual credits, or a particular virtual item, upon satisfying a given requirement, such as a purchase above a given amount, a subscription to a mailing list, submission of a preference profile, and so on. Initial tests have indicated that a substantial number of customers prefer receiving such virtual items in lieu of a cash rebate or other cash-based discount, even when the actual cost associated with the virtual item is the same as, or lower than the amount of the cash-based discount. In a preferred embodiment, a third-party campaign manager facilitates the execution and management of the incentive campaign.09-06-2012
20090018961Customer identification system and method for a personalized merchant rewards program - A closed loop loyalty, recognition and rewards program for merchants. Each merchant decides upon their own rewards criteria and similar or analogous identification systems are used to identify customers who are loyal customers of several merchants in a community. This works in conjunction with a system for identifying a customer's product based upon equity accumulation, the system having a memory and a remote processor. The consumer is issued for example, a chip in one embodiment which is RFID enabled and when the consumer enters the business their data comes up on the screen and loyalty programs that are customized for that merchant based upon the frequency of visits by the consumer, may be accessed. The two criteria for rewards are based upon number of visits and a timeframe specified by the merchant, likewise the system is designed so the merchants can communicate with their consumers and invite them to special events or make them aware of special offers. Based upon the data for each customer the system recommends other merchants that a consumer would like to be associated with, and have VIP treatment from and this is an additional services which are offered for consideration.01-15-2009
20120233076REDEEMING OFFERS OF DIGITAL CONTENT ITEMS - The technology provides for redeeming an offer of a digital content item based on identifying a physical object in image data and verifying a unique identifier associated with the physical object. The unique identifier may be recognized from the physical object by a computer system in image data from a camera. The unique identifier is typically attached to or part of the physical object. For example, the unique identifier may be a graphic design integral to a physical object like an article of clothing, jewelry or a book cover. Furthermore, a user may be identified as being associated with the physical object. In some examples, the user having bodily contact with, for example wearing or holding, the physical object is deemed the user associated with the physical object for redemption of the digital content item.09-13-2012
20110264585METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING EMAIL - A system is provided for managing email and eliminating spam wherein an email client (10-27-2011
20120089518METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR AUTHENTICATING PRESCRIPTIONS FOR CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES - A method and system for two-factor authentication of electronic prescriptions for controlled substance is characterized by the tagging of discreet prescription identifiers, created by an electronic medical record system, with a unique identification number and encoding the identification number in an electronically readable identifier. The identifier is created using an electronic network service that creates the unique identification number and the electronically readable identifier. When provided with the unique identification number and the electronically readable identifier, a health care practitioner can authenticate the electronic prescription using a standard smartphone or other mobile device. The result is a highly-scalable, convenient and easy-to-use authentication method for electronically prescribing controlled substances that takes advantage of standard smartphones and other mobile devices now used by a majority of healthcare practitioners, reduces the authentication burden caused by the Drug Enforcement Administration's two-factor authentication requirement for electronically prescribing controlled substances, and reduces the need for the healthcare enterprise to purchase and provide practitioners with additional authentication devices or other equipment to implement a two-factor authentication mechanism.04-12-2012
20110276492AUTHENTICATED PAYMENT11-10-2011
20110276491METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR IN-GAME ADVERTISING - Methods and systems for content initiation are described. In one embodiment, execution of an executable application is initiated. The executable application is associated with source code of a gaming application and a compiled version of a gaming application. Advertising data is received through a network. The source code of the gaming application is recompiled using the advertising data to create a recompiled version of the gaming application. Game play of the recompiled version of the gaming application is initiated. The game play includes presentation of advertising based on at least a portion of the advertising data. Additional methods and systems are disclosed.11-10-2011
20110276490SECURITY SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENTS WITH PUBLICLY VERIFIABLE PROOFS OF COMPLIANCE - Techniques are described herein that are capable of providing security guarantees in security service level agreements (SLAB). For instance, a security SLA may specify a level of service to be provided to a user with respect to at least one security property (e.g., confidentiality, integrity, write-serialization, read freshness, etc.). Attestations may be used to prove occurrence (or non-occurrence) of violations of security properties in a manner that is universally verifiable, e.g., by third parties. An attestation is an indicator that is generated by a user to certify that the user makes a request (e.g., get request or put request) or an indicator that is generated by a cloud service provider to certify that the cloud service provider accurately fulfills a request of a user. A security SLA may specify a payment to be made to a user in response to an occurrence of a violation of a security property.11-10-2011
20120095921SERVICE SYSTEM - Multiple service servers can store identification tags, which identify each user, after associating the identification tags with the identification tags of other users; and can also store identification data, which uniquely identifies users across multiple service servers, after associating the identification data with an encryption key for each identification datum. A management server device stores as identification data the user address data encrypted by means of an encryption key that has been generated for each identification datum. A gateway server device receives the identification tags from a first service server, receives the other identification tags associated with the first identification tags, receives the encryption keys associated with the other identification tags, and obtains the encrypted data from the management server. The gateway server device then decodes the encrypted information, and commands delivery that uses the obtained address data.04-19-2012
20120095920METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR FUEL ISLAND AUTHORIZATION FOR TRUCKING INDUSTRY - A fuel authorization system enables data to be exchanged between vehicles and a fuel vendor, to verify that the vehicle is authorized to receive fuel. In an exemplary embodiment, each fuel island is equipped with a motion detector, a short range radio frequency (RF) component, and an infrared (IR) receiver. Participating vehicles are equipped with an IR transmitter and a RF component that can establish a data link with the fuel island's RF unit. When the motion detector senses a vehicle in the fuel lane, an RF query is sent to the vehicle. Participating vehicles respond with an IR transmission. An RF data link is then established between the enrolled vehicle and the fuel vendor to verify that the vehicle is authorized to receive fuel. Once the verification is complete, the fuel dispenser is enabled. If the motion detector senses that the vehicle leaves, the fuel dispenser is disabled.04-19-2012
20100198730System and method for securing tenant data on a local appliance prior to delivery to a SaaS data center hosted application service - An extensible servicing hosting platform is provided that supports the design, build and concurrent deployment of multiple web accessible services on a services hosting platform. The services hosting platform comprises a services hosting framework capable of hosting multiple service applications, each of which may be shared by multiple tenants that each customize their use of a particular application service by extending the application service to exploit run time platform services within a service execution pipeline. The services hosting framework may easily be leveraged by applications to decrease the time associated with developing, deploying and maintaining high quality services in a cost effective manner.08-05-2010
20100169218SECURE AUTHENTICATION OF LECTRONIC PRESCRIPTIONS - The invention relates to a system for authenticating electronic prescriptions, the system comprising an acquisition unit for acquiring an electronic prescription for authentication, the electronic prescription comprising a transaction number, a first pseudonym, and a signature of a first participant using a transaction pseudonym, the first pseudonym indicating the first participant's registration at a first privacy officer; a generation unit for generating the transaction pseudonym based on the first pseudonym, the transaction number and a registration key corresponding to the first pseudonym and being shared between the first participant and a second privacy officer; and a validation unit for verifying the first participant's registration at the second privacy officer and the authenticity of the signature based on the registration key and the transaction pseudonym. As the transaction pseudonym depends on registrations at two privacy officers and a transaction number for a real-time prescription, the participant's privacy can be well protected from each privacy officer.07-01-2010
20100131410PURCHASING DATA MANAGEMENT METHOD AND SYSTEM - A data management method and system. The method includes retrieving by a computing system, first identification data associated with a buyer of a product. The computing system retrieves product data associated with the product. The product data is compared to campaign data associated with a campaign. The campaign is associated with an entity associated with the product. The computing system determines that the product is associated with the campaign. The computing system generates second identification data comprising the first identification data, an identification code for the product, a campaign code indicating that the product is associated with the campaign, and a date of purchase for the product. The computing system generates encrypted data comprising the second identification data in an encrypted format. The encrypted data is transmitted to a secure database system.05-27-2010
20120150746METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DIGITAL COUPON REDEMPTION - Methods and systems for redeeming digital coupons within a network-based system are disclosed. For example, a method can include receiving a payment request, accessing a digital coupon, validating the digital coupon, applying the validated digital coupon, and processing payment of a revised payment request. The payment request includes sufficient information for a payment processor to transfer funds between a user and a merchant. Receiving the payment request also includes a reference to a digital coupon associated with an item included in the payment request. The digital coupon is accessed using the reference received from the user within the payment request. Validating the digital coupon creates a validated digital coupon that is applied against the payment request to create a revised payment request.06-14-2012
20130173473DATA SYCHRONIZATION SYSTEMS AND METHODS - A method performed by a medical device includes: receiving electronic medical data from one or more input devices; storing the medical data in a first datastore associated with the medical device; receiving a non-expiring, cryptographic token from a server in response to a transmission of account data, the non-expiring, cryptographic token associated with the medical device for synchronizing the medical data stored in the first datastore with the medical data stored in the second datastore that is associated with the server; transmitting the non-expiring, cryptographic token to the server for authentication by the server; selectively transmitting at least a portion of the medical data stored in the first datastore to the server for storage in the second datastore; selectively receiving at least a portion of the medical data stored in the second datastore from the server; and selectively storing the medical data received from the server in the first datastore.07-04-2013
20130097085APPARATUS FOR CUSTOMER AUTHENTICATION OF AN ITEM - An apparatus is provided for authentication of an item or a label by storing unique random serial numbers or codes in a remote secure storage that can be used to authenticate the item or the label, generating a pointer to each stored unique random serial number/code and storing the generated pointer(s) in a client data storage. During or prior to a production run of the item(s) or label(s): the generated pointer(s) are sent from the client data storage to one or more media devices, the generated pointer(s) are obtained from the media device using a post-content manager, the unique random serial number(s)/code(s) are obtained from the server via the post-content manager using the generated pointer(s), the obtained unique random serial number(s)/code(s) are sent to the media device, and the received unique random serial number(s)/code(s) are imprinted on the item(s) or the label(s) using the media device.04-18-2013
20080201262TRACEABILITY VERIFICATION SYSTEM, METHOD AND PROGRAM FOR THE SAME - A system for enabling verification in traceability of a supply chain while maintaining confidentiality of private suppliers. A group signature is applied to an undisclosed supplier. The undisclosed supplier previously receives registration to the certificate authority device, and performs a group signature based on the certificate issued by the certificate authority device. A disclosed supplier and the undisclosed supplier sign and generate a signature chain when they ship parts. A verifier device receives a signature chain with products shipped from the supplier manager device, divides a signature of the disclosed supplier from a signature chain, and verifies the undisclosed supplier from the group signature. Identification of the undisclosed supplier is performed by a third-party auditor system requested to do so by the verifier device by using a group private key.08-21-2008
20100312706NETWORK CENTRIC SYSTEM AND METHOD TO ENABLE TRACKING OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AND ACTIVITY - A method for collecting Internet and e-commerce data accessed via messaging devices such as mobile terminals comprises monitoring packet traffic in a communication system providing communication services to the messaging devices and extracting network data from packets associated with respective device users. The portion of extracted network data from which a user's identity might otherwise be determined is encrypted, creating an anonymized, unique identifier correlated to network access data extracted from any packet traffic applicable to that user. Network access data associated with each user is distinguishable from network access data associated with all other users on the basis of the unique identifier. A third party granted access to the anonymized network access data, associated with identifiably unique but anonymous users of the communication system, may retrieve and store the data in a database for analysis. Anonymized network access data associated with those users electing to become voluntary panelists is correlated, solely on the basis of the anonymized unique identifier, to socio-demographic data furnished by such panelists.12-09-2010
20100318466SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ADVERTISEMENT TRACKING - An apparatus comprising a server. The server can be configured to receive a request for content from a mobile computing device. The server can be configured to transmit the content to the mobile computing device in response to the request. The content can include an advertisement. The mobile computing device can be configured to store an indication of whether the content has been previously presented on the mobile computing device. The server can be configured to receive an identifier from the mobile computing device in response to a presentation of the content by the mobile computing device if the content is being presented for the first time on the mobile computing device. The identifier can indicate whether the content is presented on the mobile computing device for the first time. The server can be configured to monitor the exposure of the advertisement based on the identifier.12-16-2010
20100318465SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MANAGING ACCESS TO INFORMATION RELATING TO LOCATE AND/OR MARKING OPERATIONS - A holistic approach to management and oversight of locate and marking operations is provided. Initial requests to perform such operations are improved, and such requests are intelligently assessed to appropriately allocate resources to perform operations. Technicians are effectively dispatched and may be provided with process guides to facilitate performance. A host of information regarding the performance of locate operations and their environs is acquired (e.g., via improved intelligent instrumentation employed by technicians). A quality of operations (e.g., completeness, accuracy, efficiency) is assessed, corrective actions may be taken in essentially real-time as necessary, and information regarding operations and their quality assessments is archived for auditing purposes. Relevant information is communicated to one or more parties associated with the operations; in particular, requesting parties are apprised of the status of ongoing operations, and given confirmation that operations have been performed and are completed. Requesting parties and/or other interested parties (e.g., excavators, facility owners, locate contractors, municipalities, regulators, auditors, damage investigators, insurance companies, etc.) also may be provided with detailed information regarding the performance of operations and quality assessment of same.12-16-2010
20120284192SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REAL-TIME TRACKING ONE OR MORE TRANSACTIONS - The present invention is a system of real-time tracking one or more transactions that includes a server system that generates one or more offers and allows the one or more offers entered into the server system to track performance of the entered one or more offers, a memory system, one or more customers that enter the one or more specific offer numbers into the server system and one or more customers. The system also includes one or more merchants, an administrator, a token generator that generates a plurality of tokens and a plurality of websites that include a customer website and a merchant website. The present invention also includes a method for real-time tracking one or more transactions.11-08-2012
20130159192PRIVACY-PRESERVING BEHAVIOR TARGETING FOR DIGITAL COUPONS - A smart coupon-delivery system provides targeted coupons to a user using a criteria-encoded message received from a coupon server. The criteria-encoded message is generated by the coupon server from a behavior-criteria vector that indicates criteria for selecting a recipient of a digital coupon. The system then generates a user-behavior vector to indicate one or more behavior patterns of an end-user, and encodes the user-behavior vector to produce a behavior-encoded message. The system then determines whether the end-user is eligible to receive the digital coupon based on the criteria-encoded message and the behavior-encoded message. If the system determines that the end-user is eligible, the system presents the digital coupon to the end-user.06-20-2013
20110313927SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR A GIFT REGISTRY WITH STYLEBOARDS - Systems and methods for that allow for the creation and management of a gift registry including styleboards are described. The gift registry may be a centralized gift registry. Gifts are added to the styleboards from a centralized or a retailer-specific registry. A styleboard is generated and displayed. Gift givers may view and/or select gifts from one or more the styleboards of the gift registry. In one embodiment, when a purchase of a gift occurs, the gift list and/or the styleboard(s) is updated. In one embodiment, updates to gifts are sent between the gift registry systems, such that the gifts common to these gift registries are synchronized. This synchronization may involve the use of APIs associated with the respective gift registry systems.12-22-2011
20120005097DEVICE AND METHOD FOR HANDING OVER PRODUCTS PURCHASED ONLINE - Device for handing over an item to be delivered originating from a sender to be delivered to a recipient, includes a central processing unit, memories and an input device, wherein the processing unit is connected to the memory and to the input device, and the is set up to carry out: 01-05-2012
20120072351METHOD FOR GENERATING EMR WITHOUT ALTERING HIS IN AN ADDITIONAL FASHION - A method for generating electronic medical records (EMR) without altering hospital information system (HIS) in an additional fashion aims to meet requirements of accelerating integration of HIS and implementing EMR in hospitals that gradually adopt EMR. The method of the invention realizes the advantages of system integration and greater usability of electronic medical record system while avoiding the pitfalls thereof. The method provided by the invention captures a traditional medical record from an output of an existing HIS in an additional or information system integration fashion, and systematically arranges, stores and converts the traditional medical record without greatly altering the HIS.03-22-2012


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