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Flow metering

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702 - Data processing: measuring, calibrating, or testing


702033000 - Mechanical measurement system

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702047000 Pressure, resistive, or capacitive sensor 106
702048000 Acoustic 46
702049000 Radiant energy 20
702046000 Count or pulse 9
20110178732FLOW RATE MEASUREMENT APPARATUS AND FLUID SUPPLY SYSTEM - On occasion of provision of a technique for identifying an appliance, an attempt can be made to enhance computing speed and the accuracy of identification of an appliance while the amount of memory required for an apparatus is reduced. In a gas meter 07-21-2011
20130030722MOBILE FLOW RATE MEASURING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A mobile flow rate measuring system and method, which can recognize a flow rate at a site, and acquire and utilize data on water level, flow velocity, and flow rate of a plurality of agricultural waterways, by acquiring water level information and site features stored in a remote server from a tag installed at the site by a mobile apparatus and comparing images continuously acquired from the agricultural waterways through an image photographing camera to calculate the surface velocity of the waterway.01-31-2013
20110184667METHOD FOR DETERMINING AT LEAST ONE CHARACTERISTIC FOR THE CORRECTION OF MEASUREMENTS OF A CORIOLIS MASS FLOWMETER - A method for determining at least one characteristic for the correction of measurements of a Coriolis mass flowmeter which is characterized by an increased accuracy and a low error rate while determining the characteristic is implemented by detecting values of a measurand during constant flow with the reading sensors, calculating at least one location parameter from the detected values, an calculating at least one dispersion parameter from the detected values and the location parameter. The detection of additional values and the calculation of the location parameter and dispersion parameter from the existing and additional values is carried out until the dispersion parameter reaches a threshold value, and then, the location parameter corresponding to the dispersion parameter is used as the characteristic for the correction of the reading of the Coriolis mass flowmeter.07-28-2011
20130085687METHOD AND DEVICE FOR DETERMINING THE FLOW RATE OF MAGNETIC OR FERROMAGNETIC PARTICLES AND USE OF SAID METHOD AND DEVICE - A method and a device for determining the flow rate of magnetic or ferromagnetic particles in a suspension that flows through control chambers are provided. The magnetic flux F1 is measured as a function of time t using a measuring coil that surrounds a first control chamber, the magnetic flux representing a measurement, at a particular time, of the quantity of magnetic particles contained in the suspension. In a second control chamber, at a predetermined distance d from the first control chamber, the magnetic flux F2 is measured as a function of time t using a second measuring coil that surrounds the second control chamber and the measurements F1 (t) and F2 (t) are compared to produce a temporal distance Δt which is used together with the predetermined distance d to calculate the flow rate. The method and device can be used, for example, in an ore mining installation.04-04-2013
20100017149METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETERMINING RESIDENTIAL FUEL USAGE - A method and system that accurately predicts fuel consumption rates in a residential structure is provided. The present invention more accurately determines the amount of fuel required to maintain a residential structure at a consistent temperature, thereby allowing identification of various system anomalies that may occur over time. Further, the method and system accounts for a number of fuel usage variables such as pilot light and domestic hot water usage in a manner that allows improved accuracy in determining the amount of fuel required to maintain a residential structure at a consistent temperature, thereby allowing identification of various system anomalies that may occur over time.01-21-2010
20100010754Artificial Lateral Line - An artificial sensor comprises at least one substrate, and a plurality of flow sensors disposed on the at least one substrate for providing a plurality of spatial-temporally varying signals representing a hydrodynamic stimulus. The plurality of flow sensors are spatially distributed on the at least one substrate. A processor is coupled to the plurality of flow sensors for receiving the signals and determining spatial-temporal information from the received signals.01-14-2010
20110196624FLOW METER VALIDATION - Flow meter validation techniques are herein disclosed. An illustrative system includes a flow meter and display logic coupled to the flow meter. The flow meter is configured to provide information indicative of a parameter of fluid flow through the meter. The display logic is configured to provide a display of the information. The display includes an indication of a possible range of values of the parameter. An indication of a baseline portion of the range is also provided. The baseline portion of the range designates preferred values of the parameter. The display further includes an indicator designating the value of the parameter.08-11-2011
20130080079SELF-CALIBRATING MASS FLOW SENSOR SYSTEM - Method and system for calibrating a mass flow sensor. The mass flow sensor includes an impact sensor that receives an impact force due to collisions with a plurality of solid particles to generate an output signal. A model relates a mass flow input to the output signal. At least one measurable parameter is varied over a plurality of samples by varying a physical component of the mass flow sensor, and a generated output signal is received. The model can be calibrated based on the received output signal for each of the plurality of samples. A mass-flow input can also be estimated while simultaneously updating the model.03-28-2013
20130041599TARGET SET PROCESSING IN A FLUID FLOW VELOCITY INSTRUMENT TO REDUCE NOISE - One aspect provides a fluid flow measurement instrument, comprising: a sensor producing a signal representative of reflections of an emitted signal; and a meter being coupled to the sensor and configured to: produce two or more sub-measurements from said signal representative of reflections of an emitted signal; and compute a fluid flow velocity estimate using the two or more sub-measurement signals. Other aspects are described and claimed.02-14-2013
20130041598Coriolis mode processing techniques - Flowmeters are described in which a sensor signal received from a sensor that is attached to vibratable flowtube, so as to determine properties of a fluid within the flowtube, contains a drive signal component and a Coriolis mode component. The flowmeters are operable to determine drive parameters of the drive signal component, as well as Coriolis parameters of the Coriolis mode component. By analyzing the sensor signal based on the drive signal parameters, and not on the Coriolis signal parameters, the flowmeters are able to provide stable and accurate determinations of the properties of the fluid.02-14-2013
20100094567DETERMINING EFFECTS OF TURBINE BLADES ON FLUID MOTION - Disclosed is a technique for simulating wind interaction with wind turbines. A turbine blade is divided into radial sections. The effect that each of these radial sections has on the velocities in Eulerian computational cells they overlap is determined. The effect is determined using Lagrangian techniques such that the calculations need not include wind components in the radial direction. A force on each radial section of turbine blade is determined. This force depends on the axial and azimuthal components of the fluid flow in the computational cell and the geometric properties of the turbine blade. The force on the turbine blade is fed back to effect the fluid flow in the computational cell for the next time step.04-15-2010
20110010110GAS METER AND GAS METER SYSTEM - A challenge to be met by the present invention is to enable appropriate setting of safety function according to a use environment and enhance safety function. An IC card (01-13-2011
20100138167FLOW RATE MEASUREMENT APPARATUS, PROGRAM THEREOF, FLOW RATE MEASUREMENT METHOD, AND FLUID SUPPLY SYSTEM - There is provided a technique for accurately identifying an appliance which uses the fluid from a viewpoint of the range of a change in flow rate value. An ultrasonic flow rate measuring device 06-03-2010
20130060491Thermal Mass Flow Meter - A thermal mass flow meter is disclosed wherein a sensor board with at least one heating element and at least two temperature sensors locates inside a housing where the gas or fluid is flowing. The heating element is turned on and off and a microprocessor is programmed to calculate a flow rate based on a logarithmic function of temperature differences between a pair of sensor before the heating cycle and after the heating cycle.03-07-2013
20130060492Method of deducing time based metrics using flow rate - A method of deducing time based metrics using flow rate is disclosed. The method uses a thermal mass flow meter wherein the meter comprises a pipe housing and a sensor board with at least one heating element and at least two temperature sensors is located inside the pipe and where a microprocessor is programmed to calculate a flow rate based on a logarithmic function of difference between base line temperature difference between temperature sensors before heating element is turned on and a second temperature difference between the temperature sensors after heating element is turned on. Duration of gas supply is provided by using the measured flow rate and information of the gas supply.03-07-2013
20090271128FLOW RATE MEASURING APPARATUS AND PROGRAM THEREOF - Object of the present invention is to measure the quantity of a gas flowing through a gas meter and accurately calculate, on a per-appliance basis, the quantity of used gas in each time during which a gas appliance connected to a downstream point is used, without involvement of a waveform pattern. A flow rate measuring apparatus (10-29-2009
20120116693Systems and Methods for Apportioning Usage of a Utility in a Multi-Unit Building - Usage of a utility in a multi-unit building is apportioned to a single unit by measuring the total usage of the utility using a meter unit to produce a total usage measurement, then positioning at least one sensor unit in a single unit of the multi-unit building and monitoring usage of the utility by the single unit using the at least one sensor unit to produce monitoring data. Then a processor unit receives the total usage measurement and the monitoring data and correlates them to generate correlated data. Finally, the processor unit apportions the total usage measurement to the single unit based on the correlated data.05-10-2012
20090234593DETERMINATION OF DENSITY FOR METERING A FLUID FLOW - Systems and methods are disclosed for measuring densities and flow rates of gas-liquid fluid mixtures. In the systems and methods, the fluid mixture is caused to exhibit swirling flow as it flows through a conduit that includes a constriction, a first pressure difference is measured between two vertically-spaced measurement positions in the conduit, a second pressure difference is measured between two horizontally-spaced measurement positions in the conduit, the first horizontally-spaced measurement position being at the constriction region and the second horizontally-spaced measurement position being upstream or downstream of the constriction region, and one or more of the pressure differences is used to determine a density or a flow rate of the gas-liquid fluid mixture.09-17-2009
20090204346SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MEASURING PROPERTIES OF LIQUID IN MULTIPHASE MIXTURES - This disclosure describes measuring properties of a multiphase mixture flowing in a pipe using probes with different sensitivity depths. By generating annular flow of the multiphase mixture in the pipe, the probes may be contacted with the liquid phase of the mixture flowing on an inner-wall of the pipe and apparent permittivities of the annular flow measured by the probes. These measured permittivities may be processed to determine liquid fraction of the annular flow and water-in-liquid ratio of the liquid phase of the annular flow.08-13-2009
20120232810Three Dimensional Imaging of a Mass Flow - A method for determining the electrical conductivity of a mass flow in a three dimensional target volume including the steps of placing electrodes in a measuring connection with the target volume; supplying alternating voltage or alternating current to the tar-get volume between two of the electrodes and measuring the current or the voltage between the electrodes; determining a state space model which defines the relationships between the electrical conductivity, the voltage and the current in the target volume and the evolution of the electrical conductivity as a function of time; comparing the currents and/or the voltages according to the state space model with the supplied and the measured ones; and modifying the state space model to decrease any differences. The electrodes are placed substantially within one plane; and the state space model is determined so as to the time-dependent flow field of the mass flow within the target volume.09-13-2012
20120232809Intelligent Gas Flow Sensor Probe - An intelligent gas flow sensor probe which outputs a state signal indicating whether there is forced gas flow present within a conduit or whether there is no gas flow. The intelligent gas flow sensor probe includes a heated thermistor and a reference thermistor functionally coupled to a microcontroller. The heated thermistor is continuously heated at a constant rate to a temperature above an ambient temperature within the conduit and outputs a signal responsive to a change in temperature induced by gas flow incident thereupon. Gas flow within the conduit causes heat to be transferred from the heated thermistor to the gas flowing over and/or around the heated thermistor. The reference thermistor is thermally insulated from the heated thermistor and outputs a reference signal responsive to an ambient temperature of the gas within the conduit. The reference thermistor is used to differentiate between forced gas flow and ambient gas flow based on historically obtained temperature data values because flow state determinations are based on real time data which are independent of component tolerances.09-13-2012
20100088044Gas measurement system - A gas measurement system comprising a probe (04-08-2010
20080294356SELF-ORIENTING EMBEDDED IN-SITU FLUX SYSTEM - A fluid flux measurement system that includes a heated element fluid flow sensor that is capable of being repositioned relative to a mean fluid flux direction is disclosed. The repositioning may be performed by a motor interconnected to the heated element fluid flow sensor. The heated element fluid flow sensor may be positioned proximate to the measurement region of a sonic anemometer and may be operable to be repositioned relative to the sonic anemometer. The heated element fluid flow sensor may be a three-dimensional hot-film constant temperature anemometer. The fluid flux system may be operable to measure small-scale turbulent fluxes in uncontrolled environments such as remotely located atmospheric monitoring stations. The heated element fluid flow sensor may be calibrated in-situ with data collected by the sonic anemometer.11-27-2008
20080319685Systems and Methods For Measuring Multiphase Flow in a Hydrocarbon Transporting Pipeline - This disclosure relates in general to methods and systems for measuring multiphase flows in a pipeline using a combination of venturi, microwave and radiation techniques, where the pipeline is configured to transport hydrocarbons. More specifically, but not by way of limitation, certain embodiments of the present invention provide methods and systems in which low activity radiation sources may be used in combination with one or more microwave transmitter-receiver pairs and pressure differential sensors to measure the flow rates and fractions of phases in multiphase flows in a pipeline, such as may be encountered in producing hydrocarbon wells. Additionally, other embodiments of the present invention provide for the arrangement of one or more microwave transmitter-receiver pairs, one or more radiation source-detector pairs and/or one or more pressure sensor ports in the same cross-section of the throat of a venturi to measure multiphase flow in a hydrocarbon transporting pipeline.12-25-2008
20120101744FLUID MEASUREMENT SYSTEM - This invention is to improve procedures of maintenance of a fluid measurement system having a fluid measurement device and a control device. The fluid measurement system has a fluid measurement device and a control device to control the fluid measurement device, and the fluid measurement device comprises a fluid sensor and a related data store part configured to store fluid calculation related data for calculation of one or more fluid parameters with measurement data obtained by the fluid sensor, and the control device obtains the fluid calculation related data from the related data store part and calculates the one or more fluid parameters with the measurement data of the fluid sensor and the fluid calculation related data.04-26-2012
20120179393Meter Register and Remote Meter Reader Utilizing a Stepper Motor - A meter for flowing material, e.g., water, has a meter register having an electronic display, e.g., an LED or LCD display, and a mechanical read-out display driven by a stepper motor to record units of water that flowed through the meter. In the event of an electrical power failure, the LED or LCD readout values are lost, however, the mechanical read-out values remain. Further, signals are transmitted to a microprocessor of a meter register to change the rotation of the stepper motor so that the meter register can be used with different types of meters. Still further, a meter generator co-acting with a meter register forwards an electrical pulse signal after a quantity of material or utility passes through a water meter to a microprocessor of a remote reader. The remote reader includes an odometer coupled to a stepper motor.07-12-2012
20100268485MULTI-GAS FLOW SENSOR WITH GAS SPECIFIC CALIBRATION CAPABILITY - A multi-gas/gas-mixture or liquid flow sensor apparatus utilizing a specific media calibration capability. The flow sensor can be coupled with an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) that incorporates a signal conditioner and a memory module. The signal conditioner provides a high order calibration and signal processing of flow signals from the sensor to a processed signal output representative of the flow. The processed signal output can be stored in the memory module. A correction factor can be calculated and stored in the memory module in response to the stored values of the processed signal output, which tends to linearize the relationship between the flow rate and the processed signal output of a measuring system. The correction factor and/or the processed signal output provided by the signal conditioner can be utilized by the measuring system.10-21-2010
20110288793EVENT IDENTIFICATION - A method of identifying an event associated with consumption of a utility comprising the steps of generating a utility consumption profile from utility consumption data, the utility consumption data comprising a plurality of utility consumption values measured at a corresponding plurality of measurement points, and identifying an event within the utility consumption profile that matches the profile of an event stored in a database of utility consumption profiles. A computer implemented apparatus, a computer program code and an article of manufacture comprising a machine-readable storage medium and executable program instructions embodied therein, for carrying out the method are also provided.11-24-2011
20110288794FLOW COUNTER - A flow counter capable of correctly checking an operating state of the flow counter and leakage and correctly indicating a total amount of flow by allowing the rotation of a pointer to be learned accurately in the form of numerical data. In this flow counter (11-24-2011
20090299657AIR FLOW MEASUREMENT DEVICE AND AIR FLOW CORRECTION METHOD - An air flow measurement device measures a flow amount of air. A flow sensor is configured to output a voltage value corresponding to a given flow amount of the air. A temperature sensor is configured to output temperature of the air. A correction coefficient memory portion is configured to store a correction coefficient for correcting the voltage value of the flow sensor to a corrected voltage value associated with the given flow amount based on a predetermined standard temperature. A relationship between the voltage value of the flow sensor and the flow amount of the air changes based on temperature of the air. A correction portion is configured to correct the output voltage value of the flow sensor to the corrected voltage value using the correction coefficient.12-03-2009
20120191380METER REGISTER TRANSMITTING FLOW RATE WARNING - A method and apparatus for measuring a fluid and determining a leak comprising the steps of providing a meter and a meter register coacting with the meter. When a leak is detected, a signal is transmitted from the meter register regarding fluid consumption. The transmitted signal indicates a leak either when the measured flow rate remains a fixed volume over a fixed period of time, or the measured flow rate exceeds a threshold value.07-26-2012
20110295524DETERMINING APPARATUS AND DETERMINING METHOD - A determining method includes: holding a cooled device in a container; detecting a temperature inside the container; detecting a temperature outside the container; facilitating a airflow through an air filter that allows air to flow therethrough between the container and a space outside the container; calculating a packing density of components of the cooled device; detecting a power consumption of the cooled device; detecting the number of revolutions of a fan that facilitates the flow of air through the air filter; and determining that the air filter is clogged when the power consumption is less than or equal to a power threshold value, the number of revolutions is within a specified range, and a difference between the temperature inside the container and the temperature outside the container exceeds a temperature threshold value that depends on the packing density and the power consumption.12-01-2011
20100017150FLOW MEASUREMENT APPARATUS AND PROGRAM THEREOF, FLOW MEASUREMENT METHOD AND FLUID SUPPLY SYSTEM - A fluid measurement apparatus capable of accurately determining an activated appliance is provided. A flow measurement apparatus 01-21-2010
20100268484CORIOLIS FLOWMETER - A drive device for operating an electromagnetic oscillator includes: an OP amplifier for amplifying an analog input signal from an electromagnetic pick-off; an A/D converter for converting an analog signal output from the OP amplifier into a digital signal; a D/A converter for converting, after digital processing performed by a DSP on the digital signal output from the A/D converter based on phase detection, a digital signal having a processed data amount into an analog signal; and a D/A converter for converting, after the digital processing performed by the DSP on the digital signal output from the D/A converter based on the phase detection, a digital signal having a processed data amount into an analog signal.10-21-2010
20090150096ELECTRONIC FLOW CHARACTERISTIC INDICATING FLOW METER - An electronic flow meter having sensors to determine the temperature and flow rate of a fluid flowing through the flow meter and into a downstream circuit, such as a cooling water circuit, of known diameter is flowing under turbulent or laminar conditions based upon a calculation of a corresponding Reynolds number and comparison of the calculated Reynolds number to Reynolds numbers indicative of the desired flow characteristic. A display is provided to indicate the flow characteristic of the fluid flowing through the flow meter as determined by the processor.06-11-2009
20110264383METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING OCCLUSIONS IN AN AMBULATORY INFUSION PUMP - An improved pump, reservoir and reservoir piston are provided for controlled delivery of fluids. A motor is operably coupled to a drive member, such as a drive screw, which is adapted to advance a plunger slide in response to operation of the motor. The plunger slide is removably coupled to the piston. A method, system, and an article of manufacture for automatically detecting an occlusion in a medication infusion pump is provided. The electrical current to an infusion pump is measured. Based on a series of measurements of one or more variables, the infusion pump detects whether there is an occlusion in the system.10-27-2011
20090006008APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MEASURING LIQUID AND GAS FLOW RATES IN A STRATIFIED MULTI-PHASE FLOW - A method and apparatus for measuring a flow rate of a component of a stratified two-phase fluid flow within a substantially horizontally extending pipe is provided. The method includes the steps of: a) determining a first fluid velocity value and a second fluid velocity value within the pipe section; b) determining a density of the fluid flow within the pipe section, and creating a measured fluid density value; c) determining a degree of fluid phase stratification of the fluid flow using at least one of the top and bottom fluid flow velocity values, and the measured fluid density value; and d) determining a flow rate value for at least one of a liquid component of the fluid flow and a gas component of the fluid flow within the pipe section.01-01-2009
20120109542APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR MONITORING QUANTITIES OF FLUID IN A CONTAINER - The present technology relates to a volumetric measurement device and various methods for operation of the device. The device comprises at least one accelerometer for detecting the angle of tilt/tip of a container. The device also comprises at least one fluid property processor capable of providing at least one fluidic property value of a fluid, a flow-rate processor capable of continuously calculating the present flow rate of the fluid when poured from the container, and a volume processor capable of continuously calculating the present volume of the fluid within the container. The flow-rate processor calculates the rate of flow of the fluid poured from the container based on the angle of tilt/tip of the apparatus, the at least one fluid property value, and the present volume of fluid within the container.05-03-2012
20110172934METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR THE FILLING OF TARGET CONTAINERS - A container is filled to a predetermined target mass of a free-flowing substance with the help of a device that dispenses measured doses of the substance. The device has a valve for variably adjusting the mass flow rate of the substance from a reservoir into the container. The device further includes a means for measuring the elapsed time from the beginning of the filling process, a balance for determining the mass of the substance in the container, and a controller unit for controlling the valve. The controller unit includes an adjustment module, and a memory unit wherein a desired mass flow rate is stored. At an elapsed time, if the mass flow rate is smaller or larger than the desired mass flow rate the flow rate is respectively increased or decreased by a flow rate adjustment.07-14-2011
20100145633FLOW CONTROLLER, FLOW MEASURING DEVICE TESTING METHOD, FLOW CONTROLLER TESTING SYSTEM, AND SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING APPARATUS - A testing method for testing a flow controller with high accuracy by shortening as much as possible the time required for the test including the wait time. A testing-subject flow controller and a testing-standard flow controller are arranged in that order in series from the upstream side in a flow channel through which a fluid whose flow is to be controlled flows. In a flow-uncontrolled state in which the valve of the testing-subject flow controller is practically in the full-open state, and with the fluid flow controlled to a predetermined flow rate by the testing-standard flow controller, whether the actual flow-rate measurement according to the testing-subject flow controller falls within a predetermined range of actual flow-rate measurements according to the testing-standard flow controller is determined.06-10-2010
20100145632METHOD, APPARATUS AND SYSTEM FOR INCOMPRESSIBLE FLUID SIMULATIONS, AND STORAGE MEDIUM STORING PROGRAM FOR EXECUTING THE METHOD - A method for incompressible fluid simulations includes: calculating a force acting on each particle forming a fluid; calculating a velocity field satisfying a incompressibility condition of the fluid based on the calculated force; and moving the particle in the velocity field. Further, the calculating a velocity field includes: calculating a temporary velocity of the particle free of compression based on the calculated force; calculating pressure satisfying the incompressibility condition of the particle based on the calculated temporary velocity; and calculating velocity satisfying the incompressibility condition of the particle by applying the calculated pressure.06-10-2010
20080270045FLOW RATE MEASUREMENT DEVICE - A flow rate measurement device (10-30-2008
20090138213Systems and Methods for the Determination of Active Constraints in a Network Using Slack Variables - Systems and methods for determining active constraints in a surface facility network, which include the use of slack variables and multipliers in system equations to eliminate the extraneous (inactive) constraints.05-28-2009
20110218742CALCULATING DEVICE AND FLOW METER EQUIPPED WITH CALCULATING DEVICE - The calculating device has first and second Fourier transform portions performing Fourier transforms on two respective inputted signals; a complex conjugate deriving portion deriving a complex conjugate of a value outputted from the first Fourier transform portion; a multiplier multiplying the complex conjugate with the value outputted from the second Fourier transform portion, and outputting the value after the multiplication; a Hilbert transform portion performing a Hilbert transform on the value after multiplication; first and second inverse Fourier transform portions performing respective inverse Fourier transforms on the value after multiplication and the value outputted from the Hilbert transform portion; a phase relationship deriving portion deriving a phase relationship between the two inputted signals based on the values outputted from the first and second inverse Fourier transform portions; and a time difference deriving portion deriving a time difference between the two inputted signals based on the phase relationship.09-08-2011
20090143998METHOD AND DEVICE FOR ESTIMATING THE INTAKE AIR FLOW RATE IN AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - A method is described for estimating the intake air flow rate in an internal combustion engine provided with an air intake system, wherein said system comprises valve means for controlling an intake air flow rate, characterized in that it comprises the phases of implementing a first and a second algorithm, suitable to determine respectively a first and a second engine intake air flow rate; and of selecting the first or the second flow rate, on the basis of a previously defined selection criterion.06-04-2009
20090187356Flow Meter Diagnostic Processing - Apparatus and associated systems and methods relate to automated learning of a baseline differential pressure (dP) characteristic to monitor the performance of a field-installed gas flow meter by comparing on-line dP measurements to the learned baseline dP characteristic. In an exemplary embodiment, a first baseline dP characteristic may be learned in a first mode over a first predetermined period of time according to a first set of learning criteria, and a second baseline dP characteristic may be learned in a second mode over a second predetermined period of time according to a second set of learning criteria. The first period of time may be substantially shorter than the second period of time. The first set of criteria may be substantially more relaxed than the second set of criteria. During the second mode, meter performance degradation may be diagnosed by comparing measured dP against the first baseline dP characteristic.07-23-2009
20110224920PUMP TESTER - Methods of and devices for testing medical pumps via tracking induced single or multiple bubble trajectories within a fluid flow conduit (09-15-2011
20110224919AIRFLOW-SENSING COMPUTER CURSOR GENERATOR AND AIRFLOW-SENSING MOUSE - An airflow-sensing computer cursor generator includes a microprocessor and plural air flow rate sensors. The plural air flow rate sensors are used for sensing airflow rates resulted from a moving action of an inductor in plural directions, thereby generating respective air flow rate signals corresponding to the plural directions. The microprocessor is used for judging a moving direction and a displacement value of the inductor according to the air flow rate signals, thereby generating a computer cursor signal.09-15-2011
20100145635VANE TYPE FLOW METER WITH TWO OR MORE MEASURING RANGES - A device for measurement of fluid flow in a conduit comprising a housing having an upstream end formed with a fluid inlet, a downstream end formed with a fluid outlet, a fluid flow path extending between the inlet port and the outlet port and having longitudinal axis, and one ore more flexible leaves fixedly mounted within the housing and extending into the fluid flow path, each having a leaf axis normal to a leaf plane, the one or more leaves being deformable responsive to fluid flow rate within the conduit. A measuring system for measuring deflection rate of each leaf responsive to fluid flow within the conduit and for generating a rate signal corresponding with the deflection rate, and a processor unit for processing the rate signal and converting it to an output signal indicative of fluid flow rate within the conduit.06-10-2010
20110144927Method for real time capability simulation of an air system model of an internal combustion engine - The present invention relates to a method for determining at least one air system variable in an air supply system (06-16-2011
20090099791METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MONITORING A THERMAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM OF AN ELECTRO-MECHANICAL TRANSMISSION - Temperature of an electric power device of a hybrid transmission is managed based upon device temperatures and power flow, ambient temperature, and a cooling circuit flow rate.04-16-2009
20110231114FLUID FLOW MONITOR AND CONTROL SYSTEM - A fluid flow monitoring system including one or more fluid flow dispensing valves each including a piston. Fluid flow sensors are associated with the fluid flow dispensing valves for measuring fluid flow. The fluid flow sensors include a housing with a magnet positioned therein and a piston follower is coupled to the magnet. The piston follower includes a shoulder portion positioned within the housing. A spring is operative to bias the magnet and piston follower towards the piston during operation so that piston movement is transmitted to the magnet. The housing includes a retainer portion disposed on the housing that confronts the shoulder portion of the piston follower whereby the magnet, piston follower, and spring are retained within the housing. The system also includes a fluid flow monitor that includes a microprocessor programmed to convert cycle signals from the sensors to fluid flow information.09-22-2011
20110231115GAS APPLIANCE JUDGEMENT APPARATUS AND METHOD - A gas appliance judgment apparatus and method by which a type of gas appliance in use and the existence of a gas leak can be identified. In operation, noise is removed from measured instantaneous flow volume, whereupon the “length”, “initial flow volume” and “sequence of transited regions” of the variable portion of the flow volume and the “length”, “average value” and “gradient” of the flat portion of the flow volume are extracted. A rule having characteristics data which matches the characteristics of the variable portion and the flat portion of the flow volume is then searched, and points are added respectively for the type of gas appliance and for the existence of a gas leak. When the added points are not less than a previously established threshold value, then the type of gas appliance in use is determined, and appliance type information is output as a judgment result.09-22-2011
20090099792System and Method for Increasing the Power Efficiency of Cooling Fans - Systems and methods for increasing the power efficiency of cooling fans are disclosed. A method for providing power-efficient operation of a plurality of cooling fans may include testing a plurality of cooling fans over an operating range of delivered airflow to determine, in each of one or more regions of the operating range, a number of cooling fans to be enabled to provide the lowest power amount required to deliver the delivered airflow for such region.04-16-2009
20090099793Method for Evaluation of Absorption Behavior of Absorbent Articles - A method for designing an absorbent article and evaluating its absorption behaviour is disclosed. A system using the method, is also disclosed. The method may be used for analyzing movement of a fluid in an absorbent article that comprises fluid-swellable composite material, to determine the performance of at least one feature of the absorbent article. The method includes inputting one or more properties for said fluid-swellable composite material into a virtual model of the absorbent article to produce a representation of at least one feature of the absorbent article and evaluating the virtual model of the absorbent article to determine the performance of the feature.04-16-2009
20080262755FAUCET FLOW TIMING SYSTEM THAT MONITORS VOLUME OF WATER USAGE - A battery powered, low voltage faucet flow timer, water usage calculator, and energy consumption awareness meter is simple to install and calibrate and may enable a user to understand the water usage associated with showering, bathing or other open faucet water use activity. The device may provide a simple method for calculating the flow characteristics for a shower, bath or other faucet and entering this flow rate into the timing device so that the timer provides an accurate calculation of water usage indicating both the time spent with the water running and approximate total water usage.10-23-2008
20090210174MULTI-COMPONENT MULTI-PHASE FLUID ANALYSIS USING FLASH METHOD - A method of analyzing phase transitions of fluid in an oilfield operation of an oilfield. The method includes determining phase boundaries of a multi-component multi-phase system based on geophysical parameters associated with the oilfield, predicting an amount of at least one fluid component in a liquid fluid phase of the multi-component multi-phase system by solving a set of flash equations based on phase boundaries, and performing the oilfield operation based on the predicted amount.08-20-2009
20120197550SYSTEM FOR DIAGNOSING ERROR CONDITIONS OF A GAS FLOW CONTROL SYSTEM FOR DIESEL ENGINES - A combustion engine evaluation unit is provided that includes, but is not limited to a microcontroller receiving measurement signals from a gas flow control system and outputting a state signal of the gas flow control system. The microcontroller includes, but is not limited to input ports for receiving as first set of measurement signals. Furthermore, the microcontroller includes, but not limited to input ports for receiving as a second set of measurement signals. The microcontroller is configured to calculate a first set of predicted values with a gas flow model based on the first set of measurement signals and calculate a second set of predicted values with a nominal model based on the second set of measurement signals. The microcontroller is also configured to generate the state signal based on a comparison of the first set of predicted values with the second set of predicted values.08-02-2012
20090240444FLOW RATE MEASUREMENT DEVICE - The present invention provides a flow rate measurement device for measuring a volume of gas flowing through a gas supply system in which a plurality of appliances are connected. The flow rate measurement device according to the second embodiment comprises a flow rate sensor configured to detect a gas flow flowing through the gas supply system and a differentiator configured to differentiate the detected gas flow. A memory is provided in which profiles of gas consumption by appliances are storable in relation to identities of the appliances. The flow rate measurement device according to the present invention also comprises a first profile finder which is responsive to the differentiated gas flow to search for a profile from the stored profiles which corresponds to the detected gas flow. The device further comprises a second profile finder which is responsive to a failure by the first profile finder to find the corresponding profile from the stored profiles to analyze the detected gas flow to thereby determine an identity of at least one of the plurality of appliances.09-24-2009
20100153026METHOD FOR ERROR CONTAINMENT AND DIAGNOSIS IN A FLUID POWER SYSTEM - In a method for error containment and diagnosis in a fluid power system the fluid volumetric flow of the overall system or at least a part thereof or a quantity dependent thereon is detected as a measurement quantity respectively during an operating cycle and is compared with stored references. In each case at the point in time of a deviation or change in the deviation from the reference the method finds at which component or at which components (06-17-2010
20100262385SAFETY PULSER FOR FUEL DISPENSER AND METHOD FOR JUDGING FRAUD ACTIVITY - This invention is for a kind of the security pulse generator and methods, which are applied in the fuel dispensers. Said fuel dispenser comprises a flow measuring transducer and a control main board on which there is a measuring microprocessor on the control main board. Said security pulse generator includes: a pulse signal generating component, which generates the corresponding pulse signal according to the rotation of the flow measuring transducer; An encoding microprocessor, which receives and transduces said pulse signal, transmit it to said control main board, and in the meanwhile it encodes said output pulse signal. A measuring microprocessor, which receives and decodes output pulse number encoded data from said encoding microprocessor and transforms it to the output pulse number after decoded it, then to compare it to the pulse number of the control main board to determine if there is suspecting frauds in the fueling process.10-14-2010
20100145634SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SPOT CHECK ANALYSIS OR SPOT SAMPLING OF A MULTIPHASE MIXTURE FLOWING IN A PIPELINE - This disclosure relates in general to systems and methods for spot checking flow properties of a multiphase mixture containing one or more hydrocarbons flowing through a pipeline or the like. More specifically, but not by way of limitation, embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for creating slug-type flows of isokinetically obtained samples of the multiphase mixture flow. By spot checking the slug-type flow of an isokinetically obtained sample of the multiphase flow, embodiments of the present invention may provide for determining flow properties of gas, oil/condensate and/or water components of the multiphase flow. In certain aspects of the present invention, an active sampling device may be used to enrich one of the phases of the slug-type flow of the sampled multiphase mixture and/or take a representative sample of one of the phases of the slug-type flow of the sampled multiphase mixture.06-10-2010
20110130976Measurement unit, particularly for hydraulic ducts - Measurement unit, particularly for hydraulic ducts, that comprises at least one main duct that is provided with at least one intake section and at least one discharge section for a fluid.06-02-2011
20100235116Apparatus, System and Method for Measuring Resistance of an Inhaler - An apparatus, a closed-loop system and method for measuring the resistance of inhalation systems and/or devices are disclosed.09-16-2010
20110238330FLOW DETERMINATION METHOD - The invention relates to a method for determining a flow, wherein flow velocities ΔV−LoS in measuring direction mr are measured by means of sensors 09-29-2011
20120143528PORTABLE METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MONITORING REFRIGERANT-CYCLE SYSTEMS - A portable monitoring system that monitors various aspects of the operation of a refrigerant-cycle system is described. In one embodiment, the system includes a processor that measures power provided to the refrigerant-cycle system and gathers data from one or more sensors and uses the sensor data to calculate a figure of merit related to the efficiency of the system. In one embodiment, the measurements performed by the monitoring system include one or more of: an evaporator input air temperature, an evaporator output air temperature, evaporator air flow, evaporator air humidity, condenser air input temperature, condenser air output temperature sensor, electrical power. In one embodiment, the portable monitoring system receives information about the refrigerant-cycle system from either the system itself or from a computer network.06-07-2012
20110130977SYSTEM FOR MEASURING MILK FLOW AT A MILKING INSTALLATION - Provided is a system for measuring milk flow at a milking installation. A first electrode and a second electrode are positioned inside a milk conduit across which a fixed voltage is applied. Milk flowing in the conduit forms a resistive element between the electrodes. Electric current in the milk between the two electrodes is detected by an ammeter, amplified by an amplifier, and then stored in a memory. A processor is configured to determine the current flow rate of milk in the conduit between the electrodes. The processor is further configured to determine the time averaged value of the amplified current over a recent time window. If the determined average is not within a predetermined range, the processor determines a gain of the amplifier that would have brought this time average into the predetermined range. The processor then resets the gain of the amplifier to the determined gain in order to bring the time average of the amplified current over subsequent time windows into the predetermined range.06-02-2011
20090105968SYSTEM FOR PREVENTING TAMPERING WITH A SIGNAL CONDITIONER REMOTE FROM A HOST SYSTEM - A system for detecting tampering in a signal conditioner of electronics that determines a parameter from signals received from one or more sensors is provided. The system includes a host system that receives the parameter signals from the signal conditioner indicating properties of a material and supplies power to the signal conditioner. The signal conditioner is remote from and coupled to said host system. The signal conditioner generates the parameter signals. The host system is configured to periodically transmit a request for said authentication information to said signal conditioner, receive said authentication information from said signal conditioner in response to said request, compare said authentication information with initial authentication information, and detect said tampering condition in said signal conditioner if said authentication information is not equal to said initial authentication information.04-23-2009
20100312498Three Dimensional Air Flow Sensors for Data Center Cooling - Techniques for airflow analysis are provided. In one aspect, a mobile sensing device is provided. The mobile sensing device includes an airflow sensing system having a plurality of airflow sensing units arranged in a grid. Each airflow sensing unit includes a first air passage that contains at least one first airflow sensor; a second air passage perpendicular to the first air passage, wherein the second air passage contains at least one second airflow sensor; and a third air passage perpendicular to the first air passage and the second air passage, wherein the third air passage contains at least one third airflow sensor.12-09-2010
20130138364DETERMINE INSTALLATION OF COMPONENTS BASED ON PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS - A fan of a computing system is associated with a performance characteristic. It may be determined whether a component associated with the computing system is installed based on the performance characteristic.05-30-2013
20110130978FILTERING TECHNIQUES TO REMOVE NOISE FROM A PERIODIC SIGNAL AND Irms CALCULATIONS - A signal filtering technique is designed to remove the effects of a periodic, low-frequency noise signal from a signal of interest. A signal waveform is sampled at different points of a number of consecutive periodic noise signal cycles and the collected samples are averaged to produce a corrected signal. The number of consecutive cycles in which samples are taken and averaged is inversely related to the signal amplitude such that as the signal level decreases, the number of cycles examined increases. The technique is particularly applicable to periodic signals associated with the output of Hall effect sensors in an electrical metrology environment. Improved RMS calculations are obtained for filtering low-frequency random noise from Hall sensors by averaging samples at different points of a signal cycle to create a composite desired signal cycle to facilitate other signal calculations. In a given electricity utility meter incorporating solid state circuitry, such metrology RMS calculations may be implemented in a metrology section of solid state devices provided on printed circuit boards, such as utilizing programmable integrated circuit components. By varying the number of cycles summed, the algorithm will adapt to amplitude changes more quickly. By using time averaged samples to filter random noise from the periodic signal of interest, the overall requirements for complex filtering is reduced. Instead, the technique relies on buffering and averaging synchronized samples for a given number of line cycles, so that by increasing the buffer size, larger numbers of line cycles can be accumulated and the filter cut-off frequency reduced.06-02-2011
20110035163PARTICULATE FLOW SENSING FOR AN AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT - An impact sensor is located in a distribution tower which divides the seed and/or nutrient flow into individual rows, and a second sensor provides a compensation signal dependent upon one or more variables such as the velocity of the air in the conveying system, implement vibrations. As the seed/fertilizer bounces off of the impact sensor and flows into the individual row air streams, the impact sensor provides a force signal to a processor which calculates the total particulate mass flow rate from the force signal and the air velocity signal. To determine individual seed and fertilizer rates, a rate controller temporarily changes the metering rate of one of the materials, and the processor then calculates the desired information from the mass flow change and meter speed change. Another embodiment includes seed sensor structure at the meter output for achieving or confirming accuracy.02-10-2011
20110035164FLUID CONSUMPTION CALCULATION DEVICE, FLUID CONSUMPTION CALCULATION SYSTEM, AND FLUID CONSUMPTION CALCULATION METHOD - Technology enabling a user to easily acquire the result of calculating the consumption of fluid used in a fluid discharge device is provided. A fluid consumption calculation device that calculates consumption of a fluid includes an input unit that receives information related to an output object; a discharge control unit that generates discharge data for a fluid used to form the output object using a fluid discharge device; an analysis unit that analyzes the discharge data; a calculation unit that uses information acquired from the analysis unit to calculate consumption of the fluid used to form the output object; and an output unit that generates and outputs output information using information acquired from the calculation unit.02-10-2011
20110040501REAL-TIME MEASUREMENT OF RESERVOIR FLUID PROPERTIES - A system, method, and fluid analysis module are provided for the real-time analysis of multiphase fluids. The system generally comprises means for directing a fluid stream from a flow line to a fluid analysis module, a processor and communication means. The fluid analysis module comprises sensor for measurement of at least one property of the fluid. The processor processes the measurement data from the sensor, and the communication means communicates the processed data to a central acquisition unit or computer.02-17-2011
20100070206MULTI-GAS FLOW DEVICE - A system and method of characterizing or controlling a flow of a fluid is provided that involves a sensor conduit and a bypass. A plurality of fluids may be utilized in the flow control device based on characteristic information of the device generated during calibration thereof. The characteristic information, in turn is based on a dimensionless parameters, such as adjusted dynamic pressure and adjusted Reynolds number.03-18-2010
20110178734METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETERMINING THE FLOW RATE OF A FLUID - A procedure for determining the flow rate of a fluid includes introducing a fluid into a flow member (07-21-2011
20110178733Apparatus to Confirm Correct Meter Sizing - A meter register of the type having a sealed register body, and a member adapted to measure liquid flow through the meter and an antenna mounted within the register body is improved by providing a microprocessor adapted to have a calculated water meter maximum flow rate and a minimum flow rate defined as the meter flow rate range. The member co-acts with the microprocessor to determine flow rate, and the microprocessor is adapted to forward a signal to the antenna when the flow rate of the meter is outside, or within, the meter flow rate range, and the antenna transmits the signal to the water utility that the meter is not properly sized, or is properly sized, respectively.07-21-2011
20100070205FLOW ESTIMATION FOR FLUID HANDLING SYSTEM - A method of estimating airflow for a characterized blower system including a motor. The method includes running the motor, estimating a torque and a speed of the running motor, and assuming a starting airflow estimate. Torque is calculated based on the estimated speed and the estimated airflow. A torque error is calculated as a function of the calculated torque and the estimated torque. Estimated airflow is revised based on the calculated torque error. The method also includes repeating the calculating and revising steps using the revised estimated airflow until the torque error is within a predetermined acceptable range.03-18-2010
20110082651Method for Calculating Target Temperature Split, Target Superheat, Target Enthalpy, and Energy Efficiency Ratio Improvements for Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps in Cooling Mode - Expanded temperature split, superheat, enthalpy, humidity, and wet-bulb tables are created and used to determine recommended refrigerant charge and airflow adjustments. Previously unknown enthalpy split values are introduced and calculated in a defined region and then extrapolated using a nonlinear curve fit for undefined regions. Undefined target temperature split values are then calculated from a relationship between temperature split and enthalpy split. Previously undefined superheat values are extrapolated using a nonlinear curve fit from a defined region to obtain superheat values for undefined regions. The expanded temperature split and superheat tables are used during setup or maintenance to calculate refrigerant and/or airflow adjustments for optimal performance of the cooling system in previously undefined operating regions. Previously unknown energy efficiency ratio improvement methodologies are introduced and calculated based on measurements of refrigerant charge and airflow improvements for air-conditioners and heat pumps (in cooling mode).04-07-2011
20110077874APPLIANCE MONITORING APPARATUS - A conventional appliance monitoring apparatus handles only the amount of gas used and security information for the case of a gas cutoff and can not address social needs for a desire to obtain information about influence (e.g., an amount of CO03-31-2011
20110077875SUMP MONITORING METHOD AND APPARATUS - A method of monitoring one or more sumps in order to predict an overflow condition comprising: pumping, using at least one pump (03-31-2011
20090240443PROCEDURE AND DEVICE FOR CHECKING THE FUNCTIONALITY OF A TANK VENTILATION VALVE - A procedure for checking the functionality of a tank ventilation valve of a tank ventilation system for a motor vehicle with a fuel tank, an adsorbing filter, which is connected to the fuel tank over a filter line and which provides a vent pipe, and with the tank ventilation valve, which is connected to the inlet manifold of a combustion engine that provides an actuator for the idle mode over valve pipes, is thereby characterized, in that the mass flow that flows through the tank ventilation valve in the idle mode of the combustion engine and the mass flow that flows through the actuator for the idle mode are detected and in that the functionality of the tank ventilation valve is deduced from a variation of the actuator for the idle mode.09-24-2009
20090187355Force beam elevator and method of use - A system for ascertaining absolute fluid flow in a passage way comprises: a force beam that is inserted into a fluid; a carriage to support the beam, the carriage enabling the beam to move vertically in a fixed plane; one or more load cells incorporated with the beam to measure force applied to the beam by the fluid flow; a data recorder and processor for integrating the measurements and for running algorithms that convert the integrated measurements into a value of absolute flow and a controller to operate the system. In some embodiments the force beam may be light and neutrally buoyant in the fluid. Measurements are taken at pre-specified intervals while moving the beam in a vertical plane perpendicular to the direction of fluid flow. One application is the calibration of Winter-Kennedy piezometers in the barrels of large water turbines. A method of use is also provided.07-23-2009
20090138214PROCESS FOR THE DETERMINATION OF THE CORRECT FUEL FLOW RATE TO A VEHICLE ENGINE FOR CARRYING OUT DIAGNOSTIC TESTS - A process for the evaluation of the true fuel flow rate supplied to a tested vehicle engine, in particular an industrial vehicle, the process including: 05-28-2009
20120150454APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MANAGING ENERGY RESOURCES - An apparatus for managing energy resources includes: a collection unit for collecting energy consumptions and resource information of a plurality of energy consumption devices; an integrated resource relation map management unit for generating and managing an integrated resource relation map which indicates correlations between energy resources one another consumed by the energy consumption devices by using the energy consumptions and the resource information; and an energy management unit for generating energy-saving measures based on the integrated resource relation map.06-14-2012
20110004421METHOD OF INFERENCE OF APPLIANCE USAGE. DATA PROCESSING APPARATUS AND/OR COMPUTER SOFTWARE - A method of inference of appliance usage from a point measurement on a supply line, said supply line being common to multiple appliances and/or components of appliances comprises the steps of: obtaining data from said measurement point; sampling power and reactive power at intervals substantially throughout periods of operation of said appliances or components of appliances corresponding to appliances or components of appliances being in ON and/or OFF modes of use; identifying characteristics of events by assessing power and reactive power change during an event; and by assessing one or more additional characteristics derivable from said power and reactive power to characterise an appliance; grouping events and/or cycles of events into clusters of similar characteristics; and inferring appliance usage based on said grouping.01-06-2011
20080243400Meter Electronics and Methods for Processing Sensor Signals for a Multi-Phase Flow Material in a Flowmeter - Meter electronics (10-02-2008
20110125422METHOD AND DEVICE FOR MEASURING AND MONITORING - A method and device for remotely measuring, monitoring and controlling physical quantities over digital communication networks is provided. The measured quantities are grouped by energy end-uses or type of energy produced. The present patent describes the hardware and software used to perform these measurements, monitoring and control actions. The method and associated devices provide the means to sub-divide the building energy consumption by its end-uses or into cost centers, so as to determine the “specific energy consumption” of each cost center, in terms of kWh/produced unit, kWh/m05-26-2011
20110106461GAS CUTOFF APPARATUS - An object is to detect an abnormality when the inside of a gas cutoff apparatus is submerged.05-05-2011
20100292940METHOD OF RECORDING PHYSICAL QUANTITY CHANGE HISTORY, PROGRAM THEREOF, FLOW RATE MEASUREMENT APPARATUS AND FLUID SUPPLYING SYSTEM - When an appliance identification art is provided, the computing speed and the identification accuracy are improved while the required memory amount, etc., is decreased. In a gas meter 11-18-2010
20100292939Method for Determining an Output Value of a Sensor of Automation Technology - In a method for determining an output value of a sensor of automation technology, in a case in which the sensor has a non-linear characteristic curve K, which is pointwise specified, help points H11-18-2010
20110071772Methods for Monitoring and Managing Delivery of Syrup in Bag-In-Box Systems - The present invention includes systems, methods and apparatus for detecting whether an acceptable mixture of fluid and water has been delivered by a vending machine. Embodiments of the invention utilize one or more second flow meters located downstream of a mix manifold. The additional flow meter allows the controller of the delivery system or vending machine to monitor and compare the volume of water to the volume of the final mix in order to determine whether an appropriate volume of syrup has or has not been mixed in the dispensed beverage.03-24-2011
20090171596FAST CHARACTERIZATION OF FLUID DYNAMICS - Methods and apparatus for fast computation of fluid velocity fields in the presence of objects causing flow discontinuity are disclosed. Rigorous evaluation of perturbed velocity fields, each resulting from placing an object in a bounded space sustaining a reference velocity field, are determined for different orientations of the object with respect to a reference velocity field and different values of the magnitude of the velocity field. A velocity field is determined at selected sampling points within an enclosure surrounding the object. Pre-computed perturbed velocity fields determined for each object of a set of reference objects are stored in a computer memory. Fast real-time computation of velocity-field perturbations caused by presence of objects at arbitrary positions in a space sustaining velocity fields of different magnitudes and directions are realized using the stored pre-computed data.07-02-2009
20110137579SAFETY SYSTEM IN AND METHOD FOR THE OPERATION OF A COMBUSTION DEVICE - A system and a method for safe operations of a mass flow sensor in a combustion device, with a gas supply, an air supply, a fan with an electric motor, a burner, and a communication micro processor, wherein the mass flow sensor includes a microprocessor used for communications, the communication micro processor communicates with the micro processor of the one mass flow sensor, and the communications include safety-relevant interrogations of the mass flow sensor in order to secure the mass flow sensor.06-09-2011
20110071771SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ESTIMATING A TEMPERATURE OF A FLUID INJECTOR USED IN A HOT ENVIRONMENT - Systems and methods of estimating a fluid injector tip temperature. A controller having a processor and a memory supplies a current to a coil of a fluid injector, a resistance of the coil is measured when the current is supplied to the coil, a coil temperature is determined based on the measured resistance, and a tip temperature of a fluid injector tip is estimated based on the determined coil temperature.03-24-2011
20110178735METHOD FOR AVOIDING JUMP FAULTY MEASUREMENTS AND IMPROVING ACCURACY IN HYBRID FLOW METERS - A method measures a hybrid flow rate (Q) of a fluid using simultaneously at least two measuring technologies and a reference measurement, the method includes a hybrid value, wherein the measurements of the at least two measuring technologies are combined according to a given rule to get the hybrid value by performing a linear or non-linear interpolation within a given interval of the reference measurement.07-21-2011
20110191037FUEL DISPENSER PULSER ARRANGEMENT - The present invention provides an apparatus for generating a measure of fluid. The apparatus comprises a flow meter and a pulser having an identifier and a memory. The pulser is associated with the flow meter for generating pulser data indicative of a volume of fluid delivered through the flow meter. The pulser is also adapted to alter the pulser data using correction data stored in its memory to generate altered pulser data. The pulser is further adapted to store at least one of the pulser data and the altered pulser data in the memory. The apparatus further comprises a switch operatively connected to the pulser's memory. The switch is operative to vary the memory of the pulser between a write-protected and a write-enabled mode. Also, the apparatus comprises a controller that is communicatively coupled to the pulser and a serial communication circuit which enables communication between the pulser and the controller. Communication between the controller and the pulser includes the identifier.08-04-2011
20110264382ELECTROMAGNETIC FLOW METER - Gain switching is performed by a DC amplifying circuit. The DC amplifying circuit is provided with individual gain generating circuits and a gain selecting circuit, and saturation preventing circuits are provided in earlier stages than the individual gain generating circuits. The individual gain generating circuit generates a gain G10-27-2011
20100023279ANALYTICAL EFFECTIVE TENSOR FOR FLOW-THROUGH COMPOSITES - A machine, method and computer-usable medium for modeling an average flow of a substance through a composite material. Such a modeling includes an analytical calculation of an effective tensor K01-28-2010
20110307190Vehicle Fuel Consumption Calculator - Diesel fuel consumption is calculated in real-time in an vehicle diagnostic monitor using standard OBDII reported parameters and publicly available engine characteristics. Also, fuel consumption in vehicles that maintain a constant air-fuel ratio is calculated by analyzing the subject engine as an air pump and reading publicly available OBDII diagnostic data to estimate the instantaneous airflow through the engine without the need of MAF sensor data.12-15-2011
20120041692METHOD OF MEASURING PUMPING AMOUNT OF GROUNDWATER BY USING WATER LEVEL FLUCTUATION AND WATER LEVEL MEASURING SENSOR - A method of measuring a pumping amount of groundwater by using water level fluctuation, a water level measuring sensor including an arithmetic operation unit for calculating a pumping amount by using the method, and a computer-readable recording medium having recorded thereon a program for executing the method are disclosed. The method whereby a total pumping amount of groundwater pumped by using a pumping pump is calculated for a predetermined period, includes: obtaining groundwater level data according to a measurement time by measuring fluctuation of a groundwater level for a predetermined period continually at time intervals; comparing a typical pattern of a groundwater level formed in a full pumping period including an initial stage of pumping at which groundwater starts to be pumped by operating the pumping pump and the groundwater level drops rapidly, a quasi-balance period in which an amount of drop of the groundwater level according to time decreases compared to the initial stage of pumping, and a recovery period in which an operation of the pumping pump stops and the groundwater level rises, with the obtained groundwater level data and sorting data for forming a pattern corresponding to the typical pattern of the groundwater level from the groundwater level data; calculating a total time when pumping has been performed, by using a measurement time of the sorted data; and calculating a total pumping amount by using the total pumping time calculated.02-16-2012
20110071773Method and Device for the Assessment of Fluid Collection Networks - An improved method for monitor a fluid collection network is disclosure. The improved method includes installing several monitoring devices into sewer system manholes, recording fluid level and flow, reading the recorded data, and displaying the data in chart or map form. Data may be displayed in two or three dimensional maps that may be overlaid with information of topography, street maps, and single or multiple sewer systems. Data displayed on the maps may include fluid flow rates, fluid levels, derivatives and integrals of flow rates, and differences in fluid levels or flow between monitoring devices.03-24-2011
20130197828FLUID MASS FLOW MEASUREMENT APPARATUS AND METHOD - A meter controller comprises a first input, a second input, and a processor. The processor is configured to receive first and second volumetric flow measurements and to calculate a quasi fluid density value required to cause the first volumetric flow measurement to equal the second volumetric flow measurement. The processor is further configured to subtract a first fluid density value from the quasi fluid density value for calculating a density correction factor. The density correction factor is subtracted from the first fluid density value to calculate a corrected second density value. The corrected second density value is applied to at least one of the first volumetric flow measurement and the second volumetric flow measurement for calculating a mass flow rate measurement.08-01-2013
20120209540Systems and Methods for Managing Wellhead Production - A system and method for monitoring and managing wellhead production and costs associated therewith. Electronic equipment is placed at the well head to monitor the volume of product lifted from at a wellhead. The equipment monitors both the volume and the percentage of products lifted and stored at the well head. The status of the separation and the volume can be monitored in real time or on a delayed time basis. The data is displayed on a map and used to identify efficient routes for gathering the lifted product at an appropriate time. The data may be displayed in a user interface which displays desired data in connection with each well head in a represented geographic region.08-16-2012
20110166800FLOW SENSOR ASSEMBLIES - A flow sensor assembly is provided and includes a flow conduit configured to impart a disturbance to a flow, multiple sensors disposed at respective sensing locations along the flow conduit. Each sensor is responsive to the disturbance of the flow and generates a corresponding response signal. The flow sensor assembly further includes a processor operably connected to each sensor, the processor being configured to compute a cross-correlation function between the response signals generated by said sensors, and determine a flow rate and a direction for the flow through the conduit based on the computed cross-correlation function. Additional flow sensor assembly arrangements are also disclosed.07-07-2011
20120059602 METHOD FOR FIELD-MEASURING FLUID FLOW METERS - A method for taking field measurements of a cone type fluid flow meter including a meter body and a cone-type fluid displacement member to determine when to calibrate or replace the fluid flow meter. The method includes taking measurements of dimensions of the fluid displacement member and the meter body, evaluating the dimension measurements and ascertaining whether the dimension measurements are within designated dimension limits. The present method saves significant time and costs by taking measurements in the field determining whether to calibrate or replace the fluid flow meter.03-08-2012
20120059601SIGNAL PROCESSING METHOD, SIGNAL PROCESSING APPARATUS, AND CORIOLIS FLOWMETER - [Object] To provide a signal processing apparatus which may always perform measurement with constant precision and performs phase measurement with high filtering performance and a small amount of computation even when a temperature of a fluid to be measured changes, air bubbles are mixed into the fluid to be measured, or the fluid to be measured rapidly changes from a gas to a liquid.03-08-2012
20090150097Systems and Methods For Utilizing Cell Based Flow Simulation Results to Calculate Streamline Trajectories - Systems and methods for utilizing finite difference simulation results to compute streamline trajectories, which may be used to analyze the results with other streamline techniques.06-11-2009
20120209541Multiphase Meter to Provide Data for Production Management - A method and apparatus for determining a volume of a phase of a multiphase fluid flowing in a production tubular is provided. A magnetic field is imparted on the fluid to align nuclei of the multiphase fluid along a direction of the magnetic field. A radio frequency signal is transmitted into the multiphase fluid to excite the nuclei, and a signal is detected from the nuclei responsive to the transmitted radio frequency signal. An amplitude of the detected signal is determined and the volume of the phase flowing in the production tubular is determined using the determined amplitude and an amplitude of a calibration signal.08-16-2012
20120072133Testing Apparatus and Method - In an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, a materials testing method and apparatus comprises a test cell, a temperature control system, a pressure control system, a volume measurement system, a strength indicator system, at least one processor and an output device. The apparatus provides real-time output of temperature and pressure conditions, volume change of a test sample, and strength indication. A method of sample testing includes concurrent measurement of pressure, temperature, volume measurement and strength indication. Processed data is output to at least one graphic user interface as a function of time.03-22-2012
20120072132STORAGE MEDIUM, PREDICTING APPARATUS, AND PREDICTING METHOD - A predicting apparatus includes an obtaining unit and a predicting unit. The obtaining unit included in the predicting apparatus obtains actual measurements of data about a fan being rotated at a predetermined revolution frequency N [rpm]. The predicting apparatus then predicts data about the fan to be rotated at a revolution frequency N′ that is different from the predetermined revolution frequency N based on the actual measurements of the data thus obtained.03-22-2012
20100094568MULTI-PHASE CORIOLIS FLOWMETER - A Coriolis flowmeter is configured to determine a first property of a multi-phase fluid. A flow model is configured to determine a second property of the multi-phase fluid. A determination system is configured to determine a third property of the multi-phase fluid based, at least in part, on the first property and the second property.04-15-2010
20090132184FLOW RATE ESTIMATION METHOD OF BLOOD PUMP - In a flow rate estimation method of a blood pump, a general flow rate estimation formula which includes a correction term is formed based on a plurality of blood pumps. Measured data obtained from an objective blood pump implanted inside a patient is substituted into the correction term, thus forming a flow rate estimation formula of the objective blood pump. The flow rate Q of the objective blood pump is estimated based on the flow rate estimation formula and the values of the rotational speed N and the consumption current I of the motor of the objective blood pump, and the attribute data Z of the blood of the patient.05-21-2009
20130013225FLOW SENSORS AND FLOW SENSING METHODS WITH EXTENDED LINEAR RANGE - One aspect of the invention provides a flow sensing apparatus including: a fluid channel that allows a fluid to flow in a first direction; a first temperature sensor arranged at a first position along the fluid channel; a second temperature sensor arranged at a second position along the fluid channel and separated from the first sensor by a predetermined distance along the fluid channel; a heating element arranged between the first and second thermoelectric sensors, the heating element being substantially equally spaced from the first and second thermoelectric sensors; a heating element temperature sensor for sensing a temperature of the heating element; and a control device configured to maintain the heating element at a substantially uniform temperature.01-10-2013
20100250154MEMBRANOUS FILTRATION PREDICTION METHOD, PREDICTION APPARATUS, AND MEMBRANOUS FILTRATION PREDICTION PROGRAM - A method is provided for precisely predicting the temporal variation of a membranous filtration resistance, the temporal variation of a transmembrane pressure, the temporal variation of a membranous filtration flux, or the temporal variation of a membranous filtration flowrate as occurs in filtrating a liquid to-be-filtrated with a membrane, in a membranous filtration method wherein the liquid to-be-filtrated is filtrated by the separation membrane with the transmembrane pressure as a driving force. The variation of the membranous filtration resistance, the transmembrane pressure or the membranous filtration flowrate (flux) with time is predicted in a case where the membranous filtration is continued while controlling the membranous filtration flowrate (flux) or the transmembrane pressure to a set value. The method includes a computation step 109-30-2010
20120084022Enhanced Microfluidic Electromagnetic Measurements - Techniques for enhanced microfluidic impedance spectroscopy include causing a core fluid to flow into a channel between two sheath flows of one or more sheath fluids different from the core fluid. Flow in the channel is laminar. A dielectric constant of a fluid constituting either sheath flow is much less than a dielectric constant of the core fluid. Electrical impedance is measured in the channel between at least a first pair of electrodes. In some embodiments, enhanced optical measurements include causing a core fluid to flow into a channel between two sheath flows of one or more sheath fluids different from the core fluid. An optical index of refraction of a fluid constituting either sheath flow is much less than an optical index of refraction of the core fluid. An optical property is measured in the channel.04-05-2012
20120084021Monitoring Flow of Single or Multiple Phase Fluids - Various embodiments include apparatus and methods to monitor flow of single and multiple phase fluids. Sensors of a tool can be dispersed along the tool to collect measurements to be processed using an autocorrelation operation on the collected measurements to provide information relative to the phases of the fluid. Additional apparatus, systems, and methods are disclosed.04-05-2012
20120221259FLOW RATE MEASUREMENT DEVICE - A problem of the present invention is to provide a flow rate measurement device which is capable of simplifying calculation, reducing the amount of memory necessary for calculation, absorbing variations resulting from manual operation or ignition state when appliances are used alone or in combination, and improving appliance identification precision with a configuration which extracts characteristics of appliances. The flow rate measurement device monitors and determines the change in a flow rate measured by a flow rate measurement unit, monitors and determines the code obtained by differential conversion unit, extracts appliance characteristic flow rates representing the characteristics of the gas appliances, and compares them with the appliance-specific characteristics, thereby identifying the gas appliances.08-30-2012
20120221257DETERMINING ANGULAR DEPENDENCE OF AERODYNAMIC DRAG AREA FOR A VEHICLE - The invention relates to a method and system for determining an aerodynamic drag area CxA of a moving vehicle, for example a bicycle, in dependence upon the airflow yaw direction and speed without the use of a wind tunnel. The vehicle is equipped with sensors for collecting time-stamped values indicative of the vehicle speed, propulsion force, airflow speed and yaw angle of the airflow at various points during the trip. The trip data are then processed using successively refined hypotheses regarding the CxA(yaw) dependence to generate a plurality of elevation profiles for the travelled path. The generated elevation profiles are then evaluated based on available route elevation information to select a correct dependence of the aerodynamic drag area upon the yaw angle of the airflow.08-30-2012
20120166108Systems and Methods for Interpreting Multi-Phase Fluid Flow Data - Methods and systems are disclosed for interpreting multi-phase fluid flow in a conduit, such as a pipe in a wellbore. The method involves curve fitting holdup data sets and velocity data sets together wherein the second curve comprises a shape mutual to the first curve with an independent gain and an independent offset, and determining flow rates through the pipe.06-28-2012
20120166107Diagnostic System and Method for Metallurgical Reactor Cooling Elements - Aspects of the invention relate generally to diagnostic methods and systems for determining the operating condition and performance of a cooling element in a metallurgical reactor during operation of the reactor. In a system aspect, the system comprises sensing means, processing means and display means. The sensing means is located in or approximate the cooling element for sensing operating conditions of the cooling element. The processing means is in communication with the sensing means for receiving data corresponding to the sensed operating conditions and for processing the data to determine a relative condition indicator of the cooling element. The display means is in communication with the processing means and displays the relative condition indicator to a user of the diagnostic system. The display means can display a first, second or third state representative of the relative health indicator. The first state corresponds to an operational state of the cooling element, in which the cooling element may be operated normally. The second state corresponds to a cautionary operational state of the cooling element, in which the cooling element should be operated under caution. The third state corresponds to a non-operational state of the cooling element, in which the cooling element should cease operation or not initiate operation.06-28-2012
20110184668Apparatus and method for level measuring in a tank with flexible walls - An apparatus for level measuring in a flexible tank with a level sensor for non-contact detection of the level of the liquid in the tank, which detects the surface of the liquid across a flexible wall of the tank, and means for holding the level sensor in a position above the flexible wall of the tank.07-28-2011
20100010753METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DEVELOPING MESH NETWORKS AND ESTIMATING AIR FLOW AROUND VEHICLE BODY SURFACES - A method for developing a mesh network for analyzing air flow around a surface of a vehicle body includes the steps of determining a plurality of estimates for a flow direction for the air flow for a plurality of locations around the surface and generating the mesh network based at least in part on the plurality of estimates. The mesh network comprises a plurality of mesh lines. Each mesh line is at least substantially aligned with the flow direction proximate a corresponding one of the plurality of locations.01-14-2010
20120221260FLOW RATE MEASURING DEVICE - A problem of the present invention is to provide a flow rate measurement device which is capable of simplifying calculation, reducing the amount of memory necessary for calculation, absorbing variations resulting from manual operation or ignition state when the appliances are used alone or in combination, and improving appliance identification precision of appliances having similar characteristics with a configuration which extracts characteristics of appliances. The flow rate measurement device identifies the appliances with high precision by extracting characteristics of gas appliances from code sequences into which a differential conversion unit converts, at regular time intervals, differentials by a first calculation unit which calculates differentials at regular time intervals in the flow rates measured by a flow rate measurement unit and by a second calculation unit which calculates differentials at time intervals different from the first calculation unit.08-30-2012
20120221258FLOW RATE MEASUREMENT DEVICE - A problem of the present invention is to provide a flow rate measurement device which is capable of simplifying calculation, reducing the amount of memory necessary for calculation, absorbing variations in the flow rate which changes in various ways depending on the state of usage, and improving identification precision of appliances with a configuration which extracts characteristics of appliances. The flow rate measurement device monitors and determines the change in the flow rate measured by a flow rate measurement unit, and extracts and determines codes obtained by a differential conversion unit and appliance characteristic flow rates representing the characteristics of gas appliances, thereby identifying the gas appliances in which appliance characteristics vary depending on the state of usage.08-30-2012
20090018782GAS APPLIANCE JUDGMENT APPARATUS AND METHOD - According to the present invention, the type of gas appliance in use can be identified and a gas leak can be detected, efficiently and accurately. The flow volume data noise removal means 01-15-2009
20100324838Sensing device with whisker elements - A sensing device includes an elongated whisker element having a flexible cantilever region and a base region where a change in moment or curvature is generated by bending of the cantilever region when it contacts an object. One or more sensor elements cooperatively associated with the whisker element provide one or more output signals that is/are representative of two orthogonal components of change in moment or curvature at the whisker base region to permit determination of object distance, fluid velocity profile, or object contour (shape) with accounting for lateral slip of the whisker element and frictional characteristics of the object. Multiple sensing devices can be arranged in arrays in a manner to sense object contour without or with adjustment for lateral slip.12-23-2010
20080300802Method of measuring gas flow - A method of measuring a dry gas flow from hydrocarbon wells. The hydrocarbon wells produce a stream which contains liquids and natural gas. The method comprises providing a differential flow measurement device (orifice) located at a well site containing the hydrocarbon wells. The method further includes testing the stream for gas composition and physical characteristics. Additionally, the method comprises measuring a static temperature (T) of the stream, measuring a static pressure (Ps), and measuring a pressure differential (dP) in the differential flow measurement device (orifice). The method includes computing the liquid-gas ratio (LGR) of the stream, computing the wet gas flow rate (Qw) of the stream, computing a first dry gas flow rate (Qd12-04-2008
20120265451Digital liquid flow rate meter - A digital liquid flow rate meter that comprises a body adapted to delimit a conduit for conveying liquid with two connectors which provided respectively with male threading and with female threading. In the conduit a turbine is inserted provided with a magneto that transmits impulses to a microprocessor comprised within the body and provided with an electronic card complete with display for direct reading of the flow rate of liquid conveyed. The turbine is associated with a shaft that transmits selectively at the ends, according to the direction of travel of the liquid, an axial thrust to corresponding supports that are inserted in the conduit. The shaft is provided with anti-wear elements that are adapted to ensure operation in the absence of wear in both directions of travel of the liquid.10-18-2012
20120330574PUMP TESTER - Methods of and devices for testing medical pumps via tracking induced single or multiple bubble trajectories within a fluid flow conduit (12-27-2012
20120330573PUMP TESTER - Methods of and devices for testing medical pumps via tracking induced single or multiple bubble trajectories within a fluid flow conduit (12-27-2012
20120271567DEVICE FOR MEASURING THE FLOW RATE OF A FLUID, IN PARTICULAR A LIQUID - A device for measuring the flow rate of a fluid in a conduit, including a bladed impeller mounted in the conduit so as to be driven in rotation by the flow of the fluid, and to which at least one magnet is fixed, and at least one magnetic field sensor arranged in a fixed position near the conduit and capable of causing the generation of a signal (pulse) each time the magnet of the impeller, passes thereby. The arrangement is such that the number of signals (pulses) generated by the sensor in a period of time is representative, according to a predetermined relationship, of the flow rate of the fluid in the associated conduit. A magnetic field sensor is coupled to a processing and a control circuit (PCU) including a microprocessor and associated memory means, predisposed for processing in predetermined manners the signals issued by the at least one sensor and providing a digital output signal having at least one feature which varies in a predetermined manner as a function of the flow rate (Q) of the fluid in the associated conduit.10-25-2012
20120089350COMPENSATION DEVICE FOR FLUIDIC OSCILLATION FLOW METER AND COMPENSATION METHOD USING THE SAME - Disclosed herein is a compensation device for fluidic oscillation flow meters. The compensation device includes a fluid supply unit, a fluidic oscillator, an electronic valve, a reference tank and a computer. The fluid supply unit supplies fluid into a pipe. The fluidic oscillator generates a characteristic oscillation frequency when the fluid supplied from the fluid supply unit passes through the fluidic oscillator. The electronic valve controls a flow rate of the fluid passing through the fluidic oscillator. The reference tank accumulates and stores the fluid passing through the electronic valve. The computer calculates a characteristic linear compensation coefficient using data about the time for which the fluid had passed through the fluidic oscillator, an oscillation frequency of the fluidic oscillator, a preset flow rate of the electronic valve, and a preset fluid accumulation amount. The computer stores the calculated characteristic linear compensation coefficient.04-12-2012
20110320141FLOW RATE MEASURING DEVICE - The present invention provides a flow rate measuring device capable of simplifying calculation, reducing the amount of a memory required for the calculation, absorbing variations due to manual operation and depending on the state of ignition, and improving the accuracy of appliance identification by using a configuration in which the features of appliances are extracted. The flow rate measuring device is formed of a difference value conversion unit 12-29-2011
20110320140Inline Overflow Protection and Leak Detection System and Method - A system and method for automatically detecting unwanted continuous flow of water or other liquids, either from intentional use or from a leak in the faucet/plumbing system and for automatically turning off the water faucet or dispensing apparatus when unwanted flow conditions are detected to prevent water from being wasted, overflowing and/or causing property damage.12-29-2011
20120101745FLOW MEASURING DEVICE - A flow measuring device includes a flow rate detecting part, an analog/digital conversion part, and a signal processing part. The flow rate detecting part detects a flow rate of air flowing through the passage, and outputs a flow voltage signal, which is a voltage in accordance with the flow rate. The analog/digital conversion part converts the flow voltage signal from the flow rate detecting part into digital data, which is flow digital data. The signal processing part performs calculation processing upon the flow digital data, which includes averaging of a predetermined number of consecutive pieces of the flow digital data, and outputs the averaged flow digital data as a flow rate signal. The predetermined number is equal to or larger than two.04-26-2012
20130018603Method Of Machine Condition MonitoringAANM BOGATZKI; DorotheaAACI DuesseldorfAACO DEAAGP BOGATZKI; Dorothea Duesseldorf DEAANM KUPER; PeterAACI GladbeckAACO DEAAGP KUPER; Peter Gladbeck DEAANM SOBOLYEV; OleksandrAACI DuesseldorfAACO DEAAGP SOBOLYEV; Oleksandr Duesseldorf DE - A method of machine condition monitoring, wherein at least one measured and/or calculated machine parameter is monitored during the operation of a machine, and wherein a change in the machine condition, particularly a critical operating state of the machine, is deduced when at least one monitored machine parameter reaches a limit value, and wherein at least one monitored machine parameter is monitored depending on at least one other machine parameter in defined operating point ranges of the machine, wherein a change in machine condition is deduced when at least one monitored machine parameter within a defined operating point range reaches at least one limit value individual to the operating point range.01-17-2013
20130018602Design and Apparatus of a Magnetic Resonance Multiphase Flow MeterAANM Ong; Joo TimAACI HoustonAAST TXAACO USAAGP Ong; Joo Tim Houston TX USAANM Bussear; Terry R.AACI SpringAAST TXAACO USAAGP Bussear; Terry R. Spring TX USAANM Edwards; Carl M.AACI KatyAAST TXAACO USAAGP Edwards; Carl M. Katy TX USAANM Young; Graeme S.AACI The WoodlandsAAST TXAACO USAAGP Young; Graeme S. The Woodlands TX US - An apparatus and method for estimating a parameter of a fluid flowing in a tubular is disclosed. A source of a primary magnetic field is coupled to the tubular and is configured to induce the primary magnetic field in the fluid to align nuclei of the fluid in the tubular along the primary magnetic field. A transmitter transmits an excitation signal into the fluid. A receiver detects a signal from the aligned nuclei responsive to the excitation signal. A processor estimates the parameter of the fluid from the detected signal. The source of the primary magnetic field is removable from the tubular. A coil may induce a secondary magnetic field to either enhance the strength of the primary magnetic field in the tubular or substantially cancel the primary magnetic field in the tubular, for example, to reduce particle build-up in the tubular.01-17-2013
20110161016System for Analyzing A Fluctuating Flow of A Mixture of Gases - The invention relates to a system and method for analyzing a fluctuating flow of a mixture of gases having an optionally variable frequency. The system can be used to determine momentary presence and quantity of at least one selected gaseous component in the fluctuating flow. The system uses at least one electronic sensor adapted to generate a measurement signal representative of at least one of the presence and quantity of the at least one gaseous component. The at least one electronic sensor has a response rate slower than the frequency of the fluctuating flow and the measurement signal is subjected to a correction to construct a momentary corrected signal that equals, or at least closely resembles, at least one of the momentary presence and quantity of the at least one gaseous component. In particular the correction includes a compilation of inverse filtering and moving average filtering.06-30-2011
20130173182METHOD AND DEVICE FOR LOCALIZATION OF DATA LOGGERS ON SUPPLY LINES WITH A READOUT DEVICE - A method for the deployment and retrieval of data loggers, which are deployed in a first step at separate locations on a supply network having numerous branching pipelines, e.g. for drinking water, which record, in a second step, at least the flow sounds of the medium flowing at the deployed locations, and which, in a third step, are read out by a vehicle driving past, having a readout device disposed therein, wherein the reading device is allocated a GPS module, and that when the data loggers are deployed at the locations assigned to them on the pipeline, the current GPS locations of the data loggers at said locations are stored in the readout device.07-04-2013
20110270539AIRFLOW DETECTOR AND METHOD OF MEASURING AIRFLOW - An airflow detecting device includes at least one pivot rod, a first vane portion hingedly secured to the at least one pivot rod and a second vane portion hingedly secured to the at least one pivot rod. The airflow detecting device further includes a first sensor assembly coupled to the first vane portion and the second vane portion. The first sensor assembly generates a signal when the one of the first vane portion and the second vane portion is moved relative to the other of the second vane portion and the first vane portion when effected by airflow. The airflow detecting device further includes a control module secured to the at least one pivot rod and coupled to the first sensor assembly to receive the signal from the first sensor assembly. The control module is configured to determine the direction and the amount of airflow based on the signal from the first sensor assembly. Other embodiments of airflow detecting devices are further disclosed.11-03-2011
20130124112Anemometer Detecting Thermal Time Constant of Sensor - An anemometer and method for analyzing fluid flow is described. In one embodiment, a transistor sensor is heated by applying power to cause its base-emitter junction to rise from an ambient first temperature to a second temperature. The power is removed, and the Vbe is measured at intervals as the junction cools. The Vbe equates to a temperature of the junction. The temperature exponentially decreases, and the time constant of the decay corresponds to the fluid flow velocity. A best fit curve analysis is performed on the temperature decay curve, and the time constant of the exponential decay is derived by a data processor. A transfer function correlates the time constant to the fluid flow velocity. The transistor is thermally coupled to a metal rod heat sink extending from the package, and the characteristics of the rod are controlled to adjust the performance of the anemometer.05-16-2013
20130124111SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING AND REPORTING ENERGY RECOVERY VENTILATOR STATUS - An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) monitoring and reporting system and a method of monitoring and reporting information on an ERV. In one embodiment, the system includes: (1) a processor configured to carry out a plurality of monitoring and reporting functions on the ERV based on a model, and types and locations of sensors, of the ERV, (2) a memory coupled to the processor and configured to store data gathered from the sensors and (3) a commissioning database associated with the memory and configured to contain commissioning data regarding the model of the ERV.05-16-2013
20130124113DETERMINING A QUANTITY OF TRANSPORTED FLUID - A system for determining a quantity of transported fluid, includes a measured parameter receiver (05-16-2013
20130132003METHOD FOR DETERMINING A RESULTING TOTAL MASS FLOW TO AN EXHAUST GAS MASS FLOW SENSOR - A method for determining a resulting total mass flow to an exhaust gas mass flow sensor involves providing an exhaust gas mass flow sensor comprising a first sensor element and a second sensor element. The second sensor element comprises a first temperature sensor and a second temperature sensor arranged in a row in an exhaust flow direction. A specific heat output is determined at the exhaust gas mass flow sensor with the first sensor element and the second sensor element. A value of a summed mass flow is determined from a stored first characteristic map, a specific heat output being a function of the value. A normalized temperature gradient is determined. A back flow portion is determined from a stored second characteristic map, the back flow portion being a function of the specific heat output in dependence on the normalized temperature gradient. The resulting total mass flow is determined.05-23-2013
20100023278Fluid volume verification system - This invention describes a fluid transfer device which has a fluid handling system and a fluid detection system controlled by a central processing system which allows the device to accurately determine both the verification of fluid dispensed and the liquid level position in the reaction vessel.01-28-2010
20130185004Retrieval of Measured Values, Diagnostic Information or Device Parameters - A system, a device and a method are for retrieval of measured values, items of diagnostic information or device parameters in level measurement, pressure measurement, flow measurement or limit detection. Provided in the measuring device is a flag which is raised when the measuring device changes a measuring device parameter, for example. An external control device receives this flag and, using said flag, can determine whether a device parameter has been changed in the measuring device. If this is the case, it requests the group of device parameters, associated with this device parameter, from the measuring device. In this manner, the transfer of data can be reduced.07-18-2013
20110313687METHOD FOR PROCESSING A SIGNAL FROM A FLOW METER FOR MEASURING A GAS FLOW IN AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - A method for processing a signal from a flow meter for measuring a gas flow in an internal combustion engine includes processing the signal according to a first logic when the engine operates in a first intake mode and processing the signal according to a second logic when the engine operates in a second intake mode. The first intake mode includes the activation of a high-pressure EGR valve. The second intake mode includes the activation of a low-pressure EGR valve.12-22-2011
20130191045Flow Meter Device and Method of Operation - A flow meter device is coupled to at least one sensor that measures a flow speed and provides status signals from which the flow speed can be determined. The flow meter receives and processes the flow measurement data provided by the at least one sensor. The at least one sensor is enabled at defined time instances for a defined interval time. The flow meter receives at least one status signal from the sensor each time the sensor is enabled and processes the status signals to generate a trigger event when certain conditions arise. A processing unit wakes up from a sleep mode when a trigger event is generated by the flow meter device.07-25-2013
20120029845APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR FLUID MONITORING - According to some embodiments, an apparatus and method are provided for detecting the composition of a fluid. An alternating electromagnetic field may be applied to the fluid and distortions in the electromagnetic field are compared with predetermined, expected distortion “signatures” for particular components at particular concentrations. The presence and concentration of the components in the fluid may be detected by detecting these distortion signatures.02-02-2012
20130197827MONITORING HOT WATER USAGE IN A GAS WATER HEATER - An apparatus and method for determining the volume of hot water dispensed during a given timeframe from a hydrocarbon fueled water heater based on the volume of fuel consumed by the water heater during the timeframe and the average temperature difference between the inlet water temperature and the outlet water temperature during the timeframe.08-01-2013
20130197829Filter clog sensing system and method for compensating in response to blower speed changes - A sensing system and method for use with a gas filter in a gas conduit attached to a gas blower, having a motor for producing a first gas flow blower speed, discards readings taken when the blower is off or during blower startup and shutdown, and recalculates a clog threshold in response to changes in the fan speed of a multi-speed blower.08-01-2013
20130204546ON-LINE PUMP EFFICIENCY DETERMINING SYSTEM AND RELATED METHOD FOR DETERMINING PUMP EFFICIENCY - A system for measuring real time efficiency/performance of at least one pump in a plant or other facility includes a plurality of monitoring devices disposed in relation to said at least one pump to measure power usage, pump speed and flow characteristics of the at least one pump. A processing system is configured to receive input signals from the sensors in which the efficiency of the at least one pump can be calculated based on the sensor inputs in real-time. The processing system can also compare the calculated pump efficiency values with a user defined set point or threshold or compare to the expected pump performance.08-08-2013
20120095704FILTERING TECHNIQUES TO REMOVE NOISE FROM A PERIODIC SIGNAL AND Irms CALCULATIONS - Signal filtering removes effects of a periodic, low-frequency noise signal from a signal of interest. A signal waveform is sampled at different points of a number of consecutive periodic noise signal cycles and the collected samples are averaged to produce a corrected signal. The number of consecutive cycles in which samples are taken and averaged is inversely related to the signal amplitude such that as the signal level decreases, the number of cycles examined increases. Improved RMS calculations are obtained for filtering low-frequency random noise from Hall sensors by averaging samples at different points of a signal cycle to create a composite desired signal cycle to facilitate other signal calculations.04-19-2012

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