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700 - Data processing: generic control systems or specific applications

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700011000 Sequential or selective 378
700028000 Optimization or adaptive control 373
700083000 Having operator control interface (e.g., control/display console) 139
700079000 Having protection or reliability feature 134
700002000 Plural processors 116
700086000 Having preparation of program 73
700009000 Supervisory control 52
700056000 Digital positioning (other than machine tool) 39
700071000 Specific compensation or stabilization feature 13
700008000 Cascade control 11
700073000 Sampled data system 11
700067000 Plural variables 10
700089000 Having specific algorithm 8
700075000 Multiple modes (e.g., digital/analog) 5
20090306794Methods and Apparatus for Implementing Manual and Hybrid Control Modes in Automated Graphical Indicators and Controls - The present invention concerns methods and apparatus for enabling manual control over selection of a value for at least one operating parameter of a computer system resource. Manual control is enabled by de-coupling a pointer of a graphical indicator and control from an automated system advisor. During automated operation, the automated system advisor selects the value for the parameter of the computer system resource as indicated on a scale of the graphical indicator and control by the pointer. When the pointer of the graphical indicator is under manual control, a user can select the value of the at least one operating parameter of the computer system resource using the pointer of the graphical indicator and control. The present invention also concerns methods and apparatus for disabling manual control over selection of a value for at least one operating parameter of a computer system resource by re-coupling the pointer to an automated system advisor. The present invention further concerns hybrid control modes that permit users to exercise a degree of control over operations of an automated selection process in a graphical indicator and control.12-10-2009
20100100202Method and Related Apparatus for Controlling Operating Mode of a Portable Electronic Device - A method for controlling an operating mode of a portable electronic device having a first plane and a second plane connected together comprises forming a magnet in the first plane, forming a magnetic flux sensor in a position of the second plane corresponding to the magnet for sensing magnetic flux, and controlling the operating mode of the portable electronic device according to the sensing result of the magnetic flux sensor.04-22-2010
20090138104FIELD DEVICE - A field device of a distributed automation system is disclosed for controlling and monitoring technical processes. In order to include the field device in an installation management system, an exemplary field device has an associated wireless adapter. The wireless adapter is equipped with an identification feature which comprises the identification feature of the associated field device and a generic supplement.05-28-2009
20090076633Dynamic Marking System - A method for configuring a marking device includes, at a control system, establishing communication with the marking device; receiving, from the marking device, information about capabilities of the marking device; presenting the received information about capabilities of the marking device to a user; receiving, from the user, instructions to set machine settings for the marking device; and causing the marking device to be configured according to the instructions received from the user.03-19-2009
20110137431VALUABLE MEDIA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND VALUABLE MEDIA MANAGEMENT METHOD " - To reduce a burden of a person in charge who uses a valuable media management system including a plurality of valuable media handling machines having the same valuable-media processing function, and control units that correspond to the respective valuable media handling machines. Each of the valuable media handling machine has a state detecting unit for detecting the state of the valuable media handling machine. Each of the control unit has a corresponding machine control function for working the valuable media handling machine that corresponds to the own control unit, as well as a non-corresponding machine control function for working another valuable media handling machine other than the valuable media handling machine that corresponds to the own control unit. The corresponding machine control function and the non-corresponding machine control function can be switched depending on a change of the state of the valuable media handling machine detected by the state detecting unit.06-09-2011
700078000 Having specific error signal generation (e.g., up/down counter) 5
20090222111Hot Water Supply Device - A hot water supply device has a host remote controller 09-03-2009
20090248179PLANT OPERATION DATA MONITORING APPARATUS - To provide a plant operation data monitoring apparatus capable of monitoring a plant error with high accuracy without requiring a skilled plant operator.10-01-2009
20100185305MONITORING CIRCUIT, MONITORING DEVICE AND MONITORING METHOD THEREOF - A monitoring device for monitoring an abnormal load or unload operation of a wafer. The monitoring device includes a sensing unit and a detective unit. The sensing unit is for providing a sensing information, which indicates whether the wafer protrudes from a side of a carrier. The detective unit is for determining whether a duration, for which the wafer protrudes from the side of the carrier exceeds a predetermined time, for which the wafer is loaded or unloaded, according to the sensing information. If the duration exceeds the predetermined time, the detective unit further triggers an abnormal event.07-22-2010
20120239168VIRTUAL COMMUNICATION RELATIONSHIP INFORMATION EXTRACTION, AVAILABILITY DETERMINATION AND VALIDATION FROM FOUNDATION FIELDBUS DEVICE DESCRIPTION FILES - A method for virtual communication relationship extraction, availability determination and validation from a foundation fieldbus device descriptor file can include obtaining a number of virtual communication relationships for fieldbus and linking devices coupled to a host system, identifying types of the virtual communication relationships for the fieldbus and linking devices, configuring function blocks related to the fieldbus and linking devices, reporting a count of consumed virtual communication relationships and available virtual communication relationships for the fieldbus and linking devices, determining an availability of a total number of virtual communication relationships and in response to no availability of virtual communication relationships, generating a message on the host system.09-20-2012
20130178954SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS, SUBSTRATE PROCESSING METHOD, NON-TRANSITORY COMPUTER-READABLE RECORDING MEDIUM, AND SUBSTRATE TRANSFER METHOD - To provide a substrate processing apparatus, including a control unit that performs control to transfer a prescribed substrate into each chamber, wherein when error is detected during transfer of the substrate, the control unit performs control to: specify a place where the error is generated; select a fallback operation table according to a processing status of the substrate, which is the table defining a processing content for each part of the substrate processing apparatus including the place where the error is generated; and transfer the substrate based on the selected fallback operation table.07-11-2013
20090012631Automation safety life cycle - The system subject of disclosure includes computer software inputted with machine readable data into a CPU that sequentially combines and integrates multiple activities and processes of a production or processing facility. The steps or functions performed by the software include but are not limited to performing control rationalization, process hazard analysis and layer of protection analysis. The software also evaluates safety requirement specifications, and safety, environmental and financial integrity levels. Finally, the software performs alarm rationalization, alarm management, process safety management and creating an integrated comprehensive machine readable facility database that can be used over the life of the facility.01-08-2009
20090292373FIELDBUS COMMUNICATION SYSTEM AND DATA MANAGEMENT APPARATUS - Disclosed is a fieldbus communication system, comprising: a field device to transmit data; a receiving device to receive the transmitted data; and a data management apparatus which is connectable to a communication system in which the field device and the receiving device are connected to a fieldbus, wherein the receiving device comprises a processing section to perform a transmission request regarding the transmitted data to the data management apparatus, and wherein the data management apparatus comprises: a transmitting/receiving section which is connectable to the fieldbus; a storage section to store the data transmitted from the field device; and a control section to read the stored data corresponding to the transmission request, from the storage section so as to transmit the read data to the receiving device, when the transmission request is received from the receiving device.11-26-2009
20090292372ELECTRONIC DEVICE PROPERTIES CONTROL - A device with controllable mechanical characteristics makes available a list of controllable characteristics for use by a controller or host computer. The list may include not only controllable characteristics but also the available range for each control, the impact of each adjustment, or both. The host computer can evaluate an operating state of the computer or electronic device and determine how best to set the device for compatible operation with the operating state. When controllable characteristics have multiple effects and/or interact with other controllable characteristics, macros may be developed to perform multiple settings as a group to achieve the desired outcome. The list may also be downloaded from a web service.11-26-2009
20120296446CONTROL SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING SAFETY-CRITICAL AND NON-SAFETY-CRITICAL PROCESSES - A control system controls safety-critical and non-safety-critical processes and/or system components. The system includes a first control unit for controlling the non-safety-critical process and/or the non-safety-critical system components, at least one input/output unit connected to the first control unit, a communication coupler, which is connected to the first control unit via an internal coupler bus, and a second control unit for controlling the safety-critical process and/or the safety-critical system components. For providing safety-related functions, the second control unit includes a first dual-port RAM and at least two processors, only one of which is connected to the first dual-port RAM. The second control unit communicates with the first control unit via the first dual-port RAM and the internal coupler bus, and the first control unit transmits data from the second control unit to the communication coupler via the internal coupler bus and a second dual-port RAM integrated into the communication coupler.11-22-2012
20090287317Display control apparatus and method and display control program - According to an aspect of the embodiment, a display control apparatus includes a storage unit storing a plurality of connection information each of which is associated at least with one property information, an extraction unit extracting connection information from the plurality of connection information, the extracted connection information including property information which partially correspond with each other, and a display unit performing display control to distinguish the extracted connection information extracted by the extraction unit from the other connection information.11-19-2009
20080275572Aiming Feedback Control For Multiple Energy Beams - Plural energy beam sources are aimed at an energy receiving device by way of feedback control signals. Each energy beam is uniquely modulated by way of amplitude, polarization and/or coning patterns to enable individual detection and control. Sensors detect individual energy beams incident to the energy receiving device and provide corresponding detection signals. Control electronics receive the detection signals and derive one or more control signals that are coupled to the plural energy sources. Aircraft and other vehicles are thus provided with electrical and/or thermal energy without the need for source-to-vehicle cabling or substantial on-board energy resources.11-06-2008
20080262637Control for a motorized blind - A control method for a motorized blind. The control method employs an input device that sends signals to a logic control unit. The logic control unit processes the inputs received from the input device, then controls a plurality of motors to properly control of the angle and position of the slats of a motorized blind.10-23-2008
20090198347ACCESS-CONTROLLED STORAGE SYSTEM - The present invention relates to a container for an access-controlled storage system comprising a plurality of compartments, each compartment designed to contain an article, and a control means to control the accessibility of said compartments, wherein said control means is capable of granting access to the article of only one compartment at a time without moving said article, wherein said control means comprises a rotary belt with a cut-out directed by deflection pulleys. Another aspect of the present invention is an access-controlled storage system comprising at least two containers according to the present invention, a housing, and an actuating means capable of actuating the control means of said container, wherein said actuating means grants access only to a defined compartment within said container.08-06-2009
20110230977CONTROL APPARATUS AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - A control device for generating a second trigger with a delay of a predetermined time from generation of a first trigger, said control device having; a counter for counting numbers from 0 to n−1 at a frequency with cycles of a first period; a control section, which operates at a frequency with cycles of a second period that is longer than the first period, for calculating a remainder of a division by adding a number of counts of the counter corresponding to the predetermined time to a count value of the counter at the time of generation of the first trigger and by dividing a result of the addition by n; and an output section for outputting the second trigger at a time when the count value of the counter becomes equal to the remainder.09-22-2011
20130123943CONTROL APPARATUS, CONTROL SYSTEM, AND CONTROL METHOD - A control device includes an acquisition part acquiring a control module selected from a plurality of candidates for the control module in which processing procedures regarding control of a controlled apparatus are described, and a controller controlling operation of the controlled apparatus according to the processing procedures in the control module acquired by the acquisition part.05-16-2013
20090018672SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING THE DATA TRAFFIC ON A FIELDBUS - The disclosure relates to a device and a method for monitoring the data traffic on a fieldbus of a process automation system which comprises a plurality of field devices for carrying out a process function, which field devices can be controlled via at least one higher-level control unit, with a monitoring appliance for the data traffic and for passing on information contained in the data traffic to the higher-level control unit being connected to the fieldbus. The invention proposes that the monitoring appliance continuously records quality parameters of the data traffic and communicates them directly via a data radio channel to the level of the higher-level control unit which analyzes the quality parameters of the data traffic.01-15-2009
20090018671METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROCESS CONTROL - A method and system for process control. The control system can be operably coupled to a processing system. The control system can include control devices operably coupled to the processing system; a modeling module to provide a linear model based at least in part on the processing system; a computational module to provide controller algorithms associated with the control devices; a user interface module to present at a user interface controller information based at least in part on the linear model and the controller algorithms; and a separate coordination module for establishing communication between the modeling module, the computational module and the user interface module. One or more control signals can be provided to at least one of the control devices for controlling the processing system. In one embodiment, the modeling module can generate the linear model from a non-linear process.01-15-2009
20090105846CAN COMMUNICATION FOR BUILDING AUTOMATION SYSTEM - Systems and methods for implementing CAN communication for building automation systems are disclosed. An exemplary system may comprise at least one sending device linked to a plurality of receiving devices over a CAN automation network. A control frame may be broadcast over the CAN automation network by the at least one sending device, the control frame encapsulated into a CAN extended data frame. An acceptance filter may be provided at each of the plurality of receiving devices, each of the plurality of receiving devices reading the control frame from the CAN extended data frame and determining if the receiving device is a target device based on the control frame. Device communication may also be implemented as methods for dynamic address assignment and firmware download.04-23-2009
20120303137METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING DEVICES AND/OR APPLIANCES BEING INSTALLED AND/OR IMPLEMENTED IN A USER NETWORK - A method for controlling devices and/or appliances being installed and/or implemented in a user network, includes the steps of providing a management application, and associating one or more UEs with the management application, providing location information of the associated UEs to the management application, and, based on the location information and configured policy rules, performing control actions on the devices and/or appliances. Furthermore, a corresponding system is described.11-29-2012
20080294272Automated randomized pattern generation using pre-defined design overlays and products produced thereby - Provided herein is a process for randomly patterning a plurality of carpet tiles, each tile having a composite pattern containing at least a base pattern and an overlay pattern. When installed, the random order of patterning results in random tile placement and an overall random appearance. The overlay patterns are randomly chosen from a library of patterns until each individual pattern has been used to create a tile series. The overlay patterns may be manipulated by rotating, mirror-imaging, rotating and mirror-imaging, or repositioning to produce additional variations and increase the number of tiles in the series. The base pattern may optionally be manipulated before being incorporated into the composite pattern. A tile collection, containing such randomly ordered composite patterns, is also described.11-27-2008
20090062929FIELD DEVICE AND FIELDBUS CONTROLLER - Disclosed is a field device that transmits and receives data via a fieldbus in accordance with any of a plurality of communication protocols. The field device includes: a control section to give an instruction on a communication protocol to be used for transmitting or receiving data via the fieldbus; and a fieldbus controller including a transmitting and receiving section to transmit and receive data in accordance with any of the plurality of communication protocols, and a switching section to switch between the communication protocols to be used by the transmitting and receiving section based on the instruction from the control section.03-05-2009
20120316658WEB BASED REMOTE MONITORING AND CONTROL SYSTEM - An Internet-based remote monitoring and control system for monitoring and controlling automated facilities comprising of one or more automation means and one or more communication means located at the facilities, a service means, wherein the service means interfaces with a protocol adaptation means, interaction means having at least one interface presentation means and one or more input/output means. The system establishes an Internet-based first connection between an automation means and the service means where the connection is facilitated by a communication means that acts as a transparent proxy. The system transfers ‘automation means monitoring and controlling data’ to and from the protocol adaptation means through the first connection which further enables a second connection between itself and an interaction means, and translates and transfers ‘automation means monitoring and controlling data’ to and from the interaction means which is monitored and controlled by a user.12-13-2012
20090076627Gobo Virtual Machine - Producing complicated effects based on image processing operations. The image processing operations are defined for a processor which may be different than the processor which is actually used. The processor that is actually used runs an interpreter that interprets the information into its own language, and then runs the image processing. The actual information is formed according to a plurality of layers which are combined in some way so that each layer can effect the layers below it. For example, the layers may add to, subtract from, or form transparency to the layer below it or make color filtering the layer below it. This enables many different effects computed and precompiled for a hypothetical processor, and a different processor can be used to combine and render those effects.03-19-2009
20120259435Coupling a Specialty System, Such as Metering System, to Multiple Control Systems - A metering system configured to couple to multiple specialty systems, such as a control system. At least some of the illustrative embodiments are processing units comprising a processor, a memory coupled to the processor, and a communication port configured to coupled to a backbone communication network of a control system. The memory stores a program that causes the processor to selectively participate (over the communication port) as a processing unit of a control system of a first manufacturer (the control system implements a first proprietary communication protocol between processing units), and to participate (over the communication port) as a processing unit of a control system of a second manufacturer different than the first manufacturer (the control system of the second manufacturer implements a second proprietary communication protocol between the processing units).10-11-2012
20120323341CONTROL DEVICE - A control device includes: an input portion for inputting a process signal transmitted from a plant; a numerical processing part for outputting a Boolean value evaluating normal/abnormal of the process signal by a numerical processing based on a program; and a logical processing part for a logical processing of the Boolean value based on a logic circuit and then outputting a control signal related a safety protection operation of the plant.12-20-2012
20120271435LIBRARY SYNCHRONIZATION BETWEEN DEFINITIONS AND INSTANCES - In an industrial control configuration, various instances can exist that are based upon a definition. A definition can be changed and thus it can be appropriate to alter related instances in accordance with the change. However, changing an instance can cause disruption in other actions even when the change is minor. Therefore, various standards can be used to determine if a change to an instance should be propagated automatically or at another time, such as after an operation. The determination can be based on artificial intelligence techniques, user preference, a defined rule set, user instruction, as well as other standards.10-25-2012
20120277884ELEMENT SPECIFIC VARIABLE TRANSLATION - A computer readable medium having instructions is provided. When executed by a computer system, the instructions direct the computer system to identify a control element used to control a process in a machine automation environment, identify a plurality of variables used by the control element to monitor the process, and translate the plurality of variables to a plurality of aliases according to a translation protocol specific to the control element.11-01-2012


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