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700 - Data processing: generic control systems or specific applications


700095000 - Product assembly or manufacturing

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700103000 Constraints or rules 287
700098000 3-D product design (e.g., solid modeling) 231
700099000 Resource allocation 166
700105000 Rework or engineering change 50
700106000 Material requirement 38
20130085589REMOTE HIGH-PERFORMANCE MODELING SYSTEM FOR MATERIAL JOINING AND MATERIAL FORMING - A system and method for creating computerized models of forming processes, wherein forming process parameters including material type, material geometry, forming method, incoming material properties, forming die geometry, forming die thermal management method, lubrication method, forming rate, material constraint conditions, incoming material temperature, and other possible parameters are preselected by a user.04-04-2013
20130085588SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATICALLY NAMING OBJECTS IN A BUILDING AUTOMATION SYSTEM - A system, process, and method for modeling a building automation system is provided that permits a control program to easily and efficiently add building automation devices and automatically name them to improve efficiency and reduce errors.04-04-2013
20100076580Semiconductor integrated circuit design method for determining thickness of wiring based on plural factors contributing to thickness of wiring - A semiconductor integrated circuit design method, includes modeling a layer thickness of a wiring by a function including as independent variables, a percentage of surface area of the wiring in a first two-dimensional region where the wiring is formed, and a percentage of surface area for elements other than the wiring in a second two-dimensional region, and designing the wiring based on the wiring modeled.03-25-2010
20090171489INTERCHANGEABLE DRIVE ELEMENT FOR BOTTLE OR CONTAINER SUPPORTS IN A CONTAINER LABELING MACHINE OR A MACHINE CONFIGURED TO PRINT INFORMATION ON BOTTLES OR CONTAINERS, WHICH INTERCHANGEABLE DRIVE ELEMENT IS CAPABLE OF BEING USED IN DIFFERENT CONTAINER LABELING OR CONTAINER INFORMATION PRINTING MACHINES IN BOTTLE OR CONTAINER FILLING PLANTS - An interchangeable drive element for bottle or container supports in a container labeling machine or a machine configured to print information on bottles or containers, which interchangeable drive element is capable of being used in different container labeling or container information printing machines in bottle or container filling plants. The abstract of the disclosure is submitted herewith as required by 37 C.F.R. §1.72(07-02-2009
20130041493METHOD FOR AUTOMATICALLY POURING MOLTEN METAL BY TILTING A LADLE AND A MEDIUM FOR RECORDING PROGRAMS FOR CONTROLLING A TILT OF A LADLE - The purpose of the present invention is to provide a method for accurately dropping molten metal that flows from a ladle into a pouring gate in a mold. The present invention includes a method for controlling the respective input voltages transmitted to a servomotor that tilts the ladle such that the molten metal that flows from the ladle drops accurately into the pouring gate in the mold, a servomotor that moves the ladle back and forth, and a servomotor that moves the ladle up and down, by using a computer. In the method, a mathematical model of the area on which the molten metal that flows from the ladle will drop is produced, and then the inverse problem of the produced mathematical model is solved. In view of the effect of a contracted flow, the position on which molten metal drops is estimated by the estimating device for estimating the pouring rate and the estimating device for estimating the position on which molten metal will drop. Then the estimated position is calculated by a computer. Thereby the respective input voltages transmitted to the servomotor that tilts the ladle, the servomotor that moves the ladle back and forth, and the servomotor that moves the ladle up and down, are obtained. Then the three respective servomotors are controlled based on the obtained input voltages.02-14-2013
20100100214CUSTOM-DESIGNED PRINTED OFFICE PRODUCTS AND RELATED METHOD - A software application that can be downloaded from a server and execute within the web browser of an electronically linked computer is programmed to include advanced editing tools that assist in the interactive design of a print file used to customize a printable office product. For example, the software application includes a text merge tool that enables each text element in the print file to be merged with a corresponding set of variable data using a series of highly intuitive graphical user interfaces. One graphical user interface includes a workspace for the print file and at least one data field button identifying a particular category of variable data that can be bound with a corresponding text element displayed on the workspace. Using the text merge tool, each printable office product produced in conjunction with a custom print order can be personalized with individual-specific data.04-22-2010
20100114349METHOD FOR OPTIMIZING JOINT PRESS SET FOR USE WITH A PLURALITY OF BALL JOINTS - A method and article for designing dual-mode adapters in a joint press kit. A plurality of ball joints for use with the adapters are selected. An adapter design is created by defining a first variable representative of a physical characteristic of the adapter design; defining a second variable representing a quantity of ball joints that are not compatible with the adapter design in a second operational mode; generating data sets including the first and second variables; and utilizing the data sets to determine a value for a characteristic of the adapter.05-06-2010
20090069920METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR WORK INSTRUCTION GENERATION - A computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer usable program code for manufacturing a product. In response to receiving an identification of the product, a process object associated with the product may be identified. A completed instance of the process object may be created for the product. A set of instructions may be presented to manufacture the product using the completed instance of the process object.03-12-2009
20100042241MODELING DATA CREATING SYSTEM, MANUFACTURING METHOD, AND MODELING DATA CREATING PROGRAM - A modeling data creating system comprises: a correction unit that corrects structure data expressing the form of a desired structure based on change amount data; a contour generation unit that generates contour data expressing the contour of a support member for supporting the structure on a modeling table, based on the structure data; a support member generation unit that generates support member data expressing the form of multiple column bodies within the contour expressed by the contour data; and a cross-section generation unit that generates cross-sectional data expressing the cross-sectional shape of each of multiple planes approximately parallel to the modeling table, the planes making up a model configured of the support member expressed by the support member data and the structure expressed by the structure data. Through this, the modeling data creating system suppresses a difference in the model that is to be formed and the modeling data expressing the form of the model.02-18-2010
20100042240DYNAMIC FULFILLMENT PLANNING METHOD AND APPARATUS - This invention relates to a method for production planning in which changing demands and current demands are combined and separated into fixed demands, time-flexible demands, and quantity-flexible demands before being prioritized according to a set of rules that optimize efficient handling of changing demands while minimizing changes in and maximizing flexibility of a production schedule.02-18-2010
20090157210METHOD FOR ANALYZING REFLECTION PROPERTIES - A method allows analyzing and describing the reflective properties of a three-dimensionally structured original surface. The topology of the original surface is determined and the topological data are stored in the form of a depth map in a first data record and evaluated with respect to the influence of the data on the reflective properties. Each surface element is assigned a reflective value in accordance with the evaluation and the value is stored in a second data record and made available to other machining or inspection systems. There, the reflection values of the second data record are divided into classes and the depth values of the first data record, assigned to the classified reflection values, are varied in accordance with the classification. Finally, the changed depth values are employed as parameters for electronically controlling a tool in order to machine the artificially produced surface.06-18-2009
20090157209WIRE OPTION EXPRESSIONS IN WIRING HARNESS DESIGNS - A method of designing a wiring harness using a wiring harness design tool can include creating a first wire option expression corresponding to a first wire within a wiring harness design, generating a wire option expression truth table based at least in part on the first wire option expression, modifying the first wire option expression truth table, and modifying the first wire option expression based at least in part on the modified wire option expression truth table.06-18-2009
20100106274WIRING DESIGN APPARATUS - A wiring design apparatus includes a first acquirer that acquires a first wiring block whose region has a maximum number of crossings with regions of other wiring blocks from printed circuit board data of a printed circuit board having a plurality of wiring blocks with a specific region on a wiring layer, a second acquirer that acquires second wiring blocks whose region does not cross the first wiring block from the printed circuit board data, and a wiring execution requester that causes a wiring processor to perform wiring processing on the first wiring block and the second wiring blocks in parallel.04-29-2010
20090125137Method of Manufacturing an Optical System - The invention relates to a method of calculating an optical system (OS), the optical system (OS) being identified by a function (OF), the optical system (OS) comprising a first part (F05-14-2009
20100070060Method for designing a light guide plate and method for manufacturing the same - A method for designing a light guide plate includes the following steps. A raw light guide plate having a light input surface and a light output surface is provided. A region of the light input surface is divided into several annuluses according to a luminance distribution E(ρ,θ) of the light output surface. A scattering dots density D(ρ,θ) of each annulus on the light input surface is figured out. A total number N of the scattering dots of each annulus on the light input surface are gained, and the scattering dots is randomly distributed in the each annulus defined on the light input surface, whereby a designed light guide plate is obtained.03-18-2010
20090326693METHOD FOR DESIGNING PROGRESSIVE REFRACTION LENS, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME, AND EYEGLASSES LENS SUPPLYING SYSTEM - A subject matter is to provide an efficient method for designing a progressive refraction lens in consideration of not only its optical performance but also its appearance performance. The method for designing the progressive refraction lens includes a step (S12-31-2009
20130073067METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PLANNING/GUIDING ALTERATIONS TO A BONE - A computer-assisted surgery system for guiding alterations to a bone, comprises a trackable member secured to the bone. The trackable member has a first inertial sensor unit producing orientation-based data. A positioning block is secured to the bone, and is adjustable once the positioning block is secured to the bone to be used to guide tools in altering the bone. The positioning block has a second inertial sensor unit producing orientation-based data. A processing system providing an orientation reference associating the bone to the trackable member comprises a signal interpreter for determining an orientation of the trackable member and of the positioning block. A parameter calculator calculates alteration parameters related to an actual orientation of the positioning block with respect to the bone.03-21-2013
20110015772Measurement System - A measurement and workpiece cutting system is disclosed. The measurement and workpiece cutting system has a physical dimension measuring apparatus and a cutting apparatus. The physical dimension measuring apparatus has a physical dimension measuring unit and a transmitter. The physical dimension measuring apparatus measures a physical dimension for a workpiece to be cut. The transmitter transmits either information representative of the measured physical dimension or cutting dimensions. A processing unit is configured to calculate cutting dimensions from the information representative of the physical dimension. The cutting apparatus has a cutting mechanism for cutting the workpiece, a receiver for receiving either information representative of the measured physical dimension or cutting dimensions, a data storage unit, a display, and a physical dimension control for setting the cutting mechanism to cut the workpiece to the cutting dimensions.01-20-2011
20110015771NUMERICALLY CONTROLLING APPARATUS - A numerically controlling apparatus is provided in which the automatic operation of a machine tool can be stopped at a desired block and yet at plurality of desired blocks without changing NC programs. In this numerically controlling apparatus, an operator performs a change into the “EDIT” mode with a mode selecting switch on a keyboard 01-20-2011
20090299509Method for Simulating a Controller and/or Machine Response of a Machine Tool or of a Production Machine - There is described a method and device for simulating a control and/or machine behavior of machine tools or production machines, in which data concerning the machine tools or production machines are transmitted to a simulation device by mans of an intranet and/or by means of an internet. The data can be automatically transmitted to the simulation device, whereby particularly after a change in an item of data from the quantity of data, this item of data is transmitted to the simulation device.12-03-2009
20090271017MACHINE TOOL AND ITS PROGRAM CONVERSION METHOD - In a machine tool which executes a plurality of programs simultaneously to perform machining, whether or not a precision machining operation period exists in each of the programs is analyzed before machining. If the precision machining operation period exists as a result of the analysis, the start timing and end timing of an ordered precision machining is recognized. Also, at least one of the speed, acceleration, and jerk of a general operation from start timing to end timing in a program for which the precision machining operation period is not specified is lowered. Accordingly, it is possible to provide a machine tool and its program conversion method, capable of performing precision machining with high precision without receiving an adverse effect from other operations, and capable of obtaining good machining efficiency.10-29-2009
20130066454METHOD OF GENERATING A RECIPE FOR A MANUFACTURING TOOL AND SYSTEM THEREOF - A computer creates a recipe for a manufacturing tool based on design data. The computer obtains the design data, which includes basic elements and hierarchical levels corresponding to the basic elements. The computer selects one or more basic elements of interest and generates one or more sets of simple array cells corresponding to a level of interest. The computer uses the sets of simple array cells to identify periodical areas in level-of-interest coordinates to enable automated recipe creation. The periodical areas are identified with respect to one or more basic elements.03-14-2013
20120116561PROGRAM TESTING APPARATUS, METHOD OF TESTING A PROGRAM, AND PROGRAM TESTING PROGRAM - A program testing apparatus includes a program input section for receiving externally inputted program codes corresponding to system components disposed hierarchically in accordance with a plant system configuration to divide a program to be tested which is inputted from an input section into a plurality of modules on a function-by-function basis, based on the system components, and a program retrieving section for retrieving a program having a predetermined relationship to a program corresponding to one of the system components, based on system information.05-10-2012
20110264252COMBINATORIAL PROCESSING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A combinatorial processing management system is described, including determining an identification for a substrate, retrieving data from tools operating on the substrate, generating an analysis of the data in response to the retrieving, and storing the data and the analysis in a database indexed by the identification. The analysis may include comparisons between multiple processes performed on multiple regions of the substrate. The multiple processes may process at least one region of the substrate differently from at least one other region of the substrate.10-27-2011
20110282472COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS OF QUEUE TIMES IN MICROELECTRONIC MANUFACTURING - A system for determining a group of semiconductor manufacturing process steps with a similar influence on individual semiconductor products. The system generates a first table including time stamps for the individual semiconductor products. The system creates a second table including Q-times based on the first table. The Q-times refers to time differences between every pair of the time stamps. The system forms a dependency table by grouping the Q-times with similar dependencies together. The system identifies groups of the similar dependencies. The system extracts semiconductor process steps belonging to the groups.11-17-2011
20090069921Method of implementing a production execution system - In a method of implementing a production process in an industrial production system having control equipment, a plant model of the industrial production system is created, and based on the plant model, at least one interface (SFC type) for external access to the control equipment is defined. A strategy is defined for the interface representing a single function of a functionality provided by the interface. A method call is defined for activating the functionality provided by the interface.03-12-2009
20100191359Engagement Milling - A method using a computer for generating a spiral-like tool path for milling a region of a workpiece is disclosed. The method includes the steps of: creating a family of concentric indexed circular arcs at each of two or more separate and distinct selected points within the region; determining parameters of a first set of blends to connect together the circular arcs of adjacent families of the circular arcs having an identical index to form a plurality of isoloops; determining parameters of a second set of blends for blending between adjacent isoloops to form the spiral-like tool path, and generating instructions for controlling the milling cutter in accordance with the generated tool path.07-29-2010
20110009991DISTRIBUTION BACKBONE - Digitally distributing media content using a distribution backbone system, including: receiving a request for media content from a client, the request including a client profile; performing inventory and analysis of source assets by iteratively progressing through the client profile to create output; performing a capability mapping in which a series of rules that allow the source assets to be mapped to the client profile; and planning a manufacturing process, which determines work items and execution steps from capabilities mapped in response to the request for media content from the client.01-13-2011
20110125302METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR FORMAL SAFETY VERIFICATION OF MANUFACTURING AUTOMATION SYSTEMS - A method and system is provided for verifying and certifying the safety logic of a manufacturing automation system including safety logic, where the logic may include one or more safety modules, routines, programs and tasks or a combination thereof; testing specifications corresponding to the safety logic; one or more formal model generators adapted for automatically transforming the safety logic and testing specifications through a logic parser into their respective mathematical models, formatted for example, as a Petri-net or binary decision diagram; a safety logic verifier configured for automatically comparing the safety logic formal model against the testing specification formal model to verify the safety logic model for the purpose of certifying the safety logic. The testing specifications may include testing of safety logic behavior including reaching safe state, remaining in safe state without reset, recovering from safe state with reset and remaining active with false alarm detection.05-26-2011
20110295399ROBOT INTERACTION SYSTEM - In the case of a robot interaction system comprising a robot (12-01-2011
20110295401Programmable Sensor Suitable for Controlling Yarn Feed to a Textile Machine and Method for the Programming Thereof - Sensor for controlling thread or yarn feed to a textile machine wherein a body or casing suitable for being arranged on a support of the machine or positioned near to it and having detection methods suitable for detecting at least one feed characteristic of the yarn to the machine. In the casing or body of the sensor, resources are provided for control of the detection and suitable for modifying the modes of control according to a plurality of control algorithms stored in memory associated with the casing; associated with the latter, selector methods are also provided suitable for allowing a user to choose one of the algorithms, thus selecting the desired operating mode of the sensor during its yarn feed control. The method for selecting desired sensor operating mode is also disclosed.12-01-2011
20110295398SLICING METHOD FOR RAPID PROTOTYPING APPARATUS - A slicing method for a rapid prototyping apparatus with a printing module is provided, which comprises the following steps: (a) accessing data of plural cut points generated from a slicing plane of an object intersecting with plural grids; (b) determining whether a printing module performs an achromatic color printing or not; (c) if yes, connecting two cut points to form a first slicing outline based on the data of the plural cut points, wherein the cut points are generated from the slicing plane intersecting with each grid; (d) checking whether a discontinuous plane exists in the first slicing outline or not, wherein if yes, cut points are paired with a polar coordinate, a connecting path with a smaller included angle is selected, and the first slicing outline connects with the connecting path to form a closed slicing outline to perform an achromatic inkjet printing in the closed slicing outline.12-01-2011
20110295400METHOD FOR PREPARING A PERFUME WITHIN A SYSTEM COMPRISING A PLURALITY OF INTERACTIVE TERMINALS FOR FORMULATING PERFUMES AND A SERVER CONFIGURED TO EXCHANGE DATA WITH THE PLURALITY OF TERMINALS - A method of dispensing at least one test scent within a system includes a server configured to exchange data with a plurality of interactive scent-formulation terminals, each interactive terminal including a plurality of odorous substances, serving when combined in various proportions to create a plurality of scents; dispenser means for dispensing a selection of the odorous substances out from the terminal; a network interface enabling the terminal to communicate with the server; and a user interface; in which method the server automatically sends data to at least one terminal, the data describing at least one formulation enabling the terminal to dispense a test scent, while leaving the user of the terminal free to select the moment at which the test scent is dispensed.12-01-2011
20090099676Modeling Manufacturing Processes to Include Defined Markers - A method, and corresponding computer program product and system, defines and uses marker points within a modeled manufacturing process routing that includes multiple sequenced operations. The method includes receiving user input that defines one or more marker points within the modeled manufacturing process routing and between sequential ones of the operations. The marker points define a user-defined point within a manufacturing process and include one of multiple defined types that each define a different use to be made by the marker point. The method also includes detecting if any marker points of a specified one of the defined types have been defined in the manufacturing process routing. If a marker point having the specified one of the defined types is detected, a predefined computing function is executed that uses the detected marker point.04-16-2009
20110264251ELECTRONIC WORK INSTRUCTION CONFIGURED FOR ISA-95 STANDARD - A method and a system provide, to production process personnel, an electronic work instruction for a production activity, compliant with an ISA-95 standard. The system contains at least one connection configured for exchanging at least one electronic work instruction between a production process based on the ISA-95 standard and an Electronic Work Instruction entity. The Electronic Work Instruction entity is configured for being compliant with the ISA-95 standard of the production process and capable of loading and storing at least one electronic work instruction. A device for accessing the electronic work instruction is also provided.10-27-2011
20100114348Frozen compositions and methods for piercing a substrate - Certain embodiments disclosed herein relate to compositions, methods, devices, systems, and products regarding frozen particles. In certain embodiments, the frozen particles include materials at low temperatures. In certain embodiments, the frozen particles provide vehicles for delivery of particular agents. In certain embodiments, the frozen particles are administered to at least one biological tissue.05-06-2010
20090093901METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR USING DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS AND MEASUREMENTS ON MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS IN CONCEPTUAL DESIGN MODELS - A system and method for using design specification and measurements on manufactured products in conceptual design model are provided. In one aspect, a conceptual model is extended to map one or more model elements to corresponding external reference values. The corresponding external reference values include at least design specification values and manufacturing properties associated with one or more model elements. The model elements mapped to corresponding external reference values are presented, for example, for identification and consistency checks of attributes at various stages of product life cycle.04-09-2009
20090240362SIMULATION MODEL CREATING METHOD, MASK DATA CREATING METHOD AND SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE MANUFACTURING METHOD - A simulation model creating method computes, for measurement results of a line width of a resist pattern formed with varied an exposure amount and focus value, a permissible fluctuation range of the pattern line width from a distribution of the exposure amount and a distribution of the focus value; computes difference values between the measurement results and corresponding approximation values on a fitting function which has the exposure amount and focus value as parameters; compares the difference values with the permissible fluctuation range; deletes any measurement values for which the difference value is larger than the permissible fluctuation range, and recomputes the fitting function accordingly; and deletes measurement values outside a permissible fluctuation range of a pattern line width of the mask, and creates a simulation model.09-24-2009
20090088881SIMULATION SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD - An exemplary simulation system for manufacturing a printed circuit board is provided. The simulation system includes at least one simulation sub-system. The simulation sub-system includes an input module, a storing module, a processing module, and an output module. The input module is configured for acquiring a number of processing parameters associated with steps of a process for manufacturing the printed circuit board. The storing module is configured for storing a number of simulation functions relating to the steps of the process for manufacturing the printed circuit board. The processing module is configured for selecting and performing the corresponding simulation function according to the acquired parameters, thereby obtaining a simulation result. The output module is configured for output the simulation result.04-02-2009
20110172794COMPUTERIZED METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SELECTING TECHNOLOGY USED IN VEHICLE PRODUCTION - Various embodiments may include a computerized system and method for determining a selection of technologies or processes for use in part production. A dataset of technologies or processes may be considered and standardized. Generic CAD models may be generated from the standardized dataset. Optimization metrics for each generic CAD model may be received. Data from a sourcing, a manufacturing and a design data source may also be received. An optimization algorithm may be used for each generic CAD model based on the optimization metrics and the data from the data sources. One or more optimized CAD models may be generated and one or more optimized technologies or processes for use in part manufacturing may be obtained. The optimized technologies or processes may be based on the one or more optimized CAD models. The optimized technologies or processes may be transmitted for selection and use in producing manufactured parts.07-14-2011
20110172795CONSIDERATION OF MANUFACTURING CAPABILITY DURING AIRCRAFT DESIGN - A system comprises a configurator for providing a configuration definition that specifies existing engineering designs and manufacturing capability of aircraft structures that have already been designed and manufactured; and a processor for accessing the configuration definition from the configurator and filtering the configuration definition according to customer specifications for a new aircraft. The filtering selects existing designs and identifies existing manufacturing capability to fabricate structures for the new aircraft.07-14-2011
20100138018METHOD FOR PRODUCING A PARTS PROGRAM - A method and a computer program for producing a parts program are disclosed. The parts program includes control instructions which enable a control device of a machine tool to control movements of a tool, with the steps of reading in movement information relating to movements and machining operations to be performed by the tool, reading in availability information which identifies control subprograms available in the control device for predetermined machining operations to be performed by the tool and, if a control subprogram associated with a predetermined machining operation is available in the control device, generating a control instruction for the parts program from the available control subprograms and the movement information in form of a call for the control subprogram associated with the machining operation. Production of a parts program for a machine tool is thereby simplified.06-03-2010
20100138019METHOD OF PERFORMING OPTICAL PROXIMITY EFFECT CORRECTIONS TO PHOTOMASK PATTERN - A method of performing an optical proximity effect correction to a first photomask pattern for a wiring of a semiconductor device for use in combination with a second photomask pattern for a via, the wiring including an end portion coupled to the via, the method being performed by a computer including a memory storing layout data of the first photomask pattern and the second photomask pattern, including extracting a pattern of layout data of the first photomask pattern for the wiring corresponding to the end portion of the wiring and layout data of the second photomask pattern for the via.06-03-2010
20110208338SYSTEM FOR CREATING PERSONALIZED AND CUSTOMIZED MOBILE DEVICES - The present invention provides a mobile device ecosystem that is simpler than existing options for all of its participants regardless of their role or business model. The ecosystem includes a mobile device and operating software development kit and store, both of which are implemented as web-based services such that creation, testing, and distribution of customized mobile devices, as well as discovery, investigation, and delivery of same, can all be performed using a standard web browser. The device development kit offers such capabilities as simply personalizing the exterior decoration of an existing device, designing the physical form factor of a device incorporating existing electronic components, and even creating new electronic components for incorporation in multiple device designs. The operating software development kit offers such capabilities as rearranging or redrawing the user interface for existing devices, or designing entirely new complete operating systems usable across multiple target device brands or brand groups. The device and operating software store is also not specific to any mobile device brand or brand group, and integrates with both branded and independent application stores. Further, the web-based development kit and store are integrated with one another such that creation of new devices, operating software packages, and applications can be accelerated by incorporation or customization of existing items or components thereof. In addition, the development kit incorporates tools for creating and embodying logic, interfaces, data, form factors, and functionality which can be used intuitively by all people, including children and adults who are not skilled software or hardware developers, while at the same time offering compatible advanced capabilities to those who are so skilled. Finally, the ecosystem itself includes features that facilitate communication, interaction, community, and sharing among and between creators, users, and other interested parties.08-25-2011
20080228301SYSTEM TO OPTIMIZE A SEMICONDUCTOR PROBE CARD - A novel information system for optimizing a phase in the lifespan of a probe card for semiconductor wafer testing, by receiving, storing, and disseminating probe card data over a network between the probe card customer and supplier. The system optimizes the ordering of a probe card by a customer, the manufacture of the probe card by a supplier, and the performance and repair of the probe card during its lifespan. The information system includes at least one server that is coupled to a network, where the server receives, stores, and disseminates historical information gathered during the order, manufacture, performance, and repair phases of many probe cards. An application on the server receives current information from a probe card customer or supplier, calculates a variety of metrics based on this information, compares the metric to historical data already stored in the system, and communicates the results of the comparison and the historical data to a system user.09-18-2008
20100138017Ontology-Based System and Method for Industrial Control - An industrial control system and method of controlling an industrial process are disclosed herein. In at least one embodiment, the control system includes an order system configured to receive an order from an external source and process the order to generate an order instance in accordance with an order ontology, at least one database storing a plurality of selectable generalized production plans and information identifying capabilities of a plurality of control entities, and a product agent in at least indirect communication with the order system, the at least one database and the control entities. The product agent receives at least one portion of the order instance, selects at least one of the generalized production plans, and communicates with the control entities so as to determine a production plan instance suitable for governing at least one aspect of an industrial process in order to satisfy at least one portion of the received order corresponding to the at least one portion of the order instance.06-03-2010
20110208337PREDICTION AND SCHEDULING SERVER - A server creates a plurality of projects pertaining to providing manufacturing service results. Each of the plurality of projects specifies operations to be performed relating to providing the manufacturing service results and at least one of the plurality of projects generates a requested manufacturing service result. The server initiates the at least one project that generates the requested manufacturing service result, wherein the at least one project is associated with an execution engine. The initiation of the at least one project may include sending input data to the execution engine based on configuration data that is associated with the execution engine, and obtaining the requested manufacturing service result from the execution engine. The server provides the requested manufacturing server result to at least one recipient.08-25-2011
20100152870METHOD AND DEVICE FOR CONTROLLING ROBOTS FOR WELDING WORKPIECES - The invention relates to a method for controlling robots for welding three-dimensional workpieces, comprising the following steps: positioning and tacking profiles to a plate in order to form the workpiece to be welded, depicting the workpiece by means of a three-dimensional imaging system in the form of three-dimensional pixels, determining the geometric data of the plate and profiles, including the allocation of cutouts and final cutting shapes from the three-dimensional pixels, determining the weld seam data from the geometric data while considering the profile placement lines and the contact lines of profiles, allocating the weld seam data to parameterizable specifications for the weld plan into stored predefined movement patterns of the robot, and into commands for the control of the welding process.06-17-2010
20090143886METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PORTIONING WORKPIECES TO USER-ENTERED SHAPE AND OTHER SPECIFICATIONS - A method and system are provided for automatically portioning workpieces, such as food products, into both shape and other user-defined specification(s). Workpieces are portioned both to shape and weight, such as to a weight-specific uniform shape, by adjusting (e.g., scaling up and down or slightly modifying) a desired template shape until the desired weight is achieved depending on the varying thickness of each workpiece. For example, from a thicker workpiece, a smaller-sized piece having a predefined shape and weight is portioned, while from a thinner workpiece, a larger-sized piece having the same predefined shape and weight is portioned. The system permits a user to scan in and edit a desired (reference) shape to be used as a template in the portioning process.06-04-2009
20090138112Designing An Apparatus To Substantially Minimize Exergy Destruction - In a method of designing an apparatus formed of at least one component to substantially minimize exergy destruction, at least one of one or more candidate materials and one or more candidate processes are identified. The one or more candidate materials are capable of being used in forming the at least one component and the one or more candidate processes are associated with either or both of the one or more candidate materials and the at least one component. Exergy destruction values of at least one of the one or more candidate materials and the one or more candidate processes are determined. In addition, at least one of the one or more candidate materials and the one or more candidate processes having the substantially lowest exergy destruction values are selected for the apparatus design.05-28-2009
20090005894METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ENHANCING THE YIELD IN SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING - Roughly described, a manufacturing process is enhanced by using TCAD and TCAD-derived models. A TCAD simulation model of the process is developed, which predicts, in dependence upon a plurality of process input parameters, a value for a performance parameter of a product to be manufactured using the process. Estimated, predicted or desired values for a calculated subset of the parameters (including either process input parameters or product performance parameters or both), are determined in dependence upon the process model, and further in dependence upon actual, estimated or desired values for a different subset of the parameters (again either process input parameters or product performance parameters or both). The determination is preferably made using a process compact model of the process, itself developed in dependence upon the simulation model.01-01-2009
20090177305METHOD FOR ORGANIZING A MANUFACTURING OR ASSEMBLING PROCESS - A method and system for organizing a process having a plurality of operations is described. The process can be a manufacturing or assembly process. Some sequences of operations in the process are unfeasible. The method includes ordering the various operations of the process in a sequence by iteratively performing via a computer environment the acts of adding information on either a mandatory or an allowable sequence between two operations, and determining from the information on the sequence between the two operations further information on mandatory or allowable relations between operations of the plurality of operations, until all relations between couples of operations of the plurality have been determined. The method further includes organizing the process compliant with the set of relations obtained in the ordering via the computer environment.07-09-2009
20090143885Orifice formation control system - An orifice formation system is provided. The system includes a manufacturing machine configured to form an orifice in a workpiece, a computed tomography x-ray machine configured to generate data based on geometry of the workpiece, and a computer in communication with the manufacturing machine and the computed tomography x-ray machine. The computer is configured to control the manufacturing machine based on the data generated by the computed tomography x-ray machine. A method of controlling formation of an orifice in a workpiece is also provided. The method includes acquiring computed tomography data about the workpiece, determining geometry of the workpiece based on the computed tomography data, and forming an orifice in the workpiece based on the determined geometry of the workpiece.06-04-2009
20080319566Custom Package Wrap - One method embodiment herein inputs a package size and a package wrap pattern. The method calculates a sheet size corresponding to the package size, and prints the sheet of package wrap. The sheet of package wrap has the package wrap pattern and can have fold markings corresponding to corners of the package. The sheet of package wrap has dimensions equal to the sheet size.12-25-2008
20110224814SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING A MANUFACTURING PROCESS - A method and a system control a manufacturing process of a plant via a MES system. The MES system is provided with a catalogue of a tool model, the catalogue of the tool model contains tool entities and tool methods on the tool entities. The tool entities contain engineering-time tool entities and run-time tool entities and the tool methods contain engineering-time tool methods and run-time tool methods. At engineering time or at run time, via a tool manager, the tool model catalogue is exposed and information on the tool model data is stored in a database. At engineering time, the specific engineering-time tool entities are defined by invoking engineering-time tool methods. At run time the specific tool entities are instantiated into run-time tool objects and the manufacturing process is controlled relative to physical plant tools by invoking the run-time tool methods on the run-time tool objects.09-15-2011
20110224813IMAGE PROCESSING DEVICE AND IMAGE PROCESSING METHOD - An image processing device is provided with a designating operation accepting unit which displays a setting screen on which an image indicating the entire shape of an object appears. The designating operation accepting unit accepts first, second, and third designating operations on the setting screen, and which allows selection of a process item. The first designating operation sets a common process sequence. The second designating operation sets a section-specific process sequence. The third designating operation designates a target section of a section-specific process. The common process sequence includes a process item by which the section-specific process is performed, and through this process item the common process sequence and each section-specific process sequence are associated with each other. Information indicating data in model data, and corresponding to the designated target section is associated with the section-specific process, and is then entered as section specifying information.09-15-2011
20110224815Industrial Robot And Path Planning Method For Controlling The Movement Of An Industrial Robot - The invention relates to an industrial robot (09-15-2011
20090198362APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR HANDLING ORDERS - Order handling apparatus of the present invention stores assembly standard information that at least one component is managed for each assembly and component standard information which is basic information of a component to be mapped with each other. Order handling apparatus duplicates component standard information together with assembly standard information to generate individual assembly information for arranging an assembly, assigns arranging formation representing whether a component is arranged or not to generate individual component information and stores them. Order handling apparatus determines whether to reflect an update of component standard information in component standard information contained in individual assembly information based on arranging information when component standard information stored in standard assembly storing unit is updated.08-06-2009
20090099675System and Method for Optimizing Transmission Component Life and Transmission Power - A power transmission system including a component having a surface and a plurality of micro-defects is provided. The surface has a distribution of asperities. The component has a first resonance frequency distribution. The distribution of asperities has a second resonance frequency distribution that is substantially outside of the first resonance frequency distribution.04-16-2009
20110230992PROCESS SIMULATION METHOD, SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE DESIGNING METHOD AND NON-TRANSITORY COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM - According to one embodiment, a method of simulating a manufacturing process of a structure including adjacent components, the method includes causing a computer to perform operations of: importing mesh and material data set for each component; specifying, as a calculation target, a region in a first component in which impurities are to be diffused among the components; setting a virtual film of a desired thickness in contact with the region whose material is the same as that of a second component in contact with the specified calculation target; setting boundary conditions at interface between the region and the virtual film, based on the material data; incorporating the boundary conditions into diffusion equations to solve the diffusion equations of the region and the virtual film; and bringing data on the concentration of impurities of the region obtained by the calculation into data on the structure before the specification of the region.09-22-2011
20090105860Container Design System, Methods, and Storage Medium Featuring Specific Colors or Indicia - A container design system, method of operation, and storage medium which allows a user(s) to: (1) design a unique complete container including: container size, shape, color, and medium; cap size, shape, color, and medium; label, wherein the label includes one or more specific colors or indicia; what the container will be filled with; and how the containers will be packaged and shipped; and (2) cause the final container to be manufactured, labeled, filled, packaged, and/or shipped according to the user's specific unique parameters; thereby, providing the user a complete container according to the user's particular parameters.04-23-2009
20090240363MOBILE PAINT SYSTEM UTILIZING SLIDER ATTRIBUTE PROMPTS AND REFLECTANCE MEMORY STORAGE - What is disclosed is a plurality of prepaints which are used in any combination to produce base paints and/or colored paints of varying end-use application characteristics. Additionally, a mobile paint factory for producing a plurality of lines of paints from a plurality of prepaints en route to and/or at various locations is disclosed, which may include a vehicle having a paint production system, a spectrometer and a gloss meter. Furthermore, a method of producing a plurality of lines of user-selected paints from a plurality of prepaints en route to and/or at various locations is disclosed. The method may include: providing a mobile paint factory; prompting a user to select a value for a paint attribute on a slider; and automatically dispensing predetermined amounts of appropriate prepaints. The method may also comprise storing information about the reflectance of produced paints in a local data storage device.09-24-2009
20090254207DISPLAY CARD FOR CUSTOM-MANUFACTURED ITEM AND METHOD - A system and method allows a consumer to custom-order an item, such as footwear. The system is capable of accepting a designation for the design of the item by a consumer wherein the item is custom-manufactured according to designation of a characteristic made by the consumer. A display card is associated with the system and has a card member having indicia thereon. The indicia correspond to the designation of the characteristic provided by the consumer.10-08-2009
20100168889SUBSTRATE TREATMENT APPARATUS, SUBSTRATE TREATMENT METHOD AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A substrate treatment apparatus eliminates breakage of a wafer W due to having the wafer supported by a supporting member when heat treatment is performed on the wafer W a plurality of times by a heat treatment module. The substrate processing apparatus includes a recipe setting unit for setting process conditions for a process recipe for the semiconductor wafer W and a direction of the semiconductor wafer W, by associating the conditions and the direction with each other. Through the recipe setting unit, the direction of the semiconductor wafer W can be set, and the semiconductor wafer W can be arranged in a direction set by an alignment module. Thus, portions R to be supported by the supporting members 07-01-2010
20090076638METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SIMULATING COMPOSITE PANEL MANUFACTURING - A method and apparatus for managing production of a composite part. A three dimensional digital part definition is received for the composite part. A plurality of layers for the composite part is generated using the digital part definition with respect to a set of performance variables for an automated material placement system. A time needed to form the plurality of layers for the composite part to form a result and a cost ratio of production rate are identified. Production of the composite part is managed using the result.03-19-2009
20100161093MULTIVARIABLE SOLVER FOR OPTICAL PROXIMITY CORRECTION - The method of the invention tracks how the collective movement of edge segments in a mask layout alters the resist image values at control points in the layout and simultaneously determines a correction amount for each edge segment in the layout. A multisolver matrix that represents the collective effect of movements of each edge segment in the mask layout is used to simultaneously determine the correction amount for each edge segment in the mask layout.06-24-2010
20100191357PATTERN LAYOUT CREATION METHOD, PROGRAM PRODUCT, AND SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE MANUFACTURING METHOD - A graph in which patterns are each regarded as nodes and nodes of patterns adjacent to each other at a first distance are connected with each other by an edge is produced, each of the patterns is classified into two types so that the two patterns corresponding to the nodes at both ends of the edge are types different to each other, a classification result is corrected by grouping the patterns in each node cluster connected by the edge or each node cluster connected via the node by the edge, and by inverting each of types of a pattern belonging to a same group as that of one pattern, out of a pair of patterns that are classified into a same type and that belong to respectively different groups adjacent to each other at a second distance, and a pattern layout diagram is created based on the corrected classification result.07-29-2010
20100262270DESIGN DATA MERGING APPARATUS AND DESIGN DATA MERGING METHOD - A design data merging apparatus includes a merging determining unit that determines, for a plurality of design data of which each has product name information and has a same identifier for uniquely identifying a product, whether the product name information given to the plurality of design data are the same, and a merged data creating unit that merges the plurality of design data when it is determined by the merging determining unit that the product name information given to the plurality of design data are the same, and creates merged data obtained by merging a plurality of design data.10-14-2010
20100191358METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MODELING A MANUFACTURING PROCESS - A method and a system model a manufacturing process wherein an manufacturing executing system implements the modeled manufacturing process and plans and/or controls the corresponding manufacturing at the shop floor. The method includes providing a number of real machines at the shop floor and describing each real machine by a real machine module having machine attributes in order to control the execution of the real machine. Within the manufacturing process a specific manufacturing activity is defined that requires the execution of a distinct subset of real machines in order to perform its specific production activity. Virtual equipment is provided by combining the real machines included in the subset and describing the virtual equipment by a virtual equipment model to plan and control the specific production activity. The virtual equipment model contains a planning level model and a controlling level model.07-29-2010
20100204814PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR GENERATING CONTROL DATA FOR CONTROLLING A TOOL ON A MACHINE TOOL COMPRISING AT LEAST 5 AXES - A process and an apparatus for generating control data for controlling a tool on a machine tool comprising at least 5 axes for the production of a predetermined finished part having a base body and at least one flank section protruding from the base body, finished part geometry data of the predetermined finished part geometry of the finished part being generated by means of fundamental geometry parameters and path data being generated by means of the finished part geometry data, the path data indicating the tool path along the surface of the flank section over which the tool has to travel with what tool orientation relative to the workpiece to remove material from the workpiece, the tool orientation of the tool corresponding to an orientation of a axis of rotation of the tool and the tool rotating about the axis of rotation of the tool to remove material from the workpiece.08-12-2010
20120197421MACHINE TOOL CONTROL SYSTEM - An optimum cutting feed rate of a machine tool is calculated at the outset and a tool path as well as the optimum cutting feed rate calculated is directly output to a driving unit of the machine tool. A relative movement between the work and a tool is made to occur along the tool path at the optimum cutting feed rate for each part of the tool path. To this end, a control system includes a CL data generating unit 08-02-2012
20120035755PROCESS CONTROL USING PROCESS DATA AND YIELD DATA - A method for monitoring a manufacturing tool features acquiring metrology data (“Step a”). Data is acquired for process variables for a first process step performed by the manufacturing tool (“Step b”). A mathematical model of the first process step based on the metrology data and the acquired data is created (“Step c”). Steps b and c are repeated for at least a second process step (“Step d”). An nth mathematical model is created based on the metrology data and the data for the process variables for each of the n process steps (“Step e”). A top level mathematical model is created based on the metrology data and the models created by steps c, d and e (“Step f”). A multivariate metric is calculated based on the top level model of step f and data from subsequent runs of the manufacturing tool. Service is performed if the metric satisfies a condition.02-09-2012
20090281648SYSTEM FOR SYNCHRONIZING PART DESIGN AND DIE DESIGN, SERVER, PART DESIGN TERMINAL APPARATUS AND DIE DESIGN TERMINAL APPARATUS USED THEREFOR - Information with regard to each finished part model is transmitted from a part design terminal 11-12-2009
20090319067Method for sequence programming of an enjection molding cycle of an injection molding machine - Disclosed is a method for programming the progress of an injection molding cycle of an injection molding machine. The injection molding cycle includes several sequences which are manually started as a whole or in part in a setup mode and in a teaching mode. In the setup mode, parts of the injection molding machine are first actuated and are tested as to the functionality thereof. The tested parts are then actuated once again in the teaching mode according to the desired sequence of movements, said sequence of movements being stored in a controller of the injection molding machine. Specific actions such as building up and reducing forces and generating holding pressure can also be taught. The individually taught sequences can then be freely combined into new processes in a controller having a suitable operator interface and can be repeated multiple times.12-24-2009
20080294278Determining Viewing Distance Information for an Image - A method for enabling a user to interactively design a sign to be manufactured. The method may provide viewing distance information to a user during the design process, thus allowing the user to more intelligently specify various criteria for the sign, such as sign size, image/text size, etc. Alternatively, the user may specify viewing distance information, and the method may automatically determine the appropriate sign size and/or image/text size based on the viewing distance information.11-27-2008
20090112341CONTROL DATA CREATION DEVICE FOR MACHINING, AND PROGRAM THEREFOR - An NC data creation device for creating NC data for forming at least one shape by electric discharge machining using at least two blades formed on one or more tool electrodes. Blade registration means registers the at least two blades (Q). Step registration means registers at least two steps to form the at least one shape (P). Blade assignment means assigns the at least two blades to the at least two steps. NC data creation means creates NC data including the at least two steps. The NC data creation means may create position commands for causing movement of the tool electrodes between two consecutive steps.04-30-2009
20090112340METHOD OF ANIMATING STRUCTURAL VIBRATION UNDER OPERATIONAL CONDITIONS - A method of analyzing structural vibration according to one aspect of the present invention includes reception of data from a plurality of sensors on a structure, filtration of the data to exclude data outside of a selected frequency band, association of sensor locations with locations on computer model, and generation of an animation which displays the structural vibration.04-30-2009
20090105861METHOD FOR DESIGNING A TOOL FOR DEEP DRAWING AND TOOL FOR DEEP DRAWING OF SHEET METAL - The invention concerns a method for the creation of addendums (04-23-2009
20120123574Plating method of substrate and manufacturing method of circuit board using the same - A method of plating a substrate and a method of manufacturing a circuit board using the method of plating a substrate. The method of manufacturing a circuit board may include: providing a panel substrate, the panel substrate divided into a circuit board area and a dummy area; calculating a ratio of an area of a circuit pattern to be formed by plating in the circuit board area; determining a ratio of an area being plated in the dummy area by considering the ratio of the area being plated in the circuit board area; setting a plating part in the circuit board area and the dummy area; and forming the circuit pattern by electroplating the panel substrate. Accordingly, deviation in thickness of plating between circuit patterns can be improved.05-17-2012
20090069919INTELLIGENT MASS PRODUCTION PLANNING AND ROUTING SYSTEM - Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to manufacturing production and provide a method, system and computer program product for mass production planning and routing. In one embodiment of the invention, a method for mass production planning and routing can be provided. The method can include initiating a production process sequence to produce a product according to an initial routing receiving a request to change the initial routing to a new routing, dynamically comparing the initial routing to the new routing, removing each production process from the new routing that had already been completed in the initial routing, and resuming the production process sequence with the new routing.03-12-2009
20110009992Process for the Production of a Three-Dimensional Object With Resolution Improvement by Pixel Shift - The invention relates to a process or device for the production of a three-dimensional object by layer-wise solidification of a material which is solidifiable under the application of electromagnetic irradiation by means of mask illumination, wherein the mask is produced using an image forming unit having a prescribed resolution, which is formed from a constant number of image forming elements (pixels) being discrete and being arranged in a spatially mutually fixed manner. For the improvement of the resolution along the outer and inner contours of the sectional areas of the object to be generated layer-wise in the sub-pixel range, a multiple illumination per layer is performed, which consists of a series of multiple images that are mutually shifted in the sub-pixel range in the image/construction plane, wherein a separate mask/bitmap is produced for each shifted image.01-13-2011
20110029115INTEGRATED CIRCUIT DEVICE, ELECTRONIC APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING OF ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - An integrated circuit device includes a host I/F, an information register, and a control section. The information register stores wave selection information for selecting waveform information which defines a waveform of a drive signal of the electro-optical device. Waveform information selected by the wave selection information stored in the information register from among a plurality of pieces of waveform information is loaded to an information memory at the time of manufacturing an electronic apparatus including the electro-optical device. The control section controls the display of the electro-optical device on the basis of the waveform information read from the information memory at the time of an actual operation of the electronic apparatus.02-03-2011
20110178620Software-Based System and Method for Changing Structural Feature Designations - A software-based system for changing structural feature designations within a production environment includes a menu page component adapted to support a menu page; an information document component interfacing with the menu page component and adapted to support at least one information document having structural feature designations of structural features; and an edit component interfacing with the information document component and adapted to view and edit the structural feature designations to expedite flow of materials in the production environment.07-21-2011
20100145489METHOD FOR OPTIMIZING A SPECTACLE LENS - The invention relates to a method, a computer program product and a system for designing or producing a spectacle lens for a spectacle wearer. Said method consists of the following steps: individual user data or application data of the spectacle wearer is obtained; the design concept for the spectacle lens having a plurality of evaluation points is determined; a main beam path through the plurality of evaluation points is determined; a local wavefront is specified for each of the main beams in the surroundings of the respective main beam; optical properties of the spectacle lens are determined on the evaluation points by determining an influence of the spectacle lens on the local wavefronts in the surroundings of the respective evaluation point; and the design concept is evaluated in accordance with the determined optical properties and the individual user data.06-10-2010
20100211202METHOD AND MACHINE FOR EXAMINING WAFERS - Method and machine utilizes the real-time recipe to examine a series of wafers during the fabrication of integrated circuits. Each real-time recipe essentially corresponds to a practical fabrication history of a wafer to be examined and/or the examination results of at least one examined wafer of same “lot”. Therefore, different wafers can be examined by using different recipes where each recipe corresponds to a specific condition of a wafer to be examined, even these wafers are received by a machine for examining at the same time.08-19-2010
20090216356Customized manufacturing method for an optoelectrical device - The disclosure provides a customized manufacturing method for an optoelectrical device. The customized manufacturing method comprises the steps of providing a manufacturing flow including a front-end flow, a customized module subsequent to the front-end flow, and a pause step between the front-end flow and the customized module, processing a predetermined amount of semi-manufactured products queued at the pause step, tuning the customized module in accordance with a customer's request, and processing the semi-manufactured products by the tuned customized module to fulfill the customer's request.08-27-2009
20110251706IMR (IN-MOLD ROLLER OR IN-MOLD RELEASE)/IMF (IN-MOLD FORMING) MAKING METHOD USING A DIGITAL PRINTER PRINTING AND PRE-FORMING TECHNIQUE - An IMR (in-mold roller or in-mold release)/IMF (in-mold forming) making method using a digital printer printing and pre-forming technique is disclosed to employ a digital printing technique to prepare a release layer, a protective wear-resistance layer (durable layer), an ink pattern layer, a metal pattern layer and a bonding layer (adhesive layer). In-mold roller or in-mold forming film is shaped and then molded on a plastic material through an injection-molding or pressure-casting technique so that the finished product is obtained after release from the mold and removal of the outer base layer. Further, shaped in-mold decoration film is put in an injection-molding mold or pressure-casting mold for molding and then the molded product is cut into the desired shape, finishing the fabrication. Trimming process may be applied to the shaped in-mold forming film before injection molding or pressure casting.10-13-2011
20110077759APPARATUS FOR GENERATING IMPOSITION INFORMATION AND RECORDING MEDIUM - In an imposition information generating apparatus (03-31-2011
20120303149FABRICATION AND TRACKING - A method of fabrication for a component to be installed in a facility, the facility being represented by an electronic design model, the method including extracting, at a computing device and from the model, details of the component and controlling a plurality of stations with the computing device to fabricate and track the component.11-29-2012
20110060438Treating Cleft Palate - The present application describes, inter alia, methods, devices, and systems for modeling and fabricating corrective appliances and methods of treating cleft palate using same.03-10-2011
20110060437SEARCH METHODS FOR CREATING DESIGNS FOR MERCHANDISE - Systems and methods are described for creating designs that can be imprinted on articles of merchandise. A wide range of designs may be selected by purchasers of customized merchandise, for one-off production or for production small or large quantity, without significantly compromising cost and speed of production. An online platform for selecting and combining designs in order to create customized merchandise that can be automatically manufactured. Searches of large design databases comprising uniquely identified design elements are enabled. The design elements can include one or more of fonts, colors, themes, shapes and images. Results of the searches can be selectively incorporated in customizable designs and can be embodied in merchandise.03-10-2011
20120123575METHOD FOR OPTIMIZING COMPONENT MOUNTING SEQUENCE WITH VARIABLE PITCH HEADS AND COMPONENT MOUNTING DEVICE USING THE SAME - A method is provided for determining a sequence of mounting a plurality of components on a board by using variable pitch heads having a plurality of pitches. The method includes: partitioning the board into a plurality of sectors, each of the sectors including a plurality of mounting points arranged in parallel with a direction in which the heads are arranged; dividing the board into a plurality of sub-boards including first sub-boards based on the sectors, each of the first sub-boards including as many mounting points as the heads; and determining a combination of a sequence of mounting the components on the board and at least one pitch among the pitches required to mount the components on the board in a shortest time, compared to another sequence or other sequences of mounting the components on the board and another pitch or other pitches among the pitches, based on the first sub-boards.05-17-2012
20100004769METHOD OF DESIGNING A STRUCTURE - A method of designing a structure, such as an airfoil section. A first set of candidate designs is generated in a first optimisation process, each candidate design comprising a set of M design variables associated with an M-dimensional design space. A subset of the first set of candidate designs is selected. The selected subset of candidate designs is analysed by proper orthogonal decomposition or principal component analysis to generate an N-dimensional design space defined by N design variables, N being less than M. A second set of one or more candidate designs is then generated in a second optimisation process, each candidate design comprising a set of N design variables associated with the N-dimensional design space.01-07-2010
20080243283Process Control Simulator and Process Control Simulating Method - This invention provides a process control simulator configured to efficiently debug a plant control system. A computer stores simulated data generated by a model executing part to a time-series memory area. A programmable controller stops input from the input-device interface when there is a virtual input/output request received. A virtual input/output processor sets simulated data from a time-series memory area of the computer to a time-series memory area of the programmable controller. A program executing part sets simulated data from the time-series memory area to a memory area at the same resolution as an arithmetic operation period of program execution and executes the program. Control output as a result of the execution is fed back to the model executing part of the computer, and the computer calculates simulated data as process value at this timing, and stores the data to its time-series memory area.10-02-2008
20110046762CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM WRITING APPARATUS, CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM WRITING METHOD AND APPARATUS OF PROCESSING DATA FOR CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM WRITING - There is provided a charged particle beam writing apparatus in which data processing is optimized by automatically dividing process regions on which parallel distributed processing is performed. A charged particle beam writing apparatus includes: a data storage unit to which layout data defining a plurality of figure patterns in a chip region is input and which stores the layout data; a dividing unit configured to divide the chip region into a plurality of process regions; a shot data generating unit configured to perform distributed processing on pattern data in the process regions using a plurality of computing processors so as to convert the pattern data to shot data for shooting a charged particle beam onto a target object; a determining and instructing unit configured to compare an amount of output data from each of the computing processors with a predetermined threshold, and when the amount of the output data is larger than the threshold, instruct corresponding one of the computing processors to divide corresponding one of the process regions and continue the data processing; and a writing unit configured to write on the target object using the shot data.02-24-2011
20090171490IDENTIFICATION OF ENGINEERING INTENT REQUIREMENTS IN AN ELECTRONIC ENVIRONMENT - Engineering requirements are defined in an electronic environment. In one embodiment, a method includes providing at least one of a set of master requirements and a set of version requirements to be applied to the electronic product definition, and referencing an electronic reference document from at least one of the set of master requirements and the set of version requirements, the electronic reference document including one or more particular engineering requirements to be applied to the electronic product definition. Alternately, a method includes defining a callout linked to the at least one of the set of master requirements and the set of version requirements, the callout being adapted to supersede a conflicting engineering requirement set forth in at least one of the set of master requirements and the set of version requirements.07-02-2009
20110190915METHOD OF AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING MACHINE TOOL FOR RESTARTING AUTOMATIC OPERATION - A machine tool is controlled to restart automatic operation thereof for machining a workpiece from an interrupted point after the machine tool, which has been automatically operated by NC program commands output from an NC apparatus, is caused to interrupt the automatic operation. The NC program commands are classified into a plurality of main groups with respect to the contents of motions for changing the machine state of the machine tool. When the automatic operation of the machine tool restarts after the automatic operation has been interrupted halfway, an order of execution of the NC program commands is determined such that the main groups are arranged in a prescribed order of execution, for automatically generating a machine state restoration command. After the machine tool has been caused to interrupt its automatic operation under NC program commands, the automatic operation of the machine tool can restart from the interrupted point without the need for the operator to manually generate or correct a command for restoring the machine tool to its machine state upon interruption and also with safety free from physical interference between the workpiece and a tool during their movement.08-04-2011
20100030356DESIGN PROCESS RECORDING - Description of works such as “requirement”, “definition”, and “confirmation” in the narrow sense in a design process is made possible. A design work recording unit (02-04-2010
20100030355METHODS OF CREATING CUSTOMIZED BEVERAGE PRODUCTS - A method of creating customized beverage products includes providing a multiple stream filing system suited for producing an array of beverage products. The method also includes receiving an order for a customized beverage product from the array of beverage products. The order indicates at least one characteristic of the customized beverage product. The at least one characteristic comprises one or more of the following: a beverage formulation, a beverage additive, a package size, a package shape, or label content. The method further includes instructing the multiple stream filling system to produce the customized beverage product. The multiple stream filing system produces the customized beverage product without performing an operation to reduce contamination of the customized beverage product with ingredients from a previously produced beverage product.02-04-2010
20100030354CONTAINER DESIGN SYSTEM, METHODS OF OPERATION, AND STORAGE MEDIUM - A container design system, method of operation, and storage medium which allows a user(s) to: (1) design a unique complete container including: container size, shape, color, and medium; cap size, shape, color, and medium; label; what the container will be filled with; and how the containers will be packaged and shipped; and (2) cause the final container to be manufactured, labeled, filled, packaged, and/or shipped according to the user's specific unique parameters; thereby, providing the user a complete container according to the user's particular parameters.02-04-2010
20100023148PRINTABLE PRE-SEWN STUFFED TOY COMPOSITE SHEETS - Embodiments of the invention provide a composite sheet for creating a customized design. The composite sheet includes a first fabric portion, a second fabric portion, and a membrane portion disposed between the first fabric portion and the second fabric portion, where the first fabric portion is sewn with stitching to the second fabric portion. One advantage of the composite sheet and related systems and methods is that users can create customized designs conveniently on their own home printer.01-28-2010
20100017005METROLOGY THROUGH USE OF FEED FORWARD FEED SIDEWAYS AND MEASUREMENT CELL RE-USE - Metrology may be implemented during semiconductor device fabrication by a) modeling a first measurement on a first test cell formed in a layer of a partially fabricated device; b) performing a second measurement on a second test cell in the layer; c) feeding information from the second measurement into the modeling of the first measurement; and after a lithography pattern has been formed on the layer including the first and second test cells, d) modeling a third and a fourth measurement on the first and second test cells respectively using information from a) and b) respectively.01-21-2010
20100063608Method and System for Programmable Numerical Control - A method of controlling a machine tool and other controlled devices, as well as a programmable numerical control (PNC) system, are disclosed. In at least one embodiment, the method of controlling includes receiving a first part program at a programmable logic controller (PLC), and storing the first part program in a string array library of a memory portion of the PLC. The method further includes communicating information between the PLC and an operator interface regarding the first part program, and providing a first signal from the PLC to a first port so as to cause the first machine tool to be operated in accordance with the first part program. Also, in at least some embodiments, the PNC system allows for control of multiple machine tools and/or other controlled devices, by way of one or more part programs, and/or for editing of a part program while that program is being executed.03-11-2010
20110071659Application Specific Solar Cell and Method for Manufacture Using Thin Film Photovoltaic Materials - A method for manufacture of application specific solar cells includes providing and processing custom design information to determine at least a cell size and a cell shape. The method includes providing a transparent substrate having a back surface region, a front surface region, and one or more grid-line regions overlying the front side surface region. The one or more grid regions provide one or more unit cells having the cell size and the cell shape. The method further includes forming a layered structure including photovoltaic materials overlying the front surface region. Additionally, the method includes aligning a laser beam from the back surface region to illuminate a first region within the one or more grid-line regions, subjecting a first portion of the layered structure overlying the first region to the laser beam to separate the first portion of the layered structure from the first region, and scanning the laser beam along the one or more grid-line regions to cause formation of one or more unit cells having the cell size and cell shape. The method further includes transferring the one or more unit cells.03-24-2011
20120158165Workflow Centered Mechatronic Objects - A method for generating workflows for product development or for the design or the operation of industrial systems, wherein the workflow comprises activities, inputs, outputs, attributes, and time dependencies for the activities, wherein the method comprises providing software objects representing parts, functions and/or artifacts of the product or the industrial systems, assembling the software objects by interconnecting them via the interfaces to design a product or an industrial system, generating the workflow for product development or for the design or operation of an industrial system based on the workflow information.06-21-2012
20120158166MODULAR LOW STRESS PACKAGE TECHNOLOGY - A method of designing a desired modular assembly: determining a package outline of a modular package assembly; determining seating plane and overall package length characteristics; calculating minimum package height of the modular package assembly; designing the dimensions and the configuration of semiconductor subassemblies by receiving semiconductor subassembly user input design data at the design tool, each semiconductor subassembly of the one or more semiconductor subassemblies comprising a modular sidewall element and a semiconductor substrate base element coupled to the modular sidewall element, the semiconductor substrate base element having at least one semiconductor element with a layout sized to be accommodated by modular dimensions of the modular sidewall element and the semiconductor substrate base element configured to form a base of the semiconductor subassembly; and incorporating the configuration and dimensions of the modular package assembly and the one or more semiconductor subassemblies into a manufacturing assembly process.06-21-2012
20110029114METHOD, SYSTEM AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT FOR PRODUCING A TEST ARTICLE HAVING EMBEDDED FEATURES FOR NONDESTRUCTIVE EVALUATION - A method in a computer system having a display for producing a representation of an article having embedded features including calibration target(s) or simulated defect(s) on the display. The method can include generating a representation of a test component on the display, generating a representation of embedded features on the display and combining the representations of the test component and the embedded features on the display to generate a combined representation. The method can further include converting the combined representation to a layer-by-layer format including manufacturing parameters for additive manufacturing, and producing the test article with an additive manufacturing process.02-03-2011
20110106284SYSTEM FOR USE IN PERFORMANCE OF INJECTION MOLDING OPERATIONS - There is provided a system for use in performance of injection molding operations, wherein the system can include a plurality of injection molding assembly components. In one embodiment, the system can be operative so that various information respecting components of the system can be recorded within a component database. The component database can be a computer implemented database and in one embodiment can be utilized to output information that indicates past and/or present conditions prevailing within the system.05-05-2011
20100094445METHOD FOR DESIGNING GLASS ANTENNA - The present invention features a technique comprising the design of a glass antenna having a desired performance regardless of the kind of vehicle and the glass size and the shape of vehicle, by operating an EM (engineering model) simulation tool with an optimization algorithm.04-15-2010
20100249966LABEL DESIGN PRODUCING APPARATUS - A label design producing apparatus of the present invention comprises a first memory unit in which a plurality of designs are stored, a second memory unit in which label combination information expressing each design by combination of a plurality of rectangular labels is stored, a selecting unit for selecting a design to be employed from designs stored in the first memory unit, a reading-out unit for reading out the label combination information corresponding to the design selected by the selecting unit from the second memory unit, and an output unit for outputting labels constituting the design according to the label combination information read out by the reading-out unit.09-30-2010
20120215334TOOL PATH GENERATION METHOD AND DEVICE - A tool path generation device for machining a workpiece with a machine tool including a reading and interpreting portion which reads out a tool path from a machining program, a target coordinate value calculating portion which sets a plurality of target points at equal intervals on the read out tool path, and a curve approximation calculating portion which generates a tool path based on the plurality of target points, so as to obtain a smooth machined surface without formation of step differences between adjacent tool paths.08-23-2012
20110184544MOVING PROGRAM MAKING-OUT PROGRAM AND DEVICE - Object: To provide a working environment in which, when programming work of a moving program is executed, work of drawing a movement path diagram, etc. and the programming work can be performed in parallel and, in addition, height information can be visually confirmed.07-28-2011
20120316665LED PACKAGE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM - There are prepared element characteristic information 12-13-2012
20120316664METHOD FOR CREATING A FOLD PREPARATION PATTERN, COMPUTER FOR IMPLEMENTING THE METHOD AND SYSTEM HAVING THE COMPUTER - A method for creating a fold preparation pattern includes supplying job-specific signature characteristics to a computer and determining job-specific cutting requirements by using general cutting requirements assigned to respective general signature characteristics in the computer and using the job-specific signature characteristics. The computer accesses a database that contains cutting, trimming, and clipping patterns and compiles job-specific fold preparation patterns in accordance with the job-specific cutting requirements. A computer for implementing the method and a system having the computer are also provided.12-13-2012
20120179281SYSTEMS FOR DENTURE PREPARATION - Embodiments of the invention generally relate to systems and methods for designing and manufacturing dentures. More particularly, in certain embodiments, the invention relates to a system for preparing a denture base plate. The system includes a user interface and a design application for creating a virtual model, and a manufacturing apparatus for fabricating a denture base plate corresponding to the virtual model. In other embodiments, an apparatus is provided that includes a graphical interface and a design application for selecting a set of virtual denture teeth and placing and adjusting the virtual denture teeth in relation to each other and a virtual denture base plate.07-12-2012
20100010654METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR PERVASIVE DIAGNOSTICS - Model-based production control systems and methods are presented for constructing plans for controlling operation of a production system with a plant having a plurality of resources to achieve one or more production goals, in which a planner constructs plans for execution in the plant based on production goals while balancing both production objectives (e.g., production cost, production time) and diagnostic objectives (e.g., diagnostic cost, information gained, repair cost), and a diagnosis engine determines a current plant condition based on a previously executed plan and corresponding observations from the plant, and provides expected information gain data to the planner, with the planner generating a plan that will achieve a given production goal and is improved for one or more diagnostic objectives and the expected information gain data.01-14-2010
20100268362Method for optimizing the design of an irrigation plant and apparatus for implementing such method - The present invention relates to a method for optimized design of an irrigation system with tubing spans equipped with components including distributors, each composed of elements. The method comprises the steps of: inputting first data about spans into storage means of a computer apparatus where an IT product for designing the plant is stored, which comprises a database of the elements; inputting second data concerning the terminals of the last spans into the storage means; selecting elements from a group of sets of elements contained in the database; and generating, by the IT product, a list of components comprising the selected elements. Each of the sets is processed by the IT product by selecting, of all the available elements, those having mechanical properties suitable for the first and second input data and the previously selected elements for mechanical continuity of the irrigation plant.10-21-2010
20120259445METHOD FOR MATCHING ASSISTANT FEATURE TOOLS - A method for matching assistant feature tools includes the steps of: generating an objective assistant feature according to a specific test layout by a first assistant feature tool; generating a compared assistant feature according to the specific test layout by a second assistant feature tool; and determining whether to accept or reject the second assistant feature tool by comparing the compared assistant feature with the objective assistant feature.10-11-2012
20120259444METHOD OF CONFIGURING A DICING DEVICE, AND A DICING APPARATUS FOR DICING A WORKPIECE - A method of configuring a dicing device 10-11-2012
20080300703HEARING DEVICE WITH EMBEDDED CHANNEL - A hearing device having at least one of an acoustical/electrical converter and an electrical/acoustical converter respectively with an acoustical input or output. The input or output, as the case may be, is linked to a coupling opening at the outer surface of the device via a channel. At least a part of the outer surface of the device is formed by a one-part shell. The shell defines an inner space of the device, with the channel being provided within and along the part of the shell and being formed within the material of the shell.12-04-2008
20120323350SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR SETTING EQUIPMENT PARAMETERS - An object is to provide an equipment parameter setting support system for supporting the setting of parameters in various processing equipment. The equipment parameter setting support system has an execution results acquisition unit for acquiring, from an equipment controller or EES of the equipment design and manufacturing support system, execution results of a real equipment at any two points in time; a parameter calculation unit for calculating PID parameters at each time point on the basis of the acquired execution results; a difference calculation unit for calculating the difference between the calculated PID parameters; and a variation value calculation unit for calculating a variation value for a unit interval in relation to the calculated difference, wherein, in the equipment design and manufacturing support system, the calculated variation value and a PID parameters stored in the equipment simulator are computed to calculate a new PID parameter, and PID control is executed in the equipment simulator using the new PID parameter.12-20-2012
20120330450COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS OF QUEUE TIMES IN MICROELECTRONIC MANUFACTURING - A system for determining a group of semiconductor manufacturing process steps with a similar influence on individual semiconductor products. The system generates a first table including time stamps for the individual semiconductor products. The system creates a second table including Q-times based on the first table. The Q-times refers to time differences between every pair of the time stamps. The system forms a dependency table by grouping the Q-times with similar dependencies together. The system identifies groups of the similar dependencies. The system extracts semiconductor process steps belonging to the groups.12-27-2012
20120330449RAPID CONVERTING OF SHEET MATERIAL METHODS AND APPARATUS - Methods and apparatus provide an input for a user located remote from a cutting machine to cut a part. The user can instruct the cutting machine to cut the part to the user's specification in many ways, for example such that the user can instruct the cutting machine without having knowledge of the machine's cutting processes or construction. The methods and apparatus of the embodiments described herein can convert a machine processes into an image of the part to be cut such that the user can easily view and understand the image of the part to be cut remote from the cutting machine.12-27-2012
20120323351BICYCLE FITTING METHOD FOR PRODUCING BICYCLE, BICYCLE FITTING SYSTEM AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - A bicycle fitting method for producing a bicycle is provided. The method includes the steps of receiving a bicycle riding information and a body measurement corresponding to a cyclist. According to the bicycle riding information, a bicycle model is provided. According to the body measurement and the selected bicycle model, a bicycle frame size and a set of bicycle geometric adjustment parameters are provided. According to the bicycle model, the bicycle frame size, and the set of bicycle geometric adjustment parameters, a bicycle which fits the cyclist is produced.12-20-2012
20120101614System and Method for Manufacturing Optical Network Components - A system and method for calibrating optical components is disclosed. The method may include accumulating data indicative of the variation of selected variables with temperature for a batch of sample optical components, over an operating temperature range; determining the values of the selected variables at a single temperature of at least one new optical component for installation within an optical sub-assembly; and estimating the values of the selected variables as a function of temperature over the operating temperature range for the at least one new optical component based on the accumulated data and the values determined at the single temperature.04-26-2012
20120101613Method and Apparatus for Integrated Simulation - In an automated system which includes a robot manipulator, a workcell, and a control system implemented on a hardware platform based on a programmable logic controller (“PLC”), a method and apparatus for performing integrated simulation that does not require the presence of both the robot manipulator and the workcell. If one component is real, the other component is simulated so as to be sufficiently responsive to responses from the real component such that the real component is unable to discern that the other component is not also real. A computing device simultaneously displays simulacra of both the components, real and simulated, and visualizations of the responses provided by each.04-26-2012
20120101612Personalizing New Or Already Existing Wheels To Match A Person's Particular Desire - A method for customizing off the shelf, inexpensive automobile wheel rims, or inserts for automobile wheel rims which include an art image, a name, or a logo comprises: 04-26-2012
20100198382METHOD OF CONFIGURING MANUFACTURING EXECUTION SYSTEMS - In a method of configuring a manufacturing execution system implemented in industrial production systems, data of a first coding type is received from a first hierarchical layer, and data of a second coding type is received from a second hierarchical layer. The method transforms at least one of the data of the first type and the data of the second type to a complex data structure configured for implementing uniform data processing within the manufacturing execution system.08-05-2010
20100198381SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PRODUCING CLIP-ONS FOR A PRIMARY EYEWEAR - A method for providing data regarding a given primary eyewear to a remote data processing center where the data is processed to yield production instructions for producing a clip-on for the primary eyewear. The production instructions are provided to one or more remote production units. Preferably, the site providing data regarding the primary eyewear and the site for producing the secondary eyewear object are the same site.08-05-2010
20100168888DIGITAL MATERIAL MANAGEMENT METHOD, DIGITAL MATERIAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, AND WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - An aspect of the present invention provides a digital material management method including a verification step of automatically verifying, in manufacturing of a product in which digital materials are used, digital materials that should be used and digital materials that are actually used in the product. According to the digital material management method of the present invention, whether the entire digital materials that should be used in the product manufactured using the digital materials are arranged and used is automatically checked, and the result is displayed. Therefore, the use of the digital materials that should be used in the product can be automatically checked. The efficiency is improved, and the power can be saved.07-01-2010
20130173039METHODS AND DEVICES FOR DETERMINING A TEACHING POINT LOCATION USING PRESSURE MEASUREMENTS - Certain embodiments of the present invention are generally directed to devices and methods for using pressure measurements to teach a robot a teaching point location.07-04-2013
20080255693Software Factory Readiness Review - A computer-implemented method, system, and computer-readable medium for determining if a software factory is ready to take on a software project is presented. In a preferred embodiment, the computer-implemented method includes the steps of: determining if an infrastructure for a software factory has been procured; determining if operational software needed to assemble work packets in an assembly line in the software factory has been installed; determining if a workflow event model for an assembly line in the software factory has been configured; determining if workload in the assembly line has been balanced; determining if communication channels between the software factory and a customer's computer system have been defined and cleared for data transmission; and in response to determining that any element described above has been determined not to have occurred, prohibiting an induction of a software project into the software factory.10-16-2008
20080228302METHOD FOR GENERATING CONTROL DATA FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF A PRODUCT - A method and a corresponding computer program product for generating control data for the manufacture of a product including a processing unit and a data-input unit, wherein the processing unit processes into a data structure data which are entered via the data-input unit and suitable for controlling production equipment for the manufacture of a product or can be transformed into such control data, the processing unit comprises at least two processing modules, a first processing module generates first control data having a first data structure and the second processing module generates second control data having a second data structure, the first processing module processes first input data from a first user and the second processing module requires second input data from a second user, and the first control data are generated for use by the second user while the second control data are generated for use for the first user.09-18-2008
20130090753DESIGN SUPPORT APPARATUS, DESIGN SUPPORT PROGRAM, AND DESIGN SUPPORT METHOD - A design-support-apparatus includes a storage unit that stores mounting information on an order of manufacturing processes, first-region-information indicating a region to be secured in mounting of each component on the substrate, second-region-information indicating a region occupied when each component is mounted on the substrate, a discrimination unit configured to determine a before-and-after relationship between manufacturing processes of mounting a first-component and a second-component that are arranged on the substrate, an acquisition unit configured to acquire the first-region-information for the component of which the manufacturing process is determined to be later by the discrimination unit between the first component and the second-component and acquire the second-region-information for the component of which the manufacturing process is determined to be earlier, and a determination unit configured to compare the first-region-information and the second-region-information so as to determine presence of interference.04-11-2013
20130096707METHOD OF MODELING THE COLORING PROCESS IN MOVING WEB MANUFACTURING - A method and apparatus are set forth for modeling a coloring process in moving web manufacturing through dye response gain adaptation using measured sheet color spectrum; and dye response shape adaptation using measured color spectrum of the production sheet. The adaptation of colorant (dye) response gain uses the measured sheet color spectrum value at the value of maximum light absorbance of the dye. The adaptation of dye response spectrum uses the measured sheet color reflectance spectrum and sample sheet color spectrum with a corresponding response shape calculated using a formula to adapt the current sheet condition dye response shape using the dye response from the sample sheet on the assumption of a constant ratio of absorption change to dye concentration change.04-18-2013
20130103174MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS ANALYSIS SYSTEM AND METHOD - This disclosure provides a method and system for measurement system analysis (MSA) that present a structured and effective way of performing an MSA. The MSA system and method involves determination of a category of MSA for a measurement system based on an application of the measurement system, a quantification of measurement variation, calculation of a decision rule value based on the quantified measurement variation and a decision rule associated with the determined category, a determination of whether the measurement system is capable of performing MSA for the category based on a comparison of the calculated decision rule value and a decision rule threshold value, and applying a measurement system determined as capable for performing MSA to manage.04-25-2013
20130123964ROUTING OF ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING MESSAGES - An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) gateway is provided for routing of ERP messages to Manufacturing Execution System (MES) applications. The gateway can receive a message from an ERP system via a manufacturing services bus specifying a business objective requiring action at a control level of an enterprise. The received message can be routed to a selected MES application capable of carrying out the business objective based on attributes within the message. Message routing can be based on location tags contained in the message. The message can also be routed to a selected subset of MES applications based on an analysis of respective capabilities and control contexts of the MES applications. Messages can be routed between the ERP system and the MES applications via the manufacturing services bus, which can manage protocol transformations for a heterogeneous set of applications.05-16-2013
20130123965INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC WORKFLOWS IN A MANUFACTURING EXECUTION SYSTEM WITH PREMIER INTEGRATION - A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is provided that leverages industry-specific workflows to process business requests. The MES system can maintain activity sets representing industry-specific workflows that can be selected and executed in order to satisfy business-driven goals. The activity sets can comprise both business-level and control-level operations, and can be configured using an intuitive graphical interface that mitigates the need for low-level programming by the end user. Some features of the MES system are enabled or disabled based on data type compatibility with devices in communication with the MES system.05-16-2013
20080201001INVENTORY MECHANISM THAT GENERATES LOGICAL INVENTORY FROM ASSEMBLIES IN INVENTORY - A logical inventory mechanism takes components in assemblies into account when determining purchase requirements. The inventory control system determines assemblies that are available, determines their components and whether or not each component may be reused, then adjusts physical inventory to generate therefrom logical inventory based on physical inventory plus parts in the assemblies that may be reused if the assemblies are disassembled. By computing logical inventory that would be available by disassembling assemblies, inventory levels may be reduced, thereby enhancing the efficiency of an inventory control system that includes the logical inventory mechanism. Assemblies in inventory thus may be used in two very different matters, as the starting point for a higher-level assembly, or to be disassembled to use one or more reusable components in the assembly in a different assembly.08-21-2008
20110213479Method and apparatus for performing pattern alignment to die - In a method for patterning a workpiece provided with dies in a direct write machine, pattern data associated with a selected die, or group of dies, is transformed into adjusted circuit pattern data dependent both on the original pattern data and the transformed positions, wherein the adjusted circuit pattern data represents the circuit pattern of the plurality of dies, or group of dies, such that the adjusted circuit pattern is fitted to a plurality of sub-areas of the workpiece area, and wherein each sub-area is associated with a die, or group of dies, among the plurality of dies distributed on the workpiece. A pattern is then written on the workpiece according to the adjusted circuit pattern data.09-01-2011
20100286808Article Manufacturing Process - A substrate having a surface representative of the geometric shape of the article is first modeled. Then, a plurality of paths for placing tape strips upon the substrate are serially defined. The first path is defined by first starting coordinates and an initial angle such that it follows a natural path along the surface of the modeled substrate. Subsequent paths are also defined by their respective starting coordinates and initial angles, wherein the starting coordinates are disposed adjacent a adjacent path and the initial angle causes the subsequent path to follow a natural path along the modeled substrate. The starting coordinates are adjusted to minimize a minimum gap between the adjacent paths, and the initial angle is adjusted to minimize an average gap between adjacent paths, all without the paths overlapping. Finally, tape strips are laid upon the substrate according to the defined paths, thereby forming the article.11-11-2010
20100286807System and Method of Verification of Analog Circuits - In a particular embodiment, a first digital function module is created that represents a first analog circuit and a second digital function module is created that represents a second analog circuit. A first value representing a first analog signal is transmitted from the first digital function module to the second digital function module while concurrently or substantially currently, the second digital function module transmits a second value representing a second analog signal to the first digital function module. In a particular embodiment, the first digital function module is a current signal related to an output of the first analog circuit and the second analog signal from the second digital function module is a voltage signal related to an output of the second analog circuit. The values may be transmitted along a bidirectional analog data bus capable of communicating real floating point numbers.11-11-2010
20110245949METHOD AND APPARATUS OF PATTERNING SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE - Provided is an apparatus for fabricating a semiconductor device. The apparatus includes a first photomask and a second photomask. The first photomask has a plurality of first features thereon, and the first photomask having a first global pattern density. The second photomask has a plurality of second features thereon, and the second photomask has a second global pattern density. The plurality of first and second features collectively define a layout image of a layer of the semiconductor device. The first and second global pattern densities have a predetermined ratio.10-06-2011
20110245948 Method And Circuit To Generate Race Condition Test Data At Multiple Supply Voltages - A method and circuit for characterizing a process variation of a semiconductor die is disclosed. In a particular embodiment, the method includes operating a circuit at multiple supply voltage levels to generate race condition testing data. The circuit is disposed on at least one die of a wafer and includes at least one racing path circuit having at least two paths. The method further includes collecting the race condition testing data and evaluating the collected race condition testing data. The race condition testing data is correlated to a process variation of the at least one die.10-06-2011
20130150992X-RAY MICROSCOPY FOR CHARACTERIZING HOLE SHAPE AND DIMENSIONS IN SURGICAL NEEDLES - A novel method of characterizing laser drilled boreholes is disclosed. The method uses x-ray microscopy for dimensional characterization. The x-ray output may be processed to control manufacturing equipment in automated production systems, including laser drilling systems and swaging apparatus.06-13-2013
20130150993METHOD FOR DESIGNING A CONTROL APPARATUS AND CONTROL APPARATUS - A method for designing a control apparatus includes: determining first, second and third threshold values; setting a first weighting function for calculating a first controlled variable by being multiplied by a difference between a control target value and an output value of a storage battery, a second weighting function for calculating a second controlled variable by being multiplied by the output value of the storage battery, and a third weighting function for calculating a third controlled variable by being multiplied by an integrated value of the output value of the storage battery; and determining a transfer function of the control apparatus in accordance with an H-infinity control theory such that the first controlled variable, the second controlled variable and the third controlled variable are respectively smaller than the first, second and third threshold values.06-13-2013
20100017004SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROTECTION SYSTEM DESIGN SUPPORT - A method and system for examining, auditing, and safely evaluating process systems, including fluid pressure systems, to aid overpressure design and/or sizing of overpressure equipment. The system includes a server subsystem, a storage subsystem, an assessment subsystem, and optionally a report generation subsystem, including computer hardware and application software for supporting these subsystems.01-21-2010
20130184845ON-DEMAND PRODUCTION OF ELECTRONIC DEVICE ACCESSORIES - An on-demand production system for accessories for use with electronic devices is configured to generate digital templates defining the design of the accessories and provide the digital templates to retail or other locations. The retail or other locations may receive access to the digital templates automatically and/or electronically within a week, a day, or even minutes, of the digital template being created. When a customer requests an accessory, the digital template may be accessed. Using an electronic production machine and a supply of stock material, the accessory can be cut, formed, printed, or otherwise produced based on instructions or designs of the digital template. The electronic production machine may automatically read the digital template to automate the production at a retail location. The electronic production machine may produce the accessory on-demand, and production of the accessory may be completed within two hours, or potentially within ten minutes, of a request.07-18-2013
20120283862PROCESSING PATH GENERATION METHOD AND DEVICE FOR SAME - In devices for generating a path of a tool of a processing machine by way of computer simulation, an NC program is created using a generated processing path. The NC program used to be corrected by verification of actually moving the processing machine. In contrast, the disclosed processing path generation device has been constituted to be provided with a means for calculating a closest distance and direction from a relationship of a position and posture between a tool and a work at an arbitrary point upon the processing path; a means for imparting a color determined by the closest distance and the direction calculated at the point upon the processing path; a means for panoramically displaying the color imparted to the work; and a means for correcting the relationship of the a position and posture between the tool and the work on the basis of information from a display device.11-08-2012
20120283861METHOD AND COMPUTER SYSTEM FOR CHARACTERIZING A SHEET METAL PART - A method for the characterization of a sheet metal forming product uses the correlation of material flow data to a priori calculated or measured data. It determines whether the product falls within the acceptable production limits in terms of quality, areas of potential defects and an approximation of the process parameters prevailing during its production. The characterization is performed in real-time during production, tool deployment or try-out. The method includes the steps of:11-08-2012
20110313557MOBILE PAINT SYSTEM UTILIZING SLIDER ATTRIBUTE PROMPTS AND REFLECTANCE MEMORY STORAGE - What is disclosed is a plurality of prepaints which are used in any combination to produce base paints and/or colored paints of varying end-use application characteristics. Additionally, a mobile paint factory for producing a plurality of lines of paints from a plurality of prepaints en route to and/or at various locations is disclosed, which may include a vehicle having a paint production system, a spectrometer and a gloss meter. Furthermore, a method of producing a plurality of lines of user-selected paints from a plurality of prepaints en route to and/or at various locations is disclosed. The method may include: providing a mobile paint factory; prompting a user to select a value for a paint attribute on a slider; and automatically dispensing predetermined amounts of appropriate prepaints. The method may also comprise storing information about the reflectance of produced paints in a local data storage device.12-22-2011
20110313556METHOD AND ARRANGEMENT AT IMPLANTS PREFERABLY FOR A HUMAN INTERVERTEBRAL AND SUCH IMPLANT - In an arrangement for production of implant consisting of biocompatible material and intended for a vertebral disk, preferably intervertebral disk in the human body, the condition (state) of the disk is established by aids of condition establishing means and parameters. A first information created by aid of said means and parameters is arranged to control a computer equipment for production of a simulation model of the disk in question with surrounding vertebras. A second information created by the computer equipment in dependency of the simulation incorporates or consists of information about the outer volume and design of the implant put in relation to the present alteration of or in the disk. The second information is arranged to initiate or contribute to the control of one or more equipments for production of the implant. In this matter it is possible to arrange a technical arrangement and method for an individually adapted implant. The invention also refers to such an implant.12-22-2011
20130190911RAPID PROTOTYPING PROCESS AND DEVICE - A method for producing a product including steps for determining whether each working point is inside or outside an object corresponding to the product or part to be produced: determining at least one line from between a line passing through the working point with which is associated a counter dedicated to the working point and a line passing through an image of the working point associated with a counter dedicated solely to the working point image; on each of the surfaces, (i) searching for an intersection between the surface and one of the lines from the line passing through the working point and the line passing through the image of the working point and (ii) modifying the counter if the intersection exists, steps (i) and (ii) being performed in a repeated manner; and determining whether the working point is inside or outside the object as a function of the counter.07-25-2013
20130197684PARAMETER DETERMINATION SUPPORT METHOD, PARAMETER DETERMINATION SUPPORT PROGRAM, AND PARAMETER DETERMINATION SUPPORT SYSTEM - According to one embodiment, a parameter determination support method includes extracting a first and second parameters that are interaction factors from parameters used in manufacturing of a product, and creating an experimental design, the first parameter being assigned to a signal factor in a dynamic characteristic and the second parameter and another parameter being assigned to control factors in the experimental design. The method further includes setting a characteristic curve expressing a relationship between the signal factor and the characteristic in regard to an experimental result based on the experimental design, and determining a value of the first parameter, a value of the second parameter, and a value of the other parameter satisfying the characteristic of the objective and minimizing a manufacturing variation of the product out of values of the first, the second, and the other parameters as optimum values in accordance with the characteristic curve.08-01-2013
20130204418Novel Design of Tool Function to Improve Fab Process in Semiconductor Manufacturing - The present disclosure relates to a process tool system that utilizes tool sensor data and an embedded or built-in tool model to facilitate semiconductor fabrication. The process tool system includes a sensor data component, the tool model, and an execution system. The sensor data component is configured to provide the tool sensor data. The tool model is built in a process tool and is configured to generate model outputs based on model inputs. The manufacturing execution system is configured to provide tool process data, including actual metrology and previous process data, to the sensor data component. Additionally, the execution system provides the model inputs to the tool model and receives the model outputs from the tool model. The execution system provides one or more execution system outputs based on the sensor data and the model outputs. The sensor data can include measured semiconductor device characteristics.08-08-2013
20130204419OPTIMIZING PRODUCTION OF PACKAGING PRODUCTS - The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for optimizing production of packaging products. Packaging products can be automatically produced on-demand and can be optimized based on stored and/or real-time information. In some embodiments, a request for a packaging product is received and a real-time design optimization system accesses information about one or more design groups. The one or more design groups include multiple design options. The multiple design options are scored based on stored and/or real-time criteria. Based on the score, one or more top designs are identified for production and/or selection by an operator of the system.08-08-2013
20120078404CONSUMPTION RATE CALCULATING DEVICE, METHOD FOR CONTROLLING CONSUMPTION RATE CALCULATING DEVICE, AND CONTROL PROGRAM - An operation information outputter includes a power data acquirer that acquires time-series data of a physical quantity consumed or generated when production equipment executes a process, a single-cycle detector that detects time-series data of predetermined duration out of the time-series data acquired by the power data acquirer, a production-quantity calculator that calculates a production quantity of objects to be produced by the production device in a specific period using the time-series data detected by the single-cycle detector, and a power-consumption-rate calculator that calculates the consumption rate of the physical quantity using the time-series data of the physical quantity for the specific period and the production quantity calculated by the production-quantity calculator, and makes it possible to achieve a consumption rate calculator or the like that easily calculates an energy consumption rate.03-29-2012
20130211569System and Method for Providing Enterprise Information Technology Lifecycle Tools Synchronization Platform - The present invention relates to a system and method for integrating and assembling plurality of service delivery tools created on disparate technologies on a product assembly platform. Further, the invention provides a reference architecture and method for orchestrating the assembled plurality of service delivery tools and monitoring the lifecycle activities of the plurality of service delivery tools.08-15-2013

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