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514 - Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions

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514770000 Siliceous or calcareous material (e.g., clay, earth, etc.) 55
514771000 Oxygen gas containing 2
20130059923Therapeutic Foam - A therapeutic foam for the treatment of, inter alia, varicose veins comprises a sclerosing solution foamed with a physiological gas such as carbon dioxide, oxygen or a mixture thereof. The foam has a nitrogen content of less than 0.8%. It may be generated using a pressurised canister system incorporating a fine mesh of micron dimensions through which the gas and sclerosing liquid are passed to make the foam. Alternatively, the foam may be generated by passing gas and solution between two syringes through a fine mesh. Techniques are described for minimising the amount of nitrogen in a canister or syringe based product. A technique for generating and delivering foam simultaneously using a syringe based device is also disclosed.03-07-2013
20090209657Soap Kit for Women's Intimate Hygiene and Composition of Soap for the Menstrual Period - The present invention refers to a soap kit, preferably liquid, for women's intimate hygiene devised to take into consideration the different phases of the menstrual cycle, keeping the vaginal flora and helping to prevent infection. Besides that, the present invention also refers to a soap composition, preferably liquid, for intimate hygiene, with pH between 3.6 and 4.0 for use during the woman menstrual period. Though the soaps segment in the pharmaceutical market presents a variety of options targeting the woman personal hygiene, these do not take into consideration pH variations seen during the different phases of the menstrual cycle. The objective of the present invention is to provide a kit and a composition of intimate soap for women that can preserve vaginal ecosystem through the different menstrual cycle stages, helping in infection prevention and so reducing chances of irritation processes related to soap not specifically made for this part of the body.08-20-2009
20120184627PHARMACEUTICAL COMPOSITION - The invention concerns a co-processed additive for a solid-dose pharmaceutical composition, the additive comprising from about 50% to 99.5% by weight of at least one pharmaceutical compression aid and from about 0.5% to 50% by weight of at least one pharmaceutical lubricant, the melting point of said compression aid(s) being higher than the melting point of said lubricant(s). The co-processed additive may be in the form of a physically bound composite whereby the lubricant is associated with the surface of the compression aid particles.07-19-2012
20100113616INHIBITION OF DISCOLORATION BY WASHING AND CLEANING AGENTS AND/OR COSMETIC AGENTS - Method of inhibiting discoloration in agents by incorporating iodide salt(s), preferably calcium, potassium and/or sodium iodides into the formulation of those agents. The method is particularly suited for agents comprising vanillin and/or vanillin derivatives, wherein vanillin and/or vanillin derivatives are components of a fragrance mixture and the agents are washing and cleaning agents or cosmetics agents.05-06-2010
20130035399MARKED INORGANIC ADDITIVES - The subject matter of the present invention is marked inorganic additives, a method for their production and also their use.02-07-2013
20100144895EMBOLIC COMPOSITIONS WITH NON-CYANOACRYLATE RHEOLOGY MODIFYING AGENTS - Compositions for embolization are disclosed herein. The compositions disclosed can have a matrix-forming component, a solid-aggregate material, and a rheology modifying agent, wherein the matrix-forming component includes at least alkyl cyanoacrylate monomers, a stabilizer, and a plasticizer, and the solid-aggregate material includes at least a radiopacifier. The composition and a method of administering the composition are useful for treating vasculature abnormalities, particularly when the composition solidifies upon contact with an ionic environment, such as blood.06-10-2010
20090306223Surface-Active Material and Its Application - There is provided a surface-active material that comprises fibres which have been modified so as to impart surface-active properties onto said fibres and giving it a contact angle between 60° and 120°, wherein the fibres have an aspect ratio of more than 10 to 1,000. The surface-active material can be used for foam and emulsion formation and stabilisation, coatings, encapsulation and drug delivery. It can for example be used in the following industries: foods, home and personal care, oilfield, agriculture, textile, construction, emulsion polymerisation, leather, plastic, pulp, paper and pharma.12-10-2009
20090270515ACTIVE INGREDIENT CONTAINING STABILISED SOLID MEDICINAL FORMS AND METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF - The invention relates to solid medicinal forms containing at least one active ingredient and at least one pharmaceutically compatible, water soluble drying agent which is selected from the group consisting of trimagnesium dicitrate and/or calcium chloride, the solid medicinal form having a drying loss of at most 6% and a relative equilibrium moisture content of 25% or less. The invention also relates to solid medicinal forms containing a moisture-sensitive active ingredient and trimagnesium dicitrate.10-29-2009
20090270514Methods for Regulating Gelation of Polysaccharide Solutions and Uses Thereof - The present invention provides a method for preparing chito san solutions to allow regulating the conditions in which the chitosan solution will gel. The present invention also provides methods for using chitosan solutions as compositions and for using chitosan solutions in vitro and in vivo.10-29-2009
20100069507Porous Carbon Materials and Production Process Thereof, and Adsorbents, Masks, Adsorbing Sheets and Carriers - By a process for producing a porous carbon material from a plant-derived material as a raw material, said process including carbonizing the plant-derived material at 800° C. to 1,400° C. and then applying a treatment with an acid or alkali, a porous carbon material having a value of specific surface area of at least 10 m03-18-2010
20130165531Anthocyanin based colorant compositions - The invention describes novel aluminum based aqueous anthocyanin solutions, methods to prepare them and the compositions thereof.06-27-2013
20090036548Mascara and liquid eyeliner enhancer - A composition and method of use of a composition for enhancing the usability of eye cosmetics, including but not limited to mascara and liquid eyeliner. The composition and its formulation contains a liquid enhancer, such that a few drops of the liquid enhancer added to the mascara and/or liquid eyeliner are used to maintain the viscosity, consistency, and smoothness of the cosmetic at the levels of the original, newly provided cosmetic. This enhancement thus allows continued ease of use and longer useful life of the cosmetic material.02-05-2009
20090124705CARBON NANOTUBE POWDER, CARBON NANOTUBES, AND PROCESSES FOR THEIR PRODUCTION - A novel carbon nanotube powder containing carbon nanotubes which have a roll-like structure, also novel carbon nanotubes having a roll-like structure, novel processes for the production of the carbon nanotube powders and of the carbon nanotubes, and their use as an additive or substrate for various applications are described.05-14-2009
20100113615Compositions and methods for delivery of frozen particle adhesives - Certain embodiments disclosed herein relate to compositions, methods, devices, systems, and products regarding frozen particles. In certain embodiments, the frozen particles include materials at low temperatures. In certain embodiments, the frozen particles provide vehicles for delivery of particular agents. In certain embodiments, the frozen particles are administered to at least one biological tissue.05-06-2010
20100113614Compositions and Methods for delivery of frozen particle adhesives - Certain embodiments disclosed herein relate to compositions, methods, devices, systems, and products regarding frozen particles. In certain embodiments, the frozen particles include materials at low temperatures. In certain embodiments, the frozen particles provide vehicles for delivery of particular agents. In certain embodiments, the frozen particles are administered to at least one biological tissue.05-06-2010
20120295986CALCIUM SEQUESTERING COMPOSITION - This invention relates to compositions which are capable of sequestering calcium ions and are derived in part from renewable carbohydrate feedstocks. The calcium sequestering compositions are mixtures containing one or more hydroxycarboxylic acid salts and one or more aluminum salts.11-22-2012
20080207772Mixture of Interference Pigments - The present invention relates to a mixture of interference pigments, where the mixture comprises at least one interference pigment A comprising a substrate and a coating comprising metallic iron, and an interference pigment B comprising a substrate and a coating comprising metallic tin and in addition at least one metal oxide, to the use thereof in cosmetics, surface coatings, inks, plastics, films, in security printing, in security features in documents and identity papers, for colouring seed, for colouring foods, for laser marking or in medicament coatings and for the preparation of pigment compositions and dry preparations, and to cosmetics, surface coatings, inks, plastics, films, documents and identity papers, seed, foods or medicament coatings, pigment compositions and dry preparations comprising the mixture according to the invention.08-28-2008
20090069446DENDRITIC SALT THERAPEUTIC AGENT DELIVERY SYSTEM - A therapeutic agent delivery system includes a therapeutic agent, a dendritic salt used as a carrier to effectively deliver the therapeutic agent, and a salt base. The system can include the dendritic salt and the salt base in a ratio of about 1 part dendritic salt to about 8 parts salt base.03-12-2009
20090054534Bright Pigment, Method for Production of the Pigment, and Cosmetic, Coating, Ink or Resin Composition Comprising the Pigment - A bright pigment including a scaly inorganic base 02-26-2009
20090023816PROCESS FOR MAKING A SOLID COMPOUND BY PRECIPITATION, SUSPENSIONS OF SOLID IN LIQUIDS AND SOLIDS OBTAINED BY THE PROCESS AND THEIR USE AS ADDITIVES - Process for making a solid compound by precipitation, using a high intensity mixing reactor and comprising the steps of (A) introducing a first fluid material containing a first reactant and a second fluid material containing a second reactant into said reactor, in order to obtain a mixed fluid, in order to cause the first reactant to react with the second reactant to form a solid compound by precipitation in the mixed fluid; (B) withdrawing the mixed fluid containing the precipitated solid obtained in step (A) from the reactor, and; (C) optionally separating the precipitated solid compound from at least one fraction of the mixed fluid.01-22-2009
20090054533Film coating compositions based on tribasic calcium phosphate - Disclosed herein are dry film coating compositions comprising of tribasic calcium phosphate as one of the essential ingredient along with other commonly used polymers, plasticizers, excipients like suspending agents, pigments, lubricants, glidents, opacifiers, flavours, sweetener etc. for use in coating of pharmaceutical tablets, nutritional supplements, food products, confectionery, agricultural seeds and the like The invention further discloses method for coating a substrate using the invented coating composition.02-26-2009
20090203802POWDER COMPOSITION, A DISPERSION OF POWDER IN OIL, AND A COSMETIC COMPRISING THE SAME - The present invention is a powder composition comprising a silicone according to the following formula (1)08-13-2009
20100240770Synthesis and use of colloidal III-V nanoparticles - A colloidal suspension of III-V semiconductor nanoparticles.09-23-2010
20100144894USE OF DICALCIUM PHOSPHATE ANHYDRIDE POWDER - Dicalcium phosphate anhydride powder of which at least 50% by weight is of a grain size of between 45 and 150 μm, a maximum of 50% by weight is of a grain size of <45 μm and a maximum of 5% by weight is of a grain size >150 μm and which has a bulk density of between 1000 and 1500 g/l and a specific surface area of <5 m06-10-2010
20130217785COMPOSITE ANIMAL FEED COMPACT - An animal feed compact is provided by the present disclosure that includes a body having a various feed composition and an adhesive additive. The adhesive additive includes a starch and a hydroxide. Further additives may also be provided, which include any edible/digestible alfalfa meal, sunflower meal grain, ruffage [roughage], soybean meal wheat mids, hay, stover, whey dicalcium phosphate, limestone molasses, minerals, vitamins and medication. Various geometries and compositions for the biomass fuel compact are also provided by the present disclosure.08-22-2013
20110028568PREPARATION FOR MAGNESIUM AMMONIUM PHOSPHATE CEMENTS - The invention relates to a preparation for a magnesium ammonium phosphate cement. There is provided a preparation comprising (a) a magnesium calcium phosphate of the formula Mg02-03-2011
20100063164TRANSPARENT ZINC SULPHIDE HAVING A HIGH SPECIFIC SURFACE AREA - Zinc sulphide having a high specific surface area, a process for producing it and the use of this zinc sulphide.03-11-2010
20110257272MIXED CRYSTALS, METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREOF AND USE THEREOF IN THE PRODUCTION OF BAKED GOODS - The present invention relates to mixed crystals comprising a) leavening agent and b) 0.1 to 5000 ppm by weight of crystallization aid, based on the total amount of the leavening agent, in the form of at least polymer, wherein when hydrophilic cellulose derivatives are used as crystallization aid, the amount thereof is reduced to less than 100 ppm by weight, based on the total amount of the leavening agent. The present invention further relates to the production of the mixed crystals and to the use thereof in the production of bakery products, as acid regulator in foods, in the production of cosmetics products, in the synthesis and formulation of pharmaceutical products, and also as blowing agent in industrial processes such as, for example, the production of foam rubber, or for fire-extinguishing formulations. The present invention relates, furthermore, to the production of bakery products.10-20-2011
20090275668Sprayable Gel-Type Skin/Mucosa-Adhesive Preparation and Administration System Using the Preparation - The present invention provides a sprayable gel-type skin/mucosa-adhesive preparation comprising a gel formulation which contains an active pharmaceutical ingredient in a gel base material comprising a skin/mucosa-adhesive agent and an administration system comprising the preparation.11-05-2009
20090131540Biodegradable Magnesium Based Metallic Material for Medical Use - A biodegradable magnesium based metallic material for medical use which is degraded and absorbed in vivo, characterized by comprising a film, which contains magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide and is formed on the surface of crystallized magnesium or a magnesium alloy by anodic oxidation. This magnesium based metallic material is capable of exhibiting desired mechanical properties such as strength and ductility at an early stage of implantation without changing the mechanical properties inherent to magnesium or its alloy and also controlling the retention time of the mechanical properties to be short or long in a desired manner.05-21-2009
20080269353Preventative Composition For Ophthalmic Use - An object of the present invention is to prevent the generation of chlorine dioxide in a liquid preparation for ophthalmic use containing a chlorite. A liquid preparation for ophthalmic use containing a preservative composition for ophthalmic use comprising a chlorite and at least one stabilizer selected from the following 1) to 7): 1) creatinine; 2) geraniol; 3) glucose; 4) tocopherol acetate; 5) oxyquinoline sulfate; 6) a sugar alcohol; and 7) a polyoxyethylene sorbitan fatty acid ester can prevent the generation of chlorine dioxide, and is therefore excellent in safety and exhibits a sustained preservative effect for a prolonged period of time.10-30-2008
20080312340Process for Preparing Dispersions - The invention provides a process for preparing a dispersion of particles, by reducing in particle size at least one component by agitating the component in the presence of (i) a plurality of beads; (ii) a powder; (iii) a surfactant; and (iv) a liquid medium to form a dispersion, wherein the particles are uniformly dispersed in the liquid medium. The invention further provides for the use of the dispersion of particles.12-18-2008
20120041076GEL FORMING SOLUTION AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING GEL - A method for producing a gel includes a liquid droplet ejection step in which a first liquid is ejected in the form of a droplet to a second liquid to allow the first liquid and the second liquid to react with each other, thereby producing a gel. The first liquid is a gel forming solution containing an alcohol-based solvent, wherein the alcohol-based solvent is contained therein in an amount of 4% or more by weight and less than 70% by weight of the total amount of the gel forming solution.02-16-2012
20120108676AEROSOL-MEDIATED PARTICLE SYNTHESIS - Disclosed are aerosol-mediated methods for synthesizing particles for biomedical and drug delivery applications. The method is based on the production of particles from sprayed polymeric micro or nano-droplets obtained by, for example, an air-jet nebulization process that is followed by gelation and/or hardening in a crosslinking fluid, non-solvent, precipitating solvent, or supercritical fluid.05-03-2012
20080306167Metal Pigment Composition - The present invention relates to a composition formed of metal pigments and to a process for their preparation.12-11-2008
20120129951Palatable Suspending Vehicle for Pharmaceutical Ingredients - The invention relates to a liquid vehicle that can be used to create suspensions and/or solutions of liquid or powdered medications. The vehicle is thixotropic and has improved stability and rheologic characteristics. Vehicles of the invention include an aqueous medium and a suspending agent comprising a polysaccharide having at least 50% glucose repeating saccharide units and at least 90% alpha linkages. The polysaccharide can be a starch, modified starch, or glycogen. The aqueous medium and individual components of the vehicle provide a palatable and easily ingested drug preparation. The invention also provides a vehicle containing an aqueous medium, suspending agent comprising a polysaccharide having at least 50% glucose repeating saccharide units and at least 90% alpha linkages, buffer, and artificial sweetener, the combined suspending vehicle having a pH of about 3 to about 10 and an osmolality of 300 mOmsol or less.05-24-2012
20120129952NON-CAKING SALT COMPOSITION, PREPARATION PROCESS AND USE THEREOF - The present invention relates to a sodium chloride composition comprising an iron complex of tartaric acid wherein between 55 and 90% by weight of the tartaric acid is meso-tartaric acid. The present invention furthermore relates to a process to prepare such a sodium chloride composition and to the use of such a sodium chloride composition.05-24-2012
20100273896Method for producing products with water clusters - A method of producing products includes diluting a mater in a quality water as a dilution water a plurality of times until solid stable water clusters are formed having a plurality of water molecules connected with one another by electrical dipole interaction via internal electric field of ions and having a permanent electric dipole moment with an electrical field surrounding the solid stable water clusters, and the produced solid stable water clusters can be used with an additional material to produce the final product.10-28-2010
20120232164FIBROUS CALCIUM PYROPHOSPHATE PARTICLES AND METHODS OF MAKING AND USING SAME - Fibrous calcium pyrophosphate particles with a unique fibrous nanostructure are disclosed. The invention includes a composition, comprising fibrous particles, wherein the fibrous particles include fibers and the fibers include calcium and pyrophosphate. Also included are methods for making calcium pyrophosphate particles wherein solutions of calcium salt and pyrophosphate salt are combined to form the particles. Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for treating a patent using the disclosed particles are also described.09-13-2012
20110218251Products with water clusters - A product has solid stable water clusters including a plurality of water molecules connected with one another by electrical dipole interaction via internal electric field of ions and having a permanent electric dipole moment with an electrical field surrounding the solid stable water clusters.09-08-2011
20080214680Application of arsenic as a cancer prevention agent - Arsenic in drinking water at levels between 25 and <75 μg/L is cancer protective, compared to levels between 0 and <25 μg/L and levels at or above 75 μg/L. Methods are presented to decrease the cancer rate or not increase the cancer rate, for specific cancers and for cancers in general, based on this observation.09-04-2008
20130096205AQUEOUS COMPOSITION TO BE CONTAINED IN CONTAINER - Provided is an aqueous composition contained in a container, maintaining an excellent water-evaporation-inhibiting effect even when an alkali metal salt or the like is contained in the aqueous composition, and having excellent long-term stability. The aqueous composition contained in a container includes the following components (A) to (D): (A) a polyoxyethylene alkyl or alkenyl ether having an alkyl or alkenyl group having 20 to 24 carbon atoms and an average molar number of ethylene oxide added of 1.5 to 4, (B) a water-soluble polymer, (C) a nonionic surfactant having an ethylene oxide group (but excluding component (A)), and (D) water.04-18-2013
20080200560Pigments - The present invention relates to pigments comprising a substrate and, applied thereto, an iron-containing coating comprising metallic iron, process for the preparation of the pigments according to the invention, and the use thereof.08-21-2008
20120283336PREPARATION OF SHAPED METAL PARTICLES AND THEIR USES - The instant invention relates to shaped transition metal particles, in particular in the form of a dispersion in an aqueous and/or organic medium, the manufacture thereof and their use as an infrared (IR) absorbing agent, an IR curing agent for coatings, an additive in conductive formulations, an antimicrobial agent or for sensoring organic and/or inorganic compounds. Further, the invention relates to dispersions comprising said shaped particles and an aqueous and/or organic medium, such as a thermoplastic or crosslinkable polymer, as well as to antimicrobial compositions and products.11-08-2012
20110319498Transparent Goniochromatic Multilayer Effect Pigment - A multilayer effect pigment includes a transparent substrate, a layer of high refractive index material on the substrate, and alternating layers of low refractive index and high refractive index materials on the first layer, the total number of layers being an odd number of at least three, all adjacent layers differing in refractive index by at least about 0.2 and at least one of the layers having an optical thickness which is different from all of the other layers. The resulting multilayer effect pigment is not a quarter-wave stack. The present effect pigments may be used in cosmetic and industrial applications.12-29-2011
20130203862SOLUTIONS OF CARBON NANOHORNS, METHOD FOR MAIKING SAME AND USES THEREOF - Methods for solubilizing carbon nanohorns and applications thereof, including the manufacture of composites, hydrogen storage, catalyst supports and drug delivery.08-08-2013