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Means moved by person to inject or remove fluent material to or from body inserted conduit, holder, or reservoir

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604 - Surgery


604048000 - Treating material introduced into or removed from body orifice, or inserted or removed subcutaneously other than by diffusing through skin

604930010 - Material introduced or removed through conduit, holder, or implantable reservoir inserted in body

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604187000 Injector or aspirator syringe supported only by person during use (e.g., hand held hypodermic syringe, douche tube with forced injection, etc.) 1090
604183000 Material expelled from reservoir having separate external feed means and discharge outlet 6
604182000 Means moved by weight of body placed thereon 4
20120271241MANUAL IRRIGATION PUMP FOR INTRAPROCEDURAL IRRIGATION - A disposable manual irrigation pump system comprises a manual foot pump operatively coupled to a fluid reservoir and an associated intraprocedural device. The pump system is configured to provide a substantially continuous fluid supply at a desired flow rate from the fluid reservoir to the associated intraprocedural device along a first direction without backflow of fluid along a direction opposite the first direction.10-25-2012
20100030156DRUG DELIVERY PLATFORM INCORPORATING HYDROGEL PUMPING MECHANISM WITH GUIDED FLUID FLOW - A drug delivery platform is provided for delivering a controlled infusion of a drug to an individual. The drug delivery platform includes a reservoir for receiving the drug therein and a hydrogel engageable with the reservoir. The hydrogel is movable between a first configuration and a second configuration wherein the hydrogel exerts a pressure on the reservoir to urge the drug therefrom in response to a predetermined stimulus. A flow guide distributes the predetermined stimulus over the hydrogel in response to activation by an individual.02-04-2010
20090131874Device for application of lubricant - A device is provided for application of lubricant in an urethra to thereby facilitate insertion of a medical instrument into the urethra. The device (05-21-2009
20120215175MANUAL BASAL BOLUS DRUG DELIVERY DEVICE - A fully manually powered infusion device provides both basal and bolus delivery of a liquid medicament to a patient. In some embodiments, the device includes a main reservoir that supplies the liquid medicament, an outlet port that delivers the liquid medicament to the patient, a basal dispenser that delivers a substantially constant flow of the liquid medicament to the outlet port, and a manually actuated bolus pump that delivers a bolus dose of the liquid medicament from the main reservoir to the outlet when actuated. The basal medicament supply delivers a volume of the liquid medicament from the main reservoir to the basal dispenser consonant with each actuation of the bolus pump.08-23-2012
20130035640FLUID DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEM - A fluid drug delivery system comprises a rigid shell having an inner sidewall, an opening and a passage as well as a collapsible cartridge with a distal end and a proximal end. The collapsible cartridge is arranged within the shell with its distal end being closer to the opening than the proximal end. It further comprises a first portion including the proximal end and a second portion including the distal end. The second portion is recoilable from the inner sidewall to urge a fluid, which comprises a drug and is contained in the collapsible cartridge, to the passage of the rigid shell. Further, the rigid shell and the collapsible cartridge are co-extruded.02-07-2013
20100249717MANUAL PUMP FOR INTRAVENOUS FLUIDS - A manual intravenous pump includes an input line, a fluid reservoir operatively connected to the input line, and an output line operatively connected to the fluid reservoir. The manual intravenous pump further includes a manually operable actuator, configured to facilitate the flow of fluid from the input line, through the fluid reservoir, and to the output line.09-30-2010
20100249716Single-Use Ampoule - A single-use, blow-molded container for medical or pharmaceutical media is presented. The container comprises a flexible storage portion connected to one end a dispensing portion and a cap connected to the other end of the dispensing portion, wherein the cap is separated from the dispensing portion to create an outlet opening so that the medical media can be expelled from the flexible storage portion. One improvement comprises at least one barrier member disposed on the dispensing portion, wherein the barrier member is sized and dimensioned to limit the insertion of the dispensing member into a patient's nostril. Another improvement comprises an orifice controlling the pattern and direction of the medical media as it exits the ampoule container and wherein the orifice is spaced apart from the outlet opening.09-30-2010
20120022456MANUAL PUMP FOR INTRAVENOUS FLUIDS - A manually operable pump includes a fluid line operatively connected to a fluid source, and a manually operable actuator. A facilitator is used to facilitate flow of fluid from the fluid source through the fluid line. The facilitator is operably connected to the manually operable actuator. A piezoelectric system is operably connected to the manually operable actuator, and configured to capture energy from manual actuation of the manually operable actuator and regulate the speed of the facilitator.01-26-2012
20120191045ENEMA DISPENSER - An enema includes a liquid in a dispenser having a bottle, a nozzle attached to the bottle, and a valve. The valve may be a membrane having a slit and a thickness of at most 0.90 mm. The valve may be attached to the bottle or it may be attached to the nozzle. The enema can be administered more easily, with a lower amount of force. A method of bowel cleansing includes inserting the enema into a rectum and applying a compression force to the enema bottle.07-26-2012
20090088700APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR LIQUID SPRAY ADMINISTRATION - A liquid spray administration apparatus which is inserted into a body to spray and administer liquid, including a liquid filling unit which is filled with the liquid, a catheter which is connected to the liquid filling unit at one end while having a spray nozzle at the other end, the spray nozzle spraying the liquid, a voltage generation unit which generates a voltage, and a voltage application unit which is disposed near the liquid filling unit or one end of the catheter, and applies the voltage generated from the voltage generation unit to the liquid in the spray nozzle through the liquid in the catheter, wherein the liquid is applied is sprayed and administered in a form of a charged misty liquid fine particulate from the spray nozzle toward a region, the region having a potential which is different from that of the liquid in the spray nozzle.04-02-2009
20080312601Container for Disposable Needle or Cannula - The present invention relates to a container for a disposable needle or cannula, intended to facilitate needle or cannula placement for the infusion of a liquid drug under a patient's skin, the container comprising: a cylindrical housing (12-18-2008
20110112485FLUSHABLE INJECTION PORT - The combination (05-12-2011
20100100052DIFFERENTIAL FORCE SENSOR - A differential force sensor method and apparatus for automatically monitoring manual injections through an intravenous line. The differential force sensor includes two piezoresistive sense die that are packaged in close proximity utilizing a number of packaging processes. The two piezoresistive sense die can be utilized to measure forces exerted on a diaphragm on either side of an orifice. The piezoresistive sense die can be packaged in close proximity to make intimate contact with the diaphragms on either side of the orifice. The differential force sensor further includes two plungers that make intimate contact with the diaphragm and transfer the force into the piezo-resistive sense dies. Additionally, one or more ASICs and microcontrollers can be utilized to provide thermal calibration and differential calculation.04-22-2010
20090112168APPARATUS AND METHOD TO INJECT FLUIDS INTO BONE MARROW AND OTHER TARGET SITES - Apparatus for delivering a quantity of fluid to bone marrow of a bone or providing access to remove fluids from a target site is provided. The apparatus may include a driver, a plunger operating and cartridge assembly mechanism, a cartridge assembly having a fluid reservoir and a bone penetrating needle.04-30-2009
20080312600FLEXIBLE MEDICAL DEVICE CONDUIT - A flexible medical device conduit includes an elongated framework formed from a flexible material (e.g., Nitinol) with a body portion, sharp head, distal end and proximal end. The flexible medical device conduit also includes a flexible tube at least partially jacketing the elongated framework between the distal end and the proximal end. Moreover, the sharp head is disposed at the distal end and is configured for subcutaneous skin insertion and the elongated framework and flexible tube define at least one conduit between the elongated framework and the flexible tube, the conduit having an opening at the distal end.12-18-2008
20100312194SYRINGE WITH EXCHANGEABLE NEEDLE - A syringe comprises a syringe body (12-09-2010
20110137258NASAL RINSE APPARATUS - A nasal rinse apparatus is described, including a container having an upper surface, at least a first portion of the container tapers from proximally to distally to a maximum height at the upper surface, at least a second portion of the container tapers from proximally to distally to a minimum height at the upper surface and portions in between tapers from to a height at the upper surface that is between the maximum and minimum height. In some embodiments, a dispenser having an aperture is configured to deliver a fluid from the container into a nasal cavity of a user at a jet trajectory axis between about 80 degrees and about 100 degrees with respect to a principle axis of a container connection portion.06-09-2011
20080287879 SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TREATING ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION - A treatment for male erectile dysfunction comprising separately storing a lyophilized composition of vasoactive agents and a carrier gel, mixing said lyophilized composition of vasoactive agents and said carrier gel creating a homogeneous mixture and applying said homogeneous mixture to the meatus of the glans penis. A system for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction comprising a syringe coupling system for the storage, mixing and application of therapeutic compounds for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, said system further comprising a first syringe and a second syringe. The first and second syringes are filled with a lyophilized composition of vasoactive agents or a carrier gel. The system includes a locking device coupling said syringes to facilitate the transfer of said lyophilized composition of vasoactive agents and carrier gel between the syringes and a penile adapter for applying the therapeutic compounds for the treatment of erectile dysfunction to the meatus of the glans penis.11-20-2008
20110087172ANAL MEDICATION APPLICATOR EXTENSION - Disclosed is applicator extension device including a semi rigid elongate tube bent at an angle and an adjustably bendable elongate tube each having a first end fitting configured to be removably attached to the opening of a medicine container and a second end terminating in a second end fitting configured to be removably attached to an applicator. Embodiments of this device include embodiments wherein all or a portion of the tube is made of non-rebound tubing or stay put tubing; wherein a flange is circumferentially fixed on the outer surface of the elongate tube adjacent to the end of the elongate tube adjacent to the applicator; wherein the end fittings are releasably attached to either or both ends of the elongate tube; and/or wherein a wherein a flexible tube is attached to the elongate tube, preferably between the end of the elongate tube and the opening of the medicine container.04-14-2011
20110060290STABILIZED PROTEIN COMPOSITIONS - Stabilized compositions of specific binding agents to RANKL, specific binding agents to TNF, and/or specific binding agents to IL-1R1 in containers are provided. Methods of making and using such compositions are also provided.03-10-2011
20100204657MANUALLY OPERABLE PORTABLE DEVICE - A portable therapeutic fluid delivery device and a method for delivering a therapeutic fluid into a body of a patient are provided. In one aspect the therapeutic fluid delivery device and the method can be implemented using at least one housing securable to the body of the patient, a reservoir coupled to the at least one housing, a therapeutic fluid dispensing mechanism, a memory component, a controller, at least one bolus delivery button configured to signal the controller to initiate the delivery of the therapeutic fluid into the body of the patient; and, an inadvertent initiation prevention mechanism adapted for preventing the patient from activating the at least one bolus delivery button.08-12-2010
20110190709Injector - There is provided a injector in which a backstop function is realized by a collar part at a position situated away from a gasket in the direction of the side of the proximal end and adequate sterilization can be carried out, with a plunger rod (in which the collar part is formed) assembled, while aiming to secure airtightness.08-04-2011
20090177165Silicon breast implant injector for augmentation mammaplasty - The present invention includes a hollow tube and a plunger. The hollow tube has a barrel which has one end tapered to form a first arched barrel connecting to an inverse second arched barrel which in turn is connected to an ejection opening formed at the same diameter as the second arched barrel but into a short length tube. The plunger can push a silicon breast implant s held in the hollow tube through an incision into a patient's breast. The silicon breast implant s is coated with a lubricating fluid non-irritating to human body. Coupled with a smooth connection between the first arched barrel and the second arched barrel, push resistance can be reduced to smoothly and safely move the silicon breast implant without damage into the submammary pocket. Thus augmentation mammaplasty can be performed quickly and safely.07-09-2009

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Patent applications in all subclasses Means moved by person to inject or remove fluent material to or from body inserted conduit, holder, or reservoir