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600 - Surgery

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600201000 Retractor 825
600185000 Laryngoscope 110
20090124859METHODS OF USE OF AN EXCHANGE SYSTEM FOR SOFT TISSUE ACCESS PATHWAY - Disclosed are surgical tools, tool sets and methods for percutaneously accessing and preparing treatment sites within the spine for subsequent treatment procedures. The treatment site may be an inter-vertebral motion segments in the lumbar and sacral regions of the spine. The tool set may comprise introducer tools and bone dilators for accessing and tapping into a targeted site, such as, for example, the anterior surface of the S1 vertebral body. The tool set may also comprise cutters and extractors for preparing the treatment site for subsequent treatment procedures. The tool set may additionally comprise a bone graft inserter, an exchange system, and/or a temporary distraction tool for further preparing the treatment site for subsequent treatment procedures.05-14-2009
20090105545Apparatus and method for facilitating the implantation of a medical device - An apparatus and method for facilitating the implantation of a medical device through an incision so as to promote soft tissue ingrowth into a biocompatible porous layer, e. g, titanium, carried on the periphery of the medical device. The method utilizes an incision (either percutaneous or subcutaneous) which is intentionally undersized by 10-20% relative to the width dimension of the porous layer. Accordingly, a physician must stretch the surrounding tissue to maximize the size of the opening to insert the device. Because the opening is undersized relative to the porous layer, the surrounding tissue remains physically stressed, i.e., radially and/or circumferentially, and acts to enhance cell proliferation and healing. A surgical cutting tool is preferably provided to assist the physician to form a properly dimensioned opening.04-23-2009
20080275306Anoscope for Ano-Rectal Diagnostic and Surgery - A composite anoscope for ano-rectal diagnostic and surgery, wherein the anoscope (11-06-2008
20110071359Instrument Access Device - An instrument access device 03-24-2011

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