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Force or torque measurement

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702 - Data processing: measuring, calibrating, or testing


702033000 - Mechanical measurement system

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702042000 Stress or strain measurement 133
702044000 Mechanical work or power measurement 18
20130030721SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETERMINATION OF POLISHED ROD POSITION FOR RECIPROCATING ROD PUMPS - A system and method for measurement of a polished rod movement in a reciprocating rod pumping system comprising reciprocal motive elements is provided. A proximity sensor target is mounted on the polished rod while a corresponding sensor element, is mounted in fixed relation to the pumping system, for example in fixed relation to the wellhead or ground. The sensor detects passage of the proximity sensor target, and thus the polished rod, as it moves in opposite directions during a single stroke cycle. The time of passage and the speed of the polished rod, as determined from its kinematic relationship with other pumping system components, is used to determine the position of the polished rod at any point during the cycle. The proximity sensor target may be mounted on a walking beam or other reciprocally moving element, with the sensor positioned in a corresponding fixed location.01-31-2013
20130030720STEERING TEST STAND - A steering test stand has a first steering device with a measurement unit measuring the steering device torque value and applies forces to the steering device and control unit and has a control unit connected to a computer for controlling actuators. The computer simulates static and/or dynamic properties of a motor vehicle and transmits simulated target values to the control unit. A test driver unit comprises a second steering device as a force feedback steering wheel and a connection between the test driver unit and the computer, transmits a second steering angle set on the force feedback steering wheel. A second connection between the test driver unit and computer transmits steering torque measured on the first steering device to the test unit, such that the second steering device sets a second steering torque value on the force feedback steering wheel as a function of the first value.01-31-2013
20130085686DIGITAL DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MEASURING THE AXIAL LOAD OF A TORQUE-SHEAR-TYPE HIGH STRENGTH BOLT - The present invention relates to a digital device and a method for measuring the axial load of a torque-shear-type high strength bolt. One embodiment of the digital device of the present invention includes: a main body portion which is connected to an electromotive wrench fastening a torque-shear-type high strength bolt; a measurement portion disposed at the main body portion to measure the axial load of the torque-shear-type high strength bolt using a quantity of the electricity from the electromotive wrench; a power supply portion disposed at the main body portion and including a power lead-in portion for receiving an external power supply and a power lead-out portion for supplying power to the electromotive wrench; and a display portion displaying the axial force value measured by the measurement portion.04-04-2013
20110196623LOAD MONITORING SYSTEM - A load monitoring system (08-11-2011
20130080077Method and Apparatus For Wheel Assembly Lateral Force Measurement - A vehicle wheel service system configured with a load roller assembly to apply a generally radial load to a vehicle wheel assembly during rotation, and which is configured with sensors to obtain one or more measurements of lateral forces associated with the vehicle wheel assembly during the loaded rotation, from which a quantified representation of lateral force for the tire of the vehicle wheel assembly is determined.03-28-2013
20120209539TURBINE FAULT ANALYSIS - Devices, methods, and systems for turbine fault analysis are described herein. One computing device implemented method for turbine failure analysis includes collecting a first set of data associated with wind turbine performance, via a computing device, analyzing the first set of data to determine whether the first set of data can indicate a fault condition, and reviewing a second set of data associated with wind turbine performance to determine if a fault condition exists.08-16-2012
20120185181Aerodynamic Force Sensing Apparatus - An aerodynamic force sensing apparatus for providing an air data computer with information to calculate air data. The apparatus includes a plurality of vanes supportable in a vane array extending from a distal end of an airfoil of an aircraft, and one or more sensors configured to sense the response of one or more vanes of the vane array to aerodynamic forces and to transmit corresponding signals to an air data computer (ADC) for use by the ADC in calculating air data.07-19-2012
20120166104NON-CONTACT PRESSURE SENSING USING LASER-INDUCED DIELECTRIC BREAKDOWN - A technique for measuring pressure of a material directs one or more laser beams at the material (e.g., a pressurized fluid) to create a distribution of electromagnetic field intensity which varies over an intensity range and induces dielectric breakdown in the material. An emission pattern of broadband light from the dielectric breakdown is detected, and a value of a characteristic of the emission pattern (e.g., location of a threshold intensity or of a peak intensity) is processed (e.g., by a computer or similar electronic processor) to generate a pressure measurement signal representing a pressure of the material. Processing typically employs a pre-established calibration function which associates a set of stored values of the characteristic with corresponding known pressures of the material, obtained for example by preceding similar measurements of the same material under conditions of known pressures.06-28-2012
20090043517METHOD AND DEVICE FOR CALCULATING MAGNITUDE OF CORNERING FORCE GENERATED IN WHEEL - A method of calculating a cornering force to be applied to each wheel provided to a vehicle which is cornering, comprising the steps of: obtaining a magnitude of a centrifugal force to the vehicle in a direction substantially orthogonal to a vehicle traveling direction, a contact length of each wheel during the cornering of the vehicle, and an amount of deformation in a wheel width direction at the contact portion of each wheel of the vehicle, calculating a difference between the obtained amount of the deformation and an amount of deformation in the wheel width direction under a straight forward travel condition of the vehicle for each wheel, and calculating a cornering force for each wheel based on the magnitude of the centrifugal force, the contact length, and the difference between amounts of deformation in the wheel width direction.02-12-2009
20120191379IMPACT SENSING AND RECORDING - Various methods and systems are provided for impact sensing and recording. In one embodiment, an impact recording sensor includes an impulse sensing system configured to sense impacts experienced by the impact recording sensor in three dimensions and a microcontroller unit (MCU) configured to obtain impact data from the impulse sensing system and store an impact data set including the impact data in memory in response to an impact experienced by the impact recording sensor. The impact recording sensor may also include a rechargeable power source configured to supply power to the MCU. In another embodiment, an impact recording system includes and impact recording sensor and a control interface unit configured to communicatively couple with the impulse recording sensor. The control interface unit may be configured to download impact data set stored in memory of the impulse recording sensor.07-26-2012
20120191378APPARATUS CAPABLE OF CONTROLLING, TRACKING AND MEASURING TIGHTENING TORQUE AND LOCKING FORCE, AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING, TRACKING, MEASURING AND CALIBRATING THEREOF - This invention discloses an apparatus capable of controlling, tracking and measuring the tightening torque and the locking force and a method thereof. The device comprises a control device, a transducing device, and a sensing device. The transducing device comprises a second connector and a first signal transmitter. The control device communicates with the transducing device through a second signal transmitter and the first signal transmitter wiredly or wirelessly. The sensing device comprises a first connector and a sensor, and electrically connects to the transducing device through the second connector and the first connector. The sensing device senses the torque applied to a fastener to transmit real-time sensing data to the control device. The control device compares the real-time sensing data with a setting value so as to measure, control or track the locking force or tightening torque applied to the fastener in real time.07-26-2012
20130073224METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR CHARACTERIZING VEHICLE TIRES - A system for characterizing a vehicle tire is provided. The system includes a testing assembly configured to support the vehicle tire. The assembly includes a force-moment transducer configured to gather force information from the vehicle tire in response to a stimulus on the vehicle tire. The system further includes an accelerometer coupled to the vehicle tire and configured to gather vibration information from the vehicle tire in response to the stimulus on the vehicle tire. The system further includes a post-processing system configured to receive the vibration information from the accelerometer and the force information from the force-moment transducer. The post-processing system is further configured to extract resonant frequencies from the vibration information and the force information.03-21-2013
20110015878ROTATIONAL TORQUE MEASUREMENT DEVICE - A device for measuring torque applied through a rotating member. A first torsion reference member is fixedly coupled to the rotating member at a first axial position and a second torsion reference member is fixedly coupled to the rotating member at a second axial position. A first detector detects the passage of the first torsion reference member past the first detector upon each full rotation of the rotating member and to generate a first signal upon each passage of the first torsion reference member. A second detector detects the passage of the second torsion reference member past the second detector upon each full rotation of the rotating member and to generate a second signal upon each passage of the second torsion reference member. A controller calculates a phase difference between the first signal and the second signal relative during rotation of the rotating member under a torsional load.01-20-2011
20110015876METHOD, SYSTEM, AND COMPUTER SOFTWARE CODE FOR VERIFICATION OF VALIDITY OF A PRESSURE TRANSDUCER - A system for verifying validity of a pressure reading from a transducer on a remote powered system, the system including a comparator subsystem configured to evaluate a pressure reading differential taken between a first transducer that is part of a braking system on a lead powered system and a second transducer that is a part of a braking system on a remote powered system, wherein the pressure reading differential is taken when the lead powered system and the remote powered system are operating in a distributed power application. A method and computer software code, stored on a computer readable media and executable with a processor, are also disclosed for verifying validity of a pressure reading from a transducer on a remote powered system.01-20-2011
20130060489CHARACTERIZATION OF IMPACT EXPERIENCED AT A HEADPIECE - Impact at a headpiece, for example a protective helmet, is characterized in part using an impact sensor including at least one acceleration switch positioned on the helmet. A microcontroller is configured to identify and store acceleration switch opening duration data based on the binary output values of the at least one acceleration switch. A processor at a portable electronic device receives the acceleration switch opening duration data and determines whether the experienced impact force is associated with an impact force magnitude that is within a predetermined head injury range of magnitude. An impact alert is generated when the impact force magnitude is within the predetermined head injury range of magnitude. In an embodiment, the portable electronic device displays a severity indication and an identifier of a person associated with the sensor that experienced impact.03-07-2013
20130060490METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE TORQUE AND/OR ANGULAR SPEED OF A ROTATING SHAFT AND A DEVICE FOR CARRYING OUT SAME - A method allowing the reliable and accurate calculation of the torque of a shaft using two phonic wheels and a sensor, the method including correlating the signal resulting from a rotation or one sixth of a rotation with the signal resulting from the subsequent rotation or one sixth of a rotation. The length of time between two passages of teeth is calculated by interpolating the cross-correlation function using least squares interpolation.03-07-2013
20090112488Method for determining characteristic values of a suspended driven axis, especially of a machine tool, as well as suitable applications, corresponding facilities and their use - A method for determining at least one characteristic value, especially of a suspended driven axis of a machine is provided, with the axis being driven by means of a rotating drive unit and/or by means of a linear drive unit. A torque or a force corresponding to said torque acting on the drive unit is measured along a predetermined movement path of the axis. Inventively the torque or the force is measured in the forward and reverse direction. Energy-conserving moments or energy-conserving forces on the one hand and/or friction-dependent moments or friction-dependent forces on the other hand are determined by computational overlaying of associated torque or force values as the at least one direction-independent characteristic value.04-30-2009
20120232808PROPELLER SYSTEM WITH TWO COUNTER-ROTATING PROPELLERS, A METHOD FOR MEASURING THE THRUST OF A PROPELLER SYSTEM WITH TWO COUNTER-ROTATING PROPELLERS AND WIND TUNNEL WITH A MODEL POSITIONED THEREIN HAVING A PROPELLER SYSTEM - A propeller system with two propellers, arranged one behind the other and separated by a propeller gap, respectively comprising a propeller hub and at least one rotating force measuring device, comprises at least two differential pressure sensors and an evaluation unit. The rotating force measuring devices are mechanically connected to the respective propellers and are adapted for determining the individual thrust force of each propeller. At least one of the said differential pressure sensors is arranged on or in each propeller and is adapted for measuring a differential pressure between the propeller gap and the respectively opposing side of the propeller. By adding the measured individual thrust forces and by subtracting the gap area forces that are based on the respectively measured differential pressures, the evaluation unit can determine a precise overall thrust force for the propeller system.09-13-2012
20090012725Determining a point of application of force on a surface element - The invention discloses a system for determining at least one point of application of force on a surface element. The system comprises a surface element (01-08-2009
20100088043AUTOMATED SYSTEM FOR DETERMINING PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF A SHAFT - A computer-controlled system automatically measures and records various physical characteristics of an elongated shaft or tube, such as a golf club shaft or other structural member. The characteristics measured include the principal planar oscillation plane, oscillation frequency, stiffness asymmetry, relative stiffness, torsional stiffness, shaft length, shaft straightness and tip angle.04-08-2010
20080294355Tire Lateral Force Determination in Electrical Steering Systems - A method for calculation of the lateral force in a motor vehicle with an electromechanical or electrohydraulic steering system is disclosed. The method comprises the following steps: firstly a steering column force is recorded, from which a total restoring torque is calculated. The total restoring torque comprises restoring torques generated by differing forces acting on the wheels. Said restoring torques include a restoring torque generated by lateral force and other restoring torques. The other restoring torques are quantitatively determined on the basis of measured values and subtracted from the total restoring torque, in order to determine the restoring torque generated by lateral force. Finally the lateral force is determined from the restoring torque generated by the lateral force.11-27-2008
20120290226SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CALCULATING WINCH LINE PULL - A device having a winch spool, a torque sensor that measures torque of the winch spool, a first angle sensor that detects a first angle of a winch line relative to a central axis of the winch spool, and a second angle sensor that detects a second angle of the winch line coming from a coil of line on the spool relative to a surface of the coil of line is disclosed.11-15-2012
20110301876TACTILE SENSOR UNIT, ROBOT INCLUDING THE TACTILE SENSOR UNIT, AND LOAD CALCULATION METHOD - A tactile sensor unit is provided, which includes a substrate; a coat formed on the substrate; and a cantilever beam structure having one end fixed to the substrate and curved to rise in such a direction that the other end of the cantilever beam structure is farther from the substrate than the one end. The tactile sensor unit detects a load applied to the coat. The cantilever beam structure is capable of resonating at a first resonant frequency and a second resonant frequency which is different from the first resonant frequency. The tactile sensor unit further includes a computation section for calculating a directional component of the load based on a change ratio of the first resonant frequency obtained in accordance with a change in the load and a change ratio of the second resonant frequency obtained in accordance with the change in the load.12-08-2011
20110301875BUSHING PRESS-FITTING INSPECTION DEVICE, METHOD, AND PROGRAM, AND BUSHING PRESS-FITTING APPARATUS - A bushing press-fitting inspection device that can perform an inspection in any state between the beginning of press-fitting and the end of press-fitting as to whether or not the press-fitting has been satisfactorily performed is provided. The bushing press-fitting inspection device is used in a bushing press-fitting apparatus that, using a press-fitting mechanism, supports a bushing at an end of the bushing press-fitting apparatus and that press-fits, over a certain stroke at a certain load, the bushing into a bushing press-fitting portion formed in part of a structure in a cylindrical shape that is included in a workpiece. The bushing press-fitting inspection device includes setting means, storage means, input means, judgment means, and output means.12-08-2011
20110301874SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING WEDGE TIGHTNESS - A system and method for determining wedge tightness in a dynamoelectric machine is provided. The dynamoelectric machine includes a rotor, stator and a wedge assembly having at least one wedge for retaining a coil. The system includes a force application device for applying a predetermined force or a known quantity of force to a wedge, and the force is applied in a substantially radial direction. A measuring device for measuring movement of the wedge, measures a movement distance relative to a surface of an adjacent core surface. The system can be inserted between the rotor and the stator, and the movement distance is obtained by evaluating a distance to an adjacent core surface and a distance to a surface of the wedge.12-08-2011
20090076742ESTIMATION OF WHEEL RAIL INTERACTION FORCES - A method of estimating contact forces between the wheels of a railway wagon and a rail track, for use in determining information such as the likelihood of derailment. Accelerations of the body of the wagon are measured using motion sensors located at suitable points on the body. Forces on the side frames of the wagon are calculated based on the accelerations of the body and predetermined parameters of the body. Forces on the wheels of the wagon are calculated based on the accelerations of the body and predetermined parameters of the body. The contact forces between the wheels and the rails are then calculated based on the forces calculated for the side frames and the wheels. The calculations are carried out using an inverse model of the wagon system. Equipment which implements the method is also described.03-19-2009
20130218487SEAT OCCUPANCY DETERMINATION APPARATUS - A seat occupancy determination apparatus includes a seatbelt attachment detection device, a first load detection device and a second load detection device arranged under a vehicle seat and each detecting part of a load acting on the vehicle seat, a control processor obtaining a first load value and a second load value, the control processor including a sum load value calculation portion computing a sum load value, a no-occupancy determination portion, a slope way determination portion determining that a vehicle is stopped on a slope way, a seatbelt attachment determination portion, a tentative determination portion tentatively making a seat occupancy determination, a forward movement determination portion determining that the vehicle starts moving forward and runs steadily on a flat ground, and a definite determination portion determining that an adult is seated and determining that a child safety seat is fastened.08-22-2013
20110295523METHOD AND DEVICE FOR MONITORING THE STATE OF A FOUNDATION EMBEDDED IN THE GROUND - The invention relates to a method for monitoring the state of a foundation supporting a building (I) and embedded in the ground, consisting of using a plurality of sensors (12-01-2011
20120065903METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE TORQUE OF A WORM OF A DECANTER - A method for determining the torque of a worm of a solid bowl worm centrifuge. The solid bowl worm centrifuge includes a rotatable drum and a rotatable worm, the rotatable worm being rotatable at a different rotational speed than that of the rotatable drum. The rotatable drum and rotatable worm are driven via a gear arrangement and a common single drive motor via at least one belt drive, a driving belt pulley, a driven belt pulley and a belt coupling the pulley. The method steps include determining a slip of the at least once belt drive and calculating a torque based upon the determination of the slip.03-15-2012
20130218488ALGORITHM FOR DETECTING ACTIVATION OF A PUSH BUTTON - The invention relates to an algorithm for detecting activation of a tactile pressure sensor having a mechanic structure that includes the steps of: (a) measuring periodically an input quantity (V08-22-2013
20100049450METHOD FOR MEASURING PHYSICAL QUANTITY DISTRIBUTION AND MEASUREMENT SYSTEM USING SENSOR FOR PHYSICAL QUANTITY DISTRIBUTION - It is an object of the present invention to provide a measurement system that measures physical quantity distribution over the entire region using a sensor for physical quantity distribution (PQD sensor) that realizes high stretchability, flexibility, etc., in at least a partial region, in order to measure the physical quantity distribution that is regionally distributed in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional manner, as well as a method for measuring physical quantity distribution. Such measurement system comprises: a body for converting physical quantity distribution (PQDc body) structured in such a way that the condition of injection current changes according to the action of the target physical quantity; multiple electrodes arranged in such a way that they can supply injection current to the PQDc body and measure data of the electric potential distribution generated by the PQDc body as a result; a PQD sensor comprising the PQDc body, electrodes, and an electric signal processing unit that processes electrode signals; and a processing part that processes data with the PQD sensor; wherein the measurement method comprises a data acquisition procedure to cause electrodes to generate injection current and measure the electric potential distribution that generates in the PQDc body, which is used as measured data, and an estimation procedure to read the measured data and use the read data to obtain the distribution of the target physical quantity that acts upon the PQDc body.02-25-2010
20120035864DETERMINING AN EQUIVALENT MECHANICAL LOAD - A method for determining an equivalent mechanical load of a component includes a dynamic mechanical loading. A first measurement value of the mechanical load of the component is measured and compared to a first reference value. Further, at least one count value representing the number of load half-cycles of the component is updated based upon the result of comparing, wherein the load half-cycles correspond to a predetermined range of mechanical loads and occur within a time period prior to the measurement of the first measurement value. A first equivalent mechanical load of the component is determined based on the first updated count value. It is further described a program element and a computer-readable medium having stored a program for controlling the described equivalent mechanical load determining method.02-09-2012
20120109541TACTILE SURFACE TEXTURE CHARACTERISATION METHOD - A tactile surface texture method including: measuring at least one force perceived by a force sensor during a relative movement of the sensor with respect to a surface to be characterized; calculating one or more time and/or frequency parameters of an output signal transmitted by the sensor representative of the previously measured force; determining a value of a tactile descriptor of multiple tactile descriptors through application of a continuous transfer function to the previously calculated parameters, the transfer function being previously determined by regression from a learning database associating, for each descriptor, plural values of the tactile descriptor with plural values of one or more time and/or frequency parameters calculated from measurements made by the force sensor on multiple test surfaces representative of values of the tactile descriptor in question.05-03-2012
20100125423CONTROL DEVICE, CONTROL METHOD, AND PROGRAM - A control device includes a force detector configured to detect a force in a normal direction and a force in a shearing direction of fingertips of a robot hand device respectively as a normal force and a shearing force, and an object detector configured to calculate a friction coefficient using the normal force and the shearing force detected by the force detector and to detect whether or not a thin-film object having a maximum friction coefficient different from a maximum stationary friction coefficient between the fingertips is grasped between the fingertips on the basis of the calculation result.05-20-2010
20110270538BALANCING DEVICE - A balancing device includes an active balancing mechanism. The active balancing mechanism maintains the balancing device in an actively balanced state within a range of the active balancing mechanism. An auxiliary balancing mechanism is configured to support the balancing device in an unbalanced state that is outside the range of the active balancing mechanism and aid a transition of the balancing device to the actively balanced state that is within the range of the active balancing mechanism, wherein the auxiliary balancing mechanism is configured to support the balancing device includes to prop up the balancing device.11-03-2011
20080208488Device for Detecting Impact and Use Thereof - The present invention relates to a device for detecting an impact and use thereof.08-28-2008
20110172933METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE TORQUE AVAILABLE ON THE CRANKSHAFT OF AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE IN A MOTOR - The invention relates to a method for determining the torque available on the crankshaft of an internal combustion engine in a motor vehicle, according to which an adaptation of the motor torque is carried out.07-14-2011
20090063058Inertia And Load Torque Estimating Method And Apparatus - A method and apparatus for estimating a system inertia and a load torque in a motor controller, the method comprising the steps of providing an acceleration command signal, determining a motor position, using the motor position to generate an acceleration feedback signal, mathematically combining the acceleration feedback signal and a load torque signal to generate a system inertia estimate, mathematically combining the system inertia estimate and the acceleration command signal to generate a motor torque signal, mathematically combining the system inertia estimate and the acceleration feedback signal to generate an inertia torque and mathematically combining the inertia torque and the motor torque signal to generate the load torque estimate.03-05-2009
20110208444System and method for measuring balance and track motion in mammals - An example sensor band configured for attachment to a calf of a mammal and used in measuring track and balance motion of the mammal includes one or more first sensors for sensing muscle circumferential pressure at multiple positions; one or more second sensors for sensing Earth's magnetic field; and one or more third sensors for sensing Earth's gravitational field.08-25-2011
20080249719Measuring Device and Method for Measuring the Arching of an Elongate Body - The present invention relates to a measuring device (10-09-2008
20080249718Method, Device and Program for Presenting Inner Force Sense and Program - A force feedback method for presenting a force sense to an operator by jetting gas or liquid from a nozzle of jetting means according to a position or an orientation of a receiver is disclosed. In the force feedback method, the receiver is provided with an inclined side surface unit shaped to be inclined, outward from a center part of the receiver, with respect to an axis line of the receiver, and the force feedback method provides a force, to the receiver, including a component perpendicular to a jet direction of the gas or the liquid, by jetting the gas or the liquid to the inclined side surface unit.10-09-2008
20080288185Torque estimating device of compressor - A compressor drive torque estimating device able to suppress discrepancy between an estimated drive torque due to delay of a switching timing of a torque estimating means of a compressor and an actual drive torque of the compressor, provided with a flow rate detecting means for detecting a refrigerant flow rate, a check valve opening only in a refrigerant discharge direction in the compressor, a storage part storing estimated drive torque characteristics determining the correspondence between a drive torque behavior of the compressor and an elapsed time from the start of operation of the compressor, a first estimated drive torque calculating means for calculating an estimated drive torque based on estimated torque characteristic stored in the storage part, a second estimated drive torque calculating means for calculating the estimated drive torque using a flow rate detecting means, and an estimated drive torque switching means for switching from the first estimated drive torque calculating means to the second estimated drive torque calculating means, the estimated drive torque switching means for switching from the first estimated drive torque calculating means to the second estimated drive torque calculating means based on a physical quantity corresponding to a valve opening pressure of the check valve.11-20-2008
20090319201SIGNAL-PROCESSING METHOD FOR USE IN A FORCE-MEASURING DEVICE AND FORCE-MEASURING DEVICE - A method, an arrangement and a program process a measurement signal generated in a measurement transducer of an electronic force-measuring device, particularly a balance. The generated measurement signal corresponds to the force acting on the transducer. The measurement signal is entered directly or by way of a pre-processing stage into a display function which assigns corresponding output values to the values of the measurement signal. The output values are subsequently presented in a display or passed on for further processing. The input range of the display function contains a capture range, so that the values of the measurement signal that lie within the capture range are assigned a common output value by the display function, and the position of the capture range within the input range is controlled dependent on the generated measurement signal.12-24-2009
20080275656Rolling bearing device with sensor - A rolling bearing device with a sensor includes a rotational component estimator that extracts a rotational synchronization component included in the rotation of an inner shaft relative to an outer ring from each of a signal output by a first displacement detector and a signal output by a second displacement detector. The rotational component estimator performs rotational operation and integration operation.11-06-2008
20090177416POSITIONING PATTERN - An absolute position detection device, system and method using a pattern comprising two types of position data: location of the pattern relative an object and position of the pattern relative a sensing device, e.g. a camera. The device comprise the sensing device acquiring images of the pattern located on the object and a computational unit analysing the images for determining absolute position of the object relative the sensing device. The present invention is realized in a number of applications, such as forming part of a torque sensor, a theodolite, an articulating arm, or an angular detector.07-09-2009
20080319683Road-surface condition estimating device - A driving-torque difference value, an inertial-force difference value of the vehicle, and an inertial-force change-amount difference value of the vehicle are calculated. Subsequently, a first determination coefficient by which the inertial-force difference value is to be multiplied or a second determination coefficient by which the driving-torque difference value is to be multiplied is estimated on the basis of a state equation having the inertial-force difference value as a state variable and the driving-torque difference value as an input variable. Subsequently, a road-surface condition is determined on the basis of a comparison between a threshold value and the first determination coefficient or the second determination coefficient.12-25-2008
20090198456DETECTION OF FUEL PROPERTY BASED ON CHANGE IN ROTATIONAL SPEED OF ENGINE - There is disclosed a fuel property detector for detecting a property of fuel injected by a fuel injector into a cylinder of an internal combustion engine. The fuel property detector includes an injection commander, a change detector, and a fuel property determiner. The injection commander commands the fuel injector to perform a fuel injection for fuel property detection into the cylinder of the engine. The change detector detects a change in the rotational speed of the engine which is caused by the fuel injection for fuel property detection. The fuel property determiner determines the property of the fuel based on the change in the rotational speed of the engine detected by the change detector.08-06-2009
20110231113METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETERMINING A TYRE LOAD DURING THE RUNNING OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - A method for determining a load exerted on a tyre fitted on a vehicle during a running of said vehicle comprises the following steps: acquiring a first signal comprising a first portion representative of a radial deformation to which a first tread area portion of said tyre is subjected during passage of said first tread area portion in a contact region between said tyre and a rolling surface; measuring an amplitude of said radial deformation in said first signal portion; estimating a rotation speed and an inflation pressure of said tyre in correspondence of said radial deformation; deriving said tyre load from said amplitude, said rotation speed and said inflation pressure.09-22-2011
20120078536METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETERMINING OUTPUT TORQUE CAPABILITIES IN HYBRID AND ELECTRIC POWERTRAINS - A method for determining output torque capabilities in a transmission having a first, second, and third node, each of which has a speed and acceleration. The method includes controlling the speed of the first node, calculating a real maximum long-term output torque capability (raw max LT) as a function of at least the acceleration and the speed of the first and second nodes, and calculating an inertialess maximum long-term output torque capability (inertialess max LT), which is identical to the raw max LT except that the inertialess max LT ignores torque capability due to acceleration of the first node. The raw max LT and the inertialess max LT are compared to determine an operating capability for the transmission. The first node may be an input node for the transmission. The method may include determining a new effective minimum long-term output torque capability (new effective min LT) by similar considerations.03-29-2012
20090210172METHOD FOR ESTIMATING THE COMPONENTS OF THE FORCE TORSOR THAT ARE APPLIED TO A BEARING - A method is provided for estimating the components of the force torsor that are applied to a bearing, which method provides for the measurement of a vector (V08-20-2009
20090222222Operating device for calibrating torque wrenches - The invention relates to an operating device for testing torque wrenches with a data storage. A carrier is provided for fixing a torque wrench to be tested. A transducer is arranged at the carrier and coupled to the head portion of the torque wrench to be tested. A grip holder arranged on the carrier fixes the grip of the torque wrench to be tested. A deflecting mechanism generates a torque on the head portion of the torque wrench to be tested. A communication unit is coupled to the data storage of the torque wrench for data exchange.09-03-2009
20090259413RESISTIVE FORCE SENSING DEVICE AND METHOD WITH AN ADVANCED COMMUNICATION INTERFACE - Several methods and a system of a resistive force sensing device and method with an advanced communication interface are disclosed. An exemplary embodiment provides a force measuring device. The force measuring device includes a resistive sensor having a fixed surface and a movable surface. A spring assembly is positioned between the fixed surface and the movable surface. The spring assembly alters in height in response to a force applied perpendicular to the movable surface and causes a change in a resistance of the resistive sensor. A circuit generates a measurement of the force based on an algorithm that considers a change in the resistance of the resistive sensor. A universal serial bus (USB) interface of the circuit provides digital output of the measurement to a computing device.10-15-2009
20100153025SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DETERMINING ENGINE TORQUE VALUES - A system and method of estimating the torque value of an engine are provided. The method includes generating corrected variable values from engine measured parameters and using a plurality of steady state tables that output corrected engine torque estimates based on various corrected variable values as inputs. In a preferred embodiment, the method also includes a phase compensation technique that converts each steady state table torque estimate into a dynamic torque estimate that closely matches the torque sensor measurements during both transient and steady state engine operations. In addition, also in a preferred embodiment, the method further includes a weighted averaging scheme that combines multiple torque estimates with weighting factors that are optimized based on the accuracy attributes of each torque estimate.06-17-2010
20100161247OPERATIONS SUPPORT SYSTEMS AND METHODS WITH MODEL-BASED TORQUE ESTIMATES - An operations support system for an engine includes a model-based torque estimation unit configured to receive engine data associated with the engine and to generate torque estimation signals based on the engine data using a thermodynamic engine model. The thermodynamic model is based on component maps associated with the engine.06-24-2010
20130218486SEAT OCCUPANCY DETERMINATION APPARATUS - A seat occupancy determination apparatus includes a seat belt attachment detection portion, a first and a second load detection sensors, a front-rear load sum computing portion, a front-rear load difference computing portion, a memory portion, an adult possibility determination portion, and a child safety seat determination portion determining a vehicle seat determined as possibly occupied by an adult is occupied by a child safety seat in a case where a first predetermined amount increase condition satisfies by a front-rear load difference value within a time range between a time of engagement and a first time point increases by a first predetermined amount or more from the value at the first time point or earlier and a second predetermined amount decrease condition satisfies by the front-rear load difference value decreases by a second predetermined amount or more within a time range between the time of engagement and a second time point.08-22-2013
20090259412 SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING THE POSITION AND ORIENTATION OF AN OBJECT IN DEPENDENCE ON RECEIVED FORCES AND TORQUES FROM A USER - A system for controlling position and orientation of an object. A first part is adapted to receive forces and torques from a user. A sensor is adapted to measure forces and torques caused by changes in position and orientation of the first part relative to a second part. A data processing unit is arranged to receive measured data from the sensor and based thereon to control the position and orientation of the object. The sensor includes a semiconductor chip with integrated sensor elements. The measuring assembly includes a spring arrangement mounted between the first and second parts and mechanically connected to the sensor for converting forces and torques from the user to changes in position and orientation of the first part relative to the second part. The sensor is adapted to measure forces and torques from the spring arrangement caused by the changes in position and orientation of the first part.10-15-2009
20090319199METHOD FOR MONITORING THE LOAD ON ROTOR BLADES OF WIND ENERGY INSTALLATIONS - In a method for monitoring the load on rotor blades of wind energy installations by measuring acceleration on at least one rotor blade of a wind energy installation and determining load on the rotor blade from the picked-up acceleration signals, dynamic, even uncritical load states can be detected, in differentiated fashion, and combined in a suitable form for evaluation in order to influence, if possible prior to the onset of damage to the rotor blade, the mode of operation of the wind energy installation, in particular the design of the pitch control or angle setting of stall-regulated rotor blades, on the basis both of all of the rotor blades together and of a single rotor blade. Frequency of occurrence of the load values over a certain period of time is determined from amplitudes of the acceleration signal or amplitudes of selected natural oscillations of the frequency spectra are obtained by Fourier transformation.12-24-2009
20090319200DEVICE FOR VEHICLE RUNNING TEST - In a running test, wheels 12-24-2009
20090030621JIG ASSEMBLY FOR MEASURING PERFORMANCE OF DOOR OF VEHICLE - A jig assembly for measuring performance aspects of a door of a vehicle. A shifting member includes guide rails and motors, the motors controlled by a controller to move the guide rails. The shifting member is configured such that one of several removable jigs can be connected thereto. Each jig cooperates with the controller to measure a specific performance aspect of the door.01-29-2009
20130138363EVALUATION METHOD AND EVALUATION SYSTEM FOR IMPACT FORCE OF LASER IRRADIATION DURING LASER PEENING AND LASER PEENING METHOD AND LASER PEENING SYSTEM - A method of evaluating impact force input to a workpiece member with a laser irradiated in laser peening processing is provided. This evaluation method includes a signal acquiring step, an input function calculating step, and an evaluating step. In the signal acquiring step, a detected waveform is acquired. The detected waveform is output during the laser peening processing by an AE sensor that detects an elastic wave generated in the workpiece member. In the input function calculating step, an input function I(t) by laser irradiation is calculated. In the evaluating step, impact force is evaluated using the input function I(t) by the laser irradiation.05-30-2013
20110010109VEHICLE TILT DETECTING APPARATUS AND SEAT LOAD DETECTING APPARATUS USING THE SAME - A vehicle tilt detecting apparatus includes a load sensor provided for detecting a load acts on a supporting portion, a load detecting portion detecting a partial load value of the load placed on the seat on the basis of an output from the load sensor and outputting a detected load value, first interrelating portion indicates a relation between a detected load value of no-load and a front-rear tilt angle of the vehicle, unoccupied seat determining portion determining an unoccupied state, where no-load is placed on the seat, when the detected load value outputted from the load detecting portion is less than an unoccupied seat determining value and front-rear tilt angle calculating portion calculating the front-rear tilt angle corresponding to the detected load value outputted from the load detecting portion, on the basis of the first interrelating portion, when the unoccupied seat determining portion determines the unoccupied state.01-13-2011
20100332152INTEGRATED POSITION AND PARAMETER SENSING FOR THE MUSCULARSKELETAL SYSTEM - A measurement system for capturing a transit time, phase, or frequency of energy waves propagating through a propagation medium is disclosed. The measurement system comprises a sensing module (12-30-2010
20100332151METHOD FOR OVERLOAD PROTECTION OF SMA DEVICE - A method for detecting a mechanical overload condition of an energized linear actuator to prevent commanding an activation signal to the linear actuator that may mechanically overload the linear actuator includes monitoring feedback variation of a movable element associated with the linear actuator including monitoring a present feedback signal of the movable element, monitoring a previous feedback signal of the movable element, comparing the present feedback signal and the previous feedback signal and determining the feedback variation based on the comparing. The feedback variation is compared to a feedback variation threshold. An input signal associated with the activation signal for controlling the linear actuator is monitored and the input signal compared to an input signal threshold. The electrical overload condition is detected when the feedback variation is less than the feedback variation threshold and the input signal is greater than the input signal threshold.12-30-2010
20110015877TOOL PATH DISPLAY APPARATUS FOR MACHINE TOOL - First and second screens are set for a tool path display apparatus for displaying a path of the tip of a tool attached to a machine tool. The first screen displays the three-dimensional path of the tip of the tool obtained by synthesizing the position information of the drive axes of a 5-axis machine tool. The second screen displays the waveforms of the position deviations and current instructions of the drive axes in chronological order. When a part (line segment) of the three-dimensional path of the tip of the tool is selected on the first screen, the display attribute of the corresponding time area is changed on the second screen so that the time area can be identified.01-20-2011
20100191480TORQUE TRANSFER MEASUREMENT SYSTEM - A measurement system is provided for measuring parameters of a motion system. The measurement system includes a sensor for sensing the passing of a magnetic field as the source of the magnetic field passes the sensor; a processor for processing a signal generated by the sensor; a calculator for calculating various performance parameters of the motion system; and an output portion for sending the various parameters to a down stream system.07-29-2010
20110035162System for Investigating Collisions Between Test Body and Physical Structure - A device for investigating a collision between a test body and a physical structure, wherein the device comprises a mounting unit for mounting the test body, an electric drive unit adapted for mechanically driving the mounting unit and the test body mounted thereon, and a control unit adapted for controlling the electric drive unit to accelerate the test body mounted on the mounting unit and for controlling release of the test body from the mounting unit to direct the accelerated test body towards the physical structure for collision, wherein the device is adapted so that the mounting unit and the test body mounted thereon are mechanically driven exclusively by the electric drive unit.02-10-2011
20110106458ROAD SURFACE FRICTION COEFFICIENT ESTIMATING DEVICE AND ROAD SURFACE FRICTION COEFFICIENT ESTIMATING METHOD - A road surface friction coefficient estimating device includes a lateral force detecting section for detecting the lateral force of a wheel during traveling, a slip angle detecting section for detecting the slip angle of the wheel during traveling, and a road surface μ calculating section for estimating the relationship between the detected lateral force and the detected slip angle on the basis of the ratio between the detected lateral force and the detected slip angle, the correlation between the lateral force and the slip angle in the case of the reference road surface, and at least either the detected lateral force or the detected slip angle.05-05-2011
20110246096Acoustic Emission Toughness Testing For PDC, PCBN, Or Other Hard Or Superhard Materials - An acoustic emissions testing device includes a rock sample including a first surface, an acoustic sensor, an indenter coupled to the first surface, and a load. The load is exerted on the indenter, which transfers the load to the first surface. The acoustic sensor is communicably coupled to the rock sample and detects one or more acoustic events occurring within the rock sample. An acoustic emissions testing system includes a data recorder coupled to the testing device. The data recorder records the data from testing device. Based upon the data received, the toughness of the sample is objectively determined and can be ranked comparatively to the toughness of other samples. The load is ramped up to a peak load, held for a period of time, and then ramped down.10-06-2011
20090326835SENSOR APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DETECTING IMPACTS - An impact test system for collecting hail storm data comprises a vehicle, a video recorder, a container, a plurality of dynamic force sensors, an atmospheric instrument system, a mounting fixture, and a data processing system. The plurality of dynamic force sensors is capable of detecting force generated by an impact of an object. The plurality of markers is capable of being used to determine an orientation of an incoming object. The mounting fixture is capable of holding a test specimen. The data processing system is capable of collecting data from the plurality of dynamic force sensors, the atmospheric instrument system, and the video recorder.12-31-2009
20090312959SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MEASURING TORQUE IN ROTATING SHAFTS - A system and method for measuring torque transmitted in a rotating shaft using two target devices located at separate locations on the shaft is disclosed. Each target device includes one or more reference edges, with two sensors each disposed adjacent to corresponding target device. A processor calculates, with reference to a counter, the difference between the clock times of successive reference edges to produce an actual time elapsed between the passages of the referenced edges by their respective sensors. The processor converts the change in time difference into a value that represents a change in the angular orientation of the two target devices with respect to their angular orientation at zero torque, which is substantially equivalent to an angle of twist in the rotating shaft between the target devices, and the processor calculates the torque transmitted in the rotating shaft based on the change in angle of twist.12-17-2009
20100063751BUILDING STRUCTURE MONITORING - A method for monitoring a building structure, having construction and reinforcement elements with pre-calculated threshold stretching and compression loads, comprises—determining actual stretching and compression loads developed therein based on data measured for the loads, —comparing the determined loads with the corresponding pre-calculated loads, and —displaying the determined loads and the compared results on a monitoring terminal, wherein the measured data are generated in real time or in a predetermined time mode, and obtained by measuring deviations of electric or magnetic parameters at the reinforcement elements, and by compression-measuring sensors installed between the construction elements. A system for determination of failure conditions of the building structure includes a monitoring device capable of connecting to stretching and compression loads measuring means. The device includes a terminal associated with the measuring means, capable of processing the loads data in real time or within a pre-set time interval, and displaying the data.03-11-2010
20110178729System and Method For Automated Gun Shot Measuring - A system, device and method are provided to enable low energy firearm shot measurement, including, in some embodiments, an impact sensor adapted to detect a substantial impact event from the firearm, and to generate an analog signal representing the impact event; an electronic circuit supporting a microprocessor to enable processing of digital data representing the analog signal, the electronic circuit also supporting a memory unit to store the data, the microprocessor and the memory being designed to be substantially in a sleep state except for a selected time interval related to the impact event following an identification of the impact event from the firearm; an amplifier, adapted to amplify the analog signals and transmit the signals to the circuit; a power source to support the circuit supported components; and a communications module for enabling communicating of the digital data to an external data receiver, upon demand.07-21-2011
20110251802APPARATUS FOR MONITORING AND REGISTERING THE LOCATION AND INTENSITY OF IMPACT IN SPORTS - This invention relates to impact sports, and to articles of clothing and for detection systems used to monitor and registering the intensity, location and sources of impacts in contact sports such as boxing, martial arts, fencing, and so forth.10-13-2011
20120303296METHOD OF DETERMINING THE STATIC FORCE DEVELOPED BY A SERVO-CONTROL - The present invention relates to a method of determining the static force developed by a servo-control (11-29-2012
20120303295DIRECTION SENSING APPARATUS - The direction sensing apparatus according to the present invention comprises a sensing circuit, a computing module, and a judging unit. The sensing circuit detects the gravity direction of an object and produces at least a detecting signal. The computing module receives the detecting signal, and produces at least a computing value according to at least a threshold value and the detecting signal. The judging unit receives the computing value, and gives a state of gravity direction of the object according to the computing value. Thereby, the present invention shrinks the area of circuits and hence saving cost by means of the simple circuit structure of the computing module.11-29-2012
20110060537APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PHYSICAL EVALUATION - A physical evaluation apparatus includes a kinematic data capture device, the kinematic data capture device being configured and disposed to obtain whole body kinematic data from a subject. The kinematic data capture device is further configured to obtain dimensions of at least one body segment. A mass data capture device is configured and disposed to obtain mass data on the subject, the mass data being separable according to body segments of a subject to yield segment mass data. A processor, is configured to calculate the force being generated by a subject of the evaluation apparatus at selectable positions or in a selectable direction. The force is calculated without a force plate.03-10-2011
20100004876METHOD OF MONITORING AND/OR DETERMINING THE CONDITION OF A FORCE-MEASURING DEVICE, AND FORCE-MEASURING DEVICE - An interior space of the at least one housing of a force-measuring device is filled with a gas composition that is distinguishable in at least one parameter from the ambient atmosphere. A sensor that is arranged in the interior space, or on the housing, measures this distinguishable parameter. A processing unit of the force-measuring device compares signals obtained from the sensor to monitor and determine the condition of the force-measuring device.01-07-2010
20090119030FORCE FEEDBACK AND INTERACTIVE SYSTEM - A force feedback and interactive system is provided in the present invention, wherein the force feedback and interactive system utilizes a mechanism for detecting weight or center of gravity and reacted force from an operator on a multi-axis motion platform, and a main controller which is a kernel of data processing and motion simulating of the multi-axis motion platform. Besides having complete mathematical simulation model for calculating reaction force variation according to the received operating command, force status and weight of the operator and having algorithm for simulating the motion of multi-axis motion platform so as to calculate the motion and instantaneous position of the multi-axis motion platform in space, the system can also provide function of force feedback for enhancing the virtual reality while being applied in various Human-Machine Interaction simulating field.05-07-2009
20110161015DETECTION MODULE - A detection module includes MEMS force sensors, a processing unit, and a power supply unit. The MEMS force sensors are adapted to detect data values of forces that applied on corresponding measured points and output corresponding digital signals. The processing unit is adapted to receive and process the digital signals from the MEMS force sensors, and the power supply unit provides power to the processing unit.06-30-2011
20110257904MEASURING DEVICE - A method and device for measuring compression of a mattress includes a laser rangefinder and a weighted body. The weighted body may be placed onto a mattress surface and a measurement is taken before and after the mattress compresses under the weight. The difference between the two measurements is converted into an output indicative of the stiffness of the mattress. In an embodiment, the measuring device is embodied in a plush animal such as a bear.10-20-2011
20100324837TORQUE TESTING SYSTEM AND METHOD - An exemplary torque testing system includes a first screwdriver, a second screwdriver, a height measuring device, and a processor. The first screwdriver turns the first structure into the second structure using a maximum torque until the depth of the first structure turned into the second structure equals a predetermined minimum depth or the first structure is unable to be turned by the maximum torque. The second screwdriver turns the first structure into the second structure using a minimum torque until the first structure is unable to be turned by the minimum torque. The height measuring device measures the height of the combined first structure and second structure. The processor determines that the engagement between the first structure and the second structure is satisfactory, if the height of the combined first structure and second structure is in a range from a minimum height to a maximum height thereof.12-23-2010
20110118992MOBILE DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PERFORMING BLACK BOX FUNCTION - A mobile device and method for performing a black box function are provided. Each of a plurality of connection ports of the mobile device are electrically connected to an external entity. When a voltage exceeding a given critical value is applied through the connection port, a detection history recording unit of the mobile device not only checks detection time information, but also checks terminal ID information about the connection port. Then the detection history recording unit records the terminal ID information and the detection time information. Therefore, when any trouble or fault occurs in the mobile device, it is possible to easily find out the cause of such trouble or fault though data recorded in the detection history recording unit.05-19-2011
20110118993Device For Measuring Retention Force - A Centrifugal Adhesion Balance apparatus for measuring retention forces between a body and a surface. This CAB apparatus decouples the normal and lateral retention forces by allowing any combination of the gravity force and a centrifugal force. This CAB apparatus includes a rotatable arm and an independently rotatable flat surface wherein the angle between the arm and the flat surface is precisely controlled.05-19-2011
20090171595Automatic System for Monitoring the Mixing of Conglomerates - The invention relates to an automatic system for monitoring the mixing of conglomerates. The inventive system can be used to monitor and measure the volume of a conglomerate, i.e. a concrete, mortar or other similar product, and the conditions in which the conglomerate is being mixed inside a mixer. The invention is characterised in that the system is provided with a sensor which rotates integrally with the mixer and which is fitted with a blade that is sensitive to the stresses exerted by the conglomerate thereon. The invention is also characterised in that the aforementioned information is transmitted to one or more terminals, by means of radio communication or other similar wireless communication means, for use in industrial processes.07-02-2009
20110178728HARDNESS TEST METHOD, HARDNESS TESTER, AND COMPUTER-READABLE STORAGE MEDIUM STORING PROGRAM - A hardness test method includes a measurement step of forming an indent by indenting a surface of a sample with an indenter loaded with a predetermined load and detecting a displacement quantity of the indenter and a test force loaded on the indenter at a time of forming the indent to measure an indentation curve, a work load calculation step of calculating a work load by plastic deformation (Wp) from an area of an indentation curve obtained by the measurement step, and an estimation calculation step of calculating an estimation (HVe) of Vickers hardness by using the work load (Wp), calculated at the work load calculation step, and a previously determined coefficient K in conformity with HVe=(K/Wp)07-21-2011
20100082270FORCE SENSOR FOR USE IN AN INPUT DEVICE AND METHODS FOR CONSTRUCTING AND USING THE SENSOR - The disclosure addresses a force sensor that is scalable in size and adaptable to a variety of form factors, including those suitable for use in an input device for a computer or other processing system, and in some cases including those of the configuration normally referred to as a computer mouse. The force sensor will include at least two structural members that are cooperatively attached one another as to be displaced from one another in response to a force acting upon one of the structural members. In some examples, the engagement between the two structural members will be specifically configured to allow such displacement in response to forces acting laterally on the force sensor. The force sensor will also include one or more sensing mechanisms to provide a measurement of the sensed deflection.04-01-2010
20100030495Hall Effect Helicopter Mast Torque Meter - A Hall effect helicopter mast torque meter includes a stand pipe, a first magnet, a second magnet, and a sensor. The stand pipe is connected to the top of the mast such that the stand pipe rotates at the same velocity as the mast. The first magnet is operably associated with the stand pipe which is operably associated with the top of the mast. The second magnet is operably associated with the bottom of the mast. The sensor detects the magnetic field of the first magnet and the second magnet.02-04-2010
20100030494PORTABLE ELECTRONIC APPARATUS FOR COLLECTING IMPACT INFORMATION - A portable electronic apparatus for collecting impact information includes a body, a piezoelectric element, a processing element, and a storage element. The piezoelectric element covers the body and generates an electrical signal when experiencing a force from an impact. The processing element, connected to the piezoelectric element, converts the electrical signal from the piezoelectric element into impact information. The storage element stores the impact information.02-04-2010
20100204931CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system and method of conducting a continuous performance analysis for a system includes collecting transient performance data for a first parameter of the system and a second parameter of the system. Transfer functions are applied to the transient performance data for at least one of the first and second parameters to thereby generate phase compensated performance data representative of a steady state relationship between the first and second parameter. For each phase compensated performance datum, an estimate of the first parameter is calculated at a predetermined value of the second parameter using the phase compensated performance datum and a previously stored performance characteristic curve representative of the steady state relationship between the first and second parameters in a deterioration model extrapolation method. A very efficient binning method is used for storing phase compensated performance data and converting them into steady state performance characteristic curves of any non-linear shape.08-12-2010
20110307189FORCE MEASURING DEVICE AND RELATED METHODS - A testing apparatus and related methods are disclosed. In one embodiment, the testing apparatus may include a platform, first plurality of cables, a second plurality of cables and a third plurality of cables, each of the cables coupled to a respective load cell. The first plurality of cables may suspend the platform and be substantially parallel to each other. The second plurality of cables may be coupled to the platform, may be substantially parallel to each other cable of the second plurality of cables, and substantially perpendicular to each cable of the first plurality of cables. The third plurality of cables may be coupled to the platform, and each cable of the third plurality of cables may be substantially parallel to each other cable of the third plurality of cables, and substantially perpendicular to each cable of the first plurality of cables and the second plurality of cables.12-15-2011
20120041691Device for detecting the twist angle of a shaft and/or a torque occurring on the shaft and methods for operating the device - A device for detecting a twist angle and/or a torque of a shaft occurring on the shaft and methods for operating the device uses at least one first encoder and at least one second encoder at a predefined spacing therefrom. Each encoder influences at least one coil parameter, is associated with at least a part of the circumference of the shaft, and has at least one track having at least one period per revolution of the shaft. At least first and second inductive sensors scan the first and second encoders, respectively. Each inductive sensor provides a respective sensor signal reflecting at least one measure for the rotational angle of the shaft within the period, and a difference ascertainment unit ascertains and provides the twist angle of the shaft as an angle difference of the two rotational angles detected by the inductive sensors.02-16-2012
20120150453CLASSIFICATION OF IMPACTS FROM SENSOR DATA - Systems and methods are provided for classifying an impact to a head of a human being as one of a plurality of event classes. A sensor interface is configured to determine an acceleration at a location of interest on the human being from provided sensor data in response to the impact. A feature calculation component is configured to calculate a plurality of impact parameters from the determined acceleration at the location of interest. A pattern recognition classifier is configured to associate the impact with an associated event class of at least three associated event classes according to the calculated plurality of impact parameters. A post-processing component is configured to communicate the associated event class an observer via an associated output device.06-14-2012
20120010827FRICTION TEST APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR ANTIPERSPIRANT/DEODORANT PRODUCTS - A friction test system for an antiperspirant/deodorant (APDO) product generally includes a substrate having a test surface and a mount assembly configured to hold the APDO product in contact with the test surface and maintain an applied force between the APDO product and the test surface such that the applied force is substantially normal to the test surface. An actuator (e.g., a linear actuator) is configured to move the mount assembly laterally along an axis substantially perpendicular to the applied force during a testing mode. A force sensor is configured to determine the frictional force experienced by the APDO product during the testing mode. A processor coupled to the mount assembly, the actuator, and the force sensor, is configured to determine the coefficient of friction of the APDO product with respect to the test surface based on a ratio of the applied force and the frictional force.01-12-2012
20100114504PROCESS FOR CONTACT-FREE DETERMINATION OF FORCES AND/OR TORQUE ACTING ON A HOLLOW-CYLINDRICAL BODY AS WELL AS A MEASUREMENT ARRANGEMENT FOR IMPLEMENTING THE PROCESS - A method and a device for contactless determination of forces and/or moments acting on a hollow cylindrical body (05-06-2010
20120022799DETECTION DEVICE, ELECTRONIC APPARATUS, AND ROBOT - A detection device includes a first substrate that has a plurality of pressure sensors disposed around a reference point, and a second substrate on which disposed an elastic projection whose center is positioned in a position overlapping with the reference point and that elastically deforms due to the external force in a state in which the tip portion of the elastic projection makes contact with the first substrate. When an external force has been applied, the direction and intensity of the applied external force is found by carrying out a predetermined calculation using pressure values detected by the pressure sensors.01-26-2012
20120022800Method and Apparatus for Measuring Torque Transmitted by Driven Wheel of a Cycle or the Like Vehicle - There is provided an apparatus and method for measuring and monitoring the torque exerted by a cyclist during pedaling of a human-powered vehicle, as for example a bicycle, including an electromagnetic emitter which is adapted to be fixed securely to a rear wheel hub, for generating and directing a beam of electromagnetic radiation towards a rim of the wheel, and a detector mounted on the wheel for detecting the movement of the beam when torque is applied to the wheel, the movement being indicative of an angular displacement of the hub with respect to the rim and directly proportional to the torque. Either alone or using optical elements, the beam is directed to travel at least a distance between the emitter and the rim before detection. The measurement can be used to provide a power output.01-26-2012
20120022798METHOD FOR PREDICTING IMPACT RESISTANCE OF ACRYLONITRILE BUTADIENE STYRENE (ABS) MATERIAL - The present invention provides a model equation for predicting the impact resistance of an ABS material, which has excellent properties, gloss, and stainability and thus can be widely used in vehicles, electricity and electronics, and miscellaneous applications. The model equation of the present invention provides high accuracy and reproducibility. The prediction technology can be used particularly to determine whether a material complies with the specification of vehicle components, to overcome the quality problems, and to prevent the production of defective products.01-26-2012
20120065902SENSOR APPARATUS AND ROBOT APPARATUS - To well remove a noise component due to vibration of a flexible member from an original detection signal output from a detecting unit and suppress a phase delay of a detection signal obtained by filtering. For this purpose, the present invention provides a detecting unit including a flexible member deforming according to a state of an object to be measured and a sensor detecting an amount of deformation of the flexible member and outputting an original detection signal indicating a detection result. A filtering unit outputs a detection signal obtained by filtering the original detection signal using a filter coefficient. A calculating device calculates a vibration frequency of the flexible member contained in the original detection signal. A changing unit changes a filter coefficient of the filtering unit to cause the filtering unit to function as a filter for attenuating the vibration frequency calculated by the calculating device.03-15-2012
20120158320ENGINE CONTROL UNIT - To prevent a reduction in engine load detection accuracy due to variations in reluctor size within mass production tolerances, an engine control unit includes a pulse generator PC that detects a reluctor to output crank pulses. An angular velocity calculating unit calculates a first crank angular velocity on the basis of an interval between two crank pulses output in a predetermined section near compression top dead center TDC, and detects near overlap top dead center OLP the same reluctor used for calculating the first crank angular velocity to calculate a second crank angular velocity on the basis of an interval between generated two crank pulses. An engine load estimating unit calculates, as an engine load, a difference between the first crank angular velocity and the second crank angular velocity. The engine load is indicated mean effective pressure over a whole cycle including negative work done by the engine.06-21-2012
20120072131DETECTION DEVICE, ELECTRONIC APPARATUS, AND ROBOT - A detection device includes: a detecting unit having a first substrate on which a plurality of pressure sensors are disposed around a reference point and a second substrate on which is formed an elastic projection whose center of gravity is positioned in a position overlapping with the reference point and that elastically deforms due to an external force in a state in which the tip of the elastic projection makes contact with the first substrate; and a controller that carries out detection operations for detecting the presence/absence of the external force based on pressure values detected by at least one of the plurality of pressure sensors, and controls the next detection operations of the detection unit based on the result of the previous detection.03-22-2012
20110029257VERTICAL AXIS ADJUSTABLE PLATFORM AND TORQUE SENSOR - A torque sensor includes an adjustable platform vertically adjustable to place a sensing module near a rotating target to obtain measurements there from with a sensing element. The apparatus can be configured to include a bottom channel mounted to a base and a PCB tray mounted to a top channel, the PCB tray and top channel vertically adjustable from the base by a rotating shaft. The top and bottom channels are coupled to side bars and side channels in pairs movably connected by joint pins with a rotatable shaft movably connecting said joint pins. The sensing module is movable with respect to the base via rotation of said rotatable shaft causing movement of said pair of side bars and side channels, placing said sensing element nearest a target to obtain rotational movement data.02-03-2011
20120123701FORCE PLATFORM SYSTEM - A method of processing force signals from plural force platforms includes, in a computer, in an initialization process, receiving data distinguishing the plural platforms, monitoring force data signals from each of the plural platforms, and identifying each of the plural platforms to a force platform data process application by a sequence of received above-threshold force data signals. The method further includes, subsequent to the initialization process, processing subsequent force data signals according to the identification of each of the plural force platforms. The distinguishing data can include data retrieved from nonvolatile memory of each of the plural force platforms, such as a platform serial number, calibration data, and platform capacity. A force platform system includes one or more force platforms and force platform signal conditioning circuitry connected to the one or more force platforms. The signal conditioning circuitry may include a separate signal conditioner connected to each force platform.05-17-2012
20120123700APPARATUS FOR MEASURING PEELING FORCE OF ADHESIVE - Apparatus for measuring peeling force of an adhesive capable of varying different peeling angles and peeling rates, the apparatus comprising a force transducer for measuring a peeling force of a tape sample; and a peeling angle (angle C) defined by the adjustment a first angle (angle A) and a second angle (angle B); wherein said first angle (angle A) is defined by an angle between a test sled and a slide with a movement device, and said second angle (angle B) is defined by an angle between a force-bearing direction of said force transducer and a horizontal parallel plane of said slide.05-17-2012
20090132182METHOD FOR DETERMINATION OF MEAN ENGINE TORQUE - The invention relates to a method for producing a value T being representative of the mean engine torque generated on a crank-shaft of an internal combustion engine, comprising the steps of producing a speed vector including values being representative of instantaneous speeds of the engine during a sampling period, determining a mean engine speed n during said sampling period from the speed vector, determining a value P05-21-2009
20120316797MODULAR FORCE SENSOR SYSTEM, DEVICE, AND METHOD FOR BEHAVIORAL MEASUREMENT - Implementations of the present invention relate to for analyzing behavior of small live test subjects. More specifically, methods and devices of the present invention can allow a researcher to use a single device for analyzing effects of genetic modifications made to the test subjects on the test subject's behavior and movements. Additionally, the methods and devices may allow for analysis of effects that various medications may have on the test subject's behavior and movement.12-13-2012
20100250153Method for Determining the Load Capacity of Cranes - The present disclosure relates to a method for determining the admissible load capacity of a crane, in which the load capacity is determined in dependence on at least one first and one second parameter and which comprises a first step, in which the load capacity for the value of the first parameter with different values of the second parameter is determined by calculation or by interpolation or extrapolation on the basis of known values of the load capacity with specific values of the first parameter, and which comprises a second step, in which the determination of the load capacity for the second parameter is performed on the basis of the values of the load capacity determined in the first step for different values of the second parameter by calculation or by interpolation or extrapolation.09-30-2010
20120084020Collision Detection Method for a Drive Unit - A collision detection method for a drive unit including an electric drive motor and a movable component which is driven thereby, wherein an actual torque and an actual acceleration of the electric drive motor are sensed and a collision of the movable component is detected on the basis of an evaluation of a predefinable mathematical combination of the actual torque and the actual acceleration.04-05-2012
20120130652COMBINING REDUNDANT INERTIAL SENSORS TO CREATE A VIRTUAL SENSOR OUTPUT - Included are embodiments for determining an inertial quantity. One embodiment of a method includes combining readings from a plurality of inertial sensors to produce an estimate of the value of an inertial quantity in a manner that is fault-tolerant, more accurate than traditional sensor arrangements, and able to handle non-linear and non-Gaussian systems. Embodiments of a method also include utilizing a Monte Carlo estimation-based inference system to adaptively combine the inertial sensor outputs into a fault-tolerant highly-accurate inertial quantity estimate, an axis-reversed-paired physical arrangement of inertial sensors to minimize effects of environmental and process noise, and cross-associating sensors to ensure good sensor associations and reduce the effects of sample impoverishment.05-24-2012
20100204930Devices for measuring a force, monitoring a machining tool, and compensating for a deflection08-12-2010
20110184663HEAD IMPACT ANALYSIS AND COMPARISON SYSTEM - Systems and methods for head impact injury prediction. A computer implemented method is provided for event based injury predictions. The computer implemented method receives an indication of sensor data related to an impact of a user. The received sensor data is compared to previously stored sensor data in a data store. Each instance of the previously stored sensor data is associated with a medical diagnosis. If the received sensor data matches any of the previously stored sensor data based on the comparison, then an injury risk indicator is generated based on at least one of the medical diagnosis associated with the matching previously stored sensor data or an impact history of the user. The generated indicator is presented.07-28-2011
20100299084TORQUE DETECTION DEVICE FOR TOOL - A torque detection and display device is provided for a tool, including at least one connection body, at least one tool coupling bar, at least one torque detector, and a torque displaying/processing unit. The connection body has an end connected to the tool coupling bar and the tool coupling bar is connectable to at least one type of tool bit, such as screwdriver, a wrench socket, and a spanner. The connection body is enclosed by at least a tool housing. The torque detector is mounted to the connection body to detect a torque value of the rotation operation of the tool bit in either the clockwise direction or the counterclockwise direction through strain/deformation or semiconductor detection, and generates a torque detection signal. The torque displaying/processing unit is connected to the torque detector to receive the torque detection signal from the torque detector and display an actual torque value occurring in the rotation operation of the tool bit. As such, a torque detection and display device that features connection with various tool bits and detection and display an actual torque value occurring in the operation of the tool bit is formed.11-25-2010
20100280766Cassette-Based Power Meter - A cassette-based power measuring apparatus includes a power sensing arrangement mounted within a cavity defined by a hollow bicycle cassette. The power sensing arrangement includes a torque sensing assembly including torque sensing elements configured to measure a user applied torque. The torque sensing elements are in communication with an electronics assembly configured to process the measured data and transmit it to a receiver. The torque sensing assembly may comprise a torque tube or a series of bending beams secured between a rear plate of the cassette and a freehub. The torque tube or bending beams may include strain gauges bonded thereto for measuring strain induced by application of forces in response to user-applied power.11-04-2010
20120253699INPUT APPARATUS AND CONTACT STATE DETECTION METHOD - An input apparatus includes a contact device that includes a shaft member, a first sensor configured to detect, when a tip of the shaft member comes into contact with a surface of a contacted object, a first force corresponding to a component of a force applied to the tip, which acts in a planar direction crossing a direction of an axis of the shaft at right angles, and a second sensor configured to detect a second force corresponding to a component of the applied force, which acts in a direction of the axis of the shaft member.10-04-2012
20120253700STALL DETECTION IN FANS UTILIZING FREQUENCY CONVERTER - Exemplary methods and systems of determining stall of a fan are disclosed, when the fan is controlled with a frequency converter. The method includes estimating a rotational speed (n) and the torque (T) of the fan. Transferring characteristic curves of the fan to the estimated rotational speed (n) of the fan, determining the stall region of the fan. Determining an operation point of the fan from the estimated rotational speed (n) and estimated torque (T) using the characteristic curves. Calculating RMS values of the low frequency components of the torque and rotational speed estimates (T10-04-2012
20120226448METHOD AND DEVICE FOR MOVING AN OBJECT - In order to move an object, a handle is attached to the object. The handle includes at least one sensor configured to detect a force being applied to the handle and to generate at least one sensor output signal in accordance therewith. A motorized object driving apparatus is in electrical communication with the at least sensor and is configured to move the object based on the at least one sensor output signal in the direction of the force being applied to the handle.09-06-2012
20110130975Method of Determining Tension in a Rod - A method of determining the tension in an elongated rod is described. The method includes impacting the rod and measuring the vibration response of the rod. Further, the method entails generating a theoretical vibration response of the rod based in part at least on the structural properties of the rod. Thereafter, the method entails adjusting the theoretical vibration response to cause the theoretical vibration response to conform with at least a portion of the measured vibration response. Based on the adjusted theoretical vibration response, the tension of the rod is determined.06-02-2011
20110130974METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ROAD SURFACE FRICTION ESTIMATION BASED ON THE SELF ALIGNING TORQUE - A method and an apparatus are disclosed for estimating a road surface friction between a road surface and a tire of a vehicle. The method includes, but is not limited to computing, in a slope estimation step, a slope estimate k_sl for a slope of a linear region of a self aligning torque function that is defined by a self aligning torque as a function of a slip angle. The method further includes, but is not limited to deriving a first estimate μ_sl of a road friction coefficient from the slope estimate k_sl, and deciding, in a linearity estimation step, whether a current slope k_op is within the linear region of the self aligning torque function. If it is decided in the linearity estimation step that the current slope k_op is within the linear region of the self aligning torque function, the first estimate μ_sl of the road friction coefficient is output as a second estimate μ_cont of the road friction coefficient.06-02-2011
20130185003DETECTION OF A FORCE ON A FOOT OR FOOTWEAR - A system is provided for monitoring a force acting on a foot or a footwear. The system includes an assembly that is disposed proximate to a region of the foot or the footwear. The assembly includes a sensing device and a processor communicatively coupled to the sensing device. The sensing device is disposed on a flexible substrate or a stretchable substrate, where the sensing device conforms to the region of the foot or the footwear, and where the sensing device is used to measure data relating to the force acting on the foot or the footwear. The processor executes processor-executable instructions to analyze the data from the sensing device. The analysis can be used to provide an indication of the measured force.07-18-2013
20110046898METHOD FOR DETERMINING STRUCTURAL PARAMETERS OF COMPOSITE BUILDING PANELS - A method of determining face paper properties of wallboard including providing a core strength value of the wallboard, determining a required nail pull value based the wallboard specifications and calculating a face paper stiffness value based on the provided core strength value and the determined nail pull value. The method includes displaying the calculated face paper stiffness value on a display device.02-24-2011
20120330571System to measure forces on an insertion device - A system to measure forces on a device inserted through the skin into a human or animal body to introduce or remove material.12-27-2012
20120323501FABRIC-BASED PRESSURE SENSOR ARRAYS AND METHODS FOR DATA ANALYSIS - A fabric-based pressure sensor array includes: (1) a first layer including M elongated conductive strips coated thereon; (2) a second layer including N elongated conductive strips coated thereon, the M elongated conductive strips extending crosswise relative to the N elongated conductive strips to define M×N intersections; and (3) a unitary textile sheet extending between the first layer and the second layer so as to overlap the M×N intersections, the textile sheet having a variable resistivity in response to applied pressure so as to define M×N pressure sensors at locations corresponding to the M×N intersections.12-20-2012
20120323500APPARATUSES FOR MONITORING POWER TONG OPERATION - Apparatuses for monitoring power tong operation are disclosed. The apparatus comprising: a sealed enclosure housing a computer and a battery; a torque sensor connected to send signals to the computer; and a turns counter connected to send signals to the computer; in which the battery is connected to supply power to the computer, the torque sensor, and the turns counter. An external display may be connected to receive display signals from the computer. The computer may be a microcontroller with a central processing unit, a motherboard, and a memory unit.12-20-2012
20120271565Force Measurement System Having Inertial Compensation - A force measurement system having inertial compensation includes a force measurement assembly with at least one accelerometer configured to measure the acceleration thereof. According to one aspect of the invention, the force measurement system additionally includes at least one angular velocity sensor configured to measure the angular velocity of the force measurement assembly. According to another aspect of the invention, the force measurement system additionally includes a data processing device with a computer-readable medium loaded thereon that is configured to execute a calibration procedure for determining the inertial parameters of the force measurement assembly by utilizing the measured acceleration of the force measurement assembly while the force measurement assembly is subjected to a plurality of applied linear and/or rotational motion profiles. According to still another aspect of the invention, the at least one accelerometer is disposed on the force transducer.10-25-2012
20100250152Providing Constant Counterbalance Throughout Predetermined Range of Motion - An apparatus includes a lever arm that couples to a pivot point on one end and a display on the other end. The lever arm rotates around the pivot point through a lever arm range of motion, and the weight of the display produces a display torque around the pivot point that varies as the lever arm rotates through the lever arm range of motion. The apparatus also includes a spring that couples to the lever arm using a cable. The spring produces, through the lever arm, a spring torque around the pivot point that is equally opposite of the display torque throughout the lever arm range of motion.09-30-2010
20120089348Sensor having a set of plates, and method - A sensor having a set of plates that are in contact from their bottom at the corners with a set of protrusions that are in contact from above with a plurality of intersections, each having a sensing element, of a grid of wires disposed on a base, and a top surface layer that is disposed atop the set of plates, so that force imparted from above onto the top surface layer is transmitted to the plates and thence to the protrusions, and thence to the intersections of the grid of wires which are thereby compressed between the base and protrusions; and that the protrusions above thereby focus the imparted force directly onto the intersections. A sensor includes a computer in communication with the grid which causes prompting signals to be sent to the grid and reconstructs a continuous position of force on the surface from interpolation based on data signals received from the grid. A method for sensing.04-12-2012
20120101743HARDNESS TEST METHOD AND PROGRAM - A hardness test method performed by a controller of a hardness tester includes a first measurement process measuring an indentation curve (indentation history curve) for a plurality of times under a same condition with respect to a test specimen for verification in a predetermined environment; a setting process setting an acceptable range of variation in a load loading curve based on load loading curves (load loading history curves) of the plurality of the indentation curves obtained by the first measurement process; a second measurement process measuring an indentation curve under a same condition as the first measurement process with respect to the test specimen in an actual usage environment; and a judging process judging whether a load loading curve of the indentation curve measured by the second measurement process is within the acceptable range of variation in a load loading curve set by the setting process.04-26-2012
20100198529SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING PROPER DOWNFORCE FOR A PLANTER ROW UNIT - A system and method for determining the appropriate downforce on an agricultural planter row unit that minimizes soil compaction while maintaining desired furrow depth. A load sensor is disposed to generate a load signal corresponding to loading on a depth regulation member of the row unit. In one method a load margin is calculated based on a minimum detected load value. In another method, a load margin is derived through a statistical analysis of the detected load values. The load margin calculated or derived by any of the methods is indicative of the amount of supplemental down force that should be increased or decreased to bring the load margin toward zero. A ground contact parameter may also be used in connection with the load margin to provide further confidence on the proper amount of downforce required to ensure furrow depth while minimizing soil compaction.08-05-2010
20100198528SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR AN IMPACT LOCATION AND AMPLITUDE SENSOR - An impact location and amplitude sensory system is provided. Such an impact sensory system may be useful in conjunction with gaming, education, as a control and feedback mechanism for virtually any surface. One embodiment of the impact sensory system may include at least one sensor and a signal processor. The sensor(s) may couple to the object. Sensors may include any of microphones and accelerometers. The sensor(s) receive an impact wave from an impact to the object, either as a propagating acoustic wave or as a traverse phase shift in natural oscillation. The sensor(s) may generate an impact signal in response to the sensed impact wave. The signal processor may couple to the sensor(s). The signal processor may include a preamplifier, an impact triangulator, and an outputter. The impact triangulater may identify a location of the impact from the impact signals. The outputter may then output data regarding the location of the impact.08-05-2010
20130018601SENSING CIRCUITAANM ZHANG; JUN-WEIAACI Shenzhen CityAACO CNAAGP ZHANG; JUN-WEI Shenzhen City CNAANM CHUANG; TSUNG-JENAACI Tu-ChengAACO TWAAGP CHUANG; TSUNG-JEN Tu-Cheng TWAANM WONG; SHIH-FANGAACI Tu-ChengAACO TWAAGP WONG; SHIH-FANG Tu-Cheng TWAANM ZHANG; JUNAACI Shenzhen CityAACO CNAAGP ZHANG; JUN Shenzhen City CNAANM YU; QI-LONGAACI Shenzhen CityAACO CNAAGP YU; QI-LONG Shenzhen City CNAANM XIN; YANGAACI Shenzhen CityAACO CNAAGP XIN; YANG Shenzhen City CN - A sensing circuit includes a plurality of sensors, a controller, a multiway switch, a linear optocoupler, and a logical control unit. The plurality of sensors are capable of measuring physical quantity, and each of the plurality of sensors is capable of generating a sensing signal in accordance with the physical quantity. The controller is capable of receiving and analyzing the sensing signals, and transforming the sensing signals into sensing events. The multiway switch is capable of selectively connecting one of the plurality of sensors to the controller. The linear optocoupler is connected between the plurality of sensors and the controller. The logical control unit is capable of controlling the multiway switch to selectively connect one of the plurality of sensors to the optocoupler, and generating a control signal to the controller, wherein the control signal indicating the one of the plurality of sensors connected to the controller.01-17-2013
20130024136METHODS, SYSTEMS AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIA FOR APPLYING MULTI-PUSH ACOUSTIC RADIATION FORCE TO SAMPLES AND MONITORING A RESPONSE TO QUANTIFY MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF SAMPLES - A method for evaluating mechanical properties of a sample includes applying a plurality of pulses of acoustic energy to a sample to apply a mechanical force to the sample and induce a non-steady-state displacement in the sample. The method further includes monitoring a response of the sample caused by the application of the mechanical force. The method further includes determining a quantitative value for a mechanical property of the sample based on the response.01-24-2013
20080243399Testing apparatus for steering apparatus - The testing apparatus tests a steering apparatus including a torque sensor which detects a steering torque, a steering actuator which applies a steering force to a steering mechanism, and a controller which controls the steering actuator based on an output of the torque sensor. The apparatus includes a test signal generating unit which generates a test signal of a sine sweep waveform simulating an output signal of the torque sensor, a driving signal generating unit which generates a driving signal according to the test signal generated by the test signal generating unit and supplies the driving signal to the steering actuator, and a torque signal monitoring unit which acquires a torque signal outputted from the torque sensor.10-02-2008
20120253701MONITORING KEY-PRESS DELAY AND DURATION TO DETERMINE NEED FOR ASSISTANCE - In a user-interactive system, such as an interactive voice response (IVR) system, the duration and/or force of key-presses by the user and/or the speed of response to prompts by the user are used to make inferences about the user, such as whether the user is impaired or is growing frustrated. The user interface is modified based on the inferences.10-04-2012
20100299083Method and Device for Monitoring the Noise from a Sensor - A method and device for monitoring the noise from a sensor and a use of the method in automobiles for determining a frictional value between tyres of a motor vehicle and a road surface, in particular an economical and reliable method for monitoring a sensor noise and a corresponding device for obtaining, amongst other things, system-relevant information may be achieved, wherein an influence on spectral components of the sensor noise signal is determined and compared with set values.11-25-2010
20120283965TORQUE CALCULATION METHOD, CALCULATION DEVICE, AND CALCULATION PROGRAM FOR FOUR-POINT CONTACT BALL BEARING - The method for calculating rotational torque between inner and outer rings of a four point contact ball bearing assembly includes an individual torque calculation step for calculating the rotational torque for each of rolling elements and a total sum calculation step for determining the rotational torque. In the individual torque calculation step, data on a contact condition representative of the extent of approximation to the two point contact state or four point contact state is used. For the contact condition data, the four point contact ratio C11-08-2012
20130158896PRESSURE DETECTION DEVICE - A pressure testing device for calculating a pressure in a flexible line comprises a housing unit, a force sensor mounted on the housing unit and a clamp assembly having a clamp mounted on the housing unit. The clamp is operable to compress the flexible line against the force sensor by a predetermined degree of deformation of the flexible line. The device includes a displacement sensor adapted to measure a displacement of the clamp. The device also includes a controller having a processor in communication with the force sensor and the displacement sensor, and a memory unit containing stored data. At the predetermined degree of deformation of the flexible line, the processor compares a first signal from the force sensor and a second signal from the displacement senor with the stored data to estimate the pressure within the flexible line.06-20-2013
20130158895Signal Processing System - A system and method for processing sensor signals is disclosed. The system comprises a sensor array, a multiplexer, a converter, a selection module and a combination module. The sensor array measures a physical parameter in a first dimension on a seat and generates a first set of sensor signals. The sensor array measures the physical parameter in a second dimension on the seat and generates a second set of sensor signals. The multiplexer multiplexes the first set of sensor signals into a first signal stream and the second set of sensor signals into a second signal stream. The converter converts the first signal stream to a first set of digital signals and the second signal stream to a second set of digital signals. The selection module determines a set of first-dimension data and a set of second-dimension data. The combination module forms a set of two-dimensional data.06-20-2013
20110313685SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SAND DETECTION - A computerized system for obtaining information regarding a waterway is described. The system comprises an input means for receiving accelerometer data from an accelerometer of a free fall object and a processing means being programmed for deriving, based on said data accelerometer data at least one of a density, a viscosity or a depth of a soil. The present invention also relates to a free fall impact object comprising such a computerized system, to a method for obtaining information regarding a waterway and to corresponding computer related products.12-22-2011
20110313684G-FORCE SENSITIVE LABEL AND CORRESPONDING SAMPLE TUBE, METHOD AND ANALYTICAL SYSTEM - A g-force-sensitive label for detecting and indicating the application of a g-force is provided, the g-force sensitive label comprising an area for detecting and indicating an application of a g-force above a threshold value on the g-force sensitive label and an attachment area for attaching the g-force sensitive label on an object. At least one physical property of the area measurably changes its state upon applying a g-force above the threshold value, thereby altering a displayed pattern such that a machine-readable 1D or 2D or alphanumeric code is displayed.12-22-2011
20130191043Method and Device for Determining an Estimated Value for at least one Measured Variable of a Wind Turbine - The disclosure relates to a method for determining an estimated value for at least one measured variable of a wind turbine. The measured variable represents a bending torque on a blade root of a rotor blade of the wind turbine from a rotor plane. The method includes reading in the measured variable and an angle of attack for the rotor blade. The method further includes adapting a model, which simulates an estimated value of the measured variable on the basis of a modeling instruction for a relationship between the measured variable and the angle of attack. The model is adapted using the read-in measured variable and the read-in angle of attack. The method also includes providing the estimated value for the at least one measured variable using the model.07-25-2013
20120029841PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD OF MEASURING DROP IMPACT AT THE PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A method of measuring drop impact at an electronic device includes detecting a fall based on signals from drop detection sensor of the electronic device, receiving an output from a piezoelectric sensor in response to detecting the fall, and storing drop data based on the output from the piezoelectric sensor in a memory at the electronic device.02-02-2012
20130197825SURFACE-MOUNTED MONITORING SYSTEM - A surface mounted monitoring system is disclosed that is useful for detecting the presence of both ordinary and excessive loads on a surface, and for providing real-time or near real-time trending data. The system includes an array of force transducers disposed on the exterior surface of a structural member such as a roof. In an exemplary embodiment, transducers may be placed on an interior surface, such as embedded within insulation. The force transducers detect the magnitude of a load force acting on the surface. A data analysis module (DAM) may record force readings in a circular memory buffer, so that recent data can be recovered in the event of a catastrophic collapse. The DAM may also communicate with a monitoring device that can display real-time loading data to a user and perform other analysis.08-01-2013
20130204544METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DETERMINING AIRSPEED OF AN AIRCRAFT - The disclosed embodiments relate to methods and systems for determining airspeed of an aircraft.08-08-2013
20120072130METHOD OF MEASURING TORQUE AND TORQUE MEASURING SYSTEM FOR SAID METHOD - A method of measuring torque acting on a drive shaft (03-22-2012
20130211739Method For Determining A Torque And An Industrial Robot - The invention concerns an industrial robot (08-15-2013

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