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702 - Data processing: measuring, calibrating, or testing

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702182000 Performance or efficiency evaluation 650
702150000 Orientation or position 599
702155000 Dimensional determination 373
702179000 Statistical measurement 339
702189000 Measured signal processing 316
702130000 Temperature measuring system 265
702141000 Accelerometer 245
702188000 Remote supervisory monitoring 123
702142000 Speed 93
702187000 History logging or time stamping 74
702176000 Time duration or rate 59
702173000 Weight 47
702138000 Pressure 46
702128000 Article count or size distribution 14
702137000 Density 13
20090287447Remote Monitoring System - A remote monitoring system is disclosed. In one such embodiment, a system may comprise a first measuring unit disposed within a structure, a first processor disposed in operative communication with the first measuring unit, and a second processor disposed within the structure. The first measuring unit may comprise a first sensor adapted to detect a first parameter. The first measuring unit may be adapted to output a first signal associated with the first parameter. The first processor may be adapted to receive the first signal and to control the first measuring unit. The second processor may be disposed in operative communication with the first measuring unit and the first processor.11-19-2009
20090192755Material property estimation using inverse interpolation - Magnetic field sensor probes are disclosed which comprise primary or drive windings having a plurality of current carrying segments. The relative magnitude and direction of current in each segment are adjusted so that the resulting interrogating magnetic field follows a desired spatial distribution. By changing the current in each segment, more than one spatial distribution for the magnetic field can be imposed within the same sensor footprint. Example envelopes for the current distributions approximate a sinusoid in Cartesian coordinates or a first-order Bessel function in polar coordinates. One or more sensing elements are used to determine the response of a test material to the magnetic field. These sense elements can be configured into linear or circumferential arrays.07-30-2009
20110196642SUBGRAPH SEARCHING - Systems and methods for receiving a graphical pattern, wherein the graphical pattern comprises a collection of one or more electronic devices, using the graphical pattern searching for matches within the circuit, and reporting the matches.08-11-2011
20110202302APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DISTINGUISHING BETWEEN HUMAN BEING AND ANIMAL USING SELECTIVE STIMULI - An apparatus and method for identifying a human being and an animal are disclosed to properly identifying whether or not a target is a human being or an animal. The apparatus for distinguishing between a human being and an animal includes: a target stimulation unit generating a stimulation signals for selectively stimulating the senses of a human being and an animal and providing the generated stimulation signal to a target; and a target identifying unit detecting the reaction of a target to the simulation signal to identify whether or not the target is a human being or an animal.08-18-2011
20100076718METHOD AND DEVICE FOR TRIGGERING A RECORDING OF A MEASURED SIGNAL - A device for triggering a recording of a measured signal dependent upon at least one triggering event identifiable in a frequency distribution of parameter pairs from two mutually-dependent parameters of the measured signal includes a discriminator for the identification of triggering events in each case with one frequency (NofTreffer) determined for the respective parameter pair and, in a first embodiment, disposed outside, and in a second embodiment, disposed inside, an upper and lower threshold value (UpperNofTreffer, LowerNofTreffer) associated with the respective parameter pair and for marking each occurring triggering event with the assistance of an activated first trigger marker (TrigMerk03-25-2010
20130085705METHOD AND APPARATUS PERTAINING TO AUTOMATICALLY PERFORMING AN APPLICATION FUNCTION OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE BASED UPON DETECTING A CHANGE IN PHYSICAL CONFIGURATION OF THE DEVICE - An electronic device detects a change in its physical configuration and automatically performs an application function in response to such detection. By one approach this can comprise detecting a change in configuration as regards a native component of the electronic device (such as, for example, whether the component is configured in a deployed position or a non-deployed position). The nature of the performed application function can vary with the application setting. As one example, this activity can comprise moving at least a portion of the application's user interface to the aforementioned component. As another example, this activity can comprise accessing preferences information (by, for example, accessing stored information that maps particular application functions to corresponding physical configurations of the electronic device).04-04-2013
20090306926Apparatus and method for measuring color - Color measuring systems and methods are disclosed. Perimeter receiver fiber optics are spaced apart from a central source fiber optic and receive light reflected from the surface of the object being measured. Light from the perimeter fiber optics pass to a variety of filters. The system utilizes the perimeter receiver fiber optics to determine information regarding the height and angle of the probe with respect to the object being measured. Under processor control, the color measurement may be made at a predetermined height and angle. Various color spectral photometer arrangements are disclosed. Translucency, fluorescence and/or surface texture data also may be obtained. Audio feedback may be provided to guide operator use of the system. The probe may have a removable or shielded tip for contamination prevention.12-10-2009
20120191404METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR TESTING CONFIGURATION OF ENVIRONMENTS - A method for testing configuration of environments is provided. A probe for connection to a network and/or devices interacts to launch a configuration analyser tool. The configuration analyser tool includes a test mechanism for running a set of tests for the probe relating to connectivity and configuration of attached networks and devices before connection and suggesting solutions to test results. The tests may be externalised and dynamically loaded at run time of the configuration analyser tool.07-26-2012
20090012738Measurement of Air Quality in Wireless Networks - A system for measuring air quality in wireless networks. In particular implementations, a method includes computing an interference severity level for a plurality of interference sources detected at an access point; aggregating one or more of the computed interference severity levels relative to the access point; and computing an air quality metric for the access point, wherein the air quality metric based at least in part on an equation: 1—aggregated interference severity level.01-08-2009
20080294366SENSOR FUSION USING SELF EVALUATING PROCESS SENSORS - A measurement processing system is disclosed for fusing measurement data from a set of independent self-validating (SEVA™) process sensors monitoring the same real-time measurand in order to generate a combined best estimate for the value, uncertainty and measurement status of the measurand. The system also provides consistency checking between the measurements. The measurement processing system includes a first process sensor and a second process sensor. Each of the first and second process sensors receive a measurement signal from a transducer and generate independent process metrics. A measurement fusion block is connected to the first and second process sensors, the measurement fusion block is operable to receive the independent process metrics and execute a measurement analysis process to analyze the independent process metrics and generate the combined best estimate of the independent process metrics.11-27-2008
20090030643METHOD FOR COLLECTING STATISTICS FOR MOVIE THEATERS - A movie theater includes an infrared camera disposed in an auditorium of a movie theater which infrared camera captures an image of one or more persons in the movie theater; and an algorithm that determines the number of persons present in the movie theater.01-29-2009
20090177430Method for Reconstructing the Distribution of Fluorophores in a Non-Homogeneous Medium by Optical Tomography in Continuous Mode - The method enables a non-homogeneous diffusing object to be examined by illuminating the object with a continuous light by means of a light source. It previously comprises reconstruction of the three-dimensional spatial mapping of an attenuation variable representative of the diffusion and absorption non-homogeneities of the object, by resolving a diffusion equation07-09-2009
20090182525EXPLOSIVE DEVICE COUNTERMEASURES - A method and system for mitigating the effectiveness of IEDs are disclosed. The method can include detecting IEDs by sensing the presence of a non-linear electronic component of an IED. The presence of a non-linear electronic component of the IED can be detected by illuminating the device with a high power microwave signal containing a plurality of radio frequencies of electromagnetic radiation and receiving sum and/or difference frequency components that are produced by interaction of the illuminating signals with a non-linear IED component and subsequently re-radiated.07-16-2009
20120035879URINE SAMPLE TESTING APPARATUS AND APPARATUS FOR PROCESSING MEASUREMENT RESULT OF URINE SAMPLE - A urine sample testing apparatus comprises: a urine qualitative measuring section configured to acquire a measurement result for each of a plurality of urine qualitative measurement items; a urine sediment measuring section configured to acquire a measurement result for each of a plurality of urine sediment measurement items; an operation part that is operable by a user to specify a combination of one of the plurality of urine qualitative measurement items and one of the plurality of urine sediment measurement items; an information processing unit configured to determine whether or not a first measurement result of the urine sample obtained by the urine qualitative measuring section and a second measurement result of the urine sample obtained by the urine sediment measuring section have a predetermined relationship with respect to the urine qualitative measurement item and the urine sediment measurement item included in the specified combination.02-09-2012
20090037134SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE PROPERTY EXTRACTION, GENERATION, VISUALIZATION, AND MONITORING METHODS - Various methods, carrier media, and systems for monitoring a characteristic of a specimen are provided. One computer-implemented method for monitoring a characteristic of a specimen includes determining a property of individual pixels on the specimen using output generated by inspecting the specimen with an inspection system. The method also includes determining a characteristic of individual regions on the specimen using the properties of the individual pixels in the individual regions. The method further includes monitoring the characteristic of the specimen based on the characteristics of the individual regions.02-05-2009
20080275663Method and Device for Automatically Establishing Value Range Limits that are Associated with Code Words for Sampling Values - In one aspect, a method for automatically establishing value range limits for sampling values is provided wherein the value ranges are associated with code words. A total value range for sampling values is divided into source value ranges. Each source value range is assigned a code word in each case. A number of sampling values that lie in a source value range is determined in respect of sampling values of a sampling interval. A limit of a modified value range is established depending on the determined number. A code word is assigned to the modified value range.11-06-2008
20080281550SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CHARACTERIZING BALANCE FUNCTION - The present invention relates to systems and methods for characterizing balance function. In particular, the present invention provides systems and methods for monitoring balance function (e.g., in a single individual and/or plurality of individuals), generating one or more databases comprising balance function data, processing and/or analyzing databases comprising balance function data, and characterizing balance function (e.g., in a single individual and/or plurality of individuals (e.g., utilizing databases comprising balance function data)). Systems and methods of the present invention find use in, among other things, research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.11-13-2008
20080270066SENSOR MIDDLEWARE SYSTEMS AND AGENTS WITH SENSOR MIDDLEWARE SYSTEMS - An agent for performing a mission function is provided. The agent includes at least one sensor for collecting data related to the mission function; and a sensor middleware system. The sensor middleware system includes a physical interface module including at least one socket for receiving the at least one sensor, a fault tolerance and sensor fusion module coupled to the physical interface, the fault tolerance and sensor fusion module configured to detect faults in the at least one sensor, and a mission services module coupled to the physical interface module and including algorithms for performing the mission function based on the data from the at least one sensor.10-30-2008
20090182524System and method of event detection - A system and method of event detection is disclosed. The technology involves prequalifying an input signal received from an environmental monitoring device for a specific frequency band. The input signal is compared to a database of reference signals each having an associated event frequency range, and conditioned to generate a conditioned signal with a refined frequency spectrum when the comparison results in a match. The conditioned signal is then utilized to identify at least one event attribute corresponding to an event associated with the input signal, and the identified event attribute is outputted.07-16-2009
20090006026System, Apparatus and Method for Monitoring Accumulation of Fluids in a Containment Tank - A system and method for monitoring accumulation of fluids in a containment tank is provided. The system may be operable to and method may function to prevent (i) fluids destined for an underground storage tank (“UST”) from entering into, diffusing into and/or contaminating the ground soil due to, for example, spillage or overflow of a fill pipe of the UST when filing or otherwise servicing the UST, and/or (ii) fluids present in the ground soil from entering into and/or contaminating fluids stored in the underground storage tank. The system may include a first containment chamber that defines a given volume; a second containment chamber that may be positioned substantially within the given volume; an accumulation zone defined by a volume between the first and second containment chambers; and a monitoring device for detecting accumulation of fluids in the accumulation zone.01-01-2009
20090082988NON-ORTHOGONAL MONITORING OF COMPLEX SYSTEMS - Apparatus for non-orthogonal monitoring of a variable measurand in a system or process, comprising: means defining at least three sources having limited spectral widths and non-orthogonal spectral outputs; a modulator means which is adapted to modulate the outputs of said sources in response to said variable measurand; at least three detectors which have non-orthogonal responsivities in the measurement domain and which receive the modulated outputs of said sources; and a processor which converts the detector outputs algorithmically into primary chromatic parameters.03-26-2009
20080262780Paving-Related Measuring Device Incorporating a Computer Device and Communication Element Therebetween and Associated Method - A system for determining a property of a paving-related material is provided. Such a system comprises a measuring device for selectively and directly measuring the property. A computer device is capable of executing a software program product and communicating with the measuring device. The computer device directs the measuring device to measure the property of the paving-related material according to a parameter determined by the software program product, and to receive data comprising the measured property from the measuring device. A communication element operably engaged between the measuring device and the computer device allows communication therebetween. The communication element is configured to allow the computer device to be spaced apart from the measuring device, thereby allowing the computer device to be prepared, to include the parameter and to manipulate the data, in spaced apart relation with respect to the measuring device. An associated method is also provided.10-23-2008
20080262779Multiple Independent Measurements of Events from Multiple Measurement Setups Entered at a Single Time - A method and apparatus for making multiple independent measurements of events from multiple measurement setups entered at a single time. A measurement instrument receives N measurement setups to make N measurements of an input signal, where N is an integer greater than or equal to one. A memory is divided into N partitions, each of the N partitions corresponding to one of the N measurements. A first measurement is run on the input signal, the first measurement selected from the N measurements. The data from the first measurement is stored in a first partition selected from the N partitions.10-23-2008
20090210189Polymer melt extrusion which has potential use in die design - The present invention discloses a system for analyzing and simulating the die swell and the flow profile in polymer melt extrusion through a die, said system typically comprising a mesh generator adapted to generate a computational mesh; a pre-processor adapted to obtain die parameters, boundary conditions, polymer melt parameters including rheological characterization and constitutive equations and to generate an input file; a simulator adapted to receive the input file from the pre-processor and process the input data to simulate die swell; a mesh corrector means adapted to analyze the die swell obtained from said simulator and to correct the motion of the computational mesh and polymer melt to converge the die swell; a post-processor means adapted to visualize the die swell and flow profiles for the polymer melt; and a database means adapted to store the die swell corresponding to the die, mesh and polymer melt parameters.08-20-2009
20100241390COMPUTER SYSTEM FOR EVALUATING SAFETY CRITICAL SENSOR VARIABLES - A computer system for safety critical sensor variables includes first and second sensors which respectively output first and second sensor variables, a computer, and an independent comparator. The computer calculates an output variable from the first sensor variable by a first function. The computer calculates a comparison variable from the output variable by a second function. The comparison variable and the second sensor variable are applied to the input of the comparator. The second sensor variable is not an input variable of the computer and differs from the first sensor variable in terms of its qualitative value. By calculations of the computer and, if appropriate, of the comparator, an expected comparison variable for the second sensor variable is determined from the calculated output variable, and the correspondence of the two variables is checked by the comparator. Specific internal errors of the computer can thereby be discovered.09-23-2010
20090150113MODULE FOR MEASURING PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES LINKED TO EXERCISE, SYSTEM FOR ANALYZING PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES LINKED TO EXERCISE AND INCLUDING THE MODULE, AND METHOD OF APPLYING THE MODULE - Provided are a module, for measuring physical attributes linked to exercise, comprising: a pad that is attachable or wearable to the body of a person; a signal sensing unit installed on the pad to sense at least one type of physical attributes signal that changes according to motions of the body; and a transmitting unit transmitting the physical attributes signal sensed by the signal sensing unit, a system including the module, and a method of applying the module.06-11-2009
20090063087Virtual sensor based control system and method - A method for a virtual sensor system corresponding to a target physical sensor is provided. The method may include selecting a plurality of measured parameters provided by a set of physical sensors based on operational characteristics of the virtual sensor system. The method may also include establishing a virtual sensor process model indicative of interrelationships between one or more sensing parameter and the plurality of measured parameters. Further the method may include obtaining a set of values corresponding to the plurality of measured parameters; calculating a value of the sensing parameter based upon the set of values corresponding to the plurality of measured parameters and the virtual sensor process model; and providing the value of the sensing parameter to a control system.03-05-2009
20100070233MEASUREMENT APPARATUS - A measurement apparatus includes an elastic detector configured to detect an elastic wave by utilizing a PAT and to convert the elastic wave into a detection signal, and a signal processor configured to calculate an absorption characteristic of a heterogeneous part included in a homogeneous part of a scattering medium based on μ03-18-2010
20130166245METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REPORTING PATIENT RADIATION EXPOSURE - A method for generating radiation reports includes querying at least one source for a radiation exposure. The information for a patient is collected and a report is generated. Media having an instruction set for generating the reports can also include a viewer or viewing software for viewing the radiation report. An apparatus for generating the radiation reports can be a computer having modules comprised of hardware and software or both.06-27-2013
20120123730METHOD FOR DETECTION USING A YI ALGORITHM, AND YI DETECTOR - In the field of communications technologies, embodiments of the present invention provide a method for detection using a YI algorithm and a YI detector, so as to solve the technical problem of poor detection performance caused by signal environment variation in the prior art. In the embodiment of the present invention, parameters are obtained according to a received signal; a level threshold at each level starting from a level corresponding to a Tailbits value is obtained according to the parameters, and validity of at least one node at the level is determined according to the level threshold, where the level is the same as a level of the level threshold; and a detection identifier is output according to the validity. The embodiment of the present invention is mainly applied to a scenario of detection using thresholds.05-17-2012
20080243420SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF MEDIA MANAGEMENT, SUCH AS MANAGEMENT OF MEDIA TO AND FROM A MEDIA STORAGE LIBRARY - A system and method for determining media to be exported out of a media library is described. In some examples, the system determines a media component to be exported, determines the media component is in the media library for a specific process, and exports the media component after the process is completed.10-02-2008
20110264397Characterizing an Elongate Textile Product - A method for characterizing a yarn moved along its longitudinal direction. Readings of a characteristic of the yarn along the longitudinal direction of the yarn are detected. Values of a yarn parameter are determined from the readings. An event field is provided, which contains a quadrant of a two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system, whose abscissa defines an extension of yarn parameter values in the longitudinal direction and whose ordinate defines a deviation of the yarn parameter from a desired value. Densities of events in the event field are determined from the values of the yarn parameter and their extensions in the longitudinal direction. A yarn body is represented as an area in the event field. The area on the one hand is delimited by the abscissa, on the other hand by the ordinate and further by a line in the event field that substantially follows a constant event density. The representation of the yarn body permits a clearing limit to be defined in a rapid and rational manner.10-27-2011
20120310586CONTAINER CONTROL - The present invention relates to methods and apparatus for controlling environmental systems in containers. A first set of environmental conditions for a first product be stored in a container is received and it is determined if the first set of environmental conditions are compatible with a second set of environmental conditions for one or more second products in the container. An acceptable set of environmental conditions for both first and second products based on said first set of environmental conditions and said second set of environmental conditions is determined and the acceptable set of environmental conditions are stored.12-06-2012
20090292500USER INTERFACE FOR ESTABLISHING SYNCHRONOUS SAMPLING CHARACTERISTICS FROM ASYNCHRONOUS DATA ACQUISITIONS - A test and measurement instrument and method of configuring the same is disclosed. The method includes presenting acquired data, where the acquired data includes a plurality of signals; receiving a user input; and defining a sampling characteristic of the test and measurement instrument in response to the user input manipulating the presented acquired data.11-26-2009
20110119017SELF-POWERED DETECTION DEVICE WITH A NON-VOLATILE MEMORY - The self-powered detection device comprises a Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) unit (05-19-2011
20090105985Programmable Measurement System with Modular Measurement Modules that Convey Interface Information - System and method for measurement, DAQ, and control operations which uses small form-factor measurement modules or cartridges with a re-configurable carrier unit, sensors, and a computer system to provide modular, efficient, cost-effective measurement solutions. The measurement module includes measurement circuitry, e.g., signal conditioner and/or signal conversion circuitry, and interface circuitry for communicating with the carrier unit. The module communicates interface information to the carrier unit, which informs the computer system how to program or configure a functional unit on the carrier unit to implement the communicated interface, or sends the information directly to the computer system. The computer system programs the carrier unit with the interface, and the programmed carrier unit and measurement module together function as a DAQ, measurement, and/or control device. The carrier unit may receive multiple cartridges, each having a respective interface protocol, where the carrier unit is configurable to support the respective protocols sequentially and/or in parallel.04-23-2009
20120150480MONITORING SENSOR WITH ACTIVATION - A monitoring sensor for detecting a test signal from an external signal generator at an input for receiving signals, to switch the monitoring sensor from a passive state to an active state when a signal is detected, to switch the monitoring sensor to a test state after a test period “t06-14-2012
20120010844Sensors, systems, and methods for measuring fluid perturbation - Sensors, systems, and methods for measuring fluid perturbation are provided. One system includes a sensor module, a data management system, and a control system. In operation, data representing fluid is generated and recorded on the sensor module. During generating and recording, the sensor module is preferably partially submerged in a conductive fluid. The sensor module transmits the data representing fluid to the data management system in response to receiving data representing a record request from the data management system. Next, the data management system operates on the received data representing fluid to convert the data representing fluid into data representing fluid perturbation. Then the data management system stores the data representing fluid perturbation and transmits the data representing fluid perturbation to the control system. The control system stores the data representing fluid perturbation and displays the data representing fluid perturbation.01-12-2012
20120059618STORAGE UNIT FOR OCCUPANT DETECTION SYSTEM - A storage unit for an occupant detection system detecting an occupant based on a magnitude correlation between a detection load value obtained by a load sensor and a threshold value, the storage unit includes a first ROM storing either one of the threshold value and a threshold value specific information for identifying the threshold value, the first ROM being rewritable and a second ROM storing information except for either one of the threshold value and the threshold value specific information, a rewriting of the second ROM being more difficult than a rewriting of the first ROM.03-08-2012
20120072160MEASURE PRESENTATION DEVICE, MEASURE PRESENTATION METHOD, AND NON-TRANSITORY COMPUTER READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM - A measure presentation device includes a measure storage unit that stores a measure content group in which a measure content performed against a phenomenon of a device and the next measure content determined by the execution result of the measure content are associated with each other. The measure storage unit stores split measures that are associated with several measure contents with respect to one execution result. Moreover, the measure presentation device includes a history storage unit that stores therein measure procedures performed against the phenomenon of the device in past times and the success or failure of the execution result for the measure procedures. Moreover, the measure presentation device includes an evaluating unit that evaluates the effectiveness of a split destination measure for a split measure stored in the measure storage unit on the basis of the success or failure of the execution result in the measure procedures.03-22-2012
20110077894Process parameter assessment method for the solid target for gallium (Ga)-68/germanium (Ge)-68 generator - A process parameter assessment method for the solid target for gallium (Ga)-68/germanium (Ge)-68 generator mainly consists of the procedures: first calculate the thickness d for the electroplated gallium (Ga)-69 on the solid target; and then through a graph of decay curves comprising 69Ga(p, 2n) 68Ge target thickness and incident energy with 5 different incident energy doses (30, 26, 25, 24, 23 MeV), based on electroplating thickness d, derive the corresponding irradiation energy dose Yi for each group after decay; and through the graph comprising 69Ga(p, 2n) 68Ge incident energy and reaction cross-sectional area (containing corrected function graph of incident energy for germanium-68, gallium-68, or zinc-65 and reaction cross-sectional area), based on the defined range by irradiation energy dose Xi and the corresponding irradiation energy dose Yi, derive the nuclear reaction cross-sectional area for each group for germanium (Ge)-68, gallium (Ga)-68, zinc (Zn)-65 and figure out the mean reaction area (MRA) from the reaction cross-sectional area of each group; and select the maximum germanium (Ge)-68 MRA value and the minimum gallium (Ga)-68 and zinc (Zn)-65 MRA values; and generate the required default irradiation energy for the MRA of each group as the optimal reaction energy.03-31-2011
20120123729ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD OF CONVERTING MEASUREMENT PROGRAMS - A method of converting a measurement program A of a first measurement machine to a measurement program B which is usable to a second measurement machine B inserts the measurement information of the measurement program A into a measurement program template A′ of the first measurement machine to generate a measurement program template A05-17-2012
20100094581Method for tracking and reporting personal hand hygiene dispenser electronic time-stamp data - Systems and methods for hand hygiene compliance management include a hand-held personal liquid dispenser including a pump and pump plunger that dispenses liquid from a reservoir inside the dispenser when depressed. The dispenser includes circuitry that detects and records each depression of the plunger, and a port for connection to an external computer to transfer data such as identifiers for the dispenser and its user, and time and date of dispenser usage. A tracking and reporting system is disclosed that allows for the collection of nationwide data for standards per setting and health care worker and the report of same.04-15-2010
20120084044Method And Apparatus For The Determination Of Laser Correcting Tool Parameters - The invention relates to a method for determining at least one unknown laser beam parameter of a laser beam used for correcting errors of a transparent material including inducing a first persistent modification in the material by an interaction with the laser beam having a first set of laser beam parameters, measuring the induced first persistent modification of the material, calculating a second persistent modification in the material using a model describing persistent modifications in the material with a second set of laser beam parameters, wherein the first set of laser beam parameters comprises the second set of laser beam parameters and the at least one unknown laser beam parameter, setting up a target functional including the first persistent modification and the second persistent modification, and determining the at least one unknown laser beam parameter by minimizing the target functional.04-05-2012
20120166132METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ANALYZING PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS USING USER EQUIPMENT - A method including determining to sense, using a user equipment, first data related to a physical characteristic associated with a user taken at a first time. The method further including determining to display a result based on an analysis of the first data.06-28-2012
20120215482METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ORTHOGONALIZING INPUT SIGNALS - A method for the orthogonalization of initially overlapping vectors, the uses for which include the re-encoding and decoding of representations triggered by sensory arrays.08-23-2012
20100274521Simulating Two-Dimensional Periodic Patterns Using Compressed Fourier Space - The process of modeling a complex two-dimensional periodic structure is improved by selectively truncating the Fourier expansion used in the calculation of resulting scatter signature from the model. The Fourier expansion is selectively truncated by determining the contribution for each harmonic order in the Fourier transform of the permittivity function and retaining the harmonic orders with a contribution that is above a threshold. The Fourier space may be compressed so that only the selected harmonic orders are used, thereby reducing the required memory and calculation times. The compressed Fourier space may be used in a real-time analysis of a sample or to generate a library that is used in the analysis of a sample.10-28-2010
20090105984Methods and Apparatus for Dynamic Data Transformation for Visualization - Data transformation techniques are disclosed for use in such data visualization systems. For example, a method for dynamically deriving data transformations for optimized visualization based on data characteristics and given visualization type comprises the steps of obtaining raw data to be visualized and a visualization type to be used, and dynamically generating a list of data transformation operations that transform the raw input data to produce an optimized visualization for the given visualization type.04-23-2009
20120316821SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CREATING INTUITIVE CONTEXT FOR ANALYSIS DATA - One or more computer-readable storage media having computer-executable instructions embodied thereon are described. When executed, the computer-executable instructions cause at least one processor to define an analysis and an analysis data object related to a part, data for an analysis of the part at least partially available from a plurality of disparate applications related to the design, fabrication and testing of the part, verify that all the data needed for the analysis, as defined within the analysis data object, is available from at least one source of data, invoke an analysis of the part upon receipt of all of the data needed for the analysis, the analysis results populating the analysis data object, and storing the analysis data object such that the analysis results therein occur in a format unrelated to any of the applications that generated data used in the analysis.12-13-2012
20120232830METHOD FOR ESTIMATING LIGHT SCATTERING - The invention relates to a method for estimating the quantity of light scattered by a heterogeneous participating media. In order to improve the display while minimising the required calculation time, the method comprises steps for: 09-13-2012
20120232828IHS Security System - A method for providing information handling system (IHS) security includes providing a plurality of monitored IHSs coupled to a monitoring IHS through a network. A physical lock status is determined for each of the plurality of monitored IHSs using a respective lock sensor located in each monitored IHS. The physical lock status is received by the monitoring IHS for each of the plurality of monitored IHSs over the network. A security report that includes the physical lock status for each of the plurality of monitored IHSs is created. The security report is displayed on a display coupled to the monitoring IHS.09-13-2012
20120232829Method for visualizing and quantifying the changes in an organic or non-organic structure in the human body - The invention relates to a method for visualizing and/or quantifying structures, in particular structures within an object and/or subject, preferably within the human body. The method according to the invention is in particular characterized by the automatic or semiautomatic calculation of a decomposition of the structure into components as well as by at least one of the following steps: (i) the optionally sole visualization of one or more of these components, in particular in case of a superimposed representation of the structure for two or more points in time, and/or (ii) the representation of different components in different colours/shades/patterns, and/or (iii) the calculation of quantitative parameters describing the structure and/or its components, separately for the individual components, and/or (iv) the calculation of parameters measuring the interrelationship between specific components.09-13-2012
20120271587EQUIPMENT STATUS MONITORING METHOD, MONITORING SYSTEM, AND MONITORING PROGRAM - Anomaly sign detection methods such as those found in plants cannot detect anomalies when relevant sensor information is not acquired, and while it is possible to detect anomalies through changes in sensor output when manual operations are performed, it is difficult to distinguish between anomalies such as those caused only by the sensor signal and actual anomalies which should be detected. The disclosed method uses event signals, which contain a signal based on the status of a unit unable to acquire sensor information and a signal based on human operations. An event sequence is extracted from an event signal outputted from a piece of equipment and grouped by clustering, then a frequency matrix is created for the alarms generated within a prescribed interval of an event sequence, and a prediction of alarms with a high probability of occurring for an event sequence is output on the basis of the frequency matrix.10-25-2012
20120278028GENERATING MODEL BASED SPECTRA LIBRARY FOR POLISHING - A method of generating a library of reference spectra, includes receiving a first spectrum representing a reflectance of a first stack of layers on a substrate, the first stack including a first dielectric layer, receiving a second spectrum representing a reflectance of a second stack layer on the substrate, the second stack including the first dielectric layer and a second dielectric layer that is not in the first stack, receiving user input identifying a plurality of different contribution percentages for at least one of the first stack or the second stack on the substrate, and for each contribution percentage from the plurality of different contribution percentages, calculating a reference spectrum from the first spectrum, the second spectrum and the contribution percentage.11-01-2012
20120290247System and Method of Sensor Installation Validation - A glassbreak detector or motion detector includes circuitry responsive to an installation process. Data concerning the installation process can be automatically stored in non-volatile memory. The stored data can be retrieved as part of an after-installation review.11-15-2012
20110238361TALLYING SYSTEM, TALLYING APPARATUS AND TALLYING METHOD - The object is to provide a tallying system, a tallying apparatus and a tallying method which are capable of tallying characteristics of non-users who have not perform predetermined use among visitors in a predetermined place.09-29-2011
20100299097METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR TESTING, RECORDING, MONITORING, AND TRACKING THE CONTENTS OF SEALED REFUSE BALES - This invention is a method and system for recording, monitoring, and tracking the contents of refuse bales. All refuse bale information is locally and remotely accessible. This method prevents the circulation of hazardous waste and undesirable materials without effecting baling efficiency. Bale attributes are updateable allowing for long distance and highly informative tracking.11-25-2010
20120029862METHOD FOR DETERMINING AN EFFECT OF A PARTICLE BEAM ON A MATERIAL - A method for determining an action of a particle beam on a material at least partially irradiated or to be irradiated by the particle beam includes providing at least one particle beam parameter of the particle beam and at least one material property parameter of the material. A microscopic damage correlation is performed and the at least one particle beam parameter of the particle beam and that at least one material property parameter of the material are used so as to determine the action of the particle beam on the material.02-02-2012

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