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Diagnostic analysis

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702 - Data processing: measuring, calibrating, or testing


702182000 - Performance or efficiency evaluation

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702184000 Maintenance 79
702185000 Cause or fault identification 46
20130030765SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USE IN MONITORING MACHINES - A system for monitoring a machine includes a memory device operatively coupled with a processor. The memory device stores a plurality of operational measurements of the machine and is programmed with computer instructions that instruct the processor to record a first plurality of operational measurements of the machine, perform a full spectrum analysis thereof, and generate a first full spectrum data set therefrom. The instructions also instruct the processor to transmit the first full spectrum data set to a model stored within the memory device. The instructions further instruct the processor to determine variations between the first full spectrum data set and a second full spectrum data set. The second full spectrum data set is different from the first full spectrum data set.01-31-2013
20100161279METHOD FOR DIAGNOSIS OF ACTUATORS - A method is disclosed for diagnosis of actuators which are operated with the aid of a positioning device as a function of a nominal value preset, which is emitted from a superordinate regulation device and is received via a communication interface. Diagnosis information can be determined from a time profile of the nominal value preset by investigating the profile of the nominal value for one or more known characteristics.06-24-2010
20090216493HIERARCHY OF DIAGNOSIS FOR ADVANCED DIAGNOSTICS EQUIPMENT - A diagnostic tool for diagnosing a vehicle, includes a signal translator that communicates with the vehicle in at least one protocol, an input device that inputs information, a processor that controls a software according to the input information from the input device and communicates with the vehicle with the signal translator, the processor controls a reception of diagnostic data of the vehicle through the signal translator, the processor receives a selected instruction of the diagnostic tool through the input device and correlates the desired instruction information with the information stored in a memory, the processor processes the received diagnostic data according to the selected instructions information according to a hierarchy stored on the memory, the memory stores the software controlled by the processor, the memory stores a database of information for use by a hierarchical grouping of criteria and tests for diagnostics, the hierarchy including a first grouping and a second grouping, with each of the first and second grouping being further subdivided into additional sub-groupings, the selection of the diagnostic test being made according to the hierarchy from the most specific grouping to the most general grouping, executing through the processor the selected diagnostic test according to the hierarchy, and a display unit that receives and displays diagnostic information according to the selected stored and processed hierarchical information.08-27-2009
20100076728A FAILURE DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM FOR COOLING FANS, A FAILURE DIAGNOSIS DEVICE FOR COOLING FANS, A FAILURE DIAGNOSIS METHOD FOR COOLING FANS, A COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM THEREFOR AND A COOLING DEVICE - The failure diagnosis system of cooling fans of the present invention includes a first cooling device, a second cooling device and a control device. The first cooling device has a first cooling fan, and the second cooling device has a second cooling fan. The control device executes a first failure diagnosis which checks failure of the second cooling fan based on the rotation rate of the second cooling fan at the time at which the rotation rate of the first cooling fan is reduced.03-25-2010
20120245895DEGRADING SENSOR DETECTION IMPLEMENTED WITHIN A TRANSMITTER - A process variable transmitter includes a memory that stores a filtered sensor value that is calculated based on a prior received sensor value and a filtered rate of change value that is calculated based on a prior rate of change value. The process variable transmitter also includes a controller that receives a sensor value and compares it to the filtered sensor value to obtain a rate of change value. The controller also compares the rate of change value to the filtered rate of change value to obtain a deviation value, and generates an output indication, such as a sensor failure warning output, based on the deviation value. This is done within the process variable transmitter.09-27-2012
20120245894USE OF WATTMETER TO DETERMINE HYDRAULIC FLUID PARAMETERS - Disclosed herein is an approach that uses a wattmeter to determine hydraulic fluid parameters. In one aspect, a controller uses the electric power measured by the wattmeter to determine the power delivered to hydraulic fluid delivered by a hydraulic pump unit to a hydraulic fluid consuming device and the volumetric flow rate of the hydraulic fluid delivered to the hydraulic fluid consuming device by the hydraulic pump unit.09-27-2012
20130080117SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FAILURE DETECTION FOR ARTIFICIAL LIFT SYSTEMS - A computer-implemented artificial lift detection system, method, and software are provided for failure detection for artificial lift systems, such as sucker rod pump systems. The method includes providing artificial lift system data from an artificial lift system. Attributes are extracted from the artificial lift system data. Data mining techniques are applied to the attributes to determine whether the artificial lift system is detected to fail within a given time period. An alert is output indicative of impending artificial lift system failures.03-28-2013
20130035898UTILIZATION OF HFR-BASED CATHODE INLET RH MODEL IN COMPARISON TO SENSOR FEEDBACK TO DETERMINE FAILED WATER VAPOR TRANSFER UNIT AND UTILIZE FOR A DIAGNOSTIC CODE AND MESSAGE - A system and method for determining whether there is a cross-over leak, or other failure, in a WVT unit that humidifies the cathode inlet airflow to a fuel cell stack in a fuel cell system. The fuel cell system includes an HFR circuit that determines the humidity level of the membranes in the fuel cell stack and an RH sensor that measures the relative humidity of the airflow to the cathode side of the fuel cell stack. The HFR humidity calculation is compared to RH measurements from the RH sensor, and if the difference between the two RH values is greater than a predetermined calibration value, then the system may determine that the WVT unit is failing and needs to be serviced or replaced.02-07-2013
20100100355IN-FLIGHT DETECTION OF WING FLAP FREE WHEELING SKEW - A method for detecting freewheeling skew failures in the wing flaps of an aircraft includes measuring the outputs of flap skew sensors when the aircraft is in flight (IF) and the flaps are extended to a selected position, and when the aircraft is next on the ground (OG) and the flaps are extended to the selected position. The respective differences between the IF and OG outputs of symmetrical pairs of the flap skew sensors are computed, and then the respective difference between the computed IF output difference and the computed OG output difference of each symmetrical pair of the sensors is computed. The computed IF and OG difference of each symmetrical pair of the sensors is then compared with each of predetermined maximum and minimum threshold value to determine whether a freewheeling skew failure exists in any of the flaps of the aircraft.04-22-2010
20090157357DIAGNOSTIC METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING PROCESSES - A method for use in a system for diagnosing the causes of manufacturing defects involves process characterization. A set of forms is identified for a workpiece and for a piece of manufacturing equipment that acts upon the workpiece. The forms for the workpiece are preferably a hierarchic set of geometric forms. Each such geometric form corresponds to an aspect of the action of the manufacturing equipment upon the workpiece. A plurality of measurements is made on a defective workpiece following the hierarchical order of forms. The measurements are compared to a reference datum, and a deviation from the datum is computed. If the deviation exceeds a preselected threshold, an alert condition results, attributable to the action of the manufacturing equipment. Targeted adjustment corresponding to the action that caused the defect can then be made to the equipment.06-18-2009
20090157356Hardware test and diagnosis system and method - There is provided a hardware test and diagnosis system comprising a diagnostic computer and a test device. The test device comprises a peripheral chipset and a baseband controller configured to execute an agent software. The agent software is configured to be coupled to the diagnostic computer, and the agent software is further configured to be coupled to the peripheral chipset of the test device. The agent software is further configured to provide a virtual channel between the diagnostic computer and the peripheral chipset. In one embodiment, the agent software comprises a driver configured for communication with the peripheral chipset, and is further configured to receive additional software from the diagnostic computer. In another embodiment, the agent software is further configured to be embedded in a boot code of the test device.06-18-2009
20090157355Method and device for diagnosing an ascertainment of a performance quantity of an internal combustion engine - A method and a device for diagnosing an ascertainment of a performance quantity of an internal combustion engine. Within the scope of a first diagnostic process a first value which is characteristic of a first performance quantity of the internal combustion engine ascertained at a first point in time after switching off the internal combustion engine is compared to a predefined value, and an error is identified when in the comparison it is detected that the absolute value of a first difference between the first value and the predefined value exceeds a predefined first threshold value for the first point in time. The predefined first threshold value is predefined to be smaller the longer the time since the internal combustion engine has been switched off. An identified error is cleared in a subsequent second diagnostic process when, for a second difference between the first value and the predefined value for a second point in time, it is detected within the scope of the subsequent second diagnostic process that the absolute value of the second difference does not exceed a second threshold value predefined for the second point in time. An error identified within the scope of the first diagnostic process is cleared within the scope of the subsequent second diagnostic process only when the predefined second threshold value does not exceed a predefined limiting value. The predefined limiting value is formed as a function of the predefined first threshold value.06-18-2009
20090157354LABELING METHODS AND DEVICES - Disclosed are methods and electronic devices 06-18-2009
20100106461Diagnostic and response systems and methods for fluid power systems - Diagnostic and response systems and methods for a fluid power system acquire data from pressure and temperature sensors disposed in the fluid power system, analyze the data in a failure algorithm to build a history of cumulative damage to hoses in the fluid power system, communicates an indication of potential imminent hose failure to a central location when a level of the cumulative damage indicates imminent failure of a hose, analyze the information at the central location to determine an appropriate response, and transmit information about the fluid power system, including location, and identification of the hose about to fail to a response unit. The response unit responds to the location and replaces the component prior to failure, or the communication might include information that the hose has failed, such that the response unit replaces the failed hose to return the fluid power system to normal operation.04-29-2010
20120185213MALFUNCTION DETECTION DEVICE FOR RESOLVER - A malfunction detection device for a resolver detects malfunction in a resolver with accuracy and stability even if a value of a square sum is varied between inside and outside of a normal range. When the resolver is in malfunction, a sine signal and a cosine signal are read. It is determined whether a malfunction determination of the resolver is prohibited, or not, from read values of the sine signal and the cosine signal, or square values thereof. When it is determined that the malfunction determination of the resolver is prohibited, the count value is accumulated and incremented every time the test value falls outside a normal range. When the count value arrives at a given value or higher, it is determined that the resolver is in malfunction.07-19-2012
20130046508PATTERN RECOGNITION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR THE DETECTION OF STUCK FLUID DROPLETS IN A FLUID DELIVERY LINE OF AN INFUSION SYSTEM - An infusion system includes a pump, a fluid delivery line, a sensor, a processor, and a memory. The fluid delivery line is connected to the pump for delivering fluid. The sensor is connected to the fluid delivery line for emitting and receiving signals to detect whether there is air in the fluid delivery line. The processor is in electronic communication with the pump and the sensor. The memory is in electronic communication with the processor. The memory includes programming code for execution by the processor. The programming code is configured to analyze the signals to determine if a stuck fluid droplet is stuck within the fluid delivery line at a location of the sensor.02-21-2013
20090043539METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATICALLY EVALUATING THE PERFORMANCE OF A POWER PLANT MACHINE - A method and system for automatically evaluating the performance of a power plant machine is provided. The method and system may include receiving a plurality of operating data from the at least one power plant machine. The method and system may also store the plurality of operating data in at least one data storage device. The method and system may also determine whether at least one performance indicator is within a range; and if the at least one performance indicator is outside of the range, then automatically notify a support network.02-12-2009
20090105989NON-INTRUSIVE GATHERING OF DIAGNOSTIC DATA USING ASYNCHRONOUS MECHANISMS - Techniques for non-intrusive performance of diagnostic actions including actions that result in gathering of diagnostic data in response to a condition detected in a monitored system. In one embodiment, the diagnostic actions are performed asynchronously by processes or threads that are different from the failing process or thread that receives or detects the condition that triggers the diagnostic actions such that the failing process or thread can continue processing without being affected by the executions of the diagnostic actions. Multiple asynchronous processes or threads that are different from the failing process or thread may be spawned to perform multiple diagnostic actions in parallel. The asynchronous processes or threads may be monitored to ensure that they do not adversely impact the monitored system.04-23-2009
20130073260METHOD FOR ANOMALY DETECTION/DIAGNOSIS, SYSTEM FOR ANOMALY DETECTION/DIAGNOSIS, AND PROGRAM FOR ANOMALY DETECTION/DIAGNOSIS - In order to provide a method and system for anomaly detection/diagnosis that can detect anomalies quickly and with high sensitivity in a machinery such as a plant, in the present disclosures, sets of maintenance record information comprising operational records, replacement part information and other past cases are associated with each other on a keyword basis, anomalies are detected on the basis of anomaly detection that targets the output signal of a multidimensional sensor attached to the machinery, and by means of connecting the detected anomaly with the associated maintenance record information, the required diagnosis/measures with respect to the anomaly that has arisen are elucidated.03-21-2013
20130073259METHOD, MONITORING SYSTEM AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR MONITORING THE HEALTH OF A MONITORED SYSTEM UTILIZING AN ASSOCIATIVE MEMORY - A monitoring system, method and computer program product are provided for monitoring the health of a monitored system. The monitoring system may include a receiver module to receive a plurality of sensor data relating to the monitored system and to receive textual data, such as free text, relating to the monitored system. The monitoring system may also include an associative memory to store and process the sensor data and the textual data and to establish associations between at least some of the sensor data and the textual data. Further, the monitoring system may include a dynamic change identification module to identify an instance in which the sensor data represents a dynamic change in condition and a correlation module to identify an instance in which textual data is associated with the sensor data proximate the dynamic change in condition so as to correlate the sensor data and the textual data.03-21-2013
20130060523REGULATOR VALVE FAULT CHECKING METHOD - An operating device pressure Po into a regulator valve and a degree of opening X from the regulator valve are sampled. A speed of change vPo (k) of the Po (k) is calculated from the current Po (k) and the previous Po (k-1). A speed of change vX (k) of the X (k) is calculated from the current X (k) and the previous X (k-1). If both vPo (k) and vX (k) are small, then a weighting value w1 (k) is set to 1 (and set to 0 otherwise), where a fault check indicator Fq (i) for each degree-of-opening category i during a fault check evaluation time interval is calculated from the vPo (k) and vX (k) when w1 (k) is 1 and from a linear approximation formula F1 that indicates the steady-state input/output relationships in the regulator valve when operating properly.03-07-2013
20090030653Method And Control System For Operating A Technical Installation Comprising A Plurality Of Components, In Particular A Combustion System For Generating Electric Energy - The invention relates to an inventive method and a corresponding control system according to which: during the operation of the technical installation, each component that is in operation or out of commission triggers an evaluation of at least one other component by means of a value; the values of each component are totalled and the totalled values are used to determine the next components that are to be activated or deactivated. At least one initialisation value is assigned to at least one component and added to the totalled values of the component.01-29-2009
20120116721ACTIVE PROBING FOR REAL-TIME DIAGNOSIS - Improved problem diagnosis techniques for use in accordance with computing systems, e.g., distributed computing systems, are disclosed. In one aspect of the invention, a technique for diagnosing a problem associated with a computing system comprises the following steps/operations. One or more probes are executed in accordance with at least a portion of a previously selected probe schedule. When a result of one or more of the probes of the previously selected probe schedule indicates, at least, a potential problem associated with the computing system, one or more probes which optimize at least one criterion are selected in real-time. The one or more selected probes are executed so as to diagnose the potential problem.05-10-2012
20120232844DETERMINING ELECTRIC GRID ENDPOINT PHASE CONNECTIVITY - The service phase of the electrical connection to a customer endpoint device located within a power distribution system is determined by various techniques. At the feeder level, the system may be programmed to induce disturbances, thereby causing missed zero crossings at the customer endpoint devices. The pattern of these disturbances is a controlled one, designed specifically to avoid causing noticeable disruption even to sensitive devices, but to be unusual enough that it is statistically unlikely to be naturally occurring. The monitoring of the zero crossing information is used to determine the phase of the service line to the customer endpoint devices.09-13-2012
20080294380BATTERY CHARACTERISTIC SIMULATING APPARATUS - A battery characteristic simulating apparatus is improved which is capable of supplying electric power for simulating a battery characteristic of a battery to a battery-driven type electronic appliance. The battery characteristic simulating apparatus is featured by that a voltage/current generating unit; a voltage/current measuring unit; a characteristic data acquiring unit; a storage unit; and a simulation signal producing unit are provided within the same housing of the battery characteristic simulating apparatus.11-27-2008
20120166141VALIDATION OF ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEM MONITORING SYSTEMS - The present disclosure provides systems and methods for validating electric power delivery monitoring systems, including, but not limited to, current transformers (CTs) and voltage potential transformers (PTs). According to various embodiments, a first IED monitors a portion of an electric power delivery system via one or more CTs and/or PTs. A second IED monitors the portion of the electric power delivery system via one or more additional CTs and/or PTs. Each IED may generate an event report, containing measurement data, associated with each respective measurement equipment. A validation module may compare the event reports in order to validate that the IEDs and/or the underlying measurement equipment are functioning correctly. According to various embodiments, the validation module may be configured to align the event reports from two IEDs using an event trigger common to both IEDs.06-28-2012
20090112519Foreign object/domestic object damage assessment - A foreign-object/domestic-object damage assessment system for a gas turbine engine comprises a multiplicity of sensors, manifold feature extraction modules, a multiform analysis module, a hybrid operational data store and an operator/maintenance interface. The sensors characterize a multiplicity of engine parameters relating to the gas turbine engine. The feature extraction modules extract manifold features from the multiplicity of engine parameters. The analysis module performs a multiform analysis on the manifold features. The operational data store correlates the manifold features with maintenance actions via a hybrid engine model. The operator/maintenance interface transmits maintenance requests as a function of the multiform analysis, as compared to the hybrid engine model.04-30-2009
20120158361APPROACH FOR MONITORING ENERGY CONSUMPTION AND PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE OF A SYSTEM BASED ON CONTROL LOOP EFFICIENCY - An approach for monitoring energy consumption and detecting preventive maintenance issues in a system having control loops and associated devices. Settling time and error value in a control loop may be indicative of the loop's efficiency. Error value may be a difference between a measurement of a parameter and a setpoint for the parameter. Degradation of a loop's efficiency may be an indication of increased energy consumption by the system. Such degradation may also be indicative of a future defect in a control loop or devices associated with the control loop. Thus, the present approach may provide for energy monitoring and preventive maintenance of the system.06-21-2012
20100030523PASSENGER CONVEYER ABNORMALITY DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM - In a passenger conveyer abnormality diagnosis system, sound data of escalator operating sound of a plurality of revolutions is collected by a moving sound collector provided for an inspection step and then processed into a data set for diagnosis with an accidental external noise component removed. The data set for diagnosis sent from a data transceiver through a communication network to a remote monitoring apparatus installed at a remote-located monitoring center. The remote monitoring apparatus diagnose the presence of abnormalities of the escalator based on the data set for diagnosis.02-04-2010
20110295557 ANALYSIS SYSTEM - A method for analyzing the condition of a machine having a rotating shaft, including: 12-01-2011
20090150122SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TESTING A FAN INTERFACE OF A MOTHERBOARD - A system for testing a fan interface on a motherboard is provided. A fan simulator receives a PWM signal from a fan interface of the motherboard, converts the PWM signal to a TACH signal and outputs the TACH signal to a computer via the fan connector. A difference between the actual rotation speed from the TACH signal and a preset desired rotation speed of the fan simulator is determined and analyzed by comparing the difference with a preset allowable error margin. A related method is also provided.06-11-2009
20100121609METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DIAGNOSTICS OF APPARATUS - Proposed is a method, implemented in software, for estimating fault state of an apparatus outfitted with sensors. At each execution period the method processes sensor data from the apparatus to obtain a set of parity parameters, which are further used for estimating fault state. The estimation method formulates a convex optimization problem for each fault hypothesis and employs a convex solver to compute fault parameter estimates and fault likelihoods for each fault hypothesis. The highest likelihoods and corresponding parameter estimates are transmitted to a display device or an automated decision and control system. The obtained accurate estimate of fault state can be used to improve safety, performance, or maintenance processes for the apparatus.05-13-2010
20110172964Method of Processing Steam Generator Tubes of Nuclear Power Plant - An improved method of inspecting the tubes of a steam generator of a nuclear reactor involves collecting historic data regarding the tube sheet transition regions of each tube for use during a subsequent analysis to create a new simpler signal from which historic artifacts have been removed.07-14-2011
20120109582ABNORMALITY DETECTION SYSTEM, ABNORMALITY DETECTION METHOD, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - Disclosed is an abnormality detection system that accurately detects abnormalities that arise in a device. The abnormality detection system 05-03-2012
20120109581DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AN ESSENTIAL TURBINE VALVE - The present invention is a diagnostic method for determining the operability of an essential turbine valve, comprising the steps of exercising an essential valve operatively connected to a turbine inlet line through which a power plant motive fluid is supplied to a turbine by causing the essential valve to be partially closed for a predetermined exercising duration; detecting a drop in power produced by an electric generator coupled to the turbine resulting from said partial closing of the essential valve; comparing the detected power drop with a predetermined marginal power drop; and associating the essential valve with an operable status for reliably regulating the flow of motive fluid therethrough when the actual power drop is substantially equal to the predetermined marginal power drop.05-03-2012
20120035885METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MONITORING AND ANALYZING VIBRATIONS IN ROTARY MACHINES - Vibration amplitudes are recorded as a function of rotation speed and of frequency and the data is analyzed to estimate a noise floor amplitude threshold for each of a plurality of different speed and frequency sub-ranges. On the basis of training data known to be normal speed-frequency areas which contain significant spectral content in normal operation are deemed “known significant spectral content”, so that during monitoring of new data points which correspond to significant vibration energy at speeds and frequencies different from the known significant spectral content can be deemed “novel significant spectral content” and form the basis for an alert. The estimation of the noise floor is based on a probabilistic analysis of the data in each speed-frequency area and from this analysis an extreme value distribution expressing the probability that any given sample is noise is obtained.02-09-2012
20100094593APPARATUS TO PREDICT FAN WEAR-OUT AND IMPENDING FAILURE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - An apparatus for predicting fan wear-out and impending failure and a method of manufacturing the same. One embodiment provides for (1) a lookup table containing expected fan speeds at given duty cycles; and (2) a processor for comparing a measured fan speed at a given duty cycle with an expected fan speed at the given duty cycle, the processor generating a predicted fan wear-out and impending failure.04-15-2010
20100274528Field device with measurement accuracy reporting - A field device includes a sensor for sensing a process parameter, a processor for producing a measurement value as a function of the sensed process parameter, and a communication interface for transmitting an output based upon the measurement value. The processor also calculates a measurement precision value associated with the measurement value.10-28-2010
20120271594MONITORING DATA CATEGORIZATION AND MODULE-BASED HEALTH CORRELATIONS - Architecture for aggregating health alerts from a number of related components into a single aggregated health state that can be analyzed to isolate the component responsible for the fault condition. In a hierarchy of related components within various component groups in a computer system, a number of health indicators can indicate alerts occurring in one or more of the related components whereas the fault condition occurs in only one component upon which the other components depend. The health indicators of related components are aggregated into an aggregated health state for each component group. These aggregated health states are analyzed to identify the related component associated with a root cause of the alert condition for an affected component group.10-25-2012
20090198474Method and apparatus for analysis and assessment of measurement data of a measurement system - A method for analysis and assessment of measurement data of a measurement system having at least one measurement channel provides for the assessment of the measurement data at freely selectable times and over a freely selectable period on the basis of at least one of a plurality of predeterminable criteria. In order in this case to develop a central and generally applicable measurement data diagnosis, in which any desired number of measurement channels can be monitored at the same time with little effort and with good result representation, preferably with determination of the faulty channels, the raw data of the measurement channel is supplied to a fault isolation stage and then to a fault classification stage, and a measure is then determined for the quality of the measurement data of the respective measurement channel. An input for the raw data of the measurement channel as well as a unit in which a fault isolation stage and then a fault classification stage are implemented are provided for this purpose in the apparatus for analysis and assessment of measurement data of a measurement system.08-06-2009
20090089011Exhaust Gas Sensor Abnormality Diagnostic Device - An exhaust gas sensor abnormality diagnostic device includes an exhaust gas sensor, and a judgment means that judges whether execution conditions are established for making an abnormality diagnosis of element breakage in the exhaust gas sensor. The device also includes an abnormality diagnosis means that makes the abnormality diagnosis in accordance with an output signal generated by the exhaust gas sensor. Further, when the integrated value of intake air amounts of an internal combustion engine is not smaller than a predetermined value, the judgment means judges that the execution conditions are established. The abnormality diagnosis means cancels the establishment of the execution conditions when an intake air amount of the internal combustion engine remains less than a predetermined value for a predetermined period of time.04-02-2009
20100280794SENSOR DEVICE - A sensor device includes a time determining part and an output circuit. The time determining part determines time point information, and adds the time point information to the output supplied from a part subjected to failure diagnosis and related to generation of a failure detection signal, and to the output related to generation of a sense signal. The output circuit outputs the sense signal with the time point information added by the time determining part after the failure detection signal correlated with the sense signal by the time point information is output.11-04-2010
20110172965Remotely Monitoring/Diagnosing Distributed Components Of A Supervisory Process Control And Manufacturing Information Application From A Central Location - A centralized diagnostics management tool is disclosed that facilitates centralized monitoring of distributed components of a supervisory process control and manufacturing information application. The centralized diagnostics management tool includes a diagnostics management console shell that is customized according to a set of software modules that interface to data sources to populate views supported by the console shell. The console shell includes a set of view templates including controls for manipulating graphically displayed representations of data rendered by the distributed components. The console shell also includes an interface for exchanging requests and data with an extensible set of software modules that provide data links to ones of the set of distributed components. The software modules also define the customizable portions of the view rendered by the console shell.07-14-2011
20110172967SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING THE LIFE OF A PHYSIOLOGICAL SENSOR - Aspects of the present disclosure include a sensor configured to store in memory indications of sensor use information and formulas or indications of formulas for determining the useful life of a sensor from the indications of sensor use information. A monitor connected to the sensor monitors sensor use and stores indications of the use on sensor memory. The monitor and/or sensor compute the useful life of the sensor from the indications of use and the formulas. When the useful life of the sensor is reached, an indication is given to replace the sensor.07-14-2011
20110172966DIAGNOSTIC METHOD FOR AN ENGINE-GENERATOR SET - A diagnostic test is conducted by operating an engine-generator set at a plurality of reduced speeds. At each of those speeds, operating parameters of the engine are sensed and analyzed to detect an unsatisfactory operating condition. For example, such operating parameters may include speed of the engine-generator set, engine oil pressure and level, engine temperature, coolant level, and battery voltage. When a transition in engine speed occurs, a throttle test also may be conducted to measure how quickly and smoothly the engine reaches the new speed. After the engine reaches the normal operating speed, the generator is activated to produce electricity. One or more characteristic of that electricity, such as voltage, current and frequency, are sensed and evaluated to detect an unsatisfactory operating condition.07-14-2011
20100114530Transfer of a Component with Effect on the Safety Function from the Safety-relevant Area - An electronic module for level measurements, pressure measurements or density measurements is disclosed. In the module, a safety-relevant function is transferred into an area that is categorized as safety-uncritical. In order to prevent malfunctions, a diagnostic function is performed in the safety-critical area of the electronic module in order to check the transferred function. This diagnostic function is also checked with respect to its effectiveness during the safety-oriented operation. Suitable measures can be initiated in case an error is detected.05-06-2010
20100114529DSL DIAGNOSIS EXPERT SYSTEM AND METHOD - The present invention relates to diagnostic analysis of DSL circuits. In particular, it relates to methods and devices that use a rule base and automated test initiation, with excellent reduction in test technician involvement in trouble shooting, reduced truck rolls and more accurate identification of probably causes of customer complaints.05-06-2010
20090265139DIAGNOSTICS FOR CENTRALLY MANAGED COMPUTER SYSTEM - The present invention provides a diagnostic method for a centrally managed computer system. The method provides central diagnostic expertise regarding central management software used for managing said system. The method further provides for managed software that integrates with said central management software; the managed software includes its own diagnostic expertise. The method further provides for importing the managed diagnostic expertise and combining it with said central diagnostic expertise to define collective diagnostic expertise.10-22-2009
20090265138TESTING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TESTING A VIBRATION FUNCTION OF A MOBILE PHONE - A testing system includes a mobile phone motherboard, a motor connected to the motherboard, a multimeter capable of measuring vibrating frequency and voltage of the motor, and a computer. The computer has an output port capable of sending commands to the mobile phone motherboard to instruct the motor to vibrate and an input port capable of receiving the measured vibration frequency and voltage of the motor. The computer has a main test procedure capable of comparing the measured frequency and voltage of the motor with predetermined parameters. A testing method utilizing the above described testing system is also disclosed.10-22-2009
20090265137COMPUTER-BASED METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR FAILURE ANALYSIS - In accordance with one aspect, the invention provides a method of performing failure analysis on a microelectronic product where the method includes acts of: storing a result of a first test performed on the microelectronic product on a centralized computer; transmitting the result from the centralized computer to a first remote computer for an evaluation of the result by a first evaluator; and transmitting a report form from the centralized computer to the first remote computer for entry of data including analysis supplied by the first evaluator after the evaluation of the result. In accordance with one embodiment, the method also provides acts of: receiving the data at the centralized computer; and storing the data at the centralized computer. In accordance with another embodiment, the method further includes an act of transmitting the result from the centralized computer to a second remote computer for an evaluation of the result by a second evaluator for entry of data including analysis supplied by the second evaluator after the evaluation of the result by the second evaluator.10-22-2009
20080312877Method and Device for Functional Checking of a Field Device Before the Comissioning Thereof - A method and device is disclosed for functional checking of a field device in a field bus system before the commissioning thereof. After installation and connection of the field device, a functional checking algorithm is carried out with regard to meeting relevant connection parameters, whereby commissioning of the field device is permitted when all connection parameters to be checked by the functional checking algorithm are within permitted ranges.12-18-2008
20080270075User configurable scan tool - A diagnostic tool for a vehicle, includes a signal translator communicating with the vehicle in at least one protocol, an input device for inputting information, a processor controlling a software according to the input information from the input device and communication with the vehicle from the signal translator, the processor controlling a reception of diagnostic data of the vehicle through the signal translator, the processor receiving a selected information of a user and configuration of the diagnostic tool through the input device and correlating the configuration information with the user information, the processor processing the received diagnostic data according to the selected configuration information corresponding to the selected user by the input unit, a memory storing a software controlled by the processor, the memory storing the configuration information according to the corresponding user information, and a display unit receiving and displaying diagnostic information according to the selected stored configuration information according to the user.10-30-2008
20110270576Method to detect angle sensor performance degradation through dither monitoring - A method for detecting angle sensor performance degradation in a flow angle measurement device in moving platform, such as aircraft and watercraft, as well as stationary platforms. Sensor dither in a flow angle measurement device is used to detect operational performance degradation of the sensor as a result of dynamic response changes caused by damaged or degraded mechanical components.11-03-2011
20100153068STEAM TRAP MONITORING - An apparatus and method for monitoring the status of a steam trap include a device for sensing a process condition of the steam trap and a device for processing the sensed condition. The apparatus can include a processor positioned on a steam trap. The connection of the monitoring device to the steam trap can be to the trap itself or to an adjacent pipe or other apparatus.06-17-2010
20090182532MONITORING UNIT FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULES - The invention relates to a monitoring unit for photovoltaic modules, wherein the modules are designed for a direct conversion of radiation energy, such as e.g. solar energy, into electric energy, and the system is designed function monitored, wherein each photovoltaic module (07-16-2009
20090177440DIAGNOSTIC METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR AN ACCELERATOR USING INDUCTION TO GENERATE AN ELECTRIC FIELD WITH A LOCALIZED CURL - Methods and apparatus are described wherein a charged beam in an enclosed conducting cavity in an accelerator is monitored for position, current, and energy. One method uses induced electric signals on non-intercepting conducting electrodes. Another method uses an intercepting and moving electrode than can be moved into the beam to different degrees to monitor the beam current and vertical profile at different radial positions. Non-intercepting electrodes are also used as part of a moving diagnostic probe to monitor properties of the beam at different radial positions. Another method uses the current in the leads to a power supply, a portion of this current being equal to the beam current. Another method uses the magnetic and electric fields from the beam that penetrates a non-conducting portion of the conducting cavity. Yet another method uses the radiation emitted during acceleration of the beam by the deflecting magnets that guide the beam.07-09-2009
20090055130SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PREDICTION OF GAS TURBINE TRIPS DUE TO GAS CONTROL VALVE FAILURES - Systems and methods for prediction of gas turbine trips due to component failures such as electro-hydraulic valve (gas control valve) system failures. Exemplary embodiments include prediction of gas turbine trips due to component failures, the method including collecting raw gas turbine operational data and using the raw gas turbine operational data to generate a prognostic indicator for the prediction of a turbine trip due to the failed gas control valves.02-26-2009
20090144027POWER MACHINE DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM AND METHOD - A power machine diagnostic system. The diagnostic tool system includes a first interface removably coupled to a power machine, a computer to identify a type of the power machine coupled at the first interface, and a second interface to interface between the tool and the computer.06-04-2009
20110224948METHOD FOR THE DIAGNOSIS OF THE EGR COOLER EFFICIENCY IN A DIESEL ENGINE - A method is provided for the diagnosis of the EGR cooler efficiency in a Diesel engine that includes but is not limited to construction of a model for determining the temperature drop y=ΔT in the EGR cooler, the model having a parameter vector θ and an input vector x; performing a model calibration phase in order to estimate the bias h09-15-2011
20090082999METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATICALLY DETERMINING AN OPERATING MODE OF A GENERATOR - A method and system for determining the operating mode of a generator is provided. The method and system may include a generator operating mode evaluation system. The method and system may receive a plurality of generator operating data for use by the method and system to determine a generator operating mode. The method and system may provide a notification on the generator operating mode. The method and system may also store a plurality of generator operating mode data.03-26-2009
20110144948DIAGNOSTIC AID DEVICE - A diagnostic aid device is configured to aid diagnosis of an operating efficiency of an air conditioner. The diagnostic aid device includes an obtaining section, a specifying section, a screen generating section and a measure information providing section. The obtaining section obtains an operating data of the air conditioner. Using the operating data obtained by the obtaining section, the specifying section specifies a state value of the air conditioner including air conditioning load factor, COP, power consumption or frequency. The screen generating section generates either a first screen or a second screen based on the state value specified by the specifying section. The first screen represents an operating status of the air conditioner. The second screen represents the operating status and single or plural sets of information related to a measure used to improve the state value.06-16-2011
20110144947Online Diagnostic Method and Online Diagnostic System for Geothermal Generation Facility - An online diagnostic system for a geothermal generation facility is discloses that includes: an automatic steam measurement device for measuring a characteristic of steam to be supplied to a steam turbine from a steam-water separator at the geothermal generation facility that outputs analysis data. A monitor•control device controls an operation of the geothermal generation facility while monitoring the geothermal generation facility. A diagnostic device performs at least one of an evaluation of a steam characteristic at the geothermal generation facility, an evaluation of the steam-water separator, and an evaluation of pulsation and confluence of a production well based on the analysis data from the automatic steam measurement device and performance data of the geothermal generation facility from the monitor•control device. An operating status of the geothermal generation facility is diagnosed.06-16-2011
20110144945RADIATION MEASURING DEVICE AND DIAGNOSTIC METHOD THEREOF - A radiation measuring device includes a computing unit that receives an input of a count value of a count portion configured to receive an input of a digital pulse from a pulse height discriminator and count the digital pulse in a fixed cycle and an integrated value of an adder-subtractor accumulation portion configured to add the digital pulse and subtract a feedback pulse and finds a first current rate on the basis of the count value and the integrated value and a second count rate on the basis of the integrated value, so that soundness of the adder-subtractor accumulation portion is diagnosed and outputted by comparing the first count rate with the second count rate. A radiation measuring device of a simple configuration and a diagnosis method thereof enabling a high-accurate self-diagnosis online on the count rate measurement that is the keystone of the radiation measurement can be thus obtained.06-16-2011
20110144946WELLHEAD HIPS WITH AUTOMATIC TESTING AND SELF-DIAGNOSTICS - A method for diagnostics of a high integrity protection system (HIPS) for protection of a pipeline downstream of a wellhead includes: monitoring for initiation of an automatic trip or manual safety shutdown or full shut-off test; determining the process safety time (PST) that elapses between the time at which the upstream pressure reached the trip setpoint and the time at which the upstream pressure reaches the maximum allowable piping pressure (MAPP) of the downstream pipeline; and verifying that the safety critical isolation valves stroked to the fully closed position within ½ PST and that the downstream pressure did not exceed the MAPP. If the verification is successful, no action is required, whereas if the verification shows that either of those parameters are not met, then the HIPS signals an alarm to operators, and in the case of a manual safety shutdown or full shut-off test, resets the pressure trip setpoint to a lower level.06-16-2011
20090099816Failure diagnosis apparatus for homogeneous charge compression ignition engine - A failure diagnosis apparatus for a homogeneous charge compression ignition engine having combustion modes switchable between HCCI combustion, performed together with internal EGR, and SI combustion. The engine includes an intake variable valve mechanism and an exhaust variable valve mechanism. The apparatus includes an airflow meter detecting an intake amount of mixture drawn into a combustion chamber of the engine and a control computer determining whether a failure has occurred in the intake variable valve mechanism and the exhaust variable valve mechanism from intake amount change information. The control computer determines whether a failure has occurred based on information on switching from SI combustion to HCCI combustion, intake amount change information, and predetermined first reference change information, and determines whether a failure has occurred based on information on switching from HCCI combustion to SI combustion, intake amount change information, and predetermined second reference change information.04-16-2009
20120078577REMOTELY COLLECTING AND MANAGING DIAGNOSTIC INFORMATION - The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for remote collection and management of diagnostic information. Embodiments of the invention facilitate remote configuration, management, and collection of diagnostic results. A remote diagnostic system connects to the local diagnostics of a service or computer system in a non-invasive way to collect diagnostic information. Filter and subscription requests are used to guide the collection and retention of diagnostic information. A diagnostic user connects to the remote diagnostic system to dynamically change the filter and subscription requests as part of a diagnostic process. The collected diagnostic information can then be transmitted to interested system operators using either syndication subscriptions or push subscriptions.03-29-2012
20090099817Sensor Subset Selection for Reduced Bandwidth and Computation Requirements - A system for identifying a subset of sensors to sample to reduce the frequency of sensor access. The system determines rise times and records values for the sensors in the system. A time criticality of the sensors is determined based on the rise times. The system processes the sensors by first creating sensor subsets based on one or more constraints on the sensors. The system monitors the values of the sensors in a sensor subset and flags a sensor when it makes a determination that, prior to a next scheduled sampling of the sensor subset, the value of a sensor in the monitored sensor subset will exceed a threshold constraint. The system moves those flagged sensors to a second sensor subset which complies with the sensor's constraints.04-16-2009
20090105990METHOD FOR ANALYZING DEFECT DATA AND INSPECTION APPARATUS AND REVIEW SYSTEM - The distribution states of defects are analyzed on the basis of the coordinates of defects detected by an inspection apparatus to classify them into a distribution feature category, or any one of repetitive defect, congestion defect, linear distribution defect, ring/lump distribution defect and random defect. In the manufacturing process for semiconductor substrates, defect distribution states are analyzed on the basis of defect data detected by an inspection apparatus, thereby specifying the cause of defect in apparatus or process.04-23-2009
20090248362SYSTEM AND PROCESS TO ENSURE PERFORMANCE OF MANDATED SAFETY AND MAINTENANCE INSPECTIONS - A handheld, portable device is used to store data that indicates an operator was sufficiently close to each of a plurality of components during a safety inspection to actually inspect the components. The portable device includes a sensor that detects tokens, such as radio frequency identification tags, which are affixed adjacent to the components. Messages appearing on a display of the portable device prompt the operator to proceed to each checkpoint, determine a state of the component disposed there, and if the component is not operating properly, indicate a plurality of predefined conditions from which the operator can choose to identify the observed condition of the component. The state and condition of each component entered during the safety inspection are stored as data that are subsequently transferred to a remote data storage site over a wire or wireless link.10-01-2009
20100161280ELECTRONIC DEVICE, HOST APPARATUS, COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, AND RECORDING MEDIUM - Provided is a communication system comprising a host apparatus and an electronic device that is implemented in an apparatus that communicates with the host apparatus via a network. The electronic device includes an operation circuit that operates when the electronic device is implemented; a diagnostic circuit that tests the operation circuit; and a result transmitting section that transmits a test result obtained by the diagnostic circuit to the host apparatus via the network. The host apparatus includes a test information storage section that stores in advance test information indicating test content to be performed by the diagnostic circuit; and a test information transmitting section that, when the test information is requested by the electronic device, transmits the test information to the electronic device.06-24-2010
20090265136Disk Drive Emulator And Method Of Use Thereof - A disk drive emulator for testing a test slot of a disk drive testing system includes an emulator housing, a testing circuit housed in the emulator housing, and an interface connector disposed on the emulator housing and in electrical communication with the testing circuit. The disk drive emulator includes at least one sensor in electrical communication with the testing circuit. The at least one sensor is selected from the group consisting of a temperature sensor, a vibration sensor, and a humidity sensor. The testing circuit is configured to test power delivery of the test slot to the disk drive emulator, monitor the at least one sensor, and monitor connector resistance between the test slot and the disk drive emulator.10-22-2009
20100185415DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM FOR A MODULAR FIELDBUS BOARD - A diagnostic system for a modular fieldbus board carrying a number of fieldbuses connected to a bulk power supply. A monitoring transceiver means is adapted in use to one or more of the number of fieldbuses by means of two or more common mode and/or differential mode signal injection and/or signal detection points, which points are dispersed between the bulk power supply and the fieldbus trunk. The monitoring transceiver means can detect one or more fieldbus physical layer characteristics between two of the two or more of said points.07-22-2010
20100169047ANALYSIS SYSTEM - An apparatus for analyzing the condition of a machine having a rotating shaft, comprising: at least one input for receiving measurement data from a sensor for surveying a measuring point of the machine, the measurement data being dependent on rotation of the shaft; a data processor for processing condition data dependent on the measurement data; the data processor performing a plurality of condition monitoring functions (F07-01-2010
20100262404AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM DIAGNOSTIC DEVICE - An automotive vehicle electrical system diagnostic apparatus includes first and second electrical connections configured to electrically couple to an electrical system of an automotive vehicle which includes a battery. Digital samples are obtained during operation of the vehicle which are related to the system. The digital samples are stored in memory.10-14-2010
20100262403SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MONITORING WATER HEATERS OR BOILERS - A system for monitoring water heaters. The system includes a central monitoring station and a plurality of water heater systems. The central monitoring station includes a computer, and each water heater system includes a water heater and one or more sensors for sensing one or more conditions of the water heater. The one or more conditions include one or more fault states, each indicating a reduced ability of the water heater to deliver hot water at a set temperature. The one or more sensors are in communication with the computer of the central monitoring station to provide data indicating the one or more conditions to the computer.10-14-2010
20080215292METHOD OF DIAGNOSING ABNORMALITY OF REDUCTION GEAR AND APPARATUS FOR CARRY OUT THE METHOD - An apparatus for carry out a method of diagnosing abnormality of a reduction gear, the reduction gear including an intermediate shaft element disposed between an input shaft and an output shaft and rotating in proportion to a rotation of the input shaft to transmit the rotation to the output shaft, the apparatus has: a disturbance observer that obtains an estimated disturbance value regarding the reduction gear, based on a torque instruction and a velocity feedback-value acquired when a pair of driven members which rotate relative to each other with a motor as a driving source are in relative rotation at a constant velocity; a specific spectral component specifying portion for extracting a specific spectral component corresponding to a constant multiple of a rotational frequency of the intermediate shaft element from a frequency components of the estimated disturbance value obtained by frequency analysis; and a diagnosing portion, which compares an amplitude of the specific spectral component specified by the specific spectral component specifying portion with a threshold value, and diagnoses an abnormality in a case where the amplitude of the specific spectral component exceeds the threshold value, or a normality in a case where the amplitude of the specific spectral component is equal to or less than the threshold value.09-04-2008
20100235141ON-BOARD DIAGNOSTICS OF TEMPERATURE SENSORS FOR SELECTIVE CATALYST REDUCTION SYSTEM - Methods and systems for detecting faults in temperature sensors on engine systems provided with equipment for treatment of combustion products of an exhaust effluent stream during engine operation include determining sensor faults from differences in temperature between sensors present in such systems over time. Estimated exhaust gas temperatures may be compared against real time temperature measurements to arrive at a diagnostic residual value representing the difference between a modeled value and measured value, and deviation of the measured value from the modeled value is used to indicate a sensor fault.09-16-2010
20100241402FIELD DEVICE FOR PROCESS AUTOMATION - A field device for process automation, composed of at least two components coupleable with one another, wherein, in each of the components, a control/memory unit is provided, in which, in each case, a parameter set with defined parameters is stored, and wherein, for the case, in which the at least two components are coupled with one another, at least one of the control/memory units reads, and compares with one another, the parameter sets stored in the separate control/memory units of the components, and wherein, in the case of a deviation in the parameter sets, the comparing control/memory unit of the control/memory units makes available, to the components coupled with one another, the intersection of the parameters of the parameter sets.09-23-2010
20100223028DIAGNOSIS AGENT FOR REMOTE PLANT DIAGNOSIS - The present invention discloses a plant diagnostic system for diagnosing a problem with the plant. The plant diagnostic system can include an agent-based plant diagnostic network that has an adaptive global agent located in a central facility, a plant expert agent located at the plant and a plurality of subsystem resident agents. Each of the subsystem resident agents can be assigned to a subsystem of the plant. A diagnosis agent can also be included, the diagnosis agent operable to be instructed by the adaptive global agent, transmitted to the plant expert agent, be received by the plant expert agent, transmitted by the plant expert agent back to the adaptive global agent and be received by the adaptive global agent.09-02-2010
20100235142AUTOMATIC REMOTE MONITORING AND DIAGNOSTICS SYSTEM - A Monitoring and Diagnostics System is provided, which includes a monitoring unit and a monitored unit remotely located from the monitoring unit. The System also includes communication means between the monitoring unit and the monitored unit. The monitored unit includes data acquisition means for providing fault data of the monitored unit and the communication means are adapted to communicate the fault data from the monitored unit to the monitoring unit. The monitoring unit includes a rules engine having a set of expert rules for analyzing the information contained in the fault data and being adapted to deduce diagnostics information from the rules and from the information. In addition, a communication method for communicating between a first Programmable Logic Controller and a second Programmable Logic Controller or a central unit is provided, in which a description file is provided.09-16-2010
20130218521DETECTION OF INDUCTIVE COMMUTATION FOR PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER DIAGNOSIS - Inductive commutation is detected for programmable logic controller (PLC) diagnosis. By detecting the inductive commutation, the need for any delay may be determined. Where the load is not inductive, the diagnostic may be performed with little or no delay.08-22-2013
20130218522ABNORMALITY DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM AND INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY - An object of the present invention is to provide an abnormality diagnostic system that can enhance diagnostic precision even if a computer arranged on the machine side does not have sufficient throughput in diagnosing a condition of a machine or equipment based upon time series data generated by a sensor and can reduce communication capacity because communication data volume decreases and industrial machinery provided with the abnormality diagnostic system. A diagnostic device on the machine side 08-22-2013
20100198556METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SEMICONDUCTOR PROCESS CONTROL AND MONITORING BY USING A DATA QUALITY METRIC - During fault detection of a production process, the influence of the data communication process for communicating measurement readings to the fault detection system may be taken into consideration. In one illustrative embodiment, a data rate related parameter may be used as an input variable for a data reduction procedure, thereby enabling an efficient assessment of the quality of the remaining “real” process and tool parameters.08-05-2010
20090319231METHODS OF MONITORING ELECTRONIC DISPLAYS WITHIN A DISPLAY NETWORK - Methods of monitoring one or more electronic displays are disclosed. A method may include performing at least one diagnostic operation on at least one electronic display having at least one camera, a display element, and a display server. Further, the method may include transmitting data relating to the at least one diagnostic operation to a network remote from the at least one electronic display. Additionally, the method may include displaying the data within the remote network.12-24-2009
20130132033SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR RADIATION DIAGNOSIS - A diagnostic system and diagnostic tool for determining an operation health of an electrical, mechanical or electro-mechanical apparatus. Where the diagnostic system and diagnostic tool determine an operational health based on radiation emitted by the apparatus and where radiation profiles for the apparatus may be established to determine a health of the apparatus.05-23-2013
20130132034METHOD FOR PROGNOSING A HEALTH PROBLEM OF AN APPARATUS - A method of prognosing a health problem of an electrical, mechanical or electro-mechanical apparatus based on radiation emitted by the apparatus where the method includes establishing a profile for the apparatus while the apparatus is operating, saving such a profile for the apparatus, forming a set of historical profiles for a number of apparatuses, and identifying at least one anomaly in the set of historical profiles that is indicative of a future failure.05-23-2013
20130132035METHOD FOR DIAGNOSING A HEALTH OF AN APPARATUS - A method of diagnosis of a health of an electrical, mechanical or electro-mechanical apparatus based on radiation emitted by the apparatus where the method includes establishing a baseline profile for the apparatus and establishing a checkup profile for the apparatus and comparing the checkup profile to the baseline profile to determine a difference indicative of the health of the apparatus.05-23-2013
20090037144Electric power generating facility operation remote supporting method and electric power generating facility operation remote supporting system - When an abnormality or a sign of abnormality occurs in an electric power generating facility, an appropriate operating support can be made in a short time. The electric power facility operation remote supporting method in accordance with the present invention is characterized by that an abnormality or a sign of abnormality is judged based on at least one of information on an operating state of the electric power generating facility and information on time-varying characteristics of components in the electric power generating facility, and a service mode is set based on the judged information of the abnormality or the sign of abnormality, preset abnormality corrective data and preset service modes.02-05-2009
20090240471METHOD OF SYSTEM DESIGN FOR FAILURE DETECTABILITY - A system designed for failure detectability through detection and isolation of a particular design feature.09-24-2009
20090312984SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR OBJECTIVE SELF-DIAGNOSIS OF MEASUREMENT DEVICE CALIBRATION CONDITION - A measurement system uses a plurality of transducers that may differ from each other in at least one respect, such as having different operating principles or being made by different manufacturers. Respective measurement values obtained from the transducers are applied to a processor which provides a measured value based on the measurement values from a plurality of the transducers. The processor also provides information about the calibration drift of each of the transducers based upon a comparison between the measurement value obtained from the transducer to a value obtained from a combination of respective measurement values obtained from a plurality of the transducers. The calibration drift information provides an objective evaluation about the calibration condition of each of the transducers. When a transducer is determined to be outside of its calibration tolerance, a calibration needed alert occurs.12-17-2009
20120245896ANALYZING FACTORY PROCESSES IN A SOFTWARE FACTORY - A method, system, and/or computer-readable medium analyzes problems in a software factory. Factory metrics that describe resources and operations within the software factory are collected and analyzed to detect problems that might have occurred during an execution of a work packet within the software factory. If the detected problems exceed one or more threshold criteria, then a detailed analysis of the detected problems is performed by matching each detected problem to one or more specific root causes through an analysis of the factory process building blocks.09-27-2012
20090048806Method and apparatus for diagnosis of motor-operated valve - A method and an apparatus for diagnosis of a motor-operated valve for determining the degree of abnormality of the motor-operated valve in which rotational driving force of a driving motor 02-19-2009
20090043538Method and System for Transformer Dissolved Gas Harmonic Regression Analysis - A transformer (02-12-2009
20110251825APPARATUS FOR DETECTING ABNORMALITY OF SENSOR - Temperatures of intake-air temperature, intercooler outlet temperature and intake manifold temperature sensors are compared in cold time of an engine to determine any characteristic abnormality of the sensors. A first temperature difference is obtained from temperatures of the intercooler outlet temperature sensor before and after increase in boost pressure to determine any characteristic abnormality of the intercooler outlet temperature sensor. A second temperature difference is obtained from temperatures of the intake manifold temperature and intercooler outlet temperature sensors after opening an EGR valve to determine any characteristic abnormality of the intake manifold temperature sensor.10-13-2011
20100131240HIERARCHICAL APPROACH FOR HEALTH AWARE ELECTRONIC MODULES - A system and method for collecting and analyzing information from environmental occurrences that may have an adverse effect on electrical components in the vehicle. The information is passed up through a hierarchical structure to a higher level controller where the information can be used to detect the health of various electrical components and sub-systems on the vehicles. The vehicle may employ sensors that are specifically provided to detect environmental disturbances or abnormal conditions on the vehicle, or may use electrical devices on the vehicle used for other purposes that have the capability of detecting such disturbances and conditions.05-27-2010
20090216494Network Laser System with Remote Diagnostics - In exemplary embodiments, a network laser system comprises a laser platform including an optical source configured to generate an optical pulse, an optical amplifier configured to amplify the optical pulse, and a compressor configured to temporally compress the amplified optical pulse. The network laser system may also comprise monitor circuitry (e.g., sensors) configured to monitor one or more performance aspects of the laser platform. The network laser system may further comprise logic configured to transmit data to a remote computing device over a network. The network laser system may be configured to perform a diagnostic test and/or maintenance in response to instructions received from the remote computing device.08-27-2009
20110098975CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHODS OF VERIFYING OPERATION OF AT LEAST ONE WIND TURBINE SENSOR - A method of verifying operation of at least one wind turbine sensor includes dynamically defining a neighborhood of neighbor wind turbines for a first wind turbine, each neighbor wind turbine including at least one sensor. The method also includes receiving data from at least one neighbor wind turbine sensor and determining a status of at least one sensor of the first wind turbine using the data received from the neighbor wind turbine sensor.04-28-2011
20110077908Method for Diagnosing the Functional Reliability of a Lambda Probe - In the change from lean to rich exhaust gas or vice versa, signals are recorded by a lambda probe and are used to diagnose the functional reliability of this lambda probe So that special reliability of this procedure is ensured, the change is triggered by an event. The event can be defined by signals of the lambda probe or can be caused by control actions of the operator in the motor vehicle.03-31-2011
20120303323SELF-DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM OF HOME APPLIANCE AND OPERATION METHOD OF THE SAME - Disclosed are a self-diagnosis system of a home appliance and operation method of the same that self-diagnose and display a state of a home appliance having a self-diagnosis function, recognize and analyze the displayed self-diagnosis information, and provide proper service information corresponding to the state of the home appliance. A state of a home appliance having a self-diagnosis function is self-diagnosed, the diagnosed result is displayed as various images, such as a 7-segment image, QR code, and LED or sound type Morse code, self-diagnosis information displayed as the images is recognized and analyzed, and proper service information is provided to a user or a service provider, thereby easily checking a problem cause of the home appliance.11-29-2012
20110040528Systemic Diagnostics For Increasing Wafer Yield - A method of performing systemic diagnostics for a wafer includes selecting a design for manufacturability (DFM) rule for analysis. For each IC chip on the wafer, two sets of IC features adjacent the rule can be extracted based on the chip's layout design. Upconverted diagnostics can be run to generate computed numbers associated with combination categories for each set. Zonal analysis can be run on the two sets using the computed numbers to derive metrics for the two sets. A report can be generated based on the zonal analysis.02-17-2011
20120203508Increasing Availability of an Industrial Control System - A mechanism is provided to improve the availability of an ICS and an external system that uses data from the ICS by ensuring operation of the ICS and operation of the system even if an anomaly has occurred in a device in the ICS. The mechanism receives measured data from the plurality of devices, calculates prediction data by using the measured data and correlation information used for deriving prediction data for correlated devices, and provides the measured data and the prediction data.08-09-2012
20120203507SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TRACKING WELLSITE EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE DATA - A maintenance system and method are presented. The maintenance system includes a plurality of wellsite equipment located at or nearby a wellsite, and a communication interface device for monitoring data that is representative of a health status of the equipment. The system further includes a database comprising prior health status of the equipment; and a central data server in communication with the database and capable of communicating with the communication interface device for generating analysis of the equipment, wherein said analysis includes comparing the monitored data with the prior health status to prescribe if maintenance is required08-09-2012
20110257934SYSTEM, WELLNESS CIRCUIT AND METHOD OF DETERMINING WELLNESS OF A ROTATING ELECTRICAL APPARATUS - A wellness circuit is for a rotating electrical apparatus having a rated current and being operatively associated with an electrical switching, control, protection or monitoring apparatus structured to provide a number of currents and a number of voltages of the rotating electrical apparatus. The wellness circuit includes a current sensor scaled to the rated current and structured to provide a notch current signal representative of one of the number of currents; an interface to the electrical switching, control, protection or monitoring apparatus, the interface providing the number of currents and the number of voltages; and a processor employing the number of currents and the number of voltages from the interface and the notch current signal to determine wellness of the rotating electrical apparatus. The wellness circuit is structured to be separate from or added to the electrical switching, control, protection or monitoring apparatus.10-20-2011
20080255806Pole Monitoring Kit, in Particular for Wooden Poles - Kit for monitoring poles, in particular wooden poles, that comprises: a detection device (10-16-2008
20080243437TECHNIQUE FOR DETECTING ANOMALY IN OBSERVATION TARGET - A system, method, and computer program product allowing an information processing apparatus to function as a system for detecting an anomaly in an observation target on the basis of time series data. The system includes a first generation unit, a second generation unit, a singular vector computation unit, a matrix product computation unit, an element computation unit, an eigenvector computation unit and a change degree computation unit. The change degree computation unit computes the degree of change in the observation target from the reference periods to the target periods for anomaly detection, on the basis of a linear combination of the inner products between each of the eigenvectors and a singular vector, and then outputs the computed degree as a score indicating an anomaly in the observation target.10-02-2008
20080249744Method of Diagnosing System, Method of Operating Aggregating System For System Diagnosis, and Aggregating System For System Diagnosis - The invention provides a method of diagnosing a system, a method of operating an aggregating system for system diagnosis and an aggregating system for system diagnosis, which are suitable for evaluating effectiveness of system improvement.10-09-2008
20110022358DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR HOME APPLIANCE - A home appliance diagnostic system and method are disclosed. A home appliance outputs product information in the form of a sound signal, which is transmitted to a service center at a remote site over a communication network so that the service center can readily check the state of the home appliance. The home appliance performs a sound signal re-output operation in such a manner that it re-outputs the same product information in the form of a different sound signal. Therefore, it is possible to improve a sound recognition rate, so as to improve fault diagnosis accuracy.01-27-2011
20110119032ANOMALOUS DATA DETECTION METHOD - An example data assessment method for a diagnostic system includes receiving a set of initialization data, analyzing the set of initialization data to identify a data outlier in the set of initialization data, and determining whether the set of initialization data is bimodal. The method further includes establishing a set of cleaned data based on the analysis and establishing a baseline operating condition for the device using the set of cleaned data.05-19-2011
20100082296METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR THREE DIMENSIONAL CALIBRATION OF AN ON-BOARD DIAGNOSTICS SYSTEM - The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for three dimensional calibration of an on-board diagnostics system. In one embodiment, the present invention is a method for calibrating an on-board diagnostic system for an automobile including the steps of generating a three dimensional surface corresponding to an engine operating under a first condition, generating a three dimensional surface corresponding to the engine operating under a second condition, and generating a three dimensional threshold surface using the three dimensional surface corresponding to the engine operating under the first condition and the three dimensional surface corresponding to the engine operating under the second condition.04-01-2010
20100082297AIR/FUEL MIXTURE IMBALANCE DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEMS AND METHODS - An air/fuel imbalance (AFIM) diagnostic system comprises a first module, an imbalance determination module, and an imbalance diagnostic module. The first module outputs imbalance data samples based on an oxygen signal provided by an oxygen sensor measuring oxygen in exhaust expelled from cylinders of a cylinder bank. The imbalance determination module determines an AFIM value based on the imbalance data samples. The imbalance diagnostic module selectively diagnoses an AFIM in the cylinder bank based on the AFIM value.04-01-2010
20110191064PLANT MEASUREMENT CONTROL DEVICE AND METHOD - [Object] To provide a device and a method that can carry out maintenance, such as check and replacement of sensors in a plant and the like, without isolation of a system even while a plant is operated.08-04-2011
20110191063Method for determining failure rate of an electrochemical sensor - A method for determining a failure rate of an electrochemical sensor type for a process, wherein the process is defined by determined values, or value intervals, of a plurality of specified process parameters, and wherein a plurality of defect types is specified for the sensor type, comprising steps as follows: assigning, by means of expert knowledge, a defect rate to each combination of one of the values, or value intervals, of the specified process parameters and one of the specified defect types; and calculating the failure rate of the sensor type according to a calculational specification with application of the defect rates assigned to the combinations of a value, or value interval, of a process parameter and a defect type.08-04-2011
20100030522CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM WRITING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DIAGNOSING DAC AMPLIFIER UNIT IN CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM WRITING APPARATUS - The charged particle beam writing apparatus includes a position deflection control circuit. First digital data that is to be used for circuit diagnosis is transmitted from the position deflection control circuit to the DAC amplifier unit at the same rate as a rate of writing on a product reticle and stored in a first maintenance memory. Second digital data is output from a digital section included in the DAC amplifier unit in response to the first digital data and stored in a second maintenance memory. A maintenance clock generator generates a clock signal and reads the first digital data stored in the first maintenance memory and the second digital data stored in the second maintenance memory. The first digital data thus read is compared with the second digital data thus read for each bit to diagnose the digital section.02-04-2010
20100023302System and Method for Assessing and Indicating the Health of Components - A system and method for visualization of the components of an enterprise system and the rendering of information about the health or status of the enterprise system, its components, and/or its subcomponents. The invention uses a combination of color codes or other indicators and a combination of algorithms and/or rules-based systems to control the computation of status/severities to associate to components and setup the color codes and indicators.01-28-2010
20100023301ELECTROMECHANICAL ACTUATOR AND EFFECTOR HEALTH MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system and method are provided for supplying electromechanical actuator (EMA) health status information to a control system. A determination is made as to whether the EMA has experienced a fault. If the EMA has experienced a fault, a fault-based position limit and a fault-based rate limit of the EMA are determined, based on the fault. A design position limit and a design rate limit of the EMA are supplied. An updated position limit of the EMA is determined based on at least the design position limit and the fault-based position limit, and an updated rate limit of the EMA is supplied based on at least the design rate limit and the fault-based rate limit.01-28-2010
20100274529ON-LINE DIAGNOSTIC AND PREDICTION OF DIELECTRIC BEHAVIOR OF POWER TRANSFORMERS - A method and apparatus for on-line diagnostics and the prediction of the dielectric behavior of power transformers uses a Temperature Loading Curve (TLC) method based on the on-line reading of the relative humidity of the oil in the main tank of the transformer, and on-line reading of at least two temperatures of the oil-cellulose system of the transformer by a suitable computer. Data obtained by sensors are subsequently used to evaluate the average water content in the cellulose materials, the Qp-value, and the dielectric characteristic of the transformer, the TLC. The TLC relation then describes its specific dielectric behavior, the change of the Ud-value of transformer oil with temperature, for the whole range of its operational temperatures.10-28-2010
20110119033Method and Apparatus for Detecting Errors, Fluid Pressure, and Occlusions in an Ambulatory Infusion Pump - An improved pump, reservoir and reservoir piston are provided for controlled delivery of fluids. A motor is operably coupled to a drive member, such as a drive screw, which is adapted to advance a plunger slide in response to operation of the motor. The plunger slide is removably coupled to the piston. A method, system, and an article of manufacture for automatically detecting a force sensor failure in a medication infusion pump is provided. The electrical current to an infusion pump is measured. Based on the current measurements, the infusion pump detects when the plunger slide is seated in the reservoir, and detects a problem with the force sensor when the force sensor independently fails to register a value indicating that the plunger slide is seated in the reservoir.05-19-2011
20110307217Method and apparatus for analysis and assessment of measurement data of a measurement system - A method for analysis and assessment of measurement data of a measurement system having at least one measurement channel provides for the assessment of the measurement data at freely selectable times and over a freely selectable period on the basis of at least one of a plurality of predeterminable criteria. In order in this case to develop a central and generally applicable measurement data diagnosis, in which any desired number of measurement channels can be monitored at the same time with little effort and with good result representation, preferably with determination of the faulty channels, the raw data of the measurement channel is supplied to a fault isolation stage and then to a fault classification stage, and a measure is then determined for the quality of the measurement data of the respective measurement channel. An input for the raw data of the measurement channel as well as a unit in which a fault isolation stage and then a fault classification stage are implemented are provided for this purpose in the apparatus for analysis and assessment of measurement data of a measurement system.12-15-2011
20090037145BATTERY LIFE PREDICTING DEVICE AND BATTERY LIFE PREDICTING METHOD - A battery life predicting device and a battery life predicting method capable of accurately predict the lifetime of storage batteries are provided.02-05-2009
20100070240DIAGNOSTIC MECHANISM IN DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE TYPE MASS FLOW CONTROLLER - This invention provides a diagnostic mechanism of a differential pressure type mass flow controller comprising a diagnostic parameter calculating section that obtains a mass flow rate integrated value by means of an integrating calculation from the lowering pressure value of an inlet side sensor among the inlet side sensor and an outlet side sensor arranged in communication respectively at the inlet side and the outlet side of a differential pressure generating resistive element that generates a differential pressure between the inlet and the outlet by changing a flow rate control valve arranged on the channel where a fluid flows from a flow rate control state to a closed state, and further obtains a diagnostic volume value from the obtained mass flow rate integrated value, and a comparing section that compares the diagnostic volume value obtained at the diagnostic parameter calculating section with a specified volume value.03-18-2010
20120046910EXHAUST GAS SENSOR ABNORMALITY DIAGNOSTIC DEVICE - An exhaust gas sensor abnormality diagnostic device includes an exhaust gas sensor, and a judgment means that judges whether execution conditions are established for making an abnormality diagnosis of element breakage in the exhaust gas sensor. The device also includes an abnormality diagnosis means that makes the abnormality diagnosis in accordance with an output signal generated by the exhaust gas sensor. Further, when the integrated value of intake air amounts of an internal combustion engine is not smaller than a predetermined value, the judgment means judges that the execution conditions are established. The abnormality diagnosis means cancels the establishment of the execution conditions when an intake air amount of the internal combustion engine remains less than a predetermined value for a predetermined period of time.02-23-2012
20090006035Closed-Loop Diagnostic System - Problem diagnostics may be obtained from components that log messages using a unique component identifier which is provided within each message so as to enable routing of callbacks to the component that originated the message. Similarly, problem diagnostics may be obtained from components that generate alerts, where the alerts contain the unique identifier of the component that generated the alert. Each component supports a diagnostic provider interface comprising operations which may be dynamically invoked, for example to solicit information from the component such as its configuration data, its state information, to execute self-diagnostic tests, and so forth. In addition or instead, operations may be provided that can be invoked to cause the component to alter its configuration data (such as notifying the component to change its level of message logging) or its behavior.01-01-2009
20120010855System and method for controlling remote sensors - A system and method for controlling one or more remote sensors includes wirelessly communicating with the sensors, monitoring operation of each one of the sensors, and causing any one of the sensors that is operating in an unauthorized manner to be disabled. In one embodiment, the sensors can include micro-mechanical structure supporting electronic circuitry. The electronic circuitry is capable of monitoring at least one performance parameter of the sensor, comparing the monitored parameter to a preset limit, and disabling the sensor if the preset performance limit is exceeded.01-12-2012
20110166829Determining Overall Network Health And Stability - A network health analyzer that analyzes health of a computer network may be implemented in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention. A network profile comprising an issue profile and one or more benchmarks appropriate for the network is determined. A set of numeric measures that is common to all issues in the issue profile is established. The network health analyzer collects data points pertaining to the operation of the network. Based on the data points, numeric values corresponding to the numeric measures may be calculated. In turn, health indexes for all issues in the issue profile may be determined. Based on these health indexes for the issues, an overall health rating may be determined.07-07-2011
20120065936Systems and Methods for Identifying Faulty Sensors Within a Power Generation System - A photovoltaic (PV) power generation system is described. The system includes at least one PV module comprising a plurality of PV cells, a plurality of sensors, and a processing device communicatively coupled to the plurality of sensors. The processing device is configured to determine a power output each of the plurality of PV cells, receive data from the plurality of sensors, and identify a faulty sensor within the plurality of sensors based at least partially on the determined power output and the received data.03-15-2012
20120209570DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM AND DIAGNOSIS METHOD FOR CONSTRUCTION MACHINE - Provided is a construction machine diagnosing system and method in which even a user who has little knowledge of any procedures and techniques for diagnosing construction machines can speedily diagnose a desired machine in a manner appropriate for particular data characteristics of the machine.08-16-2012
20120209568MULTIPLE MODELING PARADIGM FOR PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS - Techniques are described for monitoring a performance metric. A multiple modeling approach is used to improve predictive analysis by avoiding the issuance of warnings during spikes which occur as a part of normal system processing. This approach increases the accuracy of predictive analytics on a monitored computing system, does not require creating rules defining periodic processing cycles, reduces the amount of data required to perform predictive modeling, and reduces the amount of CPU required to perform predictive modeling.08-16-2012
20120209569METHOD FOR PREDICTING A FAILURE IN THE ROTATION OF THE ROTOR OF A VACUUM PUMP AND ASSOCIATED PUMPING DEVICE - The invention pertains to a method for predicting a failure in the rotation of the rotor of a vacuum pump, comprising the following steps: 08-16-2012
20120158363Method for monitoring the functioning of a field device - A method for monitoring the functioning of a field device, wherein the field device provides a complex measurement signal, which is produced from a number of individual measurements following one another in time, comprising method steps as follows: the complex measurement signals are stored within a predetermined time window; the occurrence of a predetermined event is monitored in the field device; the stored complex measurement signals are overwritten for the case, in which the predetermined event does not occur within the predetermined time window; for the case, in which the predetermined event occurs within the predetermined time window, both a first defined number of complex measurement signals, which were ascertained in time directly before the occurrence of the event, are frozen, as well as a second defined number of complex measurement signals, which were ascertained in time directly after the occurrence of the predetermined event, are stored.06-21-2012
20120158362REMOTE ANGLE MAPPING PROCESS FOR A CPV ARRAY - Angle mapping logic for a solar array of a two-axis tracker mechanism for the concentrated photovoltaic system is configured to facilitate a remotely initiated angle mapping process and then remotely diagnose movement and other pointing errors in the solar array on the two-axis solar tracker mechanism. Deviations in power produced in a set of test points of the angle mapping process and shapes of the plotted information provide diagnostics to indicate error locations and types of pointing errors present in the equipment in the solar array and in the two-axis tracker mechanism. Information from the angle mapping process is sent over a network to a remote server for analysis. The test can be initiated from the remote server.06-21-2012
20120123737FAULT DETECTION APPARATUSES AND METHODS FOR FAULT DETECTION OF SEMICONDUCTOR PROCESSING TOOLS - Fault detection apparatuses and methods for detecting a processing or hardware performance fault of a semiconductor production tool have been provided. In an exemplary embodiment, a method for detecting a fault of a semiconductor production tool includes sensing a signal associated with a test component of the production tool during operation of the production tool and converting the signal to an electronic test signal. A prerecorded signature signal corresponding to the test component is provided and the test signal and the prerecorded signature signal are compared.05-17-2012
20120316834PASSIVE CAPACITIVELY-COUPLED ELECTROSTATIC (CCE) PROBE METHOD FOR DETECTING PLASMA INSTABILITIES IN A PLASMA PROCESSING CHAMBER - A method for detecting plasma instability within a processing chamber of a plasma processing system during substrate processing is provided. The method includes collecting a set of process data, the process data including a set of induced current signals flowing through a measuring capacitor. The method further includes converting the set of induced current signals into a set of analog voltage signals and converting the set of analog voltage signals into a set of digital signals. The method also includes analyzing the set of digital signals to detect high frequency perturbations, the high frequency perturbations indicating the plasma instability.12-13-2012
20120316836Methods for assessing reliability of a utility company's power system - Methods are provided for assessing reliability of a power system of a utility company. At least one main overview display is obtained. Violation markers are displayed on the one main overview display. A monitored elements tab is updated with a list of monitored elements.12-13-2012
20100250194ELECTRICAL SYSTEM INTEGRITY TESTING METHODS AND APPARATUS - Embodiments include methods and apparatus for testing an electrical system (e.g., of an electric vehicle) that includes a high voltage (HV) energy storage system, HV contactors, one or more energy consuming components, one or more energy supplying components, an HV bus, discharge circuitry, and a control system. The control system is adapted to perform a method that includes performing a first diagnostic test to test the functionality of the HV contactors, and performing a second diagnostic test to test the functionality of the discharge circuitry. When the first and second tests have passed, the control system allows the HV contactors to be closed to enable an exchange of energy between the HV energy storage system, the one or more energy consuming components, and the one or more energy supplying components.09-30-2010
20100250195Systems and Methods for Providing Dynamic Segmental Signal Analysis - Embodiments of the invention include systems and methods for providing dynamic segmental signal analysis. According to one embodiment, a method can include acquiring a first signal array and a second signal array, defining at least one event characteristic corresponding to the first signal array, and identifying at least one index in the first signal array that displays the event characteristic. The method can further include analyzing at least one segment from the second signal array corresponding to the index identified in the first signal array, and determining that at least one system condition exists based on analyzing the segment.09-30-2010
20120130679THERMOSTAT FACILITATING USER-FRIENDLY INSTALLATION THEREOF - A thermostat for controlling an HVAC system and related systems, methods, and computer program products for facilitating user-friendly installation of the thermostat are described. For one embodiment, automated installation verification is performed by the thermostat by automatically sensing which wires have been inserted, selecting a candidate HVAC operating function (e.g., heating or cooling) that is consistent with a subset of HVAC signal types indicated by the inserted wires, applying control signals to the HVAC system to invoke that HVAC operating function, and processing a time sequence of acquired temperature readings to determine whether that HVAC operating function was successfully carried out. For one embodiment, the initial automated testing of the heating and cooling functions are only carried out at times for which such heating or cooling function would normally be invoked during normal operation of the thermostat. Automated determination of a heat pump call convention is also described.05-24-2012
20120215491Diagnostic Baselining - Disclosed are methods and devices related to diagnosing a device-under-service (DUS) are disclosed. DUS-related data is received. The DUS-related data is determined to be aggregated into aggregated data based on a determined classification of the DUS-related data. An aggregated-data comparison of the DUS-related data and aggregated data is generated. The aggregated-data comparison can include a statistical analysis of the DUS-related data and/or a differential analysis of DUS-related data taken while the DUS is operating in two or more operating states. A DUS report is generated based on the aggregated-data comparison. The DUS report can include one or more sub-strategies. At least one of the one or more sub-strategies can include a sub-strategy-success estimate. The DUS report can be sent and a DUS-report display can be generated based on the DUS report.08-23-2012
20120136629APPARATUS ABNORMALITY MONITORING METHOD AND SYSTEM - The present invention relates to an apparatus abnormality monitoring method, and it provides a technology that can achieve accurate abnormality detection, cause diagnosis, and others. This system relates to monitoring of a newly-installed apparatus (T) among a plurality of similar apparatuses 05-31-2012
20110184701Pitot Tube Diagnostic System - A pitot tube diagnostic system and method for determining the health of a pitot tube is disclosed. The pitot tube diagnostic system is configured to be temporarily connectable to or permanently installable in an airplane's pitot-static system, which allows the pitot tube diagnostic system to be utilized during pre-flight inspections and/or in-flight conditions. The pitot tube diagnostic system is in electrical communication with the pitot-static system for acquisition of output signals and analysis thereof. Thus, the pitot-static diagnostic system is able to diagnose anomalies in the pitot-static systems that are representative of the overall health and efficiency of the pitot-static system.07-28-2011
20120316835ANOMALY DETECTION METHOD AND ANOMALY DETECTION SYSTEM - A method and system for detecting an anomaly or a fault in equipment such as a plant. A method of representing the state of the equipment is offered. Output signals from multidimensional sensors are treated as subjects. (1) Normal learning data is created. (2) An anomaly measurement is calculated by a subspace classifier or other method. (3) Trajectories of motions of observational data and learning data are evaluated and their errors are calculated by a linear prediction method or the like. (4) The state of the equipment is represented using the anomaly measurement and the trajectories of the motions. (5) A decision is made regarding an anomaly. A case-based reasoning anomaly detection consists of modeling the learning data by the subspace classifier and detecting candidate anomalies based on the distance relationship between the observational data and the subspace. The trajectories of the motions are based on modeling using a linear prediction method.12-13-2012
20100049473VALIDATION PROCESS FOR FAULT DETECTION OF A DEVICE - The invention concerns a process and an associated device for validating the fault detection of a device under test, during which a series of basic tests of the device under test is carried out, wherein each basic test leads to a positive or negative result indicating normal or abnormal functioning of the device under test. The process according to the invention also comprises the following steps: after each realization of a basic test, updated by an event counter (CRT) and updated by a result counter (FCRT), validation is performed depending on test result once the event counter has reached a first maximal value (CTRmax) or once the realization counter has reached a second maximal value (FCTRmax). Application in monitoring of the electric or functional performance of more or less complex systems installed in an automobile.02-25-2010
20120259586COMPUTER SYSTEM FOR REMOTE TESTING OF INFLATABLE PERSONAL RESTRAINT SYSTEMS - A system for testing a number of electronic module assemblies (EMAs) that control one or more personal restraint systems. A programmed processor with a computer system transmits signals that instruct the EMAs to perform a diagnostic self-test. The results of the self-test are received by the computer system and stored in a computer readable memory. In one embodiment, the computer system is a cabin management computer system for use on an aircraft.10-11-2012
20120232843METHODS FOR CHARACTERIZING VIBRATION OF A RACK STRUCTURE - A system for characterizing vibration of a rack structure having at least one hard disk drive disposed therein and a vibration exciter operatively associated with the rack structure includes one or more computers. The one or more computers are configured to command the vibration exciter to provide vibration input to the rack structure and to command a plurality of reads from the at least one hard disk drive such that, for each of the plurality of reads, data stored on the at least one hard disk drive is retrieved from the at least one hard disk drive. The one or more computers are also configured to obtain read rate information related to the plurality of reads and to identify at least one resonant frequency of the rack structure based on the read rate information.09-13-2012
20120239348CONDITION MONITORING OF MECHANICAL DRIVE TRAIN COUPLED WITH ELECTRICAL MACHINES - A method of monitoring health of a mechanical drive train is provided. The method includes obtaining voltage and current signals from at least one phase of an electrical machine coupled with the mechanical drive train. The method also includes representing the electrical machine having a non-sinusoidal flux distribution as a combination of a plurality of harmonic order sinusoidally distributed virtual electrical machines based on the obtained voltage and current signals. The method further includes determining a torque profile associated with one or more combinations of the sinusoidally distributed virtual electrical machines. Finally, the method includes detecting the presence of an anomaly in the mechanical drive train based on the torque profile or spectrum.09-20-2012
20110238373In-Flight Pitot-Static Calibration - A GPS-based pitol-static calibration system uses global output-error optimization. High data rate measurements of static and total pressure, ambient air conditions, and GPS-based ground speed measurements are used to compute pitot-static pressure errors over a range of airspeed. System identification methods rapidly compute optimal pressure error models with defined confidence intervals.09-29-2011
20120278042Field Device for Process Instrumentation - A field device for process instrumentation comprising a measurement transducer having an analog output to which a two-wire line can be connected for transmitting an analog output signal, wherein a unit galvanically separates the processor from an analog output circuit. A read-back channel for a pulse-width modulated digital signal, which is tapped behind an element for galvanic separation, is provided for monitoring generation of the analog output signal, and a unit is provided for monitoring the analog output signal to maintain a specifiable maximum deviation from a reference signal, which is generated in the same manner as the analog output signal by low-pass filtering from the pulse-width modulated digital signal. In the case of transient signals, the monitoring unit advantageously detects error states quickly and appropriate measures for reacting to the error states can therefore be implemented in less time.11-01-2012
20110320171FAILURE DETECTION DEVICE FOR EXHAUST GAS PURIFICATION FILTER - Provided is a DPF failure detection device not only capable of a quick detection but also having less erroneous and a small power consumption. The DPF failure detection device, after starting applying a dust collecting voltage to a dust collecting electrode, applies a measuring voltage to a measuring electrode while the dust collection voltage is being applied, thereby measuring the capacitance of a sensor device. The DPF failure detection device also stops applying the dust collecting voltage to the dust collecting electrode in response to the fact that the measured value (C12-29-2011
20110320170METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR THE DIAGNOSIS AND PROGNOSIS OF ACTIVE IMPLANTS IN OR ATTACHED TO BIOLOGICAL HOSTS OR SYSTEMS - A method and apparatus to measure and analyze electromagnetic emissions from implanted electronics to accomplish at least one of: detect and identify an active implant comprising electronics implanted in a biological host, diagnose the health of individual electronics as well as their health as an ensemble, and predict probable degradation of individual electronics, degradation of the electronic ensemble, and of the active implant in an automated fashion. The methods comprise filtering techniques to extract the information about the active implant's electronics by filtering out relevant biological effects induced by the active implant's biological situation. Said detection, identification, diagnosis, and prognosis are based on the measurement of intentional and unintentional electromagnetic emissions that emanate from the implant electronics of the active implant in a given biological situation.12-29-2011
20110320169METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETECTION OF COLLECTOR FLASHOVER - A system, method and computer program product for predicting collector flashover is disclosed. The method includes receiving a frame of measured data from a data acquisition system, fitting a statistical model to the measured data wherein the measured data includes a plurality of measured variables measured at multiple time instances. The statistical model and the measured data are used for estimating one or more parameters for the frame wherein the one or more parameters include at least one of field circuit impedance and field current noise. A flashover is predicted based, at least in part, upon the one or more estimated parameter for the frame.12-29-2011
20110320168FLEET PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION TOOL ENHANCEMENT - Methods and systems are provided for enhancing performance of a system that includes a plurality of components. A server is coupled to a scanning device that is configured to scan a first component of the plurality of components for an identifier that uniquely identifies the first component. The server receives, from the scanning device, an identification of the first component of the plurality of components. The server also determines an operating parameter that is uniquely related to the first component, compares the operating parameter to a predefined baseline for the first component, and determines whether the first component is a rogue component.12-29-2011
20120101778AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM DIAGNOSIS APPARATUS AND AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM DIAGNOSIS RESULT DISPLAY APPARATUS - An air conditioning system diagnosis apparatus and an air conditioning system diagnosis result display apparatus capable of representing various kinds of failures with high visibility by generating a system structure diagram that illustrates an air conditioning system in a different form depending on a detected failure and illustrating the failure using this system structure diagram are obtainable. Diagnosis result superimposed diagram generating means for generating a system structure diagram that includes icons, such as an icon of an outdoor unit and an icon of an indoor unit, and a line that links them on the basis of system structure information derived by system structure analyzing means and for superimposing a refrigeration cycle diagnosis result derived by refrigeration cycle analyzing means in the vicinity of an icon of a concerned device in the system structure diagram is included.04-26-2012
20120101777CONTROL EFFECTOR HEALTH CAPABILITIES DETERMINATION REASONING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system and method for determining the response capabilities of a control effector are provided. Command data and sensor data associated with the control effector are processed to generate control effector health data representative of control effector health. The control effector health data are processed in a reasoned. The reasoned is configure to selectively indict and clear one or more faults, determine one or more failures that cause indicted faults, and determine, based on the one or more determined failures, a usable range of control effector commands to which the control effector can respond.04-26-2012
20120101776EMBEDDED PROGNOSTIC HEALTH MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR AERONAUTICAL MACHINES AND DEVICES AND METHODS THEREOF - Embodiments of the present invention relate to a system for monitoring the characteristics of key components of aeronautical machines (e.g., airplanes, helicopters, etc.), processing obtained data, and delivering prognostic health indicators to improve machine performance and detect early warning signs of failure. In one embodiment, a method of maintaining prognostic health management accuracy of an aeronautic system comprises providing a control module and a sensor pod having a plurality of sensors, and physically positioning the plurality of sensors on a mechanical component of an aircraft; obtaining operational data from the sensors while the aircraft is operating in a native environment; transmitting operational data to the control module and determine real-time system performance characteristics; processing real-time system performance characteristics against a set of historical records containing past system performance characteristics and generating predictive indicators for forecasting remaining component lifetime and future component failures; and providing predictive indicators on an indicator means.04-26-2012
20120101775DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING OPERATING CONDITIONS OF COMPONENTS OF A TURBINE MACHINE - A diagnostic system and method for monitoring operating conditions of turbine machine components (04-26-2012
20100185414ABNORMALITY DETECTION METHOD AND ABNORMALITY DETECTION SYSTEM FOR OPERATING BODY - A method of detecting an abnormality in an operating body, according to the present invention, comprises steps of: continuously collecting data about the operating body; detecting events for the operating body; extracting part of the data as target data, the part of the data being collected in a predetermined period delimited by times at which the events are detected; preparing comparison data in advance for abnormality detection; comparing the target data with the comparison data to obtain a comparison result; and detecting an abnormality in the operating body from the comparison result.07-22-2010
20100198557SENSOR APPARATUS - A sensor apparatus of the present invention is provided with a failure diagnosis circuit for setting as a failure diagnosis object section at least any one of a drive circuit section, a detection device, a detection circuit section and a processing circuit section, determining whether the failure diagnosis object section is normal or abnormal, and outputting a failure detection signal from a second output terminal in the case of determining abnormality. It is configured such that a signal of a value outside a range of a normal output voltage is outputted from the first output terminal in the case of the failure diagnosis circuit determining abnormality of the failure diagnosis object section, thereby to improve reliability under abnormal condition.08-05-2010
20130013257SOLAR POWER PLANT MONITORING SYSTEM - Disclosed is a solar power plant monitoring system for monitoring a solar power plant, the system being provided with a storage unit for associating identification codes of a plurality of different types of apparatuses to be monitored which constitute the solar power plant, so as to correspond with interconnections between the plurality of different types of apparatuses to be monitored which constitute the solar power plant; and for storing the associations.01-10-2013
20130013255AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION OF OPERATING PARAMETERS FOR POWER PLANTS - A method for obtaining operating parameters of a power plant includes data mining a historical operating condition database for the power plant with a partitional clustering algorithm to generate a statistical model, and calculating dynamic operating condition target values from the statistical model taking into account current operating condition data of the power plant. The method further includes performing a real-time energy-loss analysis based on the dynamic operating condition target values and automatically identifying at least one operating parameter of the power plant from the energy-loss analysis. The partitional clustering algorithm can be a k-means clustering algorithm.01-10-2013
20130013256SHUT-OFF VALVE FAULT DIAGNOSIS DEVICE - Provided is a shut-off valve fault diagnosis device that performs fault diagnosis on a shut-off valve having a first valve element which is opened first when the power is turned on, and a second valve element which is opened by the drop in differential pressure between upstream and downstream after the valve has been opened. The device is provided with a diagnosis processing unit that infers the open/close state of the first and second valve elements from the time variation characteristics of the downstream pressure of the valve being diagnosed, and performs fault diagnosis on the valve being diagnosed from the actual measurements of downstream pressure, on the basis of the inference results.01-10-2013
20130018632Monitoring and Using Telemetry DataAANM Field; BrianAACI EvergreenAAST COAACO USAAGP Field; Brian Evergreen CO USAANM Van Doorn; JanAACI Castle RockAAST COAACO USAAGP Van Doorn; Jan Castle Rock CO USAANM Kiok; JosephAACI West ChesterAAST PAAACO USAAGP Kiok; Joseph West Chester PA USAANM Groustra; DanielAACI LittletonAAST COAACO USAAGP Groustra; Daniel Littleton CO USAANM Torluemke; MarkAACI CentennialAAST COAACO USAAGP Torluemke; Mark Centennial CO USAANM Hall; JimAACI CentennialAAST COAACO USAAGP Hall; Jim Centennial CO USAANM Leddy; JohnAACI Bryn MawrAAST PAAACO USAAGP Leddy; John Bryn Mawr PA US - Aspects of the disclosure relate to monitoring and using telemetry information in various ways. For example, a system that monitors telemetry information may include a user that gathers telemetry information of a device and transmits the information to a monitored room. A manager may join a monitored room and monitor the monitored room for particular types of telemetry information. In one example, a manager may determine whether a downstream device is experiencing a network problem, such as a low bitrate. A manager may also transmit commands to the player via the monitored room, which causes the downstream device to operate in accordance with the transmitted command. In one example, a manager may transmit a command that causes a player to decode a particular service.01-17-2013
20110137613MONITORING SYSTEM FOR BELT SUPPORT ROLLERS - The present invention provides a system for monitoring belt support rollers which is simple and can reduce the cost remarkably. A sensor unit 06-09-2011
20080255805Sensor Malfunction Determination Device and Sensor Malfunction Determination Method - The present invention includes a sensor malfunction determination unit 10-16-2008
20080221834METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ENHANCED FAULT DETECTION WORKFLOW - A method for fault detection workflow management is presented. The method includes determining a working environment, a rule application attribute, or both, where the working environment and the rule application attribute are associated with input data. Furthermore, the method includes dynamically optimizing a sequence of operations based on the determined working environment, the determined rule application attribute, or both. Additionally, the method includes processing the input data based on the optimized sequence of operations. Systems and computer-readable medium that afford functionality of the type defined by this method is also contemplated in conjunction with the present technique.09-11-2008
20080215293MONITORING APPARATUS AND METHOD - An accumulating portion suspends the accumulation of an airflow meter output and a timer suspends the time count when a clutch semi-engagement detection signal is being output from a clutch semi-engagement detection portion. Thus, the airflow meter output obtained while the clutch semi-engagement detection signal was being output is excluded from the calculation of a total intake air amount. A comparing portion compares the calculated total intake air amount with a reference value obtained from a reference value setting portion. If the total intake air amount is smaller than the reference value, the CSS control is determined as being abnormal and a CSS-abnormality signal is output.09-04-2008
20130124144PRESSURE DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM AND METHOD - A pressure diagnostic system includes a pressure error calculating module that generates a pressure error based on a first pressure signal and a second pressure signal. A difference calculating module generates a desired pressure difference based on a current desired pressure and a prior desired pressure. A lag filter module applies lag filter to the pressure error to generate a lag filtered pressure error. A fault module selectively generates a fault based on the lag filtered pressure error.05-16-2013
20080208534System and method for diagnostic analysis of delivery services - A method of analyzing the operation of a delivery system. The method includes: determining a seeding plan; placing a seed piece into the delivery system; tracking the seed piece through the delivery system to generate tracking data; storing the tracking data in a central repository; and analyzing the tracking data to determine one or more faults.08-28-2008
20080208533Fault Diagnosis Data Recording System and Method - In a fault diagnosis data recording system including a plurality of nodes interconnected by a multiplex communication line, a first node is provided to perform fault detection of the first node, and a second node connected to the first node via the multiplex communication line is provided to have a storage unit. The first node and the second node are configured to store at least a part of result data of the fault detection performed by the first node, into the storage unit of the second node.08-28-2008
20080208532Embedded system for diagnostics and prognostics of conduits - An apparatus providing a means for assessment of the integrity of insulated conduits, harnesses, cables, pipelines and other interconnection systems constructed with integral sensitized media, discrete sensors, and electronics providing a means for transforming sensed data into information and a means for communicating information for the purpose of understanding the location, degree and risk of damage and deterioration, and the probable causes thereof.08-28-2008
20110224949STICK-SLIP DETECTING DEVICE AND DETECTING METHOD - For example, a regulator valve may be controlled from the outside through a positioner, or may be controlled autonomously by an adjusting mechanism in the valve. The result of the control is a change in the dislocation of the valve stem (movable portion). Additionally, there will be a change in a process change magnitude, such as the magnitude of flow of a fluid that passes through the regulator valve, in accordance with the magnitude of dislocation of the valve stem. In this way, the diagnosing operation controlling portion controls the operation of the diagnosing portion based on the magnitude of dislocation of the valve stem or on the magnitude of change of the measurement results (the measurement value) of a process change magnitude.09-15-2011
20100286960METHOD AND DEVICE FOR MONITORING AN INTERCOOLER BYPASS VALVE - A method for diagnosing a bypass valve in a bypass line for an intercooler in a supercharger for an internal combustion engine, including the following steps: ascertaining a value of an efficiency of the intercooler as the reference efficiency; actuating the bypass valve to open the bypass valve; ascertaining a value of a further efficiency of the intercooler as the diagnosis efficiency after actuating the bypass valve to open; and detecting a malfunction of the bypass valve when the absolute value of the deviation between the reference efficiency and the diagnosis efficiency is less than a specified threshold value.11-11-2010
20100286959DEGRADED ACTUATOR DETECTION - An actuator control system is disclosed that includes an actuator continuously movable between multiple positions. The controller is configured to command the actuator to a desired actuator position and to apply the command to an actuator model. The controller is configured to compare the modeled and actual actuator positions to determine if the position difference exceeds a fault detection accommodation limit and if the position difference is within a band that is different than the fault detection accommodation limit. The controller is configured to calculate a threshold, which is based upon an estimated load on the actuator. The controller is configured to calculate a band comprised of the threshold applied to the modeled position and to determine if the actual actuator position is within the calculated band. The threshold is calculated at regular intervals, and a fault is declared if the actual actuator position is outside the band for a number of consecutive intervals.11-11-2010
20130151199SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR USE IN MONITORING AN INDUSTRIAL FACILITY - A monitoring system for use in an industrial facility is provided. The monitoring system includes at least one sensor configured to detect at least one operating parameter of the industrial facility. A computing device is coupled to the sensor and includes a communication interface that is configured to receive a plurality of signals that are each representative of the operating parameter. A processor is coupled to the communication interface and programmed to calculate a moving average, such as an adaptive moving average, of each signal to enable the identification of at least one fault within the industrial facility. Calculating the moving average of each signal is an iterative calculation based at least in part by calculating a current signal average estimate for a first signal.06-13-2013
20100318324SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DIAGNOSING HOME APPLIANCE - A system and method for diagnosing a home appliance are disclosed. The home appliance outputs product information as a predetermined sound signal, and transmits the sound signal to a service center of a remote site over a communication network, such that a service technician of the service center can easily check a current status of the home appliance. When a diagnostic server of the service center analyzes the sound signal of the home appliance, it selects a plurality of preamble candidates and can effectively and correctly detect data using weights, so that it can quickly diagnose a faulty operation of the home appliance. An erroneous data analysis and its associated erroneous diagnosis are prevented, so that the diagnostic system provides a service for more correctly diagnosing a faulty operation of the home appliance and also increases user satisfaction and reliability of the home appliance.12-16-2010
20130191075Status Tracking Method and Apparatus for Diagnostic Testing - A status tracker tracks the state of a patient during a diagnostic test sequence to eliminate redundant steps between diagnostic procedures. The status tracker maintains a list of preconditions required for each diagnostic procedure, reads a current patient status from a memory register and verifies the current setting of the patient status corresponding to a specific precondition. If the precondition is required and the current setting is not valid, the state tracker further formats a test preparation step corresponding to the precondition for display to instruct a patient technician to satisfy the precondition. Otherwise, if the precondition is not required and the corresponding setting is valid, the status tracker formats an instruction to reverse the corresponding patient status or condition. The status tracker additionally receives feedback indicating when a precondition has been satisfied or the corresponding patient status has been reversed, and updates the patient status in memory.07-25-2013
20110320172SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ANALYZING AND REPORTING MACHINE OPERATING PARAMETERS - A system and method for analyzing and providing exception-based reports for machine data. The machine data is relayed to a remote system for automated analysis based on tests and parameters defined by an owner. If any exceptions are detected in the data based on the operator-defined input, output is generated. The output may take the form of exception-based printed or electronic reports, or the exception information may be relayed to a hand held device, preferably maintained by service personnel at the work site.12-29-2011
20120029874AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM DIAGNOSTIC APPARATUS - An air conditioning system diagnosis apparatus is obtained in which a refrigerating cycle is automatically analyzed and waveform data in messages flowing in a general-purpose network is acquired and automatically analyzed according to the analysis result of the refrigerating cycle, thereby achieving, with a single apparatus, diagnosis and monitoring of errors in the refrigerating cycle and in the general-purpose network. A trigger output means creates a trigger on the basis of a waveform analysis condition and the analysis result of a packet received from a message analyzing means; when receiving the trigger, a waveform input means reads out waveform data stored in a buffer; waveform analyzing means notifies a synchronization determining means of the analysis result of the waveform data; the synchronization determining means searches for the analysis result of a packet synchronized with the received analysis result of the waveform data.02-02-2012
20120089368POWER CYCLE TEST APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR TESTING POWER CYCLE OF COMPUTING DEVICE - A method controls a computing device to perform a power cycle test by switching a power supply on or off using a power cycle test apparatus. The apparatus includes a timer, a counter, a power rectifier, and a display unit. The timer sets a test period of the power cycle test, controls the power rectifier to switch the power supply on, counts a test time of the power cycle test at the begin time of the test period, and controls the power rectifier to switch the power supply off when the test period elapses. The power rectifier transforms AC supplied by the power supply into DC when the power supply is switched on, provides the AC to the computing device to perform a power-on test process, and controls the computing device to perform a power-off test process when the power supply is switched off.04-12-2012

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