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Multi-element or coated plate

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606 - Surgery

606001000 - INSTRUMENTS

606053000 - Orthopedic instrumentation

606060000 - Internal fixation means

606280000 - Cortical plate (e.g., bone plates)

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606071000 Having separable and distinct plate elements 66
20120203229Bone Stabilization Device - A bone plate for the stabilization of bones includes upper and lower surfaces extending along a central longitudinal axis. The lower surface is configured to contact a target portion of bone when in an operative configuration a through opening extending through the plate from the upper surface to the lower surface. The through opening is sized and shaped to receive a stabilization plate. The through opening has an elongated curved shape selected to conform to a cross-sectional shape of a proximal portion of the stabilization plate.08-09-2012
20120203228System for Treating Bone Fractures - According to one embodiment, a bone fixation system includes a plate having a first opening a beam configured to traverse through the first opening and reside proximate to a subchondral fragment of bone in an installed position. The beam may be operable to rotate about an axis of rotation proximate to the first opening and reposition the subchondral fragment of bone.08-09-2012
20120203227LOW PROFILE DORSAL PLATE - A low profile dorsal plate for internal fixation of a radius fracture can comprise a single longitudinal portion having a distal end, and a transverse portion fixed across the distal end at an angle of about 15° to about 30° from perpendicular with respect to the longitudinal portion. The transverse portion can also have a z-axis curvature, or can be flexible to form a z-axis curvature, where the z-axis curvature corresponds to a dorsal contour of a distal radius. Also included is a first plurality of screw holes aligned within the longitudinal portion and a second plurality of screw holes aligned within the transverse portion.08-09-2012
20100057086ANODIZED LOCKING PLATE COMPONENTS - An orthopedic assembly including a plate and a locking screw that interlocks with the plate to secure the plate to a bone while the bone heals. To minimize galling or cold welding within an engagement region of the orthopedic assembly, an anodized coating, such as a Type II anodized coating, may be applied to both engaging surfaces of the engagement region. To avoid having to mask portions of the plate and the locking screw outside of the engagement region during the coating process, the anodized coating may be applied to the entire plate and the entire locking screw.03-04-2010
20090182337Antimicrobial Coatings - An antimicrobial coating is provided for use on textiles, medical devices, packaging materials, and the like. The antimicrobial coating includes a halogenated furanone.07-16-2009
20100331844BONE FIXATION SYSTEM - Systems, including methods, apparatus, and kits, for fixing bones, such as rib bones, with bone plates.12-30-2010
20120184959Wedge opening osteotomy plate - An orthopedic plate is designed for opening osteotomies and includes a contoured double tabbed or butterfly shaped plate portion which can accommodate selective fixation including locking, variable locking and non-locking. The plate also includes a centrally located osteotomy support that maintains the opening between bone segments at a spaced relationship. The support can be integral to the plate, or can be modular, i.e. a separate and adjustable segment which can be changed to accommodate the desired geometry of the osteotomy site.07-19-2012
20100069906Osteosynthesis plate - An osteosynthesis plate includes at least two drilled holes arranged adjacent to one another. A notch is arranged on the convex side of the osteosynthesis plate, between the at least two drilled holes arranged adjacent to one another.03-18-2010
20090281543FORMABLE BONE PLATE, CLAMPING APPARATUS, OSTEOTOMY SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR RECONSTRUCTING A BONE - A system and method are provided that use a formable bone plate and a clamping apparatus for small bone reconstruction. The formable bone plate includes a plate body having a plurality of nodes separated by internodes. Each node includes a hole formed therein for receiving a screw, wire, tack, or other fixation device screwed or placed into a bone. A clamp engages an engagement section of the node to facilitate bending of at least one of the internodes to contour the plate to the bone in-situ or ex-situ and when at least partly screwed to or not screwed to the bone.11-12-2009
20100268230METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DENS FRACTURE FIXATION - Embodiments of the present invention provide methods, apparatuses, and systems for fixing dens fractures. The mode of failure for screw fixation of C2 dens fractures is often via cut-out at the anterior body. In an embodiment, securing a plate, such as a locking plate, to the anterior surface of the vertebra attached directly to an interfragmentary screw may reduce potential for anterior screw cut-out and improve construct strength. Plate supplementation of anterior screw fixation of Type II dens fractures thus improves construct strength and changes the failure mechanism from anterior screw cut-out to posterior displacement of the screw, thus improving clinical outcomes for these fractures.10-21-2010
20090131938DERIVATIZED TERTIARY AMINES AND USES THEREOF - The invention relates to a tertiary amine intermediate represented by the following formula, and electrophilic monomers derived therefrom. The invention also relates to adhesives or sealants derived from such electrophilic moieties.05-21-2009
20090306667METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CERVICAL FUSION - A cervical spinal fixation system that offers a strong and stable construct for maximum fusion augmentation and yet is versatile enough for any patient and is easy to use. A method of implanting a fusion plate is disclosed where the plate includes at least two primary fastener openings. In one embodiment the method includes the step of the throat of the patient being opened which provides access to the spinal column of the patient. The fusion plate can be inserted into the throat opening, and the fusion plate is then positioned on the spinal column.12-10-2009
20120226279PELVIC AND SCAPULAR BONE PLATE AND METHOD FOR IMPLANTATION - The invention relates to a pelvic or scapular bone plate implant having a planar or curved outer frame portion. The frame has a surface which can be aligned with a surface of a bone to which the bone plate is to be implanted. The plate has a flap portion, the outer frame portion at least partially surrounds the flap portion such that the bone contacting surface the flap portion is located within the outer boundary of the frame portion. The flap portion is connected with the outer frame portion via a material interconnection which allows the flap to be bent with respect to the frame. A method for implanting such a bone plate implant is also taught.09-06-2012
20120116401REPOSITIONING DEVICE FOR THE HANDLING OF DISTAL RADIUS FRACTURES BY MEANS OF A T-SHAPED OSTEOSYNTHESIS PLATE - The invention relates to a repositioning device for the handling of distal radius fractures by means of a T-shaped osteosynthesis plate, comprising a long leg and a short leg, disposed in a T-shaped and angular manner in relation to said long leg, wherein the short, distal leg has a face that comes into contact with the distal fracture fragment and a number of openings for bone screws and the long, proximal leg is intended for making contact with the proximal bone near the body. To improve the repositioning device in such a way that the required tilting of the articulated face in the palmar direction of the osteosynthesis plate used can be carried out in an angularly faithful manner, the lower face (05-10-2012
20130165933BONE PLATE SYSTEM AND METHOD - In one aspect, a bone plate system is provided including a bone plate and a plurality of cable connector devices configured to be inserted into throughbores formed in bone portions and through openings of the bone plate member aligned therewith. The cable connector devices each include opposite end portions with one end portion configured to abut against the bone adjacent the throughbore and the other end portion configured to be operatively fixed to the bone plate member with the cable portion extending therebetween and in the bone throughbore for securing the bone plate member to the bone portion with the cable connector devices including a cable portion thereof extending in the bone throughbore.06-27-2013
20080294165COMBINATION BONE FIXATION DEVICE AND BENDING TOOL - A combination of bone fixation device and bending tool. The bone fixation device comprising a plurality of screw receiving members. Each screw receiving member having an aperture extending there through for receiving a screw. The screw receiving members being connected together in a line by plastically deformable connecting arms extending therebetween. The bending tool comprising first and second bending arms. Each bending arm comprising a first face, a second face and a side wall extending therebetween. The side wall comprising a recess extending between the first and second faces. The intersection of the recess with the first and second faces defining first and second connecting arm receiving apertures respectively. The recess being adapted to receive a screw receiving member.11-27-2008
20080269753DYNAMIC CERVICAL PLATE - A cervical plate assembly having a body, with at least two wings, and a tensioning mechanism for applying a force to the wings. The tensioning mechanism includes a shape memory band and an adjuster for shortening or lengthening the band.10-30-2008
20110166571Anatomical Distal Radius Fracture Fixation Plate - A fixation plate includes a set of threaded peg holes adapted to individually receive fixation pegs therethrough and non-threaded alignment holes having a relatively smaller diameter than the peg holes and preferably sized to closely receive a K-wire. The alignment holes are located between the peg holes. One peg hole is configured for aligning the plate during an osteotomy procedure, while other peg holes are configured for use after fracture reduction and receive K-wires to temporarily secure the plate to the bone and determine whether pegs inserted through adjacent respective peg holes will be properly located before drilling relatively larger holes for such pegs.07-07-2011
20110301608Bone Plate - A bone plate includes a first through hole extending through the plate along a first longitudinal axis from a proximal surface of the plate to a bone-facing distal surface thereof which, when the plate is placed on a target portion of bone in a desired orientation, faces the bone. An outer wall of the first through hole includes three wall sections provided with projections for receiving a screw head of a bone screw. The three wall sections are straight or convex.12-08-2011
20110288550DEVICES, IMPLEMENTS AND METHODS FOR THE TREATMENT OF A MULTI-AXIS JOINT - A system, devices and methods for performing an osteotomy on a bone of a multi-axis joint are provided. A cutting guide system is provided for performing one or more cuts to the bone, using the articular surfaces of the articulating bones as a reference. If desired, a prosthesis can be used to emulate the osteotomy and substitute for a damaged articular surface of a bone of a multiaxis joint.11-24-2011
20090299369Hybrid Orthopedic Implant - A hybrid orthopedic implant is provided. The implant includes a hybrid plate including a metal skeleton engaged with a plastic covering. Holes passing through the hybrid plate receive screws therethrough, to secure the hybrid plate to bone.12-03-2009
20100292697POLYMERIC PLATE BENDABLE WITHOUT THERMAL ENERGY AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE - An implantable plate for providing support to a bone of a subject when affixed thereto includes a polymeric body of a biocompatible polymer having a desired amount of polymer molecule orientation in a first direction so that the plate can be bent to conform with a contour of the bone of the subject. The polymeric body includes a top surface, a bottom surface, and at least one fastener portion. The fastener portion includes a recess and a fastener hold that is configured for receiving a fastener when affixed to the bone of the subject. A method of manufacturing the implantable plate includes: (1) injection molding a biocompatible polymeric composition into a polymeric body within an injection mold; (2) removing the polymeric body from the injection mold; and (3) forming at least one fastener hole within polymeric body.11-18-2010
20090264886DISTRACTION DEVICE FOR USE WITH A REVISABLE ANTERIOR CERVICAL PLATING SYSTEM - An improved anterior cervical plating system and methods of cervical fusion using such a system are provided. The cervical plating system includes an interlocking mechanism that integrated into each of the plates such that any two plates may cooperatively engage through the interlocking mechanism such that a new cervical plate can be interconnected with a pre-existing plate during revision surgery without removal of the pre-existing plate.10-22-2009
20110009866Osteotomy plate, plate driver and method for their use - An orthopedic plate is specifically configured for use in osteotomies, in which part of the plate extends into a portion of a first bone segment and part is external to the cortical surface of an adjacent bone segment to fix the segments to allow them to fuse. The plate has a first end and a second end where the end which is inserted into the bone has a chamfer and a through hole having a hole axis optionally at an oblique angle to the longitudinal axis of the plate, and which can receive a screw, peg or pin. The second end of the plate includes a locking screw hole and optionally including a compression slot extending in a direction toward a screw hole in the opposing end. Optionally, the non-locking hole has a shroud that forms an arc or portion of a cylinder over the hole. A plate driver having a recess that holds the plate is used to insert the plate into the bone.01-13-2011
20110208190Natural Polymer-Based Porous Orthopedic Fixation Screw for Bone Repair and Regeneration - A bone fixation device made of polysaccharide particles or microspheres fused into a solid structure is provided herein. The bone fixation device may be in the form of an orthopedic screw, orthopedic pin, or orthopedic plate. Methods of making the bone fixation devices described herein are provided as are methods of treating patients in need of bone repair or replacement by implanting a bone fixation device described herein in the patient at a site of bone damage, ligament damage, or bone deformity.08-25-2011
20100324557MINIMAL ACCESS OCCIPITAL PLATE - A bone plate for securing a spinal fixation element to bone includes a base portion having a top face, a rod receiving portion and a bone anchor receiving portion. The bone anchor receiving portion includes a plurality of angled holes for receiving bone screws. At least one of the screw holes is oriented at an acute angle relative to the top face of the plate.12-23-2010
20110224671VARIABLE ANGLE COMPRESSION PLATE - A bone plate comprises a first surface and a second surface in combination with a first hole extending through the bone plate from the first surface to the second surface, the hole including a compression portion and a variable angle portion open to one another by a connecting space. The compression portion includes a sloping surface adapted to engage a head of a bone fixation element inserted thereinto so that the bone fixation element imparts a force to the bone plate to move the bone plate laterally relative to a portion of bone into which the bone fixation element is inserted. The variable angle portion includes a plurality of columns positioned about a circumference of a wall of the variable angle portion. The columns are separated from one another by a plurality of positioned between adjacent pairs of columns and including a plurality of protrusions extending radially inward therefrom.09-15-2011
20120078252TARGETING GUIDE WITH A RADIOPAQUE MARKER TO FACILITATE POSITIONING A BONE PLATE ON BONE - Bone fixation system, including methods, apparatus, and kits, and comprising a bone plate and at least one instrument that attaches to the bone plate and provides at least one radiopaque region to facilitate positioning the bone plate on bone visualized by radiographic imaging. The instrument may be a handle assembly and/or a targeting guide.03-29-2012
20110144646BONE FIXATION DEVICE - A bone fixation device (06-16-2011
20100228252Bone Plate and Plating System for Use of Same - A bone plate and plating system are for use of the same are disclosed. The bone plate includes a body having a span sufficient to overlap a portion of a bone. A screw hole extends through the body in order to receive a bone screw to attach for engaging the plate to the bone. The screw hole includes a counterbore having a beveled surface that intersects at a pinch point a bore having a conical surface of revolution that transitions into the bone engaging surface of the body. The beveled surface includes a variable geometry defining interleaved and rotationally-spaced contact and non-contact bone screw regions.09-09-2010
20100145338Bone Plate - A bone plate for fixation of proximal humerus fractures comprises an elongated shaft portion having a first width and a head portion connected to the shaft portion having a second width greater than the first width. The head portion and the shaft portion define a common longitudinal axis. At least one first screw hole may be located in the head portion, and at least one second screw hole may be located in the shaft portion. At least one of the first and second holes is configured to engage a head of a bone screw to form an angularly stable connection with the bone screw.06-10-2010
20100137866Ulna fixation - An improved means for fixation of a fractured coronoid process of the proximal ulna. A substantially rigid plate is secured to the anterior aspect of the proximal ulna relative to a fracture of the coronoid process of the ulna. The plate contains a hook feature at the proximal aspect and is positioned so that it extends over the proximal/anterior aspect of the coronoid process relative to the fracture. The plate has surfaces that define a plurality of openings through which suture and/or screws can pass. The openings may contain a recess at a side of the plate opposite the ulna. At least one hole is formed in the ulna. At least one anchor may be secured to a flexible device, positioned at a side of the plate opposite the ulna, secured to another anchor on the posterior aspect of the ulna and the flexible device tensioned. At least one screw may be inserted through the plate and into the coronoid process or a bone fragment securing it to the plate.06-03-2010
20110028975CLIVUS PLATE - The present disclosure generally relates to a fixation device for positioning and immobilizing at least two adjacent vertebrae. In particular, in one or more embodiments, the present disclosure relates to an anterior clivus plate that immobilizes at least two adjacent vertebrae.02-03-2011
20120143193Device for Osteosynthesis - A device for osteosynthesis includes a body having a proximal surface, a distal surface configured and dimensioned to face a target portion of bone over which the body is to be mounted and a through opening extending through the body from the proximal surface to the distal surface along a central axis. The through hole includes a first protrusion extending from an inner surface thereof toward the central axis. The first protrusion is biased toward an unstressed state in which the first protrusion extends into the through opening to a first distance from the central axis. The first protrusion is movable toward the inner surface when subjected to a force directed outward from the central axis.06-07-2012
20090318920Osteosynthesis Plate Comprising Through-Openings Which are Inclined in Relation to the Plane of the Plate - An osteosynthesis plate is described, which is suitable for treating jaw fractures. The osteosynthesis plate has a plane of the plate as well as two plate sections 12-24-2009
20090318921BONE PLATE WITH COMPLEX, ADJACENT HOLES JOINED BY A BEND RELIEF ZONE - A bendable bone plate (12-24-2009
20110106085ADJUSTABLE OCCIPITAL VERTEBRAL FIXATION SYSTEM - An occipital plating system includes a plating assembly with a plate body defining a profile adapted for positioning on the occiput. The plate body includes a central portion that extends bi-laterally across the central axis of the spinal column to opposite lateral portions of the plate. At least one coupling member extends from each of the lateral portions of the plate body to receive a connecting element extending from the spinal column.05-05-2011
20100211075Fracture Fixation Device - Assemblies for securing a fractured or weakened bone within a subject's body are provided. The assembly includes a frame having an adjustable flexible member construct thereon. The adjustable flexible member construct is disposed in the frame such that the adjustable flexible member and the frame encircle the fractured or weakened bone.08-19-2010
20110087229BONE FIXATION AND COMPRESSION SYSTEMS - Systems and methods for stabilizing and/or compressing portions of bone are provided. In some aspects, a bone plate system may comprise a plate having a bone engaging surface. The plate may be fastened to two bone portions having a joint line therebetween. The system may also include a keel projecting from the bone engaging surface. The keel may extend into the bone portions and span the joint line when the plate is fastened to the bone portions. In some aspects, a ratio of an average thickness of the plate to an average width of the plate may be less than or equal to about 0.11.04-14-2011
20090312759Orthopedic plate for use in fibula repair - The present invention relates to an orthopedic plate for use in repair of a fibula. The plate has a Y-shaped profile which has the contour of a spoon where the bowl includes a terminal pair of arms that form differing angles and lengths relative to the trunk portion of the plate. The arms include locking screw holes where the screws converge toward each other, but do not impinge so as to provide-multiplanar fixation.12-17-2009
20100004652Orthopedic method for correcting angular bone deformity - An orthopedic device and method for correcting angular deformation of a bone structure having a growth plate. The device includes first and second hinge members connected together at a hinge joint. The device is adapted for mounting the orthopedic device to the bone structure with the pivot joint positioned over the growth plate. Alignment of the pivot joint with the growth plate promotes asymmetric growth of the growth plate to thereby correct the angular deformation.01-07-2010
20110054476Stabilizing Bone Fixation Element - A bone fixation device includes (a) a threaded shaft extending from a proximal end to a distal end; (b) a head located at the proximal end of the shaft; (c) a connector threadably engaging the threaded shaft and movable therealong; and (d) an extension member movable between an insertion configuration for insertion through an opening in a cortex of a bone to a locked configuration when pressed against an inner surface of the cortex. The profile of the wing in the locked configuration in the plane perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the shaft is increased relative to the insertion configuration to distribute forces transmitted between the bone fixation apparatus and the bone over an increased area of the cortex.03-03-2011
20100292696Device for Securing to a Support, Assembling Piece for this Device, and Method for Securing a Device to a Support - The invention relates to a device (11-18-2010
20110118742Readjustable Locking Plate Hole - A bone plate comprises a locking hole extending through the bone plate from a top surface to a bottom surface thereof. The locking hole is threaded and sized and shaped to lockingly receive a correspondingly threaded head of a bone fixation element therethrough. The bone plate further comprises a first plate relief extending at least partially through a thickness of the plate and separated from the locking hole to define a first weakened portion of the bone plate. The first plate relief extends around a portion of a circumference of the locking hole.05-19-2011
20100305569RECONSTRUCTION DEVICE - A bone reconstruction device (12-02-2010
20110137314PERIPROSTHETIC BONE PLATES - The present disclosure relates to bone plates that are configured for use with bones having periprosthetic fractures. For example, in the event that a proximal femur is fractured in an area that is adjacent to a prosthetic component, such as a femoral stem used in a hip replacement, the periprosthetic bone plates of the present invention may be used. In one exemplary embodiment, the periprosthetic bone plates include a periprosthetic zone having a plurality of central apertures and a plurality of outer apertures that are offset from the central apertures. The periprosthetic zone may further include a plurality of indentations, each indentation extending longitudinally between adjacent outer apertures to narrow a width of the bone plate.06-09-2011
20110190770Orthopedic Plating Assembly For Bone Fixation and Subsidence - In an exemplary embodiment, the present invention provides an orthopedic plating assembly for bone fixation that includes an orthopedic plate and orthopedic anchors that can accommodate subsidence in the vertebral bodies as well as prevent the anchors from “backing out” of their installed position. The assembly, in one embodiment, includes an orthopedic plate and at least one orthopedic anchor, the orthopedic anchor capable of rotating and translating with respect to the plate. The assembly further includes a first blocking member and a second blocking member, the blocking members cooperate to prevent the at least one orthopedic anchor from uninstalling from an installed position.08-04-2011
20100016858Carbon Fiber Reinforced Peek Bone Plate With Titanium Fixation Screws - Apparatus and methods for tissue fixation using a bone plate configured to accommodate fixation devices (such as screws, for example) inserted at various angles. The bone plate is formed of a material softer than the material of the fixation devices, and is provided with fixation holes with rounded, curved interior walls (i.e., non-threaded holes) that allow the fixation devices to be inserted at various angles. The fixation holes have a diameter smaller than that of the fixation devices. As a result of the difference between the materials of the plate and of fixation devices, and of the difference between the diameters of the fixation holes and of the fixation devices, the fixation devices deform the interior walls of the fixation holes, therefore self-threading the holes at an advantageous angle.01-21-2010
20110306976BONE PLATE AND KEEL SYSTEMS - Systems and methods for stabilizing portions of bone are provided. In some aspects, a bone plate system includes a plate configured to be fastened to at least one bone portion. The plate includes a keel slot and a locking assembly. The bone plate system also includes a keel configured to extend into the at least one bone portion through the keel slot. The locking assembly is configured to substantially prevent the keel from dislodging from the plate when the keel extends into the at least one bone portion through the keel slot.12-15-2011
20110112536POLYAXIAL BUSHING FOR LOCKING PLATE - A bone plate with a new design that prevents the bushing from rotating and/or dislodging from the screw hole during screw insertion. The plate is provided with through-holes having internal walls with at least one flat that is configured to align with a corresponding flat provided on the outer wall of the bushing. The bushing is inserted by orienting the bushing in a direction perpendicular to the through-hole of the plate so that the center of the bushing is aligned with the center of the through-hole and the flat on the bushing is aligned with the flat on the through-hole of the bone plate. The bushing is introduced into the through hole until the centers are aligned, and then the bushing is rotated about 90 degrees so that the bushing is captured within the through-hole of the plate. Once captured, the bushing cannot rotate, dislodge from, or come out of the plate unless the bushing is turned 90 degrees. The flat on the bushing mates with the flat on the internal wall of the hole (screw hole) to prevent it from rotating within the screw hole, and avoiding the need for a bushing guide during screw insertion.05-12-2011
20120010617DEVICES, SYSTEMS, AND METHODS FOR ACETABULUM REPAIR - Systems for repairing acetabulum fractures can include a bone plate that has openings therein and one or more bolts sized to fit through the openings. The bone plate can cooperate with the head portions of the bolts to prevent them from spinning within the holes as screws are attached to the bolts. Such arrangements can assist in reverse implantation methods in which the bone plate is introduced into the true pelvis of a patient.01-12-2012
20120010618Anterior Cervical Plate with Independent Spring-Loaded Locking Slides for Each Screw - An anterior cervical plate and method includes a plurality of retaining slots comprising a first and second hole each adapted to permit bone retaining members to pass partially therethrough; and a platform separating the first hole from the second hole. The plate further comprises a pair of locking slides matingly adjacent to one another and adapted to rest on the platform and retain the bone retaining members in the plurality of retaining slots, wherein each the locking slide comprises a deflectable flange; and a lip positioned on an opposite side of the deflectable flange, wherein a first locking slide of the pair of locking slides is positioned in an opposite orientation relative to a second locking slide of the pair of locking slides. The deflectable flange of the first locking slide is aligned adjacent to the deflectable flange of the second locking slide.01-12-2012
20110166572LATERAL IMPLANT SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR REDUCTION AND RECONSTRUCTION - A bone fixation apparatus and method includes basal implants dimensioned to be installed in bone through lateral insertion into a T-shaped slot. The implants serve as anchors for mounting plates to be placed on either side of a fracture. The mounting plates or anchors may be a mount to which a stabilizing fixation rod, plate, prosthesis, dental prosthesis or other mesiostructure is attached.07-07-2011
20120016365BONE PLATE SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SPINE STABILIZATION - In an embodiment, a bone plating system may include a plate having end holes, each extending from an upper surface to a lower surface of the plate and comprising an inner surface having a curved contour. The bone plating system may include bone fasteners, each being sized to be placed in a ring for anchoring an end of the plate to a bone, the ring being sized to fit in a corresponding end hole and rotatable therein to define an angle of a corresponding bone fastener relative to the plate. The ring may have an outer surface that substantially corresponds to the curved contour of the inner surface of the hole to allow for rotation of the ring within the hole. The angles of the bone fasteners relative to the plate may define a converging or diverging configuration, which can prevent the bone fasteners from backing out.01-19-2012
20120016366Proximal Radius Locking Plate - The invention provides a proximal radius locking plate having a body comprising an elongate shaft portion and a head portion. The plate may have a gentle S-shape and a proximal twist. The shaft portion is adapted for receiving bone screws to fix the bone plate to a shaft of the radius. The head portion includes a first head section and a second head section. The first and second head sections extend laterally away from a longitudinal axis of the shaft portion in generally opposite directions, generally forming a T-shape. The first and second head sections are configured and arranged to secure a plurality of bone screws divergently implanted in the head of proximal radius. The shaft portion is thinner proximally in order to preserve the biceps tendon. Moreover, the plate of the present invention can be used as a guide in reducing the fracture prior to fixation since the plate has a precontoured shape matching the shape of an unfractured proximal radius.01-19-2012
20110106083Laminoplasty Plates and Methods of Expanding the Spinal Canal - A method of expanding the spinal canal of a vertebra including inserting a bone anchor into a first lamina of the vertebra, cutting completely through the first lamina to create a space in the first lamina, cutting partially through a second, contra-lateral lamina of the vertebra to create a partial cut in the second lamina, engaging a first segment of a plate with the bone anchor, pivoting the bone anchor and the first lamina about the partial cut in the second lamina to increase the extent of the space in the first lamina, and connecting a second segment of the plate to a portion of the vertebra across the space from the first segment of the plate such that the plate spans the space and stabilizes the vertebra.05-05-2011
20110106086TOOL JIG FOR BONE IMPLANT ASSEMBLY - The invention provides a tool jig (05-05-2011
20110106084Bone Graft Loading Instruments and Methods of Connecting a Bone Graft to a Bone Plate - An instrument for positioning a bone graft relative to a bone plate includes an instrument body having a plurality of spaced apart graft chambers, a first one of the graft chambers having a first end, a second end, and a chamber length extending between the first end and the second end, the first end of the first graft chamber including a first chamber surface for receiving a first plate segment of a first bone plate, the second end of the first graft chamber including a second chamber surface for receiving a second plate segment of the first bone plate, the first graft chamber including a central chamber surface interposed between the first chamber surface and the second chamber surface for receiving a first bone graft, the central chamber surface having a first chamber length corresponding to the graft length of the first bone grafts.05-05-2011
20110106082INSTRUMENTS AND SYSTEMS FOR VERTEBRAL COLUMN MANIPULATION - Vertebral column manipulation systems include spinal derotation instrumentation to affect one or more derotation maneuvers on a scoliotic spine or on a spine having one or more displaced, misaligned or curved vertebral levels. Derotation instrumentation is attached to at least one vertebral body, with the instrumentation including at least two elongated extensions mounted to and extending proximally from the at least one vertebral body. A linking assembly extends between and links proximal ends of the extensions to one another. The linking assembly includes first and second mounting assemblies movably engaged to an elongate link member extending transversely to the extensions. Each of the mounting assemblies includes a movable joint for receiving the proximal end of a respective one of the extensions and a cam assembly for securing the mounting assembly in position relative to the link member and to fix the joint around the extension.05-05-2011
20110106081Bone Plate with Flange Member and Methods of Use Thereof - Aspects of the present disclosure include a bone plate and/or a bone plate system. The bone plate includes an elongate body, which elongate body includes a top and a bottom surface as well as a distal portion, a proximal portion, and an intercalating portion disposed between the distal and proximal portions. The elongate body also includes a flange member, which flange member is configured for contacting a bone portion, e.g., a fractured bone portion, so as to aid in the stabilization and correct anatomical reduction thereof.05-05-2011
20120130372APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MEDIAL COMPARTMENT CORRECTION - The medial compartment is realigned by adjusting the angle of the ulna so that the head end thereof is properly aligned with the humerus. The angle of the ulna is adjusted by cutting the ulna below the head. A plate is attached to the ulna to set the new angle. The plate has two parts; one part is straight, the other is angled. Different plates have parts with different angles. A plate with a desired angle is selected to achieve the necessary angle on the ulna. The plate may be attached to the medial side or lateral side of the ulna.05-24-2012
20120130371STEEL PLATE FOR FUNNEL CHEST ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY - A steel plate for funnel chest orthopaedic surgery includes a supporting plate (05-24-2012
20120215223Medical Devices for Use During Ankle Fusion Surgery - The present invention is directed to devices and methods that can be used in ankle surgery, especially ankle fusion surgery.08-23-2012
20110184415BONE SCREW RETENTION MECHANISM - A bone stabilization system is provided having a plate with a top and bottom surface and a hole therethrough extending along a longitudinal axis. An annular groove in the top surface encircles the axis and defines outer facing sides of a plurality of spring members integral to the plate. A plurality of slots define sides of the spring members the inward facing side of the spring members form the upper portion of the hole, which includes a first spherical portion. A fastener with a spherical portion on the fastener head extends into the hole with the spring members urged apart to allow the head to pass but restraining removal until the resistance provide by the spring members is overcome.07-28-2011
20110184414System and Method for Minimally Invasive Clavicle Plate Application - A bone fixation plate, comprises an elongated body contoured to conform to the anatomy of a clavicle, the elongated body comprising a head at a first end and a shaft extending therefrom to a second end, the second end further comprising a reduced diameter tapered tip configured to permit insertion of the elongate body through a minimally invasive incision formed adjacent the clavicle. The bone fixation plate also comprises a first plate hole extending through the shaft from a proximal face to a distal face, the first plate hole formed as a combination hole and a second plate hole extending through the head from the proximal face to the distal face, the second plate hole being threaded.07-28-2011
20110184413Ankle Fusion Plate - A fusion plate for arthrodesis, the plate comprising: a plate body including a first portion disposed in a first plane and having a first bone engaging surface and a second opposing surface, a second portion disposed in a second plane and having a first bone engaging surface and a second opposing surface, a third portion disposed in a third plane and having a first bone engaging surface and a second opposing surface. The first portion includes at least one opening which receives at least one fixation means. The second portion includes at least one opening which receives at least one fixation means and the third portion includes at least one opening which receives at least one fixation screw.07-28-2011
20100274247Bone Plate - A bone plate has an upper surface, a lower surface, and at least one first hole extending through the upper and lower surfaces. The first hole has two or three vertically separate regions, each region communicating with or abutting the adjacent region. The first hole has a first upper region, which is unthreaded and which, from the plate's upper surface to the plate's lower surface, has a curved inward taper. The first hole has a second middle region, which is threaded and which, from the plate's upper surface to the plate's lower surface, has a conical inward taper. The first hole has a third lower region, which is unthreaded and which, from the plate's upper surface to the plate's lower surface, has a conical outward taper. The bone plate is straight, curved, or both straight and curved. The bone plate may have at least one second hole, different from the first hole. The second hole is an elongated hole, which has a compression ramp or which has a threaded portion through part of its perimeter and a non-threaded portion through the other part of its perimeter.10-28-2010
20120239040GROWTH CONTROL DEVICE - A growth control device includes a bone plate having a stepped profile defined by a first level, a second level and an intermediate ramp connecting the first and second levels. The first level includes a first threaded hole for receiving a first bone fastener and the second level includes a second threaded hole for receiving a second bone fastener. The bone plate includes a proximal pair of side female notches, a distal pair of side female notches, a proximal guide hole and a distal guide hole.09-20-2012
20120265203Spine Stabilization - A bone stabilizing plate includes two plate portions, each affixable to bones of a patient, the plate portions telescoping together with mating rails and grooves. A limiter associated with one of the plate portions sliding engages one a catch associated with the other of the plate portions, when the plate portions are telescoped together, and resists stops telescoping when the plate portions are telescoped a predetermined distance apart. Once the limiter and catch are engaged, the plate portions enable imposition of a minimum compressive force between bones connected to the plates. The limiter is resiliently positioned to deflect into a relief formed in its respective plate portion. A groove positioned proximate the catch enables free telescoping motion limited by the engagement of the catch and limiter, whereby the minimum compressive force between bones is maintained, and Wolfe's Law may apply.10-18-2012
20120265204BONE PLATES, SCREWS, AND INSTRUMENTS - Systems for trauma and/or joint fusion implants and instruments include transarticular screw and intra-articular washer, polyaxial screw and plate, single- and multi-level polyaxial bone clamps, and minimally invasive adaptations.10-18-2012
20110238068DEVICE FOR SHORTENING AN ELONGATED BONE - The invention relates to a device (09-29-2011
20120277748BONE PLATE - A plate for connecting a first portion of bone and a second portion of bone is disclosed. The plate comprises a central longitudinal axis, a first end portion extending along the central longitudinal axis and configured to affix to the first portion of bone, a second end portion extending along the central longitudinal axis and configured to affix to the second portion of bone, and an intermediary portion extending along the central longitudinal axis and between the first end portion and the second end portion. The intermediary portion comprises three continuous segments of material, two segments of which extend along a direction substantially parallel to the central longitudinal axis, and one segment of which extends along a direction substantially perpendicular to the central longitudinal axis.11-01-2012
20120277749Hinged Fixation Devices for Combined Upper Jaw Correction - Instrumentation and methods are provided for upper jaw correction surgery. The application discloses an orthopedic system and method that can be used to perform both a first distraction (for example a maxillary distraction) and a second distraction (for example a maxillary expansion) within the same surgical procedure. The instrumentation for separating first and second bone segments can include a first footplate; a second footplate; an actuator arranged to vary a distance between the first and second footplates; and a hinge that rotatably attaches the first and second footplates such that the first and second footplates can be angularly adjusted relative to each other about a pivot axis. Additionally, instrumentation and methods are provided for a hinged fixation device capable of securing and adjusting both the linear separation and angular orientation of bone structures.11-01-2012
20120089144LOCKING SCREW WITH SYNCHRONIZED THREAD - A targeting system for a bone plate having a bore therethrough with a first thread adjacent an outer surface of the bone plate and a second thread adjacent a bone contacting surface. The first thread has a larger diameter than the second thread. A targeting device has a coupling portion, an outer sleeve with an axial through bore for guiding a boring tool and a bone screw into the bone plate bore. The coupling portion is connected to a first end of the outer sleeve, wherein the coupling portion comprises an exterior threaded portion threadably engageable with the first thread of the bone plate bore and has a through bore having an axis corresponding to the axis of the through bore of the outer sleeve. The outer sleeve and coupling portion comprises two collapsible slits extending parallel to the outer sleeve bore axis dividing the coupling portion in two parts.04-12-2012
20110319893METHOD, SYSTEM, AND APPARATUS FOR MAMMALIAN BONY SEGMENT STABILIZATION - Embodiments of bony region stabilization are described generally herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.12-29-2011
20120150188ABSORBABLE BONE ADHESIVE APPLICATOR - The instant invention provides of a novel method for repairing bone defects using a polymer blend as well as apparatus for performing such a method. The method includes dispensing a polymer blend either directly on the bone tissue as the fixation means; or secondly in combination with a bone plate, the polymer acting as an adhesive06-14-2012
20080234679Trochanteric grip - A surgical method and apparatus employs a trochanteric grip or bone plate having cable guides adapted to direct the necessary transitions in cable direction smoothly in different planes, thereby directing the cable in the direction of tension and preventing wear and concentration of stress in the cable.09-25-2008
20130090656BONE PLATES WITH MOVABLE LOCKING ELEMENTS - System, including methods, apparatus, and kits, for fixing bones with bone plates having movable locking elements.04-11-2013
20130150853Metatarsal Fixation Device, System and Method - A metatarsal fixation device is provided for fixation of osteotomy or fracture of a distal metatarsal metaphysis bone of the human foot and for fixation of an associated capsule to the metatarsal head. The device includes a metallic bone plate with a series of screw holes along an elongated portion of the plate and a combination of a singular screw hole and a resilient clamp on an end of the elongated portion. The resilient clamp has two arched resilient arms extending laterally outward from an end of the elongated portion. Each arm has a plurality of spikes on an inner surface thereof providing points of contact that compress and attach a metatarsal phalangeal joint capsule portion to the medial and/or lateral aspect of the metatarsal head, thereby facilitating realignment of the metatarsophalangeal joint and respective digit. The resilient arms are biased to grasp lateral sides of a metatarsal head and any associated capsule portion.06-13-2013
20130138105FEMORAL LESSER TROCHANTER SECURING DEVICE FOR FIRMLY SECURING THE LESSER TROCHANTER AND THE SURROUNDS AND STABLY STRENGTHENING THE SAME SO AS TO ALLOW ARTIFICIAL HIP REPLACEMENT SURGERY - Provided are a lesser trochanter securing device and an artificial joint device. The device includes a basket portion which covers a lesser trochanter, and a buttress plating portion which is joined to a lower edge of the basket portion, extends toward a femoral shaft and is secured and joined to the femoral shaft.05-30-2013
20100318086METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TREATING PERIPROSTHETIC FRACTURES OF THE DISTAL FEMUR - A medical device is provided for attachment to a patient's femur to treat a fracture in the distal region of the femur, in a patient with an artificial knee joint. The apparatus includes first and second elongate plates for attaching to the femur at the location of the fracture. The plates include coupling means to rigidly coupling the plates to the femoral component of the artificial knee joint. The apparatus further includes a transverse link for connecting the first and second plates together in a spaced apart relationship to form a rigid linkage between said plates. The invention further includes a system for treating a fracture of the femur, especially in patients with weak bones, by attaching such plates in an opposed spaced apart relationship on the lateral and medial sides of the femur, and fastening the lower ends of the plates to the femoral component of the knee. The transverse link is engaged to form a monolithic, rigid structure for bracing the femur.12-16-2010
20110313421LOW PROFILE MEDICAL LOCKING PLATE AND BONE SCREW DESIGN FOR BONE FRACTURES - Disclosed embodiments of a low profile bone plate can allow for a locking relationship between the bone plate and one or more bone screws, without requiring specialized bone screws. According to the disclosure, a locking element and/or a flange can be provided in one or more through-holes in the bone plate to engage with the threads of the bone screw, to lock the screw in place. Locking elements, such as a straight wire or spring coil positioned near the bone-contacting surface of the bone plate can have a cross sectional diameter less than the pitch of the bone screw threads, so as not to interfere with insertion and tightening of the bone screw. Thus, standard bone screws without threaded heads or tapered shafts can be locked with a bone plate having a minimal thickness, which can advantageously improve chances of wound healing.12-22-2011
20130190763IMPLANT FOR SECURING NEIGHBORING BONE PLATES - A method for securing neighboring bone plates by an implant includes the steps of resting an inner contact element of the implant on inner faces of the bone plates, resting an outer contact element of the implant on outer faces of the bone plates, connecting the inner contact element and the outer connecting element by a flexible tensioning element, forming a knot between free strands of the tensioning element, wherein the knot is a slip knot, and pushing the knot in a recess of the outer contact element with the knot being positioned at least partially below an outer surface of the outer contact element.07-25-2013
20110319894PLATE SYSTEM FOR MANAGING A BONE FRACTURE - A plate system is used in a surgical procedure to manage a distal radius or similar bone fracture. A plate of the plate system includes two leg segments extending downwardly from a generally horizontal segment, and further includes an elongated slot defined through the center of the horizontal segment of the plate near its top edge. A subchondral support element is inserted through the elongated slot and is advanced into the bone. The plate further defines two holes through the horizontal segment near a respective one of the two leg segments. Locking screws, such as variable angle locking screws, are inserted into and locked into the respective holes, with each locking screw advancing into the bone such that a distal tip of each locking screw engages the subchondral support element, thus providing a three-point support.12-29-2011

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