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702 - Data processing: measuring, calibrating, or testing


702057000 - Electrical signal parameter measurement system

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702063000 Battery monitoring 395
702061000 Power logging (e.g., metering) 277
20130030731ALTERNATING-CURRENT ELECTRIC QUANTITY MEASURING APPARATUS AND ALTERNATING-CURRENT ELECTRIC QUANTITY MEASURING METHOD - According to a present alternating-current electric quantity measuring apparatus, a voltage amplitude calculated by a square integral operation of at least three continuous voltage instantaneous values sampled at a sampling frequency twice or higher than a frequency of an alternating-current voltage to be measured is normalized. A voltage chord length calculated by the square integral operation of three voltage chord length instantaneous values representing an end-to-end distance between two adjacent voltage instantaneous values in at least four continuous voltage instantaneous values including the three voltage instantaneous values, which are sampled at the sampling frequency and used in calculating the normalized voltage amplitude, is normalized. A rotation phase angle in one period time of sampling is calculated using the normalized voltage amplitude and the normalized voltage chord length. A frequency of the alternating-current voltage is calculated using the calculated rotation phase angle.01-31-2013
20090192736SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING IMPAIRED ELECTRIC POWER EQUIPMENT - A system and method for detecting impaired electric power equipment. An exemplary embodiment may receive electromagnetic radiation and process the resulting signal. For example, signal processing may be used to identify electromagnetic radiation having a particular pattern that is characteristic of electric power equipment. Furthermore, an embodiment may determine the time and/or location during testing. As a result, an exemplary embodiment may be useful for stationary and/or mobile testing of an electrical system.07-30-2009
20130080093POWER COMPUTING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A power computing apparatus and method is provided. The power computing apparatus includes: a multiplexer configured to receive detected single-phase current and voltage signals and output a single analog signal; an analog-to-digital converter configured to convert the analog signal output from the multiplexer into a digital signal; a demultiplexer configured to separate the digital conversion signal output from the analog-to-digital converter into digital signals representing single-phase current and voltage and output the separated digital signals; a phase detector configured to detect a phase angle between the single-phase current and voltage signals; and a power computing block configured to compute power from the digital current and voltage signals output from the demultiplexer by using error compensation parameter and the phase angle detected by the phase detector.03-28-2013
20130080092SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DATA COMPRESSION AND FEATURE EXTRACTION FOR THE PURPOSE OF DISAGGREGATING LOADS ON AN ELECTRICAL NETWORK - Some embodiments concern a method of detecting usage of one or more electrical devices coupled to an electrical power line. An electrical power signal with a predetermined period is on the electrical power line. The one or more electrical devices place one or more noise signals on the electrical power line. The electrical power signal comprises the one or more noise signals. The method can include: using a data acquisition device to acquire first data about the electrical power signal on the electrical power line such that the acquiring of the first data is synchronized with the predetermined period of the electrical power signal; processing the first data to create frequency domain data; and applying a feature extraction algorithm to the frequency domain data to determine a transition of an electrical state of at least a first one of the one or more electrical devices. Other embodiments are disclosed.03-28-2013
20130080091COMMUNICATION SYSTEM USING WIRELESS POWER - Provided is a device and system for performing communication using wireless power, and a communication device using wireless power. The device may calculate a slope of an envelope in a waveform of energy stored in a target resonator through mutual resonance with a source resonator, and estimate a point placed within a predetermined interval around a point at which the slope reaches a maximum as a starting point of the mutual resonance between the source resonator and the target resonator.03-28-2013
20100106435System and Method for Power System Parameter Measurement - A system and method of testing a power system component is disclosed. The system and method comprises coupling a test set to the power system component and stimulating the power system component with a frequency sweep signal. The method also comprises capturing a response of the power system component to the frequency sweep signal, wherein the response relates to frequency and mapping the response to an estimated response, wherein the estimated response relates to temperature. The method also comprises evaluating the power system component based on the estimated response.04-29-2010
20090171597Evaluation method - The invention is directed to an evaluation method for determining a power reduction due to ageing of at least one photovoltaic module at constant radiation intensity with a measurement of an electric variable that may change after a period of time such as cell current, cell voltage and/or cell power, without additional sensors for measuring the radiation intensity, with the following steps 07-02-2009
20090210177HAND-HELD SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING IMPAIRED ELECTRIC POWER EQUIPMENT - A hand-held system and method for detecting impaired electric power equipment. An exemplary embodiment may receive electromagnetic radiation and process the resulting signal. For example, signal processing may be used to identify electromagnetic radiation having a particular pattern that is characteristic of electric power equipment. Furthermore, an embodiment may determine the time and/or location during testing. As a result, an exemplary embodiment may be useful for stationary and/or mobile testing of an electrical system.08-20-2009
20090157332INSTRUMENT TRANSFORMER AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING AN AMOUNT OF POWER USING THE SAME - Disclosed is an instrument transformer detecting an amount of power supplied to a load via a high voltage line, wherein the instrument transformer is integrally configured with a current level converter, a voltage level converter and a power amount calculating module so that it detects an amount of power supplied via the high voltage line and transmits the detected amount of power to a power amount management unit as a digital signal to correctly detect the amount of power.06-18-2009
20130046492METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR FORECASTING WIND ENERGY - A method for forecasting wind energy production is disclosed. The method includes collecting power data indicative of power output from a set of wind energy installations with a first wind energy installation at a first site and a second wind energy installation at a second site, and estimating the available power output at a forecasting site located at a geographic position. The estimating is based on power data from the set of wind energy installations by projecting the power data towards the future and/or the geographic position of the forecasting site. Further disclosed is a method for scheduling wind energy production for an electricity grid and a wind energy production forecasting system configured for forecasting output power of a wind energy installation.02-21-2013
20100138174Establishing A Power Profile For Generating Electrical Ratings - Establishing a power profile of power consuming components of computer system configurations for generating electrical ratings, beginning with a default, limited configuration of a computer system and continuing for a number of configurations of the computer system, each configuration including additional power consuming components not included in a previous configuration, where establishing a power profile includes: measuring, for a present configuration, power consumption of the computer system; calculating, in dependence upon the measured power consumption for the present configuration, an estimated power rating for the one or more additional power consuming components; and recording, in a power profile, estimated power ratings for the additional power consuming components, where the number of configurations of the computer system for which power consumption is measured is less than the number of possible configurations of the computer system.06-03-2010
20100138173TOOL TO ANALYZE PERFORMANCE OF POWER-BEAM PHOTOVOLTAIC RECEIVER - A tool to analyze the performance of a power-beam photovoltaic (PV) receiver is disclosed that includes a system and method for determining the output of a PV array under non-uniform, inconstant illumination. The system and method includes providing PV cells in a user-defined physical layout with various user-defined electrical connections among the PV cells and optional devices forming the PV array. The disclosure provides an analysis tool for designing optical power-beaming systems.06-03-2010
20090306914SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MEASURING INPUT POWER OF POWER SUPPLIES - A system and method is provided to determine input power of a power supply using an input section by dividing input section output power by an efficiency value of the input section. Measurements of operating parameters are obtained through sensing devices that may be previously provided to avoid increased expense and complexity associated with the addition of a current sensing device. The input section maybe a rectifier or PFC stage. Input section output power can be determined by measuring current in a downstream DC/DC converter or converters. The current drawn by the DC/DC converter(s) is used as the output current of the input section to determine output power of the input section. The efficiency value is obtained for an operating point of the input section based on operating parameter values, as indicated in a lookup table or algorithm providing the efficiency values. The calculated input power may also be used to determine input RMS current for the power supply.12-10-2009
20120191385METHOD FOR DETERMINING DETERIORATION OF FUEL CELL - Deterioration of a fuel cell is accurately determined within a short period of time by the steps of: (a) detecting an output power P of a fuel cell; (b) detecting a peak of the output power P after a startup of the fuel cell; (c) calculating a decrease rate D of the output power P after the peak of the output power P; (d) comparing the calculated decrease rate D with a reference decrease rate Dref; and (e) determining deterioration of the fuel cell based on a comparison result of the step (d).07-26-2012
20130073230ENERGY DECOMPOSITION CALCULATING APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREFOR, AND COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM - There is provided a decomposition calculating apparatus in which the first storage stores therein a connection configuration of a plurality of elements in an electric power system, the second storage stores therein possible ranges of respective quantities of consumed energy of the elements, the solution region generator develops the ranges of the quantities of consumed energy, in a space formed by axes indicative of the respective quantities of consumed energy of the elements and obtains a solution region being a region common to the ranges of the quantities of consumed energy in the space, the enclosing ball calculator obtains a ball which encloses the solution region and has a smallest radius, and acquires a central coordinate of the ball, and the proportional division determiner determines quantities of consumed energy of the elements to values of the axes corresponding to the central coordinate in the space.03-21-2013
20110015883POWER INTEGRITY ANALYZER, POWER INTEGRITY ANALYSIS METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A power integrity analyzer according to an exemplary aspect of the invention includes a parameter inputting unit that inputs parameters to a power-supply current waveform which indicates a variation of a power-supply current value on a time axis of an element, a conversion unit that converts the power-supply current waveform which indicates a variation on the time axis determined by the parameter to a power-supply current spectrum which indicates a variation of the power-supply current value on a frequency axis, an allowable value information storage unit that stores an allowable power-supply voltage fluctuation value of the element, and an impedance calculating unit that calculates a target impedance spectrum on the device indicating the variation of impedance value on the frequency axis based on the power-supply current spectrum and the allowable power-supply voltage fluctuation value.01-20-2011
20130060494METHOD OF CALCULATING CURRENT CORRECTION FORMULA FOR POWER STRIP, CURRENT MEASURING METHOD, AND POWER STRIP - A method of calculating a current correction formula may include first measuring voltage values at each of current measuring parts configured to measure currents in socket parts of a power strip in a state in which no current flows in the socket parts, second measuring the voltage values at each of the current measuring parts in a state in which a current flows in one of the socket parts, and calculating a correction formula formed by a inverse matrix of a matrix having as its elements differences between the voltage values measured by the second measuring and the voltage values measured by the first measuring.03-07-2013
20090287432TESTING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SIGNAL STRENGTH OF POWERLINE NETWORKS - A powerline signal test apparatus has a housing, a pair of prongs protruding from the housing, a powerline module coupled to the pair of prongs within an interior region of the housing. The powerline module is configured to process a first data signal in a first format. The apparatus further has a processor coupled to the powerline module. The processor is configured to initiate transfer of first test data characterized by a first data rate from the pair of prongs through a portion of a powerline network to a target node and initiate receipt of second test data characterized by a second data rate. Moreover, the apparatus has a signal strength indication for the portion of the powerline network associated with the second test data characterized by the second data rate. Furthermore, the apparatus has an output device coupled to the housing and configured to output the signal strength indication.11-19-2009
20080312851Portable Power Quality Analyzer with Networking Capabilities - An intelligent electronic device (IED) for monitoring power quality of electrical services and receiving/transmitting information using a wireless and wired communication protocol is disclosed. The IED may be configured as a terminal or server of a Wi-Fi network, a cellular network, Intranet, LAN, WAN, or the Internet. In one application, these techniques are implemented in IEDs such as portable power quality analyzers.12-18-2008
20090030624SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR VALIDATING POWER INTEGRITY OF INTEGRATED CIRCUITS - A power integrity system executes one or more test algorithms, such as a suite of test software that may be written in low level language that is coupled with a test environment housing an integrated circuit and/or printed circuit board, in order to identify possible power integrity issues with the integrated circuit and/or printed circuit board.01-29-2009
20130066569POWER GENERATION PREDICTING APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREOF - There is provided a power generation predicting apparatus in which an estimator estimates a maximum power generation amount capable of generating by a photovoltaic power generation system at each time, a first estimating unit estimates a power generation inhibitor total amount being a total of power generation inhibiting substances which are present until a solar light reaches the system, at each time, a weight calculating unit calculates a solar radiation weight for each of three-dimensional cells at each time, based on a straight line passing through the cells forming a three-dimensional space above a prediction target area at which the system is placed, a second estimating unit estimates a power generation inhibitor amount at a prediction target time for each of the cells, and a predicting unit calculates a power generation inhibitor total amount at the prediction target time, and predicts a power generation amount at the prediction target time.03-14-2013
20100088049APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MEASURING ACTIVE AND REACTIVE POWERS - A method and device for measuring active power of AC with respect to a fundamental frequency or harmonic frequencies using a DPLL include generating via the DPLL a pair of substantially mutually orthogonal sinusoid signals in response to an input voltage data signal, mixing a first sinusoid signal of the pair with a current data signal of the alternating current via a first low-pass filter, mixing the first sinusoid signal of the pair with a voltage signal of the alternating current via a second low-pass filter, and computing an active power of the alternating current based on a further mixing of an output from the first low-pass filter and an output from the second low-pass filter.04-08-2010
20130166231COMPRESSOR SENSOR MODULE - A sensor module for a compressor having an electric motor connected to a power supply is provided. The sensor module includes an input that receives current measurements generated by a current sensor based on a current of the power supply. The sensor module also includes a processor. The processor is connected to the input, determines a maximum continuous current for the electric motor, and selectively compares the current measurements with a value equal to the maximum continuous current multiplied by a predetermined value. The maximum continuous current is set based on at least one of a type of refrigerant used by the compressor and actual refrigeration system conditions.06-27-2013
20090312967PRODUCING A PHASOR REPRESENTATION OF AN ELECTRICAL ENTITY IN A MULTIPHASE AC ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEM - A phasor representation of an electrical entity at a geographical location in a multiple phase AC electric power system is produced by receiving a synchronization signal from a remote source, producing a sampling time signal in response to the synchronization signal and a local reference time signal, and producing samples representing an amount of the entity in respective ones of the phases in the AC power system in response to the sampling time signal and the electrical entity in respective ones of the phases in the AC power system. A transformation is performed on the samples to produce a two-axis rotating reference frame representation of the electrical entity in a two-axis rotating reference frame. For each sample, a representation of a sampling time associated with the sample is produced. The two-axis rotating reference frame representation and the representation of the sampling time comprise the phasor representation.12-17-2009
20110029264OUTSIDE CONCRETE VIBRATOR HAVING AN OPERATION DISPLAY - The invention relates to an outside concrete vibrator for mounting to a concrete formwork, comprising an oscillation exciter that can be driven by an electric motor, a carrier that supports the oscillation exciter and that can be mounted on the concrete formwork, and at least one electric supply line having a power supply leading to the electric motor. A detection device inductively detects a power state in the power supply. The detected power state can be displayed via an optical signal via a display device.02-03-2011
20080288191Method for Production of a Data Record and a Field Device, as Well as a System for Recording the Electrical Power Quality of a Power Supply System - A method of generating a data record, which indicates a deviation of alternating current and/or AC voltage values present at a measurement location of a power supply system from their expected temporal profile. In order to enable such a deviation to be specified in an even more accurate manner, the following steps are carried out: measured values representing the alternating current and/or AC voltage values at the measurement location of the power supply system are recorded; an event signal is generated if the measured values deviate from their expected temporal profile; when an event signal is present, a set of state parameters which describe a state of the power supply system at the measurement location is determined from the measured values and from further measured values which follow the measured values during a predeterminable measurement period, and at least some of the state parameters in the set are assigned to an associated cause character string that indicates a cause of the deviation, and the data record is generated from at least the set of parameters and the cause character string. The invention also relates to an electrical field device and to a system for detecting the quality of electrical power from the power supply system.11-20-2008
20120101751Evaluation Method - A method for determining a power reduction due to ageing of a photovoltaic module includes measuring a variable associated with a performance of the module in one or more time periods within a given year, each time period defining a class, and constructing curves of discrete values, each power curve constructed from the measured electric variable at a plurality of times of a day within each class, and the curves constructed for a plurality of years. The method includes determining energy values based on the constructed curves for at least one class for each of the plurality of years, and determining a power reduction of the photovoltaic module with respect to one or several previous years by calculating a difference between the energy output values of a given class in a particular year and the energy output values of the given class in a year previous to the particular year.04-26-2012
20110082654POWER GRID WITH COMPARISON OF DIFFERENCES IN REMOTE PHASOR CHANGES - The invention compares geographically remote locations on a power grid by determining at each location the amount of change to phasor measurements for a period of time, and then comparing the determined change values from each location to determine relative differences in values as an indicator of the stability of the power grid. One embodiment calculates the product of the node's most recent phasor and a complex conjugate of that nodes previous phasor sample to produce a phase difference phasor for that node. The various phase difference phasors are sent to a monitoring location (which may be local for one of the phasors) and comparisons made among the phase difference phasors to assess the amount of load imbalance among the nodes that are being compared.04-07-2011
20120203480POWER ESTIMATION IN AN INTEGRATED CIRCUIT DESIGN FLOW - Power estimates for an integrated circuit may be obtained without having to individually enter monitor statements at hierarchical levels in a design. The current, or consumed power may be considered at the transistor level throughout the entire circuit, even when the circuit is divided into hierarchical modules. Current, or power measurements may be obtained after a circuit has been synthesized and an extracted transistor-level netlist has been created. Separate netlists may be created for different modules, and estimate results collected from the different modules, since current measurements are performed at the transistor level. To accurately estimate the power consumption, the current flowing through transistors that are connected to power rails in the netlist may be measured during circuit simulation. This may be accomplished via measurement statements created for these transistors, and placed in a simulation input file, by a script or program, for example. Only the currents flowing through these transistors need to be measured to account for all the current provided from the power sources in the design.08-09-2012
20110282602Computer-Implemented System And Method For Efficiently Performing Area-To-Point Conversion Of Satellite Imagery For Photovoltaic Power Generation Fleet Output Estimation - A computer-implemented system and method for efficiently performing area-to-point conversion of satellite imagery for photovoltaic power generation fleet output estimation is provided. Satellite imagery data of overhead sky clearness for a geographic region is accessed. Pixels within the satellite imagery data corresponding to a bounded area are identified. Each pixel represents collective irradiance within the bounded area. An area clearness index for the bounded area is set as an average of point clearness indexes derived from the collective irradiance for each point. A variance of the area clearness index is expressed as an average of the variance of the point clearness indexes. The variance of the area clearness index is proportioned to an area metric corresponding to each pixel's physical coverage area. A variance of the point clearness index is determined for one point as a ratio of the variance of the area clearness index and each pixel's physical coverage.11-17-2011
20110282601Computer-Implemented System And Method For Estimating Power Data For A Photovoltaic Power Generation Fleet - A computer-implemented system and method for estimating power data for a photovoltaic power generation fleet is provided. Solar irradiance data is assembled for locations representative of a geographic region. The data includes a time series of solar irradiance observations electronically recorded at successive time periods spaced at input time intervals. Each observation includes measured irradiance. The data in the time series is converted over each time period into clearness indexes relative to clear sky global horizontal irradiance and the clearness indexes are interpreted as irradiance statistics. Each location's irradiance statistics are combined into fleet irradiance statistics applicable over the geographic region. Fleet power statistics are built as a function of the fleet irradiance statistics and the fleet's power rating. A time series of the power statistics is generated by applying a time lag correlation coefficient for an output time interval to the power statistics over each input time interval.11-17-2011
20110282600SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC PLANT POWER CURVE MEASUREMENT AND HEALTH MONITORING - A photovoltaic (PV) plant power curve measurement system determines normalized irradiation data in response to algorithmic software based on measured or calculated irradiance at one or more desired PV plant locations. The measurement system also measures PV plant electrical power and generates an estimated power curve map of corresponding photovoltaic plant electrical power as a function of the normalized irradiation data and the measured PV plant electrical power, such that corresponding power curve data can be compared to historical, theoretical or simulated power curve data based on normalized irradiation data for the photovoltaic plant to detect degradation of the photovoltaic plant in a desired time frame.11-17-2011
20100191487ENERGY USAGE MONITORING WITH REMOTE DISPLAY AND AUTOMATIC DETECTION OF APPLIANCE INCLUDING GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE - Devices and methods for identifying an electrical device, and its state, in a network of electrical devices are disclosed. An energy monitoring device is programmed to identify an electrical device coupled to a power supply, and a state of the electrical device, from a change in successive measurements of the power supply. Algorithms for determining a load signature for an electrical device and its state are disclosed. A stored table of load signatures for states is used to identify devices, and states. Energy monitoring information is collected and presented to the user on a display, a remote display, or is transmitted over a network to a remote device such as a personal computer, personal digital assistant, an iPhone, a cell phone, voice mail, email, or text message.07-29-2010
20090259417METHOD TO CALCULATE ENERGY EFFICIENCY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT - The present invention provides a METHOD TO CALCULATE AN ENERGY EFFICIENCY RATING for information technology equipment. This method specifically pertains to information technology equipment that doubles its capabilities in a predetermined timeframe according to Moore's Law.10-15-2009
20110301886ABSORBED POWER MEASURING METHOD, LOCAL AVERAGE ABSORBED POWER MEASURING METHOD, LOCAL AVERAGE ABSORBED POWER CALCULATING APPARATUS, AND LOCAL AVERAGE ABSORBED POWER CALCULATING PROGRAM - An object of the present invention is to provide a simple way of measuring the local average absorbed power of a radio device having a plurality of antennas. A local average absorbed power measuring method of the present invention has an individual measurement step and a calculation step. In the individual measurement step, the amplitude and phase of the electric field or magnetic field of each one of the plurality of antennas are measured. In the calculation step, local average absorbed power candidates are obtained while weights are being varied. More specifically, in a combination sub-step, given weights are applied to the amplitudes and phases of the electric fields or magnetic fields of the individual antennas, obtained in the individual measurement step, and the results are combined. In a local average absorbed power candidate calculation sub-step, the absorbed power distribution in three-dimensional space is calculated from the combined electric field or combined magnetic field obtained in the combination sub-step, and a local average absorbed power candidate is obtained. In a local average absorbed power selection step, the highest one of the local average absorbed power candidates is specified as the local average absorbed power of the radio device.12-08-2011
20110295531METHOD AND DEVICE TO MONITOR A MODULE OPERATING IN A MAGNETIC RESONANCE SYSTEM - A monitoring method to monitor and/or protect modules, in particular a radio-frequency antenna of a magnetic resonance system, includes a measurement step in which at least one first characteristic monitoring variable is measured by at least one first measurement unit, and at least one calculation step in which at least one maximum limit value for a power and/or a voltage within the module is calculated using the at least one first measured characteristic monitoring variable. At least one second characteristic monitoring variable, different than the at least one first characteristic monitoring variable, is measured in the measurement step.12-01-2011
20090144000SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MONITORING AND DIAGNOSING THE POWER GENERATED BY RENEWABLE POWER SYSTEMS - A method of measuring, monitoring and comparing power generation of at least two renewable power systems, comprising the steps of; providing at least two renewable power systems, at least one data server, at least one generation monitoring device in communication with at least one at premise renewable power system and at least one communication node in communication with at least one of renewable power system, generation monitoring device and data server, determining at least one diagnostic variable for each renewable power system and saving in the data server; determining at least one system coefficient for each renewable power system and saving in the data server; determining the energy generated by each renewable power system; wherein the data server determines comparative information based upon at least one of: background constant, diagnostic variable, system coefficient and energy generated to determine a comparative value of the renewable power system.06-04-2009
20090125255METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR MEASURING VOLTAGE AND VOLTAGE PHASE ANGLE ON BPL LINE - An apparatus for measuring voltage in a broadband over power line system including a first load having a first predetermined impedance, and a second load having a second predetermined impedance. Wherein the apparatus is contained within a capacitor-based BPL coupler. Also a method of measuring a voltage and a phase angle in a broadband over power line system comprising attaching a voltage divider to a medium voltage power line, measuring a voltage and a phase angle at said voltage divider and calculating said voltage and the phase angle based on the measured voltage and the measured phase angle. Wherein the voltage divider may be placed within a coupler along the broadband over power line system.05-14-2009
20090204348POWER MANAGEMENT FOR PROXIMITY-BASED AD HOC NETWORKS - A system and method is described herein for managing power consumption by a plurality of sensors in a proximity-based ad hoc network. The system and method receives sensor data that is provided from a plurality of sensors and constructs a proximity-based ad hoc network among the plurality of sensors based on the sensor data. The system and method also receives and analyzes power status information from each sensor in a group of spatially and temporally proximate sensors in the proximity-based ad hoc network. Based on the analysis, the system and method then modifies a manner in which at least one sensor in the group provides sensor data.08-13-2009
20100036623ELECTRICITY DETECTING SYSTEM AND METHOD HAVING A VERIFYING MECHANISM FOR VERIFYING MEASURED ELECTRICITY VALUES - An electricity detecting system includes a detector module operable to generate a plurality of source electricity values of a target electricity value, and a computing unit coupled to the detector module and receiving the source electricity values therefrom. The detector module includes a plurality of detectors, and each of the source electricity values is obtained using a respective one of the detectors. The computing unit is configured to determine weight values corresponding to the source electricity values while taking into account accuracy of the latter, and to determine a verified electricity value corresponding to the target electricity value from the source electricity values and their weight values. The computing unit is further configured to exclude the source electricity values corresponding to the detectors that have experienced breakdown from determination of the verified electricity value.02-11-2010
20120072141DATA PROCESSING DEVICE, DATA PROCESSING METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A data processing device includes: a data obtaining section obtaining time series data on a total value of current consumed by a plurality of electric apparatuses; and a parameter estimating section obtaining a model parameter when states of operation of the plurality of electric apparatuses are modeled by a factorial HMM on a basis of the obtained time series data.03-22-2012
20120072140Systems, methods, and devices for analyzing utility usage with load duration curves - Systems, methods, and devices for regulating usage of at least one utility by a utility consuming system. One aspect of the present disclosure is directed to a method for regulating usage of at least one utility by a utility consuming system having a plurality of utility consuming segments. The method includes: generating a load duration curve (LDC); selecting a portion of the LDC to be analyzed; generating an associated duration chart (ADC) that is indicative of one or more associated duration parameters relating to the selected portion of the LDC; and modifying usage of the utility by at least one of the utility consuming segments based, at least in part, upon the one or more associated duration parameters indicated in the first ADC.03-22-2012
20090281741SYSTEM, METHOD, AND APPARATUS FOR MONITORING POWER - A system, method and apparatus for monitoring a processing system is disclosed. The method includes obtaining N parameter-value pairs that include a first parameter value and a second parameter value; obtaining, for each parameter-value pair, the product of the first parameter value and the complex conjugate of the second parameter value to obtain N products defined by a real part and an imaginary part; obtaining, for each parameter-value pair, a product of the second parameter value and the complex conjugate of the second parameter value to obtain N real numbers; calculating an average reflection coefficient by dividing an imaginary number by an average of the N real numbers, the real component of the imaginary number being equal to the average of the real parts of the N products and the imaginary part of the imaginary number being equal to an average of the imaginary parts of the N products.11-12-2009
20120143536SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ANALYZING ENERGY USAGE - Systems and methods for analyzing energy usage of a structure include reading data associated with the structure, determining the energy usage of the structure, conducting a thermal analysis of the structure, and generating/displaying the results of the energy analysis. The data associated with the structure includes basic information regarding features and aspects of the structure, devices associated with energy usage, and utility bills. Energy usage from occupant activity can be isolated from energy used for heating and cooling of the structure. Other embodiments include real-time monitoring and calculating of energy usage, energy efficiency, and savings from energy-based improvements.06-07-2012
20090281742Automated hierarchical classification for utility systems with multiple sources - A method for automatically determining how monitoring devices in an electrical system having a main source of energy and at least one alternative source of energy (e.g., another utility source, a generator, or UPS system) are connected together to form a hierarchy. The end-user inputs identification information about the monitoring device(s) monitoring the alternative source of energy. The method receives time-series data from the monitoring devices and determines a model type of the electrical system by analyzing the monitoring device's time-series data. Once the model type is known, the method builds the complete monitoring system hierarchy in which the monitoring devices that are monitoring the main and alternative sources are placed properly. The method can also validate polarity nomenclature of the time-series data to account for end-user's varying polarity configurations.11-12-2009
20110270549Computation Of System Energy - A system comprises an energy source that provides a system current for the system. The system also comprises logic coupled to the energy source. The logic receives an analog signal that is derived from a measurement of current in the system and computes an amount of energy consumed by the system based on the analog signal.11-03-2011
20110270547POWER MEASURING DEVICE - A power measuring device includes an induced current meter and a power consumption indicator. The induced current meter measures and outputs a first current information of a power circuit or a second current information of a main power circuit. A voltage information of one of the branching power circuits is measured by the power consumption indicator, and the power consumption indicator receives the first or the second current information from the induced current meter. A first information is calculated according to the first current information and the voltage information, a second information is calculated according to the second current information and the voltage information, and both of the current information is displayed by the indicator. The first current information and the voltage information are obtained by the induced current meter and the indicator respectively and synchronously. The second current information and the voltage information are obtained by the induced current meter and the indicator respectively and synchronously.11-03-2011
20110172937METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ENERGY CONSUMPTION MONITORING IN AN ICT ENVIRONMENT - A method for energy consumption monitoring in an ICT environment, wherein the ICT environment (07-14-2011
20110270546EFFICIENCY METER FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC POWER GENERATION SYSTEMS - A portable instrument for displaying an efficiency metric for a photovoltaic power generation system based on an estimate of the source power available from the photovoltaic modules. The source power is a value scaled from the rated DC source power computed with data from irradiance and temperature sensors or from a photovoltaic sensor's deviation from a rated level of power generation. A ratio of output power divided by source power is one measure of efficiency and relates to the health of the physical photovoltaic power generation system.11-03-2011
20080243403STORAGE MEDIUM STORING THEREON POWER CONSUMPTION ANALYSIS PROGRAM, AND POWER CONSUMPTION ANALYSIS METHOD - A storage medium stores a power consumption analysis program operable to cause a computer to function as a power consumption analysis apparatus. The apparatus includes a device for preliminarily providing a first toggle rate of each of a plurality of wirelines included in a first circuit data set; a device for generating a correlation in accordance with each first toggle rate and each load capacity of the corresponding wireline, each correlation being indicative of a relationship between the first toggle rate and the load capacity; and a device for calculating a second toggle rate of each of a plurality of wirelines included in a second circuit data set, in accordance with a load capacity of a corresponding wireline and the corresponding correlation.10-02-2008
20080288192System and Method For Monitoring The Effectiveness Of A Brake Function In A Powered System - A system is provided for monitoring the effectiveness of a braking function in a powered system. The system includes a sensor configured to measure a parameter related to the operation of the powered system. Additionally, the system includes a processor coupled to the sensor, to receive data related to the parameter. Subsequent to activating the braking function, the processor is configured to determine the effectiveness of the braking function of the powered system, based upon whether the parameter data varies by a predetermined threshold. A method and a computer software code are also provided for monitoring the effectiveness of a braking function in a powered system.11-20-2008
20120143535SUBSTATION INSTRUMENT CONTROL SYSTEM - A substation instrument control system is disclosed. The substation instrument control system includes a plurality of transformers that generate a plurality of waveform signals representing electric properties of a substation instrument main body. A merging unit is communicatively coupled to the plurality of transformers and includes a signal processing unit and a control unit. The signal processing unit receives the plurality of waveform signals from the plurality of transformers and converts the plurality of waveform signals to a digital signal. The control unit controls operation of the signal processing unit using a setting data. An intelligent electronic device is communicatively coupled to the merging unit and receives the digital signal from the merging unit.06-07-2012
20120143534POWER MANAGEMENT MODULE AND POWER SUPPLY APPARATUS - A power management module electrically coupled between an AC/DC switching power supply and an electronic apparatus comprises a memory device, voltage and current detecting units, a writing unit, and an alarm signal generation unit. The memory device generates an output data to the electronic apparatus. The voltage and current detecting units detect voltages and currents of the output terminals of the switching power supply, respectively. The writing unit writes a new input data and the voltage and current data to the memory. The alarm signal generation unit generates an alarm signal to the electronic apparatus according to the data stored in the memory device and according to the operation condition of the switching power supply.06-07-2012
20110270550System and Method for Providing Power Distribution System Information - A system, method and computer program product for processing utility data of a power grid is provided. In one embodiment, the system includes a datamart comprised of a plurality of physical databases storing utility data, a plurality of applications comprising an automated meter application configured to process power usage data from a plurality of automated meters, a power outage application configured to identify a location of a power outage, and a power restoration application configured to identify a location of a power restoration. The system may include an analysis engine comprising a plurality of analysis objects with each analysis object configured to process data to provide a specific analysis, wherein said analysis engine is accessible via one or more of the plurality of applications, and the system may include a report module configured to receive an output from the analysis engine and to output a report. The plurality of applications may also include a fault analysis application, a transformer analysis application, a theft detection application, a power flow application, a substation automation application, a load shed application and others.11-03-2011
20090030625Fuel efficiency measurement system and method for fuel cell vehicle - A fuel efficiency measurement system includes a fuel supply tank for supplying hydrogen to be used as a fuel to a fuel cell of the vehicle during measurement of fuel efficiency and a precision electronic balance for detecting a weight of the fuel supply tank so as to perform the measurement of fuel efficiency based on a vehicle driving distance and a change in weight of the fuel supply tank measured by the electronic balance during measurement of fuel efficiency. According to the fuel efficiency measurement system, it is possible to more accurately calculate fuel efficiency without using hydrogen of a hydrogen tank installed in the vehicle.01-29-2009
20110270548AUTOMATED VERIFICATION AND ESTIMATION OF QUIESCENT POWER SUPPLY CURRENT - Procedures are disclosed to automate constraint and power mode (PM) setup determination for quiescent power supply current (I11-03-2011
20090119037SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR DYNAMIC POWER ESTIMATION FOR A DIGITAL CIRCUIT - A method for dynamic timing-dependent power estimation for a digital circuit having coupled interconnects and at least two gates. In one embodiment, the method includes the steps of capturing information on relative switching activities and timing dependence for the coupled interconnects in the digital circuit, estimating the probabilities associated with switching activities and timing dependence for each gate in the digital circuit from the captured information, and obtaining dynamic power estimation of the digital circuit from the estimations of the probabilities.05-07-2009
20090119036COMPRESSOR SENSOR MODULE - A sensor module for a compressor having an electric motor connected to a power supply and a processor disposed within an electrical enclosure of the compressor is provided, with the electrical enclosure being configured to house electrical terminals for connecting the power supply to the electric motor. The sensor module includes a first input connected to a voltage sensor that generates a voltage signal corresponding to a voltage of the power supply and a second input connected to a current sensor that generates a current signal corresponding to a current of the power supply. The processor is connected to the first and second inputs. The processor may calculate a power factor of the compressor, detect an unexpected variation in the power supply, and/or detect a mechanical malfunction of the compressor based on the voltage measurements and the current measurements.05-07-2009
20120197560SIGNAL IDENTIFICATION METHODS AND SYSTEMS - Disclosed herein are signal identification methods and systems. In some examples, the method and/or system allows appliances to be associated with their electrical usage. In one example, a method for determining whether a load is in a steady state or in transition includes analyzing a time series of electric power or current measurements on at least one circuit, at least one load coupled to the at least one circuit; and determining whether the load is in a steady state or a transition. Also disclosed is an appliance identification method. Further disclosed is a method of mapping unlabeled appliances which utilizes a STEC Table which summarizes linkages between transitions and steady state clusters.08-02-2012
20090138218CORRELATING POWER CONSUMPTION WITH CPU ACTIVITY - Two or more sets of measurement data can be independently collected from causally related characteristics or elements. Such measurements can be synchronized with one another through the identification of a correct offset between their measurement data. An identification of the nature of the causal relationship between the measured characteristics can identify relevant ranges within which the aggregate values of one of the measurements can be obtained. As the offset between the measurements is adjusted, the aggregate values can change and a derivative, or other meaningful function based on the aggregate values can be calculated. The meaningful function, or subsequent functional result of it, can inform a range of offsets within which a local extreme value can be identified. The offset corresponding to such a local extreme value can be the correct offset.05-28-2009
20130218493DIAGNOSTICS FOR A PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER - To reduce the cost and/or space occupied by diagnostic circuitry in a module of a programmable logic controller with multiple outputs, a multiplexer connects the same diagnostic circuitry to the different outputs. The outputs are sequentially tested with the same circuitry. To limit stress on an output driver, an overload condition may be tested while the driver is off. A different source of power is applied to the output, and the results of the application are measured for shorting to ground.08-22-2013
20090006012POWER CONSUMPTION ANALYZING APPARATUS AND POWER CONSUMPTION ANALYZING METHOD - A power consumption analyzing apparatus has a clock gating cell detector configured to detect a clock gating cell which is not present in RTL data but present in a gate-level netlist based on the RTL data of a target circuit and the netlist corresponding to the RTL data, a test bench description generation unit configured to add a description concerning the clock gating cell detected by the clock gating cell detector to the RTL data, a monitor signal generation unit configured to specify a monitor signal used for power consumption analysis from the RTL data obtained by adding the description concerning the clock gating cell, an RTL simulation unit configured to execute operational simulation of the target circuit by using the RTL data obtained by adding the description concerning the clock gating cell, a monitor unit configured to detect a logic of the monitor signal during the execution of the operational simulation, and a power consumption analysis unit configured to analyze power consumption due to a toggle at a clock terminal of the clock synchronizing cell included in the target circuit.01-01-2009
20080306698Method and Device for Estimating the Current Output By an Alternator for a Motor Vehicle - A method and device for estimating the current output by an alternator for a motor vehicle provide the calculation of an output value (IALT) that represents the current output by the alternator based on a first input value (lex) that represents an excitation current of the alternator, and based on a second input value (ROT) that represents the rotational speed of the alternator.12-11-2008
20110224926SYSTEM, DEVICE, AND METHOD FOR ESTIMATING POSSIBLE POWER OUTPUT OF WIND TURBINES - A method for use in calculating a possible power output of a wind turbine. A series of performance data samples is acquired. Each performance data sample includes a meteorological condition and a power output indicated at a first time by one or more sensors associated with a wind turbine. A transfer function is calculated based at least in part on the series of performance data samples. The transfer function relates power output to the meteorological condition. A possible power output is calculated based on the transfer function and at least one meteorological condition indicated by the one or more sensors at a second time09-15-2011
20110224925Altimeter - In an altimeter which makes use of power generated by a photoelectric conversion means as a drive power force, it is possible to prevent the altimeter from falling into a state where the altimeter cannot perform measurement of altitude due to large power consumption for measurement. A power generation part generates power for driving electrical constitutional elements corresponding to a received light quantity. A generated power measurement part measures generated power of the power generation part. An atmospheric pressure measurement part measures an atmospheric pressure. A control part controls an atmospheric pressure measurement interval used by the atmospheric pressure measurement part to an interval corresponding to the generated power quantity of the power generation part, calculates an altitude based on the atmospheric pressure measured by the atmospheric pressure measurement part, and displays the calculated altitude on a display part.09-15-2011
20090082980Virtual branch load management - A load estimation algorithm for automatically estimating power consumed by each branch load connected to circuit breakers in a power distribution panel (PDP) without requiring individual current sensing at each branch. The load, estimation algorithm can be operated in a manual mode, remote manual mode, or an agile mode. In manual mode, the user turns off individual circuit breakers in an ordered sequence, and the load estimation algorithm calculates the difference in the power consumption when all loads are connected versus when one load is disconnected to estimate the power consumption of the disconnected load. In the remote manual mode, the circuit breakers are remotely operable, so that load estimation algorithm controls their states through software. In agile mode, the algorithm continuously attempts to estimate power consumption of each load connected to the PDP by comparing present load estimates with previous load estimate and flagging any discrepancies.03-26-2009
20120078545MULTI-LINE POWER MEASURING SYSTEM WHICH IMPROVES EFFICIENCY AND SIMPLICITY - Provided is a power measuring system for measuring power of a main circuit of incoming feeder and a branch circuit in a distribution panel, cabinet panel, or motor control center. The power measuring system includes a voltage sensing unit for sensing analog voltage of the main circuit and generating main voltage data by converting the sensed analog voltage to digital form, a current sensing unit for generating main current data of the main circuit or sub current data of the branch circuit, and a current data communication unit or voltage data communication unit for transmitting the sensed data or power-related data generated using the sensed data, wherein main circuit power data or branch circuit power data is calculated and displayed or transmitted.03-29-2012
20080262762POWER TEST DEVICE AND METHOD THEREOF - A power test device and a method thereof are provided. The power test method includes the following steps. First, a piece of control information is generated by a circuit under test, and a specific voltage and a sensing signal are generated according to the control information. Then, the sensing signal is converted to a piece of scale information, and a piece of power information is obtained by calculating the scale information and is displayed. Therefore, the present invention can obtain the power consumption of the circuit under test without actions such as dismantling a plate and cutting off a conducting wire on the plate.10-23-2008
20090138220Power-aware line intervention for a multiprocessor directory-based coherency protocol - A directory-based coherency method, system and program are provided for intervening a requested cache line from a plurality of candidate memory sources in a multiprocessor system on the basis of the sensed temperature or power dissipation value at each memory source. By providing temperature or power dissipation sensors in each of the candidate memory sources (e.g., at cores, cache memories, memory controller, etc.) that share a requested cache line, control logic may be used to determine which memory source should source the cache line by using the power sensor signals to signal only the memory source with acceptable power dissipation to provide the cache line to the requester.05-28-2009
20090138219Estimating power consumption of computing components configured in a computing system - Methods, apparatus, and products as disclosed for estimating power consumption of computing components configured in a computing system that include: selecting, by a power estimation module, a plurality of calibration datasets from a calibration dataset repository, each calibration dataset specifying calibration power consumption by one or more computing components in the computing system for a calibration workload at a plurality of calibration operating points; measuring, by the power estimation module, a current power consumption by one or more measured computing components in the computing system for a current workload at a current operating point; determining, by the power estimation module, an estimated power consumption for the measured computing components at a proposed operating point in dependence upon the selected calibration datasets and the current power consumption for the current workload at the current operating point; and administering the computing system in dependence upon the estimated power consumption.05-28-2009
20110231120SOLAR CELL EVALUATION DEVICE AND SOLAR CELL EVALUATION METHOD - In a solar cell evaluation device 09-22-2011
20100161256Circuit and Method of Output Power Detection for a Converter Circuit - A circuit and method of determining the power output for a converter circuit includes determining a time averaged voltage from a rectified voltage of a winding of the transformer and multiplying the time averaged voltage by a constant determined at least in part by an average current of a winding of the transformer. By one approach, a rectified voltage from a primary side of the transformer is time averaged using a filter circuit. The current can be known or preset or controlled by the converter circuit such that the time averaged voltage reading, assuming a constant current, can be compared to a preset voltage such that the voltage reading approximates a power reading for the transformer. By another approach, the time averaged voltage is multiplied by the current to obtain a power output reading.06-24-2010
20130013233ELECTRIC-POWER-GENERATION LEVEL PREDICTING APPARATUS, METHOD AND PROGRAM - An electric-power-generation level predicting apparatus 01-10-2013
20130013232SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USE IN ELECTRIC POWER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS - A system for enhancing deferrable load management of a distribution transformer includes a memory device configured to store a plurality of operational measurements of a distribution transformer and at least one deferrable load. The system also includes a processor coupled in communication with the memory device. The processor is programmed to record a first operational measurement of the distribution transformer that is configured to transmit electric power to the at least one deferrable load. The processor is also programmed to record a second operational measurement of the at least one deferrable load. The processor is further programmed to determine a priority of energization of the at least one deferrable load within a queue as a function of at least one of the first operational measurement and the second operational measurement.01-10-2013
20100131216Power curve of wind power plant for energy network - The invention relates to a method of determining a desired power curve for a wind power plant for use in connection with the subsequent design and positioning of the wind power plant (05-27-2010
20120143537METHOD OF CALCULATING AN ELECTRICAL OUTPUT OF A WIND POWER PLANT - The invention relates to a method of calculating an electrical output of a wind power plant comprising a plurality of wind turbines. Instead of calculating the electrical output of the wind power plant as a simple aggregation of the outputs of each wind turbine, the method takes into account parameters which may vary stochastically throughout the wind power plant, e.g. pitch angle, stiffness in drive train, different possible production with regard to reactive and active effect, mechanical component properties as well as variability in relation to communication times between a power plant controller and the individual wind turbines. The method proposes to make adjustment to a simple aggregation calculation method based on analysis of such stochastic varying parameters.06-07-2012
20090276171Data processing apparatus and method - A data processing apparatus includes a storing unit that stores, for each device, pieces of configuration data defining respective logic circuits that demonstrate different processing performance; a logic circuit configuration unit that configures a combination of the logic circuits onto the devices by reading a piece of the configuration data for each device, from among the pieces of the configuration data stored, and inputting the read pieces of the configuration data to the devices, respectively; a measuring unit that measures total power consumption required at execution of the data processing by the devices; and a logic circuit determining unit that determines, from among combinations of the logic circuits configured, a combination in which an actually measured value of total power consumption falls within a predetermined target value and which demonstrates optimum processing performance as the logic circuits to be configured onto the devices at actual execution of the data processing.11-05-2009
20090105972METHOD FOR THE DETERMINATION OF WORK PERFORMANCE - The invention relates to a method for the determination of the electrical work in systems in which the voltage is switched. At preset times for this purpose current values are measured and interpolated between the measurement. With the help of the switched voltage a classification of each interpolated current path is performed. The interpolated current value is then multiplied or integrated by the voltage value/values between the preset times respectively for the determination of the work. Along with the electrical work moreover in accordance with a further method similarly the electrical power in such systems can be determined.04-23-2009
20130132008SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR THE AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION OF ELECTRIC DEVICES/APPLIANCES - A system for automatic identification of a device or appliance includes: at least one sensor associatable with the device or appliance to be identified, and able to monitor an evolution in time of an electrical quantity indicative of device or appliance energy consumption; an analyzer communicating with the at least one sensor including receiving reports of the monitored electrical quantity, and automatically identifying the device or appliance by analyzing the evolution in time of the monitored electric quantity. The analyzing calculates a cross-correlation between the evolution in time of the monitored electric quantity and at least one reference pattern representative of at least one sample device or appliance; and when more than one sample device or appliance is included in a candidate list, identifies the device or appliance by performing a selection among the candidates based on characteristic parameters related to the respective calculated cross-correlations.05-23-2013
20110112779POWER QUALITY METER AND METHOD OF WAVEFORM ANAYLSIS AND COMPRESSION - A method for waveform analysis and compression includes determining harmonic components of a waveform, subtracting the harmonic components from the waveform, leaving a residual waveform, and compressing the residual waveform. Information about the harmonic components and the compressed residual transform can be transmitted across a network for analysis or reconstruction of the waveform in another device. The method is used in a low cost power quality meter, which can form part of a smart metering scheme.05-12-2011
20100305887VOLTAGE MONITORING IN AN ADVANCED METERING INFRASTRUCTURE - Disclosed are apparatus and methodology for monitoring voltage at individual utility meters in a distribution system together with voltage levels at a substation associated with the distribution system. Voltage measurements are made over a predetermined time interval and compared to plural sets of threshold values.12-02-2010
20090037123Energy Supply System Evaluation Device, Energy Supply System Evaluation Method and Energy Supply System Evaluation Program - The present invention provides an energy supply system evaluation device evaluating a lifecycle of energy conversion processes to be implemented in a pre-determined order by an energy supply system, an energy supply system evaluation method and an energy supply system evaluation program. According to the present invention, it can reduce a work load on an evaluator when the evaluator performs many-sided evaluations on energy supply systems by using a variety of analytical methods, and enable the evaluator to gain actualized output of the evaluation results desired thereof.02-05-2009
20110246105METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TESTING AT LEAST ONE TEMPERATURE SENSOR IN A VEHICLE - An apparatus and method for testing a temperature sensor in a vehicle is provided. The apparatus includes a power device. The power device is configured to receive a power signal and to filter the power signal to generate a filtered power signal. The power device is further configured to compare the filtered power signal to a first threshold and to test the temperature sensor based on the comparison of the filtered power signal to the first threshold.10-06-2011
20090198460Power Supply Circuitry, Collection and Reporting of Power Supply Parameter Information - In an example configuration, a power supply manager receives an output current value representing an amount of output current supplied by one or more power converter phases to a load. The power supply manager also receives a duty cycle value representing a duty cycle for controlling operation of the at least one power converter phase. The power supply manager produces an estimate of input current supplied to the power supply circuit based at least in part on multiplying the output current value by the duty cycle value. Contrary to conventional methods such as physically measuring an input current using complex measuring circuitry, embodiments herein include utilizing parameter information such as output current information and duty cycle information to deduce an amount of input current.08-06-2009
20120136593IDENTIFYING THE OPERATION OF A SPECIFIED TYPE OF APPLIANCE - A method of identifying the operation of an electrical appliance comprising an induction motor is described. The method comprises identifying the operation of an electrical appliance comprising an induction motor when a path traced by real power values against corresponding reactive power values over a time period of interest comprises one or more substantially circular arcs. The real power values are related to the total real power supplied to one or more electrical appliances as a function of time, and the reactive power values are related to the total reactive power supplied to the one or more electrical appliances as a function of time.05-31-2012
20090048792RF POWER DELIVERY DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM - An RF power delivery diagnostic system is provided herein. The system comprises an RF power source (02-19-2009
20100070213Method for Monitoring the Electrical Energy Quality in an Electrical Energy Supply System, Power Quality Field Device and Power Quality System - To carry out monitoring of the electrical energy quality of an electrical energy supply system using an electrical power quality field device with comparatively little complexity, a method performs the steps of: detecting a first measured value of a first power quality characteristic by a measuring device of a power quality field device arranged at a measurement point of the electrical energy supply system at a first measurement time; detecting a second measured value of the first power quality characteristic by the measuring device at a second measurement time, which directly follows the first measurement time; comparing the first and second measured values with at least one predetermined threshold value; and generating an event signal, which indicates a violation of the threshold value, precisely when one of the two measured values is above and one of the two measured values is below the threshold value.03-18-2010
20080234954DIGITAL POWER MONITORING CIRCUIT AND SYSTEM - A digital power monitoring circuit for monitoring power through an output inductor of a switching power supply in accordance with an embodiment of the present application includes a first analog to digital converter receiving a current sense signal indicative of the current through the output inductor and providing a first digital signal including information regarding the current through the output inductor, a second analog to digital converter receiving a signal indicative of the output voltage of the switching power supply and providing a second digital signal containing information regarding the output voltage of the switching power supply; and a convolver circuit operable to receive the first digital signal and the second digital signal and to provide a third digital signal including information regarding the power through the output inductor based on the first and second digital signals.09-25-2008
20100280774MONITORING POWER-RELATED PARAMETERS IN A POWER DISTRIBUTION UNIT - A power distribution unit (PDU) disposable in an electrical equipment rack. The PDU has a housing, a power input penetrating the housing, outlets in the housing, a processor disposed in the housing, voltage and current sensors, and a voltage calculation procedure communicable with the processor. The processor samples voltage and current waveforms and calculates RMS values and other power parameters. A method of managing electrical loads each drawing electrical power from a PDU includes repeatedly sampling voltage across and current flowing through each of the loads, calculating raw RMS values of voltage and current, and scaling the raw RMS values to obtain corrected RMS voltage and current values and other power parameters.11-04-2010
20100004883ENERGY EFFICIENT ACHIEVEMENT OF INTEGRATED CIRCUIT PERFORMANCE GOALS - A system and method for meeting performance goals in an electronic system in an energy efficient manner. Various aspects of the present invention may comprise operating an electrical circuit at a current level of performance and a current level of energy efficiency by providing the electrical circuit with electrical power characterized by a current set of power characteristics (e.g., utilizing a power control module). The current level of performance may be determined (e.g., by a performance monitor) and compared to a desired level of performance (e.g., by the power control module). If the current level of performance is higher than the desired level of performance, then the electrical circuit may be operated at a next (e.g., lower) level of performance and a next (e.g., higher) level of energy efficiency by providing the electrical circuit with electrical power characterized by a next set of power characteristics.01-07-2010
20110161020Detecting Power Quality Events in Power Distribution Networks - Power quality (PQ) events in a waveform in a power distribution network are detected by sampling the waveform. For each sample, a normalized sample is determined by subtracting an undistorted waveform from the sample. An accumulated weighted log-likelihood ratio (LLR) is determined for all normalized samples, as well as a minimum of the accumulated weighted LLR. If the difference between the accumulated weighted LLR an the minimum LLR is greater than a predetermined threshold, then the PQ event is signaled. The network can be a smart grid.06-30-2011
20100324843Method and Device for Measuring the Electric Power of a Universal Electric Motor Powered by Sinusoidal Alternating Voltage - A method of measuring the electric power of a universal electric motor (12-23-2010
20100324842METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING POSSIBLE CORRELATIONS BETWEEN SIGNAL PATTERNS - A method for detecting possible correlations between signal patterns of a power signal used by an electronic device during execution of operations, including setting couples of windows including respective pairs of sequences of the sampling values. The method includes computing values of correlations between the respective pairs of sequences. Each values may be determined by computing a maximum value of correlation between one sequence of a couple and a plurality of sequences of sampled values included in corresponding moving windows.12-23-2010
20110004425STATE AND TOPOLOGY PROCESSOR - A State and Topology Processor (STP) may be communicatively coupled to one or more intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) communicatively coupled to a electrical power system to obtain one or more current measurements, voltage measurements, and dynamic topology data therefrom. The STP may receive the measurement data and may determine a current topology and a voltage topology therefrom. A current processor may use the current topology and the current measurements to refine the measurements, perform KCL, unbalance, symmetrical component, and consistency checks on the electrical power system. The voltage processor may use the voltage topology and the voltage measurements to perform similar checks on the electrical power system. One or more alarms may be generated responsive to the checks. The data may be displayed to a user in a display of a human machine interface and/or may be transmitted to a user programmable task module, and/or an external control unit.01-06-2011
20100121586 UNBALANCE POWER OF AN ELECTRICAL FACILITY OR SYSTEM, ALONG WITH THE DEVICE FOR ITS CALIBRATION - Method and practical use system for measuring the imbalance potential of an electrical installation or system comprising: 05-13-2010
20110119001TRANSMITTER POWER MONITOR - The invention provides an in-line power monitor for an RF transmission line that is capable of being calibrated in-line during live conditions at the exact power level and frequency where it is used. This device uses forward and reflected directional couplers and a non-directional coupler to sample the RF voltage on the transmission line. The RF voltage of the forward and reflected channels are each split into two paths, one going to a test port and the other leading to additional circuitry which prepares the signals of the forward and reflected channels for output to power displays. Additionally, the monitor allows the user to compensate for any voltage offsets introduced by various circuitry components. Further, the monitor also allows to user to individually calibrate the output of the forward and reflected channels by applying an adjustable gain ratio correction to each channel.05-19-2011
20090292486Load Model Generation for Estimating a Load Value from a Base Load Value in a System - A method and system for establishing a load model (11-26-2009
20110153237METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR EVALUATING ENERGY SAVINGS - A method for determining power and energy saving, preferably by rotation speed regulation/speed control of rotodynamic machines, i.e. primarily pumps, fans, turbo- compressors and agitators, relative to another type of regulation, where a constant rotation speed is used. Primarily, a power saving ΔP, ΔP′, ΔP″ is determined, which, after integration over time, yields an energy saving. The method is characterized in that the shaft speed n and the shaft power P06-23-2011
20100023284INTELLIGENT FUSE HOLDER AND CIRCUIT PROTECTION SYSTEMS - A circuit protection device includes: (i) a housing configured to hold a fuse; (ii) a first contact configured to connect the fuse to a power source; (iii) a second contact configured to connect the fuse to a load; and (iv) a sensing circuit placed in parallel with the fuse, the sensing circuit configured to operate on a leakage current running through the circuit after the fuse opens.01-28-2010
20100017153Method and Device for Determining the Electrical Loadability of Overhead Lines by Means of Temperature Measurement - In a method for determining the electrical loadability of power lines by temperature measurement, the temperature is measured with at least one sensor arranged on the power line and connected to a data processing system, wherein the time-dependent temperature of the power line is determined by an existing or a weighted load parameter, and wherein based on the electrical current and the temperature measured by the sensor, taking into account either the existing or a weighted load parameter, a time-dependent electrical load is determined in the data processing system.01-21-2010
20110307198System and method for estimating corona power loss in a dust-loaded electrostatic precipitator - The method for estimating corona power loss in a dust-loaded electrostatic precipitator numerically solves Poisson's equation and current continuity equations in which the finite element method (FEM) and a modified method of characteristics (MMC) are used. The system is a computerized system that produces results showing how different parameters such as discharging wire radius, wire-to-wire spacing, wire-to-plate spacing, fly ash flow speed and applied voltage polarity influence corona power loss and current density profiles.12-15-2011
20110307199METHOD OF RECOGNIZING AND ASSESSING SHADOWING EVENTS - For recognizing shadowing events affecting a photovoltaic module, electric power produced by the module is recorded. For each position of the sun on a present day an expected value of the electric power is defined. Further, an ideal power course of the electric power over the present day is determined by fitting a curve that corresponds to cloudless sun without shadow casting obstacles to peak values of the electric power recorded for same positions of the sun during a plurality of previous days. For all positions of the sun at which the electric power produced on the present day falls short of the ideal power course a shadowing probability of not less than zero is defined whose magnitude depends on the level of accord of the electric power produced on the present day with the expected value at the position of the sun.12-15-2011
20110137591ELECTRIC POWER GENERATION AMOUNT ESTIMATION DEVICE, ELECTRIC POWER GENERATION AMOUNT ESTIMATION SYSTEM, ELECTRIC POWER GENERATION AMOUNT ESTIMATION METHOD AND COMPUTER PROGRAM - There is provided an electric power generation amount estimation device, including a solar power generation device identification portion that identifies a solar power generation device that generates electric power by receiving irradiation of sunlight, a sunlight amount calculation portion that estimates and calculates an amount of sunlight, and an electric power generation amount calculation portion that calculates an amount of electric power to be generated by the solar power generation device, based on information about the solar power generation device identified by the solar power generation device identification portion and about the amount of sunlight calculated by the sunlight amount calculation portion.06-09-2011
20100023283ISOLATED CURRENT SENSOR - The present disclosure includes a power measurement, circuit breaker or integrated protection system including isolated analog-to-digital modulators for measuring current using current sensors, such as, for example, current shunts, in a single or multiphase power system. In one embodiment, the modulators are divided into a line-side device with an analog-to-digital modulator and a host-side device including a decimation filter and a processor. In one embodiment, an isolation barrier, such as, for example, a pulse transformer, divides the line-side device from the host-side device.01-28-2010
20120010831INTELLIGENT ELECTRONIC DEVICE HAVING A PROGRAMMABLE DISPLAY - An intelligent electronic device (IED) having a programmable display is provided. The present disclosure provides for defining screens of a display on a revenue based energy meter. The method utilizes Modbus registers and defines a programming technique wherein a user can custom make any desired screen for every application based on what a user needs. The programming utilizes Modbus registers maps to allow for the customizable screens. Moreover, the display interface allows for customized labeling to provide notice and information to users as to measured parameters other than electricity that the meter might be accumulating such as steam, water, gas or other type of commodity.01-12-2012
20120016605CARBON EMISSION TRACKER AND TRACKING SYSTEM - A carbon emission tracker is disclosed. The carbon emission tracker includes a main body, a power input interface, a power output interface, a power detecting unit, a communication unit, a memory unit, and a processing unit. The power detecting unit is configured to detect an electricity usage of an electrical appliance. The processing unit is configured to aggregate power consumption data over a time period and to store the power consumption data for the time period to the memory unit. The processing unit transmits the power consumption data of the memory unit to a data center through the communication unit. The power consumption data further includes identification data of the electrical appliance.01-19-2012
20120004870METHOD AND DEVICE FOR MONITORING A PHOTOVOLTAIC UNIT - In a method and a device (01-05-2012
20120010832MONITORING METHOD AND MONITORING DEVICE FOR AN ELECTROSTATIC COATING PLANT - Exemplary monitoring methods and monitoring devices are disclosed, e.g., for an electrostatic coating plant which coats components with a coating agent that is electrically charged by means of a high voltage device. An exemplary monitoring method comprises determining a first operating variable of a high voltage device, comparing the first operating variable to a limit value, and initiating a safety measure if the comparison between the first operating variable and the limit value indicates a disturbance in the electrostatic coating plant. The limit value may be flexibly adjusted depending on the operation mode.01-12-2012
20120022812AUTOMATED METER READING SYSTEM AND ENERGY CONSERVATION METHOD USING SAME - The present invention provides a meter retrofit and method for use thereof, utilizing a transducer with an encoder driven by a rotating shaft of a meter reading dial, the transducer including a plurality of encoder contacts surrounding a rotation axis, with each encoder contact connected to a magnetic switch. A wiper connects to the shaft and rotates around the rotation axis, sequentially contacting the plurality of encoder contacts, providing a variable signal to a monitoring device.01-26-2012
20120232814FREQUENCY-SAMPLING CIRCUIT AND METHOD FOR HEALTH PROGNOSTICS - The present invention provides a frequency-sampling circuit and method for characterizing a health condition of a test unit attached to a power supply. The frequency-sampling circuit is connected externally to the test unit. The circuit comprises an inductor and a capacitor connected in series at an output. When switched, the circuit resonates with an AC loop current to produce a damped-frequency response at the output. Frequency measurements of this response are processed to generate SoH or RUL estimates for the test unit. The voltages applied within the frequency-sampling circuit are limited, which in turn limits the AC loop current to avoid loading the power supply. Incorporating the inductance and capacitance with in the frequency-sampling circuit allows the circuit to be configured for different classes of test units having a wide range of characteristic impedances.09-13-2012
20110093223BATTERY STATE-OF-CHARGE MANAGEMENT METHOD - Equipment and methods for estimating and regulating the state of charge (SOC) of a battery in a hybrid fuel cell-battery system for use in a moving vehicle. The SOC is continuously estimated and the fuel cell power is regulated to maintain the SOC at a level such that the battery has enough stored energy to operate motors used in the vehicle, and enough spare capacity to accept regenerative energy from these motors during further operations.04-21-2011
20110093222POWER CYCLING TEST APPARATUS - A power cycling test apparatus includes a sampling circuit, a controlling circuit, and a powering circuit. A first terminal of the sampling circuit is connected to an interface of a computer. A first terminal of the controlling circuit is connected to a second terminal of the sampling circuit. A second terminal of the controlling circuit is connected to a third terminal of the sampling circuit. A first terminal of the powering circuit is connected to a third terminal of the controlling circuit. A second terminal of the powering circuit is connected to an alternating current power supply. A third terminal of the powering circuit is connected to a power supply unit of the computer. The power cycling test apparatus directs the alternating current power supply to supply power to the power supply unit.04-21-2011
20120116698VARIABLE SENSING USING FREQUENCY DOMAIN - Embodiments of a method and apparatus for variable sensing using the frequency domain are taught herein. An exposure of a system to a physical variable is determined by periodically sensing the physical variable to produce a plurality of digital samples. The plurality of digital samples is converted to respective frequency domain representations. The exposure is calculated using the frequency domain representations.05-10-2012
20120158326COMPUTER COMPONENT DETECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method for identifying missing components of a computer system may include receiving telemetry signals characterizing a current configuration of the computer system and determining a cross power spectral density signature of at least some of the telemetry signals. The method may further include comparing information about the determined cross power spectral density signature with information about a predetermined cross power spectral density signature to determine whether a component is missing within the computer system.06-21-2012
20120072142Power Distribution Network Performance Data Presentation System and Method - A visualization system for monitoring performance data of an electrical power distribution network is provided. In one embodiment, a user may select a network circuit and view a network circuit diagram that includes indicia representing transformers and other electrical power distribution network elements positioned on a map. The relative positions of the indicia on the network circuit diagram may correspond to the relative physical locations of the transformers in the geographical area represented by the map. The indicia may be color coded to convey performance data to the user.03-22-2012
20120123709METHOD FOR DETECTION OF PLUG-IN ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING VIA INTERROGATION OF SMART METER DATA - A method and application that utilizes a signal processing algorithm is provided for detecting plug-in electric vehicle charging events through interrogation of smart meter data. The method is a form of non-invasive load monitoring that allows the utility to track plug-in electric vehicle charging events in real time or over extended periods. These parameters are suitably flexible so as to accommodate diverse electric vehicle technologies and a range of electric vehicle owners' charging habits. Application of the method facilitates the integration of electric vehicles into utilities' electrical grids, protection of the utilities' assets, geographic mapping of electric vehicle owners and charging events, managed charging through communication between the utility and the vehicle or owner, managed charging through the offer of time of use rates for electric vehicle owners, and an enabling technology to accompany other Smart Grid functions such as Vehicle-to-Grid distributed energy storage.05-17-2012
20120316806Method and Device for Monitoring Energy Efficiency Performance of Equipment - The present invention discloses a method for monitoring energy efficiency performance of a device, which comprises: connecting the monitored device, obtaining input energy and output energy of the monitored device in a period of time, and calculating an energy efficiency index of the monitored device; and obtaining an energy efficiency deviation based on a standard energy efficiency index of the monitored device, and determining a state of the monitored device based on the energy efficiency deviation. The present invention further discloses a apparatus for monitoring energy efficiency performance of a device. Using the method and apparatus described above, the fine assessment for the device performance can be implemented in a simple way.12-13-2012
20100250159SYNCHRONIZER FOR A DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM - A data acquisition system is provided that in one example comprises a sensor electrically coupled to a data acquisition unit via a signal splitter. In use, the sensor senses one or more signals transmitted over a “live” power cable carrying, for example, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, medium voltage power. The one or more signals are then transmitted to the data acquisition unit to be stored, displayed, and/or analyzed. The data acquisition system includes a synchronizer that allows the data acquisition unit to synchronize the storage of the sensed signals to the frequency of the power transmitted over the tested power cable or system. In one embodiment, the synchronizer provides an accurate phase angle reference or trigger signal for accurate phase resolved data acquisition and testing.09-30-2010
20120221264APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING SPARKLE - An apparatus and method for determining and quantifying “sparkle”—the random noise that is generated when a pixelated image is viewed through a roughened surface of a transparent sample. The apparatus includes a pixelated source and an imaging system located in an optical path originating from the pixelated source, wherein a transparent sample may be placed in the optical path between the pixelated source and the optical system. The degree of sparkle is determined by obtaining an integrated image for the pixelated image; and calculating a standard deviation of the integrated pixel power. An objective level of sparkle can be defined by correlating the amount of sparkle provided by the apparatus with visual impressions.08-30-2012
20120166114SAVED POWER MEASURING CIRCUIT - A saved power measuring circuit comprises a control unit, a clock signal generating circuit connected to the control unit for generating a clock signal to the control unit, a power consumption measuring circuit connected to a power supply loop for measuring the power consumption of an electric appliance load operated in operation mode, a power consumption memory unit connected to the control unit for memorizing the power consumption, a break loop status signal generating circuit for generating a break loop status signal to the control unit. When the control unit receives the break loop status signal generated from the break loop status signal generating circuit, it calculates saved power of the electric appliance load in power saving mode according to the power consumption and the lasting time after receiving the break loop status signal.06-28-2012
20120130656DATA ALIGNMENT IN LARGE SCALE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM APPLICATIONS - A method for automatically aligning measured power-related data in a power monitoring system to a common reference point. A conductor in a power delivery system is modeled according to an equivalent pi model of a transmission line that is characterized by model parameters. The conductor is monitored on both ends by a reference monitoring device and a second monitoring device. The voltage and current are measured in either the reference monitoring device or the second monitoring device and a phase shift offset between the voltages or currents at the two devices is calculated. The calculated phase shift offset corresponds to a temporal delay between events observed at the pair of devices, and calculating and storing the phase shift offset allows a power monitoring system controller to more accurately align data received from monitoring devices.05-24-2012
20100204935CONNECTION ERROR AVOIDANCE FOR APPARATUS CONNECTED TO A POWER SUPPLY - According to one general embodiment of the present invention, there is provided a computer program product for reducing incidence of errors in connections between a power consumer apparatus operable to draw a load and a power supply apparatus capable of varying the power supplied, the computer program product comprising: a computer readable storage medium having computer readable program code embodied therewith, the computer readable program code comprising: computer readable program code configured to generate at the power consumer apparatus an identifiable pattern in a load to be drawn from a power supply connection to a power supply apparatus; and computer readable program code configured to monitor at the power consumer apparatus for a change in the load corresponding to the pattern, the monitoring being performed across a signal connection to the power supply apparatus; wherein a positive result of the monitoring indicates a correct configuration. Additional embodiments are also presented.08-12-2010
20100204934SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE, POWER SUPPLY CURRENT MEASURING DEVICE AND METHOD OF MEASURING POWER SUPPLY - A semiconductor device has an input/output terminal configured to input test patterns, a plurality of function blocks configured to be driven by power supply voltage supplied through separate power supply lines, an internal bus configured to send and receive at least the test patterns between the function blocks and the input/output terminal, and an input control circuit which is provided corresponding to each of the plurality of function blocks and switches whether to provide the test patterns on the internal bus to the corresponding function block based on a mode setting signal.08-12-2010
20110184674PARAMETRIC MULTI-CYCLE AVERAGING IN AN INTELLIGENT ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method and apparatus measures electrical power usage and quality, while mitigating the effects of noise on measured signals or parameters. Specifically, a digital electrical power and energy meter employs a method in which a processor averages a parameter, such as voltage or current, over a plurality of cycles of a time-varying signal, such as an AC electrical signal. The method employed by the meter samples a parameter over the plurality of cycles and computes the average of the samples corresponding to the same phase angle of the signal to produce an average signal.07-28-2011
20120173175PHOTODIODE ARRAY WITH ALGORITHM-BASED CROSSTALK REDUCTION - A photodiode (PD) array accurately measures incident optical power on each of the PDs in the array by eliminating the effect of crosstalk between the individual PDs. Crosstalk within the PD array is removed by measuring the current generated by each PD in the array and generating a corrected optical power value for each PD that is based on the measured current for each PD and on coupling coefficients associated with other PDs in the array. The coupling coefficients are determined during a previous calibration procedure.07-05-2012
20100049455SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING POWER DAMPING COMPLIANCE OF A POWER GENERATION UNIT - A system and method for monitoring the power damping compliance of a power generation unit comprises a measurement unit that is configured to be coupled to a power generation unit to identify the voltage, current, and frequency values associated with power output therefrom. A processing system maintaining a model-based filter processes the voltage, current, and, frequency values to estimate the total amount of damping provided by the power generation unit. The estimated total damping is compared to prior historical values maintained in a database using various statistical techniques to determine if a power system stabilizer (PSS) provided by the power generation unit is being operated in a manner complying with predetermined guidelines.02-25-2010
20120253709Automatic Detection of Machine Status for Fleet Management - An automatic machine status detection system uses apparatus data from one or more sensors or machine components to determine a status for an agricultural machine. An automatic data unit onboard a machine can receive apparatus data and communicate it to a central management system. In an exemplary embodiment, a status determination module can receive the apparatus data, use the to make one or more state determinations, and based on the results of those determinations, determine an activity status for a machine. Engine state, motion state, heading state, implement state and PTO state can be used to determine that a machine has a status identified as “Off”, “Idle”, “Traveling”, “Turning” or “Working”. Machine status information can be provided to a user to improve operations efficiency and facilitate billing and administrative services.10-04-2012
20120259564Power Supply Usage Determination - The remaining capacity of a power source, such as a battery, may be monitored with a microprocessor by integrating data received from a current sensor. The microprocessor may measure electrons passing through the battery by sampling the integrator and summing the values recorded from the integrator. Each time the integrator is sampled, the microprocessor may reset the integrator to prevent the integrator from saturating. The microprocessor may sample the integrator when the integrator approaches a predetermined value. The remaining capacity of the battery may be calculated based on calibration values and the sum of electrons measured by the integrator. The remaining capacity may be communicated to remote users through a network and displayed in an executive dashboard.10-11-2012
20120239322ABNORMALITY DIAGNOSIS DEVICE, METHOD THEREFOR, AND COMPUTER-READABLE MEDIUM - There is provided an abnormality diagnosis device including: a storage storing power generation output data representing a current and a voltage of electrical power generated by each of the subsystems according to sampling time; a correcting unit configured to correct, for each of the subsystems, at least the current out of the current and the voltage in the power generation output data to a current corresponding to a standard insolation condition to generate corrected data including a corrected current and either one of a corrected voltage or the voltage in the power generation output data; a gradient estimating unit configured to produce, for each of the subsystems, an approximation graph of the corrected data and calculate a gradient of the approximation graph; and an abnormality diagnosing unit determining a subsystem for which the gradient satisfies a first threshold to be a subsystem including an abnormal module.09-20-2012
20120271574Real-Time and Off-Line Tools for Monitoring and Analysis of Power System Components - Various methods and systems are provided for impulse response monitoring in power systems. In one embodiment, a method includes obtaining raw power system data associated with a power system, cross-correlating the raw power system data with a synchronized pseudo-random sequence signal injected into the power system to determine a correlated impulse response and determining a condition of the power system based at least in part upon the correlated impulse response. In another embodiment, a system includes a plurality of signal injection systems and a data capture device coupled to a power system. A data analysis device cross-correlates raw power system data obtained by the data capture device with at least one synchronized pseudo-random sequence signal injected by a signal injection system and determines a condition of the power system based at least in part upon a frequency spectrum based upon a correlated impulse response.10-25-2012
20120271575PHASE ANGLE DRIFT METHOD FOR LOSS OF MAINS/GRID PROTECTION - A phase angle drift method for loss of mains/grid protection is disclosed. According to one aspect, an accumulated electrical phase angle drift derived from the difference between the current measured local frequency and the estimated frequency using historical data is compared to an angle threshold. An estimated grid frequency may be calculated based on the historical delay, and the window, over which the estimated frequency is calculated. An addition/subtraction of a phase angle offset value is calculated for a half cycle is performed when the frequency difference between the estimated frequency f10-25-2012
20120323508LOW VOLTAGE DETECTOR - A low voltage detector (12-20-2012
20120323509METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ESTIMATING VIRTUAL MACHINE ENERGY CONSUMPTION - A method and apparatus for estimating virtual machine energy consumption, and in particular, a method and apparatus for estimating virtual machine energy consumption in a computer system. The method includes: obtaining system energy consumption of the system hardware resources; obtaining event information of a plurality of functional units into which the system hardware resources are divided, and mapping the event information to the respective virtual machines; and calculating energy consumption of the virtual machines according to a plurality of energy consumption coefficients corresponding to the plurality of functional units and according to the event information mapped to the functional units of the respective virtual machines.12-20-2012
20110276288APPARATUS FOR ANALYSING AN INTERIOR ENERGY SYSTEM - A system for analysing an interior energy system comprising: at least one detachable sensor arranged to monitor a portion of the interior energy system; and an apparatus comprising a processor configured to receive data of a first parameter of the interior energy system from the at least one detachable sensor and determine a second parameter of the interior energy which is inferred on the basis of the received data of the first parameter; and determine a characteristic of the interior energy system from the determined second parameter. The system may provide analysis of the interior energy system and recommend improvements.11-10-2011
20120101750DEVICE FOR MEASURING POWER SUPPLY EFFICIENCY AND METHOD FOR USING SAME - Measurement of power efficiency of a power supply device includes detecting a value of a current input to the power supply device and transmitting the input current value to a processor. A pulse width modulation (PWM) controller detects a value of a current output by the power supply device and transmits the output current value to the processor. A value of the power efficiency of the power supply device is calculated according to the input current value and the output current value.04-26-2012
20100169031APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR PRECISE EARLY DETECTION OF AC POWER LOSS - An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for determining power source failure. A sampling module samples an alternating current power waveform as input to a power supply, at a sampling frequency which is a multiple of a predetermined frequency, to obtain a sampled amplitude at a known point within the predetermined period. A comparison module compares the sampled amplitude to a stored threshold amplitude to obtain a comparison result, corresponding to the known point. An accumulation module accumulates most recent comparison results. A warning module asserts an early power off warning signal if a predetermined number of the most recent comparison results each indicate that the sampled amplitude is smaller in absolute value than the stored threshold amplitude.07-01-2010
20120150461ELECTRIC POWER MEASURING DEVICE, METHOD FOR MEASURING ELECTRIC POWER, ELECTRIC POWER MEASURING SYSTEM, INFORMATION-PROCESSING DEVICE, CONTROL PROGRAM, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - The electric power measuring device includes (i) a plug which is to be connected to a power supply outlet, (ii) a socket to which a load is connected so that electric power is supplied from the plug to the load, (iii) an electric power measuring section for measuring the electric power consumed by the load, (iv) a memory section for storing measurement error information regarding the electric power measuring section, and (v) a correcting section for correcting, based on the measurement error information, a value of electric power measured by the electric power measuring section.06-14-2012
20130018607PERFORMANCE VERIFICATION APPARATUS FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY MODULE AND METHOD THEREOFAANM Jin; Byoung JinAACI Yongin-siAACO KRAAGP Jin; Byoung Jin Yongin-si KRAANM Chong; Byoung HoAACI Suwon-siAACO KRAAGP Chong; Byoung Ho Suwon-si KRAANM Jung; Sung BaeAACI Suwon-siAACO KRAAGP Jung; Sung Bae Suwon-si KR - Provided are a performance verification system for a renewable energy module and a method thereof, and more particularly, a performance verification apparatus for a renewable energy module capable of improving measurement precision for a variable output state of the renewable energy module, such as a solar cell, and reducing an error through an electrical load and a precise measurement unit, and a method thereof. It is possible to increase reliability of real measurement data and calculate a result closest to a maximum power point by compensating for power loss caused by resistance of a cable constituting a system, internal resistance of a voltage sensor, and a measurement cable.01-17-2013
20130173188Probabilistic Measurement and Verification - The present invention is directed to a system and method for quantifying, measuring and verifying the results of demand side energy management programs in a smart grid by the selection of a smart grid device from the universe of smart grid devices participating in the demand side energy management program by a selecting energy collection server and collecting data from the selected smart grid device in order to reduce the load on the network. An agent resident on the selected smart grid device transmits data to the selecting energy collection server which utilizes the data to verify the demand side energy management program.07-04-2013
20130173189ROBUST HIGH RESOLUTION SPECTRUM ESTIMATION METHOD FOR ACCURATE PHASOR, HARMONIC AND INTERHARMONIC MEASUREMENT IN POWER SYSTEMS - A high-resolution Subspace-Least Mean Square (S-LMS) method for harmonic and interharmonic measurement in power systems is provided. The eigenvector corresponding to the smallest eigenvalue is used to calculate the frequencies of the signal, and the least mean square method is used to estimate the amplitude and phase angle of harmonic and interharmonic components based on the computed frequencies and time domain measurements of the signal. Three schemes, namely sparsity, catch-and-pinpoint, and hybrid are presented. The S-LMS method provides accurate phasor, harmonic and interharmonic measurements for power system monitoring. The speed, accuracy, and resilience of the S-LMS method can be further increased by each of the three schemes. The method has a wide range of applications in power quality analyzers, synchronized phasor measurement, situational awareness, dynamic equivalencing, and smart meters.07-04-2013
20080234953Power estimation for a semiconductor device - Disclosed herein are different embodiments for estimating and/or controlling power consumption in a chip based on hot and cool temperatures in the chip.09-25-2008
20130090869MONITORING POWER-RELATED PARAMETERS IN A POWER DISTRIBUTION UNIT - A power distribution unit (PDU) disposable in an electrical equipment rack. The PDU has a housing, a power input penetrating the housing, outlets in the housing, a processor disposed in the housing, voltage and current sensors, and a voltage calculation procedure communicable with the processor. The processor samples voltage and current waveforms and calculates RMS values and other power parameters. A method of managing electrical loads each drawing electrical power from a PDU includes repeatedly sampling voltage across and current flowing through each of the loads, calculating raw RMS values of voltage and current, and scaling the raw RMS values to obtain corrected RMS voltage and current values and other power parameters.04-11-2013
20130103330Phase-Level Power Management in an Information Technology Facility - Techniques are provided for managing the infrastructure (power distribution chain) of an information technology (IT) facility, sometimes referred to herein as a data center, comprising hierarchically arranged low-level and higher level components. This power distribution chain management occurs at the phase-level (i.e., at each of the phases of power that are utilized in the power distribution chain). In one example, characteristics representing the consumption of power of one or more of the low-level components are obtained. Based on the obtained characteristics, the power consumption for each of a plurality of the higher-level components is determined. Based on the power consumption determined for each of the plurality of higher-level components, a global power consumption, at the phase-level, for the entire power distribution chain is determined at the one or more low-level components.04-25-2013
20130124120IDENTIFICATION APPARATUS, CONTROL APPARATUS, IDENTIFICATION METHOD, PROGRAM, AND IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM - Disclosed is an identification apparatus including an acquisition unit configured to acquire power generation information from a power generation unit; and an identification unit configured to identify a behavior characteristic in accordance with the power generation information.05-16-2013
20100286937BUILDING ENERGY CONSUMPTION ANALYSIS SYSTEM - An energy analysis system provides valuable input into building energy expenditures. The system assists with obtaining a detailed view of how energy consumption occurs in a building, what steps may be taken to lower the energy footprint, and executing detailed energy consumption analyses. The analyses may include, as examples, a balance point pair analysis to determine either or both of a heating balance point and a cooling balance point, an exception rank analysis to identify specific data (e.g., energy consumption data) in specific time intervals for further review, or other analysis. The system may display the analysis results on a user interface.11-11-2010
20100286936METHOD FOR DETERMINING AND ASSEMBLING CHARACTERISTIC VARIABLES OF AN ELECTRICAL POWER SUPPLY - A method is disclosed for determining and assessing characteristic variables of an electrical power supply, in which the assessing operation includes violating predefined limit values, and in which the same binary value is respectively assigned to a violation. In order to make it possible to parameterize limit value combinations in a user-friendly manner, it is proposed in at least one embodiment that a plurality of function blocks be provided; each of which has a plurality of inputs and an output; the applied binary signals being combined with one another according to a logic function; he result being available as a binary signal at the output; at least the binary output signal from a function block be switched to the input of another function block; the limit value applied to the respective input as well as the logic function of the function block itself for parameterizing the assessment be able to be selected from a predefined number of limit values and logic functions; and a total binary signal be generated in order to indicate, in particular to an operator or a further processing system, that characteristic variables have been violated.11-11-2010
20100286935Methods for Extrapolating an Energy Measurement - A method for generating an energy pulse representative of a unit of consumed energy is disclosed, comprising the steps of: receiving a first energy measurement; receiving a second energy measurement; and if the second energy is greater than or equal to an energy threshold, generating an energy measurement pulse as a function of said first energy measurement, said second energy measurement, and said energy threshold.11-11-2010
20110251806METHOD OF MONITORING A POWER TRANSMISSION LINE AND MEASURING DEVICE - A method and a measuring device for monitoring a power transmission line are disclosed. Measured data are acquired by means of the measuring device at a measuring point of the power transmission line and are coupled in to said power transmission line to transmit the measured data via the power transmission line to a measured data acquisition device.10-13-2011
20130151177SYSTEMS, APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR QUANTIFYING AND IDENTIFYING DIVERSION OF ELECTRICAL ENERGY - Systems, apparatus and methods for quantifying and identifying diversion of electrical energy are provided. Bypass and tap diversions may be identified in an electric utility power distribution inventory zone having both bypass and tap diversions. Bypass diversion factors for consumer nodes in an inventory zone are determined by finding a solution to a system of load balance equations having slack variables representing aggregate tap loads for the inventory zone and in which consumer load profile data is scaled by the bypass diversion factors, which solution minimizes an objective function whose value is positively related to the sum of the slack variables representing the aggregate tap loads. Tap loads are correlated with nodes in an inventory zone by solving a first system of power flow equations not having variables representing tap loads, and then solving a second system of power flow equations having variables representing tap loads using an iterative numerical solution technique initialized based on the solution to the first system of power flow equations.06-13-2013
20120283968Measuring Apparatus, Measuring System, Electric Power Supply Apparatus, and Electric Power Supply Method - A technique is provided, which makes it possible to continuously supply the driving electric power stably to a sensor even when the continuous monitoring period ranges over a long period of time when the numerical information is measured in relation to a test substance contained in a sample.11-08-2012
20120283967STATE-MATRIX-INDEPENDENT DYNAMIC PROCESS ESTIMATION METHOD IN REAL-TIME FOR WEAKLY OBSERVABLE MEASUREMENT NODES WITHOUT PMU - A state-matrix-independent dynamic process estimation method in real-time for weakly observable measurement nodes without PMU is only dependent on real-time measurement dynamic data of measurement nodes with Phasor Mesurement Unit (PMU) and measurement data of Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system in electric power system or state estimation data. According to the SCADA measurement data or state estimation data at some continuous moments, the method utilizes recursive least squares solution to find a linear combination relationship between variation of measurement parameter to be estimated of nodes without PMU and variation of corresponding measurement parameter of nodes with PMU. Using the linear combination of relationship, the dynamic process of measurement nodes without PMU is estimated in real-time. The method provides high estimation precision and meets error requirements of engineering application.11-08-2012
20130158906Resampling a Signal to Perform Power Quality Measurement - Performing power quality and synchrophasor analysis on a resampled signal. A first signal may be initially received which corresponds to a power system. The first signal may have a plurality of cycles and may have a frequency that varies over time. One or more parameters may be determined from the first signal. Based on the one or more parameters, the first signal may be resampled to produce an even angle signal. Various power quality measurements may be performed on the even angle signal. Similarly, further processing may be performed to perform synchrophasor measurements, e.g., to determine phasor, frequency, and/or rate of frequency change for the first signal. In some embodiments, the resampling processing elements (e.g., circuitry, programmable hardware elements, processors and memories, etc.) may be shared between the two analyses.06-20-2013
20130158907Resampling a Signal to Perform Power Quality and Synchrophasor Measurement - Performing power quality and synchrophasor analysis on a resampled signal. A first signal may be initially received which corresponds to a power system. The first signal may have a plurality of cycles and may have a frequency that varies over time. One or more parameters may be determined from the first signal. Based on the one or more parameters, the first signal may be resampled to produce an even angle signal. Various power quality measurements may be performed on the even angle signal. Similarly, further processing may be performed to perform synchrophasor measurements, e.g., to determine phasor, frequency, and/or rate of frequency change for the first signal. In some embodiments, the resampling processing elements (e.g., circuitry, programmable hardware elements, processors and memories, etc.) may be shared between the two analyses.06-20-2013
20130158908Method for Unsupervised Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring - A method distinguishes electrical signals corresponding to an activation or deactivation of a single electrical power consuming device from an electrical signal that supplies electricity to multiple electrical power consuming devices has been developed. The method includes generating signatures corresponding to activation and deactivation of a plurality of electrical devices from a transformation of an electrical power signal using sparse deconvolution to cluster and then identify the activation and deactivation of one of the plurality of electrical devices.06-20-2013
20130191052REAL-TIME SIMULATION OF POWER GRID DISRUPTION - A method and system for monitoring the electric grid and predicting failures and/or other issues. Streams of data about a power grid are received from a plurality of remote power grid sensors and converted into a univariate time sequence. Anomaly patterns are identified in the univariate time sequence and analyzed or simulated to predict the power grid disruption. The anomaly patterns are compared to power disruption contingencies stored in a database to simulate and/or predict the present or future power disruption represented by the anomaly pattern.07-25-2013
20130191053INTELLIGENT ELECTRONIC DEVICE WITH CONSTANT CALIBRATION CAPABILITIES FOR HIGH ACCURACY MEASUREMENTS - An intelligent electronic device with constant calibration capabilities for high accuracy measurements and method thereof are provided.07-25-2013
20120022811ELECTRIC VEHICLE SIMULATOR AND ANALYZER (EVSA) FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLE SUPPLY EQUIPMENT - Embodiments pertain to simulator circuitry, particularly to simulator circuitry configured to simulate an electric vehicle and test an electric vehicle charger (01-26-2012
20130197834METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT IN CONNECTION WITH PHOTOVOLTAIC POWER GENERATOR COMPOSED OF SERIES-CONNECTED PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULES - A method and an arrangement are provided in connection with a photovoltaic power generator composed of series-connected photovoltaic modules. The method includes determining a maximum power point voltage (U08-01-2013
20130204556Hybrid Three-Phase Power Flow Analysis Method for Ungrounded Distribution Systems - A method for a three phase power flow analysis of an ungrounded power distribution system partitions a topology of the power distribution system into a mainline system and a set of tap systems, wherein the mainline system is formed by mainline buses connecting a swing bus and a set of constant active power and voltage magnitude (PV) buses, wherein the tap system is formed by one or many tap buses, such that a root bus of each tap system corresponds to a mainline bus. Next, the method determines voltages of the mainline buses based on a function of a total load of each tap system; and determines voltages of tap buses based on a voltage of the corresponding root bus of the mainline and load of each tap bus.08-08-2013
20130204557Electric Power Grid Monitoring Methods And Apparatus - Electric power grid monitoring methods and apparatus are described. According to one aspect, an electric power grid signal processing method includes accessing a plurality of signals which are individually indicative of a characteristic of electromechanical energy within an electric power grid, using the plurality of signals, generating a composite signal, and analyzing the composite signal to provide information regarding an oscillatory mode within the electric power system.08-08-2013
20130204558ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CALCULATING EFFICIENCY OF SIMULATIVE POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM - A method for calculating efficiency of a power supply system includes: displaying a parameter selection interface on the display unit for selecting power supply parameters and transmission line parameters. Obtaining power supply parameters and transmission line parameters selected by the user via the parameter selection interface when determining the user has finished the selection. Determining a efficiency of a selected power supply of the power supply parameters according to the relationship table, and calculating a sum efficiency according to the obtained power supply parameters and the transmission line parameters and the efficiency of the selected power supply. And calculating a total efficiency of the power supply system according to each sum efficiency when determining that all of the power supplies of the power supply system have been selected.08-08-2013
20120095708TOTAL ENERGY QUANTITY CONTROLLING DEVICE AND METHOD - A total energy quantity controlling device has a calculation data generating portion for defining, as calculation data, data for the amount of energy used for a processing energy type at a processing location for a processing month in a processing fiscal year, if this data is confirmed, or substitute data if this data for the amount of energy used is not confirmed; a substitute data determining portion for determining the substitute data; a data calculation processing portion for using the calculation data to calculate an aggregate value for the amount of energy used; a substitution rate calculating portion for calculating a substitution rate that is the use rate of the substitute data or the confirmed data within the aggregate value for the amount of energy used; and a displaying portion for displaying the aggregate value for the amount of energy used and the use rate.04-19-2012

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