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700 - Data processing: generic control systems or specific applications

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700095000 Product assembly or manufacturing 2230
700286000 Electrical power generation or distribution system 1695
700275000 Mechanical control system 1656
700213000 Article handling 1337
700245000 Robot control 1307
700094000 Digital audio data processing system 982
700299000 Specific application of temperature responsive control system 256
700091000 Contest or contestant analysis, management, or monitoring (e.g., statistical analysis, handicapping, scoring) 245
700266000 Chemical process control or monitoring system 107
700302000 Specific application of positional responsive control system 38
700265000 Nonreactive mixing process (e.g., mixing cement, preparing solution, diluting chemical) 29
700306000 Specific application of control based on elapsed time 8
700301000 Specific application of pressure responsive control system 8
700303000 Specific application of dimensional responsive control system 3
20080294300METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ELECTRONICALLY CONTROLLING A MOTORIZED DEVICE - An electronic controller for a motorized device includes a signal generator generating an output signal to the motorized device. A non-proportional proximity sensor communicates with the signal generator. A proportional proximity sensor communicates with the signal generator. The output signal is determined as a function of respective signals communicated from the proximity sensors to the signal generator. A direction and speed of the motorized device is determined as a function of the output signal.11-27-2008
20080294299CONSTRAINED NAVIGATION IN A THREE-DIMENSIONAL (3D) VIRTUAL ARENA - This disclosure describes a method for camera/user view navigation about enclosed 3D environment (e.g., the inside of a sports stadium or arena). The navigation system constrains the user view (camera) to a (pre-defined) guide based on the shape and size of the interior area which is the focus of the 3D virtual world. In the case of an arena this would generally be the playing surface. The user can easily control the camera movement on this guide with traditional up/down and left/right controls. These controls could be implemented as buttons within the application, keyboard controls, or mouse controls.11-27-2008
20130131887FLEXIBLE ELECTRONIC PRODUCT HAVING A SHAPE CHANGE CHARACTERISTIC AND METHOD THEREOF - A flexible electronic product includes a flexible electronic assembled body and an actuator including a shape memory member. The actuator of the flexible electronic product deforms in response to an input. The flexible electronic assembled body includes a flexible display device, such as an organic light emitting diode (OLED), a plastic liquid crystal display (LCD), a plastic plasma display panel (PDP), an electronic ink panel, an organic thin film transistor (OTFT).05-23-2013
700304000 Specific application of speed responsive control system 3
20100076619FOLDER GLUER - A folder gluer for conveying a cardboard sheet and folding up the cardboard sheet from a deployed state thereof is disclosed. The folder glurer comprises two flat belts including a first belt and a second belt arranged in parallel for conveying a cardboard sheet, two pulleys provided at a starting part or a terminal part in a conveying direction of the folder gluer for respectively driving the first and second flat belts by friction forces, two motors for respectively driving the pulley for the first belt and the pulley for the second belt, a sensor device for respectively detecting the speeds of the first belt and the second belt, and a control device for controlling at least one of the two motors such that a difference in the speeds of the first belt and the second belt detected by the sensor device becomes zero.03-25-2010
20100042266CONTROL OF FRICTION AT THE NANOSCALE - Methods and apparatus are described for control of friction at the nanoscale. A method of controlling frictional dynamics of a plurality of particles using non-Lipschitzian control includes determining an attribute of the plurality of particles; calculating an attribute deviation by subtracting the attribute of the plurality of particles from a target attribute; calculating a non-Lipschitzian feedback control term by raising the attribute deviation to a fractionary power ξ=(2m+1)/(2n+1) where n=1, 2, 3 . . . and m=0, 1, 2, 3 . . . , with m strictly less than n and then multiplying by a control amplitude; and imposing the non-Lipschitzian feedback control term globally on each of the plurality of particles; imposing causes a subsequent magnitude of the attribute deviation to be reduced.02-18-2010
20100274409Stairlifts - The invention describes an over-speed governor for a stairlift which not only triggers a safety gear or brake upon the carriage exceeding a pre-determined speed, but also triggers the safety gear in the event the carriage unexpectedly reverses its direction. In a preferred embodiment, the over-speed governor also triggers the safety gear in the event the chair departs from the horizontal by more than a predetermined angle. The speed determining function is preferably electronic and the safety gear operates in both directions without adaptation. Other aspects are described including setting the trip speed as a function of carriage position on the rail.10-28-2010
20110196516SAFETY SYSTEM FOR A GARAGE DOOR - A safety system for a garage door movable along a door frame is used to detect an obstacle. The safety system includes a motor device for opening and closing the garage door, a control circuit for controlling the motor to open and close the door, a light emitting device for emitting a light, a light receiving device in communication with the control circuit for receiving the light, wherein the light emitting device and the light receiving device are to be mounted on one side of the door frame, and an optical reflecting device for mounting on the other side of the door frame opposite to the light emitting device and the light receiving device whereby the light receiving device will receive light emitted from the light emitting device and reflected by the optical reflecting device. An optical element is to be mounted near the optical reflecting device for changing the polarization direction of the reflected light, and another optical element is to be mounted near the light receiving device to allow the light in only one polarization direction to pass there through.08-11-2011
20110202151INTEGRATION OF COMPUTING DEVICE AND LIGHTING SYSTEM - A system may communicate between a display device and a lighting system using light generated by the display device and a light sensor in the lighting system. A computing device and a building control system may communication over a wireless link. The building control system may determine that the computing device is co-located with a fixture in the building control system based on whether communication over the wireless link between the computing device and the building control system is detected.08-18-2011
20110202150Controller system adapted for SPA - A control system adapted for spa includes a finite state machine, a control panel that includes a display, where the display of the control panel displays graphic images from a video source based on an operation of the finite state machine.08-18-2011
20130035774SYSTEM AUTOMATION VIA AN ALARM SYSTEM - Methods, devices, systems, and computer program products for automating a system based on weather data are disclosed. A method may comprise receiving weather related data and modifying at least one system rule at least partially based on the received weather related data. The method may also include conveying one or more commands to at least one system control based at least partially on the at least one modified system rule. Further, the method may include operating the at least one system in response to the one or more commands.02-07-2013
20100042234Expert System for Controlling Plant Growth in a Contained Environment - In a system for optimizing crop growth, vegetation is cultivated in a contained environment, such as a greenhouse, an underground cavern or other enclosed space. Imaging equipment is positioned within or about the contained environment, to acquire spatially distributed crop growth information, and environmental sensors are provided to acquire data regarding multiple environmental conditions that can affect crop development. Illumination within the contained environment, and the addition of essential nutrients and chemicals are in turn controlled in response to data acquired by the imaging apparatus and environmental sensors, by an “expert system” which is trained to analyze and evaluate crop conditions. The expert system controls the spatial and temporal lighting pattern within the contained area, and the timing and allocation of nutrients and chemicals to achieve optimized crop development. A user can access the “expert system” remotely, to assess activity within the growth chamber, and can override the “expert system”.02-18-2010
20100042233METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING INPUT IN HOME NETWORK USING UPnP - A method is provided for providing input in a home network using Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). A control point sends a request for information about input capabilities to an electronic device existing in the home network, and receives the information about the input capabilities in response to the request. The control point sets an input client and an input server based on the received information about the input capabilities. The control point transmits input data received through the set input client to the set input server.02-18-2010
20090157202THERAPY RULES FOR CLOSED LOOP PROGRAMMING OF MEDICAL DEVICES - Methods and systems of patient treatment are disclosed. The methods and systems include use of medical device informatics to modify and validate therapies and drugs used in those therapies. In certain embodiments, a medical device, such as a medical infusion pump, interfaces with a server to administer the patient treatments. In one aspect, a medical device server is disclosed. The medical device server includes a memory configured to store patient status information and command information and a programmable circuit operatively connected to the memory. The programmable circuit is configured to execute program instructions to receive patient status information from a first medical device, the patient status information related to a patient and determine the need for treatment of the patient. The programmable circuit is also configured to execute program instructions to transmit a command to a second medical device configured to provide the treatment.06-18-2009
20100106265SMART FILTER FOR AN APPLIANCE - A filter assembly is provided for an appliance that performs a useful cycle of operation on a physical article and uses a resource that passes through the filter assembly. The filter assembly includes at least one replaceable filter mounted in a filter holder. The filter holder has at least one control board having software architecture configured for communication on a network including other control boards or clients. The control board has at least one functionality of a universe of functionalities, and the functionality has a unique identifier, where the unique identifier can be communicated by the software architecture over the network. The filter assembly has at least one node in communication with the network, so that the filter assembly can monitor and record events, communicate, or affect the cycle of operation of the appliance.04-29-2010
20090143881DIGITAL MEDIA RECASTING - In one embodiment, a method of tagging content can include: accessing a frame of a digital media production; identifying an object for tagging within the frame; defining a metadata tag for the object; and storing the metadata tag in association with the identified object and the frame in the digital media production. In one embodiment, a method of substituting content can include: receiving tagged digital media in a controller; identifying an object for substitution by searching through objects and metadata tags in the tagged digital media; retrieving a substitute object using the controller; and re-rendering the tagged digital media to produce a customized digital media using the substitute object in place of the identified object.06-04-2009
20100070055CONTROL OF CONCEPT ZONES - There is provided a method, apparatus and computer program product for controlling parameters of objects in a building control system, the method comprising receiving input from at least one of the objects, wherein the at least one object is associated with a first subset of objects; selecting at least one parameter, wherein the at least one parameter depends on the input; selecting a second subset of objects from the objects, wherein the objects of the second subset are selected based on the at least one selected parameter; and performing a first action on objects in the second subset of objects.03-18-2010
20130046398CONTROL CABINET MONITORING DEVICE - The invention relates to a control cabinet monitoring device, comprising a control device which is connected via a field bus to various sensors and/or actuators for monitoring and controlling various control cabinet functions, such as climate control, moisture control and access control. Flexible adaptation possibilities for different applications of control cabinets are offered in that at least one part of the sensors and/or actuators are direct connection sensors and/or direct connection actuators, each having a dedicated bus coupling circuit and being coupled by same to the field bus, and the control device has an initialization unit or can be connected to such a unit, via which the direct connection sensors and/or the direct connection actuators can be initialized before startup and automatically addressed and are subsequently connected via the control device for the exchange of data for operating purposes on the basis of individually allocated addresses.02-21-2013
20090043409EQUIPMENT CONTROL APPARATUS, CONTROL METHOD, AND CONTROL PROGRAM - An alcohol density test can be avoided, but the alcohol density test is prevented from being easily avoided at the same time. A vehicle control unit sets a controlled vehicle in a mobile state when an alcohol density detected from the driver is determined to be lower than a predetermined threshold based on results of a test conducted using an alcohol test unit or when an instruction for exemption of the alcohol test is input through an input unit. When an instruction for exemption of the alcohol test is input, a history recording control unit records a history indicating that the alcohol density test has been exempted in a recording unit. The invention may be applied to a vehicle control apparatus for controlling a vehicle based on results of an alcohol density test conducted on the driver.02-12-2009
20130060360CONTROL SERVER AND CONTROL METHOD - In a control server, a storing section accumulates request data received from a terminal and used for remotely operating, via a control apparatus, a home electric appliance provided in a home. A generating section generates schedule data on the basis of at least one of the request data and the inquiry. The schedule data is data concerning a frequency of an inquiry about the request data by the control apparatus and data transmitted to the control apparatus. A transmitting section transmits the request data stored in the storing section to the control apparatus in response to the inquiry transmitted from the control apparatus at a frequency indicated by the schedule data.03-07-2013
20130060359HOME APPLIANCE, HOME APPLIANCE DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM, AND METHOD - A home appliance, a home appliance diagnostic system, and an operation method according to the present invention allow a user to easily perform smart diagnosis by image progress and simply operating an input unit and to diagnose the status of a home appliance, by displaying setup of smart diagnosis in a menu image including characters and images and outputting explanation of progresses on a screen by stages in accordance with a set diagnosis method.03-07-2013
20130060358FACILITATED USE OF HETEROGENEOUS HOME-AUTOMATION EDGE COMPONENTS - A control circuit operably couples to a plurality of home-automation edge-component interfaces. This control circuit is configured to compatibly interact with a plurality of home-automation edge components where at least some of the plurality of home-automation edge components are operationally incompatible with one another.03-07-2013
20130060357FACILITATED USE OF HETEROGENEOUS HOME-AUTOMATION EDGE COMPONENTS VIA A COMMON APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACE - A control circuit operably couples to a plurality of home-automation edge-component interfaces. This control circuit is configured to compatibly interact with a plurality of home-automation edge components via a common application programming interface. By one approach at least some of the plurality of home-automation edge components are operationally incompatible with one another.03-07-2013
20130060356FACILITATED USE OF CHARACTERIZING ABSTRACTS FOR HETEROGENEOUS HOME-AUTOMATION EDGE COMPONENTS - A control circuit operably couples to a plurality of home-automation edge-component interfaces. This control circuit is configured to compatibly interact with a plurality of home-automation edge components using characterizing abstracts as correspond to the home-automation edge components. By one approach at least some of the plurality of home-automation edge components belong to different classes that are operationally incompatible with one another.03-07-2013
20090271013Monitor socket, monitor system and control method thereof - The present invention provides a control method for a monitor system that can monitor and control electrical equipment from a host. The method comprising the steps of: first, providing a monitor socket which connects the electrical equipment to use a power line to connect to the host via internet; then, the monitor socket detecting the status of the electrical equipment to generate a status information and transmitting it to the host; then the host generating a control information and transmitting it to the monitor socket; finally, the monitor socket controlling the status of the electrical equipment according to the control information.10-29-2009
20110022200CONTROLLER AND OPERATING METHOD THEREOF - A device, a remote control unit and method for controlling a plurality of devices, the method including receiving one of a plurality of user commands as an input; and transmitting one of a first and a second of the plurality of control commands in response to the one of the plurality of user commands. The first of the plurality of control commands includes information for simultaneously controlling a first device of a manufacturer and a second device of the manufacturer. The second of the plurality of control commands includes information for controlling the first device without controlling the second device.01-27-2011
20120116548MOTION CAPTURE ELEMENT - Motion capture element for low power and accurate data capture for use in healthcare compliance, sporting, gaming, military, virtual reality, industrial, retail loss tracking, security, baby and elderly monitoring and other applications for example obtained from a motion capture element and relayed to a database via a mobile phone. System obtains data from motion capture elements, analyzes data and stores data in database for use in these applications and/or data mining, which may be charged for. Enables unique displays associated with the user, such as 3D overlays onto images of the user to visually depict the captured motion data. Ratings, compliance, ball flight path data can be calculated and displayed, for example on a map or timeline or both. Enables performance related equipment fitting and purchase. Includes active and passive identifier capabilities.05-10-2012
20090012634ELECTRICALLY ADJUSTABLE FURNITURE PIECE AND METHOD FOR SERVICING AN ADJUSTABLE FURNITURE PIECE - The invention concerns an electrically adjustable item of furniture having at least one electric drive motor, at least one control device for operating the drive motor, and a display unit, characterized in that the control device is able to encode operating status data into a status code, and the display device is capable of displaying the status code, so that this can be transmitted to an evaluation unit for servicing purposes. The invention moreover concerns methods for servicing an electrically adjustable item of furniture.01-08-2009
20090012633Environmental Monitoring in Data Facilities - Processes and techniques for environmental monitoring in a data facility are described. A network of environmental sensors is arranged to monitor a variety of environmental conditions of the facility. The sensors can be queried to generate data describing specific environmental conditions, and the data can be processed to generate an environmental image of all or part of the data facility. The environmental image can optionally be viewed by data facility personnel and can be used to manipulate one or more environmental conditions of the data facility.01-08-2009
20110282469VARIABLE EFFECT LIGHT STRING - A light system that is controllable to generate a plurality of selected lighting effects, the light system includes a main processor, the main processor being in communication with a plurality of light sources; and each of the plurality of light sources having a distinct, known address whereby one of more of the light sources are individually addressable by the main processor, a known address being received by a selected light source of the plurality of light sources and acting to set the selected light source of the plurality of light sources in a disposition to receive a subsequent command from the main processor for generating a selected lighting effect. A light source and a method of forming a light system are further included.11-17-2011
20110009986SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DYNAMICALLY CONTROLLING ODOR EMISSION - The present invention relates to a system and method for dynamically controlling odor emission. The system comprises an odor measurement tool, a weather condition measurement tool, a processing module and a controller. The odor measurement tool is adapted to measure an odor level. The weather condition measurement tool is adapted to measure at least one weather condition. The processing module is adapted to calculate an odor emission threshold based on the measured odor level, the at least one weather condition, an atmospheric dispersion model and a predetermined remote odor level threshold. The controller is adapted to control the odor emission below the odor emission threshold.01-13-2011
20090132068Configuration Method for Device with Virtual Configurators - A configuration method for an SCS system, comprising a two-wire SCS bus (05-21-2009
20110282468LIGHTING CONTROL SYSTEM RESPONSIVE TO AMBIENT LIGHTING CONDITIONS - A controller, method and system, for controlling lighting responsive to ambient lighting conditions are described. In particular, disclosed is illumination controller (11-17-2011
20110125296APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PLANT METABOLISM MANIPULATION USING SPECTRAL OUTPUT - An array or multiple arrays of energy efficient LEDs are configured in proximity to plant life to emit light energy in a variety of photosynthetic promoting frequencies and power outputs. Specific light frequencies are selected after analyzing the photosynthetic properties of the plant of interest. The LEDs are remotely controlled and can be remotely controlled through a handheld device using a GUI adapted for that purpose. A variety of LEDs emitting a variety of photosynthetically useful wavelengths are arrayed together. The array can be controlled to emit pre-dawn and after-sunset glows. The array can also be used to inhibit plant growth by adjusting frequencies.05-26-2011
20110301725SYNCHRONIZATION OF EXECUTION OF SEQUENTIAL FUNCTION CHARTS USING TRANSITION GROUPS - Systems and methods are provided that are capable of synchronizing an industrial process. The industrial process may include a plurality of process levels. A visualization group may be displayed, showing the various levels of a process. A transition group may be graphically defined that allows for the linking of the transitions between the various process levels. In certain embodiments, sequential function charts (SFC) may include expanded capabilities that allow for the visual definition, editing, and review of the transition groups. Such SFC embodiments may be capable of process flow synchronization across any levels of the modeled process.12-08-2011
20110288664Individually Cooling One Or More Computers In A Rack Of Computers In A Data Center - Individually cooling one or more computers in a rack of computers in a data center including an air intake chamber, the air intake chamber having a first opening at a bottom end for receiving air from beneath the data center through perforated tiles in the floor of the data center and a plurality of openings at a top end for providing air into a plurality of flexible air channels; and a plurality of flexible air channels, each air channel having a first end opening into the air intake chamber and having an opening at a second end and having a connector to connect the second end of the flexible air chamber to a particular position in the rack corresponding to the location of a particular computer in the rack.11-24-2011
20110295392DETECTING REACTIONS AND PROVIDING FEEDBACK TO AN INTERACTION - Reaction information of participants to an interaction may be sensed and analyzed to determine one or more reactions or dispositions of the participants. Feedback may be provided based on the determined reactions. The participants may be given an opportunity to opt in to having their reaction information collected, and may be provided complete control over how their reaction information is shared or used.12-01-2011
20100114339HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE - The present invention relates to a household appliance for performing a housekeeping task. The household appliance comprises a data input device (05-06-2010
20100114340AUTOMATIC PROVISIONING OF WIRELESS CONTROL SYSTEMS - Exemplary systems and methods for provisioning wireless control of facilities systems are provided. A message is broadcast to a network that includes one or more control devices, which may be associated with one or more control points (e.g., lights in lighting systems). The control device responds with information concerning the control device and/or any associated control points. A scene including at least one specification for operation the control point is assigned to the control device. A corresponding scene command may be generated and sent to the control device. Provisioning may further include generating a visual display of the various control devices and associated control points (e.g., lights) in the facilities system.05-06-2010
20090149973AUTOMATED LIGHTING AND BUILDING CONTROL SYSTEM - An automated lighting and building control system that is operative to control a large number of lights and to provide control to other control systems, such as security systems, powered window coverings, and HVAC systems, within a geographic area based on a large amount of input data, including day light conditions, occupancy data, security information, HVAC data, etc. The savings generated by the control system are measurable and verifiable and enable the operator of the controlled space to analyze exactly how the controlled space is being utilized. To improve the quality of the overall control system, the present invention utilizes a universal occupancy adapter for converting any motion detector for a security system, into a component of the lighting/building controller. Further, the entire system can be controlled remotely over the Internet without the need for special software. 06-11-2009
20080319560AUTOMATED RECIPE COMPOSER - Disclosed in the present invention is a way to automatically combine a recipe with an automated recipe composer.12-25-2008
20090048691EMBEDDED BUILDING CONROLLER WITH STORED SOFTWARE LICENSE INFORMATION - A building controller unit having a building controller adapted to control one or more building components of a building, and a license file stored within the building controller unit for storing software license information. In some cases, the building controller unit may include a license server for granting and/or denying software access requests from one or more software applications running external to the building controller unit based on the software license information stored in the building controller unit.02-19-2009
20120071992SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PREDICTING PERFORATED TILE AIRFLOW IN A DATA CENTER - Systems and methods provide determinations of airflow from a raised floor plenum. In one aspect, a computer-implemented method is provided for predicting airflow from a plurality of openings in a plenum. The method includes (A) receiving input data from a storage device, the input data including data related to the plenum (B) determining an average air pressure in the plenum, (C) determining an airflow value for each of the openings based on the average air pressure, (D) dividing the plenum into a plurality of grid cells, (E) using a first iterative method, determine a value for airflow velocity for each of the grid cells, (F) determining an air pressure value at each of the openings based on the airflow velocity, (G) using a second iterative method, determine a new airflow value for each one of the plurality of openings based on the air pressure value at the one of the openings, (H) determining whether a difference between the new airflow values and previous airflow values is greater than a threshold, and (I) repeating acts (E) through (H) until the difference is not greater than the threshold, and then storing the new airflow value for each one of the plurality of openings as a final airflow value.03-22-2012
20100125349Systems and Methods for Dynamically Developing Wellbore Plans With a Reservoir Simulator - Systems and methods for dynamically developing a wellbore plan with a reservoir simulator. The systems and methods develop a plan for multiple wellbores with a reservoir simulator based on actual and potential reservoir performance.05-20-2010
20100280636BUILDING AUTOMATION SYSTEM CONTROLLER INCLUDING NETWORK MANAGEMENT FEATURES - A controller for use with a plurality of BAS devices and a plurality of IT devices includes a housing and communications interfaces for connecting to the plurality of BAS devices and for connecting to the plurality of IT devices. The controller further includes a network communication module configured to serve as a network switch for the BAS devices and the IT devices. The controller yet further includes a BAS module configured to manage the BAS devices.11-04-2010
20100125350PROJECTION APPARATUS AND PROJECTION SYSTEM COMPRISING THE SAME - A projection apparatus and a projection system comprising the same are provided. The projection apparatus is adapted to connect to a server for transmitting a time signal via a network. The projection apparatus comprises a schedule module, a timing module, and a network process module. The schedule module is configured to store schedule information. The timing module is configured to generate time information. The network process module is coupled to the schedule module and the timing module, and configured to connect to the server to get time signal via the network according to the schedule information and timing information in a specific time.05-20-2010
20110172792ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT - The energy management system includes a judging means (07-14-2011
20110172791AUTOMATICALLY ADDRESSABLE CONFIGURATION SYSTEM FOR RECOGNITION OF A MOTION TRACKING SYSTEM AND METHOD OF USE - A system for automatically uploading a constellation module for a motion tracking system is provided comprising a programmable computer system having a first electronically readable storage medium. A motion tracking system is in communication with the programmable computer system, and includes a controller having a second electronically readable storage medium and a plurality of transponders. A configuration module resides on the first electronically readable medium. The configuration module is adapted to communicate with the motion tracking system and includes a first configuration parameter adapted to automatically instruct the second electronically readable storage medium to delete an existing constellation module, a second configuration parameter adapted to automatically acquire a desired replacement constellation module, and a third configuration parameter adapted to automatically transfer the replacement constellation module to the second electronically readable storage medium. A method for using the system is also provided.07-14-2011
20090132069Asset Commissioning - Included are embodiments for asset commissioning. At least one embodiment of a method includes classifying at least one data point of an environment controlling asset as a responder data point and classifying at least one other data point of the environment controlling asset as a predictor data point, the at least one predictor data point configured to provide operation validation data regarding the at least one responder data point. Some embodiments include validating operation of the at least one responder data point by monitoring sensor data associated with the at least one responder data point and the at least one predictor data point.05-21-2009
20100138007APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR INTEGRATION AND SETUP OF HOME AUTOMATION - A domotics system is disclosed for automatically discovering devices to add to or modify on a home automation system, configuring a home automation set top box and hardware devices/systems in the home, configuring the user interface of a control point to automatically and/or manually carry out a user's request/command to invoke the services of a device/system/subsystem, and preconfiguring the home automation system to invoke device and system services in response to an event specified by the user.06-03-2010
20100138008Asset Performance Optimization - Included are embodiments for asset management. At least one embodiment of a method includes receiving, at a performance assessment and optimization center, data from at least one asset, the asset being configured to service an environment and performing at least one calculation, from the received data, to determine whether the asset is operating properly. Some embodiments include in response to a determination that the at least one asset is not operating properly, providing an indication related to operation of the asset.06-03-2010
20100292815CONTROL SYSTEM AND CONTROL METHOD FOR INTELLIGENT SOLAR STREET LAMP - An intelligent control system and control method for solar street lamps includes at least a single pole system and a manager with wireless communication interfaces respectively. The single pole system includes a controller, an LED lamp, a solar panel and a storage battery. The controller monitors the operating data logging and the manager modifies the parameter settings and saves the parameters in the controller. The control system and method provide a solution to the centralized control over the self-governed solar street lamps, and can be used to accurately set, control and monitor each street lamp in the whole solar street lamp system, and check the operating conditions of each street lamp, so that the managerial personnel know the running conditions of each piece of solar street lamp and find out the problems hidden in the street lamps for the purpose of repair and nipping them in the bud.11-18-2010
20120143357METHOD, APPARATUS, AND SYSTEM FOR OCCUPANCY SENSING - Embodiments of the present invention include an occupancy sensing unit configured to monitor an environment illuminated by a lighting fixture. An inventive occupancy sensing unit may include an occupancy sensor to detect radiation indicative of at least one occupancy event in the environment illuminated by the lighting fixture according to sensing parameters. The occupancy sensor can be coupled to a memory that logs sensor data, which represent the occupancy events, provided by the occupancy sensor. A processor coupled to the memory performs an analysis of the sensor data logged in the memory and adjusts the sensing parameters of the occupancy sensor based on the analysis.06-07-2012
20100145485METHOD OF OPERATING A HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM - Method of operating a home automation system comprising: 06-10-2010
20090118848USER INTERFACE FOR CONTROLLING A HOUSEHOLD ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE REMOTELY CONNECTED THERETO - A user interface arranged at least to display, on a display unit or on a display panel, information relative to the operation of a household electrical appliance with which the interface is associated, the appliance presenting functional members controlled in their operation by a control unit, and an external housing provided with an aperture with its own closure door; the interface is positionable on and fastenable to the exterior of the housing of the electrical appliance, remote wire-less data communication and transmission means being associated with the control unit and with the interface to enable the data to be transmitted from the interior of the electrical appliance to the interface through the housing. A household electrical appliance with this interface is also claimed.05-07-2009
20090138107LAUNDRY APPARATUS - A laundry apparatus including a radio-communication device and a radio-communication control part, only to make possible communication with a mobile phone having a radio-communication device is disclosed. Therefore, according to the embodiment of the present invention, without an auxiliary remote control, the user may identify the information of the laundry apparatus remote or may control the laundry apparatus. Furthermore, the laundry apparatus according to the embodiment may receive a new operation control program from the mobile phone having the radio-communication device and the new operation control program may be installed in the laundry apparatus. As a result, changing demands of consumers may be satisfied.05-28-2009
20090082885METHOD AND TOOL FOR WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS WITH SLEEPING DEVICES IN A WIRELESS SENSOR CONTROL NETWORK - A method of communicating with automation components configured for use within a building automation system is disclosed. The method includes determining a first communication schedule such that the first communication schedule configured to govern an activity schedule for use by an automation component, communicating the first communication schedule to the automation component such that the automation component currently implements a second communication schedule to govern the activity schedule, and adjusting the second communication schedule to equal the communicated first communication schedule such that the activity schedule increases a communication frequency in response to the adjustment. The method may further include defining a duration during which the first communication schedule equals the second communication schedule.03-26-2009
20090198354CONTROLLING OBJECTS VIA GESTURING - The present invention is directed toward a system and process that controls a group of networked electronic components using a multimodal integration scheme in which inputs from a speech recognition subsystem, gesture recognition subsystem employing a wireless pointing device and pointing analysis subsystem also employing the pointing device, are combined to determine what component a user wants to control and what control action is desired. In this multimodal integration scheme, the desired action concerning an electronic component is decomposed into a command and a referent pair. The referent can be identified using the pointing device to identify the component by pointing at the component or an object associated with it, by using speech recognition, or both. The command may be specified by pressing a button on the pointing device, by a gesture performed with the pointing device, by a speech recognition event, or by any combination of these inputs.08-06-2009
20110144778Smart Audio Plug-in for Enabling Smart Portable Device to be Universal Remote Control - A smart audio plug-in comprises an electrical audio signal receiver, a processor of protocol data units carried in the electrical signal, and an infrared signal transmitter. The remote control codes control the electronic appliances such as TV, VCR, Hi-Fi systems, robots, etc. that can decode remote control codes. The smart audio plug-in can be inserted into the audio jack of a smart portable device. The smart portable device such as a smart phone is equipped with powerful CPU, touch screen, networking interface, audio jack, etc. The software application running on the smart portable device can convert the user commands received on the graphical user interface (GUI) into remote control code and transmit unmodulated, or modulated electrical signals such as amplitude modulated, frequency modulated or phase modulated signals that encode the remote control codes through the audio jack to the smart audio plug-in.06-16-2011
20090055004Method and Apparatus for Creating Visual Effects on Grass - A method and apparatus for imprinting high resolution images onto fields, such as sports fields and landscapes is disclosed. In one embodiment, precise and consistent lawn and field patterning is accomplished by use in combination of a global positioning system; a processor for generating a desired pattern which is translated into patterning instructions; and a patterning implement which is used for generating detailed patterns and for imprinting said patterns on any of natural or artificial lawns and fields, covered areas, and landscapes. The patterning implement comprises a plurality of independent printing mechanisms incorporated within said patterning implement, each of the independent printing mechanisms coupled to receive patterning instructions from the processor and operate selectively in response thereto. The invention also comprises means for guiding the patterning implement to position it along a desired path at least in part with information from said global positioning system; and means for individually controlling each of said independent printing mechanisms incorporated within said patterning implement responsive to said patterning instructions and in coordination with positioning of said patterning implement along said desired path.02-26-2009
20110230984ILLUMINATION DEVICE - Provided is an illumination device which can be used in a manner suitable for the condition. The exchange time information to be acquired from an LED illumination lamp by an illumination instrument or the exchange time information to be stored by the illumination instrument itself is recognized by a controller at and via an ON/OFF control-dedicated switch control line of the LED illumination lamp. Alternatively, the acquisition of the exchange time information and ON/OFF-control of the LED illumination lamp are performed by the controller at hand via a general-purpose power line. The exchange time information is acquired from the illumination instrument in an OFF period of the LED illumination lamp, so that the exchange information can be acquired by simple information transmission means regardless of the ON-period noise. The exchange time information acquisition function is checked on a daily basis so as to cope with an alarm after a long period. The exchange time check result is stored so as to execute the alarm at an appropriate timing. The exchange time information held by the LED illumination lamp itself is transmitted firstly to the illumination instrument by simple information transmission means. The information is recognized by using a control path existing between the illumination instrument and the controller at hand.09-22-2011
20090204242Installer, Peripheral Device Control Apparatus, and Documentary Information Server - There is provided a computer-readable medium having an installer stored thereon and readable by a peripheral device control apparatus that controls a peripheral device, the installer, when executed by the peripheral device control apparatus, causes the peripheral device control apparatus to install a program for the peripheral device control apparatus. The installer includes a retrieval unit that retrieves an installed program installed on the peripheral device control apparatus to utilize the peripheral device, an acquisition unit that acquires a documentary information on the peripheral device corresponding to the installed program retrieved by the retrieval unit, and an installation unit that installs the documentary information acquired by the acquisition unit on the peripheral device control apparatus, on which the installed program is installed.08-13-2009
20120078393SELF-CONTAINED, WEARABLE LIGHT CONTROLLER WITH WIRELESS COMMUNICATION INTERFACE - A system for controlling a plurality of wearable wireless light-bearing units is disclosed. The light-bearing units may comprise lighting elements coupled to garments such as those used in the performing arts and entertainment. The system comprises a control unit wirelessly communicating with light-bearing units. The light-bearing units comprise a control box coupled to a plurality of lights. Operators can control one or more of the light-bearing units in synchrony with each other and with other audio-visual elements using standard protocols. The device also provides a library of preprogrammed effects and can perform self-diagnostic functions.03-29-2012
20090204241METHOD OF CONTROLLING HEATING COOKING APPARATUS - Provided is a method of controlling a heating cooking apparatus that involves accurate heating processing of food by one sequence and can prevent even underheating while preventing overheating by using only a humidity sensor if the food has a weight within a given weight range. When a generated steam volume at a forced finish time T08-13-2009
20090248181Electronic Controller for Power Converter and Motor Drive Circuit - The electronic controller fetches an external signal and performs an input process such as A-D conversion. Upon receipt of processing results for executing operations according to a predetermined program, an output process is performed for sending a signal to the outside board on operation results, a timer outputs at least two of an input process start signal for starting the input process, an output process start signal for starting the output process, and an operation start signal for starting the operation.10-01-2009
20100191353APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MODIFYING A LIGHT SCENE - The invention relates in general to an apparatus and a method for modifying a light scene. According to an embodiment of the invention, an apparatus (07-29-2010
20100191352SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR FACILITATING HOME AUTOMATION - Various embodiments facilitate home automation via a receiving device. In one embodiment, a home device manager is provided for execution on a receiving device, such as a set-top box. The home device manager is configured to discover home devices and to obtain device control information from the discovered devices. The home device manager is further configured to, based on the obtained device control information, present a user interface operable by a user to specify commands for controlling a home device, receive a specified command, and control the home device by transmitting the specified command to the home device. This abstract is provided to comply with rules requiring an abstract, and it is submitted with the intention that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims.07-29-2010
20080215167Feed delivery system for enhancing ruminant animal nutrition - A feed delivery system for a dairy farm wherein a third-party supplier of the system can provide the dairy farm with lists of approved hybrids for the feed components, necessary information inputs for practicing the feed method, and all or a portion of its component needs for the feed ration corresponding to a feed ration that contains: at least one primary forge source selected from the group consisting of brown midrib corn silage, dual-purpose corn silage, leafy corn silage, and grass silage; a secondary forage source selected from the group consisting of dual-purpose corn silage, alfalfa haylage, alfalfa dry hay, grass silage, and alfalfa/grass mix; a corn grain of floury and/or vitreous endosperm starch grain into which normal dent corn or mutt corn may be blended in order to achieve a predetermined level of in vitro starch digestibility; such grain component being further processed to produce a specific particle size of the blended starch. The feed delivery system can also provide the dairy farm with real-time characterizations of at least some of its feed ingredients, and re-penning strategies for maximizing the milk productivity of the cows.09-04-2008
20100241253Method and Apparatus to Facilitate Assessing Environmental-Impact Information as Pertains to Packaging - A first memory (09-23-2010
20110130851METHOD FOR STARTING UP A LIGHTING SYSTEM - A method for the start-up of a lighting system having lamps and a central control system, wherein each lamp has an identification code independently of its position and a position code assigned by a control device, has the following steps: a) Separating the lamps into two groups by putting one group in a first state and the other group in a second state, b) selecting one of the lamps and entering its state into the operating device selecting the group of lamps that has the same state as the selected lamp for further steps, while the other group is no longer considered, d) when the selected group does not only have the selected lamp, the steps a)-d) are carried out again e) assigning the position code to the remaining lamp, to bring the code directly into relation with the identification code, f) carrying out the steps a)-e) for further lamps.06-02-2011
20100241255Method of Semi-Automatic Ballast Replacement - The present invention relates to a semi-automatic method of replacing a ballast within a lighting control system, such that the new replacement ballast can operate in the same manner as the ballast that was replaced. If multiple ballasts in a lighting control system are removed from the system and multiple new ballasts are installed to replace those ballasts, any operational configurations such as group configurations or area information associated with each removed (missing) ballast must be assigned to the proper new replacement ballast. The semi-automatic replacement method relies upon the operational configurations of the removed ballast to help a user identify which new ballast should replace each missing ballast.09-23-2010
20100241254WEB BROWSER BASED REMOTE CONTROL FOR PROGRAMMABLE MULTIMEDIA CONTROLLER - A web browser-equipped device, such as a personal digital assistant, tablet, notebook or other computer, wireless telephone handset or other device, to function as a remote control unit for a programmable multimedia controller. Web pages served by the multimedia controller to the web browser-equipped device present a user interface which may include programmable background motifs, colors and indicators. The user interface also typically includes one or more user-operable buttons whose functionalities are programmable. A method is provided for automatically converting a user interface device configuration for the multimedia controller into web pages suitable for a browser-equipped device.09-23-2010
20100324703Stage effects console for stage controlling system - A controlling console for moving elements such as trusses and winches. A console body has a display screen, and a processor which is programmed to produce an output screen on the display screen which accepts controls for controlling at least one movable device. The output screen includes a plurality of different logical blocks which are connected together. Values and conditions such as true, false, rising edge or error can be entered. The console arranges this into a flow arrangement.12-23-2010
20090105856METHOD AND DEVICE FOR PROVIDING A LIGHTING SETTING FOR CONTROLLING A LIGHTING SYSTEM TO PRODUCE A DESIRED LIGHTING EFFECT - The present invention relates to a method for providing a lighting setting for controlling a lighting system (04-23-2009
20100305722METHOD FOR CONTROLLING HOME NETWORK DEVICE USING UNIVERSAL WEB APPLICATION AND APPARATUS THEREOF - A method of controlling a home network device by using a universal web application. In the method, the universal web application may receive control information, for controlling the home network device, from a server. A control command, which is issued to control the home network device, may be sent to a control point module by using a script application program interface (API) that is included in the received control information. Accordingly, result data that is obtained by executing the control command on the home network device may be received by the control point module.12-02-2010
20110046755CONTENTS REPRODUCING DEVICE AND METHOD - A method for reproducing contents in a device is provided. The method includes identifying whether an event occurs based on a change in distance between a device and another device or a change in power status of the device or the another device, and if the event occurs, performing seamless play of contents between the another device and the device. Accordingly, seamless play may be performed effectively.02-24-2011
20110046756DIAL-MODE TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER THAT FACILITATES CHANGING OF TEMPERATURE RANGE - The present invention relates to a dial type temperature controller easily changing a temperature range that is provided with a selector for changing temperature ranges and indication panels for selected corresponding ranges and allows a user to easily change the temperature range without an error, when changing the temperature range and the indication panel, and also stops control output with a dial of the temperature.02-24-2011
20110245940Configurable Wall-Mount Touch Screen Switch - A configurable wall mount light switch for use in controlling multiple light fixtures. In one embodiment, the switch includes a touch screen display, a transceiver and a programmable microcontroller. The microcontroller may be programmed to display a plurality of interface elements on the touch screen display for selection by a user to control one or more light fixtures. Typically, the switch is dimensioned to be received by a single gang electrical box.10-06-2011
20110245938Modular centralized lighting control system for buildings - A lighting control system for controlling lights of buildings includes a computer server communicating with programmable master interfaces through an Ethernet communication link. The server is programmed to establish control commands responsive to environment status information. The master interfaces communicate through a primary communication link with programmable input devices which include input interfaces and smart switches, and with programmable output devices. The output devices communicate with a master interface through its primary communication link and also communicate with programmable relay/dimmer devices through a secondary communication link. The relay/dimmer devices control building lights responsive to control commands. The input interfaces communicate with a master interface through its primary communication link and also communicate with ambient light/occupancy sensor devices through a secondary communication link. The ambient light/occupancy sensor devices monitor building zones and establish environment status information. The smart switches include a touch screen LCD used by building occupants for also establishing environment status information. The environment status information and control commands are communicated through the interfaces for thereby controlling the building lights. Each of the interfaces and devices are identified with a unique ID established and maintained by the server. Each unique ID is linked to a virtual graphical representation by the server and displayed on a monitor.10-06-2011
20090312854Methods and systems for transmitting information associated with the coordinated use of two or more user responsive projectors - The present disclosure relates to systems and methods that are related to coordinated projection from two or more projectors.12-17-2009
20110245937SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INTEROPERABILITY BETWEEN CARBON CAPTURE SYSTEM, CARBON EMISSION SYSTEM, CARBON TRANSPORT SYSTEM, AND CARBON USAGE SYSTEM - Systems and methods are disclosed herein for enhancing interoperability of a plant. Such systems and methods include a carbon emission, capture, transport, and usage model. The carbon emission, capture, transport, and usage model is capable of modeling interrelationships of inputs, outputs, and requirements between a carbon emitting plant, the carbon capture process, a carbon transportation system, and a carbon usage system. The carbon emitting plant is capable of producing a product having a carbonaceous substance. The carbon capture process is capable of capturing at least a portion of the carbonaceous substance from the product as a carbonaceous gas. The carbon transportation system is capable of transporting the carbonaceous gas from the carbon capture process to the carbon usage system. The carbon usage system is capable of receiving the carbonaceous gas transported by the carbon transportation system.10-06-2011
20110245939APPARATUS, METHOD, AND SYSTEM FOR DEMONSTRATING CUSTOMER-DEFINED LIGHTING SPECIFICATIONS AND EVALUATING PERMANENT LIGHTING SYSTEMS THEREFROM - Envisioned are apparatus, methods, and systems whereby a customer and an initial provider work cooperatively to develop quantifiable lighting specifications for the customer's application. Said specifications are developed as a result of the customer's feedback to a lighting demonstration. The developed lighting specifications may then be used by the customer in evaluating potential lighting suppliers (which may include the initial provider) to ensure the desired lighting scheme can be duplicated by a permanent lighting system.10-06-2011
20110245941METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR GENERATING DATA FOR CONTROLLING A SYSTEM FOR RENDERING AT LEAST ONE SIGNAL - A method of generating data for controlling a rendering system (10-06-2011
20100036512METHOD AND SYSTEM TO SELECT DEVICES OF A WIRELESS NETWORK, PARTICULARLY A NETWORK OF WIRELESS LIGHTING DEVICES - The invention relates to the selection of devices of a wireless network, particularly wireless home control networks, for example lighting control networks in buildings. It is an object of the invention to provide an improved method and System to select devices of a wireless network, particularly a network of wireless lighting devices. According to the invention, for selecting a certain device in the wireless network a broadcast message is sent out by a wireless remote device (S02-11-2010
20090312855METHOD FOR OPERATING AN AUTOMATION SYSTEM - A method of operating an automation system with a plurality of automation devices connected for communication with a central unit is provided. Each automation device handles communication in accordance with a send clock. The central unit stores for each automation device accessible for communication information about the send clock for this device in a database. Further, the central unit handles communication with the automation devices according to their individual send clock.12-17-2009
20090312853WIRELESS BUILDING CONTROL SYSTEM BRIDGE - A building control system is described that includes a building controller and a bridge. The building controller may control one or more portions of a building control system and may communicate with the bridge over a wired network. The bridge may be coupled to the building controller and may be configured to communicate with other remotely located building controllers via a wireless network. The bridge may provide a link between the wired communication of the local building controller and the wireless communication of the remotely located building controllers. The bridge may include a cache memory for storing data received from remotely located building controllers. In some cases, the data stored in the cache memory may be requested and received in advance of the data being requested by the local building controller.12-17-2009
20100057226DISTRIBUTED PRESENTATION SOFTWARE FOR MULTIPLE INSTANTIATIONS IN HOME NETWORK - One and only instance of a video service model component (for example, an electronic program guide (EPG) model description) is executed in a home network gateway, with multiple instantiations of a view/controller module associated with the model module being generated, one for each display device seeking to simultaneously display the video service. In this way the functionality of a single video service model is shared in the network without requiring the underlying model module itself to be replicated.03-04-2010
20100070054System for intelligent medical device network - The system organizes a network of intelligent medical devices (iMDs) for diagnostic and therapeutic functions. The iMD network uses distributed computing functionality to share logic and memory operations. The system uses wires and tubes to connect (a) iMDs between each other, (b) iMDs and sensor probes and (c) internal iMDs and external devices, including computers. The ability to network the iMDs expands the functionality between the iMDs. The iMDs share specialized functions, and multitask, to solve complex medical problems.03-18-2010
20110098832CONTROL APPARATUS AND CONTROL SYSTEM - A control apparatus and a control system are provided. The control apparatus includes: an information receiving unit, configured to receive an operation request, which is sent by a user remotely via an auto configuration server (ACS), where the operation request carries a device identity of a device to be operated and an operation command; an address searching unit, configured to search, according to pre-stored configuration information which includes device identities and device addresses corresponding to the device identities, for a device address corresponding to the device identity; and a command sending unit, connected to the address searching unit and configured to send the operation command to the device corresponding to the found device address, so that the device performs an operation according to the operation command.04-28-2011
20110098831Home Automation Group Selection by Color - A networked device is disclosed comprising means for controlling a state of the networked device, means for connecting to a network, means for allowing a user to select a color from a plurality of colors, the plurality of colors having at least one locking color and one or more non-locking colors, and means for generating a selected color code corresponding to the color selected by the user, each color of the plurality of colors having a corresponding color code. The networked device submits the selected color code over the network for use by the network controller in configuring the device and changes the state of the networked device in response to a command from the network only if the color selected by the user is one of the one or more non-locking colors. In some embodiments the networked device also responds to requests for status information from the network independent of the color selected by the user. In some embodiments, the networked device further comprises means for allowing the user enter a local control command wherein the means for controlling the networked device changes the state of the networked device in response to the local control command only if the color selected by the user is one of the one or more non-locking colors. And in some embodiments that means for controlling the networked device controls the On/Off state.04-28-2011
20110082570CONTROL SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF PROVIDING THE SAME - Control systems and methods for controlling certain systems, devices, and apparatus are described. A control system may include a memory and at least one processor. The memory may be operable to store both a Foundation Fieldbus protocol that facilitates communication with one or more Foundation Fieldbus devices and a second protocol that facilitates communication with one or more control devices. The at least one processor may be operable to access both the Foundation Fieldbus protocol and the second protocol, and to control the one or more Foundation Fieldbus devices and the one or more control devices. A network may facilitate communications between the at least one processor and both the one or more Foundation Fieldbus devices using the Foundation Fieldbus protocol and the one or more control devices using the second protocol.04-07-2011
20110071656METHOD AND APPARATUS OF TEMPLATE MODEL VIEW GENERATION FOR HOME MONITORING AND CONTROL - An approach is provided for template model view generation for home monitor and control interface. A platform receives a model view specified by a user, where the model view includes a floor plan of a premise. The platform generates a template model view based on the received model view by removing identifying information associated with the user. Also, the platform stores the template model view for access by another user, where the template model view is used to capture location information of one or more sensors or one or more actuators within the floor plan.03-24-2011
20110077754SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CONTROLLING A BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Described herein are systems and methods for controlling a building management system (BMS). The present embodiments are directed towards systems and methods that allow a user to implement threat levels in the context of a BMS. In broad terms, aspects of the technology described herein allow a user to define sets of configuration data for various building systems, and associate those sets of data with threat levels. In response to a change in conditions, a user selectively implements a different threat level, which causes the relevant configuration data to be applied to the various building systems. One embodiment provides a method, implemented in a computer system, including receiving data indicative of a threat level identifier, and subsequently receiving a user instruction to associate one or more sets of building system configuration data with the threat level identifier. Each set of building system configuration data relates to a respective building system. The method further includes processing the instruction, thereby to selectively associate the one or more sets of building system configuration data with the threat level identifier. Subsequently, in response to an instruction to implement a threat level corresponding to the threat level identifier, signals are generated and transmitted thereby to instruct the relevant building systems to apply configuration data corresponding to the one or more data sets associated with the threat level identifier.03-31-2011
20110077753ENGINEERED SETPOINTS FOR AUTONOMOUS DISTRIBUTED SENSORS AND ACTUATORS - Loads on an electric power system are configured with under frequency relays in which the frequency setpoints and delay times for reclosure are uniformly distributed. If demand exceeds supply in the system, frequency will decrease. The decrease in frequency will actuate relays and reduce load to the point where demand will meet the available supply. After its engineered delay time, each relay will attempt to close contact and reestablish the load.03-31-2011
20120303145CONTROL OF SAFETY CRITICAL OPERATIONS - A system wherein control of a safety-critical system operation is effected by sending a plurality of keywords via a low integrity transmission means.11-29-2012
20120303144METHOD AND DEVICE FOR THE UNIFORM NAMING OF IDENTICAL PARAMETERS OF DIFFERENT FIELD DEVICES OF AN AUTOMATION SYSTEM - Exemplary embodiments are directed to a method and device for unifying differing designations of physically identical parameters of different field devices of the same type in an automation system. The field devices being parameterized from at least one central control unit via a communication network. A control unit, in each of the different field devices of the same type, identifies the physically identical parameters by semantic analysis of the differing designations, after which, in each case, an identical identification is attached to the differing designations.11-29-2012
20110251702METHOD FOR RECORDING A DMX SIGNAL - A method for recording a DMX signal is disclosed. Firstly, the DMX signal within a time period is edited in a signal source device, an initiating identification signal is edited and set before the data of the first frame of the DMX signal, and an ending identification signal is edited and set after the data of the last frame. Secondly, a recording procedure in a recording device is set to identify the data of each received frame, to initiate a record when the initiating identification signal appears, and to end the record when the ending identification signal appears.10-13-2011
20100305723ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT - The present invention provides, as one aspect, an electronic control unit, including a plurality of control circuits having a communication function, the control circuits including a main control circuit and a sub-control circuit, and a signal conversion circuit which is connected to an external bus to acquire a transmission signal passing through the bus and output a transmission signal produced in each of the control circuits to the bus. The main control circuit outputs a power-on signal to the signal conversion circuit to turn on the signal conversion circuit. The sub-control circuit starts communication using the communication function when a predetermined power-on condition is met, the power-on condition indicating power-on of the signal conversion circuit.12-02-2010
20090240353METHOD AND DEVICE TO MANAGE POWER OF WIRELESS MULTI-SENSOR DEVICES - An automation component configured for wireless communication within a building automation system is disclosed. The automation component includes a multi-sensor package, a wireless communications component, a processor in communication with the wireless communications component and the sensor package, and a memory in communication with the processor. The memory configured to store sensor data provided by the sensor package and computer readable instructions which are executable by the processor, wherein the computer readable instructions are programmed to receive status information related to sensor data in control at a second automation component in communication with the building automation system, and communicate a portion of the stored sensor data corresponding to the received status information to the second automation component.09-24-2009
20080243276SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING PROCESSOR USAGE ACCORDING TO USER INPUT - A system and method for controlling processor usage according to user related tasks is provided. For periodic tasks, by increasing the period at which the task runs, the average processor usage can be reduced to meet a particular target which can ensure that user input is not affected by the periodic task. As such, the periodic task can be intelligently degraded and altered to compensate for such degradation in order to free up enough processor usage space so as to not adversely affect user input.10-02-2008
20110160881RFID occupancy sensor - A lighting control system is disclosed. The lighting control system includes detector units that communicates with portable RFID modules. Based on the identification and/or detected locations of RFID modules, the detector units control lights within a building. The lighting in further embodiments is a building security system, wherein lighting data, RFID history data and/or occupancy data is transmitted to the central security computer. The central security computer is configured to store lighting data, RFID history data and/or occupancy data, sound alarms and/or enable the operation of one or more remote building systems, such as locks, building doors, building cabinets and commuters.06-30-2011
20090177298Method and Device for Communicating Change-of-Value Information in a Building Automation System - An automation component configured for wireless communication within a building automation system includes a wireless communications component, a processor in communication with the wireless communications component, and a memory in communication with the processor. The memory configured to store computer readable instructions which are executable by the processor to process a change-of-value message received via the wireless communications component, generate a change-of-value update in response to the change-of-value message, and communicate the change-of-value update via the wireless communication component. This change-of-value can occur in a polled (pull) fashion, or in a pushed (when it occurs) fashions.07-09-2009
20110257769METHOD FOR CONTROLLING FUNCTIONS OF DEVICE INCLUDED IN HOME NETWORK - A method for controlling functions of a Management Device (MD) included in a home network is provided. The method for controlling the functions of the MD by a Control Device (CD) in a home network system including the CD for controlling functions of an Electronic Device (ED) connected to a home network and the MD, the functions of which are managed by the CD, includes diagnosing at least one function performed by the MD; identifying information necessary to control the at least one function; and transmitting, to the MD, control information for controlling the at least one function, in consideration of the information necessary to control the at least one function.10-20-2011
20100318201METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETECTING EFFECT OF LIGHTING DEVICE - A method comprises transmitting an operate signal from a control system to an effects device, operating the effects device according to the operate signal, detecting an effect of the effects device, assigning a location to said effect, and storing the location of said effect. The effects device can comprise a lighting device, and the method can be repeated for multiple effects devices.12-16-2010
20110054644HOME NETWORK SYSTEM - The present invention discloses a home network system (03-03-2011
20110022201METHOD OF GUIDING A USER FROM AN INITIAL POSITION TO A DESTINATION IN A PUBLIC AREA - The invention describes a method of guiding a user (01-27-2011
20110264245HOME APPLIANCE AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE SAME - A home appliance and a method of operating the same are provided. The home appliance has a communication device that can be easily detached, can selectively set a communication method according to a peripheral network environment, enables an easy connection to a smart server by changing a position of the communication device and can thus transmit and receive data by stably communicating with the smart server regardless of an obstacle and a position of the home appliance.10-27-2011
20110004329CONTROLLING ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS IN A COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT - The present invention is directed toward a system and process that controls a group of networked electronic components using a multimodal integration scheme in which inputs from a speech recognition subsystem, gesture recognition subsystem employing a wireless pointing device and pointing analysis subsystem also employing the pointing device, are combined to determine what component a user wants to control and what control action is desired. In this multimodal integration scheme, the desired action concerning an electronic component is decomposed into a command and a referent pair. The referent can be identified using the pointing device to identify the component by pointing at the component or an object associated with it, by using speech recognition, or both. The command may be specified by pressing a button on the pointing device, by a gesture performed with the pointing device, by a speech recognition event, or by any combination of these inputs.01-06-2011
20100082134MODULAR CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR A WATER HEATER - A water heater having a modular control system. The water heater includes a tank, a heating element, a first controller, and a second controller. The heating element is coupled to the tank. The first controller is supported by the tank and includes a housing, a first communication port, a processor, and a first memory storing executable instructions that are executed by the processor. The first controller determines whether the first controller is connected to the second controller through the communication port. The first controller controls an operation of the water heater according to a first algorithm when the first controller is not connected to the second controller. The operation of the water heater is controlled based on an algorithm stored on the second controller when the first controller is connected to the second controller.04-01-2010
20110190911DATA TRANSMITTING APPARATUS, DATA TRANSMITTING METHOD, AUDIO-VISUAL ENVIRONMENT CONTROLLING APPARATUS, AUDIO-VISUAL ENVIRONMENT CONTROLLING SYSTEM, AND AUDIO-VISUAL ENVIRONMENT CONTROLLING METHOD - Provided are a data transmission device, a method for transmitting data, an audio-video environment control device, a method for controlling audio-visual environment, an audio-video environment control system, wherein peripheral devices can be appropriately controlled in accordance with the layout of the peripheral devices in an actual audio-visual environment so that a high realistic sensation is obtained. A data reception device (08-04-2011
20130013089STAGE PRODUCTION SYSTEM, SUBSYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING PRODUCTION, OPERATION METHOD AND PROGRAM THEREOF - Conventionally, a system for real-time distribution of images of the various productions of the stage to user terminals on the network has been provided. However, it is nothing but an image, the viewer can hardly feel for participation in the performance including the production. In order to solve the above deficiency, the present invention provides a stage production system, which receives an entry of a comment for distributed live image of the stage from the user terminal on the network, promptly displays the comment in a viewable state for a viewer of the distribute live image on a display, and controls the production equipment on the real stage such as the lighting equipment, sound equipment, and smoke machine.01-10-2013
20130013088MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK AND METHOD FOR RETRIEVING SOFTWARE IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION PERTAINING TO A SENSOR IN A NETWORK - The invention concerns using sensorML to facilitate the installation of software for interaction with sensors, preferably within a home network with a service gateway (01-10-2013
20110137436INTELLIGENT GATEWAY FOR HETEROGENEOUS PEER-TO-PEER HOME AUTOMATION NETWORKS - A solution for home automation management includes, at a network device configured to support multiple home automation technologies, receiving a message from a first home automation control device (HACD) managed by the network device, towards a second HACD managed by the network device. The network device translates the message to a form recognizable by the second HACD, and then sends the translated message towards the second HACD in accordance with home automation technology supported by the second HACD. According to one aspect, the solution may be extended to a network of multiple network devices configured to support multiple home automation technologies.06-09-2011
20120041577REFRIGERATOR AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A refrigerator to control food storage conditions and a control method thereof include controlling temperature in the refrigerator. The control method includes determining whether time data to be used to confirm a season is stored in a storage unit, requesting a user to input time data upon determining that the time data is not stored in the storage unit, and determining whether the stored time data is to be changed upon determining that the time data is stored in the storage unit. Temperature in the refrigerator is controlled based on properties of food for each season to improve storage efficiency of food.02-16-2012
20090018677UPNP CONTROL POINT AND METHOD OF HANDLING UPNP CONTROL REQUEST - Provided is a technique for preventing a loss by storing a universal plug and play (UPnP) control request and delaying handling of the UPnP control request. A method of handling a UPnP control request in a UPnP control point includes storing a UPnP control request that is not handled in the UPnP control point, receiving a message informing that a UPnP control device has participated in a network from the UPnP control device, receiving information about capability of the UPnP control device from the UPnP control device, determining whether the UPnP control device can perform the UPnP control request that is not handled based on the information about capability of the UPnP control device, and transmitting the UPnP control request to the UPnP control device that is determined to be able to perform the UPnP control request.01-15-2009
20120310388SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR FOUNDATION FIELDBUS ALERTS - An industrial process control system is provided. The industrial control system includes an alarm server with a processor configured to receive device information representative of field device information extracted from a device definition file. The processor is further configured to translate the device information into a first format interpretable by a global system for mobile communications (GSM) server and provide the device information in the first format to the GSM server.12-06-2012
20120046765SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ULTRASONIC TRANSDUCER CONTROL - A system for controlling an ultrasonic transducer utilizes an indication of the relative phase of the voltage on the transducer and the current passing through the transducer to control the relative phase to a value that has been preselected to correspond to resonance of an electromechanical system that includes the ultrasonic transducer. In one example application, the system includes a waveform generator that produces an oscillating signal, and the frequency of the oscillating signal is adjustable under control of the control processor. The control processor adjusts the frequency of the oscillating signal according to a proportional control law at least some of the time, and according to a proportional-integral control law at least some of the time. The control processor may also control the amplitude of the oscillation of the ultrasonic transducer.02-23-2012
20120046766Gobo Virtual Machine - Producing complicated effects based on image processing operations. The image processing operations are defined for a processor which may be different than the processor which is actually used. The processor that is actually used runs an interpreter that interprets the information into its own language, and then runs the image processing. The actual information is formed according to a plurality of layers which are combined in some way so that each layer can effect the layers below it. For example, the layers may add to, subtract from, or form transparency to the layer below it or make color filtering the layer below it. This enables many different effects computed and precompiled for a hypothetical processor, and a different processor can be used to combine and render those effects.02-23-2012
20120004745Lighting Control Console For Controlling A Lighting System - A lighting control console for controlling a lighting system, wherein digital adjustment commands are generated in the lighting control console and can be transmitted to the lighting devices of the lighting system via data connections includes at least one digital processor and at least one digital memory for generating, managing and storing the adjustment commands, and at least one display unit. Graphical elements can be displayed graphically for the operator at the display unit on a display surface. The display unit is made of an at least partially transparent material in the region of the display surface, wherein the display unit can be switched between a transparency mode and a display mode, and wherein the display unit (01-05-2012
20130013091Network of Heterogeneous Devices Including at Least One Outdoor Lighting Fixture Node - Methods and apparatus for a scalable network of heterogeneous devices are disclosed. The network may include segment controllers in communication with a remote management system and a plurality of heterogeneous devices such as, for example, lighting fixture nodes and sensors. The segment controllers may transmit sensor data from the sensors to the remote management system. The segment controllers may also transmit control data to the lighting fixture nodes and, optionally, to one or more supplementary nodes. At least some of the control data may be based on data sent from the remote management system and, optionally, the segment controller may generate at least some of the control data independently of the remote management system.01-10-2013
20130013090SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CONTROLLING AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE - The invention, in one embodiment, is directed to a controller apparatus for controlling an electronic device by sensing and processing a user's interactions with an object and, particularly, for controlling and interacting with a media guidance application implemented on an interactive user equipment device. The controller apparatus may include a platform, a liquid container, and a stirring rod. The platform may include sensors of various kinds for detecting a user's interactions with any one of the components of the user interface system. The controller apparatus may also include sensors for sensing environmental conditions and use the sensed conditions to interact with the media guidance application or any other applications or electronic devices.01-10-2013
20120158161DEFINING AND IMPLEMENTING SENSOR TRIGGERED RESPONSE RULES - A single controller platform for controlling and monitoring security, home automation, and monitoring devices is provided. This controller platform further provides for a rules-based response to receiving sensor events, including causing actions to be performed by the controller platform or to cause actions to be performed by sensor devices.06-21-2012
20110093099Controller system adapted for spa - A control system adapted for spa includes a finite state machine, a control panel that includes a display, where the display of the control panel displays graphic images based on an operation of the finite state machine.04-21-2011
20120071993SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANAGING A CONTROL DEVICE IN A UNIVERSAL PLUG AND PLAY HOME NETWORK - A method and system for managing capabilities of a control device in a Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) home network. The method includes advertising a list of capabilities of a control device to a control point in the UPnP home network, updating, by the control device, a capability in the list of capabilities, and advertising an updated list of capabilities to the control point.03-22-2012
20110066262Apparatuses, Systems, and Methods for Apparatus Operation and Remote Sensing - A method and system for controlling an apparatus including receiving data indicative of an actual state of the apparatus, defining a first viewpoint relative to at least one of the environment and the apparatus, determining a first predicted state of the apparatus at time T, determining a first predicted state of the environment at time T, producing a first virtualized view from the first viewpoint, sending a first control signal to the apparatus after producing the first virtualized view, defining a second viewpoint relative to at least one of the apparatus and the environment, determining a second predicted state of the apparatus at time T+delta T, determining a second predicted state of the environment at time T+delta T, producing the second virtualized view from the second viewpoint, sending a second control signal to the apparatus after producing the second virtualized view, and changing the actual state of the apparatus based on the first control signal.03-17-2011
20110035029LIGHT SYSTEM CONTROLLER AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING A LIGHTING SCENE - The invention relates to the control, for example the creation or modification of a lighting scene with a lighting system, and the invention particularly relates to a more easily and user oriented controlling of the creation and modification of the lighting scene. An embodiment of the invention provides a light system controller (02-10-2011
20110106278METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING A LOCATION AUTOMATION SYSTEM VIA A CALENDAR DATABASE - A method and apparatus for controlling a location automation system via computing device having access to a calendar database is provided. Calendar data, from the calendar database, is processed to determine that at least one location automation event controlled by the location automation system is affected by the calendar data. The location automation setting data is updated, based on the calendar data, such that the at least one location automation event occurs according to the calendar data.05-05-2011
20110106280AUTOMATED BATTERY SCANNING, REPAIR, AND OPTIMIZATION - A method of servicing a battery may include connecting a battery to a battery servicing apparatus including an automated electronic system; measuring, by the automated electronic system, a first set of metrics associated with the a battery cell; selecting, automatically by the automated electronic system, a maintenance action based at least in part upon the measured first set of metrics; directing, by the automated electronic system, performance of the maintenance action on the battery cell by an ancillary device; and/or measuring, by the automated electronic system, a second set of metrics associated with the battery cell after performance of the maintenance action. The automated electronic system may be configured to gather data using one or more probes and/or clamps associated with the battery cell. The automated electronic system may include a memory configured to store data and/or a processing unit configured to direct operation of the ancillary device.05-05-2011
20110106279METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING HOME NETWORK SYSTEM USING MOBILE TERMINAL - A method for controlling a home network system using a mobile terminal is provided, which includes the mobile terminal connecting to a gateway of a home network through a communication network, the mobile terminal receiving a list of devices which are connected to the home network from the gateway of the home network, the mobile terminal displaying the devices connected to the home network, if one of the displayed devices is selected, requesting the status information of the selected device from the selected device status information of the selected device through the gateway, receiving the status information of the selected device from the selected device, and displaying the received status information and a user interface for controlling the selected device.05-05-2011
20100094439SYSTEM FOR SELECTING AND CONTROLLING LIGHT SETTINGS - An interactive method and system include a card (04-15-2010
20090132070CLIENT FOR AN APPLIANCE NETWORK - A client having at least one memory location is provided for use with an appliance network. The client includes an arbitrary software component for performing a useful function, a software architecture or a software architecture driver configured to generate or enable transmission of messages, and means to communicate by message over a network. Thus, the client can have full capability to act as an accessory to an appliance to communicate with and to enhance or alter the operation of the appliance.05-21-2009
20110112661SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING LIGHTING DEVICES - Disclosed is a lighting control system including: a switching means for selecting one of a plurality of scenarios; a gateway for matching at least one of on/off control signals, color temperature control signals, color control signals, or dimming control signals for a plurality of lamps with the plurality of scenarios, storing a resultant data, and outputting control signals matched with the scenario selected from the switching means; and a lighting device for receiving the control signals outputted from the gateway, and according to the received control signals, turning on/off each of the lamps, adjusting a color temperature or a color of each of the lamps, or a dimming level of each of the lamps.05-12-2011
20120083907VARIABLE PRODUCT AGROCHEMICALS APPLICATION MANAGEMENT - Methods and products are provided for facilitating application of variable-product agrochemicals, such as fertilizer, to an application area, such as a field. The fertilizer or agrochemical may include a single fertilizer or agrochemical type or a mixture. In one embodiment, a fertilizer-application area is divided into application cells, and a fertilizer product is determined for each cell, based on zones of the application area with a similar characteristic, such as topographic wetness index levels. Based on a determined product for each cell, instructions for controlling an agrochemical applicator are automatically generated.04-05-2012
20100204810PLASMA PROCESSING APPARATUS, AND MAINTENANCE METHOD AND ASSEMBLING METHOD OF THE SAME - A plasma processing apparatus includes a processing chamber that converts a processing gas introduced from a gas supply source into plasma and performs plasma processing on a target object, an exhaust chamber that communicates with the inside of the processing chamber to exhaust a gas converted into plasma from the processing chamber, and a blocking cover that is provided in the exhaust chamber to block communication between the inside of the processing chamber and the inside of the exhaust chamber.08-12-2010
20100298957MULTI-FUNCTION SENSOR FOR HOME AUTOMATION - A multi-function sensor for a home automation system includes a plurality of sensors and a network interface configured to transmit data over a mesh radio network responsive to a value read from at least one of the plurality of sensors.11-25-2010
20090326687MEAL PLANNING AND PREPARATION SYSTEM - A meal planning system includes memory having appliance user domain data and control system domain data. One or more instances of appliance user domain data are bound to one or more instances of control system domain data or one or more instances of other appliance user domain data. The appliance user domain data and the control system domain data are related to planning and preparing one or more meals. The system also has a communication path connected to the memory and connectable to a data sender. A query from the data sender to the memory over the communication path, and associated with criteria data referencing at least a portion of the control system domain data or the other appliance user domain data, will return data to the data sender so that the data sender can use the return data to affect the planning and preparing of a meal.12-31-2009
20110004328CONTROLLER INTERFACE FOR MUSICAL APPLICATIONS ON HANDHELD COMPUTING DEVICES - A controller for a handheld computing device having a music-oriented program operating thereon is disclosed. The controller includes a control surface configured and arranged to be manipulated by an operator to generate a control input. Further included is a circuit configured and arranged to detect the control input generated from the control surface and transmit the control input received from the control surface to the music-oriented program operating on the handheld computing device.01-06-2011
20120330442DEVICE FOR CONTROLLING WASHING MACHINE AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - Disclosed is a control apparatus and method of a clothes treating machine. Power consumption can be expected or detected when an operation of the clothes treating apparatus is determined, and greenhouse gas emissions to an energy source or electricity prices according can be expected on the basis of power consumption. In addition, reasonable operations can be determined on the basis of recommended operation conditions provided by the clothes treating apparatus, and power consumption of the clothes treating machine, greenhouse gas emissions to an energy source or electricity prices can be easily calculated without providing an additional complicated power detection circuit.12-27-2012
20120130513SMART HOME DEVICE MANAGEMENT - A mobile communication device receives information associated with multiple home devices, and generates, based on the home device information, a connected home dashboard that includes a home device item, a modes item, a monitoring item, a security item, and a notifications item. The mobile communication device also provides the connected home dashboard for display to a user, and receives, from the user, a selection of one of the home device item, the modes item, the monitoring item, the security item, or the notifications item. The mobile communication device further provides, based on the home device information and for display to the user, information associated with the selected item.05-24-2012
20120277889SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR HOME AUTOMATION AND SECURITY - A home automation and security system is provided in which a home automation and security controller in a customer premises is coupled with a remotely located central control facility using a continuous connectivity access line providing a data channel separate from a voice channel. The controller at the customer premises is responsible for monitoring and applying control signals to devices in the home and for supporting a human interface. The remotely located central control facility is responsible for providing the computational and database resources to the controller. By redistributing functionality, the network-based structure of this home automation and security system can overcome the disadvantages of conventional home automation and security systems.11-01-2012
20120101601Information Processing System Using Nucleotide Sequence-Related Information - A system for processing information for providing semantic information and/or information associated with the semantic information useful for each individual organism through effective utilization of differences in nucleotide sequence-related information among individual organisms is constructed. The method for processing information on a nucleotide sequence comprises: (a) receiving request information for an object and/or service; (b) obtaining positional information in accordance with the request information from a memory having positional information representing a position in a nucleotide sequence memorized therein; and (c) obtaining nucleotide sequence-related information corresponding to the positional information obtained in (b) above, and obtaining semantic information implied by the nucleotide sequence-related information and/or information associated with the semantic information.04-26-2012
20100198374METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING ERGONOMIC SETTINGS AT A WORKSITE - An ergonomic control system is disclosed for monitoring and/or controlling ergonomic settings of one or more adjustable furniture units at a user's worksite. The furniture units may include, e.g., a table, a chair, a worksite lighting mechanism, a thermostat, computer monitor, and computer keyboard, and a phone. The control system is distributed over a network, with a central administration subsystem receiving ergonomic current setting data regarding adjustable furniture units from worksites in use. Such current setting data is associated with the current worksite user and stored for subsequent comparison with preferred ergonomic settings thereby to identify users whose settings may be detrimental to their health.08-05-2010
20100198373MAGNETIC RESONANCE SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROL THEREOF - A method to control a magnetic resonance system includes at least one protocol step for measurement data acquisition with the magnetic resonance system, and at least one operator interaction step which allows an operator to enter information that affects at least one subsequent step in the control of the magnetic resonance system.08-05-2010
20100168878SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATICALLY CREATING A SPECIFIC ATMOSPHERE BY CONTROLLING CONTRIBUTIONS OF SENSORIAL PERCEPTIBLE STIMULUS MEANS - The invention relates to the automatic creation of a specific atmosphere by controlling contributions of sensorial perceptible stimulus means loudspeaker controllable scent generator such as lights, sounds, and scents. The invention provides atmosphere settings containing data adapted for controlling the sensorial perceptible stimulus means in order to create at least one specific atmosphere, and atmosphere creation means adapted for automatically controlling the contributions of the sensorial perceptible stimulus means depending on the data contained in the atmosphere settings. Thus, a specific atmosphere may be created automatically without requiring a tedious adjusting of individual contributions of sensorial perceptible stimulus means to the specific atmosphere.07-01-2010
20130018491AUTONOMOUS DEVICE WITH BIOFOULING CONTROL AND METHOD FOR MONITORING AQUATIC ENVIRONMENT - A microprocessor preprogrammable autonomous device with biofouling control and method for monitoring aquatic environment by disposing environmental sensors in a sensor chamber which programmably opens for allowing direct communication between the sensors and the fluid of interest for sampling and which is closed after the sampling sequence is completed to create an anti-fouling environment in the sensor chamber by dissolving a biocide salt in the chamber and exposing the sensors to the anti-fouling environment for a predetermined period of time.01-17-2013
20080221718System and Method for Controlling at Least One Device - System and method for controlling at least one device such as for example an operator for a door, a gate, a window, blinds, shutters, a curtain, an awning or a light source including at least one controllable unit associated with the at least one device and a plurality of nodes for transmitting control signals to the at least one controllable unit. At least one of the plurality of nodes for transmitting control signals are configured for transmitting a command originator, the command originator including an identification of a predetermined type of the node, from which the signal originates.09-11-2008
20080221717System and Method for Limitation Handling - System and method for controlling at least one device such as for example an operator for a door, a gate, a window, blinds, shutters, a curtain, an awning or a light source including a controllable unit associated with the at least one device and a plurality of nodes for transmitting control signals to the at least one controllable unit. The at least one of the plurality of nodes for transmitting control signals is configured for transmitting a signal imposing a limit for at least one parameter for the device. Further, the controllable unit is configured for registering the limit and establishing a resulting limit for the parameter.09-11-2008
20080221716METHOD OF PROCESSING ACTION, METHOD OF CONTROLLING CONTROLLED DEVICE, CONTROLLED DEVICE, AND CONTROL POINT - A method of processing an action executes an action requested by a control point for controlling a controlled device through a network, stores a result of executing the action as a pending result of the action when a network connection between the controlled device and the control point is terminated, and transmits the stored pending result of the action to the control point when the network connection between the controlled device and the control point is resumed.09-11-2008
20080221715Method, system, and computer program product for managing controlled residential or non-residential environments - A control server, or similar central processor, manages the distribution of data (including audio and video), voice, and control signals among a plurality of devices connected via a wired and/or wireless communications network. The devices include audio/visual devices (such as, televisions, monitors, PDAs, notepads, notebooks, MP3, portable stereo, etc.) as well as household appliances (such as, lighting, ovens, alarm clocks, etc.). The control server supports video/audio serving, telephony, messaging, file sharing, internetworking, and security. A portable controller allows a user to access and control the network devices from any location within a controlled residential and/or non-residential environment, including its surrounding areas. The controllers are enhanced to support location-awareness and user-awareness functionality.09-11-2008
20080221714SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INFRASTRUCTURE REPORTING - A plurality of devices are interconnected via a utility and distributed throughout a premises with each device operable for being temporarily configured to provide a service as well as information desired by a user. In one embodiment, the service is selected from the list of: light switch, power outlet, thermostat and the information is selected from the list of: environmental condition, power consumption, power grid conditions, Internet access, announcements. If desired, one or more devices can be configured from time to time in anticipation of the user's needs at that time.09-11-2008
20130096703REPRESENTING GEOLOGICAL OBJECTS SPECIFIED THROUGH TIME IN A SPATIAL GEOLOGY MODELING FRAMEWORK - A method can include providing a geological time data structure configured to link objects of a reservoir model to geological times; linking one of the objects of the reservoir model to one of the geological times; generating simulation results for the reservoir model; and, based at least in part on the geological time data structure, outputting at least some of the simulation results along a geological time axis. Various other apparatuses, systems, methods, etc., are also disclosed.04-18-2013
20100280637HARDWARE CONFIGURABLE SECURITY, MONITORING AND AUTOMATION CONTROLLER HAVING MODULAR COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL INTERFACES - A single platform for controller functionality for each of security, monitoring and automation, as well as providing a capacity to function as a bidirectional Internet gateway, is provided. Embodiments of the present invention provide such functionality by virtue of a configurable architecture that enables a user to adapt the system for the user's specific needs. Embodiments of the present invention further provide such functionality by providing for installation of removable, modular communication adapters for communication with a variety of devices external to the security, monitoring and automation controller.11-04-2010
20100280635METHOD, SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR ACTIVATION OF A HOME SECURITY, MONITORING AND AUTOMATION CONTROLLER USING REMOTELY STORED CONFIGURATION DATA - Embodiments of the present invention provide a single platform that provides controller functionality for each of security, monitoring and automation, as well as providing a capacity to function as a bidirectional Internet gateway. Embodiments of the present invention provide such functionality by virtue of a configurable architecture that enables a user to adapt the system for the user's specific needs. Embodiments of the present invention further provide for a software-based installation workflow to activate and provision the controller and associated sensors and network. Embodiments of the present invention also provide for downloading of previously-stored configuration data to the controller from a remote server, and for activation and provisioning of the controller from the previously-stored configuration data.11-04-2010
20100286802METHOD TO OPERATE AN IMAGING SYSTEM, AND IMAGING SYSTEM - In an imaging system having a number of subsystems and a control device that controls the subsystems in a coordinated manner to implement a measurement sequence and an operating method therefor, sequence control data that define different functional sub-sequences of the measurement sequence are transmitted to the control device. Different active volumes are associated with the functional sub-sequences. In addition to the sequence control data, active volume position data are provided to the control device that define bearing and extent of the active volumes associated with the different functional sub-sequences. Control signals to implement the measurement sequence for the different subsystems are generated automatically by the control device based on the sequence control data and the active volume position data so that the individual functional sub-sequences are locally optimized at least with regard to a sub-region of their associated active volume.11-11-2010
20100286801MOBILE TERMINAL - A mobile terminal includes a wireless communication unit for collecting external information or transmitting recommended operation information to a home appliance, and a controller for generating the recommended operation information for the home appliance based on the collected external information. The mobile terminal may provide customized recommended operation information for each home appliance without separately including a device for controlling one or more home appliances provided in a home.11-11-2010
20100286800TRACTOR COMMUNICATION/CONTROL AND SELECT FIRE PERFORATING SWITCH SIMULATIONS - Apparatus and methods for controlling and communicating with one or more tools in a downhole tool string including a tractor, an auxiliary tractor tool, a logging tool, a safety sub, a release mechanism, a unit containing sensors for monitoring downhole conditions, a setting tool, and a perforating gun. Control and communication are accomplished by sending signals from the surface to control switches in the control units on the tool, with redundant switches for safety, to state machines in the respective control units, each state machine returning a signal verifying switch status to the surface. The state machine need not return a signal including a unique identifier.11-11-2010
20100286799APPROACH FOR AUTOMATICALLY SETTING THE DEVICE INSTANCE OF A BACNET DEVICE - An approach for automatically setting the device instance of a device such as a unitary controller without reliance on a router and/or global controller, or something like a special extension to an associated router and/or global controller. The approach may be implementable entirely by logic in the unitary controller.11-11-2010
20120283853Residential Environmental Management Control System with Automatic Adjustment - Automatic adjustment of the control and operation of residential environmental management systems is made based upon a time of year, a geographic location, or both. A controller receives input of the time of year or the geographic location of the residential environmental management system, or both. The controller then automatically adjusts one or more functions of the residential environmental management system based upon operational information associated with the time of year and/or geographic location. A user interface connected with the controller may be also used to select a mode of operation, input time or geographic location information, and/or adjust various parameters affecting the automatic seasonal or geographic adjustment of the residential environmental management system.11-08-2012
20120029665Intelligent Device Control System & Method - Embodiments of the present invention provide capabilities of ascertaining, distinguishing, responding to, and interacting with usage and/or users of an area. A controller is realizable in a variety of manners, including purpose-built state machines; software realizable controllers engenderable as physically individual or virtual machines; protocols and/or procedures, habitually computer executable, that are integratable or performable by other programs. Among the primary facets of many embodiments of the present invention is the use of an operative motion detector's ongoing lack of a motion detection as actually a positive detection of a lack of motion that provides useful and actionable information. Additional manners of sensing and/or interacting with potential usage are also employed to provide further capacities for intelligent occupancy analysis and response. Many embodiments of the present invention are effectible as at least partially hard-wired and/or at least partially software based alternates, and can include virtual executions.02-02-2012
20130204408SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM USING BODY MOVEMENTS - A home automation system includes data relating to three dimensional body movements. The system receives a signal generated by a sensing of a three dimensional body movement of a person, compares the signal relating to the three dimensional body movement of the person to the stored data relating to the three dimensional body movements, identify the body movement of the person based on the comparison; and control a home automation system as a function of the identified body movement.08-08-2013
20130204409BUILDING MANAGEMENT SERVER AND BUILDING ILLUMINATION CONTROL METHOD - The disclosure relates to automatically controlling illumination in a building, by recognizing a user ID, detecting the entry into and exit from a building by checking the recognized user ID, checking an illumination list in association with the user ID, and controlling one or more lights in the illumination list.08-08-2013
20130211560HOUSEHOLD ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING HOUSEHOLD ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE - A washer-dryer is provided with a time shift function for performing timer presetting processing on the basis of a time shift computation result which indicates an operation start time suitable for operation. The washer-dryer includes: an input operation unit for allowing a user to perform operations for operating the washer-dryer; a display unit for displaying information relating to the operation of the washer-dryer; and an operation control unit for controlling the operation of the washer-dryer on the basis of the time shift computation result. When a start button on the input operation unit is operated by the user, the operation control unit automatically performs the timer presetting processing on the basis of the time shift computation result and also displays a timer preset time at the display unit.08-15-2013


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