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Automatic route guidance vehicle

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701 - Data processing: vehicles, navigation, and relative location


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701025000 Storage or planning of route information 200
701028000 Having image processing 36
701024000 On-board computer interact with a host computer 18
701027000 Artificial intelligence (e.g., fuzzy logic) 7
20110184604Hierarchical contingency management system for mission planners - A system controls a team of vehicles. The system includes a plan dependency identifier, a contingency monitor, and an alert formulator. The plan dependency identifier analyzes a mission plan and identifies mission constraints of the mission plan. The contingency monitor continuously reviews execution of the mission plan for violations of the mission constraints. The alert formulator determines whether a part of the mission plan is threatened by a violation of one of the mission constraints.07-28-2011
20110196562TRAVELING VEHICLE AND BED - A traveling vehicle (08-11-2011
20100076639SYSTEM FOR SENSING STATE AND POSITION OF ROBOT - An exemplary system for sensing the state and position of a robot is provided. The system measures the acceleration and angular velocity of the robot and calculates a velocity, and a displacement of the robot. The state of the robot according to the acceleration and the velocity vector, of the robot, is determined. The system includes an alarm that activates according to the state of the robot. The system also compensates for any inaccuracy of the measured displacements.03-25-2010
20130041544Beam Directed Motion Control System - A method and apparatus comprising an energy source, a position system, and a movement system. The energy source is configured to generate a beam of energy directed at an area on a target for a vehicle. The position system is configured to identify a first position of the area on the target at which the beam of energy is directed. The movement system is configured to move the vehicle in a manner that reduces a difference between the first position of the area on the target at which the beam of energy is directed and a reference position on the target.02-14-2013
20130041545METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR AFFECTING CORNERING PERFORMANCE OF A MOTOR VEHICLE, AND A MOTOR VEHICLE - In a method and an apparatus for affecting the cornering performance of a motor vehicle, a transverse acceleration of the motor vehicle is determined, a desired transverse tilt of the motor vehicle defined based on the determined transverse acceleration, at least one actuator of an active suspension system of the motor vehicle is adjusted so that the motor vehicle assumes the desired transverse tilt, and an additional actuator intervening in the steering system of the motor vehicle. A yaw movement of the motor vehicle caused by the adjustment of the at least one actuator of the active suspension system is at least partially compensated by the additional actuator.02-14-2013
20130041547SYSTEM, METHOD, AND COMPUTER SOFTWARE CODE FOR DISTRIBUTING AND MANAGING DATA FOR USE BY A PLURALITY OF SUBSYSTEMS ON A LOCOMOTIVE - A communication system for controlling sharing of data across a plurality of subsystems on a locomotive, the communication system including an open defined interface unit configured so that a plurality of applications may access locomotive control system data in a common defined manner with predictable results.02-14-2013
20130041546VARIABLE OFFSET POSITIONING ANTENNA ARRAY FOR ENHANCED GUIDANCE OF AUTOMATED GUIDED VEHICLES (AGVS) - An automated storage system for storing a plurality of objects in storage locations, the automated storage system comprising a master control computer, a guidance network, a plurality of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) each having an onboard microprocessor and a receiver for receiving control commands from the master control computer, and a plurality of trays for engagement with the plurality of AGVs for transportation and storage of the objects.02-14-2013
20100100267METHOD OF AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING STEERING OF A VEHICLE - In a track type transportation system, there is provided an automatic steering mechanism with which a vehicle can be moved forward and backward, and which can carry our fine control so as to allow the positions of the centers of axles of the front and rear wheels to substantially follow up one and the same locus. Before starting, a pattern steering angle table on which pattern steering angles for the front and rear wheels at respective change points of the track are listed is prepared in view of a track condition, a running condition and a vehicle condition from a departure point to a destination point, the vehicle 04-22-2010
20090157247METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR USING AN AUTOMATED LANE KEEPING SYSTEM TO MAINTAIN LATERAL VEHICLE SPACING - A method and apparatus for piloting a vehicle is herein disclosed. The method entails first using a lane keeping system to detect objects in lanes adjacent to the lane currently occupied by the vehicle and then adjusting the position of the vehicle within the occupied lane-relative to a detected object.06-18-2009
20100332067Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - An Autonomous robot, that is for example, suitable for operations such as vacuuming and surface cleaning includes a payload configured for vacuum cleaning, a drive system including a steering system, a navigation system, and a control system for integrating operations of the aforementioned systems.12-30-2010
20120185122BOT HAVING HIGH SPEED STABILITY - An autonomous transport vehicle for transporting items in a storage and retrieval system is provided. The autonomous transport vehicle includes at least two drive wheels and a controller, where each drive wheel is independently driven and a drive wheel encoder is disposed adjacent each drive wheel. The controller, in communication with the drive wheel encoders, is configured to determine a kinematic state of the autonomous transport vehicle within the storage and retrieval system based on incremental data from the drive wheel encoders only and independent of drive wheel slippage.07-19-2012
20120166033METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING DRIVING INFORMATION OF AUTONOMOUS DRIVING SYSTEM - A driving information detection apparatus of a vehicle includes: an image photographing unit for take a photograph of an image of a driving road; a lane information detecting unit; a road environment information detecting unit; a coordinate converting unit for converting a camera coordinates system of a detection result of the lane information detecting unit and the road environment detecting unit into a world coordinates system. The apparatus further includes a driving information detecting unit for applying an one dimensional straight line modeling to a converted result of the coordinate converting unit and detecting an driving information according to a result of the modeling.06-28-2012
20120166032DRIVING-BASED LANE OFFSET CONTROL FOR LANE CENTERING SYSTEM - A system and method for providing adaptive lane centering in an autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicle driving system includes activating a lane centering control system, detecting a driver steering override of the lane centering control system, monitoring a lane centering offset when a driver override condition is detected, determining if the lane centering offset represents a driver bias and adjusting the lane centering offset in the lane centering control system to compensate for the driver bias.06-28-2012
20130046430SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SIMULTANEOUS LOCALIZATION AND MAP BUILDING - An autonomous vehicle comprises at least one image sensor to provide measurements of landmark position for a plurality of landmarks; and processing functionality to estimate the position of the plurality of landmarks in a global frame and in the autonomous vehicle's frame, and to estimate the kinematic state of the autonomous vehicle in a global frame based, at least in part, on the measurements of landmark position from the at least one image sensor. The processing functionality is further operable to calculate errors in the estimated positions of the plurality of landmarks in the global frame and in the estimate of the kinematic state of the autonomous vehicle in the global frame by using a plurality of unit projection vectors between the estimated positions of the plurality landmarks in the autonomous vehicle's frame and a plurality of unit projection vectors between the estimated positions of the plurality of landmarks in the global frame.02-21-2013
20120191284Method for Pulling a Vehicle Out of a Parking Space With Assistance, and Device for that Purpose - In a method for pulling a vehicle out of a parking space with assistance by a parking-assistance device, at least one pulling-out movement is performed by intervention in a steering system of the vehicle. A warning is output to a driver of the vehicle when the driver of the vehicle fails to take over the guidance of the vehicle after the assistance by the parking-assistance device in pulling out of the parking space has ended.07-26-2012
20130073138SYSTEM VALIDATION - A method and apparatus for evaluating capabilities of a system (e.g. an autonomous vehicle) with respect to the performance of a task, the method including: providing a first model corresponding to the task; providing a further model corresponding to the system; providing a plurality of mappings from one model to another model; determining whether there exists a transformation trace either (i) from the first model to the further model, or (ii) from the further model to the first model, wherein each transformation trace includes one or more of the specified mappings; and evaluating the capabilities of the system with respect to the task dependent upon the existence of the transformation trace.03-21-2013
20130073137VEHICLE FOR DISPLACING FEED - The invention provides an autonomous vehicle for displacing feed laterally, comprising a frame having two separately drivable rear wheels and a front supporting point, and a feed displacer in the form of an annular element which is freely rotatable and has a radius r, said element forming the outer circumference of the vehicle. In order to enhance the control stability, the rear wheels are situated at a distance of less than a radius from the geometric centre of the vehicle.03-21-2013
20110015816Aviation ground navigation system - Transporting aircraft within an airport operational area. An airport operational area within which an unmanned ground vehicle is configured to selectively tow aircraft is defined. A ground tracking system provides position data signals to determine the position of the unmanned ground vehicle position relative to positions in at least one operational area path contained in the airport operational area. This positioning is supplemented by the position as determined from an electronic tracking system, such as a radar-based system. The unmanned ground vehicle is then selectively guided to engage and tow the aircraft to a selected position within the airport operational area.01-20-2011
20130060415Method For Operating An Autonomous Industrial Truck - The invention relates to a method for operating an autonomous industrial truck (03-07-2013
20130060414SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SMOOTH STEERING OVERRIDE TRANSITION DURING AUTOMATED LANE CENTERING - Vehicle steering measurements of a vehicle may be measured. Expected vehicle steering measurements may be calculated, each calculated expected vehicle steering measurement corresponding to one of the measured vehicle steering measurements. At least one difference between one of the measured vehicle steering measurements and its corresponding calculated expected vehicle steering measurement may be calculated. A lower boundary and an upper boundary of at least one override transition zone, each of the override transition zones corresponding to one of the measured vehicle steering measurements and its corresponding calculated expected vehicle steering measurement, may be calculated. Steering control of the vehicle may be gradually transferred from an automatic vehicle control system to a driver of the vehicle over a predetermined period of time when one or more of the calculated differences lie between the calculated lower boundary and the calculated upper boundary of the corresponding override transition zone.03-07-2013
20130060413SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SPEED ADAPTIVE STEERING OVERRIDE DETECTION DURING AUTOMATED LANE CENTERING - One or more vehicle steering measurements of a vehicle may be measured. One or more expected vehicle steering measurements may be calculated, each calculated expected vehicle steering measurement corresponding to one of the measured vehicle steering measurements. At least one difference between one of the measured vehicle steering measurements and its corresponding calculated expected vehicle steering measurement may be calculated. A speed of the vehicle may be measured. One or more current threshold values may be calculated based on the measured speed, each of the current threshold values corresponding to one of the measured vehicle steering measurements and its corresponding calculated expected vehicle steering measurement. An automatic vehicle control system may be deactivated when one or more of the calculated differences exceeds its corresponding current threshold value.03-07-2013
20090271058Floating Forks For Lift Vehicles - A material handling vehicle, such as an AGV, for loading and unloading a transport and wherein the vehicle includes a pair of freely floating forks. The forks are freely moveable in the vertical direction as well as capable of pivoting or tilting about an axis relative to a fork carriage, however when a load is applied, the forks are locked are prevented from such free floating movement.10-29-2009
20090069968UNMANNED AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE FOR DISPLACING FEED - An unmanned autonomous vehicle for displacing feed lying on a floor is provided with two wheels that are separately drivable, a distance determining device for determining the distance from the vehicle to a wall portion, an orientation determining device for determining the orientation of the centre line of the vehicle relative to the wall portion, a torque difference determining device for determining the torque difference between the wheels, a control unit for controlling the vehicle and moving it in a direction of travel, and a feed displacing arrangement for displacing feed substantially sidewardly. The control unit may be programmed in such a way that during operation the vehicle will maintain a distance determined by the distance determining device to the wall portion, which distance is greater than or equal to a pre-adjusted minimum distance to the wall portion. During operation the centre line of the vehicle may be maintained with an orientation determined by the orientation determining device relative to the wall portion, which orientation is at least almost equal to a pre-adjusted orientation. During operation the drivable wheels of the vehicle may show a torque difference determined by the torque difference determining device, which difference can then be maintained at a value smaller than or equal to a pre-adjusted maximum torque.03-12-2009
20090069967Method and apparatus for vehicle auto-guidance - Methods and apparatus are disclose for auto-steering of an auto-guided vehicle. A sensor coupled to a steering shaft detects when an operator requests control of the vehicle. The sensor then transmits information indicative of the request to one or more controllers of an auto-guidance system, which initiates a shutdown of auto-steering functions. In this way, the system quickly reverts to manual steering in an automatically guided and steered vehicle.03-12-2009
20090234527AUTONOMOUS MOBILE ROBOT DEVICE AND AN AVOIDANCE METHOD FOR THAT AUTONOMOUS MOBILE ROBOT DEVICE - An autonomous mobile robot device, comprises an obstacle detecting unit, which is configured to detect an obstacle, a path producing unit, which is configured to produce a path for reaching to a goal while avoiding the obstacle, which is detected by the obstacle detecting unit, upon basis of a predetermined avoidance method, and a moving unit, which is configured to move while mounting the obstacle detecting unit and the path producing unit thereon, and further comprises an avoidance method noticing unit, which is configured to notice information relating to an avoidance method of the autonomous mobile robot device itself to the obstacle, which is detected by the obstacle detecting unit, an other's avoidance method obtaining unit, which is configured to obtain information relating to the avoidance method of the obstacle from the obstacle, which is detected by the obstacle detecting unit, an avoidance method memorizing unit, which is configured to memorize one or more of the avoidance method(s) determined, to which the path producing unit should follow, and an avoidance method selecting unit, which is configured to selected the avoidance method(s) determined from the avoidance method memorizing unit, wherein the avoidance method selecting unit uses the information relating to the avoidance method of the obstacle, which is obtained by the other's avoidance method obtaining unit, as a reference, when selecting the avoidance method.09-17-2009
20130166133POWER DEMAND MANAGEMENT APPARATUS AND POWER DEMAND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A power demand management apparatus comprises a schedule holding section that holds a power restriction schedule indicating a device on which a mobile robot is to perform power restriction, in association with a power restriction execution time; a movement instructing section that transmits movement instructions to the robot such that, prior to the power restriction execution time indicated in the power restriction schedule, the robot moves to an area in which is arranged the device on which the power restriction is to be performed at the execution time; and a restriction instructing section that transmits power restriction instructions to the robot, thereby causing the robot to perform the power restriction on the device at the execution time.06-27-2013
20130166132Auto-Guidance - Auto-guidance may be provided. First, location information may be received and a location of a machine may be determined based on the location information. Once the location of the machine is determined, an auto-guidance data file may be loaded based on the determined location of the machine.06-27-2013
20090012666POWERED VEHICLE CONVOYING SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF CONVOYING POWERED VEHICLES - A vehicle convoy system for use in connection with a vehicle, wherein the vehicle includes at least one drive mechanism to impart drive to the vehicle, includes at least a first processor that is adapted to be placed in operative or communicative connection with the drive mechanism to effect control of the drive mechanism based upon data of the position of a leading vehicle in front of the vehicle so that the vehicle moves to follow movement of the leading vehicle. The vehicle can, for example, be a self-propelled wheelchair.01-08-2009
20110040437Robot Confinement Method - A confinement device for a mobile robot. A confinement device for a mobile robot preventing the robot from entering a space or region in which the user would like to safeguard or to keep the robot bound within a given space eliminating travel into sensitive or dangerous areas. The confinement device comprises materials used to absorb02-17-2011
20110282536Vessel hull robot navigation subsystem - A vessel hull robot navigation subsystem and method for a robot including a drive subsystem onboard the robot for driving the robot about the hull. A sensor subsystem onboard the robot outputs data combining robot and vessel motion. A memory onboard the robot includes data concerning the configuration of the hull and a desired path of travel for the robot. A fix subsystem communicates position fix data to the robot. A navigation processor onboard the robot is responsive to the memory data, the sensor subsystem, the position fix data, and the data concerning vessel motion. The navigation processor is configured to determine the position of the robot on the hull by canceling, form the sensor subsystem output data combining both robot and vessel motion, the determined vessel motion. The navigation processor controls the drive subsystem to maneuver the robot on the hull based on the fix data, the configuration of the hull, the desired path of travel for the robot, and the determined position of the robot on the hull.11-17-2011
20110106361Method for the calculation of a collision-preventing trajectory for a driving maneuver of a vehicle - A method for calculating a collision-avoiding trajectory for a driving maneuver of a vehicle, in particular a motor vehicle, in order to evade at least one obstacle approaching the motor vehicle during driving operation. The lateral speed of the motor vehicle is taken into account in the calculation independently of the longitudinal speed of the motor vehicle.05-05-2011
20130218395AUTONOMOUS MOVING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - Disclosed are a mobile apparatus and a method for controlling the same. More particularly, disclosed are an autonomous mobile apparatus and a method for controlling the same. The method for controlling an autonomous mobile apparatus disclosed in the specification includes: recognizing a direction of a call signal based on the call signal; receiving and analyzing video information regarding the direction; estimating a position of a signal source of the call signal using the sound source localization and the detected person's shape; generating a moving command to the position of the signal source; and recognizing the subject of the signal source after movement according to the moving command.08-22-2013
20100063664HIGH INTEGRITY PERCEPTION PROGRAM - The illustrative embodiments provide a computer program product for processing sensor data and controlling the movement of a vehicle. In an illustrative embodiment, an operating environment around the vehicle is identified and sensor data is selected from a set of sensors. A dynamic condition is identified using a plurality of different types of sensors on the vehicle. In response to the dynamic condition being identified, the movement of the vehicle is controlled. In another illustrative embodiment, an environment around the vehicle is identified to form an operating environment. Sensor data is selected from a set of sensors in a plurality of redundant sensors based on the operating environment.03-11-2010
20110196561Patent for a personal transportation network-ptn - This invention generally relates to an elevated transportation network run on electricity with personalized cars that can automatically transport passengers anywhere in a large city or densely populated metropolitan area served by the system without stopping on the way to the final destination. The cars travel on two continuous concrete ribbons with no bumps or cutouts crossing the tire path during switching or on the straight away. The travel path is a combination of central routing and individual car communications with car automatic steering and distance control. The personalized transportation concept can also apply to high speed intercity transportation allowing instant available transportation without intermediate time consuming stops.08-11-2011
20120143427System and Method for Positioning a Mobile Drive Unit - A method for transporting inventory items includes determining an assignment state of a mobile drive unit. The method also includes selecting a location for the mobile drive unit based on the assignment state of the mobile drive unit, in response to determining that the mobile drive unit is not currently completing a task. The method further includes transmitting information to the mobile drive unit identifying the selected location.06-07-2012
20100228417DRIVER HANDS ON/OFF DETECTION DURING AUTOMATED LANE CENTERING/CHANGING MANEUVER - A system and method for determining whether a vehicle driver is holding a steering wheel of the vehicle while the vehicle is in an autonomous driving mode. The vehicle will include an electric power steering (EPS) system and may include an active front steering (AFS) system, both of which include a motor that can apply a high frequency and low amplitude perturbation signal to the steering wheel of the vehicle that is not felt by the vehicle driver and does not cause the vehicle to turn, but is able to be detected by a steering angle sensor. The method subtracts a steering angle command signal from the steering angle signal and removes road disturbances, and then determines whether the induced perturbation signal is present in the steering angle sensor signal. If the perturbation signal is present, then the system knows that the vehicle driver is not holding the steering wheel.09-09-2010
20090287367METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DRIVER CONTROL OF A LIMITED-ABILITY AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE - A vehicle system for providing an interface for driver control of at least a partially autonomous vehicle. The system includes a driver command processor that receives request signals from a driver interface device of the driver's desire for the vehicle system to take certain actions and sends appropriate signals in response thereto to the proper autonomous vehicle systems. The driver command processor also sends signal to a display device indicating available actions, acknowledgement of the driver request, status of actions being taken or to be taken, etc.11-19-2009
20090276110System and Method for Detecting Reflection with a Mobile Sensor Platform - Systems and methods for planning and executing a search route by a mobile sensor platform for detecting reflection are disclosed. The search route of the mobile sensor platform is based on the angle of a radiation source relative to the ground in a search area. While executing the search route, a sensor on the mobile sensor platform is configured to detect the reflection of radiation from an object in the search area.11-05-2009
20110172870ROBOTIC PLATFORM FOR COLLECTING DATA TO EMULATE MATERIAL HANDLING VEHICLE MAST ANGLES - A defined vehicle path emulator system is described, which system can be used for measuring the F-min values and profiles for a path on a concrete floor traversed by a vehicle with a specific wheelbase. The defined vehicle path emulator is an autonomous robot that guides itself down the selected path.07-14-2011
20110144849AUTONOMOUS MOBILE ROBOT - An autonomous mobile robot includes a housing mounted on a track and controllable to move along the track and to stop at each selected location, two side covers pivotally mounted on the left and right sides of the housing and movable by a respective driving motor to close/open the left or right side of the housing, and a mechanism consisting of a motor roller, a driven roller, timing pulleys and timing belts to move a material carrier horizontally leftwards or rightwards to the outside of the housing after opening of the left-sided or right-sided side cover.06-16-2011
20080269972OBSTACLE DETECTION DEVICE OF AUTONOMOUS MOBILE SYSTEM - The present invention relates to an obstacle detection device, adapted for an autonomous mobile system, which comprises: a conducting wire, a first unit and a second unit. The first unit further comprises a first conducting part, electrically connected to an end of the conducting wire; and the second unit further comprises a second conducting part, electrically connected to another end of the conducting wire other than that connecting to the first conducting part. As an abnormality, such as the autonomous mobile system comes into contact with an obstacle, or misses a step, is happening and detected by the obstacle detection device, a reactive force will be generated to force the two conducting parts to contact with each other so as to enable an electrical conduction for issuing an electrical signal to the control unit of the autonomous mobile system and thus enabling the autonomous mobile system to react with respect to the abnormality.10-30-2008
20080262669AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE CONTROLLER - The present invention relates to a controller for providing a vehicle with autonomous control. The controller preferably provides path planning to an autonomous vehicle.10-23-2008
20080319598Direction guiding apparatus and direction guiding method - The present invention discloses a direction guiding apparatus for indicating a guidance direction to a user. The direction guiding apparatus includes an operation device having an operations part movable on an operation plane, and a control part for transmitting control data to the operation device for controlling the movement of the operations part. The guidance direction is distinguishable by the movement of the operations part.12-25-2008
20090138150Automatic Position-Based Guide Toy Vehicle Apparatus - An apparatus uses a guide toy vehicle and has a smart floor environment. The smart floor environment is filled with location tags. Data can be found in a back-end database for location tags of an exhibit unit through a wireless network. The data comprise multimedia information to improve learning. Thus, with the present invention students can have better learning for achieving a default teaching goal.05-28-2009
20090143931MOBILE APPARATUS AND MOBILE APPARATUS SYSTEM - Mobile apparatuses capable of moving or acting autonomously, without contacting each other, in an environment where movements of the mobile apparatuses are not managed by a server are provided. In a robot functioning as a first mobile apparatus, it is recognized that an object corresponds to a second mobile apparatus, and based on this recognition, a target trajectory is searched for and determined. Further, the first mobile apparatus causes another robot functioning as the second mobile apparatus to recognize a part or a whole of the target trajectory. In the second mobile apparatus, the part or the whole of the target trajectory of the first mobile apparatus is recognized, and based on this recognition, a target trajectory that the second mobile apparatus should follow is searched for and determined. This allows the mobile apparatuses to move along their respective target trajectories to avoid contact with each other.06-04-2009
20080306644GAME MACHINE AND INFORMATION COMMUNICATION SYSTEM USING DATA CARRIER - A game apparatus includes an apparatus body; and a plurality of small playing members each having a data carrier for transmitting driving electric power and performing mutual communications with the apparatus body. The number of points is added by the apparatus body when a change is given from the outside to an arbitrarily selected small playing member among the plurality of small playing members under a predetermined condition. In another aspect, an automated traveling control system for executing a process corresponding to a kind of a carrier object traveling by a gate is disclosed.12-11-2008
20090093922Automated infrastructure delivery system - An automatic delivery system for an infrastructure comprising passenger transportation, freight delivery, electrical grid, oil, gas, water pipelines, communication, sewer removal, etc. The automation at the current state of technology is mostly achieved by enclosing the delivery system inside of a tunnel.04-09-2009
20090187299Method and System for Autonomous Tracking of a Mobile Target by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - This invention provides a system and method for autonomously tracking a moving target from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with a variety of airframe and sensor payload capabilities so that the target remains within the vehicle's sensor field of view regardless of the specific target motion patterns. The invention uses information about target location, UAV platform type and states, sensor payload capability, and ratio of target-to-UAV speeds to select from a suite of sub-algorithms, each of which generates desired platform positions (in form of waypoints) and/or sensor orientation commands to keep the target in view.07-23-2009
20090222159Fully automatic straddle carrier with local radio detection and laser steering - A fully automatic driverless straddle carrier for transporting and stacking freight containers is equipped with several different sensor systems for the vehicle detection and navigation, the signals of which being evaluated and monitored in an electronic sensor fusion system and the current coordinates of the location determined thereby then being transmitted to a system of electric controls for automatically steering, driving and positioning the vehicle on preset paths stored in an electronic path control. Laser scanners are arranged at the vehicle for automatically guiding the vehicle over a container stack. In this straddle carrier, one of the absolute sensor systems for the vehicle detection is made up of a local radio detection system, which is arranged on the vehicle as a mobile radio base station, a plurality of radio transponders being stationarily positioned in the traveling area of the working site, an automatic switching device being provided for switching the steering from the automatic steering by navigation to an automatic steering by laser scanners and vice versa, when the vehicle reaches, travels over or leaves a container stack.09-03-2009
20090198400SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CONTROL OF AN UNMANNED GROUND VEHICLE - Systems and methods for interruptible autonomous control of a vehicle. Autonomous control is achieved by using actuators that interact with input devices in the vehicle. The actuators (e.g., linkages) manipulate the input devices (e.g., articulation controls and drive controls, such as a throttle, brake, tie rods, steering gear, throttle lever, or accelerator) to direct the operation of the vehicle. Although operating autonomously, manual operation of the vehicle is possible following the detection of events that suggest manual control is desired. Subsequent autonomous control may be permitted, permitted after a prescribed delay, or prevented.08-06-2009
20090254235Object recognition system for autonomous mobile body - The present invention provides an object recognition system for an autonomous mobile body. The object recognition system includes a sensor unit for detecting an obstacle in a target field of view and measuring the position of the obstacle, and an electronic control unit for controlling movement of the autonomous mobile body. The electronic control unit performs the functions of determining a velocity and a travel direction of the obstacle based on changes in the position of the obstacle obtained from the sensor unit over a plurality of measurement cycles, determining a still state of the obstacle, detecting that the obstacle has changed behavior if a current measured value of position of the obstacle deviates a predetermined angle from the previously measured travel direction or if it determined that the obstacle is standing still, and calculating, when a change in the behavior of the obstacle is detected, the velocity and travel direction of the obstacle anew starting at the position where the change has been detected.10-08-2009
20120035797AUTONOMOUS MOVING BODY AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - To enable stable collision avoidance operation without the need to install an infrastructure or the like even in a dangerous area where running out is likely to occur. An autonomous moving body according to the present invention includes: a distance measuring sensor that measures a distance to an object existing in an environment; a distance information acquisition unit that acquires a distance measurement value of the distance measuring sensor as distance information on a measurement point; and a dangerous area extraction unit that categorizes adjacent measurement points as an identical object according to a distance difference between the measurement points, and extracts an endpoint of the object as a dangerous area when the categorized object itself has a size equal to or larger than a predetermined threshold and when an opening formed between endpoints of the objects has a width equal to or larger than a predetermined threshold, in which the autonomous moving body travels so as to avoid a collision in the extracted dangerous area.02-09-2012
20090248231VEHICLE - A vehicle includes a button switch and a remote controller for setting an autonomous or manual driving mode, a microcomputer which outputs a mask control signal that corresponds to the driving mode, a command control unit which inputs a command to the microcomputer to output the mask control signal that corresponds to the driving mode, and a forward obstacle sensor and a rearward obstacle sensor which detect an obstacle and output a detection signal. A first logic circuit generates an emergency stop control signal that indicates a need or no need for an emergency stop of the vehicle based on the mask control signal from the microcomputer and the detection signals from the obstacle sensors. An emergency stopping operation of the vehicle is controlled based on the emergency stop control signal from the first logic circuit.10-01-2009
20090076673Partial manual control state for automated vehicle navigation system - Disclosed are methods and apparatuses for automated control of a moving vehicle. An alarm condition is detected, and in response to the alarm condition, the current radius of curvature of the vehicle is maintained. The radius of curvature may be calculated by using data received from sensors. The alarm condition may be a result of the vehicle becoming unstable or the automated navigation system malfunctioning. In response to operator control input, the vehicle is placed into a manual control state.03-19-2009
20100138094System and method for accident logging in an automated machine - A system for logging visual and sensor data associated with a triggering event on a machine is disclosed. The system may include a camera disposed on an autonomous machine to provide a visual data output and a sensor disposed on the autonomous machine to provide an operational parameter output. The system may also include a memory buffer to store the visual data and operational parameter output of the autonomous machine and a permanent memory device to selectively store contents of the memory buffer. The system may further include a controller configured to detect a condition indicative of the triggering event on the autonomous machine. The controller may also be configured to store the contents of the memory buffer in the permanent memory at a predetermined time after the triggering event, said contents corresponding to the visual data output and operational parameter output occurring before, during, and after the triggering event.06-03-2010
20100211243Traveling control method, medium, and apparatus for autonomous navigation - A traveling control method, medium, and apparatus for autonomous navigation. The traveling control method of controlling an autonomous navigation machine, having at least on the right and left sides thereof at least first and second receivers that receive a radio signal transmitted from a transmitter disposed at a specific position in a traveling area, the method includes allowing at least one of the first and second receivers to receive the radio signal, recognizing a command included in the received radio signal, acquiring data indicating a size of a recognizable area reached by the radio signal and a position of the transmitter while the autonomous navigation machine moves along the border of the recognizable area, and executing the recognized command in the recognizable area.08-19-2010
20120143428CHARGING DEVICE OF ROBOT CLEANER - A charging device of a robot cleaner is provided. The charging device of a robot cleaner according to the embodiment includes at least one cover forming an appearance of the charging device, a base which is coupled with the cover and includes a terminal unit for charging the robot cleaner, an induction signal generating unit disposed at a side of the cover or the base to transmit a return induction signal to the robot cleaner, and an induction signal guide member disposed at a side of the induction signal generating unit to enhance a docking performance of the robot cleaner by improving linearity of the induction signal. The charging device according to the embodiment can guide the path for the return of the robot cleaner and recharge the robot cleaner stably.06-07-2012
20110130913UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE CONTROL SYSTEMS - Unmanned aerial vehicle control systems are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a method of controlling an unmanned aerial vehicle includes transmitting an indication of a take-off or landing location to the unmanned aerial vehicle. The unmanned aerial vehicle is launched. A control mode of the unmanned aerial vehicle is switched from an autonomous mode to a manual mode. The control mode of the unmanned aerial vehicle is switched from the manual mode to another autonomous mode, and the unmanned aerial vehicle is landed at the landing location.06-02-2011
20090150017COMPUTING PLATFORM FOR MULTIPLE INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS IN AN AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLE - A computing platform for multiple intelligent transportation systems in an automotive vehicle having a plurality of sensors which generate output signals representative of various vehicle operating parameters. The platform includes a vehicle data center which receives input signals from the vehicle sensors and the vehicle data center is configured to transform these input signals into output signals having a predetermined format for each of the vehicle operating parameters. A central processing unit receives the output signal from the vehicle data and is programmed to process the vehicle data center output signals for each of the intelligent transportation systems and generate the appropriate output signals as a result of such processing.06-11-2009
20130131906STEERING WHEEL DEVICE FOR INDICATING REQUIRED SUPERVISORY CONTROL OF A VEHICLE AND METHOD FOR USE - A method and system may manage the driver's attention while driving. The driver may be driving using an autonomous driving system or limited-ability autonomous driving system. A steering wheel device may indicate to the driver a level of required supervisory control of a vehicle. The steering wheel device may include indicators to flash lights, vibrate, or provide other indicators. The indicators may have distinct levels of intensity for each level of supervisory control required to safely control a vehicle.05-23-2013
20130131907SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANAGING MISUSE OF AUTONOMOUS DRIVING - A method and system may prevent misuse of an autonomous driving system by providing at least one prompt at least one prompt for a driver of a vehicle. A sensor may whether the driver responds to the prompt. A processor may determine whether the driver exercises sufficient supervisory control of the vehicle, based on whether the driver responds to the prompt. The processor may disengage the autonomous driving system if the driver fails to exercise sufficient supervisory control of the vehicle. The processor may further reduce the vehicle's speed if the driver continues to misuse the autonomous driving system.05-23-2013
20130131908NAVIGATION AND CONTROL SYSTEM FOR AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES - A navigation and control system including a sensor configured to locate objects in a predetermined field of view from a vehicle. The sensor has an emitter configured to repeatedly scan a beam into a two-dimensional sector of a plane defined with respect to a first predetermined axis of the vehicle, and a detector configured to detect a reflection of the emitted beam from one of the objects. The sensor includes a panning mechanism configured to pan the plane in which the beam is scanned about a second predetermined axis to produce a three dimensional field of view. The navigation and control system includes a processor configured to determine the existence and location of the objects in the three dimensional field of view based on a position of the vehicle and a time between an emittance of the beam and a reception of the reflection of the emitted beam from one of the objects.05-23-2013
20130131909SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CHANGING WHEN A VEHICLE ENTERS A VEHICLE YARD - A method includes, responsive to a determination that a first vehicle system to be received in a vehicle yard is longer than a length of a receiving route of the vehicle yard that is designated for receiving the first vehicle system, processing a first movement plan to generate a revised movement plan. The first movement plan governs movement of the first vehicle system and one or more second vehicle systems in a transportation network that includes the vehicle yard. The revised movement plan is generated based at least in part on a designated time restriction for the first vehicle system to travel to and be received within the vehicle yard on the receiving route. The method also includes controlling at least one of the first vehicle system or at least one of the one or more second vehicle systems based on the revised movement plan.05-23-2013
20090037041METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR GENERATING END TURNS - A method and system for controlling a vehicle comprises a boundary establisher for establishing a boundary of a work area. A vehicle position sensor (e.g., a location-determining receiver) determines a position of the vehicle. A planner module plans a raw turn of a vehicle to be executed in accordance with a model turn pattern if the position of the vehicle has traversed the boundary. An adjustment module may adjust the raw turn of the vehicle to a compensated turn such that an implement coupled to the vehicle follows an implement path that substantially tracks the model turn pattern.02-05-2009
20110004367Autonomous water-borne vehicle - The technical disclosure herein describes an autonomous water-borne vehicle having a segmented non-planing hull with free flood fore and aft sections and a sealed center section. The disclosure also described such a vehicle having a fixed longitudinal thruster and a fixed lateral thruster for changing the heading of the vehicle. The disclosure also described such a vehicle having an autonomous mission system, an autonomous navigation system, and a web-based command and control system. The disclosure also describes such a vehicle having a submersible winch. The disclosure also describes such a vehicle wherein the sealed center section is of substantially rectangular cross section. The disclosure also describes such a vehicle having a wheeled battery tray.01-06-2011
201100043663-DIMENSIONAL PERCEPTION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MOBILE PLATFORM - In one embodiment, an autonomously navigated mobile platform includes a support frame, a projector supported by the frame, a sensor supported by the frame, a memory including a plurality of program instructions stored therein for generating an encoded signal using a phase shifting algorithm, emitting the encoded signal with the projector, detecting the emitted signal with the sensor after the emitted signal is reflected by a detected body, associating the detected signal with the emitted signal, identifying an x-axis dimension, a y-axis dimension, and a z-axis dimension of the detected body, and one or more of a range and a bearing to the detected body, based upon the associated signal, identifying a present location of the mobile platform, navigating the mobile platform based upon the identified location, and a processor operably connected to the memory, to the sensor, and to the projector for executing the program instructions.01-06-2011
20100332066METHOD OF GUIDANCE OF UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLES - A method of guiding aerial vehicles to a target site in adverse weather conditions wherein the method regulates the range indirectly by regulating heading error to an offset target that revolves around the true target site. The improved guidance architecture is effective in adverse weather conditions, such as high winds.12-30-2010
20100185353VARIABLE OFFSET POSITIONING ANTENNA ARRAY FOR ENHANCED GUIDANCE OF AUTOMATED GUIDED VEHICLES (AGVS) - A Variable Offset Positioning Antenna Array for Enhanced Guidance of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in automated warehousing or storage systems for automobiles or the like, includes two or more inductor coils producing output as a result of interaction with a guidance wire located in or near the surface of the floor which is energized by a frequency generator, and an on board programmable microprocessor which processes the coil output to determine an exact position of the antenna array relative to the guidance wire. In one embodiment, the antenna array enables an AGV to follow a guidance wire at an offset to the direction of travel in order to allow automated storage and retrieval systems to handle asymmetrical items, such as automobiles, more efficiently and cost effectively by decreasing the building space required for travel aisles, vertical conveyors and storage locations as well as decreasing total individual item processing time.07-22-2010
20110246015System and Method for Providing Perceived First-Order Control of an Unmanned Vehicle - A system for providing perceived first order control of an unmanned vehicle contains a memory and a processor configured by the memory to perform the steps of receiving instructions for updating x-axis location, y-axis location, z-axis location, and/or heading of the unmanned vehicle; converting received instructions for updating x-axis location, y-axis location, z-axis location, and/or heading of the unmanned vehicle into a set of relative distance coordinates from a current location of the unmanned vehicle; and adjusting the set of relative distance coordinates by a gain control, to minimize coordinate change, wherein gain control provides a rate change in the x-axis location, y-axis location, z-axis location, and/or heading, resulting in a new set of coordinates. A screen displays a location dot representing current location of the unmanned vehicle and an outer limit circle surrounding the location dot representing an outer boundary for movement of the unmanned vehicle.10-06-2011
20110035086STEERING METHOD FOR VEHICLE AND APPARATUS THEREOF - The present invention relates to an apparatus and a method for steering a vehicle, and more particularly to an apparatus and a method for steering an autonomous vehicle. One aspect of the present invention provides a method of steering a vehicle in an apparatus for steering the vehicle, the method comprising: (a) determining a first path by using a starting point and a destination of the vehicle; (b) generating an obstacle position signal when a plurality of obstacle sensors mounted on the vehicle detect an obstacle during an operation of the vehicle; (c) generating a parallax information using the obstacle position signal received from the plurality of the obstacle sensors; and (d) determining a second path avoiding the obstacle by using the parallax information. According to the method and the apparatus for steering a vehicle of the present invention, a vehicle may avoid obstacles in real-time in complex environments.02-10-2011
20100063663LEADER-FOLLOWER FULLY AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE WITH OPERATOR ON SIDE - The illustrative embodiments provide a method and apparatus for controlling movement of a vehicle. Movement of an operator located at a side of the vehicle is identified with a plurality of sensors located in the vehicle and the vehicle is moved in a path that maintains the operator at the side of the vehicle while the operator is moving.03-11-2010
20110153135TRAVEL CONTROL DEVICE FOR UNMANNED CONVEYANCE VEHICLE - When an unmanned conveyance vehicle travels straight along a main guide tape 06-23-2011
20110071718Systems and Methods for Switching Between Autonomous and Manual Operation of a Vehicle - Systems and methods for switching between autonomous and manual operation of a vehicle are described. A mechanical control system can receive manual inputs from a mechanical operation member to operate the vehicle in manual mode. An actuator can receive autonomous control signals generated by a controller. When the actuator is engaged, it operates the vehicle in an autonomous mode, and when disengaged, the vehicle is operated in manual mode. Operating the vehicle in an autonomous mode can include automatically controlling steering, braking, throttle, and transmission. A system may also allow the vehicle to be operated via remote command.03-24-2011
20090088916METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATIC PATH PLANNING AND OBSTACLE/COLLISION AVOIDANCE OF AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES - Method and systems of traversing through a domain is provided. One method comprises getting a set of widely spaced waypoints, assigning the next waypoint to be the goal, then using a Laplacian path planner to construct a desired finely detailed path towards the goal, through the domain that avoids boundaries and objects in the domain. Assigning a potential value of v(r)=0 for r on boundaries and obstacles. Assigning a potential value of v(r)=−1 for r on a goal region, wherein the goal is a point on a planned path. Obtaining a numerical solution to the desired path with a Laplace's equation by gridding up the domain with a multi-sized cell grid, wherein the cells near an object are denser then the cells away from the objects. Iteratively setting a potential at each interior point equal to the average of its nearest neighbors and following the numerical solution provided by the Laplace's equation to the goal region.04-02-2009
20110071717HUMAN-MACHINE INTERFACE DEVICE FOR AN AUTONOMIC VEHICLE CONTROL SYSTEM - An apparatus for generating autonomic control mode commands to an autonomic control system in a vehicle to execute an autonomic vehicle maneuver in response to an operator command includes a control module signally connected to the autonomic control system and an input device. The input device is manipulated by an operator to transition among operator command positions and configured to generate signal outputs monitored by the control module indicating the operator command positions including a neutral position, a detent position and an extended detent position. The input device further includes a reset state corresponding to the neutral position and monitored by the control module, an initiation state corresponding to the extended detent position and monitored by the control module, and a command state corresponding to the detent position and monitored by the control module.03-24-2011
20110029180Device for Measuring the Movement of a Self-Guided Vehicle - A device for measuring the movement of a self-guiding vehicle, that has an enhanced measuring reliability, in particular during an adhesion loss and independently from the travel profile of the vehicle in terms of slope, turn and slant. To this end, the device for measuring the movement of a self-guiding vehicle includes on board thereof two accelerometers coupled to a movement calculator, wherein each accelerometer includes two measurement axes on which are measured projections of a vehicle acceleration resultant. The four measurement axes of the accelerometers are adjusted so that the calculator provides, from the four projection measures, at least one very accurate longitudinal acceleration value of the vehicle at each point of a route including both slopes and turns.02-03-2011
20100114416SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR NAVIGATING AN AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE USING LASER DETECTION AND RANGING - A system and method for providing information for autonomous vehicle navigation are disclosed. The system comprises at least one laser scanner configured to perform one or more range and intensity scans of an area around the autonomous vehicle, and a geo-location unit comprising one or more global positioning system sensors and inertial navigation system sensors. The system also includes at least one processor in operative communication with the laser scanner and the geo-location unit. The processor is configured to execute one or more program modules comprising a ground plane-based processing module configured to receive range scan data transformed into world coordinates, and output ground plane-based classification data; a range-based processing module configured to receive data from a single range scan, and output range-based classification data; an intensity-based processing module configured to receive intensity scan data, and output intensity-based classification data; and a classification fusion module configured to receive the classification data from each of the processing modules, and output range bin classification data.05-06-2010
20110160949TRAVEL CONTROL DEVICE FOR UNMANNED CONVEYANCE VEHICLE - An unmanned conveyance vehicle (06-30-2011
20110160948AUTOMATIC REMOTE CONTROLLED HOSPITAL DISPENSING CART - A portable dispensing device that can be used in a hospital to dispense drugs or can be used to dispense alcoholic beverages. A cart may store and dispense dispensible items, e.g., drugs, to patients room by room as are periodically prescribed by their physicians. The drugs are automatically billed and automatically verified as being properly dispensed.06-30-2011
20120203418METHOD FOR REDUCING THE RISK OF A COLLISION BETWEEN A VEHICLE AND A FIRST EXTERNAL OBJECT - A method for reducing the risk of a collision between a vehicle and at least a first external object is contemplated. The risk of a collision may be reduced with use of a collision avoidance system having a detection unit adapted to issue a control signal in the event it detects a collision involving a first external object in a vicinity of the host vehicle, and an action unit adapted to operate the collision avoidance system such that an emergency manoeuvre can be initiated by the collision avoidance system at an earlier stage if the control signal is issued, as compared to when no control signal is issued.08-09-2012
20090112387Unmanned Vehicle Control Station - According to one embodiment, a control station includes a heads-down display and at least heads-up display that may be viewed from a single position. The heads-down display is coupled to an unmanned vehicle control system that is operable to control an unmanned vehicle. The at least one heads-up display is adjacent to the heads-down display and operable to operable to display a composite image of the unmanned vehicle's environment. The composite image comprising a rendered image that is generated by a terrain rendering engine.04-30-2009
20120203419SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - In a safety management system for equipment adapted to operate autonomously in a real-time environment, both a deterministic processor and a non-deterministic processor are provided for processing incoming alerts and generating control signals in response. The non-deterministic processor can deal with unrehearsed, complex and unpredictable situations, by providing essentially open-ended procedures working in large search spaces with no guarantee of a solution. The deterministic processor monitors behaviour of the non-deterministic processor and validates control signals produced by it against safety policies. The deterministic processor also provides an “intelligent” interface to the non-deterministic processor, which receives alerts only from the deterministic processor, and enforces time-critical delivery of responses.08-09-2012
20110264320METHOD OF GUIDING A VEHICLE - The invention relates to a method of guiding a vehicle (10-27-2011
20100179715CONTROLLING AN AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE SYSTEM - A system is adapted to transfer control of movement of a vehicle to and/or from an autonomous vehicle system. The control system includes an activation sub-system that has an input device configured to receive an activation signal indicating that an autonomous vehicle system is to be activated. A test device checks, upon receipt of the activation signal by the input device, if the autonomous vehicle system is in a ready state to be activated. If so, an activation device can activate the autonomous vehicle system. The system may also include at least one deactivation switch that is configured, upon being switched on, to deactivate an autonomous vehicle system from controlling movement of the vehicle.07-15-2010
20100121516MOVING ROUTE PLANNING METHOD AND NAVIGATION METHOD FOR AVOIDING DYNAMIC HINDRANCES FOR MOBILE ROBOT DEVICE - The present invention disclosed a moving route planning method for mobile robot device, which provides the moving route on a physical site for the mobile robot device. The method includes a first and a second steps; in which, the first step is to generate a relative mesh grid diagram based on a physical site, and the mesh grid map comprises a plurality of map grids containing hindrance parameter values, wherein the hindrance parameter values for each map grid are determined by the locations of hindrances within the physical site at relative locations; and, the second step is to continuously expand the map grid from the start point and the target point toward the neighbored map grids until the expanded map grids meet with each other, and to define each map grid in the expansion traces for meeting with each other as the moving route.05-13-2010
20100023195SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE LOCALIZATION - An autonomous vehicle capable of determining its position in a space through improved communications with beacons is disclosed. The autonomous vehicle utilizes time of flight as well and angular information to determine position, and is capable of intelligent interaction with the beacons.01-28-2010
20090088917STEERING ARRANGEMENT FOR A DRIVERLESS VEHICLE - A driverless vehicle, for example for a passenger rapid transport (PRT) system, comprises steered wheels (04-02-2009
20110307138POSITIONING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A positioning method that calculates a lower accuracy positioning solution and applies an offset to the lower accuracy positioning solution to form a final positioning solution if a higher accuracy positioning solution is unavailable. The offset represents a difference between the lower accuracy positioning solution and the higher accuracy positioning solution at a point in time when the higher accuracy positioning solution was last available.12-15-2011
20120046817DRIVING ASSIST DEVICE - A driving assist device includes a first control portion that controls a vehicle to carry out automated driving, and a second control portion that controls the vehicle to make a shift to manual driving, in which the vehicle travels on a basis of an driving operation by a driver, when canceling the automated driving, and changes a manner of canceling the automated driving in accordance with an elapsed time from a start of the automated driving.02-23-2012
20120046816ADVANCED COOPERATIVE DEFENSIVE MILITARY TACTICS, ARMOR, AND SYSTEMS - This invention provides impact detection and vehicle cooperation to achieve particular goals and determine particular threat levels. For example, an impact/penetration sensing device may be provided on a soldier's clothing such that when this clothing is impacted/penetrated (e.g., penetrated to a particular extent) a medical unit (e.g., a doctor or medical chopper) may be autonomously, and immediately, provided with the soldiers location (e.g., via a GPS device on the soldier) and status (e.g., right lung may be punctured by small-arms fire).02-23-2012
20120046818INTEGRATED AUTOMATION SYSTEM FOR REGIONS WITH VARIABLE GEOGRAPHICAL BOUNDARIES - Methods and systems are described for effecting autonomous operations within a defined geographical region (02-23-2012
20120065829Wall-following Moving Device - A wall-following moving device consists of a base; a determining drive unit; multiple collision sensing units; two signal transceiver units arranged at the same lateral side of the base parallel to the moving direction of the base for synchronously transmitting and receiving specific signals, and being electrically connected to the determining drive unit; and a moving element mounted to the base and controlled by the determining drive unit to perform various movements. The determining drive unit compares two reflected signals from a wall received separately by two signal transceiver units, and uses the intensity difference of the signals as a basis to control the moving element to orientate the robot parallel to the wall. By an intricate coordination of the collision sensing units, two signal transceiver units, determining drive unit, and the moving element, the distance between the robot and a wall can be precisely determined and controlled.03-15-2012
20090276111Autonomous Ground Vehicle Control System For High-Speed And Safe Operation - The present disclosure relates to a reference yaw rate generator for an autonomous ground vehicle control system. The reference yaw rate generator is configured to generate a reference yaw rate (r11-05-2009
20120158234Apparatus and Method for Controlling Automatic Operation of Working Unit of Wheel Loader - The method includes: verifying a working state of the wheel loader through detection of a bucket position and a driving state and examining whether the verified working state is an excavation completed state; examining whether a current position of a driving direction operating lever is a backward-movement position when the verified working state is the excavation completed state as a result of the examination; and automatically moving up a position of a boom up to a predetermined position together with backward driving of the wheel loader depending on whether an automatic operation mode is set when the driving direction operating lever position is the backward-movement position.06-21-2012
20120253580GPS Navigation System - A GPS navigation system for a motor vehicle mounted within sight of a driver and/or navigator. The system comprises and/or consists of a memory module that contains a pre-stored map database including a plurality of locations and a receiver supported within the motor vehicle for receiving signals indicative of the current position of the map. The system also includes a monitor positioned in the position within sight of the driver and/or navigator for displaying the location of the vehicle with the respect to a pre-stored map. Means including the memory module, receiver and said monitor display an area of about ½ km in all direction and up to ½ km to 1 km from the current position of the vehicle. Further, means including a zoom optical system for zooming in and out of the ½ to 1 km radius of the vehicle location on the stored map and means for summoning help to the present location of the vehicle. In addition, radar means for sensing an object that obstructs the projected pathway of the vehicle and a plurality of sensors and running control means perform the auto-drive control running of the vehicle based on the detection of signals from the plurality of sensors wherein said auto-drive control includes speed control, steering and breaking. The system includes a change over means for switching between the auto-drive and manual drive modes.10-04-2012
20120253581Mobile Station for an Unmanned Vehicle - A mobile station for an unmanned vehicle comprises a vehicular storage area for storing a vehicle during transit or at rest. A first wireless transceiver communicates a status or command between the vehicle and the mobile station during at least one of vehicular deployment and rest. A station controller manages a management plan of the vehicle comprising at least one of retooling the vehicle, loading a payload on the vehicle, and recharging or refueling of the vehicle.10-04-2012
20100094499High Integrity Coordination for Multiple Off-Road Vehicles - The illustrative embodiments provide a method and apparatus for controlling and coordinating multiple vehicles. In one illustrative embodiment, machine behaviors are assigned to multiple vehicles performing a task. The vehicles are coordinated to perform the task using the assigned behaviors and a number of signals received from other vehicles and the environment during performance of the task. In another illustrative embodiment, a role is identified for each vehicle in a group of vehicles. A number of machine behaviors are assigned to each vehicle depending upon the identified role for the vehicle. The machine behaviors are selected from coordinating machine behaviors stored in a behavior library. Each vehicle is then coordinated to perform the task according to the role and machine behaviors assigned.04-15-2010
20120316723method for determining at least one trafficable area in the surroundings of a motor vehicle - In a method for determining at least one trafficable area in the surroundings of a motor vehicle relevant for vehicle guidance, e.g., for ascertaining an evasion trajectory for a driver assistance system of the motor vehicle, at least one object detection sensor of the vehicle detects objects or obstacles in the surroundings of the motor vehicle, and the chronological sequence of occupancy information of the at least one object detection sensor of the motor vehicle regarding at least one detected object is taken into consideration.12-13-2012
20120083960SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PREDICTING BEHAVIORS OF DETECTED OBJECTS - Aspects of the invention relate generally to autonomous vehicles. Specifically, the features described may be used alone or in combination in order to improve the safety, use, driver experience, and performance of these vehicles.04-05-2012
20120083959DIAGNOSIS AND REPAIR FOR AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES - A system and method of controlling a vehicle is provided. In one aspect, the system and method determines the amount of wear on a component of the vehicle and, based on the amount of wear and information derived from the environment surrounding the vehicle (e.g., another vehicle in the path of the vehicle or a requirement to stop at a particular location), maneuvers the vehicle to mitigate further wear on the component.04-05-2012
20120316722ADVANCED NAVIGATION AND GUIDANCE SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AN AUTOMATIC GUIDED VEHICLE (AGV) - An automatic guided vehicle (AGV) system for automatically transporting loads along a predetermined path is provided. The improvement includes a plurality of embedded magnets distant from one another, wherein at least a portion of the plurality of embedded magnets represent a positioning point and a plurality of AGVs, wherein at least one of the plurality of AGVs includes a drive assembly and a sensor system having a plurality of sensors, the sensor system configured for guidance of the AGV based upon simultaneous reading of the embedded magnets under the plurality of sensors, such that a position of the AGV with respect to the sensors can be repeatedly determined with respect to magnetic field peaks of the embedded magnets, and fine positioning markers.12-13-2012
20120215393Tugbot - The instant invention describes a remotely controlled vehicle towing device which allows an individual the ability to tow vehicles, such as airplanes or RV/trailers, without the aid of another person. The tow vehicle comprises a chassis constructed and arranged to hold the internal compartments that make the device function. The device further comprises independent drives which allow for dual speed functionality wherein each of the wheels, or continuous wheel tracks, may be powered at different levels or speeds. The dual speed design allows the device to turn in a variety of directions, including semicircle or turns in the shape of arcs, not achievable by many of the cited prior art references. A main control unit may be utilized to coordinate all functionality. A hand-held remote control device allows the device to be operated remotely.08-23-2012
20100174434ROBOT WITH AN AUTOMATIC CHARGING FUNCTION - A robot with an automatic charging function, comprising: a body, an arm mechanism rotatably connected to the body, a head mechanism and a driver rotatably connected to the arm mechanism; wherein a receiving space is formed in the body for receiving the arm mechanism; the head mechanism comprises two conduction terminals for receiving power from power outlets of a charging station; when power of the robot is lower than a preset level, the driver is configured to drive the arm mechanism to rotate out of the receiving space of the body, simultaneously, the driver is configured to drive the head mechanism to rotate relatively to the arm mechanism till the two conduction terminals of the head mechanism are electronically connected to the power outlets of the charge station, thereby receiving power from the charge station.07-08-2010
20120173067GRAPHICAL VEHICLE COMMAND SYSTEM FOR AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES ON FULL WINDSHIELD HEAD-UP DISPLAY - A method to control operation of a vehicle based upon a user input from a user of the vehicle to a graphic projection display representing a registered graphic to a view in front of the vehicle includes projecting the registered graphic to the view in front of the vehicle upon the graphic projection display, monitoring the user input to the graphic projection display, and controlling the operation of the vehicle based upon the user input to the graphic projection display.07-05-2012
20120173068METHOD FOR ASSISTING A DRIVER OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - In a method for assisting a driver of a motor vehicle in a driving maneuver, the surroundings of the vehicle are recorded, and it is checked whether at least one object is located in the surroundings of the vehicle, and it is ascertained subsequently whether the vehicle is approaching the object, and a warning to the driver is output if the vehicle approaches the object up to a critical distance. The driver is warned by a warning jerk, and after the warning jerk has taken place, the speed of the vehicle is automatically reduced.07-05-2012
20100010699Cruise control plan evaluation device and method - A cruise control plan evaluation device (01-14-2010
20120221186Methods and Devices for Stabilizing an AGV during Transport of Elevated Loads - Methods and devices to physically stabilize a unit load of stapled unit loads such as at least two standard containers applied atop each other and on top of at least one Automatically Controlled Vehicle (AGV), during transport of the load in all directions on the ground. The AGV arranged below the unit load has at least one wheel-bogie having at least one wheel at each corner, the bogie being controllably pivotable at its geometrical center to a frame of the AGV with each wheel being controllably pivotable at its respective fixation points. During transport in a longitudinal direction of the total unit, each bogie is translated to a diagonal position in relation to its position of introduction as the wheels simultaneously are controlled so as to maintain their rolling direction in the direction of transport, so as to enhance the traction of the AGV.08-30-2012
20120330492DEEP LANE NAVIGATION SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATIC GUIDED VEHICLES - A method for automatically guiding a vehicle along at least a first of a plurality of rows comprising predefined centerlines. At least a second of the rows comprises a number of objects of known dimensions positioned at known locations along the centerline thereof. The method comprises the steps of scanning the objects from the vehicle, generating a set of data points representative of the locations of the objects relative to the vehicle, determining a sensed position and heading of the vehicle from the data points, comparing the sensed position and heading of the vehicle to a position and direction of the first row centerline, and generating offset and heading errors for the vehicle based on differences between the sensed position and heading of the vehicle and the position and direction of the first row centerline.12-27-2012
20120330491AUTOMATIC GUIDED VEHICLE SENSOR SYSTEM AND METHOD OF USING SAME - An automatic guided vehicle (AGV) system for automatically transporting loads along a predetermined path is provided that includes a plurality of magnets distant from one another, wherein at least a portion of the plurality of magnets represent a positioning point, and a plurality of AGVs, wherein at least one of the plurality of AGVs includes a drive assembly and a sensor system configured to determine guidance information. The sensor system includes a circuit board, a two-dimensional array of giant magneto resistive (GMR) sensors along a surface of the circuit board, the GMR sensors configured to detect at least one of the plurality of embedded magnets when the GMR sensors are proximate thereto, and an electromagnetic coil extending around the circuit board and at least a portion of the GMR sensors, the electromagnetic coil configured to polarize the GMR sensors.12-27-2012
20120271499VEHICLE TRAVEL CONTROLLING APPARATUS - In a vehicle travel controlling apparatus including an automatic travel controlling ECU that controls a vehicle in a predetermined travel state by cooperation control of a vehicle driving amount and a vehicle braking amount, the automatic travel controlling ECU is provided with an automatic travel termination controlling unit. The automatic travel termination controlling unit obtains a brake fluid pressure during the cooperation control according to the vehicle driving amount during the cooperation control and a gradient of a road surface on which a vehicle is travelling. When the brake fluid pressure corresponding to a braking operation of a driver is more than the brake fluid pressure during the cooperation control, the automatic travel termination controlling unit terminates the cooperation control to switch operation to a braking operation according to the brake fluid pressure corresponding to the braking operation.10-25-2012
20120271500SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ENABLING A DRIVER TO INPUT A VEHICLE CONTROL INSTRUCTION INTO AN AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE CONTROLLER - A system for enabling a driver to input a vehicle control instruction into an autonomous vehicle controller while the autonomous vehicle controller is operating a vehicle in either an autonomous mode or a semi-autonomous mode is disclosed herein. The system includes, but is not limited to, a sensor that is configured to detect a driver input and to generate a signal corresponding with the driver input. The system further includes a communication sub-system communicatively coupled with the sensor and configured to be communicatively coupled with the autonomous vehicle controller. The communication sub-system is further configured to deliver the signal from the sensor to the autonomous vehicle controller. The autonomous vehicle controller controls the vehicle in a manner that corresponds with the driver input when the autonomous vehicle controller receives the signal.10-25-2012
20120277947Method and Device for Automatically Operating a Vehicle in an Autonomous Driving Mode Requiring No User Action - A method for the automatic operation of a vehicle in an autonomous driving mode not requiring user action is provided. This involves detection of a present traffic situation, a check whether the traffic situation fulfils a first criterion, and a blocking of a functionality which offers to a driver during the autonomous driving mode a secondary activity not related to driving the vehicle if the first criterion is fulfilled. A device for the automatic operation of a vehicle in an autonomous driving mode not requiring user action includes devices designed for carrying out the method for the automatic operation of a vehicle in an autonomous driving mode not requiring user action.11-01-2012
20120089291AUTONOMOUS MACHINE CONTROL SYSTEM - An offboard operator interface station configured to display a graphics user interface for an autonomous machine control system is disclosed. The graphics user interface may have an overall machine response field configured to display an arbitrated machine action currently being implemented on an autonomous machine. The graphics user interface may also have a responsible subsystem field configured to display which of a plurality of machine subsystems is contributing to the arbitrated machine action.04-12-2012
20120101679METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ENHANCING OPERATING PERFORMANCE OF AN AUTONOMIC MOBILE ROBOTIC DEVICE - A mechanism for optimizing behavior of an autonomous mobile robotic device. A first set of robotic behaviors is created based on a set of work area parameters and a behavior selection. The autonomous mobile robotic device is controlled using the first set of robotic behaviors. Performance data indicative of a performance of the autonomous mobile robotic device when controlled by the first set of robotic behaviors is collected. The performance data is analyzed to create a second set of robotic behaviors having enhanced performance relative to the first set of robotic behaviors. The first set of robotic behaviors is replaced with the second set of robotic behaviors to control the autonomous mobile robotic device using the second set of robotic behaviors.04-26-2012
20120290164MULTI-ROLE UNMANNED VEHICLE SYSTEM AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - An unmanned vehicle may include a vehicle body that comprises an enclosed hull. The unmanned vehicle may include a propulsion, a ballast control system, a center of gravity system, a pressurization system, a control surface system, a navigation control system, and an on board master control system. The on board master control system may execute local control over operation of the various systems of the unmanned vehicle. The unmanned vehicle may also include a power supply carried by a portion of the vehicle body to provide power to the various systems. The various systems of the unmanned vehicle may be independently operable to support selective operation of the unmanned vehicle in the air, on the surface of the water, and below the surface of the water.11-15-2012
20100168947Apparatus and method for detection, location, and identification of gamma sources - An apparatus for detecting and determining a source azimuth for gamma radiation includes at least two scintillation crystals at angular offsets and directed toward a common plane of detection, photodetectors adjacent to each of the scintillation crystals for converting the light response of the scintillation crystals into distinct electrical signals, and a digital processing system configured to analyze spectral data from each electrical signal produced for each crystal. The digital processing system monitors a finite number of spectral windows corresponding to a selected set of radioisotopes, and uses one or more of the electrical signals to determine a signal intensity and a likely source azimuth for a detected radioisotope in the plane of detection. Another scintillation crystal directed outside of the common plane of detection may be used for three-dimensional detection. Related methods for detection and location of gamma ray sources are discussed.07-01-2010
20110137506SYSTEM FOR MAINTAINING COMMUNICATION BETWEEN TEAMS OF VEHICLES - A system maintains communication between a plurality of unmanned vehicles within an environment. The system includes a sensor component and an evaluator. The sensor component senses objects within the environment. The sensor component is located on a first unmanned vehicle. The evaluator evaluates data from the sensor component. The evaluator is located on the first unmanned vehicle. The evaluator compares data for the first unmanned vehicle and a second unmanned vehicle and determines whether a trajectory of one of the first and second unmanned vehicles may be modified to maintain communication between the first unmanned vehicle and the second unmanned vehicle.06-09-2011
20130024064Trailer backing up device and table based method - The present invention, when used to backed-up a trailer, indicates which direction and how much to steer to steer. The present invention is a method for rapidly determining the predicted direction where the vehicle and trailer become generally in-line. Servomechanisms can be incorporated to enable the vehicle to steer itself while the driver indicates the direction travel desired for the trailer, otherwise a pointer would indicate, for the current position of the vehicle's steering wheel, the predicted direction of the trailer. To back-up the trailer, the driver would turn the vehicle's wheel such that the pointer is kept pointing in the direction of the intended trailer destination. Furthermore, the present invention will indicated the projected directions of the left and right limits to control the direction of the trailer, particularly when maneuvering complex paths.01-24-2013
20130173109VEHICLE MODEL CALIBRATION SYSTEM FOR A MOBILE MACHINE - A method is disclosed for recalibrating a vehicle model used to autonomously control a machine on a worksite, with a calibration system including at least one processor. In the method at least one recalibration condition is determined for which recalibration of the vehicle model is to occur. Time information, location information, and testing condition information are determined for the at least one recalibration condition. The time information includes a determination of a time when recalibration is to be performed. The location information includes a determination of a location suitable for performing the recalibration. The testing condition information includes a determination of a testing condition to be used during the recalibration.07-04-2013
20130173110METHOD AND DEVICE FOR OPERATING A DRIVER ASSISTANCE SYSTEM OF A VEHICLE - A method for operating a driver assistance system of a vehicle, including receiving data transmitted to the vehicle; using the received data for a decision as to whether or not the driver assistance system is to provide a driver assistance function, characterized by archiving of the data used.07-04-2013
20130184924METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR GUIDING A ROBOTIC GARDEN TOOL - Method and system for guiding a robotic garden tool (07-18-2013
20090112388Unmanned Vehicle Simulation System - According to one embodiment, an unmanned vehicle simulation system includes a simulator translator coupled between an unmanned vehicle control system that is operable to control an unmanned vehicle and a vehicle simulator that is operable to simulate operation of the unmanned vehicle. The simulator translator is operable to receive a message from the unmanned vehicle control system, translate the message to another message suitable for use by the vehicle simulator, and transmit the translated message to the vehicle simulator.04-30-2009
20130138288SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ESTIMATING THE MASS OF A VEHICLE - A vehicle system and method that estimates or approximates the mass of a vehicle so that a more accurate vehicle mass estimate can be made available to other vehicle systems, such as an adaptive cruise control (ACC) system or an automated lane change (LCX) system. In an exemplary embodiment, the method compares an actual acceleration of the vehicle to an expected acceleration while the vehicle is under the control of an automated acceleration event. The difference between these two acceleration values, along with other potential input, may then be used to approximate the actual mass of the vehicle in a way that takes into account items such as passengers, cargo, fuel, etc. Once an accurate vehicle mass estimate is generated, the method may make this estimate available to other vehicle components, devices, modules, systems, etc. so that their performance can be improved.05-30-2013
20130090801VEHICLE LOCATION IDENTIFICATION SYSTEMS AND METHODS - A system includes an automatic control module, an automatic location module, and a manual location module. The automatic location module is configured to obtain, without operator intervention, first location information corresponding to a location of the vehicle. The manual location module is configured to obtain second location information via an operator input. The manually entered location information may include information corresponding to a first route on which the vehicle is disposed, where the first route is one of a plurality of routes located proximately to each other in a territory. The automatic control module is configured to control the vehicle to conform to a set of location-based regulations during a mission using location information including the first location information and the second location information.04-11-2013
20130096766VEHICLE CONTROL APPARATUS AND VEHICLE CONTROL METHOD - Disclosed herein are a vehicle control apparatus and a vehicle control method. The vehicle control apparatus includes a yaw-rate sensor to detect a yaw-rate of a vehicle, a steering-angle sensor to detect a steering angle of the vehicle, and a Micro Controller Unit (MCU) to calculate a yaw-rate based on the steering-angle, to calculate a target braking pressure of a wheel based on a difference between the actual yaw-rate detected via the yaw-rate sensor and the calculated yaw-rate, and to adjust a braking pressure of the wheel based on the calculated target braking pressure.04-18-2013
20130096765PARKING AREA DETECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD USING MESH SPACE ANALYSIS - A parking area detection system and method is disclosed which uses mesh space analysis to virtually divide a space to be detected in a mesh shape having a lattice structure and sequentially excludes a lattice region in which an obstacle is not recognized based on a recognition signal by the ultrasonic sensor. Thus the parking area detection system is able to prevent information distortion from occurring in a space recognition process.04-18-2013
20130103245Tracking foldable cart - A foldable cart assembly which is arranged to provide trackable transportation to a product or a person. The cart contains sensors and computer-controlled drive wheels to enable that cart assembly, when fully opened, to follow a safe path as directed by received electronic signals. That cart assembly is also tri-foldably collapsible, so as to have multiple portions pivoted into nesting configuration with one another thus containable in a minimal volume and even carried by an individual.04-25-2013
20130103248AUTOMATIC WAREHOUSE AND WAREHOUSING METHOD INTO AUTOMATIC WAREHOUSE - An automatic warehouse includes multiple guided vehicles disposed at different heights along a rack and a storage shelf with a hoist in line with the rack. The storage shelf includes an intra-shelf conveyor that stores articles, and multiple shelf frames configured to vertically pass the transportation surface of the intra-shelf conveyor. The interval between the plurality of shelf frames may be varied. In parallel with the storage of articles using the intra-shelf conveyor, the shelf frames are caused to pass the transportation surface of the intra-shelf conveyor upward from below, and the articles are sequentially transferred from the intra-shelf conveyor onto the shelf frames. After the articles have been transferred to all the corresponding shelf frames, the guided vehicles store the articles on the shelf frames into the rack at simultaneously.04-25-2013
20130103246PARKING SYSTEM HAVING LONGITUDINAL AND TRANSVERSE GUIDANCE - A method in a parking system for supporting parking using a longitudinal guidance and a transverse guidance, and to such a parking system. The method includes: calculating a parking trajectory having at least one stopping point; detecting, independently of the driver's actions, that the calculated stopping point has been reached; and, in reaction to the detection, providing a signal for a steering change for a steering controller. On a time axis there consequently takes place an initiation of a steering change in time period before a time at which the driver changes gear and independently of it.04-25-2013
20130124030SENSING SYSTEM FOR AN AUTOMATED VEHICLE - A sensing system for providing vehicle automation. The system includes a master controller that is electrically connected to a receiver that has a transceiver that provides over-the-air communication to a plurality of wireless sonic sensors. The transceivers receive information from the plurality of wireless sonic sensors in order to automate the control of the vehicle to ensure the vehicle drives in a straight line.05-16-2013
20130179025Vehicle Procession Control Through a Traffic Intersection - A method for controlling vehicle procession through an intersection includes monitoring movement of a first vehicle through the intersection, and synchronizing movement of a second vehicle following the first vehicle through the intersection to the first vehicle movement through the intersection.07-11-2013
20130179024METHOD FOR OPERATING A VEHICLE - A method for operating a vehicle includes checking a state of health of the driver during operation of the vehicle, in particular when it is started, and starting a safety program for operating the vehicle when a predefined state of health is detected.07-11-2013
20130124031Autonomous Mobile Device and Method for Navigating the Same to a Base Station - A method of navigating an autonomous mobile device to a base station is provided. In the method, when a detector detects a navigating signal sent out by the base station, the mobile device rotates in a first direction until the detector fails to detect the navigating signal, and a first time point is set at this time. Then, the mobile device rotates in a second direction opposite to the first direction until the detector fails to detect the navigating signal, and a second time point is set at this time. Afterward, the mobile device rotates in the first direction by a time computed based on the first and second time points to make the detector face the base station, and then, moves toward a direction pointed by the detector.05-16-2013
20130179023METHODS FOR INFORMING A MOTOR VEHICLE DRIVER OF A DRIVING MANEUVER, A DRIVER ASSISTANCE SYSTEM FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE THAT UTILIZES THE METHOD, AND A MOTOR VEHICLE HAVING THE DRIVER ASSISTANCE SYSTEM - A method for informing a motor vehicle driver of a driving maneuver planned by a driver assistance system of a motor vehicle and carried out by the motor vehicle, a driver assistance system for a motor vehicle that utilizes the method, and a motor vehicle with the driver's assistance system are provided. The method includes detecting current environmental data of the environment lying ahead of the motor vehicle by a detection means, planning and carrying out the driving maneuver on the basis of the environmental data, and reproducing the driving maneuver and at least a portion of the detected environmental data in an image on a display.07-11-2013
20100049391AUTONOMOUS MOVING APPARATUS - An autonomous moving apparatus arranged to travel autonomously in a surrounding environment preferably includes: a distance measuring sensor arranged to output detection waves, detect a distance between the apparatus and an object which has reflected the detection wave based on a reflection state of the detection wave, and acquire information about the distance between the apparatus and the object which exists in the surroundings of the apparatus; an inclination sensor arranged to detect an inclination of the distance measuring sensor; and a control unit arranged to estimate the self-position in the surrounding environment and generate the global map of the surrounding environment based on the distance information. When the distance measuring sensor is determined to be inclined based on a detection result of the inclination sensor, the control unit stops estimating the self-position based on the distance information and stops generating the global map based on the distance information.02-25-2010
20120277948PRODUCING DATA DESCRIBING STATES OF A PLURALITY OF TARGETS - Methods and systems for producing data describing states of a plurality of targets (11-01-2012
20130131905SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CLOSED-LOOP DRIVER ATTENTION MANAGEMENT - A method and system may manage the driver's attention while driving. The driver may be driving using an autonomous driving system or limited-ability autonomous driving system. A method may detect, by a sensor, characteristics of a driver; determine, based on the detected characteristics of the driver, whether the driver exercises sufficient supervisory control of the vehicle; and provide a series of one or more prompts, wherein each prompt's intrusiveness is related to the determination of whether the driver exercises sufficient supervisory control of the vehicle.05-23-2013
20130151059PARALLEL PARKING ASSISTANT SYSTEM AND METHOD THEREOF - A parallel parking assistant system integrated with a vehicle and method thereof are provided, the parking assistant system including a first sensor configured to determine a first distance, a second sensor configured to determine a second distance, and a controller configured to provide commands as a function of the first and second determined distances. The commands include a first command configured to command a steering system to be in a clockwise position while the vehicle is moving in a reverse direction for a first reversing distance, a second command configured to command the steering system to be in a substantially straight position while the vehicle is moving in a reverse direction for a second reversing distance, and a third command configured to command the steering system to be in a counter-clockwise position while the vehicle is a moving in a reverse direction for a third reversing distance.06-13-2013
20130151058METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING A HOST VEHICLE - A method and system that monitors the behavior of surrounding vehicles in order to predict and react to an upcoming hazard in the road, even in situations where the hazard has not been directly sensed. In an exemplary embodiment, the method monitors an area around the host vehicle and looks for the presence of one or more target vehicles. If target vehicles are detected, then the method evaluates their behavior, classifies their behavior into one of several categories, and assuming that their behavior suggests some type of upcoming hazard, develops an appropriate preemptive response for controlling the host vehicle. The preemptive response may include mimicking, copying and/or integrating with the behavior of the surrounding target vehicles according to so-called “flocking” techniques in order to avoid the otherwise unseen hazard.06-13-2013
20130158771HANDS ON STEERING WHEEL DETECT IN LANE CENTERING OPERATION - A control system to determine a hands on wheel (HOW) condition is provided. The control system includes a sensor that monitors an amount of applied torque exerted upon a hand wheel, and a control module for monitoring the sensor. The control module includes a notch filter to attenuate a normal column mode frequency from the amount of applied torque to produce a filtered torque signal. The normal column mode frequency represents a range of vibrational modes of the hand wheel based on a hands off wheel condition. The control module includes a state detector to receive the filtered torque signal from the notch filter. The state detector determines if the HOW condition exists based on if the filtered torque signal exceeds an ON threshold torque value.06-20-2013
20110313609VEHICLE DRIVE SUPPORT DEVICE - A GPS and a map information database acquire information regarding an arrow light which displays a signal for prohibiting travel in a particular direction, such as a red arrow light. A display and a loudspeaker supply information to a motorist of a host vehicle based on the information acquired by the GPS and the map information database, or a brake ECU and a brake actuator brake the host vehicle without depending on the manipulation by the motorist based on the information acquired by the GPS and the map information database. As a result, it is possible to correctly support driving even when a red arrow light or the like for prohibiting travel in a right turn direction.12-22-2011
20130190963System and Method for Gathering Video Data Related to Operation of an Autonomous Industrial Vehicle - As an autonomously guided industrial vehicle travels through a facility images of the adjacent environment are acquired, by either a still camera or a video camera. An image file containing a plurality of the images is stored onboard the vehicle. During that travel, the location of the vehicle is determined. Upon occurrence of a predefined incident, such as encountering an obstacle or impacting an object, an incident message is transmitted wirelessly from the vehicle to a remote management computer. The incident message contains an indication of the type of incident, an indication of a location of the vehicle, and the plurality of the images. The remote management computer responds to the incident message by providing a notification about the incident to one or more persons. The contents of the incident message enables the person notified to take corrective action.07-25-2013
20080281481Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - An autonomous robot, that is for example, suitable for operations such as vacuuming and surface cleaning includes a payload configured for vacuum cleaning, a drive system including a steering system, a navigation system, and a control system for integrating operations of the aforementioned systems.11-13-2008
20120029754Robotic Mower Boundary Sensing System - A robotic mower boundary sensing system includes a boundary driving circuit on a charging station transmitting an encoded signal on a boundary wire, a boundary sensor on a robotic mower and including an inductor receiving the encoded signal, and a vehicle control unit on the robotic mower receiving the encoded signal from the boundary sensor and decoding the signal and cross correlating the received signal to determine the distance of the boundary sensor from the boundary wire.02-02-2012
20120029753ROBOTIC MOWER HOME FINDING SYSTEM - A robotic mower home finding system includes a charging station connected to an outer boundary wire loop, and a vehicle control unit on the robotic mower that directs a traction drive system to drive the robotic mower along a path offset a specified distance from an outer boundary wire loop toward the charging station. The vehicle control unit changes the specified distance randomly or incrementally so that the robotic mower does not take the same path to the charging station each time.02-02-2012
20120029752Robotic Mower Stuck Detection System - A robotic mower stuck detection system includes a boundary sensor on the robotic mower that can detect when the robotic mower reaches a boundary wire, an accelerometer on the robotic mower that can detect when the robotic mower encounters an obstacle; and a vehicle control unit on the robotic mower having a timer that is reset each time the robotic mower reaches a boundary wire or encounters an obstacle; and executes a stuck vehicle task if the timer exceeds a specified maximum time without being reset.02-02-2012
20130103247Apparatus and Method for Controlling Work Trajectory of Construction Equipment - The present disclosure relates to a apparatus and method for controlling work trajectory of construction equipment, and particularly, to a trajectory controlling device and a method for construction equipment, capable of automatically operating with the most suitable work trajectory at the point when an automated task is selected. The trajectory controlling device and method for construction equipment may control a task starting point and the following of a trajectory in order to compensate for a positioning error when playback is selected to follow a teaching trajectory, and may minimize positioning errors by compensating for changes related to gravity due to changes in the posture of a work device.04-25-2013
20100057285UNMANNED SURVEILLANCE VEHICLE - A surveillance vehicle (03-04-2010
20120089292Architecture and Interface for a Device-Extensible Distributed Navigation System - A method for navigating a moving object (vehicle) utilizing a Navigation manager module and comprising the steps of: communicating with all sensors, processing units, mission manager and other vehicles navigation managers; configuring and reconfiguring sensors based on mission scenario objectives, in-vehicle and global constraints; sensor grouping according to relationship to the vehicle and environment, where an entire sensor group is seen by navigation manager as a single sensor; processing unit containing Update Filter; and a dynamically updated API database.04-12-2012
20120095638WASTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - The illustrative embodiments of the present invention provide a method and apparatus for managing a plurality of items. A housing has an opening and is configured to receive a plurality of items through the opening of the housing. A first bag has a first end that is sealed and an opening. The opening of the first bag is associated with the opening of the housing. A sensor system configured to detect a selected condition for the first bag. A sealing system configured to seal a second end for the first bag in response to the sensor system detecting the selected condition. An ejection system is configured to transfer the first bag to a desired location in response to the sealing system sealing the second end for the first bag.04-19-2012

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