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System protection (e.g., circuit interrupter, circuit limiter, voltage suppressor)

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700 - Data processing: generic control systems or specific applications


700286000 - Electrical power generation or distribution system

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700293000 Abnormal power, current, or impedance condition 77
700294000 Abnormal phase, waveform, or polarity condition 4
20100087962ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION FEEDER SYSTEM AND METHOD OF OPERATION - A system and method for operating a transferable feeder system on an electrical distribution system is provided. The system includes a controller that is disposed in communication with switches associated with feeders of a first substation and circuit breakers associated with a second substation. The first substation and second substation are electrically coupled in a manner to allow load transfer from the first substation to the second substation. The system is arranged to disconnect a first pair of circuits from the first substation before connecting the pair of circuits to the second substation while leaving a third circuit coupled to the first substation. During the entire process of transferring load from one substation to the second substation, customer load does not experience any interruption in electrical service.04-08-2010
20130218360AGGREGATE LOAD MANAGEMENT AT A SYSTEM LEVEL - A method for aggregate load management includes determining whether a load capacity limit within a utility power network will be exceeded, selecting an aggregated demand reduction target to remain within capacity bounds if the load capacity limit is to be exceeded, selecting a demand reduction strategy, and sending a control signal that includes a randomized PWM level, based on the strategy, to a controller in a load component of the utility system based on the reduction target. A method for component load management includes receiving a control signal from a utility system based on a utility demand reduction strategy, converting the signal into randomized PWM control of the load component in accordance therewith, receiving an updated control signal based on utility system monitoring of an aggregate load of a component of the utility system, and converting the updated signal into randomized PWM control of the load component in accordance therewith.08-22-2013
20130218359POWER TRANSMISSION FAULT ANALYSIS SYSTEM AND RELATED METHOD - Systems configured to analyze and/or respond to faults detected during the operation of a power transmission system are disclosed. In one embodiment, a system includes: at least one computing device adapted to monitor operation of a power transmission system by performing actions comprising: processing operational data from a set of line phases in the power transmission system to detect a faulted line phase; opening a circuit breaker for the faulted line phase in response to detecting the fault; determining whether the fault is transient or permanent; and determining if an arc associated with the fault has been extinguished.08-22-2013
20090216385Method and Device for Increasing the Operational Flexibility of a Current-Generating System, in Particular a Gas Turbine or Steam Turbine - Discussed is a method and device for increasing the operational flexibility of a current-generating system with a turboset, comprising a turbine coupled to an electrical generator, a power set point value being predefined, and a future target time at which the turboset is supposed to be at the power set point value, so that a power curve is determined via the power set point value and the target time, the turboset being operated starting from a actual power value at an actual time along the power curve such that the predefined power set point value is reached at the predefined target time. Also discussed is a gas turbine and to a steam turbine in accordance with the above description.08-27-2009
20130030586DEVICES AND METHODS FOR DECENTRALIZED VOLTAGE CONTROL - Devices and methods for the decentralized, coordinated control of the voltage of an electrical distribution system are provided. For example, a controller may include a network interface and data processing circuitry. The network interface may receive first measurements associated with a segment of an electrical distribution system and transmit a control signal configured to control equipment of the segment of the electrical distribution system. The data processing circuitry may run digital simulations of the segment of the electrical distribution system in various equipment configurations, selecting from among the various equipment configurations an equipment configuration that is expected to cause the voltage deviation of the segment to approach a desired value. The data processing circuitry then may generate the control signal, which may cause the equipment of the segment of the electrical distribution system to conform to the equipment configuration.01-31-2013
20130030587SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR POWER CURTAILMENT IN A POWER NETWORK - A power curtailment system is electrically coupled to a power converter and configured to control the power converter to adjust output power of the power converter in response to a power curtailment requirement condition. The power curtailment system includes at least one sensor configured to measure at least one environmental factor in an environment of the power converter over time. The power curtailment system further includes a controller configured to adjust a power curve over time based on the at least one environmental factor and, upon the power curtailment requirement condition, control the power converter to provide an adjusted output power based on data from the power curve and the power curtailment requirement condition.01-31-2013
20080288122Method for operating a sealed for life compact secondary substation - A method for operating a sealed for life compact secondary substation including a transformer, a high voltage side and a ring main unit arranged at the high voltage side and connected to a primary side of a the transformer, a secondary side of the transformer is connected a low voltage switch gear. An enclosure includes watertight material capable of withstanding corrosion at least for a life time of the compact secondary substation. The compact secondary substation is cooled with a cooling system that includes a heat exchanger. The compact secondary substation is protected with an extended arc eliminator. The compact secondary sub-station is connected to a remote control for surveillance and operation, which remote control is communicating with a fault protection equipment.11-20-2008
20100114390LOAD OPERATION PROFILING AND NOTIFICATION IN A MONITORED ELECTRICAL POWER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - A method of monitoring the operation of a load in an electrical power distribution system comprises selecting a parameter representing operation of the load, determining an expected characteristic of the parameter during normal operation of the load, and comparing measured values of the parameter with the expected characteristic to detect potential abnormal operation of the load.05-06-2010
20100145536Smart Electrical Wire-Devices and Premises Power Management System - Disclosed is power management system based on a “smart” wire-device installable in an electric power line (i.e., the “drop-grid” or “micro-grid”) at a premises, such as a business or residence. The “smart” wire-device includes a management node integrated into the form of a typical electrical power outlet, circuit breaker or switch as would be found in such a premises, and is installable in the power line in a manner similar to existing wire-device. The “smart” wire-device requires no special skill to install beyond that of an ordinary skilled electrician. The present wire-device is “smart” in that the node has a detector circuit that senses the electrical characteristic(s) of the power line at the point at which it is installed. The node's communications circuit signals what it detects to a spatially separated remote controller device, and receives instructions from one or more spatially separated remote controller devices. The node's control mechanism operates a remotely controllable maker/breaker means in response to the received instructions to alter the condition of the electrical power output of the wire-device.06-10-2010
20130079942SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SEQUENTIAL APPLICATION OF POWER TO ELECTRICAL LOADS - An energy management system for providing sequential application of power to electrical loads contains a series of electrical loads and at least one unit controller, wherein each unit controller connects to at least one electrical load and controls power application to the at least one electrical load. Each individual unit controller has a unique identification to allow for communication with the individual unit controller, wherein each unique identification has a unique power-on delay. The unit controller contains a memory and a processor configured by the memory to: determine if a power-off condition has occurred, being followed by a power-on condition, referred to as a powerup event; and enable delivery of power, after a powerup event, to the at least one electrical load in accordance with the unique power-on delay of the unit controller. A building controller or central server may instead provide sequential application of power.03-28-2013
20130041517METHOD FOR MAINTAINING AN OPTIMAL AMOUNT OF ENERGY DERIVED FROM A POWER GENERATION SYSTEM IN A STORAGE DEVICE - A method for controlling an amount of power delivered by a power source (02-14-2013
20100106338OPTIMIZED SYSTEM VOLTAGE CONTROL METHOD THROUGH COORDINATED CONTROL OF REACTIVE POWER SOURCE - Provided is an optimized system voltage control method through coordinated control of reactive power source, which analyzes the location for reactive power compensation and the effect of applying compensation equipment by calculating the reactive power and voltage sensitivity of a power system, thus improving the voltage quality of the power system.04-29-2010
20120185107POWER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - A power distribution system includes power sources and an outlet which is supplied with electric power from the power sources and displays information on which power source is currently supplying the electric power. Further, the power distribution system includes a controller which changes the power sources for supplying the electric power to the outlet and controls the display on the outlet.07-19-2012
20100138064High-Power Ultracapacitor Energy Storage Pack and Method of Use - An ultracapacitor energy storage cell pack including an ultracapacitor assembly including a plurality of ultracapacitors in series; a plurality of interconnections for mechanically and electrically interconnecting the ultracapacitors; and a plurality of balancing resistors, each balancing resistor in parallel with each ultracapacitor to form a resistor divider network that automatically discharges and equalizes each ultracapacitor over time, thereby balancing the ultracapacitors of the ultracapacitor assembly, and each balancing resistor directly mechanically and electrically connected to an associated interconnection.06-03-2010
20090312880SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING AND CONTROLLING THE OPERATIONAL CONDITION OF A POWER TRANSFORMER - The present invention refers to a system and method for monitoring and controlling the operational condition of a power transformer. The system for monitoring and controlling the operational condition of a power transformer comprised in a single substation comprising a control a control and data processing station linked to the transformers containing detection devices of the indicative signals of the measurements of operational parameters of the transformer; the signals being continuously detected by said devices; a user interface linked to said control station, the interface allowing a user to follow the measurements of the operational parameters of the transformer and determine ranges of desirable values of said operational parameters, said control station comprises a database that stores the data referring to the indicative signals of the measurements of the operational parameters of the transformer only when the measurements of the operational parameters differ from a range of operational parameter values previously defined as desirable. The method of the present invention comprises the steps of (a) continuously measuring operational parameters of a power transformer; and (b) storing the data referring to the measurements performed in step (a) only when said measurements are not within a range of previously determined as desirable for the measurements of said operational parameters.12-17-2009
20090299538POWER CONTROL SYSTEM, POWER MONITORING DEVICE, RECORD MEDIUM HAVING POWER MONITORING PROGRAM RECORDED THEREIN, AND POWER MONITORING METHOD - The present invention has an object of realizing a power source redundancy of each of devices constructing a network while suppressing a processing load of each device with a simplified configuration. A power monitoring device includes a power configuration generator for preparing power control information based upon device information including necessary power information, being information indicative of a power necessary for operating each monitored device itself, and power status information indicative of a received power in each monitored device, causing a power configuration information storage to store the prepared power control information, and further transmitting the prepared power control information to each monitored device. Further, the monitored device includes a power controller for controlling the power of its own device based upon the transmitted power control information.12-03-2009
20120116601POWER SUPPLY SYSTEM, POWER SUPPLY CONTROL METHOD, POWER SUPPLY CONTROL DEVICE AND PROGRAM - A power supply system includes: a plurality of power supply devices; a battery device; an abnormal state detection unit that detects a state of a first power supply device is an abnormal state; and a switching control unit that, when it is detected the state of the first power supply device is the abnormal state, switches a state from an electric power input forbidding state in which electric power is not inputted into a second power supply device to an electric power input permitting state in which electric power is inputted into the second power supply device, and switches the state from an electric power supply forbidding state of not supplying the electric power stored by the battery device to the external load to an electric power supply permitting state of supplying the electric power stored by the battery device to the external load.05-10-2012
20100087961HYBRID ELECTRICAL POWER SYSTEM - Examples of systems and methods are provided for a hybrid electrical system for supplying power to an external load. The system may include an external load bus configured to be coupled to an external load. The system may include a first bus coupled to the external load bus. The system may include a first battery coupled to the first bus. The system may include a second bus coupled to the first bus and the external load bus. The second battery may be coupled to the second bus. The second battery may have a higher extracted specific power output value than the first battery and a faster energy transfer rate than the first battery.04-08-2010
20120239215METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING ISLANDING CONDITIONS OF DISTRIBUTED GENERATOR - A method and apparatus are provided for detecting islanding conditions for distributed generators connected to a grid. The method includes estimating a grid impedance, and inducing, on the basis of the estimated grid impedance, a variation on a value of a first electrical quantity of the grid. The method also includes monitoring a grid response to the variations, and determining islanding conditions on the basis of the monitored response.09-20-2012
20100057266CONTROL AND SIGNALLING DEVICE FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC MODULES - A control and signalling device adapted to be integrated in a photovoltaic module and to enable or disable electric energy output in relation to the condition of regular operation of the photovoltaic module. In particular, said device comprises a wireless interface through which it can receive a message. When said message is not received correctly within a certain time lapse, then the output of the module is disabled, making it unusable.03-04-2010
20110257806IED FOR, AND METHOD OF ENGINEERING, AND SA SYSTEM - Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) for Substation Automation (SA), such as bay units or substation PCs, are equipped with a Central Processing Unit CPU that includes a first processing core dedicated and configured to execute Protection and Control applications, and a second processing core, or network core, dedicated and configured to handle or decode network communication traffic. The network core performs computationally expensive pre-processing and/or post-processing functionality on top of the 9-2 communication stack. A plurality of network cores or a plurality of network interfaces may be provided to cope with the expected amount of IEC 61850 9-2 traffic.10-20-2011
20110282507METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ADAPTING AT LEAST ONE SET OF PARAMETERS OF AN INTELLIGENT ELECTRONIC DEVICE - The disclosure concerns a method and an apparatus for adapting at least one set of parameters to at least one Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) of an electrical power network having a plurality of switching devices (CB). The method includes: a) reading the current network status of the electrical power network, wherein the network status includes the status of the plurality of switching devices; b) simulating at least one network fault in the electrical power network; c) deducing at least one new set of parameters for the at least one IED using a simulated fault current induced by the at least one simulated network fault under consideration of the present network status and the network topology of the electrical power network; and d) setting the at least one set of parameters in at least one of the at least one IED. The apparatus a) reads the current network status of the electrical power network, b) selects the at least one set of parameters for the at least one Intelligent Electronic Device out of a plurality of sets of parameters depending of the current network status; and c) sets the at least one set of parameters in the at least one IED.11-17-2011
20100191386Method for Increasing the Sensitivity of a Differential Protection System - A differential protection system has a differential protection device at each end of a line section of an electrical power transmission line, such that it can selectively identify and safely disconnect even high-impedance faults on the monitored line section. The sensitivity of the system is improved by: detection of current vector measured values which indicate the current flowing in the line section by way of the differential protection devices at the ends of the line section during a learning phase; determination of a correction function from the current vector measured values, the correction function indicating a correction factor which is dependent on the amplitude of the current vector measured values of a selected differential protection device, the correction factor compensating for any amplitude difference and any phase difference between the current vector measured values of the differential protection devices; and adjustment of the differential protection system such that the current vector measured values detected after the learning phase by at least one of the differential protection devices are corrected using the correction function.07-29-2010
20130024039METHOD FOR BLOCKING A SWITCH - A method is disclosed for blocking a switch which is upstream when viewed from an electrical supply, downstream of which is connected a switch, wherein the switching contacts of the switches open automatically when a current threshold value is exceeded. In order to achieve a rapid detection of a short circuit in the electrical network with little outlay, in at least one embodiment it is proposed that the current is sampled, digitalized, and wavelet coefficients of at least one segmentation level are in each case calculated for a fixed specified number of immediately successive digitalized current values via a wavelet transform and compared with a wavelet threshold, and that the blocking signal is sent to the upstream switch when a specified number of immediately successive wavelet coefficients exceeds the associated wavelet threshold value in each case.01-24-2013
20130024038INTERCHANGEABLE LOCK CORE AND OPENING METHOD THEREOF - One embodiment of the present invention provides a lock-and-key system for an electrical power plant. The system includes a plurality of locks and a smart key. A respective lock is installed with a standardized lock core, and the lock is associated with a lock identifier (ID). The smart key includes a key head that matches the standardized lock core; a lock-ID detector configured to detect the lock ID; a rotation stopper which, when enabled, is configured to prevent rotation of the key head while the key head is inserted into the standardized lock core; and a control module configured to disable the rotation stopper based on the detected lock ID, thereby facilitating the smart key to unlock the lock by rotating the key head.01-24-2013
20080288121METHOD FOR DETERMINISTIC SAFETY ANALYSIS IN NON-STATIONARY HIGH RISK SYSTEM, CONTROL METHOD AND CONTROL SYSTEM USING THEREOF - A method and systems of safety analysis of engineering processes for safety analysis of nuclear power stations are disclosed. A distribution of risk factors is analysed on different stages of the engineering process, and safety intervals are determined where safety conditions remain invariable. The method further includes analysis of failure transitions from one safety interval into another by means of cause-effect analysis. Based on the results of this analysis, deterministic safety models are created for possible scenarios of transition of failures from one safety interval into another. The method and systems provide quantitative safety analysis and evaluation for engineering processes in variable safety conditions and enable creating valid safety requirements to perform optimisation of an engineering processes control system.11-20-2008
20110301770SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SELF-POWERED COMMUNICATIONS NETWORKS - Techniques for providing localized power infrastructure and data infrastructure are disclosed. A transportable system for providing localized power infrastructure and data infrastructure can include: a data network service engine configured to function as a local data network service provider; a power generation engine configured to function as a local power service provider that generates and distributes power locally; a deployment engine configured to assist in deploying one or more components of the transportable system; and a maintenance engine configured to maintain operation and security of the transportable system. In some embodiments, multiple transportable systems can be deployed and then centrally monitored or controlled as a single, utility system and/or a single data delivery infrastructure.12-08-2011
20110288691SYSTEM FOR CONTROL OF WIND POWER GENERATION STORAGE BATTERY AND METHOD OF CONTROL THEREOF - While a control method is established which can maximize the lifetime of an storage battery based on a SOC capable of maximizing the lifetime of the storage battery under a temperature condition and a wind condition at an electricity generation site and on currently known ones of other operational conditions, a control system is constructed which can feedback to an actual wind power generation and storage battery system. The control system includes a wind power generation and storage battery system, an storage battery operation and deterioration data collection unit for collecting data of the wind power generation and storage battery system, an storage battery operation and deterioration relation assessment unit for assessing a relation between an operation of the storage battery and deterioration thereof based on the collected data, an storage battery operation planning unit for planning such a method of operating the storage battery as to satisfy a necessary lifetime requirement using information obtained by the storage battery operation and deterioration relation assessment unit, and an storage battery operation instruction unit for instructing the wind power generation and storage battery system to operate the storage battery in accordance with the plan of the storage battery operation planning unit.11-24-2011
20120022707WIDE-AREA, REAL-TIME MONITORING AND VISUALIZATION SYSTEM - A real-time performance monitoring system for monitoring an electric power grid. The electric power grid has a plurality of grid portions, each grid portion corresponding to one of a plurality of control areas. The real-time performance monitoring system includes a monitor computer for monitoring at least one of reliability metrics, generation metrics, transmission metrics, suppliers metrics, grid infrastructure security metrics, and markets metrics for the electric power grid. The data for metrics being monitored by the monitor computer are stored in a data base, and a visualization of the metrics is displayed on at least one display computer having a monitor. The at least one display computer in one said control area enables an operator to monitor the grid portion corresponding to a different said control area.01-26-2012
20100036538AUTOLOOP SYSTEM AND METHOD OF OPERATION - A system and method for operating an autoloop system on a electrical distribution system is provided. The system includes a master controller that is disposed in communication with controllers associated with reclosers and switches coupled to a first and second branch circuit. The system is arranged to momentarily block the one fast tripping function of a feeder recloser in response to the detection of a fault on the other branch circuit. The system further includes means for isolating a segment on which a fault is located and restoring electrical power service to those areas upstream and downstream from the isolated segment.02-11-2010
20090187285Method and Apparatus for Communicating Power Distribution Event and Location - A system, device, and method of providing information for a power distribution system is provided. In one embodiment, a method of using a device that receives power from the low voltage power of the power distribution system and experiences a power loss during a local power outage may perform the processes of monitoring a voltage of the low voltage power line, detecting a voltage reduction below a threshold voltage for a predetermined time period, storing information of the voltage reduction in a non-volatile memory prior to the power outage, and transmitting a notification to a remote computer system prior to the outage. The monitoring may comprise making a plurality of measurements of the voltage during a time interval and averaging the plurality of voltage measurements. In addition, the method may include transmitting an alert message upon power up after the outage to indicate a power restoration local to the device.07-23-2009
20100114393APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PREDICTIVE CONTROL OF A POWER GENERATION SYSTEM - A method for controlling a power system control area according to a first and a second control performance standard, wherein operation of the control area determines area control parameter values. The method comprises (a) determining a first compliance target for the first performance standard and a second compliance target for the second performance standard (05-06-2010
20100114392Real-Time Power Line Rating - Real-time power line rating may be provided. First, sensor data may be received corresponding to a conductor of a power line. The sensor data may provide real-time weather conditions for the conductor's environment. The sensor data may be received from a sensor device configured to collect the sensor data. The sensor data may correspond to the weather conditions at a location of the sensor device on the power line. Next, design limitations for the power line having the conductor may be received. The conductor of the power line may have a design ampacity based upon the design limitations and assumed weather conditions for the conductor's environment. Then a dynamic ampacity may be calculated for the power line based upon the received sensor data and the received design limitations for the power line. The power line may then be operated according to the calculated dynamic ampacity instead of the design ampacity.05-06-2010
20110196545CHARGING SYSTEM, VEHICLE, AND CHARGING SYSTEM CONTROL METHOD - An ECU operates a charging unit such that a power storage device is charged by an electric power from a power supply. When a vehicle moves while charging the unit charges the power storage device, the ECU stops charging the unit to discontinue the charging of the power storage device. The ECU diagnoses a state of the charging unit after the charging of the power storage device is stopped. The ECU determines whether the charging of the power storage device is able to be resumed based on the diagnostic result. When determining that the charging of the power storage device is able to be resumed, the ECU resumes the charging of the power storage device by resuming the operation of the charging unit.08-11-2011
20100100251Fault Tree Analysis System for the Instrument Control Process for Nuclear Power Plant with Advanced Boiling Water Reactor Background - The invention relates to the fault tree analysis system for a nuclear power plant with advanced boiling water reactor. The full digital instrument control system uses six different modes to simulate the transmission of the digital signals and the analog signals from the detection units. It is to develop the fault tree for various signal transmission modes to support the nuclear power plant in probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) and meet requirements for simulated signal detection, transmission, logic operation and equipment actuation. Thus, the digital instrument control flow process can fit into PRA model and properly reflect its importance in risk assessment.04-22-2010
20110172842Systems and Methods for Remote or Local Shut-Off of a Photovoltaic System - Systems and methods for shut-down of a photovoltaic system. In one embodiment, a method implemented in a computer system includes: communicating, via a central controller, with a plurality of local management units (LMUs), each of the LMUs coupled to control a respective solar module; receiving, via the central controller, a shut-down signal from a user device (e.g., a hand-held device, a computer, or a wireless switch unit); and in response to receiving the shut-down signal, shutting down operation of the respective solar module for each of the LMUs.07-14-2011
20110172841Method and Apparatus for Actively Managing Consumption of Electric Power Supplied by One or More Electric Utilities - A system manages consumption of power supplied by at least one electric utility to multiple power consuming devices. Power flow to the power consuming devices is enabled and disabled by controllable devices controlled by one or more client devices. According to one embodiment, a group of one or more client devices to which to communicate a power control message is determined. The power control message indicates at least one of an amount of electric power to be reduced and an identification of one or more controllable devices to be instructed to disable a flow of electric power to one or more associated power consuming devices. The power control message is communicated to the determined group of client devices to initiate a power reduction event. Subsequent to initiation of the power reduction event, a determination is made that at least one controllable device has prematurely exited the power reduction event.07-14-2011
20110172840CENTRALLY CONTROLLED PROTECTION SYSTEM HAVING REDUCED ENERGY LET-THROUGH MODE - A method and system for a power distribution system, the method including defining with the central controller at least one alternate mode configuration setting for the at least one of the plurality of circuit breakers of the power distribution system, wherein the at least one alternate mode configuration setting includes a reduced energy let-thru (RELT) mode setting. The method further includes determining with the central controller if the at least one of the plurality of circuit breakers is in a pick-up mode and operating the at least one of the plurality of circuit breakers using one of the at least one normal mode configuration setting and the at least one alternate mode configuration setting, wherein the operating the at least one of the plurality of circuit breakers using the at least one alternate mode configuration setting is delayed for a predetermined period if the at least one of the plurality of circuit breakers is in a pick-up mode.07-14-2011
20110172838INDUSTRIAL CONTROL ENERGY OBJECT - An energy object extension to an industrial protocol having a comprehensive suite of attributes, messages and services utilized for the monitoring and control of energy consuming or producing resources by a manufacturing automation application is provided. The energy object includes an identifier associated with an energy resource that is associated with a manufacturing automation application and an energy type associated with the energy resource. This includes a measurement characteristic associated with the energy resource to facilitate energy management by the manufacturing automation application.07-14-2011
20110172839ELECTRIC VEHICLE SUPPLY EQUIPMENT WITH TIMER - An EVSE system includes an electric vehicle supply circuit, and a timer adapted to automatically control the electric vehicle supply circuit. The timer may be adapted to enable and/or disable the electric vehicle supply circuit at one or more predetermined times. The timer may be coordinated with a scheduling system such as a calendar utility on a computer or portable communication device such as a smart phone. The system may include a user interface for the timer. The user interface may include an embedded server such as an embedded web server to enable a user to program the timer through the Internet.07-14-2011
20130218358MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A power management system is configured to comprise: a plurality of power management units (08-22-2013
20120296483METHOD FOR DIAGNOSIS OF INCORRECTLY SET ENERGY SUPPLY PARAMETERS OF A FIELD DEVICE POWER SUPPLY MODULE - A method for the diagnosis of incorrect settings of energy supply parameters of a field device power supply module, which is connected to exclusively one field device and by which the one connected field device is supplied with electrical energy. In the method, the system comprising field device power supply module and connected field device is operated with set energy supply parameters of the field device power supply module. In such case, the manner of operation of the connected field device is automatedly monitored by the field device power supply module to look for occurring malfunctions. Defective settings of energy supply parameters are automatedly diagnosed by analyzing occurring malfunctions and associated these with incorrectly set energy supply parameters based on predetermined rules.11-22-2012
20110270455METHOD FOR PERFORMING SERVICE/MAINTENANCE ON A SWITCHGEAR PANEL, AND RELATED SWITCHGEAR PANEL - A switchgear panel and a method for servicing/maintaining a switchgear panel are disclosed which provide a Human Machine Interface that includes a first memory unit, and a first circuit breaker on board of which an Intelligent Electronic Device is placed. The Intelligent Electronic Device having an associated memory unit. The first memory unit and/or on the associated memory unit storing sets of data related to one or more of the switchgear panel, the first Intelligent Electronic Device, and the first circuit breaker. The Human Machine Interface is in operative communication with the first Intelligent Electronic Device, to transfer and save one or more of the sets of data stored on the associated memory unit onto the first memory unit or vice versa.11-03-2011
20090265041Power Distribution and Monitoring System - In accordance with the present invention, there is provided multiple embodiments of systems and methods monitoring a power system. The system and methods provide a robust and comprehensive monitoring system to accurately assess system performance and identify system interference and power failures. The system is designed to capture parameters capable of being monitored in a power distribution system, such as voltage, current, temperature or the like. A basic embodiment of the present invention includes at least one line monitor for measuring electrical parameters on the line side of a power system, a load monitor for measuring electrical parameters from the load side of a power system, a control panel for compiling the data, and a remote server for providing further analysis of the system and monitoring the system in real time.10-22-2009
20090030557Energy management system that provides real time situation awareness of a potential energy management failure - An energy management system has a control center at a utility company, and logic resources coupled to the power system that provide a real time notice of conditions which effect energy management of the utility company. At least one user interface is provided at the control center that is coupled to the logic resources. The user interface provides a real time situation awareness of a potential energy management failure.01-29-2009
20110270457System and Method for Providing Power Distribution System Information - A system, method and computer program product for processing utility data of a power grid is provided. In one embodiment, the system includes a datamart comprised of a plurality of physical databases storing utility data, a plurality of applications comprising an automated meter application configured to process power usage data from a plurality of automated meters, a power outage application configured to identify a location of a power outage, and a power restoration application configured to identify a location of a power restoration. The system may include an analysis engine comprising a plurality of analysis objects with each analysis object configured to process data to provide a specific analysis, wherein said analysis engine is accessible via one or more of the plurality of applications, and the system may include a report module configured to receive an output from the analysis engine and to output a report. The plurality of applications may also include a fault analysis application, a transformer analysis application, a theft detection application, a power flow application, a substation automation application, a load shed application and others.11-03-2011
20100004792ACQUISITION, CONTROL AND MEASUREMENT DEVICE - An Acquisition, Control and Measurement device has the capability to operate as element in an Electrical Distribution of Average Tension Network or in an Electrical Substation, operating as master device (initiates the communication) or slave (responds the communication) in SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. The device can process logical states and analogical signals, and has the capability to handle digital outputs using relay contacts and optoisolated digital inputs. The device can be used to simultaneously interconnect control equipment into diverse systems of acquisition through communication ports and standard communication protocols. Remote devices can access a data base using any means available. The device can be used as a data concentrator and/or protocol translator and includes a virtual connection of the transparent port type for communication towards other devices that manage software without data conversion through the communication ports.01-07-2010
20130218357REGENERATING ELECTRIC POWER DISTRIBUTION SWITCHING PLANS BASED ON CHANGING POWER DISTRIBUTION NETWORK CONDITIONS - A method for regenerating switching plans based on changing power distribution network conditions includes updating a power distribution network model in response to a power distribution network event, identifying areas of the power distribution network affected by the power distribution network event, identifying switching plans that are impacted by the power distribution network event and regenerating the switching plans that are impacted by the power distribution network event.08-22-2013
20090005915ESTABLISHING SWITCHYARD ZONES OF A HIGH OR MEDIUM VOLTAGE SWITCHYARD - The disclosure relates to minimizing the potential damage caused by the failure of a single central Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) responsible for calculating, assigning and storing information about switchyard zones of a high or medium voltage switchyard comprising switchyard elements interconnected by lines, and wherein the switchyard is operated by means of a Substation Automation system including a plurality of Intelligent Electronic Devices. For example, a distributed switchyard zone management is disclosed, comprising a distributed storage of the knowledge about the switchyard zones. Assignments of individual switchyard elements or components, such as switches and connectivity nodes, to the various switchyard zones are stored on several IEDs. If one of these IEDs fails, the services or applications based on switchyard zones thus are not necessarily doomed, as would be the case if the entire knowledge about switchyard zones were stored on one single central IED.01-01-2009
20090198384ELECTRONIC SMART METER ENABLING DEMAND RESPONSE AND METHOD FOR DEMAND RESPONSE - The electric smart meter enabling demand response and method for the demand response are disclosed capable of acquiring an option and response information from a subscriber for enabling an active demand control, and to this end, the electric smart meter is embedded therewithin at least one or more integrated monitoring modules and includes microprocessors for transmitting a power control command to a relevant integrated monitoring module in response to a power control program based on the rate system, and controllably transmitting the measured and monitored data stored in the memory to the master server side via the communication module as well.08-06-2009
20100198423OPTIMISATION OF USE OR PROVISION OF A RESOURCE OR SERVICE - A method and apparatus is provided in which the use or provision of a resource or service can be optimised based on data indicative of the benefits of using or providing the resource or service at one or more future times. The service could be the provision of electricity to an appliance or device. A retailer or distributor of the electricity could transmit future prices of the electricity based on the expected supply and demand for the electricity. An apparatus could receive the future prices and set a timing of an appliance or device to use or provide the electricity in order to optimise the cost of the use or provision of electricity. Other resources and services are also applicable, such as road network usage, telecoms or gas provision or usage. The usage or provision of the resource or service by the appliance or device can be metered and the amount of resource or service used or provided can be billed using the given indication of a benefit at particular future times, e.g. using the given future prices.08-05-2010
20120078428SMART METERING DEVICE WITH PHASE SELECTOR - Smart metering device for connecting an end user mains network to a multiple phase power distribution network and monitoring consumption on the end user mains network, comprising: inputs for connecting the smart metering device to multiple phases of the multiple phase power distribution network; single phase low voltage outputs for connecting the end user mains network to the smart metering device; a power circuit between the inputs and the low voltage outputs; a modem for receiving control messages sent from a communication server associated with the power distribution network; a controller communicatively connected to the modem for controlling switching operations in the smart metering device in response to the control messages; and a phase selector communicatively coupled with the controller and comprising input switches for switching the low voltage outputs between different sets of the inputs, each set corresponding to one of the multiple phases of the multiple phase power distribution network.03-29-2012
20090222144SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ELECTROMECHANICAL OSCILLATION MONITORING - Systems and methods for electromechanical oscillation monitoring are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a method for monitoring electromechanical oscillation in a power system includes forming a power density spectrum in frequency domain based on phasor measurements collected from a plurality of locations in the power system and identifying an oscillation in the power density spectrum. The oscillation has a power density larger than other oscillations. The method also includes analyzing the identified oscillation in time domain to determine a damping characteristic of the identified oscillation and indicating that an insufficiently damped oscillation exists in the power system if the determined damping characteristic of the oscillation meets a predetermined condition.09-03-2009
20120197452Energy Storage and Power Management System - A system to manage the storage of energy to, and the release of energy from, an energy storage system with such energy being generated from one or more renewable sources of energy, traditional sources of energy or the electric grid, or a combination of any or all of these sources, resulting in a reduction of the power demand from the electric grid of a user of the system and/or of the high consumption charges during peak usage times of a user of the system.08-02-2012
20100228402Power sparing synchronous apparatus - Embodiments include a system, an apparatus, a device, and a method. An apparatus includes a synchronous circuit including a first subcircuit powered by a first power plane having a first power plane voltage and a second subcircuit powered by a second power plane having a second power plane voltage. The apparatus also includes an error detector operable to detect an incidence of a computational error occurring in the first subcircuit. The apparatus includes a controller operable to change the first power plane voltage based upon the detected incidence of a computational error. The apparatus also includes a power supply configured to electrically couple with a portable power source and operable to provide a selected one of at least two voltages to the first power plane in response to the controller.09-09-2010
20100222936Inherently Safe Modular Control System - A modular system for transmitting power and data between a control processor that receives and transmits signals along a trunk of a distributed control network, and one or more field devices located in a hazardous area includes a backplane bus and a trunk module connected to the backplane and interconnecting the trunk and backplane. Intrinsically safe spur modules are removably attached to the backplane.09-02-2010
20100185338ELECTRICAL POWER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - An electrical power distribution system for distributing electrical power from a source. The system includes one or more network circuits electrically connected to the source and one or more load devices electrically connectable to the network circuit. The system also includes one or more controllers for monitoring one or more preselected parameters of the electrical power. Each controller includes means for determining actual values of the preselected parameter, means for comparing the actual value to a preselected threshold value of the preselected parameter to determine a difference, and means for disconnecting the load device if the difference is equal to or exceeds a predetermined difference amount.07-22-2010
20090112375System and method for control of power distribution - A system for controlling a multi-feed power distribution network is described herein. The network includes a first network sector that includes a first plurality of devices connected to a first power source and a second network sector that includes a second plurality of devices connected to a second power source. The system includes a first controller and a second controller. The first controller is configured to control operation of the first network sector and exchange data with the second controller. The second controller is configured to control operation of the second network sector and exchange data with the first controller. The system is modular and it can be expanded to include additional controllers as necessary. Methods and a computer program product for controlling a multi-feed power distribution network are also described.04-30-2009
20090105887REDUNDANT FIELDBUS SYSTEM - A redundant fieldbus redundant system includes two independent conditioned power modules which automatically detect cable faults, such as short or open circuits on both the host and field sides of the network. The power modules are interfaced directly on one side to the primary and backup H1 cards of the host system, and are directly interfaced on the other side to an automatically terminating network device coupler module which provides connections to field devices. The redundant fieldbus system provides power and communications in a parallel physical configuration between the host system and the field devices irrespective of any single point failure in the network. In case of a fault, the redundant fieldbus system automatically eliminates the faulty section of the network, switches power and communications to the healthy portion of the network and terminates the network for signal integrity.04-23-2009
20110112699SUBSTATION AUTOMATION WITH REDUNDANT PROTECTION - Exemplary embodiments are directed to a redundancy scheme for bay protection in Substation Automation (SA) that prevents a single failing Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) of the SA system from impairing the operation of a bay of a substation. A protection IED assigned to a home or host bay of a substation of an electric power system performs the protection functions of the bay to which it is assigned, plus protection functions of at least one of its neighboring bays. As a result, each bay can be managed by two different protection IEDs, wherein redundancy is achieved without a dedicated redundant protection IED for each bay. Whenever required to do so, the protection IED receives, from appropriate sensors, information about a status or value of a process quantity from the neighboring bay, computes or executes protection functionality such as overcurrent, overvoltage or earth fault on behalf of the neighboring bay, and issues commands directed to actuators of said neighboring bay.05-12-2011
20120123602APPLICATION OF PHASOR MEASUREMENT UNITS (PMU) FOR CONTROLLED SYSTEM SEPARATION - This invention relates to a PMU-based controlled system separation method to protect against a catastrophic blackout. The method includes the steps of performing an offline analysis of an electrical transmission network to partition generators into a number of coherent groups, performing online monitoring of the transmission network to determine a separation interface and frequencies and damping ratios of dominant inter-area modes, and estimating the risk of system separation to perform real-time control.05-17-2012
20110029143REPAIR CIRCUIT INCLUDING REPAIR CONTROLLER - A repair circuit having a repair controller which is capable of reducing unnecessary current dissipation by interrupting a control operation to redundant cells that are unused for replacement of defective cells is presented. The repair circuit includes a repair controller and a repair signal generator. The repair controller is configured to generate a first drive voltage, a second drive voltage and a repair control signal depending on whether or not a defective cell exists. The repair signal generator driven by the first and second drive voltages in which the repair signal generator is configured to generate a repair signal, for repairing the defective cell, in response to receiving the repair control signal and an external address.02-03-2011
20100145535INTRA-VEHICLE CHARGING SYSTEM FOR USE IN RECHARGING VEHICLES EQUIPPED WITH ELECTRICALLY POWERED PROPULSION SYSTEMS - The E-Grid Sub-Network Load Manager operates to regulate the demands presented by vehicles to the associated Sub-Network thereby to spread the load presented to the service disconnect over time to enable controllable charging of a large number of vehicles. Load management can be implemented by a number of methodologies, including: queuing requests and serving each request in sequence until satisfaction; queuing requests and cycling through the requests, partially serving each one, then proceeding to the next until the cyclic partial charging service has satisfied all of the requests; ordering requests pursuant to a percentage of recharge required measurement; ordering requests on an estimated connection time metric; ordering requests on a predetermined level of service basis; and the like. It is evident that a number of these methods can be concurrently employed thereby to serve all of the vehicles in the most efficient manner that can be determined.06-10-2010
20090312881SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CENTRALIZED MONITORING OF DISTRIBUTED POWER TRANSFORMER - The present invention refers to a system and method for monitoring and controlling the operational condition of a power transformer. The system for monitoring and controlling the operational condition of a power transformer comprised at different substations comprises a plurality of substations, each substation comprising a control panel linked to at least one power transformer, said control panel receives data referring to the measurements of parameters of said at least one transformer, and a monitoring center comprising an engineering server, an internet server and software that does the communication of said engineering server to said internet server, said engineering server being in communication with control panels of each of the substations and said internet server provides remote access to the system to the users of the system. The method of the present invention comprises the steps of (a) continuously measuring parameters of a plurality of power transformers comprised at a plurality of substations; and (b) storing the data referring to the measurements performed in step (a) at a database only when said measurements are not within a range of values that were previously determined as desirable for the measurements of said parameters; and (c) making the measurements of the parameters performed in step (a) available at one single physical location. The invention further provides a monitoring center that allows the follow up of the condition of operation of several power transformers located at several substations.12-17-2009
20090312882SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR AUTOMATED SIMULATION OF A PROPULSION SYSTEM AND TESTING OF PROPULSION CONTROL SYSTEMS - A multiple application automated test set (MAATS) system can simulate the operation of a power plant. To simulate the operation of the power plant, the MAATS system can be configured to “stand in” for the power plant by receiving the control signals from a controller and by generating electrical signals, readable by the controller, that represent the operating parameters and conditions of the power plant.12-17-2009
20090326727Adaptive power system - Aspects of the disclosure provides an adaptive power system to relieve manual efforts for performing appropriate power procedures. The adaptive power system can include a power source unit including a plurality of power sources and a power bus. The power source unit can be configured to provide electrical power from one or more of the power sources to the power bus. Further, the adaptive power system can include a power distribution unit configured to distribute electrical power from the power bus to a plurality of electrical devices. In addition, the adaptive power system can include a power control unit configured to control a power sequence for the power distribution unit to distribute electrical power from the power bus to the plurality of electrical devices in a coordinated manner consistent with load or time interval for each of the electrical devices.12-31-2009
20110046807DCS CONTROL MODULE FOR A TRANSFORMER IN NUCLEAR POWER ENGINEERING - A DCS control module for a transformer in nuclear power engineering, comprises: an input command processing logic unit (02-24-2011
20120203388Outage Management Algorithm - Techniques and systems are described that assist in predicting, diagnosing, and/or managing an incident in a utility service area. A communication system is provided in the service area to communicate with nodes of the service area. In some instances, the communication system is configured to communicate with nodes of the service area according to a hierarchy of the nodes and/or a physical location of the nodes.08-09-2012
20120277926TRANSFORMER STRUCTURE FOR SMART LOAD BALANCING - A load balancing system includes a transformer having a plurality of integrated sensors. A control system that may be embedded within the transformer is in electrical communication with the plurality of sensors. The control system is configured to estimate or determine the state of health of the transformer. The state of health of the transformer is based upon signals generated via the plurality of sensors. A load request that may be received that is compared to the state of health of the transformer to determine if the transformer can support the load request. The control system determines whether or not the transformer can provide electrical power based upon the estimated state of health of the transformer and in response to the load request.11-01-2012
20120123603SUBSTATION AUTOMATION SYSTEM WITH PROTECTION FUNCTIONS - A Substation Automation (SA) system is configured to perform protection functions for a bay of an electrical power distribution substation, receive, via a communication link, redundancy protection commands from a remote center, and execute the redundancy protection commands for the bay. The SA system is configured to transmit to a redundant protection server of the remote center, process values measured by measurement equipment of the substation, and to receive, from the redundant protection server, and forward, via the process bus, the received redundancy protection commands directed to operating equipment of the substation. Thus, for multiple SA systems, redundant protection functions are implemented and provided cost-efficiently by one common remote central unit.05-17-2012
20100292857ELECTRICAL NETWORK COMMAND AND CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHOD OF OPERATION - A system is provided that allows the aggregation of a plurality of inputs from an electrical grid and the display of the plurality of inputs on a single integrated display for a network operator. The system accepts signals from electrical loads and generation devices and analyzes the inputs to determine potential issues or trends, including fault predictions and recommends contingency plans. The system presents these potential issues and possible corrective actions to the network operator. The network operator may initiate actions, such as dispatching loads or activating generation capacity for example, in response.11-18-2010
20110125338Control apparatus for photovoltaic modules - Control apparatus 05-26-2011
20100324746PARTIAL DISCHARGE COUNTER FOR DIAGNOSIS OF GAS INSULATED SWITCHGEAR - The present invention relates generally to a partial discharge counter for the diagnosis of a GIS. The partial discharge counter includes a partial discharge detection sensor for detecting a partial discharge. A first surge inflow prevention circuit separates a surge signal from an output terminal of the partial discharge detection sensor. A channel 1 frequency conversion module forms a low-frequency signal. A noise detection sensor detects noise. A second surge inflow prevention circuit separates a surge signal from an output terminal of the noise detection sensor. A channel 2 frequency conversion module forms a low-frequency signal. An ADC circuit generates partial discharge data and noise data. A synchronization device enables the partial discharge data and the noise data to be output in synchronization with frequency of the phase voltage. A digital signal processing unit counts a number of times the partial discharge occurs. Counting units display a count value.12-23-2010
20100332045Regulation of Generating Plant - A method and system are disclosed that enable the regulation of the temperature of transmission equipment connected to a generating plant. In one embodiment, a method includes obtaining a temperature of transmission equipment connected to a generating plant and regulating the output of the generating plant in response to the temperature exceeding a threshold level to reduce the temperature of the transmission equipment to below the threshold level.12-30-2010
20090171510METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING LED WITH POWER LINE CARRIER - A method and a system for controlling LED with power line carrier are disclosed. The system contains a host controller, an electric power conductor, and at least a luminous device, and the luminous device further containing an environmental data collection module. The method comprises the steps of providing a power line carrier module to both the host controller and the luminous devices; the luminous devices detecting a set of environmental data by the environmental data collection module; the luminous devices transmitting the set of environmental data to the host controller; the host controller recording and analyzing the set of environmental data; and the host controller sending a control signal to the luminous devices according to the analysis. Therein the control signal and the set of environmental data are transmitted by the power line carrier module through the electric power conductor.07-02-2009
20090171509Electric Power Flow Control - A farm including a plurality of electric power generation units connected to a grid point of a power network. The power generation units are organized in a plurality of upstream branches. Each upstream branch is separable from an adjacent downstream branch by an interrupter.07-02-2009
20100204846PROTECTIVE RELAY DEVICE - Data from a digitizing unit is stored in a time-series data buffer, via a data receiving circuit. The data on which a digital filtering process is performed by a digital filtering processing circuit is stored in time series in a time-series instantaneous-value data storing circuit. A digital computing unit sets a time of temporally oldest data from among a group of latest time data stored in a latest time-data storing circuit as a reference time, extracts time data having the same time as the reference time from the time-series instantaneous-value data storing circuit, and then performs a digital computation.08-12-2010
20100082173MAXIMIZED BATTERY RUN-TIME IN A PARALLEL UPS SYSTEM - An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) includes a plurality of UPS modules. Each of the UPS modules has a battery that provides power to a protected load in the event of a utility power failure. A plurality of controllers control how much power each of the batteries deliver to the protected load, and a communication bus allows the controllers to exchange information about the battery voltages. One of the controllers calculates the average battery voltage of the plurality of batteries and adjusts the amount of energy provided by an individual battery such that the battery voltage is about equal to the average battery voltage.04-01-2010
20090292403LIGHTING PERFORMANCE POWER MONITORING SYSTEM AND METHOD WITH OPTIONAL INTEGRATED LIGHT CONTROL - A light performance monitoring device and optionally integrated controller includes a monitor module that directly monitors energy usage of at least one energy load to generate at least one measurement of energy usage; a storage module stores a series of baseline values of energy usage of the energy load, a comparator module compares energy measurements made at predetermined intervals with the baseline values, and a notification module notifies a designated recipient that there is a deviation from the baseline values consistent with a burned out or non-operational light fixture, including but not limited to light bulbs or ballast devices. A control module optionally integrated with the light performance monitoring device can be operatively coupled to the monitor module to control energy usage by the at least one energy load via a data link in a predetermined manner that is based on the at least one measurement of energy usage.11-26-2009
20110190956Prognostic-Enabled Power System - A prognostics-enabled power system includes a power source and a removably connected load. A sensor is connected to the power source and situated to identify at least one characteristic produced in response to the removably connected load on the power source. A programmable system is in communication with the sensor, the programmable system situated to calculate a value from the at least one characteristic, wherein the calculated value is indicative of a health status of the power source.08-04-2011
20110190955Electrical Communications Circuit With Spur Diagnostics - An electrical communications circuit comprising a power supply, a trunk section, a spur section, isolation means disposed between the trunk section and the spur section, diagnostics apparatus connected to the trunk section and a field device connected to the spur section, in which the field device is adapted to send data signals over the communications circuit, which data signals comprise one or more core functions, in which the communications circuit and/or the data signals function under one or more pre-determined normal operating parameters, in which the diagnostics apparatus is adapted to detect one or more pre-determined breaches of said normal operating parameters, in which a spur diagnostics module is connected to the spur section and is adapted to monitor electrical characteristics of the spur section, in which the spur diagnostics module comprises interference means adapted to interfere with the communications circuit and/or the data signals sent thereon such that said one or more pre-determined breaches of the normal operating parameters are detectable by the diagnostics apparatus, but such that said one or more core functions of the data signals are not effected, and in which the spur diagnostics module is adapted to activate said interference means when it detects one or more pre-determined electrical events in the spur section.08-04-2011
20100023175Method for operating an industrial scale installation and guidance system for same - A method and a guidance system for operating an industrial scale installation, especially a power plant installation, are provided. For this method and guidance system a number of installation operating parameters characterizing the operating state of the installation and several component operating parameters of selected components of the installation are monitored and stored in a memory device. A characteristic fatigue value characterizing the current fatigue state of each component is determined, as required, using the stored installation operating parameters and/or the stored associated component operating parameters. The purpose of this method and guidance system is to develop an operation of the installation which protects resources. To this end, an associated fatigue prognosis value is determined from the characteristic fatigue value characterizing the current fatigue state for each selected component using guiding parameters characterizing a planned change of state.01-28-2010
20110218687System and Method for Enhanced Watch Dog in Solar Panel Installations - A system and method for automated shutdown, disconnect, or power reduction of solar panels. A system of solar panels includes one or more master management units (MMUs) and one or more local management units (LMUs). The MMUs are in communication with the LMUs with the MMUs and LMUs “handshaking” when the system is in operation. The MMUs are connected to one or more controllers which in turn are connected to emergency detection sensors. Upon a sensor detection of an emergency, the associated MMU is notified which in turn instructs associated LMUs to take appropriate action. In the event that communication with the MMUs has been cut off, the LMUs take the initiative to shutdown, disconnect, or reduce the output of associated string(s) of solar panels.09-08-2011
20110307114SUBSTATION AUTOMATION DEVICE AND SYSTEM - Exemplary embodiments provide separate SA system-level functionalities or tasks, which are conventionally performed by a multitude of distinct station-level devices, through a single SA device having a plurality of Processing Units (PU). The latter are either distinct Central Processing Units (CPUs) mounted on the same processor board, or distinct processing cores of a single multi-core CPU sharing the same Random Access Memory (RAM). Virtualization techniques are used in supporting multiple instances of Operating Systems (OS) on the plurality of PUs, to create distinct and mutually isolated execution environments are created. Each of these execution environments hosts a single functionality out of a Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) functionality, a gateway functionality, an engineering workplace functionality, and a firewall functionality.12-15-2011
20120041611MEASURMENT BASED VOLTAGE STABILITY MONITORING AND CONTROL - A measurement base voltage stability monitoring and control scheme having a means for measuring current and voltage phasors at a boundary bus of a load center; and an equivalent network having a fictitious bus with an aggregate load representative of all loads of the load center. The scheme further includes a computing device to calculate a voltage stability margin index based on the aggregate load of the fictitious bus and compare the voltage stability margin index to a pre-set threshold. The computing device causes an action to take place based on the comparison between the voltage stability margin index and the pre-set threshold.02-16-2012
20120041612EMERGENCY FREQUENCY LOAD SHEDDING SCHEME - A load shedding system and method for controlling imbalances in a power system includes a signal generator adapted to generate a signal representative of a local system, and a modifying circuit adapted to adjust set frequencies. The system also includes a processing circuit adapted to process data received from the signal generator and modifying circuit and set load shedding priorities for the local system based on the processed data.02-16-2012
20120310429CIRCUIT BREAKER ZONE SELECTIVE INTERLOCK FOR DIFFERENTIATED FAULTS AND METHOD OF OPERATION - A circuit breaker system and method having zone selective interlock features is provided. The system and method include the transmission of a selective interlock signal from a downstream circuit breaker to an upstream circuit breaker in the event a first or second fault condition is detected. The upstream circuit breaker upon receipt of this signal changes the response of the second circuit breaker depending on whether the first or second fault condition has been detected.12-06-2012
20120310428POWER CONTROL DEVICE, POWER MANAGEMENT DEVICE AND POWER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A power control device forms energy storage equipment together with a storage battery. The power control device includes: a communication portion that communicates with a power management device, which manages charge and discharge of the storage battery; a power conditioner that supplies electricity to a predetermined destination for supply; a control portion that controls operation of the power conditioner based on instructions from the power management device that are received by the communication portion; and an authentication processing portion that performs authentication processing with the power management device.12-06-2012
20120209441LOAD CONTROL SYSTEM - A load control system includes: a power supply control unit for controlling a power feeding to multiple load devices; and a backup power supply unit for supplying backup power during a power failure. During a power failure, the power supply control unit supplies the power from the backup power supply unit only to a part of load devices selected among the load devices, and the load devices are devoid of communications function for communicating with the power supply control unit.08-16-2012
20120010759METHOD AND SYSTEMS FOR OPERATING A WIND TURBINE - A method for controlling operation of a wind turbine included within a power generation and delivery system is described. The method includes measuring at least one operating condition of the power generation and delivery system. The method also includes transmitting, to a power limiter system, an operating condition feedback signal that corresponds to the operating condition. The method also includes analyzing the operating condition feedback signal to identify an occurrence of a grid contingency event and generating a real current command signal corresponding to an occurrence of a grid contingency event. The method also includes transmitting the real current command signal to a controller and applying the real current command signal to power converter performance to facilitate reducing pole-slipping. The method also includes storing, in a memory, at least one variable corresponding to the operating condition upon the occurrence of a grid contingency event.01-12-2012
20110166720FAST POWER SWING UNBLOCKING METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DISTANCE PROTECTION IN POWER SYSTEM - The present invention discloses a fast power swing unblocking method and apparatus for a distance protection in a power system, which is able to ensure fast phase-segregated tripping of distance protection for faults during a power swing (3-phase or 2-phase swing). The power swing unblocking method in a power system according to the present invention comprises calculating changing rates of impedances for all operating loops of the distance protection in the power system; and determining a fault loop based on the calculated changing rates. If there is a fault loop, a blocked distance zone for the fault loop is unblocked. Before calculating the changing rates, whether the power system is under a power swing is checked and a distance zone that might mal-operate under the power swing is blocked if it is checked that the power system is under the power swing. By applying this invention, the performance of the distance protection during power swings can be improved, and the distance protection can ensure faster and phase-segregated operation, which are very beneficial for the system reliability.07-07-2011
20100114391SYSTEM FOR ACQUISITION OF DATA AND MULTIPLICATION OF SIGNALLING AND PROTECTION CONTACTS IN EQUIPMENTS OF SUBSTATIONS AND ELECTRIC POWER PLANTS AND SIMILAR - System for acquisition of data and multiplication of signalling and protection contacts in equipments of substations and electric power plants and similar, it consists in the utilization of auxiliary relays (05-06-2010
20110093127DISTRIBUTED ENERGY RESOURCES MANAGER - A Distributed Energy Resources Manager may serve to connect electrical assets in an electricity distribution grid with other information-processing systems including, but not limited to, existing utility grid management systems to manage flows of information between electrical assets and interacting software assets and, thereby, manage performance of at least the electrical assets.04-21-2011
20120158200INTEGRATED PERFORMANCE MONITORING FOR A CONCENTRATED PHOTOVOLTAIC (CPV) SYSTEM - A plurality of concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) arrays located at a solar site may be operated and communicate with a central backend management system over a public wide area network. Each of the CPV arrays is associated with a different system control point (SCP). Each SCP includes circuitry with test points for performance monitoring of at least 1) an electrical power generating circuitry that generates alternating current (AC) voltage output and 2) a tracker motion control circuit to control a position of the CPV array for that SCP, and 1) configured logic, 2) resident software applications, or 3) any combination of both in the SCP is configured to collect the performance monitoring information and store in a memory of the SCP. The information from the circuitry with test points for performance monitoring is communicated to the central backend management system over the public wide area network.06-21-2012
20120072041INTEGRATED ELECTRONICS HOUSING FOR A SOLAR ARRAY - An integrated electronics housing contains both system electronics and power generation circuits for a two-axis tracker assembly having a CPV solar array. The housing contains at least a communication bus, motion control circuits, and inverter circuits, and acts as the local system control point for that tracker mechanism. The inverter circuits generate three-phase AC voltage that is supplied to a grid interface transformer. Each inverter receives a bipolar DC voltage supplied from its own set of CPV cells. The motion control circuits move the CPV cells of the tracker mechanism to angular coordinates resulting from a solar tracking algorithm. The communication bus connects to the motion control circuits and the inverter circuits to facilitate communications of information, including parameters of power being generated by the inverter circuits, between the motion control circuits and the AC inverter circuits to fine tune the AC power generated out of the tracker mechanism.03-22-2012
20120158199CENTRALIZED FINE GRADE CONTROL OF DEVICE ENERGY CONSUMPTION - Aspects of the present invention provide a solution for controlling electricity to a device. A sensor is associated with a device that is independently coupled to an electricity distribution network. The sensor senses electricity usage for the device. Based on the sensed electricity usage for the device, an electricity usage pattern is identified for the device. This electricity usage pattern is used to identify a classification of the device. Based on this device classification the supply of electricity to the device can be controlled as needed by the provider.06-21-2012
20110066301SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MONITORING AND CONTROLLING ELECTRICAL SYSTEM STABILITY - Disclosed herein are systems and methods for monitoring and controlling an electric power delivery system to mitigate against voltage instability. According to various embodiments, one or more stability thresholds may be compared to one or more stability estimates. Stability estimates may be generated based on electrical conditions in an electric power delivery system. Upon the occurrence of the contingency, one or more control actions specified by a contingency index may be executed in order to mitigate against voltage instability. A plurality of stability estimates may be generated, each of which may be compared to a respective stability threshold. According to various embodiments, stability estimates and stability thresholds may be based on a reactive power to voltage margin, an incremental reactive power cost, an incremental load cost, and a power import margin.03-17-2011
20100094475Electrical Energy Usage Monitoring System - A system and method consisting of networked modular sensors and a data processing/display system to detect, process, manage and present both real-time and historic electrical energy usage data (metrics, statistics, etc), additionally allowing the intelligent management of energy usage through consumer education as well as both manual and automated usage controls.04-15-2010
20120316690HOME ENERGY CONTROL SYSTEM AND CONTROLLING METHOD THEREOF - A home energy control system and a controlling method thereof are provided. The system comprises: an energy storage unit (12-13-2012
20110184575ANALYSIS SERVER, AND METHOD OF ANALYZING DATA - There is provided an analysis server including a first verifying unit that analyzes data acquired from a local power management system composed of an electronic appliance provided with a sensor and a power management apparatus managing power supply to the electronic appliance connected to a power network, by using history information of the local power management system or data acquired from another local power management system with a power usage state similar to that of the local power management system, a second verifying unit that analyzes the data acquired from the local power management system, by using an estimated value calculated by simulation using characteristics information and/or specification information of the electronic appliance, and a control unit that controls the first verifying unit and the second verifying unit.07-28-2011
20120221159WIND TURBINE - A wind turbine is provided. The wind turbine includes a generator generating an amount of electric power, and at least two electrical converter units, with each electrical converter unit being electrically connectable to the generator and to a utility grid. Each electrical converter unit is adapted to convert electric power up to a defined admissible maximum capacity. The amount of electric power generated by the generator is equally distributed to all respective electrical converter units. If at least one electrical converter unit fails, the amount of electric power generated by the generator is distributed to the remaining electrical converter units in operation, wherein each of the remaining electrical converter units converts a respective amount of electric power up to its respective admissible maximum capacity.08-30-2012
20120316689ENHANCED COMMUNICATION INFRASTRUCTURE FOR HIERARCHICAL INTELLIGENT POWER DISTRIBUTION GRID - The subject specification comprises enhanced communication infrastructure for a multi-tier hierarchical smart distribution grid (SDG). The SDG comprises a specified number of distribution network node controller (DNNC) components employed to desirably control communications and power distribution between respective tiers of the SDG to facilitate efficient power distribution. When communication between the a DNNC in one tier and another DNNC in another tier, is desired, the DNNC can identify available communication channels and respective communication conditions of the available communication channels, and can dynamically select a subset of available data and preferred communication channel, based at least in part on predefined control criteria, to control data transmission loads in the network and facilitate real time control of the SDG. Data can be communicated via the selected communication channel. Respective DNNCs can desirably control power distribution for respective tiers, minimizing upper tier involvement in lower tier power distribution.12-13-2012
20120259475Lock-Out, Tag-Out System Using Safety Programmable Logic Controller - A remote lock-out, tag-out system for controlling multiple buckets in a motor control center employs a safety network providing serial communication between one or more remote lock-out, tag-out stations and individual buckets of the control center permitting remote disconnection of power without the need for protective gear.10-11-2012
20100312411AC CONSUMPTION CONTROLLER, METHOD OF MANAGING AC POWER CONSUMPTION AND A BATTERY PLANT EMPLOYING THE SAME - An AC consumption controller, a method of managing AC power received at a battery plant in response to AC supply conditions and a battery plant are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, the AC consumption controller include: (1) an AC supply monitor configured to recognize an AC supply event associated with a battery plant having at least one rectifier, a battery supply and a DC bus having a DC load current and configured to supply a DC voltage, the DC bus coupled to the rectifier and the battery supply and (2) an AC supply adjuster configured to maintain an AC power level for the AC supply event by regulating the DC voltage throughout the AC supply event to share sources of the DC load current between an output battery current of the battery supply and an output rectifier current of the rectifier.12-09-2010
20120265359RECONFIGURABLE INTERFACE-BASED ELECTRICAL ARCHITECTURE - An electrical network architecture including a reconfigurable interface layer, along with a corresponding reconfiguration methodology. The interface layer is comprised of reconfigurable interface devices which allow a plurality of sensors and actuators to communicate with a plurality of control units. Each sensor or actuator is connected to multiple interface devices, which in turn are connected to a bus. The control units are also connected to the bus. In the event of an interface device failure, other interface devices can be reconfigured to maintain communication between sensors, actuators and control units. In the event of a control unit failure, the interface devices can be reconfigured to route sensor and actuator message traffic to a different control unit which can handle the functions of the failed control unit. The overall number of control units can also be reduced, as each control unit has flexible access to many sensors and actuators.10-18-2012
20120330475Active Cloud Power Management System for a Secondary Battery - The present invention discloses an active cloud power management system for a secondary battery. This power management system is able to actively handle electrical properties of the secondary battery and provide a user with a general status message or a real time early warning message about the secondary battery, so that an efficiency of use and safety of the secondary battery can be maintained by active monitoring and reminding services.12-27-2012
20120330474METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR EVALUATING REPAIR AND REMEDIATION ALTERNATIVES FOR HEAT EXCHANGERS - A method is provided for evaluating simultaneously the effects of multiple, interdependent heat-exchanger degradation modes for a heat exchanger of a power plant in the context of a series of alternative heat-exchanger remediation strategies. The method includes calculating time-varying predicted future progressions of heat exchanger performance metrics for a plurality of alternative heat-exchanger remediation strategies, and calculating time-varying predicted future progressions of financial metrics describing the accumulated financial benefit of each of the strategies. The calculations may be provided in probabilistic terms. A strategy may then be chosen based, at least in part, on the calculated results.12-27-2012
20120323388SYSTEM, METHOD, AND APPARATUS FOR OPERATING A POWER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - A power distribution system includes a plurality of node devices and a computer communicatively coupled to the node devices. The computer includes a memory area configured to store at least one operating parameter of each of the node devices, and a processor that is programmed to determine a desired operating limitation of the power distribution system to be optimized, calculate an effect on the operating limitation based on a modification of the operating parameter of at least one of the node devices, and transmit a command to the node device to cause the node device to modify the operating parameter.12-20-2012
20120271471NETWORK SYSTEM AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING NETWORK SYSTEM - A method of controlling a network system is provided. The network system includes a metering device measuring energy supplied from a power supply source, a communication device in which energy information related to the energy communicates, and an energy management device recognizing the energy information, the energy management device controlling an operation of an electric product. The metering device or the energy management device checks whether communication of the communication device is possible. Also, when it is determined that the communication device is in a communication failure state, the communication failure state is displayed on the outside thereof. When a communication modem mounted on the electric product is in a communication failure state, the electric product may normally perform a power management program, based on power or operation information stored therein.10-25-2012
20120271470SYSTEMS, METHODS, AND APPARATUS FOR MAINTAINING STABLE CONDITIONS WITHIN A POWER GRID - Systems, methods, and apparatus for maintaining stable conditions within a power grid are provided. A local device that includes one or more computer processors may identify one or more power sources associated with a structure. The local device may additionally monitor one or more parameters associated with a power grid configured to supply power to the structure. Based at least in part on the monitoring, the local device may identify a power grid fluctuation. Based at least in part on the identification of the power grid fluctuation, the local device may adjust operation of at least one power source included in the one or more identified power sources.10-25-2012
20120271469Electrical Energy Usage Monitoring System - A system and method consisting of networked modular sensors and a data processing/display system to detect, process, manage and present both real-time and historic electrical energy usage data (metrics, statistics, etc), additionally allowing the intelligent management of energy usage through consumer education as well as both manual and automated usage controls.10-25-2012
20110238233SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR OPTIMIZING CURRENT OVERLOAD PROTECTION CIRCUIT - A system for optimizing a current overload protection circuit includes an input device, a data storage device, a central processing device, and a display. The central processing device includes a storage module, a control module, and a calculation module. The storage module stores a VI application therein. The control module receives instructions from the input device and selects virtual electronic components of the current overload protection circuit from the data storage device and connection of the selected electronic components. The current overload protection circuit is completed and run in the VI application; electronic components significantly affecting the maximum protection current are labeled. The calculation module calculates normal distribution samples of the current overload protection circuit based on the labeled electronic components. The display shows whether the current overload protection circuit meets a process capability standard.09-29-2011
20120277927ELECTRIC VEHICLE CLUSTERED CHARGE DISTRIBUTION AND PRIORITIZATION METHOD,SYSTEM AND APPARATUS - A method, system, and apparatus include a clustered charge distribution and prioritized charge distribution system for electric vehicles (EVs). Distributed processing units (DPUs) receive member information about an EV or EV user. A power distribution manager (PDM) is coupled to each of the DPUs. The PDM includes a prioritizer. The prioritizer determines a prioritization for charging the EVs based on the member information received by each of the DPUs. Also disclosed is a method for providing clustered charge distribution and charge prioritization for electric vehicles. The method includes sensing whether power is requested by any one of a plurality of EVs within a cluster, generating individual EV-specific information for the EVs using the DPUs, transmitting the EV-specific information to the PDM, and selecting and applying a prioritization algorithm based at least in part on the transmitted information.11-01-2012
20120089264SYSTEM AND METHOD OF LOADFLOW CALCULATION FOR ELECTRICAL POWER SYSTEM - A method of performing loadflow calculations for controlling voltages and power flow in a power network by reading on-line data of given/specified/scheduled/set network variables/parameters and using control means, so that no component of the power network is overloaded as well as there is no over/under voltage at any nodes in the network following a small or large disturbances. A loadflow calculation method could be any method including invented Patel Decoupled Loadflow (PDL) method, and Decoupled Gauss-Seidel-Patel Loadflow (DGSPL) method. The invented Patel Decoupled Loadflow (PDL) calculation method is characterized in 1) the use of the same coefficient matrix [GB] for both the p-f and q-e sub-problems of the loadflow calculation; 2) almost no effort in the modified mismatch calculations in the iteration process; and 3) all the nodes in both the sub-problems being active, no refactorization of [GB] required for implementation of Q-limit violations. These features make the invented PDL method computationally almost two times more efficient than the current state-of-the-art Super Super Decoupled Loadflow (SSDL) method. It is also possible to organize the RP-f, and RQ-e sub-problems for solution by Gauss-Seidel iterations. The invented DGSPL calculation method is characterized in decoupling the calculation of real and imaginary components of complex node voltage leading to increased stability and efficiency of the DGSPL calculation method.04-12-2012
20120101650METHOD FOR POWER PLANT USAGE PLANNING - A method for power plant usage planning of a power plant fleet having a plurality of power plants is provided. The current control technology values are supplied to models for lifespan calculations, maintenance information is derived from the lifespan calculations and the maintenance information is taken into consideration in a calculation for power plant usage planning.04-26-2012
20120290143Method, a system, a computer-readable medium, and a power controlling apparatus for applying and distributing power - Embodiments of the invention relate generally to power management and the like, and more particularly, to an apparatus, a system, a method, and a computer-readable medium for providing power controlling functionality to generate configurable power signals and to deliver power during fault conditions. In at least some embodiments, a power control unit can generate power signals having configurable attributes as a function of a mode of operation, a fault type, and the like.11-15-2012
20130018518AUTOMATED SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CONTROLLING LOCALIZED LOAD CONDITIONS TO EXTEND ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM COMPONENT LIFEAANM McMullin; Dale RobertAACI CantonAAST GAAACO USAAGP McMullin; Dale Robert Canton GA US - Controlling localized load conditions to extend electrical distribution system component life includes forming a load-dependent time-to-failure estimate for at least one of the components, creating an operating load to be experienced by the at least one of the components, and generating an instruction that causes power to be diverted away from the at least one of the components when a required power through the at least one of the components exceeds the operating load.01-17-2013
20130024037METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PREVENTING MISOPERATION IN AN ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEM - One embodiment provides a computer system for preventing switching errors in a power system that includes a plurality of switching devices. The system includes a topology-extraction mechanism configured to extract topology information associated with the power system; a status database configured to store status information associated with the switching devices; a rule database configured to store user-definable operation rules associated with the switching devices; a receiving mechanism configured to receive a request for performing a switching operation on a device; a simulation mechanism configured to perform a simulation based on the extracted topology information, the status information, and a rule associated with the device; a determination mechanism configured to determine whether the switching operation is allowed based on an outcome of the simulation; and a display mechanism configured to display an output of the determination mechanism.01-24-2013
20130173076Power Management System and Method Using Power Limiter - In one embodiment, electrical appliances in a household are connected to a power supply through power limiters that are further coupled to a controller. The power limiters include power sensors. Abnormal power consumption situations are detected by the power sensors. A communication unit coupled to the controller is triggered to communicate the abnormal situations to a personal computing and communication device of in a communication network. A user may send instructions to the controller to change operation modes of the appliances. In another embodiment, subsystems of an electrical appliance are connected to a power supply through power limiters.07-04-2013
20080255709INTELLIGENT ELECTRONIC DEVICE FOR SUBSTATION OR DISTRIBUTION AUTOMATION SYSTEMS - According to the present disclosure, an Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) such as a digital relay or protection device for Substation or Distribution Automation is conceived in a modular way, comprising distinct modules dedicated to distinct tasks and having dedicated housings or casings, which modules are mechanically arranged on a common support and both visible and accessible from outside of the IED at all times. Modules for signal input (process interface modules comprising a number of input terminals and signal processing (process data handling modules for evaluating signals in view of an automated protection function or as a communication gateway) define the basis of a modular arrangement that is not delimited by any prefabricated cover or cabinet and that allows for a quasi-unlimited flexibility regarding the number of modules and an easy replacement or extension of individual modules.10-16-2008
20110264292ADJUSTABLE UPS PROTECTION - An uninterruptable power supply (UPS) designed to switch power inputs between an alternating current mode and a battery mode by adjusting the amplitude and/or frequency windows of the input voltage so that the uninterruptible power supply accepts the unstable voltage and/or frequency. This prevents the uninterruptible power supply to switch back to the battery mode during a transfer time between the battery mode and the AC mode. The uninterruptable power supply includes a control circuit. The control circuit modifies the monitored value and/or actual amplitude and/or the frequency window when unstable amplitude and/or an unstable frequency are detected at the input terminal of the input voltage.10-27-2011
20080221739Durability Monitoring and Improvement of a Blender - A blender for blending foodstuff includes a base enclosing a motor and having an upper mounting surface. A jar sensor is secured to the base proximate the upper mounting surface and a jar is removably mountable to the base on the mounting surface. The jar includes a closed end and an actuator is mounted proximate the closed end. The jar sensor detects the presence of the actuator when the jar is mounted to the base in an operating position. The motor is powered when the jar sensor detects the presence of the actuator in the operating position. A motor temperature indicator is positioned on a control panel on the base and a temperature sensor is in communication with the motor temperature indicator. First and second cordsets are adaptable for removable mounting to the base for powering the motor.09-11-2008
20130178994POWER METERING AND LOAD CONTROL DEVICE - A power measurement device for monitoring power delivered from a source of electrical power to a load, includes a controller configured to receive a line voltage supply input and a current input, the current input being indicative of a current drawn by the load, a load control device coupled between the controller and the load and configured to interrupt power supplied to the load through the measurement device, and a configuration module coupled to the controller and configured to enable rule-based configuration of the measurement device. The controller includes a memory in communication with a processor, the memory including program instructions for execution by the processor to calculate a value of power consumed by the load, compare the value of the power consumed to at least one predetermined control parameter, and enable the load control device to interrupt power to the load based on the comparison.07-11-2013
20110270456POWER CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHOD AND PROGRAM FOR CONTROLLING POWER CONTROL SYSTEM - A power control device includes a priority setting section capable of setting a use priority of a home appliance connected wirelessly or via cable or an adapter connected to the home appliance. The home appliance or the adaptor connected to the home appliance operates within the usable power of a result of the inquiry to the power control device. When there is no excess in usable power over the required power in the inquiry, the power control device reduces the power of a device having a lower priority than the device which has transmitted the inquiry in order to use the device with the higher priority.11-03-2011
20130103219PROTECTING ELECTRONIC DEVICES FROM ELECTRICAL SUPPLY DISTURBANCES - Embodiments of the present invention provide an approach for monitoring electrical disturbance (e.g., surges, outages, etc.) possibilities, and then automatically isolating electronic devices (also referred to herein as electronics) for the duration of the disturbance (or threat thereof). In a typical embodiment, a probability of an electrical disturbance occurring at a specified location will be determined. Then, a set of device protection profiles will be accessed. The set of device protection profiles comprises a set of thresholds and a corresponding set of device topologies associated with a set of electronic devices positioned. The set of thresholds in the set of device protection profiles will then be compared to the probability to identify a matching device topology from the set of device topologies. According to the matching device topology, at least one electronic device will be isolated from an electrical power source.04-25-2013
20130123997SMART METERS, AND SYSTEMS AND METHOD FOR ELECTRICAL POWER RECONNECTION - An electrical power system having an electricity meter connected to power lines on one side and a load on the other side, the electricity meter having a processor and memory, a communications module, a sensor, and a service disconnect switch. The system has a communications and control system adapted to send information to the electricity meter and receive information from the electricity meter. The service disconnect switch is locally operable based on a preprogrammed time delay stored in the memory of the electricity meter to restore power in a controlled fashion following a power outage. Electricity meters and electricity reconnection methods are described, as are other aspects.05-16-2013
20130123998ELECTRICAL POWER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS, SMART ELECTRICITY METERS, AND METHODS OF CONTROLLING LOCAL POWER CONNECTION - An electrical power distribution system having an electricity meter connected to power lines on one side and a load on the other side, the electricity meter enabling automatic disconnection and/or reconnection as determined by one or more thresholds stored in memory of the electricity meter. Electricity meters having an automatic disconnect feature are disclosed as are methods of connecting the electrical power distribution system. Other aspects are disclosed.05-16-2013
20100286837METHOD OF MEASURING MECHANICAL FATIGUE IN TURBINE-GENERATOR ROTORS - The present invention relates to the coordinated control method of torsional stress relay in large thermal power plants' generators (300 MW and above), which will be adopted when shaft torsional oscillations occur. This invention also publishes a method of realizing selective trip the generators and the trip criterions which are implemented by the torsional stress relay and coordinated control master station (Tmaster). Tmaster will real-time monitor the operating status of the generators and TSR, TMaster will also real-time generate a trip priority level sequencing by analyzing the unit output.11-11-2010
20130184889SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR COORDINATING ELECTRICAL NETWORK OPTIMIZATION - In one embodiment, a system includes a coordinated distribution optimization (CDO) system. The CDO system includes a processor configured to coordinate execution of a plurality of independent electrical network applications. Each of the plurality of independent electrical network applications is configured to alter one or more operational parameters of a power grid based on one or more respective objectives and based on power grid operational data, and the execution of the plurality of independent electrical network applications is coordinated by the CDO system to block the power grid from entering an abnormal state. The CDO system further comprises a network interface configured to receive the power grid operational data from a controller of the power grid, and wherein the power grid operational data comprises current values for the one or more operational parameters of the power grid.07-18-2013
20120283889Method, a system, a computer-readable medium, and a power controlling apparatus for applying and distributing power - Embodiments of the invention relate generally to power management and the like, and more particularly, to an apparatus, a system, a method, and a computer-readable medium for providing power controlling functionality to generate configurable power signals and to deliver power during fault conditions. In at least some embodiments, a power control unit can generate power signals having configurable attributes as a function of a mode of operation, a fault type, and the like.11-08-2012
20110313582CLASSIFYING DEVICES BY FINGERPRINTING VOLTAGE AND CURRENT CONSUMPTION - Architecture that automatically classifies and identifies devices via device “fingerprints” once plugged into a power receptacle. A digital sample of electrical information such as current or current and voltage is obtained at the power receptacle for a plugged-in device. A device signature is generated that is specific to the device based on the associated electrical information. The device can then be identified based on the signature. The device can also be categorized as a class of device based on the signature. Policies can be created and applied based on the signatures and/or device classes. The policies can control power to the devices via the outlets, deny power based on specific times or configurations, location and non-power related parameters.12-22-2011
20110313581SELF-HEALING POWER GRID AND METHOD THEREOF - A method for determining a self-healing power grid status is presented. The method includes receiving respective real-time monitoring data corresponding to one or more power grid components, wherein one or more agents are coupled to said power grid components, determining a respective current infectiousness state based upon the received real-time monitoring data, determining respective output data based upon the respective current infectiousness state, exchanging the respective output data with one or more neighboring agents, and generating a respective new infectiousness state based upon the exchanged output data and a state transition diagram.12-22-2011
20110313580METHOD AND PLATFORM TO IMPLEMENT SAFETY CRITICAL SYSTEMS - A method of monitoring and controlling plant operations, which receive input signals from sensors monitoring parameters of plant operation to generate output signals to actuators, comprising; reducing the input signals to a selected group of input functions; reducing the output signals to a selected group of output functions; processing the input signals using FPGA to generate the output signals. The invention also relates to the platform and system embodying the method.12-22-2011
20120016530METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING POWER QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY - A system and method for managing power using a power meter that is electronically connected to a multiphase power distribution system to measure power information at a connection point. It determines harmonic distortion and true power factor correction based on the power information, and then determines configuration information for an active filter. The configuration information is sent to one or more active filter to adjust harmonic distortion and true power factor correction on a connection point in the distribution system.01-19-2012
20130204452INFORMATION COMMUNICATION DEVICE AND INFORMATION COMMUNICATION METHOD - An information communication device is provided with a monitoring unit, a communication unit, a storage, a switching unit, an acquisition unit, a creation unit, and a transmission unit. In the event that the monitoring unit detects trouble in the basic network, the switching unit switches the communication function of the communication unit from a first communication function to a second communication function. In the event that the monitoring unit detects trouble in the basic network, the creation unit creates notification information about the trouble in the basic network. The transmission unit transmits the created notification information via the switched-to communication function to a contact retrieved from the storage.08-08-2013
20130204453CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR NUCLEAR POWER FACILITY - A nuclear power control system includes: a safety protection apparatus which outputs a first safety mode operating signal while outputting a first unsafety mode operating signal; a CCF apparatus that outputs a second safety mode operating signal; and a signal input/output circuit that is connected to the safety protection apparatus and the CCF apparatus. The signal input/output circuit includes an OR circuit that outputs a third safety mode operating signal based on the presence or absence of an input of the first safety mode operating signal and the second safety mode operating signal; a NOT circuit that is connected to the output side of the OR circuit; and an AND circuit that outputs a third unsafety mode operating signal, and the presence and absence of an input of a first unsafety mode operating signal.08-08-2013
20120083935Decoupling controller for power systems - A power system controller using a 2×2 decoupling controller, a model reference, and feedback with delay. Embodiments provide control of microgrid frequency F and voltage V. In addition, this technique can also be used to control the real and reactive power delivered from the microgrid to the connected macrogrid. The control engineering approach is the same in both cases, but the roles of the four variables involved are reversed.04-05-2012

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