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600583000 Collector combined with lancet 246
600576000 Manually supported collector with rigid intake tube (e.g., a hollow needle, etc.) 102
600584000 Indicator 33
600581000 Flexible collection tube inserted in body 20
600582000 Collection receptacle placed within body 19
600575000 Plural collection means (e.g., plural reservoirs or plural absorbent pads, etc.) 17
600580000 Wall of collection reservoir formed of flexible material 8
600574000 Means specifically structured for collecting urine of human female 3
20090124929Feminine urine sample collection device with screw-on led and detachable support and handle - The invention provides an improved urine sample gathering device specifically for women. The device permits a woman to position the device with ease, control and comfort, ensures that the urine will sanitarily and effectively collect in the sample bottle and prevents any actual contact with the urine. The device is comprised of 4 separate, detachable and disposable parts that include the following: (1) a curved, oval basin, cup or apparatus shaped to fit comfortably and securely around the female genitalia that screws over a container or bottle and is detachable and disposable; (2) a container or bottle in which the urine will collect and can be stored; (3) an underlying lid which unscrews from the bottom of the container or bottle to secure the urine sample once it is collected; (4) an outer support apparatus or handle that is detachable and disposable with a curved hook-like end to permit handling or storage of the entire urine sample device.05-14-2009
20090118642URINE STREAM COLLECTION UNIT - A urine stream collection unit. The collection unit includes a receptacle cup, having a wall surrounding a fluid containment portion. An elongate handle structure extends away from the receptacle cup. The elongate handle structure includes a platform segment disposed at a distal end of the elongate handle structure. The platform segment is characterized by an enhanced width relative to an adjacent portion of the elongate handle structure.05-07-2009
20120046573MID-FLOW APPLICATOR - A mid-flow applicator to assist in female urine collection comprising: a urine reservoir, where a first side funnel, a second side funnel, a back catch and a pelvic shield lip surround said reservoir; a back lip on each side of the back catch; a pelvic shield lip extending upwardly from the pelvic shield; a front lip on each side of the pelvic shield lip; and an opening at the bottom of the reservoir. The applicator further includes a mechanism to attach the opening to a urine sample cup. The mechanism to attach may include a screw, matching lip seal and a slip on attachment. The reservoir, funnels, back catch and pelvic shield are uniquely configured to encourage the flow of urine to the opening and into an attached urine sample cup.02-23-2012
20100137741MULTI COMPARTMENT BODY PART SCRAPING FLUID COLLECTION DEVICE - An embodiment is a fluid sample collection system. More specifically, an embodiment is a fluid sample collection system to facilitate collection of biological specimens and particularly to facilitate collection of saliva, urine, and stool specimens from human or animal species for the purpose of extracting purified DNA and/or RNA.06-03-2010
20100010373QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS OF A BIOLOGICAL SAMPLE OF UNKNOWN QUANTITY - Disclosed is a method for testing a modified specimen such as a dried blood spot, plasma or serum specimen, for an analyte of interest, such as cholesterol. In accordance with the disclosed subject matter, the level of the analyte of interest in the medium from which the modified specimen was obtained (e.g., from a patient's blood) is determined based on the level of an analyte in a solution formed from the modified specimen and on the level of at least one normalizing analyte. The analyte and normalizing analyte each may be an ion, compound, biochemical entity, or property of the specimen. Also disclosed are a fluid collector and a fluid collection device.01-14-2010
20130085414METHOD OF TAKING OUT LIQUID PRESENT INSIDE SUBJECT THEREFROM - A method is provided to collect liquid, such as pancreatic juice water, and saline, from a body cavity of a subject. In the method, a tool is inserted through the body cavity to reach a target site in the body cavity. A body position of the subject is adjusted such that the wall surface of the body cavity including the target site intersects with a direction of gravitational force and the liquid present in the body cavity gathers on the wall surface intersecting with the direction of gravitational force. A recess is formed to be concaved on the wall surface in the direction of the gravitational force by making the tool press the wall surface of the body cavity. Therefore, the liquid present or discharged in the body cavity is accumulated in the recess. The liquid accumulated in the recess is taken out of the body of the subject.04-04-2013
20100113975SAMPLE TAKING DEVICE, AND SAMPLE TAKING METHODS - Sampling device for obtaining a sample of an analyte, comprising a feed line (05-06-2010
20120265099Systems and Methods for Managing Blood Donations - Methods and apparatus collecting blood from patients and managing blood donations are provided, which may include any number of features. One feature is a blood collection device configured to collect blood from a patient and periodically transmit blood collection data from the device to a control system. Another feature is a system and method for updating firmware on a plurality of blood collection devices. In one embodiment, a software interface with a blood collection control can be used to specify a blood collection protocol, and the blood collection protocol can be then transmitted to one or more blood collection devices.10-18-2012
20100081966Umbilical Cord Cell Harvesting - An apparatus and method are provided for harvesting biological material from an umbilical cord. A drain functions to drain the material from the umbilical cord. The apparatus includes a seal member for sealing an open end of an umbilical cord with the drain. A support is provided to support the seal member. An actuator is provided to adjust the engagement of the seal member with the umbilical cord. Moving the actuator relative to the support allows the seal member to twist about the umbilical cord to seal against the umbilical cord to effect drainage of material from the umbilical cord to the drain without leakage.04-01-2010
20100106057CONTROLLED TRANSFER BIOLOGICAL SAMPLE COLLECTION DEVICES AND METHODS OF USING SUCH DEVICES - The field of the present invention pertains to a controlled transfer biological collection device using a dry solid storage and transfer medium and a method for the collection of biological material of interest (genetic or proteinaceous material) in a form suitable for storage and/or subsequent analysis. Specifically, the present invention provides for a sampling device that controls the transfer of the biological sample to the storage medium by holding the storage medium and a moveable sample collection member having an analyte collection surface. The invention further provides for a method not only for storing a biological analyte on this collection device but also for analyzing the stored biological analyte using methods that are suited for automated analyzing systems.04-29-2010
20100331725APPARATUS FOR GENERATING AND COLLECTING SALIVA SAMPLES CONTAINING ENHANCED CELL CONCENTRATIONS - An apparatus for generating and collecting saliva samples containing enhanced cell concentrations includes a mouthpiece having a mouth contact portion and a flow channel which may include a tapered basin, a conduit in fluid communication with the flow channel, and one or more collectors couplable to the conduit. The mouth contact portion and basin may be textured to enhance cell removal. The mouth contact portion may include a plurality of internal and external channels disposed around the flow channel. Filters may be included between the flow channel and the collectors. A closure member is provided.12-30-2010
20100094170Means for Sampling Animal Blood04-15-2010
20120184875OPTIMIZED LANCET TAPE - A method for producing an analytical tape, in particular a lancet tape, is proposed. The analytical tape is designed for being used in an analytical testing device with at least a sample-taking function. In the method, at least one supporting tape is provided in a continuous process. A plurality of lancet elements are successively applied directly to the supporting tape at at least one application point.07-19-2012
20100137742SKIN INCISION INSTRUMENT AND METHOD FOR INCISING SKIN WITH THE SAME - Provided are skin incision instrument to efficiently incise minimal portions and a method for incising skin with the skin incision instrument. The skin incision instrument according to the present invention comprises a holder, a needle, a needle drive unit, two or more skin expander sets, and a reader, wherein the skin expander sets comprise a first skin expander and a second skin expander; the first skin expander and the second skin expander are capable of expanding skin at both sides of the linear incision portion away from the linear incision portion and expanding the linear incision portion in a direction to expand the linear incision portion; and, minimal portions are efficiently incised by selecting a single skin expander set from two or more of the skin expander set based on the direction of the linear incision portion, such that an angle is adjusted to 45 degrees or more and 90 degrees or less wherein the angle is formed by the direction of the linear incision portion read by the reader and the direction to expand the skin by the single skin expander set.06-03-2010
20090306542METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR MANAGING PATIENT DATA - The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for managing patient data. In one aspect, the invention relates to a system for managing patient data having many instruments. The instruments have a sampling member for sampling a body fluid from a patient and are in direct communication with at least one other instrument.12-10-2009
20110015544Fingertip positioned artery stabilizer - An artery stabilizer device is provided for stabilizing an artery while a technician inserts a needle into the stabilized artery. Two stabilizer fingers are provided to hold an artery in place while a needle is passed between two extensions and further inserted into the artery beyond the stabilizer fingers; the device can be removed from the worksite while the tip of the needle remains lodged within the artery. A platform is disposed above the stabilizer fingers and extensions create ample distance between the stabilizer fingers and the platform for simplified palpation and improved visibility and safety. Each embodiment can create an augmented pulse at a targeted needle insertion site, making it easier for a technician to palpate the patient's pulse there. Arterial catheter insertions can be facilitated using this invention.01-20-2011
20110015543FLUID SAMPLE COLLECTION SYSTEM - A sample collection container adapted to be connected to, and disconnected from, a sample collection adapter and a sample collection container cap. The sample collection adapter has a downward sloping interior surface that provides a free-flowing path for samples provided by a subject to the sample collection container. The sample collection adapter may have a three-dimensional rim surface that is curved in two different non-parallel planes.01-20-2011
20090076414CLOSED SPECIMEN COLLECTION SYSTEM - A closed specimen collection system for blood samples includes a collection tube that has a shaped nozzle adapted to fit sealably into a port connected to a centrally inserted venal catheter. A protective cover for the nozzle is attached to the collection tube and has an internal, female thread that mates to a male thread on the port. A specimen container has a hollow body, a front end and a back end. The front end has an aperture sized and shaped to attach to the collection tube. The aperture is sealable after removal of the collection tube. A piston fits closely within the hollow body and is attached to an actuating rod. When the port is connected to the collection tube, the collection tube is connected to the specimen container and the actuating rod is pulled toward the back end, blood will flow into the container in a sterile condition.03-19-2009
20090054809Sampling Device for Viscous Sample, Homogenization Method for Sputum and Method of Detecting Microbe - It is intended to provide: a sampling device for quantitatively sampling a liquid sample having a high viscosity such as sputum; an auxiliary jig therefor; an agent for homogenizing sputum by which sputum can be quickly treated under mild conditions and a microbe contained in the sputum can be detected at an improved stability; a homogenization device; a homogenization method; a method of detecting a microbe by using the above method; a separation device for conveniently, quickly and efficiently collecting a microbe contained in sputum; a method of collecting a microbe; and a method of detecting a microbe by using the above method. A sampling device for a viscous sample includes: a tubular body; a gasket; a long rod-like plunger; a plate-shaped nozzle that has substantially the same diameter as that of a straight section of the tubular body and is adapted to close a distal end of the tubular body; and a slit formed in the plate-like nozzle, the slit having a predetermined shape adapted to serve as an aspiration and discharge port for aspirating and discharging the viscous sample.02-26-2009
20080287830Apparatus and Method for Portable Blood Cell Counting - The invention relates to a novel self-contained apparatus and method for portable and rapid counting of blood cells in a sample drawn from a subject in need of determining his or her blood cell counts. The apparatus may be about the size of a credit card, and rapidly determines a subject's blood cell counts.11-20-2008
20120289863DIAGNOSTIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR SENSING HYDRATION STATE OF A MAMMALIAN SUBJECT - Timed sensing of collection of saliva in a liquid collection element of predetermined volumetric capacity may be used to determine salivary secretion rate, as may be indicative of state of euhydration or dehydration. Sensing of salivary flow rate may be further augmented by sensing concentration of at least one analyte in saliva (e.g., with an immunochromatographic assay performed in a lateral flow device) in order to determine a state of euhydration or dehydration. Production of saliva may be stimulated, and collected saliva may be analyzed to generate an analyte detection signal that indicative of presence and/or correlative of concentration of at least one analyte in the collected saliva to sense a state of euhydration or dehydration.11-15-2012
20110301499BODY FLUID SAMPLING DEVICE AND BODY FLUID MEASURING DEVICE USING THE SAME - A body fluid sampling device (12-08-2011
20100249650PUNCTURE SET - A puncture set includes a puncture needle unit and puncture device. The puncture needle unit includes a puncture needle and a tubular casing, with the puncture needle having a needle hub and a needle body possessing a needle point. The tubular casing movably receives the puncture needle and has an opening from which the needle point can project. The puncture device has a housing, an installation section at which the casing is removably installed, and a plunger having a connection section connected to the needle hub in an installed state where the casing is installed on the installation section. Casing-side projections project from the outer periphery of the casing and are circumferentially arranged. Installation section-side projections project from the inner periphery of the installation section and are circumferentially arranged. In the installed state, at least one installation section-side projection is located between adjacent casing-side projections.09-30-2010
20120004574Cannula with Introducer, Needle Protecting Guard and Blood Collecting System - A cannula introducing device comprises an elongate body (01-05-2012
20110288439MEASUREMENT DEVICE AND PUNCTURE DEVICE - Disclosed are a measurement device and a puncture device that prevent thermal loss and enable decreased cost in laser units. A laser unit (11-24-2011
20110288440Catalysts for Body Fluid Sample Extraction - An arrangement for producing a sample of body fluid from a wound opening created in a skin surface at a sampling site includes at least one skin-penetration member having a first end configured to pierce the surface of the skin, and a inner lumen in communication with the first end; at least one actuator operatively associated with the at least one skin-penetration member; and at least one catalyst device configured to cause perfusion of body fluid at the sampling site; wherein the at least one actuator is configured to locate the at least one skin-penetration member so as to obstruct the wound opening while transporting body fluid through the inner lumen. Associated methods are also described.11-24-2011
20110295152PUNCTURE METHOD, INCISION NEEDLE, PUNCTURE NEEDLE, NEEDLE CAP AND INSTRUMENT FOR BLOOD PURIFICATION TREATMENT - The present invention is a method of puncturing a shunt blood vessel, using a incision needle having a pointed extremity that protrudes apically from a hypothetical angled plane formed by cutting straight through the tip of the needle at an angle, wherein the pointed extremity of the incision needle is inserted into a shunt blood vessel, thereby forming a reverse U-shaped incision on the surface of the shunt blood vessel, with the apex of the incision being on the bottom side in the direction of insertion.12-01-2011
20120191009METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IN VIVO SURVEILLANCE OF CIRCULATING BIOLOGICAL COMPONENTS - The invention relates generally to in vivo collection of circulating molecules, tumor cells and other biological markers using a collecting probe. The probe is configured for placement within a living organism for an extended period of time to provide sufficient yield of biological marker for analysis.07-26-2012
20110144535Integrated device for analyte testing, confirmation, and donor identity verification - The present invention provides an apparatus for fluid sample collection and analyte testing, including a sample receiving member and at least one membrane test strip, and optionally a sample retention member, fingerprint acquisition pad, and/or fluid collector. It also provides a fluid collection apparatus having an absorbent material, compression element, and closure element, and optionally a lid that allows the apparatus to be used in conjunction with a fluid container. Also provided are methods of collecting, testing, and retaining a fluid sample and verifying the identity of one or more individuals associated with the sample, such as the test subject, test administrator, and/or witnesses.06-16-2011
20100113976SEALING CAP FOR A BODY FLUID CONTAINER AND A BLOOD COLLECTION DEVICE - A sealing cap for a body fluid container, and a body fluid collection device and system are disclosed. The sealing cap includes an inner cap placeable on an opening in the body fluid container forming a mouth, the inner cap has a shielding member which seals the mouth of the body fluid container, an outer cap resting on the inner cap, the outer cap being movable relative to the inner cap, and a channel member, wherein by a rotational movement the outer cap is movable between an first position in which the channel member is located separated from the shielding member and a second position in which the channel member extends through the shielding member, thereby establishing an open state of the shielding member, and wherein the shielding member returns to a closed state when the outer cap is moved back from the second position to the first position.05-06-2010
20100268118SYSTEM FOR REMOVAL AND INFUSION OF BODY FLUID, AND METHOD FOR ITS OPERATION - The invention relates to a system for the extraction and infusion of a body fluid, in particular a system for the extraction and infusion of blood, having a fluid distribution device with an outer structural element at which several connection ports are formed and an inner structural element which is arranged, at least partially, in a seat in the outer structural element, is displaceable between positions and has a hollow space configured for the intake and discharge of a fluid. The invention also relates to a method for operating a system for the extraction and infusion of a body fluid.10-21-2010
20090005705Fecal Specimen Collector - The present invention provides a fecal specimen collector. The fecal specimen collector consisting of a top cover, a bottle body, a specimen output end and a bottom cover, wherein a lower portion of the top cover forms a sampling end which may be inserted into the bottle body through an upper end of the bottle body, the top cover is connected with the upper end of the bottle body, the specimen output end is hermetically coupled with a lower portion of the bottle body, and the bottom cover surrounds the specimen output end and couples to the bottle body, wherein a convex is formed on the inner center of the bottom cover, and is inserted into a specimen output port of the specimen output end. The fecal specimen collector according to the present application has a small and delicate structure which has the advantages of easy operation, convenient portability and pollution free, etc.01-01-2009
20120035504Systems for Withdrawing Body Fluid and Methods for Configuring Systems for Withdrawing Body Fluids - The invention relates to a system for withdrawing body fluid from a body part via a withdrawal site located on the surface of the body part, with at least one sensor for detecting at least one variable dependent on the location or state of the withdrawal site, and with an evaluation unit for evaluating the at least one variable detected by the at least one sensor and for triggering a reaction, dependent on the value of the detected variable, in the system for withdrawing body fluid, said reaction serving to prepare the system for puncturing the surface of the body part, and with at least one puncturing device for creating an opening in the body at the withdrawal site. The invention further relates to an integrated analysis system, to a method for configuring a system for withdrawal of body fluid, and to a method for selecting a menu item from a menu for controlling a system for withdrawing body fluid from a body part.02-09-2012
20110118627DISPOSABLE PATIENT INTERFACE FOR INTRADUCTAL FLUID ASPIRATION SYSTEM - Disclosed is a disposable patient interface for an intraductal fluid aspiration system. The interface has a flexible tubular distal member for contacting the patient, and a proximal support portion forming a vacuum chamber therein. The support portion has a vacuum aperture for communication with a source of vacuum, and a retention structure for releasably mounting within a hand piece of an intraductal fluid aspiration system. The flexible member preferably has a low modulus of elasticity and a high tear strength, such that it can be stretched to fit over a rigid support without rupture.05-19-2011
20120109008URINE MEASURING DEVICE - A device for measuring of urine production of a patient carrying a urine catheter, the device comprising a replaceable self-emptying chamber (05-03-2012
20090204025Method and apparatus for an improved sample capture device - A body fluid sampling device is provided. A mesh may be used to guide blood or fluid to travel directly from the wound to an analyte detecting port on the cartridge. Thus the volume of blood or body fluid produced at the wound site irregardless of its droplet geometry can be reliable and substantially completely transported to the analyte detecting member for measurement.08-13-2009
20090012426Intravascular Line and Port Cleaning Methods, Methods of Administering an Agent Intravascularly, Methods of Obtaining/Testing Blood, and Devices for Performing Such Methods - An intravascular port access device includes a first component having a chamber configured to attach reversibly to an intravenous line port. A second component reversibly attaches to the first component and contains a disinfecting agent and an applicator material. The second component is configured to be reversibly received over external surfaces of the intravenous line port. A method of cleansing an intravenous line port includes providing a port cleaning device having a first component with a chamber containing a first cleaning agent. A second component includes a second cleaning agent. A third component has a microbiocidal agent and is reversibly attached to the first component. The second component is removed from the device, the external surfaces of the port are contacted with the second cleaning agent, the first cleaning agent is ejected from the chamber into the port, and the third component is used to cap the port.01-08-2009
20090281454Irrigation and aspiration devices and methods - Irrigation and/or aspiration devices and methods may be configured to aspirate and irrigate alone, sequentially, or concurrently. The devices and methods may provide a base with a removable head, and adapted for partial or complete separation of the irrigation and aspiration functions. The devices and methods can be configured to aspirate and/or irrigate the nasal and sinus cavities. The devices and methods may be manually and/or automatically controlled. The devices and methods may include removable, and/or replaceable, and/or refillable, and easily cleanable reservoirs for aspirant and irrigant. The device head and/or aspirant reservoir may comprise a diagnostic device, i.e., test device and/or container after use of the devices and methods.11-12-2009
20090036796Liquid Sampling Apparatus and Method of Using Same - A sampling apparatus including an ampoule, an ampoule barrel for receiving the ampoule through a first opening, and a sheath fitted over a tip of the ampoule and extending from the ampoule and through a second opening of the ampoule barrel.02-05-2009
20080287829COLLECTION MEANS AND A METHOD FOR COLLECTING CORD BLOOD - The invention provided herein comprises a kit, where the kit includes at least one collecting receptacle for collecting cord blood, and a pre-measured non-liquid anticoagulant which is optionally pre-loaded into the receptacle. The anticoagulant is preferably selected from the group consisting of heparin or heparin type additives, citrates, EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), and oxalates and any other anticoagulant that can be used to decrease the clotting ability of the blood. The invention provided herein also comprises a method for collecting cord blood, where the method comprises collecting a desired amount of cord blood from the umbilical cord using a collection receptacle of the invention, wherein the collection receptacle is pre-loaded with a pre-measured amount of non-liquid anticoagulant.11-20-2008
20090076413DEVICE AND SYSTEM FOR SPECIMEN COLLECTION - Holders for specimen collection such as urine collection and systems including holders and specimen collection cups are disclosed. The holders include resiliently deformable features for retaining cups of varying sizes therein. In some forms, the holders are alignable to minimize spillage when advancing the specimen cup into a urine stream.03-19-2009
20090177116BODY FLUID SAMPLING DEVICE AND BODY FLUID MEASURING DEVICE USING THE SAME - A body fluid sampling device (07-09-2009
20090187117Packing material and medical instrument set package - A medical instrument set package includes a blood treating implement (medical instrument set) housed inside a packing material. The blood treating implement includes a plurality of bags, a blood collecting needle, and a filter, which are connected together by tubes. The packaging material (07-23-2009
20090326416DETECTING INFECTION IN REDUCED PRESSURE WOUND TREATMENT - Provided is a method of detecting infection in a wound caused by an infecting organism at a wound site. Also provided is a system for detecting an infection in a wound at a wound site. Additionally, a porous pad comprising luciferase is provided.12-31-2009
20090326415MICRONEEDLES AND METHODS FOR FABRICATING MICRONEEDLES - A plastic microneedle comprising: a body portion tapering from a larger end of the body portion towards a tip portion of the body portion; at least one side port; and a lumen extending from the larger end of the body portion and within the body portion of the microneedle, wherein the side port extends into the lumen such that the side port and the lumen are in fluid communication with each other.12-31-2009
20090054810Analyte concentration detection devices and methods - Arrangements for the detection of the presence and/or concentration of an analyte in a sample of bodily fluid include diffuse transmission, diffuse reflection and edge or waveguide illumination arrangements. A vertical flow assay arrangement and/or technique is also disclosed, and includes a detection component that can be in the form of an array of optical detection elements. A number of assay pad constructions are described which may include at least one or more of the following components: a prefilter component, a reflective component, a membrane component, a reagent component, a mesh component, and a component to prevent lateral spreading.02-26-2009
20110224579DEVICE FOR COLLECTING A BIOLOGICAL FLUID SAMPLE - Sample collection device (10; 20; 30) for collecting a fluidic biological sample, the device comprising a collecting member (11; 21; 31) for collecting the fluidic sample; an indicator element (12, 22, 32) for providing an indication that a desired amount of the fluidic sample has been collected; an elongated capillary element (13; 23; 33) for providing fluidic communication between the collecting member (11; 21; 31) and the indicator element (12; 22; 32) so that at least a portion of the fluidic sample may be transferred from the collecting member (11; 21; 31) to the indicator element (12; 22; 32). The invention relates also to a sample test assembly.09-15-2011
20090247902METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TRANSPORTING A PATIENT SAMPLE BETWEEN A STERILE AND NON-STERILE AREA - Devices and methods for performing automated fluid sampling of a patient are disclosed, comprising a patient sampling assembly, test substrates, and a sample transfer assembly to transfer fluid samples from the sampling assembly to the test substrates. The sample transfer assembly may be configured to maintain the sterility of the patient sampling assembly while transferring samples to non-sterile components, test substrates.10-01-2009
20090247903Systems and methods for obtaining analytes from a body - A method may include collecting at least one analyte from within a body, ejecting the collected at least one analyte from the body through at least one dermal layer of the body, and receiving the ejected at least one analyte outside the body. A system may include a means for collecting at least one analyte from within a body, a means for ejecting the collected at least one analyte from the body through at least one dermal layer of the body, and a means for receiving the ejected at least one analyte outside the body.10-01-2009
20090247905Systems and methods for obtaining analytes from a body - A method may include collecting at least one analyte from within a body, ejecting the collected at least one analyte from the body through at least one dermal layer of the body, and receiving the ejected at least one analyte outside the body. A system may include a means for collecting at least one analyte from within a body, a means for ejecting the collected at least one analyte from the body through at least one dermal layer of the body, and a means for receiving the ejected at least one analyte outside the body.10-01-2009
20090247904Systems and methods for obtaining analytes from a body - A method may include collecting at least one analyte from within a body, ejecting the collected at least one analyte from the body through at least one dermal layer of the body, and receiving the ejected at least one analyte outside the body. A system may include a means for collecting at least one analyte from within a body, a means for ejecting the collected at least one analyte from the body through at least one dermal layer of the body, and a means for receiving the ejected at least one analyte outside the body.10-01-2009
20100274156Device for Monitoring a Patient for a Urinary Tract Infection - The invention provides for a urinary monitoring device to monitor for the presence or absence of markers indicative of a urinary tract infection (UTI). The invention also provides for methods of using such a device.10-28-2010
20090259143INSERTION OF A MEDICAL NEEDLE10-15-2009
20090318833Needle Structures and Methods for Fabricating Needle Structures - A needle comprising: a base portion; a stem portion extending from the base portion; a tip portion formed on the stem portion; wherein a length of the stem portion is chosen such that the needle can be used for intradermal or subcutaneous drug delivery, and the base portion, the stem portion and the tip portion are integrally formed.12-24-2009
20100056954Device For Extracting Blood Samples - A device for extracting blood samples comprising a casing, a cover, a suction device, and a pricking element. The casing exhibits a finger opening and a suction opening and comprises a container exhibiting a sealable sample opening and posited below the finger opening. The cover is sealably connected to the casing and seals the sample opening. The suction device is sealably connected to the suction opening of the casing. In operation, the casing is sealed by placing a finger upon the finger opening, the suction device is arranged to generate a partial vacuum. The pricking element is arranged to prick the finger from within the casing through the finger opening such as to cause blood to trickle from the pricked finger. The partial vacuum enhances blood trickling from the pricked finger. The container holds the blood sample that may be removed upon releasing the partial vacuum.03-04-2010
20100234765DIAGNOSIS AND MONITORING OF CHRONIC RENAL DISEASE USING NGAL - A method of assessing the ongoing kidney status of a mammal afflicted with or at risk of developing chronic renal injury or disease, including chronic renal failure (CRF) by detecting the quantity of Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin (NGAL) in urine, serum or plasma samples at discrete time periods, as well as over time. Incremental increases in NGAL levels in CRF patients over a prolonged period of time are diagnostic of worsening kidney disease. This increase in NGAL precedes and correlates with other indicators of worsening chronic renal disease or CRF, such as increased serum creatinine, increased urine protein secretion, and lower glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Proper detection of worsening (or improving, if treatment has been instituted) renal status over time, confirmed by pre- and post-treatment NGAL levels in the patient, can aid the clinical practitioner in designing and/or maintaining a proper treatment regimen to slow or stop the progression of CRF.09-16-2010
20100222701BODY LIQUID COLLECTING AUXILIARY MEMBER AND BODY LIQUID COLLECTING DEVICE USING THE AUXILIARY MEMBER - Provided is a body liquid collecting device comprising a body liquid collecting auxiliary sheet (09-02-2010
20110130681SAMPLE COLLECTION IMPLEMENT - A sample collection implement S06-02-2011
20090112121BLEEDING APPARATUS - A bleeding apparatus includes a first stimulating component for pressing an examinee at a first simulating point so as to induce sense perception, and a second stimulating component for pressing the examinee at a second simulating point so as to induce sense perception. A distance between the first stimulating component and the second stimulating component is less than or equal to a two-point sense threshold of a human perception system. The bleeding apparatus further includes a bleeding component disposed between the first stimulating component and the second stimulating component for bleeding the examinee between the first stimulating point and the second stimulating point when the first stimulating component is pressing the examinee at the first simulating point and the second stimulating component is pressing the examinee at the second simulating point.04-30-2009
20120143085TEST ELEMENT EJECTION MECHANISM FOR A METER - A hand-held biosensing meter includes an ejection mechanism housed by the meter for ejecting a test element from the meter. The meter housing is provided with a port to receive the test element. The ejection mechanism includes a drive portion associated with the receptacle and a trigger portion that is associated with the drive portion and releasably engageable to the housing. Displacement of the trigger portion causes the drive portion to automatically eject the test element from the port of the meter housing. Insertion of a test element into the port re-positions the ejection mechanism to its locked position and provides an indication to the user that the test element is properly inserted into the meter.06-07-2012
20090069714System and method for measuring data for medical applications - The present application provides a system for measuring and storing data in an external device including a collection unit transferring fluid, a sensing unit connected to the collection unit for sensing the pressure of the fluid and converting the pressure into data, a housing assembly for housing the sensing unit, and a communication unit connected to the housing assembly receiving the data from the sensing unit and transmitting the data to the external device. The system provides a communication device for transmitting a signal to the external device having a plurality of buttons, each button corresponding to a condition, a light indicating operation of a button, and an electronic circuitry detecting the operation of the button, identifying the operation of the button as the signal, and transmitting the signal to an external device. The present application further provides a method for measuring data using the above-described system.03-12-2009
20110125057INTRAVENOUS CANNULA ASSEMBLY - An intravenous cannula assembly comprises a longitudinally extending barrel (05-26-2011
20110098597MICROFLUIDIC SAMPLERS AND METHODS FOR MAKING AND USING THEM - This invention provides microfluidic samplers for withdrawing one or more precise micro- or nano-liter volumes of a sample. The invention provides microfabricated automatic systems comprising integrated poly(dimethyl-siloxane) (PDMS) micro fluidics. The sample can be biological samples, including samples from animals or plants. The samples can be fluid or gas. The samples can comprise a biological fluid, such as blood, tears, cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) and the like, from a test subject such as a human or a mouse. The invention also provides methods for making and using the microfluidic samplers of the invention.04-28-2011
20120150072DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING AN EXCRETION FLOW RATE OF A BODY FLUID OF A PERSON OR AN ANIMAL - A device and method for determining an excretion flow rate of a body fluid of a person or an animal. The device includes an absorbent element equipped with at least three electrodes connected to a measuring system for measuring at least one electric parameter so as to be electrically coupled two by two and to form at least two pairs of electrodes, separating systems which include an inlet opening exposing a part of the absorbent element so as to create a diffusion path. At least two of the electrodes are first electrodes placed along the diffusion path in such a way that each of the first electrodes is at a distance from the inlet opening representative of a volume of absorbed fluid.06-14-2012
20120302916BIOPSY INSTRUMENT COMPRISING A MAGNETIC ELEMENT - The invention relates to a magnetic biopsy-instrument and use thereof for enriching specific sample material from the body. The invention also relates to a biopsy-kit and use thereof for enriching specific sample material.11-29-2012
20100280413SAFETY SHIELD APPARATUS AND MOUNTING STRUCTURE FOR USE WITH MEDICAL NEEDLE DEVICES - A safety shield apparatus including a safety shield and mounting structure for mounting the safety shield to a medical needle. The safety shield includes a distal segment, a proximal segment and a retention member. The distal segment is pivotally secured to the proximal segment and the proximal segment is pivotally secured to the retention member. The retention member includes an opening for receiving a nose of a medical needle device, e.g., a blood collection device. In one embodiment, a retaining collar is provided which is dimensioned to be press-fit about the nose of the medical needle device to secure the safety shield to the medical needle device. Alternatively, mounting structure is formed directly on the retention member to secure the safety shield to the medical needle device.11-04-2010
20110160612PAIN FREE HYPODERMIC NEEDLE - A hypodermic needle having a hub with a distal surface extending at an obtuse angle from a short needle, and a bevel approximately parallel to the distal surface.06-30-2011
20090275860Centesis Instrument - A centesis instrument, wherein a patient applies a contact part to a palm, a finger, or an arm in the state of gripping an outer tube by hand and presses the outer tube against its measured portion. A third coiled spring is compressed to increase spring power. When the outer tube reaches a prescribed position, the tip face of the vertical portion of a centesis button reaches a hole part, and a projected part is allowed to be pressed. When the patient presses a button body from a direction perpendicular to the axis of the button body by using a finger at that position, a locking piece is separated from a locking part and the centesis needle of a centesis needle unit is instantaneously projected from the opening part of the contact part to the measured portion by the spring power of the third coiled spring for centesis. Thus, a prescribed amount of blood can be taken out from the measured portion.11-05-2009
20090005704Specimen Collection Container - A liquid specimen collection container is described that includes a cup which has a base, an edge portion, and a sidewall extending from the base to the edge portion. The container additionally includes a lid disposed on the edge portion. The lid has a recessed portion which forms a protrusion extending downward into the cup. The container also includes a flexible extraction tube permanently affixed to the bottom of the protrusion with the tube reaching the base of the cup. The container further typically includes a transfer means positioned inside the recessed portion of the lid, the transfer means in liquid communication with the flexible tube. The transfer means assists in transferring liquid from the container to another vessel. A system is also described that includes the above specimen collection container and a vessel into which collected liquid is transferred from the container.01-01-2009
20110071434Apparatus for Collecting Urine and Other Bodily Fluids - An apparatus for collecting urine and other bodily fluids comprises an elongate handle and a specimen collection cup. The elongate handle defines an opening therein and comprises a selectively detachable portion. The selectively detachable portion at least partially forms the perimeter edge of the opening. The specimen collection cup is at least partially disposed within the opening in the elongate handle and is removably supported by the elongate handle.03-24-2011
20110098598SAMPLING CONNECTOR - A sampling connector for use in sampling a body fluid such as arterial blood or cerebrospinal fluid. The sampling connector comprises at least two apertures in fluid communication via a fluid flow conduit and a one-way valve (04-28-2011
20110118626Sampling Devices and Methods - An automated sample aspirating method in which a magnetic force is applied to a collection tube containing a sample carrier to move at least the top of the carrier to a location off the center axis of the collection tube. An aspirator is inserted into the tube at a vertical position along the sample carrier, and a fluid is aspirated from the tube. Also provided are a sample collector having a tip adapted to obtain a sample from a sample source, and a handle that extends from the tip and is magnetic at a location remote from the tip. Also provided is a sample processing system having a sample collector such as described above, a collection tube adapted to hold the sample collector with the tip at a closed lower end of the tube and the handle extending towards an open upper end of the tube, and a cap that seals the sample collector tip and at least a potion of the handle inside the tube. Also provided is a sample processing system having a sample holding rack having at least one opening adapted to hold one or more sample containers, a sample processing device adapted to move along a predetermined path into the one or more sample containers and process a sample contained therein, and one or more magnets adapted to displace an object in the one or more sample containers out of the predetermined path of the sample processing device.05-19-2011
20100324449Blood Sampling Device Comprising At Least One Filter - The invention relates to a device for taking blood by capillarity and incorporating a filter and downstream therefrom, an absorbent material for separating a plasma phase of the blood from a cell phase. The device is characterized in that the filter comprises in succession: 12-23-2010
20110178424Specimen Collection Container Having a Transitional Fill-Volume Indicator Indicating Extraction Method - A specimen collection container having a transitional fill-volume indicator is disclosed. The specimen collection container includes an open top end, a closed bottom end, and a sidewall extending therebetween defining an interior. The specimen collection container includes a transitional fill-volume indicator adjacent the sidewall, such that the container defines a first volumetric interior defined by the sidewall between the closed bottom end and the transitional indicator. The specimen collection container also defines a second volumetric interior defined by the sidewall between the closed bottom end and a portion of the sidewall disposed above the transitional indicator. The first volumetric interior is adapted to allow extraction of a specimen therefrom by a first extraction process, and the second volumetric interior is adapted to allow extraction of a specimen therefrom by either the first extraction process or a second extraction process, the second extraction process being different than the first extraction process.07-21-2011
20090209882INTEGRATED CAP AND SAMPLE APPLICATOR - A sampling cap (08-20-2009
20110190663Device and kit for collecting body fluids - The present invention provides for a device and a kit for collecting body fluids. The device includes a body fluid collection portion comprising a body fluid absorbing material. The body fluid connecting portion has a free edge and is hingedly connected at the edge opposite to the free edge to a first support panel and a second support panel. A base panel is hingedly connected to the first support panel or the second support panel. In a first folded condition the body fluid collection portion is sandwiched between the first support panel and the second support panel in a substantially face contacting relationship. The device for collecting body fluids is configured to be folded from the first folded condition into a second folded condition, wherein the body fluid collection portion is exposed so that by grasping the device for collecting body fluids by means of a handle formed by the first support panel, the second support panel and optionally the base panel the body fluid collection portion can be inserted into a sample container containing a body fluid to be sampled. Moreover, the device for collecting body fluids is configured to be folded from the second folded condition into a drying or triangle configuration, wherein the first support panel, the second support panel and the base panel form the three sides of a triangle such that the body fluid collection portion is suspended from its hinged connection with the first and second support panels and arranged within the space defined by the first and second support panels and the base panel.08-04-2011
20110152718DEVICE AND METHOD FOR EVALUATING THE HYDRIC LOSS OF A PERSON OR AN ANIMAL BY SWEATING - A device for evaluating the hydric loss of a person or an animal by sweating is provided with: 06-23-2011
20090209881Apparatus for manually retaining a urine cup while providing a urine specimen - The present invention is a hand held apparatus to manually retain a urine specimen cup between the legs of a person so that a person can provide a urine specimen into the cup while precisely holding the cup beneath his or her legs so that the urine can be precisely voided into the cup.08-20-2009
20120041337METHODS OF MAKING HOLLOW MICRONEEDLE ARRAYS AND ARTICLES AND USES THEREFROM - A method of making hollow microneedle arrays is described. Also described are the articles therefrom and the use of the articles in applications such as delivering fluid to and/or extracting body fluid from a subject.02-16-2012
20110066076INTERSTITIAL FLUID COLLECTION METHOD AND INTERSTITIAL FLUID COLLECTION KIT AND INTERSTITIAL FLUID COLLECTION SHEET USED FOR THE METHOD - A interstitial fluid collection kit for collecting interstitial fluid extracted via micropores formed in a skin is disclosed. The kit includes a marker sheet that has an adhesive face and that defines a region in which micropores are to be formed; a transparent retention sheet having an adhesive face; and a collecting body that is retained by a part of the adhesive face of the retention sheet and that collects interstitial fluid extracted from the skin.03-17-2011
20110082388BI-DIRECTIONAL MOTION OF A LORENTZ-FORCE ACTUATED NEEDLE-FREE INJECTOR (NFI) - The present invention relate to a method and corresponding apparatus for extraction of a sample from a sample source. A fluid is injected into the sample source and the sample source is vibrated. A sample is withdrawn from the vibrated sample source and the sample source is evaluated by measuring one or more identifying parameters in the withdrawn sample.04-07-2011
20110092852DEVICE FOR ABSORBING PROTEINS FROM BODY FLUIDS - A planar device for absorbing substances, especially proteins, such as enzymes, from body fluids, especially from gingival crevicular fluid or lacrimal fluid, comprising a receptor element (04-21-2011
20120071788SAMPLING DEVICE AND SAMPLING METHOD - The present invention relates to a sampling device, a sampling system and a method of sampling, and in particular a method of analysis, for application to a living entity.03-22-2012
20120071789Oral Fluid Collection Device - According to a first aspect of the present invention there is provided an oral fluid collection device 03-22-2012
20110077553DEVICE FOR SAMPLING BLOOD DROPLETS UNDER VACUUM CONDITIONS - A blood extraction device (03-31-2011
20110105952RELATIVELY SMALL DEVICES APPLIED TO THE SKIN, MODULAR SYSTEMS, AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF - The present invention generally relates, in certain aspects, to relatively small devices applied to the skin, modular systems, and methods of use thereof. In some aspects, the device is constructed and arranged to have more than one module. For instance, the device may have a module for delivering to and/or withdrawing fluid from the skin and/or beneath the skin of a subject and a module for transmitting a signal indicative of the fluid delivered to and/or withdrawn from the skin and/or beneath the skin of the subject, a module for analyzing a fluid withdrawn from the skin and/or beneath the skin of the subject, or the like. In some embodiments, the modules are connectable and/or detachable from each other, and in some cases, the connections and/or detachments may be performed while the device is in contact with the subject, e.g., while affixed to the subject. In some embodiments, the device may be repeatedly applicable to the skin of the subject to deliver to and/or withdraw fluid from the skin and/or beneath the skin of a subject, e.g., at the same location, or at different locations on the skin of the subject. In some aspects, the devices may be self-contained and/or have a relatively small size, and in some cases, the device may be sized such that it is wearable and/or able to be carried by a subject. For example, the device may have a mass and/or dimensions that allow the device to be carried or worn by a subject for various periods of time, e.g., at least about an hour, at least about a day, at least about a week, etc., or no more than about an hour, no more than about 10 min, etc.05-05-2011
20110105951SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR TREATING, SANITIZING, AND/OR SHIELDING THE SKIN OR DEVICES APPLIED TO THE SKIN - The present invention generally relates, in certain aspects, to systems and methods for treating, sanitizing, and/or shielding blood on the surface of the skin or devices applied to the skin. In one set of embodiments, while blood is withdrawn from the skin of the subject, the blood is covered and/or shielded such that the blood is not seen by the subject. In another set of embodiments, any blood present on the skin may be altered or treated such that it no longer appears as blood, e.g., by exposing the blood to a chemical such as a peroxide that alters the color of the blood. In yet another set of embodiments, blood present on the skin is withdrawn or taken up by the device such that visible residual blood is not present in an amount visible to the unaided eye once the device is removed. In some cases, the same device may be used to sanitize the skin and deliver to and/or withdraw fluid from the skin and/or beneath the skin. The sanitization may be performed before, during, or after delivering to and/or withdrawing fluid from the skin and/or beneath the skin. Sanitization may be performed, for example, using a sanitizer such as hydrogen peroxide, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, or the like.05-05-2011
20100234766Topical administration of a salt compound to facilitate venipuncture - A method for enlarging a peripheral vein so as to facilitate venipuncture of the vein by topically applying a vasodilator salt compound to skin overlying the vein and permitting the salt compound to cause the vein to enlarge by causing the vein to fill with blood.09-16-2010
20120165697SAMPLE COLLECTING DEVICE - A sampling device for collecting a bodily fluid, the device comprising a membrane penetration device including a membrane penetrating element for penetrating a membrane to release a bodily fluid and a collecting element adapted to take up the bodily fluid, the collecting element being engaged with the membrane penetration device.06-28-2012
20100049088Specimen container - A specimen container includes an opening for receiving biological fluid specimens, and a body, wherein at least one of a body mid-section and a container base is substantially wider than the opening. The body mid-section may be curved and wider than the container base. Alternatively, the body mid-section may be flat and narrower than the container base. A detachable lid may be configured to cover the opening. In another embodiment, a specimen container includes a base member, a set of wall members fixedly connected to the base member, and a deflector cap configured to deflect fluid specimen material back into the specimen container. Advantages of the present invention include a specimen container that allows more complete and easier specimen collection and retention. These advantages may be achieved, at least in part, through better shape optimization of the specimen container.02-25-2010
20110184315Multi-Loop Bridge-Type Apparatus for the Collection of Cells - A multi-loop bridge-type apparatus for the collection of cells is provided. The multi-loop bridge-type apparatus includes a barrel, a plunger, a filter unit, and at least two external ducts. The barrel includes one open end. The filter unit is disposed inside an inner space of the barrel and partitions the inner space of the barrel into a first space and a second space. The open end is structured for connection to the first space. The plunger is coupled with the barrel and is adapted for executing a piston motion along the second space. Each external duct has two ends respectively communicating with the first space and the second space. Each external duct further includes a control valve for controlling the duct to be conducted or shut off.07-28-2011
20100174209Specimen Collection Device - The present disclosure provides a novel, disposable urine collection vessel securing device that can be used in combination with any standard urine containment vessel and configured to provide an inexpensive, sanitary, convenient device for the collection of urine from a subject. Also provided is a method of use and can be included as one of the items in a sample collection kit.07-08-2010
20120083711DIAGNOSTIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR SENSING HYDRATION STATE OF A MAMMALIAN SUBJECT - Timed sensing of collection of saliva in a liquid collection element of predetermined volumetric capacity may be used to determine salivary secretion rate, as may be indicative of state of euhydration or dehydration. Sensing of salivary flow rate may be further augmented by sensing concentration of at least one analyte in saliva (e.g., with an immunochromatographic assay performed in a lateral flow device) in order to determine a state of euhydration or dehydration. Production of saliva may be stimulated, and collected saliva may be analyzed to generate an analyte detection signal that indicative of presence and/or correlative of concentration of at least one analyte in the collected saliva to sense a state of euhydration or dehydration.04-05-2012
20120172753SURGICAL INSTRUMENT FOR MOLECULAR SAMPLING - The present disclosure relates to a surgical instrument for sampling molecules in an organ which can be accessed directly or via a surgical portal, including: 07-05-2012
20120316465System and method for monitoring the time period for blood parameter monitoring processes - The invention relates to a system and method for monitoring at least one blood parameter of the blood of various patients by means of a plurality of access devices for in each case setting up at least one access to the blood of each patient through his skin, a plurality of extraction devices for extraction of an amount of blood from each patient in order to obtain at least one blood sample in each case, blood analysis devices, which are used jointly for a plurality of blood samples, for analysis of predeterminable parameters of the blood from the blood sample, a common calculation device for calculation of medicament parameters for the medicaments to be prescribed to the respective patient on the basis of data records of the determined parameters of the analyzed blood, and a plurality of feed devices for feeding in the respective medicament with the calculated medicament parameters.12-13-2012
20100010372POROUS MULTIPLE SAMPLE SLEEVE AND BLOOD DRAWING DEVICE FOR FLASH DETECTION - A device for drawing fluid from a lumen, and particularly blood from a blood vessel, is disclosed. The device may provide indication of the entry of an intravenous cannula into the lumen. The device may include a central body having an outer wall and an inner fluid passage. The device may include a luer-type adapter to permit the attachment of sample vial guide tube, or an I.V. infusion set of various lengths (“butterfly needle”) and or any luer-type fitting attached to an existing device. The outer wall of the central body of the flexible sleeve may be transparent or translucent to permit the detection of fluid within the inner passage. A front cannula may extend from one end of the central body and a rear cannula may extend from the other end of the central body. Both the front and rear cannulae may communicate with the inner fluid passage. An air-permeable blood-impermeable flexible sleeve may surround at least a tip portion of the rear cannula. The air-permeable blood-impermeable flexible sleeve acts as a venting member. The venting member permits the passage of air through it, and is substantially impermeable to liquids, such as blood. The flexible sleeve may be comprised of two types of material, a first material which is air-impermeable and a second material which is air-permeable blood-impermeable.01-14-2010
20080319343Fetal blood sampling device - A fetal scalp attachable blood-sampling device, which includes an annular tube the outer wall and the axial opening of which generally taper from an enlarged proximal end to an opposed smaller distal end. An annular ring-like space is defined in the wall of the tube and surrounds the distal end of the tube and is also open at its distal end. The tube has a continuous outer wall which smoothly engages with the outside of the annular ring-like space without presenting any sharp corners. The device is insertable by the attending physician into the vaginal canal of a patient for engaging at the distal end of the device with the scalp of a fetus while the patient is in labor. An air suction tube extends within the tube wall from a point external to the device and connects to the interior of the annular sleeve. Accordingly, a vacuum applied to the suction tube causes the distal open end of the sleeve to securely engage the fetus scalp to enable blood sampling by the physician via the internal tube. A handle is secured to the tube at the physician accessible end of the device to facilitate emplacement of the device by the physician into the vaginal canal of the patient and its proper engagement with the fetal scalp. The handle is mounted at the outer surface of the tube as to be angled with respect to the axis of said device in the direction toward the rear of the device, to further facilitate use of the handle during manipulation of the device by the physician. Vacuum application means are connected to the air suction tube at a point within the convenient reach of the physician while the physician is emplacing the device in contact with the fetus scalp. This enables the physician to control application of suction at the distal end of the device as it is emplaced at the fetus scalp.12-25-2008
20110046514Real Time Urine Monitoring System - A disposable real-time closed catheter urine output monitoring system. The monitoring system of the invention can measure urine outputs at both high and low urine flow in real time, using a pressure chamber in the form of a hollow body having an input port for coupling to a tube connected to a catheter for collection of urine from a patient, an exit port coupled to a collection container and a vent port, such that air may flow through the vent, but urine is blocked by the vent. A sensor measures flow from the exit port of the pressure chamber into the collection container, and a pressure sensor may be included to measure pressure in the pressure chamber. The invention also provides a method of using the apparatus in a real-time monitoring system.02-24-2011
20120323141System for determining treatment-related data for the administration of drugs to patients to be treated taking into account important individual factors - The invention relates to a system for determining treatment-related data for the administration of at least one drug to a patient to be treated, comprising at least one drawing device for continuously and successively drawing blood samples from the patient in order to obtain a plurality of blood samples, at least one, preferably a plurality of, blood value measuring devices for measuring blood values of the blood samples drawn and for obtaining blood value measurement data sets, and at least one calculation device for calculating treatment-related data from the blood value measurement data sets and optionally further data sets.12-20-2012
20100228148Novel Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis Apparatus for Measuring the Body Fluid - Disclosed is a quantitative and qualitative analysis apparatus of a body fluid useful as a replacement of a Foley catheter and a urine bag connected thereto, the Foley catheter being used for measurement of volume of a body fluid (urine) and constituents in a body fluid (urine and blood) to thereby evaluate circulator condition or renal function of a patient while replenishing circulatory blood volume reduced by all kinds of accidents or surgeries through the intravenous transfusion supply, in which the analysis apparatus of the invention is capable of automatically measuring the volume of a body fluid (urine volume) and specific constituents in a body fluid (urine and blood) in a real time mode and is capable of outputting the measurement results with ease, thereby promoting the efficiency of human resource management so that medical staff may be able to make a quick diagnosis on the current state of the patient based on the provided data and thus, take all necessary measured to improve the patient's condition at proper time.09-09-2010
20100234764SYSTEM FOR MEASURING COMPONENTS IN LIVING BODY, KIT FOR MICROPORE FORMING DEVICE, AND MARKING MEMBER - A system for measuring components in a living body comprising: a micropore forming device for forming micropore on the skin, a guide member mounted on one end of the micropore forming device, a marking member for indicating a position on the skin on which micropores are formed, a collecting member for collecting tissue fluid from the skin via micropores, and a measuring apparatus for measuring components in a living body contained in the tissue fluid collected by the collecting member, is disclosed.09-16-2010
201301846093D FABRICATION OF NEEDLE TIP GEOMETRY AND KNIFE BLADE - The present invention provides a method for creating a beveled needle or a blade. The method employs a side wall surface of an angled post as a base to control beveled tip geometry. The invention provides needles, microneedle arrays, blades and microblade arrays with sufficient sharpness and toughness.07-18-2013
20110270127Biological Fluid Receptacle - There is provided a biological fluid receptacle that includes an outer surface adapted to be affixed to a carrier and a receptacle cavity adapted to receive and retain biological fluids.11-03-2011
20120089050PUNCTURE NEEDLE CARTRIDGE AND PUNCTURE DEVICE - A puncture needle cartridge 04-12-2012
20130018278Blood Draw Catheter Top - The invention relates to a blood draw catheter top having a cap and tube portion. The top is a phlebotomy tool specifically designed to introduce an intravenous catheter into blood collection. The top is intended to provide easier and less painful blood draw experiences by facilitating multiple draws from a single stick site on a patient. Placed over a needle, the top, via internal threads, controls the flow of blood to allow blood sample collection.01-17-2013
20100168613FECAL EXAMINATION RECEPTACLE - A fecal examination preparation receptacle comprising a plastic transparent body having a cap which can be removed to permit fecal matter to be received in the receptacle to be mixed with a flotation material to aid in separating the fecal matter and ova or eggs of parasites that may be contained in the fecal matter and then dispensed through a filter mounted in the cap of the receptacle for examination of the filtered material for the presence of the ova of parasites.07-01-2010
20130096460SKIN GAS COLLECTION TOOL - A skin gas collection tool includes a casing forming a tubular opening section, a tubular flexible film member arranged along the inner lateral surface of the casing and a gas collection vessel gastightly linked to the casing. The tubular flexible film member is held at the opposite ends thereof in gastight contact with the inner lateral surface of the casing to form a sealed space between itself and the inner lateral surface of the casing and forced to expand toward the center of the tube as a fluid substance is fed into the sealed space. The tubular flexible film member has a thickness and an elasticity satisfying a predetermined relation.04-18-2013
20130096461METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETERMINING FLOW RATES OF EXCRETED OR SECRETED BODY FLUIDS - The invention relates to an apparatus and method to determine and monitor the flow rates and volume of fluids excreted or secreted by the body. The invention achieves the above objects by providing an apparatus comprising; a measuring unit comprising a conduit made of a material having a low thermal conductivity and supporting at least two thermistors; an upstream thermistor serving as a compensation thermistor and a downstream thermistor located as far downstream as possible from said upstream thermistor and pre-heated to and kept at pre-defined temperature which is warmer than the fluid temperature to be metered; and means for applying small electric voltages to the thermistors to enable generation of an electric signal; and a control and display unit being operatively connected to the measuring unit.04-18-2013
20100280412Anticoagulation Of Human Blood Ex Vivo - The present invention relates to a method for the anticoagulation of human blood ex vivo in which blood calcium concentration remains the same, no thrombin is formed and thrombocyte function is not affected. The invention further relates to a blood coagulation factor Xa inhibitor that can be advantageously used in this method, an agent that contains an inhibitor of the blood coagulation factor Xa, and a kit for diagnosing cellular blood components. The anticoagulated blood obtained according to the invention can be used for examining cellular blood components, for example for the diagnosis of thrombocyte function.11-04-2010
20080200837DISPOSABLE, CLOSED BLOOD SAMPLING SYSTEM FOR USE IN MEDICAL CONDUIT LINE - A disposable, closed fluid sampling system for use with a medical conduit line, especially for taking blood samples from a pressure monitoring line. The conduit line has at least one fluid sampling site interposed between a distal segment of tubing and a proximal segment of tubing. The system includes a disposable subsystem having a bypass cannula adapted to engage the sampling site, a reservoir for drawing a prime volume of fluid past the sampling site, and a fluid sampling container. A 3-way stopcock may connect the reservoir, bypass cannula, and sampling vessel for controlling the sampling procedure. The bypass cannula may simultaneously place the subsystem into fluid communication with an inner chamber of the sampling site and exclude the proximal segment of the conduit line. Alternatively, a stopcock immediately adjacent the sampling site in the proximal segment may be utilized. A method of using the system includes attaching the disposable subsystem, opening the reservoir to the distal segment while excluding the proximal segment, drawing a prime volume of fluid into the reservoir, opening the sampling vessel to the distal segment and drawing a sample, re-infusing the prime volume into the distal segment, and removing and discarding the subsystem. The reservoir remains attached between the prime volume draw and re-infusion and is thus “closed.”08-21-2008
20110224578USE OF ELECTRIC FIELDS TO MINIMIZE REJECTION OF IMPLANTED DEVICES AND MATERIALS - This invention relates to the electric field method to reduce fibrous capsule formation adjacent to the surface of implanted medical devices and associated apparatus for generating electrical currents to reduce fibrous capsule formation. The invention has utility with medical devices or systems such as those providing long term parenteral drug delivery, fluid infusion or analyte sampling/measurement. The apparatus of the invention may be constructed as a part of the medical device or may be constructed of separate elements while providing the benefit of the electric fields to the medical device.09-15-2011
20110237977Device for Collecting First Pass Urine - A device for collecting a sample of the first pass portion of urine voided by a donor isolated from the midstream portion of the urine comprises a first part (09-29-2011
20130190652SAMPLE RETENTION DEVICE - A flexible container (07-25-2013

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