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600039000 Male splint 65
600041000 Retention means 15
20130030244PENILE RIGIDITY DEVICE - Disclosed is penile rigidity device comprising: a chamber section having a first chamber end and a second chamber end, the chamber section configured as a substantially cylindrical unit having one of a circular or oval cross section; a floating valve section connected to the first chamber end, the valve section configured to allow fluid to selectively flow into and out of the chamber section; and a gaiter section connected to the second chamber end, the gaiter section having a bellows configured to compress in length in response to a pressing force.01-31-2013
20130030245Stimulation Device - Presented is a device comprising a vibratory means which applies vibrations of a controllable and adjustable amplitude and frequency to the frenulum of the male genitalia, the vibratory means not requiring the user to hold it in place during use, and wherein the vibratory means are further adapted to apply vibrations to the female genitalia during use.01-31-2013
20100087703SEX TOY - The sex toy of the present invention has a handle connected to one end of an elongated shaft and a dildo pivotally attached to a second end of the elongated shaft. The shaft includes an arcuate section proximate to the second end. The pivotal attachment of the dildo to the shaft facilitates vaginal and anal insertion of the dildo by a user. The configuration of the sex toy is easy to use while increasing the level of stimulation.04-08-2010
20090131744Sexual Aid Device - Disclosed is a sexual aid device comprising an inner region, and an outer region, wherein at least the outer region is fabricated of a molded, lofted foam material that is non-porous, wherein the outer region is configured for use with at least one of an orifice, genitalia and erogenous zone of at least one user.05-21-2009
20110196198INFUSION OF DRUGS - An at least partly implantable system for injecting a substance into a patient's body, in particular a penis erection stimulation system, comprises one or more infusion needles disposed within and implanted along with one or more housings adjacent the patient's left and right corpora cavernosa. A reservoir and a pump are also implanted inside the patient's body to supply the infusion needle with infusion liquid. A drive unit also adapted for implantation inside the patient's body is arranged for advancing and retracting the tip end of the infusion needle such that it penetrates the housing at least in two different penetration areas either simultaneously or in immediate time succession, thereby injecting drugs along with the infusion liquid into the patient's body for stimulating penis erection. The drive unit is configured to laterally displace the tip end of at least one infusion needle in at least two different lateral directions to different penetration sites within said at least one penetration area.08-11-2011
20100076257Sexual Aid System - A sexual aid device formed of a substantially U-shaped, member having a proximal end adapted for engagement within the vagina of a user distal end positioned to oppose the proximal end in a biased engagement with intra vaginal and external sexually sensitive surfaces of the user's body. A skeletal member running axially within said U-shaped member may be employed to vary the force of the biased engagement and reshape the U-shaped member. A projecting elongated member adjacent to the distal end of the U-shaped member is engageable by the user or body contact with a second user to impart force to the U-shaped member for sexual stimulation.03-25-2010
20130041211Desensitising Apparatus - The present invention encompasses a vibration unit (02-14-2013
20100041944SEXUAL STIMULATION DEVICES AND METHODS - Sexual stimulation devices and methods that provide highly varied and dynamically controllable sensations, both directly under manual control of the user and indirect electronic control, and in such a way as to provide sensations to specific regions of the sexual organs.02-18-2010
20100041943System and method for treating and/or preventing erection problems - A system for causing penile erection and/or subjecting the penis to stretching. The system utilizes a vacuum source and/or supply device, a housing configured to at least partially receive therein a penis, and a garment or support configured to retain and/or support the housing. Also disclosed is a method of using the system on a user's penis as discussed in the instant application.02-18-2010
20130046136APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR CONCENTRATING A STREAM OF WATER - An apparatus, system and method are disclosed for manipulating a user's erogenous zone. The apparatus includes a chamber, a plurality of baffling elements, and a concentration member. The chamber has a first end opposing a second end. The first end of the chamber is communicable in water receiving communication with a water source. The plurality of baffling elements are positioned within the chamber and are configured to interrupt a flow of water received from the first end of the chamber. The concentration member defines a channel having a water receiving end and a water dispensing end. The channel has a converging cross-sectional area in a direction from the water receiving end to the water dispensing end with the water receiving end communicable in water receiving communication with water flowing past the baffling elements.02-21-2013
20100268021Sexual Stimulation Device - A sexual stimulation device which provides simultaneous stimulation to male and female partners during intercourse includes a hollow elastomeric shaft portion dimensioned to receive a penis and for vaginal insertion. The shaft includes a longitudinal rib forming an interior channel, the rib functioning to stiffen the shaft and the channel providing sufficient resilience to allow insertion and removal of a penis. The shaft terminates at a closed end in a hemispherical tip and at an opposite open end in a pair of spaced annular retaining rings. A plurality of raised rings spaced axially along the shaft enhance the pleasure of the female partner. The retaining rings provide a resilient retaining force to maintain the device in position during intercourse. An electric motor with an eccentric weighted flywheel mounted in a chamber extending between the annular rings provides vibratory stimulation. An electrical wire for powering the vibratory motor extends through a conduit connecting the chamber to an attached housing enclosing rechargeable batteries. The housing also includes a second motor operably connected for rotating caged massage balls positioned to provide simultaneous stimulation to a female partner during intercourse. An elastomeric shell encloses and substantially seals the housing, while still allowing user actuation of two HIGH-LO-OFF switches providing independent control of the two motors and connection of an AC adapter for recharging the batteries. In an alternative embodiment, the hollow shaft may be omitted.10-21-2010
20130090524Self-inflating Dildo - An inflatable form comprising a distal portion that is generally elongate and cylindrical in shape and a proximal portion that is generally bulbous, providing a grasping and manipulation means. The inflatable form is engaged with a comfortable surface, also known as a comfort-sleeve that is fitted over the elongate portion that is intended to be inserted into the body cavity. Inflatable forms provide a compact, discrete item that may be reused or may be disposed of after use.04-11-2013
20090306467METHOD TO PRESERVE AND RESTORE ERECTILE FUNCTION - Disclosed herein are a method and apparatus for preservation and restoration of erectile function.12-10-2009
20090112054Device to lubricate a penis or medical apparatus - A device to lubricate a penis or medical instrument before insertion into the human body or orifice is disclosed. The device can be made from a ring that is covered with one or more membranes and contains lubricating material within the interior volume defined by the ring and the membrane(s). Alternatively, the device can be made from a ring that surrounds foam that is saturated with lubricant. In either embodiment, the membrane(s) or foam contain a penetration zone defined by any number of intersecting slits. A method of using the same to lubricate a penis or a medical instrument, such as an endoscope.04-30-2009
20090093673MECHANIZED DILDO - A mechanized dildo, including a motor driven coaxial plurality of longitudinally spaced drive cams, and corresponding sets of passive cams that operate within an elastic phallic sleeve to locally cyclically expand a girth of the sleeve. Optional vibratory elements are positioned proximate a distal extremity of the sleeve, and in a laterally extending arm that is formed for clitoral stimulation. A battery powered control handle provides multiple operating modes and speeds.04-09-2009
20130060081SEGMENTED MASSAGE SYSTEM - A massage device with a first and second section, a vibration isolation device, positioned between the first and second section, designed to dampen vibrations occurring in the first section from fully impacting the second section. There is also a first and second vibrator motor positioned in the first and second section respectively, designed to be independently operated from each other. There is a first and second lubrication port, located in the first and second section respectively. There is a lubrication pump module located in the massage device, designed to independently provide lubrication to the first and second lubrication port.03-07-2013
20110015481SEXUAL ENHANCEMENT LUBRICATION POWDER - Provided is a dry, edible, sexual enhancement lubricant powder. The powder comprises a powdered sweetening agent which is also a sialogogue; a powdered thickening agent, which is combined with the sweetening agent/sialogogue; and a powdered flavoring agent, which is combined with the sweetening agent/sialogogue and thickening agent. Human saliva, when added to the dry powdered composition, effectuates the transformation of the composition into a gel-like lubricant useable for sexual enhancement. Also provided is a method of sexual enhancement using the sexual enhancement lubrication powder.01-20-2011
20130066147Apparatus and Method for Facilitating Male Orgasm - A male masturbation device and method for using same facilitates orgasm without the necessity of the subject achieving an erection. The novel device comprises a housing (03-14-2013
20090234182Stress Relief Systems - A stress relief system comprising segmented sexual aid tools comprising a plurality of interchangeable components, all of which fit together so that a user may customize the shape, girth and length of the sexual aid tool. The system further comprises monetization and internet sales in e-commerce of sexual aid tools utilizing custom orders and rapid fabrication of such interchangeable components.09-17-2009
20130165748AMUSEMENT DEVICE - An apparatus for use during sexual activities, such as sexual intercourse, comprising a belt, a means of securing the belt to a user's body, and one or more handles connected to the belt, wherein the handles extend outwardly and substantially perpendicularly from the belt and extend outwardly from the user's waist and substantially perpendicularly from the user's waist when the belt is secured around the waist of the user.06-27-2013
20100081870APPARATUS FOR TRAINING THE MALE ABDOMINAL MUSCLES - 1. Apparatus for training the male abdominal musculature.04-01-2010
20130165747SEXUAL STIMULATOR - A sexual stimulator for providing sexual stimulation to a user comprises a housing (06-27-2013
20080306331STIMULATION ENHANCEMENT DEVICE - A stimulation enhancement device includes a generally elongate main body portion having predetermined length, width and thickness, and defines an upwardly-facing surface and an opposing downwardly-facing surface. The downwardly facing surface is generally flat and said upwardly-facing surface is provided with a plurality of generally transverse protuberances spaced from each other along the length direction of the main body portion and that rise above the upwardly-facing surface. The downwardly-facing surface of the device may be positioned on the upper surface of an erect penis and, when maintained thereon, effectively increases the girth of the penis while the protuberances are effective to provide enhanced vaginal and clitoral stimulation.12-11-2008
20090118573Vacuum suction cup - A vacuum suction cup made of silicate gel instead of conventional hard plastic material for boosting breasts and enlarging penis includes multiple massage grains arranged as desired on inner surface of the cup. The cup entirely indents and attaches to human skin to deliver massaging and kneading functions when the vacuum suction is turned on for providing effective stimulation to points where acupuncture is applied in human body.05-07-2009
20110144426MASSAGE DEVICE - The invention relates to a massage device comprising an essentially cylindrical housing, with electromechanical means arranged in the housing for generating mechanical vibrations, along with electronic means arranged in the housing for activating the means for generating mechanical vibrations, and with a power source, connected to the means for generating mechanical vibrations and the electromechanical means, wherein the means for generating mechanical vibrations comprise at least one coil element and at least one ferromagnetic core arranged parallel or coaxial with the coil element and movably guided parallel to the cylinder axis, characterized in that the core has a mass m1, the mass ratio m1:m2 of which to the total mass m2 of the massage device is in the range from 1:100 to 1:3.06-16-2011
20100069708Erectile function method and device - A method of improving penile erections comprises simultaneously stimulating nerves of the ventral and dorsal sides of the penis by simultaneously applying mechanical vibrations to the ventral and dorsal sides of the penis. The vibrations are applied by moving vibratory elements into contact with the penis in directions perpendicular to the ventral and dorsal sides; the vibrations are removed by moving the vibratory elements out of contact with the penis in directions perpendicular to the ventral and dorsal sides; and the vibratory elements are moved into and out of contact with the penis by the person whose penis is being stimulated. Apparatus for carrying out the method is also disclosed.03-18-2010
20110040142VACUUM ERECTION CONTROL SYSTEM - A vacuum erection control system for erectile dysfunction treatment. The vacuum erection control system includes a vacuum erection device, including a vacuum chamber and a thin elastic seal element. The vacuum chamber has a distal end for operable connection to a vacuum generating means, an open proximal end, an inside surface and an outside surface. The thin elastic seal element is formed of a stretchable material having a first seal end and a second seal end. The first seal end is stretched for removable sealing placement on the proximal end of the vacuum chamber. The second seal end has a central orifice forming a penile seal for the sealable introduction of a penis. The stretchable material is substantially non-permeable to air and expandable to at least twice its original area without losing this non-permeable characteristic. During operation the first seal end is secured on the proximal end of the vacuum chamber, the operator's penis is introduced through the penile seal central opening and a vacuum is produced by the vacuum generating means operatively connectable to the vacuum chamber. As an erection is enhanced the penis advances toward the distal end of the vacuum chamber and commensurately the penile seal advances toward the base of the penis.02-17-2011
20090069629SEXUAL PLEASURE STIMULATION DEVICE - The invention relates to an external penile prosthesis or device which is designed to stimulate a couple's sexual pleasure during vaginal intercourse. The inventive device has been designed ergonomically on anatomical/physiological bases that are related to the erogenous zones of the male and female genitals. The device consists of a duckbill-shaped head, three ventral rings and a posterior appendage. According to the invention, each of said components performs a particular, specific function. The device is used by the man during vaginal intercourse after it has been duly positioned on the external genitals, such that the above-mentioned head lies longitudinally against the dorsal face of the erect penis where it is fixed in place by the distal, central and proximal rings. The proximal ring is placed around the root of the penis, behind the scrotal sac, such that the semi-spherical posterior appendage remains in contact with the perianal skin of the user.03-12-2009
20090177029Sexual stimulation device - A sexual stimulation device having an outer skin containing heated, raised ridges surrounding an internal mechanism including two housings, a drive motor, a disc mechanically engaged with the drive motor, a shaft having a planar surface with substantially perpendicular protrusions attached at one end, and angled surfaces attached to the inner surface of at least one of the housings. As the motor and disc rotate, the shaft is translated laterally, pushing the attached planar surface and disc towards the angled surfaces, causing at least one of the housings to expand, thereby increasing the surface area of the surrounding outer skin.07-09-2009
20090105529Sex toy using internal reciprocating weights - A sex toy that uses an enclosed, internal, mechanism of reciprocating weights to induce a back and forth, or rocking, motion on the device. The back and forth motion may be used alone, or in concert with other features common to sex toys, such as; vibration, compression and suction.04-23-2009
20110288370Method and Means for Erection Enhancement - A means for achieving enhanced erection includes a mounting attachment (11-24-2011
20090099413ELECTRONIC VARIABLE STROKE DEVICES AND SYSTEM FOR REMOTE CONTROL AND INTERACTIVE PLAY - An electronic variable stroke device comprise a base portion containing a motor-driven screw shaft, an upper portion extending from the base portion having the screw shaft extending longitudinally therein, a traveler engaged with the screw shaft to drive it in reciprocating longitudinal motion. The traveler has an annular shape with an aperture therethrough which is driven in reciprocating longitudinal motions for use as a male sex toy. The device configuration may include a pair of screw threads spaced apart in parallel with the traveler engaged in between them, and/or multiple travelers arranged at different longitudinal positions of the screw shaft(s). A remote controller unit may be provided for ergonomic operation by the user. A network connection unit may be provided to connect the user's device to an external service provider on a network for conducting interactive sessions remotely with another user or users. The device may be adapted as a male toy that can exchange control signals with another user operating a female toy.04-16-2009
20110270032TRACTAL ERECTILE DEVICE - A tractal erectile device is disclosed. In one embodiment, the device includes a hollow vessel having a first opening for receiving an organ, and a second opening for releasing fluid from within the vessel. The hollow vessel may include: an integral smooth lip portion surrounding the first opening for receiving an organ; an elongated cylindrical portion connected to the lip portion, an hour-glass portion connected to the elongated portion, and an ellipsoid shaped end portion including the second opening for releasing fluid from within the vessel.11-03-2011
20090318753Vibrator with Integrated Clock and Reminder System - The present invention is a vibrator with an integrated alarm/reminder clock that initiates the vibration function of the vibrator for a predetermined period of time. The core components of the device are: a housing, a motor that powers a vibrating mechanism contained within the housing, an alarm clock/reminder system and a power source. The power source is preferably one or more batteries, and the alarm clock/reminder element is preferably digital. The invention can be used as a sex toy so as to keep the user's sex life healthy and active by setting and initiating the mood for sexual activity through a learned response to a reminder system/pattern of use/method of use a user develops by using the device and method.12-24-2009
20090149701Apparatus for Receiving a Phallus - Apparatus (06-11-2009
20090216076Erogenic Stimulator With Expandable Bulbous End - The stimulator includes a first resilient cylindrical (phallic-shaped) end and a second, shorter resilient cylindrical end with an expandable-deflatable bulb disposed therein. A truncated U-shaped stimulator is formed by a base connecting the ends. One embodiment permits manual bulb contraction and resilient material expansion with air or fluid ejection/admission. Another embodiment inflates the bulb manually with pressurized air/fluid (orally) with a one-way valve and user controlled valve release, or inflates the bulb with a pump. An external or on-board pump maybe used. The on-board internal pump has a depressible wall pump bladder on the stimulator. The inflatable-deflatable bulb maybe connected to the base via a reduced diameter neck. A method controllably inflates and deflates the bulb and changes its cross-sectional dimensions under user controls.08-27-2009
20100087704MAGNETIC THERAPEUTICALL MALE DEVICE - The invention refers to a therapeutic device used on or in interaction with a penile organ of a human, and more particularly to a C-shaped male genital device made of durable resilient material, easy to attach and clean, which promotes an increase in the penis size when erected, enhancing the user's sexual experience and providing a therapeutic magnetic field.04-08-2010
20110201879STIMULATION OF PENIS ERECTION - A penis erection stimulation system comprises one or more infusion needles disposed within and implanted along with one or more housings adjacent the patient's left and right corpora cavernosa. A reservoir and a pump are also implanted inside the patient's body to supply the infusion needle with infusion liquid. A drive unit also adapted for implantation inside the patient's body is arranged for advancing and retracting the tip end of the infusion needle such that it penetrates the housing at least in two different penetration areas either simultaneously or in immediate time succession, thereby injecting drugs along with the infusion liquid into the patient's body for stimulating penis erection. The drive unit is configured to laterally displace the tip end of at least one infusion needle in at least two different lateral directions to different penetration sites within said at least one penetration area.08-18-2011
20080207990Vibration massager with visual control communication - An electrically powered massage device has a hand-held unit containing a power source and operation control units extended from. It includes a squirming massage actuator as well as a vibration massage actuator connected to the squirming massage actuator. The hand-held unit contains a battery chamber carrying a plurality of batteries for providing electric power to the device The hand-held unit comprises also an electronic control unit for controlling device operation, and includes a control panel with operation pushbuttons on its outer surface. On said outer surface there is a chamber with transparent cover loosely encasing a plurality of artificial diamonds for visual attractiveness.08-28-2008
20090275796STIMULATION DEVICE - The present invention provides a device having a body, at least one accessory, at least one pump, and at least one tube located within the body and operatively connecting the accessory to the pump. The pump, inflates the accessory thus alters at least one aspect of the accessory. Additionally, the invention provides a device which offers similar features as the previous device but in a sheath-like structure that fits over a phallus or a phallus like structure.11-05-2009
20090287041Method and Device to Provide Penis Enlargement - A penis tensioning device effecting penis tissue modeling and penis enlargement, the device comprising an elongate tensioning, biasing member having a first portion (11-19-2009
20080249353Training Device For the Muscles of the Pelvic Floor - The invention relates to a training device, for the muscles of the pelvic floor in women, comprising a flexible main body (10-09-2008
20110270033INTERCHANGEABLE ATTACHMENT CONNECTOR SYSTEMS - The present invention relates to an interchangeable attachment connector system, characterized in that said system comprises: (a) a connector member, wherein said connector member comprises a shaft, said shaft having an engagement end and a distal end, wherein at least a portion of the shaft includes male threads; and (b) an interchangeable attachment capable of being removably engaged to the shaft of the connector member, the interchangeable attachment comprising a body, wherein said body includes two axial ends, an entry opening located in one of said axial ends and an axial bore extending from the entry opening, wherein said bore includes an entry opening and internal walls having female threads complementary to the male threads on the shaft of the connector member, wherein the shaft and the interchangeable attachment can be pushed together for engagement by inserting the engagement end of the shaft through the entry opening, and wherein engagement between the male threads and the female threads on the shaft and the interchangeable attachment prevent relative longitudinal pull-out motion between the engaged shaft of the connector member and interchangeable attachment while allowing relative rotational motion for disengagement of the interchangeable attachment from the shaft of the connector member. In aspects of the invention the interchangeable attachment comprises an interchangeable sexual aid device.11-03-2011
20130217961SEXUAL ENHANCEMENT PREPARATIONS AND DEVICES - Preparations for sexual enhancement may comprise a lubricant material along with one or more gel battery device. The gel battery devices may be fabricated from a gel anode material and a gel cathode material. The gel batteries may further comprise a gel electrolyte material. The gel materials may be in the form of thin films or capsules. The gel batteries, their anode, cathode, and electrolyte materials may all be non-toxic for an application to an animal. One or more devices for sexual enhancement may be contacted with the sexual enhancement preparation. The preparations or the devices with the preparations may be applied to one or more tissues of an animal.08-22-2013
20090264699Phalloplasty process - A technique for penal enlargement. The apparent length of the penis is first increased by cutting ligaments that attach the penis to the pubic bone. Then the girth of the penis is increased by making two cuts making two apertures in the penile skin near the base of the penis (proximal) and near the glans of the penis (distal) and inverting the skin from the top side of the penis so that the glans of the penis protrudes through one of the skin aperture (proximal) substantially all of the exposed penis protrudes through this skin aperture, leaving the top half of the penis skinless defining a bare penile region. One or more layers of donated skin graft are attached to the patient's fascia (tunica albuginea) covering the bare region. Instead of donated skin, the patient own skin graft can be used for penile girth augmentation, or any other material, that can be safely increase the girth of the penis such as animal (pig or any others) skin graft, bioengineering graft, silicon graft, fat skin graft, stem cells graft from patient fat graft or other tissue that can be used in the future instead of current grafts applying the same surgical technique. Then the patients skin from the back of his penis is re-inverted approximately back to its original position and covering the donated skin graft (or nay other graft described above) stitched to the patient's skin. The two incisions are then closed.10-22-2009
20080287733STIMULATION APPARATUS - An apparatus for sexual stimulation in a safe and convenient manner is disclosed. The present invention provides for the in-out motion of an attachment that simulates a penis. The present invention also provides for a vibration mechanism to vibrate the attachment during use. The stroke rate is adjustable by the user. Furthermore, the vibration frequency, and stroke depth are also adjustable by the user during use. The present invention makes use of a mechanical articulating joint, generically known as a spherical rod end or Heim joint for the mounting of an attachment. This provides an additional level of safety and comfort for the user,11-20-2008
20080269553Powered massager for internal use on the human body - A powered massager device for internal use on the human body for providing sexual stimulation or other massage or therapeutic purposes by internal or external uses on the human body by vibration actuation. It includes a vibration actuator unit including a vibration generator, and a control interface unit separated from but electrically connected to the vibration actuator for controlling the vibration actuator. The vibration actuator unit is sized for being receivable in its entirety in a body cavity of the user. the vibration actuator unit having externally shape in the form of first and second integrally joined sections, each section having a rounded outer end, the sections providing a smooth transition from the first section to the second section, the sections forming an angle between them in the semblance of a bent fingertip.10-30-2008
20090118574PANTY FOR HEIGHTENING SEXUAL EXPERIENCE DURING COITUS - A panty includes a panty body defining a waist opening of the panty body, the panty body including a crotch portion that extends between and connects a front portion of the panty body with a rear portion of the panty body so as to define two leg openings of the panty body; wherein the crotch portion of the panty body is removably fastened to the front portion of the panty body such that the crotch portion may be detached from the front portion of the panty body.05-07-2009
20120197071FINGER CONDOM - A finger condom having an elastic hollow tubular sheath having an opening at a bottom end thereof, a closed end portion at a top end thereof and a tubular body portion connected between the opening and the closed end portion and a non-uniform diameter with the largest diameter at the bottom end and the smallest diameter at the top end, and an elastic band formed integral with the bottom end of the elastic hollow tubular sheath around the opening.08-02-2012
20120143001Tasting Dildo - A sexual aid or dildo that is used to collect fluid from a woman's vagina before, during or after a woman's orgasm. A method of using a sexual aid or dildo for tasting fluid from a woman's vagina for increased sexual pleasure. A method of using a dildo for same sex or male to male sexual pleasure.06-07-2012
20090259095System and method for treatment of hypo-orgasmia and anorgasmia - A device for treating hypo-orgasmia or anorgasmia is described. Energy transfer leads that transfer energy may be implanted proximate to one or more of the dorsal nerves of the clitoris in a female. A signal generator may be used to receive a signal (such as a signal from a handheld remote) to begin the transfer of energy via the two energy transfer leads. The signal generator may then generate pulses either in a predetermined manner or a dynamic manner.10-15-2009
20120197073FOLDABLE SEXUAL DEVICE - The present invention is a foldable sexual device that includes a handle, a seat frame that includes a plurality of rollers and is rotated by a user while utilizing the foldable sexual device, a seat bar that allows the user to rotate the seat frame up or down and a pivot hinge point that allows the seat frame to rotate on the pivot hinge point. The device also includes a first support leg and a second leg support to support and stabilize the foldable sexual device, a phallus that moves upward and downward above and through the seat frame to provide sexual pleasure to the user, a seat that is disposed on the seat frame, a pair of corresponding arms that includes a slip bushing and a phallus base that is moved upward and downward by the pair of corresponding arms and the slip bushing.08-02-2012
20120197072Vibrator Device - A vibrator device to stimulate the clitoris of a user includes a vibrator mechanism, a sleeve to contain and align the vibrator mechanism, a stabilizer to support and locate the device, an elongated flexible strip to affix the device to the user, and a glove to couple vibration from the vibrator mechanism to the clitoris. The sleeve may form a pocket surrounding the vibrator mechanism. The strip may include two arms that provide extended area for attachment on either side of the vaginal orifice. The glove may be connected to one end of the sleeve so that, when the device is affixed to a user, the glove may be disposed in contact with the clitoris.08-02-2012
20080306332Linear vibration generator - A linear vibration generator is disclosed. The linear vibration generator may include: a stator having a coil, which induces a magnetic field when an electric current is applied; an oscillator having a magnet, which has one side facing the coil; a spring member, which is joined to the stator, and which elastically supports the oscillator such that the oscillator moves linearly; a damper, which prevents the oscillator from contacting the stator according to the linear motion of the oscillator; and a guide portion, which guides the linear motion of the oscillator. This linear vibration generator makes it possible to generate stable linear vibration, prevent generation of touch noise when the oscillator impacts the stator, and prevent right/left vibration due to an external impact.12-11-2008
20100056859IMPLANTABLE PENILE PROSTHESIS PUMP - Pumps for use with inflatable implantable penile prostheses in accordance with the invention include features that can provide for free fluid flow during inflation and deflation modes of the pump. Pumps may also include a bypass chamber that is fluidly connected to the fluid passageway by a bypass input channel and a bypass output channel. The bypass chamber comprises a bypass check valve biased toward a closed position.03-04-2010
20090112055Sleeves configured to facilitate release of nitric oxide - The present disclosure relates to sleeves that are configured to facilitate release of nitric oxide.04-30-2009
20090105528SEXUAL STIMULATION AID - A sexual stimulation aid with a phallus-shaped portion for insertion into a human cavity capable of receiving sexual pleasure. The phallus-shaped portion has a engaging surface engagable with a chin of a wearer such that the phallus-shaped portion extends in a direction generally forwardly and outwardly of the chin. A strap secures the phallus-shaped portion to a wearer with the engaging surface engaged with the chin of the wearer. An extension extends from the phallus-shaped portion and has at least one surface that is engagable with a body portion of a receiver of the phallus-shaped portion. An electrically powered vibrator unit is contained within the phallus-shaped portion to provide vibratory stimulus. A second vibration unit may be contained within the extension.04-23-2009
20110009692NITRIC OXIDE GENERATION TO TREAT FEMALE SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION - Apparatus for treating female sexual dysfunction of a subject is provided. A manual insertion device (01-13-2011
20110009693METHOD AND DEVICE FOR INDUCING EROTIC STIMULATION WHILE ASLEEP - A vibration device for inducing erotic stimulation at a pre-set time, including a housing, a power source for powering the vibration device; a timing unit; including timer control circuitry disposed within the housing and electrically coupled to the power source, an offset weight driven by a motor and powered by the powering source to generate vibrations and impart a vibratory motion to a region of the body at the pre-set time.01-13-2011
20110124959Electro-Mechanical Sexual Stimulation Device - A device for use by a female for sexual stimulation comprising an inner arm dimensioned for insertion into a vagina, to contact the wall of the vagina at or near the G-spot, an outer arm dimensioned to contact the clitoris, and a resilient U-shaped member connecting the inner and outer arms.05-26-2011
20110213200ORGASMATRON VIA DEEP-BRAIN NEUROMODULATION - It is the purpose of this invention to provide methods and systems for non-invasive deep brain neuromodulation using ultrasound for the treatment of anorgasmia, hypo-orgasmia, and for the production of orgasms (Orgasmatron). This can include impacting one or multiple points in a neural circuit to produce Long-Term Potentiation (LTP) or Long-Term Depression (LTD). The ultrasound transducers are attached at fixed positions on a holder. Use of ancillary monitoring or imaging to provide feedback is optional. Control of the ultrasonic transducers includes control of direction of the energy emission, intensity, frequency, and phase/intensity relationships to targeting and accomplishing up-regulation and/or down-regulation.09-01-2011
20100191048NETWORK ENABLED SEXUAL APPARATUS WITH FEEDBACK AND FAULT TOLERANCE - A network enabled sexual apparatus with feedback and fault tolerance comprises a saddle portion supported on a housing. A sexual stimulator attachment is moveably connected to a movement means which moves the sexual stimulator attachment. A control arm is moveably connected to the housing and is in communication with the sexual stimulator attachment and moves the sexual stimulator attachment in response to movements of the control arm. A control means remotely controls the network enabled sexual apparatus by being in communication with the control means. In one embodiment, a live signal is buffered and used to augment a background control function to overcome network lag. Another embodiment includes a display to allow a user to view remotes users and to interact with them.07-29-2010
20090036732Female Relaxation Device - A female relaxation device comprises an inserting portion. The inserting portion includes a clubbed heat-conducting body (02-05-2009
20090209807Therapeutic Device For Erectile Dysfunction - Disclosed herein is a therapeutic device and method for achieving and sustaining erection of a penile organ. The therapeutic device comprises a flexible belt worn by the user for producing an external pressure on one or more regions of the penile organ. The flexible belt comprises a waist section and a loop section. The waist section is worn around waist of the user for adjusting the external pressure by the user. The loop section is worn on the dorsal region of the penile organ for producing the external pressure. A magnetic unit placed inside the loop section produces a magnetic field. The magnetic field increases level of oxygen to augment blood flow in the penile organ. The magnetic field applied and the adjustment of the external pressure enables the user to achieve and sustain the erection of the penile organ.08-20-2009
20090247818Method for treating female sexual dysfunction - There is provided a method for treating sexual dysfunction of a female patient comprising stimulating at least one portion of the patient's female erectile tissue to at least restrict the blood flow leaving the erectile tissue to obtain engorgement with blood of the female erectile tissue. To improve the erection effect the method further comprises gently constricting the erectile portion to restrict the venous blood flow in the erectile portion, and then stimulating the constricted erectile portion to cause contraction of the erectile portion to at least further restrict the blood flow leaving the erectile tissue to obtain engorgement with blood of the female erectile tissue.10-01-2009
20110082332Massage Device Having Serial Vibrators - A mechanized dildo having a body with a plurality of vibrator assemblies, each vibrator assembly comprising a motor and a housing; a processor electrically coupled to each of the plurality of vibrator assemblies; a battery electrically coupled to the processor; at least one mode control switch electrically coupled to the processor; a phallic sleeve comprising an elastic material covers the plurality of vibrator assemblies; and a housing containing the processor, the battery and the at least one control switch; wherein the processor is configured to operate separate vibrator assemblies in different combination modes, such modes being selected using the at least one mode control switch.04-07-2011
20090005635Disposable device for vaginal cleaning and hygiene - An inflatable device (01-01-2009
20120203062DEVICE FOR SHAPING A BODY PART - A device for shaping a body part is provided which comprises a spring and coupling means. The spring is configured for accommodating the body part to be shaped and has a proximal end and a distal end. The proximal end is configured for being arranged at or near a proximal portion of the body part to be shaped and for abutting a further body part. The distal end is configured for being arranged at or near a distal portion of the body part to be shaped. The coupling means are configured for coupling to the distal portion of the body part to be shaped. The device is characterised in that the coupling means are attachable to the spring in at least a first position at a first distance from the proximal end and a second position at a second distance different from the first distance from the proximal end.08-09-2012
20120302824Sex partner robot - The Robot sex partner will be sold in a metallic box from factory. The robot will have all the human dimensions, average length and placed in horizontal position, locked with a code key.11-29-2012
20110257474APPLICATOR GLOVE - A glove used for the application of colognes, perfumes and flavors to the exterior or interior of the human body. The glove has a flexible sleeve including one or more finger sections, a thumb section, and protuberances attached on at least one of the finger sections or the thumb section.10-20-2011
20100292531Vibrator - Disclosed is an apparatus to be worn by a user for providing sexual stimulus to a partner of the user. The apparatus comprises a harness to be worn by the user and a vibrating body supported by the harness. The vibrating body has at least one protrusion extending therefrom. The apparatus further comprises a pad securable to the vibrating body. The pad has at least one void corresponding to the at least one protrusion. The at least one void surrounds the at least one protrusion when the pad is secured to the vibrating body. The pad also has a bearing surface for transmitting vibrations from the vibrating body and the at least one protrusion to a surface of the user's partner's body.11-18-2010
20110082333FOOT SLEEVE DILDO HARNESS - A foot-sleeve dildo harness uses any of a variety of dildo devices secured in position on a bottom or heel of the foot and extending perpendicularly therefrom. The dildos provide vaginal or anal hands-free stimulation performed on a wearer or on a sexual partner.04-07-2011
20110137114Drug delivery system for treating erectile dysfunction - Drug delivery systems, apparatus and methods to treat erectile dysfunction via an implanted drug infusion pump. The drug delivery system incorporates a passively pressurized drug infusion pump, one or more catheters, one or more microfluidic valves, a microcontroller, and one or more patient input mechanisms to deliver therapeutic solutions to the erectile tissues of a patient. The system in operation is entirely implanted and provides for moderated patient control over dosage via subcutaneously implanted input mechanisms, including in certain embodiments, neural control.06-09-2011
20090171144THERAPEUTIC PROSTHETIC DEVICE - A therapeutic prosthetic device for women or men configured to transmit tactile sensations through a stimulation material to the surface of a sex organ such as the vagina or penis. The therapeutic prosthetic device can include sensors and stimulators on the outer surface and inner surface and a controller. Sensors for detecting state, sensation or movement can be disposed within, on, or separate from the device and can transmit signals electrically or wirelessly to a microprocessor, which is programmed to generate stimulation sensations in response to signals from the sensors, stimulation materials, or controllers that are transmitted to the stimulation material. In one embodiment the therapeutic prosthetic device is a therapeutic condom.07-02-2009
20090312599Sexual stimulation apparatus - A sexual stimulation apparatus comprising a phallic shaped member having a handle disposed at its base. The handle has a convex surface substantially facing away from the phallic shaped member. The convex surface has at least one projection member extending therefrom. In use, the convex surface sits snugly against the palm and fingers of a user's hand, and the projection member interdigitally engages with the user's hand.12-17-2009
20110190575Method and Device for Female Therapeutic Massage - An apparatus and method for adult oriented massage is presented. The apparatus includes a housing unit. An upper stimulation source is disposed within the housing unit. The upper stimulation source is operable for transferring a first percussive stimulation to a woman's lower abdomen proximate a top of a pubic bone. A lower stimulation source is disposed below the upper stimulation and is operable for transferring a second percussive stimulation to a region proximate a bottom of the pubic bone. A drive unit is disposed below the lower stimulation source for driving the upper and lower stimulation sources. A support unit supports the housing unit. At least one flexible unit enables an angle between the housing unit and the support unit to be adjusted, where the first percussive stimulation and the second percussive stimulation combine to enable the woman to achieve a beneficial stimulation.08-04-2011
20110190574FEMALE POSTERIOR WALL PROSTHESIS - A prosthesis comprising a flattened lobe (08-04-2011
20110201878Self-inflating sexual aid - The present invention is to provide a self-inflating sexual aid, which includes a closed bag having an airtight sealed edge while a receiving space is formed therein, and a reactive powder and a sachet containing a reactive liquid inside the receiving space. When squeezed, the reactive liquid flows out of the sachet and contacts with the reactive powder to produce gaseous carbon dioxide and enable the closed bag to be automatically and instantly inflated to a completely taut state. An elastic cover has an inner surface that can be fitted closely over an outer surface of a rod-shaped portion of the closed bag, thus forcing the corresponding airtight sealed edge to lie smoothly against the outer surface of the rod-shaped portion. Consequently, a user can hold a handle portion of the closed bag and use the sexual aid by maneuvering the rod-shaped portion of the closed bag.08-18-2011
20110218395CYBERNETIC VIBRATOR DEVICE WITH SENSORS FOR IN-SITU GESTURE CONTROLS - A vibrator sex toy is provided with touch-based sensors for an ergonomic in-situ method of controlling the operation and intensity of the vibrator. The vibrator sex toy has an internal end, an external end and a middle staging section. The staging section includes a control circuit and batteries. The internal end includes electric vibrator motors connected to the control circuit by wires. The external end includes ergonomically placed touch sensors that behave like variable resistors. The touch sensors respond to natural human gestures such as grasping, stretching, compressing and bending the external end of the sex toy with changes in resistance. The touch sensors are connected to the control circuit by wires and act as potentiometers in the control path of the vibrator motors. The user is able to vary the sensations from the motors intuitively and in-situ by manipulating the external end or applying it to a partner.09-08-2011
20110040143IMPOTENCE TREATMENT APPARATUS WITH ENERGY TRANSFORMING MEANS - A male sexual impotence treatment apparatus includes or use an operable restriction device implantable in a male patient for engaging a tissue portion of the penile tissue to form a restrictable passageway for the penile exit blood flow. An energy transmission device is provided for wireless transmission of energy from outside the patient's body to inside the patient's body for use in connection with the operation of the restriction device, including temporarily contracting said tissue portion to restrict the penile exit blood flow in the blood flow passageway to achieve erection.02-17-2011
20090281373Sexual Aid Device and Method - A sexual aid device and method for inserting and occupying space within a human female's vagina to provide a sensation of increased fullness to the female and a sensation of increased tightness and friction to a penis of a human male during sexual intercourse, thereby enhancing sexual arousal of both the female and the male. The sexual aid can be a member having a bulbous end for insertion and a tapered end for externally grasping and manipulating the member. The tapered end may include a hooked protrusion for providing anal stimulation to the female. The member may contain one or more vibrating devices. The member may further include a generally planar surface featuring a trough and can include two arced terminuses oriented in opposing directions. An internal pellet-rotating device may be installed within the tapered end of the member to produce mechanical friction in and around the vagina.11-12-2009
20110021870PLATED GLASS DILDO - A dildo, including a solid high density heat-resistant glass substrate completely covered by a relatively inert metal plating such as gold, silver, nickel, chromium or titanium, the substrate having a shaft portion, a base portion at one end and a head portion at the opposite end. In one configuration the head and base portions are enlarged, the shaft portion having spaced protuberances. In another configuration the shaft portion is serpentine in form, the head portion is tapered and having a hole formed there through for a tether, and the base portion has oppositely projecting protuberances. The metal plating can have a variety of coloring patterns.01-27-2011
20100228081BIO-FEEDBACK EXERCISE METHOD FOR MEN'S SEXUAL DISORDERS - A method of identifying, toning, and strengthening a specific muscle group comprising the bulbospongiosus and the ishiocavernosus muscles in an attempt to alleviate or overcome men's sexual disorders. A muscle-sensor is attached to the muscle group of a user and to a computing device in communication with a display device. As the user contracts and relaxes the muscle group, the contractions and relaxations are displayed in real-time on the display device. Such real-time display teaches the user to identify how to identify and exercise the muscle group and to set a goal as to how long the user is to hold the contraction. An external emotionally significant motivational visual stimulus may be programmed into the computing device to display the visual stimulus only when the goal as to the contraction is attained and maintained.09-09-2010
20100010292Sexual stimulation device - A sexual stimulation device comprises a casing (01-14-2010
20120232335APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MALE STIMULATION - An apparatus and method for promoting ejaculation by a male human may include an input device and a video display apparatus in communication with, and receiving a control signal from, the input device. In operation, a control signal indicative of the motion of the input device may be transmitted to the video display apparatus. The motion data may then be used to control a frame rate for a video (or other content) associated with the video display.09-13-2012
20110009691PHALLUS DEVICE AND SYSTEM WITH SCREW ATTACHMENT - The present invention is a phallus device and system for attaching a phallus to a mounting base. By utilizing a male/female screw attachment system a phallus can be attached to a number of different mounting bases such as a harness, a motorized device or the like. the particular advantage of the system is that the attachment is easy to achieve but less likely to come apart during use.01-13-2011
20110166415Stimulation Apparatus - The present invention concerns apparatus (07-07-2011
20110166414FORESKIN STRETCHING07-07-2011
20110034763Anthropometric Massage Device - An anthropometric massage device includes a length adjustable handle having first and second portions slidably movable relative to one another for telescopically varying the length of the handle. A shape adjustment member having a plurality of rotatable joints extending between opposed ends thereof for movement between straight and curved configurations. The rotatable joints are secured at selected positions in a friction fit engagement. The massage device includes a stimulation member having opposed ends and a cylindrical configuration defining an open interior space. A vibrating motor is positioned within the interior space of the stimulation member and is electrically connected to a power source, the stimulation member being vibrated when the motor is actuated.02-10-2011
20090318754PENIS EXTENSION SYSTEM INTEGRATED INTO AN ITEM OF CLOTHING - The invention relates to a penis extension system that can be integrated into the clothing of a user and worn as the user moves around, with the aim of increasing the size of the penis and the glans. Said system comprises a cradle which is used to receive the glans and can be fixed to the shaft of the penis. One end of a traction element (12-24-2009
20110071343SEXUAL AID DEVICE - The present invention discloses a sexual aid device including a sheath body and a sensor module. The sheath body has first and second sheath bodies capable of being assembled and separated mutually, and the first and the second sheath bodies construct a containing space. The sensor module is disposed on the first sheath body, and includes a PCB, a controlling switch, a vibration switch and an outputting port. The controlling switch performs sensing and controls the vibration switch to be started. The vibration switch outputs vibration signals for controlling the output port to transmit the vibration signal out. An interactive media is used in cooperation so as to raise the practicability and sensory organ stimulation.03-24-2011
20110105837Mechanized Dildo - A mechanized dildo, including a motor driven coaxial plurality of longitudinally spaced drive cams, and corresponding sets of passive cams that operate within an elastic phallic sleeve to locally cyclically expand a girth of the sleeve. Optional vibratory elements are positioned proximate a distal extremity of the sleeve, and in a laterally extending arm that is formed for clitoral stimulation. A battery powered control handle provides multiple operating modes and speeds.05-05-2011
20120316390STIMULATOR WITH FLEXIBLE ELEMENTS (VARIANT EMBODIMENTS) - The invention relates to devices for private use which enhance arousal and facilitate orgasm, and can be used for massaging the genital organs and correcting sexual inadequacy. The object of the invention is to enhance sexual sensations, maintain and sustain arousal, facilitate orgasm, and improve blood circulation in the genital organs. The essence of the invention is a device with flexible and elastic elements, which increase a zone of stimulation due to their elasticity and allow the device to be shaped and sized to be suitable for frictions in the vagina due to its flexibility. The claimed invention makes it possible to achieve intense and continuous stimulation of external or internal genital organs when performing frictional vaginal stimulation.12-13-2012
20120316388Adult Toy - An adult toy includes an elongated elastic body which has an inner space defined therein and an opening defined at one end thereof. A sealing device or a one-way device is disposed at the opening to seal the inner space. The user can make fluid flow through the sealing device or the one-way device into the inner space to inflate the elastic body, or release the fluid out of the inner space to deflate the elastic body. When the fluid is completely released, the adult toy is greatly reduced in size and is easy to store or carry. The elastic body may connect with a reservoir. The fluid received in reservoir can be forced to enter the elastic body and the fluid received in the elastic body can be released to the reservoir, thereby adjusting the stiffness and the size of the elastic body.12-13-2012
20120123199DEVICE FOR SEXUAL STIMULATION WITH SUPPLEMENTARY ELEMENT (VARIANTS) - The device for stimulating erogenous zones comprises a dildo and at least one additional stimulating element (ASE) attached to the dildo and including a body of rotation around an axis that is close to normal relative to a longitudinal axis of the dildo. A surface of the ASE projects above the dildo outer surface so that the ASE is able to roll over a surface of the erogenous zones. The ASE may include a ball or a cylinder. The surface of the ASE can be made relief. The device can be provided with a plurality of the ASE and at least a portion of the dildo can include a spiral frame, with the spiral fed through the plurality of the ASE.05-17-2012
20120136203DEVICE FOR TREATMENT OF PREMATURE EJACULATION OR STIMULATION OF A MALE ORGAN - A device for treatment of premature ejaculation or stimulation of a male organ includes an elastic sleeve mounted within a housing, at least one aperture formed on the elastic sleeve, and at least one liquid-absorbing member held between the housing and the elastic sleeve over the at least one aperture. The at least one liquid-absorbing member is adapted to soak up a liquid with a temperature higher or lower than the body temperature of a user and deliver the liquid through the at least one aperture and into the elastic sleeve when the at least one liquid-absorbing member is squeezed by a male organ of the user frictionally moving to-and-fro inside the elastic sleeve, thereby stimulating the male organ and reducing the sensitivity thereof.05-31-2012
20120136205DILDO FOR SEXUAL STIMULATION - The object of the invention relates to a dildo for sexual stimulation, comprising a tubular body (05-31-2012
20120136204ENHANCED DEVICE FOR THE ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION OF SHEEP, GOATS, DEER AND/OR DOMESTIC AND WILD ANIMALS - An artificial insemination device is formed by a semen-filled tube or tube at one end of a pipette with a syringe attached to the other end. A fitted insemination point is fitted to the free end of the semen-filled straw. The semen-filled tube is attached with the adjustable openings in the pipette and the fitted point, in such a way that the semen-filled tube of different diameters can be forced to adjust to the adjustable opening. The pipette-tube-point unit is inserted in the vagina of the animal using a speculum until the tip with one or more folds, one or more openings and a spherical sealing mechanism, enters the cervix and forms a seal between the tip and cervix. The syringe, which contains the diluent, is pressed to force the semen and the diluent fluid toward at least one ejection outlet in the tip and out toward the uterus of the animal. Optimum quantities of semen and diluent fluid may be provided for different animals.05-31-2012
20100174137Adaptive stimulation systems and methods - The present invention generally relates to systems capable of providing and delivering electric potential to a pelvic (i.e., vaginal) structure of a female to cause contraction of pelvic muscles and/or stimulation of pelvic nerves. More particularly, the present invention relates to various systems which include various power members and electrode members, where such power members are capable of providing electric power for such potential from various sources and where such electrode members are capable of delivering the potential along a preset direction or multiple directions. Therefore, such systems may also induce contraction of the pelvic muscles and/or stimulation of the pelvic nerves in a desirable order. Such systems may further induce the muscle contraction and/or nerve stimulation in synchronization with dynamic patterns of various variables of the system. The present invention also relates to various methods of generating and delivering such potential to the pelvic structure, causing the muscle contraction and/or nerve stimulation in a desirable order, and synchronizing such muscle contraction and/or nerve stimulation with movement of such systems. The present invention further relates to various processes for providing various members, units, and/or parts of such systems.07-08-2010
20100174136Dynamic control relaxing systems and methods - The present invention generally relates to pelvic relaxing systems for providing various stimuli to various portions of a pelvic structure such as, e.g., a clitoris, G spot, and various other intravaginal portions defined inside and/or around a vaginal cavity. More particularly, the present invention relates to a pelvic relaxing system which includes a body member including at least one part for engaging at least one portion of the pelvic structure and which includes at least one input unit capable of receiving various user inputs and controls its stimulator unit for providing similar or different stimuli to similar or different portions of the pelvic structure through the same part or different parts of the body member, without mandating an user to manually move the body member during use. The present invention also relates to various methods of providing stimuli to the same portion or different portions of the structure through the same part or different parts of such a body member without requiring the user to manually move the body member. The present invention further relates to various processes for providing the above system and various members and/or units thereof.07-08-2010
20100174135Synchronized relaxing systems and methods - The present invention generally relates to pelvic relaxing systems capable of obtaining various audiovisual and/or control signals and synchronizing various relaxing operations of the systems with such signals. More particularly, the present invention relates to various pelvic relaxing systems which obtain pre-recorded and/or real-time audiovisual (or control) signals from an user and/or a third party, analyze various bases carried by such signals, and synchronize various operations of such systems with one or more of such signals. Therefore, the pelvic relaxing systems may provide various stimuli to one or multiple portions of a pelvic structure based on temporal and/or spatial synchronization with such signals. Conversely, the present invention relates to various pelvic relaxing systems which may generate audiovisual signals synchronized with various operations performed by such systems. The present invention relates to various methods of obtaining such signals from various sources, obtaining such signals through combining and/or synchronizing multiple raw signals, and synchronizing various operations thereof with such signals. The present invention further relates to various processes for making such members, units, and parts of the pelvic relaxing systems capable of obtaining the signals and synchronizing various operations thereof with such signals.07-08-2010
20130172668METHOD OF MANUFACTURING COMPOSITION FOR ENLARGING PENIS AND METHOD OF ENLARGING PENIS USING THE COMPOSITION - A method of manufacturing a composition for enlarging the penis comprises the steps of picking the auto-tissue of a skin from the abdomen or flank region of a patient; (2) obtaining a purified mixture of the dermis and fat by removing the red blood cells of a lower layer from the auto-tissue through centrifugation; (3) separating and extracting stem cells from part of the purified mixture; (4) picking blood from the patient and purifying the blood through centrifugation; (5) extracting a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), including rich growth factors, from the purified blood; and (6) fabricating the composition by mixing the mixture obtained at the step (2) and not used to extract the stem cells, the stem cells, and the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).07-04-2013
20120172661ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND METHODS OF USE - The invention relates to a device for a unique surrogate experience utilizing artificial intelligence and polymeric materials which enable surrogate exchange and/or interaction with the biology of the user. Medical utility and benefits are also discussed.07-05-2012
20100191047ACTIVITY SIMULATOR - The invented simulator includes a housing and within which a reciprocator driven by a motor or magnetic or other driving forces disposed in the housing, that generates linear reciprocating movements. An arm connected to the reciprocator via a rock arm and further the arm may be covered with materials in penis shape that simulates male sexual intercourse behaviors and further as optional features the apparatus may be configured with functions that control reciprocating distances and speed, and still further it may simulate penis natural reaction immediately before and during ejaculation stage by injecting fluid or air into penis within designed areas as to enlarge the areas of penis. Various materials may be used to create finishes resembling human flash and the shapes of male sexual organ; the simulator may consists of components of male sexual organ, including penis, testicles and other features, or with any preferred shape, finishes and materials applied to its core functions. And still further the said simulator may be installed on a stern base as to enable the users of the said simulator to be hands-free as they are engaged in activities with the said simulator.07-29-2010
20130172669Stimulation Device - The invention relates to a simple and easy to use stimulatory device which allows the user to apply vibrations to the frenulum, whilst being an essentially hands-free device, so that the user does not have to manually hold or manipulate the device during use. In an embodiment, the device allows the user to control the amplitude and frequency of the vibrations applied to the frenulum.07-04-2013
20100305399STIMULATION AID - A stimulation aid includes a housing (12-02-2010
20120316389Hygiene Protection Barrier System and Method - A protective barrier for preventing the spread of disease and the exchange of fluids between partners during oral sex is disclosed. The device, system and method may include a first portion having an area approximate to the vaginal area of a user and a second portion having a cylindrical shape with an open proximate end and a closed distal end, wherein the second portion is attached to a central portion of the first portion at the proximate end and extends into the vagina of the user.12-13-2012
20120259171Entertainment System and Device - A console comprising attachments including sex toys and a network interface. A system for communication between consoles and a central server to allow users to participate in a variety of types of remote sex.10-11-2012
20120265006Method and Apparatus for Treating Sexual Dysfunction - A system and associated method for manipulating tissues and anatomical or other structures in medical applications for the purpose of treating sexual dysfunction. In one aspect, the system includes a delivery device configured to deploy and implant anchor devices for such purposes.10-18-2012
20120271101EXTERNAL PROSTHETIC PENILE DEVICE - An external prosthetic penile device includes a substantially cylindrical structure having openings at its proximal end and a distal end. The substantially cylindrical structure includes a tubular channel that extends and tapers within the substantially cylindrical structure from the proximal end to the distal end. The tubular channel connects said proximal and distal end openings in a fluid connection. The opening at the proximal end includes a funnel, said funnel having a substantially conical mouth, wherein said substantially conical mouth has a circumference that is adapted to rest substantially against a pubic region surrounding a human's genitals. The circumference is also dimensioned to at least substantially encompass the genitals when the circumference is fitted against the pubic region. The substantially cylindrical structure is configured to resemble a flaccid human penis such that the distal opening corresponds to the external urethral orifice.10-25-2012
20120323068Pogo Prostate Massager - What is new with the Pogo Prostate Massager is that the user has the ability to use a variety of separately attachable phallus devices that can be secured to the invention in number of different places allowing the user the freedom to use the invention in a variety of positions. The adjustable features of the invention provide for use by both male and female users, facilitating adjustment for height or size of the user as well as the ability to use the invention in a standing, kneeling or reclining position. Additionally, the invention provides any user the ability to manufacture the invention inexpensively with readily available parts and materials.12-20-2012
20090036731Apparatus and method of enhancing sexual satisfaction via an implantable vibrating device - A device and method constructed and arranged to be implanted under the skin of a user that provides vibrational energy to provide sexual enhancement or treat sexual dysfunction.02-05-2009
20100249495MULTIPLE-WIDTH BENCH WITH ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT AND INCLINATION - The invention relates to a multiple-width bench with adjustable height and inclination that is intended for the practice of intimate relations between individuals. This is a special stand designed for avoiding the drawbacks of the standard stands. To this end, it proposes and offers the possibility of sitting in a straddle position on a third of its narrow portion, the remaining wide two thirds being used by another subject to lay down. It comprises a multiple-width board (09-30-2010
20110257473ADULT TOY ENHANCING FEMALE CLITORAL STIMULATION - An adult toy device having a clip-on portion and a wing portion. The clip-on portion includes a ring positionable so as to surround and extrude a female clitoris. The wing portion is attached to the clip-on portion and includes a pair of lips positionable adjacent to labia walls, a gap formed between the lips, and a pair of wings extending from the lips and having a resiliency. Further, the toy device includes a pair of finger gripping regions, each finger gripping region being positioned at one of the wings.10-20-2011
20120330097INTERACTIVE MASSAGING DEVICE - A vibratory massaging device having a spaced plurality of proximity sensors distributed on a massaging surface of the device, and a control circuit operative for controlling vibratory intensities in response to activation of particular ones of the sensors being close to a user's body parts being massaged. The device can be configured as a dildo, including both main and secondary vibrators, the secondary vibrator being within an arm portion that is configured for clitoral stimulation. At least one of the vibrators is automatically driven at increased intensity as penetration increases.12-27-2012
20110319707THERAPEUTIC DEVICES FOR THE TREATMENT OF VARIOUS CONDITIONS OF A FEMALE INDIVIDUAL - This invention relates to devices targeted to resolving various conditions of a female patient in need thereof, the conditions being female sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence. The present disclosure provides for a device which incorporates a variety of elements in an effort to treat certain conditions of a female individual in need thereof. Optionally, the device of the present invention may be used as prophylactic measure to prevent a condition selected from the group consisting of female sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence.12-29-2011
20120101328Spanking Machine - SPANKING MACHINE, comprising, fixed to a support (04-26-2012
20130012769Female Stimulation Device - A female stimulation device contained in a housing to deliver pulsating positive air pressure to the clitoris and other regions of the female genital region having an air pump/compressor, a length of tubing connected to the air pump/compressor, a variable control on the pump to increase or decrease the frequency of the pulsation, a regulator to vary the positive air pressure, a pressure gauge attached to the pump outlet and the regulator, a container connected to the compressor to provide a means to include a lubricant and/or scent in the air flow. Various tips to direct the pulsating positive air flow and direct mechanical stimulation to the clitoris and nearby regions are connectable to the tubing outlet.01-10-2013
20130018222HUMAN GENITALIA STIMULATION DEVICEAANM Miroshnichenko; Vladimir VitalievichAACI LjubertsiAACO RUAAGP Miroshnichenko; Vladimir Vitalievich Ljubertsi RUAANM Pilkin; Vitaly EvgenievichAACI MoscowAACO RUAAGP Pilkin; Vitaly Evgenievich Moscow RU - A stimulation device configured to stimulate male's genital organ and female's genital organ comprises the body which has the inner space with the inlet to place in it male's penis, and which (the body) in whole or in part is placed in female's vagina; herewith mechanical stimulation and/or vibratory stimulation and/or electrical stimulation and/or thermal stimulation of male's penis is implemented by technical means placed in the stimulation device and/or by removable sleeve or by removable sleeves; mechanical stimulation and/or vibratory stimulation and/or electrical stimulation and/or thermal stimulation of female's vagina is implemented by technical means placed in the stimulation device and/or by removable sleeve or by removable sleeves.01-17-2013
20130018221PENIS STRETCHING SYSTEMS - A penis stretching system designed to provide for safe, incremental stretching of a penis to increase a girth and length of the penis. The incremental stretching may be provided as Eukaryotic cells of the penis are torn and repaired. The penis stretching system comprises: a penis stretcher assembly including; a cylindrically-shaped frame; an adjustable securing strap; and at least one vibrator. The cylindrically-shaped frame includes a proximate end comprising a base engager; a distal end comprising a shaft engager; and telescoping legs. The vibrator provides vibration to provide comfort (and stimulation when needed) for a user-wearer. The penis stretcher assembly comprises the cylindrically-shaped frame, the adjustable securing strap and the vibrator in combination.01-17-2013
20080221387Vibrating toothbrush attachment - An attachment comprised of a tip member, head and wand for attachment to an electric toothbrush for use as a sexual aid or muscular stimulation. The preferred embodiment of the attachment includes an oscillating tip member with knob-like protrusions, a head and a wand provided in a single, integrated unit for receiving a standard electric toothbrush.09-11-2008
20130102842RECONFIGURABLE FURNITURE - An article of reconfigurable furniture is provided including a plurality of cushions, at least some of which are generally triangular in cross-section, the cushions being dimensioned to be stackable in a cube. A cube shaped cube cover is provided for covering said cushions when said cushions are stacked into said cube. The cushions are covered by cushion covers having interactive engagement elements for releasably securing said cushions one to another to provide at least one contoured support surface for supporting a user thereon in at least one selected pose.04-25-2013
20130131442PELVIC HARNESS AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING SAME - One feature pertains to a pelvic harness comprising a tab having a first surface that is adapted to secure to at least a portion of a superior pubic skin region, and a saddle having a first surface adapted to secure to at least a portion of a perineal-anal region. The tab may be positioned at a first end of the pelvic harness, and the saddle may be positioned at a second, opposite end of the pelvic harness. The pelvic harness may further comprise a frame having a first end and a second end, where the frame's first end is coupled to the tab and the second end is coupled to the saddle. A portion of the frame may form an opening positioned in between the tab and the saddle. The frame may include a rail portion that includes at least two rails that define the opening.05-23-2013
20080207991Mannequin with an improved attachment between an artificial organ and a torso of the mannequin - Embodiments of the presently described invention provide a mannequin including a torso, an artificial organ and a plurality of rings. The artificial organ includes first and second openings and a channel connecting the two openings. The rings connect the artificial organ to the torso. Embodiments of the presently described invention also provide an apparatus for connecting an artificial organ to a mannequin torso. The apparatus includes a plurality of rings a plurality of holes in a torso. The rings are attached to the organ and the holes in the torso. The rings are attached to the organ proximate two openings in the organ. Embodiments of the presently described invention also provide a method for attaching an artificial organ to a mannequin. The method includes attaching a plurality of rings to the organ and attaching the rings to the mannequin.08-28-2008
20080200753Electrically operable incontinence treatment apparatus - A male sexual impotence treatment apparatus comprises a constriction device (08-21-2008
20110213201CORRECTION APPARATUS FOR MALE PENIS - The present invention deals with a correction apparatus for a male penis and more specifically with a correction apparatus for a male penis, that enables the prevention and treatment of deviation whereby tissue stretching and bending correction and stimuli to sensitive areas has resulted in abnormal shapes including warped or bent shapes, impotence related to sexual function, glans enlargement, premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunctions, and prostatitis.09-01-2011
20130184521COMPACT EXPANDABLE EROGENIC STIMULATION DEVICE FOR MEN - An erogenic stimulation device for men having a compact state for inconspicuous storage when not in use which expands to an approximate size and shape of a female pelvic region when filled with warm water, the cooperation of warm water with elastomeric interior and exterior elements provides a more natural sensation of warmth, pressure, and responsive motion for the user, the device including contours simulating the structural features of the pelvic region and buttocks and an anatomically correct depiction of female genitalia including vulva and vaginal opening.07-18-2013
20090270674Play Flow Control Apparatus and Method for Controlling a Play Flow of a Sensual Consumer Product - A novel sensual consumer product is disclosed, this sensual consumer product utilizes a play flow control apparatus for receiving a user input for varying the play flow control signal for at least one of varying a mode of operation of a control circuit and the rotational speed of an electric motor. Rotating of the electric motor spins a weight and causes the sensual consumer product to vibrate. These vibrations are related to how the user mechanically interacts with play flow control apparatus, through touching or deforming of the sensual consumer product.10-29-2009
20130197302Sexual Stimulation Devices and Methods - A sexual stimulation device includes an elongated dildo housing sized to be received within an orifice of a human body, the housing defining an internal cavity extending along a longitudinal axis of the housing, a mass laterally constrained within the cavity and movable linearly along the cavity, and an electrically driven actuator disposed within the housing and operably coupled to the mass. The actuator is operable to accelerate the mass along the cavity and to thereby induce a longitudinal reactive acceleration of the housing.08-01-2013
20130197301STIMULATION AID DEVICE - A sex stimulation aid comprises a circular ring defining a first opening sized to fit over the root of a male penis, the ring having an outside diameter, the first opening having an inside diameter and a first elongate axis. A second opening has a second inside diameter and a second elongate axis, the second axis and the first axis extending parallel to each other and offset by a first distance. A third opening has a third inside diameter and a third elongate axis, the third axis and the first axis extending in directions perpendicular to each other and offset by a second distance. A first vibration element and a second vibration element are included.08-01-2013
20130204080Male Enhancement Device - A male enhancement device with a tubular body formed of a soft and pliable material such as silicone to increase the apparent length and girth of a wearer's penis for his partner's pleasure. The device has sidewalls of variable thickness around the circumference of the body to provide a thinned portion for placement by a user over his penile frenum and protuberances on an inner sidewall of the body. During sexual activity the tubular body lengthens and shortens as the protuberance slide along the wearer's penile shaft thus exaggerating the stroke for the wearer's pleasure.08-08-2013
20130204081FASTENING ELEMENT FOR A PENIS - A fastening element for a penis enabling connecting to a penis extension device provided with a supporting element as well as a fixing element for the penis, the supporting element being connected to a cover so as to be movable, the cover being moveable between an open and a closed position, and when the cover is in the closed position, the supporting element together with the cover forms a tubular hollow body having a proximal end and a distal end.08-08-2013

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