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607 - Surgery: light, thermal, and electrical application


607096000 - Thermal applicators

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607109000 Head, face, or neck 33
607111000 Hand or foot 14
20090204190Stanan Kozy Pak Ice Holder - The stanan Kozy Pak Holder is a new way to apply ice to areas of the body to prevent bruising and selling due to surgery or injury. The major benefits are the stanan Kozy Pak Holder is that it is more comfortable to use and maintains the coldness required to reduce bruising and swelling longer then any ice pack on the market.08-13-2009
20110196459Methods and Devices for Prevention of Hypothermia in a Mammal During Prolonged Exposure to Extreme Cold - Methods and devices for preventing a change in the core body temperature of a mammal under cold conditions are provided. In the subject methods, a requirement for thermal energy input in said mammal is first detected. In response to the detection of this requirement for thermal energy input, a surface of a portion of the mammal is contacted with a warm temperature medium under negative pressure conditions for a period of time sufficient to introduce thermal energy into the core body of the mammal. The subject devices include at least a means for detecting a requirement for thermal energy input and a means for contacting a surface of the mammal with a warm temperature medium under negative pressure conditions. The subject methods and devices find use in a variety of applications, and are particularly suited for use in maintaining the core body temperature of a mammal substantially constant under cold conditions for an extended period of time.08-11-2011
20110196458THERAPY GARMENT - A therapy garment is provided for providing temperature or pressure therapy to a user. The therapy garment may comprise a main body member, a pair of leg sections, and at least one pocket and may be adapted to be worn by the user so that the pockets align with the region of the user's body that is to receive therapy.08-11-2011
20100057171MOBILE APPARATUS FOR PROVIDING CRYOTHERAPY AND THERMOTHERAPY TO A REGION OF A KNEE BEING IN ELEVATED POSITION - An apparatus for applying at least one of cryotherapy and thermotherapy to at least a portion of a knee region of an elevated leg includes a tripod and a knee support member attached to a top end of the tripod and having a predetermined length and a generally U-shaped cross-section in a direction transverse to the predetermined length, the U-shaped cross-section defined by each of an arcuate portion mounted on a top end of the first member and a pair of spaced apart legs disposed in a generally vertical plane and upstanding on the arcuate portion. A pouch is engageable with each of the knee support member and the at least portion of the knee region and is adapted for holding an ice pack or a heat pack therewithin for applying at least one of cold and heat to the knee region.03-04-2010
20090125086Thermotherapy Device - A thermotherapy device worn on a joint that includes a tubular holder composed of a stretchable material and a chemical warmer held in the holder. The holder has an accommodating portion in which the chemical warmer can be placed and removed therefrom, or to which the chemical warmer can be attached. The thermotherapy device can maintain temperatures suitable for thermotherapy for a long period, remains in place despite the motion of the joint, and can hold a heat-generating member in a suitable area. The thermotherapy device is thus effective for use on joints.05-14-2009
20090043365METHODS, APPARATUSES, AND SYSTEMS FOR REDUCING INTRAOCULAR PRESSURE AS A MEANS OF PREVENTING OR TREATING OPEN-ANGLE GLAUCOMA - Embodiments include methods, apparatuses, and systems for reducing elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) in a patient to either prevent or treat open-angle glaucoma. Heat is applied to the trabecular meshwork in the patient's eye without damaging proteins in the trabecular meshwork. The application of heat to the trabecular meshwork has the effect of relaxing or loosening protein clogs or other inhibitors in the trabecular meshwork, which are either reducing or obstructing of the outflow of aqueous humor, thereby increasing the patient's IOP and causing ocular hypertension (OHT). By loosening or relaxing clogs or other inhibitors in the trabecular meshwork, the outflow path for aqueous humor is increased or restored, which can lower IOP and either prevent or treat glaucoma. Force may also be applied to the patient's eye to apply pressure to the trabecular meshwork to further assist in the loosening or relaxing of clogs or other inhibitors in the trabecular meshwork.02-12-2009
20090306749Therapeutic hot and cold water belt - The therapeutic hot and cold water belt (12-10-2009
20090030491Personal cooling device - A personal cooling device includes a housing member manufactured from a first predetermined material. Such housing member has a first predetermined size and a first predetermined shape. A second predetermined material is housed within such housing member. Such second predetermined material is freezable.01-29-2009
20110022137COOLING GARMENT - The present invention is a cooling garment, comprising at least one tubing matrix for location of a coolant; wherein the tubing matrix is in the form of a waffle design.01-27-2011
20090264971Dermatological Device for Providing Therapeutic Heat Treatment - A dermatological device for application of heat treatment to the skin at an optimal temperature range. The dermatological device comprises an outer housing containing a thermal module and an activator. The outer housing comprises upper and lower surfaces, the upper surface comprising a button and the lower surface comprising thermally-conductive material configured for contact with the skin. The thermal module comprises a composition which, upon activation, undergoes an exothermic chemical reaction to generate heat. The activator is disposed within the thermal module and comprises a pliant member coupled to a support. The support displaces the pliant member at a distance from a bottom surface of the thermal module and the pliant member is configured to activate the exothermic chemical reaction when it is depressed or deformed. The pliant member is located at least partially underneath the button of the outer housing such that depressing the button depresses the pliant member.10-22-2009
20090138064Garment for Providing Back Support and Thermal Therapy - A garment combines features of posture braces, compression garments and thermal therapy devices in a single garment constructed in one piece and folded and reversibly affixed to form an undershirt-like structure fitting around the torso under the arms, thereby covering the back and extending between the cervical spine and the lumbo-sacral spinal region. On the back and front of the garment are a plurality of pouches which can contain a thermal unit which can heat or cool the back. In this manner, the garment can apply variable compression to the back and/or torso and/or abdomen horizontally and/or vertically, and can, independently of the compression, also, apply heat or cold to the back and/or torso.05-28-2009
20080255645PATCH FOR FACILITATING BLOOD CIRCULATION - A patch for facilitating blood circulation, including a warmer, a powder-containing bag and a base sheet. The warmer includes iron powder for generating heat oxidized by oxygen in the air and an oxidization regulatory agent enclosed in a flat, air permeable bag. The outer shape of the bag is larger than that of the warmer, and contains powder including components contained in bamboo vinegar or wood vinegar. The outer shape of a base sheet is larger than that of the bag, and the base sheet has an air ventilation hole at a central portion. An adhesive layer is formed on the surface of one side of the base sheet. The warmer and the powder-containing bag are sequentially adhered onto the adhesive layer to cover the air ventilation hole.10-16-2008
20090062892Article Of Apparel For Temperature Moderation - An article of apparel may include a polymer chamber element that defines an interior void for containing a substance in either a liquid or a solid state. Depending upon the substance located within the chamber element, the apparel may be utilized for increasing or decreasing the body temperature of the individual. The chamber element may have a plurality of subchambers, which may have a triangular shape and may be in fluid communication. In some configurations, the subchambers may have different sizes or volumes.03-05-2009
20100010597REUSABLE THERMAL PACK FOR THERAPEUTIC PURPOSES - A flexible reusable thermal pack for therapeutic purposes. A flexible, insulative sealed pouch is partially filled with hollow balls containing freezable or beatable liquid and metal balls of substantial mass. The thermal pack slowly returns to ambient temperature while it conforms to be a body part needing therapeutic thermal treatment.01-14-2010
20120296402DEVICE AND METHOD FOR BROWN ADIPOSE TISSUE ACTIVATION - The present disclosure is drawn to devices and methods of activating brown adipose tissue. One method comprises applying a cooling device on a subject at a supraclavicular region or paravertebral region of skin overlying brown adipose tissue; and maintaining the cooling device in contact with the skin at a temperature from 45° F. to 70° F. for a duration of at least 90 minutes so as to cool the region sufficiently to activate the brown adipose tissue.11-22-2012
20080269853Thermotherapy Device - A thermotherapy device comprises a cup-like housing (10-30-2008
20110172750METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR ACTIVE PATIENT WARMING - Methods and apparatus for warming a patient are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, a patient warming device may include a heater layer comprising a plurality of heater cells disposed on a flexible substrate; and a thermal conduction layer disposed on a patient side of the heater layer to transfer heat generated by the heater layer to a patient. The heater cells may comprise an electrical circuit to generate heat by Joule heating. The patient warming device is flexible to facilitate conforming the patient warming device to a patient during use.07-14-2011
20080281388METHOD OF UTILIZING AN IMPLANT FOR TARGETING EXTERNAL BEAM RADIATION - A novel method of partial breast radiation utilizing a breast implant which can provide a stable and improved target for stereotactic radiation treatment.11-13-2008
20090005841MODULAR APPARATUS FOR THERAPY OF AN ANIMATE BODY - Modular therapy apparatus for treatment of at least a portion of an animate body comprises a first modular member and a second modular member. The first modular member comprises a heat transfer device adapted to transfer heat between the device and the at least a portion of an animate body. The second modular member forms a pouch having a perimeter and is adapted to receive the first modular member. The second modular member comprises a front side and a back side. The front side has a hook portion, which forms the hook portion of a hook and loop fastener. The back side has a loop portion, which forms the loop portion of the hook and loop fastener. The second modular member can be wrapped around the at least a portion of an animate body and the hook and loop portions fastened to one another to secure the second modular member with the first modular member positioned therein to the at least a portion of the animate body.01-01-2009
20090198310BODY WARM-KEEPING APPARATUS FOR KEEPING THE CORE TEMPERATURE OF A HUMAN BODY DURING AN X-RAY EXAMINATION - A body warm-keeping apparatus for keeping the core temperature of a human body during an X-ray examination is disclosed to include an apparatus body providing a platform for supporting an object to receive an X-ray examination, a heater device or a number of heater devices that allow penetration of X-rays therethrough and are arranged at the platform for the contact of the object to keep the object warm, one or a number of accommodation compartments disposed at one side relative to the platform, said platform defining a radiation region corresponding to an X-ray radiation path, said at least one accommodation compartment being disposed in said X-ray radiation path, said at least one accommodation compartment being adapted for accommodating a photographic receptor adapted for producing a shadow image of the internal structure of a part of the object being X-rayed. The space-saving arrangement of the heater device(s) facilitates design and fabrication of the body warm-keeping apparatus.08-06-2009
20090099632Infant garment - An infant garment preserves body heat and facilitates access to a localized region of the body surface of a patient. The garment has a slit on the front that allows the region of the patient's body surface to be monitored and, if necessary, treated without requiring removal of the garment. The garment also has sleeves with cuffs that can be reversibly folded to cover or uncover the hand-openings in the distal ends of the sleeves.04-16-2009
20090248121Multi-utility breast thermal therapy delivery system - The invention comprises a thermal therapy delivery device for the entire breast and surrounding lactating tissue, including the armpit area, adaptable for delivering thermal therapy to all impacted tissue with either hot or cold therapy. The device also delivers thermal therapy simultaneously to the areas within and surrounding armpit areas and lactation glands and ducts. Other areas treatable simultaneously include radial zones such as the nipple, areola, surrounding glands, lobules, ducts and connective tissue. To accomplish the thermal delivery objectives, the device main components are delineated in zones comprised of individual cells. Each zone treats a distinct anatomical area, and each zone-addressable component has a specific geometry required to effectively deliver thermal therapy to the entire anatomy of the breast.10-01-2009
20100161014THERMAL TREATMENT DEVICE - A thermal treatment device to be worn in close proximity to the skin of a human is disclosed. The thermal treatment device comprises a thermal composition; wherein the device substantially covers the left or right trapezius muscle of the neck and shoulder or the left or right paraspinal muscles in the lower back and the tender point of the respective sacroiliac joint.06-24-2010
20080288035Stimulation Device for Treating Osteoarthritis - A device for providing therapeutic treatment to a body part such as a joint to promote healing of the body part comprises a signal generator for generating a pulsed electromagnetic field based upon a selected treatment mode, a controller for storing the treatment mode and communicating the treatment mode to the signal generator, a heat source configured to provide thermal therapy to the body part, and monitoring means for monitoring the electromagnetic field generated by the electromagnetic stimulating means. The device may also include telemetry means in communication with the monitoring means for remotely accessing the controller to modify the treatment mode. The device can also be disposable.11-20-2008
20100198322PERSONAL TEMPERATURE REGULATOR - An apparatus for regulating a user's core body temperature. The apparatus includes a thermoelectric module with a Peltier unit with a heat transfer surface at a temperature differing from ambient. The apparatus includes a thermally conductive member with a first side abutting the surface of the Peltier unit and with a second side for contacting the user's skin when the apparatus is worm. The thermally conductive member is formed of a flexible and conformable material such that the second side conforms to the topography of the skin when pressed against the user's body. The conformable material may be a thermally conductive elastomeric material or flexible polymer material. Use of a conformable material to contact the user's skin allows an effective heat conduction pathway to be formed between the thermally conductive member and the user's skin, e.g., more than half of the available surface area may solidly contact the skin.08-05-2010
20090105793Therapeutic device for thermally assisted urinary function - A therapeutic device for thermally assisted urinary function is presented. The therapeutic pad (04-23-2009
20130131764COOL FAT BURNER - An ice harness for cooling brown adipose tissue. The ice harness includes a front section, wherein the front section is configured to be placed on a user's chest. The ice harness also includes a rear section, wherein the rear section is configured to be placed on the user's upper back. The ice harness further includes a first cold-gel pack, wherein the first cold-gel pack is attached to the front section. The ice harness additionally includes a second cold-gel pack, wherein the second cold-gel pack is attached to the rear section.05-23-2013
20110029051Upper body thermal relief apparatus and method - An apparatus and method for relieving nausea being an enclosure formed from a plurality of layers of single sheets being joined along the periphery thereof. The enclosure has a main quadrilateral portion with a left elongated extension extending from the top of the left side of the main quadrilateral portion and a right elongated extension extending from the top of the right side of the main quadrilateral portion. The left elongated extension and right elongated extension each have a mating mechanism adapted to be joined at the ends thereof and coupled to encircle a neck. The main quadrilateral portion opening has a closure flap. At least one cold pack is dimensioned to fit within the enclosure through the main quadrilateral portion opening.02-03-2011
20090216305Thermal, outer layer leg wrap device - A thermal, outer layer leg wrap adapted for use by a handicapped, non-ambulatory or mobility restricted individual. The described embodiment of the present invention advantageously keeps the entire leg warm for sustained periods of time without having to remove the garment and interrupt the warmth. The described embodiment of the present invention comprises a separate wrap for each leg, thus increasing the ability of the individual wearing same to be more active and better able to be transferred while maintaining leg warmth.08-27-2009
20110152985INSTRUMENT FOR PREVENTING OR TREATING HEMORRHOIDS, AND METHOD FOR PREVENTING OR TREATING HEMORRHOIDS - The present invention provides an instrument for preventing and treating hemorrhoids, which enables easy attachment to the body, ensures comfort in use, and effectively prevents and treats hemorrhoids.06-23-2011
20110066217Altering temperature in a mammalian body - The present application relates to systems and methods for altering temperature in a mammalian body. Optionally, the systems and methods can be used to lower or raise core body temperature of a mammalian subject. Optionally, the systems and methods can be used to lower or raise the temperature of glabrous skin of a mammalian subject.03-17-2011
20110054576Combined Portable Thermal and Vibratory Treatment Device - The present invention is directed to a reusable pain relieving treatment device, such as a belt, and a disposable thermal insert comprising one or more thermally conductive component that extend from an inner surface of the device and are capable of transferring heat, cold and vibrations from disposable or reusable inserts.03-03-2011
20130158635PAIN MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A pain management system that includes a support undergarment with a pouch configured to removeably secure a therapy pack, wherein the support undergarment comprises an anti-microbial material and at least one moisture barrier. The system further includes a therapy pack configured to form into a contoured design.06-20-2013
20100312316HOT PAD ASSEMBLY FOR PEDICURE - A hot pad assembly for pedicure comprises a hot pad comprising means for absorbing heat and releasing heat over a period of time, a hot pad attachment means to secure the hot pad around the knee, a hot pad cover shaped to fit and cover the hot pad having a plurality of means for securing the hot pad assembly around the shin and calf, and a leg cover for being placed between the leg and the pad cover having the hot pad therein. A beauty product is applied to the leg and the leg cover encloses the product and the leg together to improve the effectiveness of the beauty care product with the help of heat transfer from the hot pad.12-09-2010
20100023099HEAT GENERATING DEVICE - A heat generating device includes an air-permeable first side located proximal to a wearer's body, a second side located distal to a wearer's body, and a heat generating member between the two sides. The second side includes an adhesive layer for attaching the device to a garment. The first side is formed of a nonwoven fabric having an uneven surface topography. The nonwoven fabric includes a first fiber layer, inclusive of a first surface of the fabric, and a second fiber layer, inclusive of a second surface of the fabric, partly bonded to each other and including a large number of protrusions and recesses on the side of the first fiber layer. The first surface is used as the first side.01-28-2010
20110307040THERAPEUTIC HEAT-TRANSFER PACK - A manufacture for placement against a target site includes a bag containing a bag filling. The bag has an inner surface and an outer surface. The bag filling is in contact with the inner surface. A hydrogel layer adheres to a first portion of the outer surface of the bag.12-15-2011
20100094386METHODS & APPARATI FOR THE CLOSE APPLICATION OF THERAPEUTIC & OTHER DEVICES TO THE PELVIC AREA - Embodiments of the present invention are directed to apparati and associated methods for an easy on-off device to support and provide direct therapeutic cooling relief to the affected genitalia of persons having post-operative pain and swelling.04-15-2010
20120083863Thermal brassiere push up - A pouch to be placed into a brassiere and in other garment locations. The pouch consists of several layers of cotton fabric and neoprene fabric materials. At least one layer of neoprene fabric creates the base layer of the pouch. At least two layers of a cotton fabric material overlaps with neoprene fabric in a location which is about three-quarters from the edge of the pouch to form an entrance into said pouch for the placing of a thermal gel pack therein. The neoprene fabric layer is for the insulation of the thermal gel pack from the environment. The thermal gel pack inside the pouch, creates the thermal brassiere push up, which when worn in a brassiere cup provides a lift of the breast, enhances the woman's cleavage and provides concealed thermal comfort.04-05-2012
20120316626THERAPEUTICE DEVICE - A therapeutic device for providing cold or heat therapy is provided. The device includes solid spherical materials and a medium that may include an alcohol mixture. An impermeable enclosure contains the spherical materials and the medium to form the therapeutic device. The therapeutic device applies cold or heat therapy and is pliable to conform to curved contours of the body. The therapeutic device also has a weight which provides pressure to, and desired contact with, the injured area. Certain embodiments further include an accessory for holding the device in contact or otherwise close proximity to a body region being treated.12-13-2012
20100298914THERAPEUTIC GARMENT - A therapeutic garment includes a brassiere having opposed first and second shoulder straps formed with opposed first and second breast-receiving cups, respectively, each having an outer surface. A reusable gel pack for heat or cold therapy is suspended from the first and second shoulder straps, extends downwardly from the first and second shoulder straps to the first and second breast-receiving cups, and overlies and extends across the outer surfaces of the first and second breast-receiving cups to provide heat or cold therapy to the first and second breast-receiving cups at the outer surface of each of the first and second breast-receiving cups.11-25-2010
20130172967Heat Patch for Cardiovascular Diseases - Provided in the present invention are a composition for ameliorating or treating a cardiovascular diseases and methods of making and using the same.07-04-2013
20100082085PORTABLE MOXIBUSTION ENERGY GENERATOR BY USING WAVELIKE TEMPERATURE VARIATION - A portable moxibustion energy generator by using wavelike temperature variation comprises a box body; a heat unit; a temperature detection unit being connected to the heat unit; an operation unit installed within the box body and being electrically connected the temperature detection unit for determining a tendency of the heat generated from the heat unit; a circuit control unit electrically connected to the operation unit; and a power supply unit being electrically connected to the circuit control unit; the power supply unit supplying power to the heat unit for converting electric energy into heat energy. The temperature detection unit detects a temperature of the heat unit and determines a tendency of heat generated from the heat unit for determination; the heat unit supplying power dynamically so as to adjust the temperature of the heat unit. The method for performing the same is also included.04-01-2010
20120089212Thermal Pad - Some embodiments provide a thermal pad having a sealed outer pouch and a sealed inner pouch within the outer pouch. A thermally transmitting material is encased by the inner pouch for transmitting heat or cold to a user of the thermal pad. In some cases the thermal pad also includes a baffling mechanism that divides the interior of the inner pouch into at least two areas and is configured to permit manual manipulation of the thermally transmitting material between the at least two areas and to at least partially retain the material within one or more of the at least two areas subsequent to manual manipulation. In some cases the thermal pad includes first and second layers of thermal insulation positioned between the inner pouch and outer pouch. Methods for administering thermal therapy to a woman's vaginal area are also provided.04-12-2012
20090264970Body Heater Suspenders - A portable body heating system includes suspenders with suspender strap(s) adapted to be worn adjacent to a person's torso, and a fastener that is adapted to secure the suspenders an article of clothing covering at least a portion of the person's lower body. The heating system also includes means for securing each of multiple portable heat-producing heat units to one or more of the suspender straps. A method of heating a person's body includes securing suspenders to an article of clothing that covers at least a portion of the person's lower body. The method also includes positioning suspender straps about the person's shoulders, and securing one or more portable heat-producing elements to one or more of the suspender straps. In addition, the method includes positioning an outer clothing layer about the person's body and the heat-producing element(s) so that the outer clothing layer surrounds the heat-producing element(s).10-22-2009
20120150268Treatment System for Articulated Joints - A treatment for articulated joint injuries and maladies, whether pre- or post-operative or degenerative in nature, and more specifically to systems and/or devices that facilitate joint recovery by applying constant microclimate cooling/heating and optional pressure to an affected joint in a secure, comfortable and reliable manner, even during repeated joint flexure or movement.06-14-2012
20080234789Thermal Device - Devices and methods that provide consistent skin side temperature comprising a primary insulative material disposed on a skin side of a thermal source; wherein the device provides a rate of change in temperature of less than about 0.8 are disclosed. Also included are methods of providing improved skin health, and methods of providing passive skin side temperature control.09-25-2008
20080228248THERMAL THERAPY SYSTEM - A thermal therapy device (09-18-2008
20130090710ALLEVIATIVE PILLOW - A back alleviative pillow uses hot and cold packs combined with memory foam in a pillow to provide comfort and alleviation from pain to an operator. The pillow includes a plurality of adjustable straps such that the pillow may be positioned at a desired location on the operator's body. The straps may secure the pillow to the operator, to a chair back, or other structure proximal to the desired point of contact on an operator's body.04-11-2013
20080208298THERAPEUTIC UPPER BODY WRAP - A therapeutic upper body wrap has a flexible, aroma-permeable cover having upper and lower layers joined at their outer edges to form an interior space to contain particulate matter which may include thermal reservoir and aromatherapy materials. The interior space is divided into a series of subspaces in the form of parallel, tube-shaped containers to prevent shifting of the materials. A central opening is provided penetrating the upper and layers of the cover. The opening permits a user to place the wrap over his head and onto his shoulders. The openings are substantially circular, designed to fit snugly about a user's neck. A slit is provided extending from the outer edge of the wrap to the opening for easy placement about the neck. A fastener, such as a hook and loop, button, zipper or tie string is used to close the slit. The wrap is heated or cooled before use.08-28-2008
20080200971Heat Generating Body - To provide a heat generating body which nevertheless an excellent warming effect (for example, an effect for relaxation of a pain by a thermal stimulus) can be obtained, hardly provides a user with an unwell feeling due to a high temperature, is fit to curved surface parts such as the abdominal region and the waist and is able to comfortably warm a desired site with a good feeling for use over a long period of time.08-21-2008
20100286755Cooling Article of Clothing and Method of Use for Same - A cooling article of clothing and method for use of the same are disclosed for providing temporary cooling comfort to a human wearer. In one embodiment, sealed elongated envelopes are formed on the inside of a layer of the fabric, which may be fashioned into a vest or shirt. Each of the sealed elongated envelopes defines a volume for containing a pre-determined amount of polyacrylamide material. Offset spacings are interleaved between the sealed elongated envelopes. A diffusion gradient is formed from the polyacrylamide material to the sealed elongated envelopes to the layer of fabric. A diffusion gradient provides for the transfer of water from the polyacrylamide material to the layer of fabric. Water within the layer of fabric is evaporated by way of airflow through the layer of fabric, thereby providing temporary cooling comfort to the human wearer.11-11-2010

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