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Device with applicator having specific movement

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601 - Surgery: kinesitherapy


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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
601148000 Flexible membrane caused to move by fluid pressure 144
601134000 Kneading or deep pressure 75
601097000 Reciprocating 40
601136000 Frictioning 35
601118000 Rolling with body or bodies disposed on single axis 31
601112000 Rotary 25
601107000 Percussing 23
601154000 Lavative 21
601089000 Oscillatory 20
601115000 Rolling utilizing couch, chair, or other support 12
601128000 Rolling with spherical bodies disposed on multiple axes 8
601122000 Rolling with tubular or disklike bodies disposed on multiple axes 7
601085000 Gyratory 6
601129000 Rolling with elongated handle carrying spherical bodies 3
20080255484MASSAGE MEMBER, MASSAGE DEVICE AND PACKAGING AND DISPENSING ASSEMBLY INCORPORATING SUCH A MASSAGE DEVICE - A massage device includes a support, a grip or gripping means firmly attached to the support and capable of being grasped in order for a user to handle the massage device, and at least two massage members rotatably mounted on the support around respective axes of rotation. The two massage members each typically include a roller that extends along a main axis of elongation, and massage components configured to bear against a skin surface, the massage components including free ends that project outwardly relative to the roller and that are arranged along at least one helix around the main axis of elongation of the roller, the massage components being distributed around at least one turn of the helix, said helix including an irregularity relative to the roller.10-16-2008
20080200852Massage device - A massage device comprising an elongated flexible handle having a resilient ball movably secured to one end of the handle.08-21-2008
20130190664MASSAGE DEVICE AND MOUNTING BODY - A massage device mounting system may include a massage ball with a plurality of massage fingers positioned across the ball aligned with the vertices of a pentakis dodecahedron. The massage device mounting system may also include a mounting body removably entrapped between a plurality of massage fingers on the massage apparatus. The mounting body may include a mounting shoulder with a continuous or discontinuous ring. The mounting shoulder may also be circular shaped or polygonal shaped. The mounting body may also include one or two handles coupled to the mounting shoulder. Some mounting bodies may also include a mounting base that can mount to a mounting wall.07-25-2013
601133000 Pinching 3
20090240175Scalp Massager - A manual scalp massager simulating the effect of two sets of fingers placed at two bipolar transverse positions opposing each other to squeeze the scalp skin together in a “broad-pinching” action. The device comprises two jaw-like members lined at each opposing edge with a row of closely-packed fingertip-like rubber spheres. The embodiment is supported by two pairs of A-shaped frames hinged at each vertex where the pair of jaw members is attached to one pair of distal ends, while handlebars are attached to the other pair of distal ends. Coupled with the highly-tacky fingertip-shaped rubber protrusions to maximize gripping of the tightly drawn scalp skin, this simultaneous downward and lateral pressure applied to the jaw members squeezes the contacting scalp skin without pulling the surrounding hair thereby stimulating the scalp through the “squeezing-out” of its old fatty oils, increases flow of the blood vessels, and helps promote hair growth.09-24-2009
20100036298MASSAGE HEAD AND MASSAGE APPARATUS EMPLOYING SAID HEAD - This massage head is fitted with a case defining an internal chamber in which a skinfold is formed when it is applied to the skin of a patient. The fold presses against the lower edges of the chamber, which is defined by two lateral walls and by two transverse walls The transverse walls each include a clack valve able to be driven in a pivoting motion, so as to cause the lower edges of the clack valves in contact with the skinfold to come closer together or move further apart. The relative displacement of the clack valves is ensured by of a motorized rotary cam provided in the massage head. The cam defines a cam path engaging with a component associated with the clack valves, and able to cause the swivelling motion thereof.02-11-2010
20120095376MASSAGE DEVICE - There is provided a massage device capable of producing innovative and comfortable massage effect by massaging a target body part over a wide area in its lengthwise direction with substantially rectilinear motion of a pressure-applying point. The massage device 04-19-2012
601132000 Belt support carrying spherical bodies 1
20110105968Massager - Disclosed is an apparatus for massaging a body part of a user comprising an elongate member having first and second ends and at least one pliable body located along the elongate member. The apparatus further comprises a fastener secured to the first end for suspending the elongate member therefrom between the back of the user and the seating surface of a user's seat back so as to massage the back of the user.05-05-2011
601131000 Rolling comprising freely rotating spherical bodies 1
20130090583BALL ACUPRESSURE DEVICE - The present invention relates to a ball acupressure device capable of stably fixing internal components and at the same time, performing smooth rotary functions. The invention comprises: a housing body having an opening on the upper part thereof; a fixed ring which is arranged in a state of being placed on the bottom of the housing body; a first bearing which is arranged on the fixed ring; a first rotary ring which is arranged on the first bearing; a second bearing which is arranged on the first rotary ring; a second rotary ring which is arranged on the second bearing to allow a rolling rotation thereon; an acupressure part which is accommodated in the inside part the first rotary ring and the second rotary ring, and in which a plurality of protrusive acupressure pins are formed on the outer side thereof; and a clamp which supports the acupressure part to enable rotation, and at the same time enables rotation on the second rotary ring, wherein an end that prevents separation curves to the inside of the opening and is formed on the upper rim of the housing body, and a ball bearing is interposed between the end that prevents separation and the second rotary ring.04-11-2013
20130030335THERAPEUTIC COMPRESSION DEVICE AND METHOD - A compression device can treat edema with a number of curved shells, each having an internal pad. A ligature network employing tensioners is routed across the shells for compressing them. Tensioners on at least some of the shells can separately adjust tension in different portions of the ligature network. The ligature network is (a) releasably mounted on the shells, and (b) repositionable to allow spatial adjustment of compression forces produced by the compression device. By adjusting the routing of the ligature network across the shells, tailored compression forces are provided. With a body part embraced by the padded shells, tension is separately adjusted in different portions of the ligature network to provide different compression forces at spaced positions along the plurality of padded shells.01-31-2013
20110015554MASSAGE APPARATUS - A massage apparatus (01-20-2011
20090270776Massage Chair With Function of Stress Relaxation and Sleep Inducing - A massage chair with function of stress relaxation and sleep inducing comprises a chair and a head cove. When sitting in the chair, the user can use the head cover to cover his head and then turn on the light emitting unit and the sound generating unit to send out light and sound that have the frequency as one or combination of the δ, α, θ and β brainwaves toward the user's eyes and ears synchronously. The light and sound wave are used to affect the user's brainwaves, and the music covers the boring sound wave, thus creating a happy and relaxed atmosphere for the user and guiding him into a desired state, such as relaxed yet alert state, shallow sleep state, deep sleep state, by guiding his brainwaves.10-29-2009
20090292228HAND PRESSURE DEVICE TO DIMINISH GAG REFLEX RESPONSE - A method and device for reducing gag reflex by applying pressure to a pressure point in the palm of the hand. A splint that holds the hand relatively immobile has a rigid member and an actuating pressure system, such as a solenoid, at the pressure point. The rigid member at least partially immobilizes the human user's palm and fingers. The actuating pressure system is mounted at an inner side of the volar side of the enclosure adjacent to a pressure region of the palm. A power supply is connected to the actuating pressure system to apply an electrical current to the pressure system, which exerts pressure to the pressure region of the user's palm in order to diminish or normalize the user's gag reflex response.11-26-2009
20090259152Device and Method for Alleviating Back Pain - The invention presents self-applied massaging devices useful for alleviating back pain. Such massage devices are readily portable and that can be employed by a user in either a supine or sitting position. A massaging device for alleviating back pain comprising a plurality of individual spherical elements, a flat base and a pliable covering that encasing the spherical elements and at least a portion of the flat base. The plurality of spherical elements are disposed upon the flat base such they are coplanar and are in intimate contact with the surface of the flat base so as to permit the spherical elements free rotational and translational movement while maintaining coplanarity.10-15-2009
20120296245ADJUSTABLE HELMET AND HEAD MASSAGER - An adjustable helmet and a head massager are provided. The adjustable helmet comprises a ring-shaped latitudinal shell and a longitudinal shell connected across the latitudinal shell, at least one of the longitudinal shell and the latitudinal shell has an adjustable means, the inside of the adjustable means has a bidirectional locking structure. In the embodiments, the adjustable means has a bidirectional locking structure which can lock the latitudinal shell or longitudinal shell in bi-direction. When the latitudinal shell or longitudinal shell is disengaged or contracted by the adjustable means and is locked by the bidirectional locking structure, the latitudinal shell or longitudinal shell is fixed in the expanding direction or contracting direction and can't continue to be expanded or contracted inwards. Advantageously, the helmet in use has a constant size, which is useful for users, when the above-mentioned adjustable helmet is applied to a head massager, it's convenient for massage.11-22-2012
20090099489MASSAGER - In a chair massager, a stretching operation is performed with utilizing airbags which is expanded and shrunk, effectively. Airbags 04-16-2009
20090247916Massage chair - A massage chair includes a main seat portion; a backrest arranged at the rear of the main seat portion; and a seat surface length adjusting unit. The seat surface length adjusting unit includes an auxiliary seat portion extendible forwards from the main seat portion and a back-and-forth drive unit for moving the auxiliary seat portion forwards and backwards to change a front-to-back length of a seat surface. The massage chair further includes a footrest rotatably attached to the auxiliary seat portion, the footrest being movable forwards and backwards together with the auxiliary seat portion.10-01-2009
20110144549Control System and Method of Operating a Massage Device - A control system for a massage device. The massage device has a base, a carriage movably engaged with the base, a plurality of kneading heads mounted on the carriage, and a motor operative to drive the plurality of kneading heads to produce a kneading effect on a body of a user and to drive the carriage up and down relative to the base such that various areas of the body can be massaged. In one embodiment, the control system includes: an on-off switch for a user to activate or deactivate the massage device; a mode selector for a user to select one of a plurality of operating modes, wherein the plurality of operating modes includes at least two of (i) full range massage, (ii) shoulder area massage, (iii) upper back massage, (iv) lower back massage, (v) waist area massage, and (vi) any combination of (ii), (iii), (iv) and (v); and a motor controller configured to start the motor in response to the user's activating the on-off switch to drive the plurality of kneading heads and to drive the carriage up and down relative to the base in a range according to the operating mode selected by the user.06-16-2011
20100262051MASSAGE AND COSMETIC PRODUCT DISPENSING ASSEMBLY - A massage and cosmetic product dispensing assembly includes a cosmetic product storage container, a member for dispensing the cosmetic product stored in the container, a massage and cosmetic product application device. The massage and application device includes a fixed support which is fixed relative to the container, peripheral massage members connected to the fixed support, a central support which is movable relative to the fixed support and suitable for actuating the dispensing member, and central massage members connected to the movable central support.10-14-2010
20080208087Control System and Method of Massage Machine - A control system and method of massage machine for acting massage therapy on human body includes a common drive motor for driving multiple massage heads, multiple routine keys for setting motor routines and the rotation direction of the drive motor via a multiple sets of motor switches, a timer, and a Single Chip Microcomputer controller for controlling. In operation, a user could not only set operation mode or routine via the routine keys and then activate massage procedure, but also could change the operation mode or routine of the massage machine by reselecting the routine keys at any time.08-28-2008
20090105619Sporting Equipment - The present invention provides a sporting apparatus including: a supporter which has a plurality of joint holes and joint grooves formed in the upper surface thereof and stoppers formed on the lower surface thereof; a finger-pressure pad which has joint protrusions formed on the lower surface thereof to be coupled with the joint grooves of the supporter and has a finger-pressure portion formed in the upper surface thereof; pedestals which are provided on the stopper sides of the supporter and has joint holes formed in several faces thereof to adjust the height of the supporter; and knobs coupled with the joint holes of the supporter and the joint holes of the pedestals.04-23-2009
20130165825PORTABLE HANDLE FOR UPPER LIMB REHABILITATION - A portable handle for rehabilitation of upper extremities to be used in rehabilitation to restore motility of the upper extremities of a patient that requires it, which consists of: a main body that supports structurally the portable handle for rehabilitation of upper extremities, which is hollow inside; means of application of force or pressure located in the front face of the body and are connected in a support that fastens them; a support zone located in the posterior part of said main body to provide a better grip to the user's hand; information processing means located inside the main body and located in a contiguous manner to the means of application of force or pressure; a mean of communication to transmit the magnitude of the force or pressure applied by the means of application of force or pressure; and the means of power supply to allow the operation of the means of processing of information.06-27-2013
20100324460INTRAORAL APPLIANCE FOR CLEANING TEETH - The self-contained intraoral appliance includes first and second substantially rigid bands (12-23-2010
20100305484USES OF ELECTROACTIVE MATERIAL ACTUATORS IN COSMETICS - The present invention relates to a cosmetic treatment method comprising: a1) putting into place on keratinous material at least one actuator (12-02-2010
20110190674Support Device For The Establishment Of A Controlled Flow Of Blood In A Body Part - To achieve a support for sitting or lying individuals who have difficulty in moving, the problems associated with this, such as decubitus, may be remedied by a support device according to the invention, in which a large number of cylinders (08-04-2011
20100130896METHODS AND APPARATUSES FOR STIMULATING OTOLITH ORGANS BY LINEAR ACCELERATION - A base section supports a revolution section. The revolution section supports a tilting section. The tilting section supports a seat section. The seat section includes a seat, a seat back and a step. The seat back has a restraining section. The restraining section includes an occipital region retainer and a temple retainer. Subject is seated with its occipital region and temples restrained by the restraining section. The head of subject is tilted on one side down from a head's horizontal plane in the Reid stereotaxic coordinate system to place one of left and right otolith organs within the head's horizontal plane. In this tilted position, different liner acceleration stimuli are applied to left and right otolith organs, respectively, for independent function tests of the left and right otolith organs.05-27-2010
20110118636MASSAGE MACHINE AND MASSAGE METHOD - There are equipped: a massage unit (05-19-2011
20080312566Tapping mechanism for use in a massage device of a massage machine - A tapping mechanism for use in a massage device of a massage machine comprises first and second swing arms including first and second massage rollers, respectively, and a tapping mechanism applied to actuate the first and second massage rollers to have a tapping massage, wherein the tapping mechanism is utilize a driver to urge a tapping shaft, and the tapping shaft includes a transmitting member axially disposed at one end thereof for a lateral displacement, and the transmitting member includes a swing element axially provided at another end thereof for frontward and rearward swing and having first and second rod members pivotally coupled at two ends thereof, and the first and second rod members includes first and second swing arms axially coupled thereon, respectively, such that the first and second massage rollers may alternately tap user's back at the same lateral height.12-18-2008
20110166491BIOLOGICAL SIGNAL MEASURING WEARING DEVICE AND WEARABLE MOTION ASSISTING APPARATUS - A biological signal measuring wearing device configured to measure a biological signal from the body surface of a wearer includes a wearing device body configured to cover the body surface of the wearer, multiple biological signal detecting parts provided on a predetermined part of the inner surface of the wearing device body and configured to detect a signal from the body surface of the wearer, a biological signal obtaining part configured to obtain the biological signal from the signal detected by the biological signal detecting parts, and a signal communicating part configured to communicate the biological signal obtained by the biological signal obtaining part to an external apparatus.07-07-2011
20100174218Pelvic exercise systems and methods - The present invention generally relates to a pelvic exercise system for measuring at least one variable which represents physiologic state of a pelvic structure of an user and for providing a value of the variable to the user. More particularly, the present invention relates to a pelvic exercise system for measuring the pelvic variable during exercising various muscles of the pelvic structure by at least one sensor unit of the system and for providing at least one audio and/or visual feedback signal to the user, thereby allowing the user to monitor the physiologic state of her structure. Such a system may be arranged to monitor such a variable as the user maintains a preset posture of the pelvic structure or to measure variations in such a variable while the user changes the posture of the structure during exercise. The present invention also relates to various methods of measuring such a variable and for providing such a variable. The present invention also relates to various processes for making various members, units, and/or parts of the above pelvic exercise system, for measuring the variable, and for providing such a variable to the user.07-08-2010
20120253244METHOD AND DEVICE TO ALLEVIATE CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME AND DYSFUNCTIONS OF OTHER SOFT TISSUES - The present invention is a device and method to manipulate soft tissues such as tendons using a manipulator that works in conjunction with an orthopaedic device, such as a brace. The manipulator can be an electro-mechanical device. The manipulation can alleviate symptoms of soft tissue dysfunctions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist tenosynovitis and tendonitis, cubital tunnel syndrome, neck tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendonitis. Manipulation alleviates the inflammation and pressure and the concomitant associated pain and other symptoms of the dysfunction. The manipulation, combined with the orthopaedic aspect of the device, allows the limb to rest and recover between manipulative treatments in a suitably stationary position.10-04-2012
20100234779PRESSURE ACTUATOR AND METHODS FOR APPLYING PRESSURE - Pressure actuator, provided with a carrier structure, shape memory material, integrated with and/or attached to the carrier structure, and at least one heating element in the vicinity of the shape memory material that is configured to at least locally vary the shape of the shape memory material that is in the vicinity of the heating element. In specific embodiments, the pressure actuator is provided with at least one heating element separate from the shape memory material, which at least one heating element may be configured to vary temperature within the shape memory material locally.09-16-2010
20130102938MOVABLE MASSAGE DEVICE - A movable massage device is capable of overcoming the fixed-point type massage device and is provided with an outer housing, a toothed bar, an inner housing, a driven assembly, a drive assembly, a first massage head and a second massage head. With the cooperation of the driven and drive assemblies, the inner housing is able to drive the first and second massage heads to reciprocate transversely within the outer housing, so as to perform local massage in a non-fixed-point manner.04-25-2013
20100280425MUSCLE FORCE ASSISTING DEVICE AND ITS OPERATING METHOD - A muscle force assisting can increase a bending angle of a second attachment with respect to a first attachment. The muscle force assisting device includes the first attachment arranged along one bone of a joint, the second attachment arranged along the other bone of the joint, and an artificial muscle having one end provided on the first attachment and having the other end provided on the second attachment, an actuator that is extensible or contractible by supplying or discharging a substance such as gas, liquid and solid, or a mixture thereof is used as the artificial muscle, and the muscle force assisting device assists motion of a user's elbow, knee and wrist, the one end of the artificial muscle can be displaced with respect to the first attachment, the one end of the artificial muscle is displaced, and a bending angle of the second attachment with respect to the first attachment is increased as compared with a case where the one end of the artificial muscle is not displaced.11-04-2010
20100292619PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT - The invention provides methods for enhancing physical performance without requiring repetitive training.11-18-2010

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