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Means for attaching electrode to body

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600 - Surgery


600372000 - Structure of body-contacting electrode or electrode inserted in body

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600391000 Adhesive 54
600388000 Garment 40
600390000 Belt or strap 15
600387000 Suction 1
20100049026FIXATION OF A MEDICAL IMPLANT TO THE EXTERIOR OF A BODY ORGAN - In general, invention is directed to devices for use in surgical procedures in which a medical implant is affixed to or implanted within an exterior surface of a body organ. A system, for example, is described that includes a cannula and a delivery instrument disposed within the cannula to fix a medical implant to an exterior surface of an organ. The delivery instrument has a distal end including a cavity and a vacuum port to draw a portion of the exterior surface of the organ into the cavity. The medical implant is affixed to the portion of the exterior surface drawn into the cavity of the delivery instrument.02-25-2010
20130046165System for a Disposable Capacitive Bioimpedance Sensor - A system for a disposable capacitive bioimpedance sensor is used to collect bioimpedance data from an electric current traveling into or through an organism's tissue, where the bioimpedance data can be used to make medical analysis. The system mainly comprises at least one disposable sensor, at least one communication channel, a sensing circuit, and an instrument portion. The disposable sensor and the sensing circuit are used to retrieve the bioimpedance data from the organism's tissue, which is then sent to the instrument portion through the communication channel in order to be analyzed and processed. The disposable sensor includes a plurality of electrodes, an electrode support layer, and a capacitive signal receptor. The electrodes deliver the electrical current to the organism's tissue, and the capacitive signal receptor allows the electrical current to be properly sent or received through the organism's tissue. The electrode support layer holds the electrodes in place.02-21-2013
20130085365ADAPTIVE ELECTRICAL CAPACITANCE VOLUME TOMOGRAPHY - An electrical capacitance tomography sensor comprised of a sensor having a plurality of electrodes, where each electrode is further comprised of a plurality of capacitance segments. Each of the capacitance segments of each electrode can be individually addressed to focus the electric field intensity or sensitivity to desired regions of the electrodes and the sensor.04-04-2013
20090306492Restraining device for a percutaneous lead assembly12-10-2009
20130066185APPARATUSES, SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR REDUCING MOTION ARTIFACTS IN BIOPOTENTIAL ELECTRODES - An assembly for reducing motion artifacts that includes an opening on the face of the assembly, an elastic material at least partially covering the opening for suspending objects above the opening, and a sensor attached to the elastic material wherein the sensor is suspended over the opening so that the sensor may be moved in the direction of the opening so that it at least partially recesses into the opening when the sensor is positioned against a subject. The tension on the elastic material generates a force on the sensor directed towards the subject as the elastic material is stretched. Methods and systems of reducing motion artifacts including methods and systems using the assembly are also claimed.03-14-2013
20100081913HANDHELD, REPOSITIONABLE ECG DETECTOR - An ECG monitoring device comprises an integral handheld device including a ECG electronic module and an electrode patch having a plurality of electrodes which contact a subject by conductive hydrogel. A release liner covers and protects the hydrogel prior to use and is removed to expose the hydrogel. A second release liner is removed to expose a pressure sensitive adhesive by means of which the device is attached to a subject. The first and second release liners may be parts of a single release liner layer. After use the electrode patch is disposable and the ECG electronic module is detached from the patch for reuse.04-01-2010
20110028822MULTI-ELECTRODE SENSING PATCH FOR LONG-TERM PHYSIOLOGICAL MONITORING WITH SWAPPABLE ELECTRONICS, RADIO AND BATTERY, AND METHODS OF USE - Provided herein is an electrode device comprising an interface comprising at least one magnetic contact. The interface can be adaptable to be in communication with an electronic member, wherein the magnetic contact on the interface is adaptable to align and position the electronic member with respect to the interface. The interface can be further adaptable to remain affixed to a patient while an electronic member is removed and/or inserted from the interface. Further provided herein are methods of using the electrode device and kits.02-03-2011
20110282177Electrode Arrangement and Measuring Device for Measuring the Electrical Activity in an Electrically Active Tissue - The invention relates to an electrode arrangement and a measuring device for measuring the action flow and/or the action potential of an electrically active tissue. The aim of the invention is to provide a simple and economically producible electrode for measuring action flows and/or action potentials in electrically active tissues (preferably the stapedius muscle tissue), ensuring that the electrode is fixed securely, but reversibly, in the muscle tissue and that the muscle tissue is disturbed as little as possible. The electrode arrangement according to the invention comprises a first electrode (11-17-2011
20090177073Electrode and a Method for Determining Electrical Biopotentials - A set of electrodes suitable for being attached to the skin of an animal or human being at locations normally used for attaching single-lead electrodes with a single sensor point. The electrodes of the set of electrodes have at least three sensors arranged to define two linearly independent directions, which allows sensing corresponding electrical potential differences in the two directions. Signals representing sensed potential differences can be transmitted wirelessly or via conductors to a processing apparatus for being transformed into electrical potentials that approximate traditional potentials obtained with wired single-sensor electrodes. A method is also presented.07-09-2009
20100261991Apparatus for wire or wireless ECG machine with only two leads - A disposable “Enhance Dynamic Flow Data” electrode, including: a flexible strips EDFD electrode and leads cable and voltage socket. Electrode with affixed program micro control chip, the chip having a positioned inside, the strips electrode have six electrode on one electrode with (V10-14-2010
20100331661MOUNTABLE UNIT FOR BIOLOGICAL SIGNAL MEASUREMENT AND BIOLOGICAL SIGNAL MEASURING METHOD - Disclosed herein is a mountable unit for biological signal measurement, including: three electrodes; and a support body configured to support the three electrodes at positions corresponding to a positional relationship among a predetermined position on a forehead on one side of a face bounded by a midline, a temple position on the one side of the face, and a predetermined position on a zygomatic body on the one side of the face.12-30-2010
20120245451BIO-SIGNAL DETECTION ELECTRODE AND BIO-SIGNAL DETECTION APPARATUS - Provided is a bio-signal detection electrode including: an electrode section made of a gel including an electrolytic solution; and a support section configured to support the electrode section with respect to an accessory, the electrode section adhering to the support section.09-27-2012
20100240981SUPPORT STRUCTURE FOR A SENSOR STRIP AND SENSOR STRIP FOR MOUNTING ON SAID SUPPORT STRUCTURE - The embodiments relate to a sensor strip (09-23-2010
20110054288BIOMEDICAL SENSORS USABLE ON UN-PREPARED CONTACT SURFACES - A biomedical sensor is disclosed that provides at least first and second electrical nodes for connection to medical equipment. The biomedical sensor includes a plurality of protruding electrodes that extend from a common base. At least one of the protruding electrodes is coupled to the first electrical node, and at least two of the protruding electrodes are coupled to the second electrical node. At least one of the plurality of protruding electrodes is adjustable in length such that each of the plurality of protruding electrodes is adapted to contact a non-planar surface of a subject.03-03-2011
20110218418IDENTIFICATION PATCH FOR A MEDICAL SYSTEM - A medical system that includes an identification patch having a memory that stores identification information associated with the patch. A monitoring device to be used with the identification patch interrogates the patch to obtain the identification information stored within the memory of the patch. The monitoring device determines whether the identification information is valid and, if so, measures values representing one or more parameters of the patient. If the identification information is not valid, monitoring device does not measure values representing the one or more parameters of the patient.09-08-2011
20100016701FLEXIBLE ELECTRODE ASSEMBLY AND APPARATUS FOR MEASURING ELECTROPHYSIOLOGICAL SIGNALS - A flexible electrode assembly comprises a central portion having electrical contacts disposed thereon and a plurality of elongated portions extending radially outwards from the central portion. One or more of the elongated portions has an electrode disposed in the vicinity of a distal end thereof. The electrodes are electrically coupled to respective ones of the electrical contacts disposed on the central portion. An apparatus for measuring electrophysiological signals in a human or animal body that incorporates the flexible electrode assembly is also disclosed.01-21-2010
20120157818ECG ELECTRODE AND ELECTRODE SUPPORT - An electrically non-conductive back plate for supporting the back of a patient in a supine position comprises on its front face facing the back of the patient a pair or more of ECG electrodes capable of maintaining electrically conductive skin contact with the patient's back. The pair of ECG electrodes is disposed at a sharp angle with the mean heart vector, in particular so as to form an angle β of about 45°±25° with the projection S of the patient's spine on the back plate. Also disclosed is an ECG electrode for mounting in a recess of the back plate and an apparatus for treating cardiac arrest by compression of the sternum comprising the back plate.06-21-2012
20120136230METHOD AND DEVICE FOR QUICK PRESS ON EEG ELECTRODE - Embodiments relate to methods and systems for monitoring bioelectric potentials. In some instances, an electrode is applied to a patient's skin. The electrode may be at least partly inserted into the patient's skin, such as by inserting at least part of one or more teeth underneath the skin.05-31-2012
20130023748DEVICE WITH ENCAPSULATED GEL - Apparatus and techniques are provided for interfacing a device with a surface. The apparatus and techniques provide gel encapsulation and isolation mechanisms to extend the shelf-life of the preparation devices, allow for the use of more effective materials, and improve the quality of the contact between a device and an application surface. Particular embodiments of these apparatus and techniques suitable for use in medical contexts are also provided.01-24-2013
20130023749FORCE REGULATING DEVICE APPLICATORS - Disclosed herein are apparatus and techniques for applying a device to a subject. Such apparatus and techniques may provide feedback to an operator and/or regulate the force used to apply the device, yielding an improved result. Particularly useful embodiments include apparatus and techniques for applying a medical device, such as a skin surface electrode or microneedle array, to a patient's tissue.01-24-2013
20130023750ECG ELECTRODE SYSTEM - An ECG electrode lead system suitable for use during imaging procedures such as, without limitation, CT scans or MRI and methods of use. The a radiolucent ECG lead set cable includes at least one radiolucent conductor, at least one radiolucent electrode connector operatively coupled to a distal end of the ECG lead set cable, an ECG intermediate lead set connector disposed at a proximal end of the ECG lead set cable, and an ECG lead extension assembly.01-24-2013
20110313271STIFFNESS ENHANCED FILAMENTS - An embodiment of the invention includes a biocompatible stiffness enhanced pliable electrically conductive filament configured for contact with living tissue and electrical communication with such tissue. The pliability of the filament allows the distal end of the filament to remain at the original site of penetration into the tissue despite the movement of the tissue relative to its surrounding environment. To temporarily stiffen the filament, a soluble stiffness enhancing coating is disposed over the filament. The coating may be in the form of a liquid which dries to a solid state after being applied to the filament and renders the filament sufficiently rigid such that under appropriate force, the filament is capable of penetrating into dense tissue. Once in place the stiffness enhancing coating dissolves due to contact with body fluids, the filament, in the absence of such coating, returns to its initial pliability. An electrical insulating layer is disposed over a portion of the filament to render it non-conductive with tissue in the area adjacent the insulating layer. For a filament with such insulating layer, the stiffness enhancing coating would be disposed over the insulating layer. The filament may also include anchoring means configured to further anchor the filament in place.12-22-2011
20130211225SUBDERMAL NEEDLE ELECTRODE CABLE ASSEMBLY HAVING MOVABLE NEEDLE SAFETY COVER INTEGRAL THEREWITH - A cable assembly comprising a signal conductor, a needle electrode electrically connected to the signal conductor and a safety cover having a central passage therein. The signal conductor extends through the central passage. The safety cover is moveable along the signal conductor for allowing the needle electrode to become positioned within the central passage.08-15-2013

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