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Absorbent pad for external or internal application and supports therefor (e.g., catamenial devices, diapers, etc.)

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604 - Surgery


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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
604385010 Having specific design, shape, or structural feature 764
604367000 Containing particular materials, fibers, or particles 458
604365000 Containing fiber or material bonding substance 151
604361000 With wetness indicator or alarm 139
604378000 Containing layers having differing absorption characteristics (e.g., flow control, wicking, etc.) 137
604386000 Pad having means for securing pad during use 100
604359000 Deodorant containing 66
604360000 Containing inhibitor to ammonia or bacteria formation 33
604393000 Specific garment, holder, or support for absorbent pad 13
604364000 Containing hydrosoluble, hydrodegradable or body heat soluble material 10
604384000 Having specific fiber orientation or weave 6
604363000 With lubricating means to facilitate insertion 2
20120220970TAMPONS INCLUDING MOSITURE-ACTIVATED COMPOSITIONS - The present disclosure is directed to alleviating the uncomfortable and unpleasant sensations that may accompany insertion and removal of personal care devices. Specifically, the present disclosure is directed to a personal care device that includes a moisture-activated composition that becomes lubricious only upon contact with moisture, such as from mucosal surfaces in the body.08-30-2012
20120289918SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING EMBOLIC PROTECTION - An apparatus for offering embolic protection is provided that includes a sponge operable to be positioned in an area of a patient who is to undergo a cardiovascular procedure. The sponge is operable to collect debris present in or proximate to the area and to allow a portion of blood flow or no blood flow associated with the area to continue while the debris is collected.11-15-2012
604362000 With radio-opaque material or signaling means for residual material 1
20120071846Medical Tool Deflection and Resistant Surgical Sponge - A medical sponge and method of constructing and using thereof is provided. The medical sponge includes a first layer constructed from a biocompatible absorption material. A second layer is positioned abutting the first layer, the second layer constructed from a non-toxic, biocompatible deflection material. A bonding element is connected to the first layer and the second layer, wherein the bonding element adheres the first layer and the second layer together.03-22-2012
20100106120WOUND DRESSING - A wound dressing comprising an absorbent pad, an adhesive layer, and a backing layer is described, along with a dressing support layer having a tab positioned to overlap the absorbent pad for easy placement on a patient.04-29-2010
20100069860AGENT - A novel strain of 03-18-2010
20110060301ABSORBENT ARTICLE - To apply a colored recess part to an absorbent article such as sanitary napkin without worsening the soft and comfortable touch to skin and allowing the colorant from coming into direct contact with the skin of a wearer.03-10-2011
20090012486Process for Production of a Water-Absorbing Material - The present invention relates to a process for producing a water-absorbing material comprising the step of spray-coating water-absorbing polymeric particles with at least one non-reactive coating agent in a continuous process in a fluidized bed reactor in the range from 0° C. to 150° C., with the proviso that the non-reactive coating agents do not comprise an elastic film-forming polymer, the water-absorbing material obtainable by this process, the use of the water-absorbing material in hygiene articles and packaging material and hygiene articles comprising this material.01-08-2009
20080275411Tampon having a visual indicator - A tampon having one or more benefit indicators is provided. The tampon can include a tampon body having an insertion end, a withdrawal end, and an outer surface. The tampon can have one or more visually perceptible benefit indicators that are visible pre-use, wherein the one or more benefit indicators communicate one or more benefits of the tampon to a user. In addition, or alternatively, the tampon can include one or more visually perceptible benefit indicators that are at least partially visible post-use.11-06-2008
20090024100STACK OF INTERFOLDED ABSORBENT SHEET PRODUCTS - A stack of interfolded absorbent sheet products comprises a plurality of absorbent sheets each of which is itself folded at least twice about axes that are perpendicular to one another. The absorbent sheets have an embossed surface relief of a predetermined pattern or design. Each of the absorbent sheets within the stack comprises at least one pair of panels sandwiched between a pair of adjacent panels of another of the absorbent sheets in the stack.01-22-2009
20110224637LOW pH, OPTIMAL ORP, AND ODOR-REDUCING FIBERS, A PROCESS FOR MAKING THE FIBERS, AND ARTICLES MADE THEREFROM - The present disclosure provides low pH fibers that are treated with additives, preferably after regenerating the cellulosic fiber, to control the pH and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) in an aqueous environment where the fiber is placed. The low pH fibers can be formed into fibrous articles such as tampons or wipes. The low pH fibers with the additives provide health benefits to the user in that they hinder the ability of harmful bacteria to flourish.09-15-2011
20090054858Layered sanitary tissue product having trichomes - A layered fibrous structure having a machine direction, cross machine direction, and Z-direction. The fibrous structure also has a consumer side and first and second layers in the Z-direction where the first layer has a plurality of trichomes. The trichomes make up greater than about 0.1%, by weight, of the fibrous structure.02-26-2009
20100222755Multi-Layer Nonwoven In Situ Laminates and Method of Producing the Same - Described herein is a meltspun laminate comprising two or more layers of meltspun fabrics, wherein layers that are adjacent to one another are in situ entangled with one another to define an interfacial region of mixed fibers between the layers. Also described herein is a method of making a meltspun in situ laminate comprising simultaneously meltspinning two or more polymer melts adjacent to one another to form adjacent fabrics, wherein layers that are adjacent to one another are in situ entangled with one another to form an interfacial region of mixed fibers between the layers. Also described herein is a meltspinning apparatus comprising one or more dies, each die comprising two or more meltspinning zones, wherein each zone comprises a plurality of nozzles that are fluidly connected to the corresponding zone, and wherein each zone is fluidly connected to a melt extruder.09-02-2010
20090281511Fiber Accumulating Apparatus for Absorbent Body, Fiber Accumulating Drum, and Method for Manufacturing Absorbent Body Using the Same, and Absorbent Article Having Absorbent Body Manufactured by the Method - [PROBLEMS] To provide a fiber accumulating apparatus capable of suppressing the deviation of the weight of an absorbent body by stabilizing the profile of the absorbent body; a manufacturing method for the absorbent body using the fiber accumulating apparatus; and an absorbent article having the absorbent body manufactured by the method.11-12-2009
20100331799SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR VARYING THE REPEAT PITCH DISTANCE OF A SUBSTRATE FOR USE WITH ABSORBENT ARTICLES - Apparatuses and methods for producing an absorbent article are provided. Graphics are printed on a substrate, where consecutive graphics are separated in the machine direction by a first repeat pitch length. The substrate is activated, or incrementally stretched, in a first direction to define a second repeat pitch distance. The second repeat pitch distance is substantially equal to the pitch length of the absorbent article pitch length. The substrate is activated, or incrementally stretched, in the machine direction subsequent to printing to increase the repeat pitch distance. The substrate may be activated in the cross direction to increase the width of the substrate. Only portions of the substrate may undergo activation. The activation may be performed with rollers and/or stamping.12-30-2010
20110034891Dry Fluff Pulp Sheet Additive - A process is provided for making a fluff pulp sheet, comprising forming a web comprising fluff pulp fibers; and applying at least one debonder surfactant to the web, to make the fluff pulp sheet. A fluff pulp sheet is also provided, comprising a web comprising fluff pulp fibers; at least one debonder surfactant; and a fiberization energy of <145 kJ/kg. Products and uses of the fluff pulp sheet are also provided.02-10-2011
20100130951COATING COMPOSITIONS AND COATED SUBSTRATES FOR ARTICLES OF MANUFACTURE USED IN CONTACT WITH HUMAN BODY SURFACES - A composition of matter includes a flexible substrate and a coating disposed on the substrate. The coating comprises about 10-60 wt-% of a waxy compound and about 90-40 wt-% of a diluent. The coating forms a stable liquid mixture at a temperature between about 35° C. and about 100° C., has a liquefaction temperature of at least about 30° C., and has a contact angle with a flat surface of the substrate of less than about 35° when measured at a temperature of 60° C.05-27-2010
20110152803COMPOSITIONS FOR REPELLING FLUID AND USES THEREOF - Provided are compositions for repelling fluids comprising a volatile liquid carrier, a powder-feel agent and less than 5 weight % of an ester selected from the group consisting of formula I, formula II, formula III, and combinations of two or more thereof:06-23-2011
20100130950PROCESS FOR GENTLE MIXING AND COATING OF SUPERABSORBERS - The present invention relates to a process for the production of a superabsorber, comprising as steps providing a water-absorbing polymer structure, bringing the water-absorbing polymer structure into contact with a modifying agent, preferably a modifying agent, and the further treatment of the water-absorbing polymer structure which has been brought into contact with the modifying agent. The further treatment is carried out at least partly in a rotating container. The invention furthermore relates to a device for the production of a superabsorber, superabsorbers, a composite, a process for the production of a composite, the composites obtainable by this process, chemical products, such as foams, shaped articles or fibers, and the use of a superabsorber.05-27-2010
20100004611Wound Shield With Enclosed Vacuum Space - A wound shield including a conformable frame to circumscribe a wound and warm water circulating system to maintain a warm environment. Any suitable dressing may be secured over the conformable frame providing separation between the wound and the dressing. The wound frame may provide pressure relief around a wound or pressure sore to permit healing. A conformable frame may be composed of one or more layers of any suitable material and may include adhesive on one or more surfaces to secure the frame to the wound site and or to secure the dressing to the conformable frame.01-07-2010
20120046627NURSING PAD CLOTHING LINER - A nursing pad clothing liner for placing against a woman's breasts to protect from milk leakage.02-23-2012
20110066124Multilayer Medical Sponge - A multilayer medical sponge resists damage from medical tools such as spinning drill bits and medical lasers while remaining compliant and producible in small sizes. The multilayer medical sponge includes an absorbent layer and a resistant layer. The resistant layer may include a drill-resistant material, a laser-reflective material, both types of materials, or a single material that provides both drill-resistant and laser-reflective characteristics.03-17-2011
20110046586COMPOSITE SHEET AND ABSORBENT ARTICLE USING COMPOSITE SHEET - It is intended to provide a composite sheet which is excellent in comfort to the skin face when used in an absorbent article such as a disposable diaper. A composite sheet (02-24-2011
20080234643Disposable Diaper and Disposable Diaper Product Package - A paper diaper and a paper diaper product package. In the paper diaper, a paper diaper product body is formed of at least a top sheet, a back sheet, and an absorbent interposed between these sheets. A plurality of design prints are applied to the paper diaper product body at portions visible from the outside starting at the waist opening end part of a front body portion to the waist opening end part of a rear body portion in the lateral direction of the paper diaper product body. Where the width of the paper diaper product body is A and the width of the face of the design prints is B, the design prints are applied to the paper diaper in the relation of A>B≧⅓A. Also, the paper diaper product package is formed by storing a plurality of paper diaper products with different designs in the same package.09-25-2008
20080200889Diaper Incontinent Pad Combo DIP-C and Dualie Diaper - An incontinence pad for user includes a first moisture impenetrable exterior liner on a first side of the incontinence pad, a second moisture impenetrable exterior liner on the first side of the incontinence pad, a first flexible portion to connect the first moisture impenetrable exterior liner to the second moisture impenetrable exterior liner, a moisture punishable interior liner to form a continuous sealed edge with the first moisture impenetrable exterior liner and the second moisture impenetrable exterior liner. The incontinence pad includes a weakened area to convert the incontinence pad to a diaper. A diaper assembly for a user includes a first disposable diaper, and a second disposable diaper detachably connected to the first disposable diaper. The second disposable diaper remains connected to the first disposable diaper as the first disposable diaper is being used by the user.08-21-2008
20120095422Automatic Surgical Sponge Counter and Blood Loss Determination System - A surgical sponge detection system includes a device for automatically counting soiled surgical sponges which includes a reader which scans each sponge entered and determines sponge type from a tag affixed to each sponge and a control unit which processes data received from reader contained within sponges entered. The reader includes a non-optical scanner means which can read an indicating means on the sponges even when the indicating means is covered with blood or other body fluids.04-19-2012

Patent applications in class Absorbent pad for external or internal application and supports therefor (e.g., catamenial devices, diapers, etc.)

Patent applications in all subclasses Absorbent pad for external or internal application and supports therefor (e.g., catamenial devices, diapers, etc.)