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600109000 With camera or solid state imager 557
600104000 With tool carried on endoscope or auxillary channel therefore 542
600160000 Having imaging and illumination means 272
600114000 With guide means for body insertion 227
600139000 Having flexible tube structure 187
600118000 With control or monitoring of endoscope functions 156
600153000 Having auxiliary channel 117
600121000 With protective sheath 84
600117000 With means for indicating position, depth or condition of endoscope 70
600102000 With chair, table, holder, or other support 43
600103000 With monitoring of components or view field 32
600116000 With inflatable balloon 31
600131000 With particular operating handle design (e.g., for comfort) 24
600127000 With non-optical distal tip attachment 22
600120000 Having endotrachael intuabation means on endoscope 17
600129000 With particular distal tip configuration 17
600137000 Having rotatable shaft 13
600132000 Universal cord connector device for endoscope functions 7
600130000 With particular arrangement of internal elements (e.g., shaft reducing) 7
600113000 With additional scope 5
20090234186Gastrointestinal endoscope with deflectable direction-change structure and deflectable direction-change tube thereof - Disclosed is a gastrointestinal endoscope, including a deflectable direction-change tube, which consists of plural ring units, each having a hollow section. Adjacent ring units are spaced by a predetermined distance, having opposing end faces between which at least two integrally formed connectors are provided to connect the adjacent ring units together. An end of the deflectable direction-change tube is operatively coupled to a direction-change operation device and an opposite end coupled to a capsule endoscope clamping structure. At least one control wire extends through a bore of the deflectable direction-change tube and connected between the direction-change operation device and the capsule endoscope clamping structure. By operating an operation capstan to have the control wire pulling the capsule endoscope clamping structure, the deflectable direction-change tube is controlled to change direction, thereby changing direction of a capsule endoscope retained by the capsule endoscope clamping structure.09-17-2009
20110282148ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS AND ENDOSCOPE - An endoscope includes a side viewing observation section and a forward viewing observation section provided on a distal end side of an insertion portion which is inserted into an observation target for acquiring subject images of an observation target in a circumferential direction and an insertion direction of the insertion portion, respectively, a shielding section located within a viewing field of the side viewing observation section for shielding light from the subject entering the side viewing observation section and a protruding member protruding from the insertion portion arranged in a shielding region formed by the shielding section.11-17-2011
20110288374METHOD AND ENDOSCOPIC DEVICE FOR EXAMINING OR IMAGING AN INTERIOR SURFACE OF A CORPOREAL CAVITY - An endoscopic imaging catheter is configured for insertion via a longitudinal channel of an endoscopic. The endoscopic imaging catheter includes an optical element, an imaging element, and a rotatable tubular shaft comprises an optical element and an imaging element, which comprise a side-looking imaging component. An endoscopic imaging catheter may alternatively comprise reflecting and optical elements and an imaging element. The reflecting element reflects onto the imaging element through the optical element side and rear views of at least a portion, or the entire 360° view of a wall encircling an intrabody lumen around the axis of said the longitudinal channel.11-24-2011
20100292535Endoscope with multiple fields of view - An endoscope having first and second viewing elements provides separate views of the passage being traversed or the organ being inspected. The endoscope is particularly useful for traversing restrictions and forming desired shapes in situ.11-18-2010
20110306835ENDOSCOPY APPARATUS HAVING HIGH DEGREE OF MOTION FREEDOM AND OPERATING METHOD THEREOF - An endoscopy apparatus having high degree of motion freedom and the operating method thereof are disclosed. The endoscopy apparatus having high degree of motion freedom includes a multi-stage endoscopy module and a control module. The multi-stage endoscopy module includes at least a first endoscopy unit and a second endoscopy unit. The first endoscopy unit and the second endoscopy unit can provide a first bending and a second bending respectively. The second bending is larger than the first bending. When the multi-stage endoscopy module moves to a region near a target observing position, the control module will control the second endoscopy unit to generate slight deformation to observe a real-time state of the target observing position.12-15-2011
600136000 Having separable shaft 4
20120302835MEDICAL ENDOSCOPE COMPRISING A CONSUMABLE INSTRUMENT HAVING A FLUID FLOW CIRCUIT - The invention provides a medical endoscope including a control handle (11-29-2012
20080214896ENDOSCOPE WITH DETACHABLE ELONGATION PORTION - Endoscopes comprising a handle and a detachable elongation portion housing a light source for illuminating the distal end of the elongation portion are provided.09-04-2008
20080228036ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS - An endoscope apparatus includes an apparatus main body having a housing with a concave portion formed in one surface, and an endoscope unit including a detachable connector portion in the concave portion, wherein, when the connector portion is mounted to the concave portion, the connector portion constitutes a part of the one surface. More preferably, a packing is provided in the housing or the connector portion that, when the connector portion is mounted to the housing, retains the mutual mating surfaces of the housing and the connector portion in a closely contacting state.09-18-2008
20130131452ENDOSCOPE - An endoscope includes a first breakable portion provided between a part of an outer peripheral surface of a distal rigid section main body and a second inner peripheral surface, and including a fragile portion which is formed in a concaved-shape and which is more easy to break than any other part of the outer peripheral surface except for thereof. The endoscope includes a second breakable portion provided between a first inner peripheral surface and the second inner peripheral surface, and a third breakable portion provided between the first inner peripheral surface and a part of the outer peripheral surface of the distal rigid section main body, which differs from the fragile portion.05-23-2013
600135000 Urological 4
20090187075GUIDE WIRE ENGAGING URETEROSCOPE - This document discusses, among other things, a ureteroscope having a notch or other structure at a distal end configured to engage a guide wire and facilitate cannulation.07-23-2009
20090143646Tubular personal pelvic viewers - The Personal Pelvic Viewer™, abbreviated PPV™, is a hand-held instrument which a woman may place by herself into her own vagina to conveniently view images of the interior of her vagina, cervix, and external os. The PPV provides a convenient instrument that allows a lone female to observe the interior of her own vagina in total privacy for educational purposes, to determine her own fertility, and to observe her sexual response. Different types of tubular Personal Pelvic Viewers may be used by a lone female to view the interior of her vagina by using a mirror and a hand-held light. Those images may also be recorded with a camera or video camera. Other types of Personal Pelvic Viewers incorporate a sealed video camera and use wireless communications to display images of the interior of the vagina on a television set or video monitor.06-04-2009
20110152619METHODS AND APPARATUS RELATED TO AN OPTICAL FIBER MEMBER HAVING A REMOVABLE COVER - An apparatus may include a waveguide. The waveguide may include a distal end surface which may be substantially normal to a centerline of a distal end portion of the waveguide. The apparatus may further include a cover which may be coupled to a portion of the waveguide. The cover may include a portion distal to the distal end surface of the waveguide, and the portion of the cover may be made of a material which may be configured to be removed when exposed to electromagnetic radiation emitted from a portion of the distal end surface of the waveguide.06-23-2011
20100016668MEDICAL DEVICE FOR DISCREETLY PERFORMING A ROUTINE VAGINAL EXAMINATION - The invention is a system for performing a routine vaginal examination. The examination is carried out using a medical imaging device that is optimally shaped to match the shape of the vaginal canal and comprises an imaging sensor, wide field of view optics, illumination means, electronic circuitry, and communication means. In addition a medical image and analysis (MIUA) unit comprising a processor and a dedicated MIUA algorithm is provided, either as part of the device or as a separate unit. The system is characterized in that the dedicated MIUA algorithm compares the acquired images to a predefined standard of quality and verifies that sufficient images of a predefined region of interest (ROI) have been obtained; saves the acquired images that meet the predefined standard and also show the ROI; and signals the user carrying out the examination when a sufficient number of images having sufficient image quality and taken at appropriate viewing angles of the area being examined have been acquired. The device and MIUA unit enable routine examination of the vagina to be carried out at any location by untrained persons, preferably by the woman herself in the privacy of her own home. The images acquired by the camera are transmitted to an authorized center where trained medical personnel view, analyze, and interpret them.01-21-2010
600133000 Sterilizable 3
20120323076ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - According to one exemplary embodiment, an endoscope apparatus includes: an insertion unit that is an object to be disinfected by boiling; an operation unit connected to the inertion part; a main unit connected to the operation unit; a first circuit board embedded in the main unit; a first electronic component electrically connected to the first circuit board via a first solder; a second circuit board embedded in at least any one of the insertion unit and the operation unit; a second electronic component electrically connected to the second circuit board via a second solder having higher stress resistance than that of the first solder; and a bonding member bonded to the second electronic component and the second circuit board, the bonding member having a glass transition point higher than that of the second circuit board.12-20-2012
20080234547Deflectable Autoclavable Endoscope - An endoscope has a shaft housing a lighting and an image transmission system and said endoscope being designed to be autoclavable. The shaft has a distal end portion which is made deflectable. An outer part is provided which is attached to said shaft. The outer part has a deflector mechanism for deflecting said deflectable distal end portion of said shaft and said outer part can be attached to said shaft by being releasably mounted laterally onto said shaft.09-25-2008
20120029287SURGICAL INSTRUMENT - The invention relates to a surgical instrument (02-02-2012
600138000 Having rigid tube structure 2
20090187076PIPE CONNECTION STRUCTURE IN ENDOSCOPE AND PRODUCING METHOD THEREOF - A pipe connection structure for an endoscope is provided with a pipe made of a corrosion-resistant alloy material, and a piping block made of a corrosion-resistant alloy material, the piping block having a pipe insertion hole. An end of the pipe is fitted in the pipe insertion hole and the pipe and the piping block are connected by welding by irradiating a laser beam on the entire circumference of an area where the end of the pipe is fitted in the hole formed on the piping block. An axial length of the pipe inserted in the pipe insertion hole is in a range of 0.5 to 2 times a wall thickness of the pipe.07-23-2009
20100324369SURGICAL OPTICAL ACCESS APPARATUS - An optical access apparatus includes a portal sleeve defining a longitudinal axis and a longitudinal opening therethrough and an inner member at least partially positionable within the portal sleeve. The portal sleeve has leading and trailing end portions. The leading end portion has a leading edge adapted to penetrate tissue. The inner member includes a longitudinal lumen for at least partial reception of a viewing device and has a generally closed optical window adapted to permit passage of an image for viewing by the viewing device. The closed optical window is generally atraumatic with respect to the tissue whereby penetration through the tissue is substantially effected through the leading edge of the portal sleeve.12-23-2010
600128000 With particular shaft cross-section 1
20080208001CONFORMING ENDOSCOPE - Described herein are endoscopes having outer perimeter shapes configured to conform to the particular anatomy through which they will navigate. The outer perimeter cross-section of the endoscope may have one or more regions (e.g., longitudinal protuberances, edges, or narrow regions) that may allow the endoscope to conform with or fit within narrow or irregularly shaped regions of a body lumen, channel or passageway. Thus, the cross-sectional shape of the insertion tube of the endoscope may have an outer perimeter cross-section that is substantially D-shaped, oval, triangular, lobular, teardrop shaped, or the like. These non-circular cross-sectional shapes are matched approximately to the geometry of the region of the body into which the endoscope will be inserted, thereby allowing the endoscope to more precisely fit within a body lumen.08-28-2008
600134000 Having means to protect user, patient, or endoscope from electrical discharge 1
20090076329Disposable Stereoscopic Endoscope System - A disposable simultaneous stereo endoscope system is disclosed. The disposable endoscope does not include image relay. Instead, two electronic imaging sensors and solid illumination lighting are arranged inside the endoscope. A demultiplexing beam splitter is used for splitting the two imaging light beams to the two imaging devices. A wedged multi-facet illumination window is used to create an illumination field that is larger than the field of view of the imaging optics. An electrically conductive heat sink is engaged for dissipating the heat generated by the solid light source and also for shielding end side of the endoscope. The disposable endoscope is shielded from electromagnetic interferences. A repeater unit is used to electrically connect the disposable endoscope with a remote receiver and to increase the data transfer rate. An electrical isolation means is provided between the endoscope and an image processing and power conditioning unit to protect the endoscope against electric shock.03-19-2009
600183000 Tissue division viewing (e.g., carpal tunnel, plantal fasciotomy) 1
20110028789SURGICAL ACCESS APPARATUS AND METHODS - There is disclosed a method of gaining access to a lateral side of a spinal column for a spinal fusion procedure at a surgical site. In an embodiment, the method includes inserting a distal end of a shaft through skin at an entry point into a patient; steering the shaft toward a surgical site using a visualization device to avoid damage to structures between the entry point and the surgical site; and retracting tissue between the entry point and the surgical site to define a pathway for access to the lateral side of the spinal column for a spinal fusion procedure. Other embodiments are also disclosed.02-03-2011
20100113871ANTIMICROBIAL COATING - The invention relates to a formulation for preparing an antimicrobial lubricious hydrophilic coating, which formulation comprises a hydrophilic polymer; an initiator; particles comprising metallic silver (i.e. Ag°); and a carrier liquid. The invention further relates to an article comprising a hydrophilic coating on a surface wherein the coating comprises a cured hydrophilic polymer and particles comprising metallic silver.05-06-2010
20100076258CAPSULE MEDICAL APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING CAPSULE MEDICAL APPARATUS - A capsule medical apparatus includes a plurality of rigid boards on which functional members are mounted; and a plurality of board-separation keeping units that sandwich the rigid boards to keep the rigid boards separated.03-25-2010
20100105980MOTOR AND ENDOSCOPE PROBE EQUIPPED WITH MOTOR - A motor which can be mounted in an endoscope probe without bending an electric power supply wire in an endoscope probe body, and an endoscope probe using the motor are provided. The motor includes a magnet, a field coil, a housing, an electric power supply wire, and a shaft. A lead wire from the field coil is connected to the electric power supply wire. A cutout is provided in a housing end, and the electric power supply wire is received along the cutout and led out to the outside of the motor in the direction in which a shaft projects. When the motor is mounted in the endoscope probe, the motor is placed in the endoscope probe body so that the shaft projects in the direction opposite to the direction of the front end of the endoscope probe, and the electric power supply wire, which is led out to the outside of the motor, is routed along the longitudinal direction of the endoscope probe.04-29-2010
20090131746CAPSULE ENDOSCOPE SYSTEM AND METHOD OF PROCESSING IMAGE DATA THEREOF - The present invention relates to a capsule endoscope system and method of processing image data thereof and is suitable for capturing the inner parts of human body using a capsule endoscope having an internally-usable capsule size and receiving to display image data generated from the capturing. By the present invention, a possible-disease part of a patient is selected and observed through a number of image data received from a capsule endoscope, attribute information containing diagnostic details are supported to facilitate an overall diagnostic result to be interpreted, and internal organs in numerous image data received from a capsule endoscope are easily discriminated from each other.05-21-2009
20100331619ENDOSCOPIC HEART SURGERY METHOD - It is an object to provide an endoscopic heart surgery method with which it is possible to observe an endoscopic image with a stable field of view in the pericardial space. Provided is an endoscopic heart surgery method including an inserting step of inserting an inserted portion of an endoscope into a body from the subxiphoid area and inserting the inserted portion into the pericardial space by penetrating the pericardium in the vicinity of the heart apex; a moving step of advancing the inserted portion toward the base of the heart so that the inserted portion passes through the vicinity of the roof of the pericardial space and is moved toward the heart apex to a treated area in the pericardial space; and an observing step of observing the treated area with the endoscope.12-30-2010
20120238804PROPELLING DEVICE AND SELF-PROPELLABLE ENDOSCOPE - A propelling device includes a rotary body, an external cylinder for supporting a rotary body in a circulating manner, a first drive mechanism, and a second drive mechanism. The first drive mechanism has a torque wire and a pinion gear that are provided in a distal portion of the insertion part. The second drive mechanism has an internal cylinder mounted on the distal portion of the insertion part, a transmission gear rotatably supported outside the internal cylinder, and a housing cylinder provided outside the transmission gear. The transmission gear has a worm gear on the outer peripheral surface thereof, and a gear tooth portion that meshes with a pinion gear on an inner peripheral surface thereof. The housing cylinder has drive gears that mesh with the worm gear. Although the second mechanism is replaced at each inspection, the first mechanism provided at the insertion part is repeatedly used.09-20-2012
20080293999Medical devices with portions having different rigidity - A medical probe, including a rigid proximal portion formed from a blend having a 1% secant flexural modulus of at least 1 GPa including at least 5% by weight of Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) having a melting point not lower than 280° C.; a flexible distal portion having a shore A hardness lower than 90 A; and a weld joining the distal portion to the proximal portion.11-27-2008
20080207993ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS - An endoscope apparatus according to the present invention is featured by including: an endoscope which has a connector main body; an apparatus main body to which the connector main body can be detachably mounted; a closed space which, after the connector main body is mounted to the apparatus main body, is formed in exterior housings of the apparatus main body and the connector main body by being closed by the exterior housings; a heat generating portion which is provided in the closed space; and a fan which is provided in the closed space, and performs at least one of dissipation of heat of the heat generating portion to the closed space and transfer of heat in the atmosphere in the closed space to the exterior housing.08-28-2008
20090062602APPARATUS FOR ROBOTIC INSTRUMENT HAVING VARIABLE FLEXIBILITY AND TORQUE TRANSMISSION - A flexible spine for use in one or more surgical instruments including a catheter and/or sheath of a robotic instrument system. The spine includes an elongate body that defines a central lumen and that is a unitary structure having a plurality of discrete sections, each of which has a distinguishing structural attribute that differentiates it from the other sections. Such distinguishing structural attributes may include, without limitation, materials, material attributes, shapes, sizes and/or attributes related to apertures in a wall of the elongate body, such as a number, shape, size, spacing and degree of overlap of such apertures. The arrangement of discrete, structurally different sections results in varying flexibility of the elongate spine and of corresponding sections of a surgical instrument incorporating the spine.03-05-2009
20080207992Microsurgical Illuminator with Adjustable Illumination - An adjustable ophthalmic surgery chandelier illuminator has a glass optic fiber with a conical exterior surface at its distal end that disburses illumination in the interior of the eye. The glass fiber is contained in a retractable needle that has a long, sharp beveled surface that facilitates insertion of the needle and the optic fiber into the eye, and then is retracted relative to the fiber distal end to adjust the field of illumination inside the eye.08-28-2008
20090264701ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS - An endoscope apparatus includes a transparent member provided at a distal end of an insertion portion of an endoscope to face an image pickup optical system, an ultrasonic transducer attached to an inner surface of the transparent member, and a deflection portion provided at an outer surface of the transparent member which changes a direction of propagation of an ultrasonic wave from the ultrasonic transducer. With the configuration, an ultrasonic wave for stain removal is efficiently propagated from the ultrasonic transducer into a region of an observation field of view in an observation window.10-22-2009
20080262292Method and Device for Wireless Energy Transmission From a Magnet Coil System to a Working Capsule - In a method and device for wireless energy transmission between a magnetic coil system, having multiple excitation coils located outside of a patient, to a working capsule located in the patient, the working capsule has at least one induction coil, and a positioning device determines the position and orientation of the working capsule relative to the magnetic coil system. Using the position and orientation information, the magnetic coil system generates a first magnetic field that exerts a force on the working capsule at a location of the working capsule in the patient. The magnetic system also uses at least one of the position or the orientation to generate a second magnetic field for energy transmission to the working capsule at the location within the patient.10-23-2008
20100160724FLEXIBLE SURGICAL INSTRUMENT WITH LINKS UNDERGOING SOLID-STATE TRANSITIONS - A surgical instrument has a tip section with several degrees of freedom of articulation and at least one link that may be too long for insertion through an entry guide that follows a curved path. Each long link is made of a shape memory alloy or another material having a state in which the link is sufficiently flexible to bend as needed to pass through the entry guide. Once through the entry guide, the material of the link makes a transition to a state in which the link returns to a desired shape and is sufficiently rigid for precise controlled movement against external forces and for actuation using tendons.06-24-2010
20100210900PROPELLABLE APPARATUS AND RELATED METHODS - Propellable apparatus, assemblies and related methods including a self-enclosed member are disclosed. The self-enclosed member can include an inner surface at least partially defining an enclosed region, and an outer surface that turns outwardly to engage a cavity or lumen wall in addition to turning inward to at least partially encompass a central region defining a longitudinal path. The apparatus can include an internal drive mechanism engageable with the outer surface of the self-enclosed member to provide relative movement between the self-enclosed member and the cavity or lumen wall. A tapered member, positioned on the apparatus adjacent an end of the self-enclosed member, can provide a size transition between an outer surface portion of the self-enclosed member and an outer surface of a payload insertable within the central region. In some examples, one or more reinforcing members can be integrated within the self-enclosed member for increased durability and rotational use.08-19-2010
20100217072Shock absorbing mechanism and medical instrument - A shock-absorbing mechanism includes a shaft having a linear member wound therearound, a base having a relative position fixed to a first end of the linear member and formed with a shock-absorbing space which spreads toward the radial outside from the outer peripheral surface of the shaft, and a passage formed in the base in communication with the shock-absorbing space and the outside of the base and causing a second end of the linear member to extend to the outside of the base.08-26-2010
20090281374Endoscope Anchoring Device - A device for accessing tissue within a body lumen comprises an elongated body portion defining a lumen and an anchoring mechanism including an expanding structure on a distal portion of the elongated body portion. The anchoring mechanism moves the expanding structure from an insertion configuration in which the expanding structure is constricted against the device to an operative configuration in a body in which the expanding structure expands away from the device without altering a length of the anchoring mechanism in combination with a control mechanism for selectively engaging the anchoring mechanism.11-12-2009
20090105532In vivo imaging device and method of manufacturing thereof - A method of manufacturing an in vivo imaging device comprising the steps of: coating an electrical component with a scaffold micro-structure; assembling the micro-structure on a circuit board; and encapsulating the circuit board in a swallowable capsule.04-23-2009
20100331618Endoscope shaft frame member with wavy slot - An endoscope shaft frame member including a general tube shape with a section having a general helical shaped slot along a length of the section. The slot includes a general wavy shape along a length of the slot.12-30-2010
20110034764INSTRUMENT AND METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - A process for producing the actuating part of an instrument for endoscopic applications or the like, which instrument comprises a tube like member having a handling end portion with a flexible portion and actuating means located at the other end portion, which actuating means comprises a cylindrical part connected to the handling end portion, a cylindrical part connected to the actuating means and a number of longitudinal elements for transferring the movement of the actuating means to the handling end portion, the actuating means being made starting from of a full cylindrical tube which is provided with a number of longitudinal slits thereby forming the longitudinal elements. The invention also relates to an endoscopic instrument using an actuating means obtained by the process according to the invention, in which different constructions are used in order to obtain a reliable operation of the actuating means.02-10-2011
20090105531Disintegrating digestive tract interaction system - Systems and methods are described for configuring several modules each individually small enough to pass through a digestive tract; and a tether or other means for releasably configuring at least the several modules in a group. Such a tether may (directly or indirectly) couple some of the modules via at least a gap in another module from which the tether may slip free, in some embodiments. Such methods may include modes of administering a medication or otherwise taking an action in response to the one or more phenomena.04-23-2009
20100056860Capsule endoscope with metal-insert molded contacts - A capsule endoscope for observing the conditions inside a patient's digestive tract system includes a capsular housing, a substrate, and a plurality of metal-insert molded contacts. The capsular housing defines a sealed inner space and has an outer surface. The substrate is arranged in the sealed inner space of the capsular housing and is mounted with at least an electronic element provided thereon. The metal-insert molded contacts are embedded in the capsular housing at predetermined positions thereof and each includes a contact base and an exposed contact portion formed on the contact base. The contact bases each have a connecting section extended into the sealed inner space of the capsular housing to electrically connect to the substrate. The exposed contact portions each have a front surface exposed from the outer surface of the capsular housing for contacting with a signal contact correspondingly provided on a capsule holder that holds the capsular housing thereto.03-04-2010
20080255410CAPSULE ENDOSCOPE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A fitting section at which a cylindrical cover is fitted into a transparent cover, the cylindrical cover containing therein a CCD imager, and the transparent cover making visible light from a subject incident on the CCD imager, and being formed of a member transmitting laser light, is irradiated with laser light from the outside of an endoscope casing, thereby welding the cylindrical cover and the transparent cover together.10-16-2008
20080255409PROCESS TO IMPROVE THE PROFITABILITY OF TESTS OR TREATMENTS WITH ENDOSCOPY CAPSULES - In a method for improving profitability of a medical procedure supervised through a medical facility, the medical procedure including ingestion of an endoscopy capsule by a patient of the medical facility, the endoscopy capsule is retrieved after being naturally voided by the patient after the endoscopy capsule traverses the gastrointestinal tract of the patient, and a reward is paid to a person who returns the retrieved endoscopy capsule to a location associated with the medical facility. An endoscopy capsule usable with this procedure has a capsule body containing medical data-gathering components, and an exchangeable cover that covers the capsule body that is formed of a material allowing removal of the cover after the capsule has passed through the gastrointestinal tract of the patient, so that a new cover can be provided on the capsule body.10-16-2008
20090171145ENDOSCOPE - An endoscope includes a flexible tube and a connection mouth ring. The flexible tube includes a helical tube, a braid tube disposed outside the helical tube, and an outer tube disposed outside the braid tube. The endoscope further includes a caulking member which caulks the end of the braid tube from the outside of the connection mouth ring in a state held therebetween. The end of the helical tube is connected by thermal action to the connection mouth ring, and a part where the end of the helical tube is connected to the connection mouth ring is positioned differently along the axis of the connection mouth ring from a part where the end of the braid tube is caulked against the connection mouth ring.07-02-2009
20100016658ANATOMICAL VISUALIZATION AND MEASUREMENT SYSTEM - A method for deploying a device in a tortuous vessel, comprising: 01-21-2010
20120071710ENDOSCOPIC SMART PROBE AND METHOD - An improved endoscopic device which is introduced into the intestinal tract of a living organism and which operates autonomously therein, adapted to obtain and store or transmit one or more types of data such as visual image data, laser autofluorescence data, or ultrasonic waveform data. In another aspect of the invention, an improved endoscopic device useful for implanting the aforementioned endoscopic smart probe is disclosed. In another aspect of the invention, apparatus for delivering agents including nano structures, radionuclides, medication, and ligands is disclosed. In another aspect of the invention, apparatus for obtaining a biopsy of intestinal tissue is disclosed. In another aspect of the invention, apparatus for detecting the presence of one or more molecular species within the intestine is disclosed. Methods for inspecting and/or treating the interior regions of the intestinal tract using the aforementioned apparatus are also disclosed.03-22-2012
20110065983Ingestible Circuitry - The present invention provides for safe and reliable electronic circuitry that can be employed in ingestible compositions. The ingestible circuitry of the invention includes a solid support; a conductive element; and an electronic component. Each of the support, conductive element and electronic component are fabricated from an ingestible material. The ingestible circuitry finds use in a variety of different applications, including as components of ingestible identifiers, such as may be found in ingestible event markers, e.g., pharma-informatics enabled pharmaceutical compositions.03-17-2011
20110065982SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING AIRWAY DIAMETER USING ENDOSCOPE - A method and system for use with an endoscopic instrument determines anatomical properties of body lumen at various states. Lumen properties such as lumen diameter are identified in two or more states corresponding to, for example, an inflated or deflated state. The lumen states are registered with one another and the anatomical properties are identified in real time at the location of an endoscope or endoscopic instrument used with the endoscope. In one embodiment a diametrical range of an airway is identified in real time at the location of a bronchoscope.03-17-2011
20100274077Method for surface inclusions detection in nitinol which are primary corrosion and fatigue initiation sites and indicators of overall quality of nitinol material - The method for surface inclusions detection in wrought and finished Nitinol products by immersing them in aqueous solution of 1% to 12% preferably 6% sodium hypochlorite in room temperature of around 25° C. for specify period of time preferably 15 minutes and checking for black flocculent precipitate developing on the surface in case of presence of inclusion. The black flocculent precipitate indicates surface inclusion or inclusions and indicates lack of homogeneousness of material.10-28-2010
20110046438WIRELESS POWER FEEDING SYSTEM - A wireless power feeding system includes a plurality of power transmission antennas, each including a resonance circuit including a power transmission coil and a capacitor located so as to generate a magnetic field in a desired direction, a controller controlling a resonant state of each of the plurality of power transmission antennas, a plurality of driving units applying an AC voltage to the plurality of power transmission antennas to drive each of the plurality of power transmission antennas, and a power supply supplying a voltage to the plurality of driving units. The controller controls a power transmission antenna from which a magnetic field is to be generated to place the power transmission antenna in a resonant state and controls a power transmission antenna from which a magnetic field is not to be generated to place the power transmission antenna in a nonresonant state.02-24-2011
20130018223METHOD FOR TIMING A COLONOSCOPY - Based on the present disclosure, a minimal time interval can be achieved between the last ingestion of a picosulfate composition and the performance of the colonoscopy. For example, the present disclosure is directed to a method of timing a colonoscopy procedure performed on a patient in need thereof, comprising: administering, to the patient, a picosulfate bowel composition kit according to the kit's instructions; performing the procedure less than about 4 hours after the administration of the kit.01-17-2013
20080234544Displaying images interior and exterior to a body lumen of a patient - A medical system includes a display monitor, a catheter, non-light-obtained image data of a patient, and a computer. The catheter has a distal end insertable into a body lumen of the patient. The catheter is adapted to provide light-obtained image data. The computer is adapted to create a first image representation of the patient interior to the body lumen using at least the light-obtained image data indexed to a reference coordinate system, to create a second image representation of the patient exterior to the lumen using at least the non-light-obtained image data indexed to the reference coordinate system, and to display on the monitor a registered overlay image of the first and second image representations. A storage medium contains a program readable by a computer which instructs the computer to perform the previously described steps. A method for visualizing a position of a catheter within a patient performs the above-described steps.09-25-2008
20130178700IN-VIVO INFORMATION ACQUIRING APPARATUS AND IN-VIVO INFORMATION ACQUIRING METHOD - A capsule endoscope includes a plurality of function executing sections and which acquire information inside a body of a subject, a battery which supplies power to the plurality of function executing sections, a switching section having a plurality of switches which independently control power supply from the battery to the respective function executing sections, a magnetic field sensing section which receives a control signal from outside the subject, and a power control section which controls the switching section according to the number of times the control signal is received by the magnetic field sensing section.07-11-2013
20130096373METHOD OF DETERMINATION OF ACCESS AREAS FROM 3D PATIENT IMAGES - Method of determination of access areas from 3D patient images The invention relates to amethod for automatically determining at least one pre-operative portal for arthroscopy from acquired pre-operative medical images of a bone of a patient, the method comprising the following steps: i)constructing a 3Dsurface(S) of the bone from the 3D image of the bone; ii)determining anatomical landmarks of the bone from the 3D surface; iii)determining a bone reference coordinate system (Rbone); iv)selecting at least one predetermined portal in a database of positions of predetermined portals; v)determining a transform between the bone reference coordinate system (Rbone) and the model coordinate system (Ratlas) so that the bone of the patient and the bone of the reference person are matched in size, in position and/or shape; vi)inferring from the transform and the at least one predetermined portal the pre-operative portal.04-18-2013
20080200754PROTECTIVE COVER SET FOR A MEDICAL PROBE - A protective cover set for a medical probe designated to be inserted into an endocavity or used intraoperatively in an incision of a human or an animal body, said cover set comprising a probe cover made from a film material, said probe cover having a mouth end with a mouth for inserting said probe and a closed end opposite to said mouth end; and an outer wrapper being joined to said probe cover, said outer wrapper covering at least a length of said probe cover; the probe cover comprising an adhesive element connected to said mouth end of said probe cover.08-21-2008
20130184522PUMP UNIT AND ENDOSCOPE APPARATUS USING THE SAME - A pump unit which can be made to be small-sized, and which enables to achieve a sufficient flow and an endoscope apparatus using such pump are provided. The pump unit which transports a fluid in a channel upon generating a progressive wave which is propagated in a longitudinal direction of the channel, in a first flexible thin film which constitutes at least a part of a channel-wall surface, includes a vibration exciter unit.07-18-2013
20120029276Medical instrument with a window - A medical instrument includes a housing with an aperture, a window component that comprises a transparent material and closes off the aperture, and a thin-walled area that surrounds the aperture.02-02-2012
20100010293TREATMENT METHOD - A treatment method on tissues in a body cavity includes: a first step of forming a hole for communicating first body tissue with second body tissue while both are in close contact with each other; and a second step of endoscopically inserting a treatment device into the second body tissue through the hole.01-14-2010
20130211195ENDOSCOPIC OBSERVATION METHOD AND COMPOSITION FOR IMPROVING DIAGNOSTIC PERFORMANCE INVOLVING APPLYING USEFUL WHITE OPAQUE SUBSTANCE TO DIAGNOSIS OF GASTRIC EPITHELIAL TUMORS (ADENOMA OR GASTRIC CANCER) - To develop a clinically useful composition and an endoscopic observation method that utilizes WOS properties. The composition for improving diagnostic performance, containing lipids as a component is characterized in that, by administering or loading said composition orally, by intubation or via an endoscope, the lipids are absorbed by gastric tumors, facilitating the detection of tumors and qualitative diagnoses by endoscope. Tumors are thus whitened by administering or loading this composition for improving diagnostic performance prior to endoscopic observation, making it easier to discover and qualitatively diagnose tumors by endoscopic observation.08-15-2013

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