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Amino nitrogen attached to aryl ring or aryl ring system by an acyclic carbon or acyclic chain

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514 - Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions


514579000 - Nitrogen containing other than solely as a nitrogen in an inorganic ion of an addition salt, a nitro or a nitroso DOAI

514646000 - Benzene ring containing

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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
514653000 Hydroxy, bonded directly to carbon, attached directly or indirectly to the acyclic carbon or chain by acyclic nonionic bonding (e.g., beta hydroxy phenethylamines, etc.) 74
514654000 The chain consists of two or more carbons which are unsubtituted or have acyclic hydrocarbyl substituents only 54
514651000 Ether oxygen is part of the chain 34
514655000 The aryl ring or aryl ring system and amino nitrogen are bonded directly to the same acylic carbon, which carbon additionally has only hydrogen or acyclic hydrocarbyl substituents bonded directly thereto 15
514650000 The aryl ring or aryl ring system is bonded directly to another ring or ring system 6
20100076086PROCESS FOR THE PREPARATION OF O-DESMETHYL VENLAFAXINE - The present invention relates to a novel process for the preparation of O-desmethyl venlafaxine (ODV).03-25-2010
20090012180Titration of Tapentadol - The use of tapentadol for the manufacture of a medicament comprising at least one administration unit A containing dose a of tapentadol and at least one administration unit B containing dose b of tapentadol, where dose a01-08-2009
20100222435MODIFIED-RELEASE FORMULATIONS OF A BUPROPION SALT - The present invention relates to pharmaceutical compositions, formulations and medicaments comprising a bupropion salt, in particular, modified-release tablets comprising an effective amount of bupropion hydrobromide, and the use of the bupropion salt to prepare a medicament to treat a condition.09-02-2010
20110082213NOVEL SALTS OF O-DESMETHYL-VENLAFAXINE - Novel pharmaceutically acceptable salts of desvenlafaxine with physiologically ubiquitous ions selected from sugar acids and vitamins, processes for their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and uses therefor are described.04-07-2011
20090298949AMINOALKYLPHENOLS, METHODS OF USING AND MAKING THE SAME - The present invention relates to Mannich base antimalarial aminoalkylphenol compounds and their use against protozoa of the genus 12-03-2009
20100280127INHIBITING NEUROTRANSMITTER REUPTAKE - This document relates to compounds as well as methods and materials involved in modulating neurotransmitter reuptake. For example, compounds, methods for synthesizing compounds, and methods for inhibiting neurotransmitter reuptake are provided.11-04-2010
20080275131COMPOSITIONS OF (-)-E-10-OH-NT AND METHODS FOR THEIR SYNTHESIS AND USE - This present disclosure provides compositions comprising E-10-OH-NT metabolites of AT and NT, methods for their synthesis and methods for their use.11-06-2008
20080306161Use of Axomadol for Treatment of Arthrosis Pain - The use of axomadol for the treatment of pain in arthrosis.12-11-2008
20090005455N-OXIDES OF VENLAFAXINE AND O-DESMETHYLVENLAFAXINE AS PRODRUGS - Embodiments of the invention relate to a compound of formula (1),01-01-2009
20090203797Antimycotic Patch - A nail and/or skin patch for preventing or treating mycoses is provided that is able to maintain a drug concentration in the nails and/or skin horny layer at a high concentration for a long period of time without adding a dissolving agent that prevents precipitation of drug crystals or permeation enhancer that promotes penetration of drug into the nails and/or skin, retains superior adhesion even when adhered for a long period of time and has causes little skin irritation.08-13-2009
20090258948PHARMACEUTICAL SALTS - The invention relates to pharmaceutical salts comprised of a pharmaceutical active substance and of at least one sugar substitute, to medicaments containing these salts, and to the use of these salts for producing medicaments.10-15-2009
20090076162DEUTERIUM-ENRICHED DESVENLAFAXINE - The present application describes deuterium-enriched desvenlafaxine, pharmaceutically acceptable salt forms thereof, and methods of treating using the same.03-19-2009
20090076161DEUTERIUM-ENRICHED BUPROPION - The present application describes deuterium-enriched bupropion, pharmaceutically acceptable salt forms thereof, and methods of treating using the same.03-19-2009
20110112200SOLID STATES OF O-DESMETHYLVENLAFAXINE SALTS - The present invention provides crystalline and amorphous salts of O-desmethylvenlafaxine and processes for preparing said salts of O-desmethylvenlafaxine. The present invention further provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising said salts of O-desmethylvenlafaxine.05-12-2011
20110118357PROCESS FOR PREPARING O-DESMETHYLVENLAFAXINE - The present invention provides a convenient and efficient process for the preparation of O-desmethylvenlafaxine (ODV), comprising the reaction of venlafaxine, or a salt thereof, with a thiol reagent such as a dithiol, an aminothiol or an inorganic thiol. The present invention also provides a process for purifying ODV base, said process comprising the steps of mixing crude ODV base with an alcohol to form a suspension and adding acid followed by base to generate ODV base with high purity.05-19-2011
20110130463DEUTERIUM-ENRICHED BUPROPION - The present application describes deuterium-enriched bupropion, pharmaceutically acceptable salt forms thereof, and methods of treating using the same.06-02-2011
20090215905Novel substituted aryloxy alkylamines and their use as monoamine neurotransmitter re-uptake inhibitors - This invention relates to novel substituted aryloxy alkylamines useful as monoamine neurotransmitter re-uptake inhibitors.08-27-2009
20100063160POLYMORPHS OF O-DESMETHYL VENLAFAXINE SUCCINATE - The present invention relates to crystalline forms of O-desmethyl venlafaxine (ODV) succinate monohydrate, namely Forms I and II, in pure form and to novel processes for their preparation. The present invention provides a process for the preparation of Form II free of Form I and a process for the preparation of Form I free of Form II. The present invention provides direct methods for the preparation of ODV succinate Form II from ODV free base and for the preparation of ODV succinate Form I from ODV free base.03-11-2010
20090143479PHARMACEUTICAL COMPOSITIONS COMPRISING TERBINAFINE - This invention provides a terbinafine pharmaceutical composition which is emulsifable or self-emulsifying or in form of an emulsion wherein the composition is adapted for oral administration.06-04-2009
20090137685Therapeutic Agent for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Containing as Active Ingredient 2-Amino-1,3-Propanediol Derivative, or Method for Treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease - A novel therapeutic and prophylactic agent for inflammatory bowel diseases and a method for treating inflammatory bowel diseases.05-28-2009
20110054037BIS-AROMATIC ANTICANCER AGENTS - Treatment of cancer includes administering a compound of formula (I) to a subject. In particular, treatment of colorectal cancer is described.03-03-2011
20110306675COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS FOR INHIBITING NF-KB MEDIATED TUMORIGENICITY AND ADHESION-DEPENDENT SURVIVAL OF CANCER CELLS - Disclosed are compositions and methods for inhibiting NF-κB mediated cellular proliferation and metastasis. This abstract is intended to be used as a scanning tool for purposes of searching in the particular art and is not intended to be limiting of the present invention.12-15-2011
20090197968Extended-release capsules comprising venlafaxine hydrochloride - A capsule comprising venlafaxine hydrochloride wherein part of the drug content is in the form of delayed-release coated spheroids and a second part of the drug content is in a prompt-release form.08-06-2009
20120071560MONOAMINE REUPTAKE INHIBITORS - The invention provides bupropion analogue compounds capable of inhibiting the reuptake of one or more monoamines. The compounds may selectively bind to one or more monoamine transporters, including those for dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. Such compounds may be used to treat conditions that are responsive to inhibition of the reuptake of monoamines, including addiction, depression, and obesity.03-22-2012
20110105619AMORPHOUS BUPROPION HYDROBROMIDE AND PREPARATION THEREOF - The present invention provides an amorphous bupropion hydrobromide and an amorphous bupropion hydrobromide granulates with at least one pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, and a process for its preparation.05-05-2011
20090326075ENANTIOMERS OF O-DESMETHYL VENLAFAXINE - This invention provides pharmaceutically active enantiomers of the venlafaxine metabolite O-Desmethyl venlafaxine, R(−)-4-[2-(Dimethylamino-1-(1-hydroxycyclo-hexyl)ethyl]phenol or R(−)1-[2-(dimethylamino)-1-(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethyl]cyclo-hexanol, and S(+)-1-[2-(Dimethylamino)-1-(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethyl]cyclohexanol or S(+)-4-[2-(Dimethylamino)-1-(1-hydroxycyclohexyl)ethyl]phenol, or one or more pharmaceutically acceptable salts or salt hydrates thereof, as well as pharmaceutical compositions utilizing these enantiomers and methods of using the enantiomers to treat, inhibit or control central nervous system disorders.12-31-2009
20120232157METHODS OF USING DERIVATIVES OF (-)-VENLAFAXINE - Methods of preparing, and compositions comprising, derivatives of (−)-venlafaxine are disclosed. Also disclosed are methods of treating and preventing diseases and disorders including, but not limited to, affective disorders such as depression, bipolar and manic disorders, attention deficit disorder, attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, cerebral function disorders, obesity and weight gain, incontinence, dementia and related disorders.09-13-2012
20110319494Substituted Aryl-Indole Compounds and Their Kynurenine/Kynuramine-Like Metabolites As Therapeutic Agents - This invention is directed to substituted aryl compounds, which are linked to a substituted indole moiety by various linkers, and the kynurenine/kynuramine-like metabolites of these agents, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing these compounds. This invention further is directed to the pharmaceutical use of the compounds for inhibiting GSK3β kinase and/or modulating N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) channel activities for the treatment of neurodegenerative and other disorders.12-29-2011
20080200554Cycloaklyldiene-(Ortho Substituted Phenyl)-Acetonitriles and Their Use as Odorants - Compounds of formula (I) and their use as fragrance ingredients08-21-2008

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