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700 - Data processing: generic control systems or specific applications


700095000 - Product assembly or manufacturing

700108000 - Performance monitoring

700109000 - Quality control

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20090192646COMBINED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A combined management system includes: a factory server; at least one terminal in communication with a user, such as a consumer or a specialist; and a central server in communication with the factory server and the terminal, for determining, based on signals received from the factory server, whether a malfunction occurs in a factory, and connecting the terminal with the factory server if a malfunction does occur.07-30-2009
20090192645AUTOMATIC CONTROLLER RELATIONSHIP RESOLUTION - In an industrial control system, a relatively large number of bindings can permeate between different controllers. As a modification is made in a primary binding, supplemental bindings can be impacted and can become erroneous. The supplemental bindings can be automatically resolved such that they are no longer erroneous. Resolution can take place through access of a distributed directory that holds information related to the different controllers. To lower a likelihood of control system error or failure, the primary binding and supplemental binding can be placed online in synchronization.07-30-2009
20110202163PLANT PROTECTION SYSTEM AND METHOD USING FIELD PROGRAMMABLE GATE ARRAY - Provided is a plant protection system, which determines initiation of protective actions for the plant, and more particularly to the plant protection system including four channels which controls systems that shut down the plant or mitigate consequences of abnormal conditions of the plant by detecting non-permissible plant conditions with the result of bistable logic comparing process parameters with their setpoints assigned to each channel. Accordingly, common mode failure and cyber security vulnerability caused by software are removed since the system is composed of FPGA and other types of hardware without central processing units and software in determining the initiation of plant protective actions.08-18-2011
20100042246METHOD AND DEVICE FOR THE COMPENSATION OF GEOMETRICAL ERRORS IN MACHINING MACHINERY - A method to compensate geometrical errors in processing machines, in which a workpiece holder (02-18-2010
20100042245OFFICE AUTOMATION DEVICE FOR PRELOADING CONTENT ON MEMORY CARDS AND PROCESSING METHOD THEREOF - An OA device for preloading content on memory cards is disclosed. A handler control module of a control unit performs a preloading process which comprises a preload check, preloading content based on digital content stored in buffers, and a preloaded content comparison, wherein memory cards at the initial column of a tray are checked, preloaded, and compared with the preloaded digital content using probes of a probe module. When the preloading content for the memory cards at the initial column of the tray is complete, the tray module or the probe module is moved by a stepper module by a predetermined distance, or the moving arm moves the probe module with a predetermined distance, to enable the memory cards at the next column of the tray to be checked, preloaded, and compared with the preloaded digital content using the probes while a sorting module picks up failed memory cards from the previous column based on records and instructions from the handler control module of the control unit.02-18-2010
20100030360Alignment Calculation - Alignment data from an exposure tool suitable for exposing a plurality of semiconductor wafers are provided, the alignment data including alignment values applied by the exposure tool to respective ones of the plurality of semiconductor wafers at a plurality of measured positions.02-04-2010
20090125139NUMERICAL CONTROLLER FOR STORING OPERATING HISTORY DURING PATH TABLE OPERATION - During path table operation, date and time information at sampling, the value of the reference signal, the position of an axis controlled in synchronization with the reference signal, and information on the state of the numerical controller are stored, for each predetermined sampling cycle, in buffer as operating history information. The operating history information stored in buffer is then transferred in operating history saving memory when an alarm is generated, and then displayed on a display device. By displaying operating history in this way, the location of the data instructed in path table operation, the state of the numerical controller and the position of the control axis when an alarm is generated can be specified.05-14-2009
20090306805SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE PRODUCTION CONTROL METHOD - A semiconductor device production control method includes monitoring, after a production process of a semiconductor device, a process result at a predetermined position of a pattern to which the process is applied, to obtain a deviation with respect to a predetermined target result, quantitatively obtaining a degree of influence on an operation of a semiconductor device from the deviation of the process result, and comparing the degree of influence that is quantitatively obtained with a predetermined allowable margin for operation specifications of the semiconductor device.12-10-2009
20090093904System and Method for Rule-Based Data Mining and Problem Detection for Semiconductor Fabrication - A fabrication history a group of wafers is provided, having a record for each wafer of the manufacturing events that did or did not occur in its fabrication, and having the measured value of a given target. A binary decision rule is formed based on the fabrication history, the rule being that if a wafer has a particular pattern of manufacturing events in its fabrication history then the statistic of the given fabrication target for that wafer is a first value; otherwise, the statistic is a second value having at least a given distance from the first value. The pattern of manufacturing events in the binary decision rule is identified in the generation of the binary decision rule. The identified pattern is significant with respect to the given target.04-09-2009
20130073072Quality monitoring of baby formula manufacture - Methods used to monitor quality control of a baby formula manufacturing process are disclosed herein. Consequently, the methods and systems provide a means to perform quality manufacturing on an integrated level whereby baby formula manufacturers can achieve data and product integrity and ultimately minimize cost.03-21-2013
20110015774CONTROL DEVICE AND CONTROL METHOD - A control device includes a storage unit that stores therein first position information indicating relative positions between one reference processing unit selected from a plurality of processing units and the other non-reference processing units; a first calculation unit that drives the transfer device while a jig formed in the shape of a substrate is held on the transfer device, and calculates a first compensation value for compensating a position deviation between a transfer position of the jig on the transfer device with respect to the reference processing unit and a first transfer target position; and a second calculation unit that calculates a second compensation value for compensating a position deviation between a transfer position of the jig on the transfer device with respect to the non-reference processing unit and a second transfer target position based on the first compensation value and the first position information.01-20-2011
20090271022MANUFACTURING SYSTEM AND CONTROLLER, CONTROLLING METHOD, CONTROLLING SYSTEM, AND CONTROL PROGRAM FOR THE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM - A manufacturing system, located at a manufacturing system site, includes a discharger for discharging a liquid material having fluidity onto a substrate, communication means for transmitting and receiving data through a communication line, and monitoring means for monitoring the state of the discharger and for outputting data obtained by the monitoring through the communication means. The communication means provides communication between the monitoring means at the manufacturing system site and a server located outside of the manufacturing system site. The monitoring means receives a control command from the server through the communication means.10-29-2009
20090271021Execution system for the monitoring and execution of insulin manufacture - Execution systems and methods thereof used to monitor and execute an insulin manufacturing process are disclosed herein. Consequently, the methods and systems provide a means to perform validation and quality manufacturing on an integrated level whereby insulin manufacturers can achieve data and product integrity and ultimately minimize cost.10-29-2009
20090234485METHOD OF PERFORMING MEASUREMENT SAMPLING OF LOTS IN A MANUFACTURING PROCESS - A method of performing measurement sampling in a production process includes passing a lot through a manufacturing process, employing a set of combinational logistics to determine if sampling is indicated and, if sampling is indicated, establishing a sampling decision. The method further requires querying a set of lot sampling rules to evaluate the sampling decision, evaluating a statistical quality of the process if no lot sampling rules exist, and automatically determining whether the lot passing through the production process requires sampling based on the combinational logistics, statistical quality and lot sampling rules.09-17-2009
20090234484METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING MULTIPLE ANOMALIES IN A CLUSTER OF COMPONENTS - A system that detects multiple anomalies in a cluster of components is presented. During operation, the system monitors derivatives obtained from one or more inferential variables which are received from sensors in the cluster of components. The system then determines whether one or more components within the cluster have experienced an anomalous event based on the monitored derivatives. If so, the system performs one or more remedial actions.09-17-2009
20090055011Integrated Design-for-Manufacturing Platform - An integrated design-for-manufacturing (DFM) platform is provided. The integrated DFM platform an automatic warning and verification system; an automatic data feedback and feed forward system; an automatic intellectual property (IP) library management system; and a data management system integrated under a same platform.02-26-2009
20100030362CURVED SURFACE FORMING METHOD OF A METAL PLATE - Disclosed is a curved surface forming method for a metal plate. Nonlinear finite element analysis of elasto-plastic large deformation is performed on the metal plate. The metal plate to be worked is formed so as to have a three-dimensional target curved surface on the basis of the analysis results using a plurality of forming punches connected to a hydraulic apparatus. The curved surface formation method is very useful when the metal plate is worked for small quantity batch production.02-04-2010
20110035042System And Method For Cascade Information Handling System Manufacture - Information handling system manufacture through a burn rake that burns images and tests information handling systems is managed with a cascade first-in-first-out manufacture by allowing a predetermined burn time for each information handling system at each burn location. The predetermined burn time includes a projected burn time, a burn variation buffer and a standard repair time buffer that ensures a complete burn for substantially all information handling systems. Increasing the number of systems having a complete burn supports first-in-first out loading and unloading of information handling systems at burn locations so that the burn manufacture process occurs in a consistent cascade that proceeds down the length of the burn rack from a first end to a second end.02-10-2011
20120101622AUTOMATIC FAULT DETECTION AND CLASSIFICATION IN A PLASMA PROCESSING SYSTEM AND METHODS THEREOF - A method for automatically detecting fault conditions and classifying the fault conditions during substrate processing is provided. The method includes collecting processing data by a set of sensors during the substrate processing. The method also includes sending the processing data to a fault detection/classification component. The method further includes performing data manipulation of the processing data by the fault detection/classification component. The method yet also includes executing a comparison between the processing data and a plurality of fault models stored within a fault library. Each fault model of the plurality of fault models represents a set of data characterizing a specific fault condition. Each fault model includes at least a fault signature, a fault boundary, and a set of principal component analysis (PCA) parameters.04-26-2012
20110282481 PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD MANUFACTURE - Method and systems for circuit board manufacture and inspection are provided. A captured image of a circuit board is compared with a target image of a reference circuit board at a similar stage in manufacture. The target image and a captured image are aligned. The captured image is divided into a plurality of image regions. A primary image region within the captured image is selected, and a target image region within the target image is selected and properties of the primary image region and the target image region are compared.11-17-2011
20110282480Process Quality Predicting System and Method Thereof - The invention discloses a process quality prediction system and a method thereof. When a processing apparatus performs a process on a target, the process is measured by a measurement apparatus to receive a process value. The process value and several previous quality data collected from the measurement apparatus are used to predict the quality of the product which is processing inline. The method is composed of a moving window, a stepwise regression scheme and an analysis of covariance (ANCOVA). The drift and shift of process are overcome by the moving window. A key variable set is selected by the stepwise regression scheme and a virtual model is identified by the analysis of covariance.11-17-2011
20090326702Potted Insert Installation and Validation - Methods and computer storage media provide for the installation of potted inserts and installation validation. According to embodiments described herein, an insert is placed within an insert aperture of a panel or other structure. Potting compound is injected into a potting cavity surrounding the insert through a fill hole in the insert until potting compound overflows from another fill hole. The installation is validated by applying a force to the installed insert at a determined frequency using a mechanical impedance instrument and measuring a response frequency. The response frequency is compared to an acceptable frequency range to determine whether the insert is properly installed.12-31-2009
20110295407METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONDITION MONITORING OF VALVE - In the method and apparatus of the invention, the process point is taken into account when the condition and performance of a control valve are monitored. In the condition monitoring of the valve, process measurements are used in addition to measurements inside the valve in such a manner that the process measurements identify the operating point at which the valve operates, and the measurements inside the valve are observed at these operating points to detect changes and to determine the condition of the valve. According to an aspect of the invention, the variables representing the operating point of an industrial process are considered when changes in the friction load of the valve and/or the load factor of the actuator are observed.12-01-2011
20100063613Manufacturing execution system for use in manufacturing baby formula - Manufacturing execution systems and methods thereof used to monitor and execute a baby formula manufacturing process are disclosed herein. Consequently, the methods and systems provide a means to perform validation and quality manufacturing on an integrated level whereby baby formula manufacturers can achieve data and product integrity and ultimately minimize cost.03-11-2010
20090099679Method, Apparatus and System for Reducing Waste in Production Systems - A production system includes at least one production component having a production cycle which is interruptible by a detected production failure, at least one detector configured to monitor an output of the at least one production component, the detector configured to detect a production failure and to generate a signal indicative of the production failure, and a control unit. The control unit is configured to, in response to the signal from the detector, cause the respective production component to reject production material for a first predetermined duration of time, and in response to the expiration of the first predetermined duration of time, to slow down production for at least a second predetermined duration of time. The control unit can further return the production system to a normal production state in response to receiving a restart signal before the expiration of the first or second predetermined duration of time.04-16-2009
20090149982Substrate processing apparatus, substrate processing method, and computer program - In the present invention, when a ghost wafer which is not recognized by a control unit on a coating and developing treatment apparatus side is carried out of another apparatus which is connected to the coating and developing treatment apparatus, the ghost wafer is temporarily housed in a buffer cassette on the coating and developing treatment apparatus side. The ghost wafer in the buffer cassette is then collected into a carry-in/out section on the coating and developing treatment apparatus side through use of a carrier unit at a timing which does not affect processing of other wafers in a break between lots. According to the present invention, the ghost wafer occurred in the coating and developing treatment apparatus can be collected without suspension of processing of other ordinary substrates.06-11-2009
20090149981SYSTEM AND METHODS FOR CONTINUOUS, ONLINE MONITORING OF A CHEMICAL PLANT OR REFINERY - A near real-time system and method for continuous online monitoring of a plurality of operations in a continuous chemical process facility is described. The method of monitoring the operations is based on a multivariate statistical model developed using off-line, selected process-specific historical process data. Such a model is used by an online monitoring system to monitor the continual operation of a chemical manufacturing facility or refinery in real-time from a remote location. Such real-time monitoring allows for determination of whether one or more of the plurality of operations are operating within their normal operational parameters. This real-time, continuous monitoring system can further be used to predict impending failures or trouble-spots within the continuous production process, or to minimize catastrophic process failures which may occur in a continuous chemical manufacturing process. Process variables, or “tags”, that are most likely related to predicted process failures can be identified by the model system, such that appropriate control actions can be taken to prevent an actual process failure occurrence, which can lead to costly production down times.06-11-2009
20090306804METHOD FOR PROGNOSTIC MAINTENANCE IN SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENTS - A method for prognostic maintenance in semiconductor manufacturing equipments is disclosed. The said method comprising: collecting a plurality of raw data from the default detection and classification system for equipments, preprocessing the raw data, using the neural network model (NN model) to find a plurality of health indices, generating health information by using the principal component analysis (PCA) to identify the health indices, and using the partial least square discriminated analysis (PLS-DA) to find a health report. The health report provides the engineers with current risk levels of equipments. By the health report, the engineers can initiate prognostic maintenance and repair the equipments early.12-10-2009
20090276076SERVER DEVICE AND PROGRAM - A server device is provided with a measurement information storage unit 11-05-2009
20100100222ADJUSTABLE PLATFORM ASSEMBLY FOR DIGITAL MANUFACTURING SYSTEM - A platform assembly for use in a digital manufacturing system, where the platform assembly comprises a deformable platform having a surface configured to operably receive a deposited material from a deposition head, and at least one mechanism configured to adjust at least a portion of the first surface to compensate for at least one vertical deviation from at least one horizontal axis that the deposition head is directed to move in.04-22-2010
20090088885METHODS OF INTEGRATING REAL AND VIRTUAL WORLD USING VIRTUAL SENSOR/ACTUATOR - An integrated real and virtual manufacturing automation system that employs a programmable logic controller that controls part flow between a real machine in the real world part of the system and a virtual machine in the virtual world part of the system using virtually coupled sensors and actuators. A real world sensor senses the position of the real world machine and a real world actuator actuates the real world machine. Likewise, a virtual world sensor senses the position of the virtual world machine and a virtual world actuator actuates the virtual world machine. An interface device transfers signals between the virtual world part of the system and the real world part of the system, and an input/output device processes signals sent to the programmable logic controller and signals sent from the programmable logic controller.04-02-2009
20090287339SOFTWARE APPLICATION TO ANALYZE EVENT LOG AND CHART TOOL FAIL RATE AS FUNCTION OF CHAMBER AND RECIPE - In one embodiment, a method for providing a user interface to graphically indicate a cause for fault-related events includes providing a user interface to illustrate a plurality of fault-related events for a plurality of recipes performed on a plurality of manufacturing process hardware tools, presenting in the user interface the plurality of recipes in a first axis and the plurality of manufacturing process hardware tools in a second axis, and graphically indicating in the user interface whether the plurality of fault-related events were caused by one of the plurality of manufacturing process hardware tools or one of the plurality of recipes performed on the one manufacturing process hardware tools.11-19-2009
20090088883SURFACE-BASED COMPUTING IN AN INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION ENVIRONMENT - An industrial automation surface-based computing system is provided. A computing surface component receives input via placing items thereon. A detection component determines when an object is place on the computing surface component, identifies the object, analyzes the object, and takes action in connection with the object.04-02-2009
20100280646Method And Apparatus For Ultrasonic Bonding - A method for quality control during ultrasonic bonding, in which a transducer bonding tool unit and an ultrasonic generator are used and in which, during the bonding, one or more sensors are used to sense measurement signals for one or more parameters, which can vary during the bonding, for assessing the bond quality and/or for influencing the bonding, and which proposes that, during the bonding, at least one speed profile measurement signal representing the time/speed profile of the tip of the ultrasonic tool in the direction of oscillation thereof be sensed. The invention also relates to a bonding apparatus which is suitable for carrying out the method. Furthermore, the invention relates to other quality control methods for ultrasonic bonding and to bonding apparatuses which are suitable for carrying out these methods.11-04-2010
20110172804Scanner Performance Comparison And Matching Using Design And Defect Data - A system and method of matching multiple scanners using design and defect data are described. A golden wafer is processed using a golden tool. A second wafer is processed using a second tool. Both tools provide focus/exposure modulation. Wafer-level spatial signatures of critical structures for both wafers can be compared to evaluate the behavior of the scanners. Critical structures can be identified by binning defects on the golden wafer having similar patterns. In one embodiment, the signatures must match within a certain percentage or the second tool is characterized as a “no match”. Reticles can be compared in a similar manner, wherein the golden and second wafers are processed using a golden reticle and a second reticle, respectively.07-14-2011
20090276075METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MONITORING A PREDICTED PRODUCT QUALITY DISTRIBUTION - In a complex manufacturing environment for producing semiconductor devices, a predicted quality distribution in the form of a graded die forecast may be monitored with respect to changes in order to more efficiently identify factory disturbances. To this end, a predicted distribution obtained on the basis of electrical measurement data may be compared with a predicted yield distribution based on other production data. That is, an efficient automatic monitoring of the manufacturing environment may be accomplished with reduced probability of missing respective disturbance situations, since the large number of electrical parameters may be condensed into the predicted quality distribution.11-05-2009
20090276074METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MACHINING PROCESS CONTROL - A method and system for controlling machining processes are provided. The system includes a computer system communicatively coupled to a database. The computer system is configured to receive data relating to manufactured part processes, identify at least one machining process used to manufacture a part and a parameter of the at least one machining process, receive survey data relating to the manufacturing process parameters used during the at least one machining process, and receive identification data for the manufactured part. The computer is further configured to receive data relating to a design of experiment (DOE), determine an low cycle fatigue (LCF) life distribution, identify process parameters that affect the LCF, and determine an allowable range for each identified process parameters for safe operation. The computer system is further configured to output the process window embodied in a specification associated with at least one of the part and the process.11-05-2009
20090287340In-line effluent analysis method and apparatus for CMP process control - An apparatus and method for collecting and analyzing the effluent stream created by a chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) process performs a continuous measurement of at least one effluent characteristic and integrates the results over time to create a volumetric analysis of the planarization process. The volumetric analysis can be used as feedback/feedforward signals to control the planarization process itself (e.g., endpoint detection based upon an known initial thickness of film material), create alarm signals for out-of-range measurements, and/or waste stream indicators useful in treating the effluent prior to discharge (e.g., determining a pH correction).11-19-2009
20110172805Printer with Integrated RFID Data Collector - A RFID printer for printing and determining the quality of RFID record members having transponders is provided. The RFID printer may be used to print RFID record members utilizing a continuous moving web. In particular, a RFID printer includes an integrated RFID data collector such that identifying RFID transponder information may be recorded and associated with a barcode for inventory tracking purposes. An association file created by the RFID printer may be transferred to a manufacturer or retailer brand owner. The association file may be deleted from the RFID printer upon acknowledgment of receipt of the transmitted association file to the manufacturer or retail brand owner. The RFID printer provides methods for determining quality of RFID printed record members.07-14-2011
20110270433METHOD AND SECTION FOR COOLING A MOVING METAL BELT BY SPRAYING LIQUID - The invention relates to a method for monitoring the cooling of a moving metal belt (B) in a cooling section of a continuous processing line by spraying a liquid or a mixture consisting of a gas and a liquid onto the belt, the cooling depending on parameters including the temperature, speed, and current characteristics of a cooling fluid, wherein according to said method: one or more areas are determined in which cooling parameters are such that the local removal of a vapor film on the surface of the hot belt is carried out or capable being carried out, leading to the redampening of the belt; and at least the temperature of the cooling liquid is adjusted as a cooling parameter in the thus-determined area(s) so as to maintain, or return to, a cooling into a vapor film on the surface of the belt, thus resulting in the overheating of the cooling liquid contacting the hot belt.11-03-2011
20110270432SCALABLE MANUFACTURING ASSEMBLY VERIFICATION SYSTEM - A scalable manufacturing assembly verification system for use in a manufacturing facility to verify assembly of a product, the system comprising assembly process work stations and assembly verification system stations. The assembly process work stations are each configured to provide at least one device configured to aid in assembly of the product. The assembly verification system stations are each located within a different one of the assembly process work stations, with each of the assembly verification system stations including a computing device in communication with the device, and with each computing device including a respective set of business rules corresponding to the assembly process work station within which the computing device is located, wherein each set of the business rules provides assembly verification for the device to error check assembly of the product with the device.11-03-2011
20110208343Tracking and Marking Specimens Having Defects Formed During Laser Via Drilling - A method and system increase processed specimen yield in the laser processing of target material that includes multiple specimens formed on a common substrate. Preferred embodiments implement a feature that enables storage in the laser processing system a list of defective specimens that have somehow been subject to error during laser processing. Once the common substrate has been completely processed, the system alerts an operator to the number of improperly processed specimens and gives the operator an opportunity to run a software routine, which in a preferred embodiment uses a laser to scribe a mark on the top surface of each improperly processed specimen.08-25-2011
20080275587FAULT DETECTION ON A MULTIVARIATE SUB-MODEL - A method and an apparatus are provided for fault detection based on a multivariate sub-model. A method and apparatus is provided for fault detection on a multivariate sub-model. The method comprises defining a first model associated with a first sub-system of a processing tool, defining a second model associated with a second sub-system of the processing tool and detecting a fault associated with at least one of the first sub-system based on the first model and the second sub-system based on the second model.11-06-2008
20080275586Novel Methodology To Realize Automatic Virtual Metrology - A method to enable wafer result prediction includes collecting manufacturing data from various semiconductor manufacturing tools and metrology tools; choosing key parameters using an autokey method based on the manufacturing data; building a virtual metrology based on the key parameters; and predicting wafer results using the virtual metrology.11-06-2008
20080294281Dynamic inline yield analysis and prediction - In one embodiment, a method for predicting yield includes calculating a criticality factor (CF) for each of a plurality of defects detected in an inspection process step of a wafer, and determining a yield-loss contribution of the inspection process step to the final yield based on CFs of the plurality of defects and the yield model built for a relevant design. The yield-loss contribution of the inspection process step is then used to predict the final yield for the wafer.11-27-2008
20090265027SERVER DEVICE AND PROGRAM - A server device 10-22-2009
20080228307QUALITY IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM - A quality improvement system using an FMEA table of the invention includes a defect data collecting unit to collect defect data about a defect in a manufacturing or inspection process and an FMEA table update unit to update the FMEA table online based on the data collected by the defect data collecting unit. The FMEA table includes a failure mode, the number of occurrences of the failure mode, and an effect caused by the failure mode. The FMEA table update unit includes an FMEA table editing unit to edit the FMEA table. The FMEA table editing unit edits the number of occurrences of the failure mode when a row including a set of an occurred failure mode and an effect corresponding to the occurred failure mode is previously defined in the FMEA table, and inserts the row into the FMEA table when the row is not defined in the FMEA table.09-18-2008
20100217425Manufacturing execution system (MES) and methods of monitoring glycol manufacturing processes utilizing functional nanomaterials - A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and related methods of monitoring a glycol manufacturing processes are disclosed herein. The methods are useful to provide a plurality of analysis to the glycol manufacturing process. Consequently, the manufacturing execution system and methods provide a means to perform validation and quality manufacturing on an integrated level whereby glycol manufacturers can achieve data and product integrity and ultimately minimize cost.08-26-2010
20090118858METHOD AND APPARATUS FORASSEMBLING A COMPLEX PRODUCT INA PARRALLEL PROCESS SYSTEM - A method and apparatus for assembling a complex product in a parallel process system wherein a collection of components are provided for assembling the complex product. The present invention involves transferring the collection of the components to one of a plurality of similar computerized assembly cells through the use of a transport system. The collection of components is automatically assembled into the complex product through the use of the computerized assembly cells. The complex product is then transferred from one of the assembly cells to a computerized test cell, where the complex product is tested to ensure for the proper dimensioning and functioning of the complex product. The complex product is then transferred from the test cell via the transport system to either a part reject area or conveyor, if the complex product is defective, or to an automatic dunnage load or part return system, if the complex product is not defective. 05-07-2009
20090138117TUNING ORDER CONFIGURATOR PERFORMANCE BY DYNAMIC INTEGRATION OF MANUFACTURING AND FIELD FEEDBACK - A novel and non-obvious method, system and apparatus for tuning order configurator performance by dynamic integration of manufacturing and field feedback information. A method for dynamically tuning order configurator behavior by using product issue data can include collecting product issue data for a manufactured product, the product issue data including performance and attribute information of a part of the manufactured product, analyzing the collected product issue data to identify a problematic part, and, modifying the order configurator using the analyzed product issue data.05-28-2009
20090143892Methods of monitoring acceptance criteria of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes - Methods of monitoring an acceptance criteria of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes are described and disclosed herein. Consequently, the methods provide a means to perform validation and quality control on an integrated level whereby a pharmaceutical manufacturer can ensure data and product integrity and minimize cost.06-04-2009
20090138118SERVER AND PROGRAM - A server device includes: an abnormality information output unit for storing a plurality of measurement information, which is time sequential information related to information measured in a plurality of manufacturing apparatuses, having manufacturing apparatus identifiers and time information, and storing at least one set of abnormality information indicating an abnormality and one or more measurement information, and outputting one or more abnormality information; a chart composing unit for composing one or more charts from one or more measurement information in pair with one or more abnormality information corresponding to an abnormality information instruction when the instruction, which is an instruction for one or more abnormality information among the one or more abnormality information outputted by the abnormality information output unit, is received; and an output unit for outputting the one or more charts composed by the chart composing unit, so that abnormality analysis can be carried out easily and efficiently.05-28-2009
20100004775METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DEFECT DETECTION IN MANUFACTURING INTEGRATED CIRCUITS - Method and system for defect detection in manufacturing integrated circuits. In an embodiment, the invention provides a method for identifying one or more sources for possible causing manufacturing detects in integrated circuits. The method includes a step for providing a plurality of semiconductor substrates. The method includes a step for processing the plurality of semiconductor substrates in a plurality of processing steps using a plurality of processing tools. The method additionally includes a step for providing a database, which includes data associated with the processing of the plurality of semiconductor substrates. The method further includes a step for testing the plurality of semiconductor wafers after the processing of the plurality of semiconductor substrates. Additionally, the method includes a step for detecting at least one defect characteristic associated with the plurality of the semiconductor substrates that have been processed. Moreover, the method includes a step for identifying a set of processing steps. For example, the set of processing step are possibly associated with the defect characteristic.01-07-2010
20090177307PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - There is provided a production management system that requires no backup step for performing a backup operation when trouble occurs in a robot, and can increase workability of a repair operation of the robot. The production management system for a production line mixedly including robot operation steps and manual operation steps, including: a monitor that displays the cause of abnormality that occurs in the robot operation step; a warning device that warns of occurrence of abnormality in the robot operation step; and a robot reversing device that reverses the orientation of a robot when abnormality occurs in the robot, wherein production is continued by changing the robot operation step where the abnormality occurs to the manual operation step. Also, a repair operation is performed for the robot reversed by the robot reversing device.07-09-2009
20090187266Fault Detection System - Some embodiments for a fault detection apparatus may include one or more monitors to detect at least three operating states of a sensor, such as pass, fail, and inoperative so as to enable a manufacturing facility to differentiate between situations in which a container does not have the appropriate machine readable label and situations wherein the sensor is actually inoperative. The fail state may be indicative of an object on a conveyor system not matching a predetermined description, identity or characteristic. The pass state may be indicative of an object on a conveyor system matching the predetermined description, identity or characteristic. The inoperative state may be indicative of a sensor output associated with a malfunction in the sensor itself. The fault detection apparatus may also include a fail-to-safe controller configured to detect these operating states.07-23-2009
20090055012PRINTING SYSTEM, PRINTING APPARATUS, JOB PROCESSING METHOD, STORAGE MEDIUM, AND PROGRAM - A printing system which is capable of performing square back processing and has a mechanism that makes it possible to prevent occurrence of a new trouble of inadvertently creating a saddle-stitched brochure defective in appearance and/or stackability, which is unexpected by an operator. A printing apparatus receives plural jobs including a saddle-stitch job for creating a saddle-stitched brochure of a predetermined kind. In the saddle-stitch job, saddle-stitch processing and square back processing are carried out. The square back processing is performed by a saddle-stitching machine. The saddle-stitching machine forms a flat surface on the back of a saddle-stitched brochure. A controller permits or inhibits creating the saddle-stitched brochure of the predetermined kind for a job based on whether the job meets a predetermined condition.02-26-2009
20090055010Back annotation equipment, mask layout correcting equipment, back annotation method, program, recording medium, process for fabricating semiconductor integrated circuit - The present invention provides a back annotation apparatus for determining the delay value of a logic cell used in a timing simulation in view of the changes in the properties of a transistor element to be disposed at a position overlapped with an electrode pad of a semiconductor IC. The back annotation apparatus comprises: a storage unit storing therein mask layout information that includes information on positions of electrode pads and logic cells in a semiconductor integrated circuit; an identification unit operable to identify, with respect to each of the logic cells, whether the logic cell is to be disposed at a position overlapped with an electrode pad in plan view, based on the mask layout information; and a selection unit operable to select a delay value for the logic cell according to an identification result obtained by the identification unit.02-26-2009
20090143891WIRE ELECTRICAL DISCHARGE MACHINE WITH DEFORMATION COMPENSATION ABILITY - A wire electrical discharge machine (WEDM) is disclosed, which comprises: a movable crane; a measure unit, mounted on the crane for measuring the deformation of the same; and a control unit, electrically connected to the measure unit and used for controlling the crane to move; wherein a lookup table describing the relation between the crane's deformation and position error is stored in the control unit, basing on which the control unit is able to perform a feedback displacement control on the crane with respect to its deformation.06-04-2009
20090259332FUZZY CONTROL METHOD FOR ADJUSTING A SEMICONDUCTOR MACHINE - A method of fuzzy control for adjusting a semiconductor machine comprising: providing measurement values from first the “parameter of a pre-semiconductor manufacturing process”, second the “parameter of the semiconductor manufacturing process”, and third the “operation parameter of the semiconductor manufacturing process”; performing a fuzzy control to define two inputs and one output corresponding to the measurement values, wherein the difference between the first and third values, and the difference between the second and third values, forms the two inputs, then from the two inputs one target output is calculated by fuzzy inference; finally, determining if the target output is in or out of an acceptable range. Whereby the target output is the “machine control parameter of the semiconductor manufacturing process” and when within an acceptable range is used for adjusting the semiconductor machine.10-15-2009
20080306621SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING APPARATUS CONTROL SYSTEM AND STATISTICAL PROCESS CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A semiconductor manufacturing apparatus control system and a statistical process control method thereof increase reliability. A semiconductor manufacturing apparatus control system includes a plurality of unit process devices for performing various semiconductor unit processes; a plurality of measuring devices for measuring a pattern characteristic of wafer completed in respective unit processes in the plurality of unit process devices; and a host computer for sensing an abnormal state of the unit process by using a T12-11-2008
20090024239Work management apparatus and work management method - A work management apparatus of the present invention includes bar-code readers that detect the input and output of target objects to and from each facility in each facility, a process management device that obtains, as workpiece information, information of date and time when the target objects enter into each facility and information of date and time when the target objects come out from each facility for every target object and every facility based on the detection results of the bar-code readers, sensors that detect operating conditions of each facility, and an analysis device that analyzes and outputs the operating conditions of each facility and the work progress of the target objects in each facility based on the obtained workpiece information and the information indicating the detected operating conditions of each facility.01-22-2009
20100292827SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INSTALLING A DEVICE - A technique is provided for installing a device in which a part of the device and the location of the part are automatically determined. An installer is notified of the part and its location for installation. Routines implementing some or all of the technique may be provided on a computer-readable medium. A method is also provided for locating a part to be installed using a project manager application. An installer retrieves the part from the location and installs the part. In one embodiment, the present techniques are implemented using an installation system including a processor-based system and a locator system. The processor-based system is configured to indicate a location of a part to be installed while the locator system is configured to provide the location to the processor-based system.11-18-2010
20090198366METHOD AND DEVICE FOR OPERATING A MACHINE TOOL - A method and a device for operating a machine tool are disclosed, wherein a machining operation of the machine tool is controlled by a parts program by storing a simulated configuration of the machine tool in the parts program, determining an actual configuration of the machine tool, comparing the actual configuration with the simulated configuration of the machine tool stored in the parts program, and generating a warning message if the actual configuration is not in conformance with the simulated configuration. This prevents errors in the machining process resulting from a discrepancy between the configuration of the machine tool used in the simulation of the parts program and the configuration of the actual machine tool during the actual machining operation.08-06-2009
20090062953SYSTEM VALIDATION USING VALIDATION PROGRAMS DEPICTED USING MARKUP LANGUAGE - System validation using validation programs for a plurality of root functions depicted using a markup language is disclosed. One embodiment of a method includes establishing a validation program template defining a style of input/output usable by a plurality of root functions to be performed by at least one of a plurality of systems; generating a validation program for each of the plurality of root functions based on the validation program template; establishing a markup language representation of each of the plurality of validation programs and corresponding root function; depicting a composite validation program for a composite function including a plurality of root functions using the markup language representation of the plurality of validation programs for the plurality of root functions in the composite function; and validating at least one of the plurality of systems by validating the composite function using the validation programs depicted in the composite validation program.03-05-2009
20110231002METHOD AND DEVICE FOR FILLING CARRIER TAPES WITH ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS - A method for filling a carrier tape (09-22-2011
20110231001Method of Producing a Complement of Parts Required for Assembly of a Product - A method of producing a set of parts which may be assembled to form a product generally consisting of programming a CNC machine to selectively execute a first routine to form a set of parts from a first panel of material, and generate a map of the layout of the parts on the first panel, provided with identifying indicia, and a set of labels each provided with machine readable indicia identifying the part and operator readable indicia permitting the operator to identity the part on the map, and a second routine to form selected ones of the set of parts from a second panel of material, loading the first panel on the machine, operating the machine to execute the first routine, attaching each of the generated labels to its corresponding formed part, matching identifying indicia on generated labels and map, removing the set of labeled parts from the worktable, identifying labeled parts deemed defective, machine scanning the machine readable indicia on the labels of produced . parts deemed defective, loading a second panel of material on the machine, operating the machine to execute the second routine to reproduce the defective parts and replacing the defective parts with reproduced parts.09-22-2011
20120078410METHOD, SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR AUTOMATIC QUALITY CONTROL USING A PLURALITY OF COMPUTERS - A system and method for automatic quality control is provided. A database is maintained storing quality control rules for producing a product, the quality control rules determined via a first computing device associated with a first entity controlling production of the product, the database maintained by a second computing device associated with a second entity for maintaining quality control of the product, the product produced by a plurality of production lines respectively associated with third entities. Quality control data is received at the second computing device from data collection devices at the plurality of production lines, each of the data collection devices enabled to collect the quality control data for the product. At the second computing device, the quality control data is compared with the quality control rules; at least one quality control event is triggered when the quality control data fails at least one of the quality control rules.03-29-2012
20080262644Magnetic ink for marking defective parts or assemblies during manufacturing - The methods relate to the use of magnetic ink for marking defective parts or assemblies during manufacturing, thereby allowing the defective parts or assemblies to be detected in products following manufacturing, even if concealed or hidden in the product.10-23-2008
20080262643Defect detector for hard disk drive and methods for use therewith - A defect detector a hard disk drive includes a signal energy processor that produces at least one energy signal from a plurality of read samples. A comparator module compares the at least one energy signal to at least one corresponding energy threshold and generates defect data when the at least one energy signal compares unfavorably to the at least one corresponding energy threshold.10-23-2008
20090157214MAINTENANCE SYSTEM, SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS, REMOTE OPERATION UNIT AND COMMUNICATION METHOD - An object of the present invention is to maintain a coating and developing system by remotely operating it more safely.06-18-2009
20090105864METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING AN ARTICLE AND GENERATING A REPORT - A method of manufacturing an article, the method comprising: storing a set of manufacturing instructions for a machine; inputting at least some of the manufacturing instructions into the machine; manufacturing an article with the machine in accordance with the input manufacturing instructions; generating a realization log which is indicative of the operations that the machine has actually performed in manufacturing the article; and generating a report by comparing the realization log with the stored set of manufacturing instructions.04-23-2009
20090254208METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETECTING TOOL ERRORS TO STOP A PROCESS RECIPE FOR A SINGLE CHAMBER - A method for detecting tool errors to stop a process recipe for a single chamber is disclosed. When a recipe error for one of chamber of a process tool is detected, only the chamber with the recipe error is terminated and other chambers are allowed to proceed with their recipe processes for preventing excursions.10-08-2009
20090222124ESTIMATION OF PROCESS CONTROL PARAMETERS OVER PREDEFINED TRAVEL SEGMENTS - A method of determining a segment-specific estimate of a parameter associated with a process control loop includes receiving signal data corresponding to a signal from a process control loop, storing the signal data, partitioning the stored signal data into a plurality of data segments and performing a statistical analysis on a first one of the plurality of data segments selected from the plurality of data segments to generate a first segment-specific parameter estimate.09-03-2009
20090240365TEST APPARATUS, TEST METHOD AND MANUFACTURING METHOD - There is provided a test apparatus for testing a plurality of devices under test. The test apparatus includes a signal input section that applies a test signal to the devices under test so as to cause the devices under test to concurrently output response signals, a combining section that generates a single combination signal by using the response signals output from the devices under test, and a judging section that judges whether the devices under test operate normally with reference to the combination signal.09-24-2009
20090210084Rapid prototyping apparatus - Apparatus for producing an object by sequentially forming thin layers of a construction material one on top of the other responsive to data defining the object, the apparatus comprising: a plurality of printing heads each having a surface formed with a plurality of output orifices and controllable to dispense the construction material through each orifice independently of the other orifices; a shuttle to which the printing heads are mounted; a support surface; and a controller adapted to control the shuttle to move back and forth over the support surface and as the shuttle moves to control the printing heads to dispense the construction material through each of their respective orifices responsive to the data to form a first layer on the support surface and thereafter, sequentially the other layers; wherein each printing head is dismountable from the shuttle and replaceable independently of the other printing heads.08-20-2009
20090254209PATH MAPPING METHOD AFTER OPTICAL DEFECT DETECTION - A path mapping method after an optical defect detection is provided. The path mapping method after an optical defect detection includes steps of providing an article, detecting at least two defects on the article, providing a numerical operation model and obtaining a mapped path for connecting the at least two defects by using the numerical operation model.10-08-2009
20100152878SYSTEM FOR MAINTAINING AND ANALYZING MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT AND METHOD THEREOF - A system and a method are used for maintaining and analyzing manufacturing equipment. The system includes an embedded forecast device (EFD) configured in the manufacturing equipment and a server in communication with the EFD. The EFD is built in with a feature extraction (FE) algorithm and a forecast model (FM), so as to obtain a real time data of the manufacturing equipment and carry out forecasts on the manufacturing equipment to generate a forecast result. The server has various types of FE algorithms and modeling algorithms, which are selected and combined by a user for training and building a required FM and setting related parameters. The embedded forecast device also has a novelty detection model (NDM), which is capable of informing the server to retrain the models when the manufacturing equipment fails and then to update the FM and the NDM of the embedded forecast device.06-17-2010
20100152879PROCESSING INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN A PLASMA PROCESSING TOOL - A plasma-processing tool for processing a substrate using at least a first process recipe and a second process recipe is provided. The plasma-processing tool includes transducers configured to collect process data streams, each process data stream pertaining to a process parameter being monitored during recipe execution. The tool also includes a logic circuitry configured for receiving a set of meta-data wherein each meta-data includes identification data about the substrate and the process recipe being executed. The logic circuitry is also configured for receiving a set of process data streams, each of which being associated with a specific process recipe. The logic circuitry further includes storing the meta-data and the process data streams associated with the first process recipe as a first file and the meta-data and the process data streams associated with the second process recipe as a second file.06-17-2010
20110238200METHOD FOR DETERMING THE MACHINING QUALITY OF COMPONENTS, PARTICULARLY FOR METAL CUTTING BY NC MACHINES - The present invention relates to a method for determining a selected machining quality of components in a manufacturing process, particularly during metal cutting, having at least the following method steps: 09-29-2011
20100241266METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DIAGNOSING OPERATING STATES OF A PRODUCTION FACILITY - A diagnostic system to diagnose a pressure profile of a molding machine M in an operating state is disclosed. The pressure profile of the molding machine M in the operating state is measured with a pressure sensor of a measurement system 3. In a diagnostic system A, a database is formed such that a reference pressure profile and the actual pressure profile selected according to a mold to be made are preserved therein. The diagnostic system A compares the reference pressure profile to the actual pressure profile in the database to determine whether the actual pressure profile is within a predetermined tolerance.09-23-2010
20100241265METHOD FOR MONITORING A PRODUCTION PROCESS - A method for monitoring a production process with regard to quality is disclosed. The method includes: a) breaking down the production process into a sequence of individual steps, defined by a sequence of control commands for a production program for carrying out the production process on a machine tool; b) generating at least one signal template per individual step of the production process from the control commands for the individual steps, each signal template corresponding to a theoretical signal curve for a parameter which may be measured upon executing the production process; c) measurement of a signal curve for at least one parameter per individual step during the execution; and d) comparison of the or each measured signal curve with the respective arithmetically generated signal template, wherein a qualitatively poor production process is determined if the measured signal curve deviates from the signal template by more than a given tolerance.09-23-2010
20100324716Monitoring pharamceutical manufacturing processes - Methods of monitoring data generated by a device adapted for use in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment are described and disclosed herein. The method creates a historic record of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process and provides it to an end user or a plurality of end users. Consequently, the methods provide a means to track the frequency of hazards associated with said device and thereby perform quality control on an integrated level whereby a pharmaceutical manufacturer can ensure data and product integrity and minimize cost.12-23-2010
20130218317Monitoring acceptance criteria of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes - Methods of monitoring acceptance criteria of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes are disclosed herein. The methods described herein provide an ability to control and monitor pharmaceutical manufacturing processes (for example, finishing and packaging of pharmaceuticals) and can ensure data and product integrity and ultimately minimize overall manufacturing cost.08-22-2013
20100198388Production plant, particularly for suitcases and trunks - A production plant, particularly for suitcases and trunks, such suitcases and trunks comprising at least two half-shells mutually associated so as to form at least one internal containment compartment. The plant comprises: at least one station for loading at least one half-shell; at least one work island which has at least one dispenser of perimetric gasket seals; at least one storage area for the half-shells; at least one centre for mating the half-shells, so as to form substantially the finished product, such as a suitcase and a trunk; at least one station for unloading the finished product.08-05-2010
20090240366METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETECTION OF TOOL PERFORMANCE DEGRADATION AND MISMATCH - Autonomous biologically based learning tool system(s) and method(s) that the tool system(s) employs for learning and analysis of performance degradation and mismatch are provided. The autonomous biologically based learning tool system includes (a) one or more tool systems that perform a set of specific tasks or processes and generate assets and data related to the assets that characterize the various processes and associated tool performance; (b) an interaction manager that receives and formats the data, and (c) an autonomous learning system based on biological principles of learning. Objectively generated knowledge gleaned from synthetic or production data can be utilized to determine a mathematical relationship among a specific output variable and a set of associated influencing variables. The generated relationship facilitates assessment of performance degradation of a set of tools, and performance mismatch among tools therein.09-24-2009
20090222125METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING BASE MEMBER, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING MOTOR, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING INFORMATION APPARATUS, AND BASE MEMBER, MOTOR, AND INFORMATION APPARATUS - If a blank is mistakenly supplied to a precision machining apparatus corresponding to the wrong model, the missupply can be detected early on by a simple method.09-03-2009
20090259330METHOD OF CONTROLLING RESULT PARAMETER OF IC MANUFACTURING PROCEDURE - A method of controlling a result parameter of an IC manufacturing procedure is described. The value of at least one first variable of a process correlated with the result parameter is acquired, and the difference between the predicted value and the target value of the result parameter is calculated from the same using a correlation equation of the first variable and the result parameter. A correcting action is then performed to a subsequent process including at least one second variable correlated with the result parameter, which is based on a correlation equation of the second variable and the result parameter to control the subsequent process and adjust the second variable such that the difference is reduced due to the affect of the second variable to the result parameter. The at least one first variable and the at least one second variable include two or more different physical quantities.10-15-2009
20090177308SERVER AND PROGRAM - It is possible to compose a chart by filtering measurement information using a product wafer number in a server device including: an instruction receiving unit for storing therein plural measurement information, which is time sequential information measured in a plurality of manufacturing apparatuses and has a product wafer number and time information, and for receiving an output instruction of a chart containing the product wafer number; a fault detection unit for, when the instruction receiving unit receives the output instruction, reading a multiplicity of measurement information satisfying a product wafer number condition contained in the output instruction, and determining whether the read multiplicity of measurement information satisfies the condition information; an output information composing unit for composing the output information according to a determination result of the fault detection unit; and an output unit for outputting the output information composed by the output information composing unit.07-09-2009
20090112347Article Marking System - A method of marking an article includes, in a control system, selecting one of a number of containers. The method further includes each container having a fluid containing respective unique marking elements therein. The method further includes generating control signals in accordance with the selected container. The method further includes transferring the control signals to a manipulator, the manipulator being responsive to the control signals to apply at least part of the fluid to the article to thereby marking the article with at least one marking element.04-30-2009
20090105863AUTOMATED INTEGRATION OF FEEDBACK FROM FIELD FAILURE TO ORDER CONFIGURATOR FOR DYNAMIC OPTIMIZATION OF MANUFACTURING TEST PROCESSES - The present invention addresses the deficiencies of the art in respect to the manufacturing test processes and provides a novel and non-obvious method, system and apparatus for dynamic optimization of manufacturing test coverage with automated integration of field failure feedback with the order configurator. In one embodiment of the invention, a manufacturing field failure feedback method can be provided. The method can include retrieving field failure data, analyzing the field failure data, storing failure analysis object information, modifying a manufacturing test case selection within the test case selection and order configurator based on using field failure data analysis, the test case selection including rules for test case selection and test case object information, and configuring a testing order with an optimized test case selection.04-23-2009
20100305740SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DETECTING AND REJECTING DEFECTIVE ABSORBENT ARTICLES FROM A CONVERTING LINE - The present disclosure relates to systems and processes for detecting and rejecting defective absorbent articles from a converting line. In particular, the systems and methods may utilize feedback from technologies, such as vision systems, sensors, remote input and output stations, and controllers with synchronized embedded clocks to accurately correlate inspection results and measurements from an absorbent article converting process. As such, the systems and methods may accurately apply the use of precision clock synchronization for both instrumentation and control system devices on a non-deterministic communications network. In turn, the clock synchronized control and instrumentation network may be used to control a reject system on converters of absorbent articles. In some embodiments, the controller will reject only defective absorbent articles without the need to reject non-defective absorbent articles.12-02-2010
20100305741Thin Film Interference Filter and Bootstrap Method for Interference Filter Thin Film Deposition Process Control - A thin film interference filter system includes a plurality of stacked films having a determined reflectance; a model monitor curve; and a topmost layer configured to exhibit a wavelength corresponding to one of the determined reflectance or the modeled monitor curve. The topmost layer is placed on the plurality of stacked films and can he a low-index film such as silica or a high index film such as niobia.12-02-2010
20080319570SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR FASTENER INSTALLATION - A system for monitoring installation of fasteners in an assembly process utilizes printed symbology, such as a barcode, to uniquely identify the location at which a fastener will be installed. An installation tool includes torque measuring capability and further includes a reader capable of reading the printed symbology. The output of the reader and the torque measurement values are provided to a computer communicatively coupled thereto. The computer contains stored fastener torque signatures that correspond to each fastener. Based on the printed symbology identification, the computer can determine the type of fastener to be installed at that precise location. During installation, torque measurements from the installation tool are compared against the fastener torque signature to determine whether the proper fastener was installed at that location and, additionally, whether the fastener was properly installed. Based on the torque measurement and rotational position of the fastener, the system can identify a number of different types of defects, such as improper selection of the fastener; thread defects, cross threading, and the like.12-25-2008
20090069923Method of managing a machine for manufacturing tobacco products - A method of managing a machine for manufacturing tobacco products (03-12-2009
20090037015METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR INCREASING THROUGHPUT DURING LOCATION SPECIFIC PROCESSING OF A PLURALITY OF SUBSTRATES - A method and system of location specific processing on a plurality of substrates is described. The method comprises measuring metrology data for the plurality of substrates. Thereafter, the method comprises computing correction data for a first substrate using the metrology data, followed by computing correction data for a second substrate using the metrology data. While computing the correction data for a second substrate, the method comprises applying the correction data for a first substrate to the first substrate using a gas cluster ion beam (GCIB).02-05-2009
20110009998Near Non-Adaptive Virtual Metrology and Chamber Control - Embodiments of the present invention relate to a method for a near non-adaptive virtual metrology for wafer processing control. In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, a method for processing control comprises diagnosing a chamber of a processing tool that processes a wafer to identify a key chamber parameter, and controlling the chamber based on the key chamber parameter if the key chamber parameter can be controlled, or compensating a prediction model by changing to a secondary prediction model if the key chamber parameter cannot be sufficiently controlled.01-13-2011
20110009997Syringe assistant - A method for producing a Syringe Assistant formed as a Plastic Injection-Molded part, CNC Fabricate, or punch Pressed Fabricated part for various syringe types up to including Aviation, Automotive. Food Injection, Animal Injection, and Medical Injection Syringes, wherein, in a first process step, the Assistant for Injecting the Aviation Sealants, Automotive Sealants, Food Additives, Animal Medications, and Medical Medications would be obtaining a Plastic Injected Mold, CNC. Tape for a NC Router machine or Punch Press male and female die-set. In a second method, the Assistant would be Molded, Routered, or Punch Pressed into the above-mentioned Syringe Assistant Invention. Materials used to create the Syringe Assistant may include up to and including PVC, ABS Plastic, Plastic Teflon, Lexan, Sheet metal, Phenolic, Steel, Aluminum, Nylon, and Wood. In a third, method the Assistant would be deburred and sanded to a smooth finish, Quality Control Inspected to Detail Drawing Requirements, packaged and Inventoried for Distribution.01-13-2011
20110029122COATING AND DEVELOPING SYSTEM, METHOD OF CONTROLLING COATING AND DEVELOPING SYSTEM AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A coating and developing system includes a cassette station, a processing station and an inspection station interposed between the cassette station and the processing station. Time for which a substrate is held uselessly in the inspection module is reduced. A substrate carrying means disposed in the inspection module places priority to transferring a substrate between the cassette station and the processing station, and transfers a substrate to an inspection module in a part of a cycle time in which a substrate carrying means disposed in the processing station carries out one carrying cycle. It is permitted to carry out a substrate from the inspection module in a skip carrying mode, in which a substrate specified by a larger ordinal numeral is carried ahead of a substrate specified by a smaller ordinal numeral. It is inhibited to carry a substrate to the inspection module in the skip carrying mode.02-03-2011
20110029121METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING A MANUFACTURING PROCESS - A method, system and computer program product for controlling a manufacturing process of an electronic circuit, the method includes: calculating at least one layer misalignment between layers of an electrical circuit that are expected to be mutually aligned; wherein the layers are manufactured by at least a direct imaging device that exposes a photo-resistive material to radiation to provide a pattern; selecting, in response to the at least one layer misalignment and in response to at least one allowable misalignment threshold, a selected response out of: manufacturing at least one additional layer of the electrical circuit; and stopping the manufacturing process of the electrical circuit; and participating in executing the selected response.02-03-2011
20110245956Method and system for managing semiconductor manufacturing device - A management system includes a variable-period setting unit that sets a variable period in which quality-control values vary. Then, a retrieving unit retrieves events sandwiching the variable period. The events can be a maintenance of the semiconductor manufacturing device and/or a change of a correction value. An analysis-period setting unit sets an analysis period for analyzing a cause of variation of the quality-control values between the events retrieved by the retrieving unit.10-06-2011
20100228376USE OF PREDICTION DATA IN MONITORING ACTUAL PRODUCTION TARGETS - A method and system for the use of prediction data in monitoring actual production targets is described herein. In one embodiment, a process is provided to receive data from a plurality of source systems in a manufacturing facility and generate a prediction pertaining to a future state of the manufacturing facility based on the data received from the plurality of source systems. A recent state of the manufacturing facility is determined based on the data received from the plurality of source systems and a comparison between the recent state and the prediction is facilitated.09-09-2010
20100228377METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE QUALITY OF INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES, IN PARTICULAR LASER-WELDING PROCESSES - A system and a method for controlling the quality of an industrial process, of the type that comprises the steps of: providing one or more reference signals for the industrial process; acquiring one or more real signals that are indicative of the quality of said industrial process; and comparing said one or more reference signals with said one or more real signals in order to identify defects in said industrial process. According to the invention, the method moreover comprises the operations of: obtaining a transformed signal from said reference signal; obtaining a transformed signal from said real signal; and calculating energies of said transformed reference signal and said real signal, respectively, said comparison operation comprising; comparing with one another said energies of said transformed reference signal and said transformed real signal, respectively, in order to extract corresponding time-frequency distribution for selected frequency values; calculating energies of said time-frequency distributions; and comparing the energies of said time-frequency distributions with threshold values in order to identify energy values associated to defects.09-09-2010
20090048701METHOD FOR REPORTING THE STATUS AND DRILL-DOWN OF A CONTROL APPLICATION IN AN AUTOMATED MANUFACTURING ENVIRONMENT - Disclosed are embodiments that provide near real-time monitoring of a control application in a manufacturing environment to detect and determine the root cause of faults within the control application. The embodiments monitor the flow of data within the control application during events (i.e., transactions, stages, process steps, etc.). By comparing a dataflow path for a near real-time event with historical dataflow path records, dataflow interruptions (i.e., fails) within the control application can be detected. By determining the location of such a dataflow interruption, the root cause of the control application fail can be determined. Additionally, the invention can generate summary reports indicating the status of the control application. For example, the summary reports can quantify the performance and/or the effectiveness of the control application. These summary reports can further be generated with drill downs to provide a user with direct access to the records upon which the reports were based.02-19-2009
20090048700METHOD FOR REPORTING THE STATUS OF A CONTROL APPLICATION IN AN AUTOMATED MANUFACTURING ENVIRONMENT - Disclosed are embodiments that provide near real-time monitoring of a control application in a manufacturing environment to detect and determine the root cause of faults within the control application. The embodiments monitor the flow of data within the control application during events (i.e., transactions, stages, process steps, etc.). By comparing a dataflow path for a near real-time event with historical dataflow path records, dataflow interruptions (i.e., fails) within the control application can be detected. By determining the location of such a dataflow interruption, the root cause of the control application fail can be determined. Additionally, the invention can generate summary reports indicating the status of the control application. These summary reports can further be generated with drill downs to provide a user with direct access to the records upon which the reports were based.02-19-2009
20090048702METHOD AND DEVICE FOR CONTROLLING ADVANCE OF A WEB MATERIAL, CORRESPONDING COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - Described herein is a system for controlling advance of a web material having characteristics of extensibility and comprising successive stretches of web for the production of respective articles, such as sanitary articles. In the passage from a delivery assembly to a treatment station functioning cyclically, the web material is subjected to extension. In order to ensure proper alignment of the individual articles with patterns or decorations provided thereon, the web must be fed to the treatment station in phase with the position reached by the treatment station within its operating cycle. A position sensor enables detection, for each stretch of web, of a real position of operation of the treatment station used for feeding the stretch of web itself to the treatment station with the aforesaid given phase relationship. A control module is able to detect the position error between the real position of operation and an ideal position of operation and to control the speed of operation of the delivery assembly to minimize the aforesaid position error. The system is configured for adaptively adjusting the aforesaid reference position so as to compensate for the variations of the characteristics of extensibility of the web material.02-19-2009
20100036517SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING APPARATUS - A semiconductor manufacturing apparatus includes a first program on a controller and a second program on an interface board between the controller and controlled devices. Both of the programs update their own counters and exchange their counter values with each other, serving as bi-directional software watchdog timers (WDT). If a counter value of the first program on the controller sent to the second program on the interface board is determined to be abnormal by the second program, the second program on the interface board sends commands to the controlled devices to terminate output so that the apparatus is navigated to a safe mode. The first program similarly monitors the counter values of the second program for anomalies. This bi-directional software WDT can be implemented as add-on to software programs that already exist in the controller and the interface board, therefore, this implementation does not incur extra cost of hardware of the apparatus.02-11-2010
20100063612SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR THE ON-MACHINE 2-D CONTOUR MEASUREMENT - The present invention provides a system and method for the on-machine 2-D contour measurement, employing the contour measurement, coordinate system transformation, error identification, and image matching theory in image processing field to develop the on-machine measurement of X-Y-plan manufacturing error of a micro device manufactured by a high-precision micro-device machine tool, contour error, and trace error.03-11-2010
20110178628N-CHANNEL FLOW RATIO CONTROLLER CALIBRATION - Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to methods of controlling gas flow in etching chambers. The methods generally include splitting a single process gas supply source into multiple inputs of separate process chambers, such that each chamber processes substrates under uniform processing conditions. The method generally includes using a mass flow controller as a reference for calibrating a flow ratio controller. A span correction factor may be determined to account for the difference between the actual flow and the measured flow through the flow ratio controller. The span correction factors may be used to determine corrected set points for each channel of the flow controller using equations provided herein. Furthermore, the set points of the flow ratio controller may be made gas-independent using additional equations provided herein.07-21-2011
20100057241MOLD PROTECTING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INJECTION MOLDING MACHINE - A mold protecting system for an injection molding machine includes a voltage source, a controller, a first mold, a second mold, a fixed platen, and a movable platen. The first mold is fixed to the movable platen. The second mold is fixed to the fixed platen. The controller from the voltage source to charge the first and second molds, and detects the capacitance between the first and second molds when the distance between the first and second molds equals a pre-set value. If the capacitance between the first and second molds is greater than a reference value, the controller controls the movable platen to stop moving.03-04-2010
20110251713DEFECT ANALYZER - The present invention provides methods, devices, and systems for analyzing defects in an object such as a semiconductor wafer. In one embodiment, it provides a method of characterizing defects in semiconductor wafers during fabrication in a semiconductor fabrication facility. This method comprises the following actions. The semiconductor wafers are inspected to locate defects. Locations corresponding to the located defects are then stored in a defect file. A dual charged-particle beam system is automatically navigated to the vicinity defect location using information from the defect file. The defect is automatically identified and a charged particle beam image of the defect is then obtained. The charged particle beam image is then analyzed to characterize the defect. A recipe is then determined for further analysis of the defect. The recipe is then automatically executed to cut a portion of the defect using a charged particle beam. The position of the cut is based upon the analysis of the charged particle beam image. Ultimately, a surface exposed by the charged particle beam cut is imaged to obtain additional information about the defect.10-13-2011
20110077765TOOL COMMONALITY AND STRATIFICATION ANALYSIS TO ENHANCE A PRODUCTION PROCESS - A method of analyzing production steps includes inputting application data associated with a production process having a plurality of process steps into a memory with each of the plurality of process steps including a plurality of tools. The method also includes loading process data associated with one of the plurality of process steps into the memory, performing a tool commonality analysis on each of the tools associated with the at least one of the plurality of process steps, identifying all tool-to-tool differences for the at least one of the plurality of process steps, performing a tool stratification analysis to identify one of the plurality of tools that provides the largest variance contribution to the at least one of the plurality of process steps, and stopping the one of the plurality of tools that provides the largest variance contribution to the at least one of the plurality of process steps.03-31-2011
20110077766AUTOMATED COLUMN PACKING METHOD - A method for automatically without any required manual interaction packing a media bed in a column (03-31-2011
20110071661SUBSTRATE PROCESSING SYSTEM - Provided is a substrate processing system, which comprises a substrate processing apparatus and a group management apparatus. The group management apparatus includes a communication part configured to communicate with the substrate processing apparatus, a first storage part configured to store data transmitted through the communication part from the substrate processing apparatus, a second storage part configured to store, when a predetermined abnormality is detected from at least the data, a file that prescribes an abnormality detection condition for detecting the abnormality, a display part including a manipulation screen configured to input a condition for detecting an abnormality by using the file or the data stored in the first storage part and/or the second storage part, and a screen control part configured to change, when an abnormality item for detecting an abnormality is selected from a plurality of abnormality items in the manipulation screen, the manipulation screen to a registration screen.03-24-2011
20120303150LARGE-SCALE COMPREHENSIVE REAL-TIME MONITORING FRAMEWORK FOR INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES - A method includes associating multiple real-time applications with a framework. The real-time applications include applications for monitoring or controlling equipment in at least one industrial facility. Each application has at least one input variable and at least one output variable. The method also includes identifying relationships between the input and output variables of the applications to identify data dependencies. The method further includes receiving data updates at the framework and notifying at least one of the applications of the data updates based on the data dependencies to support data-driven operation of the framework. The data-driven operation of the framework provides data to the applications to support performance monitoring of the equipment, analysis of the equipment's operation, and/or identification of abnormal equipment conditions.11-29-2012
20100332012ARRANGEMENT FOR IDENTIFYING UNCONTROLLED EVENTS AT THE PROCESS MODULE LEVEL AND METHODS THEREOF - A process-level troubleshooting architecture (PLTA) configured to facilitate substrate processing in a plasma processing system is provided. The architecture includes a process module controller. The architecture also includes a plurality of sensors, wherein each sensor of the plurality of sensors communicates with the process module controller to collect sensed data about one or more process parameters. The architecture further includes a process-module-level analysis server, wherein the process-module-level analysis server communicates directly with the plurality of sensors and the process module controller. The process-module-level analysis server is configured for receiving data, wherein the data include at least one of the sensed data from the plurality of sensors and process module and chamber data from the process module controller. The process-module-level analysis server is also configured for analyzing the data and sending interdiction data directly to the process module controller when a problem is identified during the substrate processing.12-30-2010
20100332013METHODS AND APPARATUS TO PREDICT ETCH RATE UNIFORMITY FOR QUALIFICATION OF A PLASMA CHAMBER - A method for predicting etch rate uniformity for qualifying health status of a processing chamber during substrate processing of substrates is provided. The method includes executing a recipe and receiving processing data from a first set of sensors. The method further includes analyzing the processing data utilizing a subsystem health check predictive model to determine calculated data, which includes at least one of etch rate data and uniformity data. The subsystem health check predictive model is constructed by correlating measurement data from a set of film substrates with processing data collected during analogous processing of a set of non-film substrates. The method yet also includes performing a comparison of the calculated data against a set of control limits as defined by the subsystem health check predictive model. The method yet further includes generating a warning if the calculated data is outside of the set of control limits.12-30-2010
20100100223PROCESS CONTROL USING PROCESS DATA AND YIELD DATA - A method for monitoring a manufacturing process features acquiring metrology data for semiconductor wafers at the conclusion of a final process step for the manufacturing process (“Step a”). Data is acquired for a plurality of process variables for a first process step for manufacturing semiconductor wafers (“Step b”). A first mathematical model of the first process step is created based on the metrology data and the acquired data for the plurality of process variables for the first process step (“Step c”). Steps b and c are repeated for at least a second process step for manufacturing the semiconductor wafers (“Step d”). An nth mathematical model is created based on the metrology data and the data for the plurality of process variables for each of the n process steps ('Step e“). A top level mathematical model is created based on the metrology data and the models created by steps c, d and e (”Step f'). The top level mathematical model of Step f is based on those process variables that have a substantial effect on the metrology data.04-22-2010
20120123584METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MONITORING BATCH PRODUCT MANUFACTURING - A system and method for monitoring product through a batch manufacturing plant is provided. The system includes, a parallel flow mode when product flows concurrently from at least two units to a single unit; and a serial flow mode where product flows from one unit to another at a given time, wherein the batch manufacturing plant is modeled based on the parallel and serial flow modes. A lot association is built based on product flow and a parent/child record is created for lot association. The system also includes a data collection system that collects phase information for every unit and a procedure identifier is used to create a batch identifier, where a batch identifier is associated with each lot on each unit through which product is flowing to and/or from at a given time.05-17-2012
20090319072Tag Label Producing Apparatus - This disclosure discloses a tag label producing apparatus comprising: a printing device; a transmitting/receiving device that performs information transmission/reception; a feeding device that feeds said tag medium; a coordination control portion; a communication determining portion that determines whether or not information transmission/reception has succeeded; and a decision portion that decides a feeding-stop condition for stopping feeding based on a feeding condition for the transmission/reception, and a feeding-condition for printing to a print area; wherein: said coordination control portion controls in coordination operations of said feeding device, said transmitting/receiving device, and said printing device so as to stop feeding based on said feeding-stop condition decided by said decision portion and to perform retry of said information transmission/reception when said communication determining portion determines that said information transmission/reception has failed.12-24-2009
20090287338SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SELECTING WAFER PROCESSING ORDER FOR CYCLICAL TWO PATTERN DEFECT DETECTION - A method of sequencing wafer processing order to minimize sequence correlation in a cyclical two pattern model by generating a set of sequences of wafer identifiers that each specify an order by which one or more fabrication equipments processes wafers of a wafer lot, where the wafer lot contains a number of slots and the fabrication equipments each includes a first subsystem for processing wafers in odd-numbered slots of the first wafer lot and a second subsystem for processing wafers in even-numbered slots of the first wafer lot, and where each of the generated wafer sequences contains exactly a number of wafer identifiers that match the wafer identifiers in every other wafer sequence indexed in the set.11-19-2009
20080243292METHOD OF DEFECT DETECTION BASED ON WAFER ROTATION - A method of identifying defect generating process of a plurality of lots of wafers in a manufacturing environment is provided, wherein each lots of the wafers are divided into a plurality of sub lots of wafers, and dividing all processes into groups of manufacturing stages, the method comprises the steps of: assigning all the sub lots a reference orientation to be processed in a first group of manufacturing stages; rotating one or more of sub lots by designated combination of rotational angles with respect to the reference orientation during each of the subsequent group of manufacturing stages; detecting a defect pattern of the sub lots, wherein the defect pattern corresponds to a rotational combination associated with the designated combination of rotational angles of the sub lots and the number of the plurality of sub lots; and identifying the group of manufacturing stages corresponding to the rotational combination.10-02-2008
20080243291Method and system for assessing and diagnosing control loop performance - The invention is a system for assessing and diagnosing performance of a control loop, comprising a Data Collection Section which collects data of two parameters of the control loop for an installed valve. The data collected is processed in a Linear Regression Section to generate a linear regression. A User Setting Port is provided to define the tolerance band and the boundary points. The generated linear regression, together with the defined tolerance band and boundary points are processed in a Linear Approximation Section to generate an acceptable reference region.10-02-2008
20120065764SYSTEM AND METHOD TO REDUCE PRE-BACK-GRINDING PROCESS DEFECTS - Processing defects arising during processing of a semiconductor wafer prior to back-grinding are reduced with systems and methods of sensor placement. One or more holes are bored into a chuck table for receiving semiconductor wafers, or a support table next to the chuck table. One or more sensors are disposed in the holes for monitoring parameters during a pre-back-grinding (PBG) process. A control box converts a set of signals received from the sensors. A computer-implemented process control tool receives the converted set of signals from the control box and determines whether the PBG process will continue.03-15-2012
20110257779Phase-locked Web Position Signal Using Web Fiducials - Approaches for enhancing web position determination involve phase locking a web movement encoder signal to a sensed web fiducial signal. Fiducials disposed along a longitudinal axis of a substrate are sensed and corresponding sensor signals are generated. An estimated web position is provided by one or more encoder signals. The phase difference between the sensor signals and the encoder signals is calculated and the web position error is determined based on the phase difference. The web position error signal can be fed back to adjust the encoder signals which improves the accuracy of the web position determination.10-20-2011
20090216360Constant velocity universal joint and quality control method for the same - A quality control method for a constant velocity universal joint 08-27-2009
20110054661DIRECT DRIVE ARRANGEMENT TO CONTROL CONFINEMENT RINGS POSITIONING AND METHODS THEREOF - A direct drive arrangement for controlling pressure volume within a confinement region of a processing chamber of a plasma processing system during substrate processing is provided. The confinement region is a chamber volume surrounded by confinement rings is provided. The arrangement includes plunger assemblies configured for changing the pressure of motor assemblies configured for vertically moving the plunger assemblies, and recording set point position values for the plunger assemblies. The arrangement further includes a set of circuits configured for driving the motor assemblies to move the plunger assemblies to change the pressure volume within the confinement region. The set of circuits is also configured for providing power to the motor assemblies. The set of circuits is further configured for receiving the set point position values from the motor assemblies.03-03-2011
20110054660APPARATUS AND METHOD - A machine comprising a first member (03-03-2011
20110022215APPARATUS TO DETECT FAULT CONDITIONS OF A PLASMA PROCESSING REACTOR - A method of fault detection for use in a plasma processing chamber is provided. The method comprises monitoring plasma parameters within a plasma chamber and analyzing the resulting information. Such analysis enables detection of failures and the diagnosis of failure modes in a plasma processing reactor during the course of wafer processing. The method comprises measuring the plasma parameters as a function of time and analyzing the resulting data. The data can be observed, characterized, compared with reference data, digitized, processed, or analyzed in any way to reveal a specific fault. Monitoring can be done with a detector such as a probe, which is preferably maintained within the plasma chamber substantively coplanar with a surface within the chamber, and directly measures net ion flux and other plasma parameters. The detector is preferably positioned at a grounded surface within the reactor such as a grounded showerhead electrode, and can be of a planar ion flux probe (PIF) type or a non-capacitive type. Chamber faults that can be detected include a build-up of process by-products in the process chamber, a helium leak, a match re-tuning event, a poor stabilization rate, and a loss of plasma confinement. If the detector is a probe, the probe can be embedded in a part of a plasma processing chamber and can comprises one or more gas feed-through holes.01-27-2011
20100332014ARRANGEMENT FOR IDENTIFYING UNCONTROLLED EVENTS AT THE PROCESS MODULE LEVEL AND METHODS THEREOF - A method for detecting an in-situ fast transient event within a processing chamber during substrate processing is provided. The method includes a set of sensors comparing a data set to a set of criteria (in-situ fast transient events) to determine if the first data set includes a potential in-situ fast transient event. If the first data set includes the potential in-situ fast transient event, the method also includes saving an electrical signature that occurs in a time period during which the potential in-situ fast transient event occurs. The method further includes comparing the electrical signature against a set of stored arc signatures. If a match is determined, the method yet also includes classifying the electrical signature as a first in-situ fast transient event and determining a severity level for the first in-situ fast transient event based on a predefined set of threshold ranges.12-30-2010
20090171494CONCEPT FOR MONITORING THE MANUFACTURE OF OBJECTS CONSISTING OF MULTIPLE MATERIAL LAYERS - The manufacture of an object consisting of multiple material layers successively built up one upon the other can be monitored in an advantageous manner in that after the application of a material layer, a height profile of a circumference of the object is established, such that after the application of each material layer, a comparison with a reference information can be used for evaluating whether the preceding production step delivered a result which enables to draw the conclusion of a faultless application of the material layer.07-02-2009
20110087359INTEGRATED CIRCUITS MODELING MANUFACTURING PROCEDURE AND MANUFACTURING SYSTEM UTILIZING THE SAME - An ICs modeling manufacturing procedure is disclosed. A first pattern is printed on a first surface of a printed circuit board (PCB). The first pattern includes a first barcode and a plurality of production codes. A plurality of elements are disposed on the first surface of the PCB. The PCB is heated to fix the elements on the first surface and secure the first pattern on the first surface of the PCB. When the first pattern is read, a first production information is obtained.04-14-2011
20090292387SURFACE DEFECT DATA DISPLAY AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND A METHOD OF DISPLAYING AND MANAGING A SURFACE DEFECT DATA - A surface defect data display and management system comprises a risk score calculation unit for calculating the magnitude of an influence a surface defect on a wafer detected by a wafer inspection system or review system has upon a reduction in the yield of a final product as a risk score of the surface defect based on a defect size of the surface defect on the wafer and a pattern concentration obtained from design data of a pattern figure nearby a location corresponding to the position of the surface defect, and a correlation graph and defect image display unit for preparing a correlation graph showing the correlation between the defect size and the risk score of each defect, displaying the prepared correlation graph on the display apparatus and displaying additionally a defect image list of one or more defects selected by using the correlation graph.11-26-2009
20110190921FLEXIBLE PROCESS CONDITION MONITORING - The present invention generally relates to a method for flexible process condition monitoring. In a process that utilizes RF power, the RF power may be applied at different levels during different points in the process. Software may be programmed to facilitate the monitoring of the different points in the process so that the acceptable deviation range of the RF power for each point in the process may be set to different values. For example, one phase of the process may permit a greater range of RF power deviation while a second phase may be much more particular and permit very little deviation. By programming software to permit each phase of the process to be uniquely monitored, a more precise RF process may be obtained.08-04-2011
20110190919Method of Controlling Semiconductor Device Fabrication - A semiconductor wafer fabrication metrology method in which process steps are characterised by a change in wafer mass, whereby during fabrication mass is used as a measurable parameter to implement statistical process control on the one or more of process steps. In one aspect, the shape of a measured mass distribution is compared with the shape of a predetermined characteristic mass distribution to monitor the process. An determined empirical relationship between a control variable of the process and the characteristic mass change may enable differences between the measured mass distribution and characteristic mass distribution to provide information about the control variable. In another aspect, the relative position of an individual measured wafer mass change in a current distribution provides information about individual wafer problems independently from general process problems.08-04-2011
20110190920PRODUCT AUTHENTICATION - The present invention provides methods, reagents, and apparatus for authenticating products. Methods of the invention are easy to implement but difficult to replicate, simulate, alter, transpose, or tamper with. In particular, the present invention relates to a product authentication code defined by a signature array of a population of entities, and its use thereof.08-04-2011
20100030361RE-CERTIFICATION SYSTEM FOR A FLOW CONTROL APPARATUS - A flow control apparatus includes a flow control apparatus adapted to load a re-certification feeding set. The apparatus further includes a software subsystem in communication with the flow control apparatus having a re-certification procedure that determines whether a user has performed manual tests on the apparatus to verify that at least one component of the apparatus is functioning within a predetermined operational range. The subsystem disables automatic testing if it determines that manual testing has not been performed and executes a reiterative process prompting the user to conduct manual testing if the subsystem determines that manual testing has been performed.02-04-2010
20100023153Wireless qualifier for monitoring and controlling a tool - This device is a wireless tool qualifier that verifies that the correct number of fasteners have been properly installed into an assembly. When used in conjunction with a wireless tool, proper fastener torque and count can be verified. In another embodiment, the wireless qualifier is used with a tool having a self-contained internal power supply (battery). The qualifier is configured to wake up and come out of its low-current sleep state when a conditioned signal is greater than a reference signal. The qualifier is configured to monitor the tool when the tool is awake.01-28-2010
20100017010MONITORING A PROCESS SECTOR IN A PRODUCTION FACILITY - Monitoring a process sector in a production facility includes establishing a tool defect index associated with a process sector in the production facility. The tool defect index includes a signal representing a defect factor associated with a tool in the process sector. Monitoring the process also requires determining whether the defect factor is a known defect factor or an unknown defect factor, and analyzing a unit from the tool if the defect factor is an unknown defect factor. Monitoring the process further requires identifying at least one defect on the unit from the tool, establishing that the at least one defect is a significant defect, determining cause of the significant defect, and creating an alert indicating that the tool associated with the process sector is producing units having significant defects.01-21-2010
20100138027METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IN-LINE QUALITY CONTROL OF WAFERS - A method and apparatus for in-line mechanical quality control of wafers, the method allows for fast detection of cracks including the determination of their size and position on a wafer. The method comprises steps of coupling the wafer and an actuator and exciting a superposition of ultrasonic vibrations in the wafer by sweeping the frequency of the actuator simultaneously around at least two predetermined resonance peaks, recording the resonance frequency, amplitude and bandwidth of resonant frequency curves and comparing that with the resonance frequency, amplitude and bandwidth of reference frequency curves recorded for a mechanically sound crack-free standard wafer. Based on the comparison a reject-accept command is generated using a statistical rejection algorithm.06-03-2010
20080319568METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CREATING ARRAY DEFECT PARETOS USING ELECTRICAL OVERLAY OF BITFAIL MAPS, PHOTO LIMITED YIELD, YIELD, AND AUTO PATTERN RECOGNITION CODE DATA - A method for creating defect array paretos for semiconductor manufacturing, the method includes: merging a set of ETPLY data {the electrical overlay of bitfail map (BFM) data with inline photo inspection (PLY) data), and auto pattern recognition code (APRC) failure data to create an electrical failure data set along with a set of inline photo inspection defects that caused electrical failures; merging the APRC failure data with wafer final test (WFT) sort data to delineate array failures that are repairable from array failures that are not repairable for the calculation of kill ratios; wherein the merging of the APRC failure data with the WFT sort data is used to create paretos of APRC codes that are array failures that are not repairable; and wherein the merging of the APRC failure data with the WFT sort data is used to create paretos of APRC codes for semiconductor devices that are repairable at wafer final test.12-25-2008
20110307091Air Disk Brake Caliper Pre-Stressing Method and Pre-Stressed Caliper Apparatus - A cast iron brake caliper with improved fatigue life, and a process and process equipment for pre-stressing a cast iron brake caliper to provide improved fatigue life, is provided. In the process, a load is applied to a cast iron caliper, where the load is high enough to locally yield and plastically deform the cast iron material, but not high enough to cause material failure, such as cracking. Upon load removal, residual compressive stresses in the cast iron caliper lower the mid-point of the stress range the plastically-deformed region of the caliper sees during in-service use, and thereby lowers the peak stress seen in this region, increasing fatigue life. The process permits a cast iron brake caliper to be designed to use less material and thus fit within constrained wheel rim envelopes, without the need to resort to high cost materials or other alternative design strategies.12-15-2011
20110066275PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A monitoring system includes a control circuit configured to determine scrap values, yield values, and remainder values for at least a first operation and a second operation. The control circuit is configured to transmit one or more display signals. The one or more display signals include instructions to display a first operation status bar and a second operation status bar. The first operation status bar includes a first operation yield value, a first operation scrap value, and a first operation remainder value. The second operation status bar includes a second operation yield value, a second operation scrap value, and a second operation remainder value.03-17-2011
20120041583MEASUREMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method of measuring planar defects in a substrate may include positioning a sensor proximate to an area configured to receive a substrate.02-16-2012
20120150335Performance Monitoring Of Advanced Process Control Systems - Techniques are described for monitoring the performance of advanced process control (APC) systems used to control complex industrial processes. By correlating an alarm status of the APC system with an alarm status associated with the service factor (or service factor thresholds), a plant operator can understand how well the APC system performs over time, as well as identify when operator intervention may be required (or alternatively, may be the source of poor plant performance). Accordingly, embodiments of the invention can significantly impact both the reliability and efficiency of complex industrial process, e.g., the production of industrial gases using air separation units (ASUs) and steam methane reformer (SMR) furnaces.06-14-2012
20120150334Integrated Fault Detection And Analysis Tool - As described, a neural network based fault detection and analysis tool may be integrated with a physical (or semi physical) model based fault detection and analysis tool. The physical modeling tool provides a mathematical model of plant processes, e.g., a set of mass/energy balance equations modeling the systems at a specific plant. In contrast, the neural network develops a model of a given set of sensors from process data. One advantage of the neural network based tool is that it does not require fundamental knowledge of the process. However, the neural network is only valid for the conditions for which it was trained (i.e., conditions represented by a set of training data). Therefore, the neural network will occasionally need to be re-trained as the process conditions change. In contrast, the physical modeling tool based tool does not need to be retrained and remains valid for all process conditions accounted for in the fundamental models.06-14-2012
20120150336Systems and Methods for Detecting and Rejecting Defective Absorbent Articles from A Converting Line - The present disclosure relates to systems and processes for detecting and rejecting defective absorbent articles from a converting line. In particular, the systems and methods may utilize feedback from technologies, such as vision systems, sensors, remote input and output stations, and controllers with synchronized embedded clocks to accurately correlate inspection results and measurements from an absorbent article converting process. As such, the systems and methods may accurately apply the use of precision clock synchronization for both instrumentation and control system devices on a non-deterministic communications network. In turn, the clock synchronized control and instrumentation network may be used to control a reject system on converters of absorbent articles. In some embodiments, the controller will reject only defective absorbent articles without the need to reject non-defective absorbent articles.06-14-2012
20120041584ENDPOINT DETECTION DEVICE FOR REALIZING REAL-TIME CONTROL OF PLASMA REACTOR, PLASMA REACTOR WITH ENDPOINT DETECTION DEVICE, AND ENDPOINT DETECTION METHOD - An endpoint detection device, a plasma reactor with the endpoint detection device, and an endpoint detection method are provided. The endpoint detection device includes an OES data operation unit, a data selector, a product generator, an SVM, and an endpoint determiner. The OES data operation unit processes reference OES data by normalization and PCA. The data selector selects part of the linear reference loading vectors and selects part of the selected linear reference loading vectors. The product generator outputs at least one reference product value. The SVM performs regression and outputs a prediction product value. The endpoint determiner detects a process wafer etch or deposition endpoint and outputs a detection signal.02-16-2012
20090276077METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SEMICONDUCTOR PROCESS CONTROL AND MONITORING BY USING PCA MODELS OF REDUCED SIZE - By dividing a complex set of parameters of a production process in forming semiconductor devices into individual blocks, respective PCA models may be established for each block and may thereafter be combined by operating on summary statistics of each model block in order to evaluate the complete initial parameter set. Thus, compared to conventional strategies, a significant reduction of the size of the combined PCA model compared to a single PCA model may be obtained, while also achieving an enhanced degree of flexibility in evaluating various subsets of parameters.11-05-2009
20120046778DEFECT ANALYZING METHOD AND DEFECT ANALYZING APPARATUS - A defect analyzing method according to the present invention includes: acquiring a position and a size of a defect obtained in a defect inspection of a semiconductor device and a waveform of a reflected light in a region which includes the defect, the waveform being obtained in an optical inspection; acquiring process step information which includes a plurality of process steps to manufacture the semiconductor device and a processing content per the process step; performing a process simulation of the semiconductor device based on the position and the size of the defect and the process step information; performing an optical simulation on a result of the process simulation thereby to generate a waveform of a reflected light; calculating a similarity degree between the acquired waveform of the reflected light and the generated waveform of the reflected light; and judging whether or not the calculated similarity degree exceeds a threshold value registered in advance.02-23-2012
20120004758Method and System for Excursion Monitoring in Optical Lithography Processes in Micro Device Fabrication - A process monitoring system may detect out-of-control situations on the basis of a single criterion for a plurality of different lithography processes. To this end, each data set related to a specific type of lithography process may be processed so as to determine relative data, which may be centered around the same mean value for each of the different process types for a standard control situation.01-05-2012
20110093111METHOD OF MANUFACTURING AN INFORMATION HANDLING SYSTEM - A method of manufacturing an information handling system having at least one hardware component, e.g. motherboard, bearing a unique identifier (component ID) in software-readable form. The method comprises generating a digital identifier (system trackcode) which defines the hardware and software configuration of the item, storing the system trackcode in association with the component ID in a manufacturing database such that the component ID can be used as a key to retrieve the associated system trackcode. During manufacture the component ID is read from the motherboard and used to retrieve the associated system trackcode from the database.04-21-2011
20110093110SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR OPTIMIZING A PRODUCTION PROCESS USING ELECTROMAGNETIC-BASED LOCAL POSITIONING CAPABILITIES - A system includes a handheld tool for executing steps of a sequence within a work cell. An electromagnetic marker connected to the tool emits a magnetic field within the cell. A receptor detects the magnetic field and generates a raw position signal in response thereto. A control unit updates an assembly setting of the tool. The host executes a control action when a position determined using the raw data is not equal to an expected position in the sequence. A method calculates the present position of a torque wrench using magnetic fields generated by the marker and measured by a receptor array, and calculates a present position of the tool or a fastener. The present position of the fastener may be compared to an expected position in the calibrated sequence, and the torque wrench may be disabled when the fastener position is not equal to the expected position.04-21-2011
20120072002MANUFACTURING PROCESS MONITORING SYSTEM AND MANUFACTURING PROCESS MONITORING METHOD - According to one embodiment, a manufacturing process monitoring system for monitoring anomaly in a manufacturing process for products, the system includes an information storage section, a selection information section, a reference space formation section and a monitoring section. The information storage section is configured to store previously collected data. The selection information section is configured to create information used in classifying the data stored in the information storage section. The reference space formation section is configured to form a reference space based on data subjected to anomaly monitoring acquired in the manufacturing process and the data classified by the information from the data stored in the information storage section. The monitoring section is configured to monitor anomaly of the data subjected to anomaly monitoring based on the reference space.03-22-2012
20120072003IMPRINTING METHOD, SEMICONDUCTOR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT MANUFACTURING METHOD AND DROP RECIPE CREATING METHOD - According to one embodiment, a defect inspection is made on a pattern transferred on substrates to be processed, thereby generating defect image data. When a defect is detected, a defect contour is extracted from the generated image data, the extracted defect contour is reflected on a pattern of the semiconductor integrated circuit and a first drop recipe is generated based on the pattern data on which the defect contour is reflected. A drop recipe used for applying a hardening resin material is updated with the generated first drop recipe.03-22-2012
20120123583Controlling a Discrete-Type Manufacturing Process with a Multivariate Model - Described are methods, systems, and a computer-readable storage medium for controlling a discrete-type manufacturing process (e.g., an injection molding process) with a multivariate model. Data representing process parameters, operating parameters, or both of the manufacturing process are received. The received data is compared with a multivariate model that approximates the manufacturing process to provide a result. Upon the result of the comparing satisfying a condition, one or more values for a set of operating parameters for the manufacturing process are determined. When the one or more determined values for the set of operating parameters satisfies a criterion, at least one operating parameter of the manufacturing process is updated.05-17-2012
20110035043METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR WIRELESS TRANSMISSION OF DIAGNOSTIC INFORMATION - The present disclosure provides a system for fabricating a semiconductor device. The system includes a semiconductor fabrication tool. The semiconductor fabrication tool has an integrated inter interface that measures a first process parameter of the fabrication tool. The system also includes a wireless sensor. The wireless sensor is detachably coupled to the fabrication tool. The wireless sensor measures a second process parameter of the fabrication tool. The second process parameter is different from the first process parameter.02-10-2011
20110106289METHOD FOR MONITORING AN INDUSTRIAL PLANT - A method for monitoring plants, in particular complex plants in the iron and steel industry, having the steps of recording at least two channels of measurement data of a plant, if appropriate storing the measurement data, defining a target channel from the measurement data, preprocessing the measurement data, preparing at least one model of the target channel on the basis of the measurement data, and using the model thus generated and currently determined measurement data to detect fault conditions of the plant. This is to monitor industrial plants to improve the quality of the recorded measurement data of the plant, and reduce the volume of the measurement data, without a significant loss of information. Preprocessing the measurement data are subjected to the method steps of 1) detecting and eliminating “zero channels”, 2) detecting and eliminating outliers, 3) filtering, and 4) downsampling.05-05-2011
20100094449SYSTEM FOR REJECTION OF TABLETS PRODUCED IN A ROTARY TABLET PRESS AND A METHOD OF REJECTION OF TABLETS - A system for rejection of tablets produced in a rotary tablet press comprises pan ejection nozzle for sorting out defective tablets. The ejection nozzle is supplied with compressed gas through a supply line having an inlet end for connection with a source of compressed gas and an outlet end communicating with the ejection nozzle. The supply line is provided with a control valve controlled by a control unit in order to open the supply line when a defective tablet has been detected by the control unit. Furthermore, the supply line is provided with a sensor arranged between the control valve and the inlet end of the supply line and adapted to detect a variable indicative of a gas flow through the control valve in order for the control unit to generate an error signal in the case of malfunction of the control valve.04-15-2010
20100249976METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR EVALUATING A MACHINE TOOL OPERATING CHARACTERISTICS - A method and system for evaluating a performance of a semiconductor manufacturing tool while manufacturing microelectronic devices are disclosed. At least one report is generated based on executions of at least one statistical test. The report includes at least one heat map having rows that correspond to sensors, columns that correspond to trace data obtained during recipe steps, and cells at the intersection of the rows and the columns. At least one sensor in the tool obtains trace data of a recipe step while manufacturing at least one microelectronic device. A computing device analyzes the obtained trace data to determine a level of operational significance found in the data and assigns a score to the trace data that indicates a level of operational significance. Then, the computing device places the score in a corresponding cell of the heat map. A user uses the cell for evaluating the tool performance.09-30-2010
20100249977METHOD FOR DETERMINING PROPERTIES OF THREE-DIMENSIONAL OBJECTS - The invention relates to a method for determining properties of three-dimensional objects that have been produced by a generative method, in particular by a thermal generative method. The problem solved is that of providing a nondestructive test method by which the density of such objects can be determined and possible component defects can be identified. This is achieved by firstly completely immersing the three-dimensional object in a dyeing liquor, removing it from the dyeing liquor after a defined residence time, then washing it off, drying it and exposing it to a vacuum and subsequently subjecting it to an image-analytical evaluation by determining the intensity of the colouration by apparatus technology, wherein an assessment with regard to density and component defects of the three-dimensional object is effected by a comparison of the image-analytical characteristic values of colouration and reference data stored beforehand by computer technology.09-30-2010
20120130526Air Wipe and Sheet Guide Temperature Control on Paper and Continuous Web Scanners - Paper and continuous web scanners operate at varying and high temperature conditions. Regulating the temperature within the measurement gap between dual scanner heads during measurement and calibration modes of operation by employing air wipe and sheet guide temperature control assures consistent and accuracy sensor measurements of sheet characteristics. Air wipes blow pre-heated air into the measurement and the sheet guides are heated. The air temperature fluctuations that otherwise caused significant adverse effects on the sensors that measure, for example, the basis weight, ash content, and thickness of the moving sheet, are eliminated.05-24-2012
20100217424CERAMIC CONTAMINATION CONTROL PROCESSES - Trace cross-contamination in mixtures or preforms of plasticized ceramic-forming powder mixtures, arising for example in manufacturing facilities where components of one ceramic product being manufactured can contaminate mixtures for another product to be manufactured, are controlled by one or more of: the targeted decontamination of shared production lines, rapid trace analysis of the mixtures to establish the presence and/or concentration levels of contaminants, the application of statistical models to project final product properties based on the analyzed concentrations, and decisional analysis of appropriate corrective actions based on the statistical projections.08-26-2010
20120136469PRINTING PRESS CONTROL SYSTEM (XINK) - A system for controlling the operation of a printing press used to apply an aqueous printable electrically conductive ink onto a substrate to create electrically conductive traces of such ink includes a probe for contacting the electrical traces and for obtaining a resistance measurement therefrom. A computer receives the resistance measurement, compares such measurement with pre-selected data correlating resistance with acceptable performance criteria for such traces, determines whether such resistance measurement signifies acceptable performance, and signals an appropriate mechanism for identifying those electrical traces which do not meet the acceptable performance criteria. Unacceptable traces are removed from the press prior to further processing. The computer can also signal an ink replenishment or conditioning system, contained in a replaceable cartridge, to correct any abnormalities in the ink properties.05-31-2012
20120136470PROCESS FOR IMPROVING THE PRODUCTION OF PHOTOVOLTAIC PRODUCTS - Methods and apparatuses for manufacturing photovoltaic products include an assessment of each product in a production line for suitability, and assigning a grade based either on assessment of the product at that step, comparison to statistical analysis of assessment results of previous products at that step or comparison of previous assessment results of past steps compared to statistical analysis of cumulative assessment results of past products at those steps. Products can be associated into groups for processing as a group based on the grades and downstream equipment can be adjusted based on the grade of the group to bring the group within determined tolerances.05-31-2012
20110184547SYSTEM FOR MONITORING PLANT EQUIPMENT - A system for monitoring plant equipment is provided. Another aspect provides an automated analysis system wherein software instructions operably compare sensor data to predefined valves and determine mechanical problems in multiple machines. In another aspect, a cement manufacturing system includes sensors for sensing movement conditions of cement making machines. A further aspect provides a central computer connected to vibration sensors associated with cement making machines, where software instructions perform real-time comparisons and machine performance determinations, based at least in part on sensed signals.07-28-2011
20100174396Ontology Model to Accelerate Engineering Analysis in Manufacturing - An engineering analysis tool comprises a unified resource model-based (URM) objective and tool mapping capability for linking engineering analysis objectives to analysis tools. A Markov chain-based analysis plan generator (APTG) for reusing engineering analysis plans may be included in the engineering analysis tool. Further, the engineering analysis tool comprises a graphic symptom capturer (GSC) that auto-captures engineering perceived fault symptoms from engineering data analysis (EDA) tools.07-08-2010
20100049355METHOD FOR DETERMINING TOOL'S PRODUCTION QUALITY - A method for determining manufacturing tool production quality includes providing a table with manufacturing process data. The table is analyzed and a contingency table is established. The contingency table comprises several manufacturing tools, manufacturing processes, and the number of occurrences of bad lots. Split the contingency table up into a plurality of sub-tables. Use Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel test for determining the number of bad lots produced by the manufacturing tools and getting a plurality of statistics. Translate the statistics into a plurality of P-values. Sort the P-values for examining data automatically. Draw a line chart for detecting substandard manufacturing tools. As a result, users can diagnose the quality of the manufacturing tools.02-25-2010
20100049356REMOTE TEST FACILITY WITH WIRELESS INTERFACE TO LOCAL TEST FACILITIES - A central test facility transmits wirelessly test data to a local test facility, which tests electronic devices using the test data. The local test facility transmits wirelessly response data generated by the electronic devices back to the central test facility, which analyzes the response data to determine which electronic devices passed the testing. The central test facility may provide the results of the testing to other entities, such as a design facility where the electronic devices were designed or a manufacturing facility where the electronic devices where manufactured. The central test facility may accept requests for test resources from any of a number of local test facilities, schedule test times corresponding to each test request, and at a scheduled test time, wirelessly transmits test data to a corresponding local test facility.02-25-2010
20100049354Method and Apparatus for Ensuring the Dimensional Constancy of Multisegment Physical Structures During Assembly - The invention relates to a method for ensuring the dimensional constancy of multisegment physical structures, in particular aircraft structures, during assembly, having the following steps: a spatially-fixed three-dimensional coordinate system (02-25-2010
20100049353SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING APPARATUS EQUIPPED WITH WAFER INSPECTION DEVICE AND INSPECTION TECHNIQUES - A semiconductor manufacturing apparatus includes a processing unit for processing at least one wafer; a loading/unloading unit for loading/unloading at least wafer; an input/output chamber for taking in a processed wafer from the processing unit and taking out the processed wafer to the loading/unloading unit, and taking in a unprocessed wafer from the loading/unloading unit and taking out the unprocessed wafer to the reaction unit; and a wafer inspection device for inspecting the processed wafer through a light transmittable top portion of the input/output chamber, through which light is transmittable, while the processed wafer is temporarily placed in the input/output chamber.02-25-2010
20100298965LED ARRAY - Methods for fabricating light-emitting diode (LED) array structures comprising multiple vertical LED stacks coupled to a single metal substrate is provided. The LED array structure may comprise two, three, four, or more LED stacks arranged in any configuration. Each of the LED stacks may have an individual external connection to make a common anode array since the p-doped regions of the LED stacks are all coupled to the metal substrate, or some to all of the n-doped regions of the LED stacks may be electrically connected to create a parallel LED array. Such LED arrays may offer better heat conduction and improved matching of LED characteristics (e.g., forward voltage and emission wavelength) between the individual LED stacks compared to conventional LED arrays.11-25-2010
20100268369ELECTRONIC COMPONENT MOUNTING APPARATUS AND STOPPING METHOD OF ELECTRONIC COMPONENT MOUNTING APPARATUS - According to the invention, a foreign matter detection unit detecting an entry of an unexpected foreign matter that is other than the substrates by light transmitting optical sensors 10-21-2010
20100268368ELECTRONIC DEVICE HISTORY RECORD AND PRODUCT RELEASE SYSTEM - A method for monitoring the manufacture of molded ophthalmic lenses is disclosed.10-21-2010
20100268367METHOD FOR BIN-BASED CONTROL - A method for providing bin-based control when manufacturing integrated circuit devices is disclosed. The method comprises performing a plurality of processes on a plurality of wafer lots; determining a required bin quantity, an actual bin quantity, and a projected bin quantity; comparing the determined required bin quantity with the determined actual bin quantity and determined projected bin quantity; and modifying at least one of the plurality of processes on the plurality of wafer lots if the determined actual bin quantity and determined projected bin quantity fail to satisfy the determined required bin quantity.10-21-2010
20120259447Surface Figure Test Method For Large Convex Optical Surfaces - A method of testing figure quality of a convex mirror in which an optical quality substrate material is used. The substrate has a front convex surface that has to be polished and figured to high accuracy, typically λ/10 (HeNe), and a rear concave surface which only needs to be polished and figured to moderate surface figure accuracy, typically about 1-λ (HeNe). Three separate interferometric null tests are then carried out to produce three independent sets of optical path difference (OPD) data. Null lenses, or nulling computer generated holograms (CGHs), are designed and used as needed in each test setup so that spherical aberration is corrected. All three separate interferometric tests are either ideal null tests, or near null tests. From the three sets of OPD data, surface figure errors on the rear and front surfaces of the test optic, h10-11-2012
20120330452Capturing Data During Operation of an Industrial Controller for the Debugging of Control Programs - An industrial controller module (12-27-2012
20120271447CONTROL DEVICE FOR PREVENTING MEANDERING OF PATTERNS ON PATTERNED FILMS - A control device for preventing meandering of patterns for use in a patterned film manufacturing device which includes a film transferring equipment and a pattern forming equipment, includes a marking unit that forms markings on a predetermined reference position on the film, a recognizing unit that is located at the rear of the marking unit and recognizes positions of the markings on the film, a computing unit that computes an amount of meandering based on differences between the reference position and the recognized positions of the markings, a control unit that generates a correction signal for correcting positions of the marking unit and the pattern forming equipment corresponding to the computed the amount of meandering, and a correction unit that receives the correction signal and corrects positions of the marking unit and the pattern forming equipment based on the received correction signal.10-25-2012
20080319569Lithographic Projection Apparatus and Method for Controlling a Support Structure - A control system controls a support structure of a lithographic apparatus. A first measurement system measures the position of a substrate supported by the support structure, in a first coordinate system. A second measurement system measures the position of the support structure in a second coordinate system, the first measurement system having a presumed position in the second coordinate system. A controller controls the position of the support structure based on measurements by the second measurement system, to convert the measured position of the substrate into a converted position of the support structure in the second coordinate system, to position the support structure based on the converted position, to receive a position error signal indicative of a difference between the presumed position and an actual position of the first measurement system in the second coordinate system, and to position the support structure dependent upon the position error signal.12-25-2008
20100234978METHOD FOR FINDING THE CORRELATION BETWEEN THE TOOL PM AND THE PRODUCT YIELD - A method for finding the correlation between tool PM (prevention maintenance) and the product yield of the tool is disclosed. The method uses a moving average method to magnify a curve trend that is formed by the product yield data that is captured during a predetermined days before PM and after PM. The magnified curve trend is shown by a Cumulative sum chart. The Cumulative sum chart is analyzed for informing related workers of the effect between the tool PM and the product yield, so as to accurately estimate PM timing. Thereby, via the method, the effect between the tool PM and the product yield may be determined, which serves as an important reference for workers to execute further PM.09-16-2010
20100234977Controlling Cutting of Continuously Fabricated Composite Parts with Nondestructive Evaluation - An apparatus may comprise a nondestructive evaluation system and a cutting system. The nondestructive evaluation system may be configured to inspect a processed portion of a structure. The nondestructive evaluation system may be configured to determine whether an inconsistency is present in the processed portion. The nondestructive evaluation system may also be configured to generate information about a location of the inconsistency. The cutting system may be configured to cut a number of parts out of the processed portion of the structure in which the inconsistency may be at least substantially excluded from the number of parts.09-16-2010
20110276170ENHANCING INVESTIGATION OF VARIABILITY BY INCLUSION OF SIMILAR OBJECTS WITH KNOWN DIFFERENCES TO THE ORIGINAL ONES - A system, method and/or computer program product for analyzing a functionality of at least two manufactured products obtain a first characteristic of a first manufactured product. The system acquires a second characteristic of a second manufactured product. The system identifies a common feature between the first characteristic and the second characteristic. The system identifies a distinguishable feature between the first characteristic and the second characteristic. The system determines a cause of a deviation of a functionality in the first manufactured product or the second manufactured product or both manufactured products based on the identified common feature or the identified distinguishable feature or both features.11-10-2011
20110288674APPARATUS FOR MANAGING A HOLDER, APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING A LAYERED SEMICONDUCTOR AND METHOD FOR MANAGING A HOLDER - Management of the holding member that holds the semiconductor substrate is efficiently implemented. Provided is a holding member management apparatus that manages a substrate holding member that holds a semiconductor substrate in a manufacturing apparatus that manufactures a stacked semiconductor apparatus by joining a plurality of semiconductor substrates; comprising a history storing part that stores the usage history of the substrate holding member in association with identification information that specifies the substrate holding member and a holding member specifying part that specifies and outputs identification information of the substrate holding member whose usage is to be suspended based on the usage history stored in the history storing part.11-24-2011
20090088884MANUFACTURING AUTOMATION SYSTEM COMPONENTS COMPATIBILITY AND PERFORMANCE TESTING WITH INTEGRATED VIRTUAL AND REAL ENVIRONMENT - A system and method for providing an integrated virtual and real emulation environment for a manufacturing process to provide component compatibility testing and system performance prediction. In one embodiment, a real manufacturing system includes one or more real components that are controlled by a programmable logic controller. The real component can be replaced with a virtual component to determine whether it is compatible in the process, where the programmable controller sends signals to and receive signals from the virtual component as if it were the real component. For system performance prediction, a virtual manufacturing process is provided that includes virtual components where the virtual process is controlled by a programmable logic control as if it were a real process to determine the performance of a real system using the virtual process.04-02-2009
20100198389PATTERNED WAFER INSPECTION SYSTEM USING A NON-VIBRATING CONTACT POTENTIAL DIFFERENCE SENSOR - A method and system for inspecting a surface of a material having a repeating pattern of relative work function. The method and system processes sensor data to identify data characteristic of the repeating pattern, and the sensor data is then further processed to remove the data characteristic of the repeating data, leading to a characteristic of non-uniformities of the material surface.08-05-2010
20100174395INTEGRATED TESTING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR VALIDATION OF A MANUFACTURING AUTOMATION SYSTEM - A method of testing a physical manufacturing automation system for manufactured work pieces is provided via a testing system and includes connecting a computer-simulated manufacturing automation system to a controller of the physical manufacturing automation system, wherein the computer-simulated manufacturing automation system is configured to represent a portion of the physical manufacturing automation system, including a simulated work piece. The method then includes concurrently running the physical manufacturing automation system and the computer-simulated manufacturing automation system via the controller, with the physical automation system running in the absence of the physical work pieces.07-08-2010
20100168899PRODUCT VERIFICATION SYSTEM - A product verification system with at least two machines that communicate with each other by an inferred mechanism is provided. The first machine is a handler and the second machine is a tester. The second machine is coupled to a product, and performs a test procedure on the product according to a test command from the first machine. The test result is collected and transmitted back to the first machine by the second machine.07-01-2010
20080243290METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MONITORING THE QUALITY OF A MACHINING OPERATION - A method for monitoring the quality of a machining operation, such as a friction stir welding operation, in which a tool is rotatably driven by a motor during the machining operation. The energy consumption of the motor is determined from the initiation and to the completion of the machining operation. That energy consumption is then compared against a predetermined energy threshold. In the event that the energy consumed during the machining operation is less than the predetermined threshold, an error signal is generated.10-02-2008
20090118857Method of Controlling a Fabrication Process Using an Iso-Dense Bias - Embodiments of controlling a fabrication process using an iso-dense bias are generally described herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.05-07-2009
20080221722Methods of interfacing nanomaterials for the monitoring and execution of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes - Methods of interfacing nanomaterials used to monitor and execute the pharmaceutical manufacturing process are disclosed herein. The nanomaterials are useful to provide a plurality of analysis to the manufacturing process. Consequently, the methods provide a means to perform validation and quality manufacturing on an integrated level whereby pharmaceutical manufacturers can achieve data and product integrity and ultimately minimize cost.09-11-2008
20130096711Cigarette Package Coding System and Associated Method - A package coding system for a cigarette manufacturing process is provided. An imprinting device imprints an alphanumeric code on each of a series of cigarette packages. A conveyor device conveys the cigarette packages in a feed direction. An inspection device is operably engaged with the conveyor device and inspects the alphanumeric code imprinted on each cigarette package conveyed by the conveyor device to determine whether any of the cigarette packages includes a defect in the imprinted alphanumeric code, and thus comprises a defective cigarette package. A removal device is operably engaged with the conveyor device and is configured to be in communication with the inspection device. The removal device is configured to remove the defective cigarette package from the series of cigarette packages conveyed by the conveyor device in response to identification thereof by the inspection device. An associated method is also provided.04-18-2013
20130103178ENHANCING INVESTIGATION OF VARIABILITY BY INCLUSION OF SIMILAR OBJECTS WITH KNOWN DIFFERENCES TO THE ORIGINAL ONES - A system, method and/or computer program product for analyzing a functionality of at least two manufactured products obtain a first characteristic of a first manufactured product. The system acquires a second characteristic of a second manufactured product. The system identifies a common feature between the first characteristic and the second characteristic. The system identifies a distinguishable feature between the first characteristic and the second characteristic. The system determines a cause of a deviation of a functionality in the first manufactured product or the second manufactured product or both manufactured products based on the identified common feature or the identified distinguishable feature or both features.04-25-2013
20080208381PRODUCT REPAIR SUPPORT SYSTEM, PRODUCT MANUFACTURING SYSTEM, AND PRODUCT MANUFACTURING METHOD - A product repair support system is configured to support repair of a product rejected in an inspection based on a prescribed inspection standard. The product repair support system includes: repair information storage part; reference information storage part; and repair condition optimization part. The repair information storage part is configured to store a result of the inspection of the repaired product as repair information. The reference information storage part is configured to store reference information related to the product. The repair condition optimization part is configured to determine appropriateness of a repair condition or selection of the repair condition on basis of the repair information and, in response to a determination of being inappropriate, to optimize data of the repair condition or the selection on basis of at least one of the repair information and the reference information.08-28-2008
20100286811Residual Layer Thickness Measurement and Correction - In nano-imprint lithography it is important to detect thickness non-uniformity of a residual layer formed on a substrate. Such non-uniformity is compensated such that a uniform residual layer may be formed. Compensation is performed by calculating a corrected fluid drop pattern.11-11-2010
20110313559Use Of Printed Circuit Board, Electronic Component, And Semi-Conductor Assembly Equipment For The Assembly Of Razors And Components Thereof - The invention discloses a novel application of standard printed circuit board (PCB) assembly modules, electronic assembly, and/or semiconductor assembly equipment for the assembly of consumer products, such as razor cartridges. In addition, nozzles of the pick/place component placement machine of the present invention may be desirably adapted to operate on type of razor cartridge component (e.g., blade, lubricating strip) disposed on a pallet. The adapted nozzle may include adaptors which may have an elongated portion, an angled portion, a tapered portion, a gripper portion, a curved portion, a rounded portion, a pointed tip, a stamper, a marker, a printer, a guide portion, a spring portion, a moveable leg, or any combination thereof, for operating on a razor cartridge component.12-22-2011
20120029679DEFECT ANALYSIS METHOD OF SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - A defect analysis method of semiconductor device, wherein defect percentage data for each of inspection units within a wafer and information pieces regarding manufacturing conditions for the wafer are loaded into a computer; statistical testing of the defect percentage data with respect to the manufacturing conditions is performed using the computer; and results of the statistical testing are collected for each of the information pieces on the manufacturing conditions and outputted from the computer.02-02-2012
20120046777Integrated machining and part inspection method - A CNC machining method that incorporates a dimensional probe that allows inspection after stages of machining to determine actual dimensions with respect to the target dimension allows for corrective measures before advancing to the next step of the process so as to reduce the number of rejects at the end of the machining process. In making a tubular thread that involves initially machining a taper followed by the thread form, the probe and the various cutters are oriented against gauge blocks supported in the chuck jaws. The probe is used to dimensionally inspect the taper that is cut as an initial step before the thread form is produced. Inspection using the probe takes place upon machining the taper and after the thread form is cut using the probe integrated into the machine.02-23-2012
20120083917PREDICTED FAULT ANALYSIS - Example methods, apparatuses and systems to correlate candidate factors to a predicted fault in a process control system are disclosed. Techniques may include obtaining a value associated with a particular factor corresponding to a process, and predicting a fault based on the value. A set of candidate factors corresponding to the predicted fault may be determined, and a correlation between the predicted fault and at least one factor from the set may be displayed. Different sections of the display may respectively correspond to the predicted fault and to the at least one factor, and the correlation may be indicated by time aligning the different sections. Modifications to one displayed section may result in automatic modification of other sections to maintain the correlation. A user may select one or more candidate factors to be displayed, and may indicate a particular point of a particular section to obtain additional details.04-05-2012
20120095587UNIFORMITY CORRECTION BY ABLATION AT DIFFERENT TRACK LOCATIONS ALONG A TIRE BEAD - A system and method for reducing the magnitude of one or more harmonics of one or more uniformity parameters in a cured tire involves selective removal of tire material at one or more track/area locations along first and second bead profiles. Selective removal may occur via ablation at the bead seat, low flange and/or high flange zones to correct for a selected number of harmonics of such parameters as radial, lateral and tangential force variation. Ablation patterns are calculated and implemented on first and second tire beads to achieve desired levels of force reduction at selected angular locations (within the expanse from 0-360 degrees along each tire bead). Ablation patterns may be calculated for implementation at fixed or varied tire rotational speeds and/or fixed or varied levels of laser power.04-19-2012
20120095586USING VACUUM ULTRA-VIOLET (VUV) DATA IN MICROWAVE SOURCES - The invention provides an apparatus and methods for creating gate structures on a substrate in real-time using Vacuum Ultra-Violet (VUV) data and Electron Energy Distribution Function (EEDf) data and associated (VUV/EEDf)-related procedures in (VUV/EEDf) etch systems. The (VUV/EEDf)-related procedures can include multi-layer-multi-step processing sequences and (VUV/EEDf)-related models that can include Multi-Input/Multi-Output (MIMO) models.04-19-2012

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