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Power logging (e.g., metering)

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702 - Data processing: measuring, calibrating, or testing


702057000 - Electrical signal parameter measurement system

702060000 - Power parameter

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702062000 Including communication means 155
20130085693METHOD AND DEVICE FOR REGISTERING ELECTRICAL CONSUMPTION AND GENERATION - A method and device for registering electrical consumption and generation in an energy management network has at least one energy management unit, and, in a power distribution system, a number of electrical consumers or consumer groups and a number of generators are interconnected with the aid of assigned components in the form of switching elements and energy meters, which are influenced or analyzed by the energy management unit, as a function of the purchase price and the feed-in remuneration.04-04-2013
20130085692POWER MEASURING SYSTEM - Disclosed herein is a power measurement system capable of power of electric devices without performing a quantization process through a separate analog-digital converter for voltage. The power measurement system includes a smart meter measuring a voltage root mean square value input to an electrical device; and a power measurement device measuring power of the electrical equipment using a voltage root mean square value Vrms measured by the smarter meter and a current instantaneous values of power lines connected to the electric device.04-04-2013
20120245868RESERVE CAPACITY CALCULATING APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREFOR, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - A power consumption distribution calculator uses a predicted outdoor temperature sequence of the customer house for a prediction period at a first date from a first time to a second time, and identifies dates having a sequence part similar to the predicted outdoor temperature sequence in the prediction period, identifies power consumption sequences corresponding to identified dates, and calculate a statistical distribution or a representative value of identified power consumption sequences for a whole period from a third time to the second time, the third time being earlier than the first time. A power consumption predicting unit calculates a predicted power consumption sequence in the prediction period based on the statistical distribution or the representative value. A reserve capacity calculating unit calculates reserve capacity being a difference between a predicted power consumption sequence and a sequence part in the prediction period of the reference power consumption sequence.09-27-2012
20130035885TOPOLOGY IDENTIFICATION IN DISTRIBUTION NETWORK WITH LIMITED MEASUREMENTS - A statistical technique is used to estimate the status of switching devices (such as circuit breakers, isolator switches and fuses) in distribution networks, using scares (i.e., limited or non-redundant) measurements. Using expected values of power consumption, and their variance, the confidence level of identifying the correct topology, or the current status of switching devices, is calculated using any given configuration of real time measurements. Different topologies are then compared in order to select the most likely topology at the prevailing time. The measurements are assumed as normally distributed random variables, and the maximum likelihood principle or a support vector machine is applied.02-07-2013
20130035884APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SUB-METERING OF HOUSEHOLD DEVICES - An apparatus and method for estimating resource consumption of a household device, e.g., an appliance. The method comprises determining a resource demand profile for a household device for a given time period, the resource demand profile associating, for the given time period, a device state of the household device with a total resource demand for the household. In one embodiment, the apparatus can be incorporated into an energy management system, where the apparatus collects data from each of the appliances in a household as well as from a resource meter.02-07-2013
20090157334MEASUREMENT OF POWER CONSUMPTION WITHIN AN INTEGRATED CIRCUIT - An apparatus and method for measuring power consumed during operation of an integrated circuit. The apparatus including: a data processing circuit having an input and an output, the data processing circuit configured to generate an output data signal on based on an input data signal; a power measurement circuit configured to measure an amount of electrical power consumed by the processing circuit in generating the output signal from the input signal, the power measurement circuit connected between the processing circuit and a power supply for the processing circuit; and a memory element configured to store a tag containing a value representing the amount of electrical power consumed by the processing circuit in generating the output data signal from the input data signal and either (a) the input data of the input data signal or (b) a pointer to the input data of the input data signal.06-18-2009
20090157333METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATED ENERGY USAGE MONITORING WITHIN A DATA CENTER - An automated method and system are provided for facilitating monitoring of energy usage within a data center. The method includes automatically determining energy usage of one or more electronics racks of a data center by automatically ascertaining time-based energy usage of the electronics racks. The automatically ascertaining includes obtaining multiple measurements of instantaneous energy usage by each of the electronics racks in the data center over a period of time, and then separately averaging the multiple measurements for each electronics rack to obtain the time-based energy usage of each electronics racks. The method also includes outputting the time-based energy usage of the electronic(s) racks to facilitate monitoring of the data center.06-18-2009
20100106436POWER CONSUMPTION CALCULATION FACILITY - Embodiments of the invention include an apparatus for calculating an index value indicating power consumption, processing cost, or environmental load in a system having hardware components used by multiple processes or users. The apparatus may include an index acquisition part for acquiring an index value of a hardware component. The index value may indicate power consumption of the hardware component. The apparatus may further include an observation value acquisition part for acquiring one or more observation values for multiple processes. The observation value for each process may vary depending on use of the hardware component by the process. Finally, a calculation part may calculate, based on the observation value, a use amount of the hardware component by each process. The calculation part may further calculate the index value for a process using the hardware component by distributing the index value according to the use amount.04-29-2010
20100070214System and method for identifying appliances by electrical characteristics - Illustrative embodiments provide systems, applications, apparatuses, computer software program products, and methods related to identification of electrical appliances by electrical characteristics.03-18-2010
20130046493SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DATA ANOMALY DETECTION - Systems and methods for performing data anomaly detection and/or removal are usable to accurately assess baseline power consumption. According to one embodiment of the invention, a system can be provided. The system can be operable to receive energy consumption data of a location; select, based at least in part on a collection period of the energy consumption data, an algorithm for detecting anomalies in the energy consumption data; perform the algorithm on the energy consumption data to detect the anomalies in the energy consumption data; and determine an energy consumption baseline for the location based at least in part on a result of the algorithm.02-21-2013
20120191386Utility energy monitoring device - This device is a utilities monitor. Said device displays current usage of utility resources being consumed and records and displays usage data. Said device receives utility usage data from sensors that are measuring utility (such as gas, water and/or electricity) usage data.07-26-2012
20130073232Source Power Anomaly and Load Power Consumption Monitoring and Analysis - Power data are collected from one or more power modules that control power to a connected load. The power data may include indications of source electricity measurements and of load power consumption measurements. These measurements are correlated in space or time and a set of the correlated source electricity measurements or the correlated load power measurements is selected for presentation. The selected set of measurements is presented on a presentation device such that deviations from specified values are indicated to a user.03-21-2013
20130073231IN-SITU DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Data acquisition systems and methods for acquiring test data associated with standard insulated power cables and/or power equipment such as switchgears, transformers, electric motors, etc are disclosed. The test data may then be subsequently analyzed for defects, such as the presence of faults, discharges (e.g., PD, coronas, arcing, etc.). The systems may store the acquired test data on removable, non volatile memory, such as Flash memory. The removable memory may be retrieved by an un-skilled technician periodically and returned to a lab or other test facility for subsequent analysis by highly trained analysts.03-21-2013
20080215262POLYPHASE ELECTRIC ENERGY METER - A polyphase electric energy meter comprises a microcontroller with a front end that converts analog current input signals and analog voltage input signals to digital current and voltage samples for processing by the microcontroller. The front end includes separate input channels, each for one of the current input signals with a sigma-delta modulator followed by a decimation filter. The front end further includes a common input channel for all voltage input signals with a multiplexer, an analog-to-digital converter and a de-multiplexer. The separate input channels and the common input channel provide the digital current and voltage samples for processing by the microcontroller.09-04-2008
20130024141ENERGY CONSUMPTION ANALYSIS USING NODE SIMILARITY - Systems and methods of analyzing energy consumption using node similarity are disclosed. An example of a method may be carried out by program code stored on non-transient computer-readable medium and executed by a processor. The method includes assigning a similarity score to a plurality of nodes using at least one of: domain based rules, attribute based similarity metrics, and machine learning. The method also includes identifying a similar node from the plurality of nodes, for a node under consideration, based on the similarity score. The method also includes determining energy consumption of the node under consideration based on energy consumption of the similar node.01-24-2013
20100036624STRESS CONDITION LOGGING IN UTILITY METER - An arrangement includes a utility meter housing that contains or supports a first sensor, a second sensor, and a processing circuit. The first sensor is configured to measure a first parameter, the first parameter relating to an environmental condition within the meter housing. The second sensor is configured to measure a second parameter. The processing circuit is operably connected to the first sensor and to the second sensor, and is configured to record information relating to one or more events, each event corresponding to a detection of an out of range condition by each of the first sensor and the second sensor.02-11-2010
20110301888SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PLANNING OF DEMAND FOR POWER ON AN ELECTRICAL POWER NETWORK - A system and method for calculating energy to be preceded or delayed through a deactivation of appliance on a power network to reduce a highest threshold of power production required to meet power demand. Predictions of power demand by appliances and the possibility of preceding or delaying such demand away from a time of high power usage allow power use to be shifted away from periods of peak production. Further, such predictions allow more complete use of power once a power generator has been activated.12-08-2011
20110301887METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR NOISE REDUCTION AND DATA COMPRESSION - A method and apparatus for carrying out noise reduction in data regarding parameter values comprising the steps of, making a series of measurements of parameter values at times separated by predetermined time intervals, forming a plurality of successive measurements into an array of measurements, performing n successive wavelet transforms on the array of measurements to produce an array of coefficients, comparing the values of the array of coefficients to a threshold value and, selectively changing the values of said coefficients based on their relationship to the threshold, to produce an array of filtered coefficients, and performing n successive inverse wavelet transforms on the array of filtered coefficients to produce an array of filtered measurements.12-08-2011
20120109551POWER CONSUMPTION DISPLAY UNIT FOR MACHINE TOOL - A power consumption display unit for a machine tool includes: machining state determining means for determining, when a main power switch used to supply power to a machine tool is ON, whether the machine tool is in a machining state where a machining program is executed to machine a workpiece or in a non-machining state where the machining program is not executed; power consumption measuring means for measuring a power consumption of the machine tool during a period where the machine tool is determined to be in the non-machining state by the machining state determining means; and display means for displaying the power consumption measured by the power consumption measuring means.05-03-2012
20120109550METHOD AND SYSTEM OF SAMPLING TO AUTOMATICALLY SCALE DIGITAL POWER ESTIMATES WITH FREQUENCY - A method for automatically scaling estimates of digital power consumed by a portion of an integrated circuit (IC) device by the operating frequency of the portion of the IC are described herein. The method may include obtaining an energy value which may correspond to an amount of energy used by the portion of the IC. A cumulative energy value may be generated by repeatedly, at a frequency proportional to the operating frequency of the portion of the IC, obtaining energy values and adding each obtained energy value to a sum of energy values for the portion of the IC. The cumulative energy value may be sampled at a time sample interval to generate an estimate of the portion of the IC's digital power consumption that is automatically scaled with the operating frequency of the portion of the IC.05-03-2012
20090281743MANAGING ENERGY USAGE BY DEVICES ASSOCIATED WITH A VIRTUAL UNIVERSE RESOURCE CONSERVATION - A virtual universe can include regions that conserve natural resource usage. A virtual universe natural resource conservation system can determine a measure of comprehensive energy usage of a plurality of devices associated with a controlled energy use region in a virtual universe. The system can determine that the measure of comprehensive energy usage approaches a usage threshold for the controlled energy use region. The system can also impose one or more conservation limitations on at least one of the plurality of devices to maintain the comprehensive energy usage within the usage threshold.11-12-2009
20110270551METERING DEVICE WITH CONTROL FUNCTIONALITY AND METHOD THEREOF - A metering device of a power substation and method are provided for operating on a secondary analog waveform output by a transformer assembly receiving a primary waveform. The method includes stepping down the secondary waveform and generating a corresponding output signal; operating on the corresponding output signal for generating a corresponding first digital signal having a value proportional to the corresponding output signal and within a first range; and operating on the corresponding output signal for generating a corresponding second digital signal having a value proportional to the corresponding output signal and within a second range. The method further includes processing the first digital signal and outputting a corresponding first output signal; processing the second digital signal and outputting a corresponding second output signal; processing the first and second output signals; and generating output corresponding to the processing of the first and second output signals.11-03-2011
20100145642System and Method for Compensating for Potential and Current Transformers in Energy Meters - A meter device for measuring electrical energy is provided. The meter device includes circuitry for measuring at least one parameter of electrical energy provided to the meter device. A storage device is provided for storing at least one calibration factor for compensating for errors associated with at least one of at least one external current transformer (CT) and at least one external potential transformer (PT) that operates on the electrical energy provided to the meter device. At least one processor is provided for processing the at least one calibration factor for adjusting the measuring for compensating for the errors when measuring the at least one parameter of electrical energy.06-10-2010
20080243404Averaging in an Intelligent Electronic Device - A method and apparatus measures electrical power usage and quality, while mitigating the effects of noise on measured signals or parameters. Specifically, a digital electrical power and energy meter employs a method in which a processor averages a parameter, such as voltage or current, over a plurality of cycles of a time-varying signal, such as an AC electrical signal. The method employed by the meter samples a parameter over the plurality of cycles and computes the average of the samples corresponding to the same phase angle of the signal to produce an average signal.10-02-2008
20120197562Determining Energy Consumption in a Structure - Methods, apparatus, and systems are provided for measuring the supply of a consumable product/energy source, such as electrical power, to a facility over time and analyzing the measurements to determine the consumption or supply of the product by one or more loads and/or sources in the facility, and to determine induced and residual heat flow through the facility's envelope. Various aspects compare the measured supply of the consumable product to a database of consumption signatures, which characterize access to the consumable product by particular users. Operating conditions and facility characteristics, such as temperatures, load factors, insulation factors, etc., may be further considered in determining a particular user's access of the consumable product. To aid in the controlling of energy use, thermal resistance factors of the building are determined, which are based on the induced and residual heat flow through the facility.08-02-2012
20090177421ELECTRIC ENERGY METER - An electric energy meter comprises a terminal unit and a measurement unit. The terminal unit includes plural electric lines each of which carries an electric current supplied from an external power source to a load, and a coil which is provided to at least one of the plural electric lines and converts the electric current flowing to the load into a magnetic field directly proportional to the electric current. The measurement unit includes a hall element which generates a voltage directly proportional to the magnetic field converted by the coil, a voltage detector which detects voltages of the plural electric lines, and a processing unit which calculates electric energy consumption based on the voltage generated by the hall element and the voltages detected by the voltage detector. The electric energy meter can facilitate the replacement.07-09-2009
20080306699Method For Measuring the Power Consumption Time of a Cdma Mobile Terminal - The present invention relates to a method for measuring the power consumption time of a CDMA mobile terminal, and the method comprises the steps of wire-connecting a terminal to be measured with a CDMA network simulator; measuring the standby power consumption time of said terminal to be measured in standby mode, and calculating a normalized power consumption time length 12-11-2008
20090012728System and Method for Multi-Rate Concurrent Waveform Capture and Storage for Power Quality Metering - Systems and methods are provided for use in an IED that perform high resolution waveform capture to generate multi-rate waveform data in real-time. In one embodiment, high-resolution sampled data is dynamically pre-ordered into separate high resolution and low resolution data streams for presentation and storage. This pre-ordering of data is optimized so as to minimize the amount of data manipulation required to prepare the sampled data for eventual presentation and storage in the IED. Pre-ordering of data facilitates minimum performance impact so that continuous real-time data capture can be achieved.01-08-2009
20110144932Power Monitoring and Analysis System for Identifying and Tracking Individual Electrical Devices - The invention is a method for measuring and processing a plurality of electrical parameters of a common alternating current (AC) service that supplies multiple different electrical devices such that the power use rate and total power used by each of multiple devices is determined. Sensors provide high resolution signals corresponding to the current and voltage of the AC power supplied to the service panel typical of those used in residential construction. Analog-to-digital conversion and processing circuits determine multiple electrical parameters with high resolution at a sampling rate sufficient to determine the electrical parameters for approximately each AC cycle. The electrical parameters are stored as a large data set in a memory with sufficient capacity to store several months of electrical parameters representing each AC cycle. The data set is processed to extract complete on-off cycles of the devices. The on-off cycles are represented by instance structures. The characteristics of the instance structures are used to determine device structures. Each device structure characterizes one of the multiple devices. The contributions associated with the extracted instance structures are subtracted from the data set, making is possible to extract additional instance structures from the residual information in the data set. Information from the device structures are used to help extract instances structures that are partially obscured by overlapping instance structures. The newly extracted instances structures are subtracted from the data set and processing continues until no more instance structures can be extracted. Information from the extracted instance structures and device structures are further grouped and processed to provide useful information reports to a consumer. As the electrical parameters are determined and added to the data set, they can be incrementally processed so that near real time information can be provided to the consumer. The cost of operating each device and other information enables the consumer to make informed decision regarding energy use and conservation.06-16-2011
20120078546LOAD-SIDE VOLTAGE DETECTION VIA ELECTRIC METERING PROCESSING - Load-side voltage detection via electric metering processing is disclosed. In one aspect, load-side voltage is provided as an input to a metering processing unit. The metering processing unit determines a voltage level of the load-side voltage. An application processing unit uses the voltage level to control operation of a service disconnect relay.03-29-2012
20110224927ENERGY CONSUMPTION IMPROVEMENT CALCULATION APPARATUS, METHOD FOR CONTROLLING SAME, AND ENERGY CONSUMPTION IMPROVEMENT CALCULATION PROGRAM - An energy consumption improvement calculation apparatus calculates an amount of room-for-improvement that is an improvable amount of power consumption of at least one target device. A cycle use section of the energy consumption improvement calculation apparatus uses measured values and measurement times of power consumption and a fluctuating cycle of power consumption which fluctuates periodically. The cycle use section includes: a phase determining section for determining a phase of the measurement time with respect to one cycle; a table generating section for calculating a reference value which is an average of plural ones of the measured values measured at measurement times corresponding to the phase and generating a correspondence table between each phase and the reference value; and a subtraction section for subtracting, from a measured value measured at a given measurement time, a reference value corresponding to a phase of the given measurement time and obtained by the phase determining section and the correspondence table. The subtraction result gives the amount of room-for-improvement at the given measurement time.09-15-2011
20100191488Computer Application for the Gathering and Interpretation of Data from Interval "Smart" Meters - A software tool for energy management consisting of a means for inputting data on a specified structure, inputting data on energy usage, and matching that information to calculated kilowatt usage for specific devices in the monitored system.07-29-2010
20120197561NETWORK RELAY DEVICE - A network relay device includes a main functional portion including a relaying function for network communication, a power supply portion for converting an AC current taken from an external AC power supply to a DC current, and providing the DC current to the main functional portion, a measuring unit for measuring a value of the DC current, after the conversion to the DC current provided from the power supply portion to the main functional portion, and a computing unit for computing a total power consumption of a whole including the main functional portion and the power supply portion, based on a result measured by the measuring unit.08-02-2012
20130218494Systems for Real-Time Available Transfer Capability Determination of Large Scale Power Systems - A system for accurately determining real-time Available Transfer Capability and the required ancillary service of large-scale interconnected power systems in an open-access transmission environment, subject to static and dynamic security constraints of a list of credible contingencies, including line thermal limits, bus voltage limits, voltage stability (steady-state stability) constraints, and transient stability constraints.08-22-2013
20120143538ENERGY CONSUMPTION DETECTION SYSTEM FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An energy consumption detection system for an electronic device includes a detection device and a data processing device. The data processing device includes a signal control unit, a storage unit, and a signal setting unit. The signal control unit provides and outputs command signals, and the storage unit stores different function programs. The signal setting unit sets and runs the function program under the control of the signal control unit to activate and enable the detection device, and the detection device receives, processes, and transmits test results to the signal control unit, which generates energy consumption data accordingly.06-07-2012
20120130657MEASURING POWER CONSUMPTION IN AN INTEGRATED CIRCUIT - A method for determining power consumption of a power domain within an integrated circuit is presented. In a first step, a local power supply impedance profile (Z(f)) of this power domain is determined. Subsequently, a local time-resolved power supply voltage (U(t)) is measured while a well-defined periodic activity is executed in power domain. A set of time-domain measured voltage data (U(t)) is thus accumulated and transformed into the frequency domain to yield a voltage spectrum (U(f)). A current spectrum I(t) is calculated from this voltage profile (U(f)) by using the power supply impedance profile Z(f) of this power domain as I(t)=F05-24-2012
20130132009SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR APPORTIONING POWER CONSUMPTION - The present disclosure includes a system and method for apportioning power consumption. In an example of apportioning power consumption according to the present disclosure, a transaction mix for a service is determined (05-23-2013
20110010119Apparatus for monitoring the maintenance of systems in a nuclear power plant - An apparatus is disclosed for monitoring the maintenance of a plant that is equipped with various systems. The apparatus includes a screening module, a classifying module, a performance criteria-setting module, an availability data module, a reliability data module, a real-time monitoring module, a performance-assessing module and a special monitoring module.01-13-2011
20110246106Utility Meter With Wireless Pulse Output - An arrangement for measuring electrical energy consumption includes an input circuit operable to generate a first signal representative of a line voltage waveform and a second signal representative of a line current waveform. The arrangement further includes a processing circuit operable to generate energy consumption data based on the first signal and the second signal. The processing circuit is further operable to generate a first pulse waveform having a plurality of output pulses based on the energy consumption data, each output pulse corresponding to a quantity of energy consumed. The arrangement further includes a wireless transmitter coupled to the processing circuit, the wireless transmitter configured to transmit an RF signal each time the first pulse waveform changes state. The arrangement also includes an external device positioned remote from the electrical utility meter, the external device including a receiver configured to receive the RF signal.10-06-2011
20090216469SYSTEM FOR MULTIDIMENSIONAL DATA-DRIVEN UTILITY BASELINING - A system for utility base lining records historic values of utility loads for regions within a facility. The system also records historic values of independent variables such as outside temperature, time, date, workday versus non-workday, and occupancy. A similar data selector seeks out similar times in the past and submits the data from those times to a base line estimator which produces a baseline estimate. Differences between the current load and the estimated load can trigger alarms or investigations to determine why the utility load has changed. False alarms can occur when the utility load drifts over time. Detecting drift can help reduce false alarms or help in the investigation of alarms. A graphical user interface (GUI) can present an easily understood representation of the regions, load estimation errors, alarms, and detected drift.08-27-2009
20100070215System and method for identifying appliances by electrical characteristics - Illustrative embodiments provide systems, applications, apparatuses, computer software program products, and methods related to identification of electrical appliances by electrical characteristics.03-18-2010
20110098952HIGH DENSITY METERING SYSTEM - A method of monitoring the electrical power in multiple branch circuits of an AC electrical power distribution system comprises monitoring at least one voltage common to said multiple branch circuits using a main meter unit, monitoring currents of the multiple branch circuits using multiple current cards that receive a plurality of current inputs from current transducers in the multiple branch circuits, sampling the monitored voltage in the main meter unit and the monitored currents in the current cards multiple times in each cycle of the AC power signal, determining the magnitudes and angles of spectral components of the sampled current in the current cards, sending data representing the magnitudes and angles of at least selected spectral components from the current cards to the main meter unit, and storing the voltage samples and the magnitudes and angles of at least the selected spectral components in the main meter unit.04-28-2011
20120303299PARAMETRIC MULTI-CYCLE AVERAGING IN AN INTELLIGENT ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method and apparatus measures electrical power usage and quality, while mitigating the effects of noise on measured signals or parameters. Specifically, a digital electrical power and energy meter employs a method in which a processor averages a parameter, such as voltage or current, over a plurality of cycles of a time-varying signal, such as an AC electrical signal. The method employed by the meter samples a parameter over the plurality of cycles and computes the average of the samples corresponding to the same phase angle of the signal to produce an average signal.11-29-2012
20100305888Method and Device for Determining Load Flow in an Electrical Power Supply System - A method allows determining load flow in a symmetrical electrical supply grid, particularly a symmetrical electrical distribution grid having asymmetrical loads. The load flow is typically solved within an electrical supply grid by means of an extensive matrix system. The determination of power, voltage, and current at certain node points in the electrical supply grid leads to a large matrix to be solved, which previously had to be solved in whole using algebraic means. By converting the matrix to symmetrical space vector components that can be used to monitor the phase progression of the space vector components, it becomes possible to divide the entire matrix into partial matrices and thus to be able to calculate the partial matrices faster and in parallel using a computer system.12-02-2010
20080234955Uniform Power Density Across Processor Cores at Burn-In - A computer implemented method, data processing system, and computer usable code are provided for burn-in testing of a multiprocessor. A process identifies a power management data set for a plurality of processor cores associated with the multiprocessor. The process selects one or more of the plurality of processor cores to form a selected set of processor cores based upon the power management data set. The process initiates a burn-in test across the selected set of processor cores. In response to a determination that all processor cores in the plurality of processor cores have not been selected, the process repeats the above selecting and initiating steps until all the processor cores have been selected.09-25-2008
20090248330WATT-HOUR METER - In a watt-hour meter, encoders 10-01-2009
20110257911SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DETECTING CHANGES IN ENERGY USAGE IN A BUILDING - A computer system for use with a building management system for a building includes a processing circuit configured to automatically identify a change in a building's energy usage model based on data received from the building management system. The processing circuit may be configured to communicate the identified change in the static factor to at least one of (a) a module for alerting a user to the identified change and (b) a module for initiating an adjustment to the energy model for a building in response to the identified change.10-20-2011
20110004426SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ENERGY MONITORING AND MANAGEMENT USING A BACKPLANE - An energy monitoring and management system and method are provided herein. The system and method centralize load metering by utilizing at least one sensor for observing load characteristics (e.g., Volts, Amperes, Watts, active energy . . . ) communicatively coupled via a backplane to a waveform analyzer component of a control component. The waveform analyzer component generates metered data values after receiving input from the at least one sensor. Subsequently and if so desired, the control component can send a control signal to the load to alter the state of the load or simply reduce the power to a load. Such input, output, and processing functionality, according to an aspect of the present invention, are employed using a backplane to facilitate high-speed communication among components and to allow metered data to be centrally stored, manipulated, analyzed or communicated to other components or sub-components.01-06-2011
20110119002METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ESTIMATING USE TIME OF ELECTRIC APPLIANCES - A method and a system for estimating use time of electric appliances are provided. In the present method, all time points corresponding to an appliance power on event or an appliance power off event are obtained according to a value-time curve of at least one electric characteristic. A characteristic value of each of the time points is calculated according to the value-time curve, so as to pair the time points corresponding to the appliance power off event with the time points corresponding to the appliance power on event appropriately. After the pairing process is accomplished, the use time of each of the electric appliances can be calculated by the paired time points and thereby the power consumption of the electric appliances can be figured out.05-19-2011
20110071779ELECTRONIC DEVICE CONTROLLER FOR IMPROVING PERFORMANCE OF ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An electronic device controller and an electronic system including the same are provided. The electronic device controller includes a calculation unit for calculating performance information of an electronic device based on detailed information regarding an operation and state of the electronic device and a tuning unit for tuning at least one of the detailed information, based on the calculated performance information of the electronic device.03-24-2011
20100324844METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROTECTING AN ELECTRICAL POWER TRANSMISSION NETWORK - A method and system for protecting an electrical power transmission network comprising the steps of: measuring a voltage and a current at a first location in the network other than at a generator in the network; determining positive and negative sequence voltages and currents based on the measured voltage and measured current; determining a negative sequence Thévenin impedance based on the negative sequence measured voltage and negative sequence measured current; defining a positive sequence Thévenin impedance as equal to the negative sequence Thévenin impedance; determining a Thévenin voltage based on the positive sequence measured voltage, positive sequence measured current and the positive sequence Thévenin impedance; determining a load impedance based on the positive sequence measured voltage and positive sequence measured current; and determining the stability of the network using the load impedance and one or more of the Thévenin voltage and positive sequence Thévenin impedance.12-23-2010
20120310558LAYERED AND DISTRIBUTED GRID-SPECIFIC NETWORK SERVICES - In one embodiment, a layered/distributed grid-specific network services system comprises grid sensors in the utility grid configured to generate grid data values such as raw grid data values, processed grid data values, and/or any combination thereof, and to communicate the grid data values using a communication network. Distributed grid devices in the utility grid may be configured to receive the grid data values, and one or more of the grid devices may be configured to convert raw grid data values into processed grid data values. Application devices in the utility grid may be configured to access the grid data values from the distributed grid devices, and to further process the grid data values according to a particular grid application operating at the corresponding application device into application data values.12-06-2012
20120310557SIMPLIFIED ENERGY METER CONFIGURATION - A power and energy meter self configures the pulse weight and pulse duration for pulse communication.12-06-2012
20100100340Multi-Path Power Meter with Amplifier - A power meter comprises at least two measurement paths and distribution device. A first measurement path contains at least one pre-amplifier and a first detector. A second measurement path contains at least one direct connection and a second detector. An additional third path alternative to or optional to the second path contains at least one attenuation element and a second or respectively third detector. The distribution device distributes a test signal to the measurement paths.04-22-2010
20110191041Method and Device for the Non-Intrusive Determination of the Electrical Power Consumed by an Installation, by Analysing Load Transients - A method and device for the non-intrusive determination of the electrical power consumed by a subscriber installation. From the sampled values of the supply current and supply voltage that are delivered to the installation, constituting a consumption signal, the sampled values are grouped in successive observation time windows; the poles and residues of the consumption signal are discriminated in each current window using the pencil method, the set of poles and residues associated with at least one singular value representing a combination of signatures of separate electrical loads; at least the active power consumed by a subset of electrical loads in operation is calculated, over at least the duration of the current observation window, the sum of the active powers consumed by each electrical load satisfying a consumed power function linking these poles and residues.08-04-2011
20120209549EQUIPMENT-RELATED RISK ASSESSMENT FROM ELECTRICAL EVENT ANAYSIS - Methods and apparatus are provided for assessing equipment related risk based on electrical event data. An electrical event is an electrical voltage or current that falls outside a nominal range during an event duration. The electrical event data for electricity supplied to electrically-powered equipment is analyzed and one or more types of equipment related risk associated with an electrical event are quantified based on the electrical event data. A visual representation of the quantified one or more equipment related risks is provided.08-16-2012
20110307200RECOGNIZING MULTIPLE APPLIANCE OPERATING STATES USING CIRCUIT-LEVEL ELECTRICAL INFORMATION - An approach to measuring power consumption of multiple appliances adopts a transition probability to model the correlation and causality of appliance events caused by human behavior. The sequential order and relevance of using appliances can be taken into account. For instance, correlation between the use of (e.g., states of) different electrical appliances may be used.12-15-2011
20120046890ENERGY MONITORING DEVICE - Disclosed is an electrical monitoring device which uses a predictive algorithm for projecting a likely energy cost for an appliance. The current power usage of an attached appliance is measured, and combined with past power usages, and projected energy consumption based on usage trends is calculated, and displayed by an array of multiple LED lights, with different colors indicating different consumption ranges. Projected energy costs are calculated from information included in a cost look-up chart.02-23-2012
20120046889METHOD OF SUBSTATION-CONTROL CENTER TWO-LEVEL DISTRIBUTED NONLINEAR STATE ESTIMATION FOR POWER SYSTEM - A substation-control center tow-level distributed grid nonlinear state estimation method is provided. The method comprises steps of: collecting RTU measurement data and PMU measurement data at each voltage level in each substation; performing a first three-phase state estimation to obtain a first estimation result, and removing bad data from the RTU measurement data and the PMU measurement data to estimate a state of a CB; forming a new CB island at each voltage level, and performing a second three-phase state estimation for the new CB island to obtain a final estimation result, in which the new CB island is a bus; processing the final estimation result to obtain ripe data; and collecting the ripe data and/or a part of the RTU measurement data and a part of the PMU measurement data and performing a whole grid state estimation.02-23-2012
20120059606ELECTRONIC DEVICE, ELECTRONIC DEVICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, CONTROL METHOD OF ELECTRONIC DEVICE, CONTROL METHOD OF ELECTRONIC DEVICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - An electronic device to operate in one of a first power mode and a second power mode during which power consumption is lower than during the first power mode. The electronic device includes an electronic device, a first calculation unit, and a second calculation unit. The measurement unit measures power consumption of the electronic device in the first power mode. The first calculation unit calculates power consumption of the electronic device in the second power mode. The second calculation unit calculates total power consumption of the electronic device by adding power consumption measured by the measurement unit and power consumption calculated by the first calculation unit.03-08-2012
20120004871POWER MONITORING DEVICE FOR IDENTIFYING STATE OF ELECTRIC APPLIANCE AND POWER MONITORING METHOD THEREOF - A power monitoring device for identifying the state of an electric appliance based on user feedbacks and a power monitoring method thereof are provided. The power monitoring device includes a measurement module, a variation detection and search module, and an electric appliance signature database established based on user feedbacks. When the measurement module detects a variation of a power consumption feature, the variation detection and search module searches the electric appliance signature database according to the variation to obtain electric appliances similar to the variation and the states thereof. A user contributes data to the electric appliance signature database by confirming the search result, or selecting the correct electric appliance and the state thereof. When the user confirms the search result, the power monitoring device establishes an association between the electric appliance and its electric appliance signatures and updates the electric appliance signature database.01-05-2012
20120016606Power Profiling for Embedded System Design - Tools and methods for profiling power consumption of an embedded system are provided. Power event and control modules, executable by the embedded system are provided. Additionally, a power measurement and control unit is provided that can measure the power consumption and limit the supply current to the embedded system. Furthermore, a power profiling tool is provided. The tool includes modules that interface with the power measurement and control unit and well as the power event and control modules. Then, power event and system data may be received by the power profiling tool from the embedded system and power consumption data may be received from the power measurement and control unit. Subsequently, power consumption metrics may be viewed by the power profiling tool.01-19-2012
20120232815ELECTRONIC WATT-HOUR METER AND ELECTRONIC WATT-HOUR MEASURING METHOD - An electronic watt-hour meter of according to an aspect of the invention includes: a first multiplexer receiving a plurality of detected currents detected in respective polyphase power lines in parallel; a first signal converter converting a signal output from the first multiplexer into a digital signal; a first demultiplexer outputting a serial input from the first signal converter in parallel; a line voltage generator generating a plurality of line voltages from the plurality of detected voltages; a second multiplexer receiving the plurality of line voltages in parallel, to output the received line voltages in series; a second signal converter converting a signal output from the second multiplexer into a digital signal; a second demultiplexer outputting a serial input from the second signal conveter in parallel; and an calculating unit calculating a power value from a signal output from the first demultiplexer and a signal output from the second demultiplexer.09-13-2012
20120059607METHOD AND DEVICE FOR FILTERING ELECTRICAL CONSUMPTION CURVES AND ALLOCATING CONSUMPTION TO CLASSES OF APPLIANCES - The invention relates to a method for analysing the electrical consumption of a plurality of electrical appliances operating on a consumption site, by filtering a demand curve representing the electrical consumption of said appliances according to time. Said method is characterised in that it comprises the following steps: before the filtering per se of the demand curve, the demand curve is recorded and digitalised in such a way as to obtain a demand curve digitalised by periods of time; a set of categories of appliances is defined, each category being defined by similar cycles of power variation according to the time; an algorithm is defined for each category of appliances, for filtering the demand curve for said category of appliances, said algorithm being able to extract the power variation cycles from the digitalised demand curve and to allocate the electrical consumption to said category of appliances; then during the filtering per se of the digitalised demand curve, the filtering algorithms for each category of appliance are used successively to identify and regroup the power variation cycles consumed by said electrical appliances, from the digitalised demand curve.03-08-2012
20120209548MONITORING OCCURRENCE OF TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION GRID CODE EVENT BY POWER CONSUMPTION DEVICE - Disclosed herein is a power consumer approach that monitors the occurrence of grid code events within electric power transmission operations. In one aspect, a grid code event meter is used to detect the occurrence of a grid code event. The grid code meter includes a metering component configured to obtain data for power-related parameters associated with consumption needs. A grid code criteria tracking component tracks the data related to the power-related parameters obtained by the metering component for compliance with grid code criteria required by a transmission company of a consumer for power quality and reliability. A grid code event detection component detects an occurrence of a grid code event in accordance with the tracked data for the power-related parameters.08-16-2012
20120123710DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DETECTING THE ENERGY QUANTITY IN THE CHARGING STATION FOR AN ELECTRIC VEHICLE - The present invention relates to a method and a device for detecting electrical energy delivered to an electric vehicle. To this end, the following steps are provided: connecting the electric vehicle to a charging station for obtaining electrical energy provided on a charging cable, feeding the desired energy quantity into a battery of the electric vehicle during a desired charging period, detecting of at least one electrical value required for the calculation of the energy quantity by an energy quantity meter and output of the at least one electrical value, required by the energy quantity meter for the calculation of the energy quantity, to a monitoring device for the operational monitoring of the charging station.05-17-2012
20120072143System for Monitoring Electrical Power Usage of a Structure and Method of Same - Some embodiments can teach a system for monitoring usage of electrical power by a structure. The structure can have one or more main electrical power lines that supply the electrical power to a first load in the structure. A portion of the one or more main electrical power lines can run substantially parallel to a first axis. The structure can further have a panel that overlies the portion of the one or more main electrical power lines. The system can include: (a) a current sensor unit configured to be coupled to a portion of a surface of the panel, the current sensor unit having: (a) at least one magnetic field sensor having a length substantially parallel to a second axis, wherein the second axis is substantially perpendicular to the first axis, and the at least one magnetic field sensor is configured to detect a magnetic field generated by the one or more main electrical power lines; and (b) a processing unit configured to run on a processor. The current sensor unit can be configured to produce an output signal based on the magnetic field detected by the at least one magnetic field sensor. The processing unit further can be configured to receive the output signal from the current sensor unit and process the output signal to determine one or more parameters related to the usage of the electrical power by the first load in the structure. Other embodiments are disclosed.03-22-2012
20080300806Power consumption calculating method - A power consumption calculating method comprises: generating operation information; obtaining functional block power consumption; and obtaining entire power consumption of an integrated circuit. The operation information indicates operation of a functional block. The operation information is generated based on a low-level circuit model by configuring the low-level circuit model from a behavioral-level circuit model describing the integrated circuit at a behavioral level. The behavioral-level circuit model has at least one functional block including the functional block. The low-level circuit model describes the integrated circuit at lower degree of abstraction than the behavioral level. The functional block power consumption is obtained as power consumption of the functional block based on the operation information and element power consumption as power consumption of element group constituting the functional block. The entire power consumption is obtained based on the functional block power consumption and number of times the functional block is executed in operation of the integrated circuit.12-04-2008
20110066391METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR ENERGY PROGNOSIS - In one embodiment, a method for managing an industrial process wherein a processor transforms electronic data into an energy prognosis is provided. An energy related test signal including effective power test data indicative of electrical energy consumed by an energy consuming machine may be received. The energy related test signal may be partitioned into an energy related test sub-signal. Mathematical functions may be applied to the energy related test sub-signal to extract a feature set of data from the energy related test sub-signal. The feature set of data may be transformed with a transformation matrix into a reduced test feature set. The reduced test feature set may be input into a performance assessment algorithm based at least in part upon a reduced training feature set derived from data indicative of electrical energy consumed during healthy operation. A power-based performance index may be generated with the performance assessment algorithm.03-17-2011
20100094573Short-Term Load Forecasting Based Capacity Check for Automated Power Restoration of Electric Distribution Networks - A method of forecasting loads on a distribution network is disclosed. The method employs load profiles in combination with short-term load estimations to forecast expected loads on a distribution network. The predicted loads may then be used by power restoration controllers when performing back-feed capacity checks.04-15-2010
20080288193Techniques for Analyzing Data Center Energy Utilization Practices - Techniques for improving on data center best practices are provided. In one aspect, an exemplary methodology for analyzing energy efficiency of a data center having a raised-floor cooling system with at least one air conditioning unit is provided. The method comprises the following steps. An initial assessment is made of the energy efficiency of the data center based on one or more power consumption parameters of the data center. Physical parameter data obtained from one or more positions in the data center are compiled into one or more metrics, if the initial assessment indicates that the data center is energy inefficient. Recommendations are made to increase the energy efficiency of the data center based on one or more of the metrics.11-20-2008
20100250160SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR GATHERING INFORMATION USING A POWER DEVICE - A power device, such as a UPS, and a method for gathering system information using the power device are provided. In one aspect, a UPS receives system information associated with at least one other device, the system information including configuration management information, stores, in data storage, the system information associated with the at least one other device and provides the system information to an external entity.09-30-2010
20120084029ELECTRONIC WATT-HOUR METER MANAGING MULTIPLE INPUT SIGNALS AND METHOD OF CALCULATING WATT-HOURS - There are provided an electronic watt-hour meter capable of processing a plurality of input signals and a method of calculating watt-hours. The electronic watt-hour meter includes: a signal sensor sensing analogue type voltage and current signals; a multiplexer selectively outputting any one signal of the sensed voltage and current signals; a signal converter converting the selectively outputted signal into a digital signal; a demultiplexer outputting the converted digital signal through a port corresponding to the converted digital signal; and a calculator calculating watt-hours based on the converted digital signal, thereby allowing for a reduction in power consumption and the miniaturizing of the watt-hour meter.04-05-2012
20120084028Framework and Methodology for a Real-Time Fine-Grained Power Profiling with Integrated Modeling - A method, a system and a computer program product for determining power consumption levels for granular segments of program code in a data processing system. A power profiling utility (PPU) utilizes/comprises a power monitoring module, a power profiler module, a performance profiler and a power modeling component which enables PPU to efficiently characterize power consumption of various types of applications. The PPU uses a power measurement device to obtain power consumption measurements corresponding to execution of a first code segment. Additionally, the PPU identifies information about program characteristics of granular code segments within the first code segment. The PPU then determines total power consumption for execution of the first code segment from an aggregation of power consumption measurements corresponding to all iterations of the first code segment. Ultimately, the PPU derives from the total power consumption calculated for the first code segment a finer grained power profile by using the program characteristics information and power modeling information.04-05-2012
20120221265SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PHASE IDENTIFICATION - Described herein are methods, systems, apparatuses and products for phase determination in an electricity grid. An aspect provides for determining phase for at least one electric grid device via receiving power consumption measurements derived from electricity grid devices connected in the electricity grid, comparing, over a series of time intervals, a total power consumed; and determining a phase for at least one electricity grid device.08-30-2012
20120316808SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR HOME ENERGY MONITOR AND CONTROL - The invention generally concerns systems and methods for monitoring and controlling the power consumption of a power-consuming device. The system and method may connect to a power source and a power-consuming device, connecting the power-consuming device to the power source. The power usage of the power-consuming device may then be measured and monitored. This monitoring data may then be stored and optionally sent to a controlling device on a data network. The location of the power-consuming device may also be determined, recorded, and sent to a controlling device. The system may also control the power usage of the power-consuming device. In some cases, a remote server may connect multiple energy monitoring systems in order to gain additional efficiencies and foster a community-based social network.12-13-2012
20120215468METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETECTING POWER SUPPLY SOURCE ELECTRICAL CURRENT CAPACITY - An apparatus and method for determining a power supply electrical current capacity. In one example, an operating circuit is placed into an operating mode that causes the operating circuit to have a determined electrical current consumption. A charging circuit that is electrically connected in parallel with the operating circuit is configured to provide a maximum charging current to a power pack. After configuring the charging circuit, a value of a measured charging current provided to the power pack is received. After receiving the value of the measured charging current, an electrical current supply capacity value of the external power supply is determined as a function of the determined electrical current consumption and the value of the measured charging current.08-23-2012
20110184675ISOLATED CURRENT SENSOR WITH CODEC - The present disclosure includes a power measurement, circuit breaker or integrated protection system including isolated analog-to-digital modulators for measuring current using current sensors, such as, for example, current shunts, in a single or multiphase power system. In one embodiment, the modulators are divided into a line-side device with an analog-to-digital modulator and a host-side device including a decimation filter and a processor. In one embodiment, an isolation barrier, such as, for example, a pulse transformer, divides the line-side device from the host-side device.07-28-2011
20100179776UTILITY MONITORING SYSTEM WITH VARIABLE LOGGING - A method of storing data in a utility monitoring system includes monitoring a characteristic of a utility system in an intelligent electronic device (IED) to produce monitored characteristic values that are buffered in the IED. The IED is communicatively coupled to a server via a network. The monitored characteristic values are indicative of the characteristic. The method further includes storing a first monitored characteristic value of the buffered monitored characteristic values periodically at a first logging interval in a memory of the IED. The method further includes storing a second monitored characteristic value of the buffered monitored characteristic values periodically at a second logging interval in the memory of the IED in response to satisfying a criterion. The second logging interval is distinct from the first logging interval.07-15-2010
20100049456Electrical Power Metering Device and Method of Operation Thereof - A metering device for metering energy delivered to customers over electrical wires from a power distribution cabinet. The metering device has a plurality of current transformers, each capable of receiving one of the electrical wires and connections for the line voltages which drive the wires. The current transformers are arranged for physical correspondence to the power outputs of the power distribution cabinet. Circuitry connected to the current transformers and line voltage connections meter the energy over the electrical wires.02-25-2010
20120179395Information Display System And Method - An efficiency gauge from a vehicle information display may incorporate vehicle range information in addition to an efficiency indicator. The range information may be displayed as an area on the efficiency gauge indicating a safe operating region for average driving in order for the vehicle to reach a target destination before an on-board energy source is depleted. By maintaining a vehicle's average trip efficiency within the safe operating region through driving behavior, the display may convey that the vehicle will be able to make it to the target destination. Over the course of a trip, the safe operating region may be constantly updated to reflect the current state of the battery and the remaining distance to the target destination.07-12-2012
20120253710METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR MANAGING FACILITY POWER AND COOLING - A method and corresponding apparatus provide a determination of available power capacity of a phase of a power supply in a data center rack. The method includes metering the power of a power supply and calculating an average peak power draw per phase of the power supply. Using average peak power draw per phase of the power supply and the expected power draw data corresponding to data center equipment coupled to the power supply, the available power capacity can be calculated on a per phase of the power supply. A method and corresponding apparatus for managing data center equipment may use the phase based available power capacity calculations to determine the optimal placement of new data center equipment within a data center configuration.10-04-2012
20120253711ENERGY CHARGING APPARATUS, ENERGY SAVING APPARATUS, ENERGY CONSUMING APPARATUS, AND METHOD OF MANAGING GREEN ENERGY - An energy charging apparatus includes an energy charging unit charging green energy in an energy saving apparatus, a measured amount information acquisition unit acquiring measured amount information that indicates a charged amount of green energy measured by the energy saving apparatus from the corresponding energy saving apparatus, and a certificate issuance unit issuing a certificate for certifying an amount of green energy charged in the energy saving apparatus when a charged amount of green energy charged by the energy charging unit coincides with the charged amount of green energy shown in the measured amount information, wherein the certificate is managed in association with the energy saving apparatus and is discarded if the amount of green energy that is certified by the corresponding certificate is output from the energy saving apparatus.10-04-2012
20120316807DETERMINING ELECTRICAL LOAD AND LIFESTYLE CHARACTERISTICS - An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for determining electrical load and lifestyle characteristics. A record receiving module receives an electrical energy usage record for premises for a predefined time period (“record period”), and receives property characteristics for the premises. The property characteristics include physical characteristics for the premises, environmental characteristics for the premises for the record period, and/or lifestyle characteristics of users of the premises. A load identification module selects a load prediction algorithm to determine if a particular type of electrical load is present at the premises. A comparison module applies the load prediction algorithm to the electrical energy usage record for the premises for at least a portion of the record period (“comparison period”) to determine if the particular type of electrical load is present at the premises. The load prediction algorithm uses the property characteristics of the premises during the comparison period.12-13-2012
20120259565ALTERNATING CURRENT POWER MEASURING APPARATUS - An alternating current power measuring apparatus includes a first capacitance element having one end connected to a conductor wire of a first electrical cable of a set of electrical cables for supplying alternating current to a load and having the other end capacitively coupled to a conductor wire of a second electrical cable, a first voltage measuring part which measures a first voltage which is a voltage of both ends of the first capacitance element, a first current measuring part which measures a first current flowing in the first electrical cable, and a processing part which computes a power to be supplied to the load by the set of electrical cables by the multiplication among a proportion between a specified voltage value of a voltage applied to the set of electrical cables and an effective value of the first voltage, the first voltage and the first current.10-11-2012
20130173191POWER CURVE CORRELATION SYSTEM - A power curve correlation system is disclosed. The power curve correlation system includes a system including: at least one computing device configured to verify a forecast of a power network load for a component by performing actions including: obtaining a set of load data for the component in the power network over a period; identifying similar load patterns in the set of load data using a pattern recognition technique, independent of at least one of: a scale for a component load, a minimum component load value or a maximum component load value; grouping the identified similar load patterns into distinct groups; categorizing at least one of the distinct groups according to a recurring event associated with a load pattern in the at least one distinct group; and providing the categorized group for verifying the forecast of the power network load for the component using the at least one categorized group.07-04-2013
20120265459INTEGRATED ELECTRIC METER AND ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING STATION (EVCS) - Embodiments of the invention described herein comprise an integrated electric meter and electric vehicle charging station (EVCS) and methods of using embodiments of the integrated electric meter and EVCS for charging an electric vehicle.10-18-2012
20120265460Fuel consumption measurement of bus HVAC units - The method includes operating an HVAC unit for a test period in an automatic temperature control mode and measuring power consumed at one or more testing heat loads at one or more rotational speeds. The method further includes determining an association between the measured power consumed at the one or more testing heat loads and one or more tested bus engine speeds and calculating power consumed at the one or more testing heat loads at a plurality of profiled bus engine speeds based on the association, wherein the plurality of profiled bus engine speeds is derived from a bus road profile of known bus engine speeds at known time durations, with the known time durations summing to a time period. The method also includes calculating energy consumed at the one or more testing heat loads over the time period.10-18-2012
20120330586ESTIMATING COMPONENT POWER USAGE FROM AGGREGATE POWER USAGE - A method, system, and computer program product for estimating component power usage using aggregate power usage data are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A power estimation model is received, the model correlating a factor of the component with an aggregate power consumption of a set of components during a period, the component being a member of the set of components, the component being a hardware device operating in the data processing environment and consuming electrical power, the factor being a characteristic of the component related to the consumption of the electrical power in the component. A value of the factor at a determined time is received. The value of the factor is applied to the power estimation model to generate an estimate of electrical power consumed by the component. The estimate is output as the estimated power usage of the component when the factor attains the value.12-27-2012
20120330585Methods and Systems Involving Databases for Energy Usage Data - A method includes receiving data associated with time periods that types of electrical devices are used at a metered location and storing the data in a database, associating demographic data with the metered location and storing the associated demographic data in the database, defining a demographic type associated with the metered location, processing the data associated with the time periods that the types of electrical devices are used at the metered location and the demographic data associated with the metered location to define time periods that types of electrical devices are used by demographic types similar to the demographic type associated with the metered location, and identifying an alternative time period that at least one electrical device of the types of electrical devices may be used.12-27-2012
20110238342METHOD FOR CALCULATING ENERGY EFFICIENCY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT - The present invention provides a METHOD TO CALCULATE AN ENERGY EFFICIENCY RATING for information technology equipment. This method specifically pertains to information technology equipment that doubles its capabilities in a predetermined timeframe according to Moore's Law. This method uses a formula to calculate an energy efficiency rating based on power consumption and transactions per second. It further calculates a normalized rating where the absolute rating is adjusted based on Moore's Law prediction of improvements. As a result the method invented is the first and only method to compare information technology from various generations of hardware, processor and component architecture with each other in terms of their energy efficiency.09-29-2011
20110238340Virtual Machine Placement For Minimizing Total Energy Cost in a Datacenter - Techniques for virtual machine placement in a datacenter are provided. The techniques include using one or more server power characteristics to determine a power cost for any given virtual machine placement in the datacenter, using a heat profile of one or more datacenter components in relation to one or more cooling resources in the datacenter to determine cooling cost for any given virtual machine placement in the datacenter, and using the power cost and cooling cost to apply integrated energy cost minimization at one or more levels of hierarchy in the datacenter to determine placement of a virtual machine in the datacenter such that the integrated energy cost of the datacenter is minimized.09-29-2011
20120278014METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MONITORING POWER CONSUMPTION - An apparatus and associated method of monitoring power consumption of an electrical device, the method comprising identifying an electrical device using a power signature unique to that device, the power signature being derived from power consumption measurements, and location information; and monitoring power consumption of such an identified device.11-01-2012
20120330584Systems and Methods for Power Monitoring in a Variable Data Processing System - Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for data processing. As an example, a data processing circuit is discussed that includes: a data detector circuit, a data decoder circuit, and a power monitor circuit. The data detector circuit is operable to apply a data detection algorithm to a data input and a decoded output to yield a detected output. The data decoder circuit is operable to apply a data decoding algorithm to the detected output to yield the decoded output. The power monitor circuit is operable to receive a first power status signal from the data detector circuit and a second power status from the data decoder circuit, and to calculate a power usage of a combination of at least the data detector circuit and the data decoder circuit. In such a system, a number of global iterations through a combination of the data decoder circuit and the data detector circuit is variable and both of the first power status signal and the second power status signal varies at least in part as a function of the number of global iterations.12-27-2012
20120290231ENERGY CONSERVATION DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM - An energy conservation diagnosis system manages electrical device K which consumes electricity to operate based on control schedule information, and comprises acquiring unit 11-15-2012
20120290230Methods and Apparatuses for Monitoring Energy Consumption and Related Operations - Apparatus and method including acquiring a signal indicative of power consumption; detecting a transient in the signal; extracting a feature indicative of the transient, wherein extracting the feature includes: fitting a plurality of models to the transient, selecting one of the plurality of models as a model for the transient, and defining the feature indicative of the transient based on at least one parameter of the model for the transient; and classifying the transient based on the feature.11-15-2012
20100169032WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK SYSTEMS, METHOD FOR PLACING A PLURALITY OF SENSOR NODES IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK SYSTEM, AND METHODS FOR COMPUTING SENSING ENERGY CONSUMPTION PER AREA OF A PLURALITY OF SENSOR NODES - A wireless sensor network system, a method for placing a plurality of sensor nodes in a wireless sensor network, and a method for computing sensing energy consumption per area of a plurality of sensor node are disclosed. The wireless sensor network system includes a plurality of sensor nodes which are deployed at the same distance in a two-dimensional plane and have sensing areas of the same size, and an extra sensor node which has a sensing area of a smaller size than the size of the sensor nodes to sense a gap area which is not covered by the sensing areas of the sensor nodes.07-01-2010
20130018608SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR METERING AND ANALYZING ENERGY CONSUMPTION OF EVENTS WITHIN A PORTABLE DEVICE - System and methods to determine the energy consumption per event type from usage data of portable devices are described. An example method includes determining a first plurality of linear equations representative of energy expended in a portable device for a second plurality of functions, the second plurality of functions including at least one software function of the portable device, the first plurality being more than the second plurality, and determining, using a processor, energy values corresponding to the second plurality of functions by applying a statistical method to the first plurality of linear equations.01-17-2013
20110161021DYNAMIC LOAD ESTIMATION OF MULTIPLE BRANCH CIRCUITS - Systems and methods of branch circuit load estimation are disclosed. A total power usage of a main line of an electrical distribution panel that includes a plurality of branch circuits with at least two of the plurality of branch circuits coupled to the main line can be determined. A first power usage of the main line is determined with a first of the two branch circuits decoupled from the main line, and a first time period that the first branch circuits is coupled with the main line is identified. A kilowatt-hour energy usage value of the first branch circuit is estimated based on the first time period and a differential between the total power usage and the first power usage.06-30-2011
20130173190METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR ESTIMATING CHARGE CAPACITY OF AN ELECTRICAL ENERGY-STORAGE DEVICE - A method of operating a power system with an electrical energy-storage device is disclosed. The method may include estimating with at least one information-processing device a present charge capacity of the electrical energy-storage device. This may include determining an estimated fatigue-adjusted discharge value by determining an estimated amount of electrical energy discharged from the electrical energy-storage device and applying a fatigue factor to the estimated amount of electrical energy discharged. The fatigue factor may be determined based on a magnitude of electricity discharged from the electrical energy-storage device. The method may also include estimating the present charge capacity of the electrical energy-storage device based on the estimated fatigue-adjusted discharge value and an estimated full capacity of the electrical energy-storage device.07-04-2013
20100070216POWER CONSUMPTION CALCULATION APPARATUS, POWER CONSUMPTION CALCULATION METHOD, AND STATE TRANSITION DATA GENERATION METHOD - A power consumption calculation apparatus is disclosed, including: a work load measurement part, a management part, and a power consumption calculation part. The work load measurement part measures a work load of a job executed by an image forming apparatus and records a measured value, at predetermined time intervals. The management part manages state transition data indicating power consumption and a required time for each of states of the image forming apparatus which transits in response to an execution of each job. The power consumption calculation part calculates a power consumption amount corresponding to one job execution at each predetermined time interval when it is determined that the job is executed, based on the measured value and the state transition data.03-18-2010
20130179101ELECTRIC POWER METERING ACCURACY - An apparatus and method for monitoring power consumption of an appliance includes a processor in communication with a memory, the memory including program instructions for execution by the processor to determine a first stable power consumption state of the appliance, record a power consumption of the appliance during the first stable power consumption state, determine an unstable power consumption state of the appliance, suspend recording of the power consumption of the appliance during the unstable state, determine a second stable power consumption state of the appliance, resume recording of the power consumption of the appliance when the appliance is in the second stable power consumption state, and estimate a value of a power consumed during the unstable power consumption state as a factor of the recorded power consumption of the appliance during the first stable power consumption state and the second stable power consumption power state.07-11-2013
20130144545CPU POWER TESTING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A CPU power testing apparatus includes a CPU power supplying circuit; a first A/D converter connected with an input of the CPU power supplying circuit. The first A/D converter obtains an input voltage of the CPU power supplying circuit and converts the input voltage into digital values Vin. A second A/D converter connected with an output of the CPU power supplying circuit obtains an output voltage of the CPU power supplying circuit and converts the output voltage into digital values Vout. A single-chip microcontroller obtains Vin from the first A/D converter, and Vout from the second A/D converter, and the system parameters of an application platform, and calculates and displays an amount of the power being consumed by the CPU according to a predetermined formula.06-06-2013
20120253712POWER CONSUMPTION CALCULATION METHOD, POWER CONSUMPTION CALCULATION APPARATUS, AND NON-TRANSITORY COMPUTER-READBLE MEDIUM STORING POWER CONSUMPTION CALCULATION PROGRAM - A method of calculating power consumption of an integrated circuit based on circuit information representing an internal configuration of each circuit and connection-between-circuits information is performed by a computer. The method includes acquiring transition information about input and output signals of the circuit by performing logical analysis, on the assumption of no propagation delay between the circuits, based on input pattern information of the integrated circuit, the connection-between-circuits information, and logical model information about the circuit, extracting from transition patterns of the input signal, a transition pattern causing a glitch in the output signal based on the logical model information, reflecting the glitch in the transition information about the output signal responsive to the input signal having the extracted transition pattern among the acquired transition information, and calculating, by the computer, the power consumption of the integrated circuit based on the transition information in which the glitch is reflected.10-04-2012
20130096857METHOD TO DETERMINE UTILITY CONSUMPTION OF INDIVIDUAL APPLIANCES IN A HOUSEHOLD FROM PERIODIC MEASUREMENTS OF AGGREGATE UTILITY CONSUMPTION - A method of determining the utility consumption of each appliance in a collection of appliances by using periodic measurements of aggregate utility consumption of all appliances in the collection, is disclosed. The method comprises of determining the normal utility consumption of various modes of each appliance, fixing a measurement interval, and then measuring aggregate utility consumption at periodic intervals. In each interval, we first determine if the change in aggregate utility consumption in an interval is due to change in status (ON or OFF) of one of the appliances. Otherwise we determine if the change in aggregate consumption is due to a change in status of a pair of appliances. Otherwise, we determine if change in aggregate consumption is due to change in status of a triplet of appliances.04-18-2013
20130096856SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ADAPTIVE POSSIBLE POWER DETERMINATON IN POWER GENERATING SYSTEMS - A system for determining the output capacity of a power generating system including a sensor that monitors at least one condition of the power generating system and outputs the monitored condition data, and a power capability determination device that dynamically determines a full capacity of the power generating system based upon the outputted environmental data from the electronic controller.04-18-2013
20130103331ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION MEASUREMENT APPARATUS, ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION MEASUREMENT METHOD, AND NON-TRANSITORY TANGIBLE MACHINE-READABLE MEDIUM THEREOF - An electricity consumption measurement apparatus, an electricity consumption measurement method, and a non-transitory tangible machine-readable medium thereof are provided. The electricity consumption measurement apparatus comprises a detector and a processor electrically connected to the detector. The detector is configured to detect an electricity consumption value and a voltage value. The processor is configured to calculate a variation rate according to the voltage value and a base voltage value. The processor adjusts the electricity consumption value according to the variation rate. The electricity consumption measurement method is able to perform the same operations as those performed by the electricity consumption measurement apparatus.04-25-2013
20130179102PROCESSING APPARATUS AND PROCESSING METHOD - The purpose of the present invention is to provide a processing apparatus, which operates using a power supply that asynchronously supplies and stops supplying power, and a processing method. A processing apparatus (07-11-2013
20130144546BUILDING ENERGY ANALYSIS TOOL - A building energy analysis system includes a building component library configured to store a plurality of building components, a modeling tool configured to access the building component library and create a building model of a building under analysis using building spatial data and using selected building components of the plurality of building components stored in the building component library, a building analysis engine configured to operate the building model and generate a baseline energy model of the building under analysis and further configured to apply one or more energy conservation measures to the baseline energy model in order to generate one or more corresponding optimized energy models, and a recommendation tool configured to assess the one or more optimized energy models against the baseline energy model and generate recommendations for substitute building components or modifications.06-06-2013
20110251807AUTOMATIC DETECTION OF APPLIANCES - Devices and methods for identifying an electrical device, and its state, in a network of electrical devices are disclosed. An energy monitoring device is programmed to identify an electrical device coupled to a power supply, and a state of the electrical device, from a change in successive measurements of the power supply. Algorithms for determining a load signature for an electrical device and its state are disclosed. A stored table of load signatures for states is used to identify devices, and states. Energy monitoring information is collected and presented to the user on a display, a remote display, or is transmitted over a network to a remote device such as a personal computer, personal digital assistant, an iPhone®, a cell phone, voice mail, email, or text message.10-13-2011
20110238341High Power DC Kilowatt Hour Meter - A high voltage and high current direct current (DC) power meter utilizes step down circuits and optocoupling to generate analog signals that are representative of current through a load and voltage across the load, but that are scaled appropriately for processing by analog to digital conversion circuitry. Power meters consistent with the invention in many cases may be inexpensive, small, solid state and very accurate, and adaptable for use in measuring a wide range of high voltages and currents. A high voltage and high current DC power meter, a method of assembling such a power meter, a method of calculating power consumed by a load with such a power meter, an apparatus to calculate energy consumed by a load, and a program product to calculate energy consumed by the load are provided.09-29-2011
20130151178Apparatus and Method for Measuring Electric Power - Provided are an apparatus and method for accurately measuring electric power when a consumer receives electric power from an electric utility and supplies surplus electric power to the electric utility in power transmission/reception facilities connected in a Y-delta configuration. The apparatus includes a first power meter measuring an amount of electric power at a Y connection side, a second power meter measuring an amount of electric power caused by neutral circulating current at the Y connection side, and an operational unit subtracting a measured value of the second power meter from a measured value of the first power meter, and deciding an amount of actually consumed electric power. The second power meter includes at least one current transformer (CT) and a plurality of potential transformers (PTs). The at least one current transformer detects neutral circulating current (I06-13-2013
20130158909POWER QUALITY MONITORING APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREOF - The present invention includes a calculating unit for calculating an absolute value of an applied commercial voltage, an accumulating unit for accumulating the absolute value of the applied commercial voltage per a constant period to output, an extracting unit for sampling an absolute value accumulative maximum value of the commercial voltage for each period and a determining unit for determining a quality of the commercial voltage by using the absolute value accumulative maximum value of the sampled commercial voltage. It has an advantage that the power quality can be monitored at high speed.06-20-2013
20110313693OPERATIONAL STATUS DETERMINATION DEVICE AND OPERATIONAL STATUS DETERMINATION METHOD - An operation status determination device includes: a receiving unit which receives a value, as power consumption data, from which power consumption of an appliance is derivable, the power consumption being measured at predetermined time intervals; a specification unit which specifies operation start times of the appliance, based on the power consumption data received by the receiving unit; and a determination unit which determines whether or not the appliance starts operating automatically, based on each of occurrence frequencies of the operation start times specified by the specification unit.12-22-2011
20130191054DIGITAL CIRCUIT POWER MEASUREMENTS USING NUMERICAL ANALYSIS - Power consumed by a digital circuit that contains multiple sub-circuits may be computed. Each sub-circuit may include more than one transistor and have at least one input. A signal transition sensor may be connected to an input to each sub-circuit and configured to count the number of signal transitions at the input or to time the duration of a signal transition at the input. Weight information may be stored that is indicative of an amount of power that is being consumed by each sub-circuit based on a count that is counted by or a time duration that is timed by each signal transition sensor that is connected to an input of that sub-circuit. The amount of power being consumed by the digital circuit may be computed based on a count that is counted by or a time duration that is timed by each signal transition sensor and the weight information.07-25-2013
20130191055APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING MULTIPLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A management apparatus includes an obtaining part configured to obtain a first log data of a first electronic device that is capable of transmitting the first log data, a generating part configured to generate a second log data of a second electronic device that is unable to transmit the second log data, a calculating part configured to calculate a first power consumption amount consumed when the first and second electronic devices are used during a predetermined period, and an outputting part configured to output the power consumption amount calculated by the calculating part.07-25-2013
20120296585METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ESTIMATING VIRTUAL MACHINE ENERGY CONSUMPTION - A method and apparatus for estimating virtual machine energy consumption, and in particular, a method and apparatus for estimating virtual machine energy consumption in a computer system. The method includes: obtaining system energy consumption of the system hardware resources; obtaining event information of a plurality of functional units into which the system hardware resources are divided, and mapping the event information to the respective virtual machines; and calculating energy consumption of the virtual machines according to a plurality of energy consumption coefficients corresponding to the plurality of functional units and according to the event information mapped to the functional units of the respective virtual machines.11-22-2012
20130204559Appliance Monitoring and Control Systems - We describe a system to provide feedback to a user of an appliance for energy saving, the system comprising: means for monitoring an energy consumption of the appliance; means for inferring a mode of use of the appliance from said power consumption; and means for providing feedback to said user responsive to said inferred mode of use to indicate how an amount of energy used by said appliance may be reduced. In some embodiments the means for monitoring power consumption comprises means for identifying one or more periods of operation of the appliance from data representing aggregate power consumption of a plurality of devices including the appliance. In embodiments the means for monitoring the power consumption comprises means for monitoring mains electricity power consumption of the plurality of devices. Alternatively the means for monitoring the power consumption may comprise, for example, a plug-through power sensing device.08-08-2013
20120084030ENERGY MONITORING DEVICE AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR, AND ENERGY MONITORING PROGRAM - A processing machine processes a work and repeats processes on the work, thereby consuming energy. Within the consumed energy, room for improvement is computed by an energy monitoring device and is referred to as an amount of energy that can be improved. An energy monitoring device includes a power data acquirer that acquires a time-series power data measured by a power meter, a cycle detector that detects a single-cycle power data from the power data acquired by the acquirer, a divider that divides the single-cycle power data detected by the detector into an added-value creating portion and an unproductive portion, and a computing unit that computes an amount of energy consumed in the unproductive portion divided by the divider and defines it as the amount of energy to be improved.04-05-2012
20130211751System and Method for Calculating Power Using Contactless Voltage Waveform Shape Sensor - A system and method are provided for calculating power using a voltage waveform shape measurement from a contactless sensor. An electrically conductive medium carries alternating current (AC) electrical current, associated with an AC voltage, from a source node to a destination node. AC current is measured through the electrically conductive medium. Using a contactless sensor, an AC voltage waveform shape is measured. The power usage at the destination node is calculated in response to the AC current measurement, the measurement of the AC voltage waveform shape, and an AC voltage potential. For simplicity, the AC current and AC voltage waveform shape may both be measured at a first node located between the source node and the destination node. The AC voltage potential used in the power usage calculation may be an estimate, an actual measurement, or a value supplied by an external source (e.g., the power utility).08-15-2013
20130211752SOFTWARE POWER ANALYSIS - Methods and systems for providing software power analysis. In an example, a computerized method, and system for performing the method includes determining at least one performance monitoring counter value for at least one processor. A frequency of operation is determined for the processor. A power dissipation level is calculated for the processor using a computing device and the power dissipation level is provided as an output. In an example, at least one application programming interface is received. In an example, at least one application is run. In an example, a default file is generated. The default file contains at least one power model parameter and at least one estimated frequency of operation. In an example, several performance monitoring counter values are generated for at least one core in a multi-core processor. In an example, a software power analyzer control thread is executed.08-15-2013

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