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601 - Surgery: kinesitherapy


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601049000 Couch, chair, or body support 42
601047000 Audio 31
601067000 Unbalanced weight 11
601048000 Pulse generator 7
601078000 Vibrant armature (e.g., electromagnetic) 5
20130090581MASSAGE DEVICE - In the case of a prior art massage device, an adhesive pad is used to hold a vibrating motor on a human body. Therefore, there is a problem in that it is difficult, while transmitting vibrations, to knead or pinch a region being massaged. Disclosed is a massage device which massages a human body by transmitting vibrations to the same. This massage device is provided with vibrating motors which generate vibrations, and a pair of gloves which are worn on hands that apply massage and each of which is equipped with at least one of the vibrating motors.04-11-2013
20130046214MECHANICAL ACTUATOR FOR A VESTIBULAR STIMULATOR - An apparatus to stimulate a vestibular system. The apparatus comprises an actuator configured to mechanically stimulate the vestibular system, and a control module coupled to the actuator, the control module being configured to provide a control signal that causes the actuator to stimulate the generation of a stationary nerve signal by the vestibular system.02-21-2013
20110152733MRT LORENTZ VIBRATOR - A device and a method for recognizing electromagnetic fields, specifically those fields that occur in image-guided nuclear spin tomography examinations (hereinafter MRT or MRI). In particular, it relates to an implantable medical device (IMD) containing a unit for detecting MRT activity, whereby the unit for the detection of MRT activity consists of at least one vibration transducer that transforms vibrations and/or oscillations caused by an MRT device into an electrical or optical signal and the unit for detecting MRT activity recognizes an MRT activity because of this signal.06-23-2011
20100030120Vibrotactile devices for controlled somato sensory stimulus during functionalmagnetic resonance imaging - A functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) compatible magnetomechanical vibrotactile device (MVD) uses wire coils having small oscillatory currents to interact with the large static magnetic field inherent to MRI scanners. The resulting Lorentz forces which are exerted on the MVD can be oriented to generate large vibrations that may be easily converted to translational motions as large as several centimetres. Representative data demonstrate the flexibility of MVDs to generate different well-controlled vibratory and tactile stimuli to activate special proprioceptive and cutaneous somatosensory afferent pathways.02-04-2010
20120136289Inductive charging personal massager - An inductive charging personal massager, in general, is provided that is capable of recharging its internal energy storage system both during operation, and when in a standby mode. One method of recharging will be through electromagnetic induction, and may include a coil of conductive material and a magnet with magnetic properties. The inductive charging personal massager preferably uses at least one of each of the following systems to effectively perform its designed task; a vibration system, an internal energy storage system, an internal electromagnetic induction charging system consisting of a coil and magnet, a charge protection system, a charge controlling system/charge rectifying system, and an external coil attachment for use with the internal induction charging system.05-31-2012
20130030334VIBRATING PULL UP BAR - Provided is a vibrating pull-up bar configured to allow a user to perform a conventional pull-up, while at the same time imparting a vibratory force to the individual which resonates throughout the individual's body to exercise muscle groups at various locations of the user's body.01-31-2013
20100113991Head massager and distance adjustment device thereof - A head massage device with distance adjustable mechanisms, comprises a helmet (05-06-2010
20130079689Apparatus for Localized Dermatological Treatment - An apparatus provides controlled vibratory stimulation to skin at an area suffering from a condition, for example scarred tissue locations. The vibratory action and other action of agents used in conjunction with the apparatus permit revision of scars and general treatment of skin conditions and improved or accelerated healing thereof.03-28-2013
20130041299SYSTEM FOR GASTROINTESTINAL AND VASCULAR ATROPHY ENGINEERING TO RESTORE NORMAL YOUTHFUL BODILY FUNCTIONS - The system includes one or more devices to improve performance of selected internal organs by stimulating the organs through vibrating action of the device to restore their normal youthful function. Sources of vibration include a capsule, which can be swallowed, or a larger member that is introduced through the rectum or esophagus or applied into the abdominal cavity with or without incision. These vibration sources are either implanted and inserted for natural passage along the digestive tract, or they are retained at the end of a flexible shaft of length sufficient to reach their deepest intended placement from access through the mouth or rectum. Additionally, in the case of the vibrating capsule, it can be swallowed as well as implanted and released for natural passage along the small intestine and colon. The capsule can also be retained at the end of a flexible, controllable shaft of length sufficient to reach past the duodenum. The flexible shaft movement is controllable to increase effectiveness.02-14-2013
20100063426VIBRATION APPARATUS FOR USE ON THERAPY AND EXERCISE EQUIPMENT, AND A METHOD FOR PROVIDING CONTROLLABLE VIBRATION TO SUCH EQUIPMENT - A vibration apparatus for use on therapy and exercise equipment of the type that has one adjustable, hanging rope or a pair of adjustable, hanging ropes to which is attached a grip portion, sling or other support member for an equipment user, the vibration apparatus being designed to be attached to the rope or to extend between the ropes and controllably set the rope or ropes in vibration. The vibration apparatus is freely, but fixably mountable at any level along the hanging length of the rope or ropes by means of rope gripping members on the apparatus or at respective ends of the apparatus, and the vibration apparatus has an actuator, for example, in the form of at least one electrically controllable motor that cooperates with at least one weight that is eccentrically supported in relation to the rotational axis of the motor.03-11-2010
20090124939EQUIPMENT FOR THE SELECTIVE STIMULATION OF CERTAIN PARTS OF THE BODY - The invention relates to equipment for biomechanical stimulation, comprising a base unit, a support unit (05-14-2009
20120184884VIBRATING BAND - The present invention is directed to a vibrating band comprising a belt-like O-ring, a housing with a vibrating device contained within the housing. The vibrating device comprises a vibrating motor, one or more batteries and a touch or push switch. The vibrating band can be used by a male user to increase stimulation for both the male and his partner during sexual intercourse.07-19-2012
20120184883VIBRATING UNITS - A vibrating device includes a motor housing, an electromagnetic coil coupled to the motor housing and a motor elastically coupled to the motor housing. The motor includes a pole plate, a magnet and a yoke, the pole plate bonded to the magnet and the magnet set within the yoke. The electromagnetic coil is disposed within an annular space defined between the magnet and the yoke.07-19-2012
20100268130BLOOD CLOT PREVENTION DEVICE - An adjustable pressure cuff device is provided for the arm or leg of a user for stimulating blood flow and preventing blood clots. The pressure cuff contains a number of bladders which wrap in the direction of the cuff and which are arranged in succession down the arm or leg of a user. An air compressor is connected to the bladders via a multiplicity of tubes, each of which contain a valve. A control module runs the air compressor and sequentially opens the valves to provide air pressure to the bladders in succession along the arm or leg of a user. Further, between the bladders and the valves, additional tubes containing valves are provided to equalize pressure between bladders before exhausting the air from a previously pressurized bladder to save power and allow for increased patterns of bladder pressure. The pressure levels and bladder dwell times may be adjusted by the user or based on predetermined settings. Optionally, the device provides electrical stimulation, pulsations, heating, and cooling.10-21-2010
20130072833ANALGESIC IMPLANT DEVICE AND SYSTEM - Techniques associated with an implant system for imparting vibratory massage to tissue within a body is disclosed. Methods include placing an implant device near tissue in a pelvic region, the implant device configured to produce and communicate a vibration to the tissue, the implant device including a case forming a portion of an exterior of the implant device and defining an interior of the implant device, a vibration generator mounted on the case to vibrate the implant device, and a tissue engaging structure located on the exterior surface of the case to engage the tissue, and activating the vibration generator of the implant device to cause the implant device to vibrate against the tissue, wherein the vibration stimulates a nerve to treat sexual dysfunction.03-21-2013
20130072832ANALGESIC IMPLANT DEVICE AND SYSTEM - Techniques associated with an implant system for imparting vibratory massage to tissue within a body is disclosed. Methods include placing an implant device near a surface of a colon, the implant device configured to produce and communicate a vibration to colon tissue, the implant device including a case forming a portion of an exterior of the implant device and defining an interior of the implant device, a vibration generator mounted on the case to vibrate the implant device, and a tissue engaging structure located on the exterior surface of the case to engage the colon tissue, securing the implant device to the colon, and activating the vibration generator of the implant device to cause the implant device to vibrate against the colon, wherein the vibration stimulates a nerve to induce a bowel movement.03-21-2013
20130072834SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR HAPTIC SOUND WITH MOTION TRACKING - Systems and methods for applying vibration to and tracking the position and motion of the human body. A vibration system includes a vibrator capable of converting an electrical signal into vibration, and a motion tracking device capable of tracking the motion and position of a user. In one aspect, the vibrator is arranged on or about the human body on a pectoralis major muscle and spaced away from a sternum. In another aspect, the vibrator is arranged on or about the human body such that a first pattern of vibrations are generated on the body's surface. The first pattern of vibrations matches in relative amplitude a second pattern of vibrations generated on the body's surface when the body generates sound.03-21-2013
20130072835METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IMPROVING HUMAN BALANCE AND GAIT AND PREVENTING FOOT INJURY - A method and wearable system and for enhancing human balance and gait and preventing foot injury through neurological stimulation of the foot and the ankle. Subthreshold stimulation for neurosensory enhancement is provided via electrodes or vibrational actuators, or combination thereof, disposed in or on a wearable a platform, such as an insole, sock shoe, removable shoe insert, or applied without the support of a platform, to the skin surface of an individual. Suprathreshold stimulation for therapeutic purposes, such as improving blood flow, is also provided by the vibrational actuators. The actuators and electrodes are driven by bias signals generated by a bias signal generator that is coupled to a controller. The signal generator under the control of the controller is adapted to generate a non-deterministic random signal, a repetitive pattern or series of patterns. The controller optionally includes a communication port for interfacing with an external computer for purposes of optimizing and programming the controller. The wearable system is powered by a power source.03-21-2013
20110015553ADJUSTABLE LEG MASSAGER - An adjustable leg massager has a massage base, two connecting joints and a rotatable massage unit. The massage base has two symmetrical vertical openings at a front face, a plurality of first massage airbags disposed in the openings, and a first cover covering the first massage airbags. The two connecting joints have an upper joint portion and a lower joint portion pivoted together. A stop is disposed at an outer edge of the upper joint portion and adjacent to the pivoted position. The rotatable massage unit has two massaging sections corresponding to the vertical openings of the massage base, a plurality of second massage airbags disposed in the massaging sections, and a second cover covering the second massage airbags. The massage airbags have a plurality of individual massage regions and each massage region is connected with an outlet.01-20-2011
20130066244ANALGESIC IMPLANT DEVICE AND SYSTEM - Techniques associated with an implant system for imparting vibratory massage to tissue within a body is disclosed. Methods include placing an implant device near a surface of a bladder, the implant device configured to produce and communicate a vibration to bladder tissue, the implant device including a case forming a portion of an exterior of the implant device and defining an interior of the implant device, a vibration generator mounted on the case to vibrate the implant device, and a tissue engaging structure located on the exterior surface of the case to engage the stomach tissue, securing the implant device to the bladder, and activating the vibration generator of the implant device to cause the implant device to vibrate against the bladder, wherein the vibration stimulates a nerve to induce urination.03-14-2013
20130066243ANALGESIC IMPLANT DEVICE AND SYSTEM - Techniques associated with an implant system for imparting vibratory massage to tissue within a body is disclosed. Methods include placing an implant device near a surface of a stomach, the implant device configured to produce and communicate a vibration to stomach tissue, the implant device including a case forming a portion of an exterior of the implant device and defining an interior of the implant device, a vibration generator mounted on the case to vibrate the implant device, and a tissue engaging structure located on the exterior surface of the case to engage the stomach tissue, securing the implant device to the stomach, and activating the vibration generator of the implant device to cause the implant device to vibrate against the stomach, wherein the vibration stimulates a nerve to suppress an appetite.03-14-2013
20130165824METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PHYSICAL STIMULATION OF TISSUE - Methods and systems of applying physical stimuli to tissue are disclosed. The methods can include reducing or suppressing pancreatitis in a subject by administering a low magnitude, high frequency mechanical signal on a period basis and for a time sufficient to reduce or suppress pancreatitis. The methods can include enhancing healing of damaged tissue in a subject by administering to the subject a low magnitude, high frequency mechanical signal on a periodic basis and for a time sufficient to treat the damaged tissue. The systems can include a device for generating a low magnitude, high frequency physical signal and a platform for applying the low magnitude, high frequency physical signal to the subject for a predetermined time.06-27-2013
20120116273FINGER-MOUNTED MASSAGE APPARATUS - A finger-mounted massage apparatus including a curved body defining a middle portion between a rear portion having a first vibratory motor and a head portion having a second vibratory motor is disclosed. The head portion and the rear portion may be configured to extend in a substantially perpendicular manner from the middle portion and in a substantially parallel manner relative to each other. The head portion may also be configured to extend more outwardly from the middle portion than the rear portion.05-10-2012
20110071445MASSAGE DEVICE WITH FLEXIBLE SUBSTRUCTURE - A massage device, methods and apparatus are disclosed. Embodiments of a massage device are provided that include a first end configured to be held and manipulated by the hand of a user and a second end configured for application to a portion of the human body. The device further includes a flexible portion connecting the first end to the second end. The flexible portion contains a source of vibrational motion and has a rigidity of an amount sufficient to transmit the vibrational motion from the source to the second end of the device.03-24-2011
20100249677Piezoelectric stimulation device - A method for stimulating a predetermined body part such as a nerve using a stimulation device including an external non-implantable transmitting device powered by a power source and generating an electrical waveform signal. A surface electrode applies the generated electrical waveform signal transcutaneously. An implantable piezoelectric element receives the applied electrical waveform signal generated transcutaneously and, in turn, causes mechanical deformation resulting in mechanical vibration of the implantable piezoelectric element sufficient to stimulate the predetermined body part. The electrical waveform signal may be either a high frequency continuous waveform or high frequency burst packets.09-30-2010
20110301514High Frequency and Low Intensity Vibration Stimulator For the Treatment of Osteoporosis - A device that stimulates bone tissue formation capable of generating vibrations with different frequency components at the same time and that can be applied locally to different parts of the patient's body, wherein such device comprises different frequency vibration generating means and variable fastening means to attach to different parts of the body.12-08-2011
20110288456TOPICAL ANALGESIA USING ELECTRICAL AND VIBRATION STIMULI - Various embodiments disclosed herein relate to a device having a base and a stimulation module that can be attached to a patient's skin and actuated to mask the pain caused when sharp objects penetrate the skin. The stimulation module is designed to generate vibration energy, or alternatively, is designed to generate both vibration and electrical energy.11-24-2011
20110125069ADVANCED HANDABLE SKIN CARE DEVICE AND OPERATING METHOD THEREOF - An apparatus for maintaining and supplying stable power to a skin care device comprising a DC-DC converting unit (05-26-2011
20090082705ANALGESIC IMPLANT DEVICE AND SYSTEM - An implant system for imparting vibratory massage to tissue of a patient from within the body of the patient is disclosed. The system comprises an implant device configured to produce and communicate a vibration to body tissue located adjacent to the implant device. The device may include a case forming at least a portion of an exterior of the device, and a vibration generator configured to vibrate the portion of the exterior. The device may include a power supply to supply power to the vibration generator and a switch to selectively permit power from the power supply to be supplied to the vibration generator. The device may include a power receiver to receive electrical energy from a location external to the body of the patient and a signal receiver to receive signals from a location external to the body of the patient when the receiver is located in the body of the patient.03-26-2009
20100056963DEVICES, SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SHORTENING MENSTRUAL PERIOD DURATION - Devices and systems for facilitating the flow of menses through the cervix and for shortening the duration of menstruation include a pressure oscillations generating unit insertable into a vagina and configured for delivering pressure oscillations and/or acoustic waves and/or shock waves to the vagina and cervix to change the flow properties of menses fluid. The pressure oscillations generating unit may include one or more vibratable or movable members for generating pressure oscillations which may be powered by an internal or external power source. The devices may optionally include an absorbing member or a menses collecting member. A method of menstruation duration shortening includes placing the device within the vagina and applying pressure oscillations to the vagina or to a vaginal chamber formed within the vagina for increasing the flow rate of menses and shortening menstruation duration.03-04-2010
20120035513SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR HAPTIC SOUND - Systems and methods for applying vibration to the human body. A vibration system includes a vibrator capable of converting an electrical signal into vibration. In one aspect, the vibrator is arranged on or about the human body on a pectoralis major muscle and spaced away from a sternum. In another aspect, the vibrator is arranged on or about the human body such that a first pattern of vibrations are generated on the body's surface. The first pattern of vibrations matches in relative amplitude a second pattern of vibrations generated on the body's surface when the body generates sound.02-09-2012
20120109029VIBRATION TRANSDUCER AND SOMATOSENSORY VIBRATION DEVICE HAVING VIBRATION TRANSDUCER - The present invention provides a vibration transducer which includes a main housing, a top cover, a supporting member, a magnetic yoke structure member, a coil frame, and a coil displaced around the coil frame. The main housing, the top cover, and the supporting member are firmly connected together, the supporting member has an elastic suspending portion, the magnetic yoke structure member is suspended on the suspending portion of the supporting member, the coil frame is fixedly attached to the main housing, and the coil frame has a junction portion made from heat insulation material, the coil frame is secured to the main housing through the junction portion, and a heat dissipating opening is defined in the main housing or the top cover.05-03-2012
20110270141HAIR BAND TYPE APPARATUS FOR PREVENTING SLEEPINESS - The hair-band type apparatus 11-03-2011
20090299237MICRODERMABRASION DEVICES, COMPOSITIONS, AND METHODS - A composition including a base and a plurality of abrasive particles. An apparatus including a head, and an applicator coupled to the head, the applicator having dimensions suitable for contacting localized areas of human skin. A method including applying a composition to an area of human skin, the composition comprising a base and a plurality of abrasive particles, and manipulating the composition over the area of human skin with a handle-operated instrument.12-03-2009
20120296243SYSTEMS FOR RECOVERY FROM MOTOR CONTROL VIA STIMULATION TO A SUBSTITUTED SITE TO AN AFFECTED AREA - Methods, devices and systems for recovering motor control of an area in the body of a patient affected by a neurological disorder. A device vibrotactilely stimulates a substitute site for the affected area thereby recovering the motor control of the affected area. The stimulation provided by the device is volitionally controlled by the patient.11-22-2012
20120296244VIBRATING FOOTBOARD - This invention relates to a vibrating footboard comprising a base plate (11-22-2012
20100004573APPARATUS FOR PERFORMING A MASSAGE AT THE SPINE - An apparatus comprises at least two massaging means arranged side by side, each including a vibration application area designed to be applied on the patient in order to transmit vibrations; the two massaging means are located at a distance from each other such that one of said massaging means can be applied essentially opposite the transverse apophysis of a vertebra while the other massaging means can simultaneously be applied essentially opposite the other transverse apophysis of the same vertebra; inclination detecting means arranged along a direction parallel to the direction from one massaging means to the other, this inclination detecting means being for detecting a level difference between the application areas of the two massaging means; and means for operating one or the other of said massaging means according to the level of difference detected between said application areas.01-07-2010
20130218058APPARATUS FOR TRANSMITTING LOCALISED VIBRATIONS, IN PARTICULAR TO MUSCLES OF A USER - The present invention concerns an apparatus for transmitting localised vibrations, in particular to muscles of a user, comprising a handpiece, vibrating means being coupled to said at least one handpiece, the apparatus being characterised in that the handpiece is coupled through connecting means to an applicator capable to be applied to an area of the body of the user said vibrating means being connected to a processing and controlling device that is housed in a control panel and in turn connected to interface means for inputting data capable to set a vibration frequency of said vibrating means.08-22-2013
20080200848Vibrating Device For Treating Nasal Congestion and Sinusitis Symptoms and Method Thereof - The present invention discloses a method of treating nasal congestion and/or relieving sinusitis symptoms in a patient comprising attaching a vibration generating means to the patient head, at a location adjacent to sinuses to be treated, generating a vibration by said vibration generating means, and delivering the same to said patient. The present invention also discloses a device for treating nasal congestion and/or relieving sinusitis symptoms in a patient, comprising attaching means and a vibration generating means; said attaching means are in communication with the patient's head in a location adjacent to said nasal cavity, nasal passageway or sinuses to be treated; said generating means are adapted to vibrate said attaching means, to vibrate the location adjacent to said nasal cavity or sinuses and thus improved mucociliary clearance of secretions in nasal cavity or sinuses.08-21-2008
20080208085Disposable massage apparatus - A disposable massage apparatus having a massage actuator operatively engaged to a holding member which defines a slot adapted to receive a conductivity blocker that prevents operation of the massage apparatus is disclosed. In operation, the user withdraws the conductivity blocker from the slot in order to make the massage apparatus operational while re-inserting the conductivity blocker into the slot makes the massage apparatus inoperative.08-28-2008
20090005714Massage Device - A massage device comprising: an inner sleeve; an outer sleeve; a composition sealed between the inner sleeve and the outer sleeve, the composition being capable of undergoing a phase change which is accompanied by a change in temperature of the composition. The exterior surface of the massage device is therefore able to be warmed to a desired operating temperature.01-01-2009
20110230802MASSAGE DEVICE WITH MAGNETIC FIELD EFFECT CONTROL CAPABILITIES - A massage device having a hand-held unit including a first controller coaxially disposed within a second controller for controlling the operation of first and second massage actuators of the massage device is disclosed. The first controller includes a faceplate and the second controller includes a turning knob having the faceplate coaxially disposed therein. The second controller further includes a magnet carrier having a plurality of magnets with each magnet producing a respective magnetic field. The hand-held unit further includes a casing that defines a chamber with a framework removably disposed therein that is operatively coupled to the first and second controllers. The framework includes a push button that is operatively coupled to the faceplate, which is actuated by the first controller when the faceplate is depressed. The framework further includes first and second magnetic switches that may be triggered when the turning knob is rotated in one direction such that the magnetic field of one of the plurality of magnets triggers one of the first or second magnetic switches while rotating the turning knob in an opposite direction triggers the other one of the first or second magnetic switches to control the intensity of the first and second massage actuators.09-22-2011
20120078143VIBRATING PACIFIER - A vibrating pacifier comprising a housing, where the housing encompasses a vibrating mechanism, a set of wings extending from opposing sides of the housing, a nipple protruding from the housing, where the nipple is covered in a plurality of nubs on a blunt end of the nipple, and a handle attached to the housing, wherein the handle contains a battery compartment and a switch to activate the vibrating mechanism to enable the vibrating pacifier to oscillate thus providing comfort and relief to a baby while teething.03-29-2012
20090221942Massaging brassiere structure - The present invention discloses a massaging brassiere structure that installs an electronic vibrator in brassiere cups of the brassiere, and the electronic vibrator is controlled by an electronic circuit for vibrations and driving an elastic filling layer of the brassiere cup to vibrate, so that the vibrating frequency produced by the electronic vibrator is transmitted evenly to a wearer's breasts by the elastic force of the elastic filling layer of the brassiere cup for massaging the wearer's breasts.09-03-2009
20090192422Handheld Massagers and Methods of Operation - Handheld massagers for providing hydrotherapy and/or vibratory or pulse massage therapy are disclosed, as well as methods for use of such massagers. The handheld massager can be connected, such as by using a single hose, to a primary fluid supply of a pool or spa. The handheld massager may be configured to provide for multiple different gripping positions and may have attachments that can facilitate providing vibratory massage, such as by direct contact with a body part of a user or someone else.07-30-2009
20100274164VIBRATION DEVICE - A device for vibrational stimulation of body tissue in body cavities which are difficult to access, particularly in the nasal cavity or intestine, is disclosed. The device is comprising expandable stimulation means which can be introduced via a body opening into a body cavity. In an expanded state of the device, the stimulation means abuts against the body tissue within the body cavity. To accomplish vibrational stimulation, the stimulation means is brought to vibrate at a frequency of 1-5000 Hz within the body cavity. There is also disclosed a method for vibrational stimulation of body tissue in a body cavity, particularly in the nasal cavity or intestine, of a patient.10-28-2010
20100262049Pelvic Trainer - A device is used for stimulating the pelvic muscles of a patient. The device comprises a tubular body which is of such a size that it can be placed along the crotch of a human body.10-14-2010
20100234778Portable Massage Device - A portable massage device and method for reducing soreness in muscles or joints. The device includes a cage having a plurality of ventilation apertures that assist in cooling an internal motor.09-16-2010
20130123674Cavity Form Vibrating System - A massage device with a first and second section, a vibration isolation device, positioned between the first and second section, designed to dampen vibrations occurring in the first section from fully impacting the second section. There is also a first and second vibrator motor positioned in the first and second section respectively, designed to be independently operated from each other. There is a first and second lubrication or liquid port, located in the first and second section respectively. There is a lubrication pump module located in the massage device, designed to independently provide lubrication to the first and second lubrication port. There is a first and second temperature module, located in the first and second section respectively.05-16-2013
20100222721Apparatus for application of trigger point pressure in personal fitness Center and the like before or after exercise - The apparatus includes an array of trigger point probes symmetrically positioned about a central vertical plane of the apparatus, the array including at least two of a pair of upper neck pair of probes, an upper back and shoulder blade pair of probes, a mid back pair of probes, and a lower back pair. Over the probes is Therein is provided a shell resembling the appearance of a human back, the shell provided with apertures sufficient in dimension and location to permit slidable passage of ends of the probes thru the shell. The probes are secured, at a base thereof to a vibratory vertical plane which is secured to a non-vibratory vertical plane secured to a wall. The non-vibratory plane includes lateral extensions that extend to form left and right handles by which a user of the apparatus may select and maintain locations of the back requiring application of pressure to release of trigger point contractions and the like.09-02-2010
20100222720Digit vibrating device and methods for use - This invention relates to devices which vibrate/massage and stretch a user's digits having a frame with two or more openings into which a user's digits are placed, including a vibrator separately provided within a unitary enclosure which is partially inserted into a recess in the frame. The unitary enclosure encloses the power source, a vibrator, and an interface to power on and off the vibrator. This invention also relates to methods for inserting/removing the unitary enclosure.09-02-2010
20100222719Deep Acting Topically Working Facial Care Appliance - A deep acting topically working facial care appliance includes a dual action facial puck having a rotating and counter rotatable facial implement that is dually effective both to clean, massage, apply compositions and otherwise topically work the skin and to deeply act to penetrate below the epidermis and into the dermis massaging and deeply passivating and enervating the dermis and dermal collagen.09-02-2010
20100125226Breath trainer - A portable battery operated user worn device that helps the user to learn to breathe more deeply and slowly, with the attendant benefits.05-20-2010
20090069728Randomic vibration for treatment of blood flow disorders - A therapeutic device and method for use thereof for treatment of blood flow disorders is disclosed. In one embodiment, a first line emergency response system for treatment of acute thrombotic and/or vasospastic vascular obstructions via the noninvasive application of low frequency vibration with at least one, and preferably a plurality of randomly administered vibratory waveform characteristics (herein after “Randomic Vibration”) is detailed. The disclosed apparatus and methods are based on the intuition that transcutaneously imparted low frequency randomic vibration can provide enhanced clot disruption and mixing of clot disruptive agents to acutely thrombosed vessels, due to the addition of mechanical chaos via non-regular, multi-vectored convection currents. In a preferred embodiment, the disclosed apparatus and methods preferably utilize randomic vibration as an adjunct to systemically administered drug therapy, most preferably intravenously administered thrombolytic drug therapy.03-12-2009
20090069727Apparatuses for and method of preventing decubitus ulcers - An apparatus for the prevention of decubitus ulcers includes an overlay and a plurality of stimulation segments disposed throughout the overlay, wherein the stimulation segments provide stimulation. At least one sensor is disposed within at least one of the plurality of stimulation segments. A controller is electrically connected to the at least one sensor, wherein the controller gathers data from the sensor, processes the data, and transmits instructions to the stimulation segments.03-12-2009
20110172573ATHLETIC MASSAGE DEVICE - An athletic massage device is described with improved pressure absorption and distribution, along with methods for using the same. The athletic massage device may comprise one or more layers of pliant material, which allow a user improved control over how to adjust applied pressure. In some embodiments, devices are provided with a deep core construction with a pliant outer perimeter. A hard spine may house a motor and rechargeable battery to create vibrations, which may be adjustable. An inner core layer of a pliant material may overlay the spine. An outer surface layer of a more pliant material may overlay the inner core. Protrusions from the spine may extend into the inner core layer to improve pressure or energy transfer. Embodiments may be provided in the form of balls, massage sticks, rolling pins, or dumbbells.07-14-2011
20100174217POINT VIBRATION THERAPY DEVICE - A point vibration therapy device (“PVTD”) is designed to provide vibration therapy or stimulation to a user to alleviate stimming behavior caused by a sensory dysfunction. The PVTD includes a control system, a power system, and a vibration source system. The control system includes a control circuit, a housing, an I/O interface and inputs for a user to interact with the device, e.g., adjusting the frequency and duration of vibrations for optimal effect on the user. The power system includes a power source and charge management controller. The vibration source system includes a vibration source, a housing, power control connections, and an attachment device to attach to a user's body. The control system, power system, and vibration source system are all interconnected and may be contained in a singular or multiple housings.07-08-2010
20110004130DEVICE FOR PREVENTING SKIN SAG AND WRINKLES - Device for preventing skin sag and wrinkles, formed by two main parts, i.e. a tuning fork and pyramid-shaped stone which are permanently joined together by means of cold-soldering. The device is configured so that the vertex of the pyramid is inserted inside the free end of the bored base of the tuning fork. The tuning fork may have two, three or four arms. For professional use it may have a cylinder at the end of each arm. Joining together of the two main parts may be performed by means of a hollow middle part which at one end is inserted inside the tuning fork and at the other end is joined to the pyramid. The device is used in the cosmetics sector in order to remedy skin sag, smooth skin wrinkles and rejuvenate and brighten up the face and other parts of the body.01-06-2011
20110245739Selective resonance of chemical structures - Chemical compositions may be selectively or preferentially excited by the application of scores comprising a series of energy inputs.10-06-2011
20110034837INTERACTIVE MASSAGING DEVICE - A vibratory massaging device having a spaced plurality of proximity sensors distributed on a massaging surface of the device, and a control circuit operative for controlling vibratory intensities in response to activation of particular ones of the sensors being close to a user's body parts being massaged. The device can be configured as a dildo, including both main and secondary vibrators, the secondary vibrator being within an arm portion that is configured for clitoral stimulation. At least one of the vibrators is automatically driven at increased intensity as penetration increases.02-10-2011
20110034838ENHANCED BIOMECHANICAL STIMULATION DEVICE - A biomechanical stimulation device is presented. The biomechanical stimulation device comprises a base that supports an adjustable height arm and an easily removable drum connected to the arm. The drum is driven by a motor to provide an elliptical stimulation motion. An anti-rotation device prevents rotation, but allows orbital translation of drum. The drum may connect to the arm at a single attachment point. The arm 02-10-2011
20110071444Discontinuous Positive Airway Pressure Device And Method Of Reducing Sleep Disordered Breathing Events - A Discontinuous Positive Airway Pressure (DPAP) device and method of using the same for reducing sleep disordered breathing events, such as sleep apnea and snoring. The DPAP device provides selective excitation to the pharyngeal conduit or another muscle or cartilage along the respiratory path, a predetermined period of time before the end of the expiration stage, in order to prematurely reverse the respiratory cycle before the total collapse of the pharyngeal conduit, thus enabling the inhalation stage to reopen and refill the pharyngeal conduit.03-24-2011
20130138023DEVICE FOR MASSAGING OR TREATING THE MUSCLES OF THE BACK AND NECK - The invention relates to a device (05-30-2013
20090118650HYDRAULIC DRIVEN MASSAGING BAR - A hydraulic driven massaging bar is disclosed to include a hollow bar-like body defining therein a water input passage and a water output passage, an elastic head member, an elastic connection member connected between the elastic head member and one end of the hollow bar-like body, a waterwheel pivotally mounted in the hollow bar-like body and rotatable by water running through the water input passage toward the water output passage, a reciprocating rod affixed to the elastic head member and suspending in the elastic connection member, and a rotating wheel coupled between the waterwheel and the reciprocating rod for moving the reciprocating rod and the elastic head member back and forth upon rotation of the rotating wheel with the waterwheel.05-07-2009
20080214973Therapeutic Treatment Device - A therapeutic treatment device having a contact surface for the patient, at least one acoustic body (09-04-2008
20110054367Instrument For Applying Vibrations To The Human Body - An instrument for applying vibrations to the human body is disclosed, comprising a housing in which an axially movable ram is arranged at the distal end, and a drive device for the ram, for setting the ram in a reciprocating motion, wherein the drive device comprises an axially movable projectile arranged proximally of the ram and an accelerating device for the projectile for accelerating the projectile distally in the direction of the ram, the ram being able to execute a stroke of at least 1 mm.03-03-2011
20100305483ADULT TOY - An apparatus may comprise a main element having a U shape including a first portion corresponding to a first leg of the U shape and a second portion corresponding to a second leg of the U shape, and the first portion having an end portion bent inwards at an angle.12-02-2010
20110196271APPARATUS, SYSTEM AND OPERATION METHOD FOR THE TREATMENT OF MALE SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION - An apparatus and a system for treating a sexual dysfunctional male patient comprise an implanted at least one vibrator adapted to stimulate at least a part of the sexually responsive tissue of the penis of the patient by vibration of said vibrator and contact between said vibrator and at least one area of the sexually responsive tissue. There is also provided a surgical method comprising the apparatus and the system.08-11-2011
20120209155Vibration Unit for Musculoskeletal Vibrations System for Jointed Limbs - A system includes a vibration unit that provides independent adjustability of vibration characteristics such as frequency and amplitude and may provide a first motor that rotates an eccentric and can adjust vibration frequency and a second motor that that may move the eccentric within the vibration unit in a manner that adjusts amplitude of the vibration.08-16-2012
20110190673BIOMECHANICAL STIMULATION DEVICE - A biomechanical stimulation (“BMS”) device is provided. The BMS device includes a base, and a shaft connected to said base. The shaft includes one or more first journals aligned with one or more first bearings to rotate about a first axis and one or more second journals aligned with one or more second bearings to rotate the shaft about a second axis. The second axis is offset from the first axis. A platform is connected to the shaft to rotate with the shaft. One or more elastic mounts are disposed between the platform and the base. The BMS device may include a counterweight mass to balance the shaft.08-04-2011
20100016768STRUCTURE OF VIBRATING AND ROLLING MASSAGE DEVICE - A vibrating and rolling massage device is wearable on a limb of a user in order to allow the user to carry out massage operation with rolling of the massage device and to provide massage effect simultaneously on the limb wearing the massage device and a part of a human body on which the palm wearing the massage device is positioned. Further, a vibration motor that generates vibration for carrying out massage operation is provided in such a way that the vibration motor is accommodated in a motor holder that can be releasably mounted/dismounted in a tool free manner so that the vibration motor can be selectively set at a position desired by the user.01-21-2010
20090143706NECK BELT APPARATUS - A neck belt apparatus is disclosed. The neck belt apparatus includes a band which is placed around the neck of a user. Optionally, an adjustable fastener enables fitting to a variety of neck sizes. The band includes a heating element to provide heat to the neck of a user to enable weight loss in the neck or lower chin of the user. Optionally, a plurality of vibrating devices are provided and arranged to provide vibration to the neck. This can potentially enhance weight loss or provide comfort. Padding is included for comfort. The apparatus enables a user to address a need for weight loss in the neck area. Alternatively, the apparatus can provide pain relief. Switches can be provided to adjust settings for both vibrating devices and heating element. The apparatus is ideally alternatively powered via a power cord or a rechargeable battery.06-04-2009
20090270773Automatically adjusting contact node for multiple rib space engagement - A vibratory attachment interface enabling transmission of oscillations generated by an oscillation source upon an external human body surface. The interface comprises a first contact node and a second contact node slideably mounted alongside the first contact node, wherein the contact nodes are each sized and shaped to enable seating within a human rib-space, and whereby upon forced engagement of the first contact node within a first rib-space, the second contact node automatically slides and conforms to the contour of a second differing rib-space thereby optimally nestling within the second rib-space. The attachment interface is for use in contoured application to preferably the anatomic left sternal border, third and fourth intercostal space, such as to enable and ensure an optimized vibratory transmission pathway from the chest wall to the base of the heart and coronary arteries thereupon.10-29-2009
20080281238Oscillation representing system for effectively applying hypersonic sound - A vibration presenting system includes a first vibration applying device for applying a vibration that is generated by a first vibration source and has frequency components within an audible range perceivable as a sound by an auditory sense system of a living body to the auditory sense system of the living body, and a second vibration applying device for applying a vibration that is generated by a second vibration source different from the first vibration source and has superhigh frequency components exceeding the audible range unperceivable by the auditory sense system of the living body to a living body component region other than the auditory sense system of the living body. The living body component region other than the auditory sense system of the living body is a body surface of the living body, which may include a head thereof.11-13-2008
20120046579MECHANICAL STIMULATION WRAP AND METHOD OF USE - A system and method of use for providing vibratory energy to a portion, e.g., the leg, of a living being for producing a beneficial effect, e.g., relief of RLS symptoms, is disclosed. The system is in the form of an elastic wrap or band arranged to be releasably secured to the portion of the being and holds plural electrical motors, which when operated vibrate. The vibrations of the motors are propagated to the adjacent portion of the being's body and topically apply random-like mechanical stimulations to tendons or ligaments to stimulate proprioceptors of the being. Power for the motors is provided from a power and control source. The elastic wrap is formed of at least one material adapted that is soft and pliable. The motors are arranged to be located at various positions and orientations along the elastic wrap.02-23-2012
20110098613Massage Device and Control Methods - Provided are a system and method for controlling a device through changes in a pressure of a deformable chamber such as may be controlled by a user through a user's hand and/or body. In one example, a device with a deformable chamber detects pressure level changes from a baseline and modifies output parameters including modifications on the playback of stored patterns. In another example, a massage device with a deformable chamber records the most recent pressure level changes in a sequence, interprets the pressure level sequence as a sequence of power levels to a vibratory motor, and repeats back the interpretation until a further pressure input is received above a baseline. In another example, the massage device interprets the currently input sequence of pressure levels in real-time into a sequence of power levels delivered to the vibratory motor.04-28-2011
20120310124LIQUID DISPENSING MASSAGE DEVICE WITH DOUBLE SWITCH - A liquid dispensing massage device includes a container having an opening and adapted to contain a quantity of liquid; a spring biased dispensing assembly comprising a retaining cap releasably secured to the opening of the container; a massage assembly comprising a shell mounted on an outer surface of the container and a vibration unit disposed in the shell, the vibration unit comprising a DC motor, a manually moveable first switch mounted on the shell, a PCB, and a battery; and a second switch electrically interconnected to the motor and the first switch and comprising a spring depressible member and a sliding trigger having one end engaged with the spring depressible member and the other end projecting out of the shell to engage with an outer surface of the opening of the container. The motor is activated when both switches are on.12-06-2012
20120059293PERSONAL BACK AND BODY STIMULATOR - A back and body stimulator provides a variety of stimulation to body surfaces. The stimulator may comprise a frame that supports one or more stimulating elements. The frame may be held between two handles by one or more resilient or stretchable members. The stimulating elements may engage and be applied to a body surface via the handles. The user may stretch the resilient members to apply a force to the body surface. Stimulation may be provided by moving the stimulating elements across the body surface. The stimulating members may be mounted so as to rotate about distinct axis, to rotate irregularly, or both so that distinct sensations may be generated. The stimulator may include one or more vibration generators or vibrating elements.03-08-2012
20120059294DEVICES AND METHODS FOR MANIPULATING CIRCULATION IN THE CIRCULATORY SYSTEM OF A PATIENT - A device for manipulating circulation in the circulatory system of the body of a subject is disclosed. The device includes a flexible support dimensioned for covering a section of the body of the subject, a vibration inducing element embedded in or attached to the support. The support includes a patch and an attachment layer on the patch. The attachment layer includes a biocompatible adhesive suitable for attaching the patch to skin on the section of the body of the subject. The vibration inducing element is positioned in or on the support such that the vibration inducing element can transmit vibrations to the skin when the patch is adhered to the skin on the section of the body of the subject.03-08-2012
20120157895DEVICE, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR MECHANOSENSORY NERVE ENDING STIMULATION - A device for stimulating mechanosensory nerve endings can include: a housing having an internal chamber and first and second openings; optionally, a membrane covering the first opening of housing, said membrane being sufficient flexibility to vibrate upon receiving vibratory stimulation from a vibratory mechanism; and a coupling mechanism at the second opening configured for being fluidly coupled to the vibratory mechanism, wherein the entire device consists of magnetically unresponsive materials. The housing can be cylindrical, or any polygon shape. The membrane can be integrated with the housing or coupled thereto, such as with adhesive. Optionally, the membrane can be removably coupled to the housing. The membrane can be omitted such that the skin of a subject coupled to the device oscillates in response to the fluid vibrations.06-21-2012
20120071798 CRANIAL DEVICE WITH ROTARY TILT SENSOR - The invention relates to an improved cranial device with a rotary inclination detector, including a container box which can be secured to the cranium of sleeping person and which contains an electric motor and an eccentric counterweight coupled thereto, forming a vibrator. The device also includes a battery or a battery holder for at least one battery, which is provided with two axially opposed projecting contacts or studs. The container box is provided with inclined formations with dielectric properties, on which the battery or battery holder can roll by means of the studs thereof, and two electric contacts on which the inclined formations terminate, such that, when the battery holder is placed on the electric contacts, the motor circuit is closed, thereby activating the vibrator.03-22-2012
20100016769Vibrator Device - The invention relates to a vibrator device for introducing vibrations into a person, comprising a carrier that is adapted and provided to contact a person for introducing vibrations into said person, a vibration generator that is adapted and provided to perform a vibration, wherein the vibration generator is pivotably supported about a pivoting axis on the carrier in order to transfer vibrations to the carrier. According to the invention, the vibration generator is elastically supported on the carrier in a plane extending perpendicular to the pivoting axis.01-21-2010
20100179457VIBRATING ANESTHESIA DEVICE - A hand-held vibrating tool is provided to create an anesthesia effect on a patient's skin when the tool is touched to the skin. The tool includes a body which is easily grasped by the user and a removable tip having forked prongs for touching the skin. A small electric motor is housed within the body and is powered by batteries, with an on/off switch to control actuation of the motor. The motor generates vibrations which are transmitted through the prongs to the patient's skin, and thereby create a numbed zone prior to a medical procedure, such as an injection. Interchangeable tips are provided with differently spaced prongs to create smaller or larger anesthetized zones for the patient.07-15-2010
20120215141STIMULATION DEVICE AND METHOD - A stimulation device for creating a pleasurable sensation in a user is provided. The stimulation device includes an expandable portion configured to assume a plurality of states of expansion between minimum expansion and maximum expansion and a vibrating element extending away from the outer surface of the expandable portion.08-23-2012
20100204624ENDO-BUCCAL DEVICE FOR TACTILE STIMULATION AND ACTUATION - The present invention relates to a tactile stimulation device of an individual, comprising at least three stimulators distributed throughout the buccal cavity, in contact with the gums, the inside of the cheeks and/or the lips so as to communicate three-dimensional information to the individual.08-12-2010
20120215142METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TREATMENT OF ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION WITH EXTRACORPOREAL SHOCKWAVES - A method and device producing extracorporeal shockwaves for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.08-23-2012
20120136287VAGINAL TISSUE REGENERATION DEVICE AND METHOD FOR REGENERATION OF VAGINAL LINING USING VIBRATION THERAPY - A vaginal regeneration device is provided and method of promoting regeneration of vaginal tissue is provided. The method includes providing a patient having a vagina in need of vaginal tissue regeneration vaginal lubricant and a vaginal regeneration device. The vagina is lubricated and the regeneration device is inserted into the patient's vagina, wherein the vibrating mechanism is activated, allowing the vibrations to contact the vaginal wall for a therapeutic period of time. The device includes a shaft having a first end and a second end, a tapered insertion at said first end of said shaft and an end cap at said second end of the shaft, and a vibrating mechanism within the shaft. The invention further is directed to kits for promoting regeneration of vaginal tissue comprising at least two vaginal regeneration devices having different diameters along the majority of the length of the shaft.05-31-2012
20110184323EPICONDYLITIS TREATMENT - A method of treating epicondylitis comprising applying to the elbow of a patient suffering from epicondylitis a vibrating device.07-28-2011
20120253243MASSAGING DEVICE - A massaging device includes a base part, vibrators configured to be brought into contact with target parts of a user and to massage the target parts with vibration, and springs each including a first end fixed to the base part and a second end attached to the corresponding one of the vibrators. The spring constants of the springs are set based on skin stress of the target parts.10-04-2012
20120083721BODY CONTOURED STIMULATING AND REJUVENATING SYSTEM - A device that rejuvenates the skin of the brow, eyes, and body of a user comprising a small vibrating sheet to cover each area is disclosed. The vibrating sheet is composed of a first sheet of flexible material with a series of holes arrayed across the surface. Each hole aligns with an individual acrylic sphere, too large to pass through the hole but small enough to be partially contained therein. A layer of silicone, the same thickness as that of the sheet, sandwiches the spheres. Individual sheets contain coin-sized vibrating motors, powered by a battery, and are adhered to an area of the body with a belt member or blinds prior to operation.04-05-2012
20120172771Rolling massager with thermal enhancement - A massager device providing multiple massaging effects with thermal enhancement is disclosed. The device comprises a cylindrical body with a first end which is closed and a second end which is open, a first cap coupled to the first end, and a second cap coupled to the second end, an assembly of DC vibrator embedded in the first end, and a switch embedded in the first cap. The cylindrical body comprises an inner layer and an outer layer. The inner layer is made of ABS materials. The outer layer is made of silicone rubber and comprises a base sheet and an array of evenly spaced identical elastic nipples positioned outwardly with their bottoms embedded in the base sheet. The first cap and the second cap have substantially identical exterior shape and size, each of which having an inner layer made of ABS materials and a silicone rubber ring coupled to the inner layer's exterior. The hollow space made by the cylindrical body and the second cap may contain thermal media such as water or gel. In operation, the user may enjoy massaging effects from the silicone rubber nipples, the silicone rubber rings on the both ends, as well as the high temperature or lower temperature controlled by the thermal media contained in the hollow space.07-05-2012
20130172791Method for vibrator for sexual proposes - A method for a sexual stimulation aid such as a vibrator with at list one sensor connecting to a computerized or electronic operator, wherein, the sensors designated to imitates male pin physiologic behaviors, wherein, one implementation of the method enabling by an appropriate sensors, connected to the vibrator mechanism, fitted to detect wetness, or moistness, or touch, or combination of some of these sensors, wherein, when the sensor detecting the condition, the reading passes to the vibrator mechanism that change the vibrator position from “fallen condition” to “stand still condition” as in the method of the present invention. A strap extension to the vibration unit is optional in the method scope of the present invention.07-04-2013
20120179077Vibrator apparatus with audio and motor control features - A means and method for arbitrarily coordinating a tactile vibratory stimulus with an audio stimulus. There is provided an adult-type sex toy, and associated method, with a vibrator and audio player in which the audio player is augmented with additional circuitry and firmware, such that the audio player is in signal communication with the vibrator to to control the speed of the vibrator motor. The motor speed, however, is not correlated with raw audio signal strength or frequency. Rather, the vibrator motor speed is regulated by motor speed information embedded with the audio file being played back. Accordingly, the apparatus audio player can play back an erotic story, for example, while automatically coordinating the vibrator motor speed in concert with the perceived content of the audible story as heard by the user-listener.07-12-2012
20120220907STIMULATOR - A stimulator for stimulating human female genitalia including an electrically powered vibration device and a first external massage surface for engaging the genitalia which is vibrated by the vibration device. The first massage surface includes a first surface portion surrounding a protrusion which extends above the first surface portion. The first massage surface is provided with two adjacent surfaces areas having different vibrational characteristics, a first surface area provided by the protrusion and a second surface area provided by the first surface portion surrounding the protrusion.08-30-2012
20120259254 VIBRATING MASSAGER - The present invention relates to an improved vibrating massager, the improved vibrating massager comprises: an inner shell (10-11-2012
20120259255NON-INVASIVE, VIBROTACTILE MEDICAL DEVICE TO RESTORE NORMAL GAIT FOR PATIENTS SUFFERING FROM PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY - Provided is a comfortable and discrete device wearable by a patient to restore balance and gait. The device re-establishes the sensorimotor loop by providing the patient with a secondary signal to healthy nerves around the knee to alert the patient that the patient's heel has just struck the ground. In this regard, the device monitors the patient's leg movements to detect when the patient's heel strikes the ground and sends the secondary signal, i.e., vibrotactile stimulation, in response to the detected heel strike. The central nervous system incorporates the new signal and the motor system responds as if there is not loss of sensation in the foot and returns to its normal gait.10-11-2012
20120238924DEVICES FOR FUNCTIONAL REVASCULARIZATION BY ALTERNATING PRESSURE - The present invention discloses a device for administering intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) and Protocols of Artificially Induced Oscillations (PAIO) useful in alleviating peripheral circulatory disorders of a treated organ, comprising a wearable body portion enclosure (BPE) adapted to contact said treated organ, said BPE comprising: one or more balloons adapted to be inflated and deflated for creating said IPC; one or more pressure sources in fluid communication with said balloons by way of one or more valves; one or more vibrating elements adapted to produce PAIO; a controlling unit adapted to operate said pressure sources, and to operate said vibrating elements. The IPC and PAIO may be individually administered to said treated organ according to predetermined protocols.09-20-2012
20120238923Repositioning Device, Garment, and Posture Molding Method and Training Instruction Method Using Them - A repositioning device and a garment (09-20-2012
20120323149RESONANCE MASSAGE DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MASSAGING THE ACUPUNCTURE POINTS ON THE WRIST - A resonance massage method and device for massaging acupuncture points on the wrist, wherein the massage device is provided with two wave generators which are placed on the inner and outer wrist to output periodic waves in opposite directions, and the opposite periodic waves resonate to create resonance which is capable of persistently massaging the acupuncture points on the wrist.12-20-2012
20120089056Electronically Controlled Wide Band Vibrating Tampon with Low Disposable Cost - The present invention is an electronically controlled wide band vibrating tampon (ECWVT) apparatus to provide relief from feminine menstrual cramps and comprises a controllable vibration generator with selectable wide band vibration sources, an electromechanical transducer aka a vibration transmitter, and a disposable vibration transmitting tampon head (VTTH) to be inserted into the user's vaginal canal for customized and maximized relief from a user's menstrual cramps. Since only the VTTH is disposable and all other parts are reusable, the disposable cost is minimized.04-12-2012
20120330201ARTICULATED MASSAGE DEVICE - A massaging device having a plurality of members that are linked together such that the shape and orientation of the massaging device can be selectively changed to a desired configuration.12-27-2012
20130012850KNEE PAIN TREATMENT - A method of treating knee pain comprising applying directly to the knee a vibrating device.01-10-2013
20120150080Surgical Stapling Instrument Having Transducer Effecting Vibrations - A surgical stapling instrument includes a tool assembly configured to eject staples. The tool assembly has a cartridge assembly and an anvil assembly movable relative to each other. The cartridge assembly and the anvil assembly are configured to move between open and closed positions. The surgical stapling instrument further includes at least one transducer disposed in at least one of the cartridge assembly and the anvil assembly. The transducers are adapted to effect vibrations to enhance stapling. In one embodiment, wires connect the transducers to a power generator. The power generator supplies energy to the transducers.06-14-2012
20130018289POST STROKE STIMULATION DEVICE AND TREATMENT METHOD - A post-stroke stimulation device including a garment to be applied to a portion of a body of a stroke patient to be treated. The post-stroke stimulation device includes at least one tactile actuator adapted to supply tactile stimulation to the skin of the stroke patient. The tactile actuators are controlled to be activated and deactivated in a random pattern or a pattern selected by a medical professional.01-17-2013
20110160627Single-motor massager - A single-motor massager has a housing, a carriage and a lead threaded rod mounted in the housing, a guiding assembly, two transmission assemblies and a driving assembly mounted in the carriage, and two massage assemblies respectively driven by the transmission assemblies. The lead threaded rod has a right-handed thread and a left-handed thread so the carriage moves back and forth along the lead threaded rod and the massage assemblies can massage a large area of an operator's back. One of the transmission assembly has a one-way bearing so the carriage is able to stop at any position of the lead threaded rod and the massage assemblies are able to focus on a massage function at a specific position.06-30-2011
20080249439TREATMENT OF INFLAMMATION BY NON-INVASIVE STIMULATION - Described herein are devices, systems and method for treating inflammatory disorders by modulating a subject's inflammatory reflex. The method may include the step of non-invasively stimulating the inflammatory reflex (e.g., the vagus nerve, the splenic nerve, the hepatic nerve, the facial nerve, and the trigeminal nerve) of a subject in a manner which significantly reduces proinflammatory cytokines in the subject and/or provides a therapeutically effective treatment for the subject. Devices for non-invasively stimulating the inflammatory reflex may include a movable tip or actuator that is controlled to mechanically stimulate the ear. The devices may be hand-held or wearable, and may stimulate the cymba conchae region of the subject's ear.10-09-2008
20080234610FACIAL WETTING APPARATUS - The present invention provides for a facial wetting apparatus having a substantially concave portion generally contoured to receive a user's face therein and including airway means adapted for communication with a user's mouth for breathing purposes, the device further being arranged to present water to the user's face when received in the device and such that the water presentation can continue and in a readily controlled manner without compromising the user's breathing which continues by way of the airway means.09-25-2008
20080228114Miniature massage vibrator - A miniature electrically powered massage vibrator includes an outermost shell slideably holding a vibrating body, i.e., a vibration generator. The vibrating body contains a power source of button-type battery cells for powering a motor of the vibration generator encased inside the body, and a power switching mechanism. Sliding movement of the outermost shell relative to the vibrating body provides the switching on/off functions of the electric power. The massage vibrator is useful for sexual assistance or marital aid or therapeutic use.09-18-2008
20130178768MASSAGE TOOLS - A massage tool kit including a first massage tool comprising one or more grips and one or more rollers and a second massage tool having a bore extending at least partially therethrough with the bore being sized to selectively receive the first massage tool therein, and a third massage tool having a bore extending at least partially therethrough with the bore being sized to selectively receive the second massage tool therein.07-11-2013
20130178769SEXUAL STIMULATION DEVICE WITH INTERCHANGEABLE SHEATHS - Described is a sexual stimulation device that allows a user to selectively change the exterior texture or pleasure pattern. The device includes a handle component with a first vibrating member extending from the handle component. The first vibrating member is operable for providing a vibration sensation. A first interchangeable sheath is provided with a first exterior texture. The first interchangeable sheath is adapted to detachably attach with the first vibrating member. Additionally, a second interchangeable sheath with a second exterior texture is provided. As was the case above, the second interchangeable sheath is adapted to detachably attach with the first vibrating member. Importantly, the second exterior texture is distinct from the first exterior texture.07-11-2013
20130138022Vibration Device for Comforting an Infant - A vibrating device for use in comforting an infant includes a motor and an arm operatively coupled to the motor. The arm includes a first end operatively coupled to the motor and a distal end displaced from the proximal end, the arm being repeatedly movable between first and second configurations when the motor is energized. A pad member is fixedly connected to the distal end of the arm, the pad member having a soft construction configured to prevent injury when pad member contacts an infant. The vibrating device includes a housing including side walls defining an interior area configured to contain the motor. A housing side wall defines an aperture through which the arm extends away from the motor.05-30-2013
20130158452TREATMENT OF GASTROINTESTINAL DISEASE - A method for treatment of gastrointestinal disease by means of a vibration stimulation member is provided. The method comprises imparting vibrations to a nasal cavity if a human subject shows symptoms of constipation alone; imparting vibrations to an abdomen if the human subject shows symptoms of one or more of bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, or tenesmus; and/or imparting vibrations to intestines if the human subject shows symptoms of an inflammatory condition.06-20-2013
20130158449DOUBLE STIMULATION - A method of vibration treatment in at least one nasal cavity of a human subject is provided. The method comprises the steps of: inserting a first stimulation member in a first nasal cavity; inserting a second stimulation member in a second nasal cavity; securing the first and second stimulation members such that the stimulation members are in fixed positions within the nasal cavities prior to vibration stimulation; arranging each of the first and second stimulation members to abut against tissue within each of the first and second nasal cavities at a first and second pressure; and imparting vibrations to tissue in at least one of the first and second nasal cavities via at least one of the first and second stimulation members.06-20-2013
20130158448STIMULATION OF HYPOTHALAMUS - A method for stimulating the hypothalamus in a human subject, comprising the step of imparting vibrations to a posterior part of a nasal cavity of the human subject is provided.06-20-2013
20130158447LIP PLUMPING DEVICE - A lip plumping device that clamps on the lip of the user, and vibrates to increase blood flow to the lip, to plump the lip. The clamp is adjustable.06-20-2013
20130158446DUAL STIMULATING MASSAGE APPARATUS - A dual stimulating massage apparatus including a flexible massage apparatus body including a deformable middle portion having a first end in communication with a ring-shaped portion configured to be engaged to a male sexual organ and a second end in communication with a stimulator portion that defines a receptacle configured to receive a vibratory component therein is disclosed. The deformable middle portion defines a first arm and a second arm that collectively define a deformable opening, wherein when an external force is applied to the stimulator portion the deformable opening assumes a deformed configuration and when the external force is not applied to the stimulator portion the deformable opening assumes a non-deformed configuration such that an individual wearing the massage apparatus may simultaneously provide a massage effect to the wearer of the massage apparatus and the wearer's partner.06-20-2013
20080200849Body Massager with Learning Capability - A body massager comprises a housing having a membrane attached thereto. A ball is moveably retained within a cup, the ball engaging with and moveable along an inner surface of the membrane. A drive means drives the cup and ball across the inner surface of the membrane.08-21-2008
20100049103SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR RECOVERY FROM MOTOR CONTROL VIA STIMULATION TO A SUBSTITUTED SITE TO AN AFFECTED AREA - The disclosure provides methods, devices and systems for recovering motor control of an area in the body of a patient affected by a neurological disorder. In some embodiments, a device stimulates a substitute site for the affected area thereby recovering the motor control of the affected area, wherein the device is volitionally controlled by said patient.02-25-2010
20090318841GASTROINTESTINAL CAPSULE - An ingestible gastrointestinal capsule (GIC) for mechanically stimulating a segment of the gastrointestinal (GI) wall by alternately and repeatedly pressurizing, and/or vibrating it is provided. The GIC is programmed to being activated following a predefined time delay. The activated GIC agitates, shakes, rattles, jolts, vibrates and/or moves in a reciprocal expanding and contracting motion thereby mechanically stimulating the adjacent segment of the GI wall at a targeted location. Activation of the GIC may include a number of automatically accomplished partial activations, such as when the time elapsed from the moment of setting the GIC on equals a predefined time delay; when the mechanical load applied onto the GIC exceeds, and/or gets lower than a respective predefined level of mechanical load; when the ambient pH reaches a predefined level, or changes, and/or a temperature associated with the user reaches a predefined threshold. Agitation is accomplished by means of agitation means embedded in the GIC. Such agitation means includes an unbalanced weight attached to the shaft of an electric motor, an actuator implemented by, such as an electric solenoid, an electro-active polymer (EAP), a dielectric elastomer actuator (DEA), embedded in a GIC of the invention.12-24-2009
20110275965INSTRUMENT FOR TREATING BIOLOGICAL TISSUE, METHOD FOR GENERATING SHOCK WAVE-LIKE PRESSURE WAVES IN SUCH AN INSTRUMENT - The invention relates to an instrument for treating biological tissue, including a housing, in which is disposed a ballistic device for generating extracorporeal shock wave-like pressure waves and a transfer element permanently placed on the biological tissue, said element coupling the pressure waves into the body of living creatures, wherein the transfer element couples non-focused, ballistically generated, shock wave-like pressure waves into the biological tissue, the waves generated by a striking member that is accelerated to a high final velocity of over 5 m/s by a pneumatic medium which is under an operating pressure in a pressure channel. A quick-acting valve releases the pneumatic medium, which is under working pressure, into the pressure channel, wherein a control circuit controls the duration of opening of the valve as a function of at least one or a combination of the following parameters: working pressure, impact frequency or pressure in the back-pressure chamber.11-10-2011
20120283609Vibrational Support Surface - A vibration and modulation system is provided for an array of air cells. The vibration and modulation system includes an air source, a high-pressure reservoir in fluid communication with the air source, and at least one valve coupled between the high-pressure air source and the array of air cells. A control assembly is coupled with the at least one valve and selectively controls a position of the valve to effect a vibratory action in the array of air cells.11-08-2012
20130158451ALS TREATMENT - A method for treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in a human subject is provided. A first vibration stimulation member is introduced into a posterior part of a first nasal cavity of the human subject. By means of the first vibration stimulation member, vibrations are imparted to the posterior part of the first nasal cavity at frequency in a range of from 60 to 70 Hz. A second vibration simulation member is arranged between the trapezius muscle and the sternocleidomastoid muscle on a first side of the neck of the human subject; and by means of said second vibration stimulation member, vibrations are imparted to the first side of the neck at a frequency in a range of from 30 to 50 Hz.06-20-2013
20130158450TREATMENT OF HEADACHE DISORDERS - A method for treatment of a headache disorder in a human subject is provided. The method comprises a) selecting a treatment area in the nasal cavity of the human subject; b) providing a stimulation member arranged for vibration stimulation of the selected treatment area; c) introducing the stimulation member into a nasal cavity of the human subject; d) expanding the stimulation member to exert a pressure on tissue of the selected treatment area; and e) bringing the stimulation member to vibrate in the nasal cavity to impart vibrations to the selected treatment area.06-20-2013
20130184619VIBRATORY POSITIVE EXPIRATORY PRESSURE DEVICE - A method of providing airway clearance therapy to a patient includes receiving an expiratory airstream from the patient in a chamber, causing a back pressure to be created in the chamber (07-18-2013
20130197409Devices and Methods for Increased Blood Flow and Pain Control - A device comprising a casing; at least one vibratory source; at least one power source; at least one switch to actuate the vibratory source; electrical communication between the vibratory source, the power source, and the switch; and an optional thermal element for modulating the temperature of a contacted area of a surface. Also disclosed herein are methods for using the device.08-01-2013
20130204169Pain Management Device and System - A vibration device for providing a vibration sensation to a user, the device including: a base; a vibrating element; a power source; and, an actuation mechanism configured to facilitate an electrical connection between the power source and vibrating element, thereby causing the vibrating element to vibrate. A system for providing a vibrating sensation to a user for pain management and a method of manufacturing a vibration device for providing a vibrating sensation to a user are also disclosed.08-08-2013
20130211298ACTIVE DEVICE FOR PERINEAL STIMULATION - Active device to stimulate a perineal area, configured to be inserted in a vagina having a hollow body which in turn includes an upper segment, a lower segment which has a longitudinal axis between the upper segment and the lower segment; an inner wall; vibration elements for making the inner wall vibrate; and vibration-transmission elements to transmit the vibration from the vibration elements to the inner wall so that the inner wall is alternatively vibrated by the vibration elements.08-15-2013

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