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Radical -XH acid, or anhydride, acid halide or salt thereof (X is chalcogen) DOAI

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514 - Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions


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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
514557000 Carboxylic acid, percarboxylic acid, or salt thereof (e.g., peracetic acid, etc.) 1346
514556000 Inner quaternary ammonium salt (e.g., betaine, etc.) 27
514576000 Benzene ring containing 26
514554000 Amine addition salt of the acid 23
514575000 Hydroxamic acid or salt thereof 18
514578000 Acyclic acid or salt thereof 17
20090306206SOLID FORM SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE (SLS) PESTICIDE COMPOSITION - A pesticide composition and method of eliminating pests combines water and a solid form of sodium lauryl sulfate to form a pesticide composition effective to cause mortality in pests. The pesticide composition is applied to the indoor structure in an area which the pests inhabit. The sodium lauryl sulfate can be in needle form, pellet form or powder form and constitutes between about 1% and about 10% by weight of the pesticide composition. The pesticide composition may be applied to an area inhabited by cockroaches, including, but not limited to, in crevices, cracks, corners, wall and floor junctures or other enclosed or partially enclosed areas of a structure.12-10-2009
20110054024Use of hop acids in fuel ethanol production - Six hop acids are common to hops and beer: alpha acid, beta acids, isoalpha acids, rho-isoalpha acids, tetrahydro-isoalpha acids, and hexahydro-isoalpha acids. The six hop acids were tested to determine which were the most effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria common to fuel ethanol production. The bacteria used in the tests were 03-03-2011
20090018194Use of antimicrobial agents derived from alliaceous plants for the prevention and control of crop diseases, post-harvest rot and as environmental disinifectant products - The present invention is directed to utilization of antimicrobial agents derived from plants of the alliaceae family for the prevention and control of crop diseases, post-harvest rotting and as environmental disinfection products. The agents include propyl propylthiosulfinate and propyl propylthiosulfonate compounds for pre- and post-harvest treatments, control of rotting in fruits and vegetables; disinfection of agricultural soils, control of microorganisms, environmental disinfection in agricultural processing industries, facilities and equipment, disinfection of food containers and boxes. The agents can be used as pure active principles or in mixtures, in aqueous solutions or in any formulation, either liquid or supported in a solid agent or formulation; as single active principles or in formulation, together with other synthetic or natural antifungal agents, biocontrol agents, fertilizers, antioxidants, growth regulators or regulators of any other type; by means of immersion, fogging, wetting, spraying, atomization, injection in the soil, in irrigation systems, by means of drenchers or in general any other treatment or application system.01-15-2009

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