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702 - Data processing: measuring, calibrating, or testing

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702117000 Of circuit 282
702123000 Including program set up 67
702113000 Of mechanical system 56
702122000 Including specific communication means 43
702124000 Signal generation or waveform shaping 30
702109000 For transfer function determination 22
702116000 Of sensing device 20
702121000 Including multiple test instruments 12
20130030750ROBOT CLEANER AND SELF TESTING METHOD OF THE SAME - Disclosed are a robot cleaner and a self testing method thereof. The robot cleaner performs a self test when being initially operated or when required by a user. This may prevent malfunctions or breakdowns of the robot cleaner. Furthermore, the robot cleaner senses a state of an operation sensing unit provided at a body, based on a sensing signal of the operation sensing unit. This may prevent accidents or errors which may occur as the robot cleaner operates.01-31-2013
20110196640TEST APPARATUS AND TEST METHOD - Provided is a test apparatus that tests a device under test having a plurality of output terminals. The test apparatus comprises an executing section that executes a test command sequence for testing the device under test; a storage section that stores a plurality of pieces of setting data designating one or more output terminals among the plurality of output terminals; a detecting section that detects whether a value of an output signal from an output terminal designated by one of the pieces of setting data matches an expected value; and a selecting section that selects different pieces of setting data in the storage section when at least two detection commands, which change execution sequencing of the test command sequence according to the detection results of the detecting section, are executed, and supplies the selected pieces of setting data to the detecting section.08-11-2011
20110196639COMPUTER-IMPLEMENTED METHODS, COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIA, AND SYSTEMS FOR DETERMINING ONE OR MORE CHARACTERISTICS OF A WAFER - Computer-implemented methods, computer-readable media, and systems for determining one or more characteristics of a wafer are provided.08-11-2011
20110196638TEST APPARATUS, INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM AND DATA TRANSFER METHOD - Provided is a test apparatus that tests a device under test, comprising a test unit that sends and receives signals to and from the device under test; a control apparatus that controls the test unit; and a relay apparatus that relays between the control apparatus and the test unit. The relay apparatus includes a read issuing section that receives a command from the control apparatus and issues a read command for reading read data stored at an address designated by the control apparatus in a storage apparatus of the test unit; a buffer section that buffers the read data transmitted from the test unit in response to the read command; and a data transmitting section that receives the read command from the control apparatus and sends back the read data buffered in the buffer section.08-11-2011
20110202301MIDDLEWARE TEST COMPONENT OPERATING METHOD AND DEVICE - The present invention relates to middleware test component operating method and device. It is possible to improve the system capacity and the efficiency of an SDR (Software Defined Radio) system through the reconfiguration of the system according to a user's request by reconfiguring a test component for the capacity measurement of installation and test of a software component and capacity measurement of the communication port using the SDR system in a wireless communication system.08-18-2011
20130085702MEDICAL LINEAR ACCELERATOR SIGNAL ANALYZER AND DISPLAY DEVICE - A method and system is proposed for providing automated, electronic testing of a linear accelerator from a remote position. According to one aspect of the claimed subject matter, a system is described which includes a linear accelerator with a scope circuit board, a multiplexer printed circuit board and a computing device. The multiplexer printed circuit board is coupled to the linear accelerator at a plurality of signal sites or locations corresponding to common areas of interest. Signal data received by the multiplexer circuit board may be continuously streamed from the linear accelerator to the multiplexer through each “channel” of data. The multiplexer circuit board is configured to receive, as input, the data corresponding to the electrical activity. In a further embodiment, the multiplexer outputs a selection of signals corresponding to a user selection of one or more channels from a remote terminal.04-04-2013
20130041612INTERNAL CONTROL SIGNAL REGURATION CIRCUIT - An internal control signal regulation circuit includes a programming test unit configured to detect an internal control signal in response to an external control signal and generate a selection signal, test codes and a programming enable signal; and a code processing unit configured to receive the test codes or programming codes in response to the selection signal and regulate the internal control signal.02-14-2013
20100042351METHODS AND APPARATUS RELATED TO MANAGEMENT OF EXPERIMENTS - In one embodiment, a method includes sending an indicator of an availability of a sample from a sample pool stored in a physical inventory. The sample being included in the sample pool based on an attribute of the sample satisfying a condition associated with the sample pool. An indicator that the sample has been selected from the sample pool for analysis at a first test site included in an array of test sites is received. A rule is retrieved from a rule database based on an experimental parameter value associated with the first test site. At least one of the experimental parameter value associated with the first test site or an experimental parameter value associated with a second test site is modified based on a condition within the rule being satisfied.02-18-2010
20120185200ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD OF OPTIMIZING MEASUREMENT PATHS - A method of optimizing measurement paths analyzes one or more measurement points for each of the measurement elements of a product and generates relation arrays, each of the relation arrays storing the name and the one or more measurement points of one measurement element. The method selects a measurement point which is the nearest to the origin of an coordinate system of the product, computes distances between the measurement points from the selected measurement point using the relation arrays, and orders the measurement points according to the computed distances to generate a first ordered array. The method generates an optimal measurement path according to the first ordered array.07-19-2012
20100138181TESTING APPARATUS - A testing apparatus tests a communication control apparatus, which performs given processing on input communication data and outputs the data. The testing apparatus includes an output unit which outputs data to the communication control apparatus, a generating unit which generates data to be output by the communication control apparatus after the apparatus normally processes data output to the apparatus, an input unit which inputs data output by the communication control apparatus, and an inspection unit which compares data generated by the generating unit with data input by the input unit to check if the communication control apparatus operates normally.06-03-2010
20100268505METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING IMAGE DATA ACQUISITION USING A MEASUREMENT PROGRAM PACKAGE - In a method to control the image acquisition and/or image evaluation at an image acquisition device, a measurement program of a measurement program package has at least one protocol step for measurement data acquisition according to a measurement protocol is used to operate the image acquisition device. At least one action element associated with the measurement program or at least one step is provided that causes an external, auxiliary program to be executed automatically upon occurrence of a trigger event in the measurement program or in the associated step.10-21-2010
20090093988Virtual crimp validation system - A system for validating a proposed crimp includes a pre-crimp modeler configured to establish a geometry for the proposed crimp, a plurality of virtual testing modules configured to determine at least one characteristic of the proposed crimp, and a virtual validation module configured to compare results from each of the plurality of virtual testing modules to predetermined criteria.04-09-2009
20130060503APPARATUS FOR TESTING ELECTRONIC POWER SYSTEMS - A transistorized load system for testing electronic power systems devices includes at least one field effect transistor that is microprocessor-controlled for simulating the current drawn by a specific product on an electronic power source. The transistorized load system is capable of accepting command information either manually or from a personal computer derived source, and determining the exact value of current drawn from the electrical power system under test. The transistorized load may accept values for a desired resistance value in ohms, and/or a desired capacitance value in farads. Once voltage is applied across the positive and negative terminals of the transistorized load, the microprocessor controls the current drawn from the device under test.03-07-2013
20130060502THERMAL SCAN SYSTEM - In one embodiment, a system includes an operating environment comprising a structural test module that is configured to perform a structural test on a device-under-test (DUT); and a functional test module that, when activated, is configured to perform a non-JTAG-based functional *test on the DUT. The operating environment is configured to switch between the structural test module being activated and the functional test module being activated.03-07-2013
20130060504TEST SYSTEMS FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES WITH WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS CAPABILITIES - A test system may be provided for performing wireless communications testing of electronic devices in a building. The test system may include a mobile cart that transports the device under test to test stations in the building. The test system may include a visible guide track having visible test station indicators. The mobile cart may include an optical sensor for detecting the visible guide track and the visible test station indicators. The mobile cart may transport the device under test to the test stations along the visible guide track. The mobile cart may include a rotating stage to which the device under test may be mounted. The rotating stage may be used to rotate the device under test while the device under test transmits test data to wireless communications equipment in the building during wireless communications testing of the device under test.03-07-2013
20090271139TEST CASE GENERATION APPARATUS, GENERATION METHOD THEREFOR, AND PROGRAM STORAGE MEDIUM - A method of the present invention includes: inputting a state transition diagram that represents first transitions between a plurality of states; inputting a mapping function that maps a given state to a value within a certain range; mapping each of the states with the mapping function to obtain mapping values, and perform grouping of the states into a plurality of groups based on the mapping values; for each of pairs of two groups obtained by combining two of the groups, setting a second transition from one group of the two groups to the other group when there is at least one first transition between therein; generating a representative transition path which is a sequence of the second transitions by tracing sequentially the second transitions; converting the representative transition path to a transition path in the state transition diagram; outputting the transition path as the test case.10-29-2009
20090012737METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CORRELATING TEST EQUIPMENT HEALTH AND TEST RESULTS - A method includes collecting trace data associated with a first device tester. A tester health metric is generated for the first device tester. At least one device tested by the first device tester is retested responsive to determining the tester health metric violates a predetermined threshold.01-08-2009
20130166243TEST DEVICE AND METHOD FOR TESTING STABILITY OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A test method includes: setting test parameters for a test of a plurality of electronic devices in response to a user input; generating a control signal according to the test parameters and sending the control signal to a baseboard management controller of each electronic device to control the baseboard management controller to test the corresponding electronic devices according to the parameter set by the user, and recording the number of the time that the start and shut down operation have been done and the test values which can reflect the running state of the electronic devices in a test file; analyzing the stability of each electronic device by analyzing the test result record in the test file. A test device and computer-readable medium are also disclosed.06-27-2013
20090204355METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR MODAL PARAMETER ESTIMATION - In accordance with one embodiment of the present invention, a system for extracting modal parameters of a structure includes an analysis module configured to estimate the modal parameters by computing only a subset of the autospectral matrix of the input data and then solving for the adjoint solution to extract a matrix denominator polynomial. In accordance with another aspect of the invention, orthogonal polynomials are used for the instrumental variables to estimate the matrix polynomial from which the modal parameters are extracted.08-13-2009
20120232824CENTRALLY CONTROLLED MODULAR MOTORIZED TESTING - In one embodiment, a modular dissolution-testing apparatus has a base unit adapted to hold and control operation of between one and eight dissolution-testing modules. The base unit has a programmable controller and a color touch screen for user interface with the controller and the modules. Each module includes a vessel for holding a solution of a dosage form dissolving in a solvent, an agitator apparatus for stifling the solution, and a motor to power—via a multi-motion assembly and a stifling shaft—stifling by, lifting of, and lowering of, the apparatus. Each module has a vessel heater and a temperature sensor, both communicatively connected to the controller for heating and regulating the temperature of the vessel contents. Each module is independently controllable by the controller, where control includes manually (by a user) or programmatically setting stifling speed, lifting and lowering apparatus, and starting and stopping stirring and heating.09-13-2012
20110004433SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TESTING FREQUENCY RANGE - A system is used to test whether a device works normally in a preset frequency range. The system presets a frequency range, and controls a frequency generator to send a test frequency signal to the device according to each of a predetermined number of frequencies of the frequency range, and tests whether the device and electronic parts of the device can work normally to obtain test results.01-06-2011
20120136607METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR TESTING CIRCUIT BOARD OF KEYS - A circuit board testing system and a circuit board testing system for testing a circuit board of keys. The circuit board testing system includes a computer and a test frame. The circuit board is placed on the test frame. The computer includes a script database with plural pin test scripts, a script generation program and a test program. The test program is used for searching a pin test script corresponding to the circuit board from the script database, and testing the circuit board according to the pin test script. If the pin test script is not searched from the script database by the test program, the script generation program is activated to create the pin test script.05-31-2012
20110282615TEST MODULE, TEST APPARATUS AND TEST METHOD - A test module comprising a compression information storage section that stores compression information associating pattern sequences, pattern sequence identification information, and repetition information with each other; a basic pattern storage section that stores, as a group of basic patterns, pattern sequence data that includes a pattern sequence or pattern sequence identification information in association with a command; an instruction information storage section that stores instruction information; a basic pattern reading section that reads pattern sequence data; a pattern sequence reading section that, when the pattern sequence identification information is included in the pattern sequence data, references the compression information and reads the pattern sequence corresponding to the pattern sequence identification information; and a pattern output section that repeatedly outputs, according to the number of repetitions designated by the repetition information, the pattern sequence corresponding to the pattern sequence identification information or the pattern sequence included in the pattern sequence data.11-17-2011
20090326852Method for Testing Device Descriptions for Field Devices of Automation Technology - In a method for testing device descriptions for field devices of automation technology, a finite state machine is produced from a device description to serve as a basis for a test script. For testing the device description, the test script is executed, with data being sent to and received from the device description. In such case, it is tested whether desired values set in the test script agree with actual values delivered e.g. from the field device.12-31-2009
20110301906LIGHTWEIGHT AUDIO SYSTEM FOR AUTOMOTIVE APPLICATIONS AND METHOD - A lightweight radio/CD player for vehicular application is virtually “fastenerless” and includes a case and frontal interface formed of polymer based material that is molded to provide details to accept audio devices such as playback mechanisms (if desired) and radio receivers, as well as the circuit boards required for electrical control and display. The case and frontal interface are of composite structure, including an insert molded electrically conductive wire mesh screen that has been pre-formed to contour with the molding operation. The wire mesh provides EMC, RFI, BCI and ESD shielding and grounding of the circuit boards via exposed wire mesh pads and adjacent ground clips. The PCB architecture is bifurcated into a first board carrying common circuit components in a surface mount configuration suitable for high volume production, and a second board carrying application specific circuit components in a wave soldered stick mount configuration. The major components and subassemblies are self-fixturing during the final assembly process, eliminating the need for dedicated tools, fixtures and assembly equipment. The major components and subassemblies self-interconnect by integral guide and connection features effecting “slide lock” and “snap lock” self-interconnection. The radio architecture includes improved push buttons employing 4-bar living hinge linkage and front loaded decorative trim buttons.12-08-2011
20110295542Method and Device for Identifying a Faulty Algorithm - In a method and to a device for identifying an erroneous algorithm (A), data output by a1) of the algorithm (A) to be tested and/or a2) a reference algorithm (B) are categorized, and the reference frequency (R(A), R(B)) at which data of at least one category (Kx) occur during operation for the case a1) of the algorithm (A) to be tested or for case a2) of the reference algorithm (B) is determined in a reference phase. The test frequency (T(A)) at which data of at least one category (Kx) occur during operation of the algorithm (A) to be tested is determined in a test phase. Finally, an error message is output if the deviation of the test frequency (T(A)) of at least one category (Kx) from the reference frequency (R(A), R(B)) of the same category (Kx) exceeds a specific threshold value (THR).12-01-2011
20130218506MONITORING OF INTERACTIVE COMPUTING SYSTEM RESPONSIVENESS - An interactive response monitoring tool receives an indication that an input has been received at a computing device. Further, the interactive response monitoring tool determines if a response by the computing device to the input is slower than a predetermined response threshold. In addition, the interactive response monitoring tool determines a cause of a slowdown if the predetermined response threshold has been surpassed.08-22-2013
20090125271ANALYZER - An analyzer includes a second memory enabled to memorize that control by a controller is for first area, the controller controls at least one of measurement, analysis and display to be for a first area when a second application program starts in a case where said second memory memorizes that the control by the controller is for the first area.05-14-2009
20110218754METHOD FOR SUPPORTING ANALYTICAL WORK OF SOLDER PRINTING STATE AND SOLDER PRINTING INSPECTION MACHINE - In a solder printing inspection machine, an identification code and an inspection time of an inspection target board are accumulated in a memory. The accumulated data, whose identification code is matched with that of the current inspection target board, is searched while the accumulated data is traced back one by one. When the corresponding board is found, it is recognized that the board is extracted because of the defective board and the inspection target board is the reintroduced board that was previously extracted. A graph, in which pieces of information expressing the pieces of quality of the boards are arrayed in time series, is produced based on each time of inspection result and the graph is displayed on a monitor. In the pieces of data included in the graph, the data corresponding to the board that is recognized as the reintroduction is explicitly shown by a letter “R”.09-08-2011
20090312978DEBUG SYSTEM - A debug system includes equipment to be debugged (onboard information equipment 12-17-2009
20120109567SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ACQUIRING AND MANAGING SENSOR DATA RELATED TO DISSOLUTION TESTING APPARATUS - In acquiring and managing measurement data relating to operating parameters of a dissolution tester, operating parameters are measured by operating one or more sensors. The measured operating parameters are transmitted from the sensors to a user computing device. It is then determined whether the measured operating parameters are in compliance or non-compliance with one or more standards, by comparing the measured operating parameters with a plurality of corresponding predefined values. The measured operating parameters and indications of compliance or non-compliance of each measured operating parameter are stored as a data record in a memory local or remote to the user computing device. The data record may be accessible by a computing device remote from the memory. The operating parameters may include, for example, shaft parameters.05-03-2012
20110270565TEST FIXTURE AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATICALLY TURNING ON COMPUTERS - A test fixture includes a first RS-232 connector and a second RS-232 connector. The data terminal ready (DTR) pin of the first RS-232 connector is connected to the DTR pin of the second RS-232 connector, and the clear to send (CTS) pin of the first RS-232 connector is connected to the CTS pin of the second RS-232 connector. The DTR pins are further connected to a power pin of each of the test computers. The test fixture sets a high level voltage for the connected DTR pins, and sets a low level voltage for the connected CTS pins according to the commands of turning on the test computers sent by the control computer, to turn on the test computers. An auto shutdown software included in each of the test computers is executed to shut down the test computers.11-03-2011
20080312862METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETERMINING A FUEL USAGE OF A FIRST VEHICLE AND A COMPARATOR VEHICLE - A fuel usage of a comparator vehicle is calculated and compared to a fuel usage of a vehicle being driven. The fuel usage of the comparator vehicle is determined based on parameters of the vehicle being driven.12-18-2008
20110208465TEST APPARATUS AND INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM - Provided is a test apparatus that tests a device under test, comprising a test unit that sends and receives signals to and from the device under test; a control apparatus that controls the test unit; and a relay apparatus that relays between the control apparatus and the test unit. The relay apparatus includes a first communicating section that receives a command from the control apparatus to the relay apparatus and transmits the command to the test unit; a second communicating section that receives a return command that is transmitted back to the relay apparatus by the test unit that received the command; and an executing section that executes a process designated by the return command, in response to the second communicating section receiving the return command.08-25-2011
20110208464REPORT GENERATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - In a report generation system and method, one or more test parameters, a measured characteristic, and value ranges of the measured characteristic are set. Values of the one or more test parameters and the measured characteristic are retrieved from measurement data. The values are arranged to create a report of the measured characteristic versus the one or more test parameters. Each of the values of the measured characteristic is classified into one of the value ranges. The report is marked according to the value ranges of the values of the measured characteristic.08-25-2011
20090125270Method and Apparatus for Generating a Test Plan Using a Statistical Test Approach - A process for generating a set of tests for a system includes identifying a plurality of factors to use in a design of experiments (DOE) test, using each of the plurality of factors in the DOE, identifying, through the DOE testing, one or more factors which have a significant effect an output of the system, including only the one or more factors in a Combinatorial design methodology (CDM) and generating a first test matrix based upon the CDM using the DOE inputs. The unique part of the process is then adding interactions of order greater than 2-way, as identified by the DOE, to the CDM matrix thus creating an optimized set of test cases. By using the sensitivity output of the DOE as an input to the final test matrix from the CDM, an affordable yet comprehensive test approach is provided.05-14-2009
20090187367ELECTRONIC LOAD DEVICE FOR POWER SUPPLY PRODUCT TO BE TESTED AND METHOD FOR REGULATING BANDWIDTH THEREOF - An electronic load device provided for testing an OT (power supply to be tested) and the working bandwidth is regulated and set according to the output impedance of the OT. The electronic load device comprises a CPU, an impedance-bandwidth table, a voltage-current measurement unit, a power stage and a control module. Firstly, a current pulled out from the OT to the power stage is called by the CPU. Thereafter, an output impedance of the OT is measured by the voltage-current measurement unit and analysis by the CPU. Next, a working bandwidth of the electronic load device is regulated and set by the control module according to the output impedance and the impedance-bandwidth table.07-23-2009
20090326853ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR TESTING MULTIPLE FEATURES OF THE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method for testing multiple features of an electronic device sets a global timer and a series of feature test timers. The feature test timers are arranged in a sequence. The global timer is firstly activated. The feature test timers are then activated one by one according to the sequence and one or more features of the electronic device corresponding to each of the feature test timers are tested until the global timer times out.12-31-2009
20090063082Standardized Interfaces for Proprietary Instruments - A test instrument and method for operating the same are disclosed. The data acquisition system within the instrument generates signals and couples the signals to a device and/or receives signals from the device. The data processor within the instrument includes measurement specific software that generates measurements from the received signals, a restricted software application that utilizes the measurement data, and a physics API that interfaces the measurement specific software with the data acquisition system. The physics API provides a plurality of internal physics functions that are used by the measurement specific software to access the measurement data. The instrument includes an external API that maps the physics functions to an external set of physics functions that are available to the restricted software application and that hide the internal physics functions from the restricted software while providing access to a portion of the measurement data.03-05-2009
20090055121Computer-readable medium storing electromagnetic field analysis program, and method of causing computer to perform electromagnetic field analysis - In IAS analysis, assuming that no structural body and the like are placed in a conversion surface outside, an electromagnetic field distribution u0 in a conversion surface inside, on a conversion surface, and close to the conversion surface outside is found. In EAS analysis, on the assumption that there exists a structural body and the like in the conversion surface outside, an entire electromagnetic field distribution u is found. At this time, for the closed surface inside, an electric field distribution where a differential electromagnetic field distribution e between electromagnetic field distribution u0 and electromagnetic field distribution u on the closed surface is a wave source, is found, and for the closed surface outside, an electromagnetic field distribution obtained by synthesizing electromagnetic field distribution u0 and electromagnetic field distribution e on the closed surface is a wave source is found.02-26-2009
20090204356Testing/adjusting method and test control apparatus for rotating disk storage devices - Embodiments of the invention provide a method of testing/adjusting magnetic disk devices, in which the method allows the tests/adjustments to be conducted by solving problems due to the data sizes and characteristics of test/adjustment programs. After assembly of a magnetic disk device, setup of various parameters, magnetic disk defect registration, and other test/adjustment steps are executed. Execution of the test/adjustment programs does not require a special test apparatus since they are executed in the magnetic disk device to be tested. In addition, the test/adjustment programs are formed up of multiple phases, and each phase is sequentially executed. Adoption of this program structure keeps the tests/adjustments clear from restrictions due to the data sizes and characteristics of the test/adjustment programs.08-13-2009
20080262776Setting information management system, setting information management device, setting information management method, and computer program product - A setting information management method executed by a backup program stored in a portable storage medium by a processing computer of an analyzer, comprising: determining a type of the analyzer in which the backup program is executed from a plurality of types of analyzers; acquiring setting information of a program introduced to the processing computer based on the determination result; and storing the acquired setting information in the portable storage medium. A setting information management system, a setting information management device, and a computer program product is also disclosed.10-23-2008
20090259426Arrangement comprising a mock-up for reproducing and testing an aircraft passenger cabin - In an arrangement comprising a supporting structure and a reproduction, arranged inside the supporting structure, of an aircraft passenger cabin on a 1:1 scale for receiving components of cabin systems, the invention consists in that the supporting structure is formed by a structure reproduction, composed of standardised elements, for receiving components of the cabin system and the cabin fittings and comprises standardised supports and connections in such a way that these components can be tested under operating conditions and at least one movable test module is provided which comprises multifunctional test rigs for operating and testing the cabin systems.10-15-2009
20090259428METHOD AND PRODUCT FOR TESTING A DEVICE UNDER TEST - In a method of testing a device under test (DUT) using a test device adapted to provide a connection to a central controller, a test procedure activation signal is supplied from the central controller to the test device. A test procedure for testing the DUT is performed on the basis of test procedure data, upon receipt of the test procedure activation signal. The test procedure is adjustable upon receipt of a feedback signal from the DUT. The test procedure is adjusted by 1) receiving a feedback signal from the DUT, 2) determining from the feedback signal properties of a physical connection between the test device and the DUT, and 3) adjusting the test procedure to modify the test signal and compensate for the properties of the physical connection between the test device and the DUT.10-15-2009
20100235131GRAPHIC ACTUATION OF TEST AND MEASUREMENT TRIGGERS - A system and method are provided for graphically actuating a trigger in a test and measurement device. The method includes displaying a visual representation of signal properties for one or more time-varying signals. A graphical user input is received, in which a portion of the visual representation is designated. The method further includes configuring a trigger of the test and measurement device in response to the graphical user input, by setting a value for a trigger parameter of the trigger. The set value for the trigger parameters varies with and is dependent upon the particular portion of the visual representation that is designated by the graphical user input. The trigger is then employed in connection with subsequent monitoring of signals within the test and measurement device.09-16-2010
20130013244PATTERN BASED TEST PRIORITIZATION USING WEIGHT FACTORS - Various embodiments provide a pattern-based test prioritization system. Individual patterns are defined and are assigned a weight. The patterns represent the relative importance of particular test variation states. A collection of potential test variations is evaluated against the patterns, and a prioritized test variation order is produced. This prioritized test variation order can then be processed to ascertain a subset of prioritized test variations to undergo testing.01-10-2013
20110040515Apparatus for testing a conducted energy weapon - Apparatus for testing a conducted energy weapon includes analyzer means to produce characteristic signals representative of characteristics of electrical current pulses delivered by the weapon into a resistive load when the weapon is discharged. Risk estimation means responsive to the characteristic signals produces a risk estimate representative of a risk of injury to a targeted subject due to electrical stimulation, or alternatively representative of a risk of failure to incapacitate the targeted subject. Indicator means responsive to the risk estimate indicates the risk of injury, or alternatively the risk of failure to incapacitate, and warns the user of the apparatus when the risk exceeds a predetermined threshold. Advantageously, automatic testing and risk analysis provided by the apparatus allows weapon tests to be easily and routinely conducted by persons having no knowledge of electrical principles, laboratory techniques, or risk analysis methodologies, such persons including peace officers or other individuals who may be associated with a law enforcement agency.02-17-2011
20100191498Data Inquiry System of Power Bank - The present invention discloses an inquiry system having a database, a testing module, and a memory unit built in a power bank. The testing module and the database conduct an information exchange with a computer through the memory unit, such that consumers can obtain specification and teaching content related data of the power bank by using the computer, and further perform a battery function test to the connected power bank.07-29-2010
20100057393APPARATUSES AND METHODS FOR DETERMINING CONFIGURATION OF SAS AND SATA CABLES - Apparatus, systems, and methods for testing SAS cables by applying a signal to one end of a SAS cable, receiving the signal from another end of the SAS cable, and generating an output of information relating to the testing. The testing apparatus may test one or more configuration characteristic of the SAS cable, including, for example a crossover status, a polarity status of transmit (“TX”) wires, and a polarity status of receive (“RX”) wires.03-04-2010
20130158932Systems and methods for testing emergency power supply systems - Aspects of the present disclosure generally relate to systems and methods for managing and monitoring a plurality of emergency power supply systems (EPSS's) at a facility via an emergency power management system (EPMS). The EPMS generally comprises EPSS equipment, a management computer system for managing, monitoring, and testing the operational characteristics of the EPSS equipment, and a plurality of interface modules for providing unified communication capabilities between the management computer system and the EPSS equipment. Additional aspects relate to methods for easily and efficiently creating and installing an EPMS at a facility. Further aspects are directed to providing predictive analyses related to the EPSS equipment. Also, aspects of the present disclosure relate to normalizing EPSS equipment information across varying vendors, makes, and models of equipment so as to provide a unified view of all equipment across a given facility.06-20-2013
20120203492ADAPTIVE TEST SYSTEM FOR NETWORK FUNCTION AND PERFORMANCE EVALUATION - A method may include receiving a first set of parameters associated with a test environment, the test environment including a test system for testing a network, receiving a test objective, conducting a first test case based on the received first set of parameters and the test objective, automatically determining, by the test system, whether the test objective has been satisfied based on a first test result associated with the first test case, and automatically adapting, by the test system, a second test case based on the first test result when it is determined that the test objective has not been satisfied.08-09-2012
20120203491METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING CONTEXT-AWARE CONTROL OF SENSORS AND SENSOR DATA - An approach is provided for context-aware control of sensors and sensor data. A sensor manager determines context information based, at least in part, on one or more sensors. The sensor manager also determines resource consumption information associated with a one or more other sensors, one or more functions of the one or more other sensors, or a combination thereof. The sensor manager then processes and/or facilitates a processing of the context information and the resource consumption information to determine at least one operational state associated with the one or more other sensors, the one or more functions of the one or more other sensors, or a combination thereof.08-09-2012
20120123723METHODS FOR MITIGATING INTERACTIONS AMONG WIRELESS DEVICES IN A WIRELESS TEST SYSTEM - A test station may include a test host, a test unit, and a test chamber. Multiple devices under test (DUTs) may be placed in the test chamber during wireless testing. Radio-frequency signals may be conveyed between the test unit and the multiple DUTs using a conducted arrangement through a splitter-combiner circuit or using a radiated arrangement through a test antenna in the test chamber. The multiple DUTs may be synced to the test unit one DUT at a time (in series) or in parallel. The test host may direct the test unit to broadcast downlink signals at a given channel. The test host my direct a selected DUT to transmit uplink signals at the given channel or at a selected channel that is different from the given channel. The test unit may be used to perform desired measurement on the uplink signals transmitted from the selected DUT.05-17-2012
20090259427Analyzer - Analyzers are described that includes a mode selector for selecting one measurement mode from said plurality of measurement modes; a display for displaying a screen; and a display controller for displaying on said screen a picture representing contents of the measurement mode selected by said mode selector.10-15-2009
20110054824SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TESTING AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - There is provided a system for testing an electronic device in a test arrangement. The test arrangement includes a data interface and a user interface that is configured to output user outputs comprising image and/or audio information. The exemplary system comprises an automation unit configured to be connected via a data connection to the data interface. The user outputs are provided as output via the data interface and can be transmitted via the data connection to the automation unit. The automation unit is configured to carry out an evaluation of the user outputs.03-03-2011
20110054823SYSTEM, CONTROLLER AND METHOD FOR SYNCHRONIZED CAPTURE AND SYNCHRONIZED PLAYBACK OF DATA - Provided are a method, a test system and a microcontroller (03-03-2011
20110046911HOUSING OR HOUSING PART FOR SANITARY PRODUCT DISPENSER - A housing or housing part (02-24-2011
20100324854MEMORY-DAUGHTER-CARD-TESTING METHOD AND APPARATUS - A memory daughter card (MDC) is described, having a very high-speed serial interface and an on-card MDC test engine that allows one MDC to be directly connected to another MDC for testing purposes. In some embodiments, a control interface allows the test engine to be programmed and controlled by a test controller on a test fixture that allows simultaneous testing of a single MDC or one or more pairs of MDCs, one MDC in a pair (e.g., the “golden” MDC) testing the other MDC of that pair. Other methods are also described, wherein one MDC executes a series of reads and writes and other commands to another MDC to test at least some of the other card's functions, or wherein one port executes a series of test commands to another port on the same MDC to test at least some of the card's functions.12-23-2010
20090187366TEST APPARATUS AND METHODS THEREOF - A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, an apparatus for testing having a controller to perform test case conflict resolution by comparing an execution descriptor to one or more platform descriptors. The execution descriptor can have one or more platforms to be tested, each platform comprising at least one among one or more bases, one or more modules, and combinations thereof. Each of the one or more platform descriptors can have one or more test cases and a description of one or more platform limitations for executing the one or more test cases. Additional embodiments are disclosed.07-23-2009
20100030507DYNAMIC DETERMINATION OF A MINIMAL CONFIGURED PRODUCT TO ACHIEVE DESIRED TEST COVERAGE - The present disclosure is directed to a method for determining dynamic test coverage for a product. The method may comprise: receiving a customer order, the customer order comprising at least one product configuration; receiving a rule set associated with the at least one product configuration; analyzing the rule set to determine a proxy part to add to the at least one product configuration; providing the proxy part an indicator; adding the proxy part to the at least one product configuration; iteratively comparing the product configuration to the rule set until the product configuration meets the rule set; providing a test associated with the at least one product configuration; receiving at least one signal from at least one indicator; and removing at least one proxy part from the at least one product configuration.02-04-2010
20110112788Integrated Systems Testing - A hard disk drive system comprises an interface that receives test configuration data, that transmits test result data, and that transmits and receives application data. A system on chip (SOC) includes integrated system test (IST) modules. A memory module communicates with the SOC and includes memory and an IST module. One of the IST modules communicates with the interface and is a master IST module that receives the test configuration data and that configures others of the IST modules for testing a component of the hard disk drive system.05-12-2011
20120209556Low Power Scan-Based Testing - In a low power scan-based testing process, the loading of a test pattern may involve only a portion of the scan chains and the capturing of test response data for the test pattern may involve another portion of the scan chains. The two portions of the scan chains may be determined based on test patterns applied before and after the current test pattern. Clock gating circuitry may be used to select the two portions of the scan chains.08-16-2012
20080270063Method of improving cheese quality - A method is provided for improving the quality of cheese produced from a curd and whey mixture. The method comprises the steps of monitoring the curd and whey mixture during syneresis processing to collect color data, comparing the color data to a predetermined standard and terminating syneresis when the color meets the predetermined standard or, alternatively, analyzing the color data obtained to generate kinetic parameters that can be used to predict the end point of syneresis to improve control of curd moisture content.10-30-2008
20120010843IN-PLACE MANAGEMENT OF SEMICONDUCTOR EQUIPMENT RECIPES - Systems and methods for managing optical inspection target components are disclosed. A method may include, but is not limited to: storing at least one external recipe component at an inspection tool node; associating at least one proxy component with the at least one external recipe component; associating the at least one external recipe component with at least one optical inspection target recipe; and storing the at least one optical inspection target recipe including the at least one proxy component in a recipe distribution server. A method may include, but is not limited to: receiving a selection of at least one recipe associated with an optical inspection target to be inspected at a first inspection tool node; and determining whether one or more external recipe components associated with the recipe are stored on at least one of the first inspection tool node and a second node.01-12-2012
20120016617METHOD FOR TESTING ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method for testing an electronic device is implemented with a host computer. The host computer detects a test status of the electronic device. The host computer stores a test order table that indicates the test status and test order corresponding to the test status. The host computer transmits a test order based on the test status and the test order table to the electronic device. The electronic device executes a self-test based on the test order.01-19-2012
20120158344DEGRADATION DETERMINATION - An electrical device includes connectors for an electrical connection to a voltage source, a sampling device for determining a voltage applied to the connectors, a controllable load for changing an electrical power consumption of the device at the connectors, and a control device, which is configured for the purpose of determining a degradation of the electrical connection if voltages, which are applied to the connectors at different electrical power consumptions, differ from one another by more than a predetermined amount.06-21-2012
20120072158TEST METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR TESTING IMAGE PROCESSOR OF ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A test system for testing an image processor of an electronic device by controlling the image processor to playback a test image divided into several pixel areas is provided, therein, each pixel area includes several rows of pixels, and pixel values of the rows of pixels of one pixel area are respectively the same. The test system includes a storage device, a test module, and a test device. The storage device stores a pixel value of one row of each pixel area, and position of the pixel areas of the test image (test data). When the electronic device connects to the storage device, the test module invokes the test data from the storage device, recovers the test image according to the test data, and controls the image processor to produce a corresponding image signal. The test device judges performance of the image processor according to the image signal.03-22-2012
20110125448THREE-DIMENSIONAL APPLICATION PROGRAM FRAMEWORK STRUCTURE AND A METHOD FOR IMPLEMENTING AN APPLICATION PROGRAM BASED ON THE SAME, AND AN AUTOMATIC TESTING SYSTEM BASED ON A THREE-DIMENSIONAL APPLICATION SOFTWARE FRAMEWORK AND A METHOD THEREFOR - A three-dimensional application program framework structure; a method for implementing an application program based on the same; and an automatic testing system based on a three-dimensional application software framework and a method therefor. The three-dimensional application program framework structure provides a framework comprising functions and management of the environment of the system and events to be implemented by the user (developer), and the developer can easily expand the graphic user interface (GUI) and an actual modeling function as required, and user model. In addition, by using an automatic test system based on the framework, it is possible to record the function-execution history of the user and to automatically generate a test case, and to thereby test the functioning of the application software through the use of the test case regardless of changes in the source code and the GUI.05-26-2011
20120084040Systems And Methods Of Channel Identification Machines For Channels With Asynchronous Sampling - Method for identification of at least one parameter of a sampling system includes transmitting at least one input signal to at least one channel of the sampling system; measuring at least one output signal of the sampling system in response to sampling of the at least one input signal by the receiver; and determining, using a processor, the at least one parameter of the sampling system using the at least one input signal and the at least one output signal of the sampling system. A system for identification of at least one parameter relating to a sampling system in response to at least one input signal is also provided.04-05-2012
20120221279Automatic Test System for Distributed Comprehensive Service and Method Thereof - An automatic test system and method for a distributed comprehensive service are disclosed. The system has a client (08-30-2012
20120215478QUALIFYING CIRCUIT BOARD MATERIALS - A test structure for testing electrical properties of a material comprises a first loop and a second loop, which are connected to form a closed test loop. A signal generator, for generating a test signal, is coupled to the first loop and the second loop. A signal propagation switching logic is coupled to the first loop and to the second loop for alternatingly flipping the test signal between the first and second loops, such that the test signal moves uninterrupted through the closed test loop. A probe logic detects any degradation of the test signal as the test signal travels along the closed test loop.08-23-2012
20100204946SELF-TEST POWER MANAGEMENT UNIT - Systems and methods are disclosed for a self-testing power management unit (PMU) in an electronic device. Self-testing may enable the testing of PMU power supply outputs while reducing the need for test points to conserve circuit board real estate. In one embodiment, a PMU is placed in self-test mode, and a test controller may perform capacitance tests on each power supply output. Once the capacitance test has been performed on each power supply output, the PMU may be placed in normal operating mode, and voltage tests may be performed on each power rail. Once voltage tests have been performed on all power rails in the PMU, the self-test may be complete. In some embodiments, the test controller may communicate with a test multiplexer to select the power supply output for testing. Further, the measurements resulting from the capacitance and voltage tests may be converted to a digital signal through an analog-to-digital converter on the PMU.08-12-2010
20120136608TEST TABLE GENERATING DEVICE AND METHOD OF GENERATING TEST TABLE - A test table generating device includes a unit group input part, an upstream book analyzing part, a unit characteristic acquiring part, a unit characteristic matching part, and a test table generating section. The upstream book analyzing part analyzes an upstream book about a target unit designated by the unit group input part. The unit characteristic acquiring part acquires the unit characteristics of the target unit based on a result of the analysis. The unit characteristic matching part performs matching of the unit characteristics of the target unit, and specifies a similar unit having the same unit characteristics as those of the target unit. The test table generating section acquires a test table about the similar unit, and generates a test table about the target unit based on the acquired test table.05-31-2012
20100174505Conditioned medical testing - The invention refers to a computer implemented method, a computer system a test machine and a computer program product for executing conditioned and qualified test. An ordering instance may order a set of tests, comprising an initial test and a set of follow-up tests, wherein the execution of each of the follow-up tests is dependent of the result of the respective predecessor test, like the initial test. The conditions for executing the follow-up tests are dynamically definable and are analyzed automatically.07-08-2010
20090105982DIAGNOSABILITY SYSTEM: FLOOD CONTROL - Techniques for controlling collection of diagnostic data in a monitored system. A set of flood control rules are configured for the monitored system for controlling the gathering of diagnostic data in the monitored system. The set of flood control rules may include one or more default flood control rules. The set of flood control rules are user-configurable enabling the user of the monitored system to set policies for dynamically controlling gathering of diagnostic data for the monitored system. In one embodiment, diagnostic data gathering is controlled based upon a number of previous occurrences of a condition in some predefined or user-configured time frame that triggers diagnostic data gathering and/or a number of previous executions of an action performed in some predefined or user-configured time frame responsive to the condition in the monitored system.04-23-2009
20120226462Systems and Methods for Offline Testing of Customer Premise Equipment - Systems and methods are described for testing customer premise equipment in an offline fashion. According to certain embodiments, a testing system including one or more computing devices can identify a test scenario that includes information associated with one or more commands and expected results associated with the commands. Such commands can be executed by customer premise equipment. One or more respective images associated with the execution of a command can be captured, and information associated with the command, the associated expected result, and one or more respective images can be displayed for evaluation by a user to determine whether the command is operating properly in the customer premise equipment that executed the command. Certain embodiments describe a confidence level which can correspond to a number of images to be captured in order to decrease the possibility that content was not captured for evaluation.09-06-2012
20080300815DISPLAY APPARATUS AND CONTROL METHOD OF THE SAME - A display apparatus includes a storage unit which stores a display identification data and a comparative check data obtained from the display identification data by a preset data processing method; and a controller which calculates an inspective check data from the display identification data stored in the storage unit via the data processing method, compares the inspective check data with the comparative check data, and performs an identification data checking process to determine whether there is an error in the display identification data.12-04-2008
20080300814Interoperability digital exchange capture and replay product - An interoperability replay system and method allowing products that were not included in an interoperability test event to participate as if they were part of it in the past. On method comprises replaying to them the choreographies of the digital exchanges between the products in the previous interoperability test event. Choreographies are the digital interchanges between Systems-Under-Test (SUT) and include, but not limited to, the business process protocols, their data and logic exchanges supported by all subsidiary (underlying) layers of the protocol stack including digital security. Choreography may be between only two SUTs or among several SUTs assuming different roles and coordinated amongst each other to complete the business process. The business process may be composed of several transactions. This invention includes the collection and replay of these choreographies and all subsidiary protocol layer digital exchanges among the SUTs during an interoperability test event.12-04-2008
20080300813METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROCESS DESIGN VALIDATION - A method and system for process design validation is provided. A process validation is first triggered. A process design is evaluated against a technical infrastructure component and if a non-positive result is achieved as a result of process design validation, suggestions are generated in order to achieve a positive result.12-04-2008
20110046910Method and System for Sample Testing - The invention provides a system and method for testing samples and, in one embodiment, a system for directing and coordinating the operations of hardware components and performance of tasks of laboratory personnel. The system includes a user interface for receiving requests from one or more users. Each request comprises a list of one or more samples to be tested and specifies one or more tests to be conducted on each sample. The system also includes a sample preparation station for maintaining a library of all received samples and creating a sublibrary of samples based on the test(s) to be conducted. The system directs hardware components and laboratory personnel (collectively, laboratory resources) to conduct the requested tests and reports test results to the user(s) who have requested the test(s).02-24-2011
20120323518METHODS SYSTEMS AND APPARATUS FOR RANKING TESTS USED TO IDENTIFY FAULTS IN A SYSTEM - Methods, systems and apparatus are provided for ranking tests of interest. A set of failure modes of interest and a set of tests of interest are determined A differentiation factor is then computed for each of the tests of interest, and each of the tests of interest can then be ranked based on their respective differentiation factors.12-20-2012
20090210187Testing system and its method for recognizing the number sequence - The present invention relates to a testing system, which comprises: an electronic apparatus at least having an embedded controller, a connector and a communication interface; a microcontroller having a connection interface consisted of a second set of input signal lines that are coupled to a first set of output signal lines of the embedded controller, and a second set of output signal lines that are coupled to a first set of input signal lines of the embedded controller; and a testing program installed in the electronic apparatus for respectively sending data to the embedded controller and the microcontroller or receiving data from the embedded controller and the microcontroller. Whereby, when the testing system is being operated, the testing program controls the embedded controller and the microcontroller to recognize the number sequence of the second set of input signal lines and the second set of output signal lines. Furthermore, the present invention also provides a method for recognizing the number sequence of the data signal lines in a testing system.08-20-2009
20130013245METHOD FOR OBTAINING DISTRIBUTION OF CHARGES ALONG CHANNEL IN MOS TRANSISTOR - The present invention discloses a method for obtaining a distribution of charges along a channel of a MOS transistor, which is used for obtaining distributions of interface states charges and charges of a gate dielectric layer in the MOS transistor. The method includes: adding a MOS transistor into a test circuit; measuring two charge pumping current curves when a source terminal is open-circuited or when a drain terminal is open-circuited before and after a stress is applied by using a charge pumping current test method, where one of the two charge pumping current curves is an original curve and the other one is an post-stress curve; finding a point B corresponding to a point A on the original curve on the post-stress curve, and estimating amount of locally-generated interface states charges and charges of the gate dielectric layer by a variation of the charge pumping current and a variation in a voltage at a local point. As compared with a conventional method for obtaining a distribution, the method of the present invention can obtain a distribution of charges along a direction form the drain or source terminal to the channel more easily and rapidly, with an aid of a computer. A mass of complicated and repeated tests are reduced. Also, the method can provide an effective base for improving device reliability.01-10-2013
20110161039METHOD AND SYSTEM OF TESTING ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method of testing an electronic device is disclosed. The electronic device includes an embedded controller. The method includes storing a type information of the embedded controller and transmitting the type information to an application module through a data module. The application module analyzes the type information to obtain a command The application module sends the command to the embedded controller. The embedded controller returns a testing result to the application module. The application module generates a testing report after the application module compares the testing result with a predetermined result.06-30-2011
20110270566SCHEDULING DEVICE, SCHEDULING METHOD, SCHEDULING PROGRAM, STORAGE MEDIUM, AND MASS SPECTROMETRY SYSTEM - The present invention provides a scheduling device which can carry out scheduling of process execution periods of time, included in plural pieces of processing target data, respectively. The scheduling device sorts out plural pieces of substance data by looking up a retention time, included in each of the plural pieces of substance data. The scheduling device groups the plural pieces of substance data into a plurality of functions Fn so that pieces of substance data, included in each of the plurality of functions Fn, is successively arrayed in an order resulting from the sorting. Further, the scheduling device finds, for each of the plurality of functions Fn, a function range between a detection start time included in that function Fn and a detection end time included in that function Fn, and groups the plurality of functions Fn into a measurement group(s) In so that an interval between functions Fn included in the same measurement group is more than a condition set in advance.11-03-2011
20130090885TEST-SOFTWARE-SUPPORTED MEASURING SYSTEM AND MEASURING METHOD - The measuring system comprises a measuring device and a device under test (04-11-2013
20130096865APPARATUS FOR MEASURING EXCITATION PARAMETERS OF INDUCTION MOTOR AND METHOD THEREOF - The present invention relates to the technical field of motor control, and discloses an apparatus for measuring excitation parameters of an induction motor and a method thereof. The method comprises: maintaining the induction motor static, and inputting a test current to a test phase of the induction motor; and calculating, based on a voltage of the test phase of the induction motor, a stator flux linkage of the test phase of the induction motor corresponding to a magnitude of the test current. The disclosure can conveniently and accurately measure excitation parameters of the induction motor.04-18-2013
20130103341TEST FIXTURE FOR TESTING SET-TOP BOXES - A test fixture for testing set-top boxes. The test fixture includes a controller operable to control parallel testing of set-top boxes. The test fixture further includes computing devices in communication with the controller operable to perform testing of each of the set-top boxes in response to commands from the controller. The test fixture further includes testing platforms in communication with the computing devices operable to receive each of the set-top boxes for testing. Each of the testing platforms includes an adapter module for electrically interfacing each of the set-top boxes with the test fixture. The test fixture further includes a user interface in communication with the controller for displaying the test results and receiving input from a user.04-25-2013
20080201098Integrated tool for compliance testing within an enterprise content management system - Methods, tools, systems and computer readable media for compliance testing instrumentation and/or software. Data from one or more analytical instruments and/or software is converted to a technology-neutral format, which is independent of instrument type, instrument model, instrument manufacturer and data type of the analytical instrument or software from which the data was outputted. Calculations are performed on the converted data to produce one or more outputs, and then selection is made from the one or more outputs to populate a final report, wherein the one or more outputs are standardized and are directly comparable to outputs resultant from carrying out the method on another set of one or more other analytical instruments and/or software, irrespective of manufacturer or model of the other analytical instruments and/or software.08-21-2008
20100318312SIMPLIFYING DETERMINATION OF WHETHER A DISPLAY CONTROLLER PROVIDES VIDEO OUTPUT WITH DESIRED QUALITY - An aspect of the present invention enables a tester (person) to specify multiple test cases of interest to test a display controller, and executes the test cases in a batch mode to cause the display controller to generate corresponding video output. The tester is provided the ability to specify whether the displayed video output corresponding to each executed test case is of desired quality or not. Due to such a combination of features, testing of the display controller may be simplified, efficient and reliable as well.12-16-2010
20120283980METHOD OF MANAGING CLINICAL TESTING APPARATUS, CLINICAL TESTING SYSTEM, AND MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT APPARATUS - A management system connected with a clinical testing apparatus is disclosed. The system acquires, from the clinical testing apparatus, a parameter that varies according to deterioration of the unit at a plurality of points of time, stores the parameters and/or analysis results that are obtained by analyzing the parameters, and provides a screen data for showing the stored parameters and/or the stored analysis results in a time-series format. A method for managing a clinical testing apparatus and a clinical testing system for the method are also disclosed.11-08-2012
20130158931VOLTAGE TESTING DEVICE - An exemplary voltage testing device includes a testing circuit and an oscillograph. The testing circuit includes a filtering unit, a rectifier unit, and a voltage dividing unit. The filtering unit receives and filters an alternating current (AC) voltage. The rectifier unit receives the filtered AC voltage and rectifies the filtered AC voltage into a first direct current (DC) voltage. The voltage dividing unit receives the first DC voltage, and dividess the first DC voltage into a second DC voltage equaling an effective value of the AC voltage, thereby the second DC voltage is tested and displayed on the oscillograph.06-20-2013
20130158930COMPUTING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DETECTING DEFECTIVE HARDWARE OF IMAGE MEASUREMENT MACHINE - A method for detecting defective hardware of an image measurement machine, the method creates a hardware-recording table that records abnormalities to occur in hardware components of the image measurement machine, and detects device connecting faults, port connecting faults, and hardware faults of the image measurement machine. If any fault is detected, the method searches a serial number and one or more solutions for the fault from the hardware-recording table, and displays the serial number and the one or more solutions on a display screen of the computing device.06-20-2013
20120029858DYNAMIC CARE AREAS - Various embodiments for determining dynamic care areas are provided.02-02-2012

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