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568 - Organic compounds -- part of the class 532-570 series



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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
568671000 Acyclic 142
568626000 Benzene ring containing 49
568606000 Plural oxyalkylene groups bonded directly to each other 41
568591000 Plural oxygens bonded directly to the same carbon (e.g., acetals, ketals, orthoesters, orthocarbonates, etc.) 19
568583000 Nitrogen containing 3
20090216049Process and intermediates for the production of BDNPA and BDNPF and other bis(dinitroalkyl)acetals and formals - Bis(dinitroalkyl)acetals and formals having the formula (1)08-27-2009
20090143623Production Process of Cyanoethyl Ether - Provided is a production process of a cyanoethyl ether by reacting an alcohol and acrylonitrile in a two-phase system of a non-ether solvent/an aqueous alkali solution.06-04-2009
20100094062CETANE NUMBER INCREASING PROCESS AND ADDITIVE FOR DIESEL FUEL - A cetane number increasing process and additive for diesel fuel, this additive being obtained by means of a less complex and more economic process which seeks to use by products in excess of supply on the market and to optimize the installed capacity of existing plants, the process producing a mixture of nitrated glycerol diethers is represented by the following general formula (I) where R can be: a hydrogen atom; or an R′—O group; and where R′ can be an alkene or alkyne or an unsaturated hydrocarbon formed by a number of carbon atoms ranging from 4 to 10 carbons.04-15-2010
568664000 Plural alicyclic rings containing 1
20130178658NOVEL DIVINYL-ETHER COMPOUND AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREFOR - A novel divinyl ether compound having the formula (I):07-11-2013
568580000 With preservative or stabilizer 1
20110054220POLYETHER POLYOLS, POLYESTER POLYOLS AND POLYURETHANES OF LOW RESIDUAL ALDEHYDE CONTENT - The present invention describes a process for preventing the formation of aldehydic contaminants in polyether polyols, polyester polyols or polyurethanes which comprises incorporating into said polyether polyols, polyester polyols or polyurethanes an effective amount of 03-03-2011
568670000 Alicyclic ring and polyoxy containing 1
201300411841,1-BIS[(ETHENYLOXY)METHYL]CYCLOHEXANE AND METHOD OF PRODUCTION OF SAME - A novel compound, 1,1-bis[(ethenyloxy)methyl]cyclohexane having the formula (I) and having a low odor, low volatility and low skin irritability, which is useful as a starting material for a polymerization composition having a low toxicity and excellent curability, adhesiveness and transparency in the ultraviolet light region, and having a special reactivity alone or with another compound, and a method for producing the same:02-14-2013
20100197973SELECTIVE PREPARATION OF SOME 2-ALKOXY-ETHANOL DERIVATIVES - A method for producing certain 2-alkoxy-ethanol derivatives by depolymerising oligomeric or polymeric polyglycol derivatives in the presence of alcoholate or 1,3-diketonate derivatives of zirconium, titanium, aluminium or molybdenum.08-05-2010
20120190896Molecular Sieve Of MFS Framework Type With Controllable Average Size, Its Method of Making And Use - A method of making a crystalline molecular sieve of MFS framework type, preferably ZSM-57, from a synthesis mixture comprising at least one source of tetravalent element (Y), at least one source of trivalent element (X), at least one source of alkali metal hydroxide (MOH), at least one structure-directing-agent (R) and water, said alkali metal (M) comprising potassium, and having the following mole composition (expressed in terms of oxide):07-26-2012
20110015447Process for the Preparation of Primary Alkyl Glycerol Ethers Useful as Biofuel Additive from Glycerol - The present invention provides a process for the preparation of biofuels or biofuel additives from glycerol. More particularly, it provides a process for the preparation of glycerol-ethers by etherification of glycerol with an alcohol in the presence of solid acid catalyst.01-20-2011
20110046417PROCESS FOR PRODUCTION OF ALKOXYCARBONYL COMPOUND - A method for producing an alkoxycarbonyl compound wherein the method comprises reacting carbon monoxide and an alcohol compound with methylacetylene in the presence of a catalyst containing a Group 10 metal compound, a proton acid and a phosphine compound, the propadiene content of the methylacetylene is 50 ppm or less, the phosphine compound is used at greater than 0.000020 mol with respect to 1 mol of methylacetylene, and the carbon monoxide and the alcohol compound are reacted with 200000 mol or more of methylacetylene with respect to 1 mol of the Group 10 metal compound.02-24-2011
20120101307PROCESS FOR THE PREPARATION OF 1-METHYL-1-ALKOXYCYCLOPENTANES - Process for the preparation of cyclopentane derivatives of the formula I04-26-2012
20120101306PROCESS FOR THE PREPARATION OF 1-METHYLCYCLOPENTANE DERIVATIVES - Process for the preparation of 1-methylcyclopentene by thermal reaction of cyclohexanol or cyclohexene or mixtures of both compounds to give 1-methylcyclopentene, wherein the resulting by-products 3-methylcyclopentene and 4-methylcyclopentene (double-bond isomers of 1-methylcyclopentene) are returned to the reaction.04-26-2012
20120083628METHOD FOR PRODUCING VINYL ETHER - A method for efficiently producing high purity vinyl ether represented by the following formula (1) from tertiary alcohol having a low reactivity comprising by reacting acetylene and a tertiary alcohol in the presence of a base using, as a solvent, a cyclic urea compound or glyme compound or mixture thereof:04-05-2012

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