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Particular manufactured product or operation

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700 - Data processing: generic control systems or specific applications


700095000 - Product assembly or manufacturing

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700159000 Machining 325
700121000 Integrated circuit production or semiconductor fabrication 105
700130000 Textile 69
700118000 Three-dimensional product forming 62
700197000 Molding 24
700145000 Metal 22
700122000 Continuous material having indeterminate length (e.g., web, strand, strip, or sheet) 14
700207000 Heating 13
700206000 Pressing 4
20100076590Method and Apparatus for Modeling Deformation of a Deformable Body Embossed with a Stamp - Hot embossing may be more advantageous than other polymer microfabrication processes. An example embodiment of the present invention relates to a method and corresponding apparatus for developing a computationally inexpensive viscoelastic model for the hot embossing of complex patterns. These developed models may help engineers refine their selection of processing parameters based upon successive simulations of the embossing process. The example embodiment models deformation of a deformable body embossed with a stamp as a function of convolving a point-load-time response and a contact pressure distribution. In order to generate the point-load-time response, a time-dependent response of a surface of the thermoplastic to system inputs applied to an elemental region of the surface of the thermoplastic may be employed. The example embodiment generates an estimate of the contact pressure distribution as a function of the point-load-time response and an average pressure applied to the stamp.03-25-2010
20110320032Adaptive method for manufacturing of complicated shape parts hot isostatic pressing of power materials with using irrevesibly deformable capsules and inserts - The invention discloses adaptive method for manufacturing of parts of the similar complex shape by using hot isostatic pressing of powder materials and irreversibly deformable capsules and inserts utilized as adaptation tools. The method is based on creation of a virtual part by mathematical computer modeling of densification and shrinkage; manufacturing of a test part; determination of discrepancies between manufactured test part and virtual test part; adaptation of mathematical model by virtual iterations so that discrepancies between manufactured and virtual and parts are minimized; manufacturing of every complex shape part of the given group by using adoptive method skipping the step of manufacturing a test part.12-29-2011
20080201011Electric press - The electric press is provided with a main CPU 08-21-2008
20130151002METHOD OF OPERATING A PRESS WITH A BOTTOM DRIVE AND PRESS OPERATED ACCORDING TO THIS METHOD - The present invention provides a method for operating a press which includes providing a press with at least one plunger which executed a stroke, an upper tool part, a sub-structure. A control and regulation device receives a value(s) on an operating condition from a system of the press. The value(s) are provided from the system of the press to the control and regulation device during a processing of a work piece. The value(s) provided are processed to the control and regulation device according to a function06-13-2013
700196000 Extruding 1
20100249983EXTRUSION OF ARTICLES - An extrusion control system for use with one or more extruders has a data acquisition module in communication with one or more data acquisition nodes that are associated with an extrusion process. A control module is also in communication with one or more control nodes associated the extrusion process. A synchronization signal to one or more control nodes causes the nodes to adjust to a predetermined setting.09-30-2010
700157000 Glassware forming 1
20120226378Closed Loop Cyclic Timing Optimizer Control System And Method - A system and method for the optimization of the cycles of events occurring in an I.S. machine that automatically optimizes the cycles of events occurring in an I.S. machine by using information relating to the characteristics of the hot glass containers manufactured by the I.S. machine obtained by monitoring the hot glass containers immediately subsequent to their manufacture. Optionally, information relating to process values associated with the operation of the I.S. machine may also be monitored and used in the optimization of the cycles of events occurring in the I.S. machine. Also optionally, the active limits of the event times may be modified by an operator based upon observations of the operation of the I.S. machine.09-06-2012
20100023154COMPENSATION TECHNIQUES FOR SUBSTRATE HEATING PROCESSES - Methods for compensating for a thermal profile in a substrate heating process are provided herein. In some embodiments, a method of processing a substrate includes determining an initial thermal profile of a substrate that would result from subjecting the substrate to a process; determining a compensatory thermal profile based upon the initial thermal profile and a desired thermal profile; imposing the compensatory thermal profile on the substrate prior to performing the process on the substrate; and performing the process to create the desired thermal profile on the substrate. The initial substrate thermal profile can also be compensated for by adjusting a local mass heated per unit area, a local heat capacity per unit area, or an absorptivity or reflectivity of a component proximate the substrate prior to performing the process. Heat provided by an edge ring to the substrate may be controlled prior to or during the substrate heating process.01-28-2010
20100076585METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF A LABEL, AND DEVICE FOR CARRYING OUT SAID METHOD - There is provided a method and system for the production of a label that can be applied onto a mailpiece. An exemplary method comprises transmitting a code to a user via a first transmission route, the code being transmitted to a server by an operating unit located in the sphere of influence of the user and executing a checking step on the server to check the code. The exemplary method also comprises influencing the production of the label as a function of a result of the checking step.03-25-2010
20100030364Automatic Thin-Section Slides Manufacturing System and Automated Thin-Section Slides Manufacturing Method - An automatic thin-section slides manufacturing system which reduces the burden of operators and automatically manufactures required number of thin section slide samples from plural embedded blocks while completely relating the manufactured thin section slide samples to the original embedded blocks to enable quality control at high precision, which comprises: a first transportation unit which is capable of transporting an arbitrarily selected embedded cassette from the plural embedded cassettes to the cutting position; a cutting unit which, after the embedded cassette is transported to the cutting position, cuts the embedded block to provide sheet-like thin sections at a predetermined thickness; a readout unit which reads out the individual data when the embedded cassette is transported to the cutting position; a flattening unit for flattening the thin section, which comprises a storage tank containing a liquid stored therein; a second transportation unit which transports the thin sections cut out by the cutting unit to the storage tank and sets them a float on the liquid surface; a transfer unit which prepares the thin section slide samples by transferring the thin section flattened in the flattening unit onto a substrate; a control unit which comprises a memory part for memorizing the individual data read out by the readout unit; and a recording unit which records the memorized individual data on the substrate upon receiving a command from the control unit.02-04-2010
20130046402MANUFACTURE WORK MACHINE - A manufacture work machine for preforming a manufacture work, including: work-element performing apparatuses each configured to perform one of work elements of the manufacture work, and a central control device to control the apparatuses in a centralized manner, such that motion commands for one motion to be performed by one of the apparatuses are sequentially transmitted, wherein each apparatus has an individual control device to control an operation of said each apparatus and at least one operating device for performing a work element corresponding to said each apparatus, and wherein the individual control device is configured to recognize a matter of the motion command transmitted from the central control device and is configured to control an operation of each of the at least one operating device so as to permit one of the apparatuses to which the individual control device belongs to perform one motion corresponding to the motion command.02-21-2013
20090043415System and Method for Distributed Control of a Plant Process - Exemplary methods and systems for a distributed control system (DCS) in an industrial environment such as a plant. The DCS includes sensors for monitoring plant processes, and controllers for controlling plant processes. The sensors and controllers each have an associated communication protocol. The DCS also includes an interface that receives data from the sensors, translates the data into a common protocol, and generates control signals based on the translated data to the controllers over a network. The interface communicates with each sensor and controller based on their respective communication protocols.02-12-2009
20130066457METHOD OF GENERATING A NUMERICAL CONTROL PROGRAM, APPARATUS FOR THE SAME, AND PROGRAM FOR CAUSING A COMPUTER TO EXECUTE THE METHOD - In a method of generating a numerical control program in which, based on sectional shape data of a product to which a relief processing is to be performed, a numerical control program for turning-processing the product is generated in order to recognize a groove shape data existing in the vicinity of a corner as a relief sectional shape, wherein groove shape data is extracted from the sectional shape data, an intersection of a line segment parallel to a turning axis and a line segment that is not parallel to the line segment is calculated as a corner of the sectional shape data, and the groove shape data is recognized as a relief sectional shape in a case where dimensions of a frame which includes from the corner to the groove shape data are within predetermined dimensions.03-14-2013
20080300713Truss assembly systems and methods - An automated assembly system for assembling a truss from a plurality of truss members and connection plates includes a plurality of rail assemblies, a plurality of trolleys, a plurality of press assemblies, and a control system. The rail assemblies include stationary rail assemblies and moveable rail assemblies. The trolleys are supported by the rail assemblies. The press assemblies are supported by the trolleys. The press assemblies are configured to embed the connection plates into the truss members. The control system is programmed to control the operation of the automated assembly system. An ejector system is configured to remove assembled trusses from the automated assembly system.12-04-2008
20130166056METHOD FOR SELECTING A GEOMETRY OF A BLADE - A method selects from a plurality of predetermined blade geometries, a blade geometry for a blade wheel for a turbomachine, with for the predetermined blade geometries at least one characteristic value identifying an aerodynamic property of the blade geometry and at least one characteristic value identifying a structural mechanism of the blade geometry being filed in a memory. An evaluation unit ascertains for each blade geometry a total value, which is calculated from the assigned characteristic values. The evaluation unit selects at least that blade geometry whose total value has an extreme value of all computed total values of the blade geometries. At least one characteristic value identifying producibility of the respective blade geometry is filed in the memory additionally to the blade geometries. The evaluation unit also incorporates while ascertaining the total value of the respective blade geometry the characteristic value identifying producibility.06-27-2013
20100087946Methods for Automated Fabrication and Dispense of Diffusion Dressings for Use in Tissue Treatment - A method supported by machine automation is provided for fulfilling a request for a diffusion dressing comprising the steps (a) translating the request into a set of machine readable instructions the translation performed by the machine receiving the request, (b) equating the commands in the machine instruction set to a build sequence known to the machine that received the request, (c) executing the build sequence to create the diffusion dressing, and (d) dispensing the diffusion dressing from the machine.04-08-2010
20120101623Encryption Method of Digital Data, Decryption Method of Encrypted Digital Data, Manufacturing System of Storage Apparatus and Manufacturing Method Thereof - An encryption method of digital data, a decryption method of encrypted digital data, a manufacturing system of storage apparatus and a manufacturing method thereof. The storage apparatus manufacturing method comprises the steps of: providing a plurality of first and second storage apparatuses having different first and second unique identifiers; generating first and second group IDs according to the first and second unique identifiers respectively, and generating first and second gold keys according to the first and second group IDs respectively by a processing module; encrypting first and second digital data according to the first and second gold keys to generate first and second encrypted digital data respectively; storing the first and second encrypted digital data into the first and second storage apparatuses; and packaging the first and the second storage apparatus to a plurality of packages randomly by a packaging module.04-26-2012
20120004759COMPONENT MOUNTING LINE AND COMPONENT MOUNTING METHOD - Disclosed are a component mounting line and a component mounting method where it is not necessary for an operator to perform an input operation in an inspection device when substitute components are used in a component mounting device. When substitute components are mounted in place of one type of components at the mounting positions on the substrate PB, a component mounting device 4 creates substitute component related data including information specifying the substrate PB on which substitute components are mounted and the mounting positions at which the substitute components on the substrate PB are mounted and information indicating the types of substitute components and transmits the substitute component related data to the post-mounting inspection device. The post-mounting inspection device 01-05-2012
20110282485System with a reservoir for perfusion management - A system for perfusion management that monitors, maintains, diagnoses, or treats perfusion deficiencies.11-17-2011
20110295409Machine for Producing Packaging Cushioning - A machine for producing packaging cushioning generally includes a first feed mechanism for successively feeding sheets of a substrate at a first speed, the first feed mechanism including a motor and a power supply therefor, a second feed mechanism for receiving the sheets from the first feed mechanism and feeding the sheets at a second speed, a control unit for controlling at least one of the first and second speeds to produce a desired degree of overlap between successive sheets, and a sensor to measure the amount of electricity drawn by the motor. The control unit modulates the amount of electricity that the motor draws from a power supply when a signal from the sensor has a value that is greater than or equal to a predetermined value.12-01-2011
20100076586POSITIONING APPARATUS - A positioning device (03-25-2010
20120296464PARALLEL INPUT/OUTPUT SIGNAL DISTRIBUTOR AND PARALLEL INPUT/OUTPUT SIGNAL DISTRIBUTION METHOD - Provided is a parallel input/output signal distributor for distributing the contents of parallel input/output communication between a facility-side controller of a semiconductor manufacturing process automating facility and a semiconductor manufacturing device, said parallel input/output signal distributor comprising an input unit to which a parallel input/output signal containing the contents of parallel input/output communication between the facility-side controller and the semiconductor manufacturing device is inputted from a parallel input/output signal sensor end on the facility-side controller side, a first output unit which outputs the inputted parallel input/output signal to the facility-side controller, and a second output unit which outputs the inputted parallel input/output signal.11-22-2012
20100114356System and Method For Providing Information Handling Systems And Tuned Support Infrastructure In Separate Shipping Containers - An information technology enclosure has a processing subsystem and infrastructure subsystem in separate shipping containers that cooperate to process information. The processing subsystem has increased information processing density by concentrating information handling systems in a first processing shipping container that is supported with infrastructure equipment in a second infrastructure shipping container. In one embodiment, the shipping containers are arranged in a stacked configuration so that cooled air and exhausted air are exchanged through aligned vents formed in the ceiling and floor of stacked shipping containers.05-06-2010
20110270434MAGNETIC NANOSTRUCTURED PROPELLERS - This invention describes methods and systems for the fabrication and application of Magnetically Actuated Propellers (MAPs). MAPs are structures with typical feature sizes in the range of 20 nanometers up to 100 microns in one spatial dimension. MAPs are propellers that can be obtained from nano-structured surfaces and that can be produced in large numbers. MAPs are propelled and controlled by magnetic fields.11-03-2011
20080249649LASER PROJECTOR CONTROL SYSTEM - A laser projector system includes a computer and a laser projector for projecting a laser image on a target surface, particularly in a factory or manufacturing environment. The computer is disposed remote from the laser project and provides the laser projector with a command and control signal. Communication between the computer and the laser projector is accomplished with power line network adapters. These adapters modulate an AC waveform to encode the command and control signal and other data. Thus, communication between the computer and the laser projector is accomplished without need for long runs of communication cables.10-09-2008
20100138028GRAPHICAL AUTOMATED MACHINE CONTROL AND METROLOGY - A graphical programming system allows a user to place geometric shapes onto a scaled image, the shape having associated behavior that operates on the image or on the object of which the image is formed. In a preferred embodiment, the shapes are objects in the Visio program by Microsoft Corporation. The shapes are dragged from a stencil onto an image provided by ion beam or electron microscope image. The shape invokes software or hardware to locate and measure features on the image or to perform operations, such as ion beam milling, on the object that is imaged.06-03-2010
20120197428Method For Making a Pinata - A method of making a piñata having a realistic image on the piñata itself. The steps include (1) providing a three-dimensional geometric object having a hollow center; (2) providing a two-dimensional image; (3) creating a digital copy of the two-dimensional image on an electronic device; (4) manipulating the digital image of the two-dimensional image into a digital image wherein the digital image can be placed around the three-dimensional geometric object; (5) preparing the digital image onto a material; (6) affixing the hard copy of the digital image to said three-dimensional geometric object; and (7) filling the geometric object with a plurality of objects.08-02-2012
20110144793Computerized Card Production Equipment - An apparatus and method for manipulating images is disclosed. In one embodiment according to the invention, a method for manipulating images comprises: displaying for manipulation at a browser-based user interface a graphical representation of at least a portion of an image held at a remote image store; providing an internet communications link coupling the user interface to a remote image processor; transferring information about manipulations applied to the graphical representation between the user interface and the remote image processor; and causing the remote image processor to access the remote image store and apply, to at least a portion of the image held in the store, manipulations emulating those applied to the graphical representation. In another embodiment according to the invention, there is disclosed a method for applying a personalized image to a financial account access means corresponding to a financial account of a customer. The method comprises: associating financial data, corresponding to the financial account of the customer, with a customer image identifier in a financial account association table maintained securely from a user interface; associating the customer image identifier with user image selection data based on user selections made on the user interface in relation to a graphical representation of at least a portion of an original image held in an image store; and applying the personalized image to the financial account access means, the personalized image being based on the user image selection data associated with the customer image identifier.06-16-2011
20090082896Credential Manufacturing Device Information Management - One embodiment of a credential production system includes a credential manufacturing device comprising a memory containing credential manufacturing device information relating to the credential manufacturing device, a client computer, a data store and a credential production server remote from the client computer and the credential manufacturing device and configured for data communication with the credential manufacturing device, the client computer and the data store. The credential production server comprises instructions stored in a tangible medium and executable by a microprocessor for receiving the credential manufacturing device information from the credential manufacturing device at the credential production server, storing the received credential manufacturing device information in the data store and sending the credential manufacturing device information in the data store to the client computer. Another embodiment is directed to a method of managing credential manufacturing device information in a credential production system.03-26-2009
20090222126Foodstuff equipment data integration system and data processing method thereof - A system and method integrates the functions of manipulating foods/beverages and the interactions of the information related with the manipulation. The system includes a remote server, and a foodstuff equipment operation system. The operation system further includes a foodstuff equipment comprising an operation circuit; a display panel; and a computer control system comprising a network interface, an input interface, a data processing unit, and a circuit control unit. The integration system receives users' commands via the input interface, and delivers the commands to the data processing unit. The data processing unit interprets users' commands, and then requires the circuit control unit to make the operation circuit to manipulate foods/beverages, meanwhile, the data processing unit also sends out information to the remote server for analyzing. The remote server delivers multimedia data to the foodstuff equipment operation system, for displaying information related to foods/beverages while the equipment is idle.09-03-2009
20100152880Systems, devices, and methods for making or administering frozen particles - Certain embodiments disclosed herein relate to compositions, methods, devices, systems, and products regarding frozen particles. In certain embodiments, the frozen particles include materials at low temperatures. In certain embodiments, the frozen particles provide vehicles for delivery of particular agents. In certain embodiments, the frozen particles are administered to at least one substrate.06-17-2010
20100217426System and Method for Treatment of Upper Airway Disorders - The present invention provides a system for treating a mammalian patient having obstructive sleep disordered breathing, e.g., sleep apnea. The system has a set of appliances including a first appliance being adapted to displace a mandible of the patient by a first predetermined geometry relative to a maxilla of the patient. The set also includes at least a second appliance adapted to displace the mandible of the patient by a second predetermined geometry relative to the maxilla of the patient. In a specific embodiment, the first predetermined geometry is substantially different from the second predetermined geometry. Preferably, either one of the first appliance or at least the second appliance is worn by the patient based upon a predetermined treatment plan that includes one or more provisions for wearing at least the first and the second appliances.08-26-2010
20100217428System for Controlling an Electronic Cutting Machine - A system for controlling an electronic cutting machine. The system comprises a cartridge having an interfacing connector and memory and a controller device. The controller device comprises a cartridge connector for establishing an electrical connection with the interfacing connector, memory, and a processor executing a controller application. The controller application writes a controller device identifier to the memory of the connected cartridge, writes a cartridge identifier to the memory of the controller device, and permits usage on the controller device of content associated with the cartridge.08-26-2010
20100217427Controller Device - A method of operating a controller device of an electronic cutting machine. The method includes writing a controller device identifier to memory of the cartridge, writing a cartridge identifier to memory of the controller device, and permitting communication between the controller device and the cartridge.08-26-2010
20130218318System for Creating Sports Themed Jigsaw Puzzles and Method of Manufacture - Disclosed is a sports themed jigsaw puzzle method of manufacture and system therefor, wherein a jigsaw puzzle is created relating to a chosen sports team, player, league, or event that is of interest to an end user or customer. The method involves choosing a sports theme, compiling sports data for the given theme, creating a layout using the data, and transferring the layout from a digital format to a physical medium for fabrication of a jigsaw puzzle board using suitable manufacturing processes. The system elements allow the method to be deployed by a designer working for a manufacturer, or alternatively accept input directly from the consumer over a web user interface, whereby the consumer chooses existing puzzle layouts, requests new or unique layouts, or creates a unique and personalized layout to be made by the manufacturer.08-22-2013
20090204251METHOD OF DETERMINING MOUNTING CONDITION - To provide a method for determining a mounting condition to be set for at least one apparatus among apparatuses for manufacturing component-mounted boards. The method includes: determining, from among the apparatuses, a specific apparatus which satisfies a predetermined standard in performance associated with a manufacturing operation (S08-13-2009
20090112350PROCESS FOR GENERATING CONTROL SEQUENCE OF OPERATIONS - A method for generation of a control code set for a manufacturing process includes generating a list of sequences of operations with an automatic sequence of operations generator, selecting an optimized sequence of operations from said list of sequences of operations, and utilizing said optimized sequence of operations to generate said control code set.04-30-2009
20110046772Flexible Manufacturing Systems and Methods - A converting line comprises a first unit at a first region of the converting line and a second unit at a second region of the converting line. The first unit is positioned in series with the second unit. The converting line further comprises a third unit at a third region of the converting line and a fourth unit at a fourth region of the converting line. The first, second, third, and fourth units are configured to each perform at least one function. The third unit is positioned in parallel with the first unit, the second unit, or the fourth unit. The converting line further comprises a controller configured to activate at least one of the units based a received product order. The converting line is configured to produce a first product different from a second product during a single run of the converting line.02-24-2011
20090076642System for making custom prototypes - A system for making custom prototypes including devices for making the prototype, logic, software, firmware, hardware, circuitry or other components and responsive to user input.03-19-2009
20090018690METHOD OF CONTROLLING A ROBOTIC WORK STATION AND A CORRESPONDING ROBOTIC WORK STATION - The invention relates to a method of driving a workstation (01-15-2009
20110257780Method of Generating a Greeting Card - A method of generating a greeting card where a user selects at a template for a greeting card from a plurality of templates, the user personalizes the greeting card with text or graphical information to create a graphic composition, the user optically scans hand-written information at a kiosk, and the user superimposes the optically scanned hand written information with the graphic composition. The greeting card is then manufactured.10-20-2011
20100057243Apparatus and Method for Optimizing an Assembly Process with Local Positioning Using Inertial Guidance Capabilities - An apparatus includes a handheld tool for executing an assembly process within a confined work space. A local positioning module (LPM) is connected to the tool to collect raw data describing motion of the LPM and tool within the work space. A control unit communicates with a host machine and the tool, and updates an assembly setting of the tool. The host executes a control action when a position determined using the raw data is not equal to a corresponding position in a predetermined sequence. A method calculates the present position of a handheld torque wrench using three gyroscopes and three accelerometers, and calculating a present position of a fastener using the present position of the tool. The present position of the fastener is compared to a corresponding position in the predetermined sequence, and the torque wrench is disabled when the fastener position is not equal to the corresponding position.03-04-2010
20110166690HANDHELD COMPUTING DEVICE - A portable computing device is disclosed. The portable computing device can take many forms such as a laptop computer, a tablet computer, and so on. The portable computing device can include at least a single piece housing. The single piece housing including a plurality of steps. The plurality of mounting steps is formed by at least removing a preselected amount of housing material at predetermined locations on the interior surface. At least some of the mounting steps are used to mount at least some of the plurality of internal operating components to the housing.07-07-2011
20110098842CONTINUOUS ROLLING TRAIN WITH INTEGRATION AND/OR REMOVAL OF ROLL STANDS DURING ONGOING OPERATION - In mill stands of a continuous rolling train, a product passes through the train is rolled such that the product upon leaving the train has predetermined final characteristics. To remove one of the stands, the mill stand to be removed is completely relieved of load according to a defined temporal load relieving sequence. Locally simultaneously with the load relieving, at least one other mill stand is placed under load according to a defined temporal loading sequence. The load-relieving and loading sequence are mutually adjusted to preserve the final product characteristics. A circumferential roll velocity is controlled until the stand has been completely relieved such that a discharge velocity corresponds always to a predetermined desired discharge velocity. After the complete load-relieving, a correspondence of the circumferential roll velocity to the desired discharge velocity is maintained and the working rolls are lifted off. The mill stand is then deactivated.04-28-2011
20090292389Security-activated robotic system - Various methods and systems include exemplary implementations for a security-activated operational component involved in creating or producing or duplicating or processing or testing one or more objects. Possible embodiments include but are not limited to verifying an authorization code to control a task or function of a robotic operation system, and responsive to the verification, enabling or disabling one or more operational components of the robotic operation system.11-26-2009
20090187267Automatic manufacture and/or marking-out of a multiple component object - Systems and methods for the automatic manufacture of a multiple component object with intersecting components based on a standard design model of the object. The systems and methods according to the invention are capable of automatically extracting from a design model the dimensions of the components and the intersection parameters of the components, and of instructing a manufacturing machine to mark out the position of the components and manufacture the object on the basis of the extracted information. This increases efficiency and compatibility with existing design models and reduces cost.07-23-2009
20120046780COMPOSITE MICROPHONE BOOT TO OPTIMIZE SEALING AND MECHANICAL PROPERTIES - A microphone assembly for an electronic device is described. The microphone assembly can include a microphone, a microphone boot and a printed circuit board. The microphone boot can be a composite microphone boot that is formed from multiple materials. A hardness of the each of the materials used in the microphone boot can be selected to improve sealing integrity and reduce shock transmission. In one embodiment, the composite microphone boot can be formed using a double-shot injection molding process.02-23-2012
20110166691METHOD OF MONITORING THE CLEAN/RINSE/DRY PROCESSES OF PATTERNED WAFERS USING AN ELECTRO-CHEMICAL RESIDUE SENSOR (ECRS) - A method of improving the clean, rinse and dry processes during the manufacture of ICs, MEMS and other micro-devices to conserve solution and energy while completing the process within a specified time. An electro-chemical residue sensor (ECRS) provides in-situ and real-time measurement of residual contamination on a surface or inside void micro features within the sensor representative of conditions on production wafers. The measured impedance can be used to determine what process variables and specifically how process conditions affect the rate of change of the measured impedance. The in-situ measurements are used to design and optimize a production process and/or to monitor the production run in real-time to control the process conditions and transfer of a patterned wafer through the processes.07-07-2011
20110066276METHOD FOR GENERATING A TRIMMING SETPOINT FOR AN OPHTALMIC LENS - A method for generating a trimming setpoint for an ophthalmic lens for it to be mounted in a surround of a spectacle frame, includes: 03-17-2011
20120215339METHOD FOR FABRICATING AN IMPLANTABLE LEAD FOR APPLYING ELECTRICAL PULSES TO TISSUE OF A PATIENT AND SYSTEM FOR FABRICATION THEREOF - In one embodiment, a method of fabrication an implantable lead for providing electrical pulses to tissue of a patient, the method comprises: (i) providing a sheath of transparent insulative material, wherein the sheath comprises a plurality of lumens; (ii) scanning across the sheath with a confocal displacement meter to generate displacement data; (iii) processing the displacement data, in software executed on a computer system, to generate a representation of an exterior surface and lumens of the sheath; (iv) automatically selecting locations, in software executed on a computer system, on the exterior surface of application of laser pulses to create apertures in the sheath that provide access to respective lumens of the sheath; and (v) applying laser pulses according to the sheath to create the apertures.08-23-2012
20120259448METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR REGULATING ADHESIVE APPLICATION - A method and system used to regulate and control adhesive application on a substrate. The system includes a control unit operable to control pressure in the conduit system in response to the signals received from a mass flow meter. The control unit is further operable to regulate consistent and even application of adhesive to a substrate.10-11-2012
20100010660Method of manufacturing a product using scan targets - A method of manufacturing aircraft includes removably securing a target to a portion of the aircraft in a predetermined position on the portion of the aircraft. The method further includes scanning the target with a scanning device to acquire information about at least one of a location and orientation of the target. The method also includes processing the acquired information to determine at least one of a location and orientation of the portion of the aircraft. In addition, the method includes working the aircraft using the processed information and removing the target from the portion of the aircraft before completing manufacture of the aircraft.01-14-2010
20120226377Method for Operating an Automation System, Computer Program for Implementing the Method and Computer System Having the Computer Program - A method for operating an automation system having automation units, a computer program for implementing the method and a computer system having such a computer program, wherein technology-oriented plant description data is stored in the automation system, the plant description data is organized in an object tree with nodes and edges, and wherein the plant description data comprises references to program data in individual automation programs and nodes of the object tree (09-06-2012
20080300714METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING PAINT - A paint manufacturing system includes a paint component storage system and a colorant storage system. A dispenser is in fluid communication with the paint component and colorant storage systems. A spectrophotometer is operatively coupled with a computer system. The computer system controls the flow of paint components from the paint component storage system and colorants from the colorant storage system.12-04-2008
20120271449Methods and Systems for Adjusting Ruminally Digestible Starch and Fiber in Animal Diets - Systems and methods measure ruminal undigested fiber fractions in a feed by sampling forages and grains from available feed sources, analyzing the samples to determine a starting NDF value and an ending NDF value after ruminal digestion, calculating a ruminal undigested NDF fraction based thereon; and calculating a feed ration using the ruminal undigested NDF fraction and feeding rates of the analyzed samples. Systems and methods reduce feed costs or improve milk production by analyzing feed components in a feed ration fed to a lactating ruminant, comparing the analyzed results with a feed formulation stored in memory, where the feed formulation is for controlling a rate and extent of fiber and starch digestion in the rumen, and reformulating the feed ration based on the comparison. The rate of fiber digestion may be controlled based a determination of the ruminal undigested NDF fraction of the analyzed feed components.10-25-2012
20110238202EQUIPMENT FOR TRANSFERRING ITEMS BY SUCTION, AND DISINFECTING METHOD - Equipment for transferring items by suction, having a control unit, a movable plate carrying a set of suction cups, drive means, and pneumatic aspiration means, the movable plate being moved by the drive means alternately between loading position and an unloading position. The equipment is further provided with spraying means designed and controlled by the control unit to spray a disinfectant product onto the suction cups when the movable plate has left its unloading position and before it has reached its loading position.09-29-2011
20110320029Processing Device for Processing an Order Request of an Ophthalmic Lens - A processing device (RX) for processing an order request of an ophthalmic lens, comprising: receiving means (REC) arranged for receiving an order request from a management entity (LMS), the management entity (LMS) being arranged to be linked to at least one lens manufacturing device (MAN), the order request comprising at least information related to an optical wearer's prescription, processing means (PROC) arranged for processing the order request on the basis of predetermined processing rules so as to obtain parameters of the ophthalmic lens according to the information comprised in the order request, sending means (SEN) arranged for sending the obtained parameters of the ophthalmic lens to the management entity (LMS), wherein the processing device (RX) is arranged to prevent an unauthorized access to the predetermined processing rules.12-29-2011
20100168900Systems, devices, and methods for making or administering frozen particles - Certain embodiments disclosed herein relate to compositions, methods, devices, systems, and products regarding frozen particles. In certain embodiments, the frozen particles include materials at low temperatures. In certain embodiments, the frozen particles provide vehicles for delivery of particular agents. In certain embodiments, the frozen particles are administered to at least one substrate.07-01-2010
20080215177METHOD OF CALCULATING COORDINATES AT CUTTING WORK COMPLETION IN SHOULDER CUTTING BY MEANS OF ROTATING TOOL - Using parameters such as diameters of a rough cutter and a finishing cutter, a position of a tool at cutting work completion in a rough work, a finishing cutting area, specifications of a rotating tool (the number of cutting edges, a cutting force eigenvalue, a compliance transfer function), etc., a cutting force acting on a cutting edge of the rotating tool is found, and results thereof are made use of to analyze a characteristic equation being a loop transfer function of a vibration system composed of the rotating tool and a work, whereby it is possible to predict presence of generation of self-excited vibration of the finishing cutter performed after a rough work in a shoulder cutting work. Thereby, the rotating tool operates stably in a finishing work and besides shoulder cutting of a work can be performed in a high work efficiency.09-04-2008
20080215176METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING AUTOMATED HIGH SCALE FABRICATION OF CUSTOM ITEMS - Method and system for providing volume manufacturing of customizable items including receiving a data package including a plurality of manufacturing parameters, each of the plurality of manufacturing parameters associated with a unique item, verifying the received data package, and implementing a manufacturing process associated with the received data package is provided.09-04-2008
20130103181METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE DEPOSITION OF SEMIFINISHED ELEMENTS FOR TYRE PRODUCTION - A method of controlling the deposition of semifinished elements for tyre production, includes: sending a first radiation onto one tyre being processed, consisting of one forming support with at least one portion of the tyre component laid on the support, the tyre component being at least partly formed of a plurality of semifinished elements defining a radially external layer of the tyre being processed; receiving a first reflected radiation from a radially external surface of the tyre being processed; determining, as a function of the reflected radiation, parameters representative of the thickness of the layer; comparing the parameters with reference values; and generating an alarm signal as a function of the comparison.04-25-2013
20130123968NUMERICAL CONTROL APPARATUS - Disclosed is a numerical control apparatus including: a computing unit which calculates, based on a processing path, a moving distance of each support in a corresponding movement axis direction per set unit time; and a drive control unit which causes each driving device to transfer the support corresponding to that driving device in accordance with the moving distance of each support calculated by the computing unit. In response to input of a special command to a special command input device, the computing unit changes a length of the set unit time from a length in the state immediately before the input of the special command to a length corresponding to a velocity change instructed by the special command, and calculates, based on the processing path, the moving distance of each support in the corresponding movement axis direction per set unit time of which length has been changed.05-16-2013
20130123967DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE COURSE OF A PROCESS IN THE PRODUCTION OF PARTS - A device for controlling the course of a process in the production of parts in a tool with or without subsequent reject separation, includes a sensor, which is fitted to the tool to detect measured values during a production process, which can mean an assembly process, a jointing process and any other process, until the part to be produced is finished and ready for delivery. The device includes an output element and a data processing system having a display for reading in and displaying the detected measured values. The data processing system analyzes target parameters provided by the user and the detected measured values to determine an output quantity that is transferred by the output element for the purpose of controlling the course of the process. Operation of the device performs a method for controlling the course of a process.05-16-2013
20130131855CRIMPING PROCESS AND SYSTEM - Processes and systems suitable for producing hose assemblies. The crimping processes and systems make use of a database that contains crimping settings for hose assemblies comprising combinations of hoses and fittings. The database further contains barcodes that are individually assigned to the hose assemblies and/or to the hoses and the fittings thereof. The barcodes are associated with the crimping settings within the database. In operation, a barcode is scanned into a controller of a crimping machine, the controller associates the barcode with a crimping setting for a hose assembly or for a combination of a hose and fitting, and then the crimping machine is operated to automatically use the crimp setting to produce the hose assembly by crimping the fitting to the hose.05-23-2013
20130204423COMPUTER PROGRAM, METHOD, AND SYSTEM FOR LOCKSMITHING - A computer program, method, and system for locksmithing. The computer program, method, and system receive vehicle information, obtain a key code for a lock based on the vehicle information, decrypt the key code to determine key specification data, and provide the key specification data to a user, such that a duplicate key corresponding to the lock can be formed.08-08-2013
20130184850Apparatus for the centralized management of operating machines for the production of food products - An apparatus for the centralized management of one or more operating machines for the production of food products includes a display and control device suitable for containing recipes and production cycles of processed and semi-processed products, to which the recipes refer, and commanding and controlling, in a centralized manner, the operation of the operating machines; and connection and communication means for connecting the display and control device to the control unit of each machine of the operating machines.07-18-2013
20120029681IMAGE ENGRAVING DEVICE - The present invention provides an image engraving device for engraving a special composite paper or a thin plastic plate by moving an engraving needle and a target plate to be engraved relative to each other such that the engraving needle scans the target plate, the image engraving device operating only if a license code is input and is certified correct. The image engraving device has a license code input part for inputting a license code, a license code certifying part certifying whether the input license code is correct or not, and a controller controlling to allow the image engraving device to operate only if the license code is certified correct. With this configuration, the image engraving device solves the problem. In order to secure the certification of the license code, an engraving needle driver and a target plate driver are provided certifying parts, respectively. The operation of the certifying parts is hard-coded to prevent the image engraving device from fraudulently certifying. This configuration allows the authenticated image engraving device to operate, and it secure reliability of engraved plates that are target plates having been engraved.02-02-2012
20130197686METHODS FOR MANIPULATING CUTTING ELEMENTS FOR EARTH-BORING DRILL BITS AND TOOLS - Methods include one or more of robotically positioning a cutting element on an earth-boring tool, using a power-driven device to move a cutting element on an earth-boring tool, and robotically applying a bonding material for attaching a cutting element to an earth-boring tool. Robotic systems are used to robotically position a cutting element on an earth-boring tool. Systems for orienting a cutting element relative to a tool body include a power-driven device for moving a cutting element on or adjacent the tool body. Systems for positioning and orienting a cutting element on an earth-boring tool include such a power-driven device and a robot for carrying a cutting element. Systems for attaching a cutting element to an earth-boring tool include a robot carrying a torch for heating at least one of a cutting element, a tool body, and a bonding material.08-01-2013
20130204422SMART INSTALLATION/PROCESSING SYSTEMS, COMPONENTS, AND METHODS OF OPERATING THE SAME - A processing system employs a processing tool to process workpieces, for example cold working holes and/or installing expandable members into holes. Sensors sense various aspects of the processing. Information regarding performance of the process and/or materials may be stored, for example a hole-by-hole or a workpiece-by-workpiece basis, allowing validation of processing. Information also allows dynamic operation of the processing tool. Analysis of response relationships (e.g., pressure or force versus position or distance) may provide insights into the process and materials, and/or facilitate the real-time feedback including control, alerts, ordering replacement for consumable components.08-08-2013
20120095588METHOD FOR OPERATING A GLUING SYSTEM - A method for operating a gluing system (04-19-2012

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