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568 - Organic compounds -- part of the class 532-570 series



568700000 - Hydroxy containing (H of -OH may be replaced by a Group IA or IIA light metal)

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568876000 Preparing from carbonyl containing compound 174
568852000 Polyhydroxy 149
568913000 Purification or recovery 53
568902000 Preparing from organic hydroxy containing reactant 32
568841000 Halogen containing 24
568895000 Preparing by hydration of olefin 23
568910000 Preparing by oxidation 11
568907000 Preparing from ether 5
20090131726Method of Making Mixed Metal Oxide Containing Sulfur - The invention relates to a method of making Group 3 and Group 4 mixed metal oxide catalyst suitable for the decomposition of ethers to alkenes and alkanols. In an embodiment, it relates to a method of making a cerium-zirconium mixed metal oxide catalyst. In an embodiment, the catalyst made by the process of the invention is used for the production of isopropanol (IPA) from isopropyl ether (IPE).05-21-2009
20110124927SELECTIVE PROCESS FOR CONVERSION OF SYNGAS TO ETHANOL - The present invention provides processes for selectively producing ethanol from syngas. In some variations, the process comprises converting biomass-derived syngas to dimethyl ether, carbonylating the dimethyl ether to methyl acetate, hydrogenating the methyl acetate to methanol and ethanol, and recovering the ethanol product. The methanol is preferably recycled by converting to hydrogen and carbon monoxide for introduction back into the process at distinct points. In certain variations of this invention, fresh syngas feed is introduced downstream of the first unit operation in the sequence. High yields of ethanol from biomass can be achieved according to the disclosed processes.05-26-2011
20110201850METHOD OF MAKING ALKYLENE GLYCOLS - Methods and systems for preparing alkylene glycols are described herein. The methods and systems incorporate the novel use of a high shear device to promote dispersion and solubility of alkylene oxides with water. The high shear device may allow for lower reaction temperatures and pressures and may also reduce reaction time.08-18-2011
20130178671PRODUCTION OF ETHANOL FROM SYNTHESIS GAS - A process for producing ethanol from synthesis gas by reacting the hydrogen and carbon monoxide of the synthesis gas to provide methanol, which then is subjected to dehydration to produce at least one ether, such as dimethyl ether. The ether, such as dimethyl ether, then is subjected to carbonylation with unreacted carbon monoxide from the synthesis gas to provide at least one acetate, such as methyl acetate. The acetate then is subjected to hydrogenolysis to produce ethanol.07-11-2013
20130096352PROCESS FOR CONVERTING AN ALKYL TERT-ALKYL ETHER INTO AN ALKANOL AND AN ISO-ALKANE - The invention relates to a process for converting an alkyl tert-alkyl ether into an alkanol and an iso-alkane wherein the alkyl tert-alkyl ether is contacted with a hydrocracking catalyst in the presence of hydrogen under hydrocracking process conditions.04-18-2013
568851000 Oxy bonded directly to a Group IA or IIA light metal) 5
20110166394METHOD FOR CONTROLLING SIZE OF SPHERICAL CARRIER FOR OLEFIN POLYMERIZATION CATALYST - Provided is a method for controlling the size of a dialkoxy magnesium carrier used in preparation of an olefin polymerization catalyst. Specifically, provided is a method for controlling the size of a dialkoxy magnesium carrier for preparation of an olefin polymerization catalyst which includes preparation of a dialkoxy magnesium carrier by reacting metal magnesium with an alcohol in the presence of an reaction initiator such as magnesium halide or nitrogen halide, by adding the metal magnesium and the alcohol to the reaction in divided portion(s) of 1-3.07-07-2011
20080306312Process for Obtaining Alkoxides - Alkoxides are isolated by crystallization of an alcohol from a solution in the corresponding alcohol, with the alkoxide being crystallized out at a pressure of at least 3 bar abs. and a temperature of at least 120° C.12-11-2008
20100185025PROCESS FOR THE PREPARATION OF LITHIUM ALCOHOLATE SOLUTIONS - The present invention relates to a process for the preparation of lithium alcoholates solution.07-22-2010
20090112027Activated Alkaline Earth Metal, In Particular Magnesium, For The Preparation Of Organoalkaline Earth Metal Compounds - The invention relates to an activated alkaline earth metal, to a method for its production and the use of the activated alkaline earth metal for the preparation of Grignard compounds and organoalkaline earth metal compounds.04-30-2009
20110237840PROCESS FOR PREPARING POTASSIUM AND POTASSIUM COMPOUNDS - The invention relates to a process for preparing potassium and potassium compounds09-29-2011
568891000 Preparing by hydrolysis of organic halide 4
20090118552PROCESS FOR PRODUCING 2-PERFLUOROALKYLETHYL ALCOHOL - In a first sulfation step, 2-perfluoroalkylethyl iodide is brought into contact with fuming sulfuric acid to obtain a reaction mixture comprising 2-perfluoroalkylethyl sulfate and bis(2-perfluoroalkylethyl)sulfate. Then, in a first hydrolysis step, 2-perfluoroalkylethyl sulfate produced in the first sulfation step is hydrolyzed to obtain a reaction mixture comprising 2-perfluoroalkylethyl alcohol. In a second sulfation step, bis(2-perfluoroalkylethyl)sulfate produced in the first sulfation step is brought into contact with fuming sulfuric acid to obtain a reaction mixture comprising 2-perfluoroalkylethyl sulfate. Then, in a second hydrolysis step, 2-perfluoroalkylethyl sulfate produced in the second sulfation step is hydrolyzed to obtain a reaction mixture comprising 2-perfluoroalkylethyl alcohol. According to such procedures, 2-perfluoroalkylethyl alcohol can be obtained in a high yield.05-07-2009
20120215034PROCESS FOR CONVERTING HYDROCARBON FEEDSTOCKS WITH ELECTROLYTIC AND PHOTOELECTROCATALYTIC RECOVERY OF HALOGENS - A method for converting a hydrocarbon feedstock into higher hydrocarbons is provided comprising reacting a hydrocarbon feedstock with a molecular halogen to form alkyl halides; reacting at least a portion of the alkyl halide in the presence of a catalyst to form higher hydrocarbons and a hydrogen halide; and converting at least a portion of the hydrogen halide into the molecular halogen via photoelectrocatalysis. Additional methods are also provided.08-23-2012
20120259144MANUFACTURE OF METHANOL - An alcohol such as methanol is produced from an alkane such as methane and oxygen in a single step process using a heterogeneous catalyst. The catalyst comprises the chloride salts of copper, potassium, lead and zinc.10-11-2012
20100087688PROCESS AND CATALYST FOR CONVERTING ALKANES - Methods and catalysts for producing alcohols, ethers, and/or alkenes from alkanes are provided. More particularly, novel caged, or encapsulated, metal oxide catalysts and processes utilizing such catalysts to convert alkanes to alcohols and/or ethers and to convert alcohols and/or ethers to alkenes are provided.04-08-2010
568875000 Terpenic, wherein the number of carbons is a multiple of five (e.g., linalool, farnesol, etc.) 3
20090209789MICROWAVE-ASSISTED EXTRACTION OF SOLANESOL FROM POTATO STEMS AND/OR LEAVES - This invention relates to a method of extracting solanesol by microwave-assisted from potato stems and/or leaves. In particular, the invention provides a technique whereby the solanesol can be extracted effectively, in a relatively short period of time with respect to conventional extraction methods and allows for an enhanced extraction yield. The invention has bright perspectives in promoting local economic development and increasing farmers' income.08-20-2009
20110004032METHOD FOR ISOMERIZING OLEFINICALLY UNSATURATED ALCOHOLS - A process for isomerizing olefinically unsaturated alcohols over supported noble metal catalysts with a support based on carbon in an oxygenous atmosphere.01-06-2011
20110237841NOVEL SELECTIVE HYDROGENATION CATALYST COMPRISING PALLADIUM ON POROUS SILICA GLASS AND THE USE THEREOF - The present invention is directed to a catalyst comprising palladium on a porous Silica glass as carrier, as well as to the use of such catalyst for the selective hydrogenation of alkines to alkenes.09-29-2011
568909000 Preparing by carbonylation (e.g., by hydroformylation, etc.) 2
20090312583PROCESS FOR CODIMERIZING OLEFINS - The present invention relates to a process for preparing olefin codimers, the olefin codimers which can be obtained by this process, a process for preparing alcohols in which such olefin codimers are subjected to hydroformylation and subsequent hydrogenation, the alcohol mixtures which can be obtained in this way and their use.12-17-2009
20120046503METHOD FOR ENRICHING A HOMOGENEOUS CATALYST FROM A PROCESS FLOW - The invention relates to a method for enriching a homogenous catalyst from a process flow comprising said homogenous catalyst as a component, wherein the process flow is conducted over at least one membrane and wherein the membrane wholly or partially comprises a polymer that has planar polymer units connected to one another via a rigid link and wherein the linker is contorted, such that at least one planar polymer unit is connected to at least one second planar polymer unit via the link, in a non-co-planar arrangement. The invention furthermore relates to a method for producing tridecanal.02-23-2012
568873000 Acetylenically unsaturated 1
20090227819PROCESS FOR UBIQUINONE INTERMEDIATES - A process for the preparation of terminally ethylenically unsaturated isopolyprenols characterized in that a carbonyl compound is reacted with ethine in the presence of ammonia and low amounts of an alkaline metal hydroxide and, if desired, the terminally acetylenically unsaturated isopolyprenol obtained is partially hydrogenated in the presence of a catalyst suitable for selective hydrogenation.09-10-2009
568909500 Ethylenic unsaturation containing 1
20120142979PRODUCTION OF FATTY ACIDS & DERIVATIVES THEREOF - Compositions and methods for production of fatty alcohols using recombinant microorganisms are provided as well as fatty alcohol compositions produced by such methods.06-07-2012
20100152498METHODS FOR IMPROVING SYNGAS-TO-ETHANOL CATALYST SELECTIVITY - The present invention provides methods to increase yields and selectivities to particular alcohols, such as ethanol, during alcohol synthesis from syngas. In some embodiments, a starting catalyst can be activated by contacting with a gas stream under certain preferred activation temperatures, pressures, and compositions.06-17-2010
20100152497METHODS FOR PROMOTING SYNGAS-TO-ALCOHOL CATALYSIS - Improved methods of introducing promoters to catalysts are described. The present invention provides a convenient method of uniformly distributing a catalyst promoter, to provide for intimate contact between the promoter and the active catalyst sites. This intimate contact can enhance the activity and/or product selectivity of the promoted catalyst. In some embodiments, the method includes reacting an alkali metal with an alcohol in a non-aqueous medium, contacting the resulting solution with a starting catalyst, and depositing the alkali metal onto the starting catalyst to form an alkali-promoted catalyst.06-17-2010
20100152496Process, Plant And Butanol From Lignocellulosic Feedstock - This invention relates to a process, a plant, and butanol made of or derived from lignocellulosic feedstock. The process includes the step of depolymerizing lignocellulosic material to form pentose and a remainder. The process also includes the step of converting the pentose to butanol material and using the remainder for generation of power or further downstream conversion.06-17-2010
20130085307BIOMASS GASIFICATION GAS PURIFICATION SYSTEM AND METHOD AND METHANOL PRODUCTION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A biomass gasification gas purification system includes a dust collector for removing dust in biomass gasification gas (containing tar components) acquired by gasifying biomass by a biomass gasification furnace, a desulfurizer for removing sulfur oxide components in the dust-removed biomass gasification gas, a pre-reforming reactor for reforming tar components in the desulfurized biomass gasification gas, a steam feed unit for feeding steam to an upstream side of the pre-reforming reactor, and a natural-gas feed unit for feeding natural gas on an upstream side of the desulfurizer.04-04-2013
20100113840Plants with altered carbon allocation - The present invention relates to compositions and methods for altering carbon allocation in plants. In particular, the present invention provides for the use of plants with altered carbon allocation in generating biofuels by modifying the carbon allocation in plants such that carbon is preferentially allocated into starch and soluble sugars in plant leaves in lieu of typical carbon sinks, thereby allowing the carbon to be more readily fermentable for use as biofuels.05-06-2010
20130035515LIGNOCELLULOSIC HYDROLYSATES AS FEEDSTOCKS FOR ISOBUTANOL FERMENTATION - The invention relates generally to the field of industrial microbiology and butanol production from sources of 5-carbon sugars such as lignocellulosic hydrolysates. More specifically, the invention relates to the use of an xylulose or xylulose-5-phosphate-producing enzyme and micro-aerobic or anaerobic conditions to increase butanol production from such sugars and recovery of said butanol through ins situ product recovery methods.02-07-2013
20100105963METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS FOR PRODUCING FATTY ALCOHOLS - Methods and compositions, including nucleotide sequences, amino acid sequences, and host cells, for producing fatty alcohols are described.04-29-2010
20100105962CATALYTIC HYDROGENATION OF CARBON DIOXIDE INTO SYNGAS MIXTURE - The invention relates to a process of making a syngas mixture containing hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, comprising a step of contacting a gaseous feed mixture containing carbon dioxide and hydrogen with a catalyst, wherein the catalyst substantially consists of chromia/alumina. This process enables hydrogenation of carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide with high selectivity, and good catalyst stability over time and under variations in processing conditions.04-29-2010
20090306437METHANOL SYNTHESIS - A process is disclosed for the synthesis of methanol from methane comprising three reaction steps operated in tandem. In the first step methylene chloride is produced by the reaction of methane with oxygen and hydrogen chloride. In the second step, methylene chloride is hydrolyzed to formaldehyde, which is hydrogenated in the third step to provide the product methanol.12-10-2009
20090012332METHANOL PRODUCTION PROCESS - A process for the production of methanol comprises feeding an amount of a hydrocarbon feedstock and an amount of an oxygen feedstock to a partial oxidation reactor to produce a partial oxidation reactor effluent comprising hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide; adding an amount of a hydrogen feedstock to the partial oxidation reactor effluent to produce a synthesis gas stream having a predetermined ratio of hydrogen to carbon monoxide; and, subjecting the synthesis gas stream to methanol synthesis to produce a methanol product stream and a tail gas stream wherein reformation is not used to provide hydrogen as a product. Reformation may be used to consume hydrogen so that carbon dioxide preferably obtained as a by product of another process so that the instant process becomes effectively a temporary carbon sink to convert carbon dioxide, which would otherwise be released to the atmosphere, to a stored carbon source.01-08-2009
20100087687PROCESSING BIOMASS - Biomass (e.g., plant biomass, animal biomass, and municipal waste biomass) is processed to produce useful products, such as fuels. For example, systems can use feedstock materials, such as cellulosic and/or lignocellulosic materials and/or starchy or sugary materials, to produce ethanol and/or butanol, e.g., by fermentation.04-08-2010
20080281131APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR INCREASING ALCOHOL YIELD FROM GRAIN - A method comprising applying a controlled flow cavitation apparatus to an alcohol production process in order to increase alcohol yield. A grain-based liquid medium comprising grain and a liquid carrier can be passed through a controlled flow cavitation apparatus at a velocity capable of generating a hydrodynamic cavitation zone where the grain size can be reduced. One or more controlled flow cavitation apparatuses can be applied at various points of an alcohol production process, such as a starch-to-ethanol production process.11-13-2008
20100268000Compositions and Methods for Fermentation of Biomass - In one aspect, this invention relates to production of useful fermentation end-products from biomass through simultaneous hydrolysis and fermentation by a microorganism, such as 10-21-2010
20100267999EXTRACTION OF SOLUBLES AND MICROBIAL GROWTH STIMULANTS FROM LIGNOCELLULOSIC BIOMASS AND METHODS RELATED THERETO - A method for producing a microbial growth stimulant (MGS) from a plant biomass is described. In one embodiment, an ammonium hydroxide solution is used to extract a solution of proteins and ammonia from the biomass. Some of the proteins and ammonia are separated from the extracted solution to provide the MGS solution. The removed ammonia can be recycled and the proteins are useful as animal feeds. In one embodiment, the method comprises extracting solubles from pretreated lignocellulosic biomass with a cellulase enzyme-producing growth medium (such 10-21-2010
20110301388FERMENTIVE PRODUCTION OF FOUR CARBON ALCOHOLS - Methods for the fermentative production of four carbon alcohols is provided. Specifically, butanol, preferably isobutanol is produced by the fermentative growth of a recombinant bacterium expressing an isobutanol biosynthetic pathway.12-08-2011
20100249468SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR AN INTEGRATED SOLAR DRIVEN CHEMICAL PLANT - A method, apparatus, and system for an integrated solar-driven chemical plant that manages variations in solar energy are disclosed. In some embodiments, a chemical reactant, including particles of biomass, are converted in a solar driven chemical reactor into synthesis gas containing carbon monoxide and hydrogen using concentrated solar energy to drive the conversion of the chemical reactant. The synthesis gas is supplied for a catalytic conversion of the synthesis gas in a methanol synthesis plant to methanol. Cycling occurs between an operational state and an idle state for a number of methanol trains in the methanol synthesis plant depending upon an amount of synthesis gas generated in the solar driven chemical reactor. A control system for the chemical reactor sends control signals to and receives feedback from a control system for the methanol synthesis plant.09-30-2010
20100267998Methods Of Forming A Tellurium Alkoxide And Methods Of Forming A Mixed Halide-Alkoxide Of Tellurium - A method of forming a tellurium alkoxide includes providing a tellurium halide and a non-tellurium alkoxide in a liquid organic solvent. The liquid organic solvent has less moles of alcohol, if any, than moles of tellurium halide in the liquid organic solvent. The tellurium halide and the non-tellurium alkoxide within the liquid organic solvent are reacted to form a reaction product halide and a tellurium alkoxide. The liquid organic solvent is removed from the reaction product halide and the tellurium alkoxide to leave a liquid and/or solid mixture comprising the reaction product halide and the tellurium alkoxide. The mixture is heated effective to gasify the tellurium alkoxide from the reaction product halide. Other implementations are disclosed, including methods of forming a mixed halide-alkoxide of tellurium.10-21-2010
20120108855INCREASED EXPRESSION OF TRANSHYDROGENASE GENES AND THEIR USE IN ETHANOL PRODUCTION - The invention provides isolated or recombinant ethanologenic bacteria that have increased expression of transhydrogenase genes and methods of preparation. The invention also provides methods of producing ethanol using the bacterium and corresponding kits.05-03-2012
20100280287COBALT-MOLYBDENUM SULFIDE CATALYST MATERIALS AND METHODS FOR STABLE ALCOHOL PRODUCTION FROM SYNGAS - The present invention provides methods and compositions for the chemical conversion of syngas to alcohols. The invention includes catalyst compositions, methods of making the catalysts, and methods of using the catalysts including techniques to maintain catalyst stability. Certain embodiments teach compositions for catalyzing the conversion of syngas into products comprising at least one C11-04-2010
20090143626PROCESS FOR PREPARING AN ARYLALKYL COMPOUND - The invention relates to a process for preparing an arylalkyl compound, which comprises contacting a feed comprising a bis(arylalkyl)ether with hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst at elevated temperature.06-04-2009
20110230682MICROORGANISMS WITH INACTIVATED LACTATE DEHYDROGENASE GENE (LDH) FOR CHEMICAL PRODUCTION - This invention provides systems and methods for the increased production of ethanol and other chemical compounds by recombinant 09-22-2011
20090240088Biomass treatment process and system - The present invention provides processes and systems for treating biomass and, e.g., making biofuels, such as bioethanol, from the biomass. More particularly, one process according to the present invention includes (a) inducing at least a first portion of a composition containing biomass and a working fluid to flow into a passage of a fluid processing apparatus, (b) injecting a high velocity transport fluid into the composition through a nozzle communicating with the passage of the fluid processing apparatus, whereby the transport fluid applies a shear force to the composition such that the working fluid is atomised and a vapour and droplet flow regime is formed downstream of the nozzle, (c) condensing the vapour and droplet flow regime, (d) transferring the composition to a first holding vessel, and (e) holding the composition in the first holding vessel at a first predetermined temperature for a first predetermined period of time, wherein a liquefaction enzyme is added to the composition prior to or during the process. Thereafter, the composition may be further processed to form a biofuel, such as, e.g., bioethanol.09-24-2009
20100274060EFFICIENT AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PROCESSING OF HEAVY OILS TO METHANOL AND DERIVED PRODUCTS - The invention provides for a method for processing heavy oil from any sources including tar sands, oil shales, varied residues in a bi-reforming process utilizing reaction conditions with steam and carbon dioxide sufficient to form a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide to form methanol. Methanol produced can be dehydrated to form dimethyl ether, with water produced being recycled back to the bi-reforming process.10-28-2010
20100261938RENDERING NATURAL GAS AS AN ENVIRONMENTALLY CARBON DIOXIDE NEUTRAL FUEL AND A REGENERATIVE CARBON SOURCE - The invention provides a method for rendering natural gas as an environmentally essentially carbon dioxide-neutral fuel. Carbon dioxide produced from natural gas combustion or from natural gas wells is captured, purified, combined with natural gas or methane or with hydrogen, and reacted under reaction conditions sufficient to form methanol and/or dimethyl ether, which can be used as fuel or feedstock for derived synthetic hydrocarbons and products.10-14-2010
20100185023Process for the preparation of synthesis gas - Process for the production of synthesis gas which involves the steps of: a) preparing a vapour phase mixture comprising steam and at least one hydrocarbon or oxygenated hydrocarbon with an atmospheric boiling point in the range of −50 to 370° C., said vapour phase mixture having a H07-22-2010
20100185024Menthol Flakes And Method For Producing The Same - The present invention relates to a method for preparing L-menthol in solid form, specifically in the form of flakes, by bringing an L-menthol melt into contact with two chilled surfaces distanced from one another. Moreover, the present invention relates to the L-menthol in solid form obtainable by said method, and also to its use for incorporation into utility and consumer goods of all kinds.07-22-2010
20120035398PROCESS TO REMOVE PRODUCT ALCOHOL FROM A FERMENTATION BY VAPORIZATION UNDER VACUUM - A fermentation liquid feed including water and a product alcohol and optionally CO02-09-2012
20110112334FERMENTIVE PRODUCTION OF FOUR CARBON ALCOHOLS - Methods for the fermentative production of four carbon alcohols is provided. Specifically, butanol, preferably isobutanol is produced by the fermentative growth of a recombinant bacterium expressing an isobutanol biosynthetic pathway.05-12-2011
20100204525CATALYSTS FOR HYDROGEN PRODUCTION FOR LOW TEMPERATURE FUEL CELLS BY STEAM REFORMING AND AUTOTHERMAL REFORMING OF ALCOHOLS - The present invention involves the use of the cerium oxide based catalysts with or without 0.5-10 wt % of alkaline and alkaline earth promoters (Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, Fr, Be, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, Ra) and mixed oxides containing ceria and zirconia and/or yttria an/or lanthanide elements (Ce08-12-2010
20110172467METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS FOR THE RECOMBINANT BIOSYNTHESIS OF N-ALKANES - The present disclosure identifies methods and compositions for modifying photoautotrophic organisms as hosts, such that the organisms efficiently convert carbon dioxide and light into n-alkanes, and in particular the use of such organisms for the commercial production of n-alkanes and related molecules.07-14-2011
20100331581METHODS OF MAKING IMPROVED COBALT-MOLYBDENUM-SULFIDE CATALYST COMPOSITIONS FOR HIGHER ALCOHOL SYNTHESIS - This invention improves prior methods of making cobalt-molybdenum-sulfide catalysts for alcohol production from syngas. In one aspect, improved methods are provided for making preferred cobalt-molybdenum-sulfide compositions. In another aspect, processes utilizing these catalysts for producing at least one C12-30-2010
20100331582Process and Catalyst for Converting Alkanes - Methods and catalysts for producing alcohols, ethers, and/or alkenes from alkanes are provided. More particularly, novel caged, or encapsulated, metal oxide catalysts and processes utilizing such catalysts to convert alkanes to alcohols and/or ethers and to convert alcohols and/or ethers to alkenes are provided.12-30-2010
20110245545METHODS FOR PRODUCING PYROLYSIS PRODUCTS - The present invention provides pyrolysis products that have greater stability than pyrolysis products obtained from conventional pyrolysis production processes. The invention involves pyrolyzing a hydrocarbon feedstock in the presence of a basic metal oxide catalyst to produce a pyrolysis product. The pyrolysis product of the present invention can advantageously be particularly high in alcohol content.10-06-2011
20100228059Catalyst for Methanol Synthesis and Production Method Thereof, and Method for Producing Methanol - The present invention relates to a catalyst for methanol synthesis, in which methanol is synthesized via a formic ester and the reaction is carried out under the presence of a starting material gas, which contains hydrogen and at least one of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and an alcohol as a solvent, wherein the catalyst includes Cu, Mg, Na, and an alkali metal formate salt.09-09-2010
20110251440METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRESSURIZING AND HEAT-TREATING A FLOWABLE SUSPENSION - A method of continually heat-treating a biogenic material in the production of fuels such as ethanol or biogas includes pressurizing the biogenic material with a first pump so as to provide a pressurized suspension. The pressurized suspension is continuously heat-treated at a heat-treatment temperature of from 100° C. to 180° C. in a hydrolysis reactor so as to provide a heat-treated suspension. A temperature of the heat-treated suspension is lowered to below 100° C. The heat-treated suspension is depressurized with a second pump. The first and second pumps are configured to maintain at least one of the pressurized suspension and the heat-treated suspension at a pressure of above 5 bar.10-13-2011
20090082600Native homoethanol Pathway for ethanol production in E. coli - A native homoethanol pathway including chromosomal deletions of genes that are competitive with the native homoethanol pathway, and a highly anaerobically expressed pyruvate dehydrogenase operon. Bacteria including the native homoethanol pathway. A method of making a bacteria derivative including a native homoethanol pathway by deleting genes that are competitive with ethanol production pathways, and performing transcriptional gene fusion and highly anaerobically expressing pyruvate dehydrogenase operon. A method of producing ethanol by fermenting bacteria including the native homoethanol pathway with biomass, and producing ethanol. Ethanol produced by the above method.03-26-2009
20100312021REACTOR FOR THE PREPARATION OF METHANOL - Improved design of a catalytic reactor for the production of methanol at equilibrium conditions whereby methanol as it is formed is separated from the gaseous phase into the liquid phase within the reactor, without reducing the catalytic activity of the methanol catalysts This is achieved by adjusting the boiling point of a liquid cooling agent being in indirect contact with the catalyst particles and by providing a specific ratio of catalyst bed volume to cooling surface area. Thereby, condensation of methanol as it is formed in the gaseous phase takes place at the cooling surface arranged evenly distributed within the reactor and within a very limited region of the catalyst bed.12-09-2010
20110137089PROCESS FOR INCREASING HYDROGEN CONTENT OF SYNTHESIS GAS - A process for increasing the hydrogen content of a synthesis gas containing one or more sulphur compounds is described, comprising the steps of (i) heating the synthesis gas and (ii) passing at least part of the heated synthesis gas and steam through a reactor containing a sour shift catalyst, wherein the synthesis gas is heated by passing it through a plurality of tubes disposed within said catalyst in a direction co-current to the flow of said synthesis gas through the catalyst. The resulting synthesis gas may be passed to one or more additional reactors containing sour shift catalyst to maximise the yield of hydrogen production, or used for methanol production, for the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of liquid hydrocarbons or for the production of synthetic natural gas.06-09-2011
20110137088Methods and Apparatuses for Producing Renewable Materials From Inhibiting Compounds - Renewable materials made from inhibiting compounds. A method includes the step of consuming a fermentation inhibiting compound with a biological organism, and the step of producing a renewable material with the biological organism from at least a portion of the fermentation inhibiting compound. The methods may include a net balance of cofactor production and consumption.06-09-2011
20100029995Direct and selective production of ethanol from acetic acid utilizing a platinum/tin catalyst - A process for the selective production of ethanol by vapor phase reaction of acetic acid over a hydrogenating catalyst composition to form ethanol is disclosed and claimed. In an embodiment of this invention reaction of acetic acid and hydrogen over a platinum and tin supported on silica, graphite, calcium silicate or silica-alumina selectively produces ethanol in a vapor phase at a temperature of about 250° C.02-04-2010
20100022806METHODS FOR DISPERSAL OF CATALYST PROMOTERS - The present invention describes improved methods of introducing promoters to catalysts. This invention provides a method for dispersal of a promoter onto a solid surface. A catalyst material and a deliquescent material can together be contacted with a gas phase comprising a solvent under conditions effective for deliquescence whereby the promoter is dispersed onto the solid surface. This invention combines practical benefits of dry-mixing with the enhanced dispersion that can be realized by solvent-based methods.01-28-2010
20100076228METHODS FOR IMPROVING SYNGAS-TO-ALCOHOL CATALYST ACTIVITY AND SELECTIVITY - The invention herein provides methods of activating a catalyst composition. These methods include annealing a catalyst with an inert gas, under effective conditions, and then contacting the annealed catalyst with syngas to produce an activated catalyst. These steps can also be reversed. The activated catalysts can be employed to convert syngas into products, such as alcohols, with improved selectivities and yields.03-25-2010
20100041924Use of Triacontanol in Preparation of Medicaments for Treatment of Cancers - Use of triacontanol in preparation of human medicaments for treatment of cancers, especially liver cancer, intestinal cancer, and lung cancer. Triacontanol can be formulated into many formulations, such as oral tablets, capsules, drop pills, sustained-released formulation, injectable solution, injectable powder, suspension, and emulsion.02-18-2010
20110065966PROCESS AND PLANT FOR PRODUCING METHANOL - In the production of methanol from a synthesis gas containing hydrogen and carbon oxides, the synthesis gas is passed through a first, preferably water-cooled reactor, in which a part of the carbon oxides is catalytically converted to methanol. The obtained mixture containing synthesis gas and methanol vapor is supplied to a second, preferably gas-cooled reactor, in which a further part of the carbon oxides is converted to methanol. Subsequently, methanol is separated from the synthesis gas, and the synthesis gas is recirculated to the first reactor. To achieve a maximum methanol yield even with an aged catalyst, a partial stream of the synthesis gas is guided past the first reactor and introduced directly into the second reactor.03-17-2011
20100204526PROCESS FOR SOLVENT PRODUCTION UTILIZING LIQUID PHASE ADSORPTION - Methods and systems are provided for the separation of solvents, including, but not limited to, butanol, from a fermentative solventogenesis reaction medium that utilizes 08-12-2010
20100298612ENGINEERED BIOSYNTHESIS OF FATTY ALCOHOLS - The present disclosure provides a process for the production of long chain fatty alcohols by recombinant host cells expressing one or more heterologous carboxylic acid reductase enzymes useful for the conversion of fatty acids, and derivatives thereof, to long chain fatty alcohols.11-25-2010
20100298611PRODUCTION OF FERMENTIVE END PRODUCTSFROM CLOSTRIDIUM sp. - In one aspect, methods to enhance the production of ethanol and other fermentive end products from a wide variety of feedstocks by 11-25-2010
20120178972PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR DEPOSITING NANOSTRUCTURED MATERIAL ONTO A SUBSTRATE MATERIAL - A process for depositing nanostructured material onto a particulate substrate material comprising the steps of: a) preparing a precursor material; b) forming an atomised dispersion containing nanophased material when subjecting said precursor material to elevated temperature; and c) contacting the atomised dispersion with the substrate material to deposit the nanophased material on the substrate material. The substrate material is in mobile and particulate form for contacting step (c). An apparatus for carrying out the process is also disclosed.07-12-2012
20130172628ORGANOSOLV PROCESS - The present disclosure provides an organosolv biorefining process. The present process comprises treating a lignocellulosic biomass in the presence of a solvent and under certain conditions to separate at least a part of the lignin from the biomass.07-04-2013
20100036174BUTANOL PRODUCTION IN A EUKARYOTIC CELL - The present invention relates to a transformed eukaryotic cell comprising one or more nucleotide sequence(s) encoding acetyl-CoA acetyltransferase, 3-hydroxybutyryl-CoA dehydrogenase, 3-hydroxybutyryl-CoA dehydratase, butyryl-CoA dehydrogenase, alcohol dehydrogenase or acetaldehyde dehydrogenase and/or NAD(P)H-dependent butanol dehydrogenase, whereby the nucleotide sequence(s) upon transformation of the cell confer(s) the cell the ability to produce butanol. The invention also relates to a process for the production of butanol.02-11-2010
20100331580OIL RECOVERY AND SYNGAS PRODUCTION FROM BIOMASS-BASED PROCESSES - A biomass-based oil extraction process is disclosed. The process includes the recovery of biomass-based oil and other co-products, including but not limited to steam, electric power and chemicals, from various biomass processes and in particular, a process that involves dry biomass milling methods. The process involves extraction of oil from milled biomass-based products and residues from the fermentation step, including thick stillage, distillers wet grain, distillers dry grain and distillers dry grains with solubles, by the application of an alkyl acetate, phase separation and recovery of the separated matter. A process of drying wet co-product using ethanol and carbon dioxide from the production facility is also disclosed. Also a process for the production of syngas from oil containing or deoiled biomass-based products in a pressurized gasifier is disclosed.12-30-2010
20120264983ENHANCED PRODUCTION OF FATTY ACID DERIVATIVES - Genetically engineered microorganisms that produce fatty alcohols from a sugar source by way of the fatty acid biosynthetic pathway, as well as methods of their use are provided.10-18-2012
20120323047USE OF THIAMINE AND NICOTINE ADENINE DINUCLEOTIDE FOR BUTANOL PRODUCTION - The invention relates generally to the field of industrial microbiology and alcohol production. More specifically, the invention relates to the use of thiamine, biosynthetic precursors of thiamine, nicotinic acid, nicotinamid, nicotinic acid riboside, nicotinamid riboside, or other biosynthetic precursors of nicotine adenine dinucleotide (NAD) to improve butanol production. Butanol production can be improved by providing sufficient amounts of thiamine, biosynthetic precursors of thiamine, nicotinic acid, nicotinamid, nicotinic acid riboside, nicotinamid riboside, or other biosynthetic precursors of nicotine adenine dinucleotide (NAD) in the production media.12-20-2012
20100191022METHODS, COMPOSITIONS AND SYSTEMS RELATED TO ETHANOL MANUFACTURED FROM THE GRASS ARUNDO DONAX - Methods, systems, compositions, etc., that use Arundo donax in a gasification process to produce ethanol with increased ethanol produced per acre of biomass, reduced input-energy needs and reduced unwanted by-products. The methods, systems, compositions, etc., are capable of producing ethanol from the sugars, starches, celluloses, hemicelluloses and lignin of the Arundo donax biomass plant directly into ethanol substantially without by-products except for an ash stream of the inorganic plant nutrients. It does so with a better efficiency and lower use of fossil fuels than traditional commercial processes. For instance the arundo-gasification process need not use any fossil fuel on an ongoing basis to provide thermal energy to conduct the gasification process.07-29-2010
20110313207PROCESS FOR DISTILLATIVE WORKUP OF A METHANOL/WATER MIXTURE AND PROCESS FOR PREPARING ALKALI METAL METHOXIDES - The invention relates to a process for distillative workup of a methanol/water mixture, in which a methanol/water mixture is added to a distillation column (12-22-2011
20110313206FERMENTIVE PRODUCTION OF FOUR CARBON ALCOHOLS - Methods for the fermentative production of four carbon alcohols is provided. Specifically, butanol, preferably isobutanol is produced by the fermentative growth of a recombinant bacterium expressing an isobutanol biosynthetic pathway.12-22-2011
20110275860METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IN-FEEDING OF MATTER TO A PROCESS REACTOR - The present invention relates to an apparatus, which can be part of a pretreatment (11-10-2011
20120029248CONSTRUCTS, VECTORS AND CYANOBACTERIA FOR THE SYNTHESIS OF FATTY ALCOHOLS, AND METHODS FOR PRODUCING FATTY ALCOHOLS IN CYANOBACTERIA - Constructs, vectors and cyanobacteria for the synthesis of fatty alcohols, and methods for producing fatty alcohols in cyanobacteria is disclosed.02-02-2012

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