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Cellular material derived from plant or animal source DNRM other than: cotton, farinaceous meals or flours, blood, diatomaceous earth, chalk, or other fossilized matter

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524 - Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 series



524001000 - Adding a NRM to a preformed solid polymer or preformed specified intermediate condensation product, composition thereof; or process of treating or composition thereof

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524013000 Wood or wood cellulose fiber or flour 106
524015000 Vegetable shell, hull, or cob ingredient, e.g., nut shells, pits, etc. 12
524010000 Animal derived 8
524016000 Bark or cork 1
20090062432NOVEL POLYURETHANE COMPOSITIONS INCLUDING CASTOR OIL - At least certain embodiments of the present invention relate to polyurethane compositions for forming a layer of polyurethane on a textile, fabric or material, such as a flooring fabric or a non-flooring fabric. The compositions comprise the reaction product of castor oil having a water content of less than or equal to about 0.2% by weight; a monol, and an isocyanate, wherein the reactants have a soft segment functionality of about 2.0 to about 2.64. Methods of using the compositions and products including the compositions are also disclosed. At least selected embodiments may provide compositions for use in surface coverings such as floor coverings having a show surface such as a textile or fabric face material in contacting overlying relation to a polyurethane backing with or without additional structures, layers, backings, and/or the like, as well as apparatus, processes, and/or methods for making such surface coverings, uses for such surface coverings, and/or the like. In at least one particular embodiment, a floor covering such as a carpet, carpet tile, area rug, floor mat, roll goods, or the like incorporates a textile or fabric face disposed in contacting overlying relation to at least one polyurethane layer.03-05-2009
20110207857Tire Rubber Composition - An object thereof is to provide a tire rubber composition about which the ice braking-performance is largely improved while the tire-abrasion resistance is kept. In order to achieve the object, a tire rubber composition comprises a diene-based rubber component, and banana fiber in an amount of 0.1 to 20 parts by weight for 100 parts by weight of the diene-based rubber component.08-25-2011
20130035424METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROCESSING UNFERMENTED GRAIN SOLIDS AND UTILIZING THE PRODUCTS THEREOF - A system and method of producing a filler material for combining with a polymer in a product may comprise providing an initial mixture including wetted unfermented grain solids, oxidizing the initial mixture to form a treated mixture, removing moisture from the treated mixture, and combining the treated material with a polymer into a composition.02-07-2013
20120190775COMPOSITE RESIN COMPOSITION - A composite resin composition including a polypropylene-based resin and vegetable fibers that contain 1 wt % or less of organic solvent extractable components, the content of the polypropylene-based resin being 70 to 95 wt %; and the content of the vegetable fibers being 5 to 30 wt %.07-26-2012
20120101192COMPOSITION, METHOD FOR PREPARING SAME, AND USE THEREOF FOR IMPROVING THE FLUIDITY AND TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE OF COMPOSITE MATERIALS - A composition or master batch including at least one functionalized polyglycerol, at least one biopolymer, and a meal obtained from plant carbon, and its use for improving the fluidity in the molten state and the heat resistance of composite materials, in particular composites based on biopolymers that are optionally loaded with plant meal. Also, a process for the preparation of this composition, as well as the materials that integrate it.04-26-2012
20090170978Curable composition - A curable binder composition comprising an emulsion polymer and a natural binder.07-02-2009
20100113652Environmentally-Friendly Shoe Bottom - The present invention relates to an environmentally-friendly shoe bottom, which mainly comprises thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polystyrene (PS), polyethylene (PE), softening oil, cornstalk, wheat stalk, rice straw, and rice bran. The main advantages of the environmentally-friendly shoe bottom are that it uses the agriculturally waste cornstalk, wheat stalk, rice straw, and rice bran to replace calcium carbonate and zinc stearate included in the traditional sole material TPR and retains the physical properties of the traditional TPR. Further, the environmentally-friendly shoe bottom may also naturally decompose, which achieves the purposes of protecting the ecological environment and efficiently utilizing the agriculturally waste resource.05-06-2010
20130217809Method for Producing Rubber Powder Modified Asphalt and Product of Continuous Asphalt Modification - The object of the invention is the method of producing rubber powder modified asphalt in a double screw extruding machine and the product of continuous asphalt modification. A method for producing rubber powder modified asphalt in a continuous process using a twin-screw extruder is characterised in that rubber powder and asphalt are batched into the twin-screw extruder with a cylinder temperature ranging from 60° C. to 400° C., where extruder screws are co-rotating or counter-rotating, with the co-rotating screws preferred. According to the invention, the product of continuous asphalt modification is asphalt in the amount of up to 99 wt %, rubber powder in the amount of 1 to 99 wt %, and additives in the amount of up to 80 wt %.08-22-2013
20120296014FIBREBOARD FROM AGRICULTURAL WASTES AND A METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A fibreboard comprising dried plant fibres added with binder resins obtained from a reaction between a diisocyanate and a polyol derived from natural oils or fatty acids, and formed by pressing at a temperature range of 50° C. to 150° C.11-22-2012
20100216914POLYCARBONATE CONTAINING PLANT-DERIVED COMPONENT AND PROCESS FOR THE PREPARATION THEREOF - A process for the preparation of a polycarbonate containing a plant-derived component excellent in hue by using a plant-derived anhydrosugar alcohol represented by the following formula (1) or a composition thereof as a raw material:08-26-2010
20100144930OXIDATION RESISTANT HIGHLY-CROSSLINKED UHMWPE - The present invention relates to highly cross-linked UHMWPE, which is possessed of an improved oxidation resistance, as well as a method for making the same. The UHMWPE material of the current invention is combined with an anti-oxidant compound or a free-radical scavenger prior to formation. Once the UHMWPE with the added material has been formed and treated with gamma or electron beam irradiation, it shows an improved wear resistance and also a good resistance to oxidation. Such a material, is particularly interesting for the field of making replacement joint implants.06-10-2010
20090197994ALGAE FIBER-REINFORCED BICOMPOSITE AND METHOD FOR PREPARING THE SAME - Disclosed herein are an environmentally-friendly biocomposite prepared from a mixture, as a reinforcement, of algae fibers extracted from algae and a polymeric reagent by means of high-temperature compression-molding, and a method for preparing the biocomposite.08-06-2009
20090054559POLYLACTIC ACID RESIN COMPOSITION AND MOLDED ARTICLE - Provided are a resin composition in which a moldability is improved at a temperature at which a polylactic acid resin is crystallized by adding both a carboxylic acid amide or a carboxylic acid ester which has at least one polar group in a molecule and a layered silicate to the polylactic acid resin, and a molded article.02-26-2009
20100184885DISPERSION AND AQUEOUS COATING COMPOSITION COMPRISING THE DISPERSION - The present invention relates to a dispersion comprising an acryl-modified cellulose ester derivative (D) dispersed in an aqueous medium, wherein a hydrophobic acrylic resin (B) and a hydrophilic acrylic resin (C) are grafted onto a cellulose ester derivative (A) in the acryl-modified cellulose ester derivative (D). The dispersion has excellent long-term storage stability, and aqueous coating compositions comprising the dispersion can form coating films with excellent coating workability, solvent resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, and excellent curability.07-22-2010
20110060077Process for Manufacturing High-Performance Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites - In this patent, fibers have been successfully extracted from various natural occurring materials using a series of chemical, biological and mechanical methods. Moreover, these fibers can be conjugated onto certain polymer chains via coupling agent and chemical modification. Consequently, the thermal stability and mechanical properties of the polymers can be dramatically elevated with the incorporation of these fibers. The intended polymers include conventional plastics (epoxy resins, polyesters and polyolefins etc.), rubbers (natural rubbers and thermoplastic rubbers etc.) and biodegradable polymers. Apart from the enhancement of mechanical properties and thermal stability, the incorporation of natural fibers can reduce the production cost of the materials and meet the demand of environmental protection.03-10-2011
20090069463POLYLACTIC ACID RESIN COMPOSITION AND MOLDED ITEM - Provided is a polylactic acid resin composition obtained by adding a carboxylic acid amide and a carboxylic acid ester each of which has at least one polar group in a molecule to a polylactic acid resin reacted with a (meth)acrylate compound. Also provided is a polylactic acid resin molded article which is a molded article obtained by molding the polylactic acid resin composition, manufactured by setting a mold temperature to a glass transition temperature of a polylactic acid resin plus 20° C. or higher and a melting point thereof minus 20° C. or lower, at the time of injection molding the polylactic acid resin composition. Thus, a resin composition in which a moldability is improved at a temperature at which a polylactic acid resin is crystallized, and a molded article therefrom are provided.03-12-2009
20120245255ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY CERAMIC-PLASTIC COMPOSITE AND THE PREPARATION METHOD THEREOF - An environmentally-friendly ceramic-plastic composite and the preparation method thereof. The composite comprises: thermoplastics, bamboo or wood flour, plasticizer, inner and outer lubricant, crosslinking modifier, filling agent, flame retardant, pigment and ash raw material.09-27-2012
20120202924SHEET CONTAINING RICE BRAN AND GIFT-SET TRAY EMPLOYING SAME - The present design relates to an advantageous and useful sheet which contains rice bran and to a gift-set tray made with the same, wherein the sheet comprises: a substrate layer (08-09-2012
20100029809COMPOSITE MATERIAL COMPOSED OF NATURAL VEGETABLE FIBER AND SYNTHETIC POLYMER, AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - A composite material is provided which is lightweight, mechanically strong, and excellent in formability and water resistance, and is capable of reducing an environmental burden. A production method of the composite material composed of a natural vegetable fiber and a synthetic polymer includes chemically bonding a molecular chain of the synthetic polymer to a surface of the natural vegetable fiber; kneading the chemically bonded fiber and a synthetic polymer of a type one of identical to and different from the synthetic polymer used in the chemical bonding; and forming the obtained kneaded material into a predetermined shape.02-04-2010
20120046394HEMP FIBER REINFORCED COMPOSITE WITH RECYCLED HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE AND PRODUCTION THEREOF - Novel structural materials composed of industrial hemp fiber with recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) as well as methods for the production of the same are disclosed. The material's mechanical strength outperforms that of conventional lumber and could compete with glass fiber reinforced composites, particularly in tensile strength. In addition, this material offers many other significant advantages including insect free, high moisture resistance, no harmful chemical treatments, and no rapid corrosion in water environments.02-23-2012
20110065841ARTIFICIAL SNOW AND METHOD FOR MAKING SAME - A non-toxic, non-static, environmentally benign artificial snow product is made by extruding a mixture of starch, polyvinyl alcohol, hydrogenated soy flakes and talc to form an extruded starch product and processing the extruded starch product into snow flake like fragments. The snow flake like fragments may be sorted by size. Colorant may be added to yield artificial snow flakes in various festive colors.03-17-2011
20120214910REED COMPOSITE, MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF AND BUILDING MATERIAL USING THE SAME - The present invention relates to reed composite which can be used as building material, method for manufacturing the composite, and building material using the composite. More specifically, the present invention relates to reed composite which comprises 55 to 75 wt % of reed stalk having a particle size of 40 to 180 mesh wherein its joints are removed and 25 to 45 wt % of thermoplastic polymer impregnated into fibers of the reed stalk, thereby being eco-friendly and having higher strength and no swelling. Further, reed used as raw material of the composite according to the present invention has many advantages as interior and exterior material since it has similar texture and pattern to natural wood and a higher weight than cornstalk, bagasse or rice straw which are non-wood materials. Moreover, the composite of the present invention can be used as various building materials such as interior material, exterior finishing material and landscaping material.08-23-2012
20120214909LOW PH SOY FLOUR-NON UREA DILUENT AND METHODS OF MAKING SAME - The present invention provides an improved composition of soy with a non-urea diluent at a pH of less than 5.0, having improved viscosity stability with excellent wet and dry strengths, with more efficient production and lower production costs. Optionally, the composition may also include adding a crosslinking agent, additional diluent or both to the soy-non urea diluent adhesive and/or adding an emulsified or dispersed polymer.08-23-2012
20120252935Methods of Modifying Agricultural Co-Products and Products Made Therefrom - In a method of producing a polymer composite, a polymer is provided in a liquid state such as a molten state. A plant material, such as soymeal, is provided that includes protein and carbohydrate. A reactive protein denaturant is also provided. A dispersion of the plant material and the reactive protein denaturant is formed in a matrix of the liquid polymer. The plant material is reacted to bond with the reactive protein denaturant, and the reactive protein denaturant is reacted to bond with the polymer. The polymer is solidified to produce the polymer composite.10-04-2012
20120083554COLD-PRESSED MATS OF LIGNOCELLULOSIC MATERIAL HAVING IMPROVED COLD TACK AND A PROCESS FOR THEIR PRODUCTION - Cold-pressed mats of lignocellulosic material having a Push Off Test extension equal to at least 85% of that of a mat made with a urea-formaldehyde resin are produced from a lignocellulosic material and binder system. These mats are produced at ambient temperature by separately adding each component of the binder system to the lignocellulosic material, blending the lignocellulosic material and binder system to coat the lignocellulosic material with the binder system, forming the coated lignocellulosic material into the desired form and applying pressure to the formed lignocellulosic material to obtain the desired thickness. The binder system includes: (i) at least one polyfunctional isocyanate and (ii) at least one aqueous dispersion of an adhesive or tackifier.04-05-2012
20130096236PLANT MATERIAL COMPOSITIONS AND METHOD FOR PREPARING SAME - The present invention relates to a novel thermoplastic composition, characterized in that it contains: a) 15% to 60% of at least one starchy material; b) 10% to 30% of at least one starchy material plasticizer; c) 15% to 70% of at least one polyolefin; and d) 10% to 40% of at least one plant material selected among plant fibers and plant fillers. The invention also relates to a thermoplastic composition preparation method that includes the following steps: (i) selecting at least one composition (a) containing at least one starchy material, one plasticizer of said starchy material, and one polyolefin; (ii) selecting at least one plant material (b) selected among plant fibers and plant fillers, said plant material being formed of particles, the dimensions of which are between 0.5 and 5000 micrometers; and (iii) mixing the composition (a) and the plant material (b) so as to obtain the thermoplastic composition according to the invention.04-18-2013
20130150488KENAF REINFORCED RUBBER FOR POWER TRANSMISSION BELTS - An elastomeric composition and a power transmission belt based on the elastomeric composition, wherein the composition includes kenaf fiber.06-13-2013
20100317770NATURAL FIBRE BASED COMPOSITE MATERIAL - A natural fibre based, melt processable composite material comprising a polymer matrix of a biodegradable polymer and dried peat as a reinforcing agent.12-16-2010
20130190426RUBBER COMPOSITION FOR TIRE, AND PNEUMATIC TIRE - Provided are a rubber composition for a tire which makes it possible to improve the handling stability and fuel economy in a well-balanced manner by a simple method without requiring any chemical reaction process for surface treatment of microfibrillated plant fibers; and a pneumatic tire formed from the rubber composition. The rubber composition for a tire contains: a rubber component; microfibrillated plant fibers; a phenol resin; and a curing agent. It is preferable that the rubber component should include at least one selected from the group consisting of natural rubber, modified natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and modified synthetic rubber, and it is preferable that the microfibrillated plant fibers should be cellulose microfibrils.07-25-2013
20130197131RUBBER COMPOSITION FOR TIRE, METHOD OF PRODUCING THE SAME, AND PNEUMATIC TIRE - Provided are a rubber composition for a tire, in which while the use of petroleum resources is reduced as much as possible, the compatibility of microfibrillated plant fibers with the rubber component is enhanced by a simple method, which can lead to a balanced improvement in tensile properties, handling stability, and fuel economy; a method of producing the rubber composition; and a pneumatic tire formed from the rubber composition. The rubber composition for a tire contains a rubber component; microfibrillated plant fibers; and natural shellac resin. It is preferable that the rubber component should include at least one selected from the group consisting of natural rubber, modified natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and modified synthetic rubber, and it is preferable that the microfibrillated plant fibers should be cellulose microfibrils.08-01-2013
20120095135THERMOPLASTIC ELASTOMER AND MOLDED PRODUCT PRODUCED FROM THE SAME - A flexible, abrasion-resistant, dry to the touch thermoplastic elastomer made of a hydrogenated block copolymer having a weight-average molecular weight of 80,000 to 1,000,000, an olefin-based crystalline resin, a hydrocarbon-based softening agent for rubbers and an acryl-modified organopolysiloxane. At least the block copolymer and the organopolysiloxane are dynamically heat-treated in the presence of an organic peroxide.04-19-2012

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