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From -N=C=X reactant or blocked N=C=X reactant (X is chalcogen)

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524 - Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 series



524001000 - Adding a NRM to a preformed solid polymer or preformed specified intermediate condensation product, composition thereof; or process of treating or composition thereof

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524590000 With reactant containing at least one C-OH, (C=O)-OH or -C-O-C- group 180
20100130675THERMOSETTING RESIN COMPOSITION - The present invention provides a cross-linkable functionalised isocyanate composition comprising (1) a functionalised isocyanate product being the reaction product of (i) an isocyanate component having at least two isocyanate groups and (ii) an ethylenically unsaturated component having at least one functional group that is reactive with an isocyanate group of the isocyanate component and at least one ethylenically unsaturated group, wherein the isocyanate component and the ethylenically unsaturated component are selected so that the functionalised isocyanate product has at least three ethylenically unsaturated groups, (2) a monomer component comprising a cross-linking monomer having at least two ethylenically unsaturated groups, and (3) a reinforcing component. Embodiments of the invention being resins that have been cross-linked and cured demonstrate high heat deflection temperature and excellent tensile and flexural properties.05-27-2010
20100130674METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF POLYURETHANE COMPOSITIONS WITH A LOW ISOCYANATE MONOMER CONTENT - The person invention relates to a method for the production of a polyurethane composition with a low isocyanate monomer content. In said method, at least one polyurethane polymer comprising isocyanate groups is reacted with at least one compound VB, wherein the compound VB comprises a group carrying an active hydrogen that represents a hydroxyl group or a mercapto group or a secondary amino group and at least one blocked amino group selected from the group consisting of aldimino groups of the formula (Ia) or (Ib), ketimino groups, enamino groups, and oxazolidino groups. Using said method, compositions are obtained in a cost-effective, efficient, and elegant manner having an extremely reduced monomeric diisocyanate content, said compositions being particularly suitable as hot-melt adhesives.05-27-2010
20110003934PREPARATION OF WATERPROOF BREATHING PU FILM - A waterproof breathing PU film preparation method include the steps of (a) processing polyurethane polymers into a polyurethane colloid, (b) mixing the polyurethane colloid with a cationic water repellent and a cationic bridging agent at a ratio that the cationic water repellent and the cationic bridging agent take about 1%˜10% and the polyurethane colloid takes about 900%˜99% to provide a polyurethane mixture, and (c) using the polyurethane mixture to make a waterproof breathing PU film having a thickness ≧0.01 mm.01-06-2011
20110009559AROMATIC DICYANATE COMPOUNDS WITH HIGH ALIPHATIC CARBON CONTENT - Aromatic dicyanate compounds which comprise aliphatic moieties having at least about six carbon atoms and resins and thermoset products based on these compounds.01-13-2011
20090156738Polyisocyanate mixtures comprising cycloaliphatic structural elements - The present invention relates to innovative polyisocyanate mixtures comprising cycloaliphatic structural elements and containing exclusively linear-aliphatically attached free isocyanate groups, to a process for preparing them and to their use as a starting component in the production of polyurethane plastics, more particularly as a crosslinker component in polyurethane coating materials and coatings.06-18-2009
20100010156POLYURETHANE LAMINATION ADHESIVE - The invention relates to a polyurethane adhesive for laminating films. The adhesive contains at least one NCO-reactive polyurethane prepolymer and/or polyisocyanates and a compound having a molecular weight below 2000 g/mol and containing at least one functional group reactive with primary amino group selected from an epoxide groups, (meth)acrylic groups or carboxylic anhydride group. The adhesive is particularly well suited for multilayer films, especially for laminating foodstuffs or medical packaging.01-14-2010
20100160545THERMOPLASTIC ELASTOMERS OF STYRENIC BLOCK COPOLYMERS AND ALIPHATIC THERMOPLASTIC POLYURETHANES - A thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) based on a blend of styrenic block copolymer and a thermoplastic polyurethane made from aliphatic diisocyanates is disclosed which has excellent translucency, approaching transparency and adnesion to engineering thermoplastic compounds for use in multiple component polymer structures.06-24-2010
20090281239OIL REPELLENT COPOLYMER, METHOD FOR ITS PRODUCTION AND OIL REPELLENT TREATMENT SOLUTION - To provide an oil repellent copolymer capable of forming an oil repellent film which is excellent in durability.11-12-2009
20100261836METHOD FOR INTRODUCING CATALYST INTO ATOMIZED COATING COMPOSITION - The present invention is directed to a method for introducing a catalyst into an atomized coating composition. This invention is also directed to a delivery device and a system for introducing the catalyst into the atomized coating composition.10-14-2010
20080214727Method for Producing Polyurethane Layers and Use Thereof as Imitation Leather - The invention concerns a process, preferably a solventless process, for producing a polyurethane layer and its use as artificial leather.09-04-2008
20100234526COATING COMPOSITIONS HAVING IMPROVED PROPERTIES - The present invention relates to coating compositions which produce coatings of high hardness and simultaneously high flexibility and/or high scratch resistance.09-16-2010
20100137507Composition Containing A Modified (Poly) Isocyanate And A Solvent Of The Acetal Or Aliphatic Ketone Type, And Use Of Said Composition For Producing Coatings - The invention relates to a modified (poly)isocyanate composition that contains a modified (poly)isocyanate and at least one solvent. The invention also relates to the use of this composition for preparing coatings such as paints and varnishes.06-03-2010
20100197855TWO-COMPONENT CURABLE POLYMER MATERIALS - The invention relates to a two-component curable polymer system comprising a first component including a water-curable silane-modified polymer and a second component comprising water as a curing agent wherein said second component is in the form of a paste or gel.08-05-2010
20090036598HOT MELT PROCESSABLE POLYUREA COPOLYMERS AND METHODS OF THEIR PREPARATION AND USE - Packaged viscoelastic compositions comprising viscoelastic copolymers and a packaging material are disclosed. The viscoelastic copolymers are urea copolymers, which are the reaction product of polyisocyanates and polyamines. The packaged viscoelastic compositions are hot melt processable.02-05-2009
20110046300PROCESS FOR THE PREPARATION OF POLYISOCYANATES WITH A BIURET STRUCTURE - The present invention relates to an improved process for the preparation of polyisocyanates with a biuret structure by continuous reaction of excess amounts of organic diisocyanates having exclusively aliphatically and/or cycloaliphatically bonded isocyanate groups with organic diamines having exclusively aliphatically and/or cycloaliphatically bonded primary amino groups at elevated temperatures by 2-stage addition of the isocyanate component.02-24-2011
20110124805LOW VISCOSITY ALLOPHANATES CONTAINING ACTINICALLY CURABLE GROUPS - The present invention relates to a process for preparing radiation-curing binders containing allophanate groups by reacting at temperatures of ≦130° C. 05-26-2011
20100113686ONE-POT SYNTHETIC MEHTOD FOR SYNTHESIZING SILVER-CONTAINING WATERBORNE POLYURETHANE - The present invention relates to a one-pot synthetic method for synthesizing silver-containing waterborne polyurethane (WBPU). The method includes the steps of adding a silver ion-containing solution, such as silver nitrate solution, into WBPU emulsion to form a silver-containing PU emulsion by stirring, and dehydrating the silver-containing PU emulsion so as to obtain a WBPU containing nano-scaled silver particles having a uniform particle size and good dispersibility. The present invention provides a method that can be easily and speedily operated, and the silver-containing WBPU prepared according to the method of the present invention exhibits excellent antibacterial, bactericidal and deodorant effects but using a small amount of silver.05-06-2010
20110178236POLYMERS DERIVED FROM BIS(THIENOCYCLOPENTA) BENZOTHIADIAZOLE AND THEIR USE AS ORGANIC SEMICONDUCTORS - The invention relates to conjugated polymers comprising bis(thienocyclopenta)benzothiadiazole units or derivatives thereof, to methods of their preparation, to novel monomer units used therein, to the use of the polymers in organic electronic (OE) devices, and to OE devices comprising the polymers.07-21-2011
20090163649One-Part Type Heat Curable Composition - To provide a one-part type heat curable composition which exhibits superior adhesion properties, is easily cured by heating, does not soften even if the composition is baked at increased temperature, is completely cured by means of moisture in the atmosphere even if curing is not sufficient due to heating temperature, heating period, and the like, and exhibits increased adhesiveness with respect to a coating film after the composition is cured. A one-part type heat curable composition comprising: (A) a prepolymer having a urethane bond(s), and an isocyanate group(s) at a chain end or pendent position(s) thereof; (B) an amine-adduct type latent hardener; and (C) a moisture latent hardener.06-25-2009
20110152449POLYMERS FUNCTIONALIZED WITH POLYOXIME COMPOUNDS AND METHODS FOR THEIR MANUFACTURE - A method for preparing a functionalized polymer, the method comprising the steps of polymerizing monomer to form a reactive polymer, and reacting the reactive polymer with a protected polyoxime compound.06-23-2011
20090221745Universal Wetting Agents and Dispersants Based on Isocyanate Monoadducts - Addition compound suitable as a wetting and dispersing agent and obtainable from the reaction of 09-03-2009
20100197856SELF-CROSSLINKING BINDERS - This invention relates to a self-crosslinking binder for coating compositions comprising an aqueously dispersed resinous component A having at least one carbonyl group of the ketone or aldehyde type per molecule, and a component B having at least two hydrazine or hydrazide groups per molecule, and at least one structural unit —NR08-05-2010
20100093924Modified Poly(meth)acrylate with Reactive Ethylenic Groups and Use Thereof - The invention relates to a synthetic resin, based on partly cross-linked poly(meth)acrylate-urethane-(meth)acrylates in urethane(meth)acrylates, obtainable by: (a) provision of (meth)acrylate monomers (I), which have no groups reactive to isocyanate groups and (meth)acrylate monomers (II), with (a) group(s) reactive to isocyanate groups, (b) polymerization of the (meth)acrylate monomers (I) and (II) to give a poly(meth)acrylate (III), with groups reactive to isocyanate groups, (c) reaction of the poly(meth)acrylate (III) with an isocyanate compound (IV), with more than one isocyanate group, in such a manner that 5 to 40% of the isocyanate groups of the isocyanate compound (IV) react with the above groups reactive to isocyanate groups, whereby partial cross-linking of (III) with an increase in weight average molecular weight by a factor of 2 to 20 occurs, in which one given (IV) reacts with more than one of the isocyanate groups thereof with more than one given (III) and (d) reaction of the compound obtained in (c) with (meth)acrylate monomers (II). The synthetic resin can be used as a binder, for example, in a radical-hardenable composition, suitable for application in the production of composite materials, composite workpieces, and paints with advantageous physical and chemical properties.04-15-2010
20090111938One-pack primer surfacer composition for smc automotive body panels - The present invention provides for a primer-surfacer composition for use over sealed SMC parts such as automotive body panels that significantly reduces paint defects (such as paint pop and cracking defects) from appearing in the subsequently applied automotive topcoat finish. The coating composition includes silane and melamine components. The composition is sufficiently stable to be formulated as a one-pack coating composition.04-30-2009
20120016073METHOD FOR PREPARING AN ALLOPHANATE, ALLOPHANATE, AND LOW-VISCOSITY COMPOSITION CONTAINING THE ALLOPHANATE - A process for the preparation of an allophanate of one or more identical or different isocyanates, compositions obtained by the process, and uses of the compositions are disclosed. The process comprises reacting an isocyanate with at least one monoalcohol comprising an ether or polyether functional group in the presence of a bismuth-comprising catalyst and a metal compound as co-catalyst.01-19-2012
20120123052New dispersion adhesives, a process for preparing them and use thereof - The present invention relates to innovative aqueous dispersion adhesives, processes for preparing them and use thereof in the furniture and automotive industries.05-17-2012
20120208953METHOD FOR PRODUCING POWDER MOLDED PRODUCT AND POWDER MOLDED PRODUCT - The powder molded product of the present invention is produced through molding of a slurry containing a powdery molding raw material, a dispersion medium having a molecular weight of 150 or more for dispersing the molding raw material, a dispersant for uniformly dispersing the molding raw material in the dispersion medium, a binder precursor for producing an organic binder through a chemical reaction, and a reaction promoter for promoting the chemical reaction. The method for producing a powder molded product of the present invention includes a slurry preparation step; a molding step of molding the prepared slurry into a primary molded product having a specific shape; and a drying-solidification step of solidifying the slurry by promoting the aforementioned chemical reaction in the primary molded product, and removing, through evaporation, the dispersion medium from the primary molded product.08-16-2012
20100240830PIGMENT DISPERSION AND INK COMPOSITION, CURABLE COMPOSITION AND CURABLE INK COMPOSITION MAKING USE OF THE SAME - The present invention provides a pigment dispersion, containing (a) a pigment; and (b) a polymer having a polyurethane bond in a main chain, having at least one polymer chain selected from the group consisting of a polyester, a polyacrylate, a polymethacrylate and a polyalkylene oxide at a side chain of the polymer, and having a partial skeleton that is different from a partial skeleton included in a chemical structure of the pigment, as a pendant of the main chain.09-23-2010
20100273938POLYISOCYANATES CONTAINING ALLOPHANATE GROUPS - The present invention relates to new, allophanate-group-containing polyisocyanates based on isophorone diisocyanate and to their use.10-28-2010
20080227911Cathodic electrodeposition coating compositions - CED coating compositions comprising water, at least one monobasic acid, a resin solids content comprising a thermally crosslinkable binder system comprising (i1) at least one self-crosslinkable CED binder with isocyanate-reactive functional groups and oxime- and/or N,N-dialkyl hydroxylamine-blocked aromatic isocyanate groups and/or (i2) at least one externally crosslinkable CED binder with isocyanate-reactive functional groups and, as a crosslinking agent A, at least one polyisocyanate with oxime- and/or N,N-dialkyl hydroxylamine-blocked aromatic isocyanate groups, and at least one polybasic acid in a proportion of 1 to 50 meq acid per 100 g of resin solids.09-18-2008
20130123419CLEARCOAT COMPOSITION FOR USE IN WATERBORNE BASECOAT-CLEARCOAT COMPOSITE COATINGS - A process for forming a color-clear multilayer coating on a substrate is disclosed. The basecoat is a waterborne coating and the clear topcoat is isocyanate containing and comprises a polyene and a polythiol. The isocyanate can be present as a separate component or can be an isocyanate-functional polyene.05-16-2013
20120029144HIGH-FUNCTIONALITY POLYISOCYANATES CONTAINING URETHANE GROUPS - The present invention relates to new, urethane-group-containing polyisocyanates based on aliphatic and/or cycloaliphatic diisocyanates, and to their use.02-02-2012
20130203934TWO-COMPONENT, POLYASPARTIC COATING COMPOSITIONS - A polyurea coating composition comprising the reaction product of: 08-08-2013

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