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703 - Data processing: structural design, modeling, simulation, and emulation

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703026000 Of instruction 57
703024000 Of peripheral device 48
703028000 In-circuit emulator (i.e., ICE) 41
703027000 Compatibility emulation 18
20130211813SMART-STORE EMULATION UNIT - A smart-store emulation unit is provided for use on-board a weapon platform in place of the physical presence of a smart-store. The emulation unit may be used for operator training on or testing of the smart-store on-board an operational weapon platform such as an aircraft, tank or ship.08-15-2013
20130080143UNIFIED DESKTOP DOCKING BEHAVIOR WITH DEVICE AS MASTER - Methods and devices for selectively presenting a user interface or “desktop” across two devices are provided. More particularly, a unified desktop is presented across a device and a computer system that comprise a unified system. The unified desktop acts as a single user interface that presents data and receives user interaction in a seamless environment that emulates a personal computing environment. To function within the personal computing environment, the unified desktop includes a process for docking and undocking the device with the computer system. The unified desktop presents a unified system where the device is the master.03-28-2013
20090171650Non-Volatile memories in interactive entertainment systems - In accordance with an aspect of the present invention, an interactive entertainment system includes a processor configured to operate interactive entertainment programs, a non-volatile memory connected with the processor including a first portion for random access memory (RAM) emulation, an input/output (I/O) interface connected with the processor and the non-volatile memory to connect a user controller with the processor and the non-volatile memory, and a display interface connected to the processor and the non-volatile memory to output a display signal. The non-volatile memory may include additional portions for emulating read only memory (ROM) and Flash memory. The RAM may be emulated without a refresh operation and Flash memory may be emulated without an erase operation or an operating system. The non-volatile memory may include a plurality of two-terminal memory elements and may be vertically configured. The two-terminal memory elements may be resistivity-sensitive and store data in the absence of power.07-02-2009
20110015918METHOD, SYSTEM, AND APPARATUS FOR COMMUNICATING WITH A COMPUTER MANAGEMENT DEVICE - Methods, systems, and apparatus are provided for enabling communication with a computer management device. According to a method one or more vendor specific commands for communicating with a management device are defined according to a first communication standard. The one or more vendor specific commands are then transmitted to the management device over a communication link conforming to a second communication standard. A device conforming to the second communication standard may be emulated on the communication link. If vendor specific commands are received by the management device that are not intended for the emulated device, the commands may be used for communicating with the management device.01-20-2011
20110015917BROWSER EMULATOR SYSTEM - A browser emulator is provided. An example browser emulator system includes a communications module to receive requests for web pages from a browser application, a document object model (DOM) interceptor to intercept an initial document object model (DOM) provided by the web application, an activator to activate a browser emulator, and a DOM manipulator to generate a modified DOM. A marked-up document that corresponds to the modified DOM includes an event interceptor that replaces JavaScript code associated with the original DOM provided by the web application.01-20-2011
20130060558UPDATING OF INTERFACES IN NON-EMULATED ENVIRONMENTS BY PROGRAMS IN THE EMULATED ENVIRONMENT - Updates to components of an interface may be carried out from a program executed in an emulated environment. For example, an interface that provides communications for the program in the emulated environment to the host operating system may be updated from the program in the emulated environment. Centralizing updates through the program improves the likelihood that components, such as the interface, have compatible versions with the program executing in the emulated environment. Thus, as the program is updated other components are updated by the program.03-07-2013
20120310621PROCESSOR, DATA PROCESSING METHOD THEREOF, AND MEMORY SYSTEM INCLUDING THE PROCESSOR - A processor includes an emulator configured to receive an access command from a second memory controller, and a first memory controller configured to control an operation of a memory. The emulator is configured to determine whether the first memory controller is available to perform an operation corresponding to the access command, and transmit a wait signal to the second memory controller upon determining that the first memory controller is not available to perform the operation.12-06-2012
20090271171EMULATOR DEVICE, AND A METHOD FOR TESTING A TEST TARGET DEVICE - An emulator device is connected to a test target device provided with a communication protocol stack to be tested through a network. The emulator device operates a method including determining an operation to be executed with reference to a scenario that describes a series of operations to be executed in a sequence to be tested upon input of the scenario, sending a start notification, and executing the operation specified by the start notification by reading the operation from the scenario, so as to generate a packet to be sent to the test target device.10-29-2009
20130166272NETWORK PACKET CAPTURE IN EMULATED ENVIRONMENTS - Communications between an application executing in an emulated environment in an operating system and a network stack in the operating system may be improved to allow the application access to additional information. The application may be able to access a network traffic log of the operating system, including contents of packets transmitted and received for the application. The network traffic log may be transmitted to the application by a non-emulated interface executing in the operating system. The application may merge the contents of the network traffic log with an internal application log based on matching similar events between the two logs.06-27-2013
20110166849PLANNING AND OPTIMIZING IT TRANSFORMATIONS - A computer-implemented method, system, and computer program product for planning and optimizing information technology (IT) infrastructure transformations is presented. A predictive effort estimation model for transforming an existing IT infrastructure into a transformed IT infrastructure is initially created. The introduction of a new application into the existing IT infrastructure through a use of a decision tree as a transformation path determination is emulated to create a transformation path emulation. The use of a software factory is emulated for introducing the new application into the existing IT infrastructure to create a software factory use emulation for creating the transformed IT infrastructure. The predictive effort estimation model is accurized using results from the transformation path emulation and the software factory use emulation to create an accurized transformed IT infrastructure model. A physical transformed IT infrastructure is then deployed using the accurized transformed IT infrastructure model.07-07-2011
20120010868FAULT SUPPORT IN AN EMULATION ENVIRONMENT - An emulator is disclosed that allows for diagnoses of failures or defects within the emulator. A map of faulty resources is generated to identify which resources should be avoided during compilation. Thus, in a transparent and automated manner, defects found during diagnostics are stored in a database of unusable emulator resources. A compiler has access to the database and compiles the design taking into account unusable resources. In another embodiment, the defects of an emulator board are stored on the emulator board itself. This allows each board to store its own maintenance information that can be used at the manufacturing site for changing defective chips. Defects stored on the board itself allow the defects to be obtained independent of a position of a board within the emulator to simplify identification of the faulty resource.01-12-2012
20090119087PASS-THROUGH AND EMULATION IN A VIRTUAL MACHINE ENVIRONMENT - A virtual device emulated in software and included in a virtual machine is provided in a virtualized computer system. The virtual device includes an emulation mode and a pass through mode. The emulation mode is used for a first plurality of device operations. The pass through mode is used for a second plurality of device operations. The virtual device is configured to communicate with a physical device and each of the second plurality of device operations are configured to be handled by the physical device. The virtual device also includes a switching logic to switch between the emulation mode and the pass through mode based on a device operation to be performed by the virtual machine of the virtual device.05-07-2009
20100268524Method For Modeling User Behavior In IP Networks - A method of modeling user behavior in an IP network, comprising the steps of allowing a testing user to create a behavior profile specifying one or more user activities from a plurality of user activities performed by a user over the IP network, one or more bandwidth usage levels corresponding to the one or more user activities, and an importance level associated with each user activity; associating one or more applications from a plurality of applications with the one or more user activities; emulating the behavior profile over the IP network by performing the one or more user activities using the one or more applications; and measuring a quality of experience (QoE) score for each user activity from the one or more user activities.10-21-2010
20090254333LFSR Emulation - Apparatus for emulating the operation of an LFSR having at least one of one or more inputs and one or more outputs, wherein the state of the LFSR can be described by a state vector having sections describing the input or inputs, if any, of the LFSR, the contents of the LFSR and the output or outputs, if any, of the LFSR, wherein the state vector can be multiplied by a time shift matrix to time shift the state specified by the vector and wherein the apparatus comprises means for multiplying a first instance of the state vector by the matrix to produce a second instance of the state vector that is time shifted relative to the first instance and wherein one or both of the input and output sections of the state vector are dimensioned to accommodate, respectively, inputs that arrive at different times during the time shift specified by the matrix and outputs that are produced at different times during the time shift.10-08-2009
20090089039SYSTEM AND METHOD OF EMULATING FUNCTIONALITY OF A WEB SERVICE - A system and method are provided for emulating the functionality of a web service. The system can include a web server that is configured to host web services. A web service can be configured to execute on the web server as defined by a service definition file. The web service can contain a plurality of executable emulation rules, and the emulation rules can include request argument formats and response formats. An end user can enter values using a graphical user interface for the expected request arguments and response values to be returned by the web service for each executable emulation rule, when the expected request arguments are received.04-02-2009
20090299722METHOD FOR EMULATING OPERATING SYSTEM JITTER - Techniques for emulating operating system jitter on a platform using a given trace are provided. The techniques include calculating a scale factor, wherein the scale factor is equal to a maximum of measured overhead of introducing synthetic jitter on the platform and a resolution of one or more timer calls on the platform, scaling up each of one or more jitter values and each of one or more gaps between each of one or more jitter instances in the trace and an execution period of a benchmark parallel application using the scale factor, introducing synthetic jitter using each of the one or more scaled jitter values and each of the one or more scaled gaps from the trace while running the benchmark parallel application for the scaled execution period to emulate operating system jitter on a platform, and scaling down one or more final time measurements from the benchmark parallel application by the scale factor.12-03-2009
20080243466Systems and methods for converting a media player into a backup device - A data backup system is provided that when coupled to a data source, such as a personal computer, and a media player, such an Apple Computer iPod, the data backup system blocks certain communications between the data source and the media player thus preventing the data source from recognizing the media player as such thereby avoiding the launching of synchronization software for the media player, the data backup system also causing the automatic launching of a backup application stored on the data backup system so that data files can be located on the data source and then backed up to the media player.10-02-2008
20120296625INPUT/OUTPUT PROCESSOR (IOP) BASED ZSERIES EMULATION - The emulation of a data processing I/O protocol employs a process which obviates the need to consider hardware specific functionality for which emulation is not an optimal solution. The particular protocol described in exemplary fashion herein is the OSA protocol as defined by Open System Adapter standards. The use of this emulation is also seen to leave in place all of the software tools otherwise employed.11-22-2012
20080312900SIMULATION APPARATUS AND SIMULATION METHOD - According to the present invention, there is provided a simulation apparatus having, a hardware emulator which includes a first CPU core as a simulation target, and a debug control unit; a software simulator which includes a second CPU core as a simulation target, and a clock generation unit which generates a clock and supplies the clock to the first CPU core and the second CPU core; and a debugger which debugs the first CPU core and the second CPU core and in which a clock disable condition is set, wherein upon determining that the clock disable condition set in the debugger is satisfied, the debug control unit outputs a clock disable signal, and upon receiving the clock disable signal, the clock generation unit stops generating the clock.12-18-2008
20090326909REMOTE COMMAND INTERPRETER - A host instrument is disclosed that is capable of supporting non-native command sets. The host instrument uses interpretation rules to translate a non-native command into one or more actions. The host instrument also uses the interpretation rules to determine the appropriate responses to be transmitted, if any. The actions and responses of the host instrument emulate those of an alternate instrument that supports the command set.12-31-2009
20080270105Method and apparatus for controlling power in an emulation system - Method and apparatus for controlling power in an emulation system are described. In one example, a first interface is configured to receive requirement information for a logic module to be emulated from a host computer system. The requirement information includes at least one of a power requirement or a thermal requirement. A second interface is configured to receive measurement data from sensors in the emulation system. A controller is configured to control at least one of a synchronization system, a power regulation system, or a thermal system in the emulation system in response to the requirement information and the measurement data to reduce power load of the emulation system.10-30-2008
20090119089METHOD, APPARATUS AND FULL-SYSTEM SIMULATOR FOR SPEEDING MMU SIMULATION - A method, apparatus, and full-system simulator for speeding memory management unit simulation with direct address mapping on a host system, the host system supporting a full-system simulator, on which a guest system is simulated, the method comprising the following steps: setting a border in the logical space assigned for the full-system simulator by the host system, thereby dividing the logical space into a safe region and a simulator occupying region; shifting the full-system simulator itself from the occupied original host logical space to the simulator occupying region; and reserving the safe region for use with at least part of the guest system.05-07-2009
20090326910EMULATION APPARATUS, EMULATOR GENERATING METHOD AND EMULATOR EXECUTING METHOD - In an emulation apparatus, a processing operation recording unit records processing operations performed by an emulator executing unit and corresponding execution time. A counting unit reads policies defined in a policy storing unit and counts an execution frequency of each processing operation in each policy. According to the counting result of the counting unit, a source combining unit rearranges source components in an optimal order for each policy and combines the rearranged source components to generate a source. A compiling unit compiles the source generated for each policy and generates an emulator for each policy. An emulator selecting unit finds a policy that includes the current time from among the policies defined in the policy storing unit, reads the emulator generated for the found policy from an emulator storing unit, and instructs the emulator executing unit to execute that emulator.12-31-2009
20090248390TRACE DEBUGGING IN A HARDWARE EMULATION ENVIRONMENT - A system and method in an emulation environment is disclosed that can trace the emulation environment during emulation. In one embodiment, when emulation procedures are called during emulation, a trace procedure can also be called in order to log information associated with the emulation procedure. In another embodiment, the information to be logged can include an identification of the emulation procedure and a time stamp of when the emulation procedure was called. In yet another embodiment, a trace script can be executed in order to collect user-specified variables and/or other system data that can be used to trace and debug the emulation environment. In still another embodiment, memory can be available on an emulator, such as on emulator boards within the emulation environment. The memory can store trace information associated with the emulator boards that can be downloaded to a server, such as, during emulation or after a power failure to obtain the state of the emulator boards. During emulation, an emulator board can continuously update state information in the memory of its respective board.10-01-2009
20080262825ARRANGEMENT FOR TRANSMITTING INFORMATION - Arrangement for bidirectionally transmitting information between a unit configured to emulate a data processing system and a data processing unit, wherein the data processing unit has a data input device and a data output device, the emulating unit is configured to generate emulator information, and the emulator information relates to a power budget for the emulated data processing system.10-23-2008
20090106014Transient storage device emulation using resistivity-sensitive memory - Interface circuitry in communication with at least one non-volatile resistivity-sensitive memory is disclosed. The memory includes a plurality of non-volatile memory elements that may have two-terminals, are operative to store data as a plurality of conductivity profiles that can be determined by applying a read voltage across the memory element, and retain stored data in the absence of power. A plurality of the memory elements can be arranged in a cross-point array configuration. The interface circuitry electrically communicates with a system configured for memory types, such as DRAM, SRAM, and FLASH, for example, and is operative to communicate with the non-volatile resistivity-sensitive memory to emulate one or more of those memory types. The interface circuitry can be fabricated in a logic plane on a substrate with at least one non-volatile resistivity-sensitive memory vertically positioned over the logic plane. The non-volatile resistivity-sensitive memories may be vertically stacked upon one another.04-23-2009
20090106013Memory emulation using resistivity-sensitive memory - Interface circuitry in communication with at least one non-volatile resistivity-sensitive memory is disclosed. The memory includes a plurality of non-volatile memory elements that may have two-terminals, are operative to store data as a plurality of conductivity profiles that can be determined by applying a read voltage across the memory element, and retain stored data in the absence of power. A plurality of the memory elements can be arranged in a cross-point array configuration. The interface circuitry electrically communicates with a system configured for memory types, such as DRAM, SRAM, and FLASH, for example, and is operative to communicate with the non-volatile resistivity-sensitive memory to emulate one or more of those memory types. The interface circuitry can be fabricated in a logic plane on a substrate with at least one non-volatile resistivity-sensitive memory vertically positioned over the logic plane. The non-volatile resistivity-sensitive memories may be vertically stacked upon one another.04-23-2009
20090259458System and Method For Providing Compact Mapping Between Dissimilar Memory Systems - A memory mapping system for providing compact mapping between dissimilar memory systems and methods for manufacturing and using same. The memory mapping system can compactly map contents from one or more first memory systems into a second memory system without a loss of memory space in the second memory system. Advantageously, the memory mapping system can be applied to hardware emulator memory systems to more efficiently map design memory systems into an emulation memory system during compilation.10-15-2009
20090259456Data Protection for Variable Length Records by Utilizing High Performance Block Storage Metadata - An enhanced mechanism for providing data protection for variable length records utilizes high performance block storage metadata. In an embodiment, an emulated record that emulates a variable length record, such as a Count-Key-Data (CKD) record or an Extended-Count-Key-Data (ECKD) record, is generated by a Host Bus Adapter (HBA) of a mainframe system. The emulated record comprises a sequence of extended fixed-length blocks, each of which includes a data block and a footer. A confluence of the footers defines a high performance block storage metadata unit associated with the emulated record and includes a checksum that covers all data blocks and all footers of the entire emulated record. In one embodiment, the checksum is checked during transit of the emulated record between a HBA and a storage subsystem (e.g., by the HBA when the emulated record is received from the storage subsystem, and/or by a switch in the data transfer path), during a hardening step when writing the emulated record to a disk, and/or during a verification step when reading the emulated record from the disk.10-15-2009
20090259457Trace Routing Network - Hardware emulation produces relevant and irrelevant trace data. Verification of a design under test requires knowledge of the relevant trace data. Data lines are provided to capture trace data from the hardware emulator's logic elements during emulation. The data lines connect the outputs of these logic elements to the inputs of a configurable interconnect circuit. The configurable interconnect circuit is capable of being programmed to select from a plurality of these inputs to connect a number of the data lines to a scan chain or trace data storage circuit. The configurable interconnect circuit can then selectively connect those data lines carrying relevant trace data to a trace data processing circuit. The trace data processing circuit may be a scan chain, analysis device or storage device or other suitable trace data processing device.10-15-2009
20100161308Multi-structured memory - Multi-structured memory is described, including a first memory configured to emulate a first memory type, a second memory configured to emulate a second memory type, the first and second memories disposed in one or more third dimensional memory arrays, and an interface configured to access the first memory or the second memory for data operations. The one or more third dimensional memory arrays are formed on the same component and can be fabricated BEOL on top of a substrate (e.g., a silicon wafer or other semiconductor substrates) including active circuitry (e.g., CMOS devices) fabricated FEOL and operative to perform data operations on the memory arrays and to communicate with external systems configured to access the memory arrays. The third dimensional memory(s) can include two-terminal non-volatile re-writeable cross-point memory arrays including two-terminal non-volatile re-writeable memory cells having their respective terminals electrically coupled with a pair of conductive array lines.06-24-2010
20100241415Auxiliary Link Control Commands - Control commands are transmitted via an emulation interface holding a test clock signal at a constant value and switching a test mode select signal a number of times corresponding to the control command. A receiving system counts switches of the test mode select signal switches while the test clock is constant and interprets the number of switches as a corresponding control command.09-23-2010
20090292522EMULATION APPARATUS, EMULATION METHOD, AND COMPUTER PRODUCT - An emulation apparatus includes a translator, a first memory map, a second memory map, and a rewriting unit. The translator translates an instruction output from the target program to an instruction executable by the emulation apparatus. The first memory map is located in a memory region for use by the target program and is write-protected based on operation environment of the emulation apparatus. The second memory map is write-protected based on at least one of the execution environment of the target program and content of the instruction from the target program. The rewriting unit rewrites a first write instruction output from the translator to a second write instruction to the second memory map when the first write instruction causes a write protection violation to the first memory map.11-26-2009
20080270104System and Method for Creating an Assurance System in a Mixed Environment - An assurance system for evaluating a target application environment using a mixed environment including a virtual environment and the target environment. The assurance system emulates and evaluates the target environment. Information such as network configuration, interface information, and software packages or subsystems are imported into the virtual application environment. The assurance system may be used for purposes of testing, and delivering comprehensive reports of the likely results on the target system based on a comparison of the virtual application environment to the target environment, including such things as configuration changes to the environment, environment load and stress conditions, environment security, software installation to the environment, and environment performance levels among other things.10-30-2008
20080288235ONTOLOGICAL TRANSLATION OF ABSTRACT RULES - Embodiments of the invention provide techniques for selecting rule engines for processing abstract rules based on functionality and cost. In general, an abstract rule is analyzed to determine which functions are required to process the rule. The abstract rule is assigned to a rule engine by evaluating metadata describing the functions and costs of the rule engines. The abstract rule is then translated to the format required by the selected rule engine.11-20-2008
20090112570DECLARATIVE MODEL INTERPRETATION - Embodiments described herein are directed to the constructing software applications based on data models and automatically reconfiguring runtime object graphs according to data model edits input by a user. In one embodiment, a computer system performs a method for constructing at least a portion of a software application based on a data model. The computer system accesses a data model that includes user-configurable construction information indicating how at least a portion of a software application is to be constructed. The declarative interpreter is configured to construct an application based on the construction information in the data model. The computer system interprets the construction information in the data model to determine how to construct at least a portion of the software application. The computer system also constructs at least a portion of the software application based on the interpretation of the construction information in the data model.04-30-2009
20090192780HARDWARE EMULATION USING ON-THE-FLY VIRTUALIZATION - At least one anomaly associated with at least one actual hardware element in a computer system having a plurality of hardware elements is addressed. The anomaly is detected, and, responsive to the detection, a virtualization layer is inserted between (i) an operating system of the computer system, and (ii) the plurality of hardware elements. Hardware emulation and/or selective hardware activation/deactivation are performed on the at least one actual hardware element by the virtualization layer. The insertion of the virtualization layer is accomplished in an on-the-fly manner.07-30-2009
20100332211PROGRAMMABLE AND RECONFIGURABLE HARDWARE FOR REAL POWER SYSTEM EMULATION - An apparatus is provided for emulation of a power system. The apparatus includes a plurality of programmable elements which are selectively connectable to one another. Each programmable element includes at least two elements selected from the group consisting of a generator element, a line element and a load element. A programmable switch element is operable to selectively connect the at least two elements of each programmable element to one another, and to selectively connect the programmable element to one or more other programmable elements. A system, which incorporates the apparatus, is also provided for emulating a power system incorporating such apparatus.12-30-2010
20100332212METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SLEEP AND WAKE OF COMPUTER DEVICES - A system apparatus and method for emulating a computing device are provided. Operational parameters of a computing device may be obtained and provided to an emulating computing device. An emulating device may emulate an emulated computing device. While being emulated, a computing device may operate in a reduced functionality mode. Emulation of a computing device may be transparent to client or other machines associated with an emulated computing device. Conditions requiring a termination of an emulation of a computing device may be detected. Upon detecting conditions requiring a termination of an emulation of a computing device, operational or other parameters may be provided to the emulated computing device and the emulated computing device may assume full, or other, operational mode. Other embodiments are described and claimed.12-30-2010
20090048819Multiple-type memory - A multiple-type memory is disclosed. The multiple-type memory includes memory blocks in communication with control logic blocks. The memory blocks and the control logic blocks are configured to emulate a plurality of memory types. The memory blocks can be configured into a plurality of memory planes that are vertically stacked upon one another. The vertically stacked memory planes may be used to increase data storage density and/or the number of memory types that can be emulated by the multiple-type memory. Each memory plane can emulate one or more memory types. The control logic blocks can be formed in a substrate (e.g., a silicon substrate including CMOS circuitry) and the memory blocks or the plurality of memory planes can be positioned over the substrate and in communication with the control logic blocks. The multiple-type memory may be non-volatile so that stored data is retained in the absence of power.02-19-2009
20090216518EMULATED MULTI-TASKING MULTI-PROCESSOR CHANNELS IMPLEMENTING STANDARD NETWORK PROTOCOLS - A computer program product, apparatus and method for emulating channels in a multi-tasking multi-processor environment, including identifying a plurality of physical channels having an associated physical channel identifier for each of the plurality of physical channels, associating an emulated channel from a plurality of emulated channels for each of the plurality of physical channels, thereby generating a plurality of emulated channels, each of the plurality of emulated channels having a virtual channel identifier, mapping the plurality of emulated channels on a communications link, thereby generating an emulated channel path for each of the plurality of emulated channels, defining a queue pair link buffer from a plurality of queue pair link buffers for each of the emulated channels and increasing a number of queue pair link buffers.08-27-2009
20100063793USAGE OF A VIRTUAL UNIT - Problems can occur when a controller is limited in ownership to one process. To minimize these problems, phantom Units can be used that are direct replicas of actual Units. Thus, multiple processes can own a single controller—one process can own the actual Unit while another process owns the virtual controller. At an appropriate time, such as when the actual Unit is no longer owned, bindings with the phantom Unit can transfer to the actual Unit.03-11-2010
20100070259Browser session control system and method - The present invention provides a system and method for controlling a web browser session. A system for controlling a web browser session comprises an emulating engine for automatic control of a web browser session by processing a script. The system further comprises a controlling engine for receiving a plurality of scripts and managing the distribution of the scripts to several emulating engines. A method for controlling a web browser session comprises providing a controller for receiving a script comprising unique tags and managing the script, including assigning the script to an emulator. The emulator then processes the script.03-18-2010
20080255823System of Automated Creation of a Software Interface - A system of automated creation of a software interface between an operator and electronic device functional cores arranged in a target platform. The system includes a designing module comprising a designing window, wherein there are arranged interface visual elements corresponding to control members of the platform and a state machine wherein elements are functionally connected; a validation module for testing whether data issued from the designing module match the properties of the functional cores; and a simulation module of the target platform comprising a translation unit converting data issued from the validation module and transmitting them to a managing member of the target platform in order to simulate said functional cores by means of the control members.10-16-2008
20110040551INFORMATION PROCESSING APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING METHOD, RECORDING MEDIUM AND PROGRAM - An information processing apparatus which is capable of executing applications includes first control means for controlling a system of the information processing apparatus and second control means for controlling the execution of the applications, and the second control means has state transition control means for defining states of application not dependent on the system and controlling transitions of the defined states and conversion means for converting a command into a format which can be recognized by the system when the command instructing a state transition to the state transition control means is issued.02-17-2011
20110257958VIRTUAL SMART PHONE - In embodiments of the present invention, a virtual phone is provided which includes a touch screen mounted on an enclosure that includes a processor, memory, wireless communication port, and a power port. The virtual phone further includes a software application executing on the processor to control image display on the touch screen and emulate features of a handheld device presented in the image in response to a user touching a presented feature. The virtual phone further includes a configuration of a user-specific handheld device that is derived from the user-specific handheld device is stored in a memory that is accessible to the processor; wherein the virtual phone presents a visual representation of the user-specific handheld device on the touch screen based on the configuration.10-20-2011
20090119088Method of Designing, Modelling or Fabricating a Communications Baseband Stack - The present invention contemplates applying a form of emulation to the domain of communications baseband stack design, in which baseband stack resource requirements, capabilities and behaviour are modelled and described. and the resultant description input to software comprising a virtual machine layer optimised for a communications DSP in order to generate an emulation of the baseband stack. The virtual machine layer is not custom written for a specific task but is instead pre-fabricated as a general purpose layer designed to de-couple low MIPS control code from having to interface directly with high MIPS baseband processing algorithms.05-07-2009
20080288236Communication Scheme Between Programmable Sub-Cores in an Emulation Environment - A system and method are disclosed for communicating in a programmable core. The programmable core is within a single integrated circuit and is divided into multiple independent sub-cores. The sub-cores are coupled together using a multiplexer based network. In another aspect, the multiplexer-based network includes multiplexers associated with some of the sub-cores for sending data and demultiplexers associated with other sub-cores for receiving data. In yet another aspect, a clock is included in the multiplexer-based network for synchronizing communication between the multiplexers and demultiplexers.11-20-2008
20110054879Accelerated Execution for Emulated Environments - The illustrative embodiments provide a computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for accelerating execution of a program, written in an object oriented programming language, in an emulated environment. In response to receiving a request for an accelerated communications session from a guest virtual machine in the emulated environment, a native virtual machine is initiated external to the emulated environment but within the computing device hosting the emulated environment. Thereafter, an accelerated communications link is established between the guest virtual machine and the native virtual machine. The accelerated communications link enables a transfer of managed code between the guest virtual machine and the native virtual machine. The managed code is then executed by the native virtual machine.03-03-2011
20090292523System and Method for Providing Compact Mapping Between Dissimilar Memory Systems - A memory mapping system for compactly mapping dissimilar memory systems and methods for manufacturing and using same. The mapping system maps a source memory system into a destination memory system by partitioning the source memory system and disposing memory contents within the partitioned source memory system into the destination memory system. In one embodiment, the mapping system factorizes a source data width of the source memory system in terms of a destination data width of the destination memory system to form at least one data sub-width. A source memory sub-region is defined for each data sub-width. The memory contents associated with each source memory sub-region are disposed within the destination memory system in a side-by-side manner across selected destination memory registers of the destination memory system. The mapping system thereby can compactly map the memory contents into the destination memory system without a loss of valuable memory space.11-26-2009
20100023310EMULATION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR A NO LONGER AVAILABLE MICROCONTROLLER - An emulation system and emulation method for a no longer available microcontroller, having a supplyable microcontroller and emulation software able to be run thereon, and having an interpreter, the emulation software forming a software layer between the hardware of the available microcontroller and an operating software of the no longer available microcontroller, and the software being adapted in such a way that the hardware of the available microcontroller in conjunction with the additional emulation software behaves like the hardware of the no longer available microcontroller, and the interpreter is adapted in order to represent address, code and data information of the operating software of the no longer available microcontroller to functionally equivalent address, code and data information of the available microcontroller.01-28-2010
20100017188Specification Files For Call Translation And Trace - A method and apparatus for storing a function specification file is described. In an exemplary method, the function specification field is capable for providing other software to facilitate execution of an application in a second operating system with the presence of a first operating system and the application is compiled for the first operating system. In another exemplary method, a preprocessor receives the function specification file comprising function definition data for a library function. The preprocessor processes the function definition data to generate header information and function code for the function. In another exemplary method, the preprocessor generates an automatic logging framework for the interposing library based on the function definition data. Further, a function in an interposing library logs calls to a corresponding library function.01-21-2010
20120158396Application Compatibility Shims for Minimal Client Computers - This document describes techniques for allowing a computing device that provides a minimal execution environment to execute legacy applications that rely on rich functionality that the computing device does not natively provide. For instance, a device may initially receive a request to execute an application and may determine whether the application is directly executable. In response to determining that the application is not directly executable, the computing device may determine whether the application specifies another application to provide the functionality. If the application specifies another application to provide this functionality, then the computing device retrieves the specified application and executes the specified application on the client computing device. If the application does not specify such an application, then the computing device may execute a default application for providing the functionality. The specified or default application then executes the application that is not directly executable on the minimal-execution-environment computing device.06-21-2012
20100094612Systems and Methods to Emulate User Network Activity - Systems and methods to emulate user network activity to change the profiling of users of the network are disclosed. A method includes monitoring network activity corresponding to a particular user. The method includes automatically generating emulated user network activity when a usage pattern is detected in the monitored network activity. The emulated user network activity may be detectable by a user tracking engine as the network activity of the particular user and the user tracking engine may attempt to profile the emulated user activity.04-15-2010
20120221317OPERATING SYSTEM AND METHOD BASED ON SENSOR DATA - A system for operating sensor data is provided. The system includes a portable terminal that includes at least one sensor, for activating a sensor according to a request signal transmitted from an upper terminal, for collecting sensor data of the sensor, and for transmitting the collected data to the upper terminal, and an upper terminal for controlling to transmit a request signal that requests sensor data collection to the portable terminal, and for applying the received sensor data to a virtual mobile application program to be installed in the portable terminal.08-30-2012
20120221316MEMORY-BASED TRIGGER GENERATION SCHEME IN AN EMULATION ENVIRONMENT - A system and method are disclosed for generating triggers within a hardware emulator. The system allows for dynamic reconfiguration of the trigger generation scheme during emulation. In one aspect, input probe signals are received on an address port to a memory from an integrated circuit within the emulator. The memory outputs from a data port, data, which is addressed, at least in part, by the input probe signals. The data output from the data port may be sent through further combinatorial logic or directly connected to a logic analyzer and represents trigger information. In another aspect, the trigger generation scheme may be reconfigured dynamically during emulation. For example, where the memory is a dual-port RAM, an emulation host can write to the memory to perform the reconfiguration.08-30-2012
20120136645Managing Communication Bandwidth in Co-Verification of Circuit Designs - Related communication signals between a simulator and an emulator are organized into logical channels. The signals in each channel are then be transmitted only as needed, reducing the use of the communication pathways between the simulator and the emulator. Further, the circuit components that will receive the communication signals to be shared on a channel are be physically located close together within the emulator, thereby reducing the time required to select and enable components of the emulator to receive the signals sent by the simulator. Similarly, emulator components that send communication signals to be shared on a channel are physically located close together within the emulator, thereby reducing the time required to select and enable components of the emulator to send these signals to the simulator.05-31-2012
20120253780SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR EMULATING A NIC FOR PACKET TRANSMISSION ON HARDWARE RSS UNAWARE NICS IN A MULTI-CORE SYSTEM - Emulating a NIC for packet transmission on hardware RSS unaware NICs in a multi-core system enables each of a plurality of slave packet engines to emulate a NIC for packet transmissions locally even though the actual NIC transmissions from the queue are handled by a master packet engine only. Each slave packet engine treats a local software-implemented transmission queue as a device queue and uses the local queue to keep track of status of data from the packet engine in the device output queue, handled by the master packet engine on behalf of the slave packet engines. As the master packet engine transmits the data from the queue and the status of the queue changes, the master packet engine and the slave packet engines may use pointers to keep track of which data packets are transmitted, which data packets are drained and which data packets are still in the queue.10-04-2012
20120221318INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE - In the provided information processing device, an acquisition unit (08-30-2012
20080288237SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVISIONING A THIRD PARTY MOBILE DEVICE EMULATOR - A method and apparatus for provisioning a third party mobile device emulator from desktop provisioning software, the method having the steps of: designating a common file space between the third party mobile device emulator and the desktop provisioning software; writing files to the common file space from one of the third party mobile device emulator and the desktop provisioning software; and reading the files from the other of the third party mobile device emulator and the desktop provisioning software.11-20-2008
20120330640SIMPLIFYING THE DEPLOYMENT AND SERVICEABILITY OF COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE ENVIRONMENTS - An information processing system includes a preparation machine with an installed image; an execution machine on which the installed image is virtually installed; and a virtualizer for virtualizing the installed image on the execution machine to produce a virtually installed image by using a hierarchy of selective virtualizers, wherein the virtualizing is selective such that not all operations of the executing software of the installed image at any particular level are virtualized.12-27-2012
20080243465FACILITATING INPUT/OUTPUT PROCESSING OF ONE OR MORE GUEST PROCESSING SYSTEMS - An article of manufacture, method and system are provided for facilitating input/output (I/O) processing of at least one guest processing system. The article of manufacture includes at least one computer-usable medium having computer-readable program code logic to facilitate the I/O processing of the at least one guest processing system. The computer-readable program code logic when executing performing the following: emulating on a native system an I/O architecture for the at least one guest processing system, the emulating including: providing multiple device managers for a plurality of I/O devices of the I/O architecture; providing at least one communications adapter process interfacing the multiple device managers to the at least one network driver process; and wherein the multiple device managers translate I/O messages in at least one guest processing system format to messages in native system format for processing by the at least one communications adapter process, thereby facilitating I/O processing.10-02-2008
20130090912SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING A DEVICE WHICH PRODUCES AND EXECUTES AN APPLICATION - A method for controlling a server is provided. The method includes controlling a server which communicates with a device producing an application using an application production tool, and includes receiving an operation source which corresponds to an application produced by the device, performing emulation regarding the application using the received operation source, and transmitting the result of the emulation execution to an external device.04-11-2013
20130096906Methods and Systems for Providing Items to Customers Via a Network - In one or more embodiments, a system can emulate one or more physical mobile devices and can allow respective one or more users to utilize respective one or more emulations via a network. In one example, a first user, utilizing a first web browser, can interact with a first emulated mobile device. In another, a second user, utilizing a second web browser, can interact with a second emulated mobile device. In one or more embodiments, the first and second emulated mobile devices can respectively correspond to two different physical mobile devices, and the first and second users can concurrently interact with the first and second emulated mobile devices, respectively. In one or more embodiments, a user can upload a physical mobile device to an emulated mobile device, interact with the emulated device, and download changes made to the emulated mobile device to the physical mobile device.04-18-2013
20100305936 METHOD OF OPERATING A COMPUTING DEVICE THROUGH THE USE OF EXTENSIBLE THREAD STATES - A personality layer running above an operating system kernel puts any threads that the personality layer is responsible for into new states which the kernel does not know about. This prevents the kernel from performing operations on a thread which has been placed in one of these new states where these operations are sensitive to state of the thread itself (such as kill, suspend, change priority). Instead, the kernel redirects these thread operations to a handler in the personality layer which then handles the operation. The kernel is thus, in essence, extensible through the use of the added personality layers, and it can therefore be used to run legacy real-time applications written for other real-time operating systems.12-02-2010
20100318344System and Method Implementing A Simulation Acceleration Capture Buffer - A system and method for capturing and delivering emulation data from a hardware emulation system to a simulator running on a host workstation without considerably sacrificing emulation speed or sacrificing the emulation capacity available for a user's logic design. According to one embodiment, a system, comprises a logic software simulator running on a host workstation; a hardware emulation system having a system bus and an emulator chip, the emulator chip includes: an emulation processor cluster, and a capture buffer connected to the system bus; and a high-speed interface connecting the host workstation to the system bus of the hardware emulator, wherein the capture buffer captures a select output of the emulation processor cluster.12-16-2010
20120284010Resource Remapping in a Hardware Emulation Environment - A system and method is disclosed in an emulation environment that dynamically remaps user designs. In one embodiment, a request is received to load an integrated circuit design to be emulated in a desired partition within the emulator. The emulator automatically determines the availability of the partition requested. If the partition is not available, the design is dynamically remapped to a different partition that is available. In another embodiment, clocks associated with the integrated circuit design are also dynamically remapped. In yet another embodiment, the user can control the size of the partitions (e.g., the number of printed circuit boards in a partition).11-08-2012

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