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700 - Data processing: generic control systems or specific applications


700095000 - Product assembly or manufacturing

700108000 - Performance monitoring

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700110000 Defect analysis or recognition 203
20080201005MACHINE TOOL HAVING WORKPIECE REFERENCE POSITION SETTING FUNCTION BY CONTACT DETECTION - A machine tool having a function of setting a workpiece reference position to a central position of a workpiece. The workpiece has a machining surface symmetrical with respect to two orthogonal lines and is mounted on the machine tool having movable axes supported by fluid bearings so that the two lines extend parallel to axes of a machine coordinate system. A distal end of a stylus of a probe of an on-machine measuring device is brought into contact with the workpiece along first and second lines respectively parallel to the two lines from opposite sides of the workpiece. The contact is detected based on an increase of a position deviation and coordinate values at the time of the contact are stored. Coordinate values of a central position of the workpiece are obtained based on stored coordinate values and the central position is set as a reference position of the workpiece.08-21-2008
20090192644METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANUFACTURING AN ARTICLE USING PORTABLE HAND-HELD TOOLS - A method of manufacturing an article includes the steps of: establishing a defined location for a tool activity to occur; determining an actual location of the tool; comparing the actual location of the tool with the defined location; ascertaining an occurrence of the tool activity at the actual location; and verifying whether the tool activity occurred at the defined location.07-30-2009
20090306803METHOD FOR USING REAL-TIME APC INFORMATION FOR AN ENHANCED LOT SAMPLING ENGINE - A method includes passing a lot through a production process and evaluating a statistical quality of the production process. Additionally, the method includes calculating an advanced process control (APC) recipe parameter adjustment (RPA) distribution value and determining if sampling is indicated. Furthermore, the method includes, if sampling is indicated, performing a measurement process of the lot.12-10-2009
20090093903METHODS, SYSTEMS, AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCTS FOR AUTOMATING PROCESS AND EQUIPMENT QUALIFICATIONS IN A MANUFACTURING ENVIRONMENT - Methods, systems, and computer program products for automating process and equipment qualifications in a manufacturing environment are provided. A method includes defining a triggering event for initiating a qualification of an equipment, process module, or process. The qualification is configured to identify whether the equipment, process module, or process is operating according to specified criteria. The method also includes qualifying a monitor for use in the qualification. Upon the occurrence of the triggering event, the method includes running qualified monitors through the qualification. Based upon the results of qualifying the monitor for use in the qualification or the results of the execution of the qualification, the method includes determining and implementing a disposition for the monitor.04-09-2009
20110015773Semiconductor Wafer Monitoring Apparatus and Method - Metrology methods and apparatus for semiconductor wafer fabrication in which data for metrology is obtained by detecting a measurable property of a monitored entity, which is either (i) a wafer transporter (e.g. a FOUP) loaded with one or more wafers to be monitored, or (ii) a plurality of wafers. Performing metrology measurements on a loaded wafer transporter enables the step of extracting wafer (s) from the transporter for metrology measurements to be omitted. Moreover, metrology measurement may be obtained while transporting the wafer (s) between treatment locations. By considering a plurality of wafers as a unit, a single measurement representing a combination of individual wafer responses is obtained. All wafers contribute to the metrology measurement without the need to perform individual wafer measurements.01-20-2011
20090299515COATING AND DEVELOPING APPARATUS, COATING AND DEVELOPING METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - When a product substrate passes a reference module which is an n-th module ahead of an inspection module in a transfer path, an inspection reservation signal for performing an inspection to a lot to which the product substrate belongs is outputted to the inspection module. When the inspection module is in trouble, the output of an inspection reservation signal for a product substrate is forbidden, and the product substrates to be transferred to the inspection module are transferred to a module which is next to the inspection module in a transfer order. When the trouble of the inspection module has been resolved and a substrate for confirmation inspection is preferentially transferred to the inspection module, an inspection reservation signal for the substrate for confirmation inspection is outputted, the substrate for confirmation inspection is transferred to the inspection module, and the confirmation inspection for the inspection module is performed.12-03-2009
20090271020SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ANALYZING PERFORMANCE OF AN INDUSTRIAL ROBOT - A computing system is communicated with a metal fabrication device for analyzing performance of an industrial robot. The metal fabrication device includes the industrial robot, and a plate bender. The computing system is operable to generate an analysis report of the performance of the industrial robot by providing section model creating function, bending point obtainting function, bending operation monitoring function, workpiece modeling function for the metal fabrication device. The quality of a finished workpiece bent by the industrial robot from a metal plate may be analyzed from the analysis report generated by the computing system.10-29-2009
20120101621Plasma Processing Apparatus - A plasma processing apparatus includes a detector for detecting interference light of multiple wavelengths from a surface of a sample during processing, a pattern comparator for comparing actual deviation pattern data on the interference light obtained at a given time during processing and a plurality of standard deviation patterns corresponding to two or more thicknesses of the film, and calculating a deviation, the standard deviation patterns corresponding to interference light data of multiple wavelengths obtained, before the processing of the sample, for processing of another sample, a deviation comparator for comparing the deviation between the data and a predetermined deviation and outputting data on a thickness of the film of the sample at that time, a recorder for recording, as time series data, the data on the thickness of the film, and an endpoint decision unit.04-26-2012
20110054659WAFER FABRICATION MONITORING SYSTEMS AND METHODS, INCLUDING EDGE BEAD REMOVAL PROCESSING - Systems and method for monitoring semiconductor wafer fabrication processing, for example based upon EBR line inspection, including capturing at least one image of a wafer at an intermediate stage of fabrication. The captured image(s) are compressed to generate a composite representation of at least an edge zone of the wafer. An edge bead removal area is identified in the representation, and at least one feature attribute is extracted from the identified area. The extracted feature attribute is automatically assessed, and information relating to a status of the fabrication processing in generated based upon the assessment. For example, recommended modifications to the fabrication processing, either upstream or downstream of the current stage of fabrication (or both) can be generated and implemented.03-03-2011
20080269936METHOD AND PROGRAM FOR SELECTING PRODUCT TO BE INSPECTED - An inspection-required product selection method and program for minimizing the number of investigation steps at the time of occurrence of a defect of a product placed on the market are disclosed. A combination of product lots to be inspected is assumed based on the information on the material lots used for a product lot scheduled for production for a predetermined future period and the number of the product lots inspected during the same period. The number of the material lots not included in the product lots to be inspected is totalized for each product lot, and the statistical values are calculated for all the conceivable combinations of the product lots. The combination of the product lots optimizing the statistical values is selected for inspection.10-30-2008
20090210083SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ELECTRONIC INSPECTION AND RECORD CREATION OF ASSEMBLY, REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS - A system and method for generating a real time electronic quality record of an assembly, test, and repair or maintenance operation. The method involves generating inputs from a plurality of information sources located within a manufacturing environment, the information sources providing information pertaining to at least a tool being used, an individual using the tool, and an operation that the tool is being used by the individual to perform. A locating system is in communication with the information sources to monitor a location and an operation of the tool. A processor is in communication with the locating system to receive the generated inputs, and to generate a real time electronic record upon completion of the operation that the tool is being used to perform. The electronic record shows that the operation has been performed by a given individual using the tool in accordance with a predefined standard. In various embodiments various databases containing tool calibration information, user training and/or certification information, and drawing or process information may be used by the processor in formulating the real time electronic record.08-20-2009
20090204250SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INTEGRATING RFID SENSORS IN MANUFACTURING SYSTEM COMPRISING SINGLE USE COMPONENTS - The present invention provides a system and method for measuring physical, chemical and biological properties of a manufacturing system comprising embedding a plurality of RFID sensors in a plurality of corresponding single use components wherein each of the plurality of RFID sensors is configured to provide multi-parameter measurements for at least one single use component from the plurality of single use components, and each of the plurality of RFID sensors is further configured to provide simultaneous digital identification for the single use component and for its respective RFID sensor and further comprises reading the multi-parameter measurements and the digital identification for the plurality of single use components using at least one RFID writer/reader, processing the measurements using a processor, and controlling subsequent process steps by comparing the measurements of at least one parameter to a predetermined value.08-13-2009
20080228305SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING PRODUCT QUALITY - A computer-based method for controlling product quality is disclosed. The method includes the steps of: detecting whether a quality of raw materials bought from at least one supplier are acceptable; detecting whether a quality of using materials used at a processing procedure are acceptable; detecting whether a quality of products being manufactured at the processing procedure are acceptable; receiving and storing a post-procedure report obtained by sampling the products after the processing procedure; repeating steps of detecting materials used at a processing procedure, detecting products being manufactured at the processing procedure, detecting the sampling products after the processing procedure, and completing the manufacturing if all the products are finished. A related system is also disclosed.09-18-2008
20110208342Inspection Method and Apparatus, and Lithographic Apparatus - A metrology device for inspecting a substrate is provided. In an embodiment, the metrology device includes a remote radiation source device, an optical system for creating a radiation beam, and an optical fibre for transferring radiation from the optical system to the location where the metrology operations are performed. The optical system includes a control system that includes a deformable mirror, a detector that detects the position of a radiation beam, and a controller that produces a control signal for input into the deformable mirror, the control signal being based on the detected position of the radiation. In this way, the shape of the deformable mirror can be used to control the position of the radiation beam output by the optical system into the optical fibre.08-25-2011
20080306620Method for Machining a Workpiece - The invention relates to a method for machining a workpiece (12-11-2008
20120078409Electronic Supervisor - Electronic supervision may be provided. First, a stock number may be sent to a database server. The stock number may correspond to a product comprising, for example, an electrical cable. In response to sending the database server the stock number, specification information corresponding to the product may be received from a database stored on the database server. The specification information may comprise, for an electrical cable, a number of wires, a weight per thousand feet, and a diameter. Next, product production may be monitored to determine faults occurring during production. Monitoring the production may comprise displaying a data monitoring screen to production personnel. The data monitoring screen may provide data regarding the product and product comparison against a standard maintained within the database for the product. Fault data corresponding to the determined faults occurring during the production may be saved to the database.03-29-2012
20100185314GST Film Thickness Monitoring - In polishing a substrate having a layer of GST disposed over an underlying layer, during polishing, a non-polarized light beam is directed onto the layer of GST. The non-polarized light beam reflects from the first substrate to generate a reflected light beam having an infra-red component. A sequence of measurements of intensity of the infra-red component of the reflected light beam are generated, and, in a processor, a time at which the sequence of measurements exhibits a predefined feature is determined.07-22-2010
20100217423Method for Providing Functions in an Industrial Automation System, Control Program and Industrial Automation System - In order to provide functions in an industrial automation system having control units which are coupled via a communication network, functions of the automation system are made available by services. Components of a service are subdivided into service-specific components and into components which can be reused by a plurality of different services. Service-specific components and reusable components have a standard configuration interface. Service components are linked to a service by a service configuration unit via the standard configuration interface. Functions for monitoring and/or controlling a defined quality of service are assigned to the reusable components.08-26-2010
20100161104Mode Based Metal Strip Stabilizer - A method for vibration damping and shape control of a suspended metal strip during continuous transport in a processing facility in a steel rolling line or surface treating line in a steel mill, where the method comprises the steps: measuring distance to the strip by a plurality of non-contact sensors; and generating a strip profile from distance measurements; decomposing the strip profile to a combination of mode shapes; determining coefficients for the contribution from each mode shape to the total strip profile; and controlling the strip profile by a plurality of non-contact actuators based on a combination of mode shapes.06-24-2010
20100228374SEMICONDUCTOR SUBSTRATE PROCESSING METHOD AND APPARATUS - A semiconductor substrate processing apparatus and a method for processing semiconductor substrates are provided. The method may include providing a semiconductor substrate having a surface and a plurality of features on the surface, each feature being positioned on the surface at a first respective point in a first coordinate system, plotting the position of each feature at a second respective point in a second coordinate system; and generating a translation between the first and the second coordinate systems. The generating of the translation may include calculating an offset between the first and the second coordinate systems. The calculating of the offset may include calculating an offset distance between a reference point of the first coordinate system and a reference point of the second coordinate system and calculating an offset angle between an axis of the first coordinate system and an axis of the second coordinate system.09-09-2010
20080269935METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR QUALITY CONTROL OF MECHANICAL PIECES - Method for quality control of mechanical pieces, such as screws, pins, pivots and similar, intended for mass-production mechanical industries such as automobile and household appliances industries and similar, by means of an apparatus comprising in casings a plurality of operation stations and a piece-holder table which is pitched revolving to convey the pieces to the operation stations. The method comprises: subdividing the operation stations into two groups, a first group comprising fast operation stations with operation times shorter than a predetermined time, and a second group comprising slow operation stations With operation times longer than a predetermined time; providing, for each slow operation station of the second group of slow stations an equal slow operation station angularly distanced by an uneven number of pitches; stopping the piece-holder table at each pitch alternately with said operation times shorter or longer than said predetermined time; deactivating all the slow operation stations during the operation time shorter than the predetermined time. Also a quality control apparatus is disclosed.10-30-2008
20090062952Method and system for managing and validating product development - A method is provided for managing and validating product development. The method may include obtaining a product specification for a product and identifying prior products that have capabilities within a defined range of the product specifications. The method may also include developing a performance specification based on the product specification and the identified prior products. Further, the method may include obtaining approval for the performance specification, developing the product according to the performance specification, and validating that the product meets the performance specification.03-05-2009
20100211205METHOD FOR PROCESS DIAGNOSIS AND ROTARY ATOMIZER ARRANGEMENT - A rotary atomizer arrangement and methods for operating the same are disclosed. An exemplary atomizer may be used for the coating of work pieces, and may include a bell plate driven by an electric motor. The exemplary atomizer may further be configured for the detection of errors in the spraying process and/or the drive system of the bell plate, such as by analyzing corresponding parameters of typical values of the drive motor.08-19-2010
20100332011METHODS AND ARRANGEMENTS FOR IN-SITU PROCESS MONITORING AND CONTROL FOR PLASMA PROCESSING TOOLS - An arrangement for implementing an automatic in-situ process control scheme during execution of a recipe is provided. The arrangement includes control-loop sensors configured at least for collecting a first set of sensor data to facilitate monitoring set points during the recipe execution, wherein the control-loop sensors being part of a process control loop. The arrangement also includes independent sensors configured at least for collecting a second set of sensor data, which is not part of the process control loop. The arrangement yet also includes a hub configured for at least receiving at least one of the first set of sensor data and the second set of sensor data. The arrangement yet further includes an analysis computer communicably coupled with the hub and configured for performing analysis of at least one of the first set of sensor data and the second set of sensor data.12-30-2010
20110213489MANUFACTURING OF INTEGRATED CIRCUIT DEVICES USING A GLOBAL PREDICTIVE MONITORING SYSTEM - A global predictive monitoring system for a manufacturing facility. The system may be employed in an integrated circuit (IC) device fabrication facility to monitor processing of semiconductor wafers. The system may include deployment of a swarm of individually separate agents running in computers in the facility. Each agent may comprise a genetic algorithm and use several neural networks for computation. Each agent may be configured to receive a limited set of inputs, such as defectivity data and WIP information, and calculate a risk from the inputs. A risk may be a value indicative of a production yield. Each agent may also generate a quality value indicative of a reliability of the risk value. New agents may be generated from the initial population of agents. Outputs from the agents may be collected and used to calculate projections indicative of a trend of the production yield.09-01-2011
20110213488PLANT MONITORING CONTROL DEVICE AND EVENT ANALYSIS SUPPORT METHOD - A plant monitoring control device (09-01-2011
20090248189METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATIC GENERATION OF THROUGHPUT MODELS FOR SEMICONDUCTOR TOOLS - The throughput of complex cluster tools of a semiconductor manufacturing environment may be determined for a desired manufacturing scenario on the basis of automatically generated throughput models. The throughput models may be established on the basis of rule messages with high statistical relevance.10-01-2009
20080243288Method for the Production of a Fancy Yarn - A method which improves the correspondence between the produced fancy yarn and the predetermined configuration of said fancy yarn. The fancy yarn is guided through a sensor device in a spinning device after it is formed and the diameter of the fancy yarn is continuously measured by the sensor device. The fancy configuration of the produced yarn is determined on the basis of the measured values of the diameter and is compared with the predetermined fancy configuration. The comparison is carried out until sufficient correspondence between the predetermined fancy configuration and the fancy configuration of the optimized, produced yarn is achieved.10-02-2008
20090292386System and Method for Automatic Virtual Metrology - A server, a system and a method for automatic virtual metrology (AVM) are disclosed. The AVM system comprises a model-creation server and a plurality of AVM servers. The model-creation server is used to construct the first set of virtual metrology (VM) models (of a certain equipment type) including a VM conjecture model, a RI (Reliance Index) model, a GSI (Global Similarity Index) model, a DQI11-26-2009
20120209415Quality Control System And Method For Manufactured Parts - A system and method for production of manufactured parts including a production process having at least one industrial robot equipped with a handling tool for picking up the manufactured part. The robot is arranged in a quality inspection cell and the robot is programmed to hold the manufactured part in at least one known position in the quality inspection cell and present the part for a quality inspection. The quality inspection may be made visually by an operator or with the aid of a tool or sensor or by means of automatic sensors. In other aspects of the invention a method, system and a computer program for carrying out the method are described.08-16-2012
20110178627INTEGRATED MENU-DRIVEN MANUFACTURING METHOD AND SYSTEM - A menu-driven manufacturing technique includes determining a product and product configuration, along with process steps to be carried out in manufacturing workstations. Display screens corresponding to the particular manufacturing process steps are accessed and displayed on monitors at the workstations to lead operators through the processes. Control circuitry may verify that the correct components and tools are utilized as called for by the various process steps. Powered tools and test setups may be integrated with the system to enable improved quality control.07-21-2011
20120150333Automated monitoring and control of contamination activity in a production area - An automated process for monitoring and controlling contamination activity in a production area comprises capturing image from the production area over a period of time, processing the image data with a computer to determine whether a contamination event has occurred in the production area, and activating a contamination control device in accordance with the processing of the image data. The contamination event can be a germ-releasing event from an individual in the production area, a pipe leaking fluid into the production area, etc. The automated monitoring and control may also determine whether an article of contamination control equipment (e.g., face mask, glove, etc) is properly positioned on the individual to prevent the contamination from entering the production area in a form that could contaminate product, equipment, or the production area itself. An automated system for monitoring and controlling contamination includes a computer, an imaging sensor in communication with the computer, and a computer-readable program code disposed on the computer.06-14-2012
20100017009SYSTEM FOR MONITORING MULTI-ORDERABLE MEASUREMENT DATA - A computer-based measurement monitoring system and method for monitoring multi-stage processes capable of producing multi-orderable data and identifying, at any stage in the monitored process, unacceptable deviations from an expected value at particular stages of the process, and communicating same detected deviation to facilitate corrective action in the process. The system and method consolidate data obtained at various stages of the process, arrange the measurement data in a multi-orderable data framework, compare the multi-orderable framework data with expected parameter values corresponding to the various stages, and detects unacceptable deviations from the expected values. The unacceptable deviations are communicated to responsible personnel, and the system and method provides same personnel with supplemental information useful in diagnosing the root cause of the problem leading to the detected deviations.01-21-2010
20100198387QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM, QUALITY CONTROL APPARATUS, QUALITY CONTROL METHOD AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - A quality control method includes: extracting, from a time series distribution of troubles that have occurred in electronic equipments, a first characteristics of states of occurrence of the troubles; specifying one or more parts included in the electronic equipments, the parts being involved with the troubles; extracting, from another time series distribution of a rate of use corresponding to each of suppliers which supply the specified parts, a second characteristics of the parts; and specifying one or more of the suppliers supplying the parts correlated to the troubles based on a correlation between the extracted first characteristics and the extracted second characteristics.08-05-2010
20120041582WIRELESS ADAPTER WITH PROCESS DIAGNOSTICS - A process device with diagnostics for use in an industrial process includes a process variable sensor or controller element which is configured to sense or control a process variable of a process fluid of the industrial process. Circuitry is coupled to the process variable sensor or control element and configured to measure or control a process variable of the industrial process. A wireless communication adapter includes wireless communication circuitry configured to communicate in the industrial process. The wireless communication circuitry is further configured to receive a process signal from another process device. Diagnostic circuitry is configured to diagnose operation of the industrial process as a function of the sensed process variable and the received process signal.02-16-2012
20120158169CLOSED-LOOP SILICON ETCHING CONTROL METHOD AND SYSTEM - A closed-loop etching control system controls exposure of a silicon workpiece to a spontaneous etchant. The system determines an amount of material to be removed from the silicon workpiece, based on metrology information corresponding to the silicon workpiece. The mass of the material to be removed is calculated, and the silicon workpiece is exposed to the spontaneous etchant to remove the material. The system monitors a change in mass of the silicon workpiece caused by exposure of the silicon workpiece to the spontaneous etchant to determine when the amount of the material has been removed from the silicon workpiece. Exposure of the silicon workpiece to the spontaneous etchant is stopped when the change in the mass of the silicon workpiece indicates that the amount of the material has been removed.06-21-2012
20110093109METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING PRODUCTION OF ITEMS - The invention relates to a method for controlling a production of items on a production line, wherein a digital image of each of said items is processed so as to obtain at least identified product type data and identified item data, said identified product type data and identified item data being further used for determining a reliable production volume per product type and per associated item.04-21-2011
20120136468Apparatus and Method for Testing Electromigration in Semiconductor Devices - An apparatus and method for testing electromigration in semiconductor devices includes providing an electromigration test structure, where the electromigration test structure includes a first metal line; a metal bridge operatively coupled to the first metal line; a second metal line operatively coupled to the metal bridge; a barrier layer surrounding the electromigration test structure; current contact pads; and voltage contact pads. The current contact pads are connected to a current source and the voltage contact pads are connected to a voltage source. The barrier layer is exposed to the elevated current density as current travels from the first metal line across the barrier layer through the metal bridge to the second metal line.05-31-2012
20100010659Thin Films measurment method and system - A method and system are presented for use in controlling the processing of a structure. First measured data is provided being indicative of at least one of the following: a thickness (d01-14-2010
20120226376METHOD AND DEVICE FOR BLOW MOLDING CONTAINERS - Method and device for blow molding containers, wherein a preform made of a thermoplastic material is shaped to give a container using blow molding pressure in a blow mold once the preform has been subjected to a thermal conditioning step in the region of a heating section along a transport path, and wherein at least one parameter characterizing the blow molding process is measured and supplied to a control device which acts upon at least one adjusting element to change at least one parameter influencing the blow molding process. The control device (09-06-2012
20120226375DUAL LOOP CONTROL OF CERAMIC PRECURSOR EXTRUSION BATCH - A control strategy for producing high quality extrudates, including the steps of monitoring the temperature of a ceramic precursor batch by measuring the temperature of the batch material either directly or indirectly by measuring the temperature of a component of the extruder proximate to the die and transmitting the temperature data to an extrusion control system which comprises a master controller (09-06-2012
20080275585EXTRACTION OF KEY PROCESS PARAMETER - A system, method, and computer readable medium for extracting a key process parameter correlative to a selected device parameter are provided. In an embodiment, the key process parameter is determined using a gene map analysis. The gene map analysis includes grouping highly correlative process parameter and determining the correlation of a group to the selected device parameter. In an embodiment, the groups having greatest correlation to the selected device parameter are displayed in a correlation matrix and/or a gene map.11-06-2008
20080300711SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TRANSLATING VARIATION INFORMATION BETWEEN COMPUTER 3D VARIATION MODELS AND GEOMETRIC DIMENSIONING & TOLERANCING CALLOUTS - Systems and methods are disclosed for consistently translating or converting between geometric dimensioning and tolerancing information and variation parameters for a three dimensional variation analysis tool. The methods and systems may receive geometric dimensioning and tolerancing information; translate, with a computer, the received geometric dimensioning and tolerancing information into variation parameters for a three dimensional variation analysis tool; and output the variation parameters.12-04-2008
20120239179WORK SUPPORT SYSTEM, WORK SUPPORT METHOD, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - The content of an operating instruction to each worker in a manufacturing process is controlled in the following way based on a manufacturing direction to the worker and on manufacturing achievement, work proficiency, and the like of the worker for the manufacturing direction. A deviation between a manufacturing direction and manufacturing achievement is calculated. Manufacturing direction parameters acting as factors of the calculated deviation are specified for each product to be manufactured. The above information is stored in a deviation factor database. For a new manufacturing direction, manufacturing direction parameters therein are checked against the deviation factor database to determine alarm information to be given to a worker on a manufacturing line, and the determined alarm information is outputted.09-20-2012
20120323355SPECTROGRAPHIC MONITORING OF A SUBSTRATE DURING PROCESSING USING INDEX VALUES - Methods, systems, and apparatus for spectrographic monitoring of a substrate during chemical mechanical polishing are described. In one aspect, a computer-implemented method includes storing a library having a plurality of reference spectra, each reference spectrum of the plurality of reference spectra having a stored associated index value, measuring a sequence of spectra in-situ during polishing to obtain measured spectra, for each measured spectrum of the sequence of spectra, finding a best matching reference spectrum to generate a sequence of best matching reference spectra, determining the associated index value for each best matching spectrum from the sequence of best matching reference spectra to generate a sequence of index values, fitting a linear function to the sequence of index values, and halting the polishing either when the linear function matches or exceeds a target index or when the associated index value from the determining step matches or exceeds the target index.12-20-2012
20110276169BATCH CONTROL USING BANG-BANG CONTROL - A method for batch control in a system. The system comprises at least two batch processing sets that share at least one shared equipment. A batch is initiated in each processing set. Process variables from each batch are monitored. At least one process variable from at least one batch are adjusted using bang-bang control to prevent conflicts.11-10-2011
20120101620Apparatus and Operating Systems for Manufacturing Impregnated Wood - Furfurylated wood produced in a two-chamber system in which monomer/oligomer impregnation in an impregnation chamber is followed by successive stages of drying and curing. Physical properties of wood under treatment are measured, recorded and referenced into a database that accumulates wood species data relating to applied temperature and pressure profiles, physical properties and appearance of intermediate and finished samples of wood and also chemical treatment regimes, including soak time and monomer/oligomer concentrations. During drying and curing, monitoring of process parameters, including water removal and/or atmospheric conditions, are used by a controller both to control and determine a state of process completion by comparing recorded data with historically accumulated data or process set point conditions. Physical and/or chemical attributes of finally processed wood are used in an automated control loop to modify, reactively or in real time, applied treatment regimes for specific wood species and wood profiles.04-26-2012
20080249647System and Method of Data Harvesting - Data harvesting can be carried out relative to performance or reliability information associated with one or more groups of electrical units. Ambient condition detectors associated with a variety of industrial or commercial installations and subject to a variety of different conditions can be returned for performance and reliability testing after predetermined usage intervals. Analysis of test results can be maintained in a database. Customers can be provided multilevel access to the information in the database. Reliability and test results for a class of detectors can be provided to a number of customers that have provided samples for evaluation. Application specific information can be limited to a particular customer or customers.10-09-2008
20080228306DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS SYSTEM - A sensor network collects time-series data from a process tool and supplies the data to an analysis system where pattern analysis techniques are used to identify structures and to monitor subsequent data based on analysis instructions or a composite model. Time-series data from multiple process runs are used to form a composite model of a data structure including variation. Comparison with the composite model gives an indication of tool health. A sensor network may have distributed memory for easy configuration.09-18-2008
20080221721Automated Sputtering Target Production - A system and method are provided for manufacturing workpieces, such as metal articles like sputtering target, the system comprising: comparing one or more physical or chemical values of a respective one of a plurality of metal target blanks to one or more comparable values of at least one desired criterion; selecting one of the metal target blanks from a plurality of metal target blanks as a work-in-progress; assigning a serial route for the work-in-progress; processing the work-in-progress by translating the work-in-progress from note to node with an automated transport, after completion of the events at each node; rejecting or accepting the work-in-progress as a metal target by evaluating a result of at least one event of the one or more respective events to be completed at, at least one of the plurality of nodes.09-11-2008
20080221720Manufacturing Process End Point Detection - A method for identifying a predetermined state of a manufacturing process by monitoring the process which involves, monitoring a plurality of variables that vary in value during the manufacturing process. The method also involves mapping as points in a hyperspace the values of each variable at a plurality of times, where the hyperspace has a number of dimensions equal to the number of variables and the number of points is equal to the plurality of times. The method also involves identifying that a manufacturing process has reached the predetermined state when one of the points reaches a closed volume in the hyperspace that is located within a predefined distance from a predefined location in the hyperspace.09-11-2008
20110238199MEASUREMENT METHOD AND DEVICE FOR THREAD PARAMETERS - A measurement method for thread parameters for a threaded object (09-29-2011
20130150996MACHINE FOR ASSEMBLING VEHICLES AND METHODS OF ASSEMBLING VEHICLES - A machine for use in assembling a vehicle is described herein. The vehicle includes at least a first component and a second component adapted to be coupled to the first component to form a component assembly. The machine includes at least one component tooling apparatus that is configured to selectively adjust an orientation of the second component with respect to the first component. A control system is coupled to the at least one component tooling apparatus. The control system includes a processor that is configured to receive a unique vehicle identifier associated with the component assembly, and determine a design orientation of the second component with respect to the first component based at least in part on the received unique vehicle identifier.06-13-2013
20100292826RETICLE MANIPULATION DEVICE - A reticle manipulating device comprising a housing capable of having a controlled environment wherein at least one processing module is connected to the housing and capable of processing a reticle. A transport apparatus is, connected to the housing for transporting the reticle between the at least one module to another portion of the housing. At least one module is removably connectable to the housing and at least one module has an interface adapted for removably coupling the module to the housing. One module being selectable for connection to the housing from a number of different interchangeable module each having a different predetermined characteristic and being capable of connection to the housing.11-18-2010
20130184847SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ENABLING AND DISABLING OPERATION OF MANUFACTURING MACHINES - A system for enabling and disabling operation of manufacturing machines provides a manufacturing machine user interface that facilitates receiving quality control information regarding the manufacturing machine from a user. For quality assurance purposes, the computer system of the manufacturing machine may decide whether to enable operation of the manufacturing machine based on the received quality control information. The computer system of the manufacturing machine may also decide to disable operation of the manufacturing machine if the quality control information provided is incomplete, out of date, or otherwise insufficient to indicate the manufacturing machine is ready for safe and effective operation. In some embodiments, one or more client systems, telecommunications devices, and/or personal digital assistant (PDA) devices on which the user interface is displayed and with which the manufacturing machine is in communication may enable operation of the manufacturing machine based on the received quality control information.07-18-2013
20080243289Model maintenance architecture for advanced process control - A system and method modifies a dynamic model of a process in a plant for an advanced process control controller wherein the model includes sub models. Performance of the controller is monitored and performance degradation is quantified as the process changes. It is then determined whether a selected number of sub models need updating or the entire model dynamics need updating as a function of the quantified controller performance degradation If a selected number of sub models need updating, an excitation signal is initiated for such sub models to identify new sub models. If the entire model dynamics need updating, a complete perturbation signal is initiated and triggers exhaustive closed-loop identification of entire model. The newly identified model or sub models is incorporated in the controller.10-02-2008
20120095585System and Method for Workflow Integration - A system is provided. The system comprises a computer system, an at least one memory; and a first application stored in the at least one memory. When executed by the computer system, the first application automatically executes a workflow that receives a first input from a human machine interface (HMI) in a first plant, in response to the first input generates a first event that assigns a first task associated to a first functional role performed at the first plant, receives a second input associated with the first task, in response to the second input generates a second event that assigns a second task associated to a second functional role, receives a third input associated with the second task, in response to the third input transmits information to the human machine interface that changes the process mediated by the human machine interface in the first plant.04-19-2012

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