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Lower extremity

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602 - Surgery: splint, brace, or bandage


602005000 - Splint or brace

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602027000 Ankle 72
602026000 Knee 55
602028000 Drop-foot brace 41
602030000 Toe 35
602029000 Club-foot brace 6
602024000 Abduction 5
20120109032HIP ABDUCTION ORTHOSIS - A hip abduction orthosis for stabilizing the hip joints of a user, provided with a trunk engaging part, first and second thigh engaging parts and first and second coupling parts, wherein the first coupling part connects the first thigh engaging part with the trunk engaging part and the second coupling part connects the second thigh engaging part with the trunk engaging part. A distance between the first and/or the second thigh engaging part and the trunk engaging part is settable. An abduction angle of that thigh engaging part is settable. The distance and the abduction angle are coupled such that a first set distance between that thigh engaging part and the trunk engaging part is coupled with a first set abduction angle and a second set distance different from the first set distance is coupled with a second set abduction angle different from the first set abduction angle.05-03-2012
20110028876FOOT ABDUCTION APPARATUS - An improved foot abduction apparatus allowing movement in a horizontal and vertical plane. The embodiments allow a user to more easily manipulate the apparatus in one or both planes through the use of strategically placed pivot points. The device utilizes at least one rigid member attached to coupling devices which contain at least one pivot point. The specialized coupling devices may be selectively attached to shoe receiving member or plates which are well known in the art. Additionally the shoe receiving members are able to receive an improved shoe containing a sole member contained with a silicone boot.02-03-2011
20090216165Hip Abduction Orthosis - A hip abduction orthosis for stabilizing the hip joints of a user, provided with a trunk engaging part, a first and a second thigh engaging part and a first and a second coupling part, wherein the first coupling part connects the first thigh engaging part with the trunk engaging part and the second coupling part connects the second thigh engaging part with the trunk engaging part. A distance between the first and/or the second thigh engaging part and the trunk engaging part is settable. An abduction angle of that thigh engaging part is settable. The distance and the abduction angle are coupled such that a first set distance between that thigh engaging part and the trunk engaging part is coupled with a first set abduction angle and a second set distance different from the first set distance is coupled with a second set abduction angle different from the first set abduction angle.08-27-2009
20080319366ROMPER FOR USE OVER SPICA CAST - The present invention overcomes the lack of appropriate clothing for children being treated for hip dysplasia with a spica cast, Pavlic harness, or the like. A romper is disclosed that is sized to fit a child and sized to fit over a corrective device used to treat hip dysplasia. The romper of the present invention provides the convenience and neat appearance of infant clothing that is currently not available for children wearing a spica cast, Pavlic harness, or the like.12-25-2008
20130023810INFANT HIP JOINT POSITIONING DEVICE AND ASSOCIATED METHODS - A device and method are provided for positioning an infant's hips, and for maintaining the hip joint in a physiological position, during early months of life. The hip-positioning device includes a flexible base having a pair of opposed, outwardly extending side portions. The side portions are dimensioned for supporting thighs of an infant at an acute angle greater than zero relative to a dorsal plane of the infant, with knees of the infant in a flexed position. The base further has a downwardly extending, generally central portion that is adapted for positioning between the infant thighs and dimensioned for retaining the infant thighs in an abducted position. The device additionally includes an element for retaining the base on the infant.01-24-2013
20100113998PELVIS SUPPORTER - A pelvis supporter is wearable for exercise, and includes a base garment to be worn on a lower body of a wearer and a resin pattern formed tightly adhered on a surface of the base garment and extending annually around wearer's hip when worn. The resin pattern may have a high density area of high pattern density and a low density area of low pattern density, and it may have a wide area of wide pattern width and a narrow area of narrow pattern width.05-06-2010
20100076360Rehabilitation device and controlling method thereof - The present invention provides a rehabilitation device using a walking assistance device (03-25-2010
20130079692INFLATABLE COMPRESSSION SLEEVE - A disposable sleeve for compression therapy including a first wall to be located adjacent a patient's body to be treated and a second wall to be spaced from the patient body by the first wall, each of the walls comprising an internal layer made of an airtight material and an external layer disposed adjacent to the internal layer and made of a porous material, the internal layers of the two walls facing each other, all of the layers bonded to each other along bonding seams and free of such bonding at locations spaced from the bonding seams; and airtight cells defined between the walls, bound by the bonding seams and configured for being inflated, and at least one non-inflatable area spaced from adjacent cells by at least one bonding seam and having one or more through holes formed in the internal layer of each of the walls.03-28-2013
20130041303DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CONTROL OF HEMORRHAGE - A junctional and truncal tourniquet and a hip-girdling pelvic sling device for maintaining a desired amount of tension surrounding a person's hips and pelvis to securely support and stabilize a pelvis that has been fractured and for securing a pressure applying device to a person so that blood vessel-occluding pressure can be applied. Areas of mating types of fastener material such as mating hook-bearing fastener material and loop pile fastener material are arranged on the device to enable a strap to be secured at various effective lengths to provide a wide range of adjustability. The device may include inflatable bladders, stays, and a chin support and may be wrapped around a patient's neck as a cervical support collar, or around the torso to occlude blood vessels proximal to an injury on a limb.02-14-2013
20100106065Orthotic Assembly for Selectively off-Loading a Weight-Bearing Joint - An apparatus for supporting a calf of a user may include a first calf support member to support the calf of the user, a second calf support member to support the calf of the user, shoe member to support the first and second calf support member. The first calf support member and the second calf support member may cooperate to form a substantially continuous inner surface to support the calf of the user. The first calf support member may include a slot to accept the leg of the user, and the second calf support member may include a slot to accept the leg of the user. The first calf support member and the second calf support member may be detachably connected with a strap, and he first calf support member and the second calf support member may be detachably connected with a latch.04-29-2010
20090124947Adjustable Restraint for the Lower Leg and/or Foot - Adjustable restraint includes a plantar plate surrounded by a peripheral element about which a plurality of supports can be positioned; a support system attachable to that plate or element for providing vertical and horizontal support; and a lower leg securing housing.' The housing is attachable to the support system through adjustable fastener (s) such it can be adjusted vertically and secured in position with respect to the plantar plate. A sole portion of the plantar plate may be removable. The support system can include first support (s) and second support (s) attachable to the plate or element, and, through first adjustable fastener (s) and second adjustable fastener(s), respectively, the first adjustable fastener (s) and second adjustable fastener (s) be attachable to the housing.05-14-2009
20100069807Orthotic device with sliding mechanism - An orthotic foot device with a walking boot is provided. The orthotic foot device with a walking boot includes at least one boot wall having at least one guide disposed along an anteroposterior direction of the boot wall. At least one upright bar is disposed to attach to an individual's lower leg and is disposed to translatably engage the at least one guide. At least one fastener fixedly holds the at least one upright bar to the at least one guide when the at least one upright bar is desirably positioned the anatomical ankle axis and calf midline of a patient suffering from an injured Achilles tendon, hair line fractures of the foot and ankle, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, or other foot and ankle pathologies that require a cam boot.03-18-2010
20090306564Hip Support Member - When securing a frame (12-10-2009
20090259155Force Transmitting Member - Provided is a force transmitting member having a high rigidity without increasing the weight thereof. The force transmitting member (torque transmitting arm 10-15-2009
20090036815WALKING ASSISTANCE DEVICE - A walking assistance device (02-05-2009
20100087765Build-a-boot - A heel supporting and protective boot for bed-ridden patients who may otherwise develop pressure sores on their heel. The body of the boot is comprised of a fiber and angled foam combination heretofore not used. The boot additionally has sewn tube holes on both sides allowing for use of medical tubing such as with a sequential compression pump. The inner portion material of the boot is a soft liner fabric which is antibacterial and absorbs moisture. The outer portion material of the boot is a fabric with fluid resistance. Further, the boot has a soft fiber-filled flap covering the shin portion of the leg to prevent pressure on the dorsal side of the lower leg. The boot additionally has a foot-position strap sewn and placed to the bottom of the boot running along both sides of the boot and attaching at the top of both sides of the upper boot to assist with the prevention of foot drop. Said invention further uses an opening at the heel which allows the heel to remain exposed to air as a result of proper elevation and cushioning created by the unique combination of fiber and angled foam in the body of said device. The elements incorporated address important factors in preventing or allowing healing of heel sores, or enhancing the curing of existing ulcers while minimizing chances of foot drop and minimizing chances of new pressure points. The fiber/foam combination, dual fabric content, shin flap, tubing holes, foot position strap and open heel design all work together to ensure proper healing and prevention of decubitis ulcers.04-08-2010
20100010410VERSATILE ORTHOPAEDIC LEG MOUNTED WALKER - An orthopedic walker for mounting on the lower leg of a patient includes a walker base having a central area for receiving the foot of a patient and a spaced lower surface including an outer sole, and a pair of struts connected to the walker base. Each of the struts has a frame member of high strength material secured to the first end of the walker base and a supporting component integrally secured and adjacent to the frame member. The supporting component defines laterally extending side wings generally corresponding to the second end of the frame member, and is constructed from a material less rigid than the high strength material of the frame member. The supporting component has a main body and a border portion that are integrally secured and contiguous with one another. The border portion is formed from a material having a lower hardness than the material forming the main body.01-14-2010
20090112139Device to elevate to foot - A lightweight portable adjustable foot elevational device for elevating and protecting the foot to alleviate foot ailments and to facilitate surgery recuperation or healing from other injuries includes a foam base having a padded member mounted thereto and upon which the individual's foot is placed with the padded member capable of selective incremental vertical adjustment relative to the stationary base for changing the inclination or elevation of the foot (and lower leg) and a u-shaped padded foot guard pivotally mounted to padded member and capable of being pivoted forward or rearward relative to the seated individual for allowing the individual to first position his/her foot upon the padded member, and then for being pivoted to a position for protecting the individual's foot.04-30-2009
20110301521Support shell assembly for supporting and splinting legs - In a support shell assembly for supporting and splinting legs comprising a left and a right leg shell and a sole element that is fastened to the leg shells, wherein the leg shells and the sole element have fastening means for receiving a tensioning element, arranged within the support shell assembly (12-08-2011
20110288460THERAPEUTIC JOINT SUPPORT FOR ANIMALS - A breathable fabric sleeve provides varying elastic support to help heal strains, sprains and bruises to the ligaments and tendons of an animal's fetlock and pastern joints. Preferably the sleeve is made of a seamlessly woven elastic fabric. The sleeve is applied over the fetlock of the leg of a horse or other animal, from the pastern up to below the knee, on the front leg, or to below the hock, on the hind leg. The sleeve has uniform elastic strength around the circumference of the sleeve, but provides variable compression, so that an upper part of the sleeve provides greater circumferential compression and the lower part provides less compression. The variable compression can be produced by using a looser weave in a bottom end of the sleeve, and/or by increasing the diameter of the bottom end, relative to that of the central portion of the sleeve.11-24-2011
20090099494WALKING ASSISTANCE DEVICE - A walking assistance device has a leg link formed by connecting a first link member and a second link member through a third joint assembly. A force generated at the leg link by driving the third joint assembly is transmitted to the body of a user. The walking assistance device enables the user to deeply squat by making the third joint assembly highly bendable. The third joint assembly is has with a joint link member, a first joint which connects the joint link member and a first link member, and a second joint which connects the joint link member and the second link member. The walking assistance device is further equipped with a drive source which imparts a torque in a stretching direction to the first joint, and an elastic member which elastically holds the second joint in a predetermined stretched state until predetermined value or more acts thereon.04-16-2009
20100100021LEG SUPPORT - A leg support is adapted to be secured to a leg. The leg support includes an elongate and continuous strut having first and second rigid or semi-rigid segments, and a flexible middle segment located therebetween. The strut is arranged for securing to a posterior side of a leg and is centrally located along a medial-lateral plane of a leg. A resilient device is secured to the strut against a first surface thereof and extends across a length of the middle strut segment whereby the resilient device is configured to assist and resist certain movements of a leg. A coupling arrangement is arranged to be secured to footwear.04-22-2010
20100100020ORTHOPEDIC WALKER BOOT HAVING A REMOVABLE HEEL PLATE - An orthopedic walker boot for wearing on a lower limb of a wearer has a rigid external shell, a pliant internal boot positioned in the external shell, and a heel plate selectively detachable or attachable to the external shell. Selective transition of the heel plate between the detached condition and attached condition selectively provides the orthopedic walker boot with an open-heel configuration or a closed-heel configuration. The external shell includes an outer sole having a walking surface which is configured with two curved axes to facilitate walking while wearing the orthopedic walker boot.04-22-2010
20120035520WALKER HAVING HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT AND METHOD FOR DOING THE SAME - A walker having height adjustment, and a method of use thereof, generally includes a base. Length adjustable strut assemblies are provided to allow the walker to be converted between a fully extended configuration, a high top walker configuration, and a fully retracted, low top walker configuration, as well as to numerous configurations having incremental heights between the fully extended and the fully retracted configurations. Thus, a modular support is provided that can be used to provide different levels of immobilization and can be used for various therapeutic purposes, can accommodate different patient leg lengths with one device, and allows practitioners to carry a reduced inventory.02-09-2012
20090287125LEG SUPPORT - A leg support adapted to be secured to a leg includes an elongate strut having first and second segments, and a flexible middle segment located therebetween. The strut is arranged for securing to a posterior side of a leg and is centrally located along a medial-lateral plane of a leg. A resilient element is removably secured to a first surface of the strut, and extends across the middle strut segment. The middle strut segment and the resilient device are arranged to correspond to a knee of a leg and bend therewith such that the resilient device urges the strut into a generally upright configuration.11-19-2009
20090312682Walking assistance device - Provided is a femoral support member (12-17-2009
20080208094Orthotic Device Having Adjustable Stabilizing Member and Tensioning Arms - An orthotic device having an adjustable stabilizing member secured thereto in which the device has a body member for engaging portions of a lower leg and foot, and a flexible sheet member for adjustably and removably securing the device to the leg and foot. Front and rear tensioning arms are provided to adjustably support the leg and foot. The stabilizing member is manually adjustable by a user without requirement of mechanical devices or heat treatment.08-28-2008
20110270146Orthotic - An orthotic for correcting a movement of a hip joint of a user includes a support frame, a cam, a leg fixer, a following element and a restoring element. The support frame is attached to the user. The cam is disposed to the support frame. The leg fixer is pivotally connected to the support frame. The following element is moveably mounted on the leg fixer and connected to the cam. The restoring element connected to the leg fixer provides a force of restoring the leg fixer when the leg fixer is moved. When the leg fixer is being moved, a predetermined relative movement between the cam and the following element is produced to correct a movement range of the hip joint.11-03-2011
20090299243Walking assistance device - In a femoral support member 12-03-2009
20100274166Squat and Lunge Training Device - A device which restricts movement of the knee during lunge and squatting exercises prevents weight imbalance which may result in undue strain and knee injury. The device has a foot engagement member which is either stepped upon by the user and held in place by the user's weight, or the foot engagement member conforms to the side of the user's foot and is held in place by a strap or other means. Attached to the foot engagement is a vertical member which extends upwardly from the foot engagement member. A shin engagement member attached to the vertical member. The shin engagement member is generally positioned in a position along the lower leg of the user, below the knee and laterally adjacent to the user's tibia. As the user does a lunge, squat, or similar exercise, the shin engagement member prevents the user's knees from forward movement which extends forward of the user's feet. The device also has structure which prevents inward collapse of the knees during the exercise.10-28-2010
20100152637ORTHOPEDIC SHOE HAVING HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE CALF GUARD - An orthopedic shoe includes a shoe body provided with shoe straps for fastening to a user's foot, a track vertically affixed to the shoe body, a calf guard vertically slidably coupled to the track, and a locking lever pivoted to the calf guard and biasable between a locking position to lock the calf guard to the track and an unlocking position to unlock the calf guard from the track for allowing adjustment of the elevation of the calf guard relative to the track.06-17-2010
20090076425Equilateral Foot Bed and Systems Having Same - An equilateral foot bed and a system using the equilateral foot bed are provided for treating foot injuries and deformities, while allowing the patient to remain ambulatory. Embodiments include a foot bed having a first portion and a second portion, the second portion having a greater thickness than the first portion. The portions of differing thickness support, align and cushion portions of the foot. The foot bed is selectively usable in either a left foot-receiving or a right foot-receiving configuration.03-19-2009
20090043234WALKING BOOT FOR DIABETIC AND OTHER PATIENTS - An orthopedic walking boot promotes rapid healing of diabetic foot ulcerations by lowering the maximum peak pressure imposed upon the foot. The walker has a hard unyielding shell which is designed for walking. The shell closely and rigidly supports a mid-sole in a foot-shaped bed. The mid-sole has a foot-shaped cavity with rounded sides adapted to form resilient support for the heel, arch and sides of a foot in addition to the bottom of a foot. A conformable inner-sole is adapted to fit over the foot-shaped cavity in the mid-sole and be compressed in response to foot pressure between the sides and bottom of the foot and the sides and bottom of the foot-shaped cavity in the mid-sole thereby compensating for small differences between the shape of the foot and the shape of the cavity. Weight applied to the foot is transferred to the walking shell by contact between the sides of the foot, arch, and heel and the arch, heel and sides of the foot-shaped cavity as well as the bottom of the cavity thereby decreasing the peak or maximum unit pressure on the plantar surface of the foot. A breathable bootie which wraps the foot and lower leg in a protective “cocoon” is preferably secured to the upper surface of the insole thereby preventing foreign materials from entering the foot cavity.02-12-2009
20090292232WALKING ASSIST DEVICE - Provided is a walking assist device including a seat member, a leg link having a joint portion, and a driving source for the joint portion. The walking assist device allows a user to rest by sitting on the seat member. Accordingly, the walking assist device further includes a lock mechanism disposed in the joint portion and an operation unit for the lock mechanism. When the operation unit is switched on, the driving source is controlled to increase an up-pushing force on the seat member. A variation rate on the up-pushing force is increased with time to a given value where the lock mechanism is initiated.11-26-2009
20100204631METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR THE TREATMENT OF PLANTAR ULCERS AND FOOT DEFORMITIES - A custom-made ankle/foot orthosis for the treatment of patients having plantar ulcers and foot deformities is disclosed, which comprises a rigid L-shaped support member and a rigid anterior support shell hingedly articulated to the L-shaped support member. The plantar portion of the L-shaped member further comprises at least one ulcer-protecting hollow spatially located for fitted placement in inferior adjacency to a user's plantar ulcer, thus allowing the user to transfer the user's weight away from the plantar ulcer and facilitating plantar ulcer treatment. The anterior support shell is designed for lateral hinged attachment to the L-shaped member to take advantage of medial tibial flare structure for enhancing the weight-bearing properties of the disclosed orthosis. Leg securement structure attaches the anterior support shell to the L-shaped member in fixed, weight-bearing relation about the proximal, anterior portion of the user's lower leg.08-12-2010
20110009790HIP BRACE APPARATUS AND METHOD OF USE - A support apparatus comprising a waist band, a thigh band, a lateral vertical strap attached to said waist band and two extensions attached to said thigh band, and a medial vertical strap attached to said waist band then wrapping medially down around the thigh and attaching to the thigh band.01-13-2011
20100056969BANDAGES AND SUBSTITUTES THEREFOR - Products performing combined or alternative functions of bandages and boots are detailed. Versions of the products may include a main body with split extensions, each of which may be wrapped independently of the other. The main body is designed to cover the lower leg (or other portion) of a horse (or other animal), with the extensions applied as required to achieve optimal fit. The products may be substantially shorter than conventional lengths of bandages yet nevertheless may cover the same amount of leg as do conventional bandages.03-04-2010
20110009791SUPPORT SHELL ARRANGEMENT FOR ARRANGEMENT AT A LOWER LEG - A support shell arrangement (01-13-2011
20100331749ORTHOTIC HEEL SUPPORT DEVICE - This invention provides an orthotic sock comprising a tubular main body having two ends, one of which may be sized to snugly fit over the wearer's ankle while the second end may be sized to snugly fit over at least a portion of the wearer's foot, an orthotic heel lift and an internal pocket, located within the main body, that substantially encloses a heel lift whereby the lift is held in place against the wearer's heel by the sock.12-30-2010
20100004577MOTION ASSIST DEVICE - Provided is a device capable of assisting a periodical motion of a creature, such as a human, by applying a force to the creature so as to match a motion rhythm and a motion scale of the periodical motion to a desired motion rhythm and a desired motion scale, respectively, while reducing computation processing load. According to a motion assist device (01-07-2010
20100305488SURGICAL INSTRUMENT ATTACHMENT - A surgical instrument which can be attached to a patient is described. The instrument includes an alignment guide having a distal end and a proximal end. A brace is attached toward the proximal end of the alignment guide for attaching the instrument to a limb of a patient. The brace comprises a pair of opposed members, each member being shaped to hold a respective bony part of the patient on either side of the patient. At least a part of the brace is made of a resilient material allowing the brace to grip the patient in use.12-02-2010
20100305487Orthotic Device for Diabetic Patients - An orthotic device that minimizes weight bearing on certain areas of a shoe being worn by a diabetic suffering from a diabetic foot ulcer, the device allows patients to live active lifestyles while being treated for diabetic foot ulcerations. The orthotic device purposely establishes three points of contact between the device and a shoe. The present device is used in conjunction with a shoe having a sole that defines a cutaway wherein an ulcerous foot wound would lie.12-02-2010
20110040225Calf enhancer for the lower extremity - An ingenious calf, shin and ankle rehabilitation and exerciser apparatus for engagement with the lower leg muscles and ankle comprising of a rigid sole plate member (02-17-2011
20080214974Leg splint - Methods and apparatus for strengthening and straightening livestock legs are provided. These methods and apparatus include a use of a splint that has a brace and a securing mechanism. The splint is secured to the forelimb of an animal.09-04-2008
20120209163ANKLE FOOT ORTHOSIS - An ankle foot orthosis includes a leg member, a foot member, and a drive member. The drive assembly includes a link member which may be hingedly secured to the foot member at a hinge location adjacent to the posterior end of the foot member. The drive assembly may be operable to selectively impart pivotal movement between the foot member and the link member about a first pivot axis, and pivotal movement between the foot member and the leg member about a second pivot axis at the hinge location. The leg member and the foot member strut may be selectively movable in a medial-lateral direction relative to a base of the foot member and the drive assembly. The inferior-superior location of the second pivot axis may be selectively adjustable for substantially aligning the second pivot axis with an axis of rotation of an ankle joint of the wearer.08-16-2012
20100152638Heel Ulcer Prevention and Cushioning Boot - A cushioning boot for bed-ridden patients. The boot includes a thickly-padded leg engaging portion and foot engaging portion with a front opening for easy insertion of a patient foot and leg. A series of stretchable, adjustable closure panels are removably secured to the boot for positioning and inserted leg in the proper orientation and retaining it in place.06-17-2010
20110092866HIP, GROIN, AND THIGH SUPPORT DEVICE - A supportive orthotic device is described herein for supporting the hip, groin, and/or thigh of a user. The device has a waist region sized to extend around the waist of the user. The device also has a first surface and a second surface coupled to the waist region. A thigh strap has a first end extending from the first surface of the device and a second end selectively coupled to the second surface and wraps around the user's thigh in a fastened configuration. A groin strap has a first end extending from the first surface of the device and a second end selectively coupled to the second surface and wraps around the user's groin area in a fastened configuration.04-21-2011
20100292622Hip brace and hip brace kit - Hip brace for motion control and support of the hip joint, and/or to the surrounding sacro-iliac joint and/or lumbo-sacral joints concomitantly, built of configured elasticized neoprene with tensile strength, and with closures built of velcro whose combined forces impart dynamic action and protection from hip dislocation and subluxation; range of motion control, joint protection and support, pain management, proprioceptive cueing, alignment support, resistive and assistive exercise options for people with disorders of the hip joint and as well for those with concomitant sacro-iliac and lumbo-sacral instability. Medical conditions addressed include but not limited to hip dislocation/subluxation, arthritis, sprains, strains, bursitis, tendonitis, joint hypermobility, ligamentous tears and sacro-iliac and/or lumbo-sacral pain and instability, as well as for athletes in need of hip joint and/or the sacro-iliac, lumbo-sacral joint protection and support on and off the field and for everyday ADL and exercise.11-18-2010
20100094188LOCOMOTION ASSISTING DEVICE AND METHOD - An exoskeleton bracing system includes: a trunk support for affixing to the trunk of a disabled person and leg braces for connecting to the legs of the person, each leg brace including limb segment braces. Motorized joints are adapted to provide relative angular movement between the limb segment braces of the leg braces and between the leg braces and the trunk support. One or more ground force sensors are designed to sense ground force exerted on each of the leg braces. The system also includes a controller for receiving sensed signals from said one or more ground force sensors, with an algorithm for identifying a stance from the sensed signals and, based on the identified stance, actuating the motorized joints to perform an action relating to a mode of locomotion selected from a set of predefined actions corresponding to the identified stance.04-15-2010
20120226210CONFIGURABLE FOOT ORTHOSIS - There is disclosed a configurable foot orthosis, comprising a corrective layer and a plurality of position adjusters, each position adjuster being associated with a respective area of the human foot. Each position adjuster can be adjusted in order to counteract a postural deviation.09-06-2012
20110319801SUPPORTING DEVICE - The invention relates to a supporting device for a support (12-29-2011
20120289878LOW PROFILE HIP ORTHOSIS - An orthosis for supporting a body portion of a user, for example, a hip joint or spine that has been compromised, can utilize an adjustable extension unit that can be appropriately secured, for example, to anchor locations on the body between the waist and a thigh of the patient. A body support unit with a compliable support surface can conform to a body surface part of the user, such as the leg, while being movably mounted across the adjustable extension unit between the anchor locations. The adjustable extension unit can include a pair of telescoping elongated members that are relatively movable and both the body support unit and the collective length of the telescoping elongated members can be adjusted and fastened at a desired location by activation of a control member.11-15-2012
20130012854ORTHOPEDIC FOOT SUPPORT - Orthopaedic foot support (01-10-2013
20100130902SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR OFF-WEIGHTING A LIMB - Embodiments of the present invention provide a system for limb off-weighting, including a sleeve operable to wrap at least partially around a leg, a support strut coupled to the sleeve to receive weight applied to the sleeve, and a foot assembly configured to support and protect the bottom of a foot, wherein the foot assembly is coupled to the support strut and operable to receive weight applied to the sleeve and transfer the weight to underlying surfaces, thus off-weighting and reducing pressure and shearing forces on the foot and ankle. According to some embodiments, foot assembly pivots around the support strut providing an assembled mode and a storage mode. According to other embodiments, sleeve is an open-ended conical shape. According to various other embodiments, the support strut may be tilted to accommodate legs and/or calves of varying sizes, and the foot assembly may adjust to feet of varying sizes.05-27-2010
20100130901Weight-Bearing Lower Extremity Brace - The present disclosure relates, according to some embodiments, to a device and/or system (e.g., redistributing weight away from a subject's foot), which may comprise (a) a platform, (b) at least one vertical support fixed to the platform and extending upwardly from the platform, and (c) at least one cuff (i) configured to surround and releasably grip at least a portion of a subject's leg other than the foot and (ii) adjustably mounted to the at least one vertical support at a vertical position along the at least one vertical support sufficient to suspend a subject's foot in a non-weight-bearing position above the platform during ambulation, wherein the platform, the at least one vertical support, and the at least one cuff together are configured to bear at least the subject's full weight.05-27-2010
20110160630BRACE FOR DYNAMICALLY CORRECTING THE BENDING OF THE JOINTS OF THE LOWER LIMB - A brace for dynamically correcting the bending of the joints of the lower limb includes a thigh grip (06-30-2011
20080255488Powered Orthosis - A powered orthosis, adapted to be secured to a corresponding body portion of the user for guiding motion of a user, the orthosis comprising a plurality of structural members and one or more joints adjoining adjacent structural members, each joint having one or more degrees of freedom and a range of joint angles. One or more of the joints each comprise at least one back-drivable actuator governed by a controller for controlling the joint angle. The plurality of joint controllers are synchronized to cause the corresponding actuators to generate forces for assisting the user to move the orthosis at least in part under the user's power along a desired trajectory within an allowed tolerance. One embodiment comprises force-field controllers that define a virtual tunnel for movement of the orthosis, in which the forces applied to the orthosis for assisting the user may be proportional to deviation from the desired trajectory.10-16-2008
20130172799Heel Stabilization Device - An adjustable heel stabilization device comprised of first and second side plates, a union plate, a first connector plate for attaching said first side plate with the union plate and a corresponding second connector plate for connecting said second side plate with the union plate, wherein said first and second side plates are repositionable relative to the union plate and vice versa. The adjustable heel stabilization device of the present invention allows an individual to apply pressure to both sides of the heel and compress the skin and tissue along the bottom of the heel together, thereby creating a cushioning effect when the individual is walking, standing or sitting. The adjustable heel stabilization device is adjustable to accommodate various shapes and sizes of footwear, and helps to reduce swelling in the foot and provide relief for heel pain, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and arch pain.07-04-2013
20130178775ADJUSTABLE MULTI-COMPONENT HIP ORTHOSIS - A hip orthosis having a flexible waist band for conforming to the waist of a user can be attached at any position on the exterior of the waist band with adjustments in a vertical circumferential and rotational position for connecting a hip support unit at a desired position to maintain the head of a femur into the acetabulum of a user. The hip support unit is connected to a hinge member and an extension unit that is secured at a lower portion of the thigh wherein a thigh support unit can be adjusted so that a three point force system can be applied to the user.07-11-2013
20130144199HIP SUPPORTING DEVICE - The present invention relates to a device and a method for limiting movements in one or more anatomical joints, such as a device for limiting movement in the human hip joint after hip replacement surgery. This is provided by a device for limiting movement in the human hip joint, said device comprising: at least a first member adapted to conform to a leg, a second member adapted to engage at least one shoulder, and a third member connecting said at least first member and said second member, wherein the third member is substantially soft and/or flexible and adapted to limit one or more specific movements of said leg by anchoring the tensile load of said movement(s) in the shoulder(s).06-06-2013
20090287124PAIN-ALLEVIATING ORTHOPAEDIC APPLIANCE - An orthopaedic appliance includes a body, a protrusion extending inwardly from the body, positioned on the body to apply pressure on a proximal portion of the soleus muscle, and means for applying pressure to the protrusion.11-19-2009
20120071805RANGE OF MOTION DEVICE - A method of assembling an orthosis configured to stretch tissue around a foot and a toe of a wearer is provided. The method includes providing a first member affixable to the foot and including a first extension member extending therefrom, providing a second member affixable to the toe and including a second extension member, wherein the second extension member comprises an arcuate shape extending therefrom, the second extension member is operatively connected to the first extension member so that relative movement between the first and second affixable members is determined by movement along the arcuate shape, and coupling the first member to the second member.03-22-2012
20120095379PELVIC BELT - A pelvic belt 04-19-2012

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