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20100022834ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS - A gas supply source for supplying gas and a channel along which the gas is supplied can be easily switched by providing an instrument channel for passing an endoscope treating tool, a gas and water supply channel for supplying carbon dioxide etc. to the inside of a body, a gas supply source for a visceral cavity capable of supplying gas at a predetermined pressure, a gas supply source for a lumen capable of supplying gas at an optional pressure, and a switch device for switching from any of and an instrument channel and a gas and water supply channel to any of the gas supply source for a visceral cavity and the gas supply source for a lumen.01-28-2010
20100016667CAPSULE MEDICAL DEVICE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING CAPSULE MEDICAL DEVICE - A method of manufacturing a capsule medical device includes mounting one or more functional components on each of a first circuit board group and a second circuit board group, which are separate bodies from each other; mounting a control unit that controls an operation of the one or more functional components, on a control board that is a separate body from the first circuit board group and the second circuit board group; and connecting the first circuit board group and the second circuit board group to the control board.01-21-2010
20100152539POSITIONABLE IMAGING MEDICAL DEVICES - A positionable imaging device includes a body defining a first end and a second end. The body is configured to be received within an internal body cavity. An imaging device is located at the first end of the body. A releasable fastener is coupled to the body to removably attach the imaging device to tissue within the internal body cavity. A release mechanism is coupled to the releasable fastener to detach the imaging device from the tissue.06-17-2010
20090192353Power supply starter for capsule endoscope - A power supply starter (07-30-2009
20130079596DYNAMIC SURGICAL FLUID SENSING - A dynamic sensing method and apparatus employs microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and nanoelectromechanical (NEMS) surgical sensors for gathering and reporting surgical parameters of fluid flow and other characteristics of the surgical field. A medical device employs or affixes the surgical sensor in a fluid flow path of the fluids transferred during the surgical procedure. The surgical procedure disposes the medical device in the surgical field responsive to the fluid flow, such as in a cannula or other endoscopic instrument inserted in a surgical void defined or utilized by the surgical procedure. The reduced size of the surgical sensor allows nonintrusive placement in the surgical field, such that the sensor does not interfere with or adversely affect the flow of the fluid it is intended to measure. The reduced size is also favorable to manufacturing costs and waste for single use and disposable instruments which are discarded after usage on a patient.03-28-2013
20100145149LIVING BODY OBSERVATION SYSTEM AND METHOD OF DRIVING LIVING BODY OBSERVATION SYSTEM - A living body observation system of the present invention includes an in vivo observation apparatus including: an in vivo information acquisition section; a power supply section; a magnetic field detection section for detecting a magnetic field from outside; and a power supply control section for controlling a supply state of driving power supplied to the in vivo information acquisition section, based on an electric signal, and a magnetic field generation section which generates the magnetic field, the magnetic field generation section including: a transmission antenna which includes a transmission coil which generates an alternating magnetic field for controlling activation and deactivation of the in vivo observation apparatus and a ferromagnetic material which is arranged in an outer periphery of the transmission coil and decreases a leakage of the alternating magnetic field in surroundings, and transmits the alternating magnetic field; a driver for driving the transmission antenna; and a power supply for supplying power to the driver.06-10-2010
20080300458Capsule Type Endoscope Control System - Disclosed is a capsule type endoscope control system which can move to any position, rotate or stop the capsule type endoscope in a human body by a remote control system outside the human body. There is provided a capsule type endoscope control system comprising: a medical capsule equipped with at least one permanent magnet, comprising a wireless transmission circuit for transmitting a series of signals to outside of the body; 12-04-2008
20090156897ROTATING SELF-PROPELLED ENDOSCOPE DEVICE - A rotating self-propelled endoscope device 06-18-2009
20100105984System and Method for Guiding a Medical Instrument with Magnetic Force Control - A magnetic force control system for guiding a medical instrument within a body includes: a controlled magnet coupled to the medical instrument; a controller magnet that exerts a magnetic force on the controlled magnet; a magnetically permeable shield, placed between the controlled magnet and the controller magnet, that selectively modulates the magnetic force by rerouting magnetic field lines; and a control system. A method for guiding a medical instrument within a body with magnetic force control includes: providing a controlled magnet coupled to the medical instrument, inserting the controlled magnet and medical instrument into the body, providing a controller magnet outside the body, placing a magnetically permeable shield between the controlled magnet and the controller magnet, applying magnetic force, and selectively modulating the magnetic force with the shield to vary at least one of amplitude and orientation of the magnetic force, thereby guiding the controlled magnet within the body.04-29-2010
20100016666SURGICAL INSTRUMENT POSITION CONTROL APPARATUS FOR ENDOSCOPE - An endoscopic system includes a surgical instrument position control apparatus. The surgical instrument position control apparatus estimates motion of an endoscope main body with respect to a target site, based on an image picked up in conjunction with movement of an endoscope. To determine the moving amount of the surgical instrument, the surgical instrument position control apparatus calculates the amounts of operations, such as bending, rotation, and forward and backward movements, of each joint of a surgical arm section which amounts are required to move the surgical instrument from a position taken by the surgical instrument after movement of the endoscope to a surgical procedure position. The surgical instrument position control apparatus thus bends each joint to move the surgical section to the original surgical procedure position so as to hold the position of the surgical instrument every time the endoscope is moved.01-21-2010
20090043164CAPSULE-TYPE MEDICAL DEVICE - The position of an antenna incorporated in a capsule-type endoscope 02-12-2009
20090326324ROBOTIC SYSTEM FOR ASSISTING IN MINIMALLY-INVASIVE SURGERY, WHICH CAN POSITION A SURGICAL INSTRUMENT IN RESPONSE TO ORDERS FROM A SURGEON, IS NOT ATTACHED TO THE OPERATING TABLE AND DOES NOT REQUIRE PRE-CALIBRATION OF THE INSERTION POINT - Robotic system for assisting in minimally-invasive surgery, which can position a surgical instrument in response to orders from a surgeon, is not attached to the operating table and does not require pre-calibration of the insertion point. The system includes: a manipulator robot having three active degrees of freedom, which is provided with an end actuator having two passive degrees of freedom, said actuator being used to attach a surgical instrument; a robot controller built into the structure thereof, which can perform a method for calculating the movement to be imparted to the carried surgical instrument so that it reaches the desired location without requiring pre-calibration and without the assembly having to be attached to the operating table; and an interface system for ordering the system to perform the desired actions. The assembly comprising the robot, the controller and the interface system is battery operated.12-31-2009
20090270680SELF-PROPELLED COLONOSCOPE - A self-propelled colonoscope comprises a tubular flexible insertion portion (10-29-2009
20120116162CAPSULE MEDICAL DEVICE GUIDANCE SYSTEM - A capsule medical device guidance system includes a capsule medical device with a response unit; a generating unit that generates a magnetic field to the response unit, an input unit that inputs operation information to magnetically guide the medical device, a control unit that controls the generating unit to guide the medical device according to the operation information, and a selection unit that selects a contact mode or away mode, for bringing the medical device into contact with a boundary surface in liquid in a subject in the contact mode, the medical device being moved away from the boundary surface in the away mode. The control unit generates the magnetic field in which a total force is oriented toward the boundary surface side, and the control unit controls the generating unit such that the total force is oriented toward a direction other than the direction for the away mode.05-10-2012
20090012361Apparatus and methods relating to color imaging endoscope systems - Color endoscopes, light sources and endoscopy systems, etc., that have good dynamic range and/or resolution while reducing the size and cost of the endoscopes. The endoscopes achieve this, in part, by using a black and white (grayscale or monochromatic) sensor at the tip of the endoscope instead of a color sensor. The endoscope uses a light system that precisely and specifically illuminates the tissue one color at time, captures the image in grayscale, then uses a computer to associate the image with the color. Certain aspects of the invention apply to imaging systems in addition to endoscopes.01-08-2009
20090012360Antenna Unit and Receiving Apparatus Using the Same - To provide a receiving apparatus capable of dealing with various uses with a simple configuration. The receiving apparatus includes an antenna unit and a receiving apparatus main body. The antenna unit includes a receiving antenna that receives a radio signal including image data transmitted by a capsule endoscope inserted in a subject, and the receiving apparatus main body is detachably attached to the antenna unit. The antenna unit functions such that it demodulates the radio signal received via the receiving antenna into a baseband signal. The receiving apparatus main body acquires the image data based on at least the baseband signal.01-08-2009
20100081876MAGNETIC SCOPE MANIPULATOR - Devices and methods are provided for manipulating scoping devices, surgical tools, and/or tissue. An exemplary system for manipulating a scoping device can include a scoping device having a working channel, a tether extending through the working channel, and an internal coupling member attached to the tether and positioned adjacent to a distal end of the scoping device. The internal coupling member can be magnetically coupled to an external coupling member. An exemplary method for manipulating a scoping device can include inserting at least a portion of a scoping device into a body cavity and positioning an external coupling member proximate to an external surface of tissue such that the external coupling member magnetically couples through the tissue to an internal coupling member disposed within the body cavity and attached to a tether passed through at least one working channel of the scoping device.04-01-2010
20080294005Electronic Apparatus - A processing device (11-27-2008
20090299142OPERATING DEVICE, MONITOR DEVICE, AND CAPSULE GUIDING SYSTEM - An operating device operates a capsule endoscope with 6 degrees-of-freedom motion by using a magnetic field generator with respect to the capsule endoscope inserted into the subject. The operating device includes an operating unit including a fixed unit and a movable unit, and a force sensor incorporated in the operating unit. The operating unit has a three-dimensional shape substantially identical to the capsule endoscope and is a holdable size. The force sensor detects force information of the movable unit when the movable unit of the operating unit is operated once or continuously. The force information detected by the force sensor is output as instruction information for instructing 6 degrees-of-freedom motion of the capsule endoscope.12-03-2009
20100305402METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MAGNETIC WAVEGUIDE FORMING A SHAPED FIELD EMPLOYING A MAGNETIC APERTURE FOR GUIDING AND CONTROLLING A MEDICAL DEVICE - A system that uses a magnetic aperture and electromagnets to configure a magnetic shaped field is described. In one embodiment, the system can be used for guiding a catheter or other devices through a patient's body. In further modification of the system, the waveguide field and field gradient is achieved by the use of varying the electromagnetic wave and its respective flux density axis. In one embodiment, one or more magnetic pole pieces (electromagnet cores) are configured with anisotropic permeability to control the shape of the resulting magnetic field. In one embodiment, the shape and permeability distribution in an electromagnet poleface is configured to produce the desired field distribution. In one embodiment, a number of electromagnets are arranged in a spherical pattern to produce a desired magnetic field in an enclosed spherical region. In one embodiment, a distal end of a catheter is provided with a plurality of magnets having different coercivity to allow improved control of the position and orientation of the distal end12-02-2010
20100249509INTRAVITAL OBSERVATION SYSTEM AND METHOD OF DRIVING INTRAVITAL OBSERVATION SYSTEM - The intravital observation apparatus according to the present invention is provided with a capsule endoscope including an illumination section and an image pickup section, a power supply section provided with a battery and a control section, and a control signal generation apparatus disposed outside the capsule endoscope, wherein the control signal generation apparatus is provided with a control signal generation section and a control signal transmitting electrode, and the capsule endoscope is provided with a control signal receiving electrode and a control signal detection section.09-30-2010
20090221871PRECISION CONTROL SYSTEMS FOR TISSUE VISUALIZATION AND MANIPULATION ASSEMBLIES - Precision control systems for tissue visualization and manipulation assemblies are described herein where such devices may utilize a variety of apparatus and methods for facilitating advancement, articulation, control, navigation, etc. of systems which may be used to visual and/or treat tissue regions. Additionally, methods and devices for enhancing navigation of the device through a patient body are also described.09-03-2009
20110270035ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS - An endoscope apparatus of the invention includes: an endoscope including an objective optical system capable of changing an observation magnification; a light source device capable of selectively emitting broadband light including a visible light region and narrow-band lights of a plurality of wavelength bands obtained by discretizing light in the visible light region; an observation magnification changing instruction section for issuing a magnification changing instruction for gradually increasing or decreasing the observation magnification of the objective optical system; and a mode switching section for switching the light emitted from the light source device from the broadband light to the narrow-band lights of the plurality of wavelength bands when detecting that the observation magnification gradually increases to reach a predetermined observation magnification based on the magnification changing instruction.11-03-2011
20100121149INTERFACE BETWEEN A SURGEON AND AN AUTOMATED ASSISTANT AND METHOD THEREOF - An interface between a surgeon and an automated assistant, including: at least one array comprising N RF transmitters, where N is a positive integer; at least one RF receiver provided with at least two directional antenna; means for attaching said RF transmitter array to at least one surgical tool; and a computerized operating system adapted to record the received signal strength (RSS) received by each antenna of the one RF receiver and to calculate therefrom the position of each of the N RF transmitters, and further adapted to provide automatically the results of the calculation to the surgeon.05-13-2010
20090137872Method and Apparatus for Controlling Endoscopic Instruments - An apparatus for the control of endoscopic instruments includes a control module mountable to a standard instrument port of an endoscope. The control module includes separate drive mechanisms for a sheath and a tensile cord of an endoscopic tool having an end effector. Driving the sheath and the tensile cord together may serve to advance or withdraw the end effector, driving either component separately may cause all activation of the end effector.05-28-2009
20090099418IN-VIVO INFORMATION ACQUIRING APPARATUS AND POWER SUPPLY CONTROL METHOD - An in-vivo information acquiring apparatus includes an information acquiring unit that acquires in-vivo information; a power source that supplies a power to the information acquiring unit; a magnetic sensor unit that outputs a control signal corresponding to a state in which a magnetic signal externally input is detected; a pulse number counting unit that counts the number of pulses of pulse signals from the magnetic sensor unit. When the number of pulses counted by the pulse counting unit is not smaller than a predetermined number, a state in which the power from the power source is supplied to the information acquiring unit is switched to a state in which the power from the power source to the information acquiring unit is cut off.04-16-2009
20090043163MEDICAL APPARATUS AND MEDICAL SYSTEM PROVIDED WITH THE SAME - In the present invention, an endoscope apparatus has an identification unit which identifies the classification on the basis of scope ID information of an endoscopic scope, a storage unit which stores information regarding processing to be executed according to the classification of the endoscopic scope (a first SOP), and a control unit which reads a second SOP corresponding to the classification from the first SOP stored in the storage section on the basis of the result of the identification by the identification unit and sets the second SOP, and which, in the case where the information corresponding to the classification does not exist, performs switching so that predetermined information (a third SOP) is read from the first SOP stored in the storage unit and sets the predetermined information.02-12-2009
20090043162ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS - An endoscope apparatus according to this invention has a connector portion to which an endoscope having a CCD can be connected, a light source device having a light source portion which applies illumination light to an object to be observed by the CCD, an illumination time variator unit which changes an illumination time for illumination light from the light source portion, a storage portion provided in the endoscope and storing illumination time information for illumination light suitable for the endoscope, and a utilization factor controlling portion which, upon connection of the endoscope, reads out the illumination time information stored in the storage portion and controls the illumination time variator unit such that the illumination time for the light source portion is consistent with the read-out illumination time information.02-12-2009
20090177037REMOTE CONTROL OF MEDICAL DEVICES USING REAL TIME LOCATION DATA - A method of determining the quality of contact between a remotely navigated medical device and a cyclically moving anatomical structure includes measuring movement of the device, and processing the measured movement of the device to determine the contact between the device and the moving anatomical structure.07-09-2009
20090299141Laparoscopic Surgical Instrument - A laparoscopic surgical instrument configured to be ergonomic and anthropometrically correct, comprising: a) an ergonomic handle configured to orient a hand of a surgeon in a functional position, the handle comprising a wall structure defining an interior portion, and adapted to contain at least a portion of one or more working mechanisms; b) an actuating mechanism actuatable by the surgeon and supported within the interior portion of the handle; c) a working shaft having a proximal end coupled to and operable with the actuating mechanism, the working shaft having an elongate configuration and a distal working end configured to couple a surgical tool to be manipulated by the surgeon; and d) means for accessing the interior portion of the handle to expose an inner side of the wall structure and at least a portion of each of the working mechanisms for cleaning, sterilization and maintenance purposes.12-03-2009
20090299140MULTI-STREAM IMAGE DECODING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A capsule camera includes a wireless transmitter that transmits data and a receiving system having multiple receiving units to allowing storing multiple data streams simultaneously. The multiple stored data streams may be used at a later time to derive the best data stream for analysis, based on the network conditions at the time each data packet is received. The best data stream may be derived from the multiple stored data streams at a later time during the decoding process. For example, in a capsule camera application, the multiple data streams may be stored in the memory devices associated with the receiving units, which are typically attached to different locations on the body during diagnosis. The multiple data streams are maintained as the capsule passes through the gastrointestinal tract. Subsequently, after the diagnosis, the receiving units are recovered and connected to a computer or another standalone device for analysis. At that time, the best data stream is derived from the stored data streams using a decoding process, or by comparing the decoded results. Not all receiving units store the data streams at the same time. A screening process, for example, may be provided such that only the receiving units with better network conditions store the data streams. In a real-time system, the data streams may be stored for only a short duration before the best data stream is derived by a decoding process, or by comparing the decoded results.12-03-2009
20110270036ELECTRICALLY-OPERATED CURVING CONTROL DEVICE - A curving control device to which an electrically-controlled endoscope is connected has a main CPU for primarily performing curving driving control, and a monitoring CPU for monitoring whether the operating state relating to curving actions is normal or abnormal. In the event of detecting an abnormality from the monitoring CPU, the curving control device also performs processing for handling the occurrence of the abnormality, such as outputting an emergency stop through an interlock via the main CPU, turning the main power and the like of a servo driver OFF, and so forth.11-03-2011
20090099419SWITCHING MECHANISM FOR SWALLOWABLE MEDICAL DEVICE - A switching mechanism for a swallowable medical device has first and second contacts and an expandable member. The medical device has a shell and a first circuit unit provided in the shell. The first and second contacts are electrically connectable with each other, and an operation of the first circuit unit is switched by electrically connecting the first and second contact. The expandable member is capable of expanding by absorbing a predetermined liquid. The expandable member displaces the second contact by expanding such that the second contact gets electrically connected to or disconnected from the first contact.04-16-2009
20130217968ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS, METHOD, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - An endoscope apparatus comprising an irradiating section that switches over time between irradiating a target with light in a first wavelength region and light in a second wavelength region; a light receiving section that receives returned light from the target; a movement identifying section that identifies movement of the target, based on an image of the target captured using returned light from the target irradiated by light in the first wavelength region; a control section that that predicts timings at which a phase of the movement of the target is a predetermined phase, based on the movement identified by the movement identifying section, and causes the irradiating section to emit light in the second wavelength region at the predicted timings; and an image generating section that generates an image of the target based on the returned light received by the light receiving section at the predicted timings.08-22-2013
20110208000MEDICAL SYSTEM - A medical system includes: a first operation apparatus used when a first doctor operates a medical instrument; a second operation apparatus that outputs a control instruction signal for controlling a motion of the medical instrument, and is operated by a second doctor; at least one medical action information detection section that detects medical action information based on the motion of the medical instrument when the first doctor operates the medical instrument using the first operation apparatus; a storage apparatus that stores reference information set by the second doctor according to the first doctor for comparing with the medical action information detected by the medical action information detection section; a switching signal generation apparatus that is connected to the second operation apparatus, and switches an output destination of the control instruction signal based on the medical action information detected by the medical action information detection section and the reference information stored in the storage apparatus; and a medical instrument control apparatus that controls the medical instrument according to the control instruction signal of the second operation apparatus outputted from the switching signal generation apparatus.08-25-2011
20080249361ULTRASOUND ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM AND CONTROL METHOD OF ULTRASOUND ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM - In the present invention, an ultrasound observation apparatus includes an information reposition portion; the information reposition portion is a storage portion for storing various state information in an endoscope processor inputted from a keyboard and is configured to include a memory controller and a data memory portion. Moreover, the keyboard is configured to include a key matrix, a keyboard controller, an ultrasound key processing portion and an endoscope key processing portion. This configuration allows the ultrasound observation apparatus to easily share various state information of a plurality of apparatuses making up the system.10-09-2008
20090118583SWITCHING MECHANISM FOR ALTERING OPERATION WITH LIGHT - A switching mechanism is used for altering the operation of an electronic device. The switching mechanism has a memory comprising a plurality of memory cells. Each memory cell undergoes a change in binary data upon receiving more than a specific amount of light having a specific wavelength. The operation is altered when the binary data of at least one memory cell of the plurality of memory cells is changed by the light.05-07-2009
20080312502System and Device for in Vivo Procedures - The invention relates to a device system and method for providing images of an in vivo site during in vivo procedures, such as laparoscopy wherein the device is capable of illuminating an internal body cavity and has an immobilization unit to fasten the device to a desired location in vivo.12-18-2008
20080281156Methods and Apparatus for Treating Disorders of the Ear Nose and Throat - Methods and apparatus for treating disorders of the ear, nose, throat or paranasal sinuses, including methods and apparatus for dilating ostia, passageways and other anatomical structures, endoscopic methods and apparatus for endoscopic visualization of structures within the ear, nose, throat or paranasal sinuses, navigation devices for use in conjunction with image guidance or navigation system and hand held devices having pistol type grips and other handpieces.11-13-2008
20080287737MEDICAL TREATMENT ENDOSCOPE - A medical treatment endoscope includes: a flexible sheath capable of a bending operation; a viewing unit for observing the vicinity of the tip relative to the sheath; an arm section protruding from the tip of the sheath and capable of bending operation; an operation section for operating the arm section; and at least a transmission member, connected to the arm section and the operation section, for transmitting the operation of the operation section to the arm section. The transmission member is detachably connected to the operation section.11-20-2008
20080312503POWER TRANSMISSION APPARATUS FOR ELECTRIC BENDING ENDOSCOPE - A power transmission apparatus for an electric bending endoscope includes an actuating member switchable between a connection position to bring a clutch mechanism into a connection state and a release position to bring the clutch mechanism into a release state, the actuating member being interlocked with the clutch mechanism, an electric drive mechanism being interlocked with the actuating member, and a manual drive mechanism including an operation member manually switchable to at least one of a connection drive position to bring the actuating member into the connection position and a release drive position to bring the actuating member into the release position, and a selective actuation transmission mechanism provided between the operation member and the actuating member and to transmit the actuation of the operation member to the actuating member and absorb the actuation of the actuating member without transmitting the actuation to the operation member.12-18-2008
20080312504IN-VIVO IMAGE ACQUIRING APPARATUS, RECEIVING APPARATUS AND IN-VIVO IMAGE ACQUIRING SYSTEM - An in-vivo image acquiring system includes a capsule endoscope which is introduced into the inside of a subject to acquire an in-vivo image of the subject and a receiving apparatus for receiving the in-vivo images of the subject from the capsule endoscope through receiving antennas. The capsule endoscope transmits the in-vivo images of the subject taken successively at a time interval corresponding to function or feature of the capsule endoscope. The receiving apparatus calculates a time interval of the in-vivo images received successively from the capsule endoscope and identifies the in-vivo images depending on the function or feature of the capsule endoscope based on a calculated time interval.12-18-2008
20080207999Endoscopic Capsule - An endoscopy capsule has a capsule housing containing at least one magnetic element that interacts with an extracorporeally applied magnetic field to magnetically navigate the endoscopy capsule within a body lumen of a patient. The capsule housing has a tube connected thereto that is composed of a flexible, non-rigid material, i.e., of insufficient rigidity to feed the capsule housing in the body lumen. The tube is provided with a feed path for providing any of a liquid agent, a gaseous agent, electrical power and data between the capsule housing an extracorporeal source.08-28-2008
20080287738MOTOR-DRIVEN BENDING ENDOSCOPE - A motor-driven bending endoscope includes a removal restriction mechanism which restricts removal of a trackball from a trackball mounting portion, and an operation section engaging portion which detachably engages an attachment/detachment portion with an operation section attachment portion at a time of coupling between the operation section attachment portion and the attachment/detachment portion when an operation section unit is attached to the operation section attachment portion. The operation section engaging portion and the removal restriction mechanism are interlockingly driven by an interlock drive mechanism. Thereby, there is provided a motor-driven bending endoscope which can reduce fatigue of the right hand at a time of performing a twisting operation of an insertion section, improve the recognizability of the up-and-down direction at a time of inserting the insertion section, and enhance the operational work efficiency.11-20-2008
20090156896ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM, ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM CONTROL PROGRAM, AND ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM CONTROL METHOD - An endoscope system includes an overtube (06-18-2009
20100137686DEVICE AND METHOD FOR ORIENTING A DEVICE IN VIVO - An in vivo device, such as an in vivo imaging device or other sensing device, may include a device body and at least one appendage coupled to the device body. According to some embodiments the appendage(s) may be extended or expanded, or reduced or removed, in vivo, thereby altering the device geometry while in a body lumen.06-03-2010
20090192354DEVICE FOR AND METHOD OF CLEANING AND DISINFECTING ENDOSCOPE - An endoscope cleaning and disinfecting device that cleans and disinfects an endoscope including plural types of channels having different fluid passing characteristics using a fluid includes a fluid supplying unit that supplies the fluid to the endoscope channels, a measuring unit that measures the pressure or the flow rate of the fluid flowing through the endoscope channels, and a detecting unit that performs a comparison calculation based on measured values obtained by the measurement and the set values so as to detect clogging states of the endoscope channels.07-30-2009
20090030278ELECTRICAL POWER SUPPLY DEVICE FOR ENDOSCOPE AND ENDOSCOPE - An electrical power supply device is for an endoscope having a scope for insertion into the body of a subject. The electrical power supply device includes a temperature controller and a thermoelectric converter. The thermoelectric converter controls the temperature of the interior of the scope. The thermoelectric converter generates electricity based on the difference in temperature between the body interior of the subject and the interior of the scope.01-29-2009
20090143644System And Method For The Central Control Of Devices Used During An Operation - The present invention relates to a system for the central control of devices used during an operation, comprising a first control unit for control of said devices. The system is characterized in that a second control unit is provided which is connected to the first control unit for exchange of information. The first control unit may be embodied as closed system for control of at least those devices which carry out safety-related functions (safety-related devices), and the second control unit may be embodied as open system for control of the remaining devices which carry out non safety-related functions (non safety-related devices). The invention further relates to a method for the central control of devices.06-04-2009
20090005642Receiving Apparatus - A condition for determining that an examination by a capsule endoscope 01-01-2009
20080319262Medical Device Control System - A medical device control system improves an inducing stability and operability of a medical device having its direction controlled with magnetism, which is used for the inspection or treatment in a subject's body. The control system is formed of a medical device including an insertion member inserted into the subject's body, and a magnetic field response portion disposed within the insertion member for generating torque in response to the magnetic field applied from outside the subject's body, a direction detection unit that detects an insertion direction of the insertion member, a user interface through which the information with respect to the control of the insertion direction is input and output, a magnetic field generation portion that generates a magnetic field that directs the insertion member to a control direction, and a user interface control unit that controls the user interface based on a discordance between the control direction and the insertion direction.12-25-2008
20080306341CAPSULE-TYPE ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM, AND PROGRAM AND METHOD USED FOR THE SYSTEM - A capsule-type endoscope system includes plural receivers, plural mounting spots for mounting the receivers and an information processing apparatus connected to the receivers via the mounting spots. Each receiver wirelessly receives image data from a capsule-type endoscope that images inside of an examinee's body; stores examinee identification information and the received image data; and displays the examinee identification information or examinee information associated therewith. The information processing apparatus receives the examinee identification information from each receiver via the mounting spot and manages its correlation with receiver identification information or mounting spot identification information. The image data is transmitted via the mounting spot to the information processing apparatus to be stored therein. The information processing apparatus displays the correlation by displaying at least a part of the examinee identification information or examinee information, and displays the progress of the transmission of image data corresponding to each receiver.12-11-2008
20090048484Device, system and method for magnetically maneuvering an in vivo device - A method for controlling movement of an imaging device in vivo, the method comprising the steps of providing an imaging device having a longitudinal axis and a magnetic component, said device to be inserted into a patient's body; providing a rotating magnetic field outside the patient's body; and advancing the rotating magnetic filed along the patient's body in a desired direction.02-19-2009
20090062611ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS - The present invention is an endoscope apparatus comprising an over tube having a balloon, a fluid suction pipeline provided at the over tube so that a suction opening portion is opened on a proximal end side from the balloon, a suctioning device for suctioning a fluid in the fluid suction pipeline, a pressure/flow-rate sensor for detecting a pressure of the fluid at least at a single position from a lumen to which the over tube is inserted to the suctioning device through the fluid suction pipeline, and a control circuit for controlling a suction pump so that the pressure of the fluid in the lumen in the vicinity of the suction opening portion falls within an appropriate pressure range based on the pressure detected by the pressure/flow-rate sensor.03-05-2009
20090062612ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM - An endoscope system comprises a scope, a first processor, and a first measuring device. The scope has an imaging sensor, a memory, and a reference signal output unit that outputs a reference signal instead of an image signal from the imaging sensor in a first operation for generating an analysis data. The first processor performs an image-processing operation of the image signal in a normal use, and performs the image-processing operation of the reference signal in the first operation. The first measuring device is connected to the first processor and measures a first characteristic of an image encoded by the reference signal on which the image-processing operation is carried out, in the first operation. The first processor transmits a measurement result by the first measuring device to the scope as the analysis data. The memory stores the analysis data when the measurement result is input to the first processor.03-05-2009
20090062610Automated Endoscope Reprocessor Self-Disinfection Connection - An endoscope reprocessor having a water supply disinfection filter and a method for self-disinfection of the filter employ a pair of connectors to switch from a normal operating mode into a self-disinfection mode in which circulating germicidal fluid within the reprocessor flows through the filter, while the water supply remains connected to the system and isolated from the circulating fluid.03-05-2009
20090054730INTRA-SUBJECT INFORMATION ACQUIRING SYSTEM - A remaining-power-amount recognizing circuit 02-26-2009
20090082627MEDICAL APPARATUS - A medical apparatus includes: a medical device equipped with a driven attitude controller and introduced into a body cavity; a fastener detachably installed on the medical device and used for fastening to a body wall in the body cavity; and an attitude control apparatus equipped with an attitude controller which moves the medical device with respect to the fastener.03-26-2009
20080262307ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM, PROGRAM AND ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM CONTROL METHOD - An endoscope system having a two-stage depression button provided in an operation portion of an endoscope; a first switch changing from off to on by a first stage depressing operation of the depression button and maintaining the on state after the first stage; a second switch changing from off to on by a second stage depressing operation of the depression button; and a control unit controlling to provide an air feeding function when the first switch is on and provide a water feeding function without providing the air feeding function regardless of a state of the first switch when the second switch is on, the control unit controlling to provide the air feeding function with a delay of a predetermined time period so long as the first switch does not change from on to off within the predetermined time period when the first switch changes from off to on.10-23-2008
20080262306ELECTRIC BENDING ENDOSCOPE - In the present invention, a remote control operation portion has a joystick provided therein, whose position is sensed by a potentiometer. Further, the joystick includes a gear, and engagement of the gear with a gear provided in a rotation axis of a servo motor allows the joystick to be moved by a drive force of the servo motor. Further, the remote control operation portion includes a drive/communication portion which detects position information of the potentiometer, drives the servo motor, and is capable of communicating with a control portion.10-23-2008
20080262305ROTARY SELF-ADVANCING ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM, PROGRAM, AND METHOD FOR DRIVING ROTARY SELF-ADVANCING ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM - A rotary self-advancing endoscope system which produces propulsion by rotating, with a motor, a rotating cylindrical body provided on an outer periphery side of an insertion portion main body and causes the insertion portion main body to move forward into an examinee's body, wherein the system is configured to periodically repeating a combination of a state in which the rotating cylindrical body forward-rotates at a predetermined RPM and a state in which the rotating cylindrical body is stopped from rotating and releases accumulated elastic energy and, when a drive current to the motor has reached a predetermined threshold value, reverse-rotate the motor.10-23-2008
20080262304In-Vivo Sensing System Device and Method for Real Time Viewing - A system, device and method for a real time viewing of an in-vivo site. The in-vivo sensing system may include, for example an in-vivo sensing device (10-23-2008
20090105540ENDOSCOPE CONTROL APPARATUS - An endoscope control apparatus of the invention includes: a first connector receiving portion and a second connector receiving portion, to and from which an endoscope is attachable and detachable; a connection detection portion for detecting a connecting state of the endoscope in the first connector receiving portion and the second connector receiving portion and outputting a connection detection signal; a first patient circuit electrically connected to a post stage of the first connector receiving portion and connected also to a first reference potential point; and a second patient circuit electrically connected to a post stage of the second connector receiving portion, and connected also to a second reference potential point different from the first reference potential point.04-23-2009
20090209816INDUCTION COIL SENSING - Disclosed is apparatus (08-20-2009
20090209818PROCESSOR FOR ENDOSCOPE - A processor is provided with a power supply circuit for supplying voltages of different values to a CCD. A RAM of the processor stores a power control information table in which types of the CCD and power control information indicating methods of supplying each voltage to the CCD are related and stored. A CPU retrieves CCD information indicating the type of the CCD from a ROM and identifies the type of the CCD. The CPU then retrieves the power control information corresponding to the identified type from the power control information table. Based on the power control information, the CPU controls the power supply circuit to supply voltages of different values to the CCD in a sequence and at an interval corresponding to the type of the CCD.08-20-2009
20090209817Controlled Perspective Guidance Method - Navigation through a network of body passages, such as through the airways, is improved by a method of displaying information which provides a fly-through visualization of the passageway. As landmarks or waypoints are passed, the view changes to a next segment in a planned pathway to a target. Such a visualization technique avoids tunnel vision, such as that encountered while using real-time endoscopes.08-20-2009
20090253960ANTENNA UNIT AND RECEIVING APPARATUS FOR CAPSULE MEDICAL APPARATUS - An antenna unit includes a receiving antenna which receives in-vivo information of a subject transmitted from a capsule medical apparatus, a wireless-signal generator which receives the in-vivo information of the subject received by the receiving antenna and generates a wireless signal including the received in-vivo information, a power supply unit which supplies power for the wireless signal generator, an outer covering on which the receiving antenna, the wireless-signal generator, the transmitting antenna, and the power supply unit are mounted. The power supply unit is flexible and can be transformed easily according to transformation of the outer covering.10-08-2009
20100274087MEDICAL ROBOTIC SYSTEM WITH COUPLED CONTROL MODES - In a coupled control mode, the surgeon directly controls movement of an associated slave manipulator with an input device while indirectly controlling movement of one or more non-associated slave manipulators, in response to commanded motion of the directly controlled slave manipulator, to achieve a secondary objective. By automatically performing secondary tasks through coupled control modes, the system's usability is enhanced by reducing the surgeon's need to switch to another direct mode to manually achieve the desired secondary objective. Thus, coupled control modes allow the surgeon to better focus on performing medical procedures and to pay less attention to managing the system.10-28-2010
20100217079Endoscopic Capsule - A capsule for endoscopic examinations and a method for assisting the advancement of the capsule through organs are provided. In addition to a device for advancing the capsule through an organ under investigation, the capsule is also provided with a device for generating movements of the capsule to reduce the edge friction impeding the advancement of the capsule. The device for generating movements of the capsule is activated using electromagnetic radiation irradiated from outside to a receiving system of the capsule. The device generates a movement, which helps overcome inhibiting frictional forces.08-26-2010
20090076326IN-VIVO IMAGE ACQUIRING APPARATUS AND IN-VIVO IMAGE ACQUIRING SYSTEM - The in-vivo image acquiring apparatus includes an imaging unit which captures an inside of a subject, a transmission processing unit which wirelessly transmits the image information captured by the imaging unit, a power supply unit which supplies driving power for each unit of the apparatus, and a switching unit which detects an external input and switches a supply state of the driving power from the power supply unit. The apparatus also includes a mode setting unit which sets predetermined operation modes based on information of the external input which is input to the switching unit, and a control unit which controls the operation of each unit of the apparatus according to the operation mode set by the mode setting unit.03-19-2009
20090076325IN-VIVO INFORMATION ACQUIRING APPARATUS, IN-VIVO INFORMATION ACQUIRING SYSTEM, AND IN-VIVO INFORMATION ACQUIRING METHOD - To stably and properly monitor an inside of a body by using an easily operable placement technique, a capsule endoscope 03-19-2009
20120143005Expandable Capsule Endoscope - An expandable capsule endoscope includes a shell, a membrane and a bag. Inside the shell are a first compartment and a second compartment, and the membrane is disposed between the first compartment and the second compartment. The bag is connected outside the shell. There is a first substance and a second substance respectively disposed in the first compartment and the second compartment. When the membrane is ruined and broken by a heating energy, the first substance and the second substance react to produce a gas filling the bag. The expandable capsule endoscope is applicable to examine an organ with wider diameters and advantageous to capture images of the organ thus providing better reliability and utility.06-07-2012
20110112365Endoscope shaft - An endoscope including a control section; and a shaft extending from the control section. The shaft includes a frame having a one-piece tube, The tube includes at least one slot into the tube to form spaced sections on opposite sides of the slot. A first one of the sections includes at least one projection which extends into at least one pocket of a second one of the sections such that the projection and pocket form an over-travel limiter to limit relative motion of the first and second sections relative to each other in at least one direction.05-12-2011
20090318761SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR IN VIVO IMAGING - An in vivo imaging system including an ingestible in vivo imaging device for obtaining images and transmitting image data; a receiver for receiving said transmitted image data; a processor for processing said image data; and a controller for controlling movement of the in vivo imaging device based on processed image data. Controlling the movement of the in vivo imaging device is typically achieved by an external magnet moved along the patient's body unconstrained by a predetermined track.12-24-2009
20090318762MAGNETICALLY GUIDING SYSTEM AND MAGNETICALLY GUIDING METHOD - A magnetically guiding system includes: a capsule medical device that has a magnet provided therein; an information acquiring unit that acquires physical information about magnetic guiding of the capsule medical device; a magnetic field generating unit that generates a magnetic field for magnetically guiding the capsule medical device; and a control unit that sets a magnetic field condition based on the physical information acquired by the information acquiring unit and controls the magnetic field generating unit to generate a magnetic field corresponding to the magnetic field condition.12-24-2009
20080287736BENDING DEVICE FOR ENDOSCOPE - An operating wire is inserted in a close-contact coil in a bendable tube portion through a flexible tube portion. The close-contact coil is such that a fixed portion is provided at the position of a bending piece which is placed at the most base end of the bendable tube portion, and that a close-contact coil extension portion having been put in a non-fixed state extends from the fixed portion in the bendable tube portion. A part between a fixed portion and the fixed portion of the close-contact coil is a remote control cable for transmitting an amount of pushing and pulling an operating wire when operating an operating wire. A close-contact coil extension portion extended from the fixed portion at the side of a tip end of the close-contact coil functions as a positioning guide section for holding the operating wire so as to prevent the operating wire from being displaced in a circumferential direction.11-20-2008
20090105541ENDOSCOPIC CAPSULE - An endoscopy capsule contains an induction coil that is elongated along a longitudinal axis thereof, the endoscopy coil supplying power to components within the endoscopy capsule. A magnetic element in the endoscopy capsule has a magnetic dipole moment and interacts with an external magnetic field to navigate the endoscopy capsule within the body of a subject. The magnetic element is oriented so that the magnetic dipole element is aligned perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis of the induction coil. The endoscopy capsule has a cross-sectional area, in a plane having a normal aligned in the direction of the longitudinal axis of the induction coil, which contains both a cross-section through the magnetic element and a cross-section through the induction coil. The magnetic element has a length along the longitudinal axis of the induction coil so that the magnetic element projects beyond the induction coil at each end thereof.04-23-2009
20110009698ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS, ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS - An endoscope apparatus includes an endoscope main body and an assisting drive unit. The endoscope main body includes an endoscope insertion portion having a curving portion on the leading end side thereof, a curving operation portion operating or curving the curving portion, and a curving drive portion driving or curving the curving portion according to an operation force applied to the curving operation portion. The assisting drive unit generates a drive force assisting a curving drive operation to be carried out by the curving drive portion. Curving information regulated at each curving angle corresponding to curving amount of the curving portion is stored previously. The curving amount θa of the curving portion is detected. The drive force is generated from the assisting drive unit using the curving information corresponding to the detected curving amount θa.01-13-2011
20110034770ENDOSCOPIC DEVICE - An endoscopic device comprises: an illuminating unit which emits illuminating light from an endoscope tip portion, and includes a plurality of kinds of light sources different from one another in an emission wavelength; an imaging unit which obtains a pickup image of a region to be observed of a subject radiated with the illuminating light; and the color tone controlling unit which changes a color tone of the illuminating light by changing an output light quantity ratio among the plurality of kinds of light sources.02-10-2011
20090062613IN-VIVO INFORMATION ACQUIRING SYSTEM - An in-vivo information acquiring system previously sets synchronization signals for each imaging unit which captures an image. In the in-vivo information acquiring system, a capsule endoscope transmits scan-line data of an image to be transmitted using the synchronization signal corresponding to the imaging unit which captures the image to be transmitted, and a receiving apparatus identifies that the received scan-line data forms the image captured by the imaging unit corresponding to the detected synchronization signal by detecting the synchronization signal from received information.03-05-2009
20110245611EXPANDABLE CAPSULE ENDOSCOPE AND EXPANDABLE CAPSULE ENDOSCOPY SYSTEM - The present invention provides an expandable capsule endoscope and an expandable capsule endoscopy system thereof. The expandable capsule endoscope is swallowed to provide the image inspection function of the digestive tract. The expandable capsule endoscope includes an endoscopy function module, an expandable structure and an expansion function module. The endoscopy function module is configured to capture the image outside the expandable capsule endoscope. The expandable structure covers the endoscopy function module. The expansion function module is disposed inside the expandable structure and configured to control the expansion of the expandable structure according to an expansion signal. Therefore, the expandable capsule endoscope can expand itself to a volume to stretch and flatten the wrinkles or folds of the intestine wall so as to facilitate image capturing and maintain the orientation of the expandable capsule endoscope.10-06-2011
20110087069System for remotely controlling two or more medical devices - A system for remotely controlling multiple medical devices. Included in the system are at least a first medical device and a second medical device, each of which are capable of performing one or more functions. Also included is a remote control unit having at least a first switch and a second switch. Connected to each of the medical devices is a controller that can simultaneously dispatch one or more device command signals to each of the medical devices in response to receiving one or more remote command signals from the remote control unit, thereby allowing a user to remotely and simultaneously control one or more functions associated with each of the medical devices.04-14-2011
20100030024DIAGNOSIS OR INTERVENTION INSIDE THE BODY OF A PATIENT USING A CAPSULE ENDOSCOPE - An apparatus for carrying out a minimally invasive diagnosis or intervention inside the body of a patient is provided. The apparatus includes a capsule endoscope, which can be introduced into the body of the patient and includes at least one medical instrument. At least one transmission antenna for emitting electromagnetic radiation is arranged outside the body. At least one reception antenna for receiving the electromagnetic radiation is provided in or on the capsule endoscope. The current position of the capsule endoscope is calculated in an analysis unit using antenna signals generated by the interaction of the transmission antenna with the reception antenna.02-04-2010
20090312604PORTABLE SIMPLIFIED IMAGE DISPLAY APPARATUS AND RECEIVING SYSTEM - A portable simplified image display apparatus and a receiving system are provided, which can sensuously know the state of received strength of radio signals transmitted from a body-insertable apparatus, in either case of before examination or during examination. A viewer (12-17-2009
20100056866MEDICAL GUIDANCE SYSTEM AND CONTROL METHOD OF MEDICAL DEVICE - A medical guidance system and a control method of a medical device are provided, which may increase the drive force of a medical device and improve controllability thereof. The medical guidance system has a medical device that includes a biologic information acquisition unit that acquires biologic information of the inside of a body cavity and a magnet that generates drive force in response to a magnetic field exerted from the outside of a body, a magnetic field generation unit 03-04-2010
20090216082Device, System and Method for In Vivo Magnetic Immunoassay Analysis - A device system, and method may provide in-vivo detection of target molecules in an endo-luminal sample, for example for the detection of cancer in the gastrointestinal tract, utilizing for example an in-vivo sensing device. the sensing device may accept samples of fluids from a body lumen and detect the contents of that sample for example by introducing paramagnetic particles to the sample of fluids, immobilizing a target molecule bonded to a paramagnetic particle to a reaction channel, and detecting bonded paramagnetic particles.08-27-2009
20110098534CAPSULE MEDICAL APPARATUS WITH PROJECTIONS AND BODY-CAVITY OBSERVATION METHOD - Provided is a capsule medical apparatus including a capsule body, a control member, and an observing member. The capsule body is to be introduced into a lumen of a subject. The control member controls a movement of the capsule body in the lumen by a flow of a fluid introduced in the lumen. The observing member is fixed inside the capsule body and observes a direction of the flow of the fluid and a direction different from the flow of the fluid according to the movement of the capsule body.04-28-2011
20100130822CAPSULE-TYPE MEDICAL DEVICE AND METHOD OF MONITORING ESOPHAGUS INSIDE AND STOMACH INSIDE, METHOD OF MONITORING STOMACH INSIDE AND METHOD OF WASHING STOMACH USING THE SAME - The specific gravity of a capsule-type endoscope according to the invention is set to be lower than that of liquid in an organ, so that the capsule-type endoscope is floated on a liquid surface of the liquid. A center of gravity of the capsule-type endoscope is set to a position deviated from a center of a casing, so that the casing is maintained in a specific floating position while being floated on the liquid surface. A boundary between the casing and the liquid surface is formed within a projection plane, which is obtained by projecting the casing in the specific floating position perpendicularly to the liquid surface, at a position excluding an outer periphery of the projection plane Ka.05-27-2010
20110251459ENDOSCOPIC VACUUM CONTROLLER - An endoscopic vacuum controller may include a housing having a vacuum inlet, a vacuum outlet configured to be coupled to a vacuum source, and a vacuum passage fluidly coupling the vacuum inlet to the vacuum outlet. The vacuum controller may also include an actuator supported by the housing and configured to control the flow of fluid through the vacuum passage. An indicator may be supported by the housing to provide an indication that a predetermined vacuum level is being drawn at the vacuum inlet. The vacuum controller may include a connector to detachably couple the housing to an endoscope shaft. The connector may be configured to slidably couple the housing to the endoscope shaft to allow adjustment of the controller along the length of the shaft while the housing remains coupled to the shaft.10-13-2011
20100099950ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM - Even in the event of movement by the operator, vibrations received from outside, changes in orientation etc., the spectral characteristics can be controlled with high precision, thus enabling acquisition of a desired observation image. Provided is an endoscope system including two optical substrates (04-22-2010
20090326323CAPSULE MEDICAL DEVICE AND CAPSULE MEDICAL DEVICE SYSTEM - Smooth guiding through the inside of a body cavity is carried out by a magnetic field applied from the outside of the body. The provided capsule medical device (12-31-2009
20090030279METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING POWER CONSUMPTION IN A COMPACT DIAGNOSTIC CAPSULE - A diagnostic capsule has a sensor system, a transmitter, and a controller. The controller is configured to detect one or more target conditions external to the diagnostic capsule based on target data from the sensor system and enable the transmitter to transmit diagnostic data, wherein the diagnostic data is collected by the sensor system while the one or more target conditions are present. A diagnostic system utilizing the diagnostic capsule is also disclosed. A method of managing power consumption in a diagnostic capsule is also disclosed. A target sensor is enabled. The target sensor is checked for a target condition. At least one diagnostic capsule subsystem is enabled if the target condition is present. The target sensor is further checked for the target condition. The at least one diagnostic capsule subsystem is disabled if the target condition is not present.01-29-2009
20080294006ENCAPSULATED MEDICAL DEVICE GUIDANCE SYSTEM, AND A METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - An encapsulated medical device guidance system, and a method of controlling the system, in which a magnetic generator acts on a magnet built into a capsulated medical device, and generates a magnetic field for controlling the position and/or posture of the capsulated medical device, and a control unit has a dynamic torque estimation unit to estimate a dynamic torque to be applied to the encapsulated medical device in a target posture, controls a magnetic field generated from the magnetic field generator so that a magnetic torque generated by the magnetic field generator becomes proportional to a dynamic torque estimated by the dynamic torque estimation unit, and controls the posture of a capsule endoscope by considering gravity applied to the capsule endoscope itself.11-27-2008
20120302832ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS - This endoscope apparatus includes: an insertion portion; a bending portion; an operation portion; and a pull member. The operation portion includes: an operation lever; a bearing that supports the operation lever in a state of being freely inclinable around a swinging center; a friction member that is fixed to the operation lever; a press portion configured to contact a contact surface; and a switching device that is connected to the press portion and presses the press portion against the contact surface when rotated in a first rotational direction with a predetermined rotation axis as a rotation center thereof and also so as to cause the press portion to be spaced away from the contact surface when rotated in a second direction.11-29-2012
20110054255METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE MOVEMENT OF AN ENDOSCOPIC CAPSULE - In a method to control the movement of an endoscopy capsule in a hollow organ of a patient using a magnet system, a movement signal of the endoscopy capsule in the hollow organ is detected, that represents the time curve of the spatial position. The movement signal is evaluated to identify a periodic signal component thereof, and the frequency of this periodic signal component is identified. The magnet system is operated to exert a force on the endoscopy capsule in the hollow organ that is periodic with the frequency of the periodic signal component, and that is directed opposite to the movement signal.03-03-2011
20110054254COIL ARRANGEMENT FOR GUIDING A MAGNETIC ELEMENT IN A WORKING SPACE - A coil arrangement for contact-free guidance of a magnetic element such as an endoscopy capsule, has a number of individual coils arranged in pairs by which the components of a guidance field are generated. By arranging the individual coils to include coils corresponding to blades at an exterior of a cylindrical surface, the number of degrees of freedom required for guidance can be obtained with fewer individual coils and fewer power amplifiers to operate the coils.03-03-2011
20110137122MEDICAL CONTROL SYSTEM - In a medical control system, when motors are in a stopped state according to the determination based on an amount of change in an instruction value, the disturbance characteristics is set at high sensitivity in order to keep the detection capability of a disturbance observer section in an enhanced state during a period to the drive start time of the motors, and when the motors are brought into an operating state, a gain of a controller is returned to a normal setting value to maintain the excellent follow-up characteristics.06-09-2011
20100168518FLEXIBLE ENDOSCOPE DEVICE WITH VISUAL CONTROL AND PROCESS FOR STABILIZATION OF SUCH A DEVICE - A flexible endoscope device includes an elongated flexible body having an end segment bearing or defining the endoscope head, and provided with an optical system that can be curved or bent in at least two mutually perpendicular directions, the elongated body being functionally connected at the other end thereof to a control element capable of controlling at least the movements and/or the arrangement of the end segment. The device includes automatic flexion and positioning elements of the end segment by visual control, the elements essentially including a video processing element for receiving the images or video signals provided by the optical system of the endoscope head using a computer element capable of carrying out visual control operations on the basis of the processed video signals and of transmitting control signals, and actuation members that are part of or associated with the control elements.07-01-2010
20100121148METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR STEERABLE MEDICAL DEVICE PATH DEFINITION AND FOLLOWING DURING INSERTION AND RETRACTION - Waypoints for a steerable medical device are stored as the steerable medical device is moved within a patient. The stored waypoints are an ordered sequence of locations. The ordered sequence of locations defines a safe path within the patient for moving an articulatable portion of the steerable medical device. The articulatable portion of the steerable medical device is constrained to follow the safe path as the articulatable portion moves within the patient. For example, the articulatable portion of the steerable medical device is constrained to remain within a boundary region enclosing the safe path as the articulatable portion of the steerable medical device follows the safe path.05-13-2010
20100121150CAPSULE MEDICAL APPARATUS AND CURRENT-CARRYING CONTROL METHOD - An object of the present invention is to readily initiate an operation of a capsule medical apparatus which is inserted into a subject and executes a predetermined function. In a capsule endoscope 05-13-2010
20110071355ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS - An endoscope apparatus comprises an insertion portion having an observation optical system attached onto the distal end portion thereof and having flexibility, a thrust generating portion for generating a thrust by rotation, formed beyond a predetermined length on an outer-peripheral surface of the insertion portion in a longitudinal-axis direction, a rotation device for rotating the thrust generating portion around the longitudinal axis, and a control portion for controlling a rotational speed of the thrust generating portion according to an insertion length of the thrust generating portion inserted in a subject.03-24-2011
20110190585SURGICAL TOOL, PARTICULARLY FOR USE IN LAPAROSCOPY - A surgical instrument (08-04-2011
20100030025CAPSULE MEDICAL DEVICE - A capsule medical device includes a capsule casing that contains an illumination board, an imaging board, a transmission board, and a control board on which functional components are mounted, and a sheet-like battery that supplies power to the functional components. The sheet-like battery is rolled up to be a pole shape and located between cutout parts of the imaging board, the transmission board, and the control board and the inner wall of the capsule casing.02-04-2010
20100030026MEDICAL APPARATUS GUIDING SYSTEM - A medical apparatus main body such as a capsule main body inserted in the body cavity includes a thrust generating mechanism such as a spiral projection. The medical apparatus main body further forms an information providing unit comprising at least one of a storing unit for storing a state of the thrust generating mechanism and a direction detecting unit for detecting the direction of the medical apparatus main body. An input unit instructs a thrust generating direction of the thrust generating mechanism and thus a control unit changes continuously or the like a thrust generating state of the thrust generating mechanism based on information from the information providing unit.02-04-2010
20100022836IN-BODY DEVICE HAVING A MULTI-DIRECTIONAL TRANSMITTER - Multi-directional transmitters for in-body devices, such as implantable and ingestible devices, are provided. Aspects of the in-body multi-direction transmitters of the invention include signal transmitters configured to transmit an identifying signal in at least two different directions in an x-y plane. Embodiments of the in-body devices are configured to emit a detectable signal upon contact with a target physiological site. Also provided are methods of making and using the devices of the invention.01-28-2010
20100022833RECEIVING APPARATUS, MONITOR APPARATUS, AND INTRA-SUBJECT INFORMATION ACQUIRING SYSTEM EMPLOYING THE SAME - To precisely determine whether it is a stored image data and further reduce the apparatus scale. An intra-subject information acquiring system has a receiver apparatus (01-28-2010
20100022835MEDICAL-DEVICE GUIDANCE SYSTEM - A situation where a medical device is outside a region suitable for guidance control thereof can be easily coped with. Included are a medical device provided with a magnet; a guiding unit (01-28-2010
20110046443METHOD FOR GUIDING A CAPSULE ENDOSCOPE AND ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM - In a method and system for guiding a capsule endoscope, the capsule endoscope contains a rotation sensor that measures a rotary position of the endoscope capsule about at least one fixed capsule axis. A control unit calculates a rotary position of the endoscope capsule from a mechanical movement model, measures the rotary position of the endoscope capsule by means of the rotation sensor, compares the measured rotary position with a rotary position calculated for an essentially identical point in time, and adapts the mechanical movement model on the basis of the comparison.02-24-2011
20100121147STEERING MECHANISM - A steering mechanism is used as part of a medical device such as a catheter or an endoscope to allow movement of a steerable distal portion of the catheter or endoscope. The mechanism can include a elongate housing and an actuation system. The elongate housing is adapted to be coupled to the steerable portion of the medical device. The actuation system includes an actuator, a first cam, and a second cam. The actuator can move the first cam between a first position and a second position as the actuator is moved along a first axis (or about a second axis different than the first axis). Movement of the first cam between its first and second positions moves the steerable portion of the medical device along a first plane. The actuator can move the second cam between a first position and a second position as the actuator is moved along the second axis (or about the first axis). Movement of the second cam between its first and second positions moves the steerable portion of the medical device along a second plane different than the first plane.05-13-2010
20120041263TWO-PART ENDOSCOPE SURGICAL DEVICE - The present invention provides a two-part robotic device for positioning of a hand tool, comprising: a. a fixed base unit constantly fix to its position; b. a detachable body unit reversibly coupled to said fixed base unit, coupled to said current medical instrument; wherein said fixed base unit is adapted to provide independent movement to said hand tool, said independent movement selected from the group consisting of rotation and translation, and further wherein said detachable body unit is removable and replaceable from said fixed base unit such that upon exchange of said hand tool for a second hand tool, said second hand tool is placed in substantially the same location as the location of said hand tool prior to said exchange.02-16-2012
20120046522ENDOSCOPIC SYSTEM - An endoscopic system includes an insertion-section, a wire, an adjustment-unit, a memory, a shape-acquiring-unit and a controller. The insertion-section includes a tubular-section and a bending-section. The wire is inserted in the insertion-section and pulled and loosened to bend the bending-section. The adjustment-unit adjusts tensile force applied to the wire. The memory stores correspondent information including a relationship between increase/decrease information indicative of increase/decrease in the tensile force due to a shape of the tubular-section and shape information indicative of the shape of the tubular-section. The shape-acquiring-unit acquires the shape of the tubular-section. The controller obtains the increase/decrease information corresponding to the shape information acquired by the shape-acquiring-unit with reference to the correspondent information, generates an adjustment signal configured to drive the adjustment-unit based on the increase/decrease information, and outputs the adjustment signal to the adjustment-unit.02-23-2012
20080300459ENCAPSULATED MEDICAL DEVICE GUIDANCE SYSTEM, AND A METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - An encapsulated medical device system according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a selector between a receiving device and a plurality of receiving antennas having their respective directionalities. The system selects and disconnects any receiving antenna subjected to the effect of a magnetic field used to guide a capsule endoscope, and captures information about the inside of a body from the appropriate receiving antenna thus selected. The system prevents an overload current caused by induced voltage from being applied to the receiving device. The system includes the function of preventing the overload current, caused by induced voltage arising from a sudden movement of the capsule endoscope or sudden change in magnetic field gradient, from being applied to a transmission circuit of the capsule endoscope and a receiving device.12-04-2008
20120116163CONTROL DEVICE - A control device is provided, in particular for use in endoscopes or the like. The control device has proximal and distal end sections each comprising an area of articulation and a central section arranged therebetween. The control device also comprises outer and inner hollow cylindrical shafts and a control element arranged between the shafts. Two or more longitudinal elements extend substantially from the proximal to the distal end section and transfer force. For an optimized control function, the longitudinal elements are arranged at essentially regular angular distances in a circumferential direction of the control device and are connected to one another in the circumferential direction in the region of their respective proximal and distal ends. The distal ends of the longitudinal elements are secured in the circumferential direction in angular positions which are different to the angular positions, in which the respectively associated proximal ends are secured.05-10-2012
20120022328SEPARATING AN ENDOSCOPY CAPULE FROM A SURFACE OF A LIQUID - A magnetically guided endoscopy capsule is separated from the surface of water with the aim of immersing the capsule completely in water, using the least possible magnetic force. A brief force curve (F_mag(t)) is thereby automatically generated on the capsule by a solenoid system, by one or more force pulses. Assuming that the capsule floats on the water surface at the start of the force curve, a force curve is applied generating an odd number of force pulses having a step profile. Each odd force pulse brings about at least a partial immersion of the endoscopy capsule in the liquid, and each even force pulse bring about at least a partial emersion of the endoscopy capsule out of the liquid.01-26-2012
20120022329APPARATUSES FOR ADVANCING AN ENDOSCOPE THROUGH A PASSAGE - In one embodiment, an endoscope includes a body, an elongated shaft that extends from the body, the elongated shaft ending in a distal tip, a first anchoring device that is fixed to the elongated shaft, and a second anchoring device that is extendable from the elongated shaft. In one embodiment, an endoscope advancing apparatus includes a first anchoring device adapted to be fixed to an elongated shaft of an endoscope, and a second anchoring device adapted to be mounted to an opposite side of the elongated shaft in a manner in which the second anchoring device can be axially extended from the elongated shaft.01-26-2012
20120157770Insufflating System, Method, And Computer Program Product For Controlling The Supply Of A Distending Media To An Endoscopic Device - The present invention is directed to a system, method, and computer program product for controlling the supply of a distending media (such as an insufflating gas) from a distending media source to an endoscopic device so as to prevent the excess venting and/or waste of distending media. More specifically, the present invention provides for the detection of a pressure level within a lumen of an endoscopic device and adjusts a supply parameter of the distending media based at least in part on the detected pressure level, and in some cases, on the relationship between the detected pressure level and a user-defined threshold.06-21-2012
20120071720FORCE FEEDBACK CONTROL SYSTEM FOR VIDEO ENDOSCOPE - A video endoscope system includes a reusable control cabinet and an endoscope that is connectable thereto. The endoscope may be used with a single patient and then disposed. The endoscope includes an illumination mechanism, an image sensor, and an elongate shaft having one or more lumens located therein. An articulation joint at the distal end of the endoscope allows the distal end to be oriented by the actuators in the control cabinet or actuators in a control handle of the endoscope. Fluidics, electrical, navigation, image, display and data entry controls are integrated into the system along with other accessories.03-22-2012
20110184240METHOD FOR CONTACT-FREE MAGNETIC NAVIGATION - In a method and a system for contact-free magnetic navigation of a magnetic body in a work space that is at least partially filled with a fluid, a thickening agent is added to the fluid. The use of a thickening agent as an additive for such a fluid is also described.07-28-2011
20110184239METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR DISABLING AN ENDOSCOPE AFTER USE - Various embodiments comprise endoscopes for viewing inside a cavity of a body such as a vessel like a vein or artery. These endoscopes may include a usage detector and a disabling device coupled to the usage detector, wherein the disabling device is configured to disable the endoscope at least partly in response to an electrical, optical, and/or mechanical output from the usage detector.07-28-2011
20100094089MULTI-FLUID DELIVERY SYSTEM - A proximal connector of an endoscope shaft can be manually attached to and detached from a console, such that the connector and endoscope shaft can be provided as a single use device. An interface between the proximal connector and console can include a sliding plate moveable to operably make and break at least some of the connections between the console and endoscope shaft. A fluid reservoir may be separately connected to the proximal connector and hang from a mount on the interface.04-15-2010
20100094088TENDON-DRIVEN ENDOSCOPE AND METHODS OF USE - A steerable, tendon-driven endoscope is described herein. The endoscope has an elongated body with a manually or selectively steerable distal portion and an automatically controlled, segmented proximal portion. The steerable distal portion and the segment of the controllable portion are actuated by at least two tendons. As the endoscope is advanced, the user maneuvers the distal portion, and a motion controller actuates tendons in the segmented proximal portion so that the proximal portion assumes the selected curve of the selectively steerable distal portion. By this method the selected curves are propagated along the endoscope body so that the endoscope largely conforms to the pathway selected. When the endoscope is withdrawn proximally, the selected curves can propagate distally along the endoscope body. This allows the endoscope to negotiate tortuous curves along a desired path through or around and between organs within the body.04-15-2010
20120316393ROTATE-TO-ADVANCE CATHETERIZATION SYSTEM - A method for visualizing the interior of a bodily passageway, comprising providing a visualization system comprising a tube having a distal and a proximal end, at least a portion of the distal end being rotatable; visualization apparatus disposed within the system; and a helical thread disposed on the exterior surface of the rotatable portion of the tube, the helical thread having a sufficient structural integrity and surface profile, such that when the tube is disposed in the passageway and the helical thread engages the wall of the passageway, rotation of the rotatable portion of the tube induces a relative movement between the tube and the wall of the passageway; inserting the system into the passageway; rotating the rotatable portion of the tube so as to bring together a site which is to be visualized and the visualization apparatus; and using the visualization apparatus to visualize the interior of the passageway.12-13-2012
20090131753PULLING APPARATUS AND ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM - A pulling apparatus includes an input portion configured to be operated, a braking portion configured to apply a braking force to the input portion to generate a resistance force against to an operation to the input portion, a pulling portion configured to pull a pulling member, a pulling order generation portion configured to generate a control order signal to the pulling portion such that the pulling member is pulled by the pulling portion in accordance with an operation to the input portion, a pulling amount detecting portion configured to detect pulling amount of the pulling member, a pulling amount increase and decrease determination portion configured to determine an increase and decrease in the pulling amount detected by the pulling amount detecting portion, and a braking control portion configured to control the braking portion in accordance with a determination result obtained by the pulling amount increase and decrease determination portion.05-21-2009
20100174141DEVICE AND METHOD FOR ASSEMBLING IN VIVO SENSING DEVICES - A sleeve for simple assembly of in-vivo devices, such as endoscopy capsules, is provided. The sleeve comprises grippers and leaf springs at either end to hold the rigid portions of a rigid-flex PCB (printed circuit board) in a folded configuration before the PCB is inserted into an in-vivo device's housing. A method of assembly of the rigid-flex PCB into the sleeve is provided.07-08-2010
20100174142MEDICAL DEVICE GUIDANCE SYSTEM - The present invention realizes a medical device guidance system capable of improving propulsion control characteristic. The capsule guidance system 07-08-2010
20120172666ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS, ACTUATORS, AND METHODS THEREFOR - There is disclosed a MicroFlex Scope (MFS). The MFS is a dexterous endoscope providing access, direct visualization, tissue sampling, and treatment, of body lumens. In one embodiment, the distal end of the MFS is an ultra-flexible tip that comprises a plurality of thin, curved shape memory alloy (SMA) actuator elements attached to at least one structural skeleton, a coil spring skeleton or hinge structure. The SMA actuator elements in each structural skeleton segment are indirectly heated by a heater element and produce force in response to their temperature relative to specific thresholds. In configurations comprising a plurality of actuator elements, multiplexing/demultiplexing of heating currents and sensor voltages may be accomplished via a parallel bus and demulitplexing circuit. In this regard, a demultiplexing circuit using standard microelectronic fabrication techniques may be designed to achieve individual sensing and control over each actuator element.07-05-2012
20110201886REMOTE ENDOSCOPE HANDLE MANIPULATION - Systems and methods permit remote endoscope handle manipulation. This can include a control housing configured to removably attach to an endoscope. A manipulator, associated with the housing, can be configured to engage with a control device of the endoscope with the endoscope attached to the housing. An actuator, drivingly coupled with the manipulator, can be configured to move the manipulator to operate the control device with the endoscope attached to the housing.08-18-2011
20100274086POSITION CONTROL OF MEDICAL APPLIANCES IN THE HUMAN BODY BY MEANS OF PHASE DIFFERENCE MEASUREMENT - A system measures a change in position of a medical appliance, such as an endoscopy capsule. A device uses this measurement in order to influence the position of the medical appliance. The medical appliance sends a signal that is received by a multiplicity of spatially separate receiving devices. The time profile of the phase differences between the received signals and a reference signal provides an indication of whether the medical appliance has moved. In the event of a movement being detected, a maneuvering device can be regulated by a regulating means in such a way that the maneuvering device generates forces and/or torques and applies them to the medical appliance to counteract the detected movement.10-28-2010
20100010306SYSTEM FOR GUIDING CAPSULE MEDICAL DEVICE - A system for guiding capsule medical device includes a capsule medical device that includes a capsule casing including an imaging unit and a permanent magnet magnetized in a direction relatively fixed with respect to an upward and downward direction of an imaging surface of the imaging unit. The capsule medical device has a center of gravity deviated from a geometric center of the casing toward a direction different from a magnetization direction of the permanent magnetic. In the capsule medical device, a plane parallel to the imaging surface and a plane parallel to the magnetization direction and a deviation direction of the center of gravity with respect to the geometric center form an intersection line. The system further includes a magnetic guidance device; and an image display device displaying an in-vivo image such that a direction of the intersection line conforms to an upward and downward direction of a screen.01-14-2010
20100010305SYSTEM FOR GUIDING CAPSULE MEDICAL DEVICE - A system for guiding capsule medical device is provided with a capsule medical device, a magnetic guidance device, an operation input unit, a control device, and an image display device. The capsule medical device is includes therein a first and second imaging units that image images in imaging directions different from each other and a permanent magnet. The magnetic guidance device applies a magnetic field to the permanent magnet to magnetically guide the capsule medical device in a subject. The operation input unit receives operation information to operate magnetic guidance of the capsule medical device. The control device controls the magnetic guidance device to magnetically guide the capsule medical device in response to the operation information input through the operation input unit. The image display device displays a first in-vivo image of the subject imaged by the first imaging unit and a second in-vivo image of the subject imaged by the second imaging unit, and clearly shows which of the first and second in-vivo images is an operation target image at the time of the magnetic guidance of the capsule medical device.01-14-2010
20120226103Steerable Catheter - The present invention relates to a steerable catheter device and method of using the same comprising a catheter body having a distal section. The distal section of the catheter body has an inner lumen, and one or more steering lumen radially offset from the inner lumen. The steering lumen comprise a first end having a first diameter and a second end having a second diameter smaller than the first diameter. A fluid source is in fluid communication with the steering lumen for supplying fluid thereto to radially distend the first end of the steering lumen such that the catheter body bends away from the steering lumen. In some cases, a vacuum is supplied to an opposite lumen to further assist bending of the catheter body. The inner lumen may include a porous material that is utilized to clean an instrument, such as an imaging device, movably disposed in the inner lumen.09-06-2012
20090054731ANTENNA UNIT AND RECEIVING SYSTEM - An antenna unit includes a receiving antenna which is arranged on an outer surface of a subject and receives a radio signal transmitted at a first frequency from a body-insertable device inserted into an inside of the subject; a main body part which is attached to an outside of the subject. The main body part includes a frequency converter that converts the signal of the first frequency received by the receiving antenna into a signal of a second frequency and a transmitting antenna that transmits the signal of the second frequency as a radio signal. The antenna unit also includes a signal line which connects the receiving antenna and the main body part.02-26-2009
20120265015BODY-INSERTABLE DEVICE SYSTEM AND IN-VIVO OBSERVATION METHOD - An object of the present invention is to actively control at least one of the position and direction of the imaging field in a subject and to observe a desired observed region in the subject certainly in a short period of time. A body-insertable device system according to the present invention includes a capsule endoscope 10-18-2012
20120265014ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS, METHOD, AND COMPUTER READABLE MEDIUM - An endoscope apparatus comprising an irradiating section that switches over time between irradiating a target with light in a first wavelength region and light in a second wavelength region; a light receiving section that receives returned light from the target; a movement identifying section that identifies movement of the target, based on an image of the target captured using returned light from the target irradiated by light in the first wavelength region; a control section that that predicts timings at which a phase of the movement of the target is a predetermined phase, based on the movement identified by the movement identifying section, and causes the irradiating section to emit light in the second wavelength region at the predicted timings; and an image generating section that generates an image of the target based on the returned light received by the light receiving section at the predicted timings.10-18-2012
20110213205CAPSULE GUIDANCE SYSTEM - A capsule guidance system includes a plurality of electrode pads that are disposed on a body surface of a subject in which a capsule medical device that performs human body communication is inserted into an organ; a magnetic guidance unit applies a magnetic field to the capsule medical device to guide the capsule medical device; an eliminating unit that eliminates signal components of eddy current generated in the subject by a change of the magnetic field from electrical signals detected by the plurality of electrode pads; and a position calculation unit that calculates the position of the capsule medical device based on the electrical signals from the capsule medical device, the electrical signals being the signals from which the signal components of the eddy current are eliminated by the eliminating unit.09-01-2011
20110237889ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS - An endoscope apparatus includes an endoscope which has an insertion portion which is provided with a distal end portion and a bendable bending portion at a distal end side and is inserted into a body cavity of a subject, a relative position calculation section which calculates a relative position of the distal end portion in the body cavity to the subject, a selection section which selects a search method corresponding to the position detected from a plurality of search methods for searching for a bending direction of the bending portion, based on the calculated relative position, a bending direction determination section which determines the bending direction of the bending portion according to the selected search method, and a bending drive section which bends and drives the bending portion based on the determined bending direction.09-29-2011
20120277532ENDOSCOPE GAS-SUPPLY SYSTEM - Provided is an endoscope gas-supply system which enables to measure the intraluminal pressure of a human lumen unaffectedly by body motions, and to stably perform automatic gas supply into the lumen. In the endoscope gas-supply system, a gas-supply duct for automatic gas supply from a gas-supply apparatus into the lumen includes a buffer tank which has a predetermined volume. The intraluminal pressure of the lumen is indirectly obtained from a result of measurement of a pressure sensor in the gas-supply apparatus, and pressure control is performed such that the intraluminal pressure of the lumen becomes a set value. At this time, intraluminal pressure fluctuation due to volume variation of the lumen is absorbed at the buffer tank, so the pressure sensor can perform pressure measurement stably, and stabilization of automatic gas supply into the lumen can be achieved.11-01-2012
20110319715ENCAPSULATED ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM IN WHICH ENDOSCOPE MOVES IN LUMEN BY ITSELF AND ROTATION OF IMAGE OF REGION TO BE OBSERVED IS CEASED - An encapsulated endoscope system in accordance with the present invention comprises: an encapsulated endoscope that rotates to develop a thrust; a controller that moves the encapsulated endoscope in an intended direction of advancement; an imaging unit incorporated in the encapsulated endoscope; and an image processing unit that receives image data sent from the imaging unit, and produces an image, which results from rotation of the received image data, according to the rotational phase of the encapsulated endoscope.12-29-2011
20110319714METHODS AND DEVICES FOR CONTROLLING A SHAPEABLE MEDICAL DEVICE - Systems and methods are described herein that improve control of a shapeable or steerable instrument using shape data. Additional methods include preparing a robotic medical system for use with a shapeable instrument and controlling advancement of a shapeable medical device within an anatomic path. Also described herein are methods for altering a data model of an anatomical region.12-29-2011
20120101334ENDOSCOPE HAVING AUTO-INSUFFLATION AND EXSUFFLATION - An endoscopic imaging system for examining a patient's body cavity includes an endoscope having a distal end, a proximal end and a number of lumens therein. One or more distal gas ports are disposed at or adjacent the distal end of the endoscope and one or more proximal gas ports are disposed proximal to the distal gas ports. Insufflation gas is delivered to the distal gas ports and withdrawn from the proximal gas ports or vice versa such that a gas bubble is formed in the body cavity and travels with the distal tip of the endoscope.04-26-2012
20120101333CAPSULE ENDOSCOPE ACTIVATION SYSTEM - A capsule endoscope that includes a capsule-shaped casing and a detecting unit that is provided inside the casing to detect a magnetic field orthogonal to a longitudinal direction of the casing, the endoscope being activated when the detecting unit detects a magnetic field of a threshold or more; a capsule container that houses the endoscope; a route portion in which a route is formed on which the container moves on a planar face; an activation magnetic field generating unit that is arranged at an interval along the route, and includes magnets for generating magnetic fields in a direction vertical to a direction in which the container moves on the route, the magnets being arranged such that respective magnetization directions are different; and a response unit that has a magnetization direction orthogonal respectively to a center axis direction of the longitudinal direction and a direction of the detected magnetic field.04-26-2012
20120289783MEDICAL SYSTEM WITH MULTIPLE OPERATING MODES FOR STEERING A MEDICAL INSTRUMENT THROUGH LINKED BODY PASSAGES - A controller operates in different operating modes to control movement of a distal tip of a medical instrument when inserting and retracting the medical instrument through linked body passages. When inserting the medical instrument, the controller normally operates in an automatic navigation mode unless manually overridden to operate in a manual mode. When retracting the medical instrument, the controller normally operates in a zero-force mode to allow the distal tip to freely move so that it may comply with the shape of the passages as the medical instrument is being retracted through the linked body unless manually overridden to operate in a manual mode.11-15-2012
20080255418Powered surgical instrument - A surgical instrument including a housing, an endoscopic portion, a drive gear, a drive motor, a shift motor and an end effector is disclosed. The endoscopic portion extends distally from the housing and defines a longitudinal axis. The drive gear is disposed at least partially within the housing and is rotatable about a drive gear axis which extends therethrough. The drive gear is selectively movable along the drive gear axis. The drive motor is disposed in mechanical cooperation with the drive gear and is configured to rotate the drive gear. The shift motor is disposed in mechanical cooperation with the drive gear and is configured to move the drive gear along the drive gear axis. The end effector is disposed adjacent a distal portion of the endoscopic portion.10-16-2008
20090137873IN-VIVO INFORMATION ACQUIRING SYSTEM AND BODY-INSERTABLE APPARATUS - An in-vivo information acquiring system includes a body-insertable apparatus that transmits a wireless signal containing an in-vivo image, and a receiving apparatus that receives the wireless signal. The body-insertable apparatus includes an imaging unit, a selecting unit, and a transmitting unit. The imaging unit captures in-vivo images. The selecting unit selects an in-vivo image to be added with unique information from the in-vivo images. The transmitting unit additionally arranges an identification signal, which is written according to a signal sequence rule of synchronization signals added to scanning line information about the in-vivo image selected by the selecting unit, in a position corresponding to positions in which the synchronization signals are arranged, adds unique information corresponding to the identification information after the identification information, and transmits the in-vivo image added with the unique information.05-28-2009
20080221391DIRECT DRIVE INSTRUMENTS AND METHODS OF USE - Disclosed herein are various instruments, systems, and methods of use. The instruments can have various control members and/or handles for controlling various degrees of freedom. In addition, the control members can include various control mechanisms for transferring user inputs from a handle to a distal portion of the instrument. In one aspect, an instrument can comprise a control member and a catheter. The catheter can be adjustably and/or detachably connected to the control member.09-11-2008
20120253124ENDOSCOPE AIR-SUPPLY SYSTEM - An endoscope air-supply system comprising: a gas supply device which supplies predetermined gas to a lumen of a subject through an air-supply duct; a pressure measurement device which measures pressure in the lumen and which is connected through a duct for pressure measurement communicating with the lumen; a flushing device which supplies gas for flushing to the duct for pressure measurement; and an instruction device which instructs the pressure measurement device to perform pressure measurement and which instructs the flushing device to supply the gas for flushing in synchronism with the pressure measurement by the pressure measurement device.10-04-2012
20090149708Treatment techniques using ingestible device - An apparatus, device, methods, computer program product, and systems are described that determine a control command at a patient internal device within a patient, and provide the control command to an ingestible device within the patient, the control command including instructions to the ingestible device to control an operation thereof.06-11-2009
20080214894Robotic endoscopy actuator - A robotic endoscopy actuator is provided. The robotic endoscopy actuator includes a function means; and an energy absorption element that is operable to absorb energy from an electromagnetic field. The energy absorption element includes a heat element. The function means is operable to fulfill a function using heat energy.09-04-2008
20130123580ENHANCED CONTROL OF FLEXIBLE ENDOSCOPES THROUGH HUMAN-MACHINE INTERFACE - An electromechanical drive system with drop-in capability allows manipulation of the majority of existing endoscopes. The invention does not require retrofitting of existing endoscopes and maintains the current clinical workflow. The drive system can be controlled through a human/machine interface, which could consist of a variety of different input devices, including a joystick, keyboard, or game controller.05-16-2013
20110224490IN-VIVO EXAMINATION SYSTEM - An in-vivo examination system includes a body-insertable apparatus that moves in a subject; and an external device that acquires information about an inside of the subject. The external device includes a location acquiring unit that acquires a plurality of first locations of the body-insertable apparatus in the subject; a trajectory generating unit that generates a first movement trajectory of the body-insertable apparatus in the subject, based on the plurality of first locations; a trajectory storage unit that stores a second movement trajectory; and a scale adjusting unit that adjusts the first movement trajectory to the second movement trajectory.09-15-2011
20110275897LENS DRIVE CONTROL APPARATUS, LENS DRIVE APPARATUS AND ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM - A lens drive control apparatus of the present invention controls a lens drive system that has a lens frame that holds a lens so as to be movable forward and backward in an optical axis direction of an optical lens, and a transmitting member that transmits to the lens frame a driving force generated by a strain deformation of a shape memory alloy member that exhibits a predetermined hysteresis characteristic between a temperature and an amount of deformation. The lens drive control apparatus includes a control section that, at a timing at which an instruction that causes the lens frame to move forward or backward stops, performs control that changes a temperature of the shape memory alloy member to a temperature belonging to a dead zone of the predetermined hysteresis characteristic.11-10-2011
20110275896ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS AND BENDING DRIVE CONTROL METHOD - An endoscope apparatus includes: an insertion portion including a bending portion provided on a distal end side thereof; a bending drive section that drives bending of the bending portion; an insertion shape detection section that detects an insertion shape of the distal end side of the insertion portion as insertion shape information; a curved state detection section that detects a curved state based on the insertion shape information as curve information; a plane calculation section that performs a calculation to estimate a plane for driving bending of the bending portion from the detected curve information; and a bending control section that drives bending of the bending drive section along the estimated plane.11-10-2011
20100317922ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM - An object is to provide an endoscope system that is capable of cooling photoelectric conversion devices provided in an inserted portion while suppressing an increase in an outer diameter of the inserted portion. An endoscope system employed includes a long, thin inserted portion; photoelectric conversion devices that are mounted at a distal end of the inserted portion; a fluid-feed channel that is provided in the inserted portion and that has a fluid-feed port which opens at the distal end of the inserted portion; a radiator that is connected to an intermediate position of the fluid-feed channel and that is provided in a manner enabling heat exchange with the photoelectric conversion devices; and a fluid-supply-direction switching portion that switches a supply direction of cooling fluid fed by the fluid-feed channel to the fluid-feed port side or to the radiator side.12-16-2010
20130197308ENDOSCOPIC APPARATUS AND OPERATION CONTROL METHOD FOR THE SAME - An endoscopic apparatus includes an ultrasonic vibrator, a diffraction grating, an electrical energy generator, a detector, a determination unit, a controller. The diffraction grating converts the ultrasonic vibration into a surface acoustic wave propagating on a surface of the transparent member. The detector detects reflected electrical energy reflected from the energy supply system. The determination unit determines whether the electrical energy suitable to drive the ultrasonic vibrator has been supplied to the ultrasonic vibrator based on the reflected electrical energy detected by the detector. The controller controls the electrical energy output from the signal generator based on a determination result of the determination unit.08-01-2013
20120046523SELF PROPELLING DEVICE - A self propelling device is attached to a front end side of an insert section of an endoscope and propels the front end side in a body. The self propelling device has an internal cylinder into which the front end side is inserted and an external cylinder surrounding the internal cylinder. A rotating body is rotatably attached to the external cylinder in an axis direction along the inner periphery and the outer periphery of the external cylinder, and the self propelling device propels by rotation of the rotating body. The inner diameter of the internal cylinder is large, and the front end side can be bendable in the internal cylinder. A coil spring formed in a circular truncated cone shape is located in the internal cylinder. The coil spring has a bottom having large diameter which is fixed to the internal cylinder and has a top having small diameter which is fit on the front end side of the insert section. The self propelling device and the front end side of the insert section are connected via the coil spring so that they can relatively move.02-23-2012

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