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20130030741METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MEASURING THE IMPEDANCE OF THE POWER DISTRIBUTION NETWORK IN PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC DEVICE APPLICATIONS - On-die measurement of power distribution impedance frequency profile of a programmable logic device (PLD), such as field programmable gate array (FPGA) or complex programmable logic device (CPLD), is performed by configuring and using only logic blocks resources commonly available in any existing programmable logic device, without the need of built-in dedicated circuits. All measurements are done inside the programmable logic device without the need of external instruments. The measurement method can be used during characterization to select decoupling capacitors or for troubleshooting existing systems, after which the programmable logic device may be reconfigured to perform any other user-defined function.01-31-2013
20130030740SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR VOLTAGE GRADIENT SENSOR DEVICES - A processing system for an input device includes a transmitter module, a receiver module, and a determination module. The transmitter module including transmitter circuitry, and is configured to drive a first end of a transmitter electrode such that the transmitter electrode exhibits a first voltage gradient extending from the first end of the transmitter electrode toward a second end of the transmitter electrode, wherein the first voltage gradient comprises a set of substantially discrete voltage values. The receiver module includes receiver circuitry, the receiver module configured to receive a first resulting signal with a first receiver electrode while the transmitter module is driving the first end of the transmitter electrode. The determination module is configured to compute a first measurement of a change in capacitive coupling between the transmitter electrode and the receiver electrode based on the first resulting signal, and determine positional information for an input object based on the first measurement.01-31-2013
20100161261Method and Apparatus for Integrated Circuit Temperature Control - A method includes generating a first, second and third voltage output from a temperature sensing element of an integrated circuit using a respective, corresponding first, second and third, switched current source, for sequentially switching a respective first, second and third excitation current through the temperature sensing element, wherein the third switched current source generates the corresponding third voltage output as a reference voltage between the first voltage and the second voltage; and calculating an error corrected difference between the first voltage and the second voltage using the reference voltage. In the method, the second excitation current is proportional to the first excitation current by a value n, and the third excitation current is proportional to the first excitation current by the square root of n.06-24-2010
20110196635CONTACTLESS SENSING DEVICE - A contactless sensing device comprises a magnetic stripe fixed on a tested object, a detector and a processor. The magnetic stripe has arranged plurality of N-pole and S-pole blocks. The detector includes a fixed magnetic layer with fixed magnetic direction, a free magnetic layer with changeable magnetic direction influenced by external magnetic field, and an insulating layer separated the fixed magnetic layer from the free magnetic layer. While the object is moving to make the magnetic stripe pass through the detector, the magnetic direction of the free magnetic layer is influenced by the N-pole and S-pole blocks, such that the magnetic direction of the free magnetic layer is parallel or anti-parallel to the fixed magnetic layer. The induced change of the magnetoresistance further result in the obvious change of the output signal to the processor, and then the information of the object is sensed and calculated from the processor.08-11-2011
20110196634METHOD, SYSTEM AND SENSOR FOR IDENTIFYING AN ELECTRICAL DEVICE CONNECTED TO A MAINS GRID - A method for identifying an electrical device connected to a mains grid is provided, the method comprising measuring at least one electrical characteristic on the mains grid with a sensor connected to a socket of the mains grid; comparing the at least one electrical characteristic with a plurality of stored candidate electrical characteristics each corresponding to one of a plurality of candidate electrical devices; and identifying the electrical device based on the stored candidate electrical characteristic that is closest to the at least one electrical characteristic. A corresponding system and a corresponding sensor are provided as well.08-11-2011
20120179403COMPENSATING FOR HYSTERESIS - A method and apparatus for compensating for hysteresis in a system, the method comprising: determining a first estimate of a system parameter using the Preisach model; measuring a value of a system parameter; and determining an updated estimate of the estimated system parameter using the measured value of a system parameter. The measured system parameter may be the same system parameter as the system parameter for which the first estimate is determined using the Preisach model, or it may be a further system parameter that is a different system parameter to the system parameter for which the first estimate is determined using the Preisach model. Determining the updated estimate of the estimated system parameter may further use the first estimate of the estimated system parameter, or it may further use a corresponding determined value of the further system parameter.07-12-2012
20120245873CLASSIFYING AND IDENTIFYING MATERIALS BASED ON PERMITIVITY FEATURES - Systems and methods are provided for remotely identifying and classifying materials based on their respective complex permittivity features. Materials of interest to be identified in later inspections are cataloged according to their respective complex permittivity features by applying electromagnetic fields to them and determining their complex permittivity features. That library of features is used to compare field measurements taken during an inspection to determine the presence of a material of interest and to identify it.09-27-2012
20120245872BATTERY TESTER WITH HIGH PRECISION - The present invention discloses a battery tester having high precision, which has a casing having an input device and two detecting wires, a microprocessor, a variable loading unit and a battery power status detecting unit. The microprocessor builds a strategic decision process therein to determine a proper resistance of a load for a battery according to the battery capacity, initial voltage and detection requirements having 1/N CCA and loading time. When the resistance of the load is determined, the microprocessor adjusts a resistance of the variable loading unit equal to the resistance of the load for the battery. Therefore, the battery tester does not use the load with the fixed resistance to detect batteries with different capacities and has accurate detecting results.09-27-2012
20130138373Apparatus and Method for Estimating Internal Resistance of Battery - Provided are an apparatus and a method for estimating internal resistance of a battery pack. The apparatus includes: a voltage sensing unit that measures a voltage value of the battery pack; a current sensing unit that measures a current value of the battery pack; a temperature sensing unit that measures a temperature value of the battery pack; and a microprocessor unit (MCU) that calculates the internal resistance of the battery pack using values transferred from the voltage sensing unit, the current sensing unit, and the temperature sensing unit.05-30-2013
20100042345APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ESTIMATING RESISTANCE CHARACTERISTICS OF BATTERY BASED ON OPEN CIRCUIT VOLTAGE ESTIMATED BY BATTERY VOLTAGE VARIATION PATTERN - An apparatus for estimating resistance characteristics of a battery includes a data storing manager for obtaining and storing battery voltage, current and temperature data of a battery, whenever estimating a battery resistance characteristic; an open circuit voltage calculator for calculating battery open circuit voltage from a battery voltage variation pattern measured at the present and in the past; a weighted mean resistance calculator for calculating a battery resistance parameter from a battery current and a difference between the battery open circuit voltage and a battery voltage, and calculating a weighted mean resistance from battery resistance parameters calculated at the present and in the past; a weighted mean resistance convergence calculator for calculating a weighed mean resistance convergence value by repeatedly calculating a weighted mean sequence using the weighted mean resistance as an initial condition; and a resistance characteristic estimator for estimating a battery resistance from the weighted mean resistance convergence value.02-18-2010
20090157338MEASURING METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR POTENTIOMETRIC MEASURING PROBES - A method and device are disclosed for measuring potentiometric measuring probes. An exemplary method includes feeding two test voltages comprising a harmonic wave U06-18-2009
20090157337System for determining electrical status of patient attached leads - A system determines electrical status of patient attached leads in medical patient monitoring. The system includes a repository of data indicating multiple predetermined impedance value ranges and corresponding associated lead status information of at least one electrical lead attached to a patient for conducting electrical signals for use in patient monitoring. An impedance measurement processor automatically successively determines whether an impedance value of a particular patient attached lead of multiple electrical leads attached to a patient is within a particular impedance value range of multiple predetermined impedance value ranges. An output processor automatically communicates data comprising a message identifying an electrical status of a particular lead of the multiple electrical leads by deriving status information from the repository in response to a determination the impedance value of the particular patient attached lead is within the particular impedance value range.06-18-2009
20090157336STATIC MEASURING METHOD OF ELECTRICAL REFERENCES OF THREE-PHASE PERMANENT MAGNET SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR - A method for measuring a resistance and an inductance of a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) in a static state includes inputting a rated current of the PMSM and 150% of the rated current at a state of locking an axle of the PMSM, recording corresponding voltages V06-18-2009
20100106439PROCESS FOR MEASURING THE IMPEDANCE OF ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS - In a method for measurement of impedance of electronic circuits, an input of the electronic circuit is acted upon by a high-frequency ac voltage with a measurement frequency f as a test signal and, from the reaction of the circuit to the test signal, the impedance Z of the circuit is determined. A parameter S, which represents the value04-29-2010
20080228416Indirect rotor resistance estimation system and method - Indirect rotor resistance estimation for an AC induction motor is achieved by successively stepping the quadrature command to zero and the direct current command to a predetermined value causing the quadrature stator voltage to decay as a representation of rotor current decay; defining, in response to the decaying stator voltage reaching two spaced thresholds, a voltage/time difference, and retrieving from a storage device the rotor resistance associated with the voltage/time difference.09-18-2008
20090299664MEASUREMENT BASED VOLTAGE STABILITY MONITORING AND CONTROL - A measurement base voltage stability monitoring and control scheme having a means for measuring current and voltage phasors at a boundary bus of a load center; and an equivalent network having a fictitious bus with an aggregate load representative of all loads of the load center. The scheme further includes a computing device to calculate a voltage stability margin index based on the aggregate load of the fictitious bus and compare the voltage stability margin index to a pre-set threshold. The computing device causes an action to take place based on the comparison between the voltage stability margin index and the pre-set threshold.12-03-2009
20120185193CIRCUIT AND METHOD FOR MEASURING A RESISTANCE VALUE OF A RESISTIVE COMPONENT - A method is provided for measuring a resistance value of a resistive component, which provides for connecting a pull up resistance, in series to the component and supplying a first voltage value to a free end of the pull up resistance and a second lower voltage value to a free end of the component, monitoring a signal indicative of a voltage value between the component and the pull up resistance, determining the difference between the monitored signal and a generated PWM signal having a high voltage value and low voltage value, integrating the difference, obtaining an output signal, varying a duty cycle of the PWM signal based on the variation over time of the output signal, acquiring a duty cycle of the PWM signal, and determining the resistance value of the resistive component based on the duty cycle value and of the pull up resistance value.07-19-2012
20130046496PREDICTING LED PARAMETERS FROM ELECTROLUMINESCENT SEMICONDUCTOR WAFER TESTING - A diode model and conductive-probe measurements taken at the wafer lever are used to predict the characterization parameters of a semiconductor device manufactured from the wafer. A current-voltage curve (I-V) model that expresses a current-voltage relationship as a function of resistance, ideality factor, and reverse saturation current is fitted to a number of conductive-probe measurement data. The current-voltage curve (I-V02-21-2013
20090319212MAGNETIC CRASH SENSOR - A magnetic field is generated by at least one coil in magnetic communication with at least a portion of a vehicle responsive to a first time-varying signal operatively coupled to the at least one coil in series with a sense resistor. A second signal is generated responsive to a voltage across the sense resistor and is response to a magnetic condition of the at least one coil, which is response to the magnetic communication of the at least one coil with the portion of the vehicle.12-24-2009
20100268497PORTABLE SYSTEM WITH FUNCTION OF MEASUREMENT AND MEASUREMENT METHOD THEREBY - A portable system having a function of measurement includes a conductive structure and a mobile communication device. The conductive structure is plugged into a earphone socket of the mobile communication device for measuring a electric signal of an object. Next, the result of the measurement can be shown on a display or broadcasted on a speaker of the mobile communication device.10-21-2010
20090306916ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTIC ANALYZING APPARATUS FOR SUBSTANCE ON WHICH METAL-CONTAINING PAINT IS COATED - To provide an electrical characteristic analyzing apparatus that can analyze the electrical characteristic of a substance, on which a paint containing a metal is coated, with ease and in a short time, the electrical characteristic analyzing apparatus comprises an analysis model obtaining unit for obtaining analysis model information, a wave source information obtaining unit for obtaining wave source information, a property value obtaining unit for obtaining property values of an analysis model, and an electromagnetic field analyzing unit for analyzing an electrical characteristic at an observation point according to an electric or magnetic signal provided from a wave source.12-10-2009
20120191392METHOD FOR ANALYZING CORRELATIONS AMONG DEVICE ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS AND METHOD FOR OPTIMIZING DEVICE STRUCTURE - A method for analyzing correlations among electrical characteristics of an electronic device and a method for optimizing a structure of the electronic device are disclosed. The electronic device may comprises a plurality of electrical characteristics v07-26-2012
20090093979SCALING FACTOR FOR AN OUTPUT OF AN ELECTROCHEMICAL CELL - A scaling factor for scaling an output of a first electrochemical cell, is determined in order to compensate for the effect on the output caused by an variation in value of a property of a working electrode of the first cell from a reference value of that property. A measured value for the property is obtained from a portion of material formed so as to have substantially the same value of the property as does the working electrode and the measured value is processed to generate the scaling factor.04-09-2009
20130073240SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE AND TEMPERATURE SENSOR SYSTEM - A temperature sensor in a semiconductor device includes a temperature detection circuit for outputting a voltage according to the chip temperature, a reference voltage generating circuit for generating a plurality of reference voltages, and a plurality of voltage comparators for comparing each reference voltage with an output voltage of the temperature detection circuit and thereby generating a chip temperature detection signal configured with multiple bits. Further, the temperature sensor includes a control circuit for controlling the reference voltages generated by the reference voltage generating circuit based on the chip temperature detection signal and thereby changing correspondence between the chip temperature detection signal and the chip temperature to shift a chip temperature detection range. It is possible to expand the chip temperature detection range by changing the correspondence between the chip temperature detection signal and the chip temperature, without increasing the number of voltage comparators.03-21-2013
20130073239Systems and Methods for Mobile Electrofishing Monitoring - A mobile electric field monitor with a floatable housing, an electric field probe, and a computer processor to measure the electric field generated by an electrofisher while the electrofisher is being used in a body of water, this mobile electric field monitor is coupled to computing system to generate a three dimensional map of electric field.03-21-2013
20120310572SENSING AND DEFINING AN INPUT OBJECT - An input device comprises a display, a plurality of sensor electrodes, and a processing system. The plurality of sensor electrodes is configured to detect an input object in a sensing region of the input device. The sensing region overlaps the display. The processing system is coupled with the plurality of sensor electrodes. The processing system is configured for: acquiring a capacitive image from the plurality of sensor electrodes; and correlating a part of the capacitive image with at least one input object template image to determine a type of an input object interacting with the input device.12-06-2012
20120226457NON-CONTACT SENSOR SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DISPLACEMENT DETERMINATION - A non-contact sensor system is provided that comprises a first sensor element and a rotary member disposed proximate the first sensor element without physically contacting the first sensor element. The rotary member may he configured to be rotated about an axis Y by a shaft configured to pass through the rotary member along the axis Y at a value X. The non-contact sensor system further comprises a second sensor element disposed on the rotary member proximate the first sensor element without physically contacting the first sensor element, and the first sensor element and the second sensor element may be operatively coupled to facilitate sensing the value X.09-06-2012
20120226456METHOD OF CALCULATING FET GATE RESISTANCE - A method and device determine FET gate resistance based on both polysilicon resistance and the resistance values of wires and contacts connected to the gate node, plus the fraction of the electric current in each wire segment and in each contact and the path length of electric current in polysilicon. A new gate resistance expression (i.e., a master equation) is used for total gate resistance, which is the sum of core gate resistance and the resistance of wires and contacts connecting polysilicon and a gate node. When there are two or more paths for electric current going from polysilicon to the gate node, the total resistance also depends on the direction and path length of electric current in polysilicon, and the method and device next determine the fraction of electric current in each path by minimizing total resistance with respect to the fractions of the electric current in each path.09-06-2012
20110022338DETERMINING DEGRADED INSULATING ABILITY IN AN INDUCTIVELY OPERATING ELEMENT - A method, device and computer program product for determining the change in insulating ability of the insulation provided around a conductor of an inductively operating element, which conductor is wound a number of turns. The device includes a signal generating unit that applies a signal of varying frequency to the conductor and an analyzing unit, which receives a frequency response to the signal from the conductor, compares the received frequency response with a reference frequency response and determines the change in insulating ability based on the comparison.01-27-2011
20100121594METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ESTIMATION OF SOURCE IMPEDENCE ON ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION LINES - A device and method for dynamically determining an impedance of a network is disclosed. The device includes at least a processing system for measuring a network voltage and network current when said network is determined to be in a first state, measuring a network voltage when said network is determined to be in a second state, estimating said impedance value dependent upon said measured voltages and current, adapting said estimated impedance based on at least one prior impedance value and storing at least said adapted impedance.05-13-2010
20100088052Contactor Status Detection in Power Inverters - A sensor-less technique is described for detecting the status of an AC contactor of a power inverter. In one embodiment, a method is provided of sensing an unexpected condition of an AC contactor used to couple to a power distribution system a power inverter having at least one power conductor. The method includes determining a voltage value for the conductor; determining a current value for the conductor; determining a phase difference using the voltage value and the current value; and monitoring successive values of the phase difference to produce a monitoring result. Depending on the monitoring result, a determination is made whether or not to issue an alert signal. Control routines embodying such technique may be stored on computer-readable media. A power inverter using such technique is described.04-08-2010
20130166238CIRCUIT FOR MEASURING CAPACITANCE AND PARASITIC RESISTANCE OF A CAPACITOR - A measuring circuit includes a voltage converting circuit, a discharging and sampling circuit, a control circuit, and a charging circuit. The voltage converting circuit converts a voltage to a working voltage and outputs the working voltage to the discharging and sampling circuit. The charging circuit charges a capacitor and outputs a stop charging signal to the control circuit. The control circuit includes a microprocessor with a timer, to output a discharging control signal to the discharging and sampling circuit for controlling the capacitor to discharge according to the stop charging signal. The discharging and sampling circuit includes a discharging resistor, and measures voltages of the capacitor and the discharging resistor. The microprocessor obtains a discharging time of the capacitor for calculating a capacitance of the capacitor, and obtains the voltages of the capacitor and the discharging resistor for calculating a parasitic resistance of the capacitor.06-27-2013
20080294360METHOD FOR DETECTING THE LOSS OF ONE OR MORE PHASES IN A PERMANENT-MAGNET SYNCHRONOUS ELECTRIC MOTOR - The present invention relates to a method implemented in a speed controller (11-27-2008
20080294359METHOD AND DEVICE FOR TESTING COMMUNICATION CIRCUITS - A novel method for testing a communications circuit is disclosed. The method includes the following steps: (a) connecting an internal balanced circuit to a well-balanced resistor network; (b) measuring a first plurality of real and imaginary components of the voltages with the internal balanced circuit connected to the well-balanced resistor network; (c) calculating an error for the internal balanced circuit based on the first plurality of voltages; (d) connecting the internal balanced circuit to the communications circuit; (e) measuring a second plurality of real and imaginary components of the voltages with the internal balanced circuit connected to the communications circuit; and (f) calculating a corrected balance for the communications circuit based on the second plurality of voltages and the error for the internal balanced resistor network. A novel device and software program that incorporates this novel method are also disclosed.11-27-2008
20110282607ELECTRICAL CONTINUITY ANALYZER - A wireless electrical continuity analyzer of the present invention is used for testing the continuity of an electrical network having a plurality of testing points, each testing point including a plurality of pins. The analyzer includes a plurality of remote testers each having a wireless transceiver, a plurality of pin connectors, and a microcontroller. The pin connectors of each of the plurality of remote testers are configured for connection to pins of respective ones of the plurality of testing points. The continuity analyzer further includes a central computer system wirelessly connected to each of the plurality of remote testers. The central computer system sends a first wireless signal to a first of the remote testers activating at least one pin of the testing point associated with said first remote tester, and sends a second wireless message to all other remote testers to cause the other remote testers to sense voltages received at each pin.11-17-2011
20110282605MOTOR DRIVING CIRCUIT - A test signal generating circuit generates an AC test signal. A driving unit supplies, to a motor, a driving voltage on which the test signal has been superimposed. A current detection circuit generates a detection signal that corresponds to an actual current that flows through a coil of the motor. A filter extracts, from the detection signal, a frequency component that corresponds to the test signal. A coil constant calculation circuit calculates the resistance value and the inductance value of the motor based upon the amplitude of the detection signal output from the filter, the amplitude of the test signal, and the phase difference between these signals.11-17-2011
20110282608PORTABLE DEFENSIVE AC IMPEDANCE DATA LOGGING DEVICE - A portable defensive AC impedance data logging device is used for measuring the AC impedance. The portable defensive AC impedance data logging device disclosed in the present invention can display not only a traditional measured result but also a comparison result derived from the measured result and preset limit values for further producing a “near-fail” preventive result. A set of informative logging data, such as location code and date and time when the measurement is performed, is automatically added into each measured record that can be stored paperlessly in device memory for quick check. The device further combines a portable mass data storage technique to provide an unlimited automatic data storage space for convenient transporting of the measured records to other sophisticated data processing system such as personal computers.11-17-2011
20110282606Scalable capacitive touch system and method - A scalable capacitive touch system includes a header unit having a processor, an internal communication unit, and an external communication unit adapted to communicate button identification data to an external device; and at least one adder unit. Each adder unit can include at least one capacitive pad, a controller for monitoring the at least one capacitive pad, and a communication interface adapted, to communicatively connect to at least one of the header unit and another adder unit, and to communicate button actuation data to the header unit for processing by the processor to identify a user-activated capacitive pad.11-17-2011
20120290238METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTION OF LVDT CORE FALLOUT CONDITION - A method includes measuring a first voltage (V11-15-2012
20090216472PARAMETER ESTIMATION FOR AND USE OF A THERMAL MODEL OF A POWER LINE - A relationship between a temperature T08-27-2009
20110301894Method and System for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring and Processing - A system and method for use in a non-intrusive load monitoring system to identify specific types of loads and communicate the identified load information to interested parties. The non-intrusive load monitoring system includes an electricity meter that measures load information from a home or facility. The load information is analyzed by comparing the information to a series of load signatures for various known electrical loads to identify the specific type of electric load. Once the type of load is identified, the system utilizes the information to analyze the operation of the load and relay messages to the home owner regarding such operation. The load information may be used by a utility to better predict and manage peak and average electricity consumption over the year. Upon customer authorization, the load identification information may also be relayed to third parties for use in directed sales campaigns and discount promotions.12-08-2011
20110301893INTELLIGENT TOOL FOR DETECTING PERFORATIONS AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA ONLINE - The present application relates to a tool for detecting perforations in hydrocarbon pipelines based on the sensing system thereof. The function of said tool is to pass longitudinally through a pipeline of specific diameter, monitoring the thickness thereof and detecting any hole over the path followed and, in accordance with the data obtained, establishing the distance at which the holes are located, calculated from the starting point, the time at the instant of detection and also the circumferential position and size thereof, all the aforesaid as part of an online process implemented as the tool progresses through the target pipeline. At the end of the run, the information may be downloaded to a computer where it is available for use and for the corresponding decisions concerning integrity.12-08-2011
20110301892System and method for characterizing the electrical properties of a semiconductor sample - A system for characterizing the electrical properties of semiconductor wafers with high surface state densities, such as GaN wafers, includes a support subsystem for supporting the semiconductor sample, at least one light source for illuminating a spot on the sample, and a detection subsystem for measuring the photovoltage signal produced from illumination of the sample. In use, the system utilizes in-line, non-contact photovoltage techniques that exploits the presence of the high surface state density and the known components of its associated electrostatic barrier as part of its novel characterization process. Specifically, the system illuminates the sample with one or more light beams that vary in photon energy and duration in order to excite charge carriers in specific layers of the sample while either preserving or collapsing the electrostatic barrier. In this manner, the system is able to electrically characterize individual or combined layers of the sample as well as embedded junctions.12-08-2011
20110288799CURRENT METERING AND ABNORMAL EVENT MONITORING SYSTEM - An MMS sensor assembly includes a U-shaped bottom housing that forms a recess in which is received a conductor whose current is to be sensed and a top housing arranged to be removably latched to the bottom housing. At least one magnetic field sensor is situated within the top housing, such the magnetic field sensor is positioned adjacent the conductor when the top housing is latched to the bottom housing, and is removable from the sensor assembly for repair or replacement. Circuitry connected to the magnetic field sensor includes a data storage device to store correction/compensation tables and/or equations for self-calibration or correction of the sensor.11-24-2011
20120016611IMPEDANCE MATCHING SYSTEM AND OPERATING METHOD THEREOF - An impedance matching system is provided. The impedance matching system includes an impedance matching apparatus and an impedance analysis apparatus. The impedance matching apparatus varies a capacitance value of a capacitor according to an applied voltage value, and matches an impedance according to the varied capacitance value. The impedance analysis apparatus supplies a voltage for varying the capacitance value to an impedance matching circuit, and determines an impedance value, changed according to the voltage value, to analyze characteristic of a capacitor included in the impedance matching apparatus.01-19-2012
20080270053APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SAMPLING EYE DIAGRAMS WITH WINDOW COMPARATORS - Apparatus and method for determining characteristics of a bit stream of binary pulses. The apparatus has control apparatus for defining a window comparator and logic apparatus for accumulating and mapping numbers derived from a count of the number of times the bit stream pulses fall at points inside the window comparator and drawing an eye diagram defining characteristics of the bit stream.10-30-2008
20100198539FAST AND ACCURATE ESTIMATION OF GATE OUTPUT LOADING - Embodiments of a computer system, a method, an integrated circuit and a computer-program product (i.e., software) for use with the computer system are described. These devices and techniques may be used to analyze an electrical characteristic of a logic gate electrically coupled to an output network in a stage. In particular, during the analysis, the effective capacitance of an output network coupled to a logic gate is approximated as a function of a total resistance of the output network, a total capacitance of the output network, and a geometric parameter of the output network. For example, the effective capacitance may be approximated as a function of a ratio of the product of the total resistance and the total capacitance to the fanout count of the output network. Using the effective capacitance and other parameters, such as a slew rate of an electrical signal applied to an input of the logic gate, an electrical characteristic of the logic gate, such as an input capacitance, is determined.08-05-2010
20130218497SYSTEMS, METHODS AND DEVICES FOR DETECTING BRANCH CIRCUIT LOAD IMBALANCE - Systems, methods and devices for detecting multi-phase branch circuit load imbalance are presented herein. A method is disclosed for detecting a load imbalance in a multi-phase electrical distribution system which includes: determining an association between each space of the panel and a respective circuit; receiving data of an electrical parameter indicative of load imbalance; receiving data of a system parameter indicative of load activity; determining an average value from the electrical parameter data; determining an aggregate value from the system parameter data; determining a model correlating the system parameter with the electrical parameter; determining if the average value of the electrical parameter is unbalanced; if so, determining a modeled electrical parameter value using the model and the aggregate value of the system parameter; determining if the average value of the electrical parameter corresponds with the modeled electrical parameter value; and, if not, outputting an indication that the load imbalance exists.08-22-2013
20110218750SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MEASURING CONDUCTIVITY/RESISTIVITY OF WATER HAVING HIGH PURITY - A system and related method are provided for measuring conductivity/resistivity of water having high purity, including a temperature sensor and a conductivity/resistivity sensor exposed to a water source. The system further includes a computing assembly configured to receive measurement signals from the sensors and to determine change in resistivity over a change in temperature (a collected R/T slope) from the collected temperature measurements and the collected resistivity measurements. The system compares the collected R/T slope to a standardized R/T slope at a temperature value corresponding to a midpoint temperature of the temperature measurements over the prescribed time interval. Based on the comparing, the system provides providing a compensated measurement for resistivity or conductivity of the water source. As a result, the system can calibrate the sensor continually during use, in real time, resulting in highly improved accuracy.09-08-2011
20120035875APPARATUS AND PROCESS FOR MEASURING PROPERTIES - The present invention relates to an apparatus and process for measuring a property of a material such as the moisture content of cotton fibre. An embodiment is specifically adapted for determining an absolute value of the moisture content of the cotton fibre while being conveyed through ducts such as the ducts of the ginning machine. The embodiment combines large area capacitor plates with light detectors.02-09-2012
20120109558Method for Implementing Electromagnetic Anti-Interference Filter Impedance Match and Measuring System Thereof - A measuring system for implementing impedance matching of an electromagnetic immunity filter comprises an impedance measuring chip, an impedance reading device, and a power supply module and a load circuit in a circuit to be applied by the electromagnetic immunity filter; wherein, the impedance measuring chip, connected between the power supply module and the load circuit, is configured to output an excitation voltage to the load circuit, receive a current returned by the load circuit, calculate an impedance of the load circuit based on the excitation voltage and the current returned by the load circuit, and output the impedance to the impedance reading device; and the impedance reading device is configured to read the impedance calculated by the impedance measuring chip. Accordingly, the present invention further provides a method for implementing impedance matching of an electromagnetic immunity filter.05-03-2012
20120221271Method and Arrangement in a Telecommunication System for Estimating Frequency Dependent Resistance - Method and arrangement in a telecommunication system for estimating frequency dependent resistance of a transmission line. Insertion loss per length unit of the transmission line at a first frequency is determined. Thereupon a first resistance per length unit based on the determined insertion loss per length unit of the transmission line is calculated. Effective resistance per length unit at a second frequency based on the calculated first resistance is calculated. The calculated effective resistance could be used when estimating the insertion loss for the second frequency and all frequencies of interest.08-30-2012
20090240451MOS CAPACITANCE TEST STRUCTURE AND ASSOCIATED METHOD FOR MEASURING A CURVE OF CAPACITANCE AS A FUNCTION OF THE VOLTAGE - A test structure for precise characterization of an MOS stack has two semiconductor devices DT09-24-2009
20090099802Systems, Methods and Circuits for Determining Potential Battery Failure Based on a Rate of Change of Internal Impedance - Various systems and methods for determining potential battery failure are disclosed. For example, some embodiments of the present invention provide battery systems that include a battery, an embedded processor and a computer readable medium. The computer readable medium includes instructions executable by the embedded processor to measure at least one characteristic of the battery; to calculate a rate of change of internal impedance of the battery based at least in part on the at least one characteristic of the battery; and to determine a potential failure condition based on the rate of change of internal impedance of the battery.04-16-2009
20090292489SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING AN ABUSED SENSOR DURING ANALYTE MEASUREMENT - A method of measuring an analyte in a biological fluid comprises applying an excitation signal having a DC component and an AC component. The AC and DC responses are measured; a corrected DC response is determined using the AC response; and a concentration of the analyte is determined based upon the corrected DC response. Other methods and devices are disclosed.11-26-2009
20100017156REDUCTION OF NOISE IN ELECTRICAL FIELD MEASUREMENTS - A method for removing cultural noise from a measurement of the field generated by an electromagnetic source, such as a current bi-pole or a magnetic loop source, the method comprising: simultaneously measuring the electromagnetic signal at a field measurement position and a calibration position close to the field measurement position, but in a null field of the source; using the field measurement and the calibration measurement to compute a filter that estimates the component of the field measurement that is correlated with cultural noise; convolving the computed filter with the calibration measurement to yield the estimated cultural noise component, and subtracting that component from the field measurement. 01-21-2010
20120296588RESISTOR MATRIX OFFSET COMPENSATION - A method of measuring resistance in each of a plurality of resistors in a resistor matrix is provided. Each resistor is located at a different intersection between a column conductor and a row conductor. The, the method includes determining an offset error row current of each row conductor, scanning each row conductor to identify if that row conductor is connected to a column conductor by one of the plurality of resistors, if that row conductor is connected to a column conductor by one of the plurality of resistors, scanning each resistor connected to that row conductor to determining if that resistor is connecting a column conductor to that row conductor, and if that resistor is connecting a column conductor to that row conductor, outputting an offset compensated resistance of that resistor calculated from the row current measured for that resistor less the offset error row current for that row conductor.11-22-2012
20080281537Process for Measuring the Impedance of Electronic Circuits - The task underlying the invention, which concerns a method for measurement of impedance of electronic circuits, in which the input of the electronic circuit is acted upon by a high-frequency ac voltage with a measurement frequency f as test signal and from the reaction of the circuit to the test signal the impedance Z of the circuit is determined, in which a parameter S, which represents the value11-13-2008
20100023287Techniques for Electrically Characterizing Tunnel Junction Film Stacks with Little or no Processing - Probes are electrically connected to a surface of a tunnel junction film stack comprising a free layer, a tunnel barrier, and a pinned layer. Resistances are determined for a variety of probe spacings and for a number of magnetizations of one of the layers of the stack. The probe spacings are a distance from a length scale, which is related to the Resistance-Area (RA) product of the tunnel junction film stack. Spacings from as small as possible to about 40 times the length scale are used. Beneficially, the smallest spacing between probes used during a resistance measurement is under 100 microns. A measured in-plane MagnetoResistance (MR) curve is determined from the “high” and “low” resistances that occur at the two magnetizations of this layer. The RA product, resistances per square of the free and pinned layers, and perpendicular MR are determined through curve fitting.01-28-2010
20080312857Input/output multiplexer bus - An input/output (“I/O”) system includes a plurality of input/output (“I/O”) ports, measurement circuitry, and an I/O multiplexer bus. The measurement circuitry is coupled to measure one or more electrical properties of one or more devices to be externally coupled to one or more of the I/O ports. The I/O multiplexer bus is coupled between the I/O ports and the measurement circuitry. The I/O multiplexer bus is programmable to selectively couple the measurement circuitry to any of the I/O ports.12-18-2008
20110208458IMPEDANCE MEASUREMENT CIRCUIT AND METHOD - An impedance measurement circuit comprises a current source arrangement, a voltage measurement arrangement and a processor. The circuit is operable in a two-point measurement mode and a four-point measurement mode and the processor as is adapted to derive the impedance to be measured by combining the measurement voltages from the two-point and the four-point measurement modes. This combines the results of both two-point and four-point measurement techniques to provide improved accuracy. In particular, the two results enable the effect of the electrode resistance to be cancelled.08-25-2011
20080270051Impedance Parameter Values - A method of determining parameter values used in impedance analysis of a subject. The method includes using a processing system to determine a number of impedance measurements at a corresponding number of frequencies. The impedance measurements are used to determine estimates of parameter values, with the estimates being used to determine theoretical impedance values based on the parameter value estimates. The theoretical impedance values are compared to the measured impedance values to allow a modification direction to be determined for at least one of the parameter value estimates. This is then used to modify at least one parameter value estimate, with the parameter values being determined at least in part from one or more modified parameter value estimates.10-30-2008
20110270557MEASURING METHOD OF CRITICAL CURRENT DENSITY OF SUPERCONDUCTOR WIRES USING MEASUREMENT OF MAGNETIZATION LOSS - A method for measuring critical current density of superconductor wires according to the present invention is characterized in that it includes: (a) applying an external magnetic field to the superconductor wires, (b) measuring a magnetization loss of the superconductor wires according to the application of the external magnetic field, (c) normalizing the measured magnetization loss, and then calculating a fully-penetration magnetic field of the superconductor wires according to the normalized magnetization loss, (d) calculating a critical current density of the superconductor wires according to the calculated fully-penetration magnetic field. Therefore, the critical current density of parallel superconductor wires such as stacked superconductor wires may be measured without applying current to the superconductor wires directly.11-03-2011
20110270559IN-SITU REAL-TIME ENERGY STORAGE DEVICE IMPEDANCE IDENTIFICATION - An impedance analysis system for characterizing an energy storage device (ESD) includes a signal vector assembler to generate a signal vector from a composition of one or more waveforms and a signal generator for generating a stimulus signal responsive to the signal vector. A signal measurement device measures a response signal indicative of a response of the ESD substantially simultaneously with when the stimulus signal is applied to the energy storage device. A load variation monitor monitors load variations on the energy storage device due to operational circuitry coupled thereto. An analyzer is operably coupled to the response signal and analyzes the response signal relative to the signal vector to determine an impedance of the energy storage device.11-03-2011
20090119040SECURITY SCREENING AND INSPECTION BASED ON BROADBAND ELECTROMAGNETIC HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGING - A method of security screening and inspection of people in airlines, ships, or secured buildings, involves placing an array of transmitters and receivers in operational association with the medium. The transmitters generate a broad band harmonic (frequency domain) or pulse (time domain) primary electromagnetic field (EM) field, including the lower frequency portions of the EM spectrum, whose propagation is typically characterized by the diffusion phenomena, or by the combination of the diffusion and wave phenomena. The primary field propagates through and interacts with the examined person and any objects carried by the person to produce a scattered field, which is recorded by the receivers. The scattered EM field components measured by the receivers are applied as an artificial EM field to generate a backscattering EM field. Cross power spectra of the primary and backscattering fields (in the frequency domain) or cross correlation between these fields (in the time domain) produce a numerical reconstruction of an EM hologram. The desired properties of the person, including the properties of any objects carried by the person, such as conductivity or dielectric permittivity, are then derived from this hologram.05-07-2009
20110208457ELECTROCHEMICAL POTENTIOMETRIC SENSING WITHOUT REFERENCE ELECTRODE - The invention relates to a method of determining a charged particle concentration in an analyte (08-25-2011
20090119041Method and apparatus for characterising multiphase fluid mixtures - A method for determining at least one characteristic of a multiphase fluid including the steps of applying alternating energy of a predetermined amplitude to a portion of a multiphase fluid and measuring the electrical impedance spectrum across the portion of multiphase fluid whereby a characteristic of the multiphase fluid can be determined from the measured electrical impedance spectrum.05-07-2009
20090006014Non-Destructive Electrical Characterization Macro and Methodology for In-Line Interconnect Spacing Monitoring - A method for determining a line-to-line spacing of a device. The method includes experimentally determining a slope k01-01-2009
20090326844CIRCUIT TESTING APPARATUS - A circuit testing apparatus for testing capacitance of a capacitor of a device under test is provided. The circuit testing apparatus includes a measuring module, a first converting module, a processing module and a second converting module. The measuring module provides a testing signal, and determines the capacitance of the capacitor according to a signal measuring result of the testing signal. The first converting module is coupled to the measuring module for converting the testing signal to generate a testing input signal. The processing module is coupled to the first converting module and the device under test for transmitting the testing input signal to the capacitor, and amplifies an output signal generated by the capacitor to generate an amplified signal. The second converting module is coupled to the processing module and the measuring module for converting the amplified signal to generate the signal measuring result.12-31-2009
20110224930SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTION OF INSECT INFESTATION - A system for detecting the presence of an insect/insect larvae may include, but is not limited to: a first electrically conductive crush roller; a second electrically conductive crush roller; a drive motor operably coupled to at least one of the first electrically conductive crush roller and the second electrically conductive crush roller via an electrically isolating coupling; and detection circuitry configured to detect a signal transmitted from the first electrically conductive crush roller to the second electrically conductive crush roller when a conductive material is disposed between the first electrically conductive crush roller to the second electrically conductive crush roller.09-15-2011
20090024340Method and a System for Cable or Subscriber Loop Investigation Performing Loop Topology Identification - A system and method for using loop topology identification to investigate a transmission line having a plurality of cable segments. At a measurement plane for each segment, a probing signal is transmitted into the cable. A reflected signal is detected, and an equivalent total input impedance is calculated. The system iteratively calculates the distance between the measurement planes as well as the length, characteristic impedance, and the propagation constant of each segment. A model is used to calculate the respective equivalent input impedance of each segment using the calculated characteristic impedance, propagation constant, and length of the preceding segment. The equivalent total input impedance is then calculated from the iteratively calculated segment values.01-22-2009
20120143546ELECTRICITY FEATURE IDENTIFICATION DEVICE AND METHOD THEREOF - An electricity feature identification device and a method thereof are provided. The device comprises a receiver, a storage, and a processor. The receiver is configured to receive an electricity signal continually. The processor is electrically connected to the storage and the receiver, and configured to sample the electricity signal to obtain a piece of testing electricity information, and store the testing electricity information in the storage. The processor is also configured to sample the electricity signal every sampling interval to individually obtain a piece of reference electricity information until the number of the reference electricity information is equal to a preset sample amount, and store the reference electricity information in the storage. Finally, the processor is configured to compute a statistical feature of the reference electricity information, and compare the testing electricity information with the statistical feature to obtain a comparison result.06-07-2012
20110231127Apparatus for High Precision Measurement of Varied Surface and Material Levels - An apparatus and method for measuring the level of a wide range of varied surfaces or materials housed within vessels, and for detecting contact with a solid surface within the vessel is disclosed. A high precision radio frequency admittance measuring system, using capacitance to measure levels of process materials, coupled with detection element to sense contact of the detection element with a solid surface, such as a floating roof. An active element and ground element in coaxial relationship provides means for measuring the level of process materials including water, oil, kerosene, jet fuel, gasoline. Along with detecting the level of a solid surface within the vessel such as a floating roof. One preferred application of the inventive apparatus is to provide vessel or tank overfill protection. The apparatus detection element is capable of sensing level and non-level solid surfaces.09-22-2011
20090210180ARRANGEMENT FOR DETERMINING THE OPERATIONAL PARAMETERS OF A HIGH-FREQUENCY POWER AMPLIFIER - In order to determine the operational parameters of a high-frequency power amplifier (08-20-2009
20090006015Method and apparatus for measuring current density in conductive materials - The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for measuring a current density in a conductive material. The apparatus and method use an algorithm and an extension to the Fourier transform approach that allows transport currents to be treated accurately. Due to its speed, the resulting algorithm is ideally suited for high-resolution and high-throughput magnetic imaging of superconducting tape in real time.01-01-2009
20090259422Transmission Medium Testing Apparatus and Method - The invention provides a method for testing a transmission medium used in a full-duplex communication system comprising an endpoint that comprises a transmitting end (TX) and a receiving end (RX); the method comprises the steps of: first, transmitting a transmitted signal which comprises a test signal sequence with a high auto-correlation characteristic; then, receiving a received signal, and performing a correlation operation on the test signal and the received signal; finally, according to the result of the correlation operation, determining the impedance matching condition of the transmission medium.10-15-2009
20120197567Method For Measuring Net Charge Density Of Membrane And Apparatus Thereof - The present invention provides a method for measuring net charge density of membrane and apparatus thereof. The method measures the net charge density of a membrane by utilizing the relation between the mechanical pressure difference applied across the membrane and the generated streaming potential or the relation between the applied electric field and the generated electroosmotic flow. The present invention also provides a method and an apparatus for measuring the resistance of a membrane.08-02-2012
20120197568METHOD OF DETERMINING LOAD CAPACITANCE OF CRYSTAL OSCILLATION CIRCUIT, AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS USING THE SAME - There is provided an oscillation circuit using a crystal vibrator including means A for obtaining an oscillation activation time Ts (Ts08-02-2012
20120197566INSTRUMENTATION FOR MEASUREMENT OF CAPACITANCE AND RESISTANCE AT HIGH RESISTANCE VALUES WITH IMPROVED DYNAMIC RANGE AND METHOD FOR USING SAME - A system and methods including a direct ramp measurement method and a free running oscillator method is used to measure electrical properties of a material in contact with a sensor. Digital control of signal generation and switching cover a wider measurement range, but still maintain the relaxation oscillator running in an optimal frequency range. A variable amplitude voltage generator and independently controlled switching levels depend on measurement range and voltage generator level.08-02-2012
20100217553IMPEDANCE CHANGE DETECTION IN WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION - Exemplary embodiments are directed to wireless power transfer. Energy from a transmit antenna is coupled to internal signals on a transmitter. An impedance measurement circuit generates an impedance indication signal for indicating an impedance difference between the coupled internal signals by comparing them. A controller samples the impedance indication signal and determines digital signaling values responsive to changes in the impedance indication signal. The impedance measurement circuit measures one or more of magnitude difference of the internal signals, phase difference of the internal signals, and changes in power consumed by an amplifier coupled between the RF signal and the transmit antenna. A transmitter generates the electromagnetic field with a transmit antenna responsive to a Radio Frequency (RF) signal to create a coupling-mode region within a near field of the transmit antenna.08-26-2010
20110130988METHOD OF AND SYSTEM FOR STABILIZATION OF SENSORS - A blood glucose sensing system includes a sensor and a sensor electronics device. The sensor includes a plurality of electrodes. The sensor electronics device includes stabilization circuitry. The stabilization circuitry causes a first voltage to be applied to one of the electrodes for a first timeframe and causes a second voltage to be applied to one of the electrodes for a second timeframe. The stabilization circuitry repeats the application of the first voltage and the second voltage to continue the anodic-cathodic cycle. The sensor electronics device may include a power supply, a regulator, and a voltage application device, where the voltage application device receives a regulated voltage from the regulator, applies a first voltage to an electrode for the first timeframe, and applies a second voltage to an electrode for the second timeframe.06-02-2011
20100100345SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR IDENTIFYING ISSUES IN CURRENT AND VOLTAGE MEASUREMENTS - First and second reference voltages are applied to first and second terminals of a processor via voltage divider circuits. First and second signal conditioning circuits are coupled to third and fourth terminals of the processor, respectively, and voltage or current sensors are coupled to the first and second signal conditioning circuits. The processor measures the electrical characteristics at the third and fourth terminals and computes first and second ratiometric values of the electrical characteristics, wherein the first ratiometric value is based upon a measurement obtained from the third terminal and the first reference voltage and the second ratiometric value is based upon a measurement of obtained from the fourth terminal and the second reference voltage. The processor further identifies an issue if a ratio of the first ratiometric value to the second ratiometric value exceeds a ratio of the first reference value to the second reference value.04-22-2010
20120143545METHOD FOR SHEET RESISTANCE AND LEAKAGE CURRENT DENSITY MEASUREMENTS ON SHALLOW SEMICONDUCTOR IMPLANTS - A method for accurately determining the sheet resistance and leakage current density of a shallow implant in a semiconductor surface (06-07-2012
20110238346ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE AUTOMATIC DETECTION SYSTEM - The present invention provides an automatic electrostatic discharge (ESD) detection system connected to a plurality of current loops. For each of the current loops, the automatic ESD detection system can detect a plurality of electrical devices connected in sequence on the one current loop, and check if the electrical devices have abnormal ESD. The automatic ESD detection system includes a micro-controller, a plurality of circuit connection ports, a metrology unit, a circuit switching unit, a prompt unit, and two ground wires, wherein when one of the circuit connection ports is switched to be connected to the metrology unit, the one of the circuit connection ports remains electrically connected to one of the ground wires.09-29-2011
20090276173SYSTEM FOR REMEDYING ELECTRICAL POWER INSTABILITY - A system for real-time monitoring of synchrophasors from an electrical power system serving multiple geographic areas can control system instability, without preset parameters or thresholds, detects power flow between the generation sources. If a change in power flow of at least 5% over at time period of 1 second or less occurs and the response to the change in power flow is greater than the change in power flow a signal is generated for corrective action.11-05-2009
20090319211ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTER WITH CAPACITOR ARRAY - An analog-to-digital converter comprising a capacitor array having a plurality of unit capacitors, each having first and second inputs; a comparator having a pair of inputs and at least one output; and a controller configured to couple one input of each unit capacitor of the plurality of capacitors to the inputs of the comparator, and to control a feedback loop between the pair of inputs and the at least one output of the comparator.12-24-2009
20080288195SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATION OF HARDWARE SIGNAL CHARACTERIZATION AND SIGNAL INTEGRITY VERIFICATION - A PCB comprising two or more components, such as ICs, comprises drivers and receivers that facilitate communication of signals between the components. Signal terminations, such as series and AC terminations, are used to increase the integrity of signals transmitted between components. Advantageously, values of the terminations are determined using a computerized method comprising sequential adjustment of on-chip programmable resistors and/or capacitors on chips coupled to the PCB. Thus, the effect of various values of on-chip termination resistors and/or capacitors on signal integrity is actually tested on the PCB, rather than simulating using software, for example, in order to determine optimal termination values. Characteristics of on-chip programmable resistors and/or capacitors may be adjusted by writing values into registers of the corresponding chips. The termination testing may be performed at various temperature and humidity settings corresponding to expected use environments in order to observe signal integrity at specific use environments.11-20-2008
20090105974LIGHT EMITTING COMPONENT CONTROL APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREOF - A light emitting component control device includes a voltage detecting unit, a storage device and a microprocessor. The voltage detecting unit is used for detecting a voltage of at least one light emitting component. The storage device is used for storing a look-up table that comprises a corresponding relation between a plurality of voltages of the light emitting component and a plurality of luminance levels of the light emitting component. The processor is coupled to the voltage detecting unit and the storage device, and is used for determining a luminance level of the light emitting component according to the voltage and the corresponding relation.04-23-2009
20090105975METHOD AND CIRCUIT ARRANGEMENT FOR MEASURING A CAPACITANCE - A method of measuring a capacitance, wherein a voltage across the capacitance is supplied to an input of an evaluation circuit that is designed so that it can detect input voltages with a predetermined degree of precision so long as these voltages are in a measurement interval, includes charging the capacitance to a predetermined starting voltage which exceeds a multiple of an upper limit of the measurement interval. The capacitance across a predetermined resistance is discharged for a predetermined time period. The voltage across the capacitance reaches a final voltage value which is dependent upon the amount of the capacitance. The resistance and the time interval are so chosen that the final voltage value lies in the measurement interval. The final voltage value is detected by the evaluation circuit and the capacitance is determined from the final voltage value. A circuit arrangement for measurement of a capacitance of a capacitor is also disclosed.04-23-2009
20130132012EDDY CURRENT BASED METHOD FOR COATING THICKNESS MEASUREMENT - A method of configuring an eddy current detector to measure a thickness of a coating on a substrate includes measuring an impedance of the coated substrate, and establishing an impendence plane plot using a computer. The method may also include determining a rotation angle. The rotation angle may be an angle of rotation of the impedance plane plot that will make the inductive reactance component of the impedance substantially insensitive to substrate electrical conductivity within a coating thickness range. The method may further include establishing a calibration curve that is substantially insensitive to substrate electrical conductivity using the rotation angle. The calibration curve may be a curve that relates the inductive reactance component of the impedance to coating thickness.05-23-2013
20130138372CURRENT SENSOR PACKAGE, ARRANGEMENT AND SYSTEM - Embodiments of the present invention provide a current sensor package for sensing a current flowing in a primary conductor of a substrate. The current sensor package includes a magnetic field sensor, a calibration current provider and a controller. The calibration current provider is configured to provide a calibration current for a calibration conductor of the substrate, wherein the calibration conductor and the primary conductor are arranged in a defined spatial relation to each other on the substrate. The magnetic field sensor element is configured to sense a magnetic field of the primary current flowing in the primary conductor in order to provide a primary sensor signal and to sense a magnetic field of the calibration current flowing through the calibration conductor to provide a calibration sensor signal. The controller is configured to receive the primary sensor signal and the calibration sensor signal, and to calibrate the primary sensor signal based on the calibration sensor signal and the defined spatial relation between the primary conductor and the calibration conductor.05-30-2013
20130138374MAGNETIC-FIELD DETECTION MICROCOMPUTER AND MAGNETIC-FIELD DETECTION METHOD - A magnetic-field detection microcomputer includes: a magnetic-field detection device; a differential amplifier; a variable voltage circuit which generates a reference voltage that is variable; a comparator which compares an output from the differential amplifier with the reference voltage; a register which outputs a voltage control value to the variable voltage circuit; a ROM which previously store a first table in which a magnetic-field intensity and the voltage control value are associated with each other; and a CPU which sets, to the register, the voltage control value, and determines presence or absence of the magnetic-field intensity associated with the voltage control value based on a result of the comparison by the comparator and the first table.05-30-2013
20100332170Multiple Excitation Capacitance Polling for Enhanced Electronic Capacitance Tomography - Disclosed herein is a novel sensing technique, termed Multiple Excitation Capacitance Polling (MECaP), that improves the efficiency of Electrical Capacitance Tomography (ECT). Unlike traditional alternating current techniques, where excitation signal is applied to an electrode one at a time, MECaP involves simultaneously applying multiple excitation signals, in a progressively increasing fashion, to multiple electrodes on an ECT sensor. The received signals are filtered or otherwise decomposed (e.g., Fourier transformed) into different components, and the individual components are used to generate an image of the article or substance disposed between the electrodes. Because multiple capacitances can be simultaneously measured as a consequence, scanning with MECaP can significantly increase the image scanning speed. For example, scanning with MECaP may enable frames rates of tens of kHz for imaging dynamic processes such as engine combustion.12-30-2010
20100332168DETERMINING PLASMA PROCESSING SYSTEM READINESS WITHOUT GENERATING PLASMA - A test system for facilitating determining whether a plasma processing system (which includes a plasma processing chamber) is ready for processing wafers. The test system may include a computer-readable medium storing at least a test program. The test program may include code for receiving electric parameter values derived from signals detected by at least one sensor when no plasma is present in the plasma processing chamber. The test program may also include code for generating electric model parameter values using the electric parameter values and a mathematical model. The test program may also include code for comparing the electric model parameter values with baseline model parameter value information. The test program may also include code for determining readiness of the plasma processing system based on the comparison. The test system may also include circuit hardware for performing one or more tasks associated with the test program.12-30-2010
20100332167METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE OPERATING CONDITION OF A PHOTOVOLTAIC PANEL - Due to their exposure to extreme environments, it is expected that parts or all of a solar power system will experience degradation in performance. The degradation may be due to temporary environmental factors, such as cloud cover; damage or localized soiling; a general dirty condition; or ageing of the components. A method is disclosed wherein a remote system may detect degraded performance and determine the cause, thereby enabling a decision as to the appropriate corrective action to be taken, if any.12-30-2010
20110010120PROCESS VARIABLE TRANSMITTER WITH TWO-WIRE PROCESS CONTROL LOOP DIAGNOSTICS - A two-wire process variable transmitter for use in an industrial process, including a process variable sensor configured to sense a process variable of a fluid of the industrial process. Output circuitry is configured to provide an output on a two-wire process control loop which is related to the sensed process variable. Loop current measurement circuitry measures a loop current flowing through the two-wire process control loop and terminal voltage measurement circuitry measures a voltage related to a terminal voltage of the process variable transmitter. The terminal voltage can be a voltage measured across an electrical connection of the two-wire process variable transmitter to the two-wire process control loop. Input circuitry is configured to receive a diagnostic command from the two-wire process control loop. A microprocessor configured to perform loop diagnostics on the two-wire process control loop based upon the measured loop current and terminal voltage in response to receipt of a diagnostic command from the two-wire process control loop.01-13-2011
20110130987ELECTRONIC SEAL - An electronic seal of the present invention includes a bolt. The bolt is used to mount on a door latch of a cargo and inserts into a shell. The shell is provided with a control circuit to actively send a warning signal as the bolt is moved. As such, the user of the electronic seal can be properly informed to prevent theft.06-02-2011
20100145645SYSTEM AND METHOD OF DETERMINING LIGHT SOURCE AGING - A physiological sensor includes a light source and an age detector circuit in communication with the light source. The age detector circuit is configured to determine an age of the light source based on current-voltage characteristics of said light source. In addition, a method includes measuring an initial I-V characteristic and an actual I-V characteristic of the light source, and comparing the initial I-V characteristic to the actual I-V characteristic since changes in the I-V characteristics indicate aging. Actual I-V characteristics can be compared between light sources when they age at different rates to determine light source aging. Moreover, the method may include updating the memory device with the actual I-V characteristic at predetermined times.06-10-2010
20090063068NUMERICAL TEST DATA REPORTING IN AN IMAGE FILE AND SUBSEQUENT ANALYSIS - The present disclosure is directed to numerical test data reporting using an image file and subsequent analysis of the test data. A method for capturing and analyzing test data in accordance with an embodiment includes: capturing multi-bit integer values of test data; writing each multi-bit integer value to a multi-bit vertical field in an image file; extracting the multi-bit integer values from the multi-bit vertical fields in the image file; and analyzing the extracted multi-bit integer values.03-05-2009
20090204350METHODS FOR MEASUREMENT AND CHARACTERIZATION OF INTERFEROMETRIC MODULATORS - Various methods are described to characterize interferometric modulators or similar devices. Measured voltages across interferometric modulators may be used to characterize transition voltages of the interferometric modulators. Measured currents may be analyzed by integration of measured current to provide an indication of a dynamic response of the interferometric modulator. Frequency analysis may be used to provide an indication of a hysteresis window of the interferometric modulator or mechanical properties of the interferometric modulator. Capacitance may be determined through signal correlation, and spread-spectrum analysis may be used to minimize the effect of noise or interference on measurements of various interferometric modulator parameters.08-13-2009
20090216473SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING OF THERMAL BATTERIES - The present invention generally relates to a thermal battery testing apparatus and a method for testing a thermal battery. The method includes one or more of the following steps: connecting the thermal battery in series with a resistance; connecting the thermal battery and resistance in series with a sinusoidal voltage source; applying a sinusoidal voltage to the thermal battery, measuring an impedance, reactance and/or capacitance across two terminals of the thermal battery, comparing the measured impedance, reactance and/or capacitance to a reference impedance, reactance and/or capacitance; and indicating whether the tested thermal battery is “in family” or “out of family.” The battery testing apparatus may include a testing device configured to apply a sinusoidal voltage to the thermal battery and to measure the impedance, reactance and/or capacitance across two terminals of the thermal battery. The testing apparatus may further be configured to report “out of family” batteries.08-27-2009
20110178748System and method for identification of complex permittivity of transmission line dielectric - A system and method for identification of complex permittivity associated with a transmission line dielectric is proposed. A network analyzer measures scattering parameters over a specified frequency band for at least two line segments of different length and substantially identical cross-section filled with a dielectric. A first engine determines non-reflective (generalized) modal scattering parameters of the difference segment based on the measured scattering parameters of two line segments. A second engine computes generalized modal scattering parameters of the line difference segment by solving Maxwell's equations for geometry of the line cross-section with a given frequency-dependent complex permittivity dielectric model. A third engine performs optimization by changing dielectric model parameters and model type until the computed and measured generalized modal scattering parameters match. The model that produces generalized modal S-parameters closest to the measured is the final dielectric model.07-21-2011
20110153246UTILITY METERING - An apparatus has an input section arranged to receive values representative of the total instantaneous supply of electrical current as a function of time from an alternating voltage supply. Current waveforms comprising sets of values representative of the cyclic waveform of the electric current supply are obtained. A delta waveform generator calculates the difference between a current waveform and an earlier current waveform. An edge detector is arranged to detect an edge or edges in the delta waveform. An analysis section is arranged to identify at least one appliance load based at least on information on the edge or edges detected by the edge detector, and to determine the electrical energy consumed by said appliance load. Another apparatus has an input section arranged to receive values representative of the current supplied to an installation, such as a house. A store contains appliance data characteristic of the use of electricity by each of a plurality of appliances. A processor is arranged to analyse the received values to detect when an appliance is switched on and determine the fractional change in resistance of a heating appliance from the when it is switched on until it reaches its operating temperature. This information is used to identify what the particular appliance is, and to determine the electrical energy consumption by that appliance. A utility meter for metering the use of at least one utility supplied to a plurality of appliances is also disclosed. An input section is arranged to receive values representative of the use of a first utility. A store contains appliance data characteristic of the use of utilities by each of a plurality of appliances. A processor is arranged to analyse the received values and to determine information on the use of a second utility by each appliance, based on the received values and appliance data.06-23-2011
20130158921LOAD IMPEDANCE DETECTION - Techniques for determining the impedance of a load coupled to an amplifier. In an exemplary embodiment, a mirroring transistor is provided to mirror the current through a transistor of the amplifier output stage to a predetermined ratio. The impedance of the load may be calculated based on the mirrored current and the amplifier output voltage provided to the load. In an exemplary embodiment, the mirrored current may be digitized and provided to a digital load impedance calculation block, which estimates the load impedance based on the digitized current and an indication of the amplifier output voltage. Further techniques are described for calibrating the load impedance calculation scheme, and for differentiating between stereo and mono audio plugs using said techniques.06-20-2013
20110077882SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ESTIMATING LEAKAGE CURRENT OF AN ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT - Disclosed are embodiments of a system and of an associated method for estimating the leakage current of an electronic circuit. The embodiments analyze a layout of an electronic circuit in order to identify all driven and non-driven nets within the electronic circuit, to identify all of the driven net-bounded partitions within the electronic circuit (based on the driven and non-driven nets), and to identify, for each driven net-bounded partition, all possible states of the electronic circuit that can leak. Then, using this information, the embodiments estimate the leakage current of the electronic circuit. This is accomplished by first determining, for each state of each driven net-bounded partition, a leakage current of the driven net-bounded partition and a probability that the state will occur in the driven net-bounded partition during operation of the electronic circuit. Then, for each state of each driven net-bounded partition, the leakage current of the driven net-bounded partition and the state probability are multiplied together. The results are then aggregated.03-31-2011
20120303306METHOD OF SUBSYNCHRONOUS RESONANCE DETECTION - The subject of the invention is a method of subsynchronous resonance detection in electrical power systems with series capacitors. Voltage signals are measured on line and by using finding zero crossing points of discrete signal of measured voltage, positive and negative half cycles of the wave form of discrete signal of voltage are calculated in a computer device to which constant parameters are delivered by the user. The inventive method comprises the following actions: 11-29-2012
20120303305ARRANGEMENT COMPRISING AN INDUCTIVE PROXIMITY SENSOR, AND METHOD IMPLEMENTING SUCH A SENSOR - An electronic circuit detecting proximity includes an excitation coil emitting an inductive excitation field toward a target. A first pair of detection coils obtains a first differential inductive signal that is modified by a transition of the target within the inductive field. An out-of phase second pair of detection coils obtains a second differential inductive signal that is modified by a transition of the target within the inductive field. A comparator generates a transition signal when the difference between the first and second differential signals reaches a threshold value. A stationary target, in a ferromagnetic or conductive material, creates an offset to the signals at the outlet of the coil pairs. The offset is decreased during the presence of a movable target within the same type of material or increased during the presence of a movable target within another type of material. A comparator detects the offset level.11-29-2012
20120303304APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DETECTING LOCATION OF UNDERGROUND FACILITY - The present invention provides an apparatus and method for detecting a location of an underground facility, which calculates a gauss value at each depth of a magnetic marker, measures a magnetic field at each depth through each sensor based on the calculated gauss values, extracts factors by performing a factor analysis on the measured magnetic fields, obtains extracted variable values by performing a regression analysis on the extracted factors, stores the extracted variable values in a database, and determines a location of the magnetic marker based on the stored extracted variable values and the values measured by the sensors in real time.11-29-2012
20120303303CORRECTION FOR STRESS INDUCED LEAKAGE CURRENT IN DIELECTRIC RELIABILITY EVALUATIONS - Methods, apparatus, and computer program products for evaluating current transients measured during an electrical stress evaluation of a dielectric layer in a semiconductor device. Measured current transients are fit to an equation representing a time dependence for stress induced leakage currents. The measured current transients are corrected based upon stress currents computed from the equation to define corrected current transients.11-29-2012
20110040507METHOD OF, APPARATUS FOR, AND PROGRAM FOR INSPECTING STACK BODY - A method of inspecting a stack body of at least a porous layer and a dense layer comprises the first step of measuring the length of the stack body before the stack body is fired, the second step of measuring the length of the stack body after the stack body is fired, the third step of calculating a shrinkage rate of the stack body based on a first measured value from the first step and a second measured value from the second step, the fourth step of determining whether the calculated shrinkage rate of the stack body is acceptable or not based on the calculated shrinkage rate, the fifth step of calculating an S/N ratio of the stack body based on the first measured value and the second measured value, and the sixth step of determining whether the current-voltage characteristics of the stack body are acceptable or not based on the calculated S/N ratio.02-17-2011
20120123715METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT FOR DETERMINING INDUCTANCES OF SYNCHRONOUS RELUCTANCE MACHINE - A method and an arrangement of determining inductances of a synchronous reluctance machine are provided. The method includes supplying a voltage pulse in the quadrature-axis or direct-axis direction of rotor, sampling currents generated by the supplied voltage pulse, and calculating values of flux at the sampling instants from the value of the supplied voltage pulse, the sampled current values and a value of the stator resistance. The method also includes calculating synchronous inductance of the machine by dividing the calculated flux values by the corresponding sampled currents, and/or calculating transient inductance of the machine as a derivative of the flux with respect to current, and storing the calculated values as a function of current.05-17-2012
20100004886SYSTEM FOR CALCULATING RESISTIVE VALUES FOR MICROELECTRONICS CAD - The invention relates to a method of calculating resistive values of an electronic circuit represented in the form of masks and connections, comprising: a) definition of the circuit in the form of a first list of electrical components and connections between them; b) identification of circuit entry and exit ports; c) selection of part of the resistive components of the circuit alone; d) production of a matrix of resistances of the resistive components alone selected in the previous step; and e) calculation of equivalent resistances.01-07-2010
20120150467POWER EFFICIENT CAPACITIVE DETECTION - Capacitive detection systems, modules, and methods. In one embodiment, a power saving mode is implemented when deemed appropriate, based on an analysis of previous detection or non-detection of the presence and/or position of an object near a capacitive sensing area.06-14-2012
20110054818CHARGE-TRANSFER SENSOR WITH LOW POWER CONSUMPTION - The invention relates to a charge transfer-type sensor, including 03-03-2011
20100292945CAPACITIVE SENSOR DEVICE - A capacitive sensor device comprises a first sensor electrode, a second sensor electrode, and a processing system coupled to the first sensor electrode and the second sensor electrode. The processing system is configured to acquire a first capacitive measurement by emitting and receiving a first electrical signal with the first sensor electrode. The processing system is configured to acquire a second capacitive measurement by emitting and receiving a second electrical signal, wherein one of the first and second sensor electrodes performs the emitting and the other of the first and second sensor electrodes performs the receiving, and wherein the first and second capacitive measurements are non-degenerate. The processing system is configured to determine positional information using the first and second capacitive measurements.11-18-2010
20100292944CONDUCTIVITY SENSOR - A conductivity sensor is described in which electrodes are held in a desired position within a housing of the sensor by a number of slots accurately positioned within the housing. In one embodiment the slots are integrally formed within the housing. Once the electrodes have been inserted into the slots a thermoset resin is poured into the housing and cured. A through bore is then drilled through the housing, the electrodes and the cured resin to form a flow conduit through the sensor. A dual frequency excitation technique is also described that allows a measurement tote obtained of a polarisation resistance of the electrodes. In one embodiment this measurement is stored and used to correct subsequent conductivity measurements.11-18-2010
20110119006Cathodic protection monitor - A cathodic protection monitor is disclosed to be electrically connected to a cathodic protection rectifier that is adapted to prevent rust, corrosion and possible leakage in an underground pipe or storage tank above which the rectifier is supported. The cathodic protection monitor includes a CPU that reads, digitizes and stores analog current and voltage signals which are supplied from the DC output of the rectifier and are indicative of the effectiveness thereof. The monitor includes an ISM band transceiver and antenna by which the CPU is polled and from which packets of stored data are transmitted to a data collector at an overhead airplane or nearby motor vehicle for retransmission and analysis by the pipe owner or maintenance crew. Synchronized timing signals are supplied (from the National Bureau of Standards) to a stable auxiliary clock by way of a WWVB transceiver and antenna. The auxiliary clock from each of a plurality of cathodic protection monitors along the pipeline provides a synchronized clock control signal to a respective CPU which, in turn, generates a switched relay control signal to a relay of the cathodic protection rectifier. Accordingly, the relays of all of the cathodic protection rectifiers can be simultaneously energized and de-energized during successive time periods so that all of the cathodic protection rectifiers can be turned on and off at the same time as may be required to compile ground voltage readings along the pipeline as part of a government-mandated survey.05-19-2011
20110125435Apparatus and method for impedance measurement - A system is provided which comprises a signal generator for generating a periodic excitation signal and an analog to digital converter, wherein the system is configured to apply the periodic excitation signal to a network comprising a known first impedance and a second impedance and to take a first set of M digital samples of a first signal relating to the first impedance and a second set of M digital samples of a second signal relating to the second impedance with a sampling frequency that is an integer multiple of the frequency of the periodic signal. The system is further configured to determine the impedance value of the second impedance by calculating a relative phase difference between the first signal and the second signal using the first set of digital samples and the second set of digital samples.05-26-2011
20100332169SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TESTING A CHARACTERISTIC IMPEDANCE OF A SIGNAL PATH ROUTING OF A PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD - A method for testing a characteristic impedance of a signal path routing of a printed circuit board (PCB) controls the test device to test a characteristic impedance of the signal path routing of the PCB to get test data of the signal path routing of the PCB. The method further analyzes the test data of the signal path routing of the PCB get analysis results, generate a test report for storing the test data of each signal path routing of the PCB and the analysis results if all signal path routings of the PCB have been tested.12-30-2010
20120310571DETERIORATION ESTIMATING APPARATUS AND DETERIORATION ESTIMATING METHOD FOR ELECTRIC STORAGE ELEMENT - A deterioration estimating apparatus estimates a deterioration state of an electric storage element, a deterioration value indicating the deterioration state being in a proportional relationship with an nth root of an elapsed time (where n is a value larger than one), and the proportional relationship being changed in accordance with a deterioration condition. The apparatus includes a computing device. The computing device predicts a period for which each of the deterioration conditions occurs before the elapse of the predetermined time period. The computing device calculates a change amount of the deterioration value in each of the deterioration conditions based on a deterioration characteristic and the period of occurrence of each of the deterioration conditions, and adds the calculated change amounts sequentially by using the deterioration value provided before each addition as a reference to calculate each change amount of the deterioration value to be added.12-06-2012
20120310570Systems and Methods for Determining Stock Quantities Using a Capacitive Inventory Sensor - Systems and methods are provided for a capacitive inventory sensor. A system includes a track configured for retaining items. A first conducting plate is positioned along a portion of the track, and a second conducting plate is positioned in parallel with the first conducting plate along a portion of the track. The second conducting plate is positioned a distance from the first conducting plate, and the second plate is configured to have the items placed on top of the second plate. The system further includes a capacitance sensor configured for connection to the first and second conducting plates, where the capacitance sensor is configured to measure a capacitance between the first and second conducting plates, and where the capacitance varies based on a number of items positioned on the sensor track.12-06-2012
20110178747LEAK DETECTION AND LOCATION SYSTEM, METHOD, AND SOFTWARE PRODUCT - A system for detecting and locating a leak through a membrane that includes a detector array and computer. The detector array includes a boundary wire loop, sensors, and leads. The boundary wire loop surrounds the area to be tested and generates electrical tension on the surface of the membrane. The sensors are laid out in a sensor array and are placed on top of a membrane and within the boundary wire loop. The sensors are encased in a plastic covered cable or individual wires which have open ends for their terminations forming a cable so that the sensors made by the open terminations form a chain. Each sensor communicates individually with the computer and the signals from the sensors are used by the computer to perform vector mapping that detects and locates leaks through the membrane.07-21-2011
20100161262Method for Calculating Capacitance of High Voltage Depletion Capacitor - A method for calculating a capacitance of a high voltage depletion capacitor is disclosed. The method includes measuring capacitance values of a high voltage depletion capacitor according to an applied voltage, storing measured capacitance values in a data storage device, setting a polynomial-type mathematical model including a plurality of parameters based on the measured capacitance values, calculating parameter coefficients using the measured capacitance values and the polynomial-type mathematical model, and calculating the capacitance of the high voltage depletion capacitor using the polynomial-type mathematical model and the calculated parameter coefficients.06-24-2010
20110191045INSPECTION APPARATUS AND METHOD - A method and apparatus for the non-destructive testing of electrically conductive components such as wellbore tubulars, which is suitable for testing the components in situ a wellbore installation. The method comprises the steps of performing a remote field eddy current test phase and at least one of a conventional direct-field eddy current test phase and a partial saturation eddy current test phase. A measurement data set from each of the test phases is obtained and the combined measurement data is processed to evaluate a condition of the test component.08-04-2011
20110191044INTERCONNECT FOR ON-BODY ANALYTE MONITORING DEVICE - Disclosed herein are systems and methods for providing a compressible interconnect for allowing electrical communication between an electronics unit and an analyte sensor in an on-body analyte monitoring device. In other embodiments, systems and methods are provided for reducing the Z-height of an on-body analyte monitoring device by utilizing novel interconnects.08-04-2011
20110191043APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CHECKING INSULATION OF CELL MODULE ASSEMBLY AND PROBE FOR IT - An apparatus for checking insulation of a cell module assembly composed of a plurality of pouch cells includes a first probing unit electrically contacted to an electrode of the cell module assembly; a second probing unit electrically contacted to aluminum films of selected ones of the pouch cells in the cell module assembly; and a measuring unit for measuring an insulation resistance between the first probing unit and the second probing unit. This apparatus may measure insulation resistances of a plurality of pouch cells of the cell module assembly at once, thereby ensuring faster insulation checking.08-04-2011
20110137593Method and Arrangement for Digital Measuring a Capacitive Sensor - An arrangement for digital measuring a capacitive sensor is provided with a charge balance frequency converter having an operational amplifier with an inverting input, a noninverting input and an output. Between the output and the inverting input an integrating capacitor is connected, and the noninverting input is connected with a reference potential. The arrangement provides a simple switched capacitor architecture for measuring the sensor capacitance, which tolerates grounded sensor capacitors, and which is not affected by the shunt resistance. The value of the shunt resistance is determined at the same time. The arrangement makes use of a two frequency measurement of the capacitor resistance combination by using the charge balancing procedure followed by a calculation based on the results of two conversions and the ratio of the clock frequencies of the first and second conversion.06-09-2011
20110153245METHOD OF IDENTIFYING AN INTEGRATED CIRCUIT AND CORRESPONDING INTEGRATED CIRCUIT - An integrated circuit includes non-volatile storage configured to secretly store a digital word, the value of which forms an identification code. The integrated circuit also includes control circuitry configured to receive the digital word and to generate transient electrical currents or transient voltages, the characteristics of which depend on the value of the digital word. There is an electrically conductive network configured to be passed through by the electrical currents or receive the transient voltages so as to generate an electromagnetic field that identifies the integrated circuit.06-23-2011
20100030501General-Purpose AC Impedance Metering and Recording Device - The present invention relates to a general-purpose security-enhanced recording device with unlimited memory to store AC impedances being measured. The device adopts a processor unit to perform a systematic combined computation control and employs a portable mass data storage technique to provide users unlimited storage capacity for automatic storage space of measurement data. Integrated with a built-in multiplexing control unit, the device effectively expands the number of the measurable input sources. Integrated with a design of virtual console based on PC software, the device effectively enhances system security. The device can be used indoors and outdoors, and operated as a standalone unit or one in a LAN environment.02-04-2010
20100023286INTELLIGENT FUSE HOLDER AND CIRCUIT PROTECTION METHODS - A circuit protection method includes: (i) sensing current and voltage across a fuse protecting a load; (ii) sending at least one signal indicative of the current and voltage; and (iii) using the at least one signal to determine if the load is operating normally.01-28-2010
20100042346CAPACITANCE EVALUATION CIRCUIT AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE USING THE SAME - A capacitance evaluation circuit includes a capacitive voltage divider, an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and a processing module. The capacitive voltage divider includes a switch circuit, a known capacitor and a capacitor under test. The switch circuit is controlled by first and second clock signals. A voltage variation at a first terminal of the known capacitor is coupled to a first terminal of the capacitor under test based on a conduction state of the switch circuit. The ADC converts a voltage on the first terminal of the capacitor under test into a digital signal. The processing module detects a capacitance and a capacitance variation of the capacitor under test according to the digital signal from the ADC and a parameter of the ADC.02-18-2010
20120041699Antenna Matching Network Tuning Method - A matching network having a pi configuration between an antenna and another component in an RF circuit may be tuned by a process including computing the admittance of the antenna using measured reflection coefficients from three settings of the matching network, and identifying capacitance values for tuning the matching network. Capacitance values for an antenna side shunt and a circuit side shunt are found by computing target susceptance value for the shunts and comparing to a list of available susceptance values. The capacitance values corresponding to the available susceptances closest to the target susceptances are used to tune the antenna side shunt.02-16-2012
20090088995METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE LINEAR ELECTRICAL RESPONSE OF A TRANSFORMER, GENERATOR OR ELECTRICAL MOTOR - To characterize an electrical component, namely a medium or high voltage transformer, electrical motor or generator, a two-step procedure is carried out. In a first step, a set of terminal configurations are applied to the terminals (p04-02-2009
20120046896MONITORING PARTICLES IN A LUBRICATION SYSTEM - A process for monitoring a machine including moving pieces, a lubrication system and an electromagnetic sensor fitted with a magnet and two electrodes is disclosed. The sensor is capable of collecting particles present in the lubrication system between the electrodes. The monitoring process includes a step for obtaining measurements of resistance between the electrodes of the sensor, taken during an operating period of the machine; a step for determining from said measurements a first autoregressive mathematical model characterizing the resistance; a step for comparison between the first model and a predetermined reference model; and a step for working out an opinion on maintenance of the machine as a function of the comparison result.02-23-2012
20110320144METHOD FOR SHEET RESISTANCE AND LEAKAGE CURRENT DENSITY MEASUREMENTS ON SHALLOW SEMICONDUCTOR IMPLANTS - A method for accurately determining the sheet resistance and leakage current density of a shallow implant in a semiconductor surface (12-29-2011
20080319690Forward Voltage Short-Pulse Technique for Measuring High Power Laser Diode Array Junction Temperature - The present invention relates to a method of measuring the temperature of the P-N junction within the light-emitting region of a quasi-continuous-wave or pulsed semiconductor laser diode device. A series of relatively short and low current monitor pulses are applied to the laser diode in the period between the main drive current pulses necessary to cause the semiconductor to lase. At the sufficiently low current level of the monitor pulses, the laser diode device does not lase and behaves similar to an electronic diode. The voltage across the laser diode resulting from each of these low current monitor pulses is measured with a high degree of precision. The junction temperature is then determined from the measured junction voltage using their known linear relationship.12-25-2008
20120004876Portable System for Auto Var Testing - A portable package of testing equipment that enables real-time analysis in order to determine the correct amount of capacitance required to add to a motor to achieve optimal performance and power factor correction is provided; the system admits to the monitoring of key power quality measurements such as harmonics while capacitance is temporarily added to the system. A controller automatically calculates the amount of additional capacitance required to reach the desired power factor and then applies the calculated amount to the motor.01-05-2012
20120116702DETERMINING THE CLOSING TIME OF A FUEL INJECTION VALVE BASED ON EVALUATING THE ACTUATION VOLTAGE - A method for determining a closing time of a valve having a coil drive, in particular a direct injection valve for an engine of a motor vehicle, has the steps: (a) switching off a current flow through a coil (L_inj) of the coil drive, so that the coil (L_inj) is depowered, (b) capturing a time curve (05-10-2012
20110166812SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING PARAMETERS IN CONTAINERS - A system for measuring parameters in a container is disclosed. A system for measuring multiple parameters includes a container having a solution, at least one sensor in conjunction with a tag is in proximity to an impedance analyzer and a reader that constitute a measurement device. The at least one sensor is configured to determine at least one parameter of the solution. The tag is configured to provide a digital ID associated with the sensor, where the container is in proximity to the reader and an impedance analyzer. The impedance analyzer is configured to send and receive a given range of frequencies from the sensor, based on the parameter and calculate parameter changes based on the response.07-07-2011
20120016610Temperature Measurement Devices - A temperature measurement device is provided to measure an environment temperature and includes a thermistor, a resistor, a determination circuit, and a measurement circuit. The thermistor is coupled to a first node. The thermistor has a specific impedance value at a specific environment temperature point. The resistor has a first terminal coupled to the first node. The determination circuit determines a real impedance value of the resistor. The measurement circuit is coupled to the first node for receiving a measurement value signal generated at the first node and obtains a value of the specific environment temperature point according to the measurement value signal and the real impedance value of the resistor.01-19-2012
20120016612System and Method for Acquiring Data of Multi-Channel Squid Signal - A system for acquiring data of a multi-channel superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) signal includes a digital converter connected to a SQUID sensor having a plurality of channels and configured to receive a voltage signal output from the plurality of channels and generate a channel-voltage serial digital signal having information about a channel from which the voltage signal is output and information about the voltage signal, and an optical fiber cable through which the channel-voltage serial digital signal is transmitted from the digital converter.01-19-2012
20120016613Insulation Resistance Measuring Circuit Free from Influence of Battery Voltage - Provided is an insulation resistance measuring circuit including: a source resistor unit including a first source resistor connected between a positive terminal of a battery and a second source resistor and the second source resistor connected between a negative terminal of the battery and the first source resistor; a voltage sensing unit sensing a voltage of the first source resistor as a first voltage and sensing a voltage of the second source resistor as a second voltage; and an insulation resistance measuring unit measuring an insulation resistance of the battery through a value obtained by dividing a difference between the first and second voltages by a sum between the first and second voltages.01-19-2012
20120059612DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MEASURING SURFACE CHARGE DISTRIBUTION - A surface charge measuring distribution method includes the steps of irradiating a sample with a charged particle beam and charging a sample surface in a spot-like manner, irradiating the charged sample with the charged particle beam to measure a potential at a potential saddle point formed above the sample, selecting one of preset multiple structure models and a tentative space charge distribution associated with the selected structure model, calculating a space potential at the potential saddle point by electromagnetic field analysis using the selected structure model and tentative space charge distribution, comparing the calculated space potential and measured value to determine the tentative space charge distribution as a space charge distribution of the sample when an error between the space potential and the measured value is within a predetermined range, and calculating a surface charge distribution of the sample by electromagnetic field analysis based on the determined space charge distribution.03-08-2012
20120059611TEST CIRCUIT FOR TESTING FLEXIBLE PRINTED CIRCUIT - A test circuit for testing a flexible printed board (FPC) is provided, the test circuit includes a parameter preset module, a comparison module, and a prompt module. The parameter preset module is used to preset a parameter range indicating the suitable range of the resistance value of the FPC, and is further configured to connect to the FPC and convert the resistance value of the FPC to a related parameter. The comparison module compares the related parameter with the parameter range preset by the parameter preset module, and produces a comparison result. The prompt module produces a corresponding prompt signal according to the comparison result.03-08-2012
20120065910RESISTANCE VALUE CALCULATING METHOD AND RESISTANCE VALUE CALCULATING DEVICE - A resistance value calculating method of a computer calculating a resistance value of a wiring of a semiconductor circuit device, the method includes dividing the wiring into rectangular regions where each of the regions has an orthogonal coordinate system and are mutually not contained, drawing a first line segment up to a front of an edge portion of an overlapped region in which a first divided region and a second divided region overlap in a longitudinal direction of a center portion of the first region, drawing a second line segment in a longitudinal direction of a center portion of the second region after the first line segment is drawn, and calculating a resistance value of the first region and the second region in accordance with a length of each line segment and a width of each region.03-15-2012
20120158332INPUT APPARATUS AND INPUT METHOD - A disclosed input apparatus includes an operating part pressed by a user; a first resistance film and a second resistance film facing each other; a measuring unit configured to measure a difference between a first electric potential of a first end of a contact resistance and a second electric potential of a second end of the contact resistance; and a detecting unit configured to obtain pressure information indicative of a pressure load caused by the pressing of the operating part based on the difference in electric potential.06-21-2012
20120158333Pore Structure Analyzer Based on Non-Contact Impedance Measurement for Cement-Based Materials - Measurement of the impedance and complex resistivity of a sample is used for measuring parameters resulting from a change in physical or chemical state. A variable frequency signal is provided by a transformer primary coil. A secondary coil of the transformer with a closed loop and electrically coupled said sample is monitored along with a leakage current sensor. Sampling at multiple signal frequencies is performed at the multiple signal frequencies.06-21-2012
20120072150OPERATION INPUT APPARATUS AND OPERATION INPUT DETECTION APPARATUS - An operation input apparatus configured to receive a force from an operator, including: a board 03-22-2012
20120130663ON-LINE DIAGNOSTIC METHOD FOR HEALTH MONITORING OF A TRANSFORMER - An on-line diagnostic method for health monitoring of a transformer. In the case of a single phase or three phase star connected transformer deformations in the winding are determined by05-24-2012
20090326843APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DETECTING TEMPERATURE/VOLTAGE VARIATION OF SEMICONDUCTOR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT - An apparatus for detecting temperature/voltage variations of a semiconductor integrated circuit includes an oscillator configured to generate an oscillation signal whose frequency is varied according to temperature/voltage variations, and a code generator configured to generate a code signal using the oscillation signal, wherein the code signal is used as a criterion for detecting the temperature/voltage variations in a circuit construction exterior of the apparatus for detecting the temperature/voltage variations.12-31-2009
20120123716CONTACT SENSORS AND METHODS FOR MAKING SAME - Disclosed herein are novel contact sensors. The contact sensors disclosed herein include a conductive composite material formed of a polymer and a conductive filler. In one particular aspect, the composite materials can include less than about 10 wt % conductive filler. Thus, the composite material of the contact sensors can have physical characteristics essentially identical to the polymer, while being electrically conductive with the electrical resistance proportional to the load on the sensor. The sensors can provide real time dynamic contact information for joint members under conditions expected during use. In one particular aspect, the sensor can be used to properly balance the knee ligaments in a total knee replacement surgery.05-17-2012
20120316817MEASUREMENT CIRCUIT FOR MEASURING DIRECT CURRENT RESISTANCE OF INDUCTOR - A circuit for measuring the DC resistance of an inductor includes an input unit, a microprocessor module, a current source and a voltage detecting unit. The microprocessor module receives signals from the input unit and generates different signals to command constant currents through the inductor by the current source. The voltage detecting unit reads voltages of the inductor and outputs the voltages obtained to the microprocessor module. According to the currents and the voltages read, the microprocessor module may calculate the DC resistance(s) of the inductor.12-13-2012
20110125436CAPACITOR'S REMAINING LIFETIME DIAGNOSING DEVICE, AND ELECTRIC POWER COMPENSATING DEVICE HAVING THE REMAINING LIFETIME DIAGNOSING DEVICE - In an instantaneous voltage drop compensating device, when an instantaneous drop occurs, an electric power transformer (05-26-2011
20120084034NON-TRANSITORY COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIUM STORING DESIGN CHECK PROGRAM, DESIGN CHECK APPARATUS, AND DESIGN CHECK METHOD - A design check method executed by a computer includes determining a countermeasure component provided in a certain range from a terminal of a reference component, determining whether a terminal of the determined countermeasure component is electrically connected to the terminal of the reference component, and determining that the countermeasure component is suitably mounted when the terminal of the determined countermeasure component that is electrically connected to the terminal of the reference component is at least within the certain range.04-05-2012
20120084033Method for Measuring Capacitances of Capacitors - A capacitor measurement circuit for measuring a capacitance of a test capacitor includes a first transistor with a first source-drain path coupled between a first capacitor plate of the test capacitor and a ground; a second transistor with a second source-drain path coupled between a second capacitor plate of the test capacitor and the ground; and a current-measuring device configured to measure a first charging current and a second charging current of the test capacitors. The first and the second charging currents flow to the test capacitor in opposite directions.04-05-2012
20120221269METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETERMINING DC BUS LEAKAGE - A method and system is provided for determining leakage resistances in a bus system. The bus system has a floating DC bus connected to bus voltage source. The system also includes a pair of known resistors, each connected to the bus by a switch. The method includes with the first switch closed and the second switch open, measuring a voltage Vprtp between the bus and the ground and measuring a voltage Vnrtp between the ground and the second terminal. The method also includes, with the first switch open and the second switch closed, measuring a voltage Vprtn between the bus and the ground and measuring a voltage08-30-2012
20120130664Method for classifying electrical sheet - A method for classifying electrical sheet is produced. The electrical sheet is used to produce an electrical machine and is available in the form of a strip roll wherein a magnetic flux that changes over time and that causes a shape change of the strip roll and magnetic losses is produced in the strip roll by means of an excitation winding fed by a feeding device, the shape change and/or the magnetic losses are measured by means of a measuring device and the measurement signal obtained is fed to an evaluation device, and the evaluation device categorizes the electrical sheet in regard to noise emission and/or magnetic losses using the measurement signal.05-24-2012
20100204936Probing Electrode/Solution Interfaces - Systems and techniques for probing interfaces between electrodes and conductive solutions. In one aspect, devices can include a time variable source of power configured to output power that varies in time over a pair of output conductors, an electrode connected to a first of the conductors, an extrinsic inductive impedance connected between the pair of output conductors, and an impedance sensor connected to one or both of the output conductors and configured to measure net impedance between the pair of output conductors based on a known current or voltage output by the time variable power output. The measured net impedance includes the extrinsic inductive impedance and an impedance of the interface. The electrode is configured to be submersed in a conducting solution and form an interface with the conducting solution.08-12-2010
20120136597CONTACT-TYPE OBJECT WATER CONTENT SENSING DEVICE AND METHOD AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - A contact-type object water content sensing device and method and a computer program product are presented. The device includes a power unit, a sensing unit, and an calculating unit. The sensing unit includes a substrate and a copper foil, and the copper foil is configured on the substrate. The sensing unit is used to contact a target object and a power unit is used to supply power to the copper foil. The copper foil when supplied with power forms an equivalent capacitor, and the equivalent capacitor has different capacitances in correspondence to a water content of the target object. The calculating unit is electrically connected to the sensing unit and is used to analyze the capacitance of the equivalent capacitor, so as to calculate the water content of the target object.05-31-2012
20120136599WIRE VERIFICATION METHOD, WIRE VERIFICATION APPARATUS AND WIRE VERIFICATION PROGRAM FOR SEMICONDUCTOR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT - The wire verification method calculates Iavg/Irms values of a wire using a net list and wire capacitance/resistance information of a circuit to be verified, relaxes a specified Irms value when the calculated Iavg/Irms values of the wire exceed predetermined specified Iavg/Irms values, tightens the specified Iavg value according to the relaxed specified Irms value, verifies whether a wire life calculated using the predetermined specified Irms value and the relaxed specified Irms value satisfies a predetermined specified wire life value, and further verifies whether the calculated Iavg/Irms values of the wire respectively exceed the tightened specified Iavg value and the relaxed specified Irms value.05-31-2012
20120136598Optimization of Decoupling Device Choice for Electronic Design - Optimization of decoupling design selection for electronic designs is described. Initially an electronic design, such as, a printed circuit board, having a power delivery network with a given impedance value is identified. A target impedance value for the power delivery network is also identified. Subsequently, a decoupling impedance value, that, if added to the impedance of the power delivery network would transform the given impedance value into the target impedance value, is derived. In many implementations, the power delivery network may have a number of ports. Accordingly, a decoupling impedance value may be derived for each port. A selection of decoupling devices, each having a given impedance value, are also identified. Subsequently, a system of equations is formed that relates the decoupling devices and their associated impedance values to the decoupling impedance values. The system of equations is then solved to derive a subset of the decoupling devices that, if added to the power delivery network, would transform the given impedance of the power delivery network into the target impedance.05-31-2012
20110184680MEASURING APPARATUS - A measuring apparatus is capable of separately measuring at least one of the purely resistive component and the reactance component of a measured circuit. The measuring apparatus applies an AC voltage to the measured circuit and detects a current flowing in the measured circuit. When doing so, a first detection signal whose amplitude changes in accordance with an amplitude of a real component of the current and a second detection signal whose amplitude changes in accordance with an amplitude of an imaginary component are generated. The at least one of a purely resistive component and a reactance component of the measured circuit is then calculated using the first detection signal and the second detection signal.07-28-2011
20110184679Method and apparatus for discrimination of sources in stray voltage detection - A method and apparatus for discriminating between electric field sources. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a mobile detection system comprising a sensor probe for remotely measuring an electric field generated by an electric field source in a patrolled area; and a processor, coupled to the sensor probe, for processing data received from the sensor probe to generate a first field strength and at least a second field strength for determining whether the electric field source is potentially hazardous.07-28-2011
20120173180APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR EVALUATING HEALTH OF TAB CHANGER - Provided are a method and an apparatus for evaluating health of a tab changer, wherein the method for measuring health of a tab changer mounted in a transformer includes measuring a discharge signal (a first discharge signal) generated in the transformer, separating a discharge signal (a second discharge signal) generated in the tab changer from the first discharge signal, and evaluating the health of the tab changer by comparing the second discharge signal and a first initial value.07-05-2012
20100299091MULTI-FUNCTION PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An exemplary multi-function portable electronic device includes a housing, a measurement processing unit, a microprocessor unit electrically connected to the measurement processing unit and a command unit. The measurement processing unit and the microprocessor unit are located in the housing, and the command unit is located in the housing and electrically connected to microprocessor unit. The command unit is used to start a multimeter mode of the portable electronic device, select a measurement project and measurement range of the measurement project. Under the control of the microprocessor, the measurement processing unit receives and processes the measurement project in accordance with the measurement range, and sends measurement results to the microprocessor.11-25-2010
20120179402DEPOSIT MEASUREMENT APPARATUS, DEPOSIT MEASUREMENT METHOD, AND COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM STORING DEPOSIT MEASUREMENT PROGRAM - An object is to improve the precision of estimating a blockage ratio or a deposited-scale thickness. In a deposit measurement apparatus that estimates a blockage ratio of a gap between a wall surface of a through-hole and an outer surface of a heat-conducting pipe or the thickness of a deposit deposited at the gap, an eddy-current flaw detection probe (07-12-2012
20120253719METHOD AND APPARATUS OF ELECTRICAL DEVICE CHARACTERIZATION - A method of electrical device characterization comprises: providing an array of electrical devices arranged in rows and columns, wherein each electrical device has a first terminal, a second terminal and a third terminal; clamping a first voltage at a first terminal of a selected electrical device via a first buffer or an first external voltage source; clamping a second voltage at a second terminal of a selected electrical device via a second buffer or a second external voltage source; controlling a third buffer to couple the third terminal of the selected electrical device to a first terminal or a second terminal of at least one non-selected column of electrical devices; and deriving a characterization result via the third terminal of the selected electrical device; wherein the array of electrical devices, the first buffer, the second buffer and the third buffer are on a same die or a same module.10-04-2012
20120221270Capacitance Placement in wind farms - A wind farm capacitance determination device for receiving a wind farm layout information of a wind farm and at least one optimization constraint is provided. An optimization unit optimizes a cost by providing an optimized capacitance related parameter value set, the cost being determined by a cost function which associates to each capacitance related parameter value set a cost value, the cost function being based on the wind farm layout information and the optimization taking the at least one optimization constraint into account. In an embodiment the optimized capacitance related parameter value set includes a location, a number and a size of capacitor banks to be electrically connected to the wind farm.08-30-2012
20120259570ALTERNATOR SPEED ESTIMATION USING SPECTRUM ANALYSIS - A system and method for determining the speed of an alternator, for example, a vehicle alternator. The method includes measuring the current or voltage of a vehicle battery for a predetermined period of time, and then notch filtering the measured current or voltage signal to remove known harmonics. A limited data point Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) spectrum analysis operation is performed to identify the frequency peaks in the filtered signal, where the highest peak represents a ripple current on the DC alternator signal. The highest peak in the FFT signal is identified, and an interpolation process is performed between that peak and an adjacent peak in the data to identify the actual frequency of the ripple current. The ripple current is then converted to the speed of the alternator.10-11-2012
20120232817SENSOR FOR MEASURING PLASMA PARAMETERS - A method of measuring ion current between a plasma and an electrode in communication with the plasma is disclosed. A time-varying voltage at the electrode and a time- varying current through the electrode are measured. The method comprise recording, for each of a plurality of voltage values, v′, a plurality, n, of current values I(v′); and obtaining from the current and voltage values a value of the ion current. The electrode is insulated from the plasma by an insulating layer, so that the current values lack a DC component. The method includes performing a mathematical transform effective to: express the current and voltage values as a relationship between the real component of current through the electrode and the voltage, thereby eliminating a capacitive contribution to the current through the electrode; isolate from the real component of current through the electrode an isolated contribution attributable to an ion current and a resistive term, the contribution being free of any electron current contribution; and determine from the isolated contribution a value of ion current.09-13-2012
20120239327Geometrically Based Button Discrimination in Capacitive Sensing Applications - Geometrically based system and method for receiving capacitive sensory input. User input may be received by a capacitive sensing pad. A signal may be generated by the capacitive sensing pad. The signal may indicate a size of an area in which the user input is received. The signal may be received by an input composed in processing circuitry and coupled to the capacitive sensing pad. A location of the user input may be determined by the processing circuitry based on the signal.09-20-2012
20120265464INDUCED FIELD DETERMINATION USING DIFFUSE FIELD RECIPROCITY - Methods and systems are provided for determining the surface electromagnetic impedance of a conductive element and applying the diffuse field reciprocity principle using that surface electromagnetic impedance to determine electric fields induced in the conductive element. An exemplary method involves determining a surface electromagnetic impedance matrix for the conductive element based on its physical dimensions and an excitation frequency for an incident electromagnetic wavefield, applying diffuse field reciprocity to determine a metric indicative of an induced field based on the surface electromagnetic impedance matrix and an energy metric for the incident electromagnetic wavefield, and displaying a graphical representation of the metric on a display device.10-18-2012
20120323514PIEZOELECTRIC SENSOR DEVICE, AND POLARIZATION METHOD OF PIEZOELECTRIC BODY OF PIEZOELECTRIC SENSOR DEVICE - A piezoelectric sensor device includes a piezoelectric element, a polarization processing unit and a controller. The piezoelectric element has a pair of electrodes sandwiching a piezoelectric body. The polarization processing unit is configured to execute polarization processing in which polarization voltage is applied to the polarization element. The controller is configured to control an execution timing of the polarization processing by the polarization processing unit, and includes a characteristics value acquisition unit configured to acquire a characteristics value relating to a polarization volume of the piezoelectric body, a determination unit configured to determine whether a polarization property is in a stable state or in an unstable state based on the characteristics value, and a polarization controller configured to control the polarization processing unit to apply the polarization voltage to the piezoelectric body when the determination unit determines that the polarization property of the piezoelectric body is in the unstable state.12-20-2012
20120323513APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MEASURING CHARGE DENSITY DISTRIBUTION - The invention provides a method and apparatus for the detection of charge density distribution at the surface of a material sample. The apparatus comprises an electric potential sensor for measuring surface charge on a material sample, wherein the electrical potential sensor includes a probe for capacitively coupling the electric potential sensor to the surface of the material sample, an amplifier for generating a measurement output, the probe being connected to an input of the amplifier and the measurement output being supplied at an output of the amplifier, and a feedback arrangement driven from the output of the amplifier for enhancing the input impedance of the amplifier. A positioning system mounts the probe of the electric potential sensor above the material sample and moves the probe at a constant height over a surface of the said sample, and a processing system receives and processes the measurement output of the electric potential sensor for generating a digital record of the charge density distribution at the surface of the material sample.12-20-2012
20120330590SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SIGNALING IN GRADIENT SENSOR DEVICES - A processing system includes a transmitter module, a receiver module, and a determination module. The transmitter module is configured to transmit in accordance with a first excitation mode with a transmitter electrode during a first interval and a third interval of a sensing frame period, wherein, during the first excitation mode, a first voltage variation is generated in the transmitter electrode. The transmitter module is further configured to transmit in accordance with a second excitation mode with the transmitter electrode during a second interval of the sensing frame, wherein, during the second excitation mode, a second voltage variation different from the first voltage variation is generated in the transmitter electrode. The receiver module is configured to receive a first resulting signal with a receiver electrode during the first interval, receive a second resulting signal with the receiver electrode during the second interval, and receive a third resulting signal with the receiver electrode during the third interval. The determination module is configured to compute a first measurement of a change in capacitive coupling between the transmitter electrode and the receiver electrode based on the first resulting signal, compute a second measurement of a change in capacitive coupling between the transmitter electrode and the receiver electrode based on the second resulting signal, compute a third measurement of a change in capacitive coupling between the transmitter electrode and the receiver electrode based on the third resulting signal, and combine the first and third measurements. The determination module is further configured to determine positional information for an input object based on the second measurement and a combination of the first and third measurements12-27-2012
20120271580TOUCH SENSE DETERMINED BY CHARACTERIZING IMPEDANCE CHANGES IN A TRANSMISSION LINE - A touch panel or screen has a serpentine transmission line fabricated on a substrate, e.g., printed circuit board, LCD, plasma or LED screen, etc., and has a constant impedance. Touches to the touch panel will cause changes of impedance of the transmission line at the locations of the touches. Time domain reflectometry (TDR) is used for determining the locations of the changes of impedance of the transmission line by accurately measuring the return pulse times at the source of a plurality of pulses, and then converting the return pulse times to X-Y coordinates of the touch panel or screen.10-25-2012
20110238348TEST INSTALLATION FOR ELECTRICAL FILTERS - A test installation for electrical filter installations has, in the interior of a housing, a dust measurement device, a converter control cabinet, a feed for the converter control cabinet, a computer, connecting apparatuses for connecting the dust measurement device to a clean and a raw-gas dust channel of the electrical filter installation, cables for connecting the converter control cabinet to a high-voltage rectifier for the electrical filter installation, as well as a power connection, and wherein the housing has recesses for passing through at least the connecting apparatuses, the cable and power supplies for the feed and for the power connection.09-29-2011
20110238347APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATED PIPELINE TESTING - A cathodic protection system comprising remote test units for measuring various voltages and currents at remote locations on a cathodically-protected pipeline. The remote test units may comprise a processor configured to store measurements taken with the voltmeter and a wireless transceiver for communicating with other test units and/or a Web server or host computer in a daisy-chain or mesh radio configuration. The remote test units may comprise an instant-off switch which electrically connects the pipeline with a buried protected coupon of the same material as the pipeline, and a voltmeter configured to measure the instant-off potential of the protected coupon when the switch is opened. The test units may also comprise a millivoltmeter configured to measure a voltage across a critical bond current shunt resistor and an ammeter configured to measure AC and DC current flowing between the pipeline and the protected coupon with the instant-off switch is closed.09-29-2011
20120278018Degradation Monitoring System for Hose Assembly - A system and method for detecting hose degradation are disclosed. In one aspect, a hose degradation monitoring system includes a hose assembly including a hose having a first conductive layer and a second conductive layer, and a monitoring circuit in electrical communication with the first and second conductive layers. The degradation monitoring circuit includes a circuit element having a non-linear electrical property in response to changed voltage.11-01-2012
20110276292Method and apparatus for reading a programmable anti-fuse element in a high-voltage integrated circuit - In a method for reading a programmable anti-fuse block of a high-voltage integrated circuit a first voltage is applied to a first pin of the HVIC, the first voltage being lowered to a second voltage at a first node. Current is shunted from the first node, thereby lowering the second voltage to a third voltage. An isolation circuit block is then activated to couple the third voltage to a common node of the programmable anti-fuse block, the common node being coupled to a plurality of anti-fuses, each anti-fuse having a programmed state. A read signal is generated that causes a voltage potential representative of the programmed state of each anti-fuse to be latched into a corresponding latch element.11-10-2011
20110276291ELECTROSTATIC CAPACITANCE TYPE INPUT DEVICE AND CALCULATION METHOD FOR CALCULATING APPROACH POSITION OF CONDUCTOR - An electrostatic capacitance type input device includes: first electrodes arranged in a first direction and extending in a second direction intersecting the first direction; second electrodes arranged in the second direction and extending in the first direction; a storage unit storing first direction detection values obtained through the first electrodes resulting from the change in capacitance between a first conductor and the electrodes, and storing second direction detection values obtained through the second electrodes resulting from the change in capacitance between the first conductor and the electrodes; and a calculation unit, which generates first map values from a first value and a second value obtained, respectively, by processing at least one of the first direction detection values and at least one of the second direction detection values. The calculation unit determines whether the first conductor has approached the first electrodes and second electrodes using the first map values.11-10-2011
20110320146DEVICE FOR DETECTING INSULATION DEGRADATION - The invention is related to a device for detecting insulation degradation in an inverter-driven load device, in particular a motor, the device including: zero-phase current measuring means for measuring a zero-phase current in power-feed lines, provided in the power-feed lines between an inverter device and the motor; and command control means for putting rotation of the motor on standby; wherein the zero-phase current measuring means measures the total of phase currents fed into respective phases so as not to rotate a shaft even when an external force is applied to the shaft during the rotation being on standby, whereby allowing regular detection of insulation degradation without switching over the power-feed lines connected with the load device.12-29-2011
20110320145METHOD FOR PARAMETERS EXTRACTION OF SOLAR CELLS - The present invention discloses a method for extracting of solar cell parameters. After illuminating the solar cell by different simulated solar luminosity with different illumination intensity, measured current and measured voltages of the solar cell are acquired and the series resistance of the solar cell is extracted based on the measured current and measured voltages. The root mean square error (RMSE) is used to determine the series resistance of the solar cell. Therefore, the parameters of the solar cell are extracted without presuming current-voltage functional form.12-29-2011
20120290240CURRENT SENSOR FOR ELECTRIC WIRE - A current sensor includes an electric wire to be measured, a guide portion for guiding the electric wire to be measured, a holding portion for holding the electric wire to be measured, and four pairs of magnetic sensor elements arranged at intervals of 90 degrees along a circumference around a center axis which is a virtual arrangement axis of the electric wire to be measured. The outputs of the magnetic sensor elements of each pair are appropriately linearly combined and the linearly combined outputs of all the pairs are added. Hence, a space for guiding the electric wire to be measured can be easily allocated, and the effects of variation sources such as the displacement of the electric wire to be measured, a constant external magnetic field, and an external magnetic field generated by a neighboring electric wire are compensated for, whereby a small high-accuracy current sensor is provided.11-15-2012
20120290239THIN METAL FILM MEASUREMENT METHOD - A thin metal film measurement method is disclosed. The method includes the following steps. A respective capacitance is measured before and after a thin metal film is formed. The thickness of the thin metal film is calculated according to the variation of the capacitance. In an embodiment, the capacitance is measured respectively by a capacitance measuring module before and after the thin metal film is formed so as to calculate the thickness of the thin metal film. In another embodiment, a pair of capacitance measuring modules opposite at up and down sides is applied to measure the capacitance before and after the thin metal film is formed so as to calculate the thickness of the thin metal film.11-15-2012
20120290241METHOD OF CHARACTERISING AN LED DEVICE - A method of characterising an LED, as well as an integrated circuit using this method, based on a so-called characteristic resistance, in which the LED is operated at a first, relatively low, operating current and then at a second, relatively high, operating current. From the ratio between the difference between the forward voltages at these two operating currents, and the difference between the operating current, the characteristic resistance is determined. The characteristic resistance is measured at two or more moments during the operational lifetime of the device, and a prediction or estimate is made in relation to the total operational lifetime of the devices, from the evolution or change of the characteristic resistance.11-15-2012
20100169035METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR OBSERVING SENSOR PARAMETERS - The invention disclosed herein provides methods and materials for observing the state of a sensor, for example those used by diabetic patients to monitor blood glucose levels. Typically a voltage such as a voltage pulse is applied to the sensor in order to solicit a current response from which for example, factors such as impedance values can be derived. Such values can then be used as indicators of a sensor's state, for example the state of sensor hydration, sensor noise, sensor offset, sensor drift or the like.07-01-2010
20090063069Data logger system - A data logger system utilizing a censor which obtain a plurality of measurements of an environmental parameter and generates a plurality of signals representing such measurements. A processor receives the plurality of signals and produces a table of counts in sequential format. An external prime converter receives the table of sequential counts and converts the same to human readable values representing the environmental parameter measurement.03-05-2009
20120150466APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR EVALUATING LAYERS IN A MULTI-LAYER STRUCTURE - An apparatus for evaluating layers, including interlayer gaps, in a multi-layer structure; the multi-layer structure presenting a plurality of edges generally aligned athwart an axis; the apparatus includes: (a) a sensing unit configured for sensing at least one parameter; (b) a positioning unit coupled with the sensing unit; the positioning unit being configured to effect moving the sensing unit generally along the axis; and (c) a control unit coupled with at least one of the positioning unit and the sensing unit. The control unit provides an electrical signal to the sensing unit. The control unit monitors changes in the at least one parameter as the sensing unit moves past the plurality of edges. The control unit employs the changes in the at least one parameter to effect the evaluating.06-14-2012
20130018611Systems and Methods of Measuring Gap Height - A method of determining a gap height in a droplet actuator including measuring an impedance between a droplet operations electrode of a first substrate in a droplet actuator and ground electrode of a second substrate in the droplet actuator, storing a lookup table that associates impedances to heights of gaps between the first substrate and the second substrate, querying the lookup table for the impedance measured between the droplet operations electrode of the first substrate and the ground electrode of the second substrate; and retrieving a height of a gap associated with the impedance.01-17-2013
20130018612DEVICE AND METHOD FOR OBSERVING OR CONTROLLING A NON-LINEAR SYSTEMAANM Grossard; MathieuAACI MontrougeAACO FRAAGP Grossard; Mathieu Montrouge FRAANM Boukallel; MehdiAACI ParisAACO FRAAGP Boukallel; Mehdi Paris FR - An observation device of a non-linear system includes: at least one sensor supplying a measurement vector each component of which is a measurable output parameter of the non-linear system; and a state observer processor that, based on a predetermined state representation of the non-linear system, is configured to supply an estimation of a state vector of the non-linear system according to the measurement vector supplied and a control vector of the non-linear system. In addition, the predetermined state representation including a non-linearity model of the system in a form of a gain parameter, and one component of the state vector is this gain parameter.01-17-2013
20110161027METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT FOR A DIGITAL SUBSCRIBER LINE - The present invention relates to a method and an arrangement based on two-port network (TPN) theory that allows analytically estimating the loop transfer function from open and short-circuited input impedance measurements, e.g. single ended line transmission (SELT) measurements, by utilizing the fact that the line under test (LUT) can be considered reciprocal and by assuming that the LUT is symmetric. Hence, by using the present invention and an estimation of the noise on the line, the attainable bit rate at the customer premises can be determined by means of SELT measurements at the CO. The transfer function of a telephone copper-loop is estimated regardless of its topology by impedance measurements from the CO side. Specifically, such estimation is carried out from the calculation of the transmission parameters of loop, which are expressed only in terms of open and short-circuited input impedance measurements at the CO when reciprocity and symmetry is assumed.06-30-2011
20130024144DETERMINING HARMONICS - Methods, systems, and devices for determining a harmonic are described herein. One method includes determining a temperature of a circuit conductor while the circuit conductor is conducting a current, and determining a harmonic associated with the circuit conductor based, at least in part, on the determined temperature.01-24-2013
20130024147METHOD FOR MEASURING A POSITION - A method for measuring a position using a magnet and a sensor for detecting the magnetic field strength of the magnet. The magnet and/or the sensor interact with a movable element so that a relative movement between the sensor and the magnet can be effected. The position of the movable element in accordance with the co-ordinates in a system of co-ordinates can be ascertained on the basis of the magnetic field generated by the magnet and detected by the sensor. The sensor ascertains the components of the magnetic field strength of the magnetic field in three linearly independent spatial directions. The magnet generates an analytically describable magnetic field. Each co-ordinate along a co-ordinate axis of the system of co-ordinates in a half-space of the magnetic field is determined individually and unambiguously by the combination of the components of the magnetic field strength detected by the sensor.01-24-2013
20130024146METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE MAGNETISATION OF THE HULL OF A SHIP, AND ASSOCIATED DEVICE - A method of taking a plurality of measurements of the magnetic field using the plurality of sensors; includes assessing the inductive magnetic excitation; and determining the likely distribution of magnetic sources on the surface of the hull by resolving a system of equations derived from modeling the physical phenomena at play, on the basis of the plurality of measurements taken and the assessed inductive magnetic excitation. The model describes the induced magnetic sources as a distribution of dipolar sources and the remanent magnetic sources as a distribution of monopolar sources. A device (01-24-2013
20130024145DETERMINING POWER FLOW - Methods, systems, and devices for determining a power flow are described herein. One method includes determining a temperature of a circuit conductor while the circuit conductor is conducting a current, and determining a power flow associated with the circuit conductor based, at least in part, on the determined temperature.01-24-2013
20080228415Semiconductor testing instrument to determine safe operating area - An instrument for determination of the dc safe area of operation of a semiconductor device-under-test comprises a means to apply an adjustable bias at the input of a device-under-test, wherein the means comprises a dc biaser to apply a dc bias at a bias point within the safe operating limit, and a variable biaser subsequently to apply a variable bias comprising fast, superimposed rectangular bipolar pulses, and wherein the instrument further comprises means to measure the current response thereto so as to permit extrapolation of a detailed I-V response in the vicinity of the safe operating limit. A method of determination of the dc safe area of operation of a semiconductor device-under-test is also described.09-18-2008
20130151187Systems And Methods For Determining Current Flow Through A Utility Asset - The present invention describes systems and methods for determining current flow through a current-carrying utility asset. An exemplary embodiment can include measuring a first magnetic induction value at a first location near a targeted current-carrying utility asset and a second magnetic induction value at a second location near the targeted asset where the first location is a known distance from the second location; determining a correlation between a spatial angle and an electrical phase angle between the targeted asset and a second asset where the second asset contributes a first and second error component to the first and second magnetic induction values respectively; estimating error values for the first and second error components using the correlation between the spatial angle and the electrical phase angle; and estimating a current flowing through the targeted asset using the first and second magnetic induction values, the known distance, and the error values.06-13-2013
20130144548TOMOGRAPHY OF MULTIPHASE MIXTURES - A tomography system for determining properties of flowing multiphase fluid, comprising a duct having a duct wall and interior space within the duct wall for carrying a flow of the multiphase fluid and a plurality of sensors, which are electrodes or coils, at positions distributed around the duct wall on a planar cross section through the duct, wherein the sensors (electrodes or coils) are used for making a plurality of measurements of electrical or magnetic properties through the duct wall and the multiphase fluid; and a processor is used to receive measurement data from the sensors and to compute from the measured properties to derive quantitative values of at least one property selected from permittivity, conductivity, magnetic permeability and complex-conductivity of the multiphase fluid independent of effects external to the fluid flow, such as effects of the duct walls and the geometry of the positioning of the sensors (electrodes or coils).06-06-2013
20090216471Method of monitoring deterioration of lubricating oil and device therefore - A method of monitoring deterioration of lubricating oil and a device therefore capable of judging deterioration of the oil with high accuracy suppressing measurement error due to mixing of foreign matter in the oil. Correlation between relative permittivity and TBN (total base number) of the lubricating oil is obtained beforehand (step S08-27-2009
20110270558Method and Apparatus for Processing a Motor Signal, Having Current Ripple, of a DC Motor - In order to process a motor signal (I11-03-2011
20130096859RESISTANCE DETERMINING SYSTEM - A resistance determining device configured for determining a resistance for a digital power supply control microchip includes a digital potentiometer and a controller. The digital potentiometer is electrically connected to the digital power supply control microchip. The controller is electrically connected to the digital potentiometer. The controller obtains internal current and load current of the digital power supply control microchip, compares the internal current with the load current, and changes a current resistance of the digital potentiometer to be a resistance according to a difference between the internal current and the load current. The resistance makes the internal current consistent with the load current.04-18-2013
20130103335Apparatus for Measuring the Local Electrical Resistance of a Surface - Apparatus for measuring the local electrical resistance of a surface, the apparatus comprising: 04-25-2013
20080208495ELECTRICALLY STIMULATED FINGERPRINT SENSOR TEST METHOD - Systems and techniques for testing a fingerprint sensor are described. A conductive material is placed on a surface of the fingerprint sensor, and an electrical signal is applied to the conductive material. The electrical signal affects a first electrical property associated with first and second electrodes of the fingerprint sensor. First and second measurements of a second electrical property associated with the first and second electrodes are acquired, the second electrical property being correlated to the first electrical property. The first and second measurements are analyzed to determine whether the fingerprint sensor has one or more defects.08-28-2008
20100286939METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DIAGNOSING DETERIORATION OF FUEL CELL - Provided are method and apparatus for diagnosing the deterioration of a fuel cell. The method includes: controlling a frequency of current drawn from the fuel cell; calculating an AC impedance of the fuel cell by using a pulse component of output current of the fuel cell that is generated by the control of the frequency; and diagnosing the deterioration of the fuel cell based on the calculated AC impedance.11-11-2010
20110251809INDUCTIVE LOOP PRESENCE DETECTOR - An inductive loop presence detector for sensing objects, such as rail cars, containing one or more sensing loops. The inductive loop presence detector includes a backup power supply that is connected to a control unit of the detector to power the control unit during an interruption in the line voltage. The backup power supply includes batteries or capacitors that power the control unit when the line voltage is interrupted. The control unit of the inductive loop presence detector operates in a lower power mode when the control unit is supplied with power from the backup power supply. The control unit operates to auto-tune and supply power to the sensing loops to operate at the most desirable frequency based upon the inductance of the sensing loops.10-13-2011
20090171602DEVICE FOR ACCURATELY MEASURING AMPLIFIER'S OPEN-LOOP GAIN WITH DIGITAL STIMULI - A device capable of receiving one or more digital stimulus signals and accurately measuring an open-loop gain of an amplifier comprises: a digital charge converter (DCC), a charge integrator, an A/D converter, a control logic circuit and an arithmetic logic unit (ALU). The DCC and the charge integrator are composed of a plurality of switches, one or more sampling capacitor, at least one integrating capacitor and an operational amplifier under test (OPAUT) with a single-ended output or differential-ended outputs. The DCC, the charge integrator, and the A/D converter are controlled by control signals generated by the logic control circuit and can be reconfigured as a first-order Sigma-Delta modulator capable of receiving at least one of the digital input stimulus signals. The ALU calculates the open-loop gain of the OPAUT with single-ended output or differential-ended outputs according to the digital stimulus signals and the digital output of the first-order Sigma-Delta modulator.07-02-2009
20130151186SYSTEM, CONTROLLER, AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING CONDUCTANCE OF AN OBJECT - A system for determining a conductance of an object includes a sensor configured to emit an electromagnetic field when an excitation signal is received, wherein the electromagnetic field interacts with the object when the object is positioned within the electromagnetic field. A signal processing circuit is coupled to the sensor and configured to provide an adjustable capacitance to the sensor to adjust a phase angle of a current flowing through the sensor, to generate a voltage measurement representative of a voltage across the sensor, and to generate a current measurement representative of the current flowing through the sensor. A controller is coupled to the signal processing circuit and configured to calculate an admittance of the sensor based on the voltage measurement and the current measurement, and to determine a conductance of the object based on the calculated admittance of the sensor.06-13-2013
20120283973PLASMA PROBE AND METHOD FOR PLASMA DIAGNOSTICS - Device and method for monitoring a plasma in a chamber of a plasma reactor is are disclosed. In one aspect, the method includes measuring plasma parameter data at a surface of a single planar Langmuir probe in contact with the plasma. A biasing capacitor is connected between the single planar Langmuir probe and a DC-bias source. Subsequently a discharge current of the biasing capacitor as a result of the DC-bias is measured, and a probe potential at the single probe during the discharge is measured. The measurements can be used to detect presence and/or thickness of a dielectric film on the probe surface.11-08-2012
20120283972SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING USER INPUT USING DUAL BASELINE MODES - The embodiments described herein provide devices and methods that facilitate improved performance. In one embodiment, an input device comprises a plurality of capacitive sensor electrodes and a processing system coupled to the electrodes and configured to operate the electrodes to sense in a sensing region. Specifically, the processing system is configured to determine information about input objects in the sensing region based on comparisons of preliminary values with corresponding baseline values. The processing system is further configured to selectively operate in a first mode and a second mode. While operating in the first mode, the processing system selectively changes a baseline value of the plurality of baseline values by a first amount in response to that baseline value being below a corresponding preliminary value. This selective changing of baseline values occurs even when the processing system determines that an input object is in the sensing region.11-08-2012
20120283971BUILT-IN AUTOMATED ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE MONITOR FOR COMPUTING UNITS - A method, computer program product, and computer system for monitoring for electrostatic discharge (ESD) events. An ESD monitor for potential of electrostatic discharge events in a sensed area through a plurality of ESD sensors coupled to the ESD monitor. The monitor senses for a charge level which could cause ESD event and entry of an operator into a sensed area. If an ESD event is detected, issue an ESD event alert to the operator and recording data to a tangible storage device; determine environmental factors at time and date of the ESD event; compare the ESD event and associated environmental factors to other ESD events with associated environmental factors; and determine if a correlation exists between the ESD event and associated environmental factors and the other ESD events with associated environmental factors.11-08-2012
20090248335Method and System for the Calculation of the Sensitivities of an Electrical Parameter of an Integrated Circuit - A method and system for determining electrical parameter data for a layer of an integrated circuit that can include a nominal electrical parameter value, and sensitivity values which represent the sensitivities of the nominal electrical parameter value to variations in the nominal parameter values. A template of the layer geometry is provided from a portion of which a set of linear equations are developed and which equations are solved using a two step method and from which solution the nominal electrical parameter values are determined. An auxiliary set of the original linear equations is developed from the original set using the adjoint method and from the solution of the auxiliary set using the two step method the sensitivity values are calculated.10-01-2009
20110282609METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MAGNETIC INDUCTION TOMOGRAPHY - This invention relates to a method and apparatus for estimating artifacts in the image reconstruction of an object of interest (11-17-2011
20130191059EARTH/GROUND CLAMP FOR MEASURING EARTH RESISTANCE OF ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS - An earth clamp for testing contact voltage, comprising a measuring circuit formed of a voltage inducing transformer and a current measuring transformer, adapted to be mutually coupled by an earth conductor whose earth impedance is to be measured, a microcontroller to deliver an alternating voltage to the voltage inducing transformer and, in response, to receive a reference voltage generated in the earth conductor and an earth current i07-25-2013
20130191060METHOD OF MEASURING A PHYSICAL PARAMETER AND ELECTRONIC INTERFACE CIRCUIT FOR A CAPACITIVE SENSOR FOR IMPLEMENTING THE SAME - The method is for measuring a physical parameter via an electronic circuit connected to a two differential capacitor sensor having two fixed electrodes and a common moving electrode. The circuit supplies first and second digital measuring signals. Each measuring cycle consists on biasing fixed electrodes by a first biasing and a second biasing reverse of the first biasing, alternated with biasing the electrodes by the measuring voltage based on first and second digital signals. Each conversion starts by a small step value added to or subtracted from each digital signal in each cycle. If the successive identical amplifier output states counted or counted down by a counter is higher than a threshold, a large step value is added to or subtracted from the digital signals in each cycle. Re-adaptation to the small step value occurs when a sign change is detected in the counter, until the conversion end.07-25-2013
20120029853SYSTEM, DEVICE, AND METHOD FOR DETECTING ELECTRICAL DISCHARGES ON A STRUCTURE - A lightning detection and damage estimation system for a structure is disclosed herein. The system includes a lightning receptor coupled to a lightning conductor configured to receive multiple lightning strikes and induce lightning current in a pick-up coil coupled to the lightning conductor. An integrated circuit coupled to the lightning conductor via the pick-up coil includes a non-volatile memory for successively storing one or more samples of the lightning induced current for the multiple lightning strikes. A damage estimation unit is configured to estimate a condition of the structure based on analyzing a history of stored samples of the lightning induced current of the multiple lightning strikes from the non-volatile memory.02-02-2012
20130197838METHOD FOR DESIGNING COIL SYSTEMS FOR GENERATION OF MAGNETIC FIELDS OF DESIRED GEOMETRY, A MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING OR MAGNETOENCEPHALOGRAPHY APPARATUS WITH A COIL ASSEMBLY AND A COMPUTER PROGRAM - The present invention introduces a method, apparatus and computer program for magnetic resonance imaging or magnetoencephalography applications in order to control currents of a coil assembly (08-01-2013
20130197840APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CALCULATING LENGTH OF CARBON GROUNDING ELECTRODE MODULE BASED ON TWO-LAYERED DISTRIBUTED CONSTANT CIRCUIT - The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for calculating a length of a carbon grounding electrode module, which calculates a grounding electrode module length with the smallest grounding impedance variation depending on frequency variation, with respect to the grounding electrode module having a coaxial structure and being filled therein with a carbon-containing filler, wherein the present invention comprises: configuring two distributed constant circuits into two layers to configure a grounding electrode circuit; receiving the resistivity and relative dielectric constant of ground, the resistivity and relative dielectric constant of the filler, and the inside and outside diameters of the grounding electrode module, as dummy variables; selecting a plurality of frequencies within a frequency variation range; simulating a grounding electrode circuit with the dummy variables with respect to each selected frequency to calculate grounding impedances corresponding to lengths of a grounding electrode; and obtaining the grounding electrode length that is the minimum difference between the grounding impedances of respective frequencies. Through this, a grounding electrode module is implemented in which the variation of a grounding impedance is small even during frequency variations, thereby making it possible to develop a grounding system having a stable performance even with high-frequency fault currents, such as stroke currents or the like.08-01-2013
20130197839THREE PHASE POWER QUALITY MEASUREMENT USING ASYNCHRONOUS, ISOLATED SINGLE PHASE CIRCUITS - A system and method utilize multiple, asynchronous, voltage isolated integrated power data circuits (IPDCs) to respectively determine one or more power parameters of a multi-phase power distribution system. In at least one embodiment, the power parameters represent differences between voltage phases of a multi-phase power distribution system. In at least one embodiment, the IPDCs each sense a voltage or current from a single phase of a three-phase power distribution system. Additionally, the IPDCs are electrically isolated from each other and, thus, in at least one embodiment, can utilize voltage divider or shunt resistor sensing without being subject to high voltages representative of the difference between voltage phases. Additionally, in at least one embodiment, each of the IPDCs utilizes a separate clock signal to determine phase sequence and phase angle deltas of one or more three phase voltages of the three-phase power distribution system.08-01-2013
20120046895RF Probe Technique for Determining Plasma Potential - An rf probe is placed within a plasma and an rf signal from a network analyzer for a given dc bias voltage V02-23-2012
20120072149ESD VERIFICATION APPARATUS, ESD VERIFICATION METHOD AND ESD VERIFICATION PROGRAM - An ESD verification apparatus for a semiconductor circuit has a replacement part, a first table making part, a second table making part, a third table making part, a fourth table making part, a fifth table making part, a comparator and an indicator. The indicator indicates to an operator a combination and a path of the corresponding pads when the comparator determines that current-flowing-easiness of a current path via the ESD protection element does not coincide with current-flowing-easiness of a current path not via the ESD protection element between any pads in the plurality of pads.03-22-2012
20120095709Method of Estimating Short Circuit Current Available by Analysis of DC Charging Circuit - A system and method of dynamically estimating the short circuit current availability (SCCA) at a node in an alternating current electrical distribution system by examining the spectral composition of current drawn by a direct current charging circuit connected to the node. A correlative relationship between the total harmonic current distortion (THDi) in the current drawn by the charging circuit and the SCCA at the node is established for a particular charging circuit. An estimation of the SCCA at the node is accomplished by taking current measurements of current drawn by the charging circuit, analyzing those current measurements to determine the THDi, and estimating a corresponding value of SCCA based on the determined THDi. A method is also provided for calibrating a particular charging circuit to have a reactance and resistance suitable for use in estimating SCCA.04-19-2012
20130211756OPERATIONAL STATE DETERMINATION APPARATUS - The invention relates to an operational state determination apparatus (08-15-2013
20130211757LINEAR SYSTEM COEFFICIENT ESTIMATING METHOD, LINEAR DEVICE COLUMN VALUE ESTIMATING METHOD, CAPACITANCE DETECTING METHOD, INTEGRATED CIRCUIT, TOUCH SENSOR SYSTEM, AND ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A capacitance detecting method disclosed herein, which achieves a good detection accuracy, a good resolution, and a high-speed operation, (A)(a) drives, on the basis of code sequences (di (=di08-15-2013

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