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606 - Surgery

606001000 - INSTRUMENTS

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606004000 Ophthalmic 420
606013000 Applicators 293
606009000 Dermatological 169
606010000 Systems 91
606003000 With particular wavelength 40
606007000 Angioplasty 14
606200500 Lithotripsy 8
606008000 Anastomosis 5
20090287194DEVICE FOR IRRADIATING AN INTERNAL BODY SURFACE - The invention provides a device and method for illuminating a body surface. A light source is optically coupled to the proximal end of a light guide and a light scatterer is optically coupled to the distal end of the light guide. The device includes a deployment mechanism that is configured to bring the light scatterer from a small caliber configuration in which the light scatterer is delivered to the body surface to a large caliber configuration in which the light scatterer irradiates the body surface. The invention may be used, for example, irradiate the periadventitial surface of an aneurysmal blood vessel.11-19-2009
20130131655BREAST RECONSTRUCTION OR AUGMENTATION USING COMPUTER-MODELED DEPOSITION OF PROCESSED ADIPOSE TISSUE - A tissue transfer method for reconstruction and augmentation of soft tissue. The method includes harvesting adipose tissue from a patient. The harvested tissue is processed via centrifugation to isolate a purified subset of the adipose tissue including separating and removing a substantial amount of triglycerides from the harvested adipose tissue. The centrifugation may be performed to cause separation of water from the purified adipose tissue and to cause separation of oil from mature adipocytes. Specifically, the spin rates may be selected to be high enough to cause lesions in the mature adipocytes that results in the release of the oil. The method continues with implanting the purified adipose tissue into the patient at a breast or other area identified for reconstruction or augmentation. The implanting is performed based on an injection pathway model that defines injection point locations and a number of injection pathway directions from each point.05-23-2013
20110130747Contact free and perforation safe endoluminal laser treatment device and method - A device and method for endovascular radiation therapy that prevents unwanted damage to blood vessels during treatment is described. One feature is a means for preventing the emission end of an energy delivery device from coming into contact with the wall of a blood vessel. This positioning means may be a distancing catheter or ring incorporated into a catheter. Another feature is a sensing means that senses the inputted radiation power and prevents irradiation above a preselected power or energy level. Both features serve to prevent radiation, having an overly high intensity or power density, from impacting the vessel wall and causing a puncture.06-02-2011
20100063489EQUIPMENT FOR TREATING WOUNDS AND METHOD FOR THE BIOCHEMICAL ACTIVATION OF HEALING - This invention concerns a system for dermatological treatment including an energy source suitable for biochemically activating healing and including at least one means of interaction between the energy source and the patient. The means of interaction is composed of a continuous adhesive support suitable for placement close to the area to be treated, the support having a means of identification and interacting without contact with a sensor allowing the energy source to function only when the distance between the sensor and the means of identification is less than a threshold value. The invention also concerns such a continuous adhesive support and a method of dermatological treatment.03-11-2010
20100249763Laser Tissue Fusion of Septal Membranes - A laser tissue fusion device is optimized for particular surgical applications to join tissue layers. The device has two opposed arms that engage and disengage to clamp and release layers of tissue therebetween. The distal end of the first arm is disposed opposite the distal end of the second arm. A laser energy source generates therapeutic laser energy is either integrated within the device is a separate unit. An energy pathway transmits the laser energy to the distal end of the first arm to deliver the laser energy to tissue layers clamped between the distal ends of the arms. An actuator decreases the separation distance between the distal ends of the arms to clamp the tissue layers and activates the laser energy source upon engagement. The laser energy source delivers a burst of energy at a predetermined wavelength for a predetermined period of time sufficient to spot weld the tissue.09-30-2010
20100063487LIGHT THERAPY APPARATUS - Apparatus (03-11-2010
20100076416MEDICAL PROBES FOR THE TREATMENT OF BLOOD VESSELS - Devices and methods for thermally-mediated treatment of blood vessels to elicit an immune response to cause rapid endothelial growth over at least portions of an implant or stent to prevent adverse events such as restenosis. Devices and methods for thermally-mediated treatment to inhibit contraction of vessels to03-25-2010
20090270845Scalp treatment device - The invention provides a hand held hair treatment device for the stimulation of hair growth on the scalp, which device comprises: 10-29-2009
20120116371INITIATION SEQUENCES FOR RAMPING-UP PULSE POWER IN A MEDICAL LASER HAVING HIGH-INTENSITY LEADING SUBPULSES - A gradual ramp-up of output power in a medical laser prevents rapid temperature rise at a fiber tip of a laser handpiece when residual contamination from a prior medical procedure remains on the fiber tip after an extended cooling period. The gradual ramp-up eliminates effects of an acoustic shock wave resulting from the rapid temperature rise to prevent damage to fiber and optical components in the laser device.05-10-2012
20120296317Optical Energy-Based Methods and Apparatus for Tissue Sealing - Optical energy-based methods and apparatus for sealing vascular tissue involves deforming vascular tissue to bring different layers of the vascular tissue into contact each other and illuminating the vascular tissue with a light beam having at least one portion of its spectrum overlapping with the absorption spectrum of the vascular tissue. The apparatus may include two deforming members configured to deform the vascular tissue placed between the deforming members. The apparatus may also include an optical system that has a light source configured to generate light, a light distribution element configured to distribute the light across the vascular tissue, and a light guide configured to guide the light from the light source to the light distribution element. The apparatus may further include a cutting member configured to cut the vascular tissue and to illuminate the vascular tissue with light to seal at least one cut surface of the vascular tissue.11-22-2012
20130218143Combined Thermal Therapy and Hydrogel with Embedded Stem Cell Treatment - An energy delivery device for administering tissue therapy is presented including a housing and an elongated body extending distally from the housing. The energy delivery device also includes a first lumen extending a length of the elongated body, the first lumen configured to facilitate application of thermal treatment to a target region of tissue and a second lumen extending the length of the elongated body, the second lumen configured to facilitate infusion of hydrogels embedded with stem cells to the target region of tissue thermally treated. The energy delivery device further includes a third lumen configured to facilitate delivery of ultraviolet (UV) light to the target region of tissue for curing the hydrogels. A distal end of the elongated body is positioned in proximity to the target region of tissue for enabling successive introduction of the thermal treatment, infusion of the hydrogels, and delivery of the UV light.08-22-2013
20090326520METHOD FOR TREATING CANCER USING POROUS SILICON NANOBOMB BASED ON NEAR-INFRARED LIGHT IRRADIATION - Provided is a method for treating cancer using a porous silicon nanobomb. The porous silicon nanobomb can be exploded by NIR light irradiation at a low intensity to selectively destroy cancer cells. Also, porous silicon itself shows good biocompatibility and biodegradability. Thus, the present invention can be used as an efficient method for treating cancer without the accumulation of toxic side effects.12-31-2009
20090018531COAXIAL SUCTION SYSTEM FOR LASER LIPOLYSIS - A surgical probe apparatus is disclosed including a handpiece which includes an optical system configured to deliver therapeutic light to provide treatment of an area of tissue; and at least one suction port configured to remove a byproduct of the treatment from the area of tissue in response to an applied vacuum.01-15-2009
20100185186METHODS OF TREATING A CARDIAC ARRHYTHMIA BY THORACOSCOPIC PRODUCTION OF A COX MAZE III LESION SET - Methods of treating a subject for a cardiac arrhythmia are provided. Aspects of the methods include thoracoscopically producing a cardiac Cox maze III set of lesions in cardiac tissue of the subject in a manner sufficient to treat the subject for the cardiac arrhythmia.07-22-2010
20120197242APPLICATOR FOR SKIN TREATEMENT WITH AUTOMATIC REGULATION OF SKIN PROTRUSION MAGNITUDE - Described is an applicator for RF, ultrasound, and light skin treatment. The applicator allows a protrusion of skin to be formed within a cavity and maintained for a desired time, enables good coupling of the treatment energy with the skin and avoids negative pressure adversely affecting the skin.08-02-2012
20100130965Redundant Tissue Closure Methods and Apparatuses - A tissue closure device including a tissue eversion apparatus, and a first and a second, redundant closure element that are placed on the external surface of a tissue puncture wound to enhance the efficacy of closure. The first closure element and the second closure element closure are left resident on the external surface of or in proximity to the tissue puncture wound in order to provide redundancy of closure.05-27-2010
20110098689Apparatus for Tissue Sealing - An ultrasound forceps for sealing tissue is provided. The forceps includes one or more shaft members having an end effector assembly disposed at a distal end thereof. The end effector assembly includes opposing jaw members movable from a first position in spaced relation relative to another subsequent position wherein the jaw members cooperate to grasp tissue therebetween. One or both of the jaw members includes an ultrasound transducer coupled to an ultrasound generator adapted to provide an electrical signal to the ultrasound transducer to induce treatment pulses therein.04-28-2011
20110251600ULTRASONIC APPLICATOR - An ultrasonic applicator includes an ultrasonic converter accommodated within a converter housing, a first housing, and a second housing. A rear end portion of the first housing is located in the second housing and an inner end portion of the converter housing is located in the rear end portion of the first housing. A length of the rear end portion of the first housing is adjustable. An outer end portion of the converter housing is connected with the second housing via an elastic element, so that a restoring force may be applied on the converter housing by virtue of a movement of the converter housing relative to the second housing.10-13-2011
20100004640Cancer Treatment Using Lasers - A method and apparatus for destroying cancerous cells or tumors includes placing fiber needles into the human body adjacent cancerous cells or tumors that have been biologically stained and exposing the cells or tumors to low-energy laser energy light emitted through the fiber needles so that the laser energy destroys the cancer cells or tumors through carbonization and/or vaporization without destruction of surrounding healthy tissue. The stain is specifically selected to have an absorption efficiency of greater than 90% for energy emitted by a given laser such that it greatly enhances absorption of the laser energy over surrounding unstained tissue. Appropriate stain and laser selection can allow treatment through an intact column of living tissue as laser energy to which living tissue is transparent may be used in combination with a stain that makes targeted tissue opaque to that energy.01-07-2010
20100069893Technique to enhance voice with Laser beam - By tightening string of a musical instrument musician can change the tone and pitch of sound. The more tightening is the sting the stronger is the sound. The more tightening are our vocal cords the high tone and pitch of our voice will be. With the state of art of medical technology laryngologist can burn vocal cords with Laser beam or other heating source to created minimum scars to tighten vocal cords to enhance voice.03-18-2010
20110184391MULTI FLUID TISSUE RESECTION METHODS AND DEVICES - Prostate treatment using fluid stream to resect prostate tissue, thereby relieving symptoms of conditions such as BPH, prostatitis, and prostatic carcinoma. A device having a fluid delivery element is positioned within a lumen of the urethra within the prostate. A fluid stream is directed outwardly from the fluid delivery element toward a wall of the urethral lumen. The fluid delivery element is moved to scan the fluid stream over the wall to remove a volume of tissue surrounding the lumen. The fluid may be combined with therapeutically active substances or with substances that increase resection efficiency. Fluid force may be adjusted to provide selective tissue resection such that soft tissue is removed while harder tissue is left undamaged. In order to gain a working space within the urethra, another fluid may be introduced to insufflate the urethra in the region of treatment.07-28-2011
20120215207METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SELECTIVE PHOTOTHERMOLYSIS OF VEINS - A system and method are provided that are capable of selectively treating a vein using photothermolysis techniques, where an electromagnetic radiation is applied to tissue containing the vein. The radiation can be selected so that it may be more effectively absorbed by veins as compared to arteries. Thus, unwanted thermal damage to arteries in the vicinity of the vein being treated can be reduced or avoided. The radiation can have a frequency of approximately 654 nm, which can provide a ratio of absorption by veins to absorption by arteries of about 3.7. Other wavelengths near 654 nm may be provided, for example, which can have an absorption ratio greater than, e.g., about 3.3 to 3.6.08-23-2012
20120323227METHODS AND DEVICES TO TREAT NASAL AIRWAYS - Methods and devices for treating nasal airways are provided. Such devices and methods may improve airflow through an internal and/or external nasal valve, and comprise the use of mechanical re-shaping, energy application and other treatments to modify the shape, structure, and/or air flow characteristics of an internal nasal valve, an external nasal valve or other nasal airways.12-20-2012
20110213348METHOD AND DEVICE FOR VALVE REPAIR - A method and a device for minimally invasive treatment of diseased deep and superficial venous valves are disclosed. Treatment seeks to repair/rejuvenate dysfunctional valve by reducing the circumference of dilated valve rings and by restoring their original shape and function using laser energy to make physical suture points and shrink collagen in selected points. Real time monitoring is by angioscopic view and endovenous echographic control. In a preferred embodiment, system comprises a specific catheter-like device for endovenous insertion that allows for real time view of energy emission and venous surface to be corrected. Catheter flexibility is such that viewing angle and direct energy emission can be oriented properly. Catheter can comprise channels for irrigation or for interchange of laser fibers according to desired irradiation pattern. A preferred embodiment of catheter device also comprises cuffs for temporary occlusion, by inflation and deflation. In preferred embodiments, 1470 nm, 1550 nm or 1900 nm laser energy is applied. This treatment can be applied to venous valves of the deep venous system, as well as valves of the sapheno-femoral junction, terminal valve and pre-terminal valve.09-01-2011
20100234832METHOD FOR VASCULAR TREATMENT - A method is disclosed for improved minimally invasive vascular treatment. The procedure consists in performing a femoral nerve block, in order to achieve a sensorial block but not a motor block in the lower extremity. A femoral nerve block carries low risk of complications and when combined with block of the sciatic nerve provides anesthesia of almost the entire lower extremity. In a preferred embodiment, 20 ml of about 0.1% to about 0.5% lidocaine are injected under echographic/ultrasound control. After the anesthesia takes effect, a needle or other means is inserted through the skin into the vein to be treated and an optical fiber is introduced inside it. In a preferred embodiment, optical fiber is a radial emitting fiber and wavelength used is 1470 nm. Laser radiation is emitted while withdrawing the optical fiber, choosing appropriate irradiation parameters for each case. Nerve block technique disclosed can be used for vascular treatment in general, particularly whenever local energy techniques are employed, whether they be laser, thermal or RF sources, and anywhere sensorial anesthesia is needed and it is desirable for the patient to retain motor control. This new vascular procedure facilitates physician tasks since it is a very simple method to perform. Real time ultrasound monitoring of vein closure process is feasible, allowing the surgeon to use the minimum amount of energy possible, thus minimizing damage to surrounding tissues. This, in turn, considerably diminishes possibility of human error and as a consequence enhances patient safety. Furthermore, patient comfort is enhanced due to an excellent analgesia, during and after the treatment.09-16-2010
20110313407QUANTUM-DOT LASER DIODE - Aspects of the present disclosure relate to the field of laser technology, specifically semiconductor lasers, and to novel biomedical applications of such lasers, including novel methods of photodynamic therapy. Exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure include a semiconductor laser diode having an active region having a gain medium with one or more InGaAs/InAs quantum dot layers; and wherein the laser diode can be arranged in operation to emit laser light having a central wavelength within spectral range of wave lengths. The present embodiments further include a method of directly forming a reactive oxygen species (ROS), the method including exposing a medium having a potential source of ROS to a semiconductor laser diode, the semiconductor laser diode configured to emit laser light having a central wavelength within the spectral range.12-22-2011

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