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Specific application of temperature responsive control system

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700 - Data processing: generic control systems or specific applications


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700300000 For heating or cooling 198
20100161152METHOD AND DEVICE FOR MANAGING THE OPERATING CONDITIONS OF REFRIGERATOR COMPARTMENT USING A SINGLE SENSOR - A method and device for managing the operating conditions of a refrigerator unit using a single sensor are disclosed. The method includes the steps of determining a sensor temperature of a refrigerator unit, determining to which a plurality of disjoint temperatures regions the temperature lies within and setting an operating condition of each of a plurality of components of the refrigerator unit based on the determined temperature region.06-24-2010
20130079946ON-CHIP THERMAL MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES USING INTER-PROCESSOR TIME DEPENDENT POWER DENSITY DATA FOR INDENTIFICATION OF THERMAL AGGRESSORS - Various embodiments of methods and systems for controlling and/or managing thermal energy generation on a portable computing device are disclosed. Data discarded from one or more processing core registers may be monitored and analyzed to deduce individual workloads that have been processed by each of the cores over a unit of time. From the deduced workloads, the power consumed by each of the cores over the unit of time in order to process the workload can be calculated. Subsequently, a time dependent power density map can be created which reflects a historical and near real time power consumption for each core. Advantageously, because power consumption can be correlated to thermal energy generation, the TDPD map can be leveraged to identify thermal aggressors for targeted, fine grained application of thermal mitigation techniques. In some embodiments, workloads may be reallocated from the identified thermal aggressors to the identified underutilized processing components.03-28-2013
20100324749CONTROL APPARATUS FOR FUEL REFORMER - Disclosed is a control apparatus for a fuel reformer, which enables control with consideration of the nonlinearity of the thermal model of a reforming catalyst. An ECU (12-23-2010
20130073110DIAGNOSTIC AND MANAGING DISTRIBUTED PROCESSOR SYSTEM - A network of microcontrollers for monitoring and diagnosing the environmental conditions of a computer is disclosed. The network of microcontrollers provides a management system by which computer users can accurately gauge the health of their computer. The network of microcontrollers provides users the ability to detect system fan speeds, internal temperatures and voltage levels. The invention is designed to not only be resilient to faults, but also allows for the system maintenance, modification, and growth—without downtime. Additionally, the present invention allows users to replace failed components, and add new functionality, such as new network interfaces, disk interface cards and storage, without impacting existing users. One of the primary roles of the present invention is to manage the environment without outside involvement. This self-management allows the system to continue to operate even though components have failed.03-21-2013
20120226388Controllers and Related Methods - Controllers and methods for controlling operation of a climate control appliance for heating and/or cooling a space are provided. One example controller includes a memory for storing at least one temperature offset and a processor coupled to the memory. The processor is configured to receive the reduced operation request from at least one of a utility provider and a user of the controller, to receive a sensed temperature from at least one sensor disposed within the space, and to determine an artificial temperature based on the sensed temperature and the at least one temperature offset associated with the reduced operation request. The processor is configured to, in response to the reduced operation request, operate the climate control appliance based on a comparison of the set-point temperature and artificial temperature during a reduced operation interval, to thereby reduce operation of the climate control appliance in response to the reduced operation request.09-06-2012
20130166093ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - An electronic device may be operated in any of a plurality of heat-dissipation modes to accommodate temperature rises, including rapid temperature rises, while allowing an electronic device to continue operating. A parameter such as clock frequency, a supply voltage, current consumption, the number of applications running, or other operating parameter, may be manipulated to control internal heat dissipation and thereby accommodate factors, such as external temperature rises. One operation mode may be a maximum operation mode in which clock(s) operate at their highest frequencies and power is supplied at its highest level. A shut-down operation mode, in which a processor cuts power to electronic components, may be entered when a temperature of interest exceeds a predetermined threshold.06-27-2013
20130166091CONTAINER SYSTEM, CABINET, AND HEAT DISSIPATION METHOD FOR CONTAINER SYSTEM - A container system including cabinets, a main control unit connected to the cabinets and a heat dissipation zone is mentioned. The cabinet includes a plurality of serving zones each of which further includes a master server and at least one slave server. The heat dissipation zone is disposed at a side of the serving zone and coupled to the main control unit. Each slave server is coupled to the master server. The slave server includes at least one temperature sensor, and the temperature sensor is used for outputting temperature information to the master server when receiving the temperature demand. The master server collects the temperature information transmitted by each slave server. The master server forwards the temperature information to the main control unit. The main control unit drives the heat dissipation zone to dissipate heat of the serving zone according to the temperature information.06-27-2013
20130166092SYSTEM AND MTEHOD FOR MONITORING SERVER SIMULATED LOADS - A system for monitoring server simulated loads includes a fan, a switch module, a server chassis, a temperature sensor, and a micro control unit (MCU). The load module includes a plurality of heating loads. The switch module includes a plurality of switches, each of which is connected to one of the plurality of heating loads. The fan, the load module, and the switch module are housed in the server chassis. The temperature sensor detects an interior temperature of the server chassis. The MCU controls the switch module to turn on/off one or more loads of the plurality of heating loads, and/or adjusts a rotation speed of the fan, and determines whether the interior temperature exceeds a predetermined threshold. A method for monitoring server simulated loads is also disclosed.06-27-2013
20120271481METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR THERMAL LOAD MANAGEMENT IN A PORTABLE COMPUTING DEVICE - Methods and systems for leveraging temperature sensors in a portable computing device (“PCD”) are disclosed. The sensors may be placed within the PCD near known thermal energy producing components such as a central processing unit (“CPU”) core, graphical processing unit (“GPU”) core, power management integrated circuit (“PMIC”), power amplifier, etc. The signals generated by the sensors may be monitored and used to trigger drivers running on the processing units. The drivers are operable to cause the reallocation of processing loads associated with a given component's generation of thermal energy, as measured by the sensors. In some embodiments, the processing load reallocation is mapped according to parameters associated with pre-identified thermal load scenarios. In other embodiments, the reallocation occurs in real time, or near real time, according to thermal management solutions generated by a thermal management algorithm that may consider CPU and/or GPU performance specifications along with monitored sensor data.10-25-2012
20090299543THERMAL MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES IN AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A thermal manager has a digital filter whose input is to receive raw temperature values from a sensor and whose output is to provide processed or filtered temperature values according to a filter function that correlates temperature at the sensor with temperature at another location in the device. The thermal manager has a look-up table that further correlates temperature at the sensor with temperature at said another location. The look-up table contains a list of processed temperature sensor values, and/or a list of temperatures representing the temperature at said another location, and their respective power consumption change commands. The thermal manager accesses the look-up table using selected, filtered temperature values, to identify their respective power consumption change commands. The latter are then evaluated and may be applied, to mitigate a thermal at said another location. Other embodiments are also described and claimed.12-03-2009
20110301778THERMAL ZONE MONITORING IN AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A predefined mathematical relationship that is stored in the memory of a computing system is accessed, wherein the relationship refers to temperatures of a number of points in the system, wherein the points together define a zone. The mathematical relationship yields a representative temperature for the zone. Temperature data from sensors in the system is obtained and applied to thermal models, to estimate the temperatures of at least some of the points that define the zone. The representative temperature for the zone is computed using the estimated temperatures as input to the mathematical relationship. A decision is then made on whether or not to change a power consuming activity limit in the system, based on the computed representative temperature. Other embodiments are also described and claimed.12-08-2011
20110301777ADJUSTING THE THERMAL BEHAVIOR OF A COMPUTING SYSTEM USING INDIRECT INFORMATION ABOUT AMBIENT TEMPERATURE - A computing system has a thermal manager that changes a power consuming activity limit in the device based on an estimate of temperature of a target location in the system. There are several temperature sensors that are not at the target location. An estimator computes the target location temperature estimate using a thermal model and, as input to the thermal model, data from the sensors. The thermal model produces different estimates of the target location temperature at different ambient temperatures but without computing or measuring the ambient temperatures. Other embodiments are also described and claimed.12-08-2011
20120271480SENSORLESS DETECTION AND MANAGEMENT OF THERMAL LOADING IN A MULTI-PROCESSOR WIRELESS DEVICE - A method and system for thermal mitigation in a personal computing device is disclosed. A signal associated with an electronic element in the portable computing device is monitored. A thermal condition indicating excessive heat production is determined in response to the monitored signal. An action to mitigate heat production in the portable computing device may be performed in response to the thermal condition.10-25-2012
20100280679CONTROLLER FOR TEMPERATURE REGULATION SYSTEM - One embodiment relates to a method for temperature regulation of a medium to be circulated through a plurality of zones of a facility. In this method, a call for heat is received. The method identifies a zone within the plurality of zones from which the call for heat originated. The medium is then heated to a first temperature range if the identified zone is a first zone within the facility and is heated to a second temperature range if the identified zone is a second zone within the facility. The first and second temperature ranges differ from one another. Other methods and systems are also disclosed.11-04-2010
20090292404METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING HEAT GENERATION - A control execution unit (11-26-2009
20080294295PREHEATING CONTROL SYSTEM OF INFORMATION PROCESSING DEVICE AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A preheating control system of an information processing device and a control method thereof are described. The system includes a temperature sensing module, a first controller, a heating module, and a second controller. After receiving a power ON signal, the first controller shifts to a primary control mode and determines whether temperature of the hard disk satisfies an operating temperature scope or not. When the temperature does not satisfy the operating temperature scope, the heating module is used to heat the hard disk. When the temperature satisfies the operating temperature scope, the first controller shifts to a secondary control mode and activates the second controller to execute a boot program of the information processing device, thereby improving system stability.11-27-2008
20090265043Dependent Temperature Control Within Disk Drive Testing Systems - A method of controlling a temperature of a subject test slot in a cluster of test slots includes evaluating a request for a temperature change for the subject test slot to determine if sufficient power is available to achieve the requested temperature change, and inhibiting the requested temperature change unless or until sufficient power is determined to be available to achieve the requested temperature change.10-22-2009
20080269955Electronic control system for controlling plant temperature - Nonlinear functions (table and map) of a temperature estimation model are corrected based on outputs from a temperature sensor. An electronic control system calculates, for a plant model constructed to calculate an estimated temperature value of the plant, an estimated temperature value using a correlation model between a first parameter regarding the plant and a second parameter regarding the plant model. This control system controls the temperature of the plant based on the calculated estimated temperature value of the plant. The control system also defines a plurality of functions (Wi) in a range of a plurality of the first parameters for the correlation model, calculates correction coefficients (Kli, Kci) that adjust the height of the plurality of functions based on the output of the temperature sensor and the calculated estimated temperature value of the plant, and corrects the correlation model by the plurality of functions (Wi) and correction coefficients (Kli, Kci).10-30-2008
20080269954Electronic device thermal management system and method - An electronic device thermal management system comprising a thermal management controller configured to maintain a temperature level within a housing of an electronic device based on a signal indicative of a temperature of at least a portion of a wall of the housing of the electronic device.10-30-2008
20100138073METHOD OF CONTROLLING TEMPERATURE IN A COMPARTMENT OF A REFRIGERATOR - A method of controlling temperature in a compartment of a refrigerator is disclosed. During a normal operation of the refrigerator, the compartment is cooled by a temperature control circuit operated in accordance with a predetermined thermodynamic cycle. The method includes the steps of measuring a variable parameter of the compartment, and comparing the variable parameter with a threshold, and if the variable parameter is greater than the threshold, continuing to operate the temperature control circuit in accordance with the predetermined thermodynamic cycle.06-03-2010
20120072044USER COMPUTER DEVICE WITH TEMPERATURE SENSING CAPABILITIES AND METHOD OF OPERATING SAME - A user computer device is provided that comprises a temperature sensitive touchscreen having a temperature sensitive user interface comprising multiple thermal energy emitter/detector devices, such as thermocouples. The multiple thermal energy emitter/detector devices are capable both of detecting thermal energy and emitting thermal energy. The temperature sensitive user interface generates thermal patterns that may be transferred to other thermally sensitive electronic devices or that may be used to authenticate the user computer device. The user computer device also can detect and thermally communicate with a thermal energy docking station and, based on thermal recognition, activate applications displayed on the temperature sensitive touchscreen. Further, the user computer device can auto-bias a temperature of the temperature sensitive user interface in order to better assure proper operation of the temperature sensitive user interface in all operating conditions.03-22-2012
20090187286Control System and Method for Operating a Cooling System - The present invention relates to a control system for operating a cooling system comprising components at least including a compressor (07-23-2009
20090259347METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING TEMPERATURE VARIATIONS IN A COMPUTER SYSTEM - Some embodiments of the present invention provide a system that controls temperature variations in a computer system. During operation, a telemetry variable of the computer system is monitored. Next, a future temperature of the computer system is predicted based on the telemetry variable. A signal is then generated in response to the future temperature. Then, the signal is sent to a cooling device in the computer system to control temperature variations of the computer system.10-15-2009
20090326732PROTECTING SECRET DATA ENTRY FROM INFRARED AND AUDIO EAVESDROPPING - A method for protecting a data entry device from eavesdropping includes masking a signature of entry resulting from entry of data by a user of the data entry device so as to reduce the detectability of the signature by eavesdropping. The signature may include a temperature differential in the data entry device from data entry by the user and the masking may include controlling the external temperature of the data entry device to reduce temperature differentials left in the data entry device by the user. Alternatively, the signature may include sound waves emitted from the data entry device and the masking may include masking sound waves emitted from the data entry device to reduce the detectability of the sound waves. A system may also be employed for protecting data entry to a data entry device from eavesdropping. The system includes a data entry device and means for masking a signature of entry resulting from entry of data by a user of the data entry device so as to reduce the detectability of the signature by eavesdropping.12-31-2009
20080319587Thermal control system and method - A system and method for controlling the temperature of a process tool uses the vaporizable characteristic of a refrigerant that is provided in direct heat exchange relation with the process tool. Pressurized refrigerant is provided as both condensed liquid and in gaseous state. The condensed liquid is expanded to a vaporous mix, and the gaseous refrigerant is added to reach a target temperature determined by its pressure. Temperature corrections can thus be made very rapidly by gas pressure adjustments. The process tool and the operating parameters will usually require that the returning refrigerant be conditioned and processed for compatibility with the compressor and other units, so that cycling can be continuous regardless of thermal demands and changes.12-25-2008
20090222145CONTROL OF A SYSTEM WITH A LARGE THERMAL CAPACITY - The invention provides a method and a system for controlling floor heating or climate regulating systems with long time constants. According to the invention, a flow of a fluid is provided through the floor or through a similar medium with large thermal inertia. An induced heat is determined by adding up a plurality of differences between an inlet temperature of the fluid when it enters the medium and an outlet temperature of the fluid when it leaves the medium. The temperatures are sampled with a fixed sampling time and within a fixed period of time, and a corresponding change in temperature of the medium over the fixed period of time is determined. In the future, the temperature of that medium is controlled by use of a ratio between the induced heat and the change in temperature.09-03-2009
20090210102METHOD FOR CONTROLLING TEMPERATURE IN A REFRIGERATION SYSTEM - A method for controlling a temperature in a refrigeration system using a quality decay value expressing an expected decay rate in quality of the products being refrigerated, and which depends on the temperature of air present in the refrigeration system. The quality decay value is obtained using a mathematical model reflecting one or more physical and/or biological processes in the products. Prevents or reduces the quality degradation of the products in terms of shelf life, appearance or tastiness. Furthermore, a method for controlling the temperature in such a way that effects of scheduled events, such as temperature increase during defrosts, can be compensated prior to the event.08-20-2009
20130144457SERVER SYSTEM FOR UPDATING HEAT DISSIPATION SOLUTION - A server system for improving maintainability includes a rack server comprising at least one server and a heat dissipation system comprising at least one fan, a controller is configured to store a plurality of heat dissipation solutions and an detection program, the controller configured to control a rotate speed of the at least one fan, and a USB converter is connected to the at least one server and the controller. When the controller detects the stored heat dissipation solution does not match with the one server with the detection program, an updated dissipation solution is written in the controller.06-06-2013
20110046810Variable Transmission Window Constructions - An electrical control system is disclosed for controlling a plurality of variable transmittance windows. The electrical control system of the present invention comprises a master control circuit for supplying control signals representing transmittance levels for the variable transmission windows, and a plurality of window control circuits coupled to each of the master control circuits. Because the window control circuits can sense abnormal load conditions in the variable transmission windows, the system further includes an interface to a security system to inform of a potential intrusion. Each window control circuit controls the transmittance of at least one of the variable transmission windows in response to control signals received from the master control circuit.02-24-2011
20110029150APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR A THERMAL MANAGEMENT OF A MEMORY DEVICE - A system and method for thermal management of a memory device is described. In an embodiment, one or more thermal sensors sends a signal to a thermal control module indicating that a pre-determined temperature threshold for a memory device or devices has been reached. The thermal control module may then begin tracking memory thermals or initiate thermal management operations based on the signal and history of memory device temperatures over time.02-03-2011
20090048720Support of Deep Power Savings Mode and Partial Good in a Thermal Management System - A computer implemented method, data processing system, and processor are provided for managing a thermal management system. A determination is made as to whether a plurality of digital thermal sensors is faulty or functional. A power savings mode of at least one unit within the integrated circuit associated with the functional digital thermal sensor is monitored in response to at least one of the plurality of digital thermal sensors being functional. A functional digital thermal sensor is disabled in response to the at least one unit being in a power savings mode.02-19-2009
20090048719Environmental Temperature Control System - An environmental temperature control system comprises one or more thermostats (02-19-2009
20090312886Temperature controller system - In a temperature controller system, a plurality of temperature controllers that adjust a temperature of a control object are to be connected to a programmable logic controller. One of the temperature controllers includes a PLC communicating portion which exchanges data with the programmable logic controller through a dedicated cable, a serial communication portion which exchanges data with the temperature controllers that are connected in a downstream side, through serial communication cable, and a communication and conversion CPU which controls the data exchange performed between the PLC communicating portion and the programmable logic controller, and which controls a serial communication performed by the serial communication portion.12-17-2009
20090216388WAFER AND TEMPERATURE TESTING METHOD OF THE SAME - A wafer on which a plurality of semiconductor chips are formed, and the wafer includes a temperature control circuit embedded in the wafer and configured to control its periphery temperature in the wafer to a predetermined target temperature; and a pad to which a start signal is supplied to start the thermal control circuit. The temperature control circuit is started in response to the start signal to automatically perform a temperature control without receiving any control signal.08-27-2009
20100057270Brake cooling fluid diverter for an off-highway machine - The disclosure relates, in one aspect, to a friction brake cooling system for a machine. The cooling system includes at least one pump connected to at least one reservoir containing cooling fluid. A controller is configured to divert a cooling fluid flow through a valve to a first friction brake system and to a second friction brake system based on the use of the systems. In another aspect, the disclosure relates to a method of cooling a first friction brake system and a second friction brake system including diverting a flow of brake cooling fluid to the systems based on the use of the systems.03-04-2010
20090018707Adaptive system and method for controlling vehicle idling - An idle control system for a vehicle is provided.01-15-2009
20110040423SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATICALLY DETERMINING TEMPERATURE TOLERANCE RANGE - A system for automatically determining a temperature tolerance range of an electronic device directs a temperature regulator to regulate a temperature equaling a previous regulated temperature plus or less a temperature difference. When a determination module determines the electronic device has failed to power on or a test of the electronic device for testing hardware of the electronic device has failed after the electronic device is powered on at a regulated temperature, a limit value of a temperature tolerance range for the electronic device is ascertained. The limit value is equal to the regulated temperature, under which the electronic device has failed to power on or test has failed, less or plus the temperature difference.02-17-2011
20100100254System and Method for Adapting a Power Usage of a Server During a Data Center Cooling Failure - A device comprising a temperature measurement module, a performance state module, a memory bandwidth module, and a fan speed module. The temperature measurement module is configured to determine a rate of temperature change in a server and to output a control signal when the rate of temperature change is above a threshold rate. The performance state module is configured to reduce a performance state of the device to a lowest system level in response to the control signal, and to reduce a processor power consumption and a subsystem power consumption to a minimum power level in response to reducing the performance state to the lowest system level. The memory bandwidth module is configured to reduce a memory bandwidth to a minimum bandwidth level based on the control signal. The fan speed module is configured to reduce a fan speed to a minimum level based on the control signal.04-22-2010
20090182459Temperature controlling device of heating element and method thereof - A kind of temperature controlling device of heating element and method thereof detect the actual temperature of heating body of the heating element, and calculate the descending gradient and frequency of temperature based on the detected actual temperature. The norm signal is formed based on the actual temperature, descending gradient and frequency of the temperature to control the switch power as to achieve the split second control for the electric power of the heating element.07-16-2009
20110054714MEMORY MODULE THERMAL MANAGEMENT - A method is disclosed for implementing a scheme to configure thermal management control for a memory device resident on a memory module for a computing platform. A method is also disclosed for implementing the configured thermal management control. In a run-time environment for a computing platform a temperature is obtained from a thermal sensor monitoring the memory module. The memory module is in a given memory module with thermal sensor configuration that includes the memory device. An approximation of a temperature for the memory device is made based on thermal information associated with the given configuration of the memory module and the obtained temperature. The configured thermal management control for the memory device is implemented based on the approximated temperature. Other implementations and examples are also described in this disclosure.03-03-2011
20100324750MICROPROCESSOR WITH IMPROVED THERMAL MONITORING AND PROTECTION MECHANISM - A microprocessor including a temperature sensor that monitors a temperature of core logic of the microprocessor during operation thereof, and operating point information from which may be determined N operating points at which the microprocessor core may reliably operate at a first temperature. Each of the N operating points has a different combination of operating frequency and voltage. The N operating points comprise a highest operating point, a lowest operating point, and a plurality of operating points intermediate the highest and lowest operating points. The microprocessor also includes a control circuit that transitions operation of the core logic among the N operating points to attempt to keep the operating temperature of the core logic provided by the temperature sensor within a temperature range whose upper bound is the first temperature.12-23-2010
20130013126METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PREEMPTING THERMAL LOAD BY PROACTIVE LOAD STEERING - A method and system for maximizing a quality of service (“QoS”) level in a portable computing device (“PCD”) by preempting the generation of thermal energy in excess of a threshold are disclosed. The method includes receiving a workload request for a processing component within the PCD. A processing component is selected for allocation of the workload based on thermal factors associated with the processing component. Thermal factors may comprise data indicative of real-time thermal energy generation near the processing component, predictive data derived from known characteristics of heat producing components that are physically proximate to the processing component, queued workload burdens for the processing component, etc. A processing component is selected for allocation of the workload based on the thermal factors. By leveraging the thermal factors to allocate workloads, thermal generation can be proactively managed such that reliance on reactive thermal mitigation techniques, which negatively impact QoS, can be reduced.01-10-2013
20090287360TEMPERATURE MEASURING METHOD AND TEMPERATURE MEASURING DEVICE OF STEEL PLATE, AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL METHOD OF STEEL PLATE - A method and apparatus measuring temperature of a steel sheet. A reference plate including a temperature controller is disposed opposite to the steel sheet. The reference plate temperature of the reference plate is measured by a contact thermometer. A radiation pyrometer is trained on the steel sheet at an angle such that alternate reflection of radiation energy by the reference plate and the objective steel sheet occurs once or twice. The radiosity of the steel sheet is measured by the radiation pyrometer. A temperature obtained by converting the radiosity into a temperature of a blackbody that radiates energy equivalent to the radiosity is used as a radiosity temperature. The temperature controller executes a control operation to make the temperature of the reference plate coincide with the radiosity temperature. The radiosity temperature is used as the temperature of the steel sheet.11-19-2009
20090105889Thermal control system and method - A system for improving the thermal efficiency of a thermal control loop in which refrigerant after compression and condensation is applied to an evaporator employs a subsidiary counter-current heat exchange intercepting refrigerant flow to maintain the quality of the refrigerant by exchanging thermal energy between the input flow and the output flow from the evaporator. The same principle is effective, with particular advantage when small connections have to be made, in systems using mixed phase media and using the concept of direct energy transfer with saturated fluid.04-23-2009
20120209448Thermal Management for Integrated Circuits - A method and system for thermal management in integrated circuits and integrated circuit boards is described. In an embodiment, the circuit device board includes circuit devices, temperature sensors, and a thermal management unit. The thermal management unit receives thermal data from the temperature sensors and determines thermal reference points that define thermal regions. The thermal reference points are correlated with the operating characteristics of the circuit devices. When warranted, the thermal management unit makes independent corrective responses to each of the thermal regions. These corrective responses include modifying operating parameters, adjusting workload, and suspending operation of circuit devices within the thermal region. Thus, the disclosed method and system can preserve function in one thermal region while alleviating stress on another thermal region.08-16-2012
20110093132PLATFORM-INDEPENDENT THERMAL MANAGEMENT OF COMPONENTS IN ELECTRONIC DEVICES - Some embodiments provide a system that manages the temperature of a component in an electronic device. During operation, the system receives, from the component, a temperature offset of the component and a thermal state boundary associated with the temperature offset. Next, the system uses the temperature offset and the thermal state boundary to control the temperature of the component.04-21-2011
20120109404Apparatus and method for controlling environmental conditions in a data center using wireless mesh netwworks - Various embodiments provide an apparatus and method for controlling environmental conditions in a data center using wireless mesh networks. An example embodiment includes receiving an alert message from a reporting wireless network sensor of a plurality of wireless network sensors via a wireless sensor network, the alert message including information indicative of a modification needed to an environmental condition; and using the information indicative of a modification needed to an environmental condition at a networked controller to command a device capable of modifying the environmental condition to modify the environmental condition in a manner corresponding to the information in the alert message.05-03-2012
20120083941Apparatus And Method For Collecting And Controlling Temperature - An apparatus for collecting and controlling a temperature is closed, it comprises a temperature collecting unit (04-05-2012
20120179303METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING THERMAL POLICIES OF A PORTABLE COMPUTING DEVICE - A method and system for managing one or more thermal policies of a portable computing device (PCD) includes monitoring temperature of the portable computing device with internal thermal sensors and external thermal sensors. If a change in temperature has been detected by at least one thermal sensor, then a thermal policy manager may increase a frequency in which temperature readings are detected by the thermal sensors. The thermal policy manager may also determine if a current temperature of the portable computing device as detected by one or more of the thermal sensors falls within one or more predetermined thermal states. Each thermal state may be assigned a unique set of thermal mitigation techniques. Each set of thermal mitigation techniques may be different from one another. The sets of thermal mitigation techniques may differ according to quantity of techniques and impacts on performance of the PCD.07-12-2012
20100268397CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING MULTI-STAGE AIR CONDITIONERS - A method of controlling operation of a pair of two-stage air conditioners. The method monitors a temperature of an area served by the air conditioners; activates a first stage of a first or lead air conditioner when the temperature rises above a first set point temperature; activates a first stage of a second or lag air conditioner when the temperature rises above a second set point temperature; activates a second stage of the first air conditioner only if the temperature remains above the second set point temperature beyond a first selected time period; and activates a second stage of the second air conditioner only if the temperature remains above the second set point temperature beyond a second selected time period. Neither of the air conditioners is operated in their less efficient second stages if both air conditioners are not first operating in their high efficiency first stages so that the entire cooling requirements of the area served by the air conditioners is primarily served by the first high efficiency stage of one or both the air conditioners.10-21-2010
20120253542Method and apparatus for temperature measurement on a display backlight - In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a driver, a set of first components, a set of second components, a third component, and a switch. The driver includes a first output and a second output. The set of first components is connected to the first output of the driver. The set of first components are connected in series. The set of second components are connected to the second output of the driver. The set of second components are connected in series. The third component is connected in parallel with the set of second components. The switch is connected in parallel with the set of second components. The switch is between the third component and the second output of the driver. The switch is configured to be controlled by the first output of the driver.10-04-2012
20100235012AUTOMATIC ADJUSTMENT OF THERMAL REQUIREMENT - Methods and apparatuses to automatically adjust a thermal requirement of a data processing system are described. One or more conditions associated with a data processing system are detected. A temperature requirement for the data processing system is determined based on the one or more conditions. The performance of the data processing system may be throttled to maintain a temperature of the data processing system below the temperature requirement. Detecting the one or more conditions associated with the data processing system may include determining a location of the data processing system based on a measured motion, a state of a peripheral device, a position of one portion of the data processing system (e.g., a lid) relative another portion of the data processing system (e.g., a bottom portion), a type of application operating on the data processing system, or any combination thereof.09-16-2010
20110320060Methods and systems for measurement and control of process parameters - Systems and methods for monitoring various process parameters, primarily in connection with processes for the sterilization of particulate foods in a continuous thermal process, make use of application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) that provide process-related data for batch or continuous thermal treatment when the circuit is embedded in a particle subjected to such treatment. The preferred methods are described in connection with process design, and with at least near real-time process control using process data provided by such circuits.12-29-2011
20100198425PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT - A programmable thermostat is disclosed having a continuously movable indexing mechanism, such as a rotatable wheel, that allows a user to scroll or cycle through sequential time intervals ranging over a complete week to view currently programmed time intervals and to select periods of time during the week that the user wishes to program or reprogram. Such a design allows a user to easily program different temperature settings during different time intervals during the week and allows the user to easily view the programmed settings.08-05-2010
20130173082METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PROGRAMMABLE THERMAL SENSOR FOR AN INTEGRATED CIRCUIT - A programmable thermal sensor is implemented in an integrated circuit such as a microprocessor. The programmable thermal sensor monitors the temperature of the integrated circuit, and generates an output to indicate that the temperature of the integrated circuit has attained a pre-programmed threshold temperature. In a microprocessor implementation, the microprocessor contains a processor unit, an internal register, microprogram and clock circuitry. The microprogram writes programmable input values, corresponding to threshold temperatures, to the internal register. The programmable thermal sensor reads the programmable input values, and generates an interrupt when the temperature of the microprocessor reaches the threshold temperature. In addition to a programmable thermal sensor, the microprocessor contains a fail safe thermal sensor that halts operation of the microprocessor when the temperature attains a critical temperature.07-04-2013
20080215188Temperature Control Method and Temperature Controller - The temperature of a predetermined object is controlled by feedback control that uses the temperature control algorithm of a homeothermic plant.09-04-2008
20130158737UTILIZATION OF OVERVOLTAGE AND OVERCURRENT COMPENSATION TO EXTEND THE USABLE OPERATING RANGE OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A method induces augmented levels of heat dissipation by exploiting quiescent IC leakage currents to control the temperature in high power devices. A heat control and temperature monitoring system (HCTMS) utilizes a thermal sensor to sense the junction temperature of a component, which becomes self-heated due to the quiescent leakage current inherent to the component upon the application of power to the component. By increasing the voltage level of the power source, this quiescent self-heating property is augmented, which serves to accelerate the preheating of the device, until the temperature rises above the minimum specified operating temperature of the component. The method further includes reliably initializing the system by applying full system power and triggering a defined initialization sequence/procedure. Once the component is operational, the method includes maintaining the component's temperature above the minimum operating threshold via continued self-heating, continued augmentation of the applied DC voltage, or both, where required.06-20-2013
20130184895METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING TEMPERATURE OF DATA CARD - The disclosure provides a method and apparatus for controlling temperature of data card. The method includes the following steps: sampling the temperature of protected element on the data card; regulating the data transmission speed of the data card according to the sampled temperature to control the temperature of the data card. With the disclosure, the element aging or element damage of a wireless data card is avoided.07-18-2013

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