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Carbohydrate or lignin, or derivative

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514 - Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions


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514781000 Cellulose or derivative 34
514778000 Starch or derivative 24
514779000 Algin or derivative 10
514780000 Locust bean gum 2
20120184629COSMETIC COMPOSITION FOR MASSAGE - The present invention relates to a cosmetic composition for massage, and more particularly, to a cosmetic composition for massage that provides a smooth rolling sensation even with a low oil content by controlling the ratio and content of polar and nonpolar oils and properly penetrates into the skin according to the control of the absorption rate by using a gum, which solves the problems with the existing massage compositions such as greasiness caused by a high content of oily ingredients and inconvenience associated with a need for cleansing the skin after use.07-19-2012
20110136921SUSTAINED RELEASE COMPOSITION - A sustained release composition comprising spray dried particles of at least one polysaccharide gum and at least one polyhydric sugar alcohol, as well as methods of making the sustained released composition are provided. A sustained release pharmaceutical solid dosage form, and a method of making the solid dosage form by compression are also provided.06-09-2011
20130158132Formulation Solution Adapted To Prolong Plasma Times Of Drugs In Mammals Including Humans - The composition adapted to prolong the residence time of drugs in the circulating plasma of mammals including humans comprises the following:06-20-2013
20130085187DEACETYLATION HYDROLASE OF HYALURONIC ACID, HYALURONIC ACID DEACETYLATED BY SAME AND DERIVATIVE THEREOF - The present disclosure relates to a deacetylation hydrolase of a hyaluronic acid a hyaluronic acid deacetylated by same and a derivative thereof. The deacetylated hyaluronic acid and the derivative thereof have the following characteristic: a delayed initial decomposition rate on a living body; minimized decrease of molecular weight and viscosity; accelerated gelation due to a lower gelation temperature than the gelation temperature for a non-deacetylated hyaluronic acid; and an hMSC survival rate that is hardly affected by increased concentration of the deacetylated hyaluronic acid and the derivative thereof in a culture medium. As a result, the deacetylated hyaluronic acid and the derivative thereof can be useful as a bioingredient such a delivery system for a cell, gene, drug, and the like, or a support for tissue engineering, etc.04-04-2013
20080287552Process for Obtaining an Active Ingredient for Enhancing Cutaneous Mechanical Strength, Active Ingredient and Compositions - The object of the invention is a process for obtaining an active ingredient for increasing the mechanical strength of the skin, wherein the process utilizes the following steps: 11-20-2008
20130030060Glucosyl Stevia Composition - Glucosyl stevia compositions are prepared from steviol glycosides of 01-31-2013
20130079422OPHTHALMIC CONTACT LENS SOLUTIONS CONTAINING FORMS OF VITAMIN B - The present invention relates to improved ophthalmic solutions that employ select B vitamins; pyridoxine and its salts; and thiamine and its salts in order to more effectively preserve solutions and to reduce the degree to which cationic preservatives will deposit on contact lenses. Ophthalmic solutions are here understood to include contact lens treatment solutions, such as cleaners, soaking solutions, conditioning solutions and lens storage solutions, as well as wetting solutions and in-eye solutions for treatment of eye conditions.03-28-2013
20130035403CELLS, NUCLEIC ACIDS, ENZYMES AND USE THEREOF, AND METHODS FOR THE PRODUCTION OF SOPHOROLIPIDS - The invention relates to cells, nucleic acids, and enzymes, the use thereof for producing sophorolipids, and methods for producing sophorolipids.02-07-2013
20120264831REBAUDIOSIDE-MOGROSIDE V BLENDS - A composition includes Mogroside V and a Rebaudioside component in a weight ratio ≧1:1 and ≦6:1, wherein the Rebaudioside component consists of one or more compounds selected from the group consisting of Rebaudioside A, Rebaudioside B and Rebaudioside D. A method of purifying a Luo Han Guo extract includes contacting the Luo Han Guo extract with activated carbon and a macroporous polymeric adsorbent resin, an ion exchange resin, or both. A composition includes a Luo Han Guo extract, wherein Mogroside V constitutes from 50 wt % to 75 wt % of the Luo Han Guo extract and the composition includes from 0 to 13 wt % in total relative to the Mogroside V of aromatic glycosides, and from 0 to 15 ppm of semi-volatile organic compounds relative to the Mogroside V.10-18-2012
20090156693OPHTHALMIC COMPOSITIONS CONTAINING POLYSACCHARIDE/BORATE GELLING SYSTEM - Topical ophthalmic compositions that form a gel or partial gel upon application to the eye are described. The compositions are particularly useful as artificial tears and ocular lubricants, but may also be utilized for the topical delivery of pharmaceutically active compounds to the eye. The compositions contain a polysaccharide/borate gelling system. The polysaccharides that may be utilized contain cis-diol groups and have a structure that is predominately linear, with a slight degree of branching.06-18-2009
20100105783Method for preparing rapidly disintegrating formulation for oral administration and apparatus for preparing and packing the same - A method and packaging machine for preparing rapidly disintegrating formulations for oral administration are disclosed. The present invention is characterized in that a powdery mixture including a pharmaceutically active ingredient and a sugar or a sugar alcohol powder is filled into a packaging material and, thereafter, the mixture, filled in the packaging material, is heated. The present invention can simply and economically prepare an oral formulation which undergoes rapid disintegration in the oral cavity and provides for high-quality administration to patients.04-29-2010
20130046028Cosmetic Raw Material - A cosmetic raw material comprising the following components (A), (B), and (C): (A) a specific polyether-modified organopolysiloxane; (B) a chain-form silicone oil that is a liquid at 25° C., does not contain a cyclic structure, and does not contain a resinous structure; and (C) an oil that is a liquid at 30° C. and that characteristically (c1) has at least one hydroxyl group in each molecule, (c2) has from 0 to 3, as the number of moles of addition, oxyethylene units in each molecule, (c3) has an HLB value in the range from 0.1 to 6.0, and (c4) has an average molecular weight in the range from 200 to 7000.02-21-2013
20100331428Sonic Low Pressure Spray Drying - This invention provides methods of spray drying pharmaceutical powders from a vibrating nozzle at low pressures. The method can effectively spray dry thick or viscous solutions or suspensions to provide small uniform particles. The invention includes dry particle compositions prepared by methods of low pressure spraying from vibrating nozzles.12-30-2010
20130072578ORODISPERSIBLE TABLETS OF ERYTHRITOL AND ISOMALT - Erythritol is granulated together with at least 10% w/w isomalt. Prior and/or after granulation a disintegrant is added and orodispersible tablets are prepared. The tablet has a disintegration time of less than 100 seconds, less than 90 seconds, preferably less than 80 seconds, more preferably less than 60 seconds and said disintegration time was determined according to the European Pharmacopoeia VI, Test method 2.9.1 by using a pharmaceutical disintegration tester model ZT 73 whereby 6 tablets having a surface of 1 square centimeter and a weight of 350 mg, at a compression force of 20 kN, were analyzed and mean values were calculated. The process for preparing the orodispersible tablet, its use, and the intermediate granulate are described as well.03-21-2013
20120309853ALDOHEXOSE-BASED FLUOROADDITIVES - Compositions comprising compounds having an aldohexose moiety, a highly fluorinated moiety, and a nitrogen-containing functional group linking the moieties together are disclosed. The aldohexose-based fluoroadditives are effective in reducing the surface tension of water and are useful in various surfactant applications. Also disclosed are processes for making aldohexose-based fluoroadditives.12-06-2012
20120115964XANTHAN GUM AND SWELLABLE PARTICULATE CONTAINING COMPOSITION AND USES THEREOF - This invention relates to a composition comprising at least about 0.2% w/w xanthan gum and at least about 6% w/w of a swellable particulate, and to uses thereof.05-10-2012
20120238643INACTIVATION OF OFF-TASTE INDUCING ENZYMES - The present inventions relates to a method for the production of gellan gum, under mixing conditions, the method comprising a) providing a fermentation broth or other liquid medium containing gellan gum, b) if necessary adjusting the temperature and the pH of the fermentation broth/liquid medium to allow or facilitate enzymatic treatment in step c, c) adding one or more enzymes capable of reducing or abolishing the enzymatic activity of 09-20-2012
20090197974NATURAL DIETARY SUPPLEMENT TABLET - An all-natural or substantially all-natural dietary supplement in a tablet form that comprises at least 95 percent Certified Organic ingredients by weight and exhibits desirable hardness, friability and release of the active dietary supplement is formulated with naturally occurring saccharides that exhibit tablet binder, tablet disintegrant, or both tablet binder and tablet disintegrant functionality. The resulting tablets may be labeled as “natural” dietary supplements.08-06-2009
20120289611PECTIN COMPOUNDS, METHODS OF USING PECTIN COMPOUNDS, AND METHODS OF CONTROLLING WATER SOLUBILITY - Briefly described, embodiments of the present disclosure provide for compositions including pectin compounds, pectin compounds, methods of making pectin compounds, methods of controlling the water solubility of a pectin compound, methods of controlling the water solubility of an agent, beads including pectin compounds, and the like.11-15-2012
20110301249STEM CELL ENHANCED PROTEIN PRODUCTS AND USES THEROF - Methods for producing in-vitro cultured protein products that are enhanced with stem cells are disclosed. In-vitro cultured protein product compositions produced by said methods are also disclosed. The present invention also discloses methods of providing nutrients to an animal by feeding said animal with said in-vitro cultured protein products.12-08-2011
20110294903LARGE PARTICLE SIZE CRYSTALLISED MALTITOL POWDER, METHOD FOR PREPARING SAME AND APPLICATIONS THEREOF, PARTICULARLY IN CHOCOLATE PRODUCTION - A crystallized maltitol powder including a maltitol content greater than 99.5% by weight, characterized by a particle-size distribution by volume, determined by laser granulometry, having less than 20% particles less than 200 μm in size, less than 6% particles less than 100 μm in size, less than 2% particles less than 40 μm in size and a pour value less than or equal to 10 seconds, an aerated density greater than 0.85 g/ml, a compacted density greater than 0.97 g/ml, and a compressibility of less than 17%, and to its use in the pharmaceuticals and above all foods sectors, in particular in the formulation of chocolates or table sweeteners.12-01-2011
20100113618Pseudo-thermosetting neutralized chitosan composition forming a hydrogel and a process for producing the same - The composition disclosed is a pseudo-thermosetting neutralized chitosan composition, neutralized with a hydroxylated base, forming a phosphate-free transparent hydrogel at a temperature higher than 5° C. Said composition contains a homogeneously reacetylated chitosan derived from a chitosan having a deacetylation degree of 80-90%, having a molecular weight of not smaller than 200 kDa and a deacetylation degree of 30-60%, and may further contain a diol. Said composition may be used as a drug delivery system.05-06-2010
20100036001HEPAROSAN POLYMERS AND METHODS OF MAKING AND USING SAME FOR THE ENHANCEMENT OF THERAPEUTICS - The present invention includes compositions, methods, and systems for the development and use of heparosan, a natural polymer related to heparin, as a new therapeutic modifying agent or vehicle which can modulate drug cargo pharmacokinetics and behavior within a mammalian patient.02-11-2010
20110263723Pigment Composition Comprising Anthocyanic Vacuolar Inclusions - The invention provides a pigment composition comprising anthocyanic vacuolar inclusions or “AVIs” from a plant, and an acceptable carrier. The invention also provides methods for colouring products with the pigment composition, and products comprising the pigment composition or AVIs.10-27-2011
20100267847METHOD OF IMPROVING SWEETNESS QUALITIES OF STEVIA EXTRACT - The present invention provides a technique for improving the sweetness of 10-21-2010
20120035277LIQUID-FILLED CHEWABLE SUPPLEMENT - A liquid-filled chewable composition for the oral delivery of nutritional supplements and/or pharmaceuticals is provided. The chewable composition includes a delivery vehicle and an active ingredient incorporated therein. The delivery vehicle may include an organic or non-organic gummy candy including a binding agent, sweetener, flavoring, and/or coloring. The active ingredient may include a predetermined amount of any combination of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, soluble and insoluble fiber, herbs, plants, probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids, digestive enzymes, dietary supplements, or any other health promoting ingredient. The delivery vehicle may also include a predetermined amount of at least one nutritional supplement and/or pharmaceutical compound.02-09-2012
20090281198MOISTURIZER - The present invention provides a moisturizer comprising, as an active ingredient, a saccharide having 3-O-α-D-glucopyranosyl-D-glucose as a structural unit. The moisturizer of the present invention improves the water retention capacity of the stratum corneum, and is useful for prevention and improvement of rough skin.11-12-2009
20080287553PHARMACEUTICAL COMPOSITIONS COMPRISING PERANHYDROCYCLODEXTRIN - The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition comprising a peranhydrocyclodextrin, a drug and a carrier, to the use of a peranhydrocyclodextrin as a drug transport enhancer (e.g. permeation enhancer), and to the use of a peranhydrocyclodextrin in the preparation of a pharmaceutical composition as a synergistic adjunctive system.11-20-2008
20100137456Polysaccharides functionalized by tryptophan derivatives - The present invention relates to novel polysaccharide derivatives, predominantly comprising glycosidic bonds of (1,4), (1,3) and/or (1,2) type, functionalized by at least one tryptophan derivative. It also relates to processes for the synthesis thereof, to their uses as pharmaceutical excipient and to the pharmaceutical compositions comprising them.06-03-2010
20120196941ABSORPTION ENHANCERS FOR DRUG ADMINISTRATION - A composition including a surfactant and at least one alkyl glycoside and/or saccharide alkyl ester and a drug. The surfactant composition(s) when admixed with a drug is non-toxic and non-irritating, while stabilizing and increasing the bioavailability of the drug. The invention also provides compositions that enhance absorption of drugs via the oral, ocular, nasal, nasolacrimal, inhalation or pulmonary, oral cavity (sublingual or Buccal cell) or CSF delivery route of a patient, including but not limited to insulin, glucagon and exendin-4.08-02-2012
20100204346NOVEL SWEETENER HAVING SUCROSE-LIKE TASTE, METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME, AND USE OF THE SAME - Problem: To develop a method for producing a novel sweetener containing glucose, fructose, and psicose, which is produced from glucose liquid sugar using an isomerase and an epimerase; use of the novel sweetener as a food or drink material; and a novel sweetener capable of preventing obesity caused by the intake thereof.08-12-2010
20090054537THERAPEUTIC PROTOCOLS USING HYALURONAN - The present invention relates generally to the field of therapeutics and in particular, chemotherapy. Even more particularly, the present invention provides therapeutic strategies which reduce the toxicity or enhance the efficacy of chemotherapeutic agents. Compositions and methods of treatment and prophylaxis are also contemplated by the present invention.02-26-2009
20120289612Composite Material and Method for Producing the Same - It has been necessary to use a relatively large amount of cyclodextrin in order to produce a composite material, but the amount of the cyclodextrin needs to be reduced from the viewpoint of costs; in this respect, the present invention provides a composite material comprising a food or active pharmaceutical ingredient, a phytosterol ester, a medium-chain fatty acid triacylglyceride, and a cyclodextrin.11-15-2012
20090192232Supplementary Food Composition For Reducing Body Odor - This invention relates to a food supplement for reducing body odor; it is a mixture of edible carriers with chitin aqueous solution lyophilized powder, chitosan aqueous solution lyophilized powder, chitin powder, chitosan powder, or the composition of these ingredients, and it comes in the form of tablets or pills. The invention has an outstanding effect in reducing various types of body odors, including Koreans' unique body odor, such as Kimchi smell or garlic smell, westerners' unique body odor, such as cheese smell or butter smell, Arabs' unique body odor, such as mutton smell, armpit odor and body odor that is unique in the aged.07-30-2009
20110230569LIPID FORMULATIONS COMPRISING A THIOLATED ANTIOXIDANT - The present invention provides a formulation comprising: 09-22-2011
20080262106Direct Compressible Trehalose Solids - The present invention relates to direct compressible crystalline or semi-crystalline trehalose solids having a crystal form selected from the group consisting of trehalose dihydrate and mixtures of trehalose dihydrate and anhydrous trehalose, and having a specific surface area of at least 0.25 m10-23-2008
20090203803N-acylated chitinous polymers and methods of use thereof - The invention pertains to N-acetylated, N, O-carboxyalkylchitosans and methods for using the chitosans to treat disorders, such as cancer, nervous system disorders, urinary tract disorders, and reproductive tract disorders.08-13-2009
20120245234COSMETIC AND DERMATOLOGIC COMPOSITION AND USES THEREOF - The present invention relates to a novel natural composition comprising sclerotium gum, xanthan gum and pullulan and intended for preparing cosmetic and dermatologic compositions, to the uses thereof, and to the cosmetic and dermatologic compositions containing said novel natural composition.09-27-2012
20130131191ADDITIVE FOR TABLETS - A disintegrant for tablets includes an α-1,4-glucan having a degree of polymerization of not less than 180 and less than 1230 and a dispersity (weight average molecular weight “Mw”/number average molecular weight “Mn”) of not more than 1.25 or a modified product thereof. A binder for tablets includes an α-1,4-glucan having a degree of polymerization of not less than 1230 and not more than 37000 and a dispersity of not more than 1.25, or a modified product thereof. A binding-disintegrating agent for tablets includes a low molecular weight α-1,4-glucan or a modified product thereof, and a high molecular weight α-1,4-glucan or a modified product thereof.05-23-2013
20110039950Alkyl and/or Alkenyl Ethers of Alkyl and/or Alkenyl (Poly)Glycosides and Their Use - The present invention relates to nanoemulsions comprising alkyl and/or alkenyl ethers of alkyl and/or alkenyl (poly)glycosides, to a method for their preparation and also to their use. The present invention further relates to the alkyl and/or alkenyl ethers of alkyl and/or alkenyl (poly)glycosides themselves, and their use.02-17-2011
20110130473DILUTE FILTRATION STERILIZATION PROCESS FOR VISCOELASTIC BIOPOLYMERS - Manufactured hyaluronic acid products are used in numerous surgical applications including viscoelastic supplementation for the treatment of osteoarthritis, however, traditional sterilization techniques result in the breakdown of such high molecular weight viscoelastic biopolymers and are thus unsuitable. Disclosed are processes for obtaining concentrated sterile solutions of high molecular weight biopolymers such as hyaluronic acid. The processes include filter sterilization with a dilute preparation of the biopolymer, and concentration of the dilute filter sterilized biopolymer by ultrafiltration to a desired concentration.06-02-2011
20100280133AQUEOUS EMULSION CONTAINING A CYCLODEXTRIN DERIVATIVE, A PERFUME, AND A POLYSORBATE - Aqueous fragrance emulsions are prepared from a hydrophobic fragrance substance, a cyclodextrin derivative, and a polysorbate. The emulsions are stable despite containing a high proportion of fragrance and can be used to prepare uniform coatings on substrates.11-04-2010
20110263724THREADS OF HYALURONIC ACID AND/OR DERIVATIVES, THEREOF, METHODS OF MAKING THEREOF AND USES THEREOF - The present invention provides threads of hyaluronic acid, and/or derivatives thereof, methods of making thereof and uses thereof, for example, in aesthetic applications (e.g., dermal fillers), surgery (sutures), drug delivery, etc.10-27-2011
20100190872PRODUCTION OF BETA-GLUCANS AND MANNANS - Disclosed are methods for producing yeast β-glucan and mannan preparations. The methods employ an autolysis process, followed by enzymatic treatment with one or more of a protease, glucanase or lipase. The preparations produced may be used in food supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, animal feeds, and neutraceuticals.07-29-2010
20110190401DEPOLYMERIZED POLYSACCHARIDE-BASED HYDROGEL ADHESIVE AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF - The present invention provides novel polysaccharide-based adhesive hydrogel compositions useful for wound healing and topical and transdermal delivery of therapeutic and cosmetic agents, methods of preparation and uses thereof. The hydrogel includes modified polysaccharides which bestow superior cohesion and adhesiveness to the hydrogel. The present invention further provides methods and a device useful for the testing the adhesive properties of hydrogels.08-04-2011
20100016451Orally Disintegrative Dosage Form - The present invention features an orally disintegrating dosage form including from about 5% to about 40%, by weight, of at least one hydrated salt and a pharmaceutically active agent, wherein the at least hydrated salt has a dehydration temperature of from about 20 to about 120° C.01-21-2010
20110306679COMPOSITIONS CONTAINING AGAR AND A SOFTENING AGENT - The present invention includes a composition that has (a) at least one thermo-reversible polysaccharide chosen from agar; (b) at least one softening agent chosen from a cationic surfactant, an anionic surfactant, a nonionic esterified sugar surfactant, a polyorganosiloxane-containing polymer, a sugar silicone surfactant, and mixtures thereof; (c) at least one oil; and (d) water.12-15-2011
20110306680COMPOSITIONS CONTAINING AGAR AND ESTERIFIED SUGAR SURFACTANTS - The present invention is directed to a composition that includes (a) at least one thermo-reversible polysaccharide chosen from agar; (b) at least one softening agent chosen from an esterified sugar surfactant; (c) at least one oil; (d) water; and (e) optionally, at least one emulsifier different from (b), as well as to processes for softening an emulsion containing agar by adding to the emulsion at least one softening agent chosen from an esterified sugar surfactant.12-15-2011
20120041078METHOD OF IMPROVING STABILITY OF SWEET ENHANCER AND COMPOSITION CONTAINING STABILIZED SWEET ENHANCER - The present invention includes methods of stabilizing one or more sweet enhancers when they are exposed to a light source as well as liquid compositions containing one or more sweet enhancers and one or more photostabilizers.02-16-2012
20100331429O/W EMULSIONS CONTAINING A HYDROPHOBIC MODIFIED INULIN AND AT LEAST ONE THICKENING POLYSACCHARIDE OF PLANT ORIGIN - The invention relates especially to a composition in the form of an oil-in-water emulsion comprising an inner fatty phase and an outer aqueous phase and containing: a) at least 0.01% by weight and preferably at least 0.05% by weight, relative to the total weight of the composition, of at least one inulin modified with hydrophobic chains, and b) at least 0.05% by weight and preferably at least 0.1% by weight, relative to the total weight of the composition, of at least one thickening polysaccharide of plant origin, the said composition being free of silicones. The invention also relates to a cosmetic process using the said composition.12-30-2010
20120041079DEXTRAN FUNCTIONALIZED BY HYDROPHOBIC AMINO ACIDS - Dextran of the following general formula I:02-16-2012
20120022170MANUFACTURE OF TABLET IN A DIE UTILIZING POWDER BLEND CONTAINING WATER-CONTAINING MATERIAL - The present invention features the present invention features a process for making a tablet by compacting a powder blend in a die platen to form a tablet shape, wherein the powder blend includes a pharmaceutically active agent and a water-containing material, and applying energy to the tablet shape for a sufficient period of time to heat the water-containing material within the tablet shape above its dehydration temperature to form the tablet.01-26-2012
20120059071High-Purity Mogrosides And Process For Their Purification - The present invention provides a process for preparation of highly purified mogrosides mixture from low purity mogrosides mixture. The process comprises providing a mixture of low purity mogrosides, dissolving the low purity mogrosides mixture in water or an aqueous alcohol solution to form an initial solution of mogrosides, passing the initial solution through a column system, wherein the column system comprises a plurality of columns, and each column is packed with a sorbent having different affinities to impurities and mogrosides so that one or more columns retains more mogrosides than other columns, washing the columns to remove impurities with an acidic aqueous solution, a basic aqueous solution, and an aqueous alcoholic solution successively, eluting the columns with an aqueous alcohol solution that contains higher alcohol content than the aqueous alcohol solution used in the washing step, wherein the eluate from the columns with high content of mogrosides are combined, and drying the combined eluate to obtain high purity mogrosides with the content of the total mogrosides are more than 70% (w/w). The present invention also provides a sweetener mixture and product comprising high purity mogrosides.03-08-2012
20120071567FRUIT FLAVORED COCOA BUTTER BASED CONFECTION - A fruit flavored confection made of a fruit based anhydrous component, along with sweeteners dairy and suitable confectionary fat wherein the intimate incorporation of the fruit based component and the acidic pH of the confection results in a vibrant fruit flavor profile.03-22-2012
20120157553Methods for Using Rebaudioside C as a Flavor Enhancer - The present invention is directed to the use of one or more rebaudioside C polymorphs, or stereoisomers thereof, to enhance the sweet taste of a flavoring, such as glucosylated steviol glycoside, rebaudioside A, ammoniated glycyrrhizin, neohespherdin dihydrochalcone or thaumatin.06-21-2012
20120071568Cosmetic Composition - An object of the invention is to provide a cosmetic composition that is not drippy during makeup removal, has good skin spreadability during use, has a refreshing feeling in use, and provides a high cleansing effect, and in particular, to provide a cleansing composition. The cosmetic composition according to the invention is characterized by comprising (A) an alkyl ethylene oxide surfactant having an HLB of 8 to 13, (B) 10 to 40 mass % of an oil component, and (C) water, wherein the composition is a discontinuous-micellar cubic liquid-crystal phase. Also the cosmetic composition is characterized by comprising the above composition as the outer phase and (B03-22-2012
20120309854ALDOHEXOSE-BASED FLUOROADDITIVES - Compositions comprising compounds having an aldohexose moiety, a highly fluorinated moiety, and a nitrogen-containing functional group linking the moieties together are disclosed. The aldohexose-based fluoroadditives are effective in reducing the surface tension of water and are useful in various surfactant applications. Also disclosed are processes for making aldohexose-based fluoroadditives.12-06-2012
20100093875GRANULAR PREPARATION PREVENTED FROM CAKING - The present invention provides a granular preparation that resists caking during preservation, namely, a granular preparation characteristically with suppressed caking, which comprises an active ingredient other than biguanide, a sugar or a sugar alcohol, an organic acid and a particular water-soluble polysaccharide; and a method of suppressing caking of a granular preparation, which includes adding a particular water-soluble polysaccharide to the active ingredient, sugar or sugar alcohol and organic acid.04-15-2010
20090131541Gelatin-containing topical composition - This invention provides a topical pharmaceutical or cosmetic composition comprising a pharmaceutically or cosmetically active agent and a gelling agent, characterized in that said gelling agent comprises a fish gelatin and a polysaccharide.05-21-2009
20090131542Emulsifier Combination, Emulsion Containing the Emulsifier Combination, and a Process for its Production - An emulsifier concentrate containing: (a) a C05-21-2009
20120129953TINGLING AND SALIVATING COMPOSITIONS - A sensate composition comprises a salivating component, a tingling component and a flavor, the salivating component being formed of at least a mixture of citric, malic and succinic acid, or of their salts, and the tingling component being formed of an ingredient selected from the group consisting of Jambu oleoresin, spilanthol, any extract containing either or both, and their mixtures. The sensate composition allows the preparation of consumer products having improved salivating properties.05-24-2012
20120136071Medicinal Cream For Diaper Rash And A Process To Make It - The present invention relates to a composition for treating diaper rash along with skin rejuvenation. More particularly, the present invention relates to a pharmaceutical cream comprising a biopolymer, and an anti diaper rash active ingredient. It discloses a composition for treating diaper rash along with skin rejuvenation containing a) a biopolymer in the form of chitosan, b) a combination of active ingredients used in treating diaper rash, c) a cream base containing primary and secondary emulsifiers, waxy materials, co-solvents, acids, preservatives, buffering agents, anti oxidants, chelating agents, and humectants, and d) water. The active ingredients, namely chitosan, and diaper rash agents, are incorporated in cream base for use in treating diaper rash.05-31-2012
20100174001ANTIOXIDANT FOR FOOD - The present invention relates to the technical field of additives or adjuncts, especially additives that have an antioxidant effect and antioxidants, for food products, animal feed, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. The present invention above all provides an improved antioxidant agent for food products, animal feed, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals and also provides compositions that include this antioxidant agent as preferably the sole supplementary additive that has an antioxidant effect.07-08-2010
20100029789Load Bearing Hydrogel Implants - The present invention features dual network hydrogels that possess the structural, mechanical, and biological properties required of load bearing three-dimensional support structures.02-04-2010
20120220668MEMBRANE STABILIZING COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS - A sugar-anchor polymer and methods of making and using the same to stabilize a lipid membrane. The sugar-anchor polymer includes a sugar covalently bound to a first anchor and a second anchor wherein the covalent bonds are selected from the group consisting essentially of an oxime bond, a hydrazone bond, an acylhydrazide bond, an aminothioacetal bond, an acetal bond, a thioacetal bond, a dithioacetal bond, a thioether bond and combinations thereof. The method includes reacting a sugar having at least two nucleophilic moieties with at least two anchors, each anchor having at least one electrophilic moiety, to form the polymer. Alternatively, the method includes reacting a sugar having at least two electrophilic moieties with at least two anchors, each anchor having at least one nucleophilic moiety, to form the polymer. The anchors may be lipids or peptides. The sugar-anchor polymers stabilize lipid membranes against serum proteins, dehydration, and cryopreservation.08-30-2012
20120232166Masking Bitter Flavors - Mogrosides may be used as a flavor modifier in various foods, beverages, pharmaceutical compositions, and the like to block the perception of bitter and astringent flavors or other off flavors.09-13-2012
20120190757FORMULATIONS AND METHODS FOR SOLID CHITOSAN-CONTAINING BLENDS - Chitosan-containing blends and methods of dissolving and using chitosan are disclosed. A blend includes a solid acid or a solid agent that generates a proton in situ in the presence of water mixed together with a dry solid chitosan, and may optionally contain other components. The blends are in a dry, free-flowing, particulate form. Methods of dissolving a blend typically comprise adding a quantity of the blend to a low volume of water and mixing until the chitosan and solid acid or solid agent are dissolved and then further diluting this mixture by the addition of water, or used as-is. Devices containing the blends are also described along with methods of using the devices, such as for controlled release of solubilized chitosan in a body of water, such as a stream, containing impurities (e.g., particles, sediment, or suspended matter or dissolved substances) to cause flocculation or precipitation of such impurities.07-26-2012
20090018217VOLATILE SULFIDE PRODUCTION INHIBITOR AND METHOD FOR INHIBITING THE PRODUCTION OF VOLATILE SULFIDE USING THE INHIBITOR - The object of the present invention is to establish a volatile sulfide production inhibitor that can inhibit the production of volatile sulfides from a composition and to provide a method for inhibiting the production of volatile sulfides from a composition by using the inhibitor. The object are solved by providing a volatile sulfide production inhibitor comprising L-ascorbic acid 2-glucoside as an effective ingredient and a method for inhibiting the production of volatile sulfides from a composition by incorporating the volatile sulfide production inhibitor into the composition.01-15-2009
20120264832Low Inflammatory Blended Oils - A low inflammatory oil composition and method for supplementing feed, nutrition and diet systems with omega-3 to omega-6 balanced oils comprised of a synergistic blend of at least two oils. The composition further comprises a synergistic blend of long chain omega-3 oil as a means to further increase the nutritional value. The composition further provides an effective increase in reducing inflammation for therapeutic, and pharmacological treatment in addition to general nutrition and diet systems.10-18-2012
20100311845GLYCOSIDASE ENZYMES - A thermostable glycosidase enzymes derived from various 12-09-2010
20100249250REVERSIBLE BIOGEL FOR MANIPULATION AND SEPARATION OF SINGLE-WALLED CARBON NANOTUBES - The invention provides the use of novel, binary guanosine gels for simple, rapid and nondestructive solubilization of individual single walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) at high concentrations. The gels exhibit selectivity between metallic and semiconducting SWNTs and, further, among SWNTs with different chiralities.09-30-2010
20100168252SUGAR DERIVATIVES, METHOD FOR PREPARATION THEREOF, THEIR USE AS SURFACE-ACTIVE AGENTS - Composition (C) comprising for 100% of its mass: from 0.5% to 30% of one or more alcohols having the formula (IV): R1-OH (IV) wherein R1 represents a saturated or unsaturated, linear or branched aliphatic group, having from 8 to 36 carbon atoms, optionally substituted with one or more hydroxyl and/or groups and by 70% to 99.5% of one or more compounds having the formula (I):07-01-2010
20130012599SURFACE TREATMENT FOR GASIFIED CONSUMABLE MATERIALS - A surface treatment for the preparation of gasified consumable materials comprising active ingredients. The surface treatment may comprise a combination of flavors, sweeteners, and active ingredients such as nutritional supplements and/or pharmaceuticals. The invention avoids the degradation of active ingredients during the manufacturing process since the active ingredients are applied to the surface of the composition and not cooked with the gasified consumable material. Methods for making and using the disclosed compositions are also within the scope of the invention.01-10-2013
20120149784TABLETTING OF ERYTHRITOL AND ISOMALT - Erythritol is granulated together with from 10% w/w to 50% w/w isomalt. Chewable tablets are prepared and the corresponding process is described.06-14-2012
20120149783WATER-IN-OIL EMULSION COMPOSITIONS CONTAINING GELLAN GUM FOR TOPICAL DELIVERY OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS TO THE SKIN OR MUCOSA - The present invention is directed to water-in-oil (W/O) emulsion compositions containing gellan gum which provide an enhanced rate of release of active ingredients for delivery to the skin or mucosa.06-14-2012
20110160311Sweetness Enhancers, Compositions Thereof, and Methods for Use - Disclosed herein are sweetener compositions comprising at least one sweetener and at least one sweetness enhancer chosen from terpenes (such as sesquiterpenes, diterpenes, and triterpenes), flavonoids, amino acids, proteins, polyols, other known natural sweeteners (such as cinnamaldehydes, selligueians, hematoxylins), secodammarane glycosides, and analogues thereof, wherein the at least one sweetness enhancer is present in the composition in an amount at or below the sweetness detection threshold level of the sweetness enhancer, and the at least one sweetener and the at least one sweetness enhancer are different. Also disclosed herein are methods for enhancing sweetness of a composition, comprising combining at least one sweetener and at least one sweetness enhancer chosen from terpenes (such as sesquiterpenes, diterpenes, and triterpenes), flavonoids, amino acids, proteins, polyols, other known natural sweeteners (such as cinnamaldehydes, selligueians, hematoxylins), secodammarane glycosides, and analogues thereof, wherein the at least one sweetness enhancer is present in the composition in an amount at or below the sweetness detection threshold level of the at least one sweetness enhancer, and the at least one sweetener and the at least one sweetness enhancer are different.06-30-2011
20080255249Long-Chain Inulin - The invention relates to long-chain inulin and its preparation from artichoke roots, its use in foodstuffs and cosmetic preparations and foodstuffs and cosmetic preparations comprising the long-chain inulin.10-16-2008
20080249190Pesticide Compositions - This invention is related to the field of compositions useful in the control of pests, for example, insects (such as cock-roaches, termites, and ants) and rodents (such as rats and mice), where such compositions comprise soynuts, a non-monosaccharide sugar, and a pesticide.10-09-2008
20080234392TREHALOSE FATTY ACID ESTER COMPOSITION - Provided is a pigment dispersant having excellent pigment dispersibility thus allowing a larger amount of pigments to be blended in various cosmetics, and capability of imparting good sense of use, make-up lasting, odor, and stability over time to the cosmetic. A trehalose fatty acid ester composition prepared by esterifying trehalose with a fatty acid having 8 to 22 carbon atoms, which has a hydroxyl value of 20 to 500, and the total amount of a diester, a triester, a tetraester and a pentaester in the trehalose fatty acid esters of 10 to 100% by area; and a cosmetic including the trehalose fatty acid ester composition.09-25-2008
20110224311Natural Product Sweetness Enhancers - The present invention is directed to the use of a compound of Formula I,09-15-2011
20090209662ISOMALTULOSE WITH IMPROVED FLOWABILITY - The invention concerns a crystalline isomaltulose product having improved flow properties as bulk product and no tendency toward long-time compaction, method for production of this product as well as a new use of isomaltulose.08-20-2009
20120283338SWEETENER COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS OF MAKING THE SAME - Disclosed is a method of preparing a composition by mixing a sweetener and an ingredient, pressing the sweetener and ingredient together to form a pressed mixture in the form of a sheet, briquette, pellet, flake or other form, and reducing the pressed mixture to yield a composition. The composition comprises particulates having a desirable size, where a particulate comprises the ingredient at least partially embedded within the sweetener. The composition can be used in a variety of food, dietary and pharmaceutical products.11-08-2012
20130184356CHITOSAN COMPOSITION - This invention provides a composition comprising: (i) a chitosan hydrogel comprising cross-linked chitosan and water; and (ii) a liquid dispersed in the hydrogel.07-18-2013
20110288182HEALTH CHARACTERISTIC DULCE DE LECHE CONFECTION COMPOSITIONS AND FLAVORED MILK - The present invention provides for Dulce de Leche confection compositions and Dulce de Leche based flavored milk that has an improved, healthier fat structure, unique antioxidant taste profile, lower sugar content, fiber component, and a 0% or greater supplement component that can add additional dietary benefits. Cholesterol reduction can be accomplished within certain embodiments of this invention. Specific ratios of ingredients within our compositions create a taste, texture, mouth feel, and rich and creamy true Dulce de Leche confection without the negative health ramifications of high milk fat content and sugar content characteristic of traditional Dulce de Leche products. Additionally, the method for preparing these Dulce de Leche confection products and flavored milk are covered.11-24-2011
20110313056GEL FORMATION OF POLYELECTROLYTE AQUEOUS SOLUTIONS BY THERMALLY INDUCED CHANGES IN IONIZATION STATE - There is disclosed aqueous solutions of polyelectrolytes that can be neutralized by increasing temperature, under suitable polyelectrolyte charge state conditions, in order to obtain a homogeneous gel. This can be achieved by adding an appropriate weak electrolyte to the polyelectrolyte so that an increase of temperature will lead to a spatially homogeneous neutralization of the polyelectrolyte via proton transfer between the polyelectrolyte and the weak electrolyte. The ability of such a system to be thermally sensitive and to gel upon heating relies on the temperature dependence of the ionization equilibrium for the two components. This thermally induced neutralization reduces electrostatic repulsion between polyelectrolyte molecules allowing the manifestation of attractive polyelectrolyte-polyelectrolyte hydrophobic interactions and hydrogen bonding that result in gel formation. These new kinds of thermo sensitive gels can be used for biomedical applications.12-22-2011
20110313055HEALTH CHARACTERISTIC CHEWY OR GUMMY CANDY CONFECTION - The present invention provides for flavored chewy or gummy candy confections made by making a flavored chewy or gummy candy confection from scratch or adjusting a current flavored chewy or gummy candy confection brand product with our invention. This invention can have a healthier group of edible oils component, unique antioxidant taste profile component, fiber component, water component, emulsifier component, and potentially a 0% or greater supplement component that can add additional dietary benefits. Specific ratios of ingredients can lower sugar content up to 75% while creating a product with a taste, texture, and mouth feel similar to regular flavored chewy or gummy candy. The reduction of sugar possible within this invention can reduce the negative health ramifications of high sugar content that current flavored chewy or gummy candy confections suffer from and the addition of the healthier ingredients adds some improved health characteristics to the products that usually are devoid of nutrition. Additionally, the method for preparing a flavored chewy or gummy candy confection with these improved health characteristics, taste profile, and dietary benefits are covered.12-22-2011
20110319502Compositions and Methods for Enhancing Reduction of Spore-Forming Microorganisms - A pharmaceutical formulation comprises a pharmaceutically acceptable preservative and a material selected from the group consisting of D-glucose, sucrose, maltose, D-mannose, trehalose, glutamic acid, mixtures thereof, and combinations thereof, wherein the formulation has enhanced preservative efficacy against spore-forming microorganisms. The formulation can further comprise boric acid and/or phosphate. A method for enhancing the preservative efficacy of a pharmaceutical formulation against spore-forming microorganisms, comprising adding a pharmaceutically acceptable preservative, and a material selected from the group consisting of D-glucose, sucrose, maltose, D-mannose, trehalose, glutamic acid, mixtures thereof, and combinations thereof, to the pharmaceutical formulation. The formulation optionally includes an active agent for treating or controlling a disease or disorder of the eye. The formulation may be used to treat, clean, disinfect, store, wet, or rewet contact lenses.12-29-2011
20130197103COMPOSITION AND METHOD FOR THE ENHANCEMENT OF THE EFFICACY OF DRUGS - The present invention relates to the enhancement of the efficacy of drugs, and more particularly, with overcoming the resistance of cells or organisms to drugs. In particular, the present invention provides a method for enhancing the effectiveness of a cytotoxic or anti-neoplastic agent, comprising the step of co-administering said agent with hyaluronan, wherein co-administration with hyaluronan enhances the agent's cancer cell-killing potential.08-01-2013
20130197104REDUCED SUGAR SYRUPS AND METHODS OF MAKING REDUCED SUGAR SYRUPS - A reduced sugar syrup having an advantageously low viscosity is prepared by hydrolysis of starch or starchy material using a particular type of alpha amylase enzyme which yields a saccharide distribution having a low DP1-2 and low DP11+ content. The DP4 content of the syrup may be favorably increased by using a maltotetragenic alpha amylase enzyme in combination with the aforementioned alpha amylase enzyme. The syrup is useful in the production of food, beverage, animal feed, animal health and nutrition, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic compositions and may be combined with a high intensity sweetener to provide a composition capable of being substituted for conventional corn syrups.08-01-2013
20130203867STEVIA FORMULATION - The invention provides a stevia formulation comprising a stevia sweetener with a rebaudioside A content of 95% or greater, and 0.25 to 5.15 parts by weight of a sugarcane-derived extract (a), 0.06 to 2.50 parts by weight of a sugarcane-derived extract (b) and 0.002 to 12.5 parts by weight of γ-aminobutyric acid with respect to 100 parts by weight of the stevia sweetener.08-08-2013

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