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703 - Data processing: structural design, modeling, simulation, and emulation


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703008000 Vehicle 94
20130211806COMPUTERIZED TOOL AND METHOD FOR THE AUTOMATED CREATION OF A CUTTER RAMP CURVE - An automated and computerized technique as disclosed herein can be utilized to generate a modeled cutter ramp curve for a flange component. The technique can be utilized in conjunction with any suitable CAD system to render a cutter ramp curve on the modeled flange component. The system obtains a selected amount of user inputs, verifies that the user inputs are consistent with the geometry of the flange component, and generates the cutter ramp curve in response to the user inputs and the flange geometry.08-15-2013
20100153080Physics-Based Lifespan Modeling - An embodiment of a method for lifespan modeling for a turbine engine component includes determining a design-phase model of the lifespan of an turbine engine component; fusing the design-phase model with sensor data collected during operation of the turbine engine component to produce an updated model of the lifespan of the turbine engine component; and fusing the updated model with data collected during an inspection of the turbine engine component to produce an overall model of the lifespan of the turbine engine component. Systems for lifespan modeling for a turbine engine component are also provided.06-17-2010
20100057417Generating a Hardware Description for a Programmable Hardware Element Based on a Graphical Program Including Multiple Physical Domains - Generating a hardware description for a programmable hardware element based on a graphical program including multiple physical domains. A graphical program may be received which includes a first portion of a first physical domain for simulating a first portion of a physical system. The graphical program may include a second portion of a second physical domain for simulating a second portion of the physical system. A hardware description may be generated based on the graphical program. The hardware description may describe a hardware implementation of the graphical program. The hardware description may be configured to configure a programmable hardware element to simulate the physical system.03-04-2010
20090192775Robot simulator and method of controlling robot simulator - In a robot simulator of the present invention, when a portion of an operable area set for each figure to be selected and controlled, a right-hand system and a left-hand system, of a robot overlaps, when an obstacle is positioned within the operable areas, a personal computer color-codes and displays an image of the operable area of each system reset in adherence to the obstacle in a display. As a result, because the operable areas in a periphery of the obstacle, differing for each figure, are displayed in a clearly discernable state, it can be easily lo understood which figure should be used to perform operation within which area can be easily grasped.07-30-2009
20090192774Engine transition test instrument and method - A transition test on an engine is conducted by simulation using a simulation model of the engine, and a transition test on an actual engine is conducted using the control value. In the actual engine transition test, alteration of the control value by an ECU is efficiently carried out thereby to shorten the time required for the actual machine transition test. For the unaltered control value, the output from the actual ECU is used as it is. The output about the other control value is masked. Only for the examined and altered control value, the output from a virtual ECU is used to conduct the transition test.07-30-2009
20100082310LOAD CHARACTERIZATION IN SERVO DRIVE SYSTEMS - Systems and methods that characterizes a load as a function of position/movement of mechanical components—as induced by such load in the servo-drive system. By running a plurality of motion profiles, corresponding torque/forces that generate such motions can be calculated and readily represented (e.g., as a table) in form of a position dependent load. In addition, a parsing component can decompose or break up a load (which generates a desired motion) to its subparts or constituent values for further simulation analysis.04-01-2010
20100076738COMPUTER-IMPLEMENTED SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR USE IN MODELING A GEOMECHANICAL RESERVOIR SYSTEM - Computer-implemented systems and methods are provided for modeling a geomechanical reservoir system to provide fracturing predictions. The model predictions are generated by solving a system of partial differential equations that model the geomechanical reservoir system.03-25-2010
20130080132Method and System for Simulating a Mill Reline - Machine-implemented methods, systems, processing devices and machine-readable media are provided for simulating a mill reline, which involve collecting mill relining data and processing the relining data as simulation parameters using a mill relining model. The relining data generally include variables treated as discrete time/frequency distributions. Simulated events for the mill reline may be generated based on the relining data. Additional relining data relating to a specific existing site may be included as simulation parameters. The simulation may be used in determining an optimal work flow for carrying out the mill reline at a specific existing site, e.g., where time to carry out the mill reline is minimized. The simulation may also be employed for benchmarking. The additional relining data may be provided in video format, and analysis of the video format data may be undertaken, e.g., by an operator for refining and/or verifying the additional relining data, prior to utilizing the additional relining data as simulation parameters in the simulation model. The mill relining data may also include additional parameters, such as the size and quantity of the liners, the reline planning process and relining crew proficiency, the relining equipment and plant design surrounding the mill being relined, and the like.03-28-2013
20100042393METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SIMULATING THE OPERATION OF AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - In a method for simulating the operation of an internal combustion engine which has an associated control unit having a plurality of control parameters influencing the operation of the internal combustion engine, a model is used for the simulation. In the model, in addition to the control parameters of the control unit, component parameters that characterize an operation of at least one additional component associated with the internal combustion engine are also taken into account.02-18-2010
20090157362MODEL MODIFICATION METHOD FOR A SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - A model modification method for a semiconductor device comprises the steps of: analyzing the electrical properties of a goal semiconductor device, in detail, to build a goal model that can be used to describe the behavior of the goal semiconductor device; and modifying the goal model according to the results of the WAT to obtain a modified model that can be used accurately to describe the behavior of produced semiconductor devices.06-18-2009
20090094010Three dimensional surface and solid query processing - Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with determining whether geometries represented by geometry objects intersect are described. One example method recursively decomposes a higher order geometry (e.g., solid) into a set of lower order geometries (e.g., surfaces) and examines the lower order geometries, continuing the recursion until an intersection decision is reached. The example method includes accessing geometry objects and accessing a spatial index that stores MBVs associated with the geometry objects. The method includes extracting candidate pairs of intersecting features upon determining MBVs associated with the geometry objects intersect and providing the candidate features to a feature-feature logic. The method includes providing an intersection signal based on a features intersection signal provided by the feature-feature logic.04-09-2009
20110015911METHODS AND SYSTEMS TO PREDICT ROTARY DRILL BIT WALK AND TO DESIGN ROTARY DRILL BITS AND OTHER DOWNHOLE TOOLS - Methods and systems may be provided to simulate forming a wide variety of directional wellbores including wellbores with variable tilt rates, relatively constant tilt rates, wellbores with uniform generally circular cross-sections and wellbores with non-circular cross-sections. The methods and systems may also be used to simulate forming a wellbore in subterranean formations having a combination of soft, medium and hard formation materials, multiple layers of formation materials, relatively hard stringers disposed throughout one or more layers of formation material, and/or concretions (very hard stones) disposed in one or more layers of formation material. Values of bit walk rate from such simulations may be used to design and/or select drilling equipment for use in forming a directional wellbore.01-20-2011
20130060547VISUALIZATION SYSTEM FOR MULTIDIMENSIONAL SPACE OF PARTITIONS - A system for user interactive visualization of multidimensional space of geometrical shaped partitions. An engine model with operating points may be implemented. A controller may provide tuning for each operating point. Space of the operating points may define a multidimensional matrix, where a number of dimensions is similar to a number of scheduled variables for the engine. Each dimension may be divided into scheduled variable intervals. Multidimensional rectangular partitions may be created from one or more combinations of the intervals. A user may interactively select one or more of the partitions and specify tuning parameters for them. A display may provide graphical feedback about the tuning state or controller behavior about the partitions. The display may also provide a user-selected two-dimensional subspace. The dimensions, i.e., scheduled variables, of the selected subspace and their order may be specified by the user. Additional dimensions of the selected subspace may be presented.03-07-2013
20090281779CONTROL UNIT SIMULATION METHOD, SYSTEM, AND PROGRAM - A method, system, and computer readable article of manufacture for simulating a mechanism system controlled by a plurality of electronic control units operating at different clock rates. The simulation system includes a mechanism system simulator; a plurality of electronic control unit emulators for electronically emulating the respective plurality of electronic control units, each thereby receiving an input signal with a time and giving an output signal with a time; and a scheduler for receiving and storing the output signals with the times from the plurality of electronic control unit emulators, and for providing, in response to a change in the output signal coming from the electronic control unit emulator and having a relatively late time, the output signal with a time preceding the relatively late time to the mechanism system simulator.11-12-2009
20090276199Inductive Rotary Joint - An inductive rotary joint for non-contact transmission of electrical energy between a stationary part and a rotating part of the rotary joint comprises a power generator for generating an alternating voltage or an alternating current, which feeds a load by means of a rotatable power transmitter. An electrical parameter on the primary side of the power transmitter is determined with a measurement means, and from this, the condition of another electrical parameter at the load is approximated by means of a functional unit. Regulation of the power generator is effected with this approximated value.11-05-2009
20130066615SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SIMULATING GAS TURBINE OPERATION - A method for simulating a gas turbine is disclosed. The method may generally include sensing values of a plurality of first operating parameters of a gas turbine, applying the first operating parameters to a model of the gas turbine to generate a plurality of predicted operating parameters, determining difference values between the predicted operating parameters and a corresponding plurality of sensed second operating parameters of the gas turbine, applying an error correction system to the difference values to determine correction factors and adjusting the model of the gas turbine using the correction factors, wherein the predicted operating parameters include at least one predicted combustion product parameter and the sensed second operating parameters include at least one sensed combustion product parameter.03-14-2013
20130066616DISPLAY DEVICE, DISPLAY METHOD, PROGRAM, VIRTUAL MECHANISM LIBRARY, AND COMPUTER READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM - There is provided a display device which can make the user understand a motion of a control target device without preparing a three-dimensional model faithfully reproducing an outer view of each control target device. A PC (03-14-2013
20130066614MACHINE EMULATOR PRODUCTS - Compute program products including an emulator module are disclosed. A computer program product includes a computer usable medium having computer readable program code for emulating a process of a machine having actuators and mechanical elements. The computer readable program code includes computer readable code instructions configured to display a graphical user interface having input fields corresponding to the actuators and mechanical elements, and to display a graphical representation of output response data of the machine using inputted parameters. Computer readable code instructions for receiving a plurality of parameters inputted into the plurality of input fields, and for emulating a mechanical operation of the machine using the plurality of parameters inputted into the plurality of input fields by simulating the programmable logic controller code are included. Output response data based on an emulation of the mechanical operation of the machine is generated and displayed.03-14-2013
20130066613MACHINE EMULATOR METHODS - Emulator computer program methods using an emulator module are disclosed. A computer program method includes a computer usable medium having computer readable program code for emulating a process of a machine having actuators and mechanical elements. The computer readable program code includes computer readable code instructions configured to display a graphical user interface having input fields corresponding to the actuators and mechanical elements, and to display a graphical representation of output response data of the machine using inputted parameters. Computer readable code instructions for receiving a plurality of parameters inputted into the plurality of input fields, and for emulating a mechanical operation of the machine using the plurality of parameters inputted into the plurality of input fields by simulating the programmable logic controller code are included. Output response data based on an emulation of the mechanical operation of the machine is generated and displayed.03-14-2013
20130066612SYSTEMS FOR MACHINE EMULATION AND PROCESS RESPONSE PREDICTION - Systems for generating predicted product values of a product produced by a machine and for predicting a process of a machine are disclosed. A system for generating predicted product values of a product manufactured by a machine controlled by programmable logic control code includes presenting a machine input fields requesting parameters associated with actuators and mechanical elements, and presenting product input fields requesting desired product properties. The system further includes receiving parameters from the machine input fields, receiving desired product properties from the product input fields, and calculating output response data by an emulation of a mechanical operation of the machine using the parameters and the desired product properties. The output response data is provided to a product model that calculates predicted product values based on the output response data provided. The system further includes presenting the one or more predicted product values.03-14-2013
20100010792METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ANALYSIS OF ERRORS, ACCURACY, AND PRECISION OF GUNS AND DIRECT AND INDIRECT FIRE CONTROL MECHANISMS - Methods and a system for simulating a weapon system are provided. The weapon system may be modeled using a detailed-error-source description (DESD), with an error term for each error source in the weapon system. A target for the weapon system may be determined. For each simulated shot, each error term in the DESD may be perturbed using a Monte Carlo technique and an impact location of the simulated shot determined. The perturbation of each error term, additional system parameters, and the impact location of each simulated shot may be stored in a system-state data structure. A performance result of the weapon system may be determined. After firing all simulated shots, analysis of the system-state data structure may be performed. Performance results and/or an error-weighting function of the weapon system may be determined based on the analysis.01-14-2010
20090012762Engine performance model - A method of constructing a piecewise linear engine performance model, comprises the steps of: 01-08-2009
20080281566Semiconductor yield management system and method - A system and method for yield management are disclosed wherein a data set containing one or more prediction variable values and one or more response variable values is input into the system. The system can process the input data set to remove prediction variables with missing values and data sets with missing values based on a tiered splitting method to maximize usage of all valid data points. The processed data can then be used to generate a model that may be a decision tree. The system can accept user input to modify the generated model. Once the model is complete, one or more statistical analysis tools can be used to analyze the data and generate a list of the key yield factors for the particular data set.11-13-2008
20110301929Systems and Methods Of Performing Vibro-acoustic Analysis Of A Structure - Methods and systems for simulating acoustic field resulted from particular excitations by performing vibro-acoustic analysis of a structure are disclosed. According to one aspect of the present invention, vibro-acoustic analysis of a structure is performed in two stages. First, steady state dynamic (SSD) responses are obtained using a finite element analysis model of a structure subject to harmonic excitations (e.g., external nodal loads, pressures, or enforced motions (e.g., ground motions), etc.). The steady state responses are the results (e.g., nodal velocities at desired locations of the structure) obtained in a finite element analysis in frequency-domain. Second, an acoustic analysis is conducted according to Helmholtz equation using the nodal velocities obtained at desired locations on the structure as a boundary condition. The acoustic analysis can be performed in a number of procedures (e.g., boundary element method, Rayleigh approximation method, etc.).12-08-2011
20090171638Advanced-process-control system utilizing a lambda tuner - An advanced process control (APC) system. The APC system comprises a database for receiving process data from a measurement tool for a plurality of process runs and for storing the process data. A lambda tuner determines a tuned-lambda value corresponding to a process-capability-index value based on upper and lower process control limits and statistics derived from the process data. A process-run controller updates a recipe value based on the received process data and the tuned-lambda value.07-02-2009
20090089032ENHANCED SIMULATION MODELS FOR AUTOMATION - A simulation tool for an industrial automation system is provided. The tool includes a simulation component that simulates one or more components of an industrial control system. At least one directed model provides one or more suggested parameters or profiles to the simulation component, where the suggested parameters or profiles are derived from data relating to an industry or controls application.04-02-2009
20090089030DISTRIBUTED SIMULATION AND SYNCHRONIZATION - System(s) and method(s) facilitate a distributed simulation of an industrial control system. A model of the industrial control system is generated and computing resources are scheduled for simulating portions of a simulation according to the model. Computing resources are scheduled to mitigate computational bottlenecks in the simulation and synchronize portions of the simulation deployed in disparate computing resources. Sub-processes of a control process can be simulated in dedicated computing resources as a part of a distributed simulation of the control process. Execution time of one or more portions of a distributed simulation can be increased or slowed down to synchronize said portions.04-02-2009
20090132218DISCRETE ELEMENT MODELING OF ROCK DESTRUCTION UNDER HIGH PRESSURE CONDITIONS - Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) of rock subject to high confining pressures, such as in a subterranean drilling environment, may be used to predict performance of cutting structures used in drill bits and other drilling tools, as well as of the tools themselves. DEM may also be used to create “virtual” rock exhibiting specific drillability characteristics with or without specific reference to any actual rock, for purposes of assessing cutting efficiency of various cutting structure configurations and orientations, as well as of drilling tools incorporating same.05-21-2009
20080234994METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ACCOMMODATING DETERIORATION CHARACTERISTICS OF MACHINES - A method for multi-objective deterioration accommodation using predictive modeling is disclosed. The method uses a simulated machine that simulates a deteriorated actual machine, and a simulated controller that simulates an actual controller. A multi-objective process is performed, based on specified control settings for the simulated controller and specified operational scenarios for the simulated machine controlled by the simulated controller, to generate a Pareto frontier-based solution space relating performance of the simulated machine to settings of the simulated controller, including adjustment to the operational scenarios to represent a deteriorated condition of the simulated machine. Control settings of the actual controller are adjusted, represented by the simulated controller, for controlling the actual machine, represented by the simulated machine, in response to a deteriorated condition of the actual machine, based on the Pareto frontier-based solution space, to maximize desirable operational conditions and minimize undesirable operational conditions while operating the actual machine in a region of the solution space defined by the Pareto frontier.09-25-2008
20090150131METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR PERFORMING DIAGNOSTICS REGARDING UNDERLYING ROOT CAUSES IN TURBINE ENGINES - A method for performing diagnostics for an engine comprises the steps of identifying an engine component as potentially being related to operational data of an engine, calculating a deviation from a thermodynamic model, and comparing the deviation with root cause deviation measures. The deviation relates the engine component to an adjustment to the thermodynamic model with respect to a variable of the thermodynamic model, based at least in part on the operational data. Each root cause deviation measure relates one of a plurality of potential root causes to the thermodynamic model with respect to the variable of the thermodynamic model.06-11-2009
20090306949STATE ESTIMATING APPARATUS AND STATE ESTIMATING PROGRAM - A state estimating apparatus permits efficient, highly accurate estimation of the state of an object. A particle in a state variable space defined by a second state variable preferentially remains or increases as the likelihood thereof relative to a current measured value of a first state variable is higher, while a particle is preferentially extinguished as the likelihood thereof is lower. A particle which transitions in the state variable space according to a state transition model with a high probability of being followed by an object (a high-likelihood model) as a next model tends to increase. On the other hand, although in a small quantity, there are particles having models (low-likelihood models) which are different from the high-likelihood model as their unique models.12-10-2009
20090089033METHOD AND DEVICE FOR DETERMINING THE LIFE EXPECTANCY OF COMPONENTS WHILE IN OPERATION - A method for determining the life expectancy of machine components (04-02-2009
20090089031INTEGRATED SIMULATION OF CONTROLLERS AND DEVICES - A tool for simulating an industrial control system is provided. The tool includes a simulation component to emulate a controller according to a simulated execution environment and one or more simulation models for simulating devices associated with the controller, where the controller and the devices are integrated in a common simulation platform.04-02-2009
20090089029ENHANCED EXECUTION SPEED TO IMPROVE SIMULATION PERFORMANCE - Systems and methods are provided to facilitate simulation(s) of components of an industrial control system. Simulation(s) execution time can be decreased by conducting the simulation in a parallel computing platform, and coupling the simulation with an optimization component that restructures the simulation code. Such automated reconfiguration removes inhibitors for parallelism, resulting in optimized code to execute the simulation, with the ensuing reduction in execution time. Execution time can also be reduced by applying an adaptive time step during state propagations that are part of the simulation.04-02-2009
20110172980Method of Modeling Steam Generator and Processing Steam Generator Tube Data of Nuclear Power Plant - An improved method of inspecting the tubes of a steam generator of a nuclear reactor involves modeling the steam generator and comparing signals of a tube from an eddy current sensor with aspects of the model to determine whether further analysis is required. The model can advantageously include exception data with regard to particular regions of interest (ROIs) of particular tubes that is based upon historic data collected from the steam generator.07-14-2011
20090271161ARRANGEMENT OF CUTTING ELEMENTS ON ROLLER CONES FOR EARTH BORING BITS - A method for determining an optimized arrangement of cutting elements about a roller cone bit is provided. Also provided is a roller cone drill bit having cutting elements that are arranged according to a computerized optimization routine.10-29-2009
20080270092METHOD FOR SIMULATING LARGE NUMBERS OF SPHERICAL BODIES INTERACTING - A method for use in computer graphics includes receiving data representative of a plurality of particles. For each particle, the method further includes calculating a time at which a collision will occur based on a current trajectory of the particle. For pairs of particles that will collide with each other, another operation includes changing a direction of the particles to avoid a collision, wherein the changed directions approximate directions that would result from the collision. For particles in static contact, another operation includes allowing particles to push each other without bouncing. For particles in static contact that were previously moved by being pushed, the method also does not allow the particles to move during future collisions occurring during a time step.10-30-2008
20100004911Method for Simulating a Physical Property of a Technical Structure by a Component Model - A method for simulating a physical property of a component model comprising a computer accessible construction model of a technical structure, by automatically generating a mesh of a component model. The component model is first described by a fine mesh of finite elements, and, based on the fine mesh, the natural oscillation behavior of the component model is determined. Based on the natural oscillation behavior, at least one area of the component model is determined, whose finite elements are less deformed than those of another area of the component model; and the determined area of the component model is described by means a coarser mesh of finite elements.01-07-2010
20090119079GOLF BALL AND MECHANICAL ANALYSIS OF THE SAME - The accuracy or computation speed of mechanical analysis of a golf ball using the finite element method is increased. In the mechanical analysis, a model representing the golf ball is prepared on a computer, and computation is made by the finite element method using elements and nodes. At this time, the elements are made solid elements of hexahedron, the aspect ratio of the shape of each element is set so as to be not lower than 1.0 and not substantially higher than 6.5, and nodes are provided on the sides and at the vertexes of the hexahedron of element.05-07-2009
20080306718Method for Determining the Behavior of Shafts of a Multi-Shaft Machine Which are Jointly Movable to Move a Tool or a Tool Receptacle - Disclosed is a method for determining the behavior of jointly movable shafts of a multi-shaft machine. According to said method, a simulation model is created individually for each shaft. The shafts are then impinged upon individually by a movement pattern, and measurable variables are detected in order to be able to make a statement about the transformation of the movement pattern by the shaft. Especially the setpoint position and the actual position of the shafts are recorded (cf. figure). Simulation model parameters, e.g. the inert mass of the shaft, the friction or elasticity of the shaft, can be defined based upon an analysis of the detected measurable variables, whereupon a coordinated movement of at least two shafts can be simulated, the behavior of the individual shafts being considered independent from the behavior of the other shaft. A simulated trajectory is generated. A characteristic variable, e.g. the circularity deviation or the circular hysteresis, can be defined for the coordinated movement of the shafts.12-11-2008
20090187391THREE-DIMENSIONAL MECHANICAL EARTH MODELING - A technique includes receiving a first dataset that is indicative of seismic data acquired in a seismic survey of a field of wells and receiving a second dataset that is indicative of wellbore data acquired in a wellbore survey conducted in at least one of the wells. The technique includes determining a mechanical earth model for the field based at least in part on the seismic data and the wellbore data.07-23-2009
20090187390Engine Transition Test Instrument and Method - A transition test on an engine is conducted by simulation using a simulation model of the engine. In the test, the operator can visually grasp the setting state of a control value of the engine when setting the control value. The simulation results and the control value used for the simulation are displayed in time series with graphs. The graph of the control value displayed in time series is drag-operated in the display screen to manually alter the control value.07-23-2009
20090326891SIMULATION APPARATUS, METHOD AND PROGRAM - A simulation apparatus 12-31-2009
20090326890SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PREDICTING SYSTEM EVENTS AND DETERIORATION - A method of predicting deterioration in a mechanical device includes the steps of providing a health model for the mechanical device, the health model including a plurality of health states for modeling the mechanical device, receiving device data for the mechanical device, estimating values for the plurality of health states, based on the device data, predicting one or more events based on the health model and the device data, each of the one or more events affecting one or more of the plurality of health states, and generating a prediction of deterioration in the mechanical device from the estimated values for the plurality of health states and the one or more predicted events.12-31-2009
20090326889High Frequency Multi-axis Simulation System - A multi-axis fatigue testing device includes a multi-axis test fixture having a multiple input, multiple output mechanical linkage driven by a plurality of actuators and a controller operating each of the plurality of actuators in real time and in synchronization to produce user-defined multiple fatigue cycle profiles. At least one of the actuators driving the mechanical linkage acts against an artificial load characterized by a stiffness. The stiffness is selected to increase a resonance frequency of the test fixture to allow fatigue testing at higher frequencies for a wider range of samples.12-31-2009
20090055145Systems and Methods Involving Engine Models - Systems and methods involving engine models are provided. A representative method for updating a gas turbine engine reference model includes: determining whether an absolute difference between a dominant time constant of a sensor and an assumed sensor model time constant is outside a tolerance value; and responsive to determining that the absolute difference is outside the tolerance value, updating the assumed sensor model time constant with the dominant time constant of the sensor.02-26-2009
20090240481METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR EXPLOITING INFORMATION FROM HETEROGENEOUS SOURCES - A system and method are described for generating a model of an environment in which a plurality of equipment units (09-24-2009
20100070252MANIPULATION SIMULATOR - A manipulation simulator including an input member which moves in response to a driver's braking operation; a reaction force generation device which generates a reaction force according to an amount of deformation; an output member which deforms the reaction force generation device; and a transmission device between the input member and the output member, which transmits a reaction force of the reaction force generation device to the input member via the output member. The input member moves rectilinearly; the reaction force generation device generates a reaction force linearly according to its deformation amount; the transmission device converts the input member rectilinear motion to a rotary motion that is transmitted to the output member; and the ratio of the amount of output member motion to the amount of input member motion is varied continuously and nonlinearly according to the amount of input member motion.03-18-2010
20110231171ROTATING BLADE ANALYSIS - Methods are provided for: (i) measuring the position of the blade stagger angle axis for one or more blades of a row of blades attached to a rotor, (ii) measuring the blade tip stagger angle for one or more such blades, and (iii) measuring the blade tip axial displacement for one or more such blades. The methods use forward and rearward blade tip timing datasets for successive rotations of the blades from two axially spaced blade tip timing probes. The forward probe is forward of the rearward probe along the axial direction of the rotor. The blade tip timing datasets allow the times of arrival of the blades at the respective probes to be measured. The methods also use a once per revolution dataset for the successive rotations of the blades. The once per revolution dataset allows the angular velocity of the blades to be measured.09-22-2011
20120078599PREDICTING THE FAILURE OF A COMPONENT - The invention provides a method and apparatus for predicting the failure of a component using a probabilistic model of a material's microstructural-based response to fatigue. The method predicts the component failure by a computer simulation of multiple incarnations of real material behavior, or virtual prototyping. The virtual prototyping simulates the effects of characteristics that include grain size, grain orientation, micro-applied stress and micro-yield strength that are difficult to simulate with real specimens. The invention provides an apparatus for predicting the response of a component to fatigue using the method.03-29-2012
20120197617Co-Simulation with Peer Negotiated Time Steps - System and method for co-simulation. A first simulator and a second simulator are included in a co-simulation program. The co-simulation program is executed, including executing the first simulator and the second simulator. During execution, the first simulator receives input from the second simulator and provides output to the second simulator, and the second simulator receives input from the first simulator and provides output to the first simulator. Executing the co-simulation program includes the first simulator and the second simulator negotiating step-size as peers to dynamically synchronize the first simulator and the second simulator.08-02-2012
20080312891DESIGN METHOD, DESIGN SUPPORT APPARATUS, AND COMPUTER PRODUCT FOR FEEDBACK CONTROL SYSTEM - A control system is designed in which a controlled plant is controlled based on output feedback from the controlled plant. An all-pass filter is modeled that is formed of a synthesis of a notch filter compensating for a resonance mode in the control system and the resonance mode. A design controlled plant including the all-pass filter is determined. A controller controls the design controlled plant and includes a weighting function, and, after the weighting function is derived, gain of the weighting function is adjusted using desired gain crossover frequency and phase margin. A phase variable included in a phase-lead weight is determined, and thus the weighting function is determined. H∞ loop shaping is applied to the weighting function and the design controlled plant to obtain an H∞ loop controller.12-18-2008
20110106513Computer Based Models for Disposable Articles, Disposable Article Material, and/or Disposable Article Converting Machines - Computer based CAE models for simulating the physical behavior of disposable articles during manufacturing processes.05-05-2011
20090326892SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONSTRUCTING VIRTUAL NC CONTROLLERS FOR MACHINE TOOL SIMULATION - A system, method, and computer program product for creating a virtual numerical control (NC) controller for use in machine tool simulation. A method includes receiving a NC program readable by a physical machine tool, the NC program containing instructions for manipulating the physical machine tool. The method also includes parsing the instructions in the NC program. The method further includes receiving setup data, such as tools, reference coordinates systems, etc., from objects of a CAM system or in a setup data file. The method still further includes translating each instruction in the NC program into at least one virtual NC controller command. The method also includes executing the virtual NC controller commands in a machine tool simulation environment. In some embodiments, the method may include fetching data from a post-processor for the physical machine tool, where the fetched data is not available in the NC program.12-31-2009
20090106005SIMULATION REPRODUCING APPARATUS - A simulation reproducing apparatus performs a simulation for verifying a control program for controlling a target mechanism of a mechatronics apparatus by simulating a behavior of the target mechanism in cooperation with the control program by performing a dynamics simulation and a kinetics simulation over a given cycle times.04-23-2009
20110010152METHOD OF DEVELOPING AND CALIBRATING A TOOL FOR NON-DESTRUCTIVE INSPECTION OF PARTS OF A TURBOMACHINE - A method of developing a tool for non-destructive inspection of parts of a turbomachine engine, the method comprising the steps consisting in: a) making parts and/or sets of parts of an engine portion by prototyping from a digital model of said engine portion, and then assembling said parts and/or sets of parts in order to make a three-dimensional lifesize mock-up; and b) verifying that it is possible to pass the inspection tool through access orifices and/or passages of the mock-up until a distal end of the tool is situated in the vicinity of a part for inspection, and validating the tool or modifying its configuration or the configuration of the access orifices as a function of the results of said verification.01-13-2011
20090063114BINDING MANAGEMENT APPARATUS, METHOD AND PROGRAM - The passing point management unit stores the attribute of each passing point of harness and the like in a virtual design space in a passing point table as passing point information and manages it. The binding point management unit stores the attribute of a binding point obtained by binding each passing point of harness as binding point information including relationship information of the binding point of each passing point and independent of each piece of passing point information. The management unit collectively edits/displays bound harness and so on by editing the binding point information of the binding point table and reflecting the edition result in the passing point information related to the binding point information based on the relationship information.03-05-2009
20090063113Dual Model Approach for Boiler Section Cleanliness Calculation - A method of controlling soot blowers near a heat exchange section includes generating models of both the ideal clean operating condition of the section and the dirty operating condition. The current operating condition of the section is used to calculate a reliability parameter that provides an indication of the reliability of the ideal and dirty models. If the reliability parameter indicates that the models are reliable, the models are used to help evaluate the cleanliness status of a particular heat exchange section and assist in making decisions on whether to blow the section or not, and whether to make any necessary adjustments to the operating sequence of the soot blowers. If the reliability parameter indicates that the models are unreliable, the models are regenerated using additional process data.03-05-2009
20110246159Method and Apparatus to Build a Three-Dimensional Mechanical Earth Model - A technique includes inverting seismic data acquired for a subsurface region to determine dynamic elastic properties and converting the dynamic elastic properties to static elastic properties and rock strength properties. The technique includes generating a three-dimensional mechanical earth model for the subsurface region, where the model includes the dynamic elastic properties, the static elastic properties, the rock strength properties and a subsurface stress field. The technique can include a calibration step that matches seismic data observations to predictions from the geomechanical model.10-06-2011
20110087474SIMULATOR SYSTEM AND METHOD - A simulating system comprises an input device, intended to be operated by an operator, a simulator arrangement, and a display. The simulator arrangement is configured to read a signal representing an operation of the input device, and to simulate equipment using said input signal and pre-stored equipment characteristics. The equipment may be drilling equipment for use in offshore oil/gas exploration. The system results in a visual representation of the equipment, manipulated by the input device. The simulator arrangement comprises an equipment controller, connected to an environment simulator that provides the visual representation of the equipment. The environment simulator is connected to an object database comprising equipment objects.04-14-2011
20090216507Engine control experimenting apparatus - The invention aims at providing an engine control experimenting apparatus which enables to easily carry out a confirmation test of an operation in all operation states with regard to the performance of various engine control parts constituting an engine system. In this engine control experimenting apparatus, various engine control parts, which are actually mounted on an engine and are required for engine control, are constructed in a state where electrical transmission and fuel supply are enabled in a manner similar to a case where the engine control parts are mounted on a real engine, and a model-based control is performed on the same conditions as those of the actual engine, on the basis of experimental data of the real engine written in an electronic control unit constituting each of the engine control parts.08-27-2009
20110153295METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MODELING THE PERFORMANCE OF A GAS TURBINE ENGINE - A method for modeling the performance of a gas turbine engine is provided. The method includes the steps of: 1) providing a processor; 2) inputting flight condition parameter data and engine output parameter data into a gas turbine engine model operating on the processor, which model includes a physics-based engine model that uses the flight condition parameter data to produce estimated engine output parameter data, and determines residuals from the engine output parameter data and the estimated engine output parameter data; 3) partitioning the flight condition parameter data and residuals into training data and testing data; 4) performing a correlation reduction on the training data, which analysis produces correlation adjusted training data; 5) performing an orientation reduction on the correlation adjusted training data, which reduction produces orientation adjusted training data; 6) reviewing the orientation adjusted training data relative to at least one predetermined criteria, and iteratively repeating the steps of performing a correlation reduction and an orientation reduction using the orientation adjusted training data if the criteria is not satisfied, and if the criteria is satisfied outputting the orientation adjusted training data; 7) producing estimated corrections to the orientation adjusted training data using one or more neural networks; 8) evaluating the neural adjusted data using the partitioned testing data; and 9) modeling the performance of the gas turbine using the estimated corrections to the orientation adjusted training data.06-23-2011
20110213599Method of Sizing Actuators for a Biomimetic Mechanical Joint - A method of configuring a biomimetic mechanical joint for the efficient movement of a support member about a pivot device. The method includes providing a first fractional actuator and a second fractional actuator being operable with the support member and the pivot device, sizing the first fractional actuator for rated operation at a first boundary condition, and sizing the second fractional actuator so that the first and second fractional actuators, when recruited in combination, are rated for operation at a second boundary condition.09-01-2011
20110153296SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR REAL-TIME WELLBORE STABILITY SERVICE - Apparatus and method of conducting a drilling operation are provided. One embodiment of the method includes drilling a borehole, predicting a value of a first parameter relating to the drilling of the borehole using a geomechanical model, estimating a value of a second parameter from measurements taken by a sensor, updating the geomechanical model based at least in part on the estimated value of the second parameter, predicting a second value of the first parameter using the updated geomechanical model, and altering a drilling parameter for drilling the borehole based on the predicted second value of the first parameter.06-23-2011
20110153297DEVICE AND METHOD FOR THE COMPUTER-ASSISTED GENERATION OF A MANIPULATOR PATH - In a method, device and in a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for computer-assisted generation of a manipulator path of a computer-controlled manipulator, a processor is loaded with a virtual tool and generates a virtual tool path based in a virtual component and the loaded virtual tool. The processor is also loaded with a virtual manipulator kinematic and generates a virtual manipulator path based on the virtual tool path and the virtual manipulator kinematic.06-23-2011
20090006056CLOSED-LOOP CABIN PRESSURE CONTROL SYSTEM TEST METHOD WITH ACTUAL PRESSURE FEEDBACK - Testing of an aircraft pressure control system may be performed without use of an altitude chamber. Aircraft cabin configuration date may be modeled and used, along with high resolution positional feedback from a simulated valve, to produce a high resolution electrical signal that may represent a simulated cabin pressure. A voltage-to-pressure transducer may convert the electrical signal to a pneumatic signal. The pneumatic signal may be employed to operate a cabin-pressure controller under test. The controller may operate an outflow valve actuator and an attached potentiometer. The potentiometer may produce a feedback signal and closed-loop testing of the aircraft pressure control system may thus be performed. The outflow valve actuator may be operated without being attached to an outflow valve because a simulated aerodynamic load may be applied to the actuator.01-01-2009
20100004912Method for Simulating a Physical Property of a Technical Structure by a Component Model - A method for simulating a physical property of a component model comprising a computer accessible construction model of a technical structure, by automatically generating a mesh of a component model. The component model is first described by a fine mesh of finite elements, and, based on the fine mesh, a fine natural frequency of the component model is determined. The component model is then described by a coarse mesh of finite elements, and based on the coarse mesh, a coarse natural frequency of the component model is determined. In this context, for example, the deviation of the coarse natural frequency from the fine natural frequency is used as a measure for the quality of the coarse mesh.01-07-2010
20080243457Process for determining a remaining life for a part - A process for determining a remaining life of a part, such as an airfoil in a gas turbine engine, comprising the steps of establishing the boundary conditions that act on the part, determining the material properties of the part, creating a 3D finite element model of the part and determining the residual stresses on the part, observing the actual part for at least one crack, and comparing the location of the crack to the residual stresses determined on the model at the crack location. If the residual stress at the crack location passes into the wall of the part beyond a predetermined length, then the part is rejected for further use.10-02-2008
20080243455METHODS FOR SYSTEM COMPONENT INSTALLATION UTILIZING DIRECT MANUFACTURED COMPONENTS - A method for fabricating a structure to include at least a portion of a conduit retention system is described. The method includes receiving parameters for the structure and the portion of the conduit retention system associated with the structure via a user interface, providing the parameters to a machine configured to fabricate the structure and incorporate the portion of the conduit retention system, the machine using a direct manufacturing process, and operating the machine to integrally fabricate the structure and the portion of the conduit retention system.10-02-2008
20080243456CONSTRAINT REDUCTION FOR DYNAMIC SIMULATION - Methods, program products and systems for preparing a mechanical model for a dynamic simulation. A first plurality of bodies in a mechanical model are identified including at least one grounded body and at least one free body, each of the bodies in the first plurality of bodies being related to at least one other body in the plurality of bodies by at least one constraint that removes or limits at least one degree of freedom for that body in relation to another body. The bodies in the first plurality of bodies are merged into a minimum number of rigid groups needed for a dynamic simulation where the minimum number of rigid groups includes at least one grounded group and at least one mobile group. Constraints that relate bodies within a group are removed from each of the rigid groups.10-02-2008
20120150515In-Situ Stress Measurements In Hydrocarbon Bearing Shales - Example in-situ stress measurements in hydrocarbon bearing shales are disclosed. A disclosed example method includes lowering a downhole tool into a wellbore penetrating a subterranean shale formation, logging via the downhole tool, a portion of the wellbore adjacent the shale formation to generate logging results, processing the logging results to select test intervals along the portion of the wellbore, performing a stress test at one or more of the selected test intervals to generate stress test results for the shale formation, and adjusting a model representing at least one property of the shale formation based on the stress test results.06-14-2012
20110125475Prediction of Relubrication Interval - The invention relates to a method of predicting when a grease in a grease-lubricated rolling element bearing (05-26-2011
20110125474TENSILE SUPPORT STRENGTH MEASUREMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method and system determines probable strength degradation in a tensile support in an elevator system by monitoring an electrical characteristic of the tensile support as a whole, such as the total electrical resistance of the tensile support, that varies as the remaining strength in the tensile support varies. As the degradation of strength in a typical tensile support varies along the support, and as the relationship between strength and the electrical characteristic generally exhibits an inherent uncertainty, the overall relationship between strength and the electrical characteristic of the whole tensile support will vary as well. Quantifying the probable strength degradation indicated for each value in a range of a measurable electrical characteristic allows monitoring the strength degradation of the tensile support. The method and system also quantifies the relationship between tensile support degradation and a measurable electrical characteristic to monitor degradation.05-26-2011
20100121627METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MEASURING PATTERNED STRUCTURES - A method of preparation of reference data for measuring the profile of a patterned structure for use in control of a manufacturing process, the method including: providing a model for generating profiles based on the manufacturing process; generating the profiles by simulation of the manufacturing process; and preparing diffraction signal reference data corresponding to the generated profiles.05-13-2010
20090299712Systems and methods for simulating an engine environment - A system for simulating an engine environment during engine operation is disclosed. The system includes a surface. The system also includes a liquid delivery device configured to deliver a liquid to the surface. The system further includes a temperature controller operably coupled to the surface, and the system is configured to cause condensation of a fluid on the surface.12-03-2009
20090254323Graphical Program with Physical Simulation and Data Flow Portions - Various embodiments of systems and methods are described in which system simulation techniques are combined with graphical programming techniques in a common environment. For example, various embodiments of the methods comprise displaying a graphical data flow diagram connected to a system diagram, e.g., where the graphical data flow diagram and the system diagram are displayed together in a compound diagram. In the displayed compound diagram, the graphical data flow diagram may be connected to the system diagram, e.g., by a line or wire. In one embodiment the wire may visually indicate that the graphical data flow diagram is executable to produce a value that is provided as an input signal for a simulation performed based on the system diagram. In another embodiment the wire may visually indicate that the graphical data flow diagram receives an output value from the system simulation as input.10-08-2009
20090254322PROCESS AND DEVICE FOR SIMULATING A PRODUCT PRINTED BY A PRESS - A process and device for simulating a product printed by a virtual press. The process implemented by the device includes creation of a three-dimensional object page, selection of at least one fold among a set of predetermined folds, with the selected folds corresponding to the folds produced on the product to be simulated, for each fold produced and selected, a modification of the three-dimensional object page by the addition of at least one fold line at a given position on the three-dimensional object page, construction of the simulated product starting from the modified three-dimensional object page, and a display of the simulated product constructed in this manner.10-08-2009
20100030539Simulation of a Motion System Including a Mechanical Modeler with Interpolation - Simulating a mechanical system controlled by a motion controller. First position data may be received. The first position data may be provided by a motion controller at a first rate. The first position data received at the first rate may be interpolated to provide second position data at a second rate. Operation of the mechanical system may be simulated or modeled using the second position data at the second rate. Interpolating the first position data and modeling the operation of the mechanical system may be performed without simulating drives and motors necessary to drive the mechanical system.02-04-2010
20100023307METHODS FOR PROGNOSING MECHANICAL SYSTEMS - A method of prognosing a mechanical system to predict when a failure may occur is disclosed. Measurement data corresponding to the mechanical system is used to extract one or more features by decomposing the measurement data into a feature space. A prediction model is then selected from a plurality of prediction models for the one or more features based at least on part on a degradation status of the mechanical system and a reinforcement learning model. A predicted feature space is generated by applying the selective prediction model to the feature space as well as a confidence value by comparing the predicted feature space with a normal baseline distribution, a faulty baseline distribution, or a combination thereof. A status of mechanical system based at least in part on the confidence value is then provided.01-28-2010
20100145669FIREARM SHOOTING SIMULATOR - A firearm shooting simulator includes an image capturing device fitted to a firearm and configured to capture at least one image of a target, once activated. The system further includes a processor which is configured to determine any variance between a centre point of the image captured and a point on the target sighted by the firearm when the image is captured. This is achieved by sighting the firearm at a particular point on the target and programming the processor with the location of this sighted point. Once the processor is aware of which point is sighted by the firearm, the image is captured and the processor determines a centre point of the image captured.06-10-2010
20110093250Gyrocompass modeling and simulation system (GMSS) and method thereof - A Modeling, Design, Analysis, Simulation, and Evaluation (MDASE) aspects of gyrocompassing in relation to Far-Target Location (FTL) systems include a Gyrocompass Modeling and Simulation System (GMSS). The GMSS is a modularized software system which has four major components: the 6DOF Motion Simulator, the IMU Sensor Simulator, the Gyrocompass System and Calibration Process Simulator, the Gyrocompass System Evaluation and Analysis Module. Each module has one or two graphic user interfaces (GUIs) as user interfaces for simulation components selection and parameter setting. The modular architecture of GMSS makes it very flexible for programming and testing. And, the component-based software development technology greatly eases system extension and maintenance. The simulators can be used as either an off-line tool or as a real-time simulation tool. The realization of the GMSS can be based on any computer platforms, for it is written in high level language and tools and is portable. The stochastic signal analysis and sensor testing and modeling tools comprise a suite of generic statistical analysis software, including Allan Variance and PSD analysis tools, which are available to every GMSS module and greatly enhanced the system functionality.04-21-2011
20090094009SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MODELING OF TURBO-CHARGED ENGINES AND INDIRECT MEASUREMENT OF TURBINE AND WASTE-GATE FLOW AND TURBINE EFFICIENCY - A real-time system for modeling a turbo-charged engine includes a model configured to estimate various exhaust states such as turbine inlet pressure, turbine outlet pressure, turbine outlet temperature, turbine mass flow rate and waste-gate valve mass flow rate. The model is dependent only on the availability of normal operating values available in a conventionally-configured automotive controller and one or more measured intake side parameters such as ambient pressure, boost pressure, ambient temperature and compressor mass flow rate. The model is constructed to reflect a high-level application of energy conservation between the turbine (generated power) and compressor (absorbed power). A method for the indirect measurement of turbine and waste-gate flow uses turbine inlet and outlet pressure, inlet temperature and engine mass air flow rate measurements. A method for the indirect measurement of turbine efficiency avoids the need for manufacturer's turbine data.04-09-2009
20120072194Methods and Systems for Modeling Turbine Operation - Methods and systems for modeling turbine operation are disclosed. In one embodiment a method for modeling turbine operation may include: determining current performance parameters of a turbine; providing at least one external factor for current or future operation of the turbine; and modeling, by a predictive model, at least one operating characteristic of the turbine based at least in part on the current performance parameters of the turbine and the at least one external factor.03-22-2012
20080300840Tire Design Method - An initial layout of one pitch unit of a tire tread pattern is decided. A finite element model of a tire is created by developing the one pitch unit of the initial layout into a plurality of pitches in the circumferential direction of the tire to carry out a structural analysis. Evaluation indices calculated through the analysis are integrated into one pitch unit for each element associated with the indices. The elements are classified according to the magnitudes of the integrated evaluation indices to determine a plurality of classes to which elements subject to removal belong, and elements to be removed are selected from each of classes thus determined. Elements to be added are selected from among the elements which have been removed to decide a layout of the current generation. A finite element model of a tire is created by developing the layout of the current generation into a plurality of pitches to carry out a structural analysis, and convergence of an objective function is determined.12-04-2008
20120232869INDUSTRIAL SIMULATION USING REDIRECTED I/O MODULE CONFIGURATIONS - A simulation environment for running a process simulation used to validate an industrial control program. The simulation environment exposes the I/O module configurations defined in the control program and retrieves module configuration information therefrom. This I/O module configuration information is combined with generic, module-specific I/O module profiles to create a pool of available controller I/O points, which can be selectively associated with I/O points in the simulation to create an I/O point mapping. During control program validation, simulated I/O data is exchanged between the process simulation and the I/O module instances in the controller in accordance with the I/O point mapping.09-13-2012
20120221307Systems and Methods for Improved Positioning of Pads - Systems and methods for the automated positioning of pads and orienting of slot templates for the pads. The systems and methods also include automated adjustment of well path plans from a pad to selected well targets.08-30-2012
20120215509METHOD FOR THE DETECTION OF FAILURES IN A TURBOMACHINE BY MEANS OF A THEORETICAL MODEL OF THE THERMODYNAMIC CYCLE OF THE SAID TURBOMACHINE - A method for the detection of failure in a turbomachine by monitoring the performance of the said turbomachine, this being a method in which at least one performance parameter of the turbomachine is measured in order to obtain an actual signature for the performance of the said turbomachine; the actual signature of the said turbomachine is compared with a database of failures associating reference signatures for the performance of the said turbomachine with identifiers of failure, the database of failures being obtained by the simulation of failures on the basis of a theoretical model of the thermodynamic cycle of the said turbomachine, and the identifier of failure of the said turbomachine being determined for the said actual signature.08-23-2012
20120173218METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DRILLING RIG TESTING USING VIRTUALIZED COMPONENTS - A method and system dynamically generates virtualized configurations of sensors and signals used in drilling system equipment. The virtualized configurations may be used for novel operational testing of automation systems on drilling rigs. The methods and systems may be configured to virtualize actual drill floor equipment in order to have enhanced fault coverage of the automation systems. A control network that is a component of the automation systems may implement a testing loop that accommodates virtualized equipment in a manner substantially similar to actual equipment. In this manner, the testing loop may be configured to control elements specific to the equipment under control, and generate testing results for those specific control elements.07-05-2012
20120173217CATHETER CONFIGURATION INTERFACE AND RELATED SYSTEM - A system for implementing a procedure for the diagnosis or treatment of tissue in a body is provided. The system includes an electronic control unit configured to generate a graphical user interface on a display. The interface depicts an image of the tissue. The unit is further configured to receive one or more inputs regarding target locations on the tissue for diagnosis or treatment. The electronic control unit identifies a catheter for use in the procedure and determines configurations for a distal end of the catheter at each target location. The unit superimposes representations of the distal end of the catheter having the determined configurations on the image of the tissue at the target locations. The unit may also generate control signals to guide the distal end of the catheter to the target locations and to assume the determined configurations at each location.07-05-2012
20120316854VIRTUAL PROTOTYPING AND TESTING FOR MEDICAL DEVICE DEVELOPMENT - A system and method of developing better-designed medical devices, particularly cardiovascular stents and endovascular grafts. The system comprises a geometry generator, a mesh generator, a stress/strain/deformation analyzer, and a visualization tool. Using analysis, preferably non-linear analysis, the stress/strain/deformation analyzer determines the predicted stresses, strains, and deformations on the candidate medical device. Such stresses, strains, and deformations may optionally be simulated visually using a visualization tool.12-13-2012
20120316853COMPUTER BASED METHODS FOR SIMULATING ROTATIONAL DRAG FORCE - Computer based methods for simulating rotational drag forces experienced by rotating objects.12-13-2012
20120226485METHODS FOR PREDICTING THE FORMATION OF WIND TURBINE BLADE ICE - Models for predicting ice formation and/or accumulation on wind turbine blades and methods of their use in optimizing performance of wind turbines in the presence of adverse local weather conditions are disclosed. In certain embodiments, the predictive models include historical data of local meteorological conditions including, inter alia, wind speed, temperature, and relative humidity conditions and are useful, inter alia, for preemptively managing performance of wind turbines operation/shutdown cycles in response to a future predicted blade icing event based on a model of the present invention.09-06-2012
20120226486TRAINING SIMULATOR AND RELATED METHODS - An engine simulator is utilized for training purposes. The simulator comprises a fully functioning control system and pressure modules, pumps and variable drive motors to simulate a engine faults. A programmable logic controller and other related components simulate engine activities and operational sequences that interface with controls system. A trainer is able to “bug” the system physically, electronically or via programming, thus allowing applied on the job training during the course of instruction without any service interruption to real equipment.09-06-2012
20120323543METHOD AND DETECTION ASSEMBLY FOR THE DETECTION OF CHANGES IN A BUILDING STRUCTURE OF A WIND TURBINE - A method for detecting changes in a building structure of a first wind turbine is provided. A reference value representing the eigenfrequency of the first wind turbine is monitored over time, whereby substantial changes in the reference value are used as an indication of changes in the building structure. Further, a detection assembly for such detections is provided.12-20-2012
20120271606VEHICLE MOTOR TEMPERATURE DETERMINATION - Methods and systems are provided for determining a temperature of a motor of a vehicle having an ignition when the ignition is turned on following a period of time in which the ignition had been turned off. An amount of time for which the vehicle had been turned off is determined. A motor temperature model is run using a time step to simulate the amount of time for which the vehicle had been turned off to determine an initial value of the temperature of the motor.10-25-2012
20110320181TURBOMACHINE AIRFOIL LIFE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system for creating a risk analysis for at least one turbomachine includes a database storing characteristics of one or more turbomachines and a processing module coupled to the database that receives the characteristics from the database and creates the risk analysis. The processing module includes a modeling module creates a representation of the amount of rocking in a particular turbomachine based on the characteristics and a performance modeler coupled to the modeling module and that, based on the representation of the amount of rocking, creates the risk analysis.12-29-2011
20120101792TURBINE COMPONENT AND METHOD FOR DEVELOPING A COMPONENT - A method for developing a component includes establishing a performance requirement to predict the secondary crystallographic orientation for a component having orthogonal x, y, and z axes. The component is to be formed from a single crystal material having a primary crystallographic orientation along the z-axis and a secondary crystallographic orientation substantially in the x-y plane. A property of the component is computer simulated as a function of an angle of the secondary crystallographic orientation relative to the x-axis. Based on the computer simulation, the angle for the component is selected which will substantially satisfy the performance requirement.04-26-2012
20080228454Method and Device for Simulating Bending of a Tube - The method for simulating bending of a tube by means of at least one bending machine comprises a step of calculating at least one cycle of bending commands (09-18-2008
20130179134Gyrocompass Modeling and Simulation System (GMSS) and Method Thereof - A Modeling, Design, Analysis, Simulation, and Evaluation (MDASE) aspects of gyrocompassing in relation to Far-Target Location (FTL) systems include a Gyrocompass Modeling and Simulation System (GMSS). The GMSS has four major components: the 6 degree-of-freedom (6DOF) Motion Simulator, the IMU Sensor Simulator, the Gyrocompass System and Calibration Process Simulator, and the Gyrocompass System Evaluation and Analysis Module. The modular architecture of GMSS makes it very flexible for programming, testing, and system maintenance. The realization of the GMSS can be based on any computer platforms for the GMSS software is written in high level language and is portable. The stochastic signal analysis and sensor testing and modeling tools comprise a suite of generic statistical analysis software, including Allan Variance and power spectral density (PSD) analysis tools, which are available to every GMSS module and greatly enhanced the system functionality.07-11-2013
20130124176Modeling Passage of a Tool Through a Well - In modeling passage of an elongate well tool through an interval of a well an adaptive machine learning model executed on a computing system receives a first set of inputs representing a plurality of characteristics of the well tool and a second set of inputs representing a plurality of characteristics of the well. The adaptive machine learning model also receives historical data representing a plurality of other well tools passed through a plurality of other wells and a plurality of characteristics of the other well tools and the other wells. The adaptive machine learning model matches the historical data with at least a portion of the first and second sets of inputs, and determines, based on the matching whether the well tool can pass through the interval of the well.05-16-2013
20130144580PROCESS FOR DESIGNING AND MANUFACTURING AN IGNITION SYSTEM FOR AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - The present invention provides a process for designing and manufacturing an ignition system for an internal combustion engine. The process can include performing a plurality of simulations that include simulating an electrical circuit with a spark initiating device for igniting the fuel mixture within an internal combustion chamber, an electrical breakdown proximate to the spark initiating device, a plasma arc and an afterglow regime.06-06-2013
20110213598SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR THREE-DIMENSIONAL COMPLETE TOOTH MODELING - A system and method for modeling of complete tooth, including root and crown, of a patient to facilitate orthodontic treatment are provided, wherein a generic tooth modeling is combined with a tooth crown modeling for a patient to yield a complete tooth modeling. In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, a generic tooth three-dimensional model for a particular tooth is morphed with a three-dimensional model of a patient's crown for the corresponding tooth to yield a complete three-dimensional model for that tooth. Such modeling techniques can be conducted with one or more computer-based systems, such as systems configured for storing patient data and generic tooth data, morphing such data and/or facilitating additional orthodontic treatment applications, through the use of one or more algorithms. Further adjustment of the complete tooth model for the tooth can also be provided through additional patient information, such as X-ray imaging, to address variations in root shape between a generic root and an actual root shape for a patient.09-01-2011
20100286970METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SIMULATING MICROCOMPUTER-BASED SYSTEMS - A method and apparatus for developing microcomputer-based systems. A controller model having at least one parameter is simulated and, similarly, a plant model having at least one parameter and controlled by the controller model is simulated. A user interface then has access to the parameters of the controller model and plant model and optionally suspends the execution of the controller model and plant model in response to a trigger event. The user interface determines the status of the controller model parameters and/or plant model parameters at the time of the trigger without altering the controller model parameters or plant model parameters or the program code of the controller model.11-11-2010
20100286969APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MONITORING AN INDUSTRIAL PROCESS - An apparatus for monitoring an industrial process comprising a plurality of variables. The apparatus comprises a defining module configured for defining a normal-condition data set may comprise data values of the variables when the industrial process is operating under a normal condition and for defining an abnormal-condition data set may comprise data values of the variables when the industrial process is operating under an abnormal condition; a modelling module configured for modelling a normal-condition model from the normal-condition data set and modelling an abnormal-condition model from the abnormal-condition data set; a plotting module configured for plotting a normal-condition plot from the normal-condition model and plotting an abnormal-condition plot from the abnormal-condition model; and an analysis module configured for analysing live data values of the variables for simultaneous display with the normal-condition plot and the abnormal-condition plot.11-11-2010
20130151219MULTI-PARAMETER BIT RESPONSE MODEL - A method of generating a directional response of a drill bit based on one or more drilling parameters includes performing actual or simulated tests with a drill bit in a test material having a strength under different experimental drilling parameters and recording the results of the plurality of tests. A representation of an expected directional response of the drill bit is formed based on the results. Current drilling parameters are receiving current drilling parameters at a computing device and the directional response is generated based on the current drilling parameters by utilizing the representation.06-13-2013
20130151220MULTI-ECU SIMIULATION BY USING 2-LAYER PERIPHERALS WITH LOOK-AHEAD TIME - A method and system where a plurality of ECU is rapidly executed while avoiding deadlock by performing conservative event synchronization. The simulation system is provided with 4 layers, namely a processor emulator which is an ECU emulator, a plant simulator, a external peripheral scheduler, and a mutual peripheral scheduler. The external peripheral scheduler performs advanced execution of the plant simulator only during processor emulator reaction delay time (or the time until the next event). The notification to perform advanced execution of the processor emulator is provided until the actual plant simulator stop time. The mutual peripheral scheduler provides notification to the processor emulator to perform advanced execution only during communication delay timing between processor emulators (or the time until the next event). The processor emulator conservatively processes until the earliest time of the notification times. Each peripheral proceeds with processing until the earliest time of the accepted events.06-13-2013
20120029892CONDITION MONITORING OF WINDTURBINES - A method for monitoring a wind turbine is provided. The method includes defining at least one subsystem of the wind turbine and providing a simulation model for the at least one subsystem. During normal operation of the wind turbine at least an input parameter of the at least one subsystem is determined A behavior of the at least one subsystem is simulated using the at least one input parameter as an input of the simulation model. Based on the simulated behavior, it is determined, if the at least one subsystem operates within a given specification.02-02-2012

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