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Means for intermixing liquid with solid or different liquid

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604 - Surgery


604048000 - Treating material introduced into or removed from body orifice, or inserted or removed subcutaneously other than by diffusing through skin

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604083000 Treating material introduced directly into liquid stream path 37
604089000 Closure or barrier between compartments moved to permit mixing 36
604087000 Means broken, cut, pierced or torn to permit mixing 23
604092000 Solid dissolved in liquid 8
20130030359DIPEPTIDE-BASED PRODRUG LINKERS FOR AROMATIC AMINE-CONTAINING DRUGS - The present invention relates to a prodrug or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, comprising a drug linker conjugate D-L, wherein D being a biologically active moiety containing an aromatic amine group is conjugated to one or more polymeric carriers via dipeptide-containing linkers. Such carrier-linked prodrugs achieve drug releases with therapeutically useful half-lives. The invention also relates to pharmaceutical compositions comprising said prodrugs and their use as medicaments.01-31-2013
20100121268DISPENSING ASSEMBLY FOR TWO COMPONENTS WITH DOUBLE SYRINGE AND MIXER - A dispensing assembly for two components including a double syringe, a mixer, and a transfer device interposed between the double syringe and the mixer. The transfer device (05-13-2010
20110196294INFUSION OF DRUGS - An at least partly implantable system for injecting a substance into a patient's body, in particular a penis erection stimulation system, comprises an infusion device (08-11-2011
20110196292Injector and two-chamber system having sealing container adapter - The invention relates to a single-use injector and to a two-chamber system, wherein at least one first chamber is part of a cylinder-piston unit that can be received in the single-use injector, and wherein the second chamber is part of a container having at least one opening, and closed at least intermittently by means of a stopper and place in a container adapter releasably supported on the single-use injector. To this end, the stopper and the container adapter can be permanently latched to each other. When the container is inserted, the container adapter closes off the opening and displaces the stopper. When the container is inserted into the container adapter, the adapter connects the interior of the cylinder-piston unit to the interior of the container. By means of the present invention, a single-use injector and a two-chamber system having a reduced number of components is developed.08-11-2011
20090156994PHARMACEUTICAL COMPOUND TO PREVENT AND TREAT FOCAL TISSULAR LESIONS AND INFECTIONS, METHOD AND APPLICATORS - A therapeutic compound, methods and applicators to prevent and treat focal tissular lesions and infections in mammals is made by the mixture of an antiseptic powder and an antiseptic liquid, wherein the compound may be employed for an “assisted integration” through the “bone socket arrangement” pre or post-implantation by medication in a patient, for preventing or curing by direct contact diseases within the mouth and also to treat skin inflammations, infections, aphthas, herpes simplex infections, ulcers, burns, and other externally illness, to promote healing and bone growth and to chemical debridement.06-18-2009
20130066264SUGAR-RESPONSIVE GEL AND MEDICINE ADMINISTERING DEVICE - Disclosed are a sugar-responsive gel and a medicine administering device having a pKa more suitable for use in a body environment and capable of administering medicine more autonomously than before. A sugar-responsive gel and an insulin administering device having a pKa more suitable for use in a body environment and capable of administering insulin more autonomously than before, wherein under a body condition of pKa of 7.4 or less and temperature of 35° C.-40° C., when the glucose concentration increases, insulin can be released from a gel body in response thereto, and when the glucose concentration decreases, insulin release from the gel body can be suppressed.03-14-2013
20110021981Methods And Compositions For Treating Trauma-Hemorrhage Using Estrogen And Derivatives Thereof - Disclosed are methods and materials for treating or preventing complications due to traumatic injuries using estrogen or derivatives thereof.01-27-2011
20120116300ACTIVATION AND DELIVERY DEVICES FOR THERAPEUTIC COMPOSITIONS - Devices and methods for activating a therapeutic composition, delivering a therapeutic composition to a specific region or tissue in a body, and containing a therapeutic composition within a body cavity are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a therapeutic capsule is shown having an outer element defining an interior chamber and including a matrix disposed therein and wherein the interior chamber is elongated along a chamber axis.05-10-2012
20130165853SYRINGE KIT FOR MIXING TWO MEDICINAL FLUIDS - A syringe kit for mixing two medicinal fluids includes first and second barrels adapted to contain medicinal fluids therein. The first barrel includes a connecting tube portion at a tip portion thereof having a male screw on an outer periphery, and an inner tapered surface on an inner periphery. The second barrel includes a nozzle portion at a tip portion thereof having a screw tube portion with a female screw on an inner periphery thereof freely engageable with the male screw, and an outer tapered surface fitting to the inner tapered surface on the inner periphery. At least a surface of the male screw and the outer periphery of the connecting tube portion of the first barrel, or a surface of the female screw and the inner periphery of the screw tube portion of the second barrel are roughened to a surface roughness in a range between Ra1.0 and Ra2.0.06-27-2013
20090012465Microcatherer having tip relief region - A microcatheter having a distal end with a tip relief region comprising at least one spiral cut, preferably a full thickness cut, and preferably having decreasing pitch towards the distal tip. The microcatheter is preferably made of medical grade superelastic nitinol. The microcatheter can be used alone or as one catheter in a dual lumen microcatheter assembly.01-08-2009
20100087779INSTRUMENT AND DEVICE FOR VARICOSE SCLEROTHERAPY - A mixing portion is provided between a medical fluid container connecting portion 04-08-2010
20100268158LIQUID EMBOLIC COMPOSITION DELIVERY DEVICES AND METHODS - Devices and methods are provided for delivering fluid components of an embolic mass into a body cavity. A connector, which includes a receiving element, a first port, and a second port, is provided for securing an outer tubular element and an inner tubular element such that the outer tubular element coaxially surrounds the inner tubular element. The first port is in fluid communication with the lumen of the outer tubular element when the outer tubular element is secured to the receiving element; and the second port is in fluid communication with the lumen of the inner tubular element when the inner tubular element is secured to the connector. First and second fluid components of an embolic composition are delivered into the first and second ports of the connector and through the lumens of the outer and inner tubular elements for occlusion of the body cavity.10-21-2010
20100249698CONTROLLED EXOTHERM OF CYANOACRYLATE FORMULATIONS - The present invention is directed to curable cyanoacrylate-based formulation containing a multi-functional amine initiator. A dual function amine, particularly Quadrol, provides a highly desirable balance of maximum cure temperature and setting time of cure with the same higher viscosity, non-running cyanoacrylate formulation. The present invention is also directed to systems that utilize the inventive formulations and methods for use of such formulations.09-30-2010
20110301534ELECTROMECHANICAL INJECTION APPARATUS - An injection apparatus (12-08-2011
20100100038ELECTRONIC FLOW CONTROL - An electronic controller is provided for controlling the evacuation of fluid from one or more fluid reservoirs. The controller includes a plurality of sensors that sense environmental factors and the controller adjusts the evacuation of fluid from the bladder(s) using information gathered by the sensors.04-22-2010
20100234799DELIVERY OF MULTICOMPONENT COMPOSITIONS - The invention relates to devices and kits for the controlled delivery of viscous, multi component compositions.09-16-2010
20110196293STIMULATION OF PENIS ERECTION - A penis erection stimulation system comprises an infusion device (08-11-2011
20130218074Medicament Delivery Device - A medicament delivery device includes a housing; a drive force mechanism slidable in the housing's distal part; a member connected to the drive force mechanism for holding it in a loaded state and axially movable in relation to the distal part a predetermined distance by the housing's proximal part when the parts are moved toward each other; and an actuation member to be biased in relation to the distal part from a non-operating position partially protruding from the distal part to an operating position confined within the distal part. The actuation member can release the drive force mechanism from its loaded state, and is resiliently connected to the distal part such that it is always recoiled after being biased regardless of whether the actuation mechanism is released. The drive force mechanism is released only after the holding member moves and the actuation member is biased from non-operating to operating position.08-22-2013
20120109052PEN NEEDLE ASSEMBLY FOR DELIVERING DRUG SOLUTIONS - In one aspect, a pen needle assembly is provided herein which includes a hub, and a needle fixed to the hub, the needle having proximal and distal ends with a lumen extending therebetween. The needle extends distally from the hub to define an exposed length between the distal end of the needle and the hub in the range of about 5.0 to 9.0 mm. The hub defines a post formed about the needle, the post having a distally-facing first skin engaging surface. The exposed length of the needle extends distally from the first skin engaging surface. The hub also defines a distally-facing second skin engaging surface which at least partially circumscribes the first skin engaging surface. The second skin engaging surface being located proximally of the first skin engaging surface. Advantageously, with the subject invention, a pen needle assembly is provided having two skin engaging surfaces which provide stability in achieving subcutaneous injections.05-03-2012
20090292240TWO-STAGE RECONSTITUTING INJECTOR - An injector for injecting a medicament into a patient. The injector includes a container defining a first chamber, which contains a fluid therein, and a second chamber. The injector also includes an injection conduit configured for directing the fluid fired from the container into the patient. A transfer mechanism is operable by a user to transfer the fluid from the first chamber to the second chamber in a first stage of operation, and a firing mechanism is operable by the user for firing the fluid from the second chamber through the injection conduit in a second stage of operation. An energy source is in powering association with the firing mechanism to drive firing mechanism in the first and second stages.11-26-2009
20080287866Methods and compositions for the treatment of pain - The invention features methods, kits, and compositions for the treatment of pain.11-20-2008
20080294099SPRAYER - A sprayer includes a nozzle through which gas is to be ejected with positiveness and uniformity. The sprayer is provided with a nozzle having inner tubes through the interior of which liquid is to pass and an outer tube receiving the inner tubes therein and allowing gas to pass through a space defined with the inserted inner tubes. The inner tubes have respective liquid orifices through which liquids are to be ejected. The outer tube is arranged therein with the liquid orifices and a gas orifice for ejecting gas. When the nozzle is viewed from front, the outer peripheries of the liquid orifices each assume a circular form while the inner peripheries of the gas orifices are differently shaped to provide plural point contact between the outer periphery of the liquid orifice and the inner periphery of the gas orifice.11-27-2008
20080275387HEMOSTATIC MEDICAL DEVICE - A hemostatic medical device comprising a tubular syringe body extending along an axis and having a front end and a rear end; a plunger axially slidable in the body; a stem projecting axially rearward out of the body from the plunger; a free piston slidable in the body forward of the plunger and subdividing the body forward of the plunger into a front compartment at the front body end and a rear compartment between the plunger and the piston; the syringe body being formed with a mechanism to allow the contents in the rear and front compartments to mix; sterile saline in the rear compartment; and a hemostatic substance in the front compartment.11-06-2008
20090264816INJECTABLE MATERIAL DELIVERY DEVICE WITH AN INTEGRATED MIXER - An injectable material delivery device is disclosed and can include a barrel that can have an internal chamber. A plunger can be at least partially disposed within the internal chamber of the barrel. Further, a collapsible mixing blade can be disposed within the internal chamber.10-22-2009
20110208120System with a reservoir for perfusion management - A system for perfusion management that monitors, maintains, diagnoses, or treats perfusion deficiencies.08-25-2011
20090198177Surgical delivery system for medical sealant - Certain embodiments include a surgical delivery system for a medical sealant including a packaging system with a detachable a sterile surface for mixing the sealant as needed for application.08-06-2009
20110230827MIXING DEVICE FOR A TWO-CHAMBER AMPOULE - A device for administering a product (e.g. a medicinal or therapeutic substance), the device including a receptacle for the product or constituents of the product and a casing, wherein the receptacle and casing are engaged, and an outer sleeve, wherein the casing can be moved relative to the receptacle into the outer sleeve.09-22-2011
20100262073MEDICAL/SURGICAL LAVAGE SYSTEM CAPABLE OF SELECTIVELY AND SEQUENTIALLY DISCHARGING EITHER A BASE SOLUTION OR A SOLUTION WHICH INCLUDES A THERAPEUTIC AGENT - A medical/surgical irrigator with a handpiece for discharging a lavage solution. There is reservoir in which a therapeutic agent is stored. The therapeutic agent can be selectively mixed with the lavage solution to form a blended solution. The mixing can be performed selectively so as to make it possible to sequentially apply the blended solution or a basic (lavage only) solution.10-14-2010
20110060274TWO-CHAMBER INJECTION DEVICE HAVING GAS-PERMEABLE MEMBRANE - The invention relates to a two-chamber syringe device comprising a cylinder element (03-10-2011
20090076444METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SECURING A NEUROMODULATION LEAD TO NERVOUS TISSUE OR TISSUE SURROUNDING THE NERVOUS SYSTEM - An apparatus for securing a neuromodulation lead to nervous tissue or surrounding tissue (i.e. meninges) is provided. The neuromodulation lead includes an elongated member having a proximal end, a distal end, and a passage extending there between. The lead further includes at least one electrical contact secured around an outer surface of the distal end of the elongated member for stimulating nervous tissue. The apparatus comprises first and second tubular members are disposed within the passage of the elongated member. Each of the tubular members terminates at the distal end of the elongated member. First and second glue components are provided for injecting into the first and second tubular members, respectively. The first and second glue components, when injected, exit the respective tubular members at the distal end of the elongated member and mix to create a solidified glue that anchors the distal end of the elongated member within the nervous tissue.03-19-2009
20100211005APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR SELF-ADMINISTRATION OF VACCINES AND OTHER MEDICAMENTS - A medicament delivery device includes a housing, a medicament container disposed within the housing, an activation mechanism, a cover and an electronic circuit system. The activation mechanism includes an energy storage member configured to produce a force to deliver the dose of a medicament and/or vaccine. The cover is configured to receive at least a portion of the housing. The electronic circuit system is coupled to the housing such that a protrusion of the cover electrically isolates a battery from a portion of the electronic circuit system when the portion of the housing is received by the cover. The electronic circuit system is configured to be electrically coupled to the battery and to produce a recorded speech output when the portion of the housing is at least partially removed from the cover. The electronic circuit system configured to produce a signal when the activation mechanism is actuated.08-19-2010
20130131589INJECTION DEVICE HAVING AN ANGLED TIP PORTION - In one embodiment, the handheld injection device includes a first housing having a first axis and a second housing having a second axis. In one embodiment, the second housing is configured to support a needle. In one embodiment, the first axis and a second axis form an adjustable angle between about 180 degrees and about 90 degrees.05-23-2013
20110040249Human Anti-IL-23 Antibodies, Compositions, Methods and Uses - A human anti-IL-23p19 antibody, including isolated nucleic acids that encode at least one anti-IL-23p19 antibody, vectors, host cells, and methods of making and using thereof have applications in diagnostic and/or therapeutic compositions, methods and devices.02-17-2011
20110087163Medicament Delivery Device - The present invention relates to an injection device for manually penetrating a needle arranged to said device and automatic injecting a medicament mixture, the device being of the type comprising: a first housing part into which a multi-chamber container is arranged and a second housing part which can be displaced relative to said first housing in order to mix at least two substances arranged inside said container; a plunger rod arranged to act on said container, drive force means capable of pushing said plunger rod for acting on said container, an activation member comprising flexible locking means releasibly connected to said plunger rod for holding said plunger rod and thereby said drive force means in a pre-tensioned state, and a push button protruding from said second housing part; and a locking member being arranged around said activation member and being axially slidable in relation to said activation member between a first position wherein said locking member completely surrounds said locking means and a second position wherein said locking member partially surrounds said locking means after said locking member has been axially displaced by said first housing when said first housing has been displaced into said second housing part; and wherein said flexible locking means are arranged to be released from said plunger rod only after said locking member is moved from the first position to the second position and said push button is axially moved into the second housing part, such that the flexible locking means comes completely out of contact with the locking member.04-14-2011
20090326447Transdermal Delivery Apparatus and Method - An apparatus and method for applying a beneficial agent to the skin is disclosed in one embodiment of the invention as including first and second chemical reactants, each being compatible with the skin. The first and second chemical reactants react with one another to generate a beneficial agent and enhance the permeability of the skin (e.g., by generating heat). The beneficial agent may then be applied to the skin while the permeability of the skin is enhanced. In selected embodiments, the first chemical reactant includes one or more metals, or alloys thereof, that are compatible (i.e., not harmful) with the skin. Similarly, in selected embodiments, the second chemical reactant may include water. In certain embodiments, the beneficial agent generated by the first and second chemical reactants includes an antioxidant such as hydrogen.12-31-2009
20090216183Multi medication nasal spray device and method - A nasal spray apparatus for simultaneously administrating metered amounts of multiple medicaments includes chambers for separately storing incompatible medicaments, such as an antihistamine and a steroid. Reciprocal piston pumps allow the medications to be sprayed into the user's nasal cavity. Two pumps can be used to separately transfer the medicaments to a receptacle where they can be initially mixed just prior to administration. A small volume receptacle is used to reduce the amount of mixture remaining after each stroke of the nasal spray apparatus. A check valve can be associated with each pump to further reduce medicament mixtures from cross contamination within storage chamber preparations. Collapsible components, including collapsible storage chambers or balloon capacitors can be employed to compensate for vacuums and back pressures as the medicaments are pumped to a spray nozzle.08-27-2009
20110077589Medicament Delivery Device - The present invention relates to medicament delivery device comprising a generally tubular distal housing part (03-31-2011
20110077588ADMINISTERING DEVICE WITH BLOCKABLE ACTUATION ELEMENT - An apparatus for administering a fluid product, including a housing, an administering mechanism accommodated in the housing, an actuation element for actuating the administering mechanism, a receptacle for holding the fluid product, and a lock for releasably locking the actuation element, wherein the receptacle is rotatable relative to the housing and the lock can be moved from a locked position to an unlocked position by rotating the receptacle.03-31-2011
20110213299MEDICAL INJECTOR WITH BUTTON ACTIVATION - A medical injector is provided herein which includes a body; a slidable button at least partially disposed in the body; a displaceable plunger disposed in the body; a spring disposed to advance the plunger; and, a releasable retainer for retaining the plunger in a first state against force of the spring. Upon a predetermined extent of sliding movement of the button, the button engages the releasable retainer so as to cause the releasable retainer to release the plunger thus allowing the spring to advance the plunger. Advantageously, the subject invention provides a medical injector having an automated plunger drive which is triggered upon button activation, thereby minimizing premature or failed activations.09-01-2011
20110054392Implant Material Based On A Polymer System And The Use Thereof - An implant material on the basis of a polymer system has a first component and a second component that react with one another when mixed to form a polymer-based solid. The first component is a paste that contains at least one biocompatible polymer powder and a starter component for initiating a polymerization reaction upon mixing, wherein the paste has a carrier liquid, wherein under normal conditions in the carrier liquid the at least one biocompatible polymer powder does not dissolve or significantly swell and the starter component remains stable until mixing with the second component of the polymer system. The second component of the polymer system contains at least one reactive organic liquid or a solution or a suspension of a reactive organic liquid and of a polymer.03-03-2011
20110118664DISPENSING ASSEMBLY WITH SEPARATE SYRINGES AND SYRINGE HOLDER - The dispensing assembly has a one-piece syringe holder in which two separate syringes are placed and which includes a thumb rest that acts upon the thrust plates of the syringes jointly. The integral design of the syringe holder and the thumb rest results in a synchronous dispensing of both syringes. Preferentially, the syringe holder comprises guiding and fastening means for the separate syringes.05-19-2011
20110125089HEMOSTATIC MICROSPHERES - Provided herein are hemostatic compositions. In one embodiment, the hemostatic composition includes cross-linked polymer microspheres, such as cross-linked gelatin microspheres with pores. In another embodiment, the hemostatic composition comprises an additive such as a wetting agent, a suspending agent, or both. The hemostatic compositions may also include a hemostatic agent such as thrombin, and may include a high concentration of thrombin. The hemostatic compositions may also include plasma. Also provided herein are devices for dispersing said hemostatic compositions in a diluent, and delivering said dispersed hemostatic composition. The hemostatic compositions may also fabricated with a selected geometry as administration suggests.05-26-2011
20110125088Apparatus for an improved high pressure medicinal dispenser - An apparatus for an improved high pressure medicinal dispenser is disclosed. The high pressure dispenser may include a handle (05-26-2011
20100305501Injector with Thumb Operable Scroll Wheel - The present invention relates to an injector comprising a housing (12-02-2010
20110137242SYSTEM, METHOD AND DEVICE FOR MAKING AND DELIVERING GENETIC-BASED PERSONALIZED NUTRIENT AND SUPPLEMENT MIXTURES - A system for preparing a genetically-based personalized mixture of nutrients and other ingredients that includes an input device to input genetic information of a user into the system, an identifying device to identify a genetic profile of the user based on the user input information, and a processing device to process the information inputted by the user and identify a mix and concentration of ingredients stored in the system to be prepared based on the genetic profile of the user. The system also includes a mixing device to mix a customized beverage to deliver to the user where the customized beverage includes the mix and concentration of ingredients prepared based on the genetic profile of the user.06-09-2011
20110082420Medicament Delivery Device - The present invention relates to a medicament delivery device comprising a generally tubular distal housing part (04-07-2011
20100016790Treatment And Pre-Treatment Device, And Manufacturing Method Therefor, Involving Nitric Oxide - A device is provided that allows for treatment or pre-treatment of an area of a human or animal organ intended to be penetrated to connect the vascular system of said human or animal with a sampling, infusion, or withdrawal container. The device comprises nitric oxide (NO) for obtaining a vaso-dilating effect at said area during said treatment or pre-treatment.01-21-2010
20110021982DISPENSING DEVICE WITH BYPASS - A device for dispensing multiple components has a syringe housing comprising at least one storage container that is divided into at least two chambers and has a bypass arrangement, and a second storage container with or without a bypass arrangement, the syringe housing being realized as part of a double syringe or double cartridge having a double plunger and a common outlet. The bypass arrangement comprises at least two indentations. The device is simple to manufacture and provides for an improved mixing of components, in particular powder and a fluid, and improves dispensing under hygienic conditions.01-27-2011
20120310155APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DERMAL DELIVERY - A dermal delivery apparatus includes a pad having a surface to interface with an outer layer of skin. The dermal delivery apparatus also includes a micro structure coupled to the pad and configured to penetrate and deliver an agent beneath the outer layer of skin. The dermal delivery device also includes a base at least partially surrounding the micro structure. The base is coupled to the pad and protrudes away from the surface of the pad to apply surface tension to the skin.12-06-2012
20110092899Prevention Of Premature Gelling Of Delivery Devices For pH Dependent Forming Materials - The present disclosure provides treatment of an apparatus, in embodiments a delivery device, which prevents premature gelling of any materials or precursor(s) of a pH dependent forming material, in embodiments a hydrogel, dispensed by the delivery device. The pH microenvironment near the surface of a lumen of the device, in embodiments the tip of a spray applicator through which the material to be dispensed is expelled from the device, may be controlled to prevent premature gelling.04-21-2011
20100094208DISPENSER FOR ADHESIVE NEWTONIAN FLUID - Dispenser (04-15-2010
20100241067Syringe, particularly for medical and veterinary use, of the multi-chamber, single-use and preloaded type - A syringe, particularly for medical and veterinary use, of the multi-chamber, single-use and preloaded type, comprising a containment cylinder forming a compartment for containment and mixing for substances to be injected, which can be mated with a tubular element. The containment cylinder is connectable, at a first end, to a needle for injections.09-23-2010
20100331772DRUG-TRANSFER DEVICE, DRUG-DELIVERY SYSTEM INCORPORATING THE SAME, METHODS OF FABRICATING THE SAME, AND METHODS OF ENABLING ADMINISTRATION OF A DRUG - Devices capable of deterring or preventing bulk extraction of drugs from, for example, drug-delivery systems are exemplarily disclosed. In one embodiment, such a device may include a package releasably retaining a drug and an agent. The agent is configured to suppress a physiological effect of the drug when the agent contacts the drug or is coadministered with the drug. The cell package is configured such that an amount of the drug is selectively releasable with respect to the agent when the package is operably proximate to an encoded key. The package, however, may be configured to impose a relatively high likelihood that either the drug will not be accessed or the drug will be contaminated by the agent if access to the contents of the package is sought without the use of an encoded key.12-30-2010
20120226224SUSTAINED RELEASE FORMULATION COMPRISING OCTREOTIDE AND THREE LINEAR POLYLACTIDE-CO-GLYCOLIDE POLYMERS - The present invention relates to sustained release formulations comprising as active ingredient octreotide or a pharmaceutically-acceptable salt thereof and three different linear polylactide-co-glycolide polymers (PLGAs).09-06-2012
20090137950DISPOSABLE AMPOULE FOR AN AEROSOL GENERATING DEVICE - Disposable ampoule for use in an aerosol generating device, comprising: a medicament container that contains a medicament and is formed of a container body (05-28-2009
20110004156SINGLE CHAMBER DEVICE FOR DRAWING IN AND DISPENSING COMPONENTS - A single chamber device for drawing in and dispensing components comprising a syringe housing, a piston that is actuatable by a plunger unit, and a mixing assembly whose rod is guided through the piston and operatively connected to the plunger unit. The plunger unit comprises a plunger rod that is articulated at the mixing rod and provided with means that are engageable with the mixing rod. In this manner, a mixture of different components, particularly also bone cement, can be both created and dispensed in a simple and inexpensive single chamber device.01-06-2011
20120238950Temperature-Sensitive Packaging Closures - A device containing a temperature-sensitive material comprises a first part containing the material, a second part which engages the first part and allows, or can be disengaged or displaced to allow, the material to be dispensed or utilised, a locking means, and a temperature-sensitive activator for the locking means that is activated at a predetermined temperature, and thereby irreversibly prevents the material from being dispensed or utilised should it become frozen or exposed to temperatures below a predetermined limit.09-20-2012
20120271228SUBSTANCE DELIVERY SYSTEM - Embodiments of a system including a remotely controlled substance delivery device and associated controller are described. Methods of use and control of the device are also disclosed. According to some embodiments, a delivery device or related device may be placed in an environment in order to pump a material into the environment or into an additional fluid handling structure within the device. Exemplary environments include a body of an organism, a body of water, or an enclosed volume of a fluid. The concentration of a substance in the fluid to be delivered may be modified by a remote control signal. In selected embodiments, a magnetic field, an electric field, or electromagnetic control signal may be used.10-25-2012
20120330229SYRINGE-LIKE MIXING DEVICE HAVING A DISTALLY OPERABLE MIXING ELEMENT - The invention relates to a syringe-like mixing device, comprising a housing, in which a mixing chamber is formed, a piston, which can be slid in the mixing chamber from the proximal side, and a mixing element, which can be operated from the distal side. In order to ensure simple operation, the mixing device has a sealing cap, which seals the distal open end of the mixing chamber and which has a passage opening, through which an operating rod for the mixing element is guided. The sealing cap can be completely removed from the housing together with the operating rod and the mixing element. In order to discharge the mixing product, a second sealing cap can be placed onto the housing. Accessory parts can be connected to said second sealing cap. The mixing product can then be discharged as with a conventional injection syringe.12-27-2012
20120330228DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DELIVERY OF TWO OR MORE DRUG AGENTS - A computerized electro-mechanical drug delivery device configured to deliver at least one dose of two or more medicaments. The device comprises a control unit. An electro-mechanical drive unit is operably coupled to the control unit and a primary reservoir for a first medicament and a secondary reservoir for a fluid agent, e.g. a second medicament. An operator interface is in communication with the control unit. A single dispense assembly is configured for fluid communication with the primary and the secondary reservoir. Activation of the operator panel sets a first dose from the primary reservoir and based on the first dose and a therapeutic dose profile, the control unit is configured to determine a dose or range of the fluid agent. Alternatively, the control unit determines or calculates a dose or range of a third medicament. Further, a dispense interface for use with a drug delivery device is disclosed.12-27-2012
20130023822DEVICES AND METHODS FOR DELIVERING MEDICAMENTS FROM A MULTI-CHAMBER CONTAINER - An apparatus includes a housing, a medicament container, and a movable assembly. The movable assembly includes a first movable member and a second movable member. The second movable member is configured to move relative to the first movable member to move the movable assembly from a first configuration to a second configuration. A distal end portion of the second movable member is configured to move a plunger disposed within the medicament container in a distal direction when the movable assembly is moved to the second configuration. The movable assembly is configured to move between a first position and a second position to move the medicament container within the housing between a first container position and a second container position.01-24-2013
20110275989HERMETICALLY SEALED MICRO DISPENSING DISPOSABLE MEDICAL DEVICE - A hermitically sealed micro dispensing disposable medical device made with metallic or glass or ceramic or polymeric ultra thin foils or membranes, with independent puncturing mechanisms for isolating and stabilizing the desired liquids until the device is ready for use which comprises of (a) canula (b) hub, (c) jacket and (d) stub characterized in that cannula consists of flexible, bendable, fixable capillary tubing, and is designed to bendable to any angle up to forty five degrees as measured from the vertical, the functionality for flexible bent, hub consists of screwed top end hub tube with a screw thread on the outside which mates with the screw end of the cannula to provide a flow control orifice system for the preferred embodiment, ultraviolet light source, preferably an uv led, is embedded at the circumference end of the hub. under the uv led, a battery power source is located, jacket is made up of flexible polymer tubing made from a material like polypropylene, polyethylene, PTFE, PBT etc or a combination thereof and preferably be transparent or translucent with sufficient structural strength, stub consists of an auxiliary canister made similarly like the main canister, auxiliary canister is filled with a desired auxiliary liquid.11-10-2011
20110275988SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROVIDING A CLOSED VENTING HAZARDOUS DRUG IV SET - A device for priming and venting a hazardous drug within an intravenous administration set. The device includes various access ports and fluid channels to permit direct injection of a hazardous drug into the fluid reservoir, while eliminating the possibility of undesirable exposure to the hazardous drug. The device further includes priming and flushing ports to enable flushing of a hazardous drug from the system following an infusion procedure.11-10-2011
20110238009DEVICES FOR INJECTING A SUBSTANCE AND METHODS THEREFOR - A device for administering injections includes a housing having an upper end, a lower end including a bottom surface with an injection needle opening, and an axis extending between the upper and lower ends. The device includes an injection needle disposed within the housing for moving between a retracted position and an extended position.09-29-2011
20100305500HYALURONIDASE AS AN ADJUVANT FOR INCREASING THE INJECTION VOLUME AND DISPERSION OF LARGE DIAMETER SYNTHETIC MEMBRANE VESICLES CONTAINING A THERAPEUTIC AGENT - Embodiments of the invention relate to hyaluronidase as an adjuvant to increase the injection volume and dispersion of large diameter synthetic membrane vesicles containing one or more therapeutic agents. In particular, embodiments of the invention relate to compositions comprising hyaluronidase and large diameter synthetic membrane vesicles containing a therapeutic agent, and methods of administration of the same. Methods of making large diameter synthetic membrane vesicles containing an active pharmaceutical ingredient and their use in combination with hyaluronidase as medicaments are provided.12-02-2010
20090012464Hose system for an injector, squeeze valve and pressure measuring interface - This invention pertains to a hose system for an injector for injecting contrast agents and saline solution into the human body. The hose system comprises a contrast agent conduit (01-08-2009

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